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Special Occasion Quotes

Special Occasion Quotes by Mary Anne Radmacher, Tamlyn Tomita, Gene Weingarten, Brenda Blethyn, John Spence, Terry McMillan and many others.

Don’t Wait! Start on your dreams, your impulses, your longings, your special occasions today. Because this is your moment.
Mary Anne Radmacher
The idea of scrolling is amazing because you could just bypass everybody’s whatever, but then whatever catches your eye – yeah, I don’t judge those people who tweet their breakfast, lunch and dinner but, I like to just use it for special occasions.
Tamlyn Tomita
I’ll smoke anything. I won’t spend a lot of money on cigars, because I consider that too self indulgent. $3, max, except for special occasions. And yes, I do know the difference.
Gene Weingarten
I hate that people think going to the theatre is a special occasion. I wish people would treat it as normally as going to the cinema.
Brenda Blethyn
Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion; today is special.
John Spence
Now, I’ve been known to be attractive on special occasions, and I do my best to project as much beauty as I can muster from deep inside, though I often fail.
Terry McMillan
In Italy, everybody buys silver for every special occasion. Baptisms, weddings, you get silver.
Debi Mazar
I don’t wear much make-up in my non-working life, though I love to dress up and put on a face for a special occasion. As I get older, I see less of the fantasy ‘Indian’ self I inherited from my father, and I see my mother looking back at me.
Diana Quick
One can live at a low flame. Most people do. For some, life is an exercise in moderation (best china saved for special occasions), but given something like death, what does it matter if one looks foolish now and then, or tries too hard, or cares too
Diane Ackerman
Bottom line, wasn’t life itself a special occasion?
Jan Karon
Everything happens every night for this audience, and it’s a very special occasion to come to the theatre.
Roger Rees
What kind of life are you leading where you consider ketchup fancy? “Well, we ain’t rich folk, but on special occasions, I’ll break out the ketchup. Grandma’s birthday, make her feel special”
Jim Gaffigan
After all these years of Independence, after celebrating this special occasion for all these years, why there’s no drinking water that’s free of cost? Why we have to buy packaged mineral water?
Saswata Chatterjee
It’s a very special venue and a very special occasion.
Matthew Hayden
For special occasions, I love pretty dresses – but nothing too frou-frou!
The nowadays ruling that no word is unprintable has, I think, done nothing whatever for beautiful letters. … Obscenity is too valuable a commodity to chuck around all over the place; it should be taken out of the safe on special occasions only.
Dorothy Parker
Limousines used to be reserved for the ruling class, or, on special occasions, for the working class. Today, limousines are like taxicabs with the door handles still intact.
Erma Bombeck
Cancer taught me to stop saving things for a special occasion. Every day is special. You don’t have to get cancer to start living life to the fullest. My post-cancer philosophy? No wasted time. No ugly clothes. No boring movies.
Regina Brett
In the early ’90s, my parents weren’t really drinking wine. They had a bottle or two laying around, but it had been a stigma where a bottle of wine had to be for a super special occasion. A bottle of wine had to go with a steak. And it was this thing that seemed so distant.
Channing Frye
Cooking meat over a fire is one of the most stirring of those ritual acts, usually performed outdoors, on special occasions, in public, and by men.
Michael Pollan
Some eschew wine for their religion; others just don’t cotton to it. A slew of Americans consider wine a fancy-schmancy treat for special occasions. They do not understand the concept of daily wine. It’s as though you insisted on confetti and a swing-band at every meal.
Jennifer Rosen
To play at Stamford Bridge for Brazil would be great. To play for the national team is already special but to do it here would be a very special occasion.
I hydrate my legs by mixing a body oil with moisturiser and I apply it evenly all over my legs to seal in moisture. For a special occasion I might have a spray tan, which gives my skin a nice glow.
Emma Willis
[My mom’s] funny that way, celebrating special occasions with blue food. I think it’s her way of saying anything is possible. Percy can pass seventh grade. Waffles can be blue. Little miracles like that.
Rick Riordan
This was one of those special occasions when I could actually feel the inner appreciation of the beauty of the moment passing like an electric current through the brush in my hand.
Prince Charles
Me? I like wearing a condom. It means I’m having sex. I already spend most of my time NOT wearing one. It’s like a tuxedo – I enjoy putting one on for special occasions.
David Mazzucchelli
Don’t save something for a special occasion. Every day of your life is a special occasion.
Thomas S. Monson
I think a nice romantic dinner should be saved for when you and the girl you’re dating or seeing have something special and it’s a more special occasion.
Ben Savage
The problem is that we let special-occasion food become everyday food. That goes for soda and french fries.
Michael Pollan
David Duchovny asked me while I was picking out shoes in the closet. It wasn’t a special occasion. He just asked, ‘Will you marry me?’
Tea Leoni
I use Jimmy Galanos gowns for real special occasions and things – television, special occasions where I know I’m being filmed. But I never really wear his gowns on stage. My stage gowns are more costumey. There’s different levels of things that I wear.I would never wear my stage gowns to a party.
Diana Ross
Eating in Italy is essentially a family art, practiced for and by the family. The finest accomplishments of the home cook are not reserved like the good silver and china for special occasions or for impressing guests, but are offered daily for the pleasure and happiness of the family group.
Marcella Hazan
Andrew Breitbart, self-described media mogul, had several screws loose or missing and was the grinning bomb-thrower of the radical right. He was the attack dog kept on a tight leash and brought out on special occasions to hiss and to menace.
Bill Ayers
Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special occasion. Stop withholding your love until that special person materializes. Every day you are alive is a special occasion. Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God.
Mary Manin Morrissey
I think fine dining should be part of the community where it is, more than just for the people who are going to make a special occasion.
Daniel Boulud