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Spots Quotes

Spots Quotes by Robert Boswell, Karen Chance, Gene Stratton-Porter, Maria Semple, Mitchell Burgess, Sun Tzu and many others.

What was your life anyway but the tiny black spot of what you’ve done against the infinite white of possibility?
Robert Boswell
I’m about to rupture something,” he was informed, as the big, gaily wrapped box she was carrying smacked into the small of his back again. She had an uncanny ability to hit the same spot every time.
Karen Chance
I know men and women. An honourable man is an honourable man, and a liar is a liar; both are born and not made. One cannot change to the other any more than that same old leopard can change its spots. After a man tells a woman the first untruth of that sort, the others come piling thick, fast, and mountain high.
Gene Stratton-Porter
I’d say I never considered myself a great architect. I’m more of a creative problem solver with good taste and a soft spot for logistical nightmares.
Maria Semple
Our avian brothers are back to roost on the first leg of their annual sojourn south. Why them and not us? Maybe it’s because we humans are meant to be rooted in one spot.
Mitchell Burgess
The spot where we intend to fight must not be made known; for then the enemy will have toВ prepare against a possible attack at several different points; and his forces being thus distributed inВ many directions, the numbers we shall have to face at any given point will be proportionately few.
Sun Tzu
Give me but a firm spot on which to stand, and I shall move the earth.
One day I get to that spot where I’ve discovered the secret to the maze, and then I’ve got free running the rest of the way. It’s a great feeling.
Will Hobbs
Marking the differences between them was really important. It just became second nature. When we were choosing pajamas or something, instantly you’d be able to spot: those are [princess] Margaret, those are [princess] Elizabeth. It became this sort of language, really, of the two sisters.
Vanessa Kirby
Golf is a stupid game. You tee up this little ball, really this tiny ball. Then you hit it, try to find it, hit it. And the goal is to get it into a little hole placed in a hard spot.
Juli Inkster
The purpose of dancing isn’t to end up at a particular spot on the floor. The purpose of dancing – and of life – is to enjoy every moment and every step, regardless of where you are when the music ends.
Wayne Dyer
Art galleries are the best first date spots for my money.
Zawe Ashton
But here’s the thing: I had this great job, and I would still feel terribly depressed. I would just be like, ‘This isn’t the sweet spot. I thought this would be it, and I don’t feel happy.
Anna Chlumsky
Everyone has their weak spot. The one thing that, despite your best efforts, will always bring you to your knees, regardless of how strong you are otherwise.
Sarah Dessen
I parked in front of the Field Museum under a NO PARKING sign. There were a couple of actual spots I could have used, but the drive was even closer. Besides, I found it aesthetically satisfying to defy municipal code.
Jim Butcher
When I was living in New York and didn’t have a penny to my name, I would walk around the streets and occasionally I would see an alcove or something. And I’d think, that’ll be good, that’ll be a good spot for me when I’m homeless.
Larry David
When you go to a power spot, and you think negative or depressing thoughts they tend to grow stronger. Whereas, if you think more positive, happier thoughts, they tend to increase in strength.
Frederick Lenz
People who have known a person for many days but could never spot or appreciate his hidden talent in the first place, are likely to raise their suspicions on seeing him ever winning laurels in the life’s race.
I think my own bias is that there may be something wrong with the timing and the connectivity between regions rather than pointing to one particular spot in the brain.
Gerald Fischbach
You can always spot bright people. They are reading a book.
Gary Soto
You’re not built for riding, either,” Horace added. “I’d say more saddle sore than homesick.” Svenal sighed ruefully, shifting his buttocks for the twentieth time to find a more comfortable spot. “It’s true,” he said. “I’ve been discovering parts of my backside I never knew existed.
John Flanagan
I think to a degree this happens when they [russians] spot a softness in us, which I think for a while they did.
John Kasich
I’m not saying this just to be self-deprecating, but I have always taken delight in playing people who are oblivious, because I do think I have giant, giant blind spots. It’s a very comfortable place to be.
Ty Burrell
Talking to people is beneficial if you can identify the right people to share ideas and discuss decisions because everyone has blind spots, and others can sometimes catch yours. I think an investment team is a bad idea, but it is a good idea to talk to trustworthy individuals who do not have biases or interests.
Mohnish Pabrai
They are very tame to me. God bless Noel, I’m sure he’ll always have a spot on ‘Bob’s Full House’, but I search for something with more bite and rage.
Steven Morrissey
Those who think to reach God by running away from the world, when and where do they expect to meet him? We are reaching him here in this very spot, now at this very moment.
Rabindranath Tagore
I think it’s really important to have a life and have interests outside of this [movie] business, and not rely on this business to validate you as a human being. If you do that, you’re really in a dangerous spot.
Winona Ryder
I remember, when I was an up-and-coming comic, how annoyed I would be when the famous guys would show up and just take everyone’s spots.
Seth Rogen
The two divinest things this world has got,A lovely woman in a rural spot!
Leigh Hunt
I always thought Broadway’s the goal, and then I moved out to L.A. with ‘Wicked’ and started doing guest-star spots and little recurring things, and I was like, ‘Well, this is pretty great; I’m kind of digging this.’
Megan Hilty
Life is a journey, but don’t worry, you’ll find a parking spot at the end.
Isaac Asimov
By the sympathy of your human hearts for sin ye shall scent out all the places В— whether in church, bedchamber, street, field, or forest В— where crime has been committed, and shall exult to behold the whole earth one stain of guilt, one mighty blood spot.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
I’ve broken my ankle in two spots. Fortunately, it was a relatively clean break, so it’s remained in position. The bone has remained in position. I don’t require surgery. I will have to rest it, though. It’s a broken ankle.
When I do my own makeup, I limit my options: I have one Mac eye colour, a neutral shade with a bit of shimmer, plus eyeliner and subtle mascara. I wear a little foundation and put Laura Mercier concealer around my nose, underneath my eyes and on any dark spots.
Katie Melua
He puts the chain with the locket around my neck, then rests his hand over the spot where our baby would be. “You’re going to make a great mother, you know,” he says. He kisses me one last time and goes back to Finnick.
Suzanne Collins
No scene in sacred history ever gladdens the soul like the scene on Calvary. Nowhere does the soul find such consolation as on that very spot where misery reigned, where woe triumphed, where agony reached its climax.
Charles Spurgeon
Have not prisons – which kill all will and force of character in man, which enclose within their walls more vices than are met with on any other spot of the globe – always been universities of crime?
Peter Kropotkin
I’ve always believed that. I’m not a guy who comes in with an offensive system, and we try to fit guys to it. I think it goes the other way. ‘Here’s who we’ve got. Let’s put them in the right spots where they can be productive.’
Stan Van Gundy
When I get on the dance floor, my purpose in being on the dance floor is not to end up at another spot when the music stops. The purpose of the dance is to enjoy every step along the way.
Wayne Dyer
And you find as a writer there are certain spots on the planet where you write better than others, and I believe in that. And New Orleans is one of them.
Jimmy Buffett
High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true.
Robert H. Schuller
Wine heightens indifference into love, love into jealousy, and jealousy into madness. It often turns the good-natured man into an idiot, and the choleric into an assassin. It gives bitterness to resentment, it makes vanity insupportable, and displays every little spot of the soul in its utmost deformity.
Joseph Addison
The important point is to be on the spot at the moment most favorable for gaining the desired advantage; and it will be found that of men who get what they want in this world, both those who seem to hasten and those who seem to lounge are always at the right place at the right time.
David Graham Phillips
Spot the first risings of your besetting sin and kill it, till it is no more.
John Piper
Revival precedes evangelism. The church must first repent. This is the blind spot in our eye today.
Vance Havner
Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn’t carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life.
Stephen King
Problems should be solved on the spot, as soon as they arise. No front-line employee should have to wait for a supervisor’s permission
Jan Carlzon
Vegas, when we go on tour, is one of the hottest spots for not only people in the United States, but international fans.
Howie Dorough
My mother’s the youngest of 10 children too, so we have sort of a special bond in that we know what that feels like. It’s a strange spot to be in.
Jack White
If you are strong you can take a punch and not flinch, but if you have a sore spot, a nudge on that sore spot will make you scream. Muslims committed the huge blunder of revealing their vulnerability. Now the world knows what hurts them. When you find your opponent’s weak spot, it is exactly where you want to hit him.
Ali Sina
I don’t tan my face, ever, because I don’t want sun spots.
Alexis Ren
When I began to play Frisbee, I would play with my friends and we used to do difficult things. We would stand in front of lines of trees that were parallel. We would spend hours throwing frisbees back and forth between these tight spots.
Frederick Lenz
Wealth is in applications of mind to nature; and the art of getting rich consists not in industry, much less in saving, but in a better order, in timeliness, in being at the right spot.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I almost said, you’re not broken, you’re just going through something. But i couldn’t. She knew. There was something terribly wrong with her, all the way inside. She was like a big diamond with a dead spot in the middle. I was supposed to breathe life into that dead spot, but it hadn’t worked.
Janet Fitch
They even say that an altar dedicated to Ulysses , with the addition of the name of his father, Laertes , was formerly discovered on the same spot, and that certain monuments and tombs with Greek inscriptions, still exist on the borders of Germany and Rhaetia .
The spot of ground on which a man has stood is forever interesting to him.
Alexander Smith
No daughter is ever her mother’s darling. That spot is always reserved for the son.
Pearl S. Buck
Call me old fashioned, but we’re now holding umbrellas up as our players get off a plane. Do they need that? It’s a few spots of rain. OK, they might get wet. Well, let them get wet. That’s what happens when it rains.
Steve Bruce
There’s only one spot in history for the first ever of anything.
Nathan Fillion
In planning any type of offense, when a player leaves a spot always replace him with another offensive player.
Hubie Brown
I’m not really volunteering for no family films. I really like the sweet spot of being able to be edgy and controversial.
Romany Malco
At least for me, writing a book is continual exposure to blind spots. There were things I wanted to be true and wanted to believe, but it always got more complicated in the fiction.
Phil Klay
An artist is only an ordinary man with a greater potentiality–same stuff, same make up, only more force. And the strong driving force usually finds his weak spot, and he goes cranked, or goes under.
D. H. Lawrence
We all have a blind spot and it’s shaped exactly like us.
Junot Diaz
Jane, I never meant to wound you thus…Will you ever forgive me?” Reader, I forgave him at the moment and on the spot.
Charlotte Bronte
I’m not really comfortable in any one spot.
Neil Diamond
Sometimes I happen to be the right guy in the right spot at the right moment.
Eddy de Clercq
It is impossible for authors to discover beauties in one another’s works; they have eyes only for spots and blemishes.
Joseph Addison
Helen Hunt is terrific, and I got to do a couple of guest spots with Helen and Paul Reiser on ‘Mad About You.’
Lyle Lovett
I have been black and blue in some spot, somewhere, almost all my life from too intimate contacts with my own furniture.
Frank Lloyd Wright
Who do I think was the greatest? This might shock you: Elgin Baylor. He did so many great things. Nobody could guard him, playing in the forward spot. I’d love to see some of today’s greats playing against Elgin. They couldn’t guard him. Nobody could.
Oscar Robertson
You’re pulling out and someone says, ‘hey, you know what, go ahead and take my spot’, miracle.
DeVon Franklin
“Out, damned spot!” That is the true cry of human nature. That stain cannot be removed without blood and that which is infinitely more, and deeper, and profounder, and more terrible than blood, of which blood is but the symbol – the suffering of Deity.
G. Campbell Morgan
The Trouble with liberals is twofold: They have a horrible blind spot with respect to moral principles and they have an abysmal understanding of economic principles.
Jacob G. Hornberger
This topic brings me to that worst outcrop of herd life, the military system, which I abhor… This plague-spot of civilization ought to be abolished with all possible speed. Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism — how passionately I hate them!
Albert Einstein
One of the frequent blind spots for economic libertarians, speaking as one who has personally dealt with this log in the eye, is a tendency to allow principles of how economies work and the beauty of trade to make us ignore perceived threats animating people who value more than just the power to buy and sell.
Ben Domenech
I never really lived outside of the city growing up, but I’m always looking in between the lines of the city, and I magnetize over to the green spots.
Autumn clouds, vague and obscure; The evening, lonely and chill. I felt the dampness on my garments, But saw no spot, and heard no sound of rain.
Bai Juyi
Your sweet spot is in between the true believers and the scoffing skeptics.
Rob Brezsny
She was scrubbing furiously at a line of grease spots which led from the stove towards the door to the dining-room. That was where Henry had held the platter tilted as he carried the steak in yesterday. And yet if she had warned him once about that, she had a thousand times!
Dorothy Canfield Fisher
When you introduce a character and show him for the first time, don’t show him fully lit. Don’t show him one hundred percent to the audience. Show maybe fifty percent or sixty percent so the audience can fill in the dark spots.
Peter Stormare
All men are tempted. There is no man that lives that can’t be broken down, provided it is the right temptation, put in the right spot.
Henry Ward Beecher
There are 14 Cabinet spots, and God only knows how many hundreds of people want them.
William M. Daley
Hell must be a pretty swell spot, because the guys that invented religion have sure been trying hard to keep everybody else out.
Al Capone
The fashion I’ve acquired over the years is so sacred to me – from costumes to couture, high fashion to punk wear I’ve collected from my secret international hot spots. I keep everything in an enormous archive in Hollywood.
Lady Gaga
Heroes like you always have a weak spot. We just have to find it, and then we can kill you. Won’t that be lovely? Have a cheese ‘n’ Wiener!
Rick Riordan
I think everyone is ticklish. You just gotta find the right spots.
Derek Jeter
The Coca-Cola Mean Joe Greene ad is one of the most famous commercials of all time, so I was blown away when they asked me to be in this new spot.
Troy Polamalu
Where I came from in the country, there was no place to hear pop music like Little Richard and people like that. Later, I heard James Brown, Otis Redding, The Drifters, The Four Aces, The Ink Spots.
Percy Sledge
About 1990 there was a huge shakeup in the music industry and the 6 major record companies fired all the music people and hired business graduates to take over the spots. So the music became not as important. What really became important was the bottom line, how much money you could make.
Geoff Tate
Being that rare sort of old girl that she receives Good to her arms without a hint that it might be Better and catches light from any little spot of darkness near her.
Charles Dickens
If the government can set aside some spot for a elk to be a elk without being bothered, or a buffalo to be a buffalo without being shot down, there ought to be some place where a Negro can be a Negro without being Jim Crowed.
Langston Hughes
Here in L.A., there are a lot of dead spots, and you have to drive to find energy, but all of India is so energetic.
Chris Kattan
Now, of course, architecture is a blind spot of our life in America today. How many millions of students go to the university to be educated? They come away conditioned, not enlightened, and they know nothing of architecture, although they have a department somewhere around — probably in the basement.
Frank Lloyd Wright
Americans are somehow obsessed with her, and something about me hit a spot with people in Japan.
Utada Hikaru
The main thing is, and of course this is a pedant talking, we should start our education on these issues in kindergarten. Instead of saying, “See Spot run,” we ought to say, “See the plant grow in the sun.” We ought to explain what runs the weather in the third or fourth grade to start out with.
Paul R. Ehrlich
Most people grow up thinking everybody wants to come to America because America is the sweet spot of the planet. America is the greatest place in the world – which it is – and everybody wants to be here.
Rush Limbaugh
Out, damned spot! out, I say! One: two: why, then ’tis time to do’t. Hell is murky!
William Shakespeare
If only evil things are done by evil people… Life would be then safe, morally elevated, cozy – we know how to spot evil people and what to do with them to pay for their crimes.
Zygmunt Bauman
I have always felt it was a handicap for oppressed peoples to depend so largely upon a leader, because unfortunately in our culture, the charismatic leader usually becomes a leader because he has found a spot in the public limelight.
Ella Baker
I’m so uncoordinated, I can’t really do that much, so my specialty is standing in one spot or holding on to something, like an exploding rocket or a jetski.
Johnny Knoxville
Even in the ARCA race we have scheduled pit stops. You’re already rolling with everyone; you can’t lose any spots. But in the trucks, you can lose or gain a ton.
Hailie Deegan
When you go through a full season, some guys are going to get into some bad spots, and you have to stick with them because that’s what they are there for, and I think part of it is building confidence.
Joe Maddon
While people out there on the spot certainly have to be held accountable for what they’ve done personally, the chain of command responsibility for this strikes me as just as important and should be dealt with.
William Eldridge Odom
Toronto is one of the biggest spots for music; Caribana and OVO Fest and all that stuff, it’s a lot of fun.
Jamal Murray
The secret to a successful retirement is to find your retirement sweet spot. The sweet spot is where your passions, what you do best, and what people will pay you to do overlap.
James C. Collins
I have a Gumbie Cat in mind, her name is Jennyanydots;Her coat is one of the tabby kind,with tiger stripes and lepard spots.
T. S. Eliot
I’m learning to use others’ weaknesses. I don’t hammer a man’s soft spot constantly, because he may strengthen it. I just save it as a trump up my sleeve for moments when I really need a point.
Arthur Ashe
Most fishermen swiftly learn that it’s a pretty good rule never to show a favorite spot to any fisherman you wouldn’t trust with your wife.
John D. Voelker
My dad was just the king of finding these little spots for us to stay that we should never have been staying at.
Bruno Mars
I think we’re insecure about our self-imposed spot at the top of the pyramid of life. New studies are continually undermining our superiority complex and forcing us to reconsider our relationship to animals.
Jonathan Balcombe
Life is like a roller coaster. It’s never going to be perfect – it is going to have perfect moments, and then rough spots, but it’s all worth it.
Patti Smith
All I can focus on right now is playing that record as best we can each night on stage, and that every article or radio spot that I do gives the best depiction of what we’re trying to say with this record. The next door will open when it’s time to open, and hopefully I’ll be lead into the right one.
Cody Johnson
I open my eyes to see Ry staring at me, and my desert soul erupts with turquoise water, floods and cascades and waterfalls rushing in around my rocky parts, pushing and reshaping and filling every hidden dark spot.
Kiersten White
A zebra does not change its spots.
Al Gore
Ultimately, the Indian public is not fool. They can spot the difference between what is said for effect and what is done in reality. Whether it is politicians or actors or social activists, they know for sure whom to trust or not.
Rahul Bose
The Internet is a bright spot for our struggling economy and functioning just fine without what amounts to a federal pat-down of the inner workings of the Internet.
Mary Bono
For me music is a vehicle to bring our pain to the surface, getting it back to that humble and tender spot where, with luck, it can lose its anger and become compassion again.
Paula Cole
A knockoff is not as easy to spot when it comes to love.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Books are, at their heart, dangerous. Yes, dangerous. Because they challenge us: our prejudices, our blind spots. They open us to new ideas, new ways of seeing. They make us hurt in all the right ways. They can push down the barricades of ‘them’ & widen the circle of ‘us.
Libba Bray
Life goes on, end of tunnel, TV set
Spot in the middle
Static fade, statistic bit
And soon I fade away, fade away
Dave Matthews
I wear so many disguises on the show that only a real comedy fan might spot me.
Paul Putner
I describe in ‘Chimpanzee Politics’ how the alpha male needs broad support to reach the top spot. He needs some close allies and he needs many group members to be on his side.
Frans de Waal
Calumny spreads like an oil-spot: we endeavor to cleanse it, but the mark remains.
Jeanne Julie Eleonore de Lespinasse
That’s the purpose of creative stuff: when you really love what you do, you have to know at some point, or points, you’re not going to be good at it. That’s just the process of learning. I can edit it and try to be as perfect as I can, but I’m still going to have my vulnerable spots and my weaknesses.
Albert Hammond, Jr.
Whatever shall we do in that remote spot? Well, we will write our memoirs. Work is the scythe of time.
Napoleon Bonaparte
The winger resembles Mother Brown, running with a high knee-lift and sometimes not progressing far from the spot where he started.
Simon Geoghegan
The motive behind criticism often determines its validity. Those who care criticize where necessary. Those who envy criticize the moment they think that they have found a weak spot.
Criss Jami
It isn’t necessarily the great and famous beauty spots we fall in love with. As with people, so with places. Love is unforeseen, and we can all find ourselves affectionately attached to the minor and the less obvious.
Muriel Spark
My parents, my family, that’s the biggest inspiration in my life. I’ve been in a lot of dark spots in my life, and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to get out of it, but they are who they are. They followed me. They yelled at me. They screamed at me. They loved me.
J. R. Smith
Within walking distance of any spot on Earth there’s probably more than enough mystery to investigate in a lifetime.
Alix Kates Shulman
He who overlooks a healthy spot for the site of his house is mad and ought to be handed over to the care of his relations and friends.
Marcus Terentius Varro
After two or three sessions of meditating on your heart chakra, it will no longer be necessary for you to physically touch your chest. You will sense the spot automatically.
Frederick Lenz
Well, very long ago, on the spot where the Wild Wood waves now, before ever it had planted itself and grown up to what it now is, there was a city – a city of people, you know
Kenneth Grahame
You never see a man walking down the street with a woman who has a little potbelly and a bald spot.
Elayne Boosler
The truth is we never stop being children, terrible children covered in sores and knotty veins and tumors and age spots, but ultimately children, in other words we never stop clinging to life because we are life.
Roberto Bolano
A good man does not spy around for the black spots in others, but presses unswervingly on towards his mark.
Marcus Aurelius
When the path ahead of you is uphill, surrounded by rough spots, hazards and obstacles: use a pitching wedge.
J. Bracken Lee
Let the fairy tale begin on a winter’s morning, then, with one drop of blood newly-fallen on the ivory snow: a drop as bright as a clear-cut ruby, red as a single spot of claret on the lace cuff.
Ellen Kushner
Americans think of themselves collectively as a huge rescue squad on twenty-four hour call to any spot on the globe where dispute and conflict may erupt.
Eldridge Cleaver
I was also very interested in music. I used to hang out in jazz joints, you know, the Five Spot and so forth when I was, you know, a senior, really, when I was a little bit older. And I thought, well, maybe I could, you know, work with music. I can’t play at all.
Robert Barry
Let God fling you out (as seed), and do not go until He does. If you select your own spot, you will prove an empty pod. If God sows you, you will bring forth fruit.
Oswald Chambers
The world is constantly changing. You’re constantly learning and you have to be willing to get off your mark, and get off your spot and take that knowledge you have not to fix yourself into a place but to keep going.
Abel Ferrara
If we could see ourselves as others see us, we would vanish on the spot.
Emile M. Cioran
Whitesnake more than most rock bands would get a very significant percentage of women in the audience and those were the ones I’d hear the voices because from where I am on stage is a pretty good spot.
David Coverdale
I think network television is really hard because it has to sail right away. HBO’s so much more nurturing, patient. They think it takes a while for a show to kind of congeal and figure out what its strong spots are.
Amanda Peet
As you evolve, you lean that wrestling is not necessarily about stunts or spots. You need to go out and show the audience that they can love you for the persona you are – not because of the risk you’re willing to take or the jeopardy you’re willing to put your body in.
Matt Hardy
He snatched out his hand desperately as if to snatch only a wisp of air, to save a fragment of the spot that she had made lovely for him. But it was all going by too fast now for his burred eyes and he knew that he had lost that part of it, the freshest and the best, forever.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
But unlike European countries, America has never finished a map of the United States, only the eastern United States is covered and a few spots here and there.
William Labov
The germs of existence contained in this spot of earth, with ample food, and ample room to expand in, would fill millions of worlds in the course of a few thousand years.
Thomas Malthus
If something sucks, I’ve always been completely vocal about it, and I’ve been punished many, many times because of that. But I don’t think I’d be in the spot I’m in right now if I wasn’t me. I’ve always just been me.
CM Punk
It was massive deal for me to be filmed without my makeup because I’ve tried hard for years not to show my spots.
Georgia Toffolo
It’s not about doing over the living room of someone who has bad taste in color. This is about restoring historic buildings and instilling pride in a community, which can be done through designing new public spaces and social gathering spots.
Genevieve Gorder
Although I am a person who expected to be rooted in one spot forever, as it has turned out I love having the memories of living in many places.
Frances Mayes
Women like poetry. A soft word in their ears and they melt – a grease spot on the grass.
Mary Ann Shaffer
I survive by finding the sweet spot between reason and unreason, between the rational and irrational.
Dean Koontz
Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.
Pablo Picasso
My dinner spot is usually in front of the TV. I’ll grill a steak and whip up a salad and watch ‘Hoarders.’ I love it because a) I’m kind of voyeuristic, and b) every time I see an episode, I go to the one room where all my unpacked boxes wound up, and I throw out a box of stuff.
Nathan Fillion
To be successful in business and life, spot the possibilities while others look for problems.
Robin Sharma
I have a soft spot for musicians. If a man could ride this roller coaster with me and come out alive, then I guess we’d deserve each other’s company.
Katy Perry
Are we going to New Orleans?” “No”, she said, backing out of the spot. “We’re going to West Virginia.” “I assume by ‘West Virginia,’ you actually mean ‘Hawaii,'” I said. “Or some place equally exciting.
Richelle Mead
Fighter pilots rove in the area allotted to them in any way they like, and when they spot an enemy they attack and shoot them down…. Everything else is rubbish.
Manfred von Richthofen
I don’t know French at all. I took some lessons when I was younger but all I know are the numbers. I’ve been told basically everyone in Monaco speaks English because of it being a huge vacation spot so I’m excited about that. I might not need to learn French after all.
Freddy Adu
A vacation spot out of season always has a very special magic
Max von Sydow
In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is.
Taylor Swift
Trump has to do what Reagan did. Trump’s gotta go on the air and tell us what his tax plan is and put it in our faces and put them on the spot. That’s what I think he should do.
Scott Baio
When I tour, it’s like, well, like a food tour as much as a comedy tour. I try to eat at all the weird places, the obscure barbecue joints, burger places. There are a few spots in L.A. that I’m obsessed with – one of them is the Taco Zone taco truck on Alvarado. There are secret off-menu items that are amazing.
Aziz Ansari
Every intellectual effort sets us apart from the commonplace, and leads us by hidden and difficult paths to secluded spots where we find ourselves amid unaccustomed thoughts.
Jose Ortega y Gasset
Eighty percent of a picture is writing, the other twenty percent is the execution, such as having the camera on the right spot and being able to afford to have good actors in all parts.
Billy Wilder
I used to often see Rajini sir at shooting spots when I worked as a car cleaner for Super Subbarayan master.
Raghava Lawrence
I’ve realised you don’t gain validation from other people just because you have perfect skin or hair, it comes from the inside and I feel brighter and happier since I made peace with, and begun to accept, my spots.
Georgia Toffolo
I thought about one of my favorite Sufi poems, which says that God long ago drew a circle in the sand exactly around the spot where you are standing right now. I was never not coming here. This was never not going to happen.
Elizabeth Gilbert
and yet, you never knew wwhat you were capable of until you arrived at that given moment. Life was just a whole string of spots where you continued to surprise yourself.
Jodi Picoult
If you’re playing 55 to 60 snaps, you have opportunities to pace yourself, pick spots. When you’re not playing as many and you don’t know necessarily when you’re going to be in, you do have to sometimes make it happen when you’re out there.
Julius Peppers
Seeing the ball go in during the game, getting to your spots, getting spot-up shots. You have that rhythm and you have that confidence in yourself. And everybody else has that confidence in you too, more importantly.
Shaun Livingston
Some people try to get out of jury duty by lying. You don’t have to lie. Tell the judge the truth. Tell him you’d make a terrific juror because you can spot guilty people.
George Carlin
That was the nice thing about the Spot: you could hear everything, but no one could see you.
Sarah Dessen
Your passion may be hard to spot, so keep an open mind and keep searching.
Condoleezza Rice
And why do we, who say we oppose tyranny and demand freedom of speech, allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines to be closed down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history.
David Icke
For me, art is always a kind of theater. When I started the spot paintings I made them as an endless series. But I was never serious about it being an endless series. It was just an implied endless series. The theater means you just have to make it look good for that moment in the spotlight.
Damien Hirst
Be careful crossing above the waterfall, it’s a fatal spot.
Karl Meltzer
A successful entrepreneur is one who recognizes her blind spots. You may be the world’s best engineer, but you probably have never run a 10-person sales force. You may be a brilliant marketer, but how do you structure a cap table?
Jay Samit
There is only one number one. It is a lonely spot but it has got the best view of all.
Jimmy Connors
It’s always easier to spot others’ hypocrisies while missing our own.
Annette Gordon-Reed
Never again will we have this good a chance as we now have to find an enduring place for ourselves within the natural systems that keep us alive. It’s a sweet spot in history. That’s why this is such a critical time.
Sylvia Earle
I’m a big soccer fanatic, and although I support a team called Tottenham Hotspur in London – I love that team, I wear their symbol around my neck on a chain – I’ve always had a soft spot for this little club.
Adam Richman
Join me? Patting the spot beside him, he inclined his head. “Pretty please? I’m lonely all by myself over here.
J. Lynn
You show your vulnerability through relationships, and those feelings are your soft spot. You need to have a soft spot.
Victoria Pratt
The joy of viewing land, the hope of in a few days ranging through the long wished-for spot and the pleasure of again resuming my wonted employment may be readily calculated.
David Douglas
I spot detail quickly.
Millard Drexler
Tell me, ye wingГЁd winds That round my pathway roar, Know ye not some spot Where mortals weep no more?
Charles Mackay
At eight or nine, I suppose intelligence is no more than a small spot of light on the floor of a large and murky room.
H. L. Mencken
Go somewhere. Do something. How can you stay in one spot when the world is so big
Jc Caylen
Whatever is pure is also simple. It does not keep the eye on itself. The observer forgets the window in the landscape it displays. A fine style gives the view of fancy–its figures, its trees, or its palaces,–without a spot.
Robert Aris Willmott
I live near San Francisco in the most beautiful spot on earth and enjoy myself in many ways. Yes, I love to work, which for now is to think and read and write, so it’s all a dream come true.
Francis Ford Coppola
Southern California doesn’t know whether to bustle or just strangle itself on the spot.
Neal Stephenson
Obama hasn’t been working to earn reelection, he’s been working to earn a spot on the PGA tour!
Mitch McConnell
In fact, writing for younger adults is tougher. They remember everything and if they spot a problem, they’ll be sure to let you know.
Michael Scott
I’m delirious. Spots are crawling before my eyes.” “Those are spiders.
Diana Wynne Jones
In Chicago it’s really a case of the play’s the thing – people are just so happy to be acting, you know? We were all actors – not like in New York or Los Angeles, where everyone says they are actors but they are actually waiting tables and hustling for spots in commercials.
John C. Reilly
Our liberal, New York/Washington-based media would never in a million years put Liberal Godfather Ted Kennedy on the spot about his clan’s bad behavior, to whose lurid history he himself has contributed so much.
Camille Paglia
The sweet calm sunshine of October, now
Warms the low spot; upon its grassy mold
The pur0ple oak-leaf falls; the birchen bough
drops its bright spoil like arrow-heads of gold.
William C. Bryant
You’d let the whole world perish rather than soil that immaculate self of yours with a single spot of which you’d have to be ashamed.
Ayn Rand
It was a weak spot in any nation to have a large body of disaffected people within its confusion.
Zora Neale Hurston
I get in so many tough spots when I demonstrate my feelings on certain things.
Joe Maddon
Start out identifying what you know are delicacies of being within, tiny little touches of knowledge that has beingness in it, special soft spots of heart. As soon as you identify them, you need to believe them.
John de Ruiter
My training has been going really well these past few days and my goal is to keep it up for the next few weeks and hopefully earn a spot on the U.S. Olympic team.
Sasha Cohen
Most of the producers I work with are decent mixers. We’ll wind up in these spots where I’ll get the mix back and I’ll put a few more pieces of production together and send it back to the mixer. It’s so easy to change the entire perspective of the song by changing the mix.
Yukimi Nagano
Complexity excites the mind, and order rewards it. In the garden, one finds both, including vanishingly small orders too complex to spot, and orders so vast the mind struggles to embrace them.
Diane Ackerman
New York has a deep culture of house and dance music, and to be able to tap into that is my way of shutting off. I go to friends’ parties and local spots around the area: places I can go to, have a dance, and forget about being an actor and the attention.
Finn Jones
It don’t take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep.
Will Rogers
I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.
Jane Austen
With six weeks’ worth of recuperation time, you’ll also be able to see any glaring holes in the plot or character development. And listen–if you spot a few of these big holes, you are forbidden to feel depressed about them or to beat up on yourself. Screw-ups happen to the best of us.
Stephen King
Knowledge is little; to know the right context is much; to know the right spot is everything.
Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Scientists are human. We have our blind spots and prejudices. Science is a mechanism designed to ferret them out. Problem is we aren’t always faithful to the core values of science.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I feel that Jazz improvisation is the ultimate. You have to create on the spot, the essence of this music.
Sonny Rollins
Dreams, dreams. I walk them; I live them. I delude myself with them. It’s a wonder I can spot reality anymore.
Richelle Mead
I long for the countryside. That’s where I get my calm and tranquillity – from being able to come and find a spot of green.
Emilia Clarke
Guess the honeymoon is over!” Denise muttered once we are outside. “Next I suppose I’ll be sleeping in the wet spot.
Jeaniene Frost
I believe God put that itchy spot on our backs just exactly where we can’t reach it in order to encourage us be nice to each other.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
You can always spot clothes made in a good place.
Lillian Hellman
Yet, upon the whole, the space I traversed is unlikely to become the haunt of civilized man, or will only become so in isolated spots, as a chain of connection to a more fertile country; if such a country exist to the westward.
Charles Sturt
If what you preach and what you do are inconsistent, your children will spot hypocrisy faster than anybody and do the opposite.
Charles Koch
The Moulin Rouge is, like the West Village and the Nasdaq, one of those places that people who don’t like to take risks come to for the thrill of being on the spot where risks once were taken.
Michael Lewis
I don’t so much mind the falling, but I do seem to select the hardest spots to light on.
Gene Stratton-Porter
The most peaceful thing in the world is plowing a field. Chances are you’ll do your best thinking that way. And that’s why I’ve always thought and said, farmers are the smartest people in the world, they don’t go for high hats and they can spot a phony a mile off.
Harry S. Truman
You know your gut instincts are spot on about a person when you can also detect a water source in the soil beneath them.
Dane Cook
The District of Columbia is the one spot where there is no government for the people, of the people and by the people.
Frederick Douglass
Every racing driver in the world dreams of making it to F1, there’s only 22 spots on the grid.
Susie Wolff
The true peace of God begins at any spot a thousand miles from the nearest land.
Joseph Conrad
As someone who grew up in tough circumstances, I know that being on public assistance is not a spot that anyone wants to be in.
Dean Heller
The nerves with WWE performance is more the live television angles because we have time limits and have storylines we want to get through in that time. You’re going to forget a lot about the spots.
Jake Hager
I’ve probably been in some dumb situations snowboarding. I’d say snowboarding in general isn’t a dangerous deal, but you can get yourself into some bad spots. Unfortunately, I have probably been pretty dumb with that in getting off the beaten path.
Chase Elliott
My sex life is so bad, my G-spot has been declared a historical landmark.
Joan Rivers
I have a soft spot for art that, in terms of subject matter and material, is in bad taste.
Jerry Saltz
Playing on stereotypes was meant to be humorous. If it doesn’t tickle you in certain spots, it’s not going to be funny. Falling down the stairs is a seriously dangerous thing, but watching it is HILARIOUS!
Manila Luzon
Beauty is a fairy; sometimes she hides herself in a flower-cup, or under a leaf, or creeps into the old ivy, and plays hide-and-seek with the sunbeams, or haunts some ruined spot, or laughs out of a bright young face.
George Augustus Henry Sala
As to memory, it is known that this frail faculty naturally lets drop the facts which are less flattering to our self-love – when it does not retain them carefully as subjects not to be approached, marshy spots with a warning flag over them.
George Eliot
I have a Damien Hirst spot painting which I love. It has pride of place over my dining-room table.
Cat Deeley
Friendship is almost always the union of a part of one mind with the part of another; people are friends in spots.
George Santayana
The world is like an eye, a beard, a spot of beauty and eyebrow, Where each thing is neatly in place.
I went back into the older stories and reworked them, because I became a better writer over the years and could spot flaws. I loved having another chance to make them stronger, and to bring them closer to me, made them less like a greatest hits compilation, and more like something written in the same extended burst.
Tom Barbash
I’ll keep battling for that No. 1 spot.
Shannon Szabados
Well David “Fathead” Newman was my first experience with improvisation. When I saw him play for the first time I realized that there is an importance of spontaneous music being made on the spot. It was so soulful and singing through his horn. So that’s how I was inspired early on.
Roy Hargrove
we Princes are set as it were upon stages, in the sight and view of all the world. The least spot is soon spied in our garments, a blemish quickly noticed in our doings.
Elizabeth I
I try to stay at the same spots all the time, so they remember me.
I’ve always had a soft spot for comic books.
Nicolas Cage
The spot paintings, the spin paintings, they’re all a mechanical way to avoid the actual guy in a room, myself, with a blank canvas.
Damien Hirst
The key is to just focus on the spots where the love is real, because you can just drive yourself crazy focusing on the negativity, focusing on the relationships that are irreparable and just aren’t going to work, trying to convince the haters that you are indeed lovable. So much of that is wasted energy.
Amanda Palmer
When the brain activity is kindled in the right spot, people hear voices. If a physician prescribes an anti-epileptic medication, the seizures go away and the voices disappear. Our reality depends on what our biology is up to.
David Eagleman
The dog becomes the repository of those model human properties that we have cynically ceased to find among humans. Where today can we find the full panoply of William Bennett’s Book of Virtues-from Courage and Responsibility to Loyalty and Family Values-but in Lassie and Beethoven and Millie and Checkers and Spot?
Marjorie Garber
If we can afford it, I personally think we should keep giving people MRIs a lot, so we can spot everything early. Our taxes should keep going towards healthcare so that people can be getting scanned regularly and checked over regularly.
John Newman
I’ve been offered guest spots on the TV shows ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ and ‘Martial Law,’ along with others.
I have boobs!” Chloe said again, a bit too loudly— she’d already had a couple of mini bottles at the Spot. “My boobs are great, goddammit. You know that? They’re fantastic! My boobs are amazing.
Sarah Dessen
Times have changed since 2002 when I won a spot in the group ‘Popstars.’ Back in the day we would get fan letters in the mail, now you can find anyone and contact people. It’s incredible how fans can have a personal connection, share photos, stories.
Josh Henderson
I did, like, 30 or 40 commercials before ‘Will & Grace’ where I was the straight husband. I had two spots on the Super Bowl in 1998 where I was the straight dude.
Sean Hayes
Salt and the center of the world have to be there, in that spot on the tablecloth.
Julio Cortazar
Maybe, you just misplaced it, you know? It’s been there. But you just haven’t been looking in the right spot. Because lost means forever, it’s gone. But misplaced… that means it’s still around, somewhere. Just not where you thought.
Sarah Dessen
How can justice be attained when, in the expiation of an old wrong, another wrong is to be committed? No reasonable creature would conceive of the idea of obliterating ink stains with ink, or spots of oil with oil. Only blood must be washed out with blood.
Bertha von Suttner
Conservation is key to preserving many of the worlds natural beauty spots, so do your best to help by keeping to designated footpaths and being a discerning souvenir collector.
Sheherazade Goldsmith
As a man of faith, God doesn’t bring you to things that you can’t get through. He doesn’t put you in a spot and then leave you out to dry.
Aaron Rodgers
You can resent your bald spot or be glad you have a head
Timothy Miller
When I’m doing shows I don’t need much from a city. All I’m looking for is a good meal and a decent spot to have a couple drinks.
Hannibal Buress
I am incredibly passionate about my life, I am absolutely unable to hide any emotion. If I wrote a book, I’d have to call it ‘P is for Passion’. I don’t go in for anything halfway. My feelings about things are instant, on the spot. And my heart is always, always on my sleeve.
Kate Winslet
They all in general had putrid gums, the spots and lassitude, with weakness of their knees.
James Lind
My dream of happiness: a quiet spot by the Jamaican seashore . . . hearing the wind sob with the beauty and the tragedy of everything. Sitting under an almond tree, with the leaf spread over me like an umbrella.
Errol Flynn
I personally think money in politics on any level is horrible. I’d like to see a set amount and have every candidate spend it. Have it be completely transparent. But actually getting to that spot, as we have learned through all the legislation over the decades, is very difficult.
Rick Santelli
My most noticeable physical trait is, hands down, my hair. It’s big, unruly and curly, and you can spot it from a mile away… literally.
Becca Fitzpatrick
43.7 per cent of all statistics are made up on the spot.
Steven Wright
The different steps and degrees of education may be compared to the artificer’s operations upon marble; it is one thing to dig it out of the quarry, and another to square it, to give it gloss and lustre, call forth every beautiful spot and vein, shape it into a column, or animate it into a statue.
Thomas Gray
My hair was growin’ too long, so I got me a fade
And when my dishes got dirty, I got cascade
And When the weather was hot, I got a spot in the shade.
Special Ed
There are high spots in all of our lives and most of them have come about through encouragement from someone else.
George Madison Adams
What a lot of people don’t understand about the NC-17, which I didn’t understand, is that you can’t show it in major theater chains – and you can’t even air spots for your film on television. It really stigmatizes the movie.
Ryan Gosling
The World is insane. With tiny spots of sanity, here and there… Not the other way around!
John Cleese
There are spots that I have to hit. Throws I can’t miss.
Baker Mayfield
Nothing comes cheap, though the educated eye will always spot very nice things for the least money.
Albert Hadley
[On the Netherlands:] There is not a richer or more carefully tilled garden spot in the whole world than this leaky, springy little country.
Mary Mapes Dodge
One of my great goals in life is to live long enough to where I am in the pulpit, preaching my heart out, and I die on the spot, my chin hits the pulpit – boom! – and I’m down and out. What a way to die!
Charles R. Swindoll
Would it be possible to stand still on one spot more majestically — while simulating a triumphant march forward — than it is done by the two English Houses of Parliament?
Alexander Herzen
But if you can find that spot – I suppose it’s like running – I used to be a swimmer and swim laps, and you just have to be there with what you’re doing.
Bruce Nauman
A spot whereon the founders lived and died
Seemed once more dear than life; ancestral trees,
Or gardens rich in memory glorified
Marriages, alliances, and families,
And every bride’s ambition satisfied.
William Butler Yeats
I’m at a really good spot in my career, to the point where I feel like I could explode at any moment. If I keep progressing with my game at this rate, I think I’ll be a big factor
Keegan Bradley
Historical records show that smallpox was a human scourge for thousands of years. The virus produces high fever, severe back pain and scarring eruptions of flat red spots on the skin that turn into pustules and then into scabs – a two-week process during which the disease is highly contagious.
Scott Gottlieb
Whatever machine you use, however sophisticated your technology , it’s ideas that count. In the beginning was the idea. No machine will give you the ability to spot an opening, take a new idea, and see it through to profitable fruition.
Tom Crabtree
Religion has become the blind spot of American journalism.
D. Patrick Miller
I remember lying in the snow, a small red spot of warm going cold, surrounded by wolves.
Maggie Stiefvater
I think as an actress, I prefer having a character on the page. It allows you to be more invested in actually creating a whole person. It’s easier when you’re not trying to come up with your next line on the spot.
Greta Gerwig
over 85% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
David Mitchell
Close your eyes and simply “feel” the spot your finger is touching. Then, after a couple of minutes, let your hands down. Continue to hold your attention on the spot just as you did when your finger was there.
Frederick Lenz
Fans feel they know me, so they want me to be on-the-spot funny, and it’s hard to fulfil their expectations.
Chris Lilley
Here she was, a women who could bolt-load a crossbow in under a second, put half a dozen long arrows in the air in fewer than five, blade a target dead through the sweet spot at six meters, on the run, on an off day; and yet knitting a pair of baby booties seemed completely beyond her power.
Justin Cronin
Since the boss said I would play, I’ve been thinking I should kiss the penalty spot, the grass and the post. I think every Liverpool player should do that.
Jerzy Dudek
As a geographic location, Greece offers the best bases in the NATO Alliance from which to operate in the trouble spots of the Middle East and the Mediterranean.
James G. Stavridis
I’m sick of being accused of gold-digging. It just so happens I get turned on by liver spots.
Anna Nicole Smith
I want to host a religious show. I’m sure nobody will be wanting the 11 o’clock spot on Sunday morning. I think we should really get some of our own preachers and preach that gay is good. And we’d have a great choir.
Kate Clinton
I don’t need to be in a comfortable spot to achieve greatness. I fight for it no matter what.
Tyron Woodley
To get the stuff out of you, especially if what you’re dealing with is yourself, requires you to open up and touch tender spots. You have to be anesthetized a little bit.
Paul Simon
It was foolish indeed – thus to run farther and farther from all who could help her, as if she had been seeking a fit spot for the goblin creature to eat her in at his leisure; but that is the way fear serves us: it always sides with the thing we are afraid of.
George MacDonald
The one thing that I really appreciate about being a runner is the incredible friendships and camaraderie that we, as runners, share. Although it will always be a cutthroat competition for every spot on every team, our companionship transcends these competitive rivalries.
Jennifer Rhines
A person who combs his hair over his bald spot, hoping no one will notice.
Rich Hall
There are eyes everywhere. No blind spot left. What shall we dream of when everything becomes visible? We’ll dream of being blind.
Paul Virilio
The common idea that scientists reject a theory as soon as it leads to a contradiction is just not so. When they get something that works at all they plunge ahead with it and ignore its weak spots… scientists are just as bad as the rest of the public in following fads and being influenced by mass enthusiasm.
Vannevar Bush
Bernie Ebbers and Ken Lay were caricatures – they were easy to spot. They were almost psychopaths. But it’s much harder to spot problems at companies like Royal Dutch [Shell].
Charlie Munger
Men are like parking spots: sometimes I drive my car into them
Megan Amram
New Yorkers have this special spot in Central Park, where they do this 5K run, the minute the clock strikes twelve. I ran once, and I’ll never do that again, either. But, it’s awesome to watch those people run. It’s such a great environment and place to be.
Hilary Swank
I’ve always had a soft spot for comic books. I learned to read from them. The words in them were so interesting.
Nicolas Cage
I myself and my wife – in order to escape the disgrace of deposition or capitulation – choose death. It is our wish to be burnt immediately on the spot where I have carried out the greatest part of my daily work in the course of a twelve years’ service to my people.
Adolf Hitler
What would Pop-eye do in a tight spot like this?
Jimmy Buffett
There are some bright spots, to be sure, but the internet is still in a Wild West phase, as was the case during the early age of the printing press as well.
Al Gore
A zebra can not change it’s spots.
Al Gore
There’s going to be places where you can attack the golf course and there’s going to be times where you’ve got to kind of bite your lip and play conservative and hit to certain spots on the green, get out of there with a par and move on.
Jim Furyk
Sleep sweetly in your humble graves,Sleep, martyrs of a fallen cause;Though yet no marble column cravesThe pilgrim here to pause.Stoop, angels, hither from the skies!There is no holier spot of groundThan where defeated valor lies,By mourning beauty crowned!
Henry Timrod
Jesus is coming back for a church without a spot or a wrinkle. His righteous blood covers the spots and the wrinkles of those who believe unto righteousness, allowing once sinful men to be holy.
Monica Johnson
One must flee those places where life throbs and seek out lonely spots untouched by human hand in order to lift the magic veil of nature
Guido von List
I am in a spot where I can neither be what I always am nor turn into what I could be.
Claire Keegan
I have little patience with anyone who is not self-satisfied. I am always pleased to see my friends, happy to be with my wife and family, but the high spot of every day is when I first catch a glimpse of myself in the shaving mirror.
Robert Morley
For years and years, I was doing extra work and guest spots and anything I could cobble together.
Adam Scott
Princeton is a wonderful little spot. A quaint and ceremonious village of puny demigods on stilts.
Albert Einstein
There are a lot of comedic actors who are just out to be the funny one and get all the laughs and they’ll sacrifice your joke, the scene, the story just to be the star. All they want is attention and to be number one. You can spot those guys from a mile away and they’re the worst.
Jake M. Johnson
If I have a clear spot in my schedule, I like to tackle the heavy scenes that require the heightened emotion and focus of a long writing session. Otherwise, I have daily obligations that can’t be ignored.
Eden Robinson
But I really do have a soft spot for the solo shows. Any musician who writes and sings will tell you that’s the center of it, that is it. It’s almost like there’s something church-like about it and you gotta go back there, if you’re a songwriter that sings your material.
Ben Folds
When I work out at home, I don’t have mirrors, and I really like it. When I’m not working out in front of a mirror, I don’t have those conversations with myself that I have in the gym, when my head starts drifting in all those dark spots.
Katie Lee
Every time I step onto the field, whether people like it or not, I’m not trying to play dirty – I’m just playing tough. And I’m trying to earn my spot on the team. I’m trying to earn a starting spot. I’m trying to become a complete midfielder who attacks, who defends. So that’s the mindset.
Carli Lloyd
Even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course Anyhow in a corner, some untidy spot Where the dogs go on with their doggy life
W. H. Auden
I only do numbers/acts that excite me, or I connect to personally. I never phone it in. It’s about finding the balance between what my audience wants and what I want to give them. That sweet spot in the vendiagram.
Jinkx Monsoon
I had been doing plays in New York and on a whim we packed up and moved West, I started doing commercials and plays and guest star spots on TV and one thing led to another and I got Knots Landing.
Joan Van Ark
There is no reason to believe that bureaucrats and politicians, no matter how well meaning, are better at solving problems than the people on the spot, who have the strongest incentive to get the solution right.
Elinor Ostrom
Summer is the sweet spot of the movie-going season — and it’s also peak season for Six Flags theme parks.
Mark Shapiro
I make a honey, egg white, and lemon face mask. It helps to reduce the appearance of sun spots and pimples; plus, it’s so nutritious and natural, what could be better!
Devon Windsor
An adventure may be worn as a muddy spot or it may be worn as a proud insignia. It is the woman wearing it who makes it the one thing or the other.
Norma Shearer
Never met Levinson. Ever. He directed those American Express spots for us for Seinfeld, and I was off on some guest spot that I didn’t even want to do… and I got talked into doing it.
Patrick Warburton
Man always kills the thing he loves, and so we the pioneers have killed our wilderness. Some say we had to. Be that as it may, I am glad I shall never be young without wild country to be young in. Of what avail are forty freedoms without a blank spot on the map?
Aldo Leopold
There is no spot of ground, however arid, bare or ugly, that cannot be tamed into such a state as may give an impression of beauty and delight.
Gertrude Jekyll
How different a loved and familiar spot appears, when viewed with the eye of probable guests.
Anne Bosworth Greene
In the past years, I got in a lot of foul trouble because I was out of position, or because I was just too aggressive. I was trying to block too many shots. It’s really just learning when to take a chance at blocking shots, and to get to spots early.
Derrick Favors
TV can reach broad audiences, mass audiences, niche audiences; it can be local, regional, national; it can be spots, sponsorship, interactive. It can be anything you want it to be. I tend to think of TV as the Swiss Army knife of media, it’s got something for everybody.
Nick Manning
The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions.
Antony Jay
With regard to ground of this nature, be before the enemy in occupying the raised and sunny spots, and carefully guard your line of supplies. Then you will be able to fight with advantage.
Sun Tzu
Oh, I can spot a phoney a mile away.
Dolly Parton
When a problem comes along, study it until you are completely knowledgeable. Then find that weak spot, break the problem apart, and the rest will be easy.
Norman Vincent Peale
I try to get away. Its very unusual for me to be in one spot for so many months, which is one of the things Ive had to get used to for a television show. I enjoy going on adventures and seeing the planet.
Stana Katic
Dumbo… makes me cry. Every single time and in the exact same spot. I just have a special affection for Dumbo.
Leonard Maltin
CEMETERY, n. An isolated suburban spot where mourners match lies, poets write at a target and stone-cutters spell for a wager.
Ambrose Bierce
Two of my fav pieces of wisdom from Phoebe: – Men are like parking spots. All the good ones are taken, and those that aren’t are inaccessible. – Remember, it’s always better to be the smartass rather than the dumbass.
Jill Shalvis
It’s an exceptional time, and it’s always the happiest time if you can be really present and doing the things that you want to be doing and surrounding yourself with the people you love. So, yeah, I’m in a good spot right now.
Julia Roberts
Since you must admit that there is nothing outside the universe, it can have no limit and is accordingly without end or measure. It makes no odds in which part of it you may take your stand; whatever spot anyone may occupy, the universe stretches away from him just the same in all directions without limit.
I feel my spot is somewhere between a bass player and a rhythm guitar player. I play with a pick. I play very aggressively. I always have a distortion pedal in line, and I play less melodies and do more stuff against the guitars that create melodies.
Nikki Sixx
MEN WALK ON THE MOON. To me, this speaks of a time when America wasn’t just about the almighty buck. The Russians had put up Sputnik, and the U.S. would not be outdone. I admire that about the American spirit. There’s only one spot in history for the first ever of anything.
Nathan Fillion
I like characters who have blind spots and are full of themselves, but there also needs to be vulnerability.
Stephan Pastis
The wine glasses are empty except for that one undrinkable red spot at the bottom.
Aimee Bender
Even though I loved the Fifties doo-wop, you couldn’t hold on to it. You had to change, or you was gon’ be antique real quick, like the Ink Spots. And then we were at Motown and you had the Rolling Stones, simple rock & roll became the new thing.
George Clinton
So when you spot violence, or bigotry, or intolerance or fear or just garden-variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think, ‘The good outnumber you, and we always will.’
Patton Oswalt
It is no use describing a house; the reader will fix the scene in some spot he knows himself.
J. Milton Hayes
If you want a blank spot on the map, you gotta leave the map behind.
Jon Krakauer
The sun came out,
And the snowman cried.
His tears ran down
on every side.
His tears ran down
Till the spot was cleared.
He cried so hard
That he disappeared.
Margaret Hillert
But, hey I did everything the right way and earned my spot in this game, nothing was given to me.
Shaquille O’Neal
The longer I spent time on ‘The Daily Show,’ standing in front of a green screen pretending to report from war zones and hot spots around the world – most often from somewhere in the Middle East – the more I began to realize that ‘The Daily Show’ was radicalizing me.
Aasif Mandvi
Rough spots sharpen our performance. And more often than not, obstacles can be turned into advantages. You just can’t let your disappointment get in the way.
Harvey Mackay
Every one interprets everything in terms of his own experience. If you say anything which does not touch a precisely similar spot in another man’s brain, he either misunderstands you, or doesn’t understand you at all.
Aleister Crowley
Tokyo Heist is a fast-paced, exotic reading adventure, a story where The da Vinci Code meets the wildly popular manga genre! Author Diana Renn infuses protagonist Violet with plenty of chikara (power) and Renn’s fresh, spot-on author’s voice is irresistible. I couldn’t put it down!
Alane Ferguson
Each blade of grass has its spot on earth whence it draws its life, its strength; and so is man rooted to the land from which he draws his faith together with his life.
Joseph Conrad
Europe is not a bright spot; it’s all tangled up in its knickers with all that regulation.
Bobby Miller
I’ve got a soft spot for true individuals.
Amber Heard
Focus your attention around the naval area, feel that spot. Visualize it. Do whatever it takes. When thoughts come in and out of your mind, pay no attention. You just stay right on that spot!
Frederick Lenz
There is a dead spot in the night, that coldest, blackest time when the world has forgotten evening and dawn is not yet a promise. A time when it is far too early to arise, but so late that going to bed makes small sense.
Robin Hobb
I live in a world of possibility and opportunity. You look for the light. There’s darkness everywhere but you look for that spot of light and you work your way towards it, and you do what it takes to get there.
Annie Lennox
Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.
Robert Montgomery
In the pulpit, I really feel like I’m in my sweet spot, I’m in my stride.
Max Lucado
I find it easy to spot a depressive. The illness is scrawled across them like graffiti.
Sally Brampton
I press my ear against his chest, to the spot where I always rest my head, where I know I will hear the strong and steady beat of his heart. Instead, I find silence.
Suzanne Collins
That’s the problem with you nearly immortal types,” I said. “You couldn’t spot a pop culture reference if it skittered up and implanted an embryo down your esophagus.
Jim Butcher
Coral reefs represent some of the world’s most spectacular beauty spots, but they are also the foundation of marine life: without them many of the sea’s most exquisite species will not survive.
Sheherazade Goldsmith
I really believe in having projects which in fact can’t be carried out, or which are so simple that anyone could work them out. I once made four spots on the map of Holland, without knowing where they were. Then I found out how to get there and went to the place and took a snapshot. Quite stupid. Anybody can do that.
Jan Dibbets
In every crisis, if you look carefully, you will spot an opportunity. My insistence is on finding and seizing that opportunity. I never try to side-step a crisis. Rather, the more monstrous the crises, the more I am tempted to rush at it, grasp it by the horns and man-oeuvre it until it gives me what I want
Verghese Kurien
To become wise, meditate on the third eye, between the eyebrows and a little bit above. Focus on that spot, the Agni chakra.
Frederick Lenz
I let the players use their abilities and what they’re capable of doing. If they’re capable of stealing bases, I’m going to give them the green light. I’m going to teach them to pick their spots and to get a base when they can get a base.
Ryne Sandberg
Be a spot of ground where nothing is growing,
where something might be planted,
a seed, possibly, from the Absolute.
Over at our place, we’re sure of just one thing: everybody in the world was once a child. So in planning a new picture, we don’t think of grown-ups, and we don’t think of children. But just of that fine, clean, unspoiled spot down deep in every one of us, that maybe the world has made us forget.
Walt Disney
No longer dependent on 30 second spots, today’s marketers need a never-ending stream of content.
David Louis Edelman
Wherever humanity has made that hardest of all starts and lifted itself out of mere brutality is a sacred spot.
Willa Cather
Lisa Hendey’s website has long been a treasured internet gathering spot. The Handbook for Catholic Moms is a welcome extension of Lisa’s wisdom and energy, enriched by the experiences of the community of women who have found community, support, and strength through
Amy Welborn
Wanna spot me?” “No thanks. How about I just scream verbal encouragements at you?
Ilona Andrews
Then if the actor comes up with, “It’s more logical to do this,” I just change it [a scene] on the spot.
Matthijs van Heijningen, Jr.
The reason the world is in the spot it’s in is because North Korea entered into an agreement and then did not keep up their terms of the agreement. They received aid in return for promising not to develop nuclear weapons. They took the aid, they ran with the aid and then they developed a nuclear weapons anyway.
Ari Fleischer
Having your back scratched is not the only reason to be married, but it is a good one, especially for those spots that are so hard to reach by yourself.
Maureen Johnson
My favourite British spots are any of the beautiful parks, especially on a sunny day such as this, after a long stretch of cold, cloudy and rainy days.
Richard Schiff
The sweet spot: that productive, uncomfortable terrain located just beyond our current abilities, where our reach exceeds our grasp. Deep practice is not simply about struggling; it’s about seeking a particular struggle, which involves a cycle of distinct actions.
Daniel Coyle
One thing inspired me the most from the time I spent in Charleston was how much heritage and history are connected to influencing how I cook. Each dish tugged my heart in a different spot that after I finished cooking, I was really emotional and felt fulfilled at the same time.
Shirley Chung
As long as you have faith, you’re willing to try to take another chance. God wants you to amble toward the right spot on the horizon. The idea is that you’re willing to get up and keep moving toward that light.
Billy Corgan
Social conservatives are very focused on strengthening the family, and I think they are right to do so. One of the worst blind spots of the Left has been its reluctance to say that marriage matters for children.
Jonathan Haidt
I think a lot of nights together have been spoiled by somebody not being able to find a parking spot and saying, “Why don’t we just go home?”
Paul Rust
In order of importance to me are: 1) the long term trend, 2) the current chart pattern, and 3)picking a good spot to buy or sell.
Ed Seykota
The purple light or glow, which appears roughly fifteen or twenty minutes after sunset… looks like an isolated bright spot fairly high in the sky over the place the sun has set, and then it quickly expands and sinks until it blends with the colors underneath.
James Elkins
There is this peculiar blind spot in the culture of academic medicine around whether withholding trial results is research misconduct. People who work in any industry can reinforce each others’ ideas about what is okay.
Ben Goldacre
I dont listen to my own records a lot. Once in a while – to check out my mistakes. Because you can always see a spot or two in the record where you could have done better. So you more or less study this way.
Ben Webster
The ordinary man is as courageous and invulnerable as a hero when he does not recognize any danger, when he has no eyes to see it.Conversely, the hero’s only vulnerable spot is on his back, and so exactly where he has no eyes.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I don’t know exactly what it is, but it looks like interconnected websites where people show their photos and write about everything going on in their lives, like whether they found a parking spot or what they ate for breakfast.” “But why?” Josh asks.
Jay Asher
I just know you can not be on top forever. There’s always going to be the next guy, and if I’m going to go down, I’d like to know I helped the next guy take my spot. You can’t prevent the inevitable, but you can join the ship.
Gabriel Iglesias
There is a vortex of energy at the bottom of Walden Pond. That’s where the inter-dimensional opening is. As people swim in Old Walden Pond, it soothes them, it renews them. It’s a little bit like the pool in Cocoon – I suppose, any power spot is.
Frederick Lenz
How can you build a relationship when you’re just sending out beats? Most people will come in and play their beats, but I like to make mine on the spot.
Young Chop
The reason is that Chile is the brightest spot in Latin America. It has very fast growth, low unemployment. It privatized its Social Security system, which we in USA were unable to do.
Allan H. Meltzer
I have amazing kids, an amazing husband, a fabulous career, wonderful parents. If I had to go through some rough spots to get to this amazing place, so be it.
Melissa Marr
Quentin Tarantino is a hip-hop artist. I told him, “You’re hip-hop!” You keep seeing surprises, and a clip here and there, because Quentin is hip-hop. A hip-hop artist will drop a single, leak something over here, and drop something over there ’cause he knows it’s hot. He’s on the spot with the way he does things.
Jamie Foxx
The Cross was the place of your spiritual birth; it must ever be the spot for renewing your health, for it is the sanatorium of every sin-sick soul. The blood is the true balm of Gilead; it is the only catholicon [remedy] which heals every spiritual disease.
Charles Spurgeon
I have a soft spot for bad boys.
Pamela Anderson
I realized we’d pulled into a parking garage. We drove around two levels, pulled into a spot, then immediately pulled out again. Along with four other black Bentley SUVs. “What’s going on?” I asked, as we headed back toward the exit with two Bentleys in front of us and two behind us. “Shell game,” he said.
Sylvia Day
…and motioned me toward a spot next to a middle-aged Moroi in a very formal and very designer black suit. The suit screamed, I’m sorry the queen is dead, and I’m going to look fashionable while showing my grief
Richelle Mead
Her legacy was her quiet dignity and instinctive rage against injustice, … What she determined on the spot was that her dignity would not allow her to be treated unjustly.
Diane Watson
If a white cloth is stained even with a small spot, the stain appears very ugly indeed. So the smallest fault of a holy man becomes painfully prominent.
Everyone carries an atmosphere about him. It may be healthful and invigorating, or it may be unwholesome and depressing. It may make a little spot of the world a sweeter, better, safer place to live in; or it may make it harder for those to live worthily and beautifully who dwell within its circle.
J.R. Miller
Do not look at stars as bright spots only. Try to take in the vastness of the universe.
Maria Mitchell
You can always spot a well informed man his views are the same as yours.
Ilka Chase
How many of you guys in your own experience with women have learned that no means yes, if you know how to spot it?
Rush Limbaugh
Sex is every man’s loco spot … he’ll take a disappointment, but not a humiliation.
Dorothy L. Sayers
Even with artists I love, only about a third of their music is what really hits the sweet spot for me.
Danger Mouse
As big as an elephant is, a whale is still larger. Everything’s relative. Even gods have their spot on the food chain.
Jim Starlin
The magic happens when you find the sweet spot where your genuine interests, skills, and opportunity intersect.
Scott Belsky
A journey may be long or short, but it must start at the very spot one finds oneself.
Jim Stovall
Farewells can be shattering, but returns are surely worse. Solid flesh can never live up to the bright shadow cast by its absence. Time and distance blur the edges; then suddenly the beloved has arrived, and it’s noon with its merciless light, and every spot and pore and wrinkle and bristle stands clear.
Margaret Atwood
True feelings never fade, we just learn to fill the spot.
Romeo Johnson
A large drop of sun lingered on the horizon and then dripped over and was gone, and the sky was brilliant over the spot where it had gone, and a torn cloud, like a bloody rag, hung over the spot of its going. And dusk crept over the sky from the eastern horizon, and darkness crept over the land from the east.
John Steinbeck
Happiness is the settling of the soul into its most appropriate spot.
If you look at any successful person, at the start they were not balanced, balanced people go nowhere. They stay in one spot. To make progress you must first go unbalanced. Just look at how you make progress walking
Robert Kiyosaki
With spots of sunny openings, and with nooks To lie and read in, sloping into brooks.
Leigh Hunt
Wit and puns aren’t just dГ©cor in the mind; they’re essential signs that the mind knows it’s on, recognizes its own software, can spot the bugs in its own program.
Adam Gopnik
The story in that particular spot was an ancient history story, and we wanted to give it a historical feeling, which was why we used a historical calligraphy scroll come to life.
Jennifer Yuh Nelson
When the music stopped, it could have been forever since we’d begun. My grandfather took a step back, and the light grew yellow at his back. ‘I’m going,’ he said. ‘Where?’ I asked. ‘Don’t worry, sweetheart. You’re so close.’ He turned and walked away, disappearing rapidly into spots and dust. Infinity.
Alice Sebold
All the stars all the galaxies are in the same spot night after night after night. And Planet Nine, when we see it, will slowly move across the sky.
Mike Brown
Although my music is electronic, it has a lot of influences from my past, which is all sorts of genres; I’ve been in a rock-metal band for a long time, and I still feel like, personally, I have a lot of influence from that. My classical influence, you can find spots here and there.
Many people question their religious identity today, not necessarily by thinking of converting to Judaism or to Islam: it’s just that technologies seriously challenge the status of the human being. All technologies converge toward the same spot, they all lead to a Deus ex Machina, a machine-God.
Paul Virilio
I told Kate I didn’t love her in an argument. But I do! Those heated moments are the worst, because that’s when you can do the most damage. And they’re bad, because you always hit them in the spot where you know it hurts.
Peter Andre
Murphy had found a spot on the street, which made me wonder if she didn’t have some kind of magical talent after all. Only some kind of precognitive ESP could have gotten us a parking space on the street, in the shadow of a building, with both of us in sight of the apartment building’s entrance.
Jim Butcher
We all have strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. In fact, an average person has 3.4 blind spots.
Bill Hybels
I’ll not!
The gents are impressed
with the way that I’m dressed.
I wouldn’t change even one spot.
Michael R. Burch
Technologies of easy travel give us wings; they annihilate the toil and dust of pilgrimage; they spiritualize travel! Transition being so facile, what can be any man’s inducement to tarry in one spot?
Nathaniel Hawthorne
What is the one bright spot on the entire horizon that would give someone an opportunity to be retrained to learn new skills? Direct selling.
Paul Zane Pilzer
If a vaccine works, then the vaccinators might conceivably set up what’s known as ring vaccinations around Ebola hot spots. In this technique, medical workers simply vaccinate everybody in a ring, miles deep, around a focus of a virus.
Richard Preston
The cards are bigger than you. You’re not bigger than the cards. The cards are the best player at the table. So, let them come to you and don’t force the issue. Pick your spots.
Thomas Henderson
I think sometimes, you have to pick your spots about when a game gets intense or when the game’s outcome is pivoting in that moment.
Joe Buck
Some of the freckles I once loved are now closer to liver spots. But it’s still the eyes we look at, isn’t it? That’s where we found the other person, and find them still.
Julian Barnes
President Bush has unveiled his first campaign commercial, highlighting all of his accomplishes in office. That’s why it’s a 60-second spot.
Jay Leno
Those of you watching and listening, get a cup of coffee or a spot of tea and join us back here in just a few moments.
Dan Rather
Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees, please.
Joni Mitchell
If someone wants to be a part of your life, they’ll be there. So don’t bother saving a spot for someone who won’t make an effort to stay.
Michael Cera
One of the high spots of the decade for me was offering the bill which culminated in the tax act of 1986, which brought rates down. That was the most difficult problem to solve: how to make the tax system of the United States more fair. We tried to make it simpler, but we failed on that one.
Donald T. Regan
I took a drink. “I guess it’s different for you.””Hmm?” “I bet you have girls hanging all over you. Dozens would probably kill to be in my spot and here I am, allergic to your bread.
J. Lynn
There were so many times I was called to go do a match and drive 8 or 9 hours from North Carolina to Orlando, Florida just to go do the NXT extra spots and then nothing, which would break my heart every time, but I was just very young then.
Tessa Blanchard
At the end of the archana, prostrate, then get up and, remaining on the same spot, turn around clockwise 3 times just as if circling a temple, then bow to the Lord.
Mata Amritanandamayi
Yelp is in a very nice spot: local data, and especially review data, is one of the killer apps on mobile phones.
Jeremy Stoppelman
God knows best. We can trust Him with our lives as well as our eternal souls. He does not take something from us without filling that spot with something just as good— and because it’s from Him, even much better
Janette Oke
If I could forgive, it meant I was a strong good person who could take responsibility for the path I had chosen for myself, and all the consequences that accompanied that choice. And it gave me the simple but powerful satisfaction of extending a kindness to another person in a tough spot.
Piper Kerman
The more composed scenes are like elevator music compared to some of the more dynamic styles of music. One is not better than the other. They both deserve their spots in the world.
Jean Wilson
There are a lot of facets of the triangle I can take advantage of. It does a great job of spacing the floor, getting people in the right spots. It plays to my strengths. I stay around the elbow and blocks.
Robin Lopez
For me, the release was a spot in time with no past and no future. Just the extraordinary simplicity of a moment— the kind of moment that has a funny way of making a person believe that life and love can last forever.
Tiffanie DeBartolo
Randy Wittman told me not to shoot 3-pointers. That got me very uncomfortable. There were certain labels tagged on me very early in my career, spots on the floor where I felt uncomfortable.
Kevin Love
Guilt — if there was any guilt — spread out and diffused itself over everybody and everything. . . . Perhaps at some point in time, at some spot in the world, a moment of responsibility existed.
Philip K. Dick
The leopard does not change his spots.
William Shakespeare
When I get real bored, I like to drive downtown and get a great parking spot, then sit in my car and count how many people ask if I’m leaving.
Steven Wright
My weak spot is laziness. Oh, I have a lot of weak spots: cookies, croissants.
Anthony Hopkins
Creative minds are uneven, and the best of fabrics have their dull spots.
H. P. Lovecraft
I love fashion. I love couture. I’m going to erect a shelf in my bedroom with an art light to be the spot for the shoes of the month.
Sandra Bullock
I don’t turn Britney Spears into a star. I have to spot that these people are going to be stars, in the future, and say, “Okay, these guys have cultural validity and they’re going to pop.”
Joseph M. Kahn
I was ahead in the slalom. But in the second run, everyone fell on a dangerous spot. I was beaten by a woman that got up faster than I did. I learned that people fall down, winners get up, and gold medal winners just get up faster.
Bonnie St. John
Don’t let anyone see your vulnerable spots. Once they knew how to hurt you, they would do it again and again.
Sarah Addison Allen
I could throw a pass to a spot as well as anyone who ever lived – But that’s a God-given talent. I could never stand back and flick the ball 60 yards downfield with my wrists like Dan Marino does.
Otto Graham
Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.
Thomas Jefferson
You only need sit still long enough in some attractive spot in the woods that all its inhabitants may exhibit themselves to you by turns.
Henry David Thoreau
I felt that I was leaving part of myself behind, and that wherever I went afterwards I should feel the lack of it, and search for it hopelessly, as ghosts are said to do, frequenting the spots where they buried material treasures without which they cannot pay their way to the nether world.
Evelyn Waugh
In my opening seconds, I would say, “It’s great to be here,” then move to several other spots on the stage and say, “No, it’s great to be here!” I would move again: “No, it’s great to be here!
Steve Martin
You know, really – actually, it’s funny because it’s a sore spot with me because I have all these recipes that, you know, you have to measure things out and put them in. And then you bake it and it becomes this thing. And it’s not a recipe.
Trisha Yearwood
Harvard meant a lot in my writing life from the beginning, even though I didnt actually do much composition on the spot.
Seamus Heaney
I can remember the very spot in the road, whilst in my carriage, when to my joy the solution occurred to me.
Charles Darwin
There’s always someone out there training for your spot. For my scholarship at the University of Florida, for my job with the Denver Broncos, for my position with the New York Jets. And that’s the reason to get up earlier or stay up later.
Tim Tebow
I am the guy who always gets put in the tough spots. I’m the guy who gets put in these really dark spots, yet somehow, I shine through.
Mustafa Ali
Yemen is one of the most dangerous spots in the world.
Michael McCaul
No matter when you had been to this spot before, a thousand years ago or a hundred thousand years ago, or if you came back to it a million years from now, you would see some different things each time, but the scene would be generally the same.
Neil Armstrong
Oosthuizen’s red spot is a classic example of what’s known in sports psychology as a process goal-a technique by which the athlete is required to focus on something, however minor, to prevent them from thinking about other things: in Oosthuizen’s case, all the ways he could possibly screw up the shot.
Kevin Dutton
Each of us is born with an incorruptible spot of grace.
Mark Nepo
One of the worries about a presidency is that everybody tells you yes. Nobody helps you figure out where your blind spots are.
John Dickerson
Find your own ‘sweet spot’. Take your talents and enjoy them, share them, expand them.
Kofi Awoonor
I have a sense of humor; but over the years that sense has developed one blind spot. I can no longer laugh at ignorance or stupidity. Those are our chief enemies, and it is dangerous to make fun of them.
Charles Francis Richter
As China’s retailing champion, Alibaba makes Amazon look like a company that carefully picks its spots. Sure, Amazon does e-tailing. So does Alibaba.
Adam Lashinsky
The very best place to be in all the world is St. Mary’s parish, Jamaica. And the best spot in St. Mary’s is Port Maria, though all of St. Mary’s is fine. Old Maker put himself to a lot of trouble to make that part of the island of Jamaica, for everything there is perfect.
Zora Neale Hurston
Fay had a spot of blood on the left side of her mouth and I took a wet cloth and wiped it off. Women were meant to suffer; no wonder they asked for constant declarations of love.
Charles Bukowski
The weakest spot in every man is where he thinks himself to be the wisest.
Nathanael Emmons
The Ethiopian cannot change his skin nor the leopard his spots.
Henry David Thoreau
The last thing we can afford right now is to make excuses. We’re inexperienced at some spots, that’s the way it is. We have injuries, so does everyone, that’s the way it is.
Dave Pietramala
Bob Dylan has a way with words that simply blows me away. When he forgets his lyrics he just makes up new ones on the spot, that is what I called talented!
Gavin Rossdale
You can always spot the employee playing golf with his boss. He’s the fellow who makes a hole in one and says, “oops!”
Bob Monkhouse
The only thing worse than a coach or CEO who doesn’t care about his people is one who pretends to care. People can spot a phony every time.
Jimmy Johnson
I am a really big Harry Potter fan and I’ve seen all the sets, I’ve lived Harry Potter and I don’t think it’s destroyed the books at all, I think it’s really spot on.
Rupert Grint
I don’t really seek out vegetarian spots… but mainly, I know how to work a menu no matter where I am.
Christie Brinkley
Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot.
Alan Jay Lerner
When I visited KU, I thought, ‘I wish I’d gone to Kansas.’ They would take me around to their spots, and my spots at Indiana just felt like old hangouts. It was one of those times where you always wished you were somewhere else. But I was happy I ended up at Indiana coming from small little St. Louis.
Joe Buck
I used to have a sort of soft spot for Huckabee. He seemed to have a genuinely saintly streak, which caused him to defend illegal immigrants and give pardons to criminals who were perhaps a little less rehabilitated than he had imagined.
Gail Collins
I know how to play my guard spot, … He can worry about the low post.
Kobe Bryant
After assessing what’s in your closet, make a list of what you need. Not want, but need. Write down the basics missing from your wardrobe. It could be a classic white shirt, a trenchcoat, or the perfect little black dress. Whatever the blank spots, write them down. This will be your reference for shopping.
Nina Garcia
The caviar was very high quality. I made an acting decision on the spot that Ismay was a big eater.
Jonathan Hyde
The safety of the country is at stake… We must let ourselves be killed on the spot rather than retreat… No faltering can be tolerated today.
Joseph Joffre
I would love do a guest spot on Castle because Nathan Fillion is so dreamy, and he and I are friends. And I think we could have a lot of fun.
Callie Thorne
Manhattan, one of the most moneyed spots on the planet, also has one of the greatest concentrations of people in its skyscrapers. Its also, of course, the place where every architect wants to build his tower.
Norman Foster
If you thrive on the city energy it is necessary to leave the city frequently and to walk in parks, to get away from people. You are more sensitive than you realize. Find a spot that makes you happy.
Frederick Lenz
Not too many people are – were as good as Bob Hope. George Burns was great at thinking, you know, on the spot. Steve Allen was marvelous, and so was George Burns. But Bob may be the king of them all, you know.
Rich Little
Usually for the last play, everyone goes helter-skelter. They go to the wrong spots. They don’t do the right thing.
John Stockton
Justice Jefferson has a blind spot on race. You know, more than a blind spot. A terrible blemish on his legacy, slavery, for which he’s properly excoriated. So, I think [Louis] Brandeis has done this as well.
Jeffrey Rosen
I need to celebrate life because I’m in a good spot, I work hard, and I am happy with who I am and what I do for a living.
Dustin Poirier
There was a point at which I thought I’d never get the most valuable player, especially the years I played at Minnesota. We never won a pennant there, we were far away from the big media centers of Los Angeles and New York, and I wasn’t a flashy power hitter but a guy who hit to spots, who bunted and stole bases.
Rod Carew
England occupies a warm spot in my affections. It was the scene of my greatest performance. I was born there.
Bob Hope
In a professional kitchen, the idea is to have your cooks not moving much while theyre cooking. You want them to stay in the same spot.
Eric Ripert
My sex life has gone from bad to pathetic. My G spot stands for godforsaken.
Joan Rivers
The sound of the rain needs no translation. In music one doesn’t make the end of the composition the point of the composition… Same way in dancing, you don’t aim at one particular spot in the room… The whole point of dancing is the dance.
Alan Watts
The best hiding spots are not the most hidden; they’re merely the least searched.
Chris Pavone
There’s a real sweet spot between challenge and hope – leaders make pathways that keep both firmly in view.
Marshall Ganz
Reality offers us such wealth that we must cut some of it out on the spot, simplify. The question is, do we always cut out what we should?
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Behind you swiftly the figure comes softly,
The spot on your skin is a shocking disease.
W. H. Auden
What happens in the music business is that if you step out of your little spot to do something else, the sand falls right into where you stood and you’re gone, you’re history.
Nancy Sinatra
I wonder if it will be—can be—any more beautiful than this,’ murmured Anne, looking around her with the loving, enraptured eyes of those to whom ‘home’ must always be the loveliest spot in the world, no matter what fairer lands may lie under alien stars.
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Nothing does more to lubricate the rough spots than a good dose of encouragement.
Tony Dungy
Our most meaningful relationships are based on a longing for expansion rather than a preoccupation with comfort and security. To live exuberantly-to fully know and be fully known by another-we must be prepared to illuminate the dark spots in our most intimate relationships and in our selves.
Arianna Huffington
I often think of you all, one cannot do what one wants in life. The more you feel attached to a spot, the more ruthlessly you are compelled to leave it, but the memories remain, and one remembers – as in a looking glass, darkly – one’s absent friends.
Vincent Van Gogh
The older you get, the easier it is to spot the phonies. And I just think, how unpleasant for them.
Carrie Fisher
I really love my True Match concealer: it is great if you just want to cover some spots, and you don’t have to cover your whole face. I don’t really like wearing a face full of makeup all the time; I just like covering up the spots that I am a little self-conscious about.
Cassadee Pope
As a former member of President Obama’s economic team, I have a soft spot for the fiscal stimulus legislation he signed just a month after his inauguration.
Christina Romer
When I started to do quite well on the tour I thought I’d treat myself to a bright red Ferrari. I had always had a soft spot for them as a car brand and, when I was in the position to afford one, I decided to go for it.
Andy Murray
We knew we just had to win the heat to get in a good spot for the finals. We didn’t want to push too hard for this morning to make sure we’re not tired tonight. We want to be fresh for tonight because we know the other teams will be fresh.
Samantha Cheverton
The mere mention of domestic service brings some people out in spots of outrage, but there is a crying need for relatively low-level employment. It’s ridiculous that people at the top are killing themselves in demanding jobs and then coming home to mow their own lawns.
David Starkey
Gabe scratched his double chin. “Maybe if you hurry with the seven-layer dip…And maybe if the kid apologizes for interrupting my poker game.” Maybe if I kick you in your soft spot, I thought. And make you sing Soprano for a week.
Rick Riordan
Having covered some half a hundred cities, towns, villages, and wide spots in the road during the last tow years, George and I fairly wallowed in the comfort of our own home base.
Martin Milner
I do crosswords when I have time to kill somewhere, and am 100 percent successful on filling in the spots I get stuck on – after I close up, do something else, and then go back to it.
Carolyn Hax
I’m looking for films that can resonate and hopefully have some level of critical importance but also have commercial viability and can put butts in seats. At the end of the day, that is the name of the game. And if you can find that perfect balance, then that’s the sweet spot.
Will Packer
This is what’s sick about living in L.A. My eight-year-old daughter will point to a woman and say, ‘Look! That woman’s had too much Botox.’ She spots them because they all look a bit like Lord Voldemort from ‘Harry Potter.’
Kate Beckinsale
the success of a holiday depends on what you find for yourself on the spot, not what you bring with you.
Ellis Peters
I felt really bad for someone who is swimming in so much hate. I just thought, that’s someone who’s in a really bad spot, and I am in such a happy spot. I laugh my head off every day with my husband and my kids who are mooning me and singing me songs.
Melissa McCarthy
Most students of literature can pick apart a metaphor or spot an ethnic stereotype, but not many of them can say things like: ‘The poem’s sardonic tone is curiously at odds with its plodding syntax.
Terry Eagleton
I really believe in the way the energy can consolidate in certain geographical spots. You can find it in a lot of different places, beautiful natural spots, or if you look at Islam or Judaism or Christianity, these ideas of holy places.
Conor Oberst
So many actors started on soap operas. So yeah, I’d graduated Julliard and done some theater. I’ve done a few guest spots on TV but nothing that long-term. I did a little ‘E.R.’ back when it was on, and a pilot for ‘Cold Case.’
Finn Wittrock
My mom grew up in the Philippines, and she would use coconut oil. I put that in my hair always – literally, natural coconut oil that you use for cooking. I use that for my cuticles and dry spots on my skin too.
Shay Mitchell
When you go for a vacation, you hit the usual spots, but staying in a country for over a month is a different experience altogether.
Nia Sharma
I feel better with Leo on the pitch. He gives me passes that others don’t see, even me. I have a good understanding with him because he spots me in space that no once else sees. He looks for me and I look for him.
Jordi Alba
There are a lot of girls Ive found attractive, but we could never date. If a girl can make me laugh, thats really attractive to me. I have a soft spot for southern girls who are sweet, like Taylor Swift!
Spencer Boldman
Cold calculation, random spots of color, mathematically exact construction (clearly shown or concealed), drawing that is now silent and now strident . . . . Is this not form?
Giacomo Puccini
The White Company offers its loyalists an altogether better, whiter world. The White people have edited out any colours that aren’t white, off-white, milk chocolate, grey, taupe or black. They can’t be doing with Johnnie Boden’s cheery Sloane jokes, his spots and stripes, his occasional ‘if it’s me, it’s U’ loud colours.
Peter York
Personally, it’s not my thing, and I don’t love it. But I have a soft spot for it now. Who knows? Maybe the lavash market will explode after this movie [Sausage Party]. Lavash will become an everyday thing for people.
David Krumholtz
We live in an age of reproduction. Most of what makes up our personal picture of the world we have never seen with our own eyes–or rather, we’ve seen it with our own eyes, but not on the spot: our knowledge comes to us from a distance, we are televiewers, telehearers, teleknowers.
Max Frisch
I was the first to tell people, my success doesn’t depend on who wins elections, ’cause I can’t control that. But I do have an agenda deconstructing the left, informing people what liberalism is, how to spot it, who liberals are, and all that, but still within the confines of the business that I’m in, in broadcasting.
Rush Limbaugh
Each of us has a “soft spot”: the place in our experience where we feel vulnerable and tender. This soft spot is inherent in appreciation and love, and it is equally inherent in pain.
Pema Chodron
A leopard does not change his spots, or change his feeling that spots are rather a credit.
Ivy Compton-Burnett
There are a lot of guys kind of on the bubble that can either be that sort who turn into journeyman kind of guys that will find a new spot or guys that can make a claim to be in one place for a long time. You can name a lot of names this year, an unusual number. And I think that most of them will be OK.
Steve Young
We all start out thinking that there is such a thing as perfection and that there’s something wrong with us if we settle for less. First we won’t eat the food with the brown spots. Then we hate ourselves because we have our own brown spots—pimples or ears that are too big or legs that are too skinny.
James Howe
Did money give people a blind spot? Rob them of their hearing?
Jacqueline Susann
You know it’s going to be difficult because you’re working with friends, but at the same it’s like, well, they’re your friends and everybody’s cool, so even if there are rough spots we’ll get through it. And I’m happy to say we did.
Mike Mendez
There is a safe spot within every tornado. My job is to find it.
David Copperfield
My first few plays took place in the South and even The Lucky Spot was in the thirties but in Louisiana.
Beth Henley
I’m really happy I’m me because if I wasn’t I’d be scared. If you want that Number One spot you need to listen to my album and try to beat it.
Kanye West
The despondency that follows makes me feel somewhat like a shipwrecked man who spies a sail, sees himself saved, and suddenly remembers that the lens of his spyglass has a flaw, a blurred spot — the sail he has seen.
Jean Genet
It’s a different feeling; I like touring and playing on the road better, but recording has its good spots.
Robbie Merrill
My children didn’t when they were little because I thought that they had to be of a certain age. I hoped they liked me well enough not to want to see me in that sort of a spot.
Fay Wray
The only way to ensure a film is going to sell is put Will Smith in it and you open it in 3,000 theaters and make sure we have all the top promotional spots in each venue.
Omar Epps
In the future, judges will send criminals to holy spots where reverence-provoking beauty will overwhelm their addiction to hatred.
Rob Brezsny
The beautiful thing about driving was that it stole just enough of his attention – car parked on the side, maybe a cop, slow to speed limit, time to pass this sixteen-wheeler, turn signal, check rearview, crane neck to check blind spot and yes, okay, left lane.
John Green
These days, to be seven years in one spot in any pro sport is a pretty long tenure.
Andrew Bogut
The world was in her heart already, like the small spot of decay in a fruit.
Graham Greene
Fix’d like a plant on his peculiar spot,
To draw nutrition, propagate and rot.
Alexander Pope
I’ve done tons of guest spots and in parts where the character invariably dies or is dead.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
When I was turning 40, I felt that there were no books out there that hit the spot in terms of what I wanted to read.
Molly Ringwald
I remember doing one of those computer careers tests. It told me I’d make an ideal HGV lorry driver because I’ve got 100 per cent spatial awareness. I’d be able to back them into tight parking spots.
Olivia Colman
He who boasts of being perfect is perfect in folly. I never saw a perfect man. Every rose has its thorns, and every day its night. Even the sun shows spots, and the skies are darkened with clouds; and faults of some kind nestle in every bosom.
Charles Spurgeon
Every fight has its rough spots, and I’m always looking for improve every facet.
Glover Teixeira
Slowly, Anna put up a hand to his muzzle and began to scratch that spot behind the ear where large dogs keep their souls.
Eva Ibbotson
There’s an overlap between social-realist fiction and crime fiction – a sweet spot there.
Daniel Woodrell
Finding my dog’s g spot is taking way longer than I would care to admit.
Daniel Tosh
You know, if people are not pacifists, it’s not their fault. It’s because society puts them in that spot. You’ve got to change it. You don’t just change a man – you’ve got to change his environment as you do it.
Cesar Chavez
Philosophy can help laymen spot and reject the numerous pseudoscientific beliefs that survive in the media, such as the fantasies of psychoanalysts, evolutionary psychologists, and economic equilibrium theorists.
Mario Bunge
I used to go out with someone who was a really great diver, and we used to go to all the great dive spots all over the globe – although I would spend most of my time crying because I was often too scared to go into the water. But once I was in the water, I loved it.
Mariella Frostrup
If you’re rooted to a spot, you miss a lot of the grace. So you keep moving, and this is the way I think the world’s stories should be told – from many different perspectives.
Chinua Achebe
“Consent must be freely given, can be withdrawn at any time, and the absence of ‘no’ does not mean ‘yes.'” How many of you guys, in your own experience with women, have learned that “no” means “yes” if you know how to spot it?
Rush Limbaugh
I had parties in church halls. My mama knew people that had venues and all that, and I knew a lot of people from forever. I was always popular growing up. She used to get me the spots, and I used to have parties. Probably about 300, 400 people.
Sometimes, there are spots that need to be filled and you just have to be at the right spot at the right time or the wrong spot and the wrong time.
Tommaso Ciampa
Is there ever any particular spot where one can put one’s finger and say, “It all began that day, at such a time and such a place, with such an incident?
Agatha Christie
Early in April, as I was vigorously hoeing in a corner, I unearthed a huge toad, to my perfect delight and satisfaction; he had lived all winter, he had doubtless fed on slugs all the autumn. I could have kissed him on the spot.
Celia Thaxter
And indeed there will be time To wonder, “Do I dare?” and, “Do I dare?” Time to turn back and descend the stair, With a bald spot in the middle of my hair.
T. S. Eliot
The technical brilliance of Lang Lang and the musical genius to create a masterpiece on the spot.
Ian Brown
An enlightened teacher has personal power. Sitting and meditating with an enlightened teacher in a meditation hall or at a power spot can change you forever.
Frederick Lenz
O leave this barren spot to me! Spare, woodman, spare the beechen tree.
Thomas Campbell
She stays in the same spot, anchored by the profound, desperate loneliness of a bad relationship.
David Levithan
But I tell people all the time that if you can do the job, then there’s a spot for you. I refuse to believe that there isn’t any room in this business. People leave jobs and jobs open up every year. If you can do the job, you’ll find your way into the broadcast booth.
Joe Buck
Ideal women: 36-24-36, five foot seven, flat spot on top of the head, deaf mute. The flat spot on the top of the head is for your drink.
Rush Limbaugh
organizations like the church or General Motors promote a man up and up until he reaches a spot which he is obviously incapable of filling, and there they lay him to rest.
James A. Michener
I wanted to give up, but my family kept me going.
Jessica Simpson
Nothing will destroy creativity thought faster than judging the value of the idea on the spot.
Wendy Oldfield
The inhabitants of the other spots reason in like manner, of course, with the result that from early infancy the mind of the child is provided with blood-curdling stories about the Germans, the French, the Italians, Russians, etc.
Emma Goldman
So I find every pleasant spot In which we two were wont to meet, The field, the chamber, and the street, For all is dark where thou art not
Alfred Lord Tennyson
And he gave it for his opinion, “that whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of grass, to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together.
Jonathan Swift
But people as a rule believe only what they want to believe, and if you tell them anything else they’ll call you a trouble-maker and get rid of you and never give you your job back, even if what you said is proved spot on right by time.
Dick Francis
There’s something timeless and important about making people laugh, about being the right spot in their day.
Reese Witherspoon
I just go out there and do what I do and try and hit my spots.
Johan Santana
You have a soft spot. Contrary to popular belief, it is not where you are weak, it is the gateway to indestructible power.
Susan Piver
Though the island of Great Britain exhibits but a small spot upon the map of the globe, it makes a splendid appearance in the history of mankind, and for a long space has been signally under the protection of God and a seat of peace, liberty and truth.
John Newton
It was in the Papal States that I studied the Roman Question. I traveled over every part of the country; I conversed with men of all opinions, examined things very closely, and collected my information on the spot.
Edmond Francois Valentin About
Citi Field is one of the coolest spots I’ve been to. It was so much fun to hold a cocktail party and rose ceremony there.
Kaitlyn Bristowe
You can get a good handle on a company’s culture before you even get inside the building. For example, when companies say, ‘We value our employees’ but have reserved parking spots, a private cafeteria, and over-the-top offices for the executives, that tells you more than any PR spin.
Steve Blank
Old age is when the liver spots show through your gloves.
Phyllis Diller
I consider an human soul without education like marble in the quarry, which shows none of its inherent beauties till the skill of the polisher fetches out the colours, makes the surface shine, and discovers every ornamental cloud, spot and vein that runs through the body of it.
Joseph Addison
I think writing is a process that starts long before the writers are actually writers and probably goes on long afterward. It’s rather like the way the Arabs weave rugs. They don’t stop. They just cut them off at a certain spot on the loom. There is no particular beginning or end.
Jeanette Winterson
Chess programs don’t play chess the way humans play chess. We don’t really know how humans play chess, but one of the things we do is spot some opportunity on the chess board toward a move to capture the opponent’s queen.
Stuart J. Russell
I have so many books to write now. So I’ll write from home. Sometimes I’m writing in the office too, in my cubicle. It looks like a mess. It doesn’t look like anybody uses the spot.
Gerard Way
I feel like I got a good jump on the ball. I turned my head and picked a spot out to run to. I was able to look back at the ball real quick again and it fell right into my glove.
Trot Nixon
I say there are spots that don’t come off…. Spots that never come off, d’you know what I mean?
J. K. Rowling
Everything speeds up and it’s blurry for a minute. But you’ve got to have a little patience sometimes to just find a soft spot. There’s always a soft spot in the defense, and it’s your job to find it.
LaDainian Tomlinson
Newspapers have developed what might be called a vested interest in catastrophe. If they can spot a fight, they play up that fight. If they can uncover a tragedy, they will headline that tragedy.
Harry Allen Overstreet
And whereas this House desires to obtain a full knowledge of all the facts which go to establish whether the particular spot of soil which the blood of our citizens was so shed was, or was not, our own soil.
Abraham Lincoln
Beasts of like kind will spare those of kindred spots.
God is back and Europe as a whole still doesn’t get it. It is our biggest single collective cultural and intellectual blind spot.
Jonathan Sacks
Everyone has something they don’t want anyone to see; that is one of the functions of a home, to provide a spot to keep such things.
Rex Stout
Poor Petey. I’d like to say I could almost feel a tender spot for poor Petey, but the truth is I’d rather feel at the tender spot on his head and give it a poke.
Franny Billingsley
If anyone ever asks you what panic is, now you can tell them: an emotional blank spot that leaves you feeling as if you’ve been sucking on a mouthful of pennies.
Stephen King
I’ll be right here in my spot wit a lil more cash than I already got trippin off you cause you had your shot
If you want to know what to do with a thief that you may find stealing, I say kill him on the spot, and never suffer him to commit another iniquity.
Brigham Young
All of the linebacker spots are pretty similar, they just have different intricacies.
Luke Kuechly
Stop thanking god for your parking spot. He had nothing to do with it, and if he did, I want nothing to do with him.
Dov Davidoff
Near this spot are deposited the remains of one who possessed beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of man, without his vices. This praise, which would be unmeaning flattery if inscribed over human ashes, is but a just tribute to the memory of Botswain, a dog.
Lord Byron
Central Park is the most amazing gift. It’s incredible. You find new spots, new people, new friends for the dogs.
Diana Taylor
A truly nonviolent man would never live to tell the tale of atrocities. He would have laid down his life on the spot in non-violent resistance.
Mahatma Gandhi
There are writers who go their whole lives and never hit that No. 1 spot.
Brad Thor
I consider my painting finished when my eyes goes to a particular spot on the canvas. But if I put the picture away about thirty feet on the wall and the movements keep returning to me and the eye seems to be responding to something living, then it is finished.
William Baziotes
Start walking. When you hit a spot where you’re gasping for breath, that should tell us our limitations. (Xypher) Oh, joy. I can’t wait to be the guppy. (Simone) Glub, glub, little fishy. Start walking. (Xypher)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Every picture shows a spot with which the artist has fallen in love.
Alfred Sisley
I just go in the studio and write on the spot and see what comes out.
I’ve kind of changed my diet, but in my diet rulebook, on section 5 paragraph A, there’s a cheating plan. So, Corky’s BBQ is one of my favorite spots to go to.
The mechanics of putting one spot of color next to another, that is the fundamental thing.
Charles Webster Hawthorne
The Lazysphere – a working definition – is a group of bloggers who I won’t name by name, but you can spot them a mile away. Rather than create new ideas or pen thoughtful essays, they simply glom on to the latest news with another “me too” blog post.
Steve Rubel
If you’re going to do a guest spot on television, they need bodies on those procedural TV shows. You’ve got to keep working, and that’s where a lot of the work is.
William Mapother
Just knowing how to get to my spots – that’s the key. Once I get to my main spots, I feel like I have a lot of options I can go to – keep on driving, pass, or shoot. I just feel like if I can get to those spots, I can play my game.
Khris Middleton
When you find your opponent’s weak spot, hammer it.
John Heisman
When you work on a computer in the studio, it’s almost like fossilizing on the spot, you know, the idea of getting solidified on the spot, like a snowflake might create branches by accumulation.
Rob Brown
But I got a guy on third, I was in a jam the other day in a game, all those situations, when you need a strikeout there, in big spots. But we are very aware of that fact, that these guys put the ball in play.
Roger Clemens
If you’ve ever made up something on the spot and made somebody laugh, you can credit Jonathan Winters with inspiration.
Rob Reiner
The barriers between reality and fiction are softer than we think; a bit like a frozen lake. Hundreds of people can walk across it, but then one evening a thin spot develops and someone falls through; the hole is frozen over by the following morning.
Jasper Fforde
Hundreds of butts in piles on the ground to mark the spot, their lives sucked out of them by their users in panicked distressed frenzy, their souls floating around the insides of lungs while their outsides were dropped, stamped on and deserted
Cecelia Ahern
What’s frustrating more than anything is when chefs start to cut corners and believe that they are incognito in the way they send out appetizers, entrees, and they know it’s not 100 percent, but they think the customers can’t spot it.
Gordon Ramsay
I think you often have that sense when you write–that if you can spot something in yourself and set it down on paper, you’re free of it. And you’re not, of course; you’ve just managed to set it down on paper, that’s all.
Nora Ephron
Sun Valley is one of my favorite spots.
Rob Lowe
She and my uncle were very sociable and would have a lot of people over at night to play cards or whatever. The high spot of those evenings was when we kids got dressed up to do a skit or something to amuse the guests. I loved it.
Louise Fletcher
On your way towards becoming a bad theoretician, take your own immature theory, stop checking it for mistakes, don’t listen to colleagues who do spot weaknesses, and start admiring your own infallible intelligence.
Gerard ‘t Hooft
Things move so quickly on set. When you’re about to do another take and you have a minute to figure out what you’re doing, you just kind of determine how you’re going to do it on the spot.
Michael Cera
Look into any man’s heart you please, and you will always find, in every one, at least one black spot which he has to keep concealed.
Henrik Ibsen
I can spot a musical type. I can tell by looking at a woman whether she is a contralto or a soprano.
Walther Funk
Forgive me if, in friendship’s way, I offer thee a wreath of May…. [N]ourished by the dews of heaven…. So I have Ivy placed between, To prove that worth is ever green. The little blue Forget-me-not… Spring’s messenger in every spot, Smiling on all—”Remember me!
John Clare
The role at the DCCC as well as the role of chief deputy whip – I wouldn’t be where I am in those spots if it were not for the speaker’s approval.
Joseph Crowley
A lot of people are afraid to succeed and don’t want to fail but if you don’t attempt, aren’t you already failing in the same spot?
Behdad Sami
I guess I’m interested in people who are very sophisticated in intellectual ways, while being completely off the mark in emotional ones, with these huge blind spots in terms of their own behavior.
Noah Baumbach
You don’t write on tour; it takes all your concentrating to make the gig – that’s survival technique. Afterwards, you run around town to find interesting hipsters and go to all the interesting spots. You got to go to every hotspot until everything has closed down.
Joe Strummer
Land, in England, is valuable, because we have highly-paid artisans to consume the produce on the spot.
Joseph Hume
You can be good at comedy, which means you’ll be given spots, but beyond that it is luck that pushes you to the next level. There are loads of brilliant comedians who haven’t had the breaks, and plenty of average comedians who have.
Romesh Ranganathan
The people will come and go. Sometimes they’ll be there for you. Sometimes they wont. Some will love you, some will not. This tide was never meant to be still. Step away from time to time. And know that only a heart fixed on the unmoving spot can ride the waves of this ever-changing, ever-fading life.
Yasmin Mogahed
I love adventure. When I’m not working or on the road, you can find me in my favorite spots around the Mission neighborhood of S.F., kitesurfing in the Bay or dancing.
Leila Janah
I kept doing my own thing, working out with weights, wrestling, and doing other spots until I graduated from high school. Then I made a conscious decision to pursue MMA seriously and full time.
Robbie Lawler
I’m a great mummy. I’ve mapped out all the fun spots in every city.
Sarah McLachlan
When you’re filming something, you have marks and spots you have to be in.
Dani Levy
The young writer should learn to spot them: words that at first glance seem freighted with delicious meaning, but that soon burst in the air, leaving nothing but a memory of bright sound.
E. B. White
Direct elections on the spot to all representative organs, up to the supreme organ, are a better guarantee of the interests of the working population of our boundless country.
Joseph Stalin
Some minds are made of blotting-paper: you can write nothing on them distinctly. They swallow the ink, and you find a large spot.
Augustus William Hare
Step by step a powerful and enterprising race has driven them back from the Atlantic to the West until at last there is scarcely a spot of ground upon which the Indians have any certainty of maintaining a permanent abode.
Nelson A. Miles
And here were forests ancient as the hills, Enfolding sunny spots of greenery.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
I found out some of the spots on the floor that I like to shoot – do my little floater shots, my pull-up shots, being able to get all the way to the rim. By me doing that, it’s kind of opened up my 3-point shot.
Kevin Knox
Above the smoke and stir of this dim spot Which men call earth.
John Milton
… and holy hell the chocolate is so intense and pure it should be named an element and given a spot on the periodic table. It would be Ch, which isn’t even taken.
Laini Taylor
Each person has a literature inside them. But when people lose language, when they have to experiment with putting their thoughts together on the spot-that’s what I love most. That’s where character lives.
Anna Deavere Smith
To see how Christ was prophesied and described therein, consider and mark, how that the kid or lamb must be with out spot or blemish; and so was Christ only of all mankind, in the sight of God and of his law.
William Tyndale
They wasn’t gonna give you nothin’. I didn’t care as long as they let me play my music. Cash on the spot… You cheat me and I’m gonna get me some money, too.
John Lee Hooker
I watched a film called ‘Elephant’ recently. Its not stylish in the sense of expensive suits and Italian cars, but the styling on every single character is spot on.
Tinie Tempah
Good sportsmanship we hail, we sing, It’s always pleasant when you spot it. There’s only one unhappy thing: You have to lose to prove that you’ve got it.
Richard Armour
Short-story writing requires an exquisite sense of balance. Novelists, frankly, can get away with more. A novel can have a dull spot or two, because the reader has made a different commitment.
Lynn Abbey
When I’m creatively solving problems, I’m in my sweet spot, and nothing can take me out of that joyful present.
Maria Semple
You realize the bad guy isn’t wearing a black cape or easy to spot; he’s funny, makes you laugh, and has perfect hair.
Taylor Swift
I had a soft spot for crazy people.
Darynda Jones
Improvisation is a weird word because we often think it means that you make things up out of whole cloth right there on the spot, and that’s rarely the case in acting. You have to know who the character is, what the situation is and what is needed.
Roger Ebert
Some bands blow it before they even play. The most important moment of any show is when a band walks out with the red amp lights glowing, the flashlight that shows each performer the way to his spot on the stage. It’s crucial not to blow it. It sets the tempo of the show; it affects everyone’s perception of the band.
Johnny Ramone
Sometimes I find myself sitting in one spot for hours, staring at nothing, thinking of nothing, feeling nothing, and most disturbingly, caring about nothing.
Mahbod Seraji
Perfume companies ought to bottle the smell of crisp bacon. Forget pheromones. I’ll bet a woman with a little spot of bacon grease behind her ears would attract every male within a five-mile radius.
Blaize Clement
One sits the whole day at the desk and appetite is standing next to me. “Away with you,” I say. But Comrade Appetite does not budge from the spot.
Leonid Brezhnev
There is no such thing as making the miracle happen spontaneously and on the spot. You’ve got to work.
Martina Arroyo
Your holiest pain comes from your yearning to change yourself in the exact way you’d like the world around you to change…. Your sweet spot is in between the true believers and the scoffing skeptics.
Rob Brezsny
For years, I never thought I needed a short game. Finally I just decided to do something about it. I needed to get up and down from tough spots on the par-5s for my birdies. So I went to Phil [Rogers]. He’s the best. For the last couple weeks, Phil has been staying at my house and we’ve been practicing in the evening.
Jack Nicklaus
Everyone look around and see if you can spot the NARCS. They’re the ones who look like hippies.
Robert Anton Wilson
I’d say to any woman, get out of that bad relationship that’s turning you into a shell of your former self. Learn from it and get out. Then wait; enjoy yourself and your friends because, when what you want comes along, you’ll spot it.
Cat Deeley
When it came to football there was a certain age where I realized that my future in football was being a grease spot on the side of some bigger player.
Leigh Steinberg
Nixon was a crook, of course, but he was also a rabid football fan – and he knew the game, which still astounds me, but I have always had a soft spot for him because of it.
Hunter S. Thompson
I’ll be over there, shawty I’ll be over there. I’ll be hitting all the spots that you aint even know was there.
If you’re open in certain spots, you just shoot the ball. It doesn’t matter if you’re good from that spot or not.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
I spot a little stranger standing across the room, my brain takes a vacation just to give my heart more room.
Bruce Springsteen
I was planning on my future as a homeless person. I had a really good spot picked out.
Larry David
I’m at a weird spot because I look so young and I feel young, but I’m not young.
Kay Panabaker
At a certain season of our life we are accustomed to consider every spot as the possible site of a house.
Henry David Thoreau
Esquire, in a July, 1957 issue, has a photograph of me playing the French horn at the Five Spot.
David Amram
I did one of the worst shows for that kind of thing in Northampton, Massachusetts, which is one of the most liberal spots on the planet. There were numerous people who walked out, somebody had thrown a beer, I had people yelling and screaming.
David Cross
Evil into the mind of god or man may come and go, so unapproved, and leave no spot or blame behind.
John Milton
Learning to spot narcissists and deal with their destructive behavior can save you the world of hurt that awaits anyone who mistakes the near enemy for a friend.
Martha Beck
My only goal ever in a fight was to go in there and create chaos. Now, I want to control the chaos that hate’s created. I want to fight in the right spots.
Justin Gaethje
When you scan the globe’s hot spots, every civil war and massacre, every act of terror and every clash between states has its unique local circumstances.
Atifete Jahjaga
London is like a collection of hills. There are lots of desirable spots and lots of space in between. The idea of elbowing people out of your way to get somewhere – literally or metaphorically – seems foreign here.
Vestal McIntyre
Derek picked the spot? Had he been hoping I’d be blinded by the morning sun and stumble off the edge?
Kelley Armstrong
But a lot of my training can be done in Aston – a lot of the hard work, so to speak. But a new atmosphere, a new place, and it’s good for me because I didn’t want to get stuck in one spot, so coming home is good, back and forth, you know, where my roots are.
Elvis Stojko
I have always been able to write on the spot. It is a talent that I guess comes naturally.
Everyone has blind spots, and even the brightest people are no exceptions.
Li Lu
Roger Kahn is someone with a gazillion dollars who thinks that he can use his vast fortune to buy television spots, particularly network television, and boost up his positives, make him appear to be a gentleman farmer, and cover up his warts.
Phil Gingrey
Explorers depend on the North Star when there are no other landmarks in sight. The same relationship exists between you and your right life, the ultimate realization of your potential for happiness. I believe that a knowledge of that perfect life sits inside you just as the North Star sits in its unaltering spot.
Martha Beck
A number of politicians, including those within your own party, believe Germans would be safer if the German military didn’t insert itself into so many of the world’s hot spots.
Wolfgang Schauble
A happy home is the single spot of rest which a man has upon this earth for the cultivation of his noblest sensibilities.
Frederick William Robertson
Funny how a wife can spot a blonde hair at twenty yards, yet miss the garage doors.
Corey Ford
Ideologically, there are no major differences between the two Pauls, and there are stylistic similarities too; like his dad, Rand hardly minds being the lone ‘no’ vote in a sea of ‘yes’ votes. But unlike his dad, Rand seems to pick his spots with at least one eye on the bigger picture of politics.
Steve Kornacki
Ive got a soft spot for really cheesy 1980s ballads by Pat Benatar and Foreigner. When I’m having my make-up put on at 6am and I need to be warmed up gently, it’s always Ella Fitzgerald or Nina Simone.
Natalie Dormer
How dear to my heart are the scenes of my childhood, When fond recollection recalls them to view; The orchard, the meadow, the deep-tangled wildwood, And every loved spot which my infancy knew.
Samuel Woodworth
When you get in the pocket, there is a place where the music begins to play itself. When you can find that spot, it’s the best feeling in the world.
Huey Lewis
NC-17 means that you get it in like 3 theaters. They won’t run the spots on MTV, won’t run the advertising. It’s the kiss of death so there was really no other choice.
Rob Zombie
Famous old houses seem to have an intuitive perception of the value of corner lots. If it is a possible thing, they always set themselves down on the most desirable spots.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
I had the misfortune of getting what skateboarders call hippers. It’s when you fall on your hip again and again and again, just the same spot. It turns into like a blue purple bruise and it’s just torture because I had to keep on doing the same move, going around in the pool again.
Emile Hirsch
The knight is renowned for, among other things, its suitability as a blockader … Because its strength lies in short-range operations it is not uncomfortable standing in a single spot for long periods, as the Bishop is.
Samuel Reshevsky
Love makes a spot beautiful: who chooses not to dwell in love, has he got wisdom?
What I really want to do is comedy. I would love to do some guest star spots on some single-camera comedies.
Katie Featherston
Like it or not, life is a series of competitions. You may be competing for a grade, a spot on a team, a job, or the largest account in town. The higher your self-esteem is, the better you get along with yourself, with others, and the more you’ll accomplish.
Harvey Mackay
Were you indeed not blinded by the Curse Of Self-exile, that still grows worse and worse, Yourselves would know that, though you see him not, He is with you this Moment, on this Spot.
Farid al-Din Attar
If we want there to be peace in the world, we have to be brave enough to soften what is rigid in our hearts, to find the soft spot and stay with it. We have to have that kind of courage and take that kind of responsibility. That’s the true practice of peace.
Pema Chodron
Magicians start by looking for blind spots, edges, vulnerabilities and limits of people’s perception, so they can influence what people do without them even realizing it. Once you know how to push people’s buttons, you can play them like a piano.
Tristan Harris
Climbing is a process – like yoga or running. We want to go to the spots where we’re barely able to hold on. Those are the climbs that force us to become better athletes and grow as climbers.
Chris Sharma
With regard to precipitous heights, if you are beforehand with your adversary, you should occupy the raised and sunny spots, and there wait for him to come up.
Sun Tzu
The nearer you take anything to the light, the darker its spots will appear; and the nearer you live to God, the more you will see your own utter vileness.
Robert Murray M’Cheyne
I loved my start. I’m proud of my spots. I don’t feel embarrassed by anything that I did… It definitely helped me more than hurt me.
Nate Torrence
Typically, the thinner the gauge of a pan, the more intense the hot and cool spots that form on its interior, which can lead to uneven cooking.
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
Humor makes our heavy burdens light and smoothes the rough spots in our pathways.
Sam Ervin
I’m more interested in melodic things. I think the biggest challenge when you go to play a solo is trying to invent a melody on the spot.
Frank Zappa
When I was playing, my wife and kids would go on the road with me, and we would go to different lunch spots that we saw on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”
Prince Fielder
When I write, I aim in my mind not toward New York but toward a vague spot a little to the east of Kansas.
John Updike
You have a freckle here,” he whispered, sweeping his tongue over a spot just under my jaw. “It drives me crazy every time you ‘re above me. I just want to do this…” The jentle draw of his mouth pushed me over the edge, and my knees tightened around his hips as i rocked against him.
Tammara Webber
Love has the tendency of pressing together all the lights – all the rays emitted from the beloved object by the burning-glass of fantasy, – into one focus, and making of them one radiant sun without any spots.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
If the press see you looking normal they can suddenly be ‘oh, she’s got a spot on her face, she’s having a bad day’. That can be quite cruel.
Jennifer Ellison
I never rebel so much against France as not to regard Paris with a friendly eye; she has had my heart since my childhood… I love her tenderly, even to her warts and her spots. I am French only by this great city: the glory of France, and one of the noblest ornaments of the world.
Michel de Montaigne
All the little risks I took were sort of like all the apartments I had moved into: I was finding the right spot.
Paula Scher
I loathe my body. The liver spots, the sagging flesh.
Gian Carlo Menotti
The most horrible question students ask: ‘How do you paint copper?’ ‘How do you paint flesh or glass?’ You paint everything the same way: Right color, right value, in right spot. There are no prescriptions.
Sergei Bongart
I quite agree with you. The sun is not kind. God should use a rose amber spot.
DeWitt Bodeen
I don’t know why people were so upset with me. Prince got his own symbol. I just wanted to adopt the handicap symbol as my own so I could park in handicap spots. Deformed people should be honored to park so close to me. Meeting a celebrity like me may give them hope in their mistake of a life.
Zach Braff
Photography is painting with light! The blurs, the spots, those are errors! But the errors are part of it, they give it poetry and turn it into painting. And for that you need as bad a camera as possible! If you want to be famous, you have to do whatever you’re doing worse than anyone else in the whole world.
Miroslav Tichy
So I have this ability, if I may say so, to spot talent.
Sally Kirkland
May you and your triple cursed wash water turn purple with orange spots and fall down a bottomless pit!
Patricia C. Wrede
Mankind have their local attachments. They have a particular regard for the spot, in which they were born and nurtured.
Thomas Clarkson
There was a day on the set of Iron Man where I said, “I remember some of this stuff. I definitely had some Iron Man books. But, S.H.I.E.L.D. is a little bit of a weak spot for me.”
Clark Gregg
Although Darwin was able to persuade much of the world that a modern eye could be produced gradually from a much simpler structure, he did not even attempt to explain how the simple light sensitive spot that was his starting point actually worked.
Michael Behe
But words is like th spots on dice: no matter how y fumbles em,
there’s times when they jes wont
Jean Toomer
My weak spot is that I don’t like analyzing so I tend to be a bit lazy; I tend to get bored quickly, which means I must be boring.
Anthony Hopkins
Coral reefs represent some of the worlds most spectacular beauty spots, but they are also the foundation of marine life: without them many of the seas most exquisite species will not survive.
Sheherazade Goldsmith
I had been working nonstop for two years and needed a break. Instead of flying or booking myself at the usual holiday spots, we decided to drive across south India. The only thing that changes in the landscape are the posters of film stars and politicians.
Vishwajeet Pradhan
Affection makes your spirit slither out from its concealing spot.
Zora Neale Hurston
What, like I want to look like Dick Clark? No. I think I look great with liver spots.
Dennis Quaid
There is no holier spot of ground than where defeated valor lies by mourning beauty crowned
Henry Timrod
I mean at the world as a checklist. Once you got to a place, you check them off and if you love the spot, you might check it off twice. You’ll always find your way to go back to those places.
Dhani Jones
Learn. Ceaselessly. Learn to code, to write persuasively, to understand new technologies, to bring out the best in your team, to find underused resources and to spot patterns.
Seth Godin
I consider Madonna a friend, and she sure knows how to work the publicity machine. Of course, I don’t have breasts. If I did have, I’d be in the number one spot over Madonna.
Spike Lee
It amazes me that some people who ordinarily can recognize autocratic bullying, tacky sloganeering, and – especially – camp value are unable to spot it in this Hate Scare that grips the Western world.
Jim Goad
Most dogs, when you hold a leash up, go nuts and run to the door. Crash, on the other hand barely looks up from his spot on the couch. His expression is saying, What the hell are you doing with that thing?
David Rosenfelt
There have been ups and downs obviously. But my bright spots have been bright enough for me to believe that I belong. And what I do day to day in practice, I have confidence from that work ethic.
Spencer Dinwiddie
When I see old photos of me on the beach I don’t look too bad… but it’s hard trying to breathe in for such a long time when I spot the photographers!
Gary Lineker
I’m a very firm believer in karma, and put it this way: I get a lot of good parking spots.
Al Jourgensen
I do not like fancy or chain restaurants. I live for local spots.
Nyle DiMarco
Clean your finger before you point at my spots.
Benjamin Franklin
On limestone quarried near the spot By his command these words are cut: Cast a cold eye On life, on death. Horseman, pass by!
William Butler Yeats
June is the time for being in the world in new ways, for throwing off the cold and dark spots of life.
Joan D. Chittister
If you spot an opportunity and are really excited by it, throw yourself into it with everything you’ve got.
Richard Branson
The fans want to see more. They’re there to see fights, they want to see more, they want to see people get put unconscious, whatever. But you can’t get put in those spots.
Derek Brunson
You have no idea how life-giving it is to find around one a youth that agrees not to bury one on the spot.
Paul Cezanne
Such is the imperfect nature of man! such spots are there on the disc of the clearest planet; and eyes like Miss Scatcherd’s can only see those minute defects, and are blind to the full brightness of the orb.
Charlotte Bronte
The kind of people who can assemble huge crowds into one spot will be the major influences on mass culture in the next decade. The rock enthusiasts have created some of the most exciting theatrical events on the planet.
Jim Morrison
I always hate having to use the equipment after these huge buff guys who move, like, the entire rack of plates. Then I get on, and move two plates, you know like: CLANK! CLANK! “I’m the two plate guy!” CLANK! CLANK! “Anyone wanna spot me?” CLANK! CLANK!
Brian Regan
All you gotta do honey is kinda stand in one spot, wiggle around just a little bit.
Jerry Lee Lewis
I’d love to sign a contract for the soundtracks to every Wes Anderson movie, you know what I’m saying? Things like that, I have no spots on my conscience about.
I roamed the countryside searching for answers to things I did not understand. Why shells existed on the tops of mountains. How the various circles of water form around the spot which has been struck by a stone, and why a bird sustains itself in the air.
Leonardo da Vinci
You got to play a hundred and fifty games a year, so pick your spots. You can miss two games a month; so pick the days you’re gonna be hurt, or you’re gonna rest or you’re gonna have a drink or two. The rest of the time, be on that field.
Hank Aaron
I’ve just been in a lot of big fights, and I’ve been in some good spots and some bad spots.
Dustin Poirier
Bob Dylan’s one of the greatest blues singers of the western world; ancient art, on-the-spot improvisation, mind quickness, endless variation, classical formulae, prophetic vision, mighty wind-horse.
Allen Ginsberg
Our animals don’t do drugs. Instead, we move them almost daily in a tightly choreographed ballet from pasture spot to pasture spot.
Joel Salatin
[Kyle Chandler] taught me how to listen very well and reacting. There’s a lot of improv. And to be able to do that on the spot you really have to be in tune with what the other person is saying instead of just waiting for your cue line or waiting for a word for you to deliver your next line.
Michael B. Jordan
If you don’t know an answer, a fact, a statistic – make it up on the spot.
Paul Watson
…Lovers are Like walking ghosts, they always haunt the spot Of their misdeeds.
George Henry Boker
Those of us who lived through the worst of the HIV/AIDS epidemic from the early 1980s through the mid-1990s have a very special spot in our heart for home-based health care.
David Mixner
The biggest change is that time just goes by so fast when you’re on the road. It seems like it’s only been a month or so since I’ve been back and it’s already been more than half a year. I can’t complain, though. I’m in a great spot right and it’s up to me to take advantage of it while I can.
Jeff Hardy
What are you up to?” “Oh, you know, mischief and mayhem,” he replied. “That so reminds me of Harry Potter,” Brit said, sighing. “I need a re-read.” We all turned to her. Two bright spots appeared in her cheeks as she tossed her blonde hair back. “What? I’m not ashamed to admit that random things remind me of Harry Potter.
J. Lynn
I love being an older comic now. It’s like being an old soccer or an old baseball player. You’re in the Hall of Fame and it’s nice, but you’re no longer that person in the limelight on the spot doing that thing.
Eric Idle
Our cat is kind dove shellfish, and thinks the world is hers, She finds a comfy spot and then we pet turtle sheep purrs.
Brian P. Cleary
A step in the wrong direction is better than staying on the spot all our life. Once you’re moving forward you can correct your course as you go. Your automatic guidance system cannot guide you when you’re standing still.
Maxwell Maltz
Plant a good seed in the right spot and it will grow without further coaxing
B. J. Fogg
By the time those electric blue eyes seek me out in the stands, my heart throbs fiercely in my temples, and my insides bubble with emotion when he spots me. He stares straight into my eyes, and his eyes are only mine, and his smile is only mine, and for this fraction of an instant, nothing else matters but us.
Katy Evans
Remember: that giants sleep too soundly; that witches are often betrayed by their appetites; dragons have one soft spot, somewhere, always; hearts can be well-hidden, and you can betray them with your tongue. (from “Instructions”)
Neil Gaiman
How many men are like trees, already strong and full grown, which are transplanted into some gardens, to the astonishment of those people who behold them in these fine spots, where they never saw them grow, and who neither know their beginning nor their progress!
Jean de la Bruyere
Congress has always had a soft spot for “experts” who tell members what they want to hear, whether it’s supply-side economists declaring that tax cuts increase revenue or climate-change skeptics insisting that global warming is a myth.
Paul Krugman
I must say as to what I have seen of Texas it is the garden spot of the world. The best land and the best prospects for health I ever saw, and I do believe it is a fortune to any man to come here. There is a world of country here to settle.
Davy Crockett
And, now, come to this spot Where the spotlight is hot And you’ll see in the spotlight A Juggling Jott Who can juggle some stuff You might think he could not… Such as twenty-two question marks, Which is a lot. Also forty-four commas And, also, one dot! That’s the kind of Circus McGurkus I’ve got!
Dr. Seuss
You know how fussy and particular I am in painting. I am ever removing the paint and repainting the spot until I am completely exhausted.
Arshile Gorky
For me, growing up I watched Michael Jordan win all those championships, and I dreamed of being in that same spot one day. So to actually be here, and have one under my belt is an amazing feeling.
Mario Chalmers
I remember quite well that 10,000 audience sang with us three on the spot, and ever since then, I always thought the Chinese audience are the greatest audience.
Luciano Pavarotti
With a versatile player, there’s no spot on the court you can’t pass him the ball. You can do anything.
Kevin Durant
We need a new kind of feminism, one that stresses personal responsibility and is open to art and sex in all their dark, unconsoling mysteries. The feminist of the fin de si?cle will be bawdy, streetwise, and on-the-spot confrontational, in the prankish Sixties way.
Camille Paglia
Our writer would play the piano and then come up with songs on the spot that included all of us. It was so fun!
Odeya Rush
I’ve been in some seriously bad places playing golf and it’s just part of the game. You’re going to hit bad shots, you’re going to be in bad spots, and each course, when you learn it, you learn where not to go.
Tiger Woods
I’m starting to figure it out – figure out my spots, where I should be on the court, where I’m most effective, and how I handle double teams – and it’s paying off.
Joel Embiid
I clean my house, although I have help. I’m on the floor getting spots. I can’t stand a dirty house. I’m a cleaning fanatic.
Patti LaBelle
Some girls have crazy eyes. You can spot that!
Miles Teller
The very spot where grew the bread that formed my bones, I see. How strange, old field, on thee to tread, and feel I’m part of thee.
Abraham Lincoln
When you hit a certain spot you Sprint no matter how you feel inside or what your co-runner thinks. You just go! In training as a nickel, you sprint because you need to sprint! You just do it! In racing people see it and call it courage, but it is attitude; determination; duty.
Gerry Lindgren
A Polish man bought a zebra for a pet. What does he call the zebra? Spot!
Henny Youngman
In his garden every man may be his own artist without apology or explanation. Here is one spot where each may experience the “romance of possibility”.
Louise Wilder
One of my last few vices is coffee, but with a spot of almond or soymilk, it’s never tasted better!
Michelle Forbes
The left is back, and it’s the only path we have to get out of the spot to which the right has sunken us. Socialism builds and capitalism destroys.
Hugo Chavez
I had known there had been a serial killer on Mount Tamalpais, and it felt so incongruous in such a beautiful, peaceful spot.
Joyce Maynard
My library is my kingdom, and here I try to make my rule absolute-shutting off this single nook from wife, daughter and society. Elsewhere I have only a verbal authority, and vague. Unhappy is the man, in my opinion, who has no spot at home where he can be at home to himself-to court himself and hide away.
Michel de Montaigne
The juvenile sea squirt wanders through the sea searching for a suitable rock or hunk of coral to cling to and make its home for life. For this task, it has a rudimentary nervous system. When it finds its spot and takes root, it doesn’t need its brain anymore so it eats it!
Daniel Dennett
I think the power of Stieg Larsson’s stories is that he has the guts to show the hidden spots in the side of Sweden. That gave us a push to say that for the first time. That they can’t have with the American version.
Michael Nyqvist
The world comes to us in fragments and shards. Whatever stories we shape from our days, we’re always dealing with gaps, blank-spots, and blackouts – and in handling all these breakages, we are, at all times, so incredibly intimate with sharp edges, the unending knife-like moments of failure and joy in our lives.
Alex Lemon
Rapidity is the essence of war: take advantage of the enemy’s unreadiness, make your way by unexpected routes, and attack unguarded spots.
Sun Tzu
My sin is the black spot which my bad act makes, seen against the disk of the Sun of Righteousness. Hence religion and sin come and go together.
Charles Henry Parkhurst
I becan acting when River was doing this TV series and they needed two kids for the show, so they got me and my little sister, Summer, to do it. After that I did some really weird guest spots with orangutans and stuff.
Joaquin Phoenix
Jeff Sessions has some problematic spots on his history, but he has been a pretty normal, respectable senator, more conservative than a lot of us, but a respectable senator for a long period of time.
David Brooks
A lot of things run through your head when you’re going in to relieve in a tight spot. One of them was, “Should I spike myself?”
Lefty Gomez
Weaknesses and deficiencies . . . play a most important part in all our lives. It is because of them that we need others and others need us. We are not all weak in the same spots, and so we supplement and complete one another, each one making up in himself for the lack in another.
Thomas Merton
Truthfulness is a cornerstone in character, and if it be not firmly laid in youth, there will ever after be a weak spot in the foundation.
Jefferson Davis
I’ve always had a soft spot for Phil Collins. He’s a great vocalist.
Ben Gibbard
May I take your vein for a moment? I find myself… curiously depleted” Okay, right. Talk about your Johnny-on-the-spots: He locked them in and all but tore off his arm and threw it at her.
J.R. Ward
Recently I have done some circles that are almost that large and I’ve come all the way around after walking for an hour and I have hit the other side exactly. I mean exactly the right spot which is very strange. Believe me it’s very, very strange.
Jim Denevan
The imagination is far better at inventing tortures than life because the imagination is a demon within us and it knows where to strike, where it hurts. It knows the vulnerable spot, and life does not, our friends and lovers do not, because seldom do they have the imagination equal to the task.
Anais Nin
I have been in the film industry for 35 years, and everyone, including the spot-boys, will vouch for my character.
Om Puri
Spots are on the surface of the solar body where they are produced and also dissolved, some in shorter and others in longer periods. They are carried around the Sun; an important occurrence in itself.
Galileo Galilei
The very best garden is a new one, on virgin ground. Plants leap out of that spot.
Janet Macunovich
Once we relieve them from sanctions, their economy opens up, and they can sell oil and pistachios and whatever else they sell around the world. That was why Iran needed a deal. Everyone knows they fund terrorism around the world. Having that extra money will add a lot of problems and create a lot more hot spots.
Dan Webster
We have to have a version of our own story that we keep telling ourselves that allows us to get up in the morning. This version of yourself is what you sell to yourself. I think it necessarily includes … not looking at certain things. Everybody’s got some blind spot.
Steven Soderbergh
[s]he was a compulsive pessimist, always looking for the soft brown spot in the fruit, pressing so hard she created it.
Amy Waldman
We’re right here on this very spot. Besides, being lost is never a matter of not knowing where you are; it’s a matter of not knowing where you aren’t – and I don’t care at all about where I’m not.
Norton Juster
Listen, here’s the thing. If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker.
Matt Damon
There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings as now in October.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
She (Annabeth) put her hand on my spine, and my skin tingled. I (Percy) moved her fingers to the one spot that grounded me to my mortal life. A thousand volts of electricity seemed to arc through my body.
Rick Riordan
A lot of times we would feed off of the crowd. A lot of things that we were doing in the match was called on the fly. For example, Ric Flair and I would go into a match and have a couple of spots and moments set up. And then, of course, we would line up the finish. But the rest was called on the fly.
Ricky Steamboat
I’m not skilled enough to explain properly how we feel. Not only me, but I’m sure Tony and Tim and Pop feel the same way. Last year was a tough one for all of us. We felt like we had the trophy, that we were touching it, and it slipped away. We all felt guilty. We got to this spot, and we didn’t let it go.
Manu Ginobili
Ah, what a warning for a thoughtless man, Could field or grove, could any spot of earth, Show to his eye an image of the pangs Which it hath witnessed,-render back an echo Of the sad steps by which it hath been trod!
William Wordsworth
It’s no surprise to me that intellectuals commit suicide, go mad or die from drink. We feel things more than other people. We know the world is rotten and that chins are ruined by spots.
Sue Townsend
Women are like parking spots, the best ones are handicapped.
Zach Braff
You’re just trying to throw the best pitch you can and make sure you hit your spots. I don’t have to force nobody.
Mariano Rivera
Don’t ask where the rest of this book is!” It is a shrill cry that comes from an undefined spot among the shelves. “All books continue in the beyond.
Italo Calvino
Looking at him like that, I felt like I needed something from him, or somebody, and that probably meant that he also needed something from me, or somebody, but the revelation was like looking at spots on a slide. Knowing that it meant something to somebody wasn’t the same as it meaning something to you.
Maggie Stiefvater
What is easily the most dangerous spot cats choose for sleeping? Beneath our feet-sprawled out in hallways or in doorways, tails predictably extended just to be stepped on.
Arnold Hano
Our garden was debated territory between five local cats, and we’d heard that the best way to keep other cats out of the garden was to have one yourself. A moment’s rational thought here will spot the slight flaw in this reasoning.
Terry Pratchett
I’m here today because God has brought me here. Jesus has brought me here…I’m with an amazing team. I believe He perfectly placed me in the right spot at the right time.
Russell Wilson
When the light turns green, you go. When the light turns red, you stop. But what do you do when the light turns blue with orange and lavender spots?
Shel Silverstein
We can continue to try and clean up the gutters all over the world and spend all of our resources looking at just the dirty spots and trying to make them clean. Or we can lift our eyes up and look into the skies and move forward in an evolutionary way.
Buzz Aldrin
You cannot underestimate the sharpness of people’s BS radar. They can spot a soulless, bureaucratic tactic a million miles away.
Gary Vaynerchuk
NRDC has helped bring hope spots to more of our shared ocean waters. We helped draft and pass a California law creating a network of underwater parks stretching from the Oregon border to the Mexican border.
Frances Beinecke
Koishikawa Korakuen Garden – one of Tokyo’s oldest Japanese gardens, and one of the best spots for viewing the cherry blossoms.
Peter Marino
He simply felt that if he could carry away the vision of the spot of earth she walked on, and the way the sky and sea enclosed it, the rest of the world might seem less empty.
Edith Wharton
Not only do you become what you think about, but the world also becomes what you think about. Those who think that the world is a dark place are blind to the light that might illuminate their lives. Those who see the light of the world view the dark spots as merely potential light.
Wayne Dyer
I have this soft spot for have-nots. So, I was really inclined to portray their pain and pathos in ‘Highway.’
Randeep Hooda
It is delightful to read on the spot the impressions and opinions of tourists who visited a hundred years ago, in the vehicles and with the aesthetic prejudices of the period, the places which you are visiting now. The voyage ceases to be a mere tour through space; you travel through time and thought as well.
Aldous Huxley
From that day on, I ran from spot to spot.
Enos Slaughter
In England, I met a couple who run a children’s home. They were very kind and showed me many nice spots in England.
Laura Dekker
I grew up on the beaches, and I always found it kind of funny that it’s considered decent if you cover three tiny spots with pieces of fabric.
Bo Derek
The hero used to be the one in white. Now he is harder to spot.
Mason Cooley
Two people may be at the same spot in manners and behaviour, and yet one may be getting better, and the other worse, which is the greatest of differences that could possibly exist between them.
George MacDonald
No one can tell me what to do on my skateboard. My skateboard is my safe spot. I can learn tricks, I can have fun, I can do whatever I want on my skateboard.
Ryan Sheckler
It’s good to visit Hawaii if you’re seeking power. You don’t really need to live here. Just to come over for a week is enough. Switzerland is another spot like this. It’s very similar. These are the two clearest spots, Switzerland and Hawaii.
Frederick Lenz