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Target Quotes

Target Quotes by Jen Lancaster, Richard Wright, Nicole Gale Anderson, Ray Bradbury, Geena Davis, Foster Friess and many others.

I still believe in the Holy Trinity, except now it’s Target, Trader Joe’s, and IKEA.
Jen Lancaster
But the color of a Negro’s skin makes him easily recognizable, makes him suspect, converts him into a defenseless target
Richard Wright
I was in three academic clubs, a huge book worm and the teacher’s pet. I was kind of an easy target for bullies.
Nicole Gale Anderson
A book is a loaded gun in the house next door…Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man?
Ray Bradbury
It’s a horrible and wonderful battle with yourself, to stay calm, stay in the moment. My coach said, “Stay here, not at the target. Don’t be down there.” It’s why they call it the Zen art.
Geena Davis
You don’t want to put all your lead on the target. You want to leave some arrows in the quiver.
Foster Friess
It is inescapable that Ringo was the catalyst for the others. He certainly completed the jigsaw and The Beatles, with Ringo, became a magnet for the great camera artists of the world, a target for the jaded, lately hostile eyes of people who had hardly known that popular music existed.
Brian Epstein
Every responsible chief in the CIA knows that the more covert the action, the greater the need for a clear policy and a defined target.
Tyler Drumheller
The big exchanges that hold customer deposits are a big target for hackers, and unfortunately, most bitcoin exchanges store user funds.
Erik Voorhees
The United States of America should be prepared to use military force to strike military targets of the Assad regime.
Mike Pence
We see organizations that target young black men to give them direction in life, but so often, black girls are missed. I wanted to represent them.
Angie Thomas
For me, 240 is my target weight.
Cain Velasquez
Because of my flamboyant lifestyle, because of me being German, the way I am, I am the easiest person to sell as a villain. I’m the perfect target.
Kim Dotcom
Maintaining concentration depends on what I call tunnel vision; nothing else in the world exists but the catcher’s target, the hitter and my perfect delivery.
Nolan Ryan
I want to make my mark,’ he says. But what target, I wonder, are you going to hit?
Cecil Castellucci
When you play a team with as much attacking power as Barcelona and you restrict them to one shot on target in the second leg, you are doing something right. Have the best football team gone through? Yes. Have the best organised team gone through? No.
Jamie Redknapp
Perhaps one day we’ll be able to identify and block not just scams but the scammers themselves – before they even target their first victim.
Maria Konnikova
Can I say that I think it should be against the law for one state to use taxpayer money to try to bribe businesses in another state to move? Which then causes the target state to use taxpayer dollars to try to bribe the businesses to stay.
Gail Collins
I’ve come to accept who my readers turn out to be, rather than having some sort of demographic target.
Simon Winchester
France has been struck on the day of her national holiday – the 14th of July, Bastille Day – the symbol of liberty, because human rights are denied by fanatics, and France is clearly their target.
Francois Hollande
Traditional horizontal search engines cannot always identify the target audience, niche or vertical industry of a page or site. Vertical search engines address this issue by the nature of their design. They identify sites according to more specific criteria and sometimes even by human input.
Marc Ostrofsky
To make the peaks higher.
[His reason to target philanthropic funding to only the best university science departments.]
Wickliffe Rose
You can’t hit a target you cannot see, and you cannot see a target you do not have
Zig Ziglar
I want to test myself, playing with the best and against the best. I can do that at international level, so that’s my target and what I want to reach.
Jack Butland
Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.
Arthur Schopenhauer
With a click of the Post Comment button, Netizens can quickly bring down the level of dialogue. Bloggers lob zingers, commenters trade barbs, and bullies target kids in the cyber schoolyard. Mudslinging – a time-honored political tradition – thrives on the Web.
Willow Bay
The American claim that the bombing of North Vietnam was directed against military targets does not withstand direct investigation.
Noam Chomsky
While the establishment Republican candidates are busy doing this, attacking each other, and doing everything they can to bring each other down, they seem to be missing the bull`s-eye. They`re missing the targets.
Melissa Harris-Perry
Watching Rachel Maddow is like going to Target. You went in for milk, but you left with shampoo, candles, and the entire history of the Byzantine Empire. ‘I didn’t need this.’
Michelle Wolf
I’ve always said that, first and foremost, I make films for New Zealanders. They’re my target audience. Then after that, if people appreciate my stories from outside this country, then that’s an added bonus.
Taika Waititi
The danger is that the compromises and special interests inherent in Kyoto-style targets and cap-and-trade will be accepted because of bureaucratic momentum.
James Hansen
Only a foolish woman would allow her man to earn his living as a moving target.
David Hackworth
Dissenting opinions are useful even when they’re wrong. So instead of speaking to highly agreeable audiences, target suggestions to people with a history of originality.
Adam Grant
I think all shows change as they age as do the people who make the shows. As do the people who watch the shows. All targets are moving.
Alex Borstein
A cat’s New Year dream is mostly a bird! Don’t be like a cat; in New Year Dream something that you have never dreamed! Target for new things.
Mehmet Murat Ildan
When counterterrorist policies are used to suppress peaceful protests and legitimate opposition movements, shut down debate, target human rights defenders, or stigmatize minorities, they fail, and we all lose. Indeed, such responses may cause further resentment and instability and contribute to radicalization.
Antonio Guterres
If envy were the cause of terrorism, Beverly Hills [and] Fifth Avenue … would have become targets long ago.
Fareed Zakaria
Always grow flowers, as that will make your way full of flowers. Never grow thorns, as that will make your way thorny. Never want to target someone on an arrow. You may become the target of that arrow. Never make a well in the way of someone. As you may pass by that way sometime.
Rahman Baba
The archer who misses his mark does not blame the target. He stops, corrects himself and shoots again.
You shoot your arrow and then you paint your bulls eye around it, and therefore you have hit the target dead centre.
Brian Eno
Over my career I played some badass characters. So, people sometimes think I should have a .44 magnum. But that’s not true, I don’t have that. But I do fire them and I do enjoy target shooting and all that sort of thing. I’m not much of a hunter. I don’t like killing animals, but I love to shoot.
Clint Eastwood
To make us a terrorist target in a region that is full of terrorism is dumb and unforgiveable.
John Hewson
Management of an industrial company must be giving targets to the engineers constantly; that may be the most important job management has in dealing with its engineers.
Akio Morita
Fashion today is available to everybody in a way that it’s never been before: you’ve got every designer you’ve ever heard of working for H& or Target. That’s fantastic.
Anna Wintour
The most important target is the trophies. Trophies will be more important than scoring goals.
Bruno Fernandes
If I get a target, I want the ball in my hands.
Adam Thielen
Although himself frequently a target of guerrilla decontextualization, a major part of the meaning of Michael Jackson’s life was to help balance the accumulation of horrors with something closer to love in its most empowering and healing sense.
If the drug war was waged in those communities it would spark such outrage that the war would end overnight. This literal war is waged in segregated, impoverished communities defined largely by race, and the targets are the most vulnerable, least powerful people in our society.
Michelle Alexander
Do you have the same vision of where industry is going as the target of your acquisition? If visions differ, you might get together economically for a while, but then you are going to have problems.
John T. Chambers
Half the guys drafted in front of me are working at Target right now.
Maurice Jones-Drew
I think a legitimate target is the enemy and [the] enemy is basically in uniform, but not all [are] in Uniform. For example in the rural areas, our judgement is that virtually the whole farming community is part of the South African Defence Force.
Joe Slovo
The first brand that can purpose-build great stories for mobile, that can target in a relevant but noncreepy way and understand that it’s the individual that matters, not the algorithm, is the first brand to win mobile and, possibly, the future.
David Droga
The war against terrorism should not be used to interfere with an independent, sovereign state.We need to identify concrete terrorist targets and do no harm to civilians.
Nong ?uc Manh
The only thing that I know is, ‘Who’s the target, who’s the best? Go get him.’
Shawn Porter
The important thing in life, not just in sports, is to be able to set a new target in front of you, which is very much related to the deck of cards you’ve got available.
Alex Zanardi
In my opinion, understanding who your target audience is, and what they want, and writing to them (and only them!) is the most important component of being successful as an author.
John Locke
I agree that we should go back to the moon and on to Mars. We should treat all objects in the solar system, including comets and asteroids, as exploration targets.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force.
Martin Van Creveld
I had a happy childhood in the suburbs of L.A. My parents instilled in us an appreciation of history, art and, most important, Motown. Jarron and I weren’t allowed to listen to rap until we were 12. After our birthday I dashed to Target and bought DJ Quik’s album ‘Quik Is the Name.’ I memorized every line.
Jason Collins
One of the more bizarre games I played as a kid was something called ‘kill the man.’ It was a cross between football and rugby, which found the person carrying the ball a target of some hungry tacklers. I still don’t know why we enjoyed the game because it was impossible to win.
Chuck Todd
My first target is not to win: it’s to develop young players with our work. That was my first idea when I started as a coach, because with this work come results.
Unai Emery
Low-income taxpayers deserve the same rights as everyone else. It was wrong of the IRS to target low-income taxpayers, and I am please by the decision to correct this unfair practice.
Christopher Dodd
we need to turn the question around to look at the harasser, not the target. We need to be sure that we can go out and look anyone who is a victim of harassment in the eye and say, ‘You do not have to remain silent anymore.
Anita Hill
It is becoming clear that many diseases – especially cancer – are highly complex and may respond better to a multi-drug approach which targets many different aspects of a disease process.
Eva Vertes
I don’t have to go on a tour to find out what’s happening in middle America. I just go to Target.
Pete Buttigieg
The ball comes into the box and you have no idea how it is going to fall. You cannot have thoughts in your head, like, ‘It is on my left, I am not going to hit it.’ You just have to take it in your stride and hit the target. That is exactly what I try to do.
Mason Mount
A creative project is a moving target. You never end up where you start.
Evangeline Lilly
A wet boy has a deader, an assassin has a target, because assassins sometimes miss.
Brent Weeks
The best way to investigate the elusive phenomenon called the creative process may well be to target all the misconceptions, to explain what the creative process is not.
Lukas Foss
When an archer shoots for enjoyment, he has all his skill; when he shoots for a brass buckle, he gets nervous; when he shoots for a prize of gold, he begins to see two targets.
Make sure that you take the time to think about how other companies might respond to your idea, both those companies already in the market you plan to target as well as others that might imagine targeting that market.
Scott D. Anthony
Powerful women are a threat in any society which is why I am such a target.
Madonna Ciccone
I smirk as Peter misses again. I can’t help myself. “Hey, Peter,” I say, ” Remember what a target is?
Veronica Roth
We’ve been trying to get my body and head moving toward the target on the downswing. I have a tendency to hang back and not release the club.
Jimmy Walker
I enjoyed a cartoon show called ‘Recess’ throughout my high school career. The target audience for that show was 8-11 years old.
Mike Posner
I’d say I get heckled quite a lot because I look quite like an easy target. If you’re an alpha-male and you think you’ve got something to prove to your girlfriend, I think I’m the perfect person to prove your worth.
James Acaster
For me, the big target is to get into the Hall of Fame, but I’d like to win the heavyweight title first.
Drew McIntyre
If you are a driver of a team and have a certain set of sponsors, who is the target market for those sponsors? But, of course, it is also a question of nationality.
Martin Sorrell
There’s a huge impact on national security and intelligence. The new normal is going to be more and more of these hacks, whether it’s Target or Home Depot or the Office of Personnel Management or Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos.
Valerie Plame
My target is to score the most goals I can and assist my team-mates to score to.
Bruno Fernandes
I worked as a cashier. I had three bosses who were all still in high school. Before that I worked at Target in the backroom freezer, unloading frozen foods.
Scott Cawthon
I’ve set myself a target of four books a month.
P. R. Sreejesh
I carried it (a revolver) religiously and during the summer I asked a friend, a man who had been one of Franklin’s bodyguards in New York State, to give me some practice in target shooting so that if the need arose I would know how to use the gun.
Eleanor Roosevelt
It’s always been the same, growing up in Manhattan… the idea of living within a giant archer’s target… for use by the bad Russia bowman with the atomic arrows.
Jim Carroll
There are some problems, and maybe these huge magazines, even, for someone who says, ‘Look, I just use an AR-15 for target practice,’ but do you really need to be standing there shooting at a silhouette a shot a second or even quicker with that kind of weapon? For what purpose?
Phil Gingrey
The reason I am so negative about the Federal Reserve’s policies is that they only target core inflation and argue that they can’t identify bubbles, but when each bubble bursts, they flood the system with liquidity that brings about unintended consequences.
Marc Faber
Plant the seed, set the target, live your life.
Gretchen Bleiler
Never wear a red t-shirt to Target. I enjoy helping people, but not every two minutes.
Kevin Nealon
It’s all fun and games when you’re scoring goals but there will be a time when I’m not and I just have to try and keep doing the same things. Hit the target and, you know, see what happens at the end of the game.
Bradley Wright-Phillips
There is only one winning strategy. It is to carefully define the target market and direct a superior offering to that target market.
Philip Kotler
Saturn is such an alluring photographic target.
Carolyn Porco
The first step in persuasion is to entice your target to imagine doing the thing you want them to do.
Roy H. Williams
Parodies came about because Mr. Ford was actually one of the better athletes of our presidents… but he continually had physical accidents… he was an easy target for me. The main idea was to get people laughing.
Chevy Chase
If you shell a military base and happen to kill civilians, you have not committed a war crime; if you deliberately target cities and towns, you have.
Sebastian Junger
I don’t have a set target on the number of films I should do in a year.
The big difference between animal liberation activists and other so-called ‘terrorists’ is the targets; no innocent victims are ever targeted in animal lib campaigns. If you are not abusing and exploiting animals, there is no need to fear for one’s safety.
Jerry Vlasak
I love working on films and I’d love to do some interesting work, but if somebody asked me, ‘Would you like ‘Human Target’ to continue to be picked up?’ The answer is ‘Absolutely!’ I love working on this show. I love playing Guerrero. I love seeing where it’s going.
Jackie Earle Haley
We have people across this country who are scared to death. Because I could tell you this, as a former federal prosecutor, if a center for the developmentally disabled in San Bernardino, California, is now a target for terrorists, that means everywhere in America is a target for these terrorists.
Chris Christie
I see myself as a roving mosquito, choosing it’s target.
Kenneth Williams
Compton looks a lot of different. Residents are now able to go out and grab a bite, go to dinner, go to Target, Best Buy or a gym or Marshall’s. We’re now able to experience more amenities. I want to see that grow.
Aja Brown
To me, we never get enough funding. In New York, we are clearly the number one terrorist target in the country.
Peter T. King
My solution to the problem of unleashingВ creativityВ is always to set up a target.
Akio Morita
Intuitive design happens when current knowledge is the same as the target knowledge.
Jared Spool
I only wear underwear from Target.
Jeannie Mai
I wanted the collection for Target to reinterpret all the must-haves of Stella McCartney for winter and to make my designs more accessible to a wider audience in Australia.
Stella McCartney
Jewish people have been victims of anti-Semitism in many parts of the world, and in Europe they were the target of the Holocaust, the ultimate abomination. Yet, we cannot expect Palestinians to accept this as a reason why the wrongs done to them.
Kofi Annan
The main criterion for an award (of a research contract from the NCI) is the capacity to demonstrate the relevance of the project to the program’s target. But the only sure way to prove this relevance is to have, in fact, already proved it.
June Goodfield
I have been bowling at the death sometimes. You need to focus. You know if you miss your target, you will go for a boundary, but it’s also good because it makes you a really good bowler. You practise hard, and you try to bowl in one area most of the time.
Imran Tahir
The goal of terror is not traditional territorial enlargement; rather the war target of the terrorist is the dismemberment of the will of the community it terrorizes.
John Ashcroft
It’s always fantastic to be on the podium, and, of course, the top step is always our target.
Romain Grosjean
I think, given who the IBM target company is, I feel our purpose is to be essential to our clients.
Ginni Rometty
Mike’s (Tyson) punch is like an atomic bomb in that it is relative to nature. Both have no value unless you have a means of conveying it to the target. He is boxing-smart.
Cus D’Amato
You go on Facebook, you buy social advertising. And you can very cost-effectively target people who are in the market for your product from all over the world.
Marc Andreessen
I wonder, now, about interrogation chambers: why do they think bright light brings the truth out of people? They should try the seduction of shadows, where you cannot watch your words hit their target.
Anna Funder
A ballot is like a bullet. You don’t throw your ballots until you see a target, and if that target is not within your reach, keep your ballot in your pocket.
Malcolm X
I didn’t expect to be so comfortable handing my child off to a nanny without getting any of her information. As soon as she arrived at my house, I threw my baby in her arms and went to Target.
Ali Wong
My target is to win the World Drivers Championship. I want to be the best.
Ralf Schumacher
To realize peace on the Korean peninsula, and to develop exchange, cooperation between both Koreas, they are the, you know, immediate target of our government.
Kim Dae Jung
You too can determine what you want. You can decide on your major objectives, targets, aim and destination.
W. Clement Stone
I went to Target once and picked up three seasons of ’24’ – what I call the Jack Bauer power hour – and watched 72 episodes in ten days.
Sterling K. Brown
If you think people are against you and that you’re a target, things will start appearing that way. I just go about my day, and I don’t think anyone is out to get me.
Halima Aden
The target is to win football matches.
Mike Phelan
Typically cult groups target universities and colleges. Most likely those schools that maintain campus housing.
Rick Ross
Congress did not pass last year’s 2006 budget proposals. The 2007 budget proposals are very similar, and once again unfairly target agriculture. I expect Congress to reject them again.
Saxby Chambliss
You know, the usual story. Once upon a time I was playing my harp by a spring when a fairy appeared out of nowhere, handed me a Beretta Model 92, and told me to shoot the white rabbit over there for target practice.
Haruki Murakami
The first thing a striker wants to do in the Championship is set a target of about 20. After each game I will take the next as it goes and see how that target goes.
Dwight Gayle
There is no doubt that Stop-and-Frisk does not yield the desired results, and it is apparent that it disproportionately targets minority communities.
Yvette Clarke
Set goals for yourself and put actionable steps in place to ensure that you achieve them. Whether you aim to get a promotion at work or set up your very own business, these ideas will only remain dreams until you write plan out how you are going to reach them by writing down realistic steps towards hitting your targets.
Kelly Hoppen
Being a champion and staying that way is the most difficult thing to deal with. Everyone sees you as a target. They want to bring you down.
Tomoki Kameda
Our target is to get into the play-offs. If not, we want automatic promotion.
Dennis Oli
If you’re not a target, you’re a failure.
G. Gordon Liddy
Good old-fashioned, puritanical work guilt is, for me, a better colleague than any Muse. If I reach my weekly word target by Friday afternoon, then the weekend is guilt-free.
Jim Crace
Do you really think the IRA would think me a worthwhile target ?
Lord Mountbatten
In the Middle Ages and beyond, the target was the Court Jew who had the ear of the ruler; during the Inquisition it was the Spanish Jews who thrived after their conversion to Christianity.
Jack Schwartz
I just want to go out and enjoy my game and ensure that I contribute to the team’s success, to whatever I was doing before. I would like to continue that if not better whatever I was doing. It’s important for me to ensure that we win every time we go out, that’s the personal target and team goal.
Anil Kumble
I’m dealing with fools and trolls and soft targets. It’s just strafing runs in my underwear before my first cup of coffee. I don’t have time for these clowns.
Charlie Sheen
Many foster children have had difficulty making the transition to independent living. Several are homeless, become single parents, commit crimes, or live in poverty. They are also frequent targets of crime.
Charles Bass
In 1975, Congress passed a law requiring fuel efficiency standards to double over 10 years, with incremental targets that auto manufacturers were required to meet. That was the responsible approach, and it worked. But since 1985, we’ve done nothing – even as technology has moved at light speed.
Michael Bloomberg
It is hard enough luck being a monarch, without being a target also.
Mark Twain
Any deviation is looked upon as a perversion, is feared, and is usually a target of hatred and prejudice.
Joey Skaggs
Perhaps there is no greater evidence that the teachers’ union has swung too far out of the mainstream that they both have been a target of near-constant criticism from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.
Campbell Brown
We have, for whatever the reason, disturbed people… who sometimes do terrible, violent things, and sometimes those of us who serve in elected positions are the target.
Jan Brewer
A modern state is such a complex and interdependent fabric that it offers a target highly sensitive to a sudden and overwhelming blow from the air.
B. H. Liddell Hart
For years Pelosi has been the ultimate Republican boogeyman – or boogeywoman, as it were. She’s a frequent target of Republican ire for being too far to the left – and she’s also a target among progressives for not being far left enough.
Dana Bash
If Canada, one of the richest nations in the world, can’t meet Kyoto targets, why should China or India give any considerations for meeting the targets?
David Suzuki
It is un-American, it is unjust to target any group of folks whether they are African-American, Hispanic, poor or elderly when it comes to access to the vote.
Nina Turner
Never throw mud: you can miss the target, but your hands will remain dirty.
Dorothy Parker
Yeah, it can be dangerous to kind of try and target your art to a certain type of people! You don’t know who’s going to gravitate towards your work, you never know what people are going get out of the work. So I try and just create music that feels true to my taste, and then see what happens.
Arlo Parks
For sure, I definitely feel like there’s a target on my back.
Penny Hardaway
For 179 years [The Book of Mormon] has been examined and attacked, denied and deconstructed, targeted and torn apart like perhaps no other religious history – perhaps like no other book in any religious history- and still, it stands.
Jeffrey R. Holland
Opponents of U.S. sanctions have made ‘unilateral sanctions’ their special target. They argue that sanctions observed by many nations would be much more effective. True enough. Far better for trade with an outlaw regime to be restricted by many nations than by just one.
Elliott Abrams
We have been told mankind will be judged on the intent of the heart. No mortal can see into the depth of another. There is only One who can. His is the role of a judge-not ours. If you are prone to criticize or judge, remember, we never see the target a man aims at in life. We see only what he hits.
H. Burke Peterson
I don’t think there’s any question journalists have become targets, but then I think that – that anyone who tries to practice liberty becomes a target of fanatics.
Adam Gopnik
Our data has been harvested, collected, modeled, and monetized – sometimes sold on as raw data, and sometimes licensed just for advertisers to be able to target us.
Brittany Kaiser
Well, Mitt Romney is a very attractive comedic target. He’s irresistible to me. I mean seriously, I want to pay less attention to him.
Rob Delaney
I’ll never get to my target size or weight.
Bryson DeChambeau
If you play for Liverpool, for such a big club, it is always the target: it has to be always to win silverware.
Emre Can
By having a blog, you can make yourself very accessible to your target audience. You can leave comments open on your blog so you can learn exactly what your audience likes about what you’re doing with your business and about what they think you should change.
Fabrizio Moreira
Latino kids are not rejected by their parents for being Latino, nor are most Muslims disowned by their parents for being Muslims, but those who are gay are often the target of their families’ disapprobation or outright hostility.
Andrew Solomon
Don’t just create content to get credit for being clever — create content that will be helpful, insightful, or interesting for your target audience.
David Ogilvy
In the target seats we have been going like a bomb and there is a great deal of confidence. I think there’s going to be a great deal of regional variation throughout the UK.
Menzies Campbell
All I can focus on is playing as many games as I can at the highest level. If that leads me to the World Cup, then brilliant. It’s certainly a target of mine.
Jack Butland
It will not be good enough simply to depend on one or two markets, we will need to embrace innovation, decide what we do well, and target those sectors in which, with investment and planning, we could make the whole world our client for keeps.
Chris Alexander
Never be put off by your target’s anger; it is a sure sign of enslavement.
Robert Greene
Our target customers are people in their 20s. Old people wanted to be 21 again, and young people wanted to be 21 forever.
Do Won Chang
Mr Trump is a different type of leader not burdened by rigid ideology. He does not think like a politician, nor does he talk or sanctimoniously moralise like one, making him an easy target for demonisation. However, he is an empathetic person who recognises the pain of America’s middle class.
Anthony Scaramucci
Do people still shoot at presidents? I thought there were more stimulating targets.’ (20)
Don DeLillo
Once you are first in the East, one of the top teams in the league, you have a target on your back every night.
Paul Millsap
The 100 gigawatt target for solar should not be a constraint. India won’t stop at 100 GW.
Piyush Goyal
God… Please keep my eyes focused on the only target worth hitting – Christlikeness!
Johnny Hunt
Benchmarks are targets that have to be fulfilled. They cannot be fulfilled in an indefinite period of time, so there are timetables in benchmarks.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
. . when the target of crime is armed, there is more law present, more public policy present, and more public interest served than by all 20,000 gun laws in force.
John Longenecker
Playing for a Champions League place is not enough. It is not my target, but it is a target we have to take.
Robin Van Persie
I thought of Jordan Spieth when I was putting, when he used to look at his target, he was reacting. That’s all he does. He takes a couple quick looks, if you look at his pre-shot routine, a couple quick looks, doesn’t stand over it too long, but he’s committed and he just reacts to the target.
Collin Morikawa
It’s very alienating to become a target, and it can be really difficult to try and explain to people, to family members.
Zoe Quinn
Teens look at cause-related efforts with some scrutiny. They know they are often a target market, but it has to make sense to them.
Nancy Lublin
If you want bigger arms, target the triceps, not the biceps.
James Haskell
My mind’s a machine gun, my body’s the bullets and the audience is the target.
GG Allin
We compete with very large companies. These are companies like Walmart and Target and Kroger and some very successful digital companies like eBay and Etsy and Wayfair, and we don’t have the ability to raise prices in any kind of unfettered way.
Andy Jassy
Instead of just purchasing an ad campaign, target test and measure. Give an ad a small try. If the response is enough to pay for the ad, make it larger. With a franchise, ask the most successful franchisees what they did. Ask the bottom five guys what they did and avoid it.
Dave Ramsey
My mother, I want her to like my music, but she’s not exactly my target audience. So I care more about the fans in general, just making sure they enjoy what I do.
John Legend
Target for example, is just a dot with a circle around it, that’s all it is, so if you want a logo like Target, you don’t need to hire a designer, you barely need to know how to operate a computer program, the logo may as well be anything.
Michael Bierut
Management gurus in general are, I think, best avoided. All too often they reduce your working life to a list of rules to be followed. Targets are aimed at. Goals kicked at. You then break the rules or forget them and, hey presto, you start beating yourself up.
Tom Hodgkinson
Focus on identifying your target audience, communicating an authentic message that they want and need and project yourself as an “expert” within your niche.
Kim Garst
The problem is that so often we forget that we are in warfare and that Satan’s target is our mind.
Kay Arthur
Africa, being the major target of colonial plunder, therefore becomes a major source of conflict.
Gerald Horne
I think all great players set a target for themselves in their careers. Mine was to win a world title with Brazil, which I did twice.
You cannot expect anymore single-screen theaters to open as one doesn’t get enough returns from them. We have to target multiplexes and look at attracting 1,000-plus audiences for each show.
Rockline Venkatesh
Obama’s ascendancy unhinged the radical right, offering a unified target to competing camps of racial, nativist and religious animus.
Barton Gellman
My name became known because I was, one might say accidentally the target of state repression and because so many people throughout the country and other parts of the world organized around the demand for my freedom.
Angela Davis
Just because you can buy an exploding target, does not mean that it is legal to mix and explode.
Dan Bilzerian
I never had to worry about putting a target on somebody else’s back. Usually, the target was on my back.
Jahlil Okafor
Binding emissions targets for the developing nations are out of the question.
Eileen Claussen
Here she was, a women who could bolt-load a crossbow in under a second, put half a dozen long arrows in the air in fewer than five, blade a target dead through the sweet spot at six meters, on the run, on an off day; and yet knitting a pair of baby booties seemed completely beyond her power.
Justin Cronin
If your enemy offers you two targets, strike at a third.
Robert Jordan
Many times, I left the prison thinking, ‘I’m smart. I can make it. I won’t get caught up again.’ But you get off downtown Skid Row, and you’re a target for all of the environmental harms in that area. The pain and trauma in that area is so thick, you can almost reach your hand out and touch it.
Susan Burton
Olympics is the ultimate target and I could not do well in the 2016 Games.
Dutee Chand
When you talk about target men, midfielders dont like when people hide; they want you to be showing for it, hbeing a team olding the ball up, passing it and moving around.
Emile Heskey
Every baby born
unloved, unwanted, is a bill that will come
due in twenty years with interest, an anger
that must find a target, a pain that will
beget pain. A decade downstream a child
screams, a woman falls, a synagogue is torched,
a firing squad is summoned, a button
is pushed and the world burns.
Marge Piercy
That’s emails for ya: sometimes they’re like an arrow that hits so deep in the target, you can’t pull it out.
Graham Joyce
Many people are target people. Once when Louis B. Mayer insulted me I poured a glass of water over his head.
Hedy Lamarr
I don’t why I was bullied. I was quite shy and skinny. Very nerdy, very bookwormish. I think I was just a target.
Naomie Harris
Unfortunately I don’t live by a Target now, so I just go to a regular Starbucks as opposed to a Starbucks nested inside a Target, which is my ideal situation. That works out for me. I like that white noise, those interruptions, and the people around me.
Diablo Cody
I like Target. I like the ones in the Midwest, personally. We don’t really have those in England yet.
Roger Andrew Taylor
My target is enjoying and proving to myself that I am progressing.
Bojan Krkic
It was only when I got to Tottenham as a youth player that they said, ‘You need to be good in the air.’ It was made clear I was going be a target man, so I had to start working on my technique.
Peter Crouch
Evolution has no long-term goal. There is no long-distance target, no final perfection to serve as a criterion for selection, although human vanity cherishes the absurd notion that our species is the final goal of evolution.
Richard Dawkins
A few months ago, and again this week, bin Laden publicly vowed to publicly wage a terrorist war against America, saying, and I quote, “We do not differentiate between those dressed in military uniforms and civilians. They’re all targets.” Their mission is murder, and their history is bloody.
William J. Clinton
I was working at Lowes and Target, then FedEx, and still did not have enough money to pay rent on my own.
Kane Brown
I can go into LinkedIn and search for network engineers and come up with a list of great spear-phishing targets because they usually have administrator rights over the network. Then I go onto Twitter or Facebook and trick them into doing something, and I have privileged access.
Kevin Mitnick
At the WTO, it’s never a general surgery. It’s always a very specific, clinical, precise surgery – and you can’t miss the target. If you miss the target, you kill the patient. It’s as simple as that.
Roberto Azevedo
Markets really matter. Because the bigger the market, the more targets there are for the missile to hit.
Josh Kopelman
I’m in the studio 24 hours a day. It’s true that once you get a certain level of success, you become a target. Talk magazine should be ashamed of themselves.
Puff Daddy
Our present time is indeed a criticizing and critical time, hovering between the wish, and the inability to believe. Our complaints are like arrows shot up into the air at no target: and with no purpose they only fall back upon our own heads and destroy ourselves.
William Temple
Her smile was a bite, and I was its target.
Yevgeny Zamyatin
When you see your target.your aim is perfect.
Woodie Flowers
Television moves so fast. A series moves at such a rapid pace and things are changing, episode to episode, where you’re going, “Wait, why am I doing this? This last episode, you told me I was doing this.” You’re shooting at a moving target.
Mike Vogel
If you don’t really have a dream, you can’t really push yourself; you don’t really know what the target is.
MS Dhoni
China and other members should join efforts to combat serious infectious disease, such as bird flu. To enhance the cooperation on the prevention of bird flu is an important target of the organization, which includes Russia, China and four Central Asian states.
Wen Jiabao
I’m a target on and off the court. I’ve done some things I regret. But being a target is rough.
Matt Barnes
Palestine is occupied land, and under international law, the Palestinians have the legal right to resist this occupation by any and all means. This may make busses, restaurants, discos-where Israeli military congregate, lawful targets.
Enver Masud
When you become the champion, you become a target.
Junior dos Santos
The shortcoming of hanging pawns is that they present a convenient target for attack. As the exchange of men proceeds, their potential strength lessens and during the endgame they turn out, as a rule, to be weak.
Boris Spassky
It wasn’t my target to work as Argentina team manager.
Javier Zanetti
Taking bold action on climate change simply makes good business sense. It’s also the right thing to do for people and the planet. Setting a net-zero GHG emissions target by 2050 will drive innovation, grow jobs, build prosperity, and secure a better world for what will soon be 9 billion people.
Richard Branson
I love to play three-quarter iron shots. They take a lot of extra movement out of the swing, which increases my chance of hitting it solid with the face square to the target.
Gary Woodland
[To the House of Representatives before casting the only vote against allowing George W. Bush to use ‘all necesary and appropriate force’ in response to 9/11:] We must be careful not to embark on an open-ended war with neither an exit strategy nor a focused target. We cannot repeat past mistakes.
Barbara Lee
In politics, merit is rewarded by the possessor being raised, like a target, to a position to be fired at.
Christian Nestell Bovee
As a society in turmoil, we are going to see more, and more various, attempts to simulate order through repression; and art is a historical target for such efforts.
Adrienne Rich
We are committed to achieving the fiscal deficit target announced in the budget.
Narendra Modi
We know that families and kids are going to be an important part of our audience, so we’ve always made sure that we’ve picked subject matter that was appropriate for kids. But I think if you try to target a movie to kids, you’re going to fail.
Lee Unkrich
We have a bow and arrow and if we aim well, we can hit the target. The problem is that Bayern has a bazooka. The probability that they will hit the target is clearly higher.
Jurgen Klopp
Even if I flop, I still qualified for the Games, and that was my goal. My target was to be at an Olympics for the third time with people I like.
Laure Manaudou
I’ve got my own targets… To establish myself in the team and once you are a regular for Liverpool then England, recognition comes from that and hopefully this will prove the case.
Peter Crouch
Our enemy, the devil, wants to control us, and his target is our will. The main way he tries to influence our will is through lying to us.
Joyce Meyer
The Triple Crown is an attractive target because it is so difficult to achieve.
Fernando Alonso
Stretch targets energize. We have found that by reaching for what appears to be the impossible, we often actually do the impossible; and even when we don’t quite make it, we inevitably wind up doing much better than we would have done.
Jack Welch
PC Internet advertising and mobile advertising – there are some key differences. One, the ability to target is phenomenally high in the mobile space because the information… that one has about the kinds of things that you’re doing on the phone is better.
Naveen Tewari
It’s no fun for an actor to keep repeating what you did before. It’s always changing. I’m changing. The target keeps moving. That’s the beauty of it.
Willem Dafoe
Our target market is recreational bettors, but that doesn’t mean we expel the wise guys. A big bet for us is maybe $10,000.
Calvin Ayre
Demoralization of the target audience is yet another step in successful mind control.
Joost Meerloo
Tonight I feel the stars are out
to use me for target practice.
Yusef Komunyakaa
We are in the target hairs in this election [2016]. We are all asking whether we are going to have a world at all or not going forward.
Jill Stein
Three years into the war, tens of thousands of American troops remain targets of a growing Iraqi insurgency.
Jan Schakowsky
The novel space is a pure space. I’m nobody once I go into that room. I’m not gay, I’m not bald, I’m not Irish. I’m not anybody. I’m nobody. I’m the guy telling the story, and the only person that matters is the person reading that story, the target. It’s to get that person to feel what I’m trying to dramatize.
Colm Toibin
The perfect killer has no friends. Only targets.
Brent Weeks
There is no pressure on me, I can take a lot of risks in the coming weeks. I feel free to ski the way I decide on race-day because the overall title was not my main target this winter.
Hermann Maier
Any time bombs are used to target civilians it is an act of terror.
Barack Obama
People want to express themselves – that’s what fashion is for. You can go to Target and get something that Rodarte designed for $34, but would you want to go buy the higher version for $3,400? I think most people would say no.
Kelly Cutrone
I got a huge target on my back. But you know what, I’m going to embrace that, and everybody is on notice – flyweights and bantamweights.
Henry Cejudo
The moment you enlist in the army of God, you personally become a target. You need to remember that if you’re living for and walking with Jesus Christ, the powers of darkness are aligned against you.
Walter Martin
I grew up with family who liked to travel and sightsee, so I have this pressure inside me: If I’m in a city and I have enough free time, I’d better go to a museum. I try to see parks, go outside. Or else try to feel really normal like go to Target or a drugstore, or go see a movie.
Lisa Loeb
Missing the mark is one of the ways in which we learn to hit the target.
Eric Butterworth
I have met Saddam Hussein exactly the same number of times as Donald Rumsfeld met him. The difference is that Donald Rumsfeld met him to sell him guns and to give him maps the better to target those guns.
George Galloway
The joy is in the creation. So I’ve never had a target audience, it’s always been about being true to the work as it emerges.
Rob Bell
The Champions League has always been a target of mine. I do want to play at the top.
Jack Butland
I was blessed with speed and a good punch. Everybody thinks I’m the hardest puncher ever. But I just think I was really fast, and my punches got to the target faster. That’s what made my knockouts always seem spectacular.
Mike Tyson
If it were possible to hold onto this sort of database and really be assured that only good guys get access to it, we might have a different discussion. Unfortunately, we don’t know how to build systems that work that way. We don’t know how to do this without creating a big target and a big vulnerability.
Matt Blaze
A life of fulfillment is one in which we put urgency in its place and remember that the ultimate target is to spend our lives doing the things we believe are most important to us.
Tony Robbins
The main target for the next years should be growth and job creation.
Mariano Rajoy
When I was growing up, every Sunday was a rest day, so after church, we’d get all my cousins and sisters together, and my parents would take us all shop hopping. We’d go to all the different shops, and Target was always the last on the list; we’d walk in, and Mum would say, ‘Go on, go crazy!’
Jessica Mauboy
America is always a good target for a populist. In many countries, particularly authoritarian systems, if you want to get an extra bonus, you bash the Americans.
Mohamed ElBaradei
Of course it would be nice for everybody and myself if we could win but we can still have a personal or a team win if we achieve a target that is effectively a win for us.
Lando Norris
Al Qaeda has significance beyond its numbers, frankly. And so for us, our 24-hour-a-day objective is to seek out those al Qaeda cells. And, as we seek them out, to target them and eliminate them. And we’re doing that 24 hours a day.
John R. Allen
Only amateurs attack machines; professionals target people.
Bruce Schneier
It seems that man’s greatest natural enemy is the target.
Demetri Martin
Third-party publishers, like everyone, face increasing risks associated with creating games, and you have to target your resources to the right places and the right platforms.
Satoru Iwata
Al Qaeda operates by launching surprise attacks on civilian targets with the goal of massive casualties. Our only means for preventing future attacks, which could use WMDs, is by acquiring information that allows for pre-emptive action.
John Yoo
[Saddam Hussein is aggressively seeking nuclear and biological weapons and ] the United States may well become the target.
Dick Cheney
I find it scary when people talk about me as a future leader. It’s like putting a big target on your back.
Leo Varadkar
A target should go with every goal. A target is the value that defines success.
Michael Porter
To truly launch a great product, you need partners. Channel and marketing partners share in your success and share in the costs of reaching your target audience.
Jay Samit
Planned Parenthood has a large target on its back.
Campbell Brown
If you sign a big contract, everybody knows. They’re going to print it in the paper. It’s on ESPN. You can go online and check player salaries and all that. You’re a target.
Ben Wallace
I have architects write to me and ask me: How do you – and what do you do to – design the magic thing? I answer that very carefully. It’s not necessarily about what you do, but the clients you do it for. You should write to Target, not me.
Michael Graves
Vitali Klitschko doesn’t get enough credit for how intelligent he fights, because he knows when to throw at the target and when to throw through the target.
Larry Merchant
If your real wages are declining, your job is at risk, you fear your children will be worse off than you are, it’s tempting to want to blame it all on an easily identifiable target: Muslims, immigrants, refugees, blacks, Jews.
Adam Hochschild
I remember my mum saying to me, ‘You can give up the violin – when you’ve done Grade 8.’ Which is the highest grade, and the most unfair target ever. So I did all the grades, just to annoy her.
Gethin Jones
Happiness is a moving target.
Kinky Friedman
What I learned, a little too late, was that the ‘traditional’ Martin Short target viewer weighs under 300 pounds. Unfortunately, I was on during daytime.
Martin Short
One of the reasons I wanted to collaborate with Target is because I felt that together we could create a collection that would inspire – one that is cool and chic, but still very accessible.
Phillip Lim
I am not haunted by memories of Vietnam. But I must admit I never thought we would again witness in my lifetime the specter of politicians picking targets and ruling out offensive measures in the absurd hope that the enemy would respond to our restraint by yielding to our demands.
John McCain
Fulham haven’t had a shot on target, which is probably why they aren’t in the goals.
Tony Cottee
It should not be hard to say that Vladimir Putin’s military has conducted war crimes in Aleppo because it is never acceptable for military to specifically target civilians, which is what’s happened there, through the Russian military.
Marco Rubio
Your target market and their demographics realistically need to be in alignment with your own beliefs and morals, or you may have trouble reaching out to them – or keep them once others have entered the market.
Michael Gerber
Don’t tell me that the rules prohibit you from hitting a guy up top. You have a whole target area above his knee up to his neck that you can hit.
Tony Gonzalez
If your life truths have to be protected like some people keep their couches in plastic then ciao. have a nice life. if we bump into eachoter at Target, i’m the one buying the sour gummy worms and thats all you need to know about me.
Deb Caletti
I have been a vulnerable target for those who want money.
Michael Jackson
The fact is that the American government and NATO have destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan. Their next targets will be Syria and Iran.
Mairead Corrigan
Well, I don’t think I’ve ever been a huge target for the press, and I value that to a degree, because there’s a certain value for actors staying beneath the radar so they can play characters.
Liev Schreiber
I don’t have to psych myself up, or do something special mentally – I look through the scope, get my target in the cross hairs, and kill my enemy, before he kills one of my people.
Chris Kyle
No person learned the art of archery from me,
who did not in the end make me his target.
A sure sign of ineptitude and malice is manifested when one’s attacker is willing to cover himself with mud in order to try and make some of it adhere to his target.
Christopher Hitchens
I flew a full string of 35 combat missions over some of the most heavily defended targets in Europe. We were hitting Hitler’s oil refineries, his tank factories, his aircraft factories, his railway yards. Those were our prime targets.
George McGovern
We have made changes at the USDA in our personnel and in the attitude that we would like to instill in our personnel. Some don’t want to do that and some protest and some target me.
Mike Espy
Our target audience is mostly men aged between 15 and 35. But many women also send me messages on social media sites saying how much they enjoy SFL.
Raj Kundra
As an actor, you put yourself out there. You put yourself in the arena as an easy target.
Katee Sackhoff
Target is one of the best at really listening to the artist and understanding what they are about.
Christina Aguilera
Any idiot can stand in front of a target,” I say. “It doesn’t prove anything except that you’re bullying us. Which, as I recall is a sign of cowardice” “Then it should be easy for you,” Eric sys. “If you’re willing ot take his place.
Veronica Roth
The most extremist power any political leader can assert is the power to target his own citizens for execution without any charges or due process, far from any battlefield. The Obama administration has not only asserted exactly that power in theory, but has exercised it in practice.
Glenn Greenwald
David Bowie’s music is a moving target. Just when you think you got the bullseye, it shifts. And to his credit, on to death, it’s still shifting. David Bowie is a moving target, even after he’s gone.
Carlos Alomar
In a lot of ways, it’s not the money that allows you to do new things. It’s the growth and the ability to find things that people want and to use your creativity to target those.
Travis Kalanick
The Alessi relationship and the Target one has broadened the role of architects in society and broadened the concept that design belongs to everyone.
Michael Graves
Do you feel insecure because you keep getting the nagging feeling that you’re not that smart? Well, I’ve got good news for you, my friend. You have no need to be insecure. That nagging feeling is absolutely right on target. You are not that smart. But I have more good news for you. You are also not alone.
Ellen DeGeneres
Every striker wants to score more goals but as a target man I’ve always taken great delight in bringing other players into the game.
Emile Heskey
When you are in good form, you keep hitting the target. You may have the best match but you may still not have the goals. But scoring is most important and it feels so good that I have been knocking them in. It really boosts the morale.
Sunil Chhetri
Im very disappointed that we missed our (earnings per share) growth target this quarter due to the confluence of a number of issues that we now understand and are urgently addressing. I accept full responsibility for the shortfall.
Carly Fiorina
I’m realistic. I look for my own target that I set in my head beginning of the season. Once I get there, that’s when I start enjoying scoring.
Bradley Wright-Phillips
There is a light at the end of the tunnel but first you’ll have to find the light switch and change the bulb before switching it on yourself. No problem, as targets of bullying are picked on for their competence and abilities.
Tim Field
By resisting almost any change aimed at improving our public schools, teachers’ unions have become a ripe target for reformers across the ideological spectrum.
Campbell Brown
The bigger you become of a celebrity, the bigger the expectations, the pressure on you – to make change, to say what people want, to target the people they want to target. Fame is toxic; it is quite toxic.
Bassem Youssef
My teaching – of what is perceived to be a complex and foreign sounding religious philosophy – has become the target for people’s prejudice and religious intolerance.
Frederick Lenz
Honestly, my splurges happen at Target. I’ll go and spend, like, $600, and I don’t know why! And then I’m really happy about it, but then I’ll be like, ‘Why did I do that?!’
Brooke Elliott
The nation should move towards one target, one direction, one intention and one decision.
Narendra Modi
I will set a target for the reduction of (government) employees … I will implement the reduction of the total personnel costs of the employees.
Junichiro Koizumi
With almost every book I’ve written, my secret target audience is the young therapist. In this way, I am staying in my professorial role; I’m writing teaching stories and teaching novels.
Irvin D. Yalom
You can’t hit a target if you don’t know what it is.
Tony Robbins
I’m very ambitious. I always want more after I get something I’ve dreamed about, so every day, I have a new target and a new path to follow. That’s pretty much my law in life.
The Democrats’ obsession with the Kochs as a political target is, indeed, additional evidence of a truly Nixonian approach to politics.
Mike Pompeo
Your ability to set goals is the master skill of success. Goals unlock your positive mind and release ideas and energy for goal attainment. Without goals, you simply drift and flow on the currents of life. With goals, you fly like an arrow, straight and true to your target.
Brian Tracy
Setting goals is one of the most important things you can do to guarantee your personal, professional and financial success. Goals are like a road map to your target destination. Each goal accomplished is another mile behind you on the way to where you want to be.
Mark Victor Hansen
You’ve got to watch your back. We are targets as basketball payers.
Paul Pierce
To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target
Ashleigh Brilliant
When you shoot a bow and arrow, you aim at the clouds, not because you expect to hit them, but so that you may reach the distant target on the ground.
Sun Tzu
Washington and New York, two primary targets for Al Qaeda.
Howard Bloom
If a man paints a target on his chest, he should expect that sooner or later someone will loose an arrow on him.
George R. R. Martin
I hardly can sleep. I feel that my target now is really to save Mother Earth for humanity. And it’s doable.
Imelda Marcos
Its always fantastic to be on the podium, and, of course, the top step is always our target.
Romain Grosjean
We understand that as public figures, we are a target for people who have nothing to lose in their quest for fame and easy money, … preposterous, slanderous and defamatory lies.
Emilio Estefan
But this we know, the obstacle that checked
And tripped the body, shot the spirit on
Further than target ever showed or shone.
Robert Frost
It turns out, that men, when they’re taking care of their business, they’re not fully attending to the task at hand, but, I’m sure there’s an evolutionary explanation for this, if you give them a target, they will aim.
Richard Thaler
Deterrence failed completely as a guide in setting rational limits on the size and composition of military forces, spurring an insatiable arms race with a reckless proliferation of the most destructive power ever unleashed, tailored for delivery by a vast array of vehicles to a stupefying array of targets.
George Lee Butler
How could a guy sitting in a cave in Afghanistan, have… plotted so perfectly the hijacking of four planes and then guaranteed that three of them would end up precisely on their targets?
Michael Moore
If they analyze the situation as thoroughly as they should, Muslims will realize they are the first targets. What are the fundamentalists really after? Simply taking over Islam and then turning its back on modernity.
Alexander Haig
I know I’ve probably got a massive target on my back now, because everyone wants to be better, to beat me.
Fallon Sherrock
The Pentagon as a legitimate target? I actually don’t have an opinion on that and it’s important I not have an opinion on that as I sit here in my capacity right now.
David Westin
Basic research is like shooting an arrow in the air and, where it lands, painting a target.
Homer Burton Adkins
With every year that passes, I get further away from my target audience, and while I’ve been happy to think of myself as a father figure to these kids, I’d be a little distressed to be thought of as a grandfather figure.
Anthony Horowitz
This is not a man who sees America like you and I see America. Our opponent is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country. Americans need to know this.
Sarah Palin
So let your deepest desires direct your aim. Set your sights far above the ‘reasonable’ target. The power of purpose is profound only if you have a desire that stirs the heart.
Price Pritchett
The Ellevest target client is the professional woman who either has her own money or has agency over her family’s money. She is among the 75 million women in the U.S. workforce who want to take financial control and is looking for a straightforward way to achieve her dreams on her own terms.
Sallie Krawcheck
We always said if we were going to target a millennial consumer, then we had to do it in their mother tongue, which is digital.
Angela Ahrendts
To establish yourself as a leading man, you’re shooting for the smallest point on the target, and you get a lot of judgment thrown at you. It takes a lot for them to get past everything and just watch your art and what you’re doing.
Josh Holloway
My title rivals are behind me but at the moment I am not thinking about that. My target is to finish on the podium and then well see where everybody else is.
Valentino Garavani
An arrow is never afraid of shooting from the bow; but it is afraid of not reaching the target!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
It became the middle finger I couldn’t raise in PR photographs. The mustache became my silent last word in the verbal battles I was losing with higher headquarters on rules, targets, and fighting the war.
Robin Olds
It’s not a lack of competence that is preventing the [Barack] Obama administration from stopping these attacks. It is political correctness. We didn’t monitor the Facebook posting of the female San Bernardino terrorist. She made a public call to jihad, and they didn’t target it.
Ted Cruz
Too often, systems of oppression turn those who are the targets of the oppression against one another.
Tim Wise
The target of power is more interesting than its quantity.
Alan Lightman
I fully realize that a person who stands for what I stand for, an activist, a gay activist, becomes the target or the potential target for a person who is insecure, terrified, afraid, or very disturbed with themselves.
Harvey Milk
My target is to consolidate my place with Arsenal and to reach the Argentinian national team as number one.
Emiliano Martinez
Not long ago it was easy to tell who the bad guys were. They carried Kalashnikovs. Now it is much more complicated, but one thing is sure – any man who covers his face and packs a gun is a legitimate target for any decent citizen.
Jeff Cooper
I immediately target sadness and conflict and disruption in life.
Rachael Yamagata
Israel has a people’s army and a draft and therefore they should be considered legitimate targets. They are part of the occupying power, and Palestinians consider them targets for suicide bombers as well as other means.
Mohamed Elmasry
I feel like I have a target on my back, but ain’t nobody hitting it.
Bianca Belair
I never cake someone who doesn’t want to be caked – at least, I try not to. Sometimes I miss my target. I’m pretty much going through the crowd making sure I find someone who wants to get caked. If you don’t want to get caked, shake your head or tell me you don’t want to get caked. It’s that easy.
Steve Aoki
Our target is to compete with Ferrari and Mercedes.
Christian Horner
If I become mayor of London, my single biggest priority will be to build thousands more homes every year. I will set a target to make half of all the new homes that are built genuinely affordable, with first dibs for Londoners.
Sadiq Khan
Some of the best logos are the simplest. One of the oldest is the mark used by the Bass brewery: a red triangle. Target has made a red circle with a red dot in the middle seem the very essence of affordable, hip practicality.
Tahl Raz
By the very nature of satire or parody, you have to love and respect your target and respect it enough to understand every aspect of it, so you can more effectively make fun of it.
T. J. Miller
I was a huge bookworm, total nerd, so I was a victim in middle school. I was in three academic clubs, so I was an easy target.
Nicole Gale Anderson
I believe in myself, I believe in my players. My target is to try to get them to believe in themselves and believe in their colleagues. These are the things that we must do.
Carlos Carvalhal
I make charts of songs that are good candidates, good targets, so to speak. Then I try to come up with ideas for parodies. And 99% of those ideas are horrible.
Al Yankovic
Drogba is more of a hold-up player, a target man. I prefer to have ball to feet and run in behind.
Romelu Lukaku
Climate change is a crucial issue in todays global agenda. Hopefully, we will wake up to this reality, sooner rather than later. Pressure has been mounting on European Union Member States to act decisively to fight global warming. A bold target has been set reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20 by 2020.
Joseph Muscat
When I signed for Tottenham, my target was to get 10 starts.
Dele Alli
Even now, as a footballer I’ve experienced many types of racism. Whether that’s abuse on the field or from the crowd, it’s never easy to deal with, but social media is now the biggest platform for these cowards to share and target their hate.
Troy Deeney
If you look at groups in the Palestine region, Hamas and the Palestine Islamic jihad, more often than not in their first operations they would accidentally blow themselves up on the way to the target or the bomb wouldn’t go off.
Michael Scheuer
If you hate somebody, it’s like a boomerang that misses its target and comes back and hits you in the head. The one who hates is the one who hurts.
Louis Zamperini
I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.
Arsene Wenger
There was no harm in taking aim, even if the target was a dream.
John Knowles
For some strange reason I can put five bullets into that red thing in the middle of the target.
Ruth Westheimer
Sometimes, the intelligence community does legal collection against a legitimate foreign intelligence target and that target interacts with U.S. persons, against whom our people thus end up collecting information as a collateral matter.
Benjamin Wittes
The target audience goes back to conception. That means pre-natal care, safe delivery, post-natal screening, and the ordinary stuff you do in pediatrics.
C. Everett Koop
The very first time a politician puts you in his target is sometimes a disappointment, because perhaps you thought you were friends and getting along well… But it is not something that you dwelled on. At least, I did not.
Walter Cronkite
Customized jewelry is one of my targets with Bold Machines.
Bre Pettis
Egypt needs law and order in Sinai to save the tourist industry in Sharm el-Sheik and prevent the area from becoming a base for terrorists that will target Egypt itself, as well as Jordan and Israel.
Elliott Abrams
The more money you get, the bigger target you become. That’s true. It’s sad but it’s true that you have to be aware of every person that comes to you with the next greatest deal. You just have to look at every single person with a fine lens. That’s the way my life is going to be from here on out.
Reggie Bush
Shooting clay targets is a very cleansing experience. It’s very relaxing. It takes a lot of concentration. It’s also very social, since you’re usually shooting with friends. You can talk and forget about almost anything else that’s on your mind.
Tom Selleck
The route to the target is more important than the target. We are going to go for the target, but we enjoy the route as well.
Ilan Ramon
My target is to give everything, and only if we win the trophies will I be relaxed.
Eden Hazard
Never reduce a target. Instead, increase actions!
Grant Cardone
Foreigners like me have no privacy rights whatsoever. Yet we keep using U.S.-based services all the time, making us a legal target for gathering and storing our private information. Other countries do surveillance as well. But nobody has the global visibility that United States does.
Mikko Hypponen
In a sense, the story, or poem or verse or whatever it is you’re writing, you can kind of think of it as a kind of projectile. Imagine it is a kind of projectile which has been specially shaped to be aerodynamic, and that your target is the soft grey putty of the reader’s brain.
Alan Moore
I have a very normal life. I go to the grocery store, I go to Target. I don’t have an assistant, I don’t have an entourage.
Angela Kinsey
Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goals.
Brian Tracy
Defending ourselves from internet-based attacks, internet-originated attacks, is much, much more important than our ability to launch attacks against similar targets in foreign countries.
Edward Snowden
If you try to target a movie at kids, you end up with something that makes parents take a nap.
Lee Unkrich
Playing in the Target Center where there’s more than 15,000 people every night, it’s just crazy.
Ricky Rubio
We have a lot of great creators in Square Enix, but for larger-scale development we will be doing more distributed and outsourced development to reach our targets on time.
Motomu Toriyama
The target for a retracement following a fifth wave often is doubly indicated by the end of the preceding fourth wave and the 382 retracement point.
Robert Prechter
Twenty-five years ago my two main target species were goliath tigerfish and arapaima from the Amazon. Each took me six years to track down and catch, over the course of three expeditions to the Congo and six to the Amazon.
Jeremy Wade
Xenophobia manifests itself especially against civilizations and cultures that are weak because they lack economic resources, means of subsistence or land. So nomadic people are the first targets of this kind of aggression.
Antonio Tabucchi
Instead of shooting arrows at someone elses target, which Ive never been very good at, I make my own target around wherever my arrow happens to have landed. You shoot your arrow and then you paint your bulls eye around it, and therefore you have hit the target dead centre.
Brian Eno
In the world of cyber security, the last thing you want is to have a target painted on you.
Tim Cook
Remember this son, if you forget everything else. A poet is a musician who can’t sing. Words have to find a man’s mind before they can touch his heart. And, some men’s minds are woeful small targets. Music touches their hearts directly, no matter how small or stubborn the mind of the man who listens.
Patrick Rothfuss
Any organization or any individual that targets civilians and kills them for political agenda is a terrorist organization.
Feisal Abdul Rauf
What’s different with Cambridge Analytica and more broadly with social media is that you are the target. People want to harvest your information in as granular a way as possible in order to, like, create a picture, a complete picture of who you are, ultimately to either sell you things or make you believe things.
Christopher Wylie
Most companies target women as end users, but few are effectively utilizing female employees when it comes to innovating for female consumers. When women are empowered in the design and innovation process, the likelihood of success in the marketplace improves by 144%!
Indra Nooyi
With a civilian target, female bombers tend to be more successful and cause more damage.
Mia Bloom
If Russia is there [in Syria] alone fighting them [ISIL], guess what? Russia becomes the target and Russia starts seeing – who knows – MANPADs will find their way in there, airplanes will fall out of the sky. They will become vilified. They’ll become the new magnet, together with Assad, for the jihadis.
John F. Kerry
Hillary Clinton, because she’s the Democrats’ presumptive 2016 front-runner, has become the target du jour. Frankly, I don’t know how public figures get through it.
Donna Brazile
The World Trade Center was the target for the world, and they hit the target.
Howard Lutnick
Woman has been the target of much that is sordid and cheap, especially in photography. To raise, to elevate, to endorse with timeless reverence the image of woman, has been my mission.
Ruth Bernhard
It is so beautifully ironic that St. Francis – the great lover of animals – is now a pigeon’s target in countless yards.
Mark Hart
If you’re doing well, you’re a target, nobody’s interested in you except how you can be of use to them.
Richard E. Grant
It is now possible to target adverts to the right person at the right time in the right place. But that is not enough.
Jerry Della Femina
My big places to shop are Wal-Mart and Target – seriously. That is where half of my stuff comes from now.
Kelly Preston
I don’t know why, but I’m an easy target. And I don’t do anything to dispel it.
Ted McGinley
I don’t even think much about politicians. I think about the people in the audience who applaud the politicians. They are your fellow countrymen and they’re the ones you live with – that should be who we target for education and enlightenment.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I’m black. I’m gay. I’m culturally Christian. I am a walking target on so many levels, and it is horrifying and a cross that very, very many of us who look like me have to bear.
Tituss Burgess
Walter Benjamin used to think that languages expand their register thanks to translation, because translation forces ways of using words and structures that were alien to the original speaker of the target language.
Alvaro Enrigue
I used to show my emotions too much. I had to get rid of that because the opposition would notice and start to target me. If I did something wrong, I would take it out on myself, but it is important in football to concentrate for 90 minutes.
Trent Alexander-Arnold
I’m in the studio 24 hours a day. It’s true that once you get a certain level of success, you become a target. Talk magazine should be ashamed of themselves.
Sean Combs
Sometimes I feel like the easiest target in sports.
Skip Bayless
I got singled out. I don’t know why. Why do people always target me? Is it because I’m short and they figure I can’t fight back? They’re right, I can’t, but it’s not because I’m vertically challenged.
Julie Anne Peters
Like Israel, New York City’s history has been defined by immigrants who come in search of freedom and the opportunity to build a better life. And like Israel, New York City has remained a target for terrorists who seek to destroy that freedom
Michael Bloomberg
Keyword research is a task often left to SEOs and content marketers. However, it can be a powerful tool for anyone in your organization who wants to learn what your target market wants to read, learn and buy.
John Rampton
Don’t pressure yourself to target a market. Hit the mark instead. Pay homage to your own connection. Quantity flocks to quality and quality comes from purity. Purity wails. Integrity taps a nerve. Inspiration slips beneath the skin of yoru skin and turns disinterested strangers into warm-bodied kin.
Tama J. Kieves
Everyone in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a potential target. My heart goes out to the UN family in Afghanistan: in spite of everything, they are showing fortitude. But they will need the support of the whole world at this difficult time.
Chris Alexander
The arrow of Marxist-Leninism must be used to hit the target of the Chinese Revolution.
Mao Zedong
The Patriot missile is a point defence missile. Point defence means that you put the missile at a location to defend a very specific target such as an airfield, a supply dump or a headquarters.
Norman Schwarzkopf
Eliminate slogans, exhortations, and targets for the work force asking for zero defects and new levels of productivity. Such exhortations only create adversarial relationships, as the bulk of the causes of low quality and low productivity belong to the system and thus lie beyond the power of the work force
W. Edwards Deming
We would just go out and line up a bunch of cans and shoot with rifles, handguns and at times, submachine guns… When I was a kid it was a controlled atmosphere, we weren’t shooting at humans… we were shooting at cans and bottles mostly. I will most certainly take my kids out for target practice.
Johnny Depp
By having the President’s name on buildings, that is a potential terrorist target.
Richard Painter
You’ve probably seen that any visible Palestinian-American woman who is at the forefront of any social-justice movement is an immediate target of the right wing and right-wing Zionists. They will go to any extreme to criminalize us and to engage in alternative facts, to sew together a narrative that does not exist.
Linda Sarsour
No, the United States does not target civilians.
Douglas Feith
I don’t want to generalize, but the target audience for a lot of the YouTube people is fairly young – under the age of 16. You still want to know what those people are watching, because I think it’s interesting, but sometimes it just makes you feel old.
Kumail Nanjiani
The NSA is forbidden to ‘target’ American citizens, green-card holders or companies for surveillance without an individual warrant from a judge.
Barton Gellman
If the Russian nuclear arsenal was fired at the United States and other targets, and we fired back at them with thousands of nuclear weapons, it would be the end of life on earth.
Ted Turner
Namely the manager will assess what he believes a player is worth and he will discuss that with the board and then we will go after that target. If we can achieve it at that target, great, but if we can’t we will have to move on to the next player.
David Gill
Isn’t it wrong to target and brand an entire state in a poor light?
Geeta Phogat
I wanted to reveal how genetic code is translated into protein. I knew a great application could be for antibiotics, since half of the useful ones target the ribosomes, but I didn’t believe I could contribute to it. It was like the next Mount Everest to conquer. It was my dream to contribute something to humanity.
Ada Yonath
My knowledge of pain, learned with the sabre, taught me not to be afraid. And just as in dueling when you must concentrate on your enemy’s cheek, so, too, in war. You cannot waste time on feinting and sidestepping. You must decide on your target and go in.
Otto Skorzeny
Technically, I am unarmed. But no one should ever underestimate the harm that fingernails can do. Especially if the target is unprepared.
Suzanne Collins
Footballers are an easy target. They are offered big lines of credit. Every sport is vulnerable; it’s such a big gambling industry, and there are problems with syndicates in other countries.
Gordon Taylor
If a teacher misses a target, they change the teacher, If a minister misses a target, they change the target
Damian Green
From my experience as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, if a congressperson is identified as a potential target by a foreign intelligence service, that individual is notified.
Pete Hoekstra
Sometimes people get in position where they get in a big movie and overplay their hand. What that huge check does is put a target on an actor’s back.
Wyck Godfrey
On the road to your target, move cleverly and silently; when you reached your target, be humble and silent!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
I looked to animal and insect imagery to develop the lack of substance and wasted motion that my Terminator has. I tried to tap into the killer instinct inherent in animals, where they are locked onto a target and will walk through anything that gets between them and their intended target.
Robert Patrick
My target has always been world No.1, I want that.
Rob Cross
On the road to success, even little stones may cause you fall down! If you are not serious and careful, forget about reaching your target!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
For instance with regard to tourism, that we should be able to target people who are interested in investing in the tourism sector and explain that this is the size of the market, these are the incentives in this particular area, this is the capacity, this is what is needed.
Thabo Mbeki
The problem is that people have an idea of what a footballer should look like, how they should behave, what they should talk about. If you act a little differently you become a target. There is pressure to conform. This is very dangerous.
Hector Bellerin
Well, Mitt Romney is a very attractive comedic target. He’s irresistible to me. I mean, seriously, I want to pay less attention to him.
Rob Delaney
Real Madrid is a legendary team that stands above all others and is the target of all players.
Franz Beckenbauer
Terrorists have no religion, belief, or race. Having been a target of a number of terrorist attacks myself, I personally empathize with the victims of terrorism and appreciate their need for protection.
Sheikh Hasina
We don’t kill Iraqis – our hands do not kill Iraqis. But we target only the occupier with all the means of resistance.
Muqtada al Sadr
While starving refugees in Homs were providing target practice for government snipers, Bashar al-Assad’s strongest international backer was in Sochi, at the Iceberg Skating Palace, visibly moved, smiling with deep satisfaction, as the Russians beautifully glided and leaped their way to the gold medal in the team event.
George Packer
You can’t give up. If you set yourself a target, you’ve got to keep on until you achieve it. It’s a matter of having pride in yourself.
Bradley Walsh
Any action taken will be against the terrorist network of Bin Laden…. As for the Taleban, they can surrender the terrorists or face the consequences – and again in any action the aim will be to eliminate their military hardware, cut off their finances, disrupt their supplies, target their troops, not civilians.
Tony Blair
To me, a wise and humane policy is occasionally to let inflation rise even when inflation is running above target.
Janet Yellen
People are building apps that are doing super-crazy things, and there’s a lot of talk about modeling and microtargeting. Facebook can predict when people are going to break up, and Target is able to predict if a woman is pregnant before she knows just based on the type of lotion she bought.
Harper Reed
To solve the deep-rooted problems of cities around the country, we must target residents who are most at risk and most in need and provide quality, trauma-informed care.
Leana S. Wen
Whatever your work and whatever its worth, No matter how strong or clever, Some one will sneer if you pause to hear, And scoff at your best endeavor. For the target art has a broad expanse, And wherever you chance to hit it, Though close be your aim to the bull’s-eye fame, There are those who will never admit it.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Italy in the 1920s, Germany in the ’30s, East Germany in the ’50s, Czechoslovakia in the ’60s, the Latin American dictatorships in the ’70s, China in the ’80s and ’90s – all dictatorships and would-be dictators target newspapers and journalists.
Naomi Wolf
I like to branch across a lot of different styles and brands in the way I dress; it’s just the way my style works. So I love that I can walk into a Target store and think, ‘Oh my God, I love these jeans,’ and then I’ll pair them with something designer.
Jessica Mauboy
There is always anxiety before a competition and it was no different for me today. It was only in the third round, with about 40 targets left, that I realised I could match the world record score.
Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
Our target is to win, not to try to make all the players happy.
Antonio Conte
I’m taking my own time but I don’t want to just relax either. Also, when you’re looking for work, everybody approaches you, but I’m trying to target the right project that takes me a level up.
Sana Khan
It’s never acceptable to target civilians. It violates the Geneva Accords, it violates the international law of war and it violates all principles of morality.
Alan Dershowitz
Setting up a system that rewards you for meeting your goals and has penalties for failing to hit your target is just as important as putting your goals down on paper.
Pat Summitt
Persistence means giving full concentration to whatever you are doing right now. … Persistence is success through trial, error, resetting your goals, and moving toward the target.
Denis Waitley
Everyone knew I was home-schooled. Everyone always said I was weird, and they’re kind of right. And I think people can always tell that I’m a weak link. So if you are going to bully someone, I’m an easy target.
Paige Spiranac
I use Mac. Not because it’s more secure than everything else – because it is actually less secure than Windows – but I use it because it is still under the radar. People who write malicious code want the greatest return on their investment, so they target Windows systems. I still work with Windows in virtual machines.
Kevin Mitnick
I have tried to be more flexible, but I always end up feeling more uncomfortable. Retaining a sense of control is really important. I like to do things in my own time, and in my own style, so an office with targets and bureaucracy just wouldn’t work.
Daniel Tammet
I’m not a great hunter. But I have fired guns in the past, when I was growing up. But it was part of growing up where I lived. You go out hunting or target practice. They also taught you to respect guns.
Scott Wilson
107 caps isn’t bad for someone who isn’t ‘a top, top player’, is it? I never expected to get that amount of caps. When I made my debut, I set myself the personal target of trying to get 50 caps and score 10 goals if I could. So to have 107 is something I am really proud of, particularly being among those names.
Steven Gerrard
I think that’s a legitimate thing we’re going to have to deal with and ask ourselves, you know, how far Donald Trump can go in enacting certain policies that target specific groups.
Megyn Kelly
You look at all other sports, basketball, you think basketball, they’re always looking at their target.
Collin Morikawa
I weighed 84 pounds when I was 14. I was an easy target for the other kids.
Bruno Sammartino
I didn’t write with a target audience in mind. What excited me was how much I would enjoy writing about Harry. I never thought about writing for children – children’s books chose me. I think if it is a good book anyone will read it.
J. K. Rowling
I used to trapshoot. I was actually a junior national champion. My parents are trapshooters, so I’m more into target stuff.
Greg LeMond
Trump’s enemies pretend to care about his past with women or about ‘children.’ But really, they hate good men, good women, unborn babies, and children – they actively target, brainwash, and corrupt innocent children, teaching them that wrong is right and right is wrong.
Jesse Lee Peterson
Do not be concerned that you might set a target too high and fail. Be concerned that you will set it too low and succeed.
I was a target. There was a guy who took a paint roller extension pole and blasted me in the knee a few times. I had to have surgery to relieve the pain when I got out of prison.
Tim Donaghy
People opposing dance bars claim that a lot of money is wasted in bars. I want to ask them why not target five star hotels, too, where a lot of money is spent?
Soni Razdan
I mean you really can target your answers to get the instant response and I think that is a very manipulative type of polling. I really have no time for that worm at all.
Jim Bolger
Evolution has long been the target of illogical arguments that use presumption.
Marilyn vos Savant
With the traditional six-month lead time on the delivery of international show content, designer collections can be outpaced by the so-called fast fashion chains. H&M, Topshop and Zara, or even Target and J. Crew, would have their versions for sale before the designer looks hit the stores.
Suzy Menkes
I think success can be looked at in many ways. Obviously you want whatever it is that your aiming for to be something that God will endorse. I think when you can draw a target and hit, then it’s successful.
Forty-two thousand people is an attractive target for people who want to hurt us. And a ballpark that’s about 6 feet, at one point, from the street is as big a target as any we can imagine.
Mike Quigley
I think the worst thing in the world is to have the courts decide who to target in the war on terrorism. And courts are not military commanders.
Lindsey Graham
I don’t pay attention to target audiences and therefore I often hear that I am a ratings killer, somebody who fundamentally doesn’t care whether one person is watching or an entire soccer stadium.
Alexander Kluge
I mean, already in the French Revolution, the harpsichord becomes identified with the aristocracy, with the ancien regime. Plus, hey, you know, I mean, harpsichord is a really easy target, isn’t it? I mean, it’s – it’s just how it is.
Mahan Esfahani
If we were going to default, we would have decided that many months ago. It would be wrong for the Greek economy, it would be wrong for the European economy, it would make things worse in the end. That’s why we’re taking the pain and making these structural reforms, and we’re on target.
George Papandreou
The U.S. has already suffered a devastating attack on September 11, 2001, and may again become a target.
Linda Chavez
Art isn’t something you do or are. It’s where you aim, the target you shoot at.
Elizabeth Ashley
If you have a game where you’re under pressure, obviously there are going to be a lot of shots on target, and you’re going to make saves, but you can’t say you played well in a game where you concede five goals. It’s ridiculous.
Wojciech Szczesny
That’s the new way – with computers, computers, computers. That’s the way we can have the cell survive and get some new information in high resolution. We started about five years ago and, today, I think we have reached the target.
Lennart Nilsson
I know Fox News is the target of criticism but we take it in stride. Our No. 1 goal is to be accurate.
Shannon Bream
As Cindy Sheehan was gathering public sympathy as the Gold Star mom against the killing in Iraq, the Republican party decided to import an easier target to pummel. So they brought over the ‘I-salute-your-courage, Saddam’ religious fundamentalist crack-pot who can’t tell us where the money went.
Greg Palast
We target people who understand that relationships are the lifeline of a small company.
David Rose
I think everybody in news understands that the audience that watches for more than an hour is not your target audience – because those people are on life support.
John Hockenberry
I hate this expression, but – “thinking outside the box,” in terms of how to market and put a Broadway show out into the – allow it to reach the target audience, who can’t necessarily spend $120 to come see it.
Katherine Shindle
The Cold War is over. And our focus has got to be on intelligence, increased manpower, fighting internationally targets.
Bernie Sanders
You’ll also need to invest in yourself with the kind of promo that targets your specific audience to help build that word of mouth. Most importantly, believe in what you’re doing and in your music and lyrics.
Eliot Lewis
Keep your eye on the goal, keep moving toward your target.
T. Harv Eker
Google is in an amazing position to be the target of tons of lawsuits that will set precedent for many important things for us on the Internet.
Joichi Ito
China should cut heavy industries’ share in gross domestic output by 9 percentage points between 2013 and 2030 to meet its pollution cuts target.
Ma Jun
Cap the well, yes, clear up the mess, yes, make compensation, yes absolutely. But would it be right to have legislation that independently targets BP rather than other companies? I don’t think that would be right.
David Cameron
Targeting investment returns leads investors to focus on potential upside rather on downside risk … rather than targeting a desired rate of return, even an eminently reasonable one, investors should target risk.
Seth Klarman
People who refuse to step out and be used by God become the critics of those who do. Risk takers, the ones who thrill the heart of God, become the targets of those who never fail because they seldom try.
Bill Johnson
When the target audience is American teenage kids, you can have problems. My generation prized really fine acting and writing. Sometimes you have to go back to the basic principles which underpin great visual comedy.
John Cleese
But the guilty person is only one of the targets of punishment. For punishment is directed above all at others, at all the potentially guilty.
Michel Foucault
Whatever you want to call it, socialism, liberalism, this is who they are. They corrupt everything. Folks, their targets are the institutions and traditions that have given the world its morality, its virtue. The institutions and traditions which have defined freedom and liberty. That’s what the left attacks.
Rush Limbaugh
Just recently I was in Target with my mom shopping, and out of the blue, I see this father and his two daughters and he says, ‘Can they get a picture with you?’ And I’m thinking to myself, ‘Am I the one millionth customer or something?’
Atticus Shaffer
Anyone who’s speaking up about anything becomes a target.
Aaron Dessner
The MDGs have been a fundamental framework for global development. A clear agenda, with measurable goals and targets, and a common vision have been crucial for this success. There is now an expectation around the world that sooner, rather than later, all these goals can and must be achieved.
Sha Zukang
In the future, ‘the networked’ will sometimes form alliances with the Silicon Valley companies against Congress, but sometimes we are going to want and need to target our campaigns for change at the companies themselves.
Rebecca MacKinnon
I will not walk away from the people and communities whom I love deeply. I will continue to raise my voice for justice and equality for all, organize communities who want to defend the rights of black people, stand against policies that target and marginalize Muslims, and advocate for health care for all people.
Linda Sarsour
If we achieve our sustainability targets and no one else follows, we will have failed.
Paul Polman
First figure out your partners, then figure out what ideas to pursue. The most important thing isn’t the market you target, the product you develop or the financing, but the founding team.
James C. Collins
Targets and timetables do matter. But there is a dispirited feeling that the U.S. just rejects multilateral target-setting for the time being.
James Cameron
The best part of owning a blog is the fact that you are in control. You can write about anything you want to write about. You can decide how your blog looks. You can decide who to target. You can decide how to monetize the blog. You have full control!
Fabrizio Moreira
On my block, I had all these guys coming in and out of jail. When I was 13, I was playing outside my house, and one of those guys came across the street and started cussing me out, wanting to fight me. People knew I trained kickboxing and would put the gloves on with my friends, so that made me a target.
Brian Ortega
Disinformation is a large part of its[CIA] covert action responsibility, and the American people are the primary target of its lies.
Ralph McGehee
Stages of life are artifacts. Adolescence is a useful contrivance, midlife is a moving target, senior citizens are an interest group, and tweenhood is just plain made up.
Jill Lepore
Bullies always have another target.
Karen Handel
There is no doubt that America is now the prime target of international communism.
J. Edgar Hoover
You reduce illegal immigration by making it harder to get jobs here, or easier to get jobs south of the border. This idea that we can’t pass an immigration law until we hit some imaginary security target is just a way to derail reform.
Gail Collins
I start planning then that’s dangerous because then I have a target that I’m blinkered towards and I won’t listen to the warning signs quite so much. I’d rather be in shape and then look around and say there’s a race next week and jump into that than have it planned.
Paula Radcliffe
No-one wants to see violence of any kind on our streets, certainly not any violence that’s justified by extreme nationalist ideas or that targets people because of their religion.
Tim Soutphommasane
I think that anybody that is interesting and takes risks is always going to be a target.
Tish Cyrus
As a driver, your target is always to be with the most competitive team possible.
Sebastian Vettel
Even meeting Kyoto targets barely makes a dent in what we have to achieve.
David Suzuki
In America, you can segregate the people, but the problems will travel. From slavery to equal rights, from state suppression of dissent to crime, drugs and unemployment, I can’t think of a supposedly Black issue that hasn’t wasted the original Black target group and then spread like measles to outlying white experience.
June Jordan
What was new was the symbolic force of the targets struck. The attackers did not just physically cause the highest buildings in Manhattan to collapse; they also destroyed an icon in the household imagery of the American nation.
Jurgen Habermas
I don’t care how much power, brilliance or energy you have, if you don’t harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there you’re never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants
Zig Ziglar
Don’t let the past ruin your future. (Acheron) Meaning what, oh great Yoda? (Kyrian) You take care of the kid. I’ll take care of your patrol tonight. I could use the target practice. (Acheron)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Cruise missiles do not frighten anyone. We are catching them like fish in a river. I mean here that over the past two days, we managed to shoot down 196 missiles before they hit their target.
Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf
Retarget your money. When your money comes in, you need to have already targeted where you are going to invest or doodad temptation will set in.
Robert Kiyosaki
Be sure you positively identify your target before you pull the trigger.
Tom Flynn
The only way to ensure that inflation expectations remain safely anchored near the FOMC’s target is to keep inflation close to that target on a consistent basis.
Jerome Powell
Universities are not places where police can come and arrest people. Let the children have a discourse as they want to. They will learn as they move on in life. But to target individuals and institutions is dangerous.
Kapil Sibal
When you’re hitting a fairway wood, you’ve got a lot of real estate to cover to get to your target. Your first instinct is probably to give it a little more power because you’re worried about coming up short.
Ernie Els
There was a time when one looked over one’s shoulder with an ironical smile at the photographer and when photography as a profession seemed almost invariably a target for ridicule. That time is now over.
Albert Renger-Patzsch
I know my game is about trying to get past players and I know that if a bad tackle is coming my way, I have to jump or push my body out in front, but this is football. If they try to foul and target me, then I’m doing something good.
Adama Traore
Teens are the target demographic for everything in pop culture.
Amy Heckerling
I’ve done stuff with Bud Light, but do I want to take on a beer sponsor knowing most of my community is younger kids who can’t drink? There are still a lot of people over 21 who watch. You’re never going to hit your exact target audience.
If you want a free email service that doesn’t use your words to target ads to you, you’ll have to figure out how to port years and years of Gmail messages somewhere else, which is about as easy as developing your own free email service.
Al Franken
Push ups actually target your chest, however if you touch your thumb and forefingers together to make a diamond shape with your hands, you are doing a close grip push up, and this is really going to hit your triceps.
Chloe Madeley
It takes me about two hours to run into Target. People always want a picture. They hem and haw, and they can’t spit the words out, so they waste about five minutes of my time just standing there getting ready for a picture. Just do it!
Abby Lee Miller
Even when black youth gangs target white strangers on the streets and spew out racial hatred as they batter them and rob them, mayors, police chiefs and the media tiptoe around their racism and many in the media either don’t cover these stories or leave out the race and racism involved.
Thomas Sowell
I love wearing designer pieces with something I found at Target.
Lauren Conrad
In archery we have something like the way of the superior man. When the archer misses the center of the target, he turns round and seeks for the cause of his failure in himself.
Miss the audience’s heart as a filmmaker, and the only wallet that gets hit will be your own. That’s because the heart is always the first target in story telling.
Peter Guber
Lehi was not a part of the Zionist movement, not a part of the Revisionist Party. It was sometimes something apart, and Lord Moyne was the highest British official in the Middle East… and because we fought against the British in this area, we took him for a target.
Yitzhak Shamir
When I’m traveling on tour, one of my favorite things to do is to throw a baseball cap on and go to a Target. The company has always been good to me. They’ve got such a great creative team.
Christina Aguilera
Getting up early and setting myself daily targets, even outside of acting, keeps me active and motivated in general and thus happier, which I hope translates into my personality and my work.
Benjamin Stone
Folks, we are in the midst of dangerous times like you cannot believe, and Donald J. Trump is the target.
Rush Limbaugh
It would be interesting if this sitcom works, so I could be doing one thing all the time instead of going back and forth between all this different media which I sort of thrive on, I’m a bit of a moving target in that way.
Stockard Channing
No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.
Paulo Coelho
Perfection is a moving target
Susan Fletcher
Going to school, sort of not realising that caring about things was going to make me stand out and make me weird, and I think also being a redhead and being tall, bigger than the other kids… Anything that makes you different at school makes you a target.
Freya Ridings
The greatest missile in the world is useless … unless it’s targeted. A torpedo is adrift unless it has someplace to go. An arrow is pointless unless it hits something. So it’s important for kids–for everyone, even if you fail at first–to target something and head in that direction. With all your might.
Tim Allen
I get my clothes from three sources: Target, thrift shops, and friends. It’s simple and it’s cheap.
Shawn Amos
I never think in terms of target audience. I try to write what makes me laugh, so I’m the target audience. I guess I just hope there’s another person in America like me.
Eric Idle
The enemy resembles us. Therefore, he needs to be approached not as an assembly of ‘targets’ to be destroyed one by one; but as a living, intelligent entity capable of acting and reacting.
Martin Van Creveld
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with the aim, just gotta change the target.
We’d play at the Ambassador’s house for an invited group of dignitaries from the government that might have gone to school in America; to the U.S. Consulate that invites certain people that they’re trying to target.
Bob Livingston
My motto in life is that nothing is impossible, no target unachievable – one just has to try harder and harder.
Kiran Bedi
We need spies that look like their targets, CIA officers who speak the dialects terrorists use, and FBI agents who can speak to Muslim women who might be intimidated by men.
Jane Harman
I think there are many experts who say, in fact, the most powerful nations on earth are more vulnerable today than the weaker nations because they’re the targets of so many of these groups that are trying to steal, to buy, to build nuclear weapons.
Queen Noor of Jordan
For target shooting, that’s okay. Get a license and go to the range. For defense of the home, that’s why we have police departments.
James Brady
It is becoming increasingly clear that the targets in the Kyoto Protocol cannot and will not be met on the established timetable in the United States and elsewhere.
Eileen Claussen
It’s good to give seniors more choices and more options, let them choose a plan that’s best for them and target assistance to the lowest income people.
John Sununu
I want players to think: ‘OK, this has happened now, what is next for me?’ That’s a very big target because what are academies about nowadays? Is it really just to find one or two players? But what happened to the others? I’m very, very interested in that.
Per Mertesacker
Once a teen has been identified as part of the ‘target market,’ he knows he’s done for. The object of the game is to confound the marketers, and keep one’s own, authentic culture from showing up at the shopping mall as a prepackaged corporate product.
Douglas Rushkoff
Muslims remain the most convenient target for prejudice in a city like Delhi, which is far more ghettoized than Bombay or Bangalore, for example.
Karan Mahajan
Never try to fit a target audience. Write what is true to the characters in their settings and the audience will find you.
Alex Borstein
A medal in Tokyo Olympics is my target, it’s the ultimate for an athlete. I am still young and my best is yet to come.
Neeraj Chopra
The injustice is that women continue to be the main target of violence both during wartime and peacetime and yet there is still a lack of a public outrage.
Zainab Salbi
No, the United States does not target civilians.
Douglas J. Feith
We live in a very defiant society, especially among young men in the WWE’s target demographic. So sometimes when you’re really trying to promote somebody and build them, the audience can easily take it as you’re trying to force somebody upon them.
Jim Ross
Those who aim low usually hit their targets.
James M. Barrie
I don’t want my generals or my defense secretary or my national-security team to ever feel deploying weapons to kill people as routine or abstract, even if the targets are bad people.
Barack Obama
Crunches are much more effective than regular sit-ups because they specifically target your upper abdominal muscles rather than your hip muscles. If you’re not used to them, they can cause soreness a day or two later, but it’s a ‘cool’ soreness. A badge of honor.
Sylvester Stallone
Ally.” Peeta says the words slowly, tasting it. “Friend. Lover. Victor. Enemy. Fiancee. Target. Mutt. Neighbor. Hunter. Tribute. Ally. I’ll add it to the list of words I use to try to figure you out. The problem is, I can’t tell what’s real anymore, and what’s made up.
Suzanne Collins
You gotta watch everything. You gotta watch how you move, ’cause you a celebrity. You’re a target now, so you always gotta do that. Just stay on your tippy toes.
When has stand-up comedy been kind to anyone? It goes after anyone who’s the target. Comedy attacks, man.
Sam Kinison
When you get money you’re always a target because there’s always somebody who needs money out there.
Lloyd Banks
The day after the worlds I was more relieved that Id won and become world No 1. But its different now. The next target is to win the Premier League and to defend my world title.
Gerwyn Price
I should have done target practice.
Valerie Solanas
Young people know they are being betrayed by he mass electronic media. It caricatures them, caricatures others. It is not really about them though it targets them as consumers.
Adrienne Rich
In places where marriage’s core meaning has been altered through legal action, officials are beginning to target for punishment those believers and churches that refuse to adapt.
Salvatore J. Cordileone
To me, the definition of focus is knowing exactly where you want to be today, next week, next month, next year, then never deviating from your plan. Once you can see, touch and feel your objective, all you have to do is pull back and put all your strength behind it, and you’ll hit your target every time.
Bruce Jenner
I’m on a lot of nonprofit boards, but if I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t do it. I haven’t yet done anything that’s transformational in philanthropy. But I hope at some point to target two or three causes or organizations and really make transformational gifts.
David Rubenstein
The thirteenth rule of radical tactics: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.
Saul Alinsky
To operate a company of the size of Sears Holdings or Wal-Mart or Target or Home Depot or Lowe’s, you need a combination of skills, and each of those skills needs to be sufficiently strong.
Edward Lampert
One of the guiding principles of Altuzarra is that fashion can be transformative, changing not just the way you look, but also the way you feel. By partnering with Target, we hope to bring that same experience to a much broader range of women.
Joseph Altuzarra
A digital currency issued by a central bank would be a global target for cyber attacks, cyber counterfeiting, and cyber theft.
Jerome Powell
There should be momentum created for achievement of goals by 2022. When we celebrate the 75th anniversary of freedom we should achieve targets
Narendra Modi
It’s been an adventure just getting out to Saturn, .. Saturn is such an alluring photographic target. It’s a joy, really, to be able to take our images and composite them in an artful way, which is one of my cardinal working goals. It’s about poetry and beauty and science all mixed together.
Carolyn Porco
There is no softer target in GOP primaries than the United Nations and foreign-aid spending.
Elliott Abrams
People love to see public figures get taken down a notch, and by the same token, everyone loves to be the center of attention, even when there’s a target on their forehead.
Jeff Ross
I can hit any target on the field.
Lamar Jackson
I could live in Target clothes forever.
Georgina Bloomberg
Spider-Man is loved by a huge range of people. I think the real target audience is people younger than 16. It’s because he’s going through what they’re going through.
Tom Holland
I happen to be a Sagittarius. That means we pull back the bow, we aim and fire at our target, and we aim to hit our target.
Keith Thurman
When you’re a curvy girl, it can be hard to find a suit that fits perfectly in all the right places, but Target definitely has accomplished that with their swimwear.
Denise Bidot
Climate change is the greatest threat to our common future. We have a very short period of time to tackle the problem before it becomes irreversible and out of control. A lot of progress has been made, but we must now go further, faster and turn targets into real change
Chris Huhne
I can’t catch her by copying her, I can’t draw her with a borrowed stencil. She is all the things a lover should be and quite a few a lover should not. Pin her down? She’s not a butterfly. I’m not a wrestler. She’s not a target. I’m not a gun. Tell you what she is? She’s not Lot no. 27 and I’m not one to brag.
Jeanette Winterson
Royce nodded. “Invest in crossbows. Next time stay hidden and just put a couple bolts into each of your target’s chests. All this talking is just stupid.” “Royce!” Hadrian admonished. “What? You’re always saying I should be nicer to people. I’m trying to be helpful.
Michael J. Sullivan
To always hit the target, throw a dart, then call whatever you hit the target.
Ashleigh Brilliant
We stand by as children starve by the millions because we lack the will to end hunger. But we have found the will to develop missiles capable of flying over the polar cap and landing within a few hundred feet of their target. This is not innovation. It is a profound distortion of humanity’s purpose on earth.
Mark Hatfield
I learned to assemble a rifle in the dark and was trained as a sniper so that I could hit the center of the target time after time. As it happened, I never did get into actual combat, but that didn’t prevent my being severely wounded. I almost lost both my feet as a result of a bombing attack on Jerusalem.
Ruth Westheimer
I get really nervous if pigeons are flying around before shows. I can’t stand them after one once flew in through my bathroom window and went for me while I was having a wee. That was enough. I think pigeons target me.
Niall Horan
When I set myself a target, I aim to reach it.
Dimitar Berbatov
The rascal multitude are the proper targets of the mass media and a public education system geared to obedience and training in needed skills, including the skill of repeating patriotic slogans on timely occasions.
Noam Chomsky
I think it true that, you know, sometimes things start to change even before a government changes and, actually, I think you can begin to see even the Labour machine beginning to understand that it has become over-reliant on targets and processes, that local governments have been over-bossed and bullied.
David Cameron
For every athlete, Olympics is the target, but mine is a little different. I am focusing on improving my timing; that’s what I think about.
Hima Das
Never lower your target ; increase your actions.
Grant Cardone
I don’t think too much about how many goals I’m going to target. I work really hard and prepare really well for the season to come… I know when I’m well prepared, when I’ve worked hard, the results will come.
Ada Hegerberg
The flak is always the heaviest closest to the target
Boyd K. Packer
Any time anyone fires bullets in an action movie that don’t hit the target it immediately undermines the movie.
Shane Black
Yes, we are looking into gene therapies for immune cells to target senescent cells.
Liz Parrish
People confuse the subject of the joke with the target of the joke, and they’re very rarely the same.
Ricky Gervais
I don’t want to cry. Everyone will make note of my tears and I’ll be marked as an easy target. A weakling. I will give no one that satisfaction.
Suzanne Collins
alent is like the marksman who hits a target which others cannot reach; genius is like the marksman who hits a target, as far as which others cannot even see.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Straight lines go too quickly to appreciate the pleasures of the journey. They rush straight to their target and then die in the very moment of their triumph without having thought, loved, suffered or enjoyed themselves.
Rene Crevel
Any team sport, there are certain team targets and those targets should always be in the forefront.
Sachin Tendulkar
The Unites States used to use law enforcement to aggressively target North Korea illicit activities – counterfeiting U.S. currency, drug-running, counterfeit cigarettes and pharmaceuticals – until diplomacy gutted those efforts. The effort should be reinvigorated.
Ed Royce
Theres going to be a big target on my back but I cant wait to rise to that challenge. Im not going to be hiding from anyone.
Gerwyn Price
Excuse me, but I’ve been to some of the toughest zones in the galaxy to get my targets. And I have never once gone after a target and failed. Ever. (Shahara) Yeah, but you’ve never been chased before. It’s a lot harder to be the prey than it is to be the predator. (Syn)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
The haters and the trolls have always used me as an excuse to make fun of something that is out of the ordinary, something that doesn’t necessarily make sense to them. For whatever reason, I have always been a target that people love to attack.
Steve Aoki
If I am just, like, on a run by myself, I’ve never been stopped. Even if I’m at Target buying my own action figure, people would not believe that it’s me. I actually was like, ‘This is me!’
Kelly Marie Tran
Man does not create gods, in spite of appearances. The times, the age, impose them on him. Man can serve his age or rebel against it, but the target of his cooperation or rebellion comes to him from outside.
Stanislaw Lem
It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view.
Jeff Cooper
It’s totally mistaken to suppose that an armed escort is going to give a journalist any protection – on the contrary, journalists who turn up surrounded by armed personnel are just turning themselves into targets and in even worse danger.
Kate Adie
Those who write may think they know their target market. They may even feel they can shape the work to fit it. If this is true of you, you have more control over your creative process than I do. Even so, I humbly submit that you try letting your writing shape your target market instead and see what happens.
Catherine Ryan Hyde
It is absolutely unacceptable to single out any political group – right, left, or center – and say we’re going to target them. That is unthinkable.
Dick Durbin
The world generally speaking is now drifting on a more and more devastating course towards the absurd target of extermination – or rather, to be more exact – of the northern hemisphere’s towns, fields, and the people who have developed our civilization.
Alva Myrdal
Love is a terrible weakness. It gives your enemies a perfect target, clouds your judgement, makes you reckless… and that’s on a good day.
Jeaniene Frost
I didn’t think I would work for Nautica. I never thought in my life I would have a Sprite deal, never in my life did I think I would have a Target deal, ever.
Lil Yachty
For value investors, General Motors is a tempting target. The company’s share of the North American auto market has steadily declined for two decades, and analysts say the company suffers from weak management and unexciting cars.
Alex Berenson
I started modeling before ‘1992,’ and I had already done Calvin Klein and Target and Gap and Diesel, Reebok, so I had been modeling for a little bit.
Princess Nokia
Vertical search engines that match your business, service or products with a target market offer you a higher conversion rate than traditional search engines. Because they have already qualified their interest by coming to a search engine with a specific focus, searchers will be more receptive to targeted advertising.
Marc Ostrofsky
I urge you to set a tough, quantitative target for adding “differentiators” as I call them, to every service you provide.
Tom Peters
I’m this generic, ambiguous scapegoat for white people to call me a race traitor and take out their hostility on. And I’m a target for anger and pain about white people from the black community. It’s like I am the worst of all these worlds.
Rachel Dolezal
I’m a big believer in going on offense, and I think Hillary Clinton is the ideal target on whom to go on offense.
Rush Limbaugh
This tornado is in Oklahoma so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives.
Lizz Winstead
I think there was a time where the target man went out of fashion and it was all about the small and quick striker.
Glenn Murray
I’m not going to make it a target, but it’s something to aim for.
Steve Coppell
The Islamic method of waging war is not to kill innocent civilians, but it was Christians in World War II who bombed civilians in Dresden and Hiroshima, neither of which were military targets.
Feisal Abdul Rauf
The thought of bringing a cake into a dance music show is a bizarre one. The idea of rafting on top of people is just as bizarre as well. And I think whenever something bizarre comes into play, it immediately becomes an easy target. And for those reasons, I know that I have been the target of criticism.
Steve Aoki
When it comes to sports, women are big targets for abuse because the resentment is two-fold. Some resent us for our confidence and beliefs. But there also is an added resentment because we are supposedly infiltrating a space that has been decidedly male.
Jemele Hill
I don’t indulge in the luxury of feeling when necessity requires that we meet a target. One just bucks up and does it.
Lady Colin Campbell
My day-to-day wardrobe, I do mix it up. I’ll wear something from Target along with something by YSL. It’s about finding the right items that make you happy.
Ginnifer Goodwin
Organized hatred needs a single target to serve political mobilization, so no distractions can be allowed.
Tom Tancredo
Too often, systems of oppression turn those who are the targets of the oppression against one another. It’s happened in the USA between white working class and poor folks on the one hand, and people of color on the other.
Tim Tebow
Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)
Saul Alinsky
The spider dances her web without knowing there are flies that will get caught in it. The fly, dancing nonchalantly on a sunbeam gets caught without knowing what lies in store. But through both of them “It” dances. So, too, the archer hits the target without having aimed-more I cannot say.
Eugen Herrigel
With social media, one can target the audience and reach out to the segment in a very precise, cost-effective manner.
Ravi Subramanian
You will never be able to hit a target that you cannot see.
Robin Sharma
The hospital room of a cabinet official is exactly the type of target ripe for surveillance by a foreign power.
Neal Katyal
My target is to expand the BJP’s influence everywhere.
Amit Shah
I don’t think anyone’s made a videogame yet that is me as the target audience.
Samaire Armstrong
Growing up in New Orleans as Archie Manning’s son, I felt like a target, and I’ve always known that whatever I’d do, people would hear about it. So I’ve had my guard up, and maybe that’s molded my personality.
Peyton Manning
Saying ‘I am not interested in politics’ is no guarantee that people will leave you alone. The politically-inclined will single you out as a soft target and go after you.
Ravi Subramanian
I think the real target of al-Qaeda is Saudi Arabia by the way. They hate us and we’re a vehicle to get at Saudi Arabia. I think Osama bin Laden really wants to topple that regime and have his people move in, but that’s a whole other story.
Frank Carlucci
There is a feeling of personal dignity and independence in grasping, literally, the power to back your refusal to be a target of a violent crime with lethal force. This is not a sense of power, it is now the experience of escaping from a sense of powerlessness.
John Longenecker
We all know what it feels like to be an outcast or a loner or to fall between the cracks. To be the target of gossip or people talking about you, or girls are ganging up on you. One minute, they’re your best friend; the next, they call you on three-way.
Krysten Ritter
I chose as my target the University of Mississippi, which in 1960 was the holiest temple of white supremacy in America, next to the U.S. Capitol and the White House, both of which were under the control of segregationists and their collaborators.
James Meredith
Good performance in government was never Imran’s target.
Reham Khan
The Tsarnaev brothers, the elder brother made a public call to jihad and the [Barack] Obama administration didn’t target it.
Ted Cruz
During consideration in the Education and the Workforce Committee this year, Democrats and Republicans worked constructively together to improve the delivery of Head Start services to the target populations.
Lucille Roybal-Allard
As a rule reading fiction is as hard to me as trying to hit a target by hurling feathers at it. I need resistance to celebrate!
William James
Improving the quality of our lives should be the ultimate target of public policies. But public policies can only deliver best fruit if they are based on reliable tools to measure the improvement they seek to produce in our lives.
Jose Angel Gurria
Oftentimes, heavy weights can tear the muscle fiber causing it to bulk, but using a lighter weight for a longer duration and allowing your body to move in many different ways to target all of the muscles will lengthen them without tearing.
Tracy Anderson
Journalists typically don’t carry weapons, even in war zones, for fear of compromising their status as neutral observers. If you’re armed, the theory goes, other armed people will consider you a target.
Tucker Carlson
Al Qaeda is not a nation-state and it has not signed the Geneva Conventions. It shows no desire to obey the laws of war; if anything it directly violates them by disguising themselves as civilians and attacking purely civilian targets to cause massive casualties.
John Yoo
Gun control means being able to hit your target. If I have a ‘hot button’ issue, this is definitely it. Don’t even think about taking my guns. My rights are not negotiable, and I am totally unwilling to compromise when it comes to the Second Amendment.
Michael Badnarik
I have been using the Lipo Target Massager (not every day) and the Detox Oil. Recently my husband noticed that the cellulite on my thighs had decreased. For a man to notice anything there has to be quite a big difference – so it works really well.
If an adversary didn’t target our power plants but they did target the core routers, the backbones that tie our internet connections together, entire parts of the United States could be cut off. That would have a tremendous impact on us as a society and it would have a policy backlash.
Edward Snowden
I freestyled the hook to ‘Target.’ I got into cadence and then it sparked the idea.
Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.
Henry Ford
I’ve been the target of haters for so long, for so many years. Ever since I was a kid and I first started the show.
Ariel Winter
My target is to get as many call-ups as I can, get as many games as I can and win many trophies with Nigeria.
Alex Iwobi
On December 22, 1986, finding I was body positive, I set myself a target: I would disclose my secret and survive Margaret Thatcher. I did. Now I have set my sights on the millennium and a world where we are all equal.
Derek Jarman
I became very timid, very retreating. I wouldn’t talk to anybody. I didn’t look you in the eye. I just had that kind of personality as a kid that basically puts a target on you.
Frank Peretti
The important thing with Facebook is to remember that it played a role in facilitating Brexit because it inadvertently allowed leave-supporting groups to use harvested data to target key voters.
Nish Kumar
I was small growing up, and to make matters worse, I wore glasses, and my mother dressed me in attention-getting outfits. I was a target of bullies.
Joel Grey
The successful pilots succeeded because they did not open fire until they were close to the target.
Douglas Bader
By downplaying clear targets and frameworks, … the Prime Minister is ignoring calls from UK companies who want a clear framework to operate within now. There has been a lot of discussion about the false choice between targets and technologies, but the reality is that without both we cannot achieve either.
Tony Juniper
Calling Michelle ‘Obama Barack’s baby mama?’ Tell me, is that acceptable? But the Obamas aren’t the only targets. Fox’s pattern of race-baiting and fear-mongering regularly focuses on black leaders, black institutions and ordinary black people.
Once you have a lot of success, you become a target in many ways.
Jennifer Lopez
If you’re doing well, you’re a target, nobody’s interested in you except how you can be of use to them.
Richard Grant
It’s a bizarre but wonderful feeling, to arrive dead center of a target you didn’t even know you were aiming for.
Lois McMaster Bujold
To be able to close off a run chase or finish off when you are setting a target is a real skill.
Mickey Arthur
The future, for us, is not in bold and big deals. It is in selective deals, and I prefer to focus on one accretive target worth around €2 bn. than several deals worth €200 m.
Thomas Buberl
We are Bayern. We have the highest standards, and always want to win everything, so the Champions League is a very big target.
Franck Ribery
Big head, target for enemy; big heart, target for friend.
Don’t ever write just for a trend or fad, because it’s a moving target, and by the time you get your work out there, the trend or fad is gone. Dig deep; don’t be afraid to write fiercely. Expose your heart.
Jane Yolen
Quantum Leap Thinking [is] an opportunity to get our energy out and target it in the direction of great productivity, leaving us with a feeling of accomplishment.
Leon Tec
I want the target on my back. I want everybody to come after me. That’s been my goal since I started fighting.
Johny Hendricks
I enjoy shooting. Around where I live, it’s something you do for entertainment once in a while, you go out and shoot targets.
Bonnie Jo Campbell
I love Target.
Lauren Ash
I try to write stories that will attract younger readers and make them feel part of a wider readership. I do not feel able to write books that are about, or even for, teenagers; and I am inclined to be suspicious of books which ‘target’ them.
Mal Peet
Beckendorf walked up with his helmet under his arm. ‘She likes you, man.’ ‘Sure,’ I muttered. ‘She likes me for target practice.’ ‘Nah, they always do that. A girl starts trying to kill you, you know she’s into you. ‘Makes a lot of sense.
Rick Riordan
The body is not the only target of rape. Violence does not always take a visible form, and not all wounds gush blood.
Haruki Murakami
Even hostile parodies admit from the start that the target has a distinct voice.
Tom Wolfe
I can’t begin to count how many times I have warned politicians and candidates to worry as much about the good coverage as the bad, because the more air they put in your balloon, the bigger the target when they start shooting.
Susan Estrich
Henry Blodget does occasionally have a new idea. If you’re making a point about aggregation or the emptiness of modern journalism, he’s far from the best target. Try Huffpo – or Gawker writers whose souls have been corroded by irony.
Nick Denton
I started with the Target Company in 1993 when their Christmas theme that year was ‘It’s A Wonderful Life,’ and they reunited the actors who played the Bailey kids. So we went all over and really had a blast getting the love from all of the fans and thought, ‘Whoopty-doo, there’s something going on here.’
Karolyn Grimes
Any analyst at any time can target anyone. Any selector, anywhere I, sitting at my desk, certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge, to even the President
Edward Snowden
In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. In the darkness the man with a candle is an easy target.
Michael Grant
Because we only feed in the United States less than 1 per cent of the meals, most of them are eaten elsewhere. Most meals are eaten at home. So to make McDonald’s the target is not going to solve the problem.
Jim Cantalupo
God is immutable—He never changes! His ministry to you is complete, on target, and constant!
Elizabeth George
I’m the number 1 target of the White House. They can’t get Osama bin Laden; they’re going to get me.
Jean Carnahan
Hey, what if those crop circles are just ads for Target?
Dennis Miller
The human. Now you know all about your target
Kevin Mitnick
Conformities are called for much more eagerly today than yesterday… skeptics, liberals, individuals with a taste for private life and their own inner standards of behavior, are objects of fear and derision and targets of persecution for either side… in the great ideological wars of our time.
Isaiah Berlin
As a manager, when you can’t get your first target do you go and spend on your second, third, fourth choice?
Graeme Souness
keep moving. It’s hard for old age to hit a moving target.
Joan Rivers
Most of my stuff comes from Eloquii, Torrid, Lane Bryant – even Target!
Chrissy Metz
In Minneapolis, I learned that there are more theaters per square mile than in any U.S. city but New York, and we also had great Midwestern beef in our salads in a plaza overlooking the national headquarters of Target, Inc.
Darin Strauss
Where I come from, once word gets out that you’ve cooperated with the police, that only makes you a bigger target of criminal violence. That is a dark reality in so many neighborhoods like mine across America. I’m not saying its right, but it’s reality.
I don’t approach my movies with a target audience in mind. I try to make something that’s true to the subject matter as much as possible, while still being entertaining and fun.
Kelly Asbury
I almost got kidnapped trying to find a taxi in the street. In Saudi Arabia, it’s not normal for a woman to walk in the street alone, and I don’t cover my face, so I am an open target.
Manal al-Sharif
By leading on a strong emissions reduction target, the U.K. is persuading others on the need for member states to have the freedom and flexibility to develop their own energy mix to achieve these ambitious reductions.
Ed Davey
When I look down the range at the target all I can do is try to distinguish between the different colors.
Im Dong-Hyun
Entering public life as a woman – be it as a politician, journalist, expert or activist – makes you the target of the most sinister threats, abuse and language.
Gina Miller
As they were during the Cold War, urban population centers remain the most likely targets of a nuclear attack. Now, however, an attack may come without warning from an unknown enemy, to achieve unclear motives.
Alan Cranston
World-class performance comes by striving for a target just out of reach, but with a vivid awareness of how the gap might be breached.В  Over time, through constant repetition and deep concentration, the gap will disappear, only for a new target to be created, just out of reach once again.
Matthew Syed
I shortly will introduce legislation banning the sale, manufacture or possession of handguns (with exceptions for law enforcement and licensed target clubs)… . It is time to act. We cannot go on like this. Ban them!
John Chafee
I’m pretty critical of myself as far as reaching some sort of perfect bull’s-eye or target that I’m aiming for.
Jeff Bridges
If you want to score a goal, you have to hit the target.
Fabio Capello
A prudent man… must behave like those archers who, if they are skillful, when the target seems too distant, know the capabilities of their bow and aim a good deal higher than their objective, not in order to shoot so high but so that by aiming high they can reach the target.
Niccolo Machiavelli
Dresden? There is not such a place any longer.” “I want to point out, that besides Essen, we never actually considered any particular industrial sites as targets. The destruction of industrial sites always was some sort of bonus for us. Our real targets always were the inner cities.
Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet
Target SME’s and you target women because that is where they access the business sector.
Linah Mohohlo
We now know 600 different genes involved in cancer – giving rise to new drug targets.
Eric Lander
You can’t lose the game. You can’t go wrong. It’s not part of the plan. There is no way not to get where you are going. There’s no way to miss your destination. If God is your target, you’re in luck, because God is so big, you can’t miss.
Neale Donald Walsch
I was chairman of the steering committee for agriculture when we set up the target of 4% growth rate. I had written that if you want to achieve 4% growth rate in agriculture, you should have 8% growth in animal husbandry and fisheries and 8% in horticulture.
M. S. Swaminathan
I think all art is, by nature, intended to motivate society for change, and the only reason change doesn’t happen is because within the target population, courage is lacking.
Wadada Leo Smith
Marketers can target Sponsored Updates to any segment of our premium audience based on professional profile data across more than 225 million members.
David Hahn
China has adopted and is implementing its national climate change program. This includes mandatory national targets for reducing energy intensity and discharge of major pollutants and increasing forest coverage and the share of renewable energy for the period of 2005 through 2010.
Hu Jintao
I don’t think I’ve ever been a huge target for the press, and I value that to a degree, because there’s a certain value for actors staying beneath the radar so they can play characters.
Liev Schreiber
Truly I was born to be an example of misfortune, and a target at which the arrows of adversary are aimed.
Miguel de Cervantes
People in the arts often want to aim for the biggest, most obvious target, and hit it smack in the bull’s eye.
Of course with everybody else aiming there as well that makes it very hard and expensive to hit. I prefer to shoot the arrow, then paint the target around it. You make the niches in which you finally reside.
Brian Eno
When Target gets hacked, I don’t hear people saying, ‘Hey, was it Kohl’s? Was it Wal-Mart?’ It doesn’t matter. There was a hack; you deal with it.
Rick Santelli
If we’re going to affect policy, or affect attitudes, for me, the adults have always been the target population.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I learned to shoot more accurately because my teachers held the targets.
Maxine Hong Kingston
Understand why you are different and how you help, recognise your target market, and give them something they might not even realise they are missing.
Chris Murray
That is potentially putting us all in the target hairs now is the reactivation of a new nuclear arms race. This arms race and this cold war is potentially hotter than it’s been at any time in my lifetime.
Jill Stein
Perfect replication is the enemy of any robust system… Lacking a central nervous system much less a brain the parasite is a simple system designed to compromise a very specific target host. The more uniform the host, the more effective the infestation.
Daniel Suarez
We have successfully achieved the target of building toilets in schools.
Narendra Modi
Everyone’s target is to improve Pakistan’s cricket.
Sarfaraz Ahmed
I feel that these stories are being written to articulate certain confusions and disappointments, and I do mean to shake up the reader, and I do hope they’re on target.
Ann Beattie
People are always looking for something to hate on. If this is something for them to target and hate on, that’s their thing. I look at it as satire.
Ned Luke
When your target is too far away from you, continue walking singing the song you like.
Mehmet Murat Ildan
All art is political. Yes. Even the stuff that sounds like bubble-gum songs. I think all art is, by nature, intended to motivate society for change, and the only reason change doesn’t happen is because within the target population, courage is lacking.
Wadada Leo Smith
There’s only one basic principle of self-defense- you must apply the most effective weapon, as soon as possible, to the most vulnerable target.
Bruce Lee
You know, sometimes I feel like I walk around with a target on my back with the films I make.
Alan Rudolph
The reason that the company decided to invest in Tesla was not to target a profit gain. We did it as a means to further a partnership between the companies.
Takeshi Uchiyamada
Our target is not negotiations, it is the end of the apartheid system. There can be no compromise about that.
Oliver Tambo
As individuals and as a nation we have become dependent on a vast digital infrastructure. That, in turn, has made us vulnerable to cybercriminals and foreign adversaries that target that infrastructure.
William Barr
Haiti, which has been the main target of US intervention throughout the 20th century, is the poorest. And Guatemala, which is maybe the third major target of US intervention, probably ranks third poorest.
Noam Chomsky
When you miss the target, never in history has it been the target’s fault. Ya gotta take responsibility!
Larry Winget
See your target. Keep it in your sight. Hit it… until you hit it.
Mark Joyner
I’m kind of a crazy person about hand sanitizer. I carry the plain ones that smell like aloe, from Target or CVS.
Odette Annable
I’m not supposed to say it, but I was not guilty of any crime. I became a target because I was a strong and a rich woman who had been very successful.
Martha Stewart
Few are there that will leave the secure seclusion of the scholar’s life, the peaceful walks of literature and learning, to stand out a target for the criticism of unkind and hostile minds.
Felix Adler
You might think being the target of an international terrorist organization, an amnesiac, and a girl with hair dyed in the middle of the night by Macey McHenry would make people stare at you. Well, try walking into the Grand Hall with seriously puffy eyes while holding hands. With a boy.
Ally Carter
I’m very proud to have joined with conservatives in both the Senate and the House to reform how we target bad guys.
Ted Cruz
You cannot use [nuclear weapons] to target civilians; you cannot use them against military targets if they have indiscriminate effects on civilians in addition to the attack on the military target.
John Burroughs
The desire to collect information on customers is not new for Target or any other large retailer, of course. For decades, Target has collected vast amounts of data on every person who regularly walks into one of its stores.
Charles Duhigg
Well, look, let me put it this way. Back in 2005, when I was a freshman, I – I was the first Democrat to support CAFTA. My labor union folks made me their number-one target. They came after me, and I’m still here.
Henry Cuellar
If you’re big at school, you’ve really got two choices. You’re going to be a target. If you go to school, and you’re me, you go, ‘Right – I’m just going to make myself a bigger target. My confidence, it will terrify them.’ That’s how I felt in school.
James Corden
I’m not playing the woman card. But especially being a woman who is not afraid of her mindset and her body. You know people don’t like it when you are happy. And that’s the easiest target.
Neha Bhasin
Even people that I agree with can do something that would be a target for a bit of humor.
Jonathan Shapiro
Carpet bombing tends to portray something that’s totally indiscriminate, you know, en masse without regard to the target.
Norman Schwarzkopf
I prefer when movies target my heart instead of my mind.
Anton Yelchin
I don’t really believe in targets, because my next target is to beat Stoke City
Ron Wylie
I find that people want aggressive policing if they as a community feel they are part of it. They don’t want aggressive policing if they feel it’s being imposed upon them and they are a target.
Loretta Lynch
I have targets for business achievements; I do not have targets for acquisitions. Because if you have targets for acquisitions, you end up making compromises in terms of valuations, and you buy things because you have a target, and it is not good for business.
Dilip Shanghvi
When the price of a drug rises, it becomes profitable and the target of new competition.
Scott Gottlieb
We have been mandated by the government, backed by legislation, that we have to have an inflation target of about 4%.
Urjit Patel
Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.
Joseph Goebbels
Many gamblers think they’re being singled out by fate as a target for cruel jokes. They feel they alone in all the universe are being tortured, experimented upon by some unknown force.
Mike Caro
The biggest revenue target is the preferential rate for long-term capital gains, which raises a perennial question: Why should capital income be taxed at a much lower rate than ordinary income? Capital assets are owned overwhelmingly by the rich.
James B. Stewart
A man convinced of his own merit will accept misfortune as an honor, for thus can he persuade others, as well as himself, that he is a worthy target for the arrows of fate.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
During the Greenspan-Bernanke era, the Fed has embraced the view that stability in the economy and stability in prices are mutually consistent. As long as inflation remains at or below its target level, the Fed’s modus operandi is to panic at the sight of real or perceived economic trouble and provide emergency relief.
Steve Hanke
I wanted to repeat we cannot vote confidence at any point on a confidence motion in a government that fails to have a climate target that’s ground in science and consistent with what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we must do.
Elizabeth May
I grew up on a ranch with my father, so he educated us really early on about guns. We used to go target shooting all the time.
Eva Longoria
I needed targets, different things to go for on a daily basis—a distance on the treadmill or a weight goal. Without them, I wasn’t celebrating myself enough, and I got really good at beating myself up.
Ali Vincent
The goal and target of our life is He, the Christ who awaits us — each one singly and altogether — to lead us across the boundaries of time to the eternal embrace of the God who loves us.
Pope John Paul II
The reason they were designated as targets was to keep them from the witness stand and us. Is it just a coincidence that four years later they haven’t been indicted
Randi Weingarten
3 years ago I was stocking shelves at Target, living on Ramen noodles, and crashing at Billy’s house. Now I’m on tour
Benji Madden
The reviewers tear me apart. I bleed. I’m a favorite target. They go along for six months looking at movies, praying for rain, and then a new Sandra Dee movie comes out, and their eyes open, and they lick their lips. Before they’ve ever seen it.
Sandra Dee
I don’t look at records, that’s not why I’m playing the game. Goals, of course. Every player in my position wants to score goals. But most of all, trophies.В My target is always to win trophies for Barcelona, and that will always be my motivation, to win things. Nothing feels better than doing that as a team.
Lionel Messi
Six innings, you’re doing your job. That’s a good target to have, but I’m always looking to improve. There’s three more innings of improvement left.
Drew Pomeranz
It is true that when you’re defending a target, you tend to be more ruthless when you’re defending a lower target than a 300-plus one because you have the comfort of runs in the latter case.
Anil Kumble
As far as the targets hit by the Islamic attackers, I do not consider the WTC a U.S. institution, but the headquarters of most that’s wrong with our present masters.
Tom Metzger
The past is an unsolved mystery and the truth a moving target.
Edna Buchanan
If America has the right to target Osama bin Laden, or terrorists, of course Israel has the right to defend itself from terrorism.
Alan Dershowitz
I think any good government will target on the finishing date, that is, the polling day and make sure that their strategy is strong and in place to get them successfully re-elected.
Alexander Downer
Can’t nobody touch me right now. Maybe next month all of this will be over. But this month I’m takin’ every movin’ target out.
Tupac Shakur
I say this every time I get interviewed, I just try to get my shots on target. If they go in, they go in.
Bradley Wright-Phillips
It is easy to claim that we will score 450 or 500 runs but to achieve this target an entire process is required.
Sarfaraz Ahmed
Where you are born, your parent’s beliefs, or your ethnic background should not make you a target.
Peter Maurer
New Zealand is not used to wealth. In America wealth is kind of a thing of pride. Here it’s the opposite. The more you’ve got, the bigger the target you are.
Peter Jackson
The red line must be drawn on Iran’s nuclear enrichment program because these enrichment facilities are the only nuclear installations that we can definitely see and credibly target.
Ehud Barak
In order for any smartphone manufacturer to decrypt the data on your phone, it has to hold onto a secret that lets it get that access. And that secret or that database of secrets becomes an extremely valuable and useful target for intelligence agencies.
Matt Blaze
When you get famous, you become a target for things, like lawsuits. People will take advantage of your fame.
If I start planning then that’s dangerous because then I have a target that I’m blinkered towards and I won’t listen to the warning signs quite so much. I’d rather be in shape and then look around and say there’s a race next week and jump into that than have it planned.
Paula Radcliffe
It had all the earmarks of a CIA operation; the bomb killed everybody in the room except the intended target!
William F. Buckley, Jr.
Don’t pick the wrong target when you’re angry, and don’t hurt the ones you love or the ones who love you, because if you keep a good attitude and are prepared to do your work, you just might get an opportunity out of the blue.
Terry O’Quinn
At the end of the day if you want to effectively market to a target group, you’re not going to appeal to everybody. Those companies that try and cater to everybody, end up making everybody not care.
Dan Bilzerian
I just try to find targets I feel something about and express it my way.
George Carlin
We will also target tax evasion and off-shore tax havens… Everyone must pay their share.
George Osborne
My father died when I was 9 years old. The miserable condition of my family at that time is beyond description. My family, solitary and without influence, became at once the target of much insult and abuse.
Chiang Kai-shek
We have no target for the number of medals we hope to win in 2012 – yet. But we want every kid in the country to have the chance to have the best opportunities.
Tessa Jowell
A nice, easy place for freedom of speech to be eroded is comics, because comics are a natural target whenever an election comes up.
Neil Gaiman
In the Second Amendment, it’s not about hunting, it’s not about target shooting, it’s about protecting your home and your family and your life.
Ted Cruz
I wish I could tell you the recipe for figuring out who the target user is for your product and who your users should be, but… there isn’t a recipe. It comes down to think really hard and use your judgement to figure out who you’re really building this for.
Emmett Shear
You can’t go around saying you’re the best, all the time, ’cause it puts a target on your back.
Kieran Bew
Ugh! Erin. You have a one-track mind.” She smiled deviously. “I prefer to think of it as target-driven.
Tammara Webber
To be honest, I don’t try to speak and target who my ‘audience’ is. I just do my thing.
Pedro Capo
The great majority of people are “wandering generalities” rather than “meaningful specifics”. The fact is that you can’t bit a target that you can’t see. If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. You have to have goals.
Zig Ziglar
I think Imran has the tendency to pick the worst qualities from other politicians. What I meant when I told him to follow Modi’s model was that gain experience of being a CM for ten years in a challenging province and then target the PM’s chair.
Reham Khan
The spirit of arrogance most definitely makes you shine. It paints a bright red target on your own forehead.
Criss Jami
The Second Amendment isn’t about duck hunting or target shooting.
Massad Ayoob
Sometimes, when a person gains a lot of success at a very young age, they become targets, and it’s really easy to follow the crowds and not make independent decisions based on truly how you feel.
Dane Cook
The instant the atmosphere is illuminated it will be filled with an infinite number of images which are produced by the various bodies and colours assembled in it. And the eye is the target, a lodestone, of these images.
Leonardo da Vinci
I stay close to the target to score goals and help my team – that’s good.
The target for every great champion is to play for the team.
Antonio Conte
Although Customs and Border Protection analyzes cargo and other information to target specific shipments for closer inspection, it still physically inspects only a small fraction of the containers under its purview.
Mike Fitzpatrick
Visual renditions of war not only establish what can be seen, and the audio-track established what can be heard, but the photographs also “train” us in ways of focusing on targets, ways of regarding suffering and loss.
Judith Butler
The way I pick who gets caked is generally by who shows me the most energy and is screaming for it. I still can’t help but ask myself… should I stop caking people? Will that stop the haters from hating? Stop giving the trolls more content to target me with?
Steve Aoki
I was in three academic clubs, a huge book worm and the teacher’s pet. I was kind of an easy target for bullies.
Nicole Anderson
Sharks don’t target human beings, and they certainly don’t hold grudges.
Peter Benchley
Most of our troubles are due to poor implementation….wrong priorities and unattainable targets
J. R. D. Tata
If we have actionable intelligence about high value terrorist targets and President [Pervez] Musharraf will not act, we will.
Barack Obama
Cannes Film Festival prefers political films. We have to target certain festivals based on our films.
It was something… the way a person’s life picked up speed, the way a life was like a bullet aimed at one final target, impossible to slow or turn aside, and like the bullet, you were ignorant of what you were going to hit, would never know anything except the rush and the impact.
Joe Hill
When dictators and tyrants seek to destroy the freedoms of men, their first target is the legal profession and through it the rule of law.
Leon Jaworski
‘War and Peas’ by Michael Foreman, one of the great British children’s illustrators. His watercolours are so lovely you could almost eat them, just as members of the target audience have been trying to do for decades.
Tobias Hill
In a military operation, the command and control elements are a legitimate target.
Stephen Hadley
The discovery of HIV in 1983 and the proof that it was the cause of AIDS in 1984 were the first major scientific breakthroughs that provided a specific target for blood-screening tests and opened the doorway to the development of antiretroviral medications.
Anthony Fauci
The primary purpose of software estimation is not to predict a project’s outcome; it is to determine whether a project’s targets are realistic enough to allow the project to be controlled to meet them.
Steve McConnell
I actually shoot. I enjoy target practice. I find it really zen. You focus on nothing but the target. You have to control your breathing. It’s all part of my years in the military, where I was taught to become a marksman but also to respect my weapon.
Tammy Duckworth
When, as a player, you have dreamed of playing at the highest level, it’s normal that it gets your attention to be linked as a target as a possible addition to important clubs in the world.
Edinson Cavani
To operate a company of the size of Sears Holdings or Wal-Mart or Target or Home Depot or Lowes, you need a combination of skills, and each of those skills needs to be sufficiently strong.
Edward Lampert
To realize peace on the Korean peninsula, and to develop exchange, cooperation between both Koreas, they are the, you know, immediate target of our government.
Kim Dae-jung
A lot of people don’t belong in our clothes, and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.
Mike Jeffries
The possession targets a vulnerability in each of its victims and amplifies it. Essentially, it removes the self-control and notions of good that keep us from acting out on our darkest impulses.
Brian Pinkerton
It’s not for me to determine what a country artist has in common with a hip-hop artist. You go for those with long-lasting careers. And that’s what I’ve had as my target all my life.
Clive Davis
We have switched from defense to offense and in this battle all the members of the Hamas leadership are legitimate targets.
Tzachi Hanegbi
Never reduce a target. Instead, increase actions. When you start rethinking your targets, making up excuses, and letting yourself off the hook, you are giving up on your dreams!
Grant Cardone
Today’s terrorists are pursuing a distinct route. They are increasingly attacking civilians in symbolic targets, such as those of economic importance, or venues of bustling life like public transportation or entertainment, like nightclubs.
Cliff Stearns
I’m just trying to understand what’s around me as much as anyone else is, really. To draw a bead on a moving target.
Dylan Moran
New York is a spectacular place, and those who are jealous of the way we live our lives are always going to, you know, to strike out, and, you know, we’re always going to be a target, sadly. London is going to be a target. You know, anywhere in the West, you’re a target.
Howard Lutnick
A boomerang returns back to the person who throws it. But first, while moving in a circle, it hits its target. So does gossip.
Vera Nazarian
Television is not the exclusive target of promoters. Is Superman really worthy of a Newsweek cover?
Phil Donahue
The front[line] of wars is increasingly non-human eyes peering down on our perceived enemies from space, guiding missiles toward unseen targets.
Zainab Salbi
For me, seeing the target and not seeing the target doesn’t make any difference.
Im Dong-Hyun
It would obviously be a big deal to reach 500 wickets but I don’t see it as a target or goal, it’s not something that has driven me on.
James Anderson
I wanted the American public to know that not everyone in Iraq and Afghanistan were targets that needed to be neutralized, but rather people who were struggling to live in the pressure cooker environment of what we call asymmetric warfare.
Chelsea Manning
I seek individual investments that will allow me to target total portfolio returns of at least 20% annually after fees and expenses on an annual basis over a period of years, not months.
Michael Burry
My life is like a speeding bullet that just hasn’t hit the target yet.
Kid Cudi
Let me first say that I don’t think the millennium target of cutting global poverty in half is an impossible or abstract target. I think it is a real and achievable goal.
Gro Harlem Brundtland
Lying is a deliberate choice to mislead a target without giving any notification of the intent to do so. There are two major forms of lying: concealment, leaving out true information; and falsification, or presenting false information as if it were true.
Paul Ekman
The Staten Island Ferry remains a potential terrorist target.
Vito Fossella
I put my bullets into the target as if I placed them there by hand.
Rene Fonck
Of course, the young male demographic has always been the target demographic for ‘Star Trek,’ the men ageing fifteen to about twenty-five or thirty, a very tough market to appeal to.
Kate Mulgrew
If your audience is young, it’d be youth culture, if your audience is older, it’d be older people, if it were senior citizens, it’d be senior citizen issues. So you try and hit the target audience.
Kurt Loder
Every drop of rain hits its appointed target.
John Newton
You achieve long-term success step by step. Try to achieve your goals one at a time, like you do target practice.
Daniel Snyder
From the very first inkling of a concept, founders need to gather a target group of five to ten potential users to begin the feedback loop. We all think we know how the market will react to new ideas, but actual users live with the pros and cons of the existing market conditions every day. They are the market experts.
Jay Samit
I love to go shopping at Target. They have so much stuff there, you can buy almost anything, it’s really amazing.
Liv Tyler
Unlike a bow and arrow, a camera by its nature ensures that some kind of target will always be hit, if not necessarily the intended target nor in the intended way.
Luc Sante
From my experience, politicians are much more uncomfortable being made fun of than they are being preached at and screeched at – you know, and the soapbox routine. They’re much more uneasy knowing they’re a target of ridicule.
Carl Hiaasen
I’m opposed to censorship of any kind, especially by government. But it’s plain common sense that producers should target their product with some kind of sensitivity.
Lee Child
Sometimes you must leave everything and refresh yourself in the silence of a misty lake! Every such refreshment will give you an opportunity to make a long jump on the way to your target!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Love is the very essence of family life. Why is it that the children we love become so frequently the targets of our harsh words? Why is it that these children who love their fathers and mothers sometimes speak as if with daggers that cut to the quick? “There is beauty all around,” only when there’s love at home.
Gordon B. Hinckley
When you are too specific on a target, it can drain you. Ask me where I will be when I am 60, and I will have no answer to give.
Christian Louboutin
Being at NDSU and winning national championships, everyone’s gunning for you. You got a big target on your back, and we had to be ready to go week in and week out. I think playing for a program like that, everyone’s going to give you their best shot, and we embrace that.
Carson Wentz
The Champions League is a target for me in any case. I want to win this title.
Mats Hummels
The budget targets imposed by the Bretton Woods institutions, combined with the effects of the devaluation, trigger the collapse of public investment.
Michel Chossudovsky
My mind’s my 9, my pen’s my Mac-10.
My target? All you wack niggaz who started rappin’.
The Notorious B.I.G.
When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target.
Geoffrey Fisher
If you have a target, you will walk more lively even in the middle of a desert!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Triathlon has quite a short season. It only runs from May to September so there’s a lot of time when you’re not racing. So I try to set myself the target of doing a certain amount of training every week and things like that.
Alistair Brownlee
Growing up, I was a target. Speaking the right way, standing the right way, holding your wrist the right way. Every day was a test, and there were a thousand ways to fail, a thousand ways to betray yourself, to not live up to someone else’s standards of what was accepted, of what was normal.
Wentworth Miller
If you ask people in the US what logos they like and recognise, they’ll name Target or Nike.
Michael Bierut
Footballers are an easy target. They are offered big lines of credit. Every sport is vulnerable; its such a big gambling industry, and there are problems with syndicates in other countries.
Gordon Taylor
The media could do a much better job, that’s for sure, especially the media that targets women… Human rights? They couldn’t care less!
Isabel Allende
Maybe the target nowadays is not to discover what we are but to refuse what we are.
Michel Foucault
Whatever you are doing, put your whole mind on it. If you are shooting, your mind should be only on the target. Then you will never miss. If you are learning your lessons, think only of the lesson. In India boys and girls are taught to do this.
Swami Vivekananda
…over the past two days, we managed to shoot down 196 missiles before they hit their target.
Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf
We will not play with inflation. We are living a delicate moment. President Obama spoke to me today about the high unemployment affecting the United States. In this crisis period, when the developed nations are not recovering, it’s prudent to maintain the established inflation target.
Dilma Rousseff
Alinsky’s 1971 book, ‘Rules for Radicals,’ is a favorite of the Obamas. Michele Obama quoted it at the Democratic Convention. One Alinsky tactic is to ‘Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.’ That’s what the White House did in targeting Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer.
Karl Rove
Know your target audience. Always keep them at the forefront of your mind. Understand their lifestyle and what they are looking for. Gather their feedback and use it to tailor your approach. The voice of the consumer is an essential input into the development of any fashion business or blog.
Imran Amed
I grew up in – I personally grew up in a gun culture. I grew up in upstate New York where most families had guns for hunting, target practice, whatever. The vast majority of people I knew never used their guns for any crime.
Stephen J. Dubner
To get momentum, you must first focus on a specific goal with passion and intensity.
Donald Trump
There’s a tacit agreement today that the white male is the only legitimate target for any and all satire, criticism, and so forth. And we pretty much just accept it.
Jack Nicholson
We have a pharmacy inside us that is absolutely exquisite. It makes the right medicine, for the precise time, for the right target organ—with no side effects.
Deepak Chopra
What I want from each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area.
Tommy Lee Jones
When I had been a film critic for ten minutes, I treated Doris Day as a target for cheap shots. I have learned enough to say today that the woman was remarkably gifted.
Roger Ebert
We now open our mail with gloves and mask, though I can’t imagine why anyone would target a literary agency!
Richard Curtis
The more a country makes military weapons, the more insecure it becomes: if you have weapons, you become a target for attack.
Albert Einstein
I have never thought where I will go, or forced any targets on myself.
Sachin Tendulkar
I’m still wearing Target and hand-me-downs.
Kat Dennings
That’s what makes a good show. It doesn’t target one group. It tells a story everyone gets.
Cristela Alonzo
Hatha Yoga teaches us to use the body as the bow, asana as the arrow, and the soul the target.
B.K.S. Iyengar
You put yourself in the public eye. You’re kind of an open target.
Tessa Virtue
The Australian way of affirmative action is setting goals and recognising discrimination and lack of opportunity and deciding to take action and setting some goals and targets. I guess I prefer that language to talking about quotas.
Quentin Bryce
Sometimes you hit the ball on target and sometimes you don’t.
Ander Herrera
The attacks in Jordan, just like those before it in Indonesia, Egypt, Spain and the United States, demonstrate that terrorism does not discriminate by race, ethnicity or region. Instead, terrorists indiscriminately target those seeking to live a peaceful, loving and free life.
Allyson Schwartz
Theology, not morality, is the first business on the church’s agenda of reform, and the church, not society, is the first target of divine criticism.
Michael Horton
Of course, when you start in pole, winning is the only target you have.
Valtteri Bottas
Sometimes athletes are expected to lose weight over the course of the season. But usually they work with a professional nutritionist. There’s not some arbitrary target that’s trying to be reached. It’s more go through the process – train hard, eat well.
Mary Cain
I prefer to shoot the arrow, then paint the target around it. You make the niches in which you finally reside.
Brian Eno
Where I get involved is that I have to sign off the money, yet when you have target one, two or three from your process I feel fine going after the No 1 target and, if it’s not to be him, then number two or three.
Ed Woodward
Black boys became criminalized. I was in constant dread for their lives, because they were targets everywhere. They still are.
Toni Morrison
The only moral question with suicide bombing is who the target is. And in that sense, the suicide bomber is no different from the stealth bomber or the cruise missile. If it is targeted at civilian people, then it is morally wrong, whether done by Bush, Blair, or a suicide bomber.
George Galloway
We are making the fundamental changes. It was like the decent housing target. We said by 2010, we’d have taken a million houses and refurbished them into decent housing.
John Prescott