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Starting Quotes

Starting Quotes by George Eliot, Noam Chomsky, David Bowie, Adele, J.A. Redmerski, Glenn Frank and many others.

He was at a starting point which makes many a man’s career a fine subject for betting, if there were any gentlemen given to that amusement who could appreciate the complicated probabilities of an arduous purpose. . . .
George Eliot
Starting with [Ronald] Regan it became quite open, the attack on unions. It wasn’t the Pinkertons anymore, but it was just not applying the laws.
Noam Chomsky
I’m responsible for starting a whole new school of pretension.
David Bowie
People are starting to go on about my weight but I’m not going to change my size because they don’t like the way I look.
I’m starting to get used to this feeling of not caring about anything.
J.A. Redmerski
All the remedies for all the types of conflicts are alike in that they begin by finding the facts rather than by starting a fight.
Glenn Frank
Ours is a divine journey; therefore, this journey has neither a beginning nor an end… This journey has a goal, but it does not stop at any goal, for it has come to realise that today’s goal is only the starting point of tomorrow’s journey.
Sri Chinmoy
There are so many issues that this country [the U.S.] has, and that the world faces, that it’s important that we sit down and recognize our commonality. When we do that, we can actually work together to overcome some of the problems that we have. That, to me, is just a good starting place.
Paul Blackthorne
I think there are always going to be things that you’re going to want to do. It’s about picking yourself back up and starting again.
Miley Cyrus
I’m thinking about starting a solo project. But it will feature Tyler on all the songs. We’ll call it something like ‘Two Music Boys.’
Josh Dun
I just got to a point where I was lying to myself constantly, so I had to face up to that. It was a lot of… I don’t want to use the words ‘self sacrifice,’ but that’s what it felt like. It was giving up who I thought I was and starting over from scratch and realizing the man that I am was good enough.
Ivan Moody
The critic leaves at curtain fall To find, in starting to review it, He scarcely saw the play at all For starting to review it.
E. B. White
I always work the same way, starting from the beginning of the weekend, so I know at the beginning of the race, from all that I have analysed during the practice, whether I will win the race or not.
Alain Prost
Libraries are starting places for the adventure of learning that can go on whatever one’s vocation and location in life. Reading is an adventure like that of discovery itself. Libraries are our base camp.
James H. Billington
I moved out to Los Angeles with the idea of becoming a director, which thousands, if not tens and hundreds of thousands, of people do, every year. It’s a very competitive field, of course. I immediately got swept away into the visual side of things, starting with visual effects, and then designing.
Robert Stromberg
We are starting to see what may be signs of continuing [Russian] influence in our country. Not just during the campaign but during the [Donald Trump] administration, basically signs of what could be a continuing operation. And those two things together are worth paying attention to.
Rachel Maddow
I grew up in a tough neighborhood where a lot of kids were older than me. The older kids decided to pick me on me starting when I was about 6 and it didn’t take me long to take a stand for myself.
Bo Jackson
Many people are starting to realize that they work a lot and that working on stuff they believe in (and making things happen) is much more satisfying then just getting a paycheck and waiting to get fired (or die).
Seth Godin
I’m starting to realize that people lack good mirrors. It’s so hard for anyone to show us how we look, & so hard for us to show anyone how we feel.
John Green
A happy marriage is a new beginning of life, a new starting point for happiness and usefulness.
Arthur Penrhyn Stanley
Excellence is a great starting point for any new organisation but also an unending journey.
Azim Premji
Starting that union was something I believed in very strongly.
Ted Lindsay
I tried the religion scam in Miami, so I know how hard that gig is. But, if you can get it to work, starting your own religion is a license to print money.
Lenny Bruce
Every luxury must be paid for, and everything is a luxury, starting with being in this world.
Cesare Pavese
I’m starting to realize I can’t practice a certain way during the week and expect to play another way on Sunday.
Randy Moss
The way a film is made tells you about its message. The processes are the same as the products. We made the film starting from processes that allowed us to find these complex ideas.
Alex Abreu
I’m very interested in stopping time. And starting time. There is that aspect of time that I’m playing with, that it’s elusive and unnoticed yet really in the end the most important thing.
Laurie Simmons
Young players are starting to come up as well and they will see me as one of the older, experienced ones.
Caroline Wozniacki
There is a sort of convergence starting to happen between the computer and musical instruments, but it’s still quite a long way off.
Brian Eno
Even [Bill] Clinton ran on my program of “workfare instead of welfare.” Of which I was the first American politician, starting in 1989, who brought that up. And that helped him get elected.
David Duke
When I was young, I didn’t play like I do today. So these kids are starting at the height that I’ve reached. Think what they might do over time.
B. B. King
Science is starting to show that our brains are less able to detect calories in liquids. So, people in the know, including food industry executives, when they run into health trouble, the first thing they do is cut calories out of all the liquids that they drink as a way of maintaining their weight.
Michael Moss
Like, I always knew I wanted a Kanye West feature and a Jay-Z feature. I knew that starting in the game when it wasn’t even realistic to happen. I already knew who I wanted to do records with.
Yo Gotti
You don’t have to fight for your life anymore. You’re starting a new one.
Eric Brown
I got into playing the jazz. I played jazz for a good while. I did the popular stuff first. You got the “Twelfth Street Rag” and those kinds of things. Then I got to hanging around with a bunch of guys starting to playing jazz. We’d go from one place to the other and take our instruments, just perform for free.
Papa John Creach
I was snorting a lot of cocaine and I had lost myself to a great degree. A lot of people, everybody was starting to realize what the coke was all about and they were all starting to get lost.
George Jung
It was a period when live TV was just starting and getting popular and they took it seriously too. Not so much like TV now. They did Hemingway and Faulkner – and they’re all wonderful artists and it just was very creative at that time.
Gena Rowlands
Achieving your vision doesn’t mean you’ve reached the end of the line. It simply means that you’ve come to a new starting place.
Nido R Qubein
Starting out, I remember being on the same bill with other bands, and I always thought they were so much better because they were rehearsed and had all their moves down and they sounded really tight.
Alexis Taylor
I’m pretty casual, but I’m starting to obsess a little bit; like, one of my favorite things to do is to pair really feminine accessories with edgier outfits or vice versa.
Kara Hayward
I feel like I’m just starting though. It’s weird, because I like feeling like I’m just beginning. I hope I feel that when I’m 75 or 80.
David Krumholtz
I am starting to get into this whole idea of caring about what I wear. There was a time in my life when I could not care less about fashion.
James Marsden
When I first met my husband, he had a very good job – company car, pension plan, grudging respect from his staff – the lot. I, on the other hand, was badly paid and devoid of ambition. Then I had a couple of books published and confounded all expectations by starting to earn more than he did.
Marian Keyes
I can feel the knee or the foot. The baby is starting to get heavy, and it’s a really incredible feeling. I’m so grateful I get to experience this.
Emily Procter
Just as important as having a list of priorities is every once in a while starting from the bottom.
Robert Breault
I did a lot of stuff before I became known for horror. I did a lot of small films in the ’70s, in all kinds of styles. I worked with all kinds of people when I was just starting out: I was incredibly lucky.
Robert Englund
The TV season is a year-long thing now, and the networks are starting to look at it that way, thanks to cable, satellites, and competition.
Drew Carey
I’ve produced a couple of films and really enjoyed starting it from the very beginning and seeing it all the way through to the end; that was very gratifying.
Jeff Bridges
To some people, bankers – code word for Jewish – and guess who Obama’s assaulting? He’s assaulting bankers. He’s assaulting money people. And a lot of those people on Wall Street are Jewish. So I wonder if there’s starting to be some buyer’s remorse there.
Rush Limbaugh
The pleasure principle long persists, however, as the method of working employed by the sexual instincts, which are so hard to ‘educate’, and, starting from those instincts, or in the ego itself, it often succeeds in overcoming the reality principle, to the detriment of the organism as a whole.
Sigmund Freud
Here I am starting a franchise and I’m gonna be 65 years old. I should’ve started this in 1978… I wrote like 300 songs and I’m gonna have to re-learn some of them!
Billy Joel
Latinos are the fastest growing minority, and we’re obviously not going anywhere. We’re extremely loyal as a people, and I think Hollywood is starting to recognize that. It’s very rare for a major studio to nationally distribute a film with Latino talent, not only in front of the camera, but also behind the camera.
Aimee Garcia
I kind of take Hilary as a role model because she started out at about the same age. She hadn’t done much before starting her series, and I haven’t either.
Miley Cyrus
We may have to force people to get together in terms of picking a particular type of technology and starting to build to that technology, as opposed to everybody exercising their right to buy their own system, you know, at will.
Michael Chertoff
One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time, it is like life starting all over again.
Renzo Piano
Brands are in your face 24/7; I’m sure you’ve consumed a couple brands today. So it’s fun working with them. People recognize brands, and people are starting to recognize my brand.
Theophilus London
I don’t really read any comics, but when I got casted on the show, I starting reading ‘The Walking Dead’ comics. I felt like I needed a better idea of the character.
Chandler Riggs
If I could go back and talk to the me who was just starting to do comedy, I would have told myself to relax and not worry about things happening right away. That’s a mistake a lot of people make – they think a year is a long time and it’s really not.
Christian Finnegan
I am trying to Marie Condo the house starting with my books, although it’s really hard to part with them! But I really want to de-clutter and get rid of stuff I haven’t used for six months, whether it’s clothes, bags, or shoes.
Shabana Azmi
We’ve been seeing some good things from Randy. We’re starting to see that Randy Johnson attitude that we’ve been looking forward to seeing.
John Flaherty
I am always chilled and astonished by the would-be writers who ask me for advice and admit, quite blithely, that they “don’t have time to read.” This is like a guy starting up Mount Everest saying that he didn’t have time to buy any rope or pitons.
Stephen King
Fixing things around the house was the last bastion of manliness. But now, even that is getting taken away. As women become more economically independent, they are starting to fix things around the house for themselves.
Hanna Rosin
Starting is hard so I really need to give myself permission to do a bad job. I always give myself leave to write total nonsense for as long as I need to release the pressure, because it’s really hard to start if you feel like that first sentence you write has to actually mean something.
Ann Brashares
Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action. It’s the impetus for creating change.
Max Carver
Folks who are getting their strokes in the South are not as unhappy with Howard Dean. You don’t see anybody starting any movement to get him out of office.
Gwen Ifill
The power within you which enables you to form a thought-picture is the starting point of all there is.
Genevieve Behrend
When I was starting out, doing guest spots on TV, and even commercials, I would go in with a whole crazy wardrobe and some terrible accent. Obviously, I was doing too much. If you bring too much flavor to it, it’s absurd. There’s something to just being spontaneous.
James Franco
You need help when you’re starting out. On the other hand, some people are very naturalistic to begin with.
David Naughton
I’m going to spend some time with my family. My kids are really in the years where I’m starting to miss more stuff, and we’re going to stay very involved in politics.
Tim Griffin
It’s gonna be weird how there are going to be new ‘Star Wars’ movies every year starting in 2015. I don’t know what that’s going to be like, having one every year. Maybe it’ll be perfect. Maybe it’ll be just the right amount of time to have something to look forward to. Maybe it’ll be too many at once.
Scott M. Gimple
What’s broken is broken—and I’d rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken places as long as I live…I’m too old to believe in such sentimentalities as clean slates and starting all over.
Margaret Mitchell
I have no more idea now of who I am than I did before. But at least I know that. And I’m starting to figure out who I want to be.
David Levithan
Save a life this Thanksgiving, and join me in starting a new tradition by adopting a turkey instead of eating one through Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project.
Ellen DeGeneres
Once a character has gelled it’s an unmistakable sensation, like an engine starting up within one’s body. From then onwards one is driven by this other person, seeing things through their eyes.
Deborah Moggach
Our show is about starting over.
Jai Rodriguez
It’s really fun at night, because I can see the baby kicking. I can feel the knee or the foot. The baby is starting to get heavy, and it’s a really incredible feeling. I’m so grateful I get to experience this.
Emily Procter
Ever since I began to compose, I have remained true to my starting principle: not to write a page because no matter what public, or what pretty girl wanted it to be thus or thus; but to write solely as I myself thought best, and as it gave me pleasure.
Felix Mendelssohn
The racehorses assemble at the starting barrier in all the finery of a mediaeval pageant, the jockeys in silks like figures from a Tarot pack, the bookies in leather and tweeds standing beside their boards each confident that the future has been controlled.
Kevin Hart
The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly. There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.
Gautama Buddha
If you’re going to start something-if it’s worth starting-then it’s worth finishing. That’s what I live by.
Marshall Faulk
There is no ritual that enhances creativity other than just starting.
John Hodgman
When I got injured, I think I was starting to sense that there was more to the world than just sports. This dream of playing professional soccer probably wasn’t the best track for me.
Eric Swalwell
I could never have imagined the films I’ve done and the people I’ve worked with when I was starting out; I certainly did not have a career path.
Steve Buscemi
It is folly to pretend that one ever wholly recovers from a disappointed passion. Such wounds always leave a scar. There are faces I can never look upon without emotion, there are names I can never hear spoken without almost starting.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Grief … gives life a permanently provisional feeling. It doesn’t seem worth starting anything. I can’t settle down. I yawn, I fidget, I smoke too much. Up till this I always had too little time. Now there is nothing but time. Almost pure time, empty successiveness.
C. S. Lewis
I got really excited about the idea of data-driven startup just as I was starting Kaggle.
Anthony Goldbloom
If there’s a simple, easy design principle that binds everything together, it’s probably about starting with the people.
Bill Moggridge
Starting out is very difficult if you don’t have a clientele.
Fred Foster
She was drowning-in friendliness, in community-and she was starting to think she didn’t want to get pulled out.
Tricia Goyer
I feel like what I’m best at is being a musician and a performer. I want to use that to help people who are good at starting nonprofits.
Kathleen Hanna
I feel like people are starting to come around and embrace rock. Because I guess they’re getting sick of the stale sounds of certain electronica. They kind of get really bored with the fact that it’s so self-indulgent.
Jason Reece
Forelimbs of people, porpoises, bats and horses provide the classic example of homology in most textbooks. They look different, and do different things, but are built of the same bones. No engineer, starting from scratch each time, would have built such disparate structures from the same parts.
Stephen Jay Gould
Vella looked around. “This is really a revolting place, Yarblek,” she told him. “You’ve been spending too much time with Porenn,” he said. “You’re starting to get delicate.” “How would you like to have me gut you?” she offered. “That’s my girl.
David Eddings
Medicine will be personalized and preventive: Your genome might predict that you have an 80 percent chance of breast cancer by the time you are 50, but if you take a preventive drug starting when you are 40, the chance will drop to 2 percent.
Leroy Hood
I write plays, and I have a musical that’s starting to get produced now. That’s what I would love to do, but it’s so hard. The only reason people are reading my plays and musicals is because I’m in movies.
Jesse Eisenberg
You go through this business and you meet people that you bond with, and you get to go make movies with them. It’s wonderful. What I’ve always dreamt of, in my career, is to have a brotherhood of collaborators, and go in and out of working with them. I’m just starting to get that, and it’s really lovely.
Charlie Hunnam
Women who put on a few pounds after starting lithium sometimes say the cure is worse than the disease. The weight gain shoots them straight into depression.
Patty Duke
When starting out, don’t worry about not having enough money. Limited funds are a blessing, not a curse. Nothing encourages creative thinking in quite the same way.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Most people think that once they’ve found their purpose and the power to practice it, they’ll finally be at peace. Actually, though, it’s only by starting in a place of peace that we find our purpose and power. Peace is the first step and the final lesson we all need to learn.
Martha Beck
One of my big fears is people saying my songs are all starting to sound the same.
Taylor Swift
If you think about filmmaking as an entire spectrum, starting with the writer and ending with maybe the marketing department, the actor’s contribution is a rather slender band.
William Mapother
We don’t pray for the land. We pray for the humans, all humans… starting with the president, Mohammed Morsi, and all officials, and for God to give everyone wisdom and responsibility to manage the affairs of this country and its people in true Egyptian spirit.
Pope Theodoros II
At my first job as an independent researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, they told me I could work on most anything, but not what I knew something about. That is actually very good advice to a young person starting a career because you bring new ideas to the field.
Mildred Dresselhaus
I don’t know lots of things but I know this: next year when spring flows over the starting point I’ll think I’m going to drown in the shimmering miles of it.
Mary Oliver
I am starting to explore directing, maybe in the future in the world of ‘White Collar.’
Willie Garson
The thinnest tendrils of dawn are creeping in from the east. People in New York are softly starting to tweet.
Robin Sloan
Stop saying “right” to me. I’m starting to feel hostile.
Laura Schlessinger
It was not long before English Law took the one step needed to produce the modern scheme of legal remedies. And when it did, it used the Writ of Trespass as the starting point.
Edward Jenks
Skepticism is an important historical tool. It is the starting point of all revision of hitherto accepted history.
Samuel E. Morison
Companies are starting to measure how effective their customer service is and trying to understand what they can do to improve the customer service process.
Sanjay Kumar
That’s the beauty of starting lines: Until you begin a new venture, you never know what awaits you.
Amby Burfoot
I’m really starting to learn the value of silence and meditation. I keep my sanity in the middle of a hectic day by taking some me time or sometimes watching a guilty pleasure on TV, doing absolutely nothing, or just hanging out with friends and family. They keep me grounded and centered.
Naturi Naughton
The gospel comes to the sinner at once with nothing short of complete forgiveness as the starting-point of all his efforts to be holy. It does not say, “Go and sin no more, and I will not condemn thee.” It says at once, “Neither do I condemn thee: go and sin no more.
Horatius Bonar
When I was first starting out, I drove myself around the country in my Honda Civic, playing anywhere that would have me. This is a chance to strip the songs down to their roots and let the audience hear them the way I write them.
Eric Hutchinson
Thinking of you where ever you are- We pray for our sorrows to end and hope that our hearts will blend now I will step forward to realize this wish- And who knows starting a new journey may not be so hard or maybe it’s already begun- There are many worlds but they share the same sky one sky one destiny-
Shiro Amano
I’d hate to be a songwriter starting a career today.
Otis Blackwell
Like, my feelings on religion are starting to morph. I’m still very much an atheist, except that I don’t necessarily see religion as being a bad thing. So, that’s a weird thing that I’m struggling with that seems to be offending both atheists and people that are religious.
Patton Oswalt
We have just started, and if you compare the number of people using Skype to the number using a telephone network around the world, we’re still just starting.
Niklas Zennstrom
I don’t have any great ambition to go out and make money. But I am still fascinated in starting up businesses and starting it in a way and running in a way that I want to do it.
Michael Birch
I chewed up a lot of Florida highway when I was starting out. Used to come to Tampa two or three times a year for about 10 years straight.
Billy Gardell
That’s one of the things about comedy that annoys me the most from a comedian perspective. Comedy has gotten so segregated. Now it’s like if you don’t agree with somebody, you probably aren’t going to like their jokes. I think comedians are starting to write for their audience and not towards the country.
Michael Che
I’m actually Cuban-born, born in 1956, the year Fidel Castro came into power, and my father moved my family to Miami a few years later when things were starting to look bad.
Steven Bauer
Bitcoin actually has the balance and incentives right, and that is why it is starting to take off.
Julian Assange
I’m 48 now and I would like to have another baby. I would love to because of all the things I have learned. It would be like starting all over again. But am I too old? I’m young at heart and I would be different this time round.
Brigitte Nielsen
I always felt like I had to leave Canada, which I think is a common perspective – feeling as if you have to leave because otherwise you’ll be too soft, and that objective reality exists in America. And I’m starting to feel like that doesn’t have to be the case.
Emily Haines
I think starting a cinema career late in life has more advantages than disadvantages.
Luke Evans
You don’t feel sorry for yourself, you get on with life.
(after not being picked starting goalie)
Jens Lehmann
I behaved poorly by starting this whole thing and I made some mistakes in dealing with it, and they made some mistakes in dealing with me, and taking down all my stuff was probably one of them.
Gregg Easterbrook
For the industry we’re starting now, for suborbital flight, there is no destination, so the spacecraft you go up in has to be large and spacious. That’s why SpaceShipTwo is much bigger than SpaceShipOne: It needs to be because you want those six people to be floating around and enjoying themselves.
Burt Rutan
It was really starting to get pathetic, everyday they would come in looking for one thing or another. ‘Zach, can you give me some acting tips?’ ‘Zach, will you let me blow you?’ ‘Can I have some cash?’ That’s when I made the call, that’s when I decided seven was enough
Zach Braff
I’d never been a teacher before, and here I was starting my first day with these eager students. There was a shortage of teachers, and they had been without a math teacher for six months. They were so excited to learn math.
Andrew Shue
Literature takes reality and human experience as its starting point, transforms it by means of the imagination, and sends readers back to life with renewed understanding of it and zest for it because of their excursions into a purely imaginary realm.
Leland Ryken
Olduvai Gorge gives us one of the most remarkable stories of the past-the last chapter of the Earth’s history, starting at the present day, right away back 2 million years.
Louis Leakey
Every prime minister has a whole series of networks, and there are official formal networks and there are unofficial informal networks. I’m lucky in that I have good official formal networks, starting with my own office, the leadership group, the cabinet and the party room.
Tony Abbott
There is nothing more natural than to consider everything as starting from oneself, chosen as the center of the world; one finds oneself thus capable of condemning the world without even wanting to hear its deceitful chatter.
Guy Debord
The ultimate starting point for planning any adventure or expeditionby far and away the greatest book on earth
Ranulph Fiennes
Hats off to starting a franchise younger than we all did in ‘Twilight’ and keeping your cool. The ‘Harry Potter’ men and women had, what, a 10-year run?
Kellan Lutz
Our idea with starting Stripe was to build better payments technology for people building things on the web.
John Collison
This is really a dream come true. To be the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl is probably the highlight of my life.
Tom Brady
I think people are starting to look away and questioning, and they’re sort of horrified.
Charlie Brooker
I would always say I’m doing a video project. About dancing or birthday parties. Of course, the video becomes more than that. It goes deeper than that. But it’s not a lie. It’s a starting point.
Laurel Nakadate
There are many, many more small theater spaces than there were when I was starting out.
Tom Stoppard
I love producing. I have been producing some acts and starting a label.
Tim McGraw
The bad thing about young people starting a company is that sometimes they do it for the wrong reasons or because they have the wrong skill set, but the good thing is that they don’t have any of the old paradigms baked into them, so they have a lot of the bright new ideas that are harder to come by as you get older.
Ben Horowitz
It’s important to be dedicated and enthusiastic when you’re starting a career. It might take a long time to get established and the money won’t flow in straight away.
Ainsley Harriott
My sons and I thoroughly enjoy Legos. We go to the toy store every week for more. I never want to take what we build apart; I want to put it on a shelf. My wife is starting to get a little annoyed with the Legos lying around.
Mark Wahlberg
In high school, I decided I wanted to learn guitar, so I picked it up and starting teaching myself some basic chords and started playing with friends. Guitar inherently lends itself to be guitar music, especially when you’re not good at guitar.
Autre Ne Veut
I was always an actor, starting in middle school. I was in all the plays and all that. But dancing didn’t come into my life until late into high school.
Harry Shum, Jr.
I’m much more collaborative than I probably was when I was first starting, much more willing to say, “I don’t know the answer to that.” I have really talented people and let them do their jobs and not try to control everything as much as I did when I was starting. I was a bit more insecure.
Peter Berg
From the alienated starting point of our pseudo-sanity, everything is equivocal. Our sanity is not “true” sanity. Their madness is not “true” madness. The madness of our patients is an artifact of the destruction wreaked on them by us, and by them on themselves.
R. D. Laing
I feel like everyone’s starting to isolate, and that proves itself in a big context like Brexit, and Donald Trump potentially, and putting walls up and stopping people coming in.
Ruth Wilson
Political chaos is connected with the decay of language… one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end.
George Orwell
I used to write in bed, starting when I woke up. I believe that creative work comes from our subconscious mind, so I try to keep the gap between sleep and writing as minimal as possible.
Marian Keyes
You have to operate from the sense of everything is new and you’re starting again.
Nicole Kidman
What we’re seeing now, or starting to see, is an atomization of the Internet community. Before, everybody went only to a few sites; now we’ve got all these boutiques.
Edward Snowden
What interests me is starting businesses on our own, finding ideas that we can support, and simply investing in invention.
Barry Diller
Despair is good. Despair can be the nadir of one life and the starting point of an ascent into another, better one.
Dean Koontz
I met my wife in Washington, D.C. I was a senior in college. WW II was about to descend upon us. Jobs were starting to open up after a prolonged depression.
Tom Glazer
I think that a starting pitcher has to do something special to be as valuable or more so than a position player.
Justin Verlander
The goal of yesterday will be our starting-point to-morrow.
Thomas Carlyle
In order to realize the goal of creating a new starting line that anyone can instinctively understand we have come up with a design that differs greatly from any of today’s controllers. We have also made bold innovations in play style as well.
Satoru Iwata
Memory should be the starting point of the present.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
I always wanted to work on films, and when I was starting in television in this country, in Great Britain, there really wasn’t any film to be made.
Mike Newell
If there’s one thing government needs desperately, it’s the ability to quickly try something, pivot when necessary, and build complex systems by starting with simple systems that work and evolving from there, not the other way around.
Jennifer Pahlka
The algorithms that orchestrate our ads are starting to orchestrate our lives.
Eli Pariser
I’m starting to realize there’s no stopping us now. An idea, a feeling, a movement can’t just be squashed. It’s impossible now.
Ian Somerhalder
How you start the movie is critical. And how often you feel that there’s no reason for how it’s starting.
Noah Baumbach
I’d hate to be a songwriter starting a career today…Al Stanton walked in one day and said, ‘Otis, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you write a song called “All Shook Up”?’ Two days later I brought the song in and said, ‘Look, man, I did something with it.’
Otis Blackwell
They had seen Zarek take out a pair of Daimons. Great. Just great. He closed his eyes and cursed. This night was starting to rate right up there with abscessed teeth.’ (Talon)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I ain’t never found no place for me to fit. Seem like all I do is start over. It ain’t nothing to find no starting place in the world. You just start from where you find yourself.
August Wilson
So much of starting a business or affecting change is the confidence and courage to simply try.
Simon Sinek
If you are not curious, that’s when your brain is starting to die. And discovering, I think, that’s what separates us from the rest of the other species. It’s that we discover and pioneer.
Pharrell Williams
A warrior takes responsibility for his acts, for the most trivial of acts. An average man acts out his thoughts, and never takes responsibility for what he does.When we feel stuck, going nowhere — even starting to slipbackward — we may actually be backing up to get a runningstart.
Dan Millman
In the day-to-day, one only thinks about his club in training and trying to be in the starting line-up.
Gerard Deulofeu
When we were starting our community a bunch of older Benedictine nuns said to us, “If you have any questions or want to pick our brains, please do – we’ve been doing community for about 1,500 years together so we’ve learned a few things.”
Shane Claiborne
Now people all across America are starting to believe in America again. We are coming back, back to the heights of greatness, back to America’s proud role as a temple of justice and a champion of peace.
Theodore C. Sorensen
Not using social media in the workplace, in fact, is starting to make about as much sense as not using the phone or email.
Ryan Holmes
I try not to have anything too much going on between waking up and getting to work. I like to just be really fresh when I sit down. I always have my best ideas, like, within five minutes of starting. And then the rest of the day is just kind of putting in time.
Alison Bechdel
Skepticism is an important historical tool. It is the starting point of all revision of hitherto accepted history.
Samuel Eliot Morison
A logic proof is: you get a starting point and an ending point, and you have to get there through all these different steps and tautologies. I approach novel writing that way. When I get to the end I have to go back and connect everything.
Heidi Julavits
There’s nothing like starting the day with a healthy, filling breakfast smoothie.
Hannah Bronfman
I really do think cancer will largely be a solved problem. I think most of the infectious diseases like malaria – our foundation is very involved – once we’re finishing polio eradication, then starting up this malaria eradication, and getting that done as fast as we can.
Bill Gates
We are probably the only artists in the world who have a 2,000-page book on a work of art that doesn’t exist. But in this way, these projects reveal their identity through this whole process. When I’m starting, I only have the slightest idea of how the work of art will exist.
Life is a race. If you delay starting, how can you have any hope of winning?
Randall Wright
Sometimes when you do voices next to each other, especially when you’re first starting out, they tend to bleed into each other. Working on a show like ‘Futurama,’ we do multiple characters there, but we’ve been doing it for a while, so the voices are really well-defined in our heads.
Phil LaMarr
There’s times when you see people climbing and getting success and you start to see, oh, they’re starting to really change. So I always just make the effort to be as humble and grateful as possible.
Jennifer Aniston
A new writer starting out today, whether it’s for TV or film, they have to remember that they’re telling the story to themselves first of all, and they have to tell the story so that their life depends upon it.
Tony Grisoni
The world needs you. It doesn’t need you at a party having read a book about how to appear smart at parties – these books exist, and they’re tempting – but resist falling into that trap. The world needs you at the party starting real conversations, saying, ‘I don’t know,’ and being kind.
Charlie Kaufman
The secret of being more vitally alive is to be more aware. Starting today, from this moment, become aware of awareness!
Wilferd Peterson
So it’s like starting over again, but I look forward to the challenge.
Lee Majors
Dickens, as you know, never got round to starting his home page.
Terry Pratchett
The Marcos era was the golden time for the Philippines. We had the lowest crime rate in the world in Manila and real development then. At last, people are starting to understand this.
Imelda Marcos
I went through a divorce right as we were starting the show. My divorce became final right after we started shooting the first year, and during that time I was in such a low place.
Lee Tergesen
The anesthetizing against caring really threw me for a loop. I was seeing it with 15-year-olds. It was how they were starting their intimate lives. It alarmed me.
Peggy Orenstein
You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, ‘I release the need for this in my life’.
Wayne Dyer
The only way to train for a startup is by starting.
Chris Campbell
I met with Hitchcock when I was a very, very young actress just starting out and he was making ‘Frenzy’ in London and I was sent along to meet with him. He was very, very unimpressed with me and I have to say, I was rather unimpressed with him – but only because I was an arrogant, ignorant young actress.
Helen Mirren
I had no need to apologize that the look-wider, search-more affirmative action that Princeton and Yale practiced had opened doors for me. That was its purpose: to create the conditions whereby students from disadvantaged backgrounds could be brought to the starting line of a race many were unaware was even being run.
Sonia Sotomayor
Really interesting genre films, especially monster movies, evoke the fears of the times intentionally. Our starting point was ‘Godzilla’ – the original movie was released less than 10 years after Hiroshima, and it’s a classic in Japan.
Matt Reeves
I do feel pressure. I have always been able to surprise people because they didn’t know to expect anything from me. And now people are starting to have expectations.
Michael Cerveris
Candice is the original spelling of my name. I changed it to Kandyse when I was really young and first starting out in the business as kind of a joke. I didn’t realize it would stick! I did consider changing it, but then it seemed too confusing, so then I asked them to change it back. Not too soon, however!
Kandyse McClure
I’m just starting to take some more voice lessons but hell no, I’ll always stick into the hip-hop genre.
Well, for Blow I had to age from 20 to 60, starting out in shape and then later putting on fat pads.
Ray Liotta
Economy forced me to become a vegetarian, but I finally starting liking it.
Abdul Kalam
I don’t know if I’m more confident than ever before, because I definitely had confidence when I was starting out. Maybe I have less confidence now that I did then.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Every time I step onto the field, whether people like it or not, I’m not trying to play dirty – I’m just playing tough. And I’m trying to earn my spot on the team. I’m trying to earn a starting spot. I’m trying to become a complete midfielder who attacks, who defends. So that’s the mindset.
Carli Lloyd
I started playing guitar when I was in my late teens, and within two years I was starting to play shows.
Buzz Osborne
But I always curl my lashes, even if I don’t put on mascara. I’ll also put on a lip gloss or lip balm. And I always brush my eyebrows. I have very thick eyebrows – I’m just now starting to thin them out a bit.
Denise Richards
The artistic formulae wear thin quickly and yet daily the artist – when developing his own foundation – must enter his own time and the problems of other contemporary artists. Paths cross and the soil of time is starting to be turned.
Asger Jorn
Maybe you had to leave in order to really miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was.
Jodi Picoult
I was starting to buy into my own sort of stereotype in a way.
Jennifer Aniston
Actually… I’m starting a new thing and rebelling against ridiculously high heels. It’s inhumane.
Nina Dobrev
The starting point for the understanding of war is the understanding of human nature.
Samuel Lyman Atwood Marshall
I was starting to become impotent through this diet and couldn’t perform. How many people who are taking the little blue pill, if they started to change what they are eating most of the time, could change the way their sex life is?
Morgan Spurlock
When I was still a student, I came out of a performing arts high school, and the female students who were doing traditional dance and ballet were so beautiful. They were beautiful, starting from their postures.
Go within. Use the inner body as a starting point for going deeper and taking your attention away from where it’s usually lodged, in the thinking mind.
Eckhart Tolle
To encourage more top-caliber students to choose teaching, teachers should be paid a lot more, with starting salaries more in the range of $60,000 and potential earnings of as much as $150,000.
Arne Duncan
So if there is a government grant offered for anything, like starting a business or going to school, they cannot discriminate because of your age.
Matthew Lesko
It’s not funny, Jace,” Alec interrupted, starting to his feet. “Are you just going to let her stand there and call me names?” “Yes,” Jace said kindly. “It’ll do you good– try to think of it as endurance training.
Cassandra Clare
When I was starting out, I always wanted to be able to do everything – comedy and drama and action, and everything in between. Film is so diverse, and it’s fun to be able to take advantage of all of it.
Olivia Thirlby
Before I lived in America, my husband and I did a Californian road trip. We took a month, starting off in L.A. I love the landscapes of California: one moment you’re in the desert, the next you’re up in the Napa Valley or by the water in Big Bear.
Ashley Jensen
Starting in music, where I get a chance to connect with the lyrics of a song, I learned so much about performing on stage and connecting to your audience and to what you’re singing about. Singing is very emotional. Every song has its own purpose.
Naturi Naughton
I don’t tend to do category fiction very well. One of my problems when I was starting off was that publishers were hesitant to handle my books because they were never sure what I was going to do next.
Joanne Harris
Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.
Barack Obama
Entrepreneurship is not only about starting businesses but is an attitude to life.
Matt Hancock
The hardest thing for me about making movies, and that included ‘M*A*S*H’ because it was made like a movie, was starting and stopping.
Alan Alda
The starting point of sanctification is the filthiness, corruption, or stain of sin.
William Ames
Every Republican president starting with Lincoln – and for almost 100 years thereafter – generally supported tariffs, while Democrats tended to promote free trade.
Robert Lighthizer
How subtle is the relationship between the traveler and his luggage! He knows, as no one else knows, its idiosyncrasies, its contents … and always some small nuisance which he wishes he had not brought; had known, indeed, before starting that he would regret it, but brought it all the same.
Vita Sackville-West
During episodes of unemployment I find it rewarding to sleep as much as possible-anything from twelve to fourteen hours a day is a good starting point. Sleep spares you humiliation and saves money at the same time: nothing to eat, nothing to buy, just lie back and dream your life away.
David Sedaris
People have been predicting the death of television for 20 years now, and so far it’s been entirely wrong. But it does seem viewership habits are starting to change.
Henry Blodget
In starting to learn about film festivals and what were good ones – ’cause there are five billion of them – it was just a really good East Coast festival. And I thought this little movie was an East Coast film.
Andrew McCarthy
At age 28, I had no retail experience, no consumer marketing experience and no real Internet experience. But I decided I wanted to work for myself. I felt starting a company would enable me to get the responsibility I deserved and that I couldn’t do that within the confines of a bigger company.
Mariam Naficy
I like the idea of Wild Infancy, of people who have a deprived background, of starting out wild.
Tina Weymouth
America is a melting pot of immigrants. So actually, if you took all of the immigrants outside of America, you’d be missing a lot of flavor, starting with the food, with the culture, with the dance, with everything.
Wyclef Jean
The polishedness and the sophistication were what I was interested in. I mean, give me a polka dot, a floral print, a pleated dress, a big fur coat, that was always my language, and it wasn’t very “in” when I was starting out, so I had a difficult time in the beginning.
Jason Wu
The problem with the old ideology was that it suppressed the individual by starting with society. But it is from a sense of individual duty that we connect the greater good and the interests of the community
Tony Blair
The worst thing I could be accused of is that I’m a one-way dude, only out for myself. But the worst thing a woman can do is not to say anything. Especially when you’re starting a relationship.
Matt Dillon
Roy: “Looks like it’s starting to rain” Riza: “But..It’s not raining…” Roy: “Yes it is. This is the rain.
Hiromu Arakawa
When you are just starting out with an online business, there’s a good chance that you’ll be making several mistakes. Because of the mistakes that can be made with starting an online business, many people decide to quit or think that online businesses are just a scam.
Fabrizio Moreira
It feels like I’m starting to come into my own in terms of where I want to go artistically, toward more complicated, interesting characters.
Jessica Alba
When I told my parents that I was starting my transition, my Dad said, ‘Well that makes so much more sense ’cause I never saw you any other way and now it totally works.’
Candis Cayne
I think people want to see a hero. It’s interesting that with everything that goes on now from shootings to everything, as time goes on, I’m just starting to realize just how bad people want to see a regular hero.
Lil Rel Howery
Before starting work go thru all the former material. Many things of vital importance have been lost sight of.
Charles E. Burchfield
The older I get, the more I’m starting to believe in myself. I’m beginning to think of roles that I could do that I would not have allowed myself to think of before, saying: ‘That’s not for me, that’s for the big guns.’
Michelle Gomez
To learn anything other than the stuff you find in books, you need to be able to experiment, to make mistakes, to accept feedback, and to try again. It doesn’t matter whether you are learning to ride a bike or starting a new career, the cycle of experiment, feedback, and new experiment is always there.
Charles Handy
I love ‘Sunday in the Park with George.’ I saw that when I was just, just starting theater school, and I remember singing ‘Finishing the Hat’ or at least reading the lyrics to ‘Finishing the Hat’ and other songs from ‘Sunday in the Park with George’ to my mom to try to explain why I wanted to be an artist.
Stephen Colbert
I’m better with my hands, and I always loved the slightly romantic idea of starting with bits of wood and being able to create something to sit on, to eat from, to store your clothes in.
Jamie Oliver
Once you lose that musician part -not just the playing, I’m talking about musician attitude- then you’re lost, man. Especially if you started out that way. It feels so good to be back, starting from the ground up.
Bootsy Collins
Momentum? Momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher.
Earl Weaver
Often when you are starting out in comedy, you will find that people will laugh at the things you didn’t think were funny. It’s important to pay attention also to what people are laughing at when you are just talking in regular conversation. Often that is when you are truly being yourself.
Natasha Leggero
I’m starting to swing the bat now like I know I can. You can’t really explain it. I’m just seeing the ball good and everything is going my way.
J. J. Hardy
Over the past several decades, a growing number of investors have been choosing to put their money in funds that screen companies for their environmental and labor records. Some socially responsible investors are starting to add free expression and privacy to their list of criteria.
Rebecca MacKinnon
Pay attention to your passions. They are the key to starting and finishing the book you are meant to write. I don’t believe in talent. I believe in passion.
Barbara Kingsolver
I do think that you’re starting to see young people pay attention to some longterm issues that they feel Washington has neglected.
Barack Obama
I care very much what the fans think. I’m starting to loosen my grip on caring about what critics say, because I think that critics care about what fans think of them, too, so there’s a little bit of a refraction there, through that glass.
Dan Harmon
Right now, I had everything I could ask for. It wasn’t a long list, but it was a very satisfying one, starting with the love of my life back in my arms.
Becca Fitzpatrick
As a filmmaker, I’m very collaborative. I don’t pretend to know everything that is needed to make a movie. What I like to do is get together with a group of people, starting with developing the story and bounce around ideas.
John Lasseter
The most important thing is not that my short game looks good, but that it feels good, because at the end of the day, what you need is to feel it, and I’m starting to feel it.
Sergio Garcia
The global economy is becoming a place where women are more successful than men, and these economic changes are starting to rapidly affect our culture – what our romantic comedies look like, what our marriages look like, what our dating lives look like, and our new set of superheroes.
Hanna Rosin
I think we are starting to get some information that will allow us to get to the bottom of this, and I hope we continue to work on this until we get to the bottom of it.
Collin Peterson
I quit because that thing inside of me that was driving me to drink that way was causing me so much pain that I was starting to get afraid for my own life, and my own health. It wasn’t necessarily one instance. It was a lot that had piled up.
Joe Manganiello
I used to listen a lot to Rolling Stones records and play along with them when I was first starting. It’s a good way to learn, jamming around basic music.
Tommy Bolin
I’m not the type of person to eat big hunks of meat. I think people are starting to realize that great things come in small batches.
April Bloomfield
I’m starting my own family, and there is no other feeling like it.
Daniela Ruah
When I was starting out I was way too scared to ask real directors how to do it or ask for advice, I’m really kind of New Zealand like that.
Niki Caro
It sounds boring, but anything is easy to start-starting a novel, starting a business … it’s keeping the thing going that is difficult.
Prue Leith
When I’m starting a race, I just completely narrow down my vision and focus on what’s directly ahead of me.
Brittany Bowe
In a strange way, becoming a grandfather is like starting your life over.
Kenny Wallace
Assured her I’ve never loved anyone except myself and have no intention of starting now.
David Mitchell
I think when you saw this year’s playoffs, Miami and Detroit have a pretty fierce rivalry now. Also, the Suns and San Antonio look like they’re starting to develop something there. I look forward to seeing those rivalries continue and develop.
John Starks
I think it is a bit harder for women starting in comedy.
Jennifer Saunders
The Yankees have better starting pitchers than Arizona. Arizona just has two… the Yanks have four.
Keith Hernandez
If you can’t even acknowledge that you have to fix Social Security, that’s not a very good starting point.
Rob Portman
My own view, which does not rely solely on religious faith or even on an original idea, but rather on ordinary common sense, is that establishing binding ethical principles is possible when we take as our starting point the observation that we all desire happiness and wish to avoid suffering.
Dalai Lama
The starting point for creativity is silence… the creative soil of silence, where can be found the seed-states of all things.
David Spangler
I would like to see this group in this Congress be starting the process to get ourselves on long term fiscal strong footing.
Ben Quayle
My favorite is still the one that I started off with, which is a Les Paul Standard. I’ve played that at every gig I’ve ever had. And that’s my starting point in the studio.
Dan Hawkins
In the fall of the year 2000, there just happened to be a decision point when they asked me to become Chief Executive Officer of the company. It was a time when, as you remember, we were starting to have some real problems in the California energy markets.
Jeffrey Skilling
For the past few years, I’ve been more selective than I have any right to be, but I think that’s finally starting to work in my favor. I think I get way too much credit for making what people consider to be smart choices, but it’s only because I made a decision to stop worrying about making money.
Lizzy Caplan
I love TV now, and ‘Modern Family,’ but what draws me back to theater is that initial instinct of wanting to be a theater actor. I love the challenge of starting a play and not stopping until you finish. I love the immediacy of trusting your instincts.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Specific music starts feeding my imagination and gives me a landscape that corresponds somehow, in some abstract way, to the world I’m just starting to imagine.
Jim Jarmusch
I considered moving to New York or Los Angeles, but they’re two of the hardest places to move to when you’re just starting out in a band.
Dave Keuning
I’m trying to, with my stand-up and with the podcast, give people these little stupid things to give them happiness. I know that sounds lofty or like I’m starting a cult, but I kind of feel that way.
Pete Holmes
Nothing is more precious than peace. Peace is the most basic starting point for the advancement of humankind.
Daisaku Ikeda
You know it’s said that you make your own face. So you don’t really have a face until you are 30 or your mid-20s. When you are starting to grow up and show your character in your face.
Nan Goldin
With every obstacle that has happened to me in my life, my brain immediately says, ‘Where is the hidden blessing?’ In starting a business and growing a business, every day is learning how to manage obstacles.
Sara Blakely
Justice is a machine that, when some one has once given it the starting push, rolls on of itself.
John Galsworthy
I’m starting my own family and there is no other feeling like it.
Daniela Ruah
It’s funny, ’cause it seems like just yesterday that I was the youngest player just starting out. But now there are young players all over the league, and they’ll ask me questions about playing overseas or finding an agent.
Sue Wicks
In fact, a rather striking aspect of business propaganda in the United States is the demonization of government, starting after the Second World War.
Noam Chomsky
When I started writing after my career as an actor, I knew that that other life in the film industry would be pulled into my writing life and that people would see me not as an author but as an actor starting to write.
James Franco
Leonardo Fibonacci, the great 13th century Italian mathematician (1175-1250) created the ‘Fibonacci sequence’ to explain behavior in nature mathematically. History has it that the first question he posed was how many rabbits would be created in one year starting with one pair.
Rick Santelli
I’d like to someday see myself married to my true love and starting a big family, and at the same time still having an artistic job.
Natassia Malthe
It’s no good starting out by thinking one is a heaven-born genius- some people are, but very few. No, one is a tradesman – a tradesman in a good honest trade. You must learn the technical skills, and then, within that trade, you can apply your own creative ideas, but you must submit them to the discipline of form.
Agatha Christie
If I go gambling the slots, some of my friends will come with me and play along with me. It’s not like I’m starting out with $500 a pull or $1,000 a pull. I go in there and play $25, and if I win, I play $100s.
John Daly
It gets super dark. I did a bunch of intense indie movies when I was starting out in my career and I was always in a bad mood because, when you’re dealing with the subject matter of losing your baby, getting raped and all that stuff, it’s not fun to go through. You really have to go there.
Busy Philipps
Who is the NRA anyway? They are usually middle-income people who only think of themselves, who want to have no government, really, except self-rule by themselves. I think that little cracks are starting to emerge in the NRA armor.
Joycelyn Elders
I found myself staring at her, which was stupid since I’d seen her a billion times. Still, she seemed so much more mature. It was kind of intimidating. I mean, sure, she’d always been cute, but she was starting to be seriously beautiful.
Rick Riordan
Starting the blog was a way for me to generate this nonfiction first-person voice naturally, gradually, without feeling performance anxiety. It felt a bit like keeping journals when I was younger, but connecting to an instant readership without having to wait for publication made it also immediately satisfying.
Kate Christensen
The Arctic is the planet’s air conditioner and it’s starting to break down.
Eban Goodstein
We have a lot of rookies in the lineup. More than anybody, I would say. Its going to be something new for them. They have to understand that it’s totally different hockey in the playoffs. Starting with the fans, the intensity of the game, every mistake counts.
Jaromir Jagr
From a completely financial standpoint, digital is starting to crack as far as an independent filmmaker’s access to getting your story out there – Amazon, iTunes, all of those. It makes the prospect of doing it yourself – not easy by any means – but possible, maybe for the first time.
Shane Carruth
No matter if you’re just starting out or if you are at the peak of your career, the more you work in your strength zone, the more successful you will be.
John C. Maxwell
America comes from a flawed but wonderful idea. Many great things have sprung forth over the past few hundred years but there were deep issues in the beginning that now are starting to show up.
Peter Buffett
People don’t realise what a nice thing it is for an actor to go to a job where they know or like everybody, because you’re so often having to do new beginnings, starting off on set with people you don’t know, having to introduce yourself and make friends.
Katherine Parkinson
The whole point of building theoretical systems is to explain what humans know by pre-theoretical experience. That is the starting point for any philosophy. That is the data it seeks to explain. If it fails to explain the data of experience, then it has failed the test. It has been falsified.
Nancy Pearcey
Wimbledon 2014 will be my last slam. To be honest, I am already starting to miss professional tennis, having played at the highest level for two decades. It is what has given me my identity, and I will miss every bit of the action. The thought that I will not be playing anymore is daunting.
Mahesh Bhupathi
The only valid starting point is to understand what we all share – we have to find what we can all agree on.
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
In a lot of writing or intellectual discourse we’re starting to use that model: “Oh, this is where it comes from!” I would like to concentrate on work which is more resistant to that procedure, as I think fiction is.
Susan Sontag
People ask me what’s the most important function when you’re starting an organization or setting up the kind of culture and values that are going to endure. The discipline I believe so strongly in is H.R., and its the last discipline that gets funded.
Howard Schultz
The Initial Mystery that attends any journey is: how did the traveler reach his starting point in the first place?
Louise Bogan
Everyone in the book’s ecology, starting with the author and including the publisher, the distributor, the booksellers, the libraries, and ending up with the reader, should benefit from a healthy book trade.
Philip Pullman
When the modern movement began, starting perhaps with the paintings of Manet and the poetry of Baudelaire and Rimbaud, what distinguished the modern movement was the enormous honesty that writers, painters and playwrights displayed about themselves. The bourgeois novel flinches from such notions.
J. G. Ballard
People are starting to understand the other side’s perspective and that’s where empathy can sort of begin – once you quit judging other people but just understand where they’re coming from.
Sterling K. Brown
Rather than risk starting their own businesses, most people seek safer environments, preferring job security to freedom and a steady paycheck to greater wealth. Their fear of failing is greater than the joy of freedom.
Robert Kiyosaki
Usually form seems to find me in the process of writing a poem, though I have nothing against starting out with the form.
Matthea Harvey
When starting at the bottom, be willing to learn from those at the top.
Donald Rumsfeld
I think at the heart of the pro-life movement is the idea that all people are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights starting with life.
Mike Huckabee
The starting point is a question.
Alberto Manguel
I found myself starting architecture with a deep social, Jewish, liberal conscience, and the belief that architecture is for the people. It was a do-gooder base; I was born and raised that way. I was for blacks, whites, Italians, Poles, whatever.
Frank Gehry
Attaining a PhD is just an excuse that all young women are using nowadays to avoid starting families.
Kevin Rudd
Starting a long way off the true point, and proceeding by loops and zigzags , we now and then arrive just where we ought to be.
George Eliot
If somebody had told me when I was starting composition in Helsinki in the ’70s that I would end up in L.A. and to describe that journey, those 17 years with the philharmonic and building the hall and this and that, I would have said, “This is a fairy tale of the first order.”
Esa-Pekka Salonen
The moment that you feel that just possibly you are walking down the street naked… that’s the moment you may be starting to get it right.
Neil Gaiman
I always used to be more of a city guy, and more and more I’m starting to enjoy being in nature.
Michiel Huisman
When you are a starting Real Madrid player, you have to think big. Think of the Ballon d’Or, FIFA’s World XI.
That is what I’m going to remember when I retire, the rings I have. Not the fact I played 28 minutes or 33 or my name being called in the starting lineup.
Manu Ginobili
The language of theism which was familiar to the people, gave Gandhi the advantage of easy communication with the people, but it is atheistic in principle. It could have been the starting point for the atheistic movement in the modern age.
Goparaju Ramachandra Rao
If you are motivated by loving kindness and compassion, there are many ways to bring happiness to others right now, starting with kind speech.
Nhat Hanh
The Muse should be a trusted destination for answers. A hand when you need one. Someone to talk you through tough decisions or situations. A starting point.
Kathryn Minshew
I do write. I actually do want to start my music as well. My sister and I are starting a band. I’ve been playing a guitar for nine years, and she plays piano, and we sing together. We’re going to start up something soon. I mostly am writing songs right now actually, but I would love to write a script someday.
Kaitlyn Dever
You’ve just got to get in the starting gate and throw down whatever you’ve got.
Ted Ligety
In China, a lot of the opening up of private entrepreneurship is happening because women are starting businesses, small businesses, faster than men.
Hanna Rosin
I had a dozen years to act before starting a family then found that motherhood dwarfed everything else. Once or twice a year, I take a project that appeals to me for its redeeming social value.
Sissy Spacek
Growing up, my parents were healthy eaters and starting to run and compete when I was 13, I knew the need to focus on what you need to eat. I remember going to grocery store myself and picking up fresh fruit and knowing early on the right foods to fuel my body.
Norah O’Donnell
Starting out, I bet I didn’t get a lot of parts because of my strange voice. I’m not consciously thinking, ‘Hey, sound like a squeaky dog toy mixed with a bagful of rusty nails.’ It’s just what my voice has done.
Charlie Day
What happened in 2008 stopped people in their tracks. People stopped looking at their homes simply as commodities to exploit and starting thinking about how they might personalise that space and make them less bland and more autobiographical, and that’s healthy, I think.
Kevin McCloud
Now that a cappella is sort of coming to the forefront of the music world, I think people are starting to realize that it’s a well-crafted art form, and not just a cheeseball novelty. That being the case, my hope is that a cappella groups, new and old, will get the recognition they deserve.
Mitch Grassi
We can inspire others through witness so that one grows together in communicating. BUt the worst thing of all is religious proselytism, which paralyses: ‘I am talking with you in order to persuade you.’ No. Each person dialogues, starting with his and her own identity. The church grows by attracting, not proselytizing.
Pope Francis
I’ve never read a book [ Nnedi Okorafor’s Lagoon] like it before. Big and sprawling with a million points of view, including sea creatures. It’s about an alien invasion that starts in Lagos, Nigeria but, really, that’s just the starting point.
Justine Larbalestier
‘Falling Skies’ is not just about aliens attacking. It’s also about humanity, survival, hope and the determination to rebuild our world, starting from pretty much nothing.
Maxim Knight
The condition of rage is one in which I find myself starting my day – once I see the news headlines.
Val McDermid
Well, you know, I love being an entrepreneur and when I did ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ with Mr. Trump, he taught us a lot about starting businesses.
NeNe Leakes
Emotionally, making my debut has been the highlight so far. I didn’t know I was starting until three minutes before. I went in and put my shirt on, and the team were already in the tunnel.
Marcus Rashford
I was starting a group of musicians and we had a group of young composers in Finland back in the ’70s, and the real conductors, the professional conductors at the time were not interested in our stuff.
Esa-Pekka Salonen
Beginnings could happen more than once or in different ways. You could think you were starting something afresh, when actually what you were doing was carrying on as before. He had faced his shortcomings and overcome them and so the real business of walking was happening only now.
Rachel Joyce
The various forms of intellectual activity which together make up the culture of an age, move for the most part from different starting-points, and by unconnected roads.
Walter Pater
To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?
Michael Jackson
I was never a joiner. I tried – I had people I admired and liked and wanted to hang with, but I ended up starting a theatre company and that took me back to Chicago… I guess I wasn’t a scenester in the end. Something must have worked out right, as I’m still here – but I’m only a binge socialite.
John Cusack
I started on ‘Saturday Night Live’ the same time Conan started on ‘Late Night.’ We just had a relationship because I would be upstairs in the studio and whenever he couldn’t get a guest – which was often back then since he was just starting out – he would just call me down to be a guest.
Norm MacDonald
Every time you go in, it’s like starting over. You don’t know how you did the other records. You’re learning all over. It’s some weird musician amnesia, or maybe the road wipes it out.
Look, when you are starting to put something together, you want the pudding to come out good. You’re trying to put in the right ingredients.
Bill Parcells
I rarely repeat playing the same role in a show. I figured I’d plumbed 90 percent the first time around, so let’s move on to something where I’m starting from scratch.
Hal Linden
There’s been plenty of adversity, starting the moment he was born. He had a respiratory crisis, and it was touch and go for a week whether he would survive. I think ever since, you can feel this pulse in the guy, an almost physical enthusiasm.
James Taylor
I always look in the Sunday paper to see where Everton are in the league – starting, of course, from the bottom up.
Bill Shankly
If we try to engineer outcomes, if we overturn tradition to make everyone the same, we ruin society. If we upset tradition to allow for an equal shot at the starting gate, everyone wins, except for the charlatans and would be dictators.
Ben Stein
As a kid, I harbored this fantasy of starting a company. I looked at the entrepreneur column in Forbes. I looked at it every month and thought, ‘I want to be that guy.’
Jeremy Stoppelman
When you’re starting out as an actor, there isn’t much food around. I was lucky to have a hit pretty early on. I didn’t starve too long.
Steve Guttenberg
You cant change the world alone – you will need some help – and to truly get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues, the good will of strangers and a strong coxswain to guide them.
William H. McRaven
Pilates is amazing, my posture is so much better and I’m even starting to get muscles on my tummy – it’s incredible.
Kelly Osbourne
Im 48 now and I would like to have another baby. I would love to because of all the things I have learned. It would be like starting all over again. But am I too old? Im young at heart and I would be different this time round.
Brigitte Nielsen
The research that Noam Wasserman has assembled here can help entrepreneurial companies who want to prepare well for their future. The Founder’s Dilemmas is a must-read for anyone thinking about starting a business.
Timothy C. Draper
There are many lessons to learn. Naming just one is next to impossible. However, learning to love and be loved is a good starting point. It will encompass much.
Faith Hill
I’m starting to play all the melodies with kind of keyboard sound but playing it from the bass guitar.
Tom Jenkinson
In ’83, we went over to Amsterdam. I just remember people saying, ‘Baseball’s just starting over here. They’re learning how to play the game of baseball.’
Mark McGwire
The starting point for building great relationships is making wise decisions about who we allow close to us. We need people who will build us up and take us forward, and good friends will do just that.
Brian Houston
We are starting a process of decolonization in Bolivia. All this is bringing about change and we will continue.
Evo Morales
When I started to paint I felt transported into a kind of paradise… In everyday life I was usually bored and vexed… Starting to paint I felt gloriously free.
Henri Matisse
Baseball’s Opening Day is full of time-honored traditions: the President throws out the first ball, the Cubs’ starting pitcher walks away with a 54.00 ERA, the Royals get mathematically eliminated from the pennant race.
Rob Sheffield
I am used to wearing corsets. Even when I was first starting out it was either Shakespeare or Chekov. Everything that I was doing involved corsets. I guess I am just not destined to breathe that deeply.
Kate Beckinsale
The U.S. has been a great friend all these years, but as soon as Africa found itself starting to move up, the U.S. is really disengaging.
Mo Ibrahim
When I was starting out, being a young entrepreneur was not fashionable. Parents would ask, ‘When are you going to get a real job?’
Kevin Harrington
Commitment cannot be taught;
it can only be caught.
I refer to the crusading spirit.
Without the crusading spirit,
you may have the starting power
but not the staying power.
Y. C. James Yen
Let us pray for peace, and let us bring it about, starting in our own homes.
Pope Francis
And then, I was thinking of doing a record just like starting with voice, because I did this one song that was just kind of a cappella, and I did it for this art piece I did where people could come and play music to go with a voice.
Kim Gordon
There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk.
Jean-Paul Sartre
I love research so much that I do an enormous amount; it helps put off the moment of starting to write the story.
Alan Garner
More and more into natural feelings rather than convoluted feelings or tastemaking or what have you. You always need critique, rock critics, but you can’t take away people’s taste. People are starting to, very slowly, do their own thing.
Justin Vernon
We’ve been following many forms of democratized ownership, starting with co-ops, land banks at the neighborhood level, municipal ownership and state ownership of banks – there’s a whole series of these that attempt to fill the small-scale infrastructure that can build up to a larger theoretical vision.
Gar Alperovitz
An MBA is a great degree for career paths like investment banking, finance, consulting, and large companies. An MBA is not necessarily the right path for starting a tech company. You should be building a prototype, not getting an MBA in that case.
Guy Kawasaki
We may lose our memory as we get older, but this might not be such a bad thing – who wants to drag a mental junkyard around at a time of life when you’re starting to grow interesting little wings?
Michael Leunig
I’ve read a lot of fiction from writers just starting out, and the dialogue is a little bit forced, or it’s almost too teenager-y, or too slang-y or putting too much technology or trends in there. I try to stay pretty trend-neutral. I try not to mention too many current bands or current TV shows.
Sara Shepard
No one deserves his greater natural capacity nor merits a more favorable starting place in society.
John Rawls
I think at the point when they were first starting to talk about a movie, it was a little bit different back then.
Mike Judge
Me and my two best friends went to see the Ramones in 1979, and two weeks later, I was like, ‘We’re starting a band. That’s it.’
I used to pick up lettering jobs when I was first starting in the business like in between if I couldn’t get other work.
Ralph Reese
The toughest thing about success is that you’ve got to keep on being a success. Talent is only a starting point in this business. You’ve got to keep on working that talent. Someday I’ll reach for it and it won’t be there.
Irving Berlin
What’s become of “yes we can?” That’s easy. Finally people are starting to read the bills.
Tom C. Korologos
There’s a lot of people scared of me, and I can’t blame them. They call me crazy so much I think I’m starting to believe them.
Gucci Mane
Even though we have laws against it and HR departments to handle it, a woman – especially if she is young and just starting out – can never be sure that reporting harassment won’t hurt her career.
Gretchen Carlson
The leader who exercises power with honor will work from the inside out, starting with himself.
Blaine Lee
Barely awake and already starting in with the questions.You were alot easier to take when you were sleeping.” – Rio to Dylan
Tina St. John
I sort of always like to write starting with when I learned how.
Daniel Pinkwater
Life never presents us with anything which may not be looked upon as a fresh starting point, no less than as a termination.
Andre Gide
They had reached Lockhart’s classroom…’You could’ve fried an egg on your face” said Ron. ‘You’d better hope Creevey doesn’t meet Ginny, or they’ll be starting a Harry Potter fan club.’ ‘Shut up,’ snapped Harry. The last thing he needed was for Lockhart to hear the phrase ‘Harry Potter fan club.
J. K. Rowling
When I was starting, I was very much influenced by the straight up, eyes to camera style of August Sander. He is really the only one. Had I known then the work of people like Ken Russell, Vivian Maier, Helen Levitt, and Steven Berkoff, they would undoubtedly have influenced me too.
Derek Ridgers
The conviction that the best way to prepare children for a harsh, rapidly changing world is to introduce formal instruction at anearly age is wrong. There is simply no evidence to support it, and considerable evidence against it. Starting children early academically has not worked in the past and is not working now.
David Elkind
When I was starting out, I thought about how the Internet is global and that we should have a global name, a name that’s interesting. At that time, the best name was Yahoo! Suddenly I thought, ‘Alibaba is a good name.’
Jack Ma
I have learned that trying again is important and decisivness is good. I have learned that silence hurts. I have learned about starting over and releasing pride.
Sabrina Ward Harrison
Computers are famous for being able to do complicated things starting from simple programs.
Seth Lloyd
‘The Food Network’ was just starting in New York, and I was getting lots of attention from Mesa Grill. They had no money, so if you couldn’t get there by subway, you couldn’t be on. It wasn’t like TV was something I really wanted to do – but I knew it would be great publicity for my restaurants.
Bobby Flay
I think this sets a very bad precedent, the president unilaterally on his own starting war without any consent from Congress.
Rand Paul
Before starting my YouTube career, I used to play music at a restaurant. YouTube was never a part of my plan.
Bhuvan Bam
You can go to Pinterest, and they’ll get to know who your friends are, but they don’t get to know very much about what you’ve done in the past. They’re starting with little information about you, and they have to do this personalization.
Adam D’Angelo
I have read a number of books, starting with novels, that I particularly liked.
Enrique Pena Nieto
I thought it was such a unique concept to play parents who happen to be super heroes and have a son who is going through puberty and starting high school.
Kelly Preston
I’m reading a bunch of fiction by Afghan and Iraq War veterans for a New Yorker piece. There hasn’t been that much, but it’s starting to come out, and some of the fiction is really good.
George Packer
I’ve got a long way to go to being the ultimate best, but I think my time is now. And I’m starting to enter my prime.
Kevin Durant
Embrace what you don`t know
Sara Blakely
And so we turn the page over. To think of starting. This is all there is.
John Ashbery
The difference between a 20-something and a 30-something man? Wisdom. At 20 years old, we dont really get how sensitive and beautiful women are. By 30, were finally starting to learn.
Gilles Marini
Family can replace everything. So, before starting a family, one should think what’s more important: family or everything.
Faina Ranevskaya
I had some great mentors as I was coming up and starting to sing so early – I’ve been singing since I was four.
Gladys Knight
I mean, we did feel nervous, starting out, but I wouldnt say it was hard. We just did what we loved and thankfully it worked out for the best.
Hayley Williams
And from, you know, small ideas, bigger ideas emerge. So we’re starting with suborbital space flights and we’ll then go into orbital space flights and, you know, maybe one day we’ll send people on a one-way voyage into the depths of space as per the science fiction trips.
Richard Branson
There is just something about starting your day with something luxurious like a bath.
Erin Heatherton
Don’t take too much advice.
Ben Silbermann
Many young Danish theologians went to Wittenberg starting in 1517, listened to Luther’s theses and, in 1536, brought the Reformation to our country. This is why the Danes, unlike the people of many countries in Eastern and Central Europe, became Lutherans and not Calvinists.
Margrethe II of Denmark
As many as half of Ethiopias girls become wives before becoming adults. But Ethiopia is also a place where lasting solutions to child marriage are starting to make a difference.
Helene D. Gayle
Maybe I should, I don’t know leave? Because this is starting to sound like one of those reality shows I don’t want to be in. Maybe you guys want to take turns in the confessional booth.
Rachel Caine
I think I have a pretty good ear. I mean, even just starting with, like, Austin Powers, where I did young Robert Wagner. People were, like, “How do you imitate Robert Wagner? What does he sound like? What does that even involve?”.
Rob Lowe
Hope is not a resting place but a starting point – a cactus, not a cushion.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Apple was our benefactor at starting General Magic, but about a year later decided they would rather BE General Magic and tried to make us blink out of existence… which we eventually did, but it took a few years.
Andy Hertzfeld
Mixed doubles are always starting divorces. If you play with your wife, you fight with her; if you play with somebody else, she fights with you.
Sidney Wood
The search for religion is the starting point of thought.
Xu Zhimo
Games are starting to creep into every aspect of our day.
Jesse Schell
Running has taught me, perhaps more than anything else, that there’s no reason to fear starting lines… or other new beginnings.
Amby Burfoot
Starting a job and working hard is how to be successful.
Florence Nightingale
There are compelling reasons to implement a true America First immigration plan, starting with border security. We are a land of immigrants. Immigration, with assimilation, has generally been good for America.
Niger Innis
I have a few other films in my life where I’m not attached and for a long time it was too complicated. Now it’s starting to change because other actresses actually want to work with me, which is great.
Julie Delpy
Any change of government which has to be introduced should be one which men, starting from their existing constitutions, will be both willing and able to adopt, since there is quite as much trouble in the reformation of an old constitution as in the establishment of a new one, just as to unlearn is as hard as to learn.
If we had a starting XI that no one could argue about it wouldn’t say a lot for English football. We’d probably be on a downward spiral. It’s good that people have different ideas about who should play.
Rio Ferdinand
I just can’t listen to any more Wagner, you know…I’m starting to get the urge to conquer Poland.
Woody Allen
Boys are unpredictable. This maybe not be news, but I’m starting to think it’s one of the best things about them.
Kate Brian
You have to start over. That’s what they say. But life is not a board game, and losing a loved one is never really “starting over.” More like “continuing without.
Mitch Albom
Curiosity is the starting point for great science.
Philip Kotler
I can think of few things more disastrous than starting a new correspondence with any one. Letters are a burden indeed … they seem often the last straw that breaks the back … you should see the piles of those that I must answer that litter and weight my writing table.
Rose Macaulay
Starting a new retirement plan for those below a certain age is something tens of millions of Americans have already been through at work.
Mitch Daniels
I was working for Alan Lomax in the Library of Congress folk song archive, and starting to realize what a wealth of different kinds of music there was in this country that you never heard on the radio.
Pete Seeger
Historical change is like an avalanche. The starting point is a snow-covered mountainside that looks solid. All changes take place under the surface and are rather invisible.
Norman Davies
There’s a lot of things to learn, starting with you’d better caution people just as the State Department cautioned people, especially those of Chinese descent, before they decide to engage in academic research in China.
Jerome A. Cohen
One of the places where we lived when I was growing up had this big wood out the back. And starting when I was about 8, I used to enjoy just walking alone through the wood late. Eleven p.m. Midnight. Later.
Christian Bale
I’ve always been a dreamer, have always believed in the power of love and art and loud, life-affirming rock and roll, but, for the first time, I’m starting to have doubts. Can a dream even exist in reality? Or does it turn to stone the second it leaves your mind?
Pete Wentz
It is an art in itself to compose a starting team, finding the balance between creative players and those with destructive powers, and between defence, construction and attack – never forgetting the quality of the opposition and the specific pressures of each match.
Rinus Michels
In the World War [WW1] nothing was more dreadful to witness than a chain of men starting with a battalion commander and ending with an army commander sitting in telephone boxes, improvised or actual, talking, talking, talking, in place of leading, leading, leading.
J. F. C. Fuller
You may read any quantity of books, and you may almost as ignorant as you were at starting, if you don’t have, at the back of yourminds, the change for words in definite images which can only be acquired through the operation of your observing faculties on the phenomena of nature.
Thomas Huxley
The artist accepts the limitations of form, not with fear and dread, but as the starting point of creation.
Laurence Boldt
He flipped himself onto his side and kissed me. “You’re so hot,” I said, my hand still on his leg. “I’m starting to think you have an amputee fetish,” he answered, still kissing me. I laughed. “I have an Augustus Waters fetish,” I explained.
John Green
If it were worth while to argue a paradox, one might maintain that nature regards the female as the essential, the male as the superfluity of her world. Perhaps the best starting-point for study of the Virgin would be a practical acquaintance with bees, and especially with queen bees.
Henry Adams
We have agreed with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to cease all acts of violence against the Israelis and against the Palestinians wherever they are. Tranquility and quiet that will be witnessed and in our land, starting today, is the beginning for a new era.
Mahmoud Abbas
I think that if you’re somebody who’s a control freak, the process would make you crazy, but I’m kind of a process freak, so I’m excited to see what he does with it. I know it’s not going to be my book, so just starting with that knowledge frees me from having to get all freaked out about it.
Alice Sebold
When I’m nervous, I stutter, and I had to keep stopping and starting.
Amy Winehouse
I think when you’re starting up a situation, it’s really fun texting or BBMing or whatever.
Carly Pope
Happiness is a thing honored and perfect. This seems to be borne out by the fact that it is a first principle or starting-point, since all other things that all men do are done for its sake; and that which is the first principle and cause of things good we agree to be something honorable and divine.
I think the show has sort of given me a name in this business and allowed a lot of people the opportunity to see what I can do, and it’s just sort of like a sweet starting point.
Shiri Appleby
Facebook and Instagram are both really popular with teens, both in the U.S. and globally across the world. I think what you’re starting to see is that there are all these different ways that people want to share and communicate.
Mark Zuckerberg
Once you have dialogue starting, you know you can break down prejudice.
Harvey Milk
I’ve said publicly, and it’s true, I’ve had a lot of wonderful things come my way. But personally, the greatest thing I ever accomplished was when I was named the starting quarterback at Ole Miss. That was my childhood dream, as it was thousands of kids in Mississippi.
Archie Manning
Besides walking, I do stretches every day. I had back trouble starting when I turned 40, so I have to stretch out my muscles every day.
Anne Graham Lotz
The starting point of discovering who you are, your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. Write in a journal. Take long walks in the woods.
Robin Sharma
The war is ending, for the first time in the history of relations between Moscow and Grozny, and the era of peace is starting.
Aslan Maskhadov
People are starting to realize that the disability community has been disenfranchised and deserves to have its rights recognized, which I see as a positive trend. I don’t think it’ll be a quick process, but I see more attention being given to it.
Jay Ruderman
As soon, however, as capitalist competition has definitively established the equal rate of profit, that rate becomes the starting point for the calculations of the capitalists in the investment of capital in newly-created branches of production.
Rudolf Hilferding
The world is slowly evolving into a place where the things that we have seen as being taboo are starting to open up a bit more.
Manu Bennett
Over the last ten years, technological advances have dramatically lowered the financial bar for starting a new company, but the courage bar for building a great company remains as high as it has ever been.
Ben Horowitz
Starting off in music, the purpose of it was not to become like well known on the street and be famous. You know, I didn’t even think about that part of being famous. Famous for making records, yes, but famous face in a woman’s magazine, I never thought of that. I didn’t want that.
Mick Jagger
There are some ghost stories in Japan where – when you are sitting in the bathroom in the traditional style of the Japanese toilet – a hand is actually starting to grab you from beneath. It’s a very scary story.
Shigeru Miyamoto
Miles Davis was a part of my life from 1947 on. I was born in 1941 and I first heard him in 1947 on a 78 rpm. And then I followed his career, starting with his first solo album in 1951. He was an icon and inspiration and a mentor to me.
Chick Corea
There’s no point in starting a business unless you’re going to make a dramatic difference to other people’s lives. So if you’ve got an idea that’s gonna make a big difference to other people’s lives, then just get on and do it.
Richard Branson
When I was poor and I complained about inequality they said I was bitter. Now I’m rich and I complain about inequality they say I’m a hypocrite. I’m starting to think they just don’t want to talk about inequality.
Russell Brand
You can’t change the world alone – you will need some help – and to truly get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues, the good will of strangers and a strong coxswain to guide them.
William H. McRaven
I don’t want to act as if ‘Harry Potter’ wasn’t the most amazing thing because it truly was, but it’s also great personally that I’m starting to see signs that I can move on from it and do other stuff that hopefully people enjoy.
Matthew Lewis
The big problem with songwriting for me is starting a new song. It’s the thing where all the anguish exists, not in the writing of the song, but the starting of the new song.
Nick Cave
Somebody had given me a copy of ‘Hunky Dory,’ which had yet to be a hit, although it was starting to percolate. I’d seen a couple of pictures of David, with his interesting hairdo and outfits, and I decided to seek him out, which wasn’t difficult back then, as he was eager to do any kind of publicity.
Mick Rock
The intellectual takes as a starting point his self and relates the world to his own sensibilities; the scientist accepts an existing field of knowledge and seeks to map out the unexplored terrain.
Daniel Bell
By bells and many other similar techniques they (schools) teach that
nothing is worth finishing. The gross error of this is progressive: if
nothing is worth finishing then by extension nothing is worth starting
either. Few children are so thick-skulled they miss the point.
John Taylor Gatto
I think people are starting to think of me less as an actor and more as a writer.
Amber Benson
Saddam Hussein is dead, and Osama bin Laden is dead. If you’re Moammar Gadhafi, living in exile is starting to sound really good.
Jay Leno
I can say for myself that I feel like I’ve gotten a ton of opportunities in the digital space and not a lot in the traditional space when I was first starting out.
Grace Helbig
Some days I’ll have good starts, and some days I’ll have bad starts. I’m really focusing on having more good starts than bad starts, and I traditionally do. But I would hate to make it all the way to the Olympics and have a bad starting day.
Nate Holland
I’m always saying that my books are not autobiographical because they’re not. I can’t choose any one scene and say, ‘Oh, this is exactly what happened to me!’ I just use little snippets of things as a starting point!
Cecily von Ziegesar
Mindfulness of the resources we have and respect for where we live, eat, and sleep is a good starting point. Being conscious of your consumption, what goes in and out, will help cut down on wastefulness.
Joy Bryant
I like starting off the new year fresh. I’m excited to see how 2013 turns out. Maybe because I’m an actress and I am always on a diet and fitness program, but my New Year’s resolution is to let myself be nice to myself about my body.
Busy Philipps
Metaphysics involves intuitive knowledge of unprovable starting-points concepts and truth and demonstrative knowledge of what follows from them.
What starting your company means: you will lose your stable income, your right to apply for a leave of absence, and your right to get a bonus. However, it also means your income will no longer be limited, you will use your time more effectively, and you will no longer need to beg for favours from people anymore.
Jack Ma
Too many pitchers, that’s all, there are just too many pitchers Ten or twelve on a team. Don’t see how any of them get enough work. Four starting pitchers and one relief man ought to be enough. Pitch ’em every three days and you’d find they’d get control and good, strong arms.
Cy Young
By continually increasing the difficulty of the sport, we are discouraging younger athletes from starting and continuing in the sport. But most importantly, we are losing the beauty of our sport. We do not want gymnastics to lose what makes it so great – its artistic beauty.
Svetlana Boginskaya
I think anybody starting any new career needs work.
Mehcad Brooks
I’m not sure I knew what an entrepreneur was when I was ten, but I knew that starting little businesses and trying to sell greeting cards or newspapers door-to-door or just vending machine kind of thing is.. there’s just something very intriguing to me about that.
Steve Case
Everything about starting out in comedy is pride-swallowing, from handing out fliers to bombing in front of audiences.
Mike Birbiglia
If I have gained anything over these months, it is the knowledge there is no starting over- only living with the mistakes you’ve made.
Jodi Picoult
I had dreams of starting a company like Burmah Shell.
Dhirubhai Ambani
I wouldn’t mind starting to ride some more if I had a really good horse to just work a little bit with every day.
Robert Duvall
Since reality TV everything is much more celebrity-oriented, there are gossip magazines, people seem to be obsessed with every little detail. That’s why I’m so pleased that I’m not starting out now.
Andy Bell
I kind of thought the writers were starting to take Taylor and make her kind of down and dirty.
Hunter Tylo
Any single path truly taken leads to all the others. What matters is choosing a starting place – where to stand and begin spinning outward. Even then, you will find that outward and inward become the same direction. The center of the wheel is everywhere.
Robin Morgan
Hope was supposed to be a good thing, but it was starting to feel like every other four-letter word you’re not supposed to say.
Elizabeth Scott
As if there’s a world that exists that you’re semi-privy to yet can’t quite penetrate – that’s how it feels when you’re starting a book.
Rebecca Miller
I know now that everybody in the arts is forever a beginner. Experience counts for a great deal and very little. Every night onstage I feel I am starting from scratch, still not quite sure what I am doing and where I am going, thrown by the simplest thing that goes wrong.
Joan Rivers
I think designers are starting to realize that we’re all in the same industry. We’re making clothes – we aren’t saving the world. I’m not saying that designers aren’t artists, but at the end of the day, we make clothes.
Joseph Altuzarra
Economy forced me to become a vegetarian, but I finally starting liking it.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
If they were starting their careers today, Rockwell and Picasso would probably both be painting on black velvet.
Brad Holland
TRUST took as its starting point the question, What would happen if a movie took the character of a teen-age girl seriously?.
Hal Hartley
Here it is: our collaboration with Project Spark . Instead of a traditional music video for GUILTY ALL THE SAME (feat. Rakim), we are giving you this as a starting line for you guys to create and share. This is the first interactive, remixable game. We look forward to seeing what you make with it.
You could feel America starting to ease up a little bit on racism, against blacks in certain pockets, and then suddenly The Cosby Show bubbled up and it was the right time for it.
Adam McKay
We’ve gotten so much as a result of the changes. Part of our responsibility is to give something back to the game and the girls who are just starting to play.
Carla Overbeck
I do have trouble starting books. I have ideas that I have trouble starting to write. But I’m the kind of person who tends to finish everything she starts out of sheer stubbornness.
Cynthia Voigt
I do hope that our spring will be starting shortly and we will all be able to enjoy some sunshine again.
Lesley Garrett
To tell you the truth, there are all these websites predicting my early death, and it’s starting to work on me!
Artie Lange
Things have been a mess for so many years that trying to pin down a starting point is like trying to figure out where your skin starts.
Jonathan Tropper
The mace prodded Will in the back again. That little habit was starting to annoy him and he was tempted to take the weapon from the sergeant major and do a little prodding of his own.
John Flanagan
Do not forget that the Arab countries, starting with Algeria and Egypt, are the ones that have paid the heaviest toll because of Islamic terror.
Omar Bongo
I have legs of iron, but to tell you the truth, they’re starting to rust and buckle a bit.
Jeanne Calment
I don’t place much faith in my intuitions, except as a starting place for designing experiments.
Elizabeth Spelke
As a director, you just have to kind of like just get through the first project before starting on the next one.
Joshua Michael Stern
I regret starting drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and joining Facebook.
Berhan Ahmed
Over 80% of the poor are people who have small plots of land and grow their own food and they don’t grow enough to sell much into the marketplace. So they will be hit hard by the worst in climate. They really get hit hard starting in the 20-year time frame and thereafter.
Bill Gates
I’d grown up fearing the lynch mobs of the Ku Klux Klan; as an adult I was starting to wonder if I’d been afraid of the wrong white people all along – where I was being pursued not by bigots in white robes, but by left-wing zealots draped in flowing sanctimony.
Clarence Thomas
You come to a country music show and it’s like a rock show, it’s so different, it’s just not what people think it is, it’s really cool and I think that if people just give it a chance they’d see that it’s really cool and I think that’s what people are finally starting to see.
Jason Aldean
I learned conservatism through my grandfather; I didn’t know that was the name. I didn’t know these were conservative principles. Starting his life on a sharecropping farm. Working tremendously hard. Five years old, picking cotton and laying tobacco out to dry on a farm, and today he now owns that farm.
Candace Owens
Every book is like starting over again. I’ve written books every way possible – from using tight outlines to writing from the seat of my pants. Both ways work.
Bruce Coville
Starting anything is a roller coaster with the highest highs and lowest lows.
Jack Dorsey
I’ve never let producers tell me what to do. Even when I was making television, I always did what I wanted to do, and if I couldn’t, I didn’t do it. It was a freedom that, these days, young directors starting out don’t have.
Michael Haneke
The way I listen to music goes in waves depending on a lot of things. How busy I am, if I’m in between composition projects, if I’m starting a new project. So, the only time I listen to the radio for music is with my daughter’s when I’m driving them to school, or driving them somewhere.
Tod Machover
Especially once those poetry events began, because, yeah, the stuff was still on the page, but the page was starting to spill into real space, spill into air, once you could hear it, once there was a typewriter, once there was a body of a typist, it was getting rid of the confines of the page.
Vito Acconci
That’s what my objective was, to reinvent myself from a console designer to starting a new business and embracing multi-platform, relearning the skills necessary to make successful games. It’s been an amazing journey.
Peter Molyneux
People in Detroit aren’t just urban gardening. They’re starting a new mode of education. They’re trying to give children the education to be “solutionaries” rather than people who are going to get jobs in the system. And that is a huge change, a cultural revolution.
Grace Lee Boggs
Twitter is my bar. I sit at the counter and listen to the conversations, starting others, feeling the atmosphere.
Paulo Coelho
…something was starting to take shape, out of magic and will. Smoke and bone.
Laini Taylor
The idea of starting with that Kanye [West] song is declarative. It says, “This is the kind of story we’re telling.”
Akiva Goldsman
Okay, now you’re starting to scare me,” Wes says. “No, scary is the way people can alter their voices on cue. Like your imitation of that creepy guy who lives at your house.” “You mean my dad?” he laughs.
Laurie Faria Stolarz
There are leaders vocally, and there are leaders by example. I think I’m starting to become better at being a leader vocally, just talking on the court.
Trey Burke
When I was starting out, I did not do short fiction well, because I kept wanting to write books.
Elizabeth Moon
Like anyone who goes to college, you’re leaving a familiar surrounding and a comfortable environment and your friends and everything, and you’re starting fresh. It can be pretty daunting.
Jason Biggs
It started kind of slow, but we got back into it, bad as you might not want to. You’ve got to get some type of enthusiasm going out there. It’s kind of kicking in as a reality. People only grieve for so long, but I’m starting to understand it.
Jonas Jennings
The born-yesterday French-besotted faddists, addicted sniffers of wet printer’s ink, think they’re starting on the ground floor; so they’re condemned to another hundred years of trial and error. The rest of us can safely ignore them.
Camille Paglia
I often have a theme in mind when I’m starting. I know that I want everything to be in a world of, say, evolution, or guilt.
Charlie Kaufman
Plants and factories are already starting to move back into the United States, and big league Ford, General Motors, so many of them.
Donald Trump
My starting point was the search for my identity in foreign places, in places where I am estranged from myself.
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Becoming an adult means leaving the world of your parents and starting to make your way toward the future that you will share with your peers.
Alison Gopnik
Simply by starting to cook again, you declare your independence from the culture of fast food. As soon as you cook, you start thinking about ingredients. You start thinking about plants and animals and not the microwave. And you will find that your diet, just by that one simple act, that is greatly improved.
Michael Pollan
I always liked the magic of poetry but now I’m just starting to see behind the curtain of even the best poets, how they’ve used, tried and tested craft to create the illusion. Wonderful feeling of exhilaration to finally be there.
David Knopfler
I pinch myself every night when I hear the overture starting. I’m so overwhelmed by the whole process, and humbled and giddy all at the same time because I can’t believe it’s me that gets to sing these songs every night.
Tituss Burgess
I’d ask myself, ‘What do I think is really unjust?’ That should be a starting point for how you engage with the world.
Chelsea Clinton
Nellie’s brow furrowed. “The great Mr. Hip-Hop Mogul standing in line with the common peasants? How do you figure that?” Dan grinned. “I’m starting to dig this ‘no cars’ thing. It’s a great equalizer.
Gordon Korman
And that format was – we’d been using that format, I guess, since the late ’70s, and it was starting to get very predictable. In other words, certain songs would surface in the same points in the set every so often; it was like rotation.
Phil Lesh
Now he would never write the things that he had saved to write until he knew enough to write them well. Well, he would not have to fail at trying to write them either. Maybe you could never write them, and that was why you put them off and delayed the starting. Well he would never know, now.
Ernest Hemingway
‘Rent’ was a special project for me. It was my first notable screenplay job. I worked with two wonderful directors on it, starting with Spike Lee in the summer of 2001. I wrote a draft for Spike and he was really good to me.
Stephen Chbosky
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
Anne Frank
We weren’t like mates who decided to form a band. The other three met me because they were interested in being in the band that I was starting.
Billy Corgan
In a way, yes, because I was starting something fresh, and it was something totally independent.
Skitch Henderson
I am interested in levels of brain discourse. How articulate are the voices in your head? You know, there’s a different voice for the phone, and a different voice if you’re talking in bed. When you’re starting off with a narrator, it’s interesting to think, where is their voice coming from, what part of their brain?
Anne Enright
Phoenix Nights’ was really starting to take off. But I was scared to leave my job in case things didn’t work out.
Paddy McGuinness
In the beginning we were creating our music, ourselves, every night . . . starting with a few outlines, maybe a few words for a song. Sometimes we worked out in Venice, looking at the surf. We were together a lot and it was good times for all of us. Acid, sun, friends, the ocean, and poetry and music.
Jim Morrison
We don’t pray for the land. We pray for the humans, all humans… starting with the president, Mohammed Morsi, and all officials, and for God to give everyone wisdom and responsibility to manage the affairs of this country and its people in true Egyptian spirit.
Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria
I thought about starting a novella club because it seemed less ambitious.
Lena Dunham
I think what’s really amazing is that given the scale of the web and getting the compute power we have today, we’re starting to see things that appear intelligent but actually aren’t semantically intelligent.
Marissa Mayer
Anyone can write one book: even politicians do it. Starting a second book reveals an intention to be a professional writer.
Len Deighton
We’re starting to see, as the economy improves, that the unemployment rate among veterans and military spouses – we’re seeing some improvement in those numbers. And that’s a good thing.
Michelle Obama
I mean, what Fiat had it was not very big, it was something like forty or fifty million dollars, but it’s enough to get revolving credit, to get starting away again, the buying of new machinery.
Gianni Agnelli
I always start my New Year at church with my family. I see it as a fresh beginning – like a new chance we get to renew our lives, perhaps? Starting it by praying gives me a lot of hope for the future.
Nivin Pauly
On a good night, I’m just into the flow and seeing the pictures and words in my mind clearly before I say them. On a bad night, which to be honest are nowhere near as bad as when I was starting out, I just concentrate on performing the routines correctly. I focus on my delivery.
Franklyn Ajaye
The problem with the Internet startup craze isn’t that too many people are starting companies; it’s that too many people aren’t sticking with it.
Steve Jobs
My eating habits are the only behaviour of mine that are still manic. I can’t walk by a restaurant, a bakery, an ice-cream store or a candy store without making a purchase; the amount of calories I take in today are at least five times as many as I took before starting on all of this medication.
Andy Behrman
I was able to work with the best musicians in Kansas City starting when I was really young
Pat Metheny
I imagine a certain amount of consumer impulse will be replaced by community connection. You can already see it starting with things like the local food movement.
Bill McKibben
Don’t see haters as a reason to give up; instead see them as a sign that you are starting to become successful.
Mastin Kipp
You know how it feels right before a tornado hits? I mean when the sky’s still clear, but the wind’s starting to cool off and change direction. You know something’s coming, but you don’t always know what. That’s how things feel to me right now.” -Zoey Redbird
P. C. Cast
I miss that process of getting the script and reading it and working on it. Every actor has their own way of memorizing their lines, and the whole process of starting to work with the other actors and the director, and doing rehearsals, and going to the location, and going through wardrobe.
Pauly Shore
I am starting to talk fast now, and I have to remember to slow down because when I get excited, I start to sound like myself and my American accent goes away.
NoViolet Bulawayo
Still, intuitive assumptions about behavior is only the starting point of systematic analysis, for alone they do not yield many interesting implications.
Gary Becker
In the years between 2000 and 2004, I always got the feeling that people were just starting to hear about me and they were all late to the game. I’d be out playing shows for records that I recorded back in 1999 that were just coming out.
Ariel Pink
Keep in my mind my dad didn’t become a huge, huge mega actor until I was halfway through high school – so right around the time he’s going through his big renaissance is right when I’m starting to do my high school revolting.
Colin Hanks
I think that when something ends there’s something new starting.
Jeppe Hein
I grew up in the inner city of Chicago, and then I moved to Robbins, and it kind of raised me. When I was in college, I actually had them change the starting lineup to say ‘from Robbins, Illinois’ instead of ‘Chicago, Illinois.’
Dwyane Wade
If I could, I would live in Houston, and I would encourage any comic starting out looking for a good place to develop to move there.
Joe Rogan
You can feel as brave as Columbus starting for the unknown the first time you enter a Chinese lane full of boys laughing at you, or when you risk climbing down in a Tibetan pub for a meal of rotten meat.
Ella Maillart
I grew up loving horses. I was relatively obsessed, starting with my rocking horse at age 2, all the way through my painting and drawing phase.
Diane Lane
Technology didn’t just go, clunk. It was this early disease, starting with a plow, I guess, or something like that, the first tool that made it so you could do more things. The first domesticated animal, or the first wheel.
Jerry Garcia
Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
Bill Gates
I encourage women who are starting families to think about the five-year horizon. The first few years of parenthood are really hard, but if you stick it out, it gets easier.
Julia Hartz
I think that one of the main privileges of what I do, which I am just starting to learn, is to have the ability to travel all over the world and experience different cultures.
Chris Cornell
Starting and growing a businessВ is as much about the innovation, drive and determination of the people who do it as it is about the product they sell.
Elon Musk
I mean, there are some amazing storytelling being done on the small screen right now. That’s what so cool about being in television right now. Studios, networks are starting to throw more resources, better writers, more production values… and to be part of that is awesome.
Ian Somerhalder
Three years after starting, by physically doing everything from raising the finance to special effects, we’d finally cobbled together our low budget film.
Yahoo Serious
If I ever feel like I need to see someone to help me adjust to whatever life situation I’m seeing, I’ll go. You’re sick. When you’re physically ill, you go to the doctor. It’s the same thing about your mental. If you feel you’re starting to get sick, you go see someone who can help you.
Israel Adesanya
Even though I have so many things to figure out, I’m very much at peace. I don’t feel like I’m closing the chapter on this phase of life – I feel like I’m closing the book and starting a new one.
Jessica Simpson
You’re right. Everyone in this room with a pulse is starting to smell really good. Okay. Back in the box, better safe than sorry.
Jeaniene Frost
I’m doing a collaborative project with another artist, Mary Hamill. My project is to gather the oral history of war widows, starting with the women of my village, Kop Nymit.
Chath Piersath
Companies like I.B.M. have offered women scholarships to study engineering for years, and women engineers routinely get higher starting salaries than men.
Warren Farrell
Anyone who has ever asked for directions knows you need two crucial pieces of information to get good results: a starting point and a destination.
Mike Quigley
I am starting a collection of only right-hand gloves. It’s ever so bourgeois to have two.
Libba Bray
Wind back the tape of life to the early days of the Burgess Shale; let it play again from an identical starting point, and the chance becomes vanishingly small that anything like human intelligence would grace the replay.
Stephen Jay Gould
Every photo, every ‘ONCE’ in time is also the beginning of a story starting ‘once upon a time…’ Every photo is the first frame of a movie.
Wim Wenders
Experience has taught me that you have to improve all the time-little bit by little bit-and not keeping starting everything from new.
Jean Alesi
My arthritic pinkies are already starting to ache just thinking about ||||=.
Larry Wall
At 35, I’m definitely starting to feel more like a grown-up than I ever have. There’s nothing in my life that is childish or whimsical. Having fun is fantastic and I never want to lose a sense of that – and also, I think, you have to have that to put into your work or else it’s going to feel stiff.
Drew Barrymore
Starting from the ruins of the Second World War, we – all Europeans said, after centuries of fighting each other, we’re going to build permanent arrangements in which peace between European countries is secured, freedom is secured, and growing prosperity. And that’s what we have done over the last 70 years.
Timothy Garton Ash
Starting to drink now in preparation for New Years. No more last minute stuff like Christmas.
Albert Brooks
Each project, I suffer like I’m starting over again in life. There’s a lot of healthy insecurity that fuels this stuff.
Frank Gehry
I attended a Baptist church as a child and was an avid reader starting with the Bible.
John Henrik Clarke
I’m really starting to think everything happens for a reason.
Samantha Mumba
The home run became glorified with Babe Ruth. Starting with him, batters have been thinking in terms of how far they could hit the ball, not how often.
Rogers Hornsby
Interactions between fathers and children are the starting point of education.
Yoshihiko Noda
I look around my neighborhood, and I see people hailing a cab or ordering their food and then paying for it all with their phone. I’ve read about that stuff for a really long time, and now it’s starting to become commonplace.
Ben Silbermann
Where I am today is my starting point. Who I am today is my starting point. My failures and successes of the past, my fears and hopes of the future are all shadows. Today is my reality, and I’ll use it to create my world.
Taylor Stevens
I love writing but hate starting. The page is awfully white, and it says, ‘You may have fooled some of the people some of the time, but those days are over, giftless. I’m not your agent, and I’m not your mommy; I’m a white piece of paper. You wanna dance with me?’ and I really, really don’t. I’ll go peaceable-like.
Aaron Sorkin
To be a good artist / letterer / designer / guitar player it takes practice. A lot of it. More than you can even fathom when you’re starting out.
Jessica Hische
No author can create a character out of nothing. He must have a model to give him a starting point; but then his imagination goes to work, he builds him up, adding a trait here, a trait there, which his model did not possess.
W. Somerset Maugham
Generally I know that we’ve hit on a good idea if there’s a moment where I’m going “HA HA HA!” because that’s usually my starting point, me laughing.
Charlie Brooker
Sometimes writing has to be forced. In starting out, the shape and timbre and texture of what is to come is an uncertain chimera shimmering from behind a veil. You must not wait, loiter, dilly-dally. You must force your way painfully through.
Cynthia Ozick
Right now someone out there is struggling and starting to panic because they can’t get out of a tempurpedic bed.
Demetri Martin
I think that all writing is in search of lost time. I’m starting to realise that very clearly.
Ruth Ozeki
Some people make stuff; other people have to buy it. And when we gave up making stuff, starting in the 1980s, we were left with the unique role of buying… We’ve shopped till we dropped alright, face down on the floor.
Barbara Ehrenreich
There’s so many people that are interested in film and especially in terms of the technology side of film, that suddenly the fruits of everybody’s labor is really starting to manifest itself all across the planet.
Rick McCallum
Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.
C. S. Lewis
Take a look at all of them: Marichal, Jenkins, Spahn – what do you think made them successful? They conditioned their arms by pitching more, not less, starting from when they signed their first contract.
Tom Seaver
The only way to avoid disruption is to constantly do what you would if you were just starting out.
Aaron Levie
I’m starting to withdraw from [technology] as much as I can. I don’t do much of the social media stuff. Like, if I’m on Facebook, it changes my relation to the real world in a way that makes me feel sick – almost like I’ve had too much sugar or something.
George Saunders
I started doing stand-up at the age of 20. This was back in 1976, around the time (coincidence?) that the first comedy clubs were starting. The young comedians of today gasp when I tell them how many shows I did that first year: 500. Five nights a week.
Emo Philips
I try very hard to tell stories and not lecture. I try to approach things as an amateur and not an expert, so that when I’m doing something, I’m starting out in a place a lot like where my readers start out – which is to say, naГЇve.
Michael Pollan
It’s always a good starting point to tell a story that has many layers.
Pawel Pawlikowski
When people lose their jobs, they can either get another job or be entrepreneurs. In the music industry, a lot of people have attempted the latter by starting their own labels, but in the age of digital downloads, it’s very difficult to succeed.
Judd Apatow
I wasn’t the greatest reporter in the world, but I wasn’t starting at zero.
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr.
Dweezil and I are going on tour with the band probably starting in the middle of February for a month probably playing a few songs from my new record and then I’ll continue on after that tour
Lisa Loeb
I came to 20th Century Fox to do movies, and then they started a network, and they asked me to do a show as part of their starting what became the Fox network.
James L. Brooks
The social contract is starting to unravel in many countries.
Jose Angel Gurria
The moment that you feel that just possibly you are walking down the street naked…that’s the moment you may be starting to get it right.
Neil Gaiman
Both religion and natural science require a belief in God for their activities, to the former He is the starting point, and to the latter the goal of every thought process. To the former He is the foundation, to the latter, the crown of the edifice of every generalized world view.
Max Planck
We must promote upward mobility, starting with solutions that speak to our broken education system, broken immigration policy, and broken safety-net programs that foster dependency instead of helping people get back on their feet.
Paul Ryan
When I am starting a new game, I have to program it for the Apple, because I want to get all of the markets.
Bill Budge
The UDHR has become an iconic document over the course of more than six decades, the starting point for discussions of whether or not the rights as set forth are truly universal or slanted to reflect the hegemony of Western values, especially those associated with liberal individualism.
Richard A. Falk
Hope is not a resting place but a starting point – a cactus, not a cushion
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Rather than starting a new inferno in Iraq, our energies would have been better spent in extinguishing the existing fire in Palestine.
Iqbal Sacranie
The starting point for a better world is the belief that it is possible.
Norman Cousins
Planting a flower’s like opening a book, because either way you’re starting something.В  And your garden’s your library.
Nora Roberts
Yeah I do think featherweight is done for me. It sucks because I worked hard and fought a lot of hard fights and did a lot of things right to move up the rankings and I have to abandon all that moving to 155 starting fresh.
Dustin Poirier
Inside the first 20 to 25 games of the season, we were losing these games, getting beat by two and three points. Over the last 10 games, it seems like we’re starting to win these games and putting some good things together.
Ray Allen
For a very long time science and philosophy were considered part of the same continuum and it was only within the last few hundred years they’ve been considered different areas of inquiry, and now we’re starting to go back to the idea that maybe they aren’t two separate realms of inquiry.
Brad Warner
We were starting to lose track with Earth because fame and success brings you many things that you’re not really prepared for or know how to deal with as a human being.
Paul Simonon
When I was first starting out as a kid, I tried to pad my rГ©sumГ© with everything I had ever done-ice-skate, carry a tune.
Alexandra Daddario
Let today’s strong performance be your starting point for tomorrow.
Ron Kaufman
And I tell ya, when I sit in that sound booth and started reading the script and starting to get into the character, man, it’s an easy jump for me, because I understand what it’s all about.
Lawrence Taylor
I think that one of the problems that jazz has is that it’s so incestuous that it’s starting to kill itself.
Branford Marsalis
The impact of the downturn is starting to feel very real. House prices and the housing market have been taking the knock for some time and that’s affecting people.
Lucy Powell
When my pals in high school were starting to drink, it always looked unappealing to me. I would be at a big party and see one of the popular girls or football players completely wasted and puking and acting a fool, and think to myself, there is nothing cool about that. I never wanted to be that out of control.
Kathy Griffin
I’ve been singing since I was 12. And I think that all the information is finally starting to chill out. And I don’t have to be fancy. I can just kind of do things and simplify things and try to be the best singer I can be.
Justin Vernon
If you don’t educate yourself, you’ll never get out of the starting block because you’ll spend all your money making foolish decisions.
Daymond John
There are tiny choices that everyone can make that profoundly affect our collective water use. Like not having the tap on while brushing your teeth, not starting your shower ten minutes in advance, not doing laundry until you have a full load. In this particular issue, education really is power.
Kristen Bell
People are starting to wake up to the fact that a media/political party-complex basically decide our candidate, then create the illusion for the rest of us that in fact we’re the ones who did the deciding.
Marianne Williamson
It’s definitely time to stop. We’re getting too old. We both realised that the show wasn’t as engaging as it used to be. We were starting to look a bit ridiculous.
Adrian Edmondson
I prefer a long day of starting in the morning over working late into the night.
Jon Hopkins
August used to be a sad month for me. As the days went on, the thought of school starting weighed heavily upon my young frame. That, coupled with the oppressive heat and humidity of my native Washington, D.C., only seemed to heighten the misery.
Henry Rollins
What obsesses a writer starting out on a lifetime’s work is the panic-stricken search for a voice of his own.
John Mortimer
Starting a business is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. In mid air, the entrepreneur begins building a parachute and hopes it opens before hitting the ground.
Robert Kiyosaki
I was always a great believer in starting at the top. I really think that focusing on a career and working your way up is way way way overestimated.
Glenda Bailey
Women have more inner power for creation, starting from family and home and ending with professional activity and politics.
Dalia Grybauskaite
Halas didn’t believe in starting rookies.
Gale Sayers
Success is getting to a point where you’d be truly OK with losing everything you have and starting over.
Tony Hsieh
I think the thing we see is that as people are using video games more, they tend to watch passive TV a bit less. And so using the PC for the Internet, playing video games, is starting to cut into the rather unbelievable amount of time people spend watching TV.
Bill Gates
Tod’s pale brows arched halfway up his forehead, and he looked suddenly, achingly wistful. “She knows not what she says…” Maybe not. But I was starting to get a pretty good idea.
Rachel Vincent
Technology innovation is starting to explode and having open-source material out there really helps this explosion. You get students and researchers involved and you get people coming through and building start ups based on open source products.
Tim Berners-Lee
‘Built This Pool’ was an idea that I had for a song starting several years ago, and as we were in between takes of recording something, I was actually holding a guitar at the time, and I played this silly thing, and sang the lyrics to ‘Built This Pool’ kinda in the background.
Mark Hoppus
In the countryside, litter doesn’t have a friend. It doesn’t have anybody who’s saying, ‘Wait a minute, this is really starting to get out of control.’
Bill Bryson
I feel like once my career is all done and dusted, and I’ve done everything I could have possibly done, then that’s my glory. Then I can live, and have a normal life, and go have kids. I love wrestling, but when that day comes, I’m going back home and I’m starting a family.
Rhea Ripley
You can’t just do one of the things, because it won’t be enough to combat the climate change that we’re already starting to experience. It will only get worse.
Ed Begley, Jr.
Composing a concert is like composing a menu…. If you start with light pieces and play a 45-minute sonata after the interlude, it’s like starting dinner with hors d’oeuvres and dessert and finishing with a ChГўteaubriand and vegetables.
Arthur Rubinstein
When I was a kid, I had ambitions for being a television announcer, which was before television took off, you know, in the late ’40s. And just through necessity, going out looking for work, I was starting to sing, and dance, and act, and I never expected to do that, nor to have any success at it at least.
Dick Van Dyke
Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.
Mark Twain
To force yourself out of the comfort zone, the main ingredient is trying to work in a world where you haven’t been before, that you don’t know the rules of. And that involves a lot of research, so you begin to see where the other people have been, but you are starting from as vulnerable and as low a point as possible.
Danny Boyle
President Obama , I guess, is starting to confess to some of his anxieties. In a recent interview, President Obama said, ‘I miss being anonymous.’ He said, ‘In the old days, I could blend in with all the other Hawaiian Barack Hussein Obamas.’
Conan O’Brien
I’m well aware when they fired the starting gun I was halfway down the track, but I still ran as fast as I could for 25 years.
Joss Whedon
Starting in my late 20s, I would go on one fishing trip a year to an exotic location. I went to India and caught what was essentially a giant carp. I went to Thailand and got myself arrested as a suspected spy. I went to the Congo and got malaria. But even the bad stuff is material.
Jeremy Wade
After 34 years, I feel like I did when I was starting out. I feel excited and feel I’ve never been better doing what I do.
Louie Anderson
Writing is my love. If you love something, you find a lot of time. I write for two hours a day, usually starting at midnight; at times, I start at 11.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Yoga is the perfect vehicle for change of yourself. First by creating a strong and powerful body and mind. It is a starting point from which you can begin to realize your human spirit.
Bikram Choudhury
My music is just about story telling. I don’t have much to say, and I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind. I’m just singing through conviction about what I love and what I care about, starting with the very small.
Sufjan Stevens
I’m Bill Clinton and I think you deserve a change. That’s why I’ve offered a plan to get the economy moving again, starting with a middle-class tax cut.
William J. Clinton
Establishing and maintaining clarity for yourself and what you want is the starting point for success. Thus, maintaining extraordinary clarity is necessary to achieve extraordinary success. The problem is that most people maintain a mediocre level of clarity, which inevitably leads to a mediocre level of success.
Hal Elrod
The starting point of all achievement is desire.
Napoleon Hill
They want everything to be better for their children. I think athletes are starting to see that and that’s why they’re starting to speak out.
Andrew Hawkins
I’ve really gone into business since I got the 6 string, which was like starting all over.
Wes Montgomery
If you’re starting out or trying to get to the next level, surround yourself with people who keep you motivated and energized – people who inspire you to achieve your best every day. When you do this, you can’t lose.
Anthony Famiglietti
We are still learning how exactly the Earth reacts to increased CO2 and other greenhouse gases. We know it leads to warming seas which are melting the North and the South Poles, rising and starting to swallow entire coastal areas in the US and elsewhere, as the New York Times article documents.
Graciela Chichilnisky
I’m starting to get old. I want to eat some hamburgers and just relax.
Charlie Hunnam
I used to hang out in my dad’s workshop on weekends. Later, when I was starting out as an actor, I became a roofer and a framer to make money. But what I really enjoyed was the finished work. I like the longevity.
Mark Harmon
Starting with ‘Forever, Interrupted,’ I somehow convinced myself that in order to create content, I had to consume content. What this means is that I have legitimized binge-watching television and told myself that I must do it for work.
Taylor Jenkins Reid
I just never, ever want to give up. Most battles are won in the 11th hour, and most people give up. If you give up once, it’s quite hard. If you give up a second time, it’s a little bit easier. Give up a third time, it’s starting to become a habit.
Lewis Gordon Pugh
Kids are starting to dress the same, listen to the same music. I look at their Tumblrs and they’re all into the same things.
Chaz Bundick
It’s not only moving that creates new starting points. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities.
Kristin Armstrong
There’s nothing wrong in starting all over again and taking it step-by-step.
Akhil Akkineni
Getting married and starting a family has been a lifelong goal and one that I have persevered through different paths up to it!
Alanis Morissette
I think we’re a deeper team, a better team, we still have work to do… nothing is guaranteed, but hopefully we got the mentality to play on the road, and we’re starting to get our home thing back in order now-if we can do that we’ll be just fine.
Karl Malone
Photography freed painting from a lot of tiresome chores, starting with family portraits.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
At the age of 16 I was already dreaming of having a baby because I felt myself to be an adult, but my mum forbid it. Right now, I feel like a teenager and I want to have fun for one or two more years before starting a family.
Milla Jovovich
In Nigeria, along with its West African neighbor Ghana, women are now starting businesses in greater numbers than men.
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
I think any actor should be aware of where they’re starting to stretch into what’s not truthful.
Naveen Andrews
Just like the NBA, the NFL has guys that can pull off multiple looks, ranging from street style to more dapper, buttoned-up looks, and people are starting to notice.
Cam Newton
If you tell the reader it’s funny, then the audience is like an audience at a stand-up comedy club and they expect you to be funny, and if you’re not, they notice. Whereas if you read a regular op-ed about Israel or the family or medicine, you’re not starting with the assumption that you’re supposed to laugh.
Dave Barry
I call it ‘new forms’. When you’re starting out, they ask you to do four or five minute sets, but once you’re a headliner, you do like 90 minutes. I try to think of different things to divvy up the show, like doing drawings, playing music… I gotta carry the show, that’s the problem.
Demetri Martin
The biggest barrier to starting a company isn’t ideas, funding or experience. It’s excuses.
Sarah Lacy
Think of your body like a car: a glass of water first thing in the morning is like starting your engine.
Joe Wicks
After about 20 years of marriage, I’m finally starting to scratch the surface of what women want. And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate.
Mel Gibson
One of the great regrets of my life is that I smoked. If I could say anything to anybody starting out in life it would be, ‘Whatever you do, don’t smoke’. I have had to recover from that and been lucky that I have been able to stop.
Bill Nighy
Jason’s fingers itched to draw his sword. He’d met plenty of scary demigods, but he was starting to realize that Nico di Angelo–as pale and gaunt as he looked–might be more than he could handle.
Rick Riordan
It’s tough getting older. You start falling apart, you know? My gums are starting to recede now. You can’t tell tonight, though, ’cause I comb them forward.
Kevin Nealon
Our starting point then was trying to find a way to incorporate mean reversion into the HoLee model.
John Hull
The principle of the endless melody is the perpetual becoming of a music that never had any reason for starting, any more than it has any reason for ending.
Igor Stravinsky
We put more emphasis on who can drive a car than on who can be a parent. And I think there ought to be mandatory parenting classes starting in high school, and you should have to have a license to be able to be a parent to explain that you don’t give alcohol to kids.
Dale Archer
Doing something new and challenging. It can be anything from starting a business to playing a sport. Seeing a great concert, looking at extraordinary art, or being in nature. More than anything, it’s my son’s smile and love that makes me light up!
Amber Valletta
I had been living with my family in France as COVID was starting to spiral out of control in Europe. I said to my wife that maybe they should come back to the States with me because I was worried about getting separated.
Aaron Dessner
A lot of the earliest Instagram celebrities took really beautiful photos. But you’re starting to see a change where it’s not about beauty; it’s about the story that you tell.
Kevin Systrom
No one can do without some semblance of immortality, and even less will they deny themselves the right to seek it out in the form of this or that reputation, starting with the literary… Since death has come to be accepted by all as the absolute end, everyone writes.
Emile M. Cioran
The starting point is always now. The end is up to you.
Ron Kaufman
I was initiated as a Buddhist monk at the age of 19, but I think that initiation is simply a starting point.
Frederick Lenz
Because Ritchie Valens WAS the real deal. He was only starting, but in the time he spent in the business, he made big impact. I don’t know if anybody could have made a bigger one.
Waylon Jennings
The guardian and arbiter of superlative eating, with every meal an unforgettable experience in pleasure, starting with the soup, which he said, ‘must be the agent provocateur of a good dinner.’
Marie-Antoine Careme
The possibilities for creation and insight are endless. We’re constantly collecting more data, and it’s starting to be very relevant to our lives.
Aaron Koblin
And if the Son has set us free Then we must be, free indeed Let the chains fall away, starting today. Everything has changed I’m finally free.
Nichole Nordeman
I’m really happy to see Filipino cuisine starting to really take hold outside of the Pinoy community.
Anthony Bourdain
Writing is my love. If you love something, you find a lot of time. I write for two hours a day, usually starting at midnight; at times, I start at 11.
Abdul Kalam
Hadrian drew two swords from his sides in a single elegant motion. He flipped one around letting it spin against his palm once. “Need to get a new grip on this one. It’s starting to fray again.” He looked at Will. “Shall we get on with this? I believe you were about to rob us.
Michael J. Sullivan
True peace is not a balance of opposing forces, and it is not ‘a lovely faГ§ade’ simply covering conflicts and divisions. Rather, peace calls for daily commitment — it’s homemade — starting from God’s gift, from the grace which he has given us in Jesus Christ.
Pope Francis
A BURNING DESIRE TO BE, AND TO DO is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition.
Napoleon Hill
I like going everywhere. And I love starting new things.
Antonio Banderas
And to any new fans we made along the way, I say… welcome to our party. It’s just starting to get going.
Richard Marx
The feeling is less like an ending than just another starting point.
Chuck Palahniuk
The starting point is the recognition that throughout history, religion has been a cause of bloodshed, and it remains so today. Because religion has contributed to the world’s problems, it must develop specific and practical ways to help solve those problems.
John C. Danforth
I can’t say that I’ve fully achieved my dream yet. I’m just starting to evolve.
Puff Daddy
The personal wealth that’s coming is absolutely secondary to the stories that I hear about our users who have given themselves some financial independence as well by starting businesses, and all the lives we’ve touched positively.
Pierre Omidyar
When I was starting out, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and my person who was helping me out, I didn’t even have an agent, got me five or six big auditions for leads in movies in 1986 that I had no business auditioning for. I think I ran out of three of them before I’d even finished.
John Corbett
I think, thinking back earlier in my career, if I would have been told that I would be starting an All-Star Game at age 34, I’d be pretty happy about that.
Buster Posey
Another term for preventive war is aggressive war – starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition.
Ron Paul
What we’re starting to see is a quantum biology, it being applied in biology and cosmology and a host of other sciences, because it does really pertain to how we know. It really helps bring epistemology, which is how do we know what we know, out of the realm of philosophy and brings it into the realm of science.
Edgar Mitchell
I suspect that, if you should go to the end of the world, you would find somebody there going farther, as if just starting for home at sundown, and having a last word before he drove off.
Henry David Thoreau
I started reading and talking and interviewing nutritionists and a thread was starting to form for me which is – a protein digests in a different rate of speed than a carbohydrate.
Suzanne Somers
I was starting out in the business, there was only one path to playing professionally – graduate, or go four years. With the creation of the ABA [American Basketball Association] in the early 1970s, the sanctity of having to go to college was broken. The ABA took anyone, starting with Spencer Haywood.
Sonny Vaccaro
I’m just another guy starting out.
Tim Tebow
I ended up starting guitar because I didn’t want to just be the lead singer.
Lzzy Hale
Quite possibly there’s nothing as fine as a big freight train starting across country in early summer, Hardesty thought. That’s when you learn that the tragedy of plants is that they have roots.
Mark Helprin
I feel like in a way I’m starting over, with everything.
Shania Twain
A good beginning makes a good end.
Louis L’Amour
Success in war was the only success that counted; failure was a disgrace to be wiped out only by starting another war and winning it.
Barbara Holland
I’m starting to think, though, that some things never get that. The replay, and all. So at some point you have to make peace with it as it is, not keep waiting for a chance to change it
Sarah Dessen
I’ve had the odd good luck of starting slowly and building gradually, something few writers are allowed anymore. As a result I’ve seen each of my books called the breakthrough. And each was, in its way.
Jonathan Lethem
When I was 15 and starting my first job as a messenger boy at the post office, delivering telegrams.
Shaun Ryder
It is best not to swat at the fly’s starting position, but rather to aim a bit forward of that to anticipate where the fly is going to jump when it first sees your swatter.
Michael Dickinson
The only purpose of starting is to finish, and while the projects we do are never really finished, they must ship.
I first started actually playing guitar when I was eleven years old. I had some neighborhood friends who told me they were starting a band and needed a guitarist. I told my folks, and by the next day I had a guitar lesson set up with a local teacher.
Darren Robinson
To ask, ‘How do you do it?’ is already starting off on the wrong foot. When reaching for the stars, there does not have to be a ‘how’ if there is a big enough ‘why’.
Criss Jami
I was totally taken in and totally taken by that myth starting in 1999, rather carelessly writing about this archive and starting to read [Buckminster Fuller] self-representation, misrepresentation, whatever you want to call it.
Jonathon Keats
Every day feels like just starting out because I still have so much more to learn.
Tony Bennett
It’s also much clearer how much damage the occupation of Iraq is doing to America’s reputation and prestige around the world; and that’s just starting now to hit home in the United States.
Peter Singer
I have a different starting premise from those 100 academics who are so heavily invested in the regime of low expectations and narrow horizons which they have created.
Michael Gove
What might be good for ratings can be bad for the country. The hard-core partisans are self-segregating themselves into separate political realities. But the majority of Americans are starting to wake up to the game.
John Avlon
A novel is, hopefully, the starting point of a conversation, one in which the author engages readers and asks that they see things from a different point of view than they might otherwise.
Anne Fortier
Initially, in starting to pick the songs for the live show, it was really a matter of picking songs that I loved over the years. As far as the album goes, it happened very naturally.
Cheyenne Jackson
The great thing is that young talent isn’t tied to a how-to model for starting a line; we get to find new ways to go about doing things. And don’t let people tell you you can’t. Go find a way to show that you can.
Alexander Wang
The realization that life is absurdand cannot be an end, but only abeginning. This is a truth nearly allgreat minds have taken as their starting point.
James Branch Cabell
There can be no peace of mind in love, since the advantage one has secured is never anything but a fresh starting-point for future desires.
Marcel Proust
If I were starting now I would do things very differently. I didn’t know anything. In Silicon Valley, you get this feeling that you have to be out here. But it’s not the only place to be. If I were starting now, I would have stayed in Boston. [Silicon Valley] is a little short-term focused and that bothers me.
Mark Zuckerberg
Alex Smith, what he’s done over the last two years for this football team, this is a mistake in not starting him. He needs to be the guy and it’s going to be tough if (Colin) Kaepernick doesn’t play well today and now you’re coming back saying, ‘Alex, we’re going to put you back in there.’
Kurt Warner
The recording process was basically me meeting with different writers, going into their studio, starting a song and just hanging out and chatting and getting to know how they work. Everybody has a different writing process so there was a lot of getting to know people, which can be fun and stressful at the same time.
Bridgit Mendler
Your mistakes get to follow you for the rest of your life. I don’t know if that’s good for people who are young and are just starting to explore the Internet.
Jeff Moss
One of the things that helped me a lot as I was starting out in my career was that I got myself to France and Europe and California, and spent time immersing myself in those culinary traditions. I’d encourage future chefs to dive into whatever culture most excites them, and that they want to cook.
Rick Tramonto
So maybe it’s just a part of who we all are, and always were. My worry now, though, is that we are starting to nurture these neuroses of ours, and treating them like pets. That can’t be a good thing.
Craig Finn
If I were starting life over again, I am inclined to think that I would go into the advertising business in preference to almost any other. The general raising of the standards of modern civilization among all groups of people during the past half ce
Franklin D. Roosevelt
The payouts for starting a business are just terrible when you account for risk. A tiny minority of entrepreneurs ever get rich. And the majority of entrepreneurs would probably make far more money, and have more stable personal relationships, if they just worked for someone else.
Michael Arrington
Sometimes you start a little further back from the starting line. And you’re going to have to work a little bit harder, and push it faster to get to the finish. I’m willing to put in the work, to compensate for other things, to get ahead, to get to where I want to be.
Nick Newell
Almost everything worthwhile carries with it some sort of risk, whether it’s starting a new business, whether it’s leaving home, whether it’s getting married, or whether it’s flying in space.
Chris Hadfield
My first audition happened to be for ‘Kindergarten Cop,’ and I took that role. I was only starting to learn English at that point. Spanish is my first language, so they made me a speaking character in the movie. I didn’t really know I was shooting a movie. I was just having a lot of fun with 30 kids my own age.
Odette Annable
I’m starting to get a following on Twitter. That’s a really awesome power to have. It gives me the opportunity to make any kind of art I want.
Ansel Elgort
I absolutely hate mowing the lawn. When I hear the mowers starting, I want to kill myself: it’s the sound of death approaching. Hoovering’s OK, but I never in my life wanted to have a lawn and certainly never wanted to mow one.
Peter Capaldi
The stage is yours, my dear Aaronic Priesthood boys. Are you ready and willing to play your part? The Lord needs every able young man to prepare and recommit, starting tonight, to be worthy of a call from the prophet of God to serve a mission.
Ronald A. Rasband
I always liked the story of Noah’s Ark and the idea of starting anew by rescuing the things you like and leaving the rest behind.
Zach Braff
I was nervous starting off today. I was nervous because I felt like I was going to play good and shoot a good round. I was trying to calm myself down. This race is a long race. The eagle at two was helped, but I was trying not to be too eager.
Jay Haas
Starting off, all options are always open, but as soon as you choose something, you inevitably limit yourself. If you go for B, A is out.
Alva Noto
While President Obama was starting and expanding unconstitutiona l wars overseas, Bradley Manning, whose actions have caused exactly zero deaths, was shining light on the truth behind these wars.
Ron Paul
What a welcome change to feel like someone is running the country instead of running it into the ground. President Obama has done more in eight weeks than George W. Bush did in eight years – unless you include starting a couple of wars.
Jack Cafferty
I think that [Barack] Obama was elected because young people are starting to get interested in their country and I think that’s a very healthy thing.
Kirk Douglas
Draymond Green is one of the best in the league at grabbing a defensive rebound and starting the break.
C. J. McCollum
I thought I was an old soul, and that I knew life, but then starting the real life, I figured I am completely new.
Yael Naim
Emptiness the starting point. — In order to taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup. My friend, drop all your preconceived and fixed ideas and be neutral. Do you know why this cup is useful? Because it is empty.
Bruce Lee
I regret not starting to paint earlier…It is one of the few things I do regret.
Francis Bacon
The NBA definitely has some trendsetters that stay up on the latest fashion, but I think you’re starting to see guys like myself and others get some much-deserved respect in the style department.
Cam Newton
There is no formula. We all must become spirited inventors. There’s no single answer – not even a single starting point. Even the ‘teachers’ … don’t offer us the answer. They do offer us approaches, ways of thinking, possibilities we can adapt, and hope that might generate in us wholly new ideas.
Frances Moore LappГ©
I like starting. It’s pretty cool.
Al Leiter
Simplicity is the outcome of technical subtlety. It is the goal, not the starting point.
Maurice Saatchi
I can’t say that I’ve fully achieved my dream yet. I’m just starting to evolve.
Sean Combs
My father ended up starting the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, which is on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. My mother started a school.
Greg Mortenson
Money is like gasoline during a road trip. You don’t want to run out of gas on your trip, but you’re not doing a tour of gas stations.
Tim O’Reilly
Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war.
Otto von Bismarck
Originally I planned on starting a teapot collection. I really like them.
Billy Dee Williams
When we were starting off as kids, just the idea of maybe going to do this as a living instead of getting what we thought was going to be a boring job, was exciting.
Paul McCartney
I get a lot of independent films from people who are starting out.
Loretta Devine
If you and your skills are a complement to the computer, your wage and labor market prospects are likely to be cheery. If your skills do not complement the computer, you may want to address that mismatch. Ever more people are starting to fall on one side of the divide or the other. That’s why ‘average is over.’
Tyler Cowen
What motivates me is not one more championship, it is the challenge each year. I have just thoroughly enjoyed starting in spring with a new team and trying to put all the elements together to make a team.
LaVell Edwards
I think the advice, regardless of gender, is always be open to conversations with people who do things differently than you do. If you’re starting to work in tech, talk to the artists, talk to the lawyers, talk to the people who are interested in other things.
Beth Simone Noveck
great. now i was starting to get jealous of myself.
Meg Cabot
It’s impossible to map out a route to your destination if you don’t know where you’re starting from.
Suze Orman
When we read, we are not looking for new ideas, but to see our own thoughts given the seal of confirmation on the printed page. The words that strike us are those that awake an echo in a zone we have already made our own—the place where we live—and the vibration enables us to find fresh starting points within ourselves
Cesare Pavese
I’m the Ali of today. I’m the Marvin Gaye of today. I’m the Bob Marley of today. I’m the Martin Luther King, or all the other greats that have come before us. And a lot of people are starting to realise that now.
R. Kelly
What we have, however, is an issue that has tremendous impact here at home, and we believe that Americans are starting to feel vulnerable, not just from what is going on around the world but right here in the United States.
Ted Stevens
You can be fun and sexy and still care about issues. I’m excited that people are starting to listen to what I have to say. And if they misunderstand, that’s OK. I’m still the new kid on the block. With time, they’ll see what I’m about. I’m not going anywhere.
I’m very interested in starting to produce, and direct, and have an umbrella over an entire project in the future. I’d like to have control over what the characters do. I think as an actor, you get a little too caught up in the moment-to-moment, beat-to-beat stuff to have perspective.
Neil Patrick Harris
Starting a startup is a process of trial and error. What guided the founders through this process was their empathy for the users. They never lost sight of making things that people would want.
Jessica Livingston
If that’s your definition of the Clinton faction, then I think that that seems to be in ascendancy. That might include a guy like John Edwards, who’s just starting this new center in Chapel Hill to deal with issues of poverty and work.
John Podesta
If you want to be useful, you can always start now. It will be a humble prototype of your grand vision, but you’ll be in the game. Start by teaching someone this week. Starting small puts 100% of your energy into solving real problems for real people.
Derek Sivers
Maybe I`m getting to the age when I`m starting to be senile or nostalgic or both, but people are so angry now. You used to be able to disagree with people and still be friends. Now you hear these talk shows, and everyone who believes differently from you is a moron and an idiot – both on the Right and the Left.
Clint Eastwood
I started, obviously, doing theater, and I always thought that I would; in a way, I always thought that I’d be a theater actor. When I was starting out, I didn’t really plan on making films, actually.
Chiwetel Ejiofor
The Beatles, they brought a whole new dimension to pop music. Of course, the psychedelic period is much more interesting to me, starting with ‘Rubber Soul’ and on to the ‘White Album.’ Great, great records. I was such a Beatles fan. I was very sad when they broke up.
John McLaughlin
Salvation and Christ’s love is a gift. You don’t earn it. You’ve got to receive that gift. I think one of the most important things is starting off the day forgiving others and forgiving yourself. You learn from your mistakes, but I don’t think you have to drag them back into today.
Joel Osteen
Zebrowski says that if you killed someone else just hide the body, he’s not starting over on the paperwork.
Laurell K. Hamilton
Rocky is a warrior, we’ve had a lot of great battles starting from when I was 16. He’s a true team player, great fighter, and I have a ton of respect for him.
Mike Brown
Starting at age 10, my personality and my identity all stemmed from employment. I had a set to be at. I was a certain way with the cameraman, a certain way with the makeup lady – a normal, routine environment.
Jason Bateman
I’ve always wanted to do a Shakespearean soliloquy, or a fake Shakespearean soliloquy, and now I’m doing that more often in shows. Things I’ve always wanted to do starting to happen.
Reggie Watts
Where countries have been able to carry through on their reform commitments – as in Korea, Thailand and the Philippines – results are starting to come in the form of lower interest rates, new investment and increased growth.
Lawrence Summers
Even if you have no interest in starting a company, having the experience of having ideas and doing them, that’s muscle to exercise because that’s what people are going to want to see. That’s what makes you different.
Alexis Ohanian
We don’t have to wait until we move or change jobs to change our lives. Nor do we have to wait for large-scale, upstream change. We can initiate change right now. There are endless starting points.
Arianna Huffington
I have a really good idea for a novel and would like to just kind of try my hand at fiction. I’m starting to kind of get a really good body of work going from a literary standpoint. As long as the audience is there, man, I’ll keep cranking them out.
Corey Taylor
I like to work with talented people, I must say that. That’s my weakness. I really like to work with good directors. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to work with starting up young directors, that’s fun also.
Vilmos Zsigmond
All of the people who work in the kitchen with me go out into the forests and on to the beach. It’s a part of their job. If you work with me you will often be starting your day in the forest or on the shore because I believe foraging will shape you as a chef.
Rene Redzepi
When you’re starting out, every line in a show or a commercial is like a huge success.
Emmanuelle Chriqui
I’ve always been doing stuff, being creative. But I got to the point where I starting to feel this longing, craving, itchy feeling – which was the first sign that it was time. I’ve made a few attempts to make other solo records, but when I’ve looked back at the body of work I’ve always felt like I was never quite there.
Neneh Cherry
Analysis Is the Critical Starting Point of Strategic Thinking
Kenichi Ohmae
Astronomy was the cradle of the natural sciences and the starting point of geometrical theories.
Cornelius Lanczos
If you are the kind of person who is waiting for the ‘right’ thing to happen, you might wait for a long time. It’s like waiting for all the traffic lights to be green for five miles before starting the trip.
Robert Kiyosaki
I love creating new things. It’s difficult to be creative once a restaurant’s open. People want the same dishes. For me, the creativity is in opening a new place and starting a new menu.
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
The loss of the American colonies was the first time the process of British empire building had been put significantly into reverse, and became the starting point for a nostalgic yearning for lost colonies – and the wealth and global influence that came with them – that has become part of our national psyche.
David Olusoga
Things are finally starting to calm down and be the way they’re supposed to be. I think things happen for a reason.
Eddie Cibrian
I think starting in anime, like I did, gave me a good idea of how to approach games that come from Japan. Japanese developers can be very different from companies here in the western market.
Laura Bailey
Talent is only a starting point in business. You’ve got to keep working that talent.
Irving Berlin
I’m starting to understand that fear is like cancer – you can beat it back, but if it returns, it can be worse than ever.
Darren Shan
When I was starting to write, the great influence was T.S. Eliot and after that William Butler Yeats.
Howard Nemerov
Don’t ever underestimate the power of mentoring someone, or helping some young actor, doing a favor for them, or introducing – everyone needs somebody to help them along when they’re first starting out.
Allison Janney
It’s good they’re holding the Olympics in the East End of London. Means the athletes will have to use extra skill to work out which gunshot is the starting pistol.
Frankie Boyle
The hardest thing about starting a company and running a company is, there’s just so many expectations on you, and there are so many people who have things that they want you to do. It’s a lot like life about that.
Ben Horowitz
There’s 20 companies that I have investments in – some batteries, some solar-thermal, one big nuclear thing. We need hundreds and hundreds of companies like that, so that in a 20-year time frame we really are starting to change the energy infrastructure.
Bill Gates
Basically, the start of my thinking process is: ‘OK, if you didn’t have to worry about re-election, what would you be doing?’ That’s kind of how I’m starting to think.
Ray Nagin
Possibly because I did start off as a journalist, my starting point has always been that you’ve got to keep an audience with you. Whatever you’re doing, you always want a script to be a page-turner. It’s very important never, ever, to feel above that.
Tom Stoppard
I played American Legion ball starting when I was 14. But I didn’t catch until I was 17. I was 75-3 as a high school pitcher, but it was like everybody knew that I was supposed to be a catcher. When the scouts would come around, and I was pitching, they’d make me take infield practice so the scouts could watch me throw.
Johnny Bench
It’s just never the same. At least for me.It’s probably because it’s just who I am, I never know what that [truth] is. It’s so momentary to go, “Oh, yeah, that’s true.” That’s a fundamental starting point for me – to figure out what’s true from moment to moment to moment.
Paul Beatty
There is a firm, clear commitment to provide resources and ideas to enable us to organize the Afghans towards starting the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction.
Lakhdar Brahimi
I have nothing. My model is I have nothing figured out, and I’m starting with some little nugget and hoping that it will talk back to me enough to let it grow.
George Saunders
If I had any advice for my 16-year-old self, it would just be to stay strong, because acting is not an easy lifestyle, especially when you are starting out. That being said, it definitely makes it all worth it when it does happen.
Melissa Benoist
I’m no good at down-time. I panic slightly and then plan a project or set up a meeting about starting a project.
David Morrissey
We have helped to organize the United Nations. We believe it will stop aggressor nations from starting wars. Because we believe it, we intend to support the United Nations organization with all the power and resources we possess.
James F. Byrnes
Debate is healthy and no one in this chamber – starting with me – has a monopoly on being right.
Ted Kulongoski
I feel like comedy had a boys’-club label when we were starting.
Abbi Jacobson
Proprietary software grew up, starting really in the 1980s, as an alternative and that became the dominant model with the rise of companies like Microsoft and Oracle and the like.
Tim O’Reilly
The starting point for energy security today as it has always been is diversification of supplies and sources.
Daniel Yergin
There is an entitlement that is starting to emerge that I think is unhealthy for people and unhealthy for a country. … I think the only thing that can be ‘below you’ is to not have a job.
Ashton Kutcher
I grew up having to care what people think; it was part of my job.I’ve been built up and torn down, built up and torn down. It’s been difficult to tune people out, especially in the las few years. Now i’m starting to care more about me and not what everybody else thinks.
LeAnn Rimes
As time goes on and you become more comfortable in your career path, and things are starting to make sense, and it’s not just about work, you find that you’re able to focus on other things and other people.
George Clooney
Leaving things behind and starting again is a way of coping with difficulties. I learnt very early in my life that I was able to leave a place and still remain myself.
Rachel Cusk
What’s interesting is the populace movement of fundamentalism is starting to mirror that approach that elite fundamentalism has long had of trying to have influence across the political spectrum.
Jeff Sharlet
I try not to dwell on big mistakes but to move on when I make a mistake. I make mistakes most of the times and that’s part of the risk profile being an entrepreneur. I guess one big mistake I did was not to start my own company earlier. I spent nine years working for others before starting Kazaa in 2000.
Niklas Zennstrom
Starting at age four, my mom decided that she was not going to have an idle child in the house. So I started taking dance lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then I was in acting classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and I was also modeling on Saturdays. And that was my childhood.
Chandra Wilson
Lay plans for the accomplishment of the difficult before it becomes difficult; make something big by starting with it when small.
I remember a day and time when the streets indicated what was hot online, and now I think it’s starting to reverse a little bit.
Joe Budden
I used to go to open mics in New York when I was starting out, and it was mostly just people who wanted an audience to look at them for eight minutes on a stage.
Kristen Schaal
The morale and the camaraderie that we had for one another earlier in the year is starting to come under duress because of all the losses. Some of the guys are feeling the pressure now from the last year when they were not successful.
Bill Russell
I think Curtis is finally getting his drive back, his passion for the game, … I think he’s starting to enjoy that competition again. That’s what drives us all out here that feeling of being able to hit a good shot in a tough situation.
Jay Haas
I think the guys are starting to rally around my leadership style and the way I do things. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity my whole life.
Aaron Rodgers
When I first came back into the booth, I starting rapping.
Tony Sunshine
I’ve kept journals at many times in my life starting from when I was about 13 or 14. But it’s boring and contrived to keep a journal every day. Better to write as the mood strikes.
Erica Jong
When I was first starting out, you’d have to bang an old upright piano and stick a mike in it and it would always feed back and you could never turn it up loud enough to be heard and I would beat my hands black and blue and bloody.
Edgar Winter
We don’t we agree that litigation reform to lower the cost of healthcare would be a good starting point?
Newt Gingrich
I had some great mentors as I was coming up and starting to sing so early – I’ve been singing since I was four. I had people telling me how to preserve myself.
Gladys Knight
You can have a do-over starting today. But you have to get over the feeling that it’s too late
Jean Chatzky
It’s starting to sink in,” Corny said. “I can almost look at you without wanting to bang my head against the wall.
Holly Black
It must be really hard to be starting out in music now.
Bryan Ferry
Talent is only a starting point.
Irving Berlin
Thinking about starting a small business? Assume everything will cost twice as much and take twice as long as you think it will.
Dave Ramsey
Silent harmony is the gift you give yourself… As you push past the infinite, you can feel your own music, your own frequency, beginning to project itself past you, beyond infinity, into nowhere, starting to generate its own star.
Robert Young
Sam was starting to feel anxious. Nutella and noodles were fine. Great in fact. Miraculous. But he’d been hoping for more food more water more medicine something. It was absurdly like Christmas morning when he was little: hoping for something he couldn’t even put a name to. A game changer. Something…amazing.
Michael Grant
As soon as I starting making YouTube videos, I received so much positive feedback from the online community and a demand for more content. As time went on, my filming schedule became more consistent, and it made sense to hire some help and upgrade my equipment.
Rosanna Pansino
In the space of three weeks, I met a fair bunch of the guys who were just starting those little programmers’ co-ops, and everybody was talking about starting businesses.
Esther Dyson
Small blogs are starting up big campaigns.
Jessica Valenti
His blue-black hair fell over his face when he moved, like tiny arrows pointing to pronounced cheeckbones. “Starting to think you were going to bail on me.” “Didn’t know you were expecting me,” she said in what she hoped was a casual voice. He gets sexier every day. “Not Expecting, but hoping. Always hoping
Melissa Marr
People are starting to see that now and I’ve learnt more from those 10 rounds than I have in my previous 10 fights.
Billy Joe Saunders
If I was starting off now, I would probably have taken one or two different turnings along the way.
Len G. Murray
My first few years as TV critic, I would go to parties and people (usually older Posties or ex-Posties who seemed to pride themselves on not watching very much television) would take me by the arm and insist that I watch this show they’d recently starting watching on DVD, about drug dealers in Baltimore.
Hank Stuever
My limited theater experience was when I was a kid starting out: two or three plays. I was good in one and mediocre in the other. My problem is that I have other interests.
Michael Keaton
I was planning on starting a new file on my computer with the title “Phrases That Sound One Way to Witches but Mean Something Else to Vampires.
Deborah Harkness
I’m starting with the man in the mirror
Michael Jackson
If you look at the field of robotics today, you can say robots have been in the deepest oceans, they’ve been to Mars, you know? They’ve been all these places, but they’re just now starting to come into your living room. Your living room is the final frontier for robots.
Cynthia Breazeal
The Kyoto treaty has an estimated cost of between US$150 and $350 billion a year, starting in 2010.
Bjorn Lomborg
I’m starting to believe in the power of a name. Because it can’t be a mistake if I just call it ‘change.’
Sara Bareilles
I feel that David took a risk with me. I have a sense that by starting off in the theatre and going off to do films you are seen to sell out in some way. I don’t hold truck with that, but you can’t stop people from feeling it.
Julia Ormond
Talent may get someone off the starting blocks faster, but without a sense of direction or a goal to strive for, it won’t count for much
David Bayles
I was actually thinking about starting like an app where you can watch videos of me carrying Daniel [Radcliffe in Swiss Army Man].
Paul Dano
I would say that when I came into this chapter of my filmmaking career, starting with ‘The Fighter,’ there was this sense that you have to go from your instincts and you have to go from your gut, and you have to not hesitate and you have to not hedge.
David O. Russell
Everyone starting a startup for the first time is scared, and everyone feels like a bit of an imposter.
Sam Altman
Classical music was my starting point. My mum would expose me to a lot of music and take me to really weird concerts when I was possibly too young.
If you ever hear yourself or anyone you care about starting to express the belief that a problem is permanent, it’s time to immediately shake that person loose. No matter what happens in your life, you’ve got to be able to believe, ‘This, too, shall pass,’ and that if you keep persisting, you’ll find a way.
Tony Robbins
I actually do think you’re seeing this trend towards organizations just caring more about their brand and engaging. And so I think Home Depot will want to humanize itself. I think that’s a lot of why companies are starting blogs, are just giving more insight into what’s going on with them.
Mark Zuckerberg
I’m starting to mistrust my judgment.
Leona Helmsley
The rationality of our universe is best suggested by the fact that we can discover more about it from any starting point, as if it were a fabric that will unravel from any thread.
George Zebrowski
We have been getting out of the situation where we found ourselves in the early ’90s, when the Soviet Union disappeared and the Russian Federation became what it is – you know, with no borders, with no budget, no money, and with huge problems starting with lack of food and so on and so forth.
Sergei Lavrov
People shouldn’t be forced to chose between paying for rent or paying for medication. They deserve a government ready to take on Big Pharma by implementing health coverage, starting by extending pharmacare coverage to every Canadian.
Jagmeet Singh
I’m kind of a homebody, and the rhythm of my thinking and work is starting at home, going out and coming back, bringing back news, bringing back information, applying it.
Michael Pollan
Far from being the smartest possible biological species, we are probably better thought of as the stupidest possible biological species capable of starting a technological civilization – a niche we filled because we got there first, not because we are in any sense optimally adapted to it.
Nick Bostrom
Because of both hipster culture and Facebook culture, the human race is starting to resemble a school of hairy piranhas.
Chael Sonnen
One symptom of his (Hitler) being strangely at variance with reality, or the nature of things,was his gift for wearing inappropriate of ludicrous clothing…When he was supposed to be starting a militaristic revolution he was wearing evening dress and an ill-fitting black tailcoat…and his army medals.
A. N. Wilson
Win the game in your mind, before the starting whistle.
William Cranch Bond
America has been very open to immigrants in terms of laws, getting loans – it has been helping immigrants more than it’s been helping African Americans in starting a small business. That’s key, whether you’re starting a restaurant or a laundromat.
Marcus Samuelsson
The most important thing about getting somewhere is starting right where we are.
Bruce Barton
I’m really starting to like all this spy work,” Vee said. “When my normal life gets boring, all I have to do is sidle up next to you.
Becca Fitzpatrick
As I tell my intro creative writing students, after reading someone you love, wait at least an hour before starting to write.
Matthew Healy
My breakthrough came very late in life, really only starting when I was 50…I had the strength for new deeds and ideas.
Edvard Munch
I had so many people try to talk me out of starting a rocket company, it was crazy.
Elon Musk
To create a comedy major, I ended up starting a comedy night in the basement of my dorm, and I promoted and produced my final project, which meant I faxed press releases from an old Apple IIC, or whatever it was, to newspapers, not knowing if that would work or if that’s how you do things.
Eugene Mirman
I was watching ‘Up In The Air’ and I thought, ‘Jesus, who’s the old gray-haired guy?’ And it was me. I never wear makeup for movies and now it’s starting to show.
George Clooney
When I was starting out, science fiction was a little genre over there, which only a few people read. But now — where are you going to put, for example, Salman Rushdie? Or any of the South American writers? Most people get by calling them magical realists.
Doris Lessing
What’s great is that starting a blog can get you lot of attention for your writing. But it doesn’t have to be for anybody other than yourself.
Dianna Agron
Some of our writers are starting to incorporate elements of social media, etc. in the work itself, which is all for the good, I think – finding new ways of being poetic.
George Saunders
For me, being a starter doesn’t matter. Of course, I’d like to be in at the end of the game, to be a big part of the team, and to play as many minutes as I can play. But starting and coming off the bench are two different challenges.
Sue Wicks
Why is the awfulness of families such a popular reason for starting another?
Peter De Vries