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Slumber Quotes

Slumber Quotes by Rumi, William Jones, Martin Luther, Peter Altenberg, Thomas Carlyle, Robert Browning and many others.

If you knew yourself for even one moment, if you could just glimpse your most beautiful face, maybe you wouldn’t slumber so deeply in that house of clay. Why not move into your house of joy and shine into every crevice! For you are the secret Treasure-bearer, and always have been. Didn’t you know?
Seven hours to law, to soothing slumber seven,
Ten to the world allot, and all to heaven.
William Jones
Sleep is a most useful and most salutary operation of nature. Scarcely any minor annoyance angers me more than the being suddenly awakened out of a pleasant slumber. I understand that in Italy they torture poor people by depriving them of sleep. `Tis a torture that cannot long be endured.
Martin Luther
God thinks in the geniusses, he dreams in the poets and slumbers in the rest of humanity.
Peter Altenberg
A thought once awakened does not again slumber.
Thomas Carlyle
Wander at will,
Day after day,–
Wander away,
Wandering still–
Soul that canst soar!
Body may slumber:
Body shall cumber
Soul-flight no more.
Robert Browning
Beside the brook and on the umbered meadow, Where yellow fern-tufts fleck the faded ground, With folded lids beneath their palmy shadow The gentian nods in dewy slumbers bound.
Sarah Helen Whitman
Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number- Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you Ye are many-they are few.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I’m hosting weekend retreats all over America. It is like a 24-hour slumber party for moms. We laugh, eat, play games, get massages, win prizes, talk about parenting and even cry a bit.
Lisa Whelchel
If we shadows have offended, Think but this, and all is mended, That you have but slumber’d here While these visions did appear.
William Shakespeare
It’s been months since I last wrote. I’ve lived in a state of mental slumber, leading the life of someone else. I’ve felt, very often, a vicarious happiness. I haven’t existed. I’ve been someone else. I’ve lived without thinking.
Fernando Pessoa
It was the forty-fathom slumber that clears the soul and eye and heart, and sends you to breakfast ravening.
Rudyard Kipling
Genuine sorrows are very tranquil in appearance in the deep bed they have dug for themselves. But, seeming to slumber, they corrode the soul like that frightful acid which penetrates crystal.
Honore de Balzac
I lingered round them, under that benign sky; watched the moths fluttering among the heath and hare-bells; listened to the soft wind breathing through the grass; and wondered how anyone could ever imagine unquiet slumbers for the sleepers in that quiet earth.
Emily Bronte
Every girls’ night needs a funny movie and a good conversation about guys! My friends and I also love picking outfits out for each other to try on at slumber parties. It’s so fun.
Jennette McCurdy
The soul of music slumbers in the shell Till waked and kindled by the master’s spell; And feeling hearts, touch them but rightly, pour A thousand melodies unheard before!
Samuel Rogers
Music, when soft voices die Vibrates in the memory.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
How do you show off the most anticipated product in years? That was my dilemma with the iPhone X. Since my unit was one of the first few released into the wild, it naturally drew a lot of curiosity when I pulled it out of my pocket and gave it a dewy-eyed glance to wake it from slumber.
Steven Levy
I dream of you to wake; would that I might Dream of you and not wake but slumber on.
Christina Rossetti
The fire which seems extinguished often slumbers beneath the ashes.
Pierre Corneille
Bedtime rituals for children ease the way to the elsewhere of slumber – teeth brushing and pajamas, the voice of a parent reading, the feel and smell of the old blanket or toy, the nightlight glowing in a corner.
Siri Hustvedt
Love is not all: it is not meat nor drink Nor slumber nor a roof against the rain; Nor yet a floating spar to men that sink.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Deep in every heart slumbers a dream and the couturier knows it: every woman is a princess
Christian Dior
Tis aye a solemn thing to me
To look upon a babe that sleeps–
Wearing in its spirit-deeps
The unrevealed mystery
Of its Adam’s taint and woe,
Which, when they revealed lie,
Will not let it slumber so.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
We fear death, yet we long for slumber and beautiful dreams.
Khalil Gibran
Confide not in the firmness of your principles, or the steadfastness of your integrity. Be always vigilant and fearful. Never think you have enough of knowledge, and let not your caution slumber for a moment, for you know not when danger is near.
Charles Brockden Brown
Hence, in these times, untouch’d the pages lie, And slumber out their immortality.
George Crabbe
Yes, because a vampire slumber party is the pinnacle of safety conscious behavior.
Stephenie Meyer
Slumber party with Dracula, all things considerd why not?
Jeaniene Frost
August creates as she slumbers, replete and satisfied.
Joseph Wood Krutch
It is the nature of the self to manifest itself, In every atom slumbers the might of the self.
Muhammad Iqbal
To happy convents, bosomed deep in vines,
Where slumber abbots, purple as their wines.
Alexander Pope
Chance will not do the work. Chance sends the breeze;
But if the pilot slumber at the helm,
The very wind that wafts us tow’rds the port
May dash us on the shoals. The steersman’s part
Is vigilance, or blow it rough or smooth.
Ben Jonson
None of us know all the potentialities that slumber in the spirit of the population, or all the ways in which that population can surprise us when there is the right interplay of events.
Vaclav Havel
I thought I’d stumbled on Sleeping Beauty and her ugly sister,’ said another voice, ‘waiting for the kiss of true love to wake them from their slumbers. Forgive me if I didn’t oblige.
John Flanagan
‘Tis the voice of the sluggard; I heard him complain, you have waked me too soon, I must slumber again.
Isaac Watts
Some say that gleams of a remoter world Visit the soul in sleep В— that death is slumber, And that its shapes the busy thoughts outnumber Of those who wake and live.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Novels so often provide an anodyne and not an antidote, glide one into torpid slumbers instead of rousing one with a burning brand.
Virginia Woolf
To rest upon a formula is a slumber that, prolonged, means death.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Even in the grave, all is not lost.
Edgar Allan Poe
I fall asleep in the full and certain hope That my slumber shall not be broken; And that, though I be all-forgetting, Yet shall I not be all-forgotten, But continue that life in the thoughts and deeds of those I have loved.
Samuel Butler
Those who dream must be awakened, and the deeper the people are who slumber, or the deeper they slumber, the more important it is that they be awakened, and the more powerfully must they be awakened.
Soren Kierkegaard
The great pulsation of nature beats too in my breast, and when I carol aloud, I am answered by a thousand-fold echo. I hear a thousand nightingales. Spring hath sent them to awaken Earth from her morning slumber, and Earth trembles with ecstasy, her flowers are hymns, which she sings in inspiration to the sun.
Heinrich Heine
If, my dear, you seek to slumber;
Count of stars an endless number;
If you will continue wakeful;
Count the drops that make a lakeful;
Then if vigilance yet above you
Hover, Count the times I love you;
And if slumber sill repel you
Count the times I do not tell you.
Franklin P. Adams
To provoke dreams of terror in the slumber of prosperity has become the moral duty of literature.
Ernst Fischer
wondered how anyone could ever imagine unquiet slumbers, for the sleepers in that quiet earth.
Emily Bronte
The world is nothing, the man is all; in yourself is the law of all nature, and you know not yet how a globule of sap ascends; in yourself slumbers the whole of Reason; it is for you to know all, it is for you to dare all.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Beauty never slumbers; All is in her name; But the rose remembers The dust from which it came.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
‘Tis the soldier’s life to have their balmy slumbers waked with strife.
William Shakespeare
All men are by nature conservative but conservatism in the military profession is a source of danger to the country. One must be ready to change his line sharply and suddenly, with no concern for the prejudices and memories of what was yesterday. To rest upon formula is a slumber that, prolonged, means death.
Hyman Rickover
Through the ghoul-guarded gateways of slumber, Past the wan-mooned abysses of night, I have lived o’er my lives without number, I have sounded all things with my sight.
H. P. Lovecraft
If the mind is wearied by study, or the body worn with sickness, It is well to lie fallow for a while, in the vacancy of sheer amusement; But when thou prosprest in health, and thine intellect can soar untired, To seek uninstructive pleasure is to slumber on the couch of indolence.
Martin Farquhar Tupper
For every one pupil who needs to be guarded against a weak excess of sensibility there are three who need to be awakened from the slumber of cold vulgarity. The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts.
C. S. Lewis
Look thy last on all things lovely, Every hour – let no night Seal thy sense in deathly slumber Till to delight Thou hast paid thy utmost blessing.
Henry Austin Dobson
Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory;
Odors, when sweet violets sicken,
Live within the sense they quicken.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Most glorious night! Thou wert not sent for slumber!
Lord Byron
It is not the slumber of reason that engenders monsters, but vigilant and insomniac rationality
Gilles Deleuze
Obviously, I don’t want to minimize the patriarchal nature of our media, our government and our culture as a whole. But I think it’s our refusal as women to own our power that is our biggest problem, both individually and collectively. The linchpin that holds the current system in place is the slumber of women.
Marianne Williamson
Slumber not in the tents of your fathers. The world is advancing.
Giuseppe Mazzini
All that tread, the globe are but a handful to the tribes, that slumber in its bosom.
William C. Bryant
O sleep! O gentle sleep! Nature’s soft nurse.
William Shakespeare
How dreadful it is, to emerge from the oblivion of slumber, and to receive as a good morrow the mute wailing of one’s own hapless heart – to return from the land of deceptive dreams to the heavy knowledge of unchanged disaster!
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
She press’d his hand in slumber; so once more
He could not help but kiss her and adore.
John Keats
Shall we keep men in a fool’s paradise? Shall we lull them into soft slumbers from which they will awake in hell? Are we to become helpers of their damnation by our smooth speeches? In the name of God, we will not!
Charles Spurgeon
When I was young, I was the kid who would call my dad from a slumber party to beg him to come pick me up.
Kendall Jenner
Thought once awakened does not again slumber; unfolds itself into a System of Thought; grows, in man after man, generation after generation, – till its full stature is reached, and such System of Thought can grow no farther, but must give place to another.
Thomas Carlyle
Just as a man’s denominational orientation is the result of upbringing, and only the religious need as such slumbers in his soul, the political opinion of the masses represents nothing but the final result of an incredibly tenacious and thorough manipulation of their mind and soul.
Adolf Hitler
One slumber finds another.
George Herbert
O sleepers! what a thing is slumber! Sleep resembles death. Ah, why then dost thou not work in such wise as that after death thou mayst retain a resemblance to perfect life, when, during life, thou art in sleep so like to the hapless dead?
Leonardo da Vinci
I love to be scared. Not, ‘Hey, I think I smell smoke…’ scared, but creepy, paranoid, what’s-that-out-there-in-the-dark, ghost story scared. It’s no surprise that I was the girl who got invited to the slumber parties because I could be counted on to tell a tale to scare the bejesus out of you.
Libba Bray
Your love in a cottage is hungry,
Your vine is a nest for flies-
Your milkmaid shocks the Graces,
And simplicity talks of pies!
You lie down to your shady slumber
And wake with a bug in your ear,
And your damsel that walks in the morning
Is shod like a mountaineer.
Nathaniel Parker Willis
For the first time in your conscious memory; for the first time in fact, since your were a baby; a single tear, full and warm, rolled down your right cheek and you fell into a very deep and entirely dreamless slumber.
Dave Sim
Quotes about Life Tell me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream! For the soul is dead that slumbers, and things are not what they seem. Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art; to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
My slumbers–if I slumber–are not sleep, But a continuance of enduring thought, Which then I can resist not: in my heart There is a vigil, and these eyes but close To look within; and yet I live, and bear The aspect and the form of breathing men.
Lord Byron
All that tread, the globe are but a handful to the tribes, that slumber in its bosom.
William Cullen Bryant
Happy season of childhood! Kind Nature, that art to all a bountiful mother; that visitest the poor man’s hut With auroral radiance; and for thy nursling hast provided a soft swathing of love and infinite hope wherein he waxes and slumbers, danced round by sweetest dreams!
Thomas Carlyle
And so I rehabilitate myself – staying up late this Friday night in spite of vowing to go to bed early, because it is more important to capture moments like this, keen shifts in mood, sudden veering of direction – than to lose it in slumber.
Sylvia Plath
Love is watchful. Sleeping, it does not slumber. Wearied, it is not tired. Pressed, it is not straitened. Alarmed, it is not confused, but like a living flame, a burning torch, it forces its way upward and passes unharmed through every obstacle.
Thomas a Kempis
There can be no doubt that distrust of words is less harmful than unwarranted trust in them. Besides, to distrust words, and indict them for the horrors that might slumber unobtrusively within them – isn’t this, after all, the true vocation of the intellectual?
Vaclav Havel
I thought back to my middle-school experience of having slumber parties and watching Romeo + Juliet and staring at Leo and thinking about my first kiss and what I wanted it to be like. And when you have your first real love, it’s an epiphany, you know? It’s like a whole new world.
Bonnie McKee
I have these slumber parties with my father [Steve Tyler], and when we can’t sleep we stay up all night trading beauty tips. He knows all about the good creams and masks.
Liv Tyler
I sat down and tried to rest. I could not; though I had been on foot all day, I could not now repose an instant; I was too much excited. A phase of my life was closing tonight, a new one opening tomorrow: impossible to slumber in the interval; I must watch feverishly while the change was being accomplished.
Charlotte Bronte
In days of yore, the poet’s pen From wing of bird was plunder’d, Perhaps of goose, but now and then, From Jove’s own eagle sunder’d. But now, metallic pens disclose Alone the poet’s numbers; In iron inspiration glows, Or with the poet slumbers.
John Adams
O who knows what slumbers in the background of the times?
Friedrich Schiller
Some one invented the telephone, And interrupted a nation’s slumbers, Ringing wrong but similar numbers.
Ogden Nash
My God! I thank Thee for the bath of sleep, That wraps in balm my weary heart and brain, And drowns within its waters still and deep My sorrow and my pain. I thank Thee for my dreams, which loose the bond That binds my spirit to its daily load, And give it angel wings, to fly beyond Its slumber-bound abode.
J. G. Holland
Well, you don’t get to do things that other children get to do, having friends and slumber parties and buddies. There were none of that for me. I didn’t have friends when I was little. My brothers were my friends.
Michael Jackson
The older you get, the few slumber parties there are, and I hate that. I liked slumber parties. What happened to them?
Drew Barrymore
Spirit slumbers in nature, awakens in mind, and finally recognizes itself as Spirit in the transpersonal domains.
Ken Wilber
It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.
John Steinbeck
I play ‘Just Dance’ all the time – actually my girlfriends and I have slumber parties where we actually do this on a monthly basis and make total fools of ourselves.
Brittany Snow
My first memory of the Rolling Stones is listening to ‘Satisfaction’ at a sixth-grade slumber party at a friend’s house in Ankara, Turkey, where my family was living at the time. In the middle of our sleepover, my friend’s dad stopped the record when he heard the words ‘girlie action!’
Gayle King
…More than almost any current book, DTU will wake the reader from his dogmatic slumbers. It is eminently readable, challenging, and provocative.
John Hospers
Let youth cherish sleep, the happiest of earthly boons, while yet it is at its command; for there cometh the day to all when “neither the voice of the lute nor the birds” shall bring back the sweet slumbers that fell on their young eyes as unbidden as the dews.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
If nothing else will do to sever me from my sins, Lord, send me such sore and trying calamities as shall awake me from earthly slumbers. It must always be best to be alive to Thee, whatever be the quickening instrument.
Robert E. Murray
To the American people I bid a fond farewell. Guard your liberties. It is the trust of each generation to pass a free republic to the next. And if I know you right, you will rouse yourself from slumber to ensure exactly that.
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
There is the dumb silence of slumber or apathy… the fertile silence of awareness, pasturing the soul… the silence of peaceful accord with other persons or communion with the cosmos.
Paul Goodman
Toil is the portion of day, as sleep is that of night; but if there be one hour of the twenty-four which has the life of day without its labor, and the rest of night without its slumber, it is the lovely and languid hour of twilight.
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Over my slumbers your loving watch keep; Rock me to sleep, mother; rock me to sleep.
Liz Chase
God’s eye does not slumber. He knows every sin that is hidden from mortal eye.
Ellen G. White
Villainy that is vigilant will be an overmatch for virtue, if she slumber at her post.
Charles Caleb Colton
At some point it’s very important to me that my daughter is able to experience life and run through the sprinklers and have slumber parties and trust and live and do all the things that any child should be able to do.
Beyonce Knowles
Love, whether newly born, or aroused from a deathlike slumber, must always create sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance, this it overflows upon the outward world.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
If winter is slumber and spring is birth, and summer is life, then autumn rounds out to be reflection. It’s a time of year when the leaves are down and the harvest is in and the perennials are gone. Mother Earth just closed up the drapes on another year and it’s time to reflect on what’s come before.
Mitchell Burgess
Civil servants and priests, soldiers and ballet-dancers, schoolmasters and police constables, Greek museums and Gothic steeples, civil list and services list — the common seed within which all these fabulous beings slumber in embryo is taxation.
Karl Marx
We need to recognize that part our political problem is that we do not participate effectively, that we suffer from a kind of mental slumber.
Marianne Williamson
I won’t disturb the slumber of feelings that have died. If I never loved I never would have cried…I am a rock.
Paul Simon
Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber.
William Shakespeare
In the deepest slumber-no! In delirium-no! In a swoon-no! In death-no! even in the grave all is not lost.
Edgar Allan Poe
People will be surprised at the eagerness with which we went aboutpretending to rouse from its slumber a sexuality which everyВ­thing-our discourses, our customs, our institutions, our regulations, our knowledges-was busy producing in the light of day and broadcasting to noisy accompaniment.
Michel Foucault
The numbers of men in all ages have preferred ease, slumber, and good cheer to liberty, when they have been in competition.
John Adams
O polished perturbation! golden care! That keep’st the ports of slumber open wide To many a watchful night.
William Shakespeare
Love is not all; it is not meat nor drink.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
But if anyone so much as threatened them because of what Kaia had once done, she would turn the Slumber Party Massacre into Blood, Bath and Beyond, a documentary by Kaia Skyhawk.
Gena Showalter
We gave the Future to the winds, and slumbered tranquilly in the Present, weaving the dull world around us into dreams.
Edgar Allan Poe
Africa? A book one thumbs
Listlessly, till slumber comes.
Countee Cullen
Daytime sleep is a cursed slumber from which one wakes in despair.
Iris Murdoch
Look thy last on all things lovely, Every hour
Walter de La Mare
To provoke dreams of terror in the slumber of prosperity has become the moral duty of literature.
Ernst Otto Fischer
…and sank into the profound slumber which comes only to such fortunate folk as are troubled neither with mosquitoes nor fleas nor excessive activity of brain.
Nikolai Gogol