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Rotary Quotes

Rotary Quotes by Paul P. Harris, Lewis Grizzard, Ann Patchett, Bryson DeChambeau, Dan Abrams, Cynthia Ozick and many others.

It has been the way of Rotary to focus thought upon matters in which members are in agreement, rather than upon matters in which they are in disagreement.
Paul P. Harris
I gave 738 Rotary Club speeches, and it was just driving me crazy, so someone said, ‘Why don’t you charge money?’
Lewis Grizzard
I will go and speak at rotary clubs. I will go and speak at schools. I’m so much in the community, but in a way that I love. It’s been such a positive thing.
Ann Patchett
Singing is not indulged in by Rotary clubs of some countries and all clubs are given full privilege to do as they please about including it in their programs.
Paul P. Harris
People would say you need to do stretches and all of that. I would be very careful with doing that. I, if anything, go on a rotary weight machine and try and go as far as you can both ways, rotate as far as you can both ways so that you can create strength through motion.
Bryson DeChambeau
The Rotary Club will do the work, because business people are busy. But the impact and the value of this will be to the business.
Dan Abrams
An article can be timely, topical, engaged in the issues and personalities of the moment; it is likely to be stale within the month. In five years, it may have acquired the quaint aura of a rotary phone. An article is usually Siamese-twinned to its date of birth.
Cynthia Ozick
Every political party, rotary club, every college, school, all organisations organise running events. This is something that ignites the aspirations of people.
Milind Soman
People in Indiana like to see their politicians at the county fair or the Rotary Club.
Richard Mourdock
Americans are less mystical about what produced their inland or meadow courses; they are the product of the bulldozerm rotary ploughs, mowers, sprinkler systems and alarmingly generous wads of folding money.
Alistair Cooke
All of us are born with a set of instinctive fears – of falling, of the dark, of lobsters, of falling on lobsters in the dark, of speaking before a Rotary Club, and of the words “Some Assembly Required”.
Dave Barry
Rotary provides training at all levels so that those who have been selected for leadership positions have the opportunity to learn and apply leadership principles to their jobs.
Ron D. Burton
Poems – crystallizations of the universal play of analogy, transparent objects which, as they reproduce the mechanism and the rotary motion of analogy, are waterspouts of new analogies.
Octavio Paz
It would not be fair to the critics of Rotary, who include some of the most brilliant of the British and American writers, to charge them with prejudice.
Paul P. Harris
Whenever anyone says I’ve taught them things by me being myself, I’m always like, ‘Really? I just thought that was like, Wednesday for me. I was just wearing a kilt and a sleeveless top in a Rotary Club, it wasn’t that big of a deal.’
Jonathan Van Ness