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Whole Quotes by Anita Moorjani, Charles Darwin, Martin Bashir, Zhang Ziyi, Sam Waterston, Mahalia Jackson and many others.

I understood that at the core, our essence is made of pure love. We are pure love-every single one of us. How can we not be, if we come from the Whole and return to it? I knew that realizing this meant never being afraid of who we are. Therefore, being love and being our true self is one and the same thing!
Anita Moorjani
You will be astonished to find how the whole mental disposition of your children changes with advancing years. A young child and the same when nearly grown, sometimes differ almost as much as do a caterpillar and butterfly.
Charles Darwin
This was almost two hours of factual documentary. In our audience ratings, barely no one left the programme. The whole of his life is so fascinating and people kept watching for that reason.
Martin Bashir
Working in Hollywood, it’s clear the more money you have, the more technology you can get. So you can build a whole Japanese set. Only in Hollywood!
Zhang Ziyi
I’m sort of obsessed with the news. That is a syndrome. But I don’t watch a whole lot of TV.
Sam Waterston
My hands, my feet, I throw my whole body to say all that is within me.
Mahalia Jackson
The consciousness and life force do what they want…
one minute they put energy to repairing the damaged wing of a butterfly
and the next minute they send a whole town crushing with tremendous force…
who can work it out?
In the gospels the very first step a man must take is an act which radically affects his whole existence.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
We are made whole by books, as by great space and the stars.
Mary Carolyn Davies
The most astonishing joy is to receive from the muses the gift of a whole lyric.
James Broughton
The development of the plot of the novel leads to a single point, and it’s my opinion that the ending that the novel has, which is a somewhat ambiguous ending, is the only logical ending given the structure of the book as a whole.
Emily Barton
For my wife and I, our first child was really easy to have, but our second one was really hard to have. We had to go to a lot of fertility clinics and do that whole thing.
Nicholas Stoller
Jesus was in a garden, not of delight as the first Adam, in which he destroyed himself and the whole human race, but in one of agony, in which he saved himself and the whole human race.
Blaise Pascal
What thoughts are to the individual, art is to the community as a whole. That’s where you reflect on who you are, who you hope to be, what you’ve gone through, and where you hope to go.
Wendell Pierce
You don’t go your whole life without laughing. It’s just life.
Jennifer Lawrence
For all his tattooings he was on the whole a clean, comely looking cannibal.
Herman Melville
I could do an American accent, if I were immersed in the accent, meaning if I were living back in Los Angeles and rehearsing and auditioning the whole time.
Ioan Gruffudd
I haven’t a clue if there is life on other planets but I’d be charmed if we found a unicellular organism on Mars. It would change our whole concept of life on Earth.
Tommy Lee Jones
To understand the whole it is necessary to understand the parts. To understand the parts, it is necessary to understand the whole. Such is the circle of understanding.
Ken Wilber
Females want other females to be really strong, so there are a whole lot of scripts that are basically just male parts renamed as a girl.
Kristen Stewart
We have no right to judge where we should be put, or to have preconceived notions as to what God is fitting us for. God engineers everything; wherever He puts us, our one great aim is to pour out a whole-hearted devotion to Him in that particular work. ‘Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.’
Oswald Chambers
Every sinew in my body came together in one perfect whole. But those who have ever experienced that feeling, and it doesn’t happen very often, will tell you it’s in a whole other place of experience from the usual ego or vanity that drives my game. So I’m not afraid to own it for what it was.
Cooper Cronk
For what I wrote that started this whole controversy, I deserved to be criticized, and I felt bad about writing it. I felt bad mainly as a writer and a thinker.
Gregg Easterbrook
Greatness is to stay humble when the whole world calls you great!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
You can show a guy sort of peeking over the wall, you can see a guy tunneling underneath, you can see a guy going through the front door. All of those, in cyber terms, are vulnerabilities, because it’s not that you have to look for one hole of a specific type. It’s the whole paradigm.
Edward Snowden
Every day that is born into the world comes like a burst of music and rings the whole day through, and you make of it a dance, a dirge, or a life march, as you will.
Thomas Carlyle
As often as not our whole self…engages itself in the most trivial of things, the shape of a particular hill, a road in the town in which we lived as children, the movement of wind in grass. The things we shall take with us when we die will nearly all be small things.
Storm Jameson
You are not your body. You are actually an extension of the power that created the whole universe.
I can sleep a whole day. If no one woke me up, I would sleep for 24 hours. I think it’s a combination of my age and my appreciation for sleep. Sleep is so wonderful. Sometimes you can oversleep and feel like you’ve waster your time, but I think it’s one of the bestways to spend your time.
Natalie Portman
There’s a whole company called Palantir that does nothing but derive and create algorithms riches to search through big data. We’re not using their capabilities. For heaven’s sake, some of this is just ineptitude.
Carly Fiorina
I had pain in both knees my whole career. Not many athletes play pain-free. Mine was just more than normal.
Willie McCovey
Evolution can go to hell as far as I am concerned. What a mistake we are. We have mortally wounded this sweet life-supporting planet – the only one in the whole Milky Way – with a century of transportation whoopee.
Kurt Vonnegut
In the whole round of human affairs little is so fatal to peace as misunderstanding.
Margaret Elizabeth Sangster
Some third person decides your fate: this is the whole essence of bureaucracy.
Alexandra Kollontai
Those who think the information brought out at a criminal trial is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth are fools. Prosecuting or defending a case is nothing more than getting to those people who will talk for your side, who will say what you want said.
F. Lee Bailey
One thing we did well the whole tournament was keep fighting. And no matter what happened the point before, missed opportunity, missed easy shot, we just played the next point and blocked it out of our mind. That’s why we’re the champs.
Daniel Nestor
The cause, then, philosophically speaking, is the sum total of the conditions, positive and negative, taken together; the whole of the contingencies of every description, which being realized, the consequent invariably follows.
John Stuart Mill
Your ‘Pringle’ contains 30% potato, that yoghurt has the same amount of sugar as ice cream, that whole grain cereal bar may be no better for you than a snickers.
Mark Bittman
The whole thing was the precise opposite of what I figured it would be: slow and patient and quiet and neither particularly painful nor particularly ecstatic
John Green
Two halves don’t make a whole. Two wholes make a whole. In my relationship, I was giving myself away to make the relationship better, but in actuality, wasn’t doing better by doing that. I became less of a man.
Jason Mraz
Imagine if the whole point of this experience on planet Earth was to just open ourselves up more fully to who we really are, without filters, without masks, without any restrictions.
Gretchen Bleiler
For art to be reality, the whole sensuous being must be caught up in the experience.
Margaret Mead
Transparency and liquidity make sense in my head, so that’s why I have an affinity for blockchain as a whole.
Spencer Dinwiddie
I have a whole system down for returning online shopping: a tape gun, a printer for return labels. That has replaced traditional window shopping in my life, as I’ve gotten busier.
Mindy Kaling
If the widow of a man who died without leaving issue, raises up to him a son by a member of the family , she shall deliver to that ,son the whole property which belonged to the ,deceased .
Guru Nanak
Slavery is no more sinful, by the Christian code, than it is sinful to wear a whole coat, while another is in tatters, to eat a better meal than a neighbor, or otherwise to enjoy ease and plenty, while our fellow creatures are suffering and in want.
James F. Cooper
Put an Englishman into the garden of Eden, and he would find fault with the whole blasted concern; put a Yankee in, and he would see where he could alter it to advantage; put an Irishman in, and he would want to boss the thing; put a Dutchman in, and he would proceed to plant it.
Josh Billings
The whole universe is composed of name and form. Whatever we see is either a compound of name and form, or simply name with form which is a mental image.
Swami Vivekananda
Being pulled that long and that hard for a 12-hour day gave me migraines. It’s what they used to do before there were facelifts for actresses – you know, Joan Crawford’s whole career was this. Then the makeup is like Earl Scheib auto body paint sprayed on my face.
Rob Lowe
All knowledge is local, all truth is partial. No truth can make another truth untrue. All knowledge is part of the whole knowledge. Once you have seen the larger pattern, you cannot go back to seeing the part as the whole.
Ursula K. Le Guin
I really prefer to be kind of anonymous. Because when people know your whole history, they have a tendency to relate to you differently and maybe put you up on a pedestal. I want people to just be normal with me. I just want to live my life.
Assata Shakur
The whole world makes comic book movies now.
M. Night Shyamalan
Your preschool child will chatter endlessly to you. If you half-listen and half-reply the whole conversation will seem, and become, tediously meaningless for both of you. but if you really listen and really answer, he will talk more and what he says will make more sense.
Penelope Leach
Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
Fear is a friend who’s misunderstood
But I know the heart of life is good
John Mayer
Before the whole world, I accuse you, German intellectuals, you non-Nazis, as those truly guilty of all these Nazi crimes, all this lamentable breakdown of a great people – a destruction which shames the whole white race.
Bronislaw Huberman
The characters are telling you the story. I’m not telling you the story, they’re going to do it. If I do it right, you will get the whole story.
George V. Higgins
The forests of America, however slighted by man, must have been a great delight to God; for they were the best he ever planted. The whole continent was a garden, and from the beginning, it seemed to be favored above all the other wild parks and gardens of the globe.
John Muir
It may be — I hope it is — redemption to guess and perhaps perceive that the universe, the hell which we see for all its beauty, vastness, majesty, is only part of a whole which is quite unimaginable.
William Golding
The claim of alternative practitioners to not treat disease labels but the whole patient…allows alternative practitioners to live in a fool’s paradise of quackery where they believe themselves to be protected from any challenges and demands for evidence.
Edzard Ernst
I would wear a turban to Whole Foods.
Rachel Zoe
Downton Abbey is the most popular drama in the history of public television. When the whole of the TV universe is fragmenting, that isn’t just impressive. It’s almost impossible. But here we are.
David Bianculli
Imagine if I cannot stand someone and every day he is here in my face, then I cannot work. Then, the whole time, I am thinking “I hate him, I hate him.” But if I love him or I love her, then I can do anything, then I am comfortable. That’s why it’s so important to be surrounded by people that you really like.
Marjane Satrapi
I was born with no money. So when people talk about Bow Wow being rich his whole life, I don’t know where they get that.
Bow Wow
In such situations, of course, people don’t nurse their anger silently, they moan aloud; but these are not frank, straightforward moans, there is a kind of cunning malice in them, and that’s the whole point. Those very moans express the sufferer’s delectation; if he did not enjoy his moans, he wouldn’t be moaning.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
This whole thing that’s happened to me, you see, this whole success hasn’t yet really compromised the position that I took a long time ago in Texas, that was to be true to myself, to be the person that I…that was on inside of me and not play games.
Janis Joplin
Honesty is a virtue, but not the only one. If you’re in a courtroom you need the whole truth and nothing but the truth; in the living room, sometimes you need anything but. Often.
Judith Martin
It’s great when you can just focus your whole attention on the music and hear all of the decisions and choices that were made.
Michael Cera
My whole plan in my head has always been, if I go a year without acting, it’s time to go home; it’s time to go back to Montreal.
Vanessa Lengies
My grandfather was running Hillcrest Country Club, and that’s where a whole group of Hollywood comedians hung out.
Leigh Steinberg
All I insist on, and nothing else, is that you should show the whole world that you are not afraid. Be silent, if you choose; but when it is necessary, speak—and speak in such a way that people will remember it.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
On the whole, it is patience which makes the final difference between those who succeed or fail in all things. All the greatest people have it in an infinite degree, and among the less, the patient weak ones always conquer the impatient strong.
John Ruskin
Just a little relaxation, just a little looking inwards, and the doors of immense potentialities open up. You are no more a beggar. Without conquering the world you have conquered the whole universe. Just conquer yourself.
Of course, we all inevitably work too hard, then we get burned out and have to spend the whole weekend in our pajamas, eating cereal straight out of the box and staring at the TV in a mild coma (which is the opposite of working, yes, but not exactly the same thing as pleasure).
Elizabeth Gilbert
I’m not sure God wants us to be happy. I think he wants us to love, and be loved. But we are like children, thinking our toys will make us happy and the whole world is our nursery. Something must drive us out of that nursery and into the lives of others, and that something is suffering.
C. S. Lewis
The centre of the soul is God; and, when the soul has attained to Him according to the whole capacity of its being, which is the strength and virtue of the soul, it will have reached the last and the deep centre of the soul, which will be when with all its powers it loves and understands and enjoys God.
John of the Cross
When you’re doing something you’re not used to, you kind of realize that you’re still a kid: even though the whole world around you sees you as an adult and you’re expected to act like an adult, you still haven’t actually grown up.
Since the whole village was poor, we didnt realize our own poverty. I was happy.
Bidzina Ivanishvili
Rolling down the windows, yeah I got an air conditiona, but I got a sound I want the whole world to listenta.
Masta Ace
Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.
This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top.
David Lynch
There is always something for which there is no accounting. Take, for example, the whole world.
Leonard Michaels
The only times that we can have what we long for are those moments when we stop grasping for it. At such times, all things are possible: “to a mind that is ‘still’ the whole universe surrenders”.
Sheldon B. Kopp
If I’m going one place, I want to feel like I can really get the whole vibe.
Cameron Esposito
All great art is the work of the whole living creature, body and soul, and chiefly of the soul.
John Ruskin
When the leaves fall, the whole earth is a cemetery pleasant to walk in. I love to wander and muse over them in their graves. Here are no lying nor vain epitaphs.
Henry David Thoreau
Play and pray; but on the whole do not pray when you are playing and do not play when you are praying.
Charles Williams
This is the kind of work I’ve aspired to my whole career.
Treat Williams
Each is like a river that leaves behind its name and shape, the whole course of its path , to vanish into the vast sea of God.
Richard Selzer
That is, we’re into a whole new world with the Internet, and whenever we sort of cross another plateau in our development, there are those who seek to take advantage of it. So this is a replay of things that have happened throughout our history.
William J. Clinton
That whole lifestyle – make a record, do a tour: I know how to do that. It doesn’t interest me.
Robbie Robertson
You have to be smart enough to see the world for yourself and honest. The whole book-publicity thing is not really honest, at base.
Ethan Canin
The whole human rights structure is based on the accountability of governments.
Mary Robinson
The world needs something stronger than any possible rebellion against its peace. In other words it needs a federal world government embodying a new conception of human life as one whole.
H. G. Wells
The whole campfire idea freaked Piper out. It made her think of that huge purple bonfire in the dreams, and her father tied to a stake. What she got instead was almost as terrifying: a sing-along.
Rick Riordan
I would like to spend the whole of my life traveling, if I could anywhere borrow another life to spend at home.
William Hazlitt
People who are incapable of having any kind of intimate relationship have to turn to feeling this incredible hunger and void, have to turn to some quantifiable external product to make them feel whole.
Jennifer Connelly
I hate the giving of the hand unless the whole man accompanies it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I mean, some people say, ‘Oh, God, if [Jobs] got run over by a bus, Apple would be in trouble.’ And, you know, I think it wouldn’t be a party, but there are really capable people at Apple. My job is to make the whole executive team good enough to be successors, so that’s what I try to do.
Steve Jobs
It presents a really compelling case against the whole theory of anthropogenic global warming. From my point of view, it is a theory that has completely corrupted public policy making in most of the developed world.В It confronts all the dubious claims that the warmists have put outВ there.
Nick Minchin
It isn’t necessary for a work to have a lot of things to look at, to compare, to analyze one by one, to contemplate. The thing as a whole, its quality whole, is what is interesting. The main things are alone and are more intense, clear and powerful.
Donald Judd
There’s this whole assumption that girls like bad boys, but I have to disagree; I think ‘nice’ will go a long way.
Brooke Burke
The appearance of the other in the world corresponds therefore to a congealed sliding of the whole universe.
Jean-Paul Sartre
I don’t think it’s necessary to feel guilty. Because I know that I’m still doing the work that is going to help more sisters and brothers to challenge the whole criminal justice system, and I’m trying to use whatever knowledge I was able to acquire to continue to do the work in our communities that will move us forward.
Angela Davis
You must call up every strength you own
And you can rip off the whole facial mask.
W. D. Snodgrass
The idea of being a rock and roll musician sort of suited my talents and mentality. The freedom was great, but then I found out I wasn’t free. I’d got boxed in…The whole Beatle thing is just beyond comprehension … subconsciously I was crying for help.
John Lennon
During the whole time I sat with him in Congress, I never heard him utter three sentences together.
John Adams
the work of salvation, in its full sense, is (1) about whole human beings, not merely souls; (2) about the present, not simply the future; and (3) about what God does through us, not merely what God does in and for us.
N. T. Wright
I see lots of cycles, for sure. There’s the whole post-Star Wars era, but I don’t think it’s the whole story.
Rob Morrow
My whole success is I’ve always been designing for people, first because I wanted to sell them merchandise. Then when I got into hotels, I had to rethink, what am I selling now? You’re selling a good time.
Morris Lapidus
Different nations have different ways of forming their national identity. In America, for instance, the model was one of homogeneity breaking from different backgrounds, and the whole effort was to blend them all together like a wonderful making of a milkshake!
Kabir Bedi
I wish I were younger. What inclines me now to think you may be right in regarding [evolution] as the central and radical lie in the whole web of falsehood that now governs our lives is not so much your arguments against it as the fanatical and twisted attitudes of its defenders.
C. S. Lewis
The whole notion of journalism being an institution whose fundamental purpose is to educate and inform and even, one might say, elevate, has altered under commercial pressure, perhaps, into a different kind of purpose, which is to divert and distract and entertain.
Tom Stoppard
When I stopped going to school, I got the strongest dose of perspective. When you’re a kid, your friends, your school, your teachers, your family – that’s your whole world, your whole existence. And then when I stopped going, I lost all my friends but the few that were really close to me.
Kristen Stewart
You are further to declare that we hold sacred the rights of conscience, and may promise to the whole people, solemnly in our name, the free and undisturbed exercise of their religion. And…that all civil rights and the right to hold office were to be extended to persons of any Christian denomination.
Roger Sherman
Just executing better. Getting into plays that help the offense as a whole, knowing our assignments better and just starting off stronger as you know we’ve struggled to do at times.
Vadal Alexander
Tell the cook of this restaurant with my compliments that these are the very worst sandwiches in the whole world, and that, when I ask for a watercress sandwich, I do not mean a loaf with a field in the middle of it.
Oscar Wilde
The Flavr Savr wasn’t about taste at all; that was just the name. It was about the shape and the shipability of it. My dad’s company was all about flavor. His tomatoes are some of the best selling at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.
Sanjay Rawal
What you yourself hate, don’t do to your neighbor. This is the whole law; the rest is commentary. Go and study.
Hillel the Elder
I haven’t heard anything so great for a long time; Beethoven snaps his fingers at the whole world.
Frederic Chopin
Writing is more than anything a compulsion, like some people wash their hands thirty times a day for fear of awful consequences if they do not. It pays a whole lot better than this type of compulsion, but it is no more heroic.
Julie Burchill
I always wanted to be a musician, 100 percent, my whole life. I went to school, I did music theory, I did voice training and piano lessons, and while I was a decent musician, it didn’t seem like enough for me. I felt like I wanted to make more than just music.
Adria Petty
But in reality we are accompanied by the whole dancing universe.
Ruth St. Denis
I’m not a great fan of people who suddenly manage to pull out the whole track sounding perfect from a laptop. That doesn’t feel like any kind of show to me.
You know what I would do? I would remake The Wizard of Oz with Robin Williams, and that’s it. Just let him do the whole dang thing by himself.
Frank Caliendo
Rap is the number one most influential thing, it’s the only genre that really strikes a chord. When you sing, you feel a certain way and it makes you feel good, but when you rap, it just strikes a chord a whole different way.
Too many times nowadays the picture is expected to tell the whole story, when in truth there’s only one picture in a hundred thousand that can stand alone as a piece of communication.
Roy Stryker
A few words worthy to be remembered suffice to give an idea of a great mind. There are single thoughts that contain the essence of a whole volume, single sentences that have the beauties of a large work, a simplicity so finished and so perfect that it equals in merit and in excellence a large and glorious composition.
Joseph Joubert
I’m a King. Regardless of what I’ve been through and what I’ve done, I present myself as a King. And I get that respect from people, from everybody I deal with. I worked my whole life to establish that respect and make sure I get that respect.
I’ve been acting my whole life, which people don’t realize. I just haven’t had the opportunities that I’ve had with my dancing.
Julianne Hough
We know our neighbors – so far as we have the right to know them. We hear of their joys and their sorrows, and hasten to make them ours so far as we may. Life in a small town is like a layer cake. One gets the whole of it, frosted top, lemon filling and all.
Laura E. Richards
The evolution has to take place still within us to know ourselves. We can say that unless and until it is put to the mains, it has no meaning. Unless and until we are connected with the whole, we have no meaning.
Nirmala Srivastava
I feel vulnerable when I have no choice. It segues into every facet of life, whether it’s love, work, family, or conservation. Here it is: the whole reason that I started the Ian Somerhalder Foundation was the feeling of complete vulnerability during the BP oil spill.
Ian Somerhalder
Last time I was down South I walked into this restaurant, and this white waitress came up to me and said: ‘We don’t serve colored people here.’ “I said: ‘that’s all right, I don’t eat colored people. Bring me a whole fried chicken.
Dick Gregory
Because if it didn’t work out, I didn’t want to blow the whole day.
Paul Hornung
Here I am, just wandering down a deserted street in the middle of the night. I hope I don’t run into any trouble. Goodness, that would just ruin my whole evening.” I strolled and hummed, trying to project Innocent Victim.
MaryJanice Davidson
You can see a person’s whole life in the cancer they get.
Haruki Murakami
Rap is only one end of a whole spectrum of verbal play and virtuosity. Rap is geared for aural pleasure.
Rita Dove
My soul bleeds and the blood steadily, silently, disturbingly slowly, swallows me whole.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
As soon as you set yourself up in the position of transferring paint from one place to another, your whole culture invades you. It tells you all about the history of art.
Milton Resnick
I never liked the idea of bags. I would say, “Why do so many of my friends spend so much money on these bloody bags?” But once I started designing them, I was completely hooked. There are all of these blogs about bags. It’s a whole other industry, and I’m really excited to be a part of it.
Nicola Formichetti
When you think of Napster, you think of music. But the first thing that struck me was that this was an important case not only for the music industry but for the whole Internet.
David Boies
Treat your elders as elders, and extend it to the elders of others; treat your young ones as young ones, and extend it to the young ones of others; then you can turn the whole world in the palm of your hand
And again, this connection that you get: I meet Joe at church. Joe’s connected to a whole network of people I don’t know. Joe likes me. He invites me over to his son’s birthday party, and I meet his whole family. I meet his friends. I get to know his neighborhood. That happens all the time.
Michael Emerson
I learn the whole script before I show up.
Lee Majors
And then like a song we’d forgotten was even on the mix, you stepped into the house and my whole life.
Daniel Handler
I just loved the whole idea of being an actor.
Matthew Macfadyen
A lot of times you’ll hear horror stories about actors being incredibly selfish and only wanting themselves to shine, but for me, it’s not about just one person. It’s about the whole team. That’s the way I look at acting. That’s the way I look at everything I do.
Mekhi Phifer
A new space race has begun, and most Americans are not even aware of it. This race is not [about] political prestige or military power. This new race involves the whole human species in a contest against time.
Ben Bova
What we are now doing with the victory, and I agree with you if you condemn that and I condemn whole-heartedly the trivial bullshit it is to go after a man who makes a scientific breakthrough and all that we as women — organized women — do is to fret about his shirt?
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
The world is a bad place. There are many wonderful people, but on the whole, humanity basically stinks.
Dennis Prager
I think it’s also different when you’re younger, too and your whole life is exposed. You know, it is probably exhausting and a little spiritually depleting, but you just find ways to fill up and do things For me it’s simple things.
Kate Walsh
Cinderella could not be more wonderful, as a woman. You’re with her, the whole film. I had to create a guy that was worthy of her affections, and that was difficult.
Richard Madden
I am a lay historian by nature. I seek out an empirical reflection of what truth is. I sort of want dates and motivations and I want the whole story. But I’ve always felt, unconsciously, that all human history is that connection from person to person to person, event to event to event, and from idea to idea.
Tom Hanks
I think we are living in a time, where as a whole, as a community, people do want to push the boundaries.
Uma Thurman
When I speak English, I’ve been told, I have this patrician way of speaking that’s very irritating. It’s the whole class thing.
Kristin Scott Thomas
Propaganda tries to force a doctrine on the whole people; the [party] organization embraces within its scope only those who do not threaten on psychological grounds to become a brake on the further dissemination of ideas.
Adolf Hitler
No matter who weaves in and out of your life, regardless of the quality of those deep friendships and familyships, I’m the only common denominator at this point who’s been with me the whole time. And there’s this sense of trying to make sense of that ultimate solitude. It’s not a negative or even a positive. It’s just a fact.
I am just like everybody else…because there is nobody like me in the whole world.
Aleksandar Hemon
When I write a play, my whole intent at bottom is to get the audience to be in the cast, to get that audience on stage with the actors and to get them thoroughly involved in what’s going on.
Jules Feiffer
Organizing atheists is a bit like herding cats; They are on the whole too intelligent and independent minded to lend themselves to being herded.
Richard Dawkins
We sing with the entire body. The sounds that we make emanate not just from the head, but from the whole heart and soul, and, most important, the gut.
Renee Fleming
If you are waging peace, you can’t be too particular sometimes about the special attitudes that different countries take. We were a young country once, and our whole policy for the first 150 years was, we were neutral.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact there will be no thought, as we understand it now. Orthodoxy means not thinking – not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.
George Orwell
People only know what you tell them.And it was true.People gave out their whole life stories to anyone and everyone without a second’s thought.Stand at a bus stop,sit in a strange pub,get banged up,and someone would always give you their life story.It was as if they were trying to prove they existed
Martina Cole
To forgive and to be forgiven are the two points of holy magnificence and holy modesty; round these two centres the whole doctrine of largesse revolves.
Charles Williams
If it should turn out that the whole of physical reality can be described by a finite set of equations, I would be disappointed, I would feel that the Creator had been uncharacteristically lacking in imagination.
Freeman Dyson
Education in the art of dance is education of the whole man в€’ his physical, mental and emotional natures are disciplined and nourished simultaneously in dance.
Ted Shawn
We tend to run our whole life trying to avoid all that hurts or displeases us, noticing the objects, people, or situations that we think will give us pain or pleasure, avoiding one and pursuing the other.
Joko Beck
So if you want to know how Exxon Mobil can make $10 billion profit in 90 days, just look around. The whole world was built for them.
Jeff Goodell
Effective therapies treat the whole body as a unit.
Pete Egoscue
It goes without saying that it is no good having a perfect setup, perfect grip and perfect golf swing if the whole thing is misaligned. It sounds obvious but many players simply do not spend enough time getting themselves on target.
Nick Faldo
I love film and I love sitcoms, and I was one of those kids that would just go to the movies on the weekend and spend my whole weekend watching all of the movies.
Terrence J
Racing is the only time I feel whole.
James Dean
If you continue to keep low performers on your team, that are actually dragging the team down; you’re failing the whole team, and eventually, the whole team is going to fail.
Jocko Willink
We didn’t have a TV because we didn’t have a whole lot of money. My parents would have their friends over – their friends who thought, ‘How can you live without a TV?
Johnny Galecki
I smile like a flower not only with my lipsВ but with my whole being.
I dream of instruments obedient to my thought and which with their contribution of a whole new world of unsuspected sounds, will lend themselves to the exigencies of my inner rhythm.
Edgard Varese
One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.
James Russell Lowell
He who is the servant of all is their true master. He never becomes a leader in whose love there is a consideration of high or low. He whose love knows no end and never stops to consider high or low has the whole world lying at his feet.
Swami Vivekananda
Camouflage doesn’t help when the other guy is willing to defoliate the whole jungle.
Andrew Vachss
There is something about men more capable of shaking despotic power than lightening, whirlwind, or earthquake, that is, the threatened indignation of the whole civilized world.
Daniel Webster
It is by a thorough knowledge of the whole subject that [people] are enabled to judge correctly of the past and to give a proper direction to the future.
John Quincy Adams
Do not permit yourself to fall in love with the end-game play to the exclusion of entire games. It is well to have the whole story of how it happened; the complete play, not the denouement only. Do not embrace the rag-time and vaudeville of chess.
Emanuel Lasker
Until he has been part of a cause larger than himself, no man is truly whole.
Richard M. Nixon
You work your whole life to try to be the best you can, even if it’s for only one day or one week.
Lindsay Davenport
What is an epigram? A dwarfish whole, its body brevity, and wit its soul.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
If a student takes the whole series of my folklore courses including the graduate seminars, he or she should learn something about fieldwork, something about bibliography, something about how to carry out library research, and something about how to publish that research.
Alan Dundes
If we actually love what we’re doing and we go and do what we love, and every day we get up because we’re really happy to get up and go and do what we do, you can’t actually do that without expression, and art forms part of that mix of expression that makes the whole package of life so enjoyable to be in.
Kerry Stokes
If we don’t watch out, the pleasure o be gained from the discriminating enjoyment of food will be lost. It may not be long before the art of fine cooking is viewed as the invention of a handful of snobs. . . . A whole aspect of living well, of civilization itself, is threatened with extinction.
Benoite Groult
I’ve lost lots of men in my life, besides my mother, which is a whole different loss.
Patti Smith
I mean, this whole digital revolution is really eroding the director’s importance on a movie because, number one, just from a practical standpoint, with floppy disks and the ability to put all of the film onto a disk, more people have access to the movie.
John Frankenheimer
Fichte would identify all states of our minds with states of our body – perhaps not merely of our brain, but the whole body as an acting organism.
Allen W. Wood
As if this whole thing isn’t confusing enough, election officials announced this week that the alphabet on the ballot will begin with the letter R, then W, then Q. You know, even Sesame Street is laughing at California now.
Jay Leno
I love Minnesota, and I’d love to play my whole career here.
Justin Morneau
It isn’t necessary to make things large to make them monumental; a head by Giacometti one inch high would be able to vitalize this whole space.
Hans Hofmann
I’ve been alone my whole life, I can’t do it anymore.
James Frey
I just think the whole mindset of Pilates is huge. Pilates 101 is just to use your core in the right way. A lot of us don’t use every little detailed muscle in our core. We all use the big muscles in our body and don’t focus on the little ones. That mindset and awareness is huge. I take that with me wherever I go.
Kerri Walsh
Be a football to Time and Chance, the more kicks, the better, so that you inspect the whole game and know its utmost law.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Is there any one maxim which ought to be acted upon throughout one’s whole life? Surely the maxim of loving kindness is such: Do not unto others what you would not they should do unto you.
Once you stop believing in Santa Claus, the whole world just goes downhill.
Tom Clancy
My pregnancy was amazing. I was happy that whole time, I felt good, I had energy, I was like Superwoman. I wish I could feel like that for the rest of my life, that’s how fantastic it was.
Halle Berry
My feeling of the whole genre, of the terror tale, is this: The best thing that you can do for the readers in this field is to terrify them. It is something that is intellectual, it happens in your mind.
Stephen King
Mothers can forgive anything! Tell me all, and be sure that I will never let you go, though the whole world should turn from you.
Louisa May Alcott
We need to look at the whole society and think, “Are we actually thinking about what we’re doing as we go forward, and are we preserving the really important values that we have in society? Are we keeping it democratic, and open, and so on?”
Tim Berners-Lee
On a personal level, Freaking Out is a process whereby an individual casts off outmoded and restricting standards of thinking, dress, and social etiquette in order to express creatively his relationship to his immediate environment and the social structure as a whole.
Frank Zappa
I think what we need is to understand each other much more, especially with the whole world right now.
Jeppe Hein
Before a leaf-bud has burst, its whole life acts; in the full-blown flower there is no more; in the leafless root there is no less.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I find myself going to places where I really have no business, speaking to these people in a whole other field that I have no extensive knowledge of. But I do it very often because it scares me.
Alan Alda
I took anatomy classes. I went to medical libraries and talked to doctors and nutritionists. I did the whole thing before using myself as a human guinea pig.
Marilu Henner
I wanted to play a mother again. I thought it would be interesting to play the mother of an older child. And it was also the kind of part I’ve been looking for my whole career, actually, in film. You know, just to play a femme fatale who’s very smart, and wicked.
Sigourney Weaver
Have you seen the roses? There’s a whole lot of colours.
Syd Barrett
The whole world is run on bluff.
Marcus Garvey
I think we’re all fans, and I understand the whole world of fandom, because I am a fan.
Brent Spiner
When business starts using its voice for the benefit of the country as a whole, not just in its narrow self interest, it can really be the force that can make the changes that need to be made.
Ben Cohen
If you lie down in a village square hoping to capture a sea gull, you could stay there your whole life without succeeding. But a hundred miles from shore it’s different. Sea gulls have a highly developed instinct for self-preservation on land but at sea they’re very cocky.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
I’ve always had- how shall I say it? -the prize at the end. My whole life shows that.
Audrey Hepburn
Augmented reality will change the world more than a lot of other technologies. Traveling around to meet people will be much less important when you can stand in a room and chat with a virtual representation of a person that’s so close to reality – it’ll be a whole new level.
Tim Sweeney
Just as a wave is a movement of the whole ocean, you are the energy of the cosmos. Don’t underestimate your power.
Deepak Chopra
I played maybe one and a half games of Little League. The whole atmosphere of anxious parents and more anxious children was just too much for me.
Harrison Ford
I would rather die for Christ than rule the whole earth.
Ignatius of Antioch
How often God visited the Jewish Church with judgments because they would not repent and be revived at the call of His prophets! How often have we seen Churches, and even whole denominations, cursed with a curse, because they would not wake up and seek the Lord.
Charles Grandison Finney
To the whole world you might be just one person, but to one person you might just be the whole world.
Pablo Casals
I don’t want to be famous as a movie star and have the whole world love me, I want to be a creative actress.
Juliette Lewis
My father was really good at having me stand on my own two feet, both financially and philosophically. His whole parenting philosophy was to give my brother and me the skills to be grown-ups and the curiosity to ask the right questions.
Gwyneth Paltrow
The whole point of Superman, as originally created, was to be the ally of those who had no other allies. It put that magnitude of power, the most powerful guy in the world, in the service of those who had no hope, no chance.
J. Michael Straczynski
It’s always disappointing when people decide for one reason or another that they don’t like your work anymore, but you can’t try to please people, because then you’re just going to be doing – you’ll never live it down, y’know it’ll always be dogging you around – you might be being a fake about the whole thing.
Bob Dylan
Jean [Kennedy Smith, JFK’s sister] told me she thinks the whole sports angle has been overplayed, that politics was central to him. This nonsense that he only went into politics because his older brother Joe was killed is not true. He was determined he was going to be in politics, but he would have waited his turn.
Chris Matthews
Because I don’t feel broken when you look at me. (Acheron) How could you feel broken? (Tory) I was shattered as a child and thrown away, like a piece of trash no on wanted. But you don’t treat me like that. You see in me the human bit and you touch that part of me. You make me feel whole and wanted. (Acheron)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
It doesn’t matter what people want to hear. It doesn’t matter if people like you. It doesn’t matter if the whole world thinks you’re crazy. It doesn’t matter whose heart you break. What matters is the truth.
Sara Gran
I wanted a child, and there was no way I could get pregnant under the stress of 18-hour work days and live TV. When you’re somebody who’s used to making a decision about what they want to do and getting it and achieving it, when your body fails you, it’s a whole other experience.
Kara DioGuardi
The whole point of writing is to have something in your gut or in your soul or in your mind that’s burning to be written.
Jerome Lawrence
I like kids but I also like the option to close the door. Becoming a parent is a whole other life, and it doesn’t stop.
Jon Hamm
It’s a pleasure to play my sister because everything I’ve accused her of my whole life, I can now re-enact before her eyes.
Chelsea Handler
He who has conquered his own coward spirit has conquered the whole outward world.
Thomas Hughes
Because God loves us, he gives us practical teaching and boundaries to protect our hearts. The whole thing is one big expression of a father’s love for his children.
Jennifer Rothschild
The best option for me to do was not to move. I tried, and any little nudge or step, it the cramping would get worse. It was the whole left leg … nearly the whole left side. … I drank a lot of fluids at halftime. I even changed my uniform.
LeBron James
When you let go of the egoic self what you’re getting in exchange is the whole universe.
I went to all-girls’ schools my whole life, so every model of leadership that I saw was a young girl or a woman, and so there was never any hesitation that women could lead. I know what I believe.
Nancy Pelosi
I am not interested in an economic liberation of man without the liberation of the whole man.
Ernesto Cardenal
The overwhelming astonishment, the queerest structure we know about so far in the whole universe, the greatest of all cosmological scientific puzzles, confounding all our efforts to comprehend it, is the earth.
Lewis Thomas
Well I’m a longtime AOL subscriber and I love the whole thing. I’m an email junkie and I love the internet, though 7th Heaven doesn’t give me much free time to surf these days.
Stephen Collins
I never did a single wise thing in the whole course of my existence, although I have written many which have been thought so.
Walter Savage Landor
The whole idea of a public education was to train young people about how our system of government works, so they could be good citizens and be part of it. We’re not doing that today.
Sandra Day O’Connor
The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.
Swami Vivekananda
My whole life I try to make into a comedy, so it would be nice to see that onscreen.
Saoirse Ronan
There’s a lot of, unfortunately, a lot of divorced families. I come from a divorced family… and you have parents meet someone and they have kids and you’re with that whole having to meet new people and be your family. That’s always a hard thing to do.
Selena Gomez
What an honor that Stephen Prouty got nominated for best makeup and hairstyling for Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa. Am I as stunned as everyone else we didn’t get the nod for best picture? Well of course, duh, but I won’t let that take away from my happiness for Steve, Tony Gardner, and our whole makeup team. Wahoo!
Johnny Knoxville
When you’re depressed, the whole body is depressed, and it translates to the cellular level. The first objective is to get your energy up, and you can do it through play. It’s one of the most powerful ways of breaking up hopelessness and bringing energy into the situation.
O. Carl Simonton
You will find the whole world will change to you when you change your attitude toward it.
Orison Swett Marden
I try to say one thing with my work: A book is a wonderful place to be. A book is a package, a gift package, a surprise package-and within the wrappings is a whole new world and beyond.
Ellen Raskin
You’ll always have to fight for what you want. Definitely crossing over and being able to tackle these grittier parts was a challenge, but I feel like I’ve done it! It’s a whole new chapter.
Vanessa Hudgens
Happiness does not come from external things as we’re really taught as children. It doesn’t come from Santa Claus. Happiness is from within your mind. Just realizing that will change your whole life.
Frederick Lenz
The whole awards thing is great. Why? Because the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, they put a focus on the industry, and that focus translates into people buying tickets to see movies or download films, legitimately download them. And it keeps us all at work. So I’m a big fan of award shows.
Liam Neeson
I didn’t visit art galleries growing up. I didn’t know anything about it. But at 17 I made the decision to leave home and explore. I’ve been using the Internet since I was 13, so I could see there was this whole world out there.
I think the suggestion that all my songs are personal is insulting because that assumes that I have a bunch of issues that I feel the need to unload on strangers. That is not the case. It also assumes that I just talk about myself the whole time which, again, is not true.
Elliott Smith
I always loved singing and writing poetry. I always loved music, and I’ve loved writing my whole life. When I put them together it was probably in my early 20s, where I put words to music for the first time.
Lisa Marie Presley
I did a whole concert in Atlanta with my fly open, and I had a black suit on and a white shirt. My white shirt was protruding from the fly.
Al Green
Homeopathy – an invention of the Father of Lies! I have tried it and found it wanting. I would swallow their whole doles medicine chest for sixpence, and be sure of finding myself neither better nor worse for it.
Jane Welsh Carlyle
The truth about life was that nothing ever ended until you died, and even then you just left a whole bunch of unresolved narratives behind you.
Nick Hornby
The greatest ability in the whole human race and all amongst the livingness, is the ability to help.
L. Ron Hubbard
[The church’s] job is to provide permanent solace and spiritual leadership to the people as a whole, whatever their government at the moment, so long as it stays within the bounds of moral decency.
James A. Michener
To me, the Seventies were very inspirational and very influential… With my whole persona as Snoop Dogg, as a person, as a rapper. I just love the Seventies style, the way all the players dressed nice, you know, kept their hair looking good, drove sharp cars and they talked real slick.
Snoop Dogg
You have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this all while not appearing to.
Richard M. Nixon
Night, the beloved. Night, when words fade and things come alive. When the destructive analysis of day is done, and all that is truly important becomes whole and sound again. When man reassembles his fragmentary self and grows with the calm of a tree.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Well, part of the thing is, like, what’s the difference between censorship and social responsibility? I sometimes find that the whole censorship argument is used as a way for people to avoid the fact that they’re like.
Kathleen Hanna
As you grow in spirituality, your whole life must improve.
Harold Klemp
The Internet is a whole new world opening up.
I’m more liberated and happy than I’ve been my whole life. I’m just happy.
Lance Bass
There’s a whole network of people ready to simply inculcate you and enfold you into their world and they want more and more people in their world because they are in a campaign to change everything
Scott Lively
Waiting and hoping are the whole of life, and as soon as a dream is realized it is destroyed.
Gian Carlo Menotti
You see, you are a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. You have emotions, you have thoughts, you have a will, and you have a conscience. You are a complex being! And Jesus came to heal every single part of you. There’s not one part that He doesn’t want to make completely whole.
Joyce Meyer
A seed has to get buried in the soil for its real form as a plant to emerge. Only through modesty and humility can we grow. Pride and conceit will only destroy us. Live with the firm attitude, ‘I am everyone’s servant.’ Then the whole universe will bow down to us.
Mata Amritanandamayi
Juxtaposing a person with an environment that is boundless, collating him with a countless number of people passing by close to him and far away, relating a person to the whole world, that is the meaning of cinema.
Andrei Tarkovsky
But now, I, August Comte, have discovered the truth. Therefore, there is no longer any need for freedom of thought or freedom of the press. I want to rule and to organize the whole country.
Auguste Comte
They were missing all the enthusiasm, the creativity; that whole excitement about the music was lost. A lot of people are really going back looking for that.
Lester Bowie
Begin now, as you read these words, as you sit in your chair, to offer your whole selves, utterly and in joyful abandon, in quiet, glad surrender to Him who is within. In secret ejaculations of praise, turn in humble wonder to the Light, faint though it may be.
Thomas Raymond Kelly
Be of good cheer, Jesus Christ maketh thee whole.
John Bunyan
What I learned from Lennon was something that did stay with me my whole career, which is to be very straightforward. I actually love talking about taking pictures, and I think that helps everyone.
Annie Leibovitz
People get married when they’re 18 and spend their whole lives together. I think their greatest fear is that someone will see it as a fling because they were young and it didn’t mean anything.
Carey Mulligan
The first time I had sex, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was a relief when the whole thing was over after just 45 minutes.
Anthony Jeselnik
Worry affects the circulation, the heart, the glands, the whole nervous system. I have never known a man who died from over work, but many who died from doubt.
Charles Horace Mayo
If you really dissect hip-hop you will find a whole lot of Charles Mingus, Ron Carter, Ahmad Jamal, a lot of classic jazz samples in there.
Robert Glasper
The whole gospel is contained in Christ.
John Calvin
Anybody who’s ever been broken up with, or had their heart stepped on or ripped out of them; you question everything you’ve based your whole life on. It’s like, is anything real? Cause nothing ‘s more real than that, and now it’s gone.
Kristen Stewart
I definitely play roles that are close to my persona. I was dying to be an actor, my whole life. I just always wanted to be someone else. Then, once I decided that I really thought I was pretty cool, I wanted to see myself.
Drea de Matteo
Throughout my whole life money has always been a problem. But I didn’t realize that we were poor when we were kids!
Charlyne Yi
It feels wonderful to be go back to the 1940s and recreate the whole era through my clothes, voice and body language. I am tired of playing the larger-than-life hero.
Akshay Kumar
For those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win.
Dhirubhai Ambani
Success is not just the crowning moment, the spiking of the ball in the end zone or the raising of the flag on the summit. It is the whole process of reaching for a goal and, sometimes, it begins with failure.
Erik Weihenmayer
I think that Mormonism as a whole has been misunderstood. So, I think, it’s neat that people just get to learn a little bit more about what our faith is about and what we believe in.
Carmen Rasmusen
I’m just a singer, Elvis was the embodiment of the whole American culture.
Frank Sinatra
Uncle Junior is a criminal, which makes him a villain, so it makes people want to watch him. My whole life as an actor has been preparing for something like this.
Dominic Chianese
I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold or all the riches that the East doth hold.
Anne Bradstreet
Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, which molds and develops men.
W. E. B. Du Bois
The site I landed on feels much more isolated than it really is; it’s almost magical. Within its limited radius, there was a whole range of the local ecology.
Martin Puryear
The fools standpoint is that all social institutions are games. He sees the whole world as game playing. That’s why, when people take their games seriously and take on stern and pious expressions, the fool gets the giggles because he knows that it is all a game.
Alan Watts
The whole sex symbol or babe thing doesn’t bother me.
Jeri Ryan
The Seahawks have only been around since 1976, so our fan base is relatively young. You talk about the Patriots, or the Celtics or, obviously, Red Sox and Bruins. Your grandfather’s father was a fan of that team. People have lived there their whole lives.
Matt Hasselbeck
It was like being at the bottom of an ocean, she said. There was no light and a whole ocean crushing down on you. But most people had gotten so used to it they thought it normal, they forgot even that there was a world above.
Junot Diaz
Happiness for me is when my kids are good and when my family is whole.
Michelle Obama
Getting pregnant wasn’t easy, and I found that devastating. I really beat myself up for waiting so long when I’d always wanted children and family had been the basis of my happiness my whole life.
Emily Procter
I spent the whole evening sitting before a mirror to keep myself company.
Cesare Pavese
The course of Nature seems a course of Death, And nothingness the whole substantial thing.
Philip James Bailey
I totally wouldn’t mind being able to wave my hand head to toe and have, like, a whole new outfit.
Katherine Heigl
While traveling, I love granola bars, trail mix nuts, dry cereal and fruit for on-the-go snacks. I also try and start the day with a high fiber and protein meal, such as whole-grain toast with peanut butter.
Christie Rampone
Lots of really interesting people move to U.S and decide to work here, because of this whole attitude and openness. I’m absolutely convinced that this is just the beginning. In a couple decades we will see an even more dramatic change.
Esa-Pekka Salonen
… thething I am proudest of in my whole business life is that I do not take, that I never took in all my life, and never, never! will take, one single penny more than 6% on any loan or any contract.
Hetty Green
Everything is whole, complete and perfect as it is. There’s nothing “wrong.” Everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be and it’s not based on thoughts and logic. It’s based on dreaming and feelings and emotions.
Drunvalo Melchizedek
As good government is an empire of laws, how shall your laws be made? In a large society, inhabiting an extensive country, it is impossible that the whole should assemble to make laws. The first necessary step, then, is to depute power from the many to a few of the most wise and good.
John Adams
Taxes are the source of life for the bureaucracy, the army and the court, in short, for the whole apparatus of the executive power. Strong government and heavy taxes are identical.
Karl Marx
The church as a whole has strayed quite far from biblical evangelism; that is, sharing the Gospel in the way that Jesus did, the way the Apostle Paul did, and the rest of the disciples and prophets in Scripture.
Kirk Cameron
…. we are a part of nature as a whole, whose order we follow.
Baruch Spinoza
I have been a goof my whole life. I wasn’t really the popular girl in school and didn’t have any boyfriends in high school because I was a nerd. I was a geek.
Malin Akerman
I think the whole tension about romanticism is the way it builds and builds, and the moment it’s consummated, the tension’s over.
Jane Campion
One Zen master said, The whole universe is my true personality. This is a very wonderful saying… If you want to see what you truly are, open the window, and everything you see is in fact the expression of your inner reality. Can you embrace all of it?
With four people you can create one very strong kind of energy, but if you can get 65 people working together, and swinging together, that’s a whole other kind of energy.
Chuck Mangione
Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.
Hazrat Inayat Khan
Anthropology is the science which tells us that people are the same the whole world over – except when they are different.
Nancy Banks Smith
I think folks need to understand the whole background of Donald Trump. I find from time to time, I talk to people about the campaign and they say, gosh, I didn’t know that Donald Trump gave a bunch of money to Jimmy Carter and to Hillary Clinton and to Harry Reid and to John Kerry.
Mitt Romney
Slavery is the parent of ignorance, and ignorance begets a whole brood of follies and vices; and every one of these is inevitably hostile to literary culture.
Hinton Rowan Helper
Nixon would like to consign us to to the level of the most backward countries in the whole Middle East. Why lower us to the standard of the Saudis rather than raising the Saudis to meet us?
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
Legends of prediction are common throughout the whole Household of Man. Gods speak, spirits speak, computers speak. Oracular ambiguity or statistical probability provides loopholes, and discrepancies are expunged by Faith.
Ursula K. Le Guin
My whole philosophy in survival is to take down brush as soon as you get in a situation.
Joe Teti
It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for Wales!
Robert Bolt
I believe that the whole idea of the consumer society is tottering. We’ve kept ourselves going by producing more and more goods, most of which people don’t need. I’m anti-consumerism; I own four pairs of black Levis and that’s it.
Paul Auster
Whenever we play the Twins, Torii Hunter has a major impact on defense. He tells the left fielder and the right fielder to take the day off and he covers the whole outfield.
Ken Macha
Whoever can weep over himself for one hour is greater than the one who is able to teach the whole world; whoever recognizes the depth of his own frailty is greater than the one who sees visions of angels.
Isaac of Nineveh
Feminism is not simply the idea that women can benefit from rediscovering themselves but also that our whole culture can benefit from correcting its psychic/sexual imbalance through each person becoming whole again.
Anne Rush
Many feel that sitting at a screen sweating over the design of handrail details for the next cute downtown boutique hotel just doesn’t make sense when more than 150,000 people have lost their lives, more than five million people have been made homeless and whole towns have been swept away.
Cameron Sinclair
It hardly seemed fair, because, unlike a horse or a Seeing Eye dog, the whole glory of being a bird is that nobody would ever put you to work.
David Sedaris
I’m not really caught up in the whole commercial thing of Christmas. I’m probably more of a pagan than a Christian, but it’s hard not to get caught up in it.
Ian Astbury
I don’t really analyze my stuff when I write. I write about stuff that I’m interested in, that I’m feeling at that particular time. When I stand back and look at the complete work, I might see themes that run through the whole film, but I’m not really conscious of it when I’m doing it.
Spike Lee
I’ll go for broke. Swim faster. It’s not going to be easy – this whole thing was never going to be easy.
Ian Thorpe
If that voice that you created that is most alive in the poem isn’t carried throughout the whole poem, then I destroy where it’s not there, and I reconstruct it so that that voice is the dominant voice in the poem.
Philip Levine
I’m a big fan of Henri Cartier-Bresson, the French photographer who had that whole “decisive moment” approach to taking pictures, of having multiple elements line up within the frame.
Nick Zinner
When you can’t do nothing but pray-you’ve done a whole lot.
T. D. Jakes
On Darjeeling, I was on set every day and I acted as the second unit director and a producer on that film. I was there throughout the whole process. On Moonrise Kingdom, I showed up for one day.
Roman Coppola
You wait until life is in the frame, then you have the permission to click. I like the adventure of waiting until the whole frame is full.
Robert Rauschenberg
If you look at the whole life of the planet, we – you know, Man – has only been around for a few blinks of an eye. So if the infection wipes us all out, that is a return to normality.
Alex Garland
What I was actually trying to do in my early movies was show how people can meet other people and what they can do and what they can say to each other. That was the whole idea: two people getting acquainted.
Andy Warhol
but then you realize that this ‘whole package’ everyone’s looking for is unattainable. No one can be everything you want them to be.
Susane Colasanti
The whole world is men’s bloody fantasies.
Kathy Acker
Stupidity, outrage, vanity, cruelty, iniquity, bad faith, falsehood – we fail to see the whole array when it is facing in the same direction as we.
Jean Rostand
My whole problem is that my lips move when I think.
Bill Watterson
Trivial details have been summoned, in part, to make a satirical point about upper-middle-class marriage-that the whole thing can slip away between the white wine and the arugula salad.
David Denby
It seems to me that in the orbit of our world you are the North Pole, I the South–so much in balance, in agreement–and yet… the whole world lies between.
Thomas Wolfe
For me, Lancome was more than just a brand. There was something very nostalgic about the name, about the whole story.
Alber Elbaz
Running is perhaps the most fundamental of all sports, and it is economically the least costly to perform. As a consequence, it is the most democratic and most competitive of all sports because individual merit can prevail despite economic equality. It is a sport for everyone, the whole world over.
Bernd Heinrich
If we learn to love the earth, we will find labyrinths, gardens, fountains and precious jewels! A whole new world will open itself to us. We will discover what it means to be truly alive.
Teresa of Avila
The moment you abate anything from the full rights of men to each govern himself, and suffer any artificial positive limitation upon those rights, from that moment the whole organization of government becomes a consideration of convenience.
Edmund Burke
To seek out the best [persons to serve in the government] though the whole Union, we must resort to the information which from the best of men, acting disinterestedly and with ther purest motives, is something incorrect….No duty the Executive had to perform was so trying as to put the right man in the right place.
Thomas Jefferson
Revolution, total revolution, implies experimenting with the impossible. And when an individual takes a step in the direction of the new, the impossible, the whole human race travels through that individual.
Vimala Thakar
“You are what you eat.” Nothing else. Never. If you are nourished with cow’s milk and later with herbs, you’ll become someone whose whole life is good only for being exploited by others.
George Ohsawa
Most married couples spend the whole day apart, the woman in the house, the man in the office or study or workshop.
George Bernard Shaw
In order to succeed in it (prayer), it should be done when we first awaken, when our whole being is calm and recollected. We need to make our meditation before anything else.
Peter Julian Eymard
Just what future the Designer of the universe has provided for the souls of men I do not know, I cannot prove. But I find that the whole order of Nature confirms my confidence that, if it is not like our noblest hopes and dreams, it will transcend them.
Henry Norris Russell
[Margot Hentoff] stopped [writing]. She decided that she had nothing more to say. And yet, every day, she has a whole lot to say, and I wish she’d write it down.
Nat Hentoff
Sometimes, a remix is good because it reaches a whole new generation. But when it gets too much, it’s irritating. Also, the original composer needs to be credited properly.
A. R. Rahman
The effect of AIDS was like a war in a minute country. Like, in World War I, a whole generation of Englishmen died all at once. And with AIDS, a whole generation of gay men died practically all at once, within a couple of years.
Fran Lebowitz
We think the whole world’s going to change, and forget that human beings are still human beings; we have the same five senses, we still interact the same way, we still love and hate the same way, but marketers lose track of that. But then it comes down to earth.
Michael K. Powell
Lil Wayne would probably be a big musical inspiration for me, because growing up I was just the biggest Wayne fan and being able to be signed to him and watch his whole journey to the peak of his career is great.
The whole memorial is for different senses… seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling. I probably would have come up with something different if I had not lived through it.
Lawrence Halprin
If you die and i live there’s no life for me back in District 12. You’re my whole life. I would never be happy again.
Suzanne Collins
There are people who will say that this whole account is a lie, but a thing isn’t necessarily a lie even if it didn’t necessarily happen.
John Steinbeck
I have spent my whole life educating myself.
Penelope Wilton
I never prayed for no money, and I never prayed for no fame. I said, ‘I’ll take care of that myself. You just keep me healthy and I’ll do all I can to try to turn people around, to try to steer ’em in the right direction.’ That’s the whole trip in life, ya know.
Wolfman Jack
There are movies that change the whole way in which films are made, like Klute, where Gordon Willis’s photography on the film is so textured, and, they said, too dark.
Martin Scorsese
But then I remembered something Grandmere had once assured me of: No one has ever died of embarrassment-never, not once in the whole history of time.
Meg Cabot
Who took away the part so essential to the whole Left you a hollow body Skin and bone.
Tracy Chapman
I’ve had a chance to really stretch and do a lot of different genres. When I started acting, my whole focus and intention was to work as a stage actor in a company where you’re asked to different roles – do a comedy, do a tragedy, etc. I haven’t had any reservations about jumping from one type of genre to another.
Kyle MacLachlan
It’s the whole or it’s nothing.
Gavin Schmidt
Your toddler will be “good” if he feels like doing what you happen to want him to do and does not happen to feel like doing anything you would dislike. With a little cleverness you can organize life as a whole, and issues in particular, so that you both want the same thing most of the time.
Penelope Leach
I don’t really like the whole pancake look.
Lara Stone
The chain that’s fixed to the throne of Jove, On which the fabric of our world depends, One link dissolved, the whole creation ends.
Edmund Waller
Oh, I’m a survivor. My whole life has been surviving.
Eddie Bracken
All my wife has ever taken from the Mediterranean – from that whole vast intuitive culture – are four bottles of Chianti to make into lamps, and two china condiment donkeys labelled Sally and Peppy.
Peter Shaffer
Now this is over thirty years later and the guy said he was that cab driver. He apologized and he was serious. I felt awful. He might have been spending his whole life thinking he had jinxed me, but I told him he hadn’t. My number was up.
Joe DiMaggio
When you are being true to what you know in your heart, your whole heart becomes clean.
John de Ruiter
The world is whole beyond human knowing.
Wendell Berry
Cigars should be like onions,” she said, unfastening the catch and pushing back the pane. “Either the whole company does, or the whole company does not.
Robin McKinley
I’d imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured, if the entire world was one big machine, I couldn’t be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason.
Asa Butterfield
The whole Universe is on your side. Life is forever biased on the side of healing, on the side of overcoming, on the side of success. When you get yourself centered in the Universal flow you become synchronized with this divine bias for good.
Eric Butterworth
Wait long enough and you reap what you sow. That hold for men. That hold for towns. That hold for a whole country.
Lalita Tademy
The object of jihad is to bring the whole world under Islamic Law.
Bernard Lewis
The gold standard did not collapse. Governments abolished it in order to pave the way for inflation. The whole grim apparatus of oppression and coercion, policemen, customs guards, penal courts, prisons, in some countries even executioners, had to be put into action in order to destroy the gold standard.
Ludwig von Mises
Statistically there’s only one crocodile-related human fatality per year in the whole of Australia.
Steve Irwin
The whole foundation of Christianity is based on the idea that intellectualism is the work of the Devil. Remember the apple on the tree? Okay, it was the Tree of Knowledge. You eat this apple, you’re going to be as smart as God. We can’t have that.
Frank Zappa
I do have a nickname with my family; I’m called Snappy, because I do get to be a bit snippy at times. They call me Snappy Bear. That’s from New Hampshire. My dad’s called Crazy, my mother’s Happy – it’s a whole thing.
Eliza Coupe
I didn’t want to do the whole, get the hottest person thing. I wanted to make sure every record felt right.
Pras Michel
It’s so weird. I like shrimp. I will eat like a whole thing of shrimp. I’m a vegetarian, but that is the only thing that I will eat. So, I will eat and eat shrimp and, like, fries.
Miley Cyrus
There is nothing exempt from the peril of mutation; the earth, heavens, and whole world is thereunto subject.
Walter Raleigh
Paul straightened, raking Elijah with a sweeping glance. “I’ve never seen a lycan shift so fast.” “Betcha never seen a lycan who’s nailing a vampress either,” Vash said. “Syre’s second, no less. It’s a whole new world.
Sylvia Day
The soybean itself is a notably inauspicious staple food; it contains a whole assortment of “antinutrients” – compounds that actually block the body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals, interfere with the hormonal system, and prevent the body from breaking down the proteins of the soy itself.
Michael Pollan
I cannot swallow whole the view of Lincoln as the Great Emancipator.
Barack Obama
I heard ‘Get Lucky’; it’s just not my taste. It’s great what Daft Punk does and the sound quality is great, but that whole disco vibe is not really my thing.
I am not eternity, but a man; a part of the whole, as an hour is of the day.
The courage to face the trials and to bring a whole new body of possibilities into the field of interpreted experience for other people to experience – that is the hero’s deed.
Joseph Campbell
There are lots of stories about my culture that I think bring a whole other perspective to who we are and where we have been and how we got here that I think need to be done.
Joe Morton
Today I will go to wait for her again, because I cannot help it, because my whole being seems now to be bound up in the being of one so different from myself and yet so exquisitely familiar that I can scarely understand what has happened.
Elizabeth Kostova
I was in love with Scott Bennett. That I had been in love with him my whole life, practically.
Meg Cabot
Education, you know, means broadening, advancing; and if you limit a teacher to only one side of anything, the whole country will eventually have only one thought, be one individual. I believe in teaching every aspect of every problem or theory.
John T. Scopes
A self is a frightening thing to waste, it’s the lens through which one’s whole life is viewed, and few people are willing to part with it, in death, or even imaginatively, in art.
Diane Ackerman
Put on the company hat. (Be willing to accept actions that may have a negative impact upon a particular component but are in the best interests of the company as a whole.)
Reginald H. Jones
The obsessions we have are pretty much the same our whole lives. Mine are people, the human condition, life.
Mary Ellen Mark
On the whole, I haven’t found men unduly loath to say, ‘I love you.’ The real trick is to get them to say, ‘Will you marry me?
Ilka Chase
Persons not habituated to reason often argue absurdly, because, from particular instances, they deduce general conclusions, and extend the result of their limited experience of individuals indiscriminately to whole classes.
Maria Edgeworth
So, what if, instead of thinking about solving you whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.
Rainbow Rowell
I’ve just always had a boyfriend my whole life, and I’ve – now I’m really focusing on myself and I think that’s more important right now.
Paris Hilton
You have to know how to use the accident, how to recognise it, how to control it, and ways to eliminate it so that the whole surface looks felt and born all at once.
Helen Frankenthaler
Snow always inspires such awe in me. Just consider one tiny snowflake alone, so delicate, so fragile, so ethereal. And yet, let a billion of them come together through the majestic force of nature, they can screw up a whole city.
Betty White
Some people manage to make that transition from child actor to adult actor seamlessly. But I felt that if I spent my whole life on a film set without taking a few years to do something else, all I would ever know about was film sets.
Anna Popplewell
He who first shortened the labor of Copyists by device of Movable Types was disbanding hired armies and cashiering most Kings and Senates, and creating a whole new Democratic world: he had invented the Art of printing.
Thomas Carlyle
Be who you are, and go the whole way.
“Sense of justice is oВ­ne of the most wonderful ideals of Islam, because as I read in the Qur’an I find those dynamic principles of life, not mystic but practical ethics for the daily conduct of life suited to the whole world.”
Sarojini Naidu
Reductionism is not the right viewpoint for everything, and it certainly won’t explain the relationship between the brain and the mind. This is because of a feature known as emergence. When you put together large numbers of pieces and parts, the whole can become something greater than the sum.
David Eagleman
What moves me is watching young men bond together and tap into the magic that arises when they focus with their whole heart and soul on something greater than themselves. Once you’ve experienced that, it’s something you never forget.
Phil Jackson
In War, the young soldier is very apt to regard unusual fatigues as the consquence of faults, mistakes, and embarrassment in the conduct of the whole, and to become distressed and depondent as a consequence. This would not happen if he had been prepared for this beforehand by exercises in peace.
Carl von Clausewitz
It never failed—I’d buy a new journal, write like a madwoman for ten pages, then lose total interest in the process. Three months later, I’d start the whole process all over again. I think I just liked buying new notebooks.
MaryJanice Davidson
You know, right now, the most important thing in my life is to make sure you understand that, first of all, I thank God I’m alive today, and I mean that. You see, I spent too many years of my life thinking that the big party was the whole thing.
Stevie Ray Vaughan
I have always been a Laugher, disturbing people who are not laughers, upsetting whole audiences at theatres… I laugh, that’s all. I love to laugh. Laugher to me is being alive. I have had rotten times, and I have laughed through them. Even in the midst of the very worst times I have laughed.
William Saroyan
The whole history of the Christian life is a series of resurrections. . . . Every time we find our hearts are troubled, that we are not rejoicing in God, a resurrection must follow; a resurrection out of the night of troubled thought into the gladness of the truth.
George MacDonald
There’s definitely privilege in the upper classes, but as a whole, music can be enjoyed by anybody who can gather around a radio.
Geoff Rickly
I don’t want to say work is who I am, but some people feel more centered and more whole when they’re producing and creating.
Ray Romano
Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art. They seem to be the purpose of God for his whole creation.
Richard Holloway
Law has been unjustly charged with the whole blame of the calamities resulting from the scheme that bears his name.
Jean-Baptiste Say
It didn’t happen in the 70s. So I had a whole decade when I was writing these books and maybe there was a little bit here or there but there was no big effort to ban books.
Judy Blume
God has been with me in my whole career.
Ronald Isley
When Pearl Harbor was bombed, you know, there was a whole lot of buy-in to a national mobilization. And 25% of the economy was transformed in six months. And we’re not calling for six months, we’re saying 15 years. That’s about what we’ve got. And probably all that we’ve got.
Jill Stein
For the word is dialectical in itself and at the same time is integrated into the whole of existence. By this I mean that the word is intended to be lived.
Jacques Ellul
If I did not believe that our work was done in the faith and hope that at some day, it may be a million years hence, the Kingdom of God will spread over the whole world, I would have no hope, I could do no work, and I would give my office over this morning to anyone who would take it.
Stanley Baldwin
Style, in its finest sense, is the last acquirement of the educated mind; it is also the most useful. It pervades the whole being.
Alfred North Whitehead
We can study the whole history of salvation, we can study the whole of Theology, but without the Spirit we cannot understand. It is the Spirit that makes us realize the truth or – in the words of Our Lord – it is the Spirit that makes us know the voice of Jesus.
Pope Francis
Very many people go through their whole lives having no real sense of what their talents may be, or if they have any to speak of.
Ken Robinson
I am not a tentative person. Whatever I do, I give up my whole self to it.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
It’s always very important to me to try to create a story that feels unpredictable. You can’t jump ahead and see what’s coming, but at the end, when you’ve watched the whole thing, it all feels inevitable.
Noah Hawley
Saw life steadily and saw it whole.
Matthew Arnold
Sylvester wins, obviously [best actor in a supporting role in 2016]. That’s the whole point of this. We’re all getting dressed up to go to the Oscars to hear Sylvester Stallone, let no one get this twisted. The academy can’t pay for a better moment than this: this is the Oscar’s original darling.
Bun B
Why do you want to become an author? I will accept only one answer. If it is because you feel you can write better than you can do anything else then go ahead and do it without frills and flourishes. Stick to your present job and write in your spare time: but do it as if it is a whole time job.
Ngaio Marsh
The whole point of Zen is to suspend the rules we have superimposed on things and to see the world as it is
Alan Watts
Passion, intellect, moral activity – these three have never been satisfied in a woman. In this cold and oppressive conventional atmosphere, they cannot be satisfied. To say more on this subject would be to enter into the whole history of society, of the present state of civilisation.
Florence Nightingale
The whole family is a bunch of dangerous freaks…Most are ex-cons or junkies or deranged from inbreeding. Five have died violently, three are back in prison, two have gone insane from untreated venereal disease, and one writes book reviews.
Tim Dorsey
If there were already a path, it would have to be someone else’s; the whole point is to find your own way.
Joseph Campbell
Winners are men who have dedicated their whole lives to winning.
Woody Hayes
The Bible may be the truth, but it is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Samuel Butler
The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it.
You know, a documentary is only interesting once in a while. If you look at a whole book of Dorothea [Lange]’s where she has row after row of people bending over and digging out carrots – that can be very tedious. And so it’s only once in a while that something happens that is worth doing.
Imogen Cunningham
My philosophy about the whole thing is that awards are like gifts: it’s lovely to receive them, and it is very bad form to covet them.
Charlie Hunnam
I read so ravenously that I would read through whole categories. I was crazy about reading biographies. […] I think biographies are very urgent to children.
Joan Didion
Nuclear war can ruin your whole compile.
Karl Lehenbauer
I’ve been watching politics for 35 or 40 years and you just never know. You can have one person win the Iowa caucus and then the whole picture changes ten minutes later. The same thing can happen again after New Hampshire. I have no idea what’s going to happen with our country in the future.
Jackie Mason
A theater is being given over to market forces, which means that a whole generation that should be able to do theater as well as see it is being completely deprived
Vanessa Redgrave
[In ancient Rome,] why did the senate after killing Caesar turn around and give the government to his nephew? Why did France after they got rid of the king and that whole system turn around and give it to Napoleon? It’s the same thing with Germany and Hitler.
George Lucas
I feel a whole country growing inside me, thousands of years, millions of people, stupid, crazy, shrewd people, and all of them me. I never felt like that before, I never felt that there was anything inside me, even myself.
Peter S. Beagle
Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move.
James Cameron
If you want to be negative about the whole thing you can say all guitar bands after the Beatles were just a waste of time because the Beatles were the best. I think it’s far better to give new records a try.
Stephen Malkmus