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Yamaha Quotes

Yamaha Quotes by John Otto, Levon Helm, Valentino Rossi, Scott Putesky, Charli XCX, Daisy Berkowitz and many others.

When I was young, I had one of those Yamaha drum machines, and I used to practice to that quite a bit, just to practice soloing and being in time and completing all my phrases.
John Otto
I played some Yamaha drums that I like a lot. And I like the Yamaha people a lot too. They’ve been really nice to me and The Band.
Levon Helm
In 2002 the Yamaha was at more or less the same level as the Honda, better in some ways, worse in others. But in the winter of last year between 2002 and 2003, Honda made a big step forward and it seemed as if Yamaha couldn’t quite match that improvement.
Valentino Rossi
Nobody seems to play Yamaha electrics, but it’s the best guitar I own.
Scott Putesky
When I was younger, I was a rave kid trapped inside a singer/songwriter’s body. But I kind of figured my way out because I started making these really terrible beats on this Yamaha keyboard that my parents got me for my 10th birthday.
Charli XCX
Nobody seems to play Yamaha electrics, but it’s the best guitar I own.
Daisy Berkowitz
In 2009, I didn’t like that Yamaha signed such a young and competitive teammate [Jorge Lorenzo]. But now everything is different. We are more mature. Everyone knows his role and position. Things are clear.
Valentino Rossi
It was in Shizuoka, where my home was. I first attended this school when I was five years old. I also attended a regular elementary school, and I was taking piano lessons with a local teacher. I began to study composition at the Yamaha school. And I continued to study there until the age of 15.
I started when I was seven years old so I was on 50, 60 cc Suzuki and then I went up to a Yamaha 125 and then my sister was 16 and she was racing a Harley Davidson 750.
Amy Weber
Veggard Heggem, my word, he must have a Yamaha down his shorts.
Terry Butcher
I bought a Yamaha-1 and I was doing 180 miles per hour home on the 405 and that’s really, really crazy but I did it.
Nicolas Cage
I have won on Honda and Yamaha so maybe it is interesting to win with a third team, Ducati, who are Italian.
Valentino Rossi
I think the Yamaha has a giant quality. When you combine the Yamaha with other organs, you get this crazy rectangular sound. It’s kind of flat and thick.
Victoria Legrand
I have a Yamaha YC-45D organ in my studio. It’s actually Terry Riley’s favorite keyboard, so if you find old clips of him on YouTube, he’s usually playing one of these.
Johann Johannsson
I’d just as soon be on a good Steinway or Yamaha just as well.
Marian McPartland
I was a staff songwriter for Combine Music Publishing in Nashville for seven years. I’d sit around with a groups of friends with a Yamaha piano and a tape recorder and crank out songs.
Michael Bacon
I feel 100% a Yamaha rider in my heart. I had a long career and raced with several factory bikes, but the highlight of my career is undoubtedly with Yamaha.
Valentino Rossi
I have a wonderful piano that I really love: a handmade Yamaha grand. Sometimes I’m sitting there, and it sounds so good that I find some little melody or a phrase that leads me into a song, but probably more often than not, I actually grab a notebook.
J. D. Souther