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Responsibility Quotes

Responsibility Quotes by Audre Lorde, N. T. Wright, Colin Greenwood, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, James E. Faust and many others.

And this is a grave responsibility, projected from within each of us, not to settle for the convenient, the shoddy, the conventionally expected, nor the merely safe.
Audre Lorde
God will himself one day hold all humans, and all human governments, to account, but the church has the responsibility in the present to speak words of truth and judgment in advance of that final holding-to-account.
N. T. Wright
It’s a full on job just looking for human social responsibility.
Colin Greenwood
I’ve been privileged to see the presidency up close. And I know the awesome responsibility of protecting America and the incredible opportunity of working to try to make life better for all of you.
Hillary Clinton
I think Hispanic community – the values that resonate in our community are fundamentally conservative. They are faith, family and patriotism. Do you know the rate of military enlistment among Hispanics is higher than any demographic in this country? And they are also hard work and responsibility.
Ted Cruz
Missionary work will never be what it might be without the help of the members. Stake presidents need to feel some responsibility and ownership of missionary work. The stake president is the one who has the presiding priesthood keys over both the members and non-members in his stake. The missionaries are his helpers.
James E. Faust
Democracy isn’t a gift. It’s a responsibility.
Dalton Trumbo
If you’re in your early twenties, don’t put so much importance on the money, on the raise. Getting an extra thousand dollars a year is okay, but the real thing is the responsibility and the power and the experience that you’re learning.
Robert Greene
The reason we grow up to be healthy adults is because our parents played this game of giving us responsibility, disciplining us when necessary, letting us try, letting us fail. No matter what we know they are there to support us and see us do well. Leaders are exactly the same.
Simon Sinek
And now that the Greatest Generation is getting older, I think it is the responsibility of all Americans to make sure we do our part for America’s seniors. You have earned the best of America — and we need to make sure you get the protection and health care you deserve.
John F. Kerry
The perfect bureaucrat everywhere is the man who manages to make no decisions and escape all responsibility.
Brooks Atkinson
Once it’s everybody’s responsibility and not just the household’s we start making better investments.
Melissa Harris-Perry
I would say that failure to terraform Mars constitutes failure to live up to our human nature and a betrayal of our responsibility as members of the community of life itself
Robert Zubrin
Juggling work and parental responsibilities is no easy task, but I’m trying my best and just like everything else there are good days and there are bad days.
Ali Landry
It is not government’s job to mandate responsibility on our behalf. We have the intelligence and good sense to make wise consumption choices for ourselves and our children. It is up to us to do what is best for our health and our children’s health.
Michael Dean Crapo
A warrior takes responsibility for his acts, for the most trivial of acts. An average man acts out his thoughts, and never takes responsibility for what he does.When we feel stuck, going nowhere — even starting to slipbackward — we may actually be backing up to get a runningstart.
Dan Millman
I feel a huge responsibility to anyone who’s younger than me, in helping them take the road less traveled, or finding no road at all and blazing a new trail.
Sandra Bullock
Blues Clues’ has been incredibly good to me, and I’ve been working so hard on it for so long that I take it very personally. I wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize what so many kids love. So there’s a lot of responsibility there.
Steve Burns
If all responsibility is imposed on you, then you may want to exploit the moment and want to be overwhelmed by the responsibility;yet if you try, you will notice that nothing was imposed on you, but that you are yourself this responsibility.
Franz Kafka
I am convinced that everyone can develop a good heart and a sense of universal responsibility with or without religion.
Dalai Lama
With great power comes great responsibility. These are platforms with hundreds of millions of people.
Dave McClure
If one has been blessed or have been fortunate enough to have got much more than normal wealth, it is but natural that one expects a certain fiduciary responsibility in terms of how that wealth is applied, used and leveraged for purposes of society.
Azim Premji
here’s a payoff for everyone. The reason we hang on to self-defeating behaviors is because it’s easier not to take responsibility.
Wayne Dyer
Our responsibility as Christians makes us tremble.
Oscar Romero
Well, one of the most important things for Americans to be reminded of is that a lot of the exceptional nature of our country is founded in Judeo-Christian values that promotes individualism, personal responsibility, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to family, charity.
Jim DeMint
With wealth, one is in a position of responsibility. You must try to help others. It is as simple as that.
Arpad Busson
Self-reliance – that’s a dirty word to Democrats. They want people to believe that self-reliance means you don’t do anything with anybody. They don’t want it thought of as accepting responsibility for one’s life. Enterprise. Imagination. Independence. Entrepreneurism.
Rush Limbaugh
We need to push ourselves to make as many reductions as possible in our own energy use first – and that takes time. But we must do this quickly – the climate will not wait for us.
Rupert Murdoch
But, you know, once you’re in government, very often you need to shoulder responsibility. I hope the new Spanish government will think about this and will therefore act accordingly. I really and sincerely hope so.
Jose Maria Aznar
I expect to see the State, which is in a position to calculate the marginal efficiency of capital-goods on long views and on the basis of the general social advantage, taking an ever greater responsibility for directly organizing investments.
John Maynard Keynes
Now, as the world’s largest economy and as the world’s second largest emitter, America bears our responsibility to address climate change, and we intend to meet that responsibility.
Barack Obama
I believe that success brings responsibility. It also does not bring immunity to the consequences of our quickening march towards oblivion. The bottom line is that all of us should be invovled in our own futures to create a world that our children will want to live in.
Harry Chapin
Worry is assuming responsibilities that you cannot handle. They truth is, they are responsibilities that God never intended for you to handle, because they are His.
Charles R. Swindoll
What is an anarchist? One who, choosing, accepts the responsibility of choice.
Ursula K. Le Guin
Climate change is an economic, public health, and environmental issue that we have a moral responsibility to address.
Brad Schneider
I am a believer that if you bring children into this world, then you have a responsibility to do your best and support and guide them until the day you die.
Marco Pierre White
The genius writer was correct. In obtaining freedom, man suddenly understands that he has shouldered a heavy burden, because freedom involves responsibility. A person must make decisions himself and himself answer for them.
Alexander Lukashenko
On all sides, life is surrounded by hostility. This puts us under an obligation.
Wilhelm Reich
We forget sometimes that there are saints living among us. When we meet them, we are reminded, not just of the presence of pure divinity right here on earth, but also of our own potential, and of the responsibility we have to try to live up to it, for our own sakes and for the very future of this planet.
Deepak Chopra
I’m crushed by the responsibility of writing a satirical book.
Al Franken
I would feel no hesitation in saying that it is the responsibility of a decent human being to give assistance to a child who is being attacked by a rabid dog, but I would not intend this to imply that in all imaginable circumstances one must, necessarily, act in accordance with this general responsibility.
Noam Chomsky
If our nation is to rebuild opportunity for future generations, it will require our elected leaders to realize that their responsibility lies not with their political party, but rather with the American people that they have been chosen to represent.
Ami Bera
The responsibility of philanthropy rests with us. The wealthier we are, the more powerful we get. We cannot put the entire onus on the government.
Azim Premji
I understand why so many female comics quit or change their path, because it is hard. It’s hard to be a comedian, and people have so much aggression towards women. I don’t really know where that comes from, but I feel a total responsibility, and I’m gonna do my part, to continue on the path that I’m on.
Amy Schumer
I support the recommendations made by the International Crisis Group. The primary responsibility is for Kosovo Albanians to demonstrate that their treatment of minorities is adequate.
Emma Bonino
At one time I was a nihilistic punk with a mohican and a ring in my nose. I think in the course of time I’ll find a middle ground, but I also carry that sense of responsibility. I’m in a position to defeat stereotypes.
Michelle Shocked
My dad, like any coach, has always stressed the fundamentals. He taught me responsibility, accountability, and the importance of hard work.
Steve Young
I live in a universe in which blame doesn’t exist. I don’t believe in being at fault; I believe in taking responsibility for your actions. If I do something wrong, I take responsibility for it.
Concha Buika
Sometimes people will hear you and be able to change their behavior, but often their behavior has more to do with their own need for approval than with your need for support. No matter what their response, you need to be firm and hold your ground. At the end of the day, your health is your responsibility.
Jillian Michaels
Don’t spend your precious time asking “Why isn’t the world a better place?” It will only be time wasted. The question to ask is “How can I make it better?” To that there is an answer.
Leo Buscaglia
An excuse is a lie guarded.
Jonathan Swift
As a nuclear power – as the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon – the United States has a moral responsibility to act.
Barack Obama
I think that the young people today feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to their brothers and sisters because of the sacrifices that most families make to send their children to college.
A. Bartlett Giamatti
I never rejected any responsibility, but that depends on the decision.
Bashar al-Assad
Playing someone who has a mental illness, the responsibility to not stuff it up is really strong. You have to get it right. Not just for the people who are sufferers, but for the people who care about them – their loved ones.
Debra Lawrance
Each of us should take personal responsibility for our diet, and our children’s diet, and the government’s role should be to make certain it provides the best information possible to help people stay healthy.
Jim Talent
Climate change knows no borders. It will not stop before the Pacific islands and the whole of the international community here has to shoulder a responsibility to bring about a sustainable development.
Angela Merkel
I felt weary of the responsibility of owning houses and was glad enough to pass mine on to others.
Lillie Langtry
Fatherhood, to me, isn’t something you do for awards or acclaim. It’s a privilege and a huge responsibility
Dwyane Wade
I want to remind all Americans that the Senate has a very important responsibility to confirm only well- qualified individuals who will faithfully interpret the law and the Constitution.
Chuck Grassley
I never looked at the masses as my responsibility. I can only love one person at a time. So I began. I picked up one person. Maybe if I didn’t pick up that one person, I wouldn’t have picked up forty-two thousand.
Mother Teresa
With the children of Holocaust survivors, there is always a very close relationship. You grow with the sense that you are parenting your parents and – with this kind of responsibility to protect them. That’s what makes the children of Holocaust survivors strange.
Amira Hass
As far as beauty is concerned, in order to be confident we must accept that the way we look and feel is our own responsibility.
Sophia Loren
Artists lead unglamorous daily lives of discipline and routine, but their work is full of passion. Each has a vision and feels responsibility to that vision.
Merrill Brockway
I’m not saying you have to be married to be a good footballer. I’m just saying it felt strange to come to a club where there are only three members of the first-team squad that are married. You need responsibility in life.
Gordon Strachan
The margin is narrow, but the responsibility is clear.
John F. Kennedy
The top priority is leaving no child behind. We want accountability in the system, and we want schools to recognize they have a responsibility to teach students.
Andrew Card
In spite of all similarities, every living situation has, like a newborn child, a new face, that has never been before and will never come again. It demands of you a reaction that cannot be prepared beforehand. It demands nothing of what is past. It demands presence, responsibility; it demands you.
Martin Buber
My father always taught by telling stories about his experiences. His lessons were about morality and art and what insects and birds and human beings had in common. He told me what it meant to be a man and to be a Black man. He taught me about love and responsibility, about beauty, and how to make gumbo.
Walter Mosley
Leadership, pure and simple, is the assumption of responsibility for the pursuit of excellence in group life.
Philip Selznick
The truth of the matter is we have become more interested in designer jeans and break dancing than we are in obligations and responsibilities.
Clarence Thomas
You have to believe that you are the one who creates your success, that you are the one who creates your mediocrity, and that you are the one creating your struggle around money and success.
T. Harv Eker
As soon as you take responsibility for your life, you can change the world.
Tom Basso
The traditional managerial mind-set is an analytical mind-set. It is about creating accountability and defining responsibilities.
John Kao
I always wanted to be a character actor rather than the poster boy that they tried to make me 100 years ago. An actor has a degree of responsibility to change for the audience, to give them something new each time, to surprise and not bore them.
Johnny Depp
Taxes are not good things, but if you want services, somebody’s got to pay for them so they’re a necessary evil.
Michael Bloomberg
When it comes to my vocabulary, I felt a responsibility when I was teaching to raise the bar of conversation in my classroom. And with my own students, I refused to let them use the phrase “I like” or “I don’t like” when we were engaged in a critique.
Tim Gunn
Man sometimes thinks he’s been elevated to be the controller, the ruler, but he’s not. He’s only part of the whole. Man’s job is not to exploit, but to oversee, to be a steward. Man has responsibility, not power.
Oren Lyons
The person who renders loyal service in a humble capacity will be chosen for higher responsibilities, just as the biblical servant who multiplied the one pound given him by his master was made ruler over ten cities.
B. C. Forbes
As long as Rupert Murdoch has owned it, the ‘New York Post’ has been defined by its shamelessness and total lack of interest in taking responsibility for its worst errors and poor judgment.
Alex Pareene
There is rampant among us a spirit of criticism. Men and women who carry heavy responsibility do not need criticism, they need encouragement.
Gordon B. Hinckley
The Marine Corps is some of the best acting training you could have. Having that responsibility for people’s lives, suddenly time becomes a really valuable commodity and you want to make the most of it. And for acting, you just have to do the work, just keep doing it.
Adam Driver
Seeking the pleasure of conjugality without a willingness to assume the responsibilities of rearing a family is one of the onslaughts that now batter at the structure of the American home. Intelligence and mutual consideration should be ever-present factors in determining the coming of children to the home.
David O. McKay
Marx and Freud are the two great destroyers of Christian civilization, the first replacing the gospel of love by the gospel of hate, the other undermining the essential concept of human responsibility.
Malcolm Muggeridge
As parents and as consumers, we have the right and the power to pressure the entertainment industry to respond to our needs. Americans, after all, should insist that every corporate giant – whether it produces chemicals or records – accept responsibility for what it produces.
Tipper Gore
Occupying armies have responsibilities, not rights. Their primary responsibility is to withdraw as quickly and expeditiously as possible, in a manner determined by the occupied population.
Noam Chomsky
I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.
Pietro Aretino
In any society, the artist has a responsibility. His effectiveness is certainly limited and a painter or writer cannot change the world. But they can keep an essential margin of non-conformity alive. Thanks to them the powerful can never affirm that everyone agrees with their acts. That small difference is important.
Luis Bunuel
I don’t like the climate in which writers have to work in the USA and I think it’s my responsibility to talk about it.
Edward Albee
Our children are our only hope for the future, but we are their only hope for their present and their future.
Zig Ziglar
The teachers that we actually learn more from are the ones that taught us life lessons more than trigonometry. And they have such a huge responsibility and they’re under-appreciated and underpaid. So that’s my opinion of teachers.
Justin Timberlake
A person’s life is of their own making, and I take full responsibility for mine.
Rachel Roy
There is no truth without responsibility following in its wake.
Kenneth L. Pike
Kurt Cobain was Nirvana. He named the band, hired its members, played guitar, wrote the songs, fronted the band onstage and in interviews, and took responsibility for the band’s business decisions.
Courtney Love
Being the first-ever non-Korean artist at YG, it feels as if I have much more responsibility.
Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.
Alfred Armand Montapert
The leader sees leadership as responsibility rather than as rank and privilege.
Peter Drucker
Good guilt is a product of love and responsibility. It is a natural, positive instinct that parents and good child care providers have. If bad guilt is a monster, good guilt is a friendly fairy godmother, yakking away in your head to keep you alert to the needs of your baby.
Jean Marzollo
It is a very heavy responsibility [to be a prime-minister] to make, but someone has to make it for our country and I am thrilled and honoured to have that opportunity and that responsibility.
Tony Abbott
As designers we have a great responsibility. I believe designers should eliminate the unnecessary. That means eliminating everything that is modish because this kind of thing is only short-lived.
Dieter Rams
Leadership is the behavior each of us exerts when we take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.
John Baldoni
Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.
I wouldn’t say the world is my parish, but my readers are my parish. And especially the readers that write to me. They’re my parish. And it’s a responsibility that I enjoy.
Andrew Greeley
Sometimes a King has to do terrible things in order to protect those he has sworn to look after. When the stakes are so high, dreadful decisions have to be taken. It is the responsibility of a King to take on that burden, that guilt.
Cressida Cowell
Bodily pain affects man as a whole down to the deepest layers of his moral being. It forces him to face again the fundamental questions of his fate, of his attitude toward God and fellow man, of his individual and collective responsibility and of the sense of his pilgrimage on earth.
Pope Pius XII
You must create your own world. I am responsible for my world.
Louise Berliawsky Nevelson
I don’t speak out because I am an actor nor will I keep silent because I am an actor. I respect my profession, but it endows me with no special privileges; but it also does not limit me or muzzle me. I am a person and a citizen with the attendant responsibilities of voice and vote.
Theodore Bikel
There is too little idea of personal responsibility; too much of “the world owes me a living,” forgetting that if the world does owe you a living, you must be your own collector.
Theodore Newton Vail
Losing some money is an inevitable part of investing, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. But to be an intelligent investor, you must take responsibility for ensuring that you never lose most or all of your money.
Benjamin Graham
Liberals shouldn’t cede the responsibility to defend free speech on college campuses to conservatives. After all, without free speech, what’s liberalism about?
Bari Weiss
Take responsibility about what you have on your TV, and about what you are out there supporting.
Jada Pinkett Smith
Responsibility and danger do not tend to free or stimulate the average person’s mind- rather the contrary; but wherever they do liberate an individual’s judgement and confidence we can be sure that we are in the presence of exceptional ability.
Carl von Clausewitz
You were intended not only to work, but to rest, laugh, play, and have proper leisure and enjoyment. To develop an all-around personality you must have interest outside of your regular vocation that will serve to balance your business responsibilities.
Grenville Kleiser
Almost no one will accept responsibility for his or her role in precipitating a crisis: not leveraged speculators, not willfully blind leaders of financial institutions, and certainly not regulators, government officials, ratings agencies or politicians.
Seth Klarman
All suicides have the responsibility of fighting against the temptation of suicide. Every one of them knows very well in some corner of his soul that suicide, though a way out, is rather a mean and shabby one, and that it is nobler and finer to be conquered by life than to fall by one’s own hand.
Hermann Hesse
A chief is a man who assumes responsibility. He says ‘I was beaten,’ he does not say ‘My men were beaten.’
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
There’s a lot more responsibility at home, so a tour is like the opposite for me. It’s like a breath of fresh air.
Travis Barker
Being a father is a huge responsibility but a satisfying one.
Pierce Brosnan
As the elected representatives of the American people, all the people, nearly 300 million people, that we in the Senate are charged with the responsibility to examine whether to entrust their precious rights and liberties to [Supreme Court] nominee.
Patrick Leahy
If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.
Kevin Spacey
People who have cut their teeth on philosophical problems of rationality, knowledge, perception, free will and other minds are well placed to think better about problems of evidence, decision making, responsibility and ethics that life throws up.
Simon Blackburn
When we’re playing a good scoring center, we tell our team that it is not our defensive man’s job to stop the center. It’s the responsibility of our perimeter people to stop the ball from going inside.
Bobby Knight
Responsibility without power, the fate of the secretary through the ages.
Ariel Dorfman
Nurturing a child’s sense of personal worth and therefore hope and dreams for a wonderful future is perhaps the most important responsibility of every grownup in a child’s life.
Wess Stafford
Life has no meaning except in terms of responsibility.
Reinhold Niebuhr
It’s a fantastic responsibility and a wonderful moment.
Daniel Libeskind
Although I agree that wild horses are a symbol of the American West, I also believe that it is the responsibility of Congress to ensure that these animals are managed, protected, and controlled in an effective manner.
Jon Porter
Border security is the most basic and necessary responsibility of a sovereign nation.
Kirstjen Nielsen
It is restful to leave one’s home; not because traveling does not entail varied and difficult daily actions, but because it removes our responsibilities.
Andre Maurois
We don’t believe in equality. We believe in distinction of gender and distinction of responsibility. So, in a certain respect, a woman is more important and has a greater role than a man, and, in other respects, the man has a greater role and is more important than the woman.
Anjem Choudary
Corporate executives need to re-frame their responsibilities to include the interests of all the stakeholders in society at large; not just shareholders, but also employees, the citizens of our communities, and those who care about the environment.
Simon Mainwaring
You should take some responsibility for the way you present yourself. But you should not be hung up on your looks, whether you are ugly or handsome, because it isn’t an achievement.
Christopher Reeve
Our mission in this new century is clear. For good or ill, we live in an interdependent world. We can’t escape each other. Therefore, we have to spend our lives building a global community of shared responsibilities, shared values, shared benefits.
William J. Clinton
I always felt that a scientist owes the world only one thing, and that is the truth as he sees it.
Hans Eysenck
Ensuring that high quality water is provided to all Arizona’s citizens is the responsibility of elected officials at all levels and I am happy to do all I can to assist the city’s efforts.
J. D. Hayworth
The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.
Max de Pree
We in Scotland need fiscal responsibility. Quite simply, we need to be responsible for what we raise in tax and what we spend in tax.
Tom Hunter
Thank the Lord, Germanic democracy means just this: that any old climber or moral slacker cannot rise by devious paths to govern his national comrades, but that, by the very greatness of the responsibility to be assumed, incompetents and weaklings are frightened of.
Adolf Hitler
To experience emotional freedom, we must accept, surrender, and let go of our wounds. We must be willing to take responsibility for what we’re holding on to, which is usually a hurt or pain from the past that leaves us feeling victimized.
Debbie Ford
Government money in the arts, I fear, can only deflect artists from their responsibility to find an authentic market for their products.
John Updike
Responsible Development shares many practices with XP but the roots are different. Responsible Development’s values are honesty, transparency, accountability and responsibility. These lead me to pairing, test-first, incremental design, continuous integration and so on because they support the values.
Kent Beck
Even with mental health as well as physical health, it’s about taking responsibility and knowing that you’re part of the solution always.
Mariel Hemingway
I always thought it was due to liberals are about the collective whereas conservatives are more about individual liberty and responsibility. So it kind of makes sense that liberals are more prone to rally around each other no matter what. It’s kind of a hive mind-set.
Rush Limbaugh
Artists have the responsibility to serve humanity give people hope.
Dalai Lama
At Calvary, there was a great healing transfer where the responsibility for healing was switched from God giving it, to you receiving it.
Rod Parsley
I am the constitutionally and legitimately elected sheriff, and I absolutely refuse to surrender my responsibility to the federal government.
Joe Arpaio
It is important to tell good stories. You can tell stories even if they are not huge, epic, and wonderful. You can still take the responsibility for being a scribe of your tribe.
Ajay Naidu
I was raised by a lady that was crippled all her life but she did everything for me and she raised me. She washed our clothes, cooked our food, she did everything for us. I don’t think I ever heard her complain a day in her life. She taught me responsibility towards my brother and sisters and the community.
Ernest Gaines
I learned the power of storytelling and the responsibility that people with influence have to speak out
Demi Lovato
I see life as both a gift and a responsibility. My responsibility is to use what God has given me to help His people in need.
Millard Fuller
To give up the task of reforming society is to give up one’s responsibility as a free man.
Alan Paton
You’ve got to take responsibility for the hell that you’ve been giving to our people not only in America, but in Haiti and the Caribbean, and now in Africa. [Hillary] Clinton, your hand is bloody
Louis Farrakhan
Take responsibility for making conscious choices.
Deepak Chopra
Education has no more serious responsibility than the making of adequate provision for enjoyment of recreative leisure not only for the sake of immediate health, but for the sake of its lasting effect upon the habits of the mind.
John Dewey
Bringing nature into the classroom can kindle a fascination and passion for the diversity of life on earth and can motivate a sense of responsibility to safeguard it.
David Attenborough
It is a great deal easier to do that which God gives us to do, no matter how hard it is, than to face the responsibilities of not doing it.
Bill Vaughan
Inner city education must change. Our responsibility is not merely to provide access to knowledge; we must produce educated people.
James L. Farmer, Jr.
The most important thing about global warming is this. Whether humans are responsible for the bulk of climate change is going to be left to the scientists, but it’s all of our responsibility to leave this planet in better shape for the future generations than we found it.
Mike Huckabee
When someone tells you something big, it’s like you’re taking money from them, and there’s no way it will ever go back to being the way it was. You have to take responsibility for listening.
Banana Yoshimoto
One is that we are all responsible for our actions, our behavior, and our words, and we must take responsibility for everything we say and do. I am the architect of my destiny. You can`t blame other people for things that happened to you.
Madonna Ciccone
Nature has come to a point where now, unless you take individual responsibility, you cannot grow.
We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
Ronald Reagan
So the question is, do corporate executives, provided they stay within the law, have responsibilities in their business activities other than to make as much money for their stockholders as possible? And my answer to that is, no they do not.
Milton Friedman
For me to train and get ready for racing, I can’t just sit in the gym all the time and that’s the way it is. Responsibility starts and stops with me. My main gig is grand prix driving, that’s what I do and I need to keep that in the forefront of my mind.
Mark Webber
Basically we learned not ever to do a show like that [ Gigi Does It] again. That took me to a limit that I didn’t know I had. First off, I show-ran the show and was the head writer. I had never done anything like that before. It was an immense responsibility.
David Krumholtz
Something will master and something will serve. Either you run the day or the day runs you; either you run the business or the business runs you.
Jim Rohn
Democracy is essentially anti-authoritarian–that is, it not only demands the right but imposes the responsibility of thinking for ourselves.
John Dryden
The first responsibility of the Muslim is as teacher. That is his job, to teach. His first school, his first classroom is within the household. His first student is himself. He masters himself and then he begins to convey the knowledge that he has acquired to the family. The people who are closest to him.
H. Rap Brown
Ethics is in its unqualified form extended responsibility with regard to everything that has life.
Albert Schweitzer
The nature of freedom of choice is that some people will misuse their responsibility and hurt themselves in the process. We should do our best to educate them, but without diminishing choice for everyone else.
George McGovern
Peace is a national issue, not only government’s responsibility.
Ashraf Ghani
My philosophy on life is that we’re here to love and to learn. And I’ve learned a lot, so I can’t say “I wish this didn’t happen or I didn’t make that movie.” And I take responsibility for being open [about relationships] in the past. I have to, and now I’m doing what I can to make it different.
Jennifer Lopez
Jack Geiger, for example, was a leader of that movement. He was part of Physicians for Social Responsibility, which was kind of one of the ways that I worked my way into social activism in medicine.
Jill Stein
Our responsibility is much greater than we might have supposed, because it involves all mankind.
Jean-Paul Sartre
My faith inspires me so much. It is the very reason that I run. I feel that my running is completely a gift from God and it is my responsibility to use it to glorify him.
Allyson Felix
The fortunes of the entire world may well ride on the ability of young Americans to face the responsibilities of an old America gone mad.
Phil Ochs
Crim has baggage: expectation, history, responsibility.
Lee Patrick Mastelotto
You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel both a sense of responsibility and a deep sadness for those who have lost their lives.
Tony Blair
Responsibility and accountability is a big part of being in the military.
Phil Klay
I can be the mayor; I can do it right now. I can go in there right now and put things together. I was truly anointed for that position and I wasn’t mature enough in my spirit, in my manhood to handle that responsibility at the time it was given to me.
Kwame Kilpatrick
I think it’s unhelpful to suggest that the task of evangelism is essentially the responsibility of ministers.
Mark Dever
My job as a parent is a temporary responsibility with eternal consequences.
Tim Kimmel
Most critics don’t realize that a novel like One Hundred Years of Solitude is a bit of a joke, full of signals to close friends; and so, with some pre-ordained right to pontificate they take on the responsibility of decoding the book and risk making terrible fools of themselves.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Atlas isn’t carrying the world on his shoulders, no giant muscular hulk with a sense of responsibility; the world is balanced on a pyramid of clowns, and they are always tooting horns and wobbling and goosing each other.
Dean Koontz
I think a failed state is the responsibility of the people who have made that state fail, and those are generally the people of that country.
Lakhdar Brahimi
Because I have always felt privileged. I have been able to do what I love, I have always been treated well, I have always been paid well so that’s why. I feel that I owe something; that I need to return something. It’s always been a great pleasure but nevertheless I do feel this responsibility.
Pavel Nedved
Each of us has a responsibility for being alive: one responsibility to creation, of which we are a part, another to the creator a debt we repay by trying to extend our areas of comprehension.
Maya Angelou
That is the responsibility of the artist, of the actor, to inhabit these roles and put on somebody else’s shoes. It’s the responsibility and the gift of what it is I get the opportunity to do.
Christian Slater
Communities have a responsibility to assist the family in promoting wholesome entertainment. What a community tolerates will become tomorrow’s standard for today’s youth.
Ezra Taft Benson
We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.
Gabor Mate
When I lost my rifle, the Army charged me 85 dollars. That is why in the Navy the Captain goes down with the ship.
Dick Gregory
There are very few ethnic LGBT characters on television, so I am honored to represent them. I love supporting this cause, but it’s a big responsibility, and sometimes it’s a lot of pressure on me.
Naya Rivera
Those of us in positions of responsibility, we’ll need to be less concerned with the judgment of special interests and well-connected donors, and more concerned with the judgment of posterity.
Barack Obama
My advice to aspiring actors and writers is that your career’s success is totally your responsibility. You need to make it happen. There is no end point to an artist’s work, no set time line you have to live up to.
Christian Keiber
When it comes to little girls, God the father has nothing on father, the god. It’s an awesome responsibility.
Frank Pittman
It is extremely rough to follow through with my goals, but I felt a responsibility to show the world what the African Americans are facing through this rough patch.
Ida B. Wells
Well, part of the thing is, like, what’s the difference between censorship and social responsibility? I sometimes find that the whole censorship argument is used as a way for people to avoid the fact that they’re like.
Kathleen Hanna
We recognize that North Korea is in severe financial straits, and they have decided to use their resources to build their military, rather than to feed their people and to take care of the various humanitarian responsibilities that they have.
Benjamin Carson
I am worrying about my country. I feel I have a responsibility as a novelist to do something.
Haruki Murakami
I’m a believer in forgiveness. I have worked with people who have been in gangs and now dedicate their lives to helping inner city kids. I’ve run offender services with teachings of responsibility, empathy and understanding of the victims at their heart. I’ve seen people change.
Jess Phillips
Colleges [have] forfeited the responsibilities of in loco parentis and have gone into the pimping and brothel business.
Vigen Guroian
When it’s time to film and to actually take on the role of Precious, I felt an immense responsibility to do it justice.
Gabourey Sidibe
I used to think religion was just more of the same thing. Dump responsibility on the big guy. Now I see an importance in that. It’s a relief to accept that not everything is under your control.
Barbara Kingsolver
He isn’t a real boss until he has trained subordinates to shoulder most of his responsibilities.
William Feather
We have a moral responsibility to help veterans avoid homelessness and displacement.
Letitia James
My responsibility in the past, when I was sleeping outside every night, was just to survive. My responsibility now is to stay real, stay grounded, and just tell the truth.
Jimmy Wayne
I feel a responsibility to make sure that the voices from our community are heard. I do not feel a responsibility to agree with them. No one tells me what to think. I think for me.
Stephen A. Smith
If something robotic can have responsibilities then it should also have rights.
Emily Berrington
It’s our responsibility to pass on what we inherited, not to squander it, but to build on it.
Christine Gregoire
I must decide if you deserve to die.
Janet Morris
Chess for me is not a game, but an art. Yes, and I take upon myself all those responsibilities which an art imposes on its adherents.
Alexander Alekhine
I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?
Mother Teresa
I think that what scares me more than getting fat during pregnancy is the responsibility of a child.
Carol Alt
The first duty of love is to listen.
Paul Tillich
If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.
Thomas Jefferson
As a writer, I don’t think it’s my responsibility to make a point. I just write and hope there’s someone who’ll like it.
Tama Janowitz
Work at our responsibility as parents as if everything in life counted on it.
Gordon B. Hinckley
Nobody wants a job where they don’t have authority to go along with the responsibility. Quite the contrary. The more authority you give people, the better people you can attract, and the harder they’re going to work, and the more loyal they are going to be.
Michael Bloomberg
We have an obligation and a responsibility to be investing in our students and our schools. We must make sure that people who have the grades, the desire and the will, but not the money, can still get the best education possible.
Barack Obama
Every time I see someone taking care of a baby, I think why in the world would anyone willingly saddle themselves with that responsibility?
Dov Davidoff
In that match for Holland I asked for a big responsibility, I got it and I dealt with it. I played well, I scored goals and the team qualified for the Euro 2004 finals. It was a big night and an important moment for Holland.
Ruud van Nistelrooy
Is it the responsibility of the colored artist or the ethnic artist to create works that are designed to exist in opposition to a certain political structure?
Kehinde Wiley
Could it be that toxic mimics are toxic because they ignore responsibility, they ignore relationship, they ignore presence, they substitute control for fluidity and choice?
Ward Churchill
It’s a huge responsibility being a solo act.
Robbie Williams
If woman’s sole responsibility is of the domestic type, one class will be crushed by it, and the other throw it off as a badge of poverty. The poor man’s motto, ‘Woman’s work is never done,’ leads inevitably to its antithesis – ladies’ work is never begun.
Antoinette Brown Blackwell
The moment you accept responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life, is the moment you gain the power to change ANYTHING in your life.
Hal Elrod
I treasure the fact there’s media freedom, but with that goes responsibility. I think that there should be a self-regulatory organization and that they should start to think about standards. Because I think a lot of people say, “I don’t know how to read what is true versus somebody else’s interpretation.”
Ray Dalio
We discussed politics, but we also talked about the importance of hard work, personal responsibility, living within your means, keeping your word. Those lessons stay with you throughout your life.
Bob Ehrlich
… the greater part of the population is not very intelligent, dreads responsibility, and desires nothing better than to be told what to do. Provided the rulers do not interfere with its material comforts and its cherished beliefs, it is perfectly happy to let itself be ruled.
Aldous Huxley
You just have to be strong and don’t be stupid; freedom of choice is a big responsibility.
Jonah Hill
Freedom is not constituted primarily of privileges but of responsibilities.
Albert Camus
A councilor ought not to sleep the whole night through, a man to whom the populace is entrusted, and who has many responsibilities.
Responsibility educates.
Wendell Phillips
Because of the flexibility that community colleges afford, many students do not have to choose between an education and fulfilling other responsibilities – they can do both.
Jill Biden
One word sums up probably the responsibility of any vice-president, and that one word is ‘to be prepared’.
Dan Quayle
By and large, life will give you what you deserve and it doesn’t give a damn what you like. So it is up to you to take full responsibility to connect what you want with what you need to do to get it, and then to do those things.
Ray Dalio
My work is giving space – learning of its way and being in its service at the same time. We each have responsibility to express ourselves. And in this expression is the key to our healing.
Gabrielle Roth
The virtues prized in free countries are honesty, self-discipline, a sense of responsibility to one’s family, a sense of loyalty to one’s employer and staff, and a pride in the quality of one’s work. And these virtues only flourish in a climate of freedom.
Margaret Thatcher
Obedience is detachment from the self. This is the most radical detachment of all. But what is the self? The self is the principle of reason and responsibility in us. It is the root of freedom, it is what makes us men.
Bede Griffiths
To take care of the world seemed, finally, a privilege rather than a burden. The Riddler had led them to life’s greatest victory. They had found a home.
Janet Morris
It’s much better to talk about the media as a system of propaganda and abuse, of manufactured consent, than it is to claim it’s some kind of democratizing force that is not responsible for what it does. The notion that the media simply reflects reality is an argument that justifies its flight from responsibility.
Henry Giroux
Top technologists have a tremendous capacity – and, therefore, a tremendous responsibility – to build things that make a positive impact on the world.
Joe Lonsdale
Collective insurance policies and social protections have given way to the forces of economic deregulation, the transformation of the welfare state into punitive workfare programs, the privatization of public goods and an appeal to individual accountability as a substitute for social responsibility.
Henry Giroux
Even though fathers, grandparents, siblings, memories of ancestors are important agents of socialization, our society focuses on the attributes and characteristics of mothers and teachers and gives them the ultimate responsibility for the child’s life chances.
Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
Innovation is everyones responsibility, not just R&Ds.
Albert Einstein
An actor has so much less space and responsibility. Sometimes you come on, and there are already tape marks for where you are supposed to stand, and the dialogue is already decided on. If you want to make a change and contribute something, it has to be approved by a number of people.
Paul Bettany
All that children need is love, a grown-up to take responsibility for them, and a soft place to land.
Deborah Harkness
The impact of armed conflict on children is everyone’s responsibility. And it must be everyone’s concern.
Graca Machel
The virtuous man is driven by responsibility, the non-virtuous man is driven by profit.
I am only one but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.
Edward Everett
I would love to see more dialogue around the “responsibilities” of art consumers – how can audiences better financially support artists we love, artists who are doing the work, so that artists have a more solid foundation upon which to make art?
Vivek Shraya
Liberty and responsibility are inseparable.
Friedrich August von Hayek
Choices may be unbelievably hard but they’re never impossible. To say you have no choice is to release yourself from responsibility and that’s not how a person with integrity acts.
Patrick Ness
What is the next thing you need for leadership? It is the ability to make up your mind to make a decision and accept full responsibility for that decision.
Sam Manekshaw
I’ve chosen never to go on welfare. I feel as though it is my responsibility to do what I can to provide for my children.
Nadya Suleman
Citizens who over-rely on their government to do everything not only become dependent on their government, they end up having to do whatever the government demands. In the meantime, their initiative and self-respect are destroyed.
Charles Koch
Didn’t Gandalf say “With great power comes great responsibility”? (If it wasn’t Gandalf, maybe it was Thomas Jefferson. Or Spider-Man’s uncle.)
Tom Angleberger
There are always and only two trains running. There is life and there is death. Each of us rides them both. To live life with dignity, to celebrate and accept responsibility for your presence in the world is all that can be asked of anyone.
August Wilson
There must be a corps that will battle for righteousness, for there are endless battalions who serve unrighteousness.
Janet Morris
Times of upheaval require not just more leadership but more leaders. People at all organizational levels, whether anointed or self-appointed, must be empowered to share leadership responsibilities.
Rosalynn Carter
The responsibility of carrying and bringing a new life into this world is one that cannot be taken lightly.
Gloria Estefan
We’re just trying to figure out what being a good citizen is, what participating in a democracy is, what taking responsibility for being an American citizen in a global context means to us.
Cecily McMillan
One of the strongest characteristics of genius is the power of lighting its own fire.
John Foster
I got taught a lot of great lessons by superhero comics as a kid about virtue and self-sacrifice and responsibility. And those were an important part of imprinting my DNA with ethical and moral values.
Mark Waid
The old-fashioned idea is that responsibility falls upon those who borrow and lend. Money was not borrowed by campesinos, assembly plant workers, or slum-dwellers. The mass of the population gained little from borrowing, indeed often suffered grievously from its effects.
Noam Chomsky
One of the recurring themes in Marcus’ handbook is leadership’s responsibility to work intelligently with what it is given and not waste time fantasizing about a world of flawless people and perfect choices.
Marcus Aurelius
Responsibility is the choice we make to respond with care.
Wayne Visser
We don’t pray for the land. We pray for the humans, all humans… starting with the president, Mohammed Morsi, and all officials, and for God to give everyone wisdom and responsibility to manage the affairs of this country and its people in true Egyptian spirit.
Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria
It is the responsibility of each human being today to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light. We must therefore transform our attitudes, and adopt a renewed respect for the superior laws of Divine Nature.
Maurice Strong
It is impossible to get the measure of what an individual can accomplish unless the responsibility is given him.
Alfred P. Sloan
Duties are what make life most worth living. Lacking them, you are not necessary to anyone.
Marlene Dietrich
Technological measures are important, but equally important is… a consciousness of the commonality of all living beings and an emphasis on shared responsibility.
Vaclav Havel
Shareholder activism is not a privilege – it is a right and a responsibility. When we invest in a company, we own part of that company and we are partly responsible for how that company progresses. If we believe there is something going wrong with the company, then we, as shareholders, must become active and vocal.
Mark Mobius
As long as you are free, you are free to select and choose alternatives, provided that you are willing to accept the responsibility for being free. And after you’ve tried your alternatives, and they don’t work as you would wish, don’t blame me. Blame your choice. Try another alternative.
Leo Buscaglia
The ideal feminist world shouldn’t be one where women suppress their human instincts for attention and desire. We shouldn’t be weighed down with the responsibility of explaining our every move. We shouldn’t have to apologize for wanting attention, either. We don’t owe anyone an explanation.
Emily Ratajkowski
To have a child is to be impaled daily on the spike of responsibility.
Steve Toltz
I think we’ve, again, got to be extremely careful; otherwise we’ll misunderstand what’s going on in Iraq and in Syria today. Of course, you can’t say that those of us who removed Saddam in 2003 bear no responsibility for the situation in 2015.
Tony Blair
Adoptive parents are taking on enormous responsibility, both emotionally and financially. Quite frankly, they need as much disclosure as possible about the child’s background and health to assure the best fit and be prepared.
Pat Robertson
It’s our responsibility as humans to take care of each other.
Caitlin Crosby
Blaming society makes it awfully easy for a person of weak character to shrug off his own responsibility for his actions.
Stanley Schmidt
My primary responsibility is to be funny.
Al Madrigal
I think it’s a responsibility for any artist to protect freedom of expression and to use any way to extend this power.
Ai Weiwei
I can be unkind to someone in the street or in the subway – I’m a bad-tempered person – but I’m unable to be unkind to a character. They exist because of me, and I have responsibility for them.
Claire Denis
Most of my arguments with musicians through the years have had more to do with their attitude about music, or their attitude about their own lives, or their personal responsibility. Music has never really been the big centerpiece of the fight.
Billy Corgan
Grace does not cancel out our responsibility or accountability for the things God has given us to do.
Mike Bickle
It is conceivable that God might have ordained to preach the Gospel directly to man through dreams, visions and revelations. But as a matter of fact, He has not done this; but rather has committed the preaching to man, telling them to go and disciple all nations. The responsibility lies squarely on our shoulders.
J. Oswald Sanders
When people have hearing loss, I think they often take that burden and pass it on to their friends and family, and we make them scream and yell at us so we can hear! But I think it’s better to take responsibility and wear hearing aids!
Norm Crosby
I am inclined to believe that a man may be free to do anything he pleases if only he will accept responsibility for whatever he does.
Ellen Glasgow
I believe in both my right and my responsibility to work to create a world that doesn’t glorify violence and war but where we seek different solutions to our common problems.
Jody Williams
The Germans tend to like to blame the Nazi experience on one man who can be scapegoated. If you pile all the blame onto him, you exonerate the German masses from any responsibility.
Gavriel David Rosenfeld
I think you need to make responsibility something that’s not just a word.
Bill Cosby
What you actually want to do with every single employee, every single day is expand the scope of their responsibilities until it breaks.
Keith Rabois
We take our international responsibilities very seriously and will not withdraw our troops from Iraq… Otherwise, the victims of terror in Madrid will have died in vain.
Marek Belka
I believe that Israel must concede to the Palestinian right of return in principle. Israel must, first of all, assume its responsibility for what happened in 1948, as far as we are to blame – and we are to blame for a great part of it, if not for all – and we must recognize in principle the right of refugees to return.
Uri Avnery
The years I spent in a Steelers uniform & the years I spent in the military stressed the importance of teamwork and the sacrifices you had to make to accomplish the mission.В  And each emphasized individual responsibility and accountability.
Rocky Bleier
America is an idea. And it’s the solemn responsibility of each ‘temporary’ president to protect and nurture that noblest of all ideas – with integrity. This man, Mitt Romney, has shown – not through his experience, but through his actions and words – that he is unqualified to carry out that responsibility.
Jennifer Granholm
The price of greatness is responsibility.
Winston Churchill
Young women are now looking at me for cues. That’s definitely been a responsibility. But I feel like I was ready to take on something like this because I wanted to be challenged and I wanted to be afraid, and that’s definitely what it’s done for me.
Tatiana Maslany
Man can will nothing unless he has first understood that he must count on no one but himself; that he is alone, abandoned on earth in the midst of his infinite responsibilities, without help, with no other aim than the one he sets himself, with no other destiny than the one he forges for himself on this earth.
Jean-Paul Sartre
We’re responsible for the fortunes of the company but this is a bone-dry situation in terms of access to credit. Nobody can operate on that basis unless you have large cash balances, which we don’t. My concern is that the government doesn’t appear to care about manufacturing.
Ratan Tata
We have a responsibility to make sure that the limited resources we have are spent efficiently and effectively and that programs achieve their mission.
James T. Walsh
Serving and attempting to inspire others is a responsibility, not a choice.
Bill Courtney
I think freedom of speech is important, but coupled with responsibility.
Brandon Boyd
A miraculous healing awaits this planet once we accept our new responsibility to collectively tend the Garden, rather than fight over the turf.
Bruce H. Lipton
The scientists are virtually screaming from the rooftops now. The debate is over! There’s no longer any debate in the scientific community about this. But the political systems around the world have held this at arm’s length because it’s an inconvenient truth, because they don’t want to accept that it’s a moral imperative.
Al Gore
If you get a certain amount of notoriety for doing something, and you can stick to that type of project for the rest of your life and make a decent living, I think you still have a responsibility to stretch. Flexibility is what keeps you alive.
Clint Eastwood
In general I think that in art you only have the responsibility to tell the truth.
Ken Loach
The desire for wealth is nearly universal, and none can say it is not laudable, provided the possessor of it accepts its responsibilities, and uses it as a friend to humanity.
P. T. Barnum
Instead of solving economic problems, government welfare socialism created monstrous moral and spiritual problems – the kind of problems that are inevitable when individuals turn responsibility for their lives over to others.
Star Parker
There is no greater blessing that you can have than to stand as a proxy in a great service to those who have gone beyond. And it will be your privilege and your opportunity and your responsibility to live worthy to go to the temple of the Lord and be baptized in behalf of someone else.
Gordon B. Hinckley
Government is an unnecessary evil. Human beings, when accustomed to taking responsibility for their own behavior, can cooperate on a basis of mutual trust and helpfulness.
Fred Woodworth
I believe God is real, but I believe God calls me beyond myself to take responsibility for my life and to try top work to allow other people to be themselves and to take responsibility for their lives.
John Shelby Spong
The old liberal rebelled against taxation without responsibility, the new liberal wants the taxation as a handout without responsibility.
Fulton J. Sheen
Everyone in the full enjoyment of all the blessings of his life, in his normal condition, feels some individual responsibility forthe poverty of others. When the sympathies are not blunted by any false philosophy, one feels reproached by one’s own abundance.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
If you want to be really successful, and I know you do, then you will have to give up blaming and complaining and take total responsibility for your life — that means all your results, both your successes and your failures. That is the prerequisite for creating a life of success.
Jack Canfield
My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
John F. Kennedy
If you can’t handle the responsibility of a hit single, don’t write one.
Joe Elliott
People must take a modicum of public responsibility for each other even if they have no ties to each other.
Jane Jacobs
The Federal Government should be the last resort, not the first. Ask if a potential program is truly a federal responsibility or whether it can better be handled privately, by voluntary organizations, or by local or state governments.
Donald Rumsfeld
A speckled cat and a tame hare
Eat at my hearthstone
And sleep there;
And both look up to me alone
For learning and defence
As I look up to Providence.
William Butler Yeats
As an industry, we have a responsibility to manage risk in a way that is prudent.
Kenneth C. Griffin
I’m releasing myself from the responsibility of claiming to know when something is good and when it isn’t.
Rachel Kushner
People without firmness of character love to make up a fate for themselves; that relieves them of the necessity of having their own will and of taking responsibility for themselves.
Ivan Turgenev
The only responsibility I feel is to deliver something that’s new or at least to attempt that. The real responsibility is to entertain and to try and make people laugh.
Johnny Depp
In the abstract conception of universal wrong, all concrete responsibility vanishes.
Theodor W. Adorno
I related so much to the responsibility of being a parent, the responsibility of “did you screw your kid up,” the responsibility of letting your own parents down.
John Krasinski
Modern man is weighed down more by the burden of responsibility than by the burden of sin. We think him more a savior who shoulders our responsibilities than him who shoulders our sins. If instead of making decisions we have but to obey and do our duty, we feel it as a sort of salvation.
Eric Hoffer
Each letter has a shape, she told them, one shape in the world and no other, and it is your responsibility to make it perfect.
Kim Edwards
What makes America special is that people come here, assimilate and become American with all of the rights and responsibilities citizenship bestows.
Zoe Lofgren
Quit thy childhood, my friend, and wake up!
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
We have a Bill of Rights, which protects each of us from a bullying society, but no Bill of Responsibilities, which would oblige us to answer to the needs of others.
Scott Sanders
As the art world changes, artists have more and more responsibility. You don’t have a lot of luxury to be super secluded.
Frances Stark
Being wrong on facts, that’s something you have a real responsibility to correct. But being wrong in the fun sports way is part of the interplay.
Joe Posnanski
As an Italian-American, I have a special responsibility to be sensitive to ethnic stereotypes.
Al D’Amato
I don’t think that early hip hop stood out to be a social critique. A lot of fans of mine think that hip hop’s ultimate responsibility is to critique social structures.
Talib Kweli
Even though your responsibilities increase when you become a manager, you lose some of the rights or freedoms you may have enjoyed in the past.
David Cottrell
I think that it’s our responsibility to create a world in which girls can grow up and not have to limit their dreams or possibilities.
Zooey Deschanel
The death of Che Guevara places a responsibility on all revolutionaries of the World to redouble their decision to fight on to the final defeat of Imperialism. That is why in essence Che Guevara is not dead, his ideas are with us.
Stokely Carmichael
I think that fiction has this special responsibility or this special ability to help people to empathize, to demand of people that they understand other individuals and other people’s experiences.
Ben H. Winters
There is no safe political refuge for those afraid to take responsibility for their own lives.
James Bovard
We also need to remember the enduring principles on which the National Party is based – individual responsibility, support for families and communities, and a belief that the State can’t and shouldn’t do everything.
John Key
War on the other hand is such a terrible thing, that no man, especially a Christian man, has the right to assume the responsibility of starting it.
Leo Tolstoy
I believe that it is my responsibility as the prime minister of Israel to do whatever can be done to exploit the unique opportunities that lie ahead of us to move towards peace. Not everything can be done by one act.
Yitzhak Rabin
The best way to cleanse the heart and prepare for the stilling of the mind is to lead a normal, worldly life. Living in the midst of your day-to-day duties, responsibilities, likes, dislikes, etc., will help you. All these become the very means for the purification of your heart.
Meher Baba
The common good is the notion of shared collective responsibility and reciprocity. It’s that that we’ve lost.
Joan Wallach Scott
When you play for Juventus, there is a lot of responsibility. You have to have personality more than just talent.
Patrice Evra
The duty of responsibility placed on any MP is one of the greatest honours that can be bestowed and I for one don’t believe the Conservative Party would abuse that trust by selecting someone who did not have the goods to do the job, just for the sake of media coverage.
Adam Rickitt
The more people that are afraid when they see new creation, the happier I am. I think the media has some responsibility to bear for people becoming more conservative. Many parts of the media have created the situation where uninteresting fashion can thrive.
Rei Kawakubo
My responsibility is to the artist first. There’s something that artists intrinsically know about their music and their fanbase that neither the record company nor the producer really knows.
Nile Rodgers
Nobody is starving on the streets. We’ve always taken care of them. We take care of our own; we always have. It is not the government’s responsibility.
Benjamin Carson
The best way to avoid responsibility is to say, ‘I’ve got responsibilities.
Richard Bach
In the government, we have a very important responsibility to protect the rights of our pastors and religious leaders. They have the freedom to speak out about what they believe, without fear of repercussions from their very own government.
Steve Daines
You have to live to the responsibility of the person who has won, which is even greater than the responsibility of a person who has lost.
Peter Brook
The corporation cannot be ethical, its only responsibility is to make a profit.
Jim Hightower
An astonishing debut. Brilliantly conceived, masterfully written, Stuart Neville’s THE TWELVE is both a heart-pounding thriller and a stunning examination of responsibility and revenge. He is going to be a major new voice in suspense fiction.
Jeff Abbott
The notion that work is a burden is a terrible mistake. Working and facing up to one’s responsibilities: That’s happiness.
Katharine Hepburn
I do think women avoid power. Power assumes responsibility and accountability, and I think many, many women want to have it both ways.
Rita Mae Brown
I assume most people trust me, if they vote for me in elections. And it is the most important thing. It places great responsibility on me, immense responsibility. I am grateful to the people for that trust, but I surely feel great responsibility for what I do and for the result of my work.
Vladimir Putin
It’s something we’re trying to change and NASCAR is as a whole trying to bring in a younger fan base, a different-looking fan base, we’re trying to change the whole demographic of the sport. Me going out to do that is something I’ll take responsibility for.
Bubba Wallace
Without ducking responsibility, what’s wrong with medicine today is that it is predicated on providing treatment, not on reducing suffering. Not on solving problems.
Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
You don’t think about it at the time, but there are certain responsibilities that come with being the vicar’s daughter. You’re supposed to behave in a particular way. I shouldn’t say it, but I probably was Goody Two Shoes.
Theresa May
No one’s being precious about their music. They want the film to be great. And that was the huge lesson for me along the way to be a filmmaker. And yes, I’m leading the music department kind of thing and that responsibility with the music is with me, but really that job is one of many.
Steven Price
The great responsibility that we have today is to put the poor and the near poor back on front of the American agenda.
Jesse Jackson
I’m a religious woman. And I feel I have responsibility. I have no modesty at all. I’m even afraid of it – it’s a learned affectation and it’s just stuck on me like decals.
Maya Angelou
For me, the only type of guilty pleasure fun that I have in terms of my career is I act once in awhile. And I don’t have any responsibility.
Rob Reiner
I’ve always thought, it’s the artist that write the songs and make the records. And it’s our responsibility to set the tone for what’s happening in the industry. And I take that seriously.
Eric Church
Entrepreneurs are risk takers, willing to roll the dice with their money or reputation on the line in support of an idea or enterprise. They willingly assume responsibility for the success or failure of a venture and are answerable for all its facets.
Victor Kiam
perhaps all this modern ferment of what’s known as ‘social conscience’ or ‘civic responsibility’ isn’t a result of the sense of duty, but of the old, old craving for beauty.
Dorothy Canfield Fisher
The husband who ‘serves’ his wife by continually yielding to her desires or her wishes is in fact asking her to do his job for him. He’s ignoring his responsibility to lead.
Bob Lepine
A tradition I remember from my childhood was that when there was a wedding in any one family, the entire village shared the responsibility and contributed. Regardless of the caste or community, the bride became the daughter of not just a single family but of the entire village.
Ram Nath Kovind
I believe in trying to get a balance between individual freedom on the one hand and social responsibility on the other.
Chris Patten
Being Governor is a full-time responsibility.
Jim Justice
You are equally responsible for your place in the culture, and you must make a contribution, and you must accept responsibility for what goes down on your watch. You have no excuse if you are a conservative not to be concerned about the environment. You are equally responsible.
Martin Sheen
China and the United States have major influence in international affairs and shoulder important responsibilities in upholding world peace and promoting common development.
Hu Jintao
All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.
Jim Rohn
Only when you’re willing to take 100 percent responsibility for making the relationship work will it work. Otherwise, a relationship left to chance will always be vulnerable to disaster.
Darren Hardy
I’ve learned it’s a human responsibility to create fun, not just wait for it.
Greg Saunier
Without restoring an ethos of social responsibility, there can be no meaningful and sustained economic recovery.
Jeffrey Sachs
During the next 90 days, people are going to be more open to the Gospel than in years. It is God’s responsibility to make people receptive; it is our responsibility to sow the seed.
Rick Warren
As I see it, we are all connected and share a stake in our collective future. We are all part of a greater picture. I greatly encourage businesswomen everywhere in the world to take personal responsibility, stay connected to their own intuition and unique potential, work hard, deal with reality, but don’t give up.
Shari Arison
If we truly believe in our public schools, then we have a moral responsibility to do better – to break the either-or mentality around school reform, and embrace a both-and mentality. Good schools will require both the structural reform and the resources necessary to prepare our kids for the future.
Barack Obama
Since I became chairman, I’ve tried to turn EFF into civil liberties and responsibilities.
Esther Dyson
I will say this quite plainly, what truly human is -and don’t be afraid of this word- love. And I mean it even with everything that burdens love or, i could say it better, responsibility is actually love, as Pascal said: ‘without concupiscence’ [without lust]… love exists without worrying being loved.
Emmanuel Levinas
Quite simply, there can be no popular sovereignty without a real belief in the value of government. If government does not assume and carry out public responsibilities, less accountable institutions such as the corporation will do the job in their own self-interest.
Charles Derber
When you come across real talent, it is sometimes worth allowing them to create the structure in which they choose to labor. In nine cases out of ten, by inviting them to take responsibility and control for a new venture, you will motivate them to do great things.
Felix Dennis
I can’t convince you to put the drink down if you’re an alcoholic, you have to want to do that. I can’t convince you to stop eating the cookies when you’re a diabetic. You have to do that. And that takes responsibility.
Don Young
We need to add to the three R’s, namely Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic, a fourth— RESPONSIBILITY.
Herbert Hoover
It is our own thoughts that lead us into trouble, not other people.
Gautama Buddha
My responsibility is to get people into the offense.
Deron Williams
The business of business should not be about money. It should be about responsibility. It should be about public good, not private greed
Anita Roddick
The ethic of conviction and the ethic of responsibility are not opposites. They are complementary to one another.
Max Weber
Be compassionate,” Morrie whispered. And take responsibility for each other. If we only learned those lessons, this world would be so much better a place.” He took a breath, then added his mantra: “Love each other or die.
Mitch Albom
When you hold people up for ridicule, you have to take responsibility when other people act on it.
Jay Asher
Simply put, we have to take charge and take responsibility and support what’s in the marketplace. Because, quiet as it’s kept, the powers that be are cognizant of what our spending dollar means. And it is kept a little quiet, and we have to become aware of what we mean in the marketplace and take advantage of it.
Richard Roundtree
How can we ask for our young stars to have a high level of responsibility if we are not demonstrating that same level of responsibility towards them?
Jada Pinkett Smith
Advertising ministers to the spiritual side of trade. It is great power that has been entrusted to your keeping which charges you with the high responsibility of inspiring and ennobling the commercial world. It is all part of the greater work of the regeneration and redemption of mankind.
Calvin Coolidge
Take responsibility for your last bad decision, and then let it go. Don’t blame others or make excuses for yourself.
Deepak Chopra
The nature of encounter operations required of the commanders limitless initiative and constant readiness to take the responsibility for military actions.
Georgy Zhukov
A man doesn’t need to be flawless to be a perfect father, but the commitment to his family is a precious responsibility.
Paul Young
A scientist has to be neutral in his search for the truth, but he cannot be neutral as to the use of that truth when found. If you know more than other people, you have more responsibility, rather than less.
C.P. Snow
Here’s the teaching point, if you’re teaching kids about intelligence and policy: Intelligence does not absolve policymakers of responsibility to ask tough questions, and it doesn’t absolve them of having curiosity about the consequences of their actions.
George Tenet
It is not the responsibility of the Federal Bank – nor would it be appropriate – to protect lenders and investors from the consequences of their decisions
Ben Bernanke
We need to get our sons and daughters home and their responsibility for the security of Iraq needs to be assumed by Iraqis who will stand up and toe the line for their countries.
Jay Inslee
Responsibility has become the fundamental imperative in modern civilization, and it should be an unavoidable criterion to assess and evaluate human actions, including, in a special way, development activities.
Hans Jonas
Liberty means that a man is recognized as free and treated as free by those who surround him.
Mikhail Bakunin
God takes full responsibility for the life wholly devoted to Him.
Charles Stanley
He’s the President—it’s the responsibility of every citizen to criticize aggressively when they think it’s warranted.
Glenn Greenwald
Freedom is first of all a responsibility before the God from whom we come.
Alan Keyes
Freedom is the very essence of our economy and society. Without freedom the human mind is prevented from unleashing its creative force. But what is also clear is that this freedom does not stand alone. It is freedom in responsibility and freedom to exercise responsibility.
Angela Merkel
I am not responsible for the successful working of the machinery of society.
Henry David Thoreau
I will tell you something else: it is a major responsibility not only of portraiture but of all human communication for each of us to help everyone else discover the best that is in him.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
I believe social responsibility begins with a strong, competitive company. Only a healthy enterprise can improve and enrich the lives of people and their communities.
Jack Welch
Playing Sally McKenna was a wonderful, freeing thing because we all in life have so many responsibilities to ourselves, to other people, that we rarely get to explore a very selfish side of ourselves in doing what we want, when we want, how we want, without answering to or being responsible for anyone else.
Sarah Paulson
It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, a business leader, a president or a student. We all have a responsibility to give back.
The number one lesson I received from my father is to be responsible for yourself and your family. The responsibility you embrace is working, paying the bills, and coming home EACH night, just as a start.
Tony Gaskins
In one of my recent books, ‘The Success Principles,’ I taught 64 lessons that help people achieve what they want out of life. From taking nothing less than 100 percent responsibility for your life to empowering others, these are the fundamentals to success – and to great leadership.
Jack Canfield
I hate being looked at. Can’t stand it. I know, I know – I picked the wrong career. I should have been a doctor. If you play certain parts you have this nice face painted on you, and then you have feel as if you have a responsibility to this idea of being beautiful. I hate that about our business.
Lena Headey
Golf teaches you honesty. It teaches you discipline. It gives you a strong appreciation of nature. And personal responsibility, something that lacks in our society at times. I mean, it’s only your fault, you can’t blame anyone else when you shank it. Or pick the wrong club.
George W. Bush
I’ve really learned not to try to take responsibility for all things. And to keep my side of the street clean.
Sharon Stone
I have a deep sense of responsibility to my country and Greek people.
George Papandreou
Anger, and the self-righteousness that is both the cause and consequence of anger, tends to be easier on the psyche than personal responsibility.
Barry Eisler
Whatever you feel, you become. It is your responsibility.
As we face tough decisions in Washington, we must never forget our responsibility to protect Medicare and preserve it for future generations.
Bill Foster
I don’t have to figure out how God is going to solve my problem. I don’t have to understand how He’s going to bring it to pass. That’s His responsibility. My job is to simply believe that He will.
Joel Osteen
The lessons I learned in Vietnam and in the NFL reinforced one another:
teamwork, sacrifice, responsibility, accountability, and leadership.
Rocky Bleier
United States could be a great country. It needs to be a great country. It’s our responsibility as citizens to make that happen, every single one of us.
Paul Haggis
I think that for many of us, the years of the Civil Rights movements – Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy running for president in 1968 to end the war and so forth – these were defining moment in terms of trying to hold government accountable and have a level of responsibility and truth-telling.
John F. Kerry
Anyway, my father became super-responsible. You know, he was the kind of person that absorbs all responsibility in the family, and then everybody else can act like a child in relation to him.
Paul Laffoley
Responsibility equals accountability equals ownership. And a sense of ownership is the most powerful weapon a team or organization can have.
Pat Summitt
The Republic can count on me to battle its enemies… Offensive war suits the passionate character of the French, but it is the responsibility of the man in charge of leading them to prepare with caution and wisdom everything that leads to victory.
Tom Reiss
One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
The development of a love of medium and a responsibility for one’s own pictures is an overall goal.
Minor White
Buddah says once you understand that you are lost and you have to find your own way and there is no help coming, you become responsible. Prayer is irresponsible. To pray is just to avoid responsibility, to pray is to be lazy. To pray is just an escape. Buddha says effort is needed. It is an insult to pray.
As believers, we all have the responsibility to leverage our wealth for kingdom purposes.
Andy Stanley
Bill Cosby was charged with sexual assault. No matter the outcome of this case this moment is an important public acknowledgement that even though many years have passed, there`s still the responsibility to take charges of sexual assault seriously.
Melissa Harris-Perry
God makes provision for our holiness, but He gives us the responsibility of using those provisions.
Jerry Bridges
You face challenges and you have to make choices. You’re weighing the necessary responsibility toward reality and authenticity and of course the need to create a compressed drama over two hours.
Paul Greengrass
You are a citizen, and citizenship carries responsibilities.
Paul Collier
“It’s a question of discipline,” the little prince told me later on. “When you’ve finished washing and dressing each morning, you must tend your planet.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
I have a strong sense of responsibility. I like to be directed, it’s true. If I didn’t like that, I’d do something else.
Catherine Deneuve
Apple is the only company in the world that has all of that under one roof. We can invent a complete a solution that works – and take responsibility for it.
Steve Jobs
[A] society which makes freedom its primary goal will lose it, because it has made, not responsibility, but freedom from responsibility, its purpose. When freedom is the basic emphasis, it is not responsible speech which is fostered but irresponsible speech.
R.J. Rushdoony
Events in the present can trigger quite a young part of ourselves. If we don’t take responsibility and start looking after that young part of ourselves, we can start asking partners to look after that part of ourselves or we wound ourselves.
Danny Boyle
Part of our responsibility as parents, as adults, is to set examples for children. But we have to like children in order to be really happy fulfilled adults
Bobby McFerrin
Accept the responsibility of being yourself as you are, with all that is good and with all that is bad, with all that is beautiful and that which is not beautiful. In that acceptance a transcendence happens and one becomes free.
Black women’s feelings of responsibility for nurturing the children in their own extended family networks have stimulated a more generalized ethic of care where black women feel accountable to all the black community’s children.
Patricia Hill Collins
I end up liking politicians, both left and right, who talk about political matters as if they are addressing a bunch of adults, as if they are capable of handling both complexity and emotional responsibility.
Rachel Maddow
With freedom comes responsibility
Jesse Ventura
Flower was a good metaphor for growth. The song is obviously about sexual responsibility, so that was the main metaphor. Also, it’s like knowing who someone has been and remembering and appreciating that, but really appreciating what they are now even more.
Jody Watley
The question whether the long effort to put an end to war can succeed without another major convulsion challenges not only our minds but our sense of responsibility.
Emily Greene Balch
Compassion, together with contractual responsibility for one’s workforce, is a mark of a top employer.
Frans van Houten
A musicians or artists responsibility is a simple one, and that is, through your music to tell the truth.
Tom Morello
Here we have some people who call themselves Christians and they forget Jesus Christ was a Jew. Something like anti-Semitism is an artificial way of avoiding responsibility. You blame the problems in your country on someone else, on some group.
Yevgeny Yevtushenko
I think I have a real interest in filmmaking, and it’s nice when I can go and do that sometimes. Then it’s also great to not do it and not have the responsibility .
Charlize Theron
An actor isn’t someone who is voted in by the people, but just someone who is famous. I don’t think we need to be perfect and take responsibility for our actions, but since there are young people who look at us and follow us, I don’t think we can just say that we have no responsibilities, either.
Hyun Bin
I love writing songs. I love doing my radio show and talking to the fans and listening to what they have to say, but there’s a certain responsibility that comes along with being given the gift of music. I take that seriously, but at the same time I try to use it to do something that makes a difference in a positive way.
Randy Owen
The most fundamental liberal failure of the current era: the failure to embrace a moral vision of America based on the transcendent faith that human beings are more than the sum of their material appetites, our country is more than an economic machine, and freedom is not license but responsibility.
Bill Moyers
Few people will turn to themselves to take responsibility for their results until they have exhausted all opportunities to blame someone else.
Larry Winget
Real success requires respect for and faithfulness to the highest human values-honesty, integrity, self-discipline, dignity, compassion, humility, courage, personal responsibility, courtesy, and human service.
Michael E. DeBakey
Here’s to responsibility, twice a week.
Stephenie Meyer
I think in times of crisis it’s the artists’ responsibility to dig a little deeper.
Bruce Pavitt
Teachers must be celebrated for moving civilization from ignorance to enlightenment, from apathy to responsibility.
Sharon M. Draper
Teenagers are extremely funny, and extremely clever and intellectually curious. But they’re also willing to ask questions about the meaning of life without disguising them around irony, and ask questions about what are our responsibilities to other people without having to couch it in irony.
John Green
Everyone has a common, yet unique, responsibility to the future: to make the most of today.
William Arthur Ward
I mean, I am fully aware of my influence and my responsibility to society in general representing the gay community. But in the same time, I don’t represent the entire gay community because it’s a vast, vast community, as one can imagine.
K. D. Lang
Let’s not forget that Congress bears a lot of responsibility for many of the problems we have now
Colin Powell
My dad always said to me that with fame comes great responsibility, which has always stuck with me, even though I think he stole that line from Spiderman.
Missy Higgins
Fear bespeaks of wisdom. Recognition of responsibility.
Steven Erikson
When we come to a clearer and more sober estimate of our own limitations and responsibilities, that makes it possible more genuinely to love our neighbor.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?
Maurice Strong
People are often quite lazy. We like taking the easy way out – we like handing over responsibility, we like being offered shortcuts that mean we don’t have to think.
Hannah Fry
I had to take responsibility, even if it meant saying no to an authority figure, because I was the authority on me.
Kelley Armstrong
When everyone gets something for nothing, soon no one will have anything, because no one will be producing anything.
Charles Koch
But victimhood was seductive, a release from responsibility and caring. Fear would be transmuted into weary resignation; failure would no longer generate guilt but, instead, would spawn a comforting self-pity.
Dean Koontz
My responsibility as an artist is to turn up at the page or the piano or the microphone. The rest is up to God.
Nick Cave