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Undefined Quotes

Undefined Quotes by Rachel Cusk, Joe McGinniss, James Hogg, Italo Calvino, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Alice Oswald and many others.

The true self seeks release, not constraint. It doesnt want to be corseted in a sonnet or made to learn a system of musical notations. It wants liberation, which is why very often it fastens on the novel, for the novel seems spacious, undefined, free.
Rachel Cusk
With the coming of television, and the knowledge of how it could be used to seduce voters, the old political values disappeared. Something new, murky, undefined started to rise from the mists.
Joe McGinniss
That undefined and mingled hum, Voice of the desert never dumb!
James Hogg
Don’t ask where the rest of this book is!” It is a shrill cry that comes from an undefined spot among the shelves. “All books continue in the beyond.
Italo Calvino
What should we gain by a definition, as it can only lead us to other undefined terms?
Ludwig Wittgenstein
The sea has this contradictory quality, that the more you see of it, the more it overwhelms the eye and disappears in its own brightness. Like a flame, whose meaning is light but whose centre is dark, it demands to be undefined.
Alice Oswald
An undefined goal is unreachable.
Brian Tracy
The contemporary hero, the mythical pattern in the imitation of whom we would live, remains as yet undefined. We have no hero; what is more to the point, we suspect hero worship.
Irwin Edman
Man’s role is uncertain, undefined, and perhaps unnecessary.
Margaret Mead
… the results are undefined, and we all know what ‘undefined’ means: it means it works during development, it works during testing, and it blows up in your most important customers’ faces.
Scott Meyers
Only those who have lived all their lives under the dark clouds of vague, undefined fears can appreciate the joy of a doubting soul suddenly born into the kingdom of reason and free thought.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
What demon is our god? What name subsumes
That act external to our sleeping selves?
Not pleasure – it is much too broad and narrow, –
Not sex, not for the moment love, but pride,
And not in prowess, but pride undefined,
Autonomous in its unthought demands,
A bit of vanity, but mostly pride.
J. V. Cunningham
The President can exercise no power which cannot be fairly and reasonably traced to some specific grant of power in the Federal Constitution or in an act of Congress passed in pursuance thereof. There is no undefined residuum of power which he can exercise because it seems to him to be in the public interest.
William Howard Taft
How can we help students to understand that the tragedy of life is not death; the tragedy is to die with commitments undefined and convictions undeclared and service unfulfilled?
Vachel Lindsay
Being undefined somewhat makes me nervous, but what I do know is I’m 100 percent confident in who Charlotte is.
Charlotte Flair
When we measure something we are forcing an undetermined, undefined world to assume an experimental value. We are not measuring the world, we are creating it.
Niels Bohr
You can’t make either life or art, you have to work in the hole in between, which is undefined. That’s what makes the adventure of painting.
Robert Rauschenberg
What separates sports from entrepreneurism, however, is that in business we constantly have to overcome undefined and unpredictable challenges. Athletes train for specific events and conditions, whereas entrepreneurs generally have little idea what they will encounter along the way.
Naveen Jain
When the blues came out, it was something pure and undefined, but when all these white groups got hold of it, it became something else that didn’t sound anything like the original. So you had Led Zeppelin doing their thing, which had come all the way from the blues.
Genesis P-Orridge
An island always pleases my imagination, even the smallest, as a small continent and integral portion of the globe. I have a fancyfor building my hut on one. Even a bare, grassy isle, which I can see entirely over at a glance, has some undefined and mysterious charm for me.
Henry David Thoreau
And yet what is Modernism? It is undefined.
John Crowe Ransom
Lacking an external focus, the mind turns inward on itself and creates problems to solve, even if the problems are undefined or unimportant. If you find a focus, an ambitious goal that seems impossible and forces you to grow, these doubts disappear.
Tim Ferriss
Liberty has produced scepticism, and scepticism has destroyed liberty. The lovers of liberty thought they were leaving it unlimited, when they were only leaving it undefined. They thought they were only leaving it undefined, when they were really leaving it undefended.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
The good thing about being in San Francisco is it’s a city that seems to have the flexibility and undefined boundaries.
Janet Varney
Whatever is certain in death is slightly alleviated by what is not so infallible; the time when it shall happen is undefined, but it is more or less connected with the infinite, and what we call eternity.
Jean de la Bruyere
A modern democracy is a tyranny whose borders are undefined; one discovers how far one can go only by traveling in a straight line until one is stopped.
Norman Mailer
I want to find something else, unknowable, some place that’s not on the map. A real adventure.
Chuck Palahniuk
Undefined Christianity is not a problem in our generation. It is defined Christianity that brings the rub.
Alistair Begg
I was just stock in the middle, vague and undefined.
Sarah Dessen
First ladies are doing a lot. But the job remains undefined, frequently misunderstood, and subject to political attacks far nastier in some ways than those any President has ever faced.
Margaret Truman Daniel