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Relief Quotes

Relief Quotes by Sebastiao Salgado, Kofi Annan, Jon Meacham, Rachael Ray, Jerry Saltz, David McCandless and many others.

I photographed with film for many years; now that I work in digital, the difference is enormous. The quality is unbelievable: I don’t use flash, and with digital I can even work in very bad light. Also, it’s a relief not to lose photographs to x-ray machines in airports.
Sebastiao Salgado
Let us, above all, be clear that, without a convincing program of debt relief to start the new millennium, our objective of halving world poverty by 2015 will be only a pipe dream.
Kofi Annan
Cynically but accurately put, Americans oppose public intervention or regulation if it helps others, but favor it if it helps them – take social security, disaster relief, public works projects, for example.
Jon Meacham
When you’re out grocery shopping for your family, maybe you can put a can of cat or dog food in your cart and bring it to an animal relief center.
Rachael Ray
Think of an abstract painting as very, very low relief – a thing, not a picture.
Jerry Saltz
In an endless jungle of websites with text-based content, a beautiful image with a lot of space and colour can be like walking into a clearing. It’s a relief.
David McCandless
Brexit and Trump have brought the problems of capitalism into sharp relief, but both are only making things worse. Take the investment challenge – businesses invest where there they see technological or market opportunity.
Mariana Mazzucato
Another person who’s smarter than I. What a relief to not have to be the smartest guy anymore.
Dave Winer
In classic noir fiction and film, it is always hot. Fans whirr in sweltering hotel rooms, sweat forms on a stranger’s brow, the muggy air stifles – one can hardly breathe. Come nightfall, there is no relief, only the darkness that allows illicit lovers to meet, the trusted to betray, and murderers to act.
Michael Dirda
I found a great deal of relief and excitement watching comics when I was very young. My grandmother was very into them and so was my grandfather. They had a profound effect on me, so I just found myself watching comedians on the after-school shows: Merv Griffin and that kind of stuff.
Marc Maron
I feel a great comfort and relief knowing that there are others who lived and died and thought and fought so long ago; I feel less tyrannized by the present day.
Iggy Pop
Then came the war, old sport. It was a great relief, and I tried very hard to die, but I seemed to bear an enchanted life.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Life’s only choosing when to die. Life’s a big postponement because the choice is so difficult. It’s a tremendous relief not to have to choose.
Anthony Burgess
I think I’m bad luck for Tiger because he missed the cut in Charlotte with me. But yeah, those are two of the best players of all time. Tiger’s the best player of all time in my opinion, so when he’s not in the field, it’s a relief because he’s such a great player.
Webb Simpson
When you’re weary, find relief. When you’re strong, find delight.
Martha Beck
And, as long as you can make yourself go on choosing the pain over the relief, you can keep going.
Lawrence Block
It is not the place, nor the condition, but the mind alone what it compares its situation to that can make anyone happy or miserable. Compare it to something better – result envy, frustration and sadness. Compare it to something worse – relief, gratitude and happiness.
Roger L’Estrange
I did try when I wasn’t doing the singing to do as much comedy as I could because I thought with Comic Relief you are duty bound to anyway.
Jo Brand
Some religious practitioners make absolutist claims for their beliefs: I’ve no interest in doing this, nor do I have any interest in converting people, which is doubtless a relief to anyone who has feared finding me on their doorstep asking if they’d like to know more about Odin.
Liz Williams
His crush went from exciting to depressing, as if he’d gone from the first blush of infatuation to the terminal nostalgia of a former lover without even the temporary relief of an actual relationship in between.
Lev Grossman
As we explore ways to bring price relief and bolster our country’s energy independence, one significant energy source has emerged as a potential solution, hydrogen fuel cells.
Dan Lipinski
There is no legitimate use whatsoever for marijuana. This is not medicine. This is bogus witchcraft. It has no place in medicine, no place in pain relief.
Bob Barr
There was a sense of palpable relief that George [W.] Bush was leaving and that the Republicans had slipped back and that was a wonderful feeling.
Bill Ayers
Atonement is a journey of healing that moves from the pain between a victim and an oppressor, through forgiveness, the making of amends, the relief of anger and compassion for the victim, to deep reconciliation.
Phil Cousineau
When we are more energized by the practice of blaming than we are by efforts to create transformation, we not only cannot find relief from suffering, we are creating the conditions that help keep us stuck in the status quo
Bell Hooks
I think on ‘Third Watch’ that I was the comic relief on a lot of that. I mean, I definitely had dark moments, but people tended to think he was funny even if the character himself wasn’t having a fun time.
Jason Wiles
Instead of relief or gratitude, more guilt washes over me. Andy’s certainly not faultless – no one ever is in a marriage
Emily Giffin
A person could last a long while without touch, but once someone had experienced the comfort, joy, and sheer relief of another human body close, the desire to experience that again was hard to deny.
Mary Johnson
Style icons feel like they have to be so thin, and when I see somebody with a fuller figure like Scarlet Johansson, who is sexy and happy, I find it such a relief.
Jade Jagger
…she knew in her heart that nature has a preference for a particular order: parents die, then children die. But it was a harsh design, offering little relief from pain, for being in accord with it means that the fortunate find themselves orphaned.
Charles Frazier
Most mothers worry when their daughters reach adolescence but I was the opposite. I relaxed, I sighed with relief. Little girls are cute and small only to adults. To one another they are not cute. They are life sized.
Margaret Atwood
Her father sagged as relief spread through him. “I thought something awful was happening.” She frowned. “Something awful was happening. It could have got stuck in my hair.
Derek Landy
Not one man in a million would have allowed me the time without speaking. I opened my mind, let my gaurd down completely, relaxed. His silence washed over me. I stood, closed my eyes, breathed out the relief that was too profound for words.
Charlaine Harris
I reject any path which rejects life, but I can’t help loving Sufism because it sounds so beautiful. It gives relief in the midst of battle.
Naguib Mahfouz
Since cowardice must occur at a time and place where an enemy either has already appeared or may yet turn up, servicemen in peacetime – and ordinary civilians – can breathe a sigh of relief. If you are yellow-bellied back home, you’re not technically a coward.
Charles Duhigg
Transition is always a relief. Destination means death to me. If I could figure out a way to remain forever in transition, in the disconnected and unfamiliar, I could remain in a state of perpetual freedom.
David Wojnarowicz
During the course of many years I have observed that a great number of doctors, lawyers, and important businessmen make a habit of visiting a chess club during the late afternoon or evening to relax and find relief from the preoccupations of their work.
Jose Raul Capablanca
The School Energy Crisis Relief Act authorizes the Secretary of Energy to issue energy assistance grants to help the poorest school districts across the Nation offset these unexpected and challenging costs.
Joe Baca
The relief that is afforded to mere want, as want, tends to increase that want.
Richard Whately
Sculpture may be almost anything: a monument, a statue, an old coin, a bas-relief, a portrait bust, a lifelong struggle against heavy odds.
Malvina Hoffman
One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.
Bertrand Russell
In my judgment, we have to avoid, at all costs, tax increases. That would be the worst possible thing to do and will make a bad economy even worse. Beyond that, targeted tax relief should be expanded upon.
Meg Whitman
There is a lot of relief for daters who are serious about wanting to be in a relationship. This comes in the form of what appears to be dramatic changes like speed dating and Internet dating.
April Masini
I always think I’m terrible. So it’s always a relief when I find out that I wasn’t. I’ve had roles where I realized that I was in way over my head – and that is my biggest fear.
Anne Hathaway
It is some relief to weep; grief is satisfied and carried off by tears.
I love being in my forties. Just getting there and realising that you haven’t grown horns or boils on your bum, when all the time it had been this thing looming in the future, is such a relief.
Thandie Newton
Interestingly, the American Embassy mentioned that our efficient relief effort has significantly improved the image of the United States among the Pakistani people.
Jon Porter
You know, sitting in the car when they got back in and – first of all, it was relief. I was not – there were two get away cars or switch cars they were called. And, you know, the group tended to include everyone.
Patty Hearst
Knowledge is a rich storehouse for the glory of the Creator and the relief of man’s estate.
Francis Bacon
To find relief in what has been, we must make ourselves eternal.
Violette Leduc
There’s no relief, really, for me. I have relief after the Super Bowl. I set a goal to win the Super Bowl and that’s where I’m going with it.
Donovan McNabb
In this sad world of ours, sorrow comes to all, and it comes with bitter agony. Perfect relief is not possible, except with the passing of time.
Abraham Lincoln
In committing an estimated 3,000 U.S. forces to join international Ebola relief efforts in West Africa, President Obama seems to be fulfilling the plans of highly influential progressive groups who seek to transform the American military into more of a social-work organization.
Aaron Klein
Facts were never pleasing to him. He acquired them with reluctance and got rid of them with relief. He was never on terms with them until he had stood them on their heads.
James M. Barrie
There is a tremendous relief in knowing that {God’s} love to me is utterly realistic, based at every point on prior knowledge of the worst about me, so that no discovery now can disillusion Him about me, in the way I am so often disillusioned about myself, and quench His determination to bless me.
J. I. Packer
Where the waters do agree, it is quite wonderful the relief they give.
Jane Austen
When I forget the power of the word, I read Frederick Buechner.В When I forget the deep relief of telling the truth, I read Frederick Buechner.В When I forget to look for the holiness all around me, I read Frederick Buechner.В When I forget why the gospel matters, I read Frederick Buechner.
Barbara Brown Taylor
When you work on a record for three years, it’s a great sense of relief when it is finally out in the world. It just feels good.
M. Ward
I don’t mean to diminish the job, it’s a good job and a real pressure job. But I don’t think a relief pitcher should ever be the most valuable player of a league. We only play in maybe half of the games. Being a relief pitcher means part-time employment. We’re bench players, and bench players shouldn’t be M.V.P.
Dan Quisenberry
I remember the day after the general election when Harold Wilson had lost, I remember quite clearly cycling from my house in Hutton along Long Ridings and feeling what a relief to live in a country with a Tory government again.
Philip Hammond
I’m trying to talk about challenging subjects people might not like and trying to find relief as we discuss it.
Mara Brock Akil
Do not undervalue the headache. While it is at its sharpest it seems a bad investment; but when relief begins, the unexpired remainder is worth $4 a minute.
Mark Twain
My first year in the big leagues, I made $17,000. It was easy to go out and get another $17,000 relief pitcher. I never worried about innings or pitches. I just pitched.
Bruce Sutter
I had a great time making the last movie, ‘Eclipse.’ We shot my back-story stuff from the 1930’s. But I was waiting for ‘Breaking Dawn’ because I love the relationship Rosalie has with Jacob and the rest of her family and Bella. She also provides comic relief.
Nikki Reed
Late 19th-century populists saw bankers and industrialists manipulating markets to enrich themselves at the expense of small farmers and labourers and favoured political candidates promising economic relief through free and unlimited coinage of silver.
Robert Dallek
She felt some measure of relief knowing that in the very least, on the open road she would have some time to think.
Dave Eggers
Life being full of harsh realities, we seek relief from them in a variety of pleasing delusions.
Christian Nestell Bovee
Relief work does not consist entirely in wearisome appeals … it has its moments of enchantment, its adventures, its unexpected vistas into new worlds
Eglantyne Jebb
It’s a great relief for me that no one will ask me anymore: “Orhan, when will you get the Nobel Prize?”
Orhan Pamuk
And though the meaning fits, there’s no relief in this. I miss my beautiful friend.
Jeff Buckley
When a man spends his relief checks on green whiskey his children have a way of crying from hunger pains.
Harper Lee
In its truest manifestation, where it gives judgments, poetry is super-luxury. It would be interesting to see what would happen to a High Court judge if he were forced to follow the true poetic formula, doing the job for love, being forced into pubs for relief.
Patrick Kavanagh
Our brave men and women are fighting around the world and they deserve relief.
Ellen Tauscher
I was born and raised during Depression Years when we were on County relief and we all went out and we hustled. we worked. I worked in a restaurant, I washed dishes.
Relief. Excitement and relief. Relief is definitely the key word.
Gerry Dee
Having chicks around is the kind of thing that breaks up the intense training. It gives you relief, and then afterward you go back to the serious stuff.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Our tax policies, the tax relief and reform we passed in 2003 and 2005, helped get government out of the way of America’s entrepreneurs, and our unemployment rate is now lower than it was in the 1970s, the 1980s, and the 1990s.
Marsha Blackburn
The difference between relief pitching when I did it today is simple, there is too much of it. It’s one of those cases where more is not necessarily better.
Bob Feller
My environment can give me relief from sin and tension, only the Lord can cure it.
Henry R Brandt
Being the undisputed world champion is a relief. We instituted a unified chess title, I am the absolute world champion.
Viswanathan Anand
[Bruce] sees a lot of himself in [Batman], you know? You could argue that something even worse than what happened to Bruce happened to [Duke’s] parents, who are now Joker-ized*. They’re not just gone or irretrievably lost. And I’m NOT curing them, so you can put that out there! There’s no relief from that.
Scott Snyder
I think most of us become nicer as we get older, less judgmental, less full of certitude; life tends to knock a few corners of us as we go through. Cancer, divorce, teenagers, and other plagues make us give up on expecting ourselves – or life – to be perfect, which is a real relief.
Molly Ivins
When you beat up someone physically, you get excercise and stress relief; when you assault him verbally on the Internet, you just harm yourself.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
How much wilderness do the wilderness-lovers want? ask those who would mine and dig and cut and dam in such sanctuary spots as these. The answer is easy: Enough so that there will be in the years ahead a little relief, a little quiet, a little relaxation, for any of our increasing millions who need and want it.
Wallace Stegner
All my career, I’ve played in great teams – Marseille was a great team, Arsenal was a great thing, but we never won a trophy. With Manchester City, first year, it happened, and it was just a big relief.
Samir Nasri
My mom set up relief programs in third world countries. We would do things like go to Bogota with her instead of summer camp.
Clark Johnson
I wish I did believe in God. It would be a great relief to think, ‘God’ll take care of it. God’ll put gas in the car tomorrow’.
Wayne Coyne
Astronomers are greatly disappointed when, having traveled halfway around the world to see an eclipse, clouds prevent a sight of it; and yet a sense of relief accompanies the disappointment.
Simon Newcomb
Comic Relief funds projects that help lift people out of poverty.
John Bishop
I was always kind of finding humor to be an access point to the conversation, to a pain relief, if you will. My mother was in a wheelchair since I was very young, so she was in pain and we used humor.
Tom Shadyac
We have to bring relief as fast as possible to people who are struggling under Obamacare.
Paul Ryan
Unemployment relief from The CARES Act – a popular and bipartisan solution – was a key lifeline not just for our families but also for small businesses.
Jaime Harrison
In short, if your body or mind Or your soul or your purse come to grief, You need only get drunk, and you’ll find Complete and immediate relief.
James Kenneth Stephen
It’s like a mother, when the baby is crying, she picks up the baby and she holds the baby tenderly in her arms. Your pain, your anxiety is your baby. You have to take care of it. You have to go back to yourself, to recognize the suffering in you, embrace the suffering, and you get a relief.
Nhat Hanh
It is wonderful to hear of the relief efforts that are finally coming to New Orleans and the rest of the region, but as well all know, it is simply not going to be enough.
Angelina Jolie
The object in America is to avoid contact, to treat all as foes unless they’re known to be friends. Here you have a million crabs living in a million crevices. … But the garden’s greatest benefit, I feel, as not relief to the eyes, but to make the eyes sees our neighbors.
Paul Fleischman
If you don’t have outstanding relief pitching, you might as well piss on the fire and call the dogs.
Whitey Herzog
It would positively be a relief to me to dig Shakespeare up and throw stones at him.
George Bernard Shaw
. . . We love fog because it shifts old anomalies into the elements surrounding them. It gives relief from a way of seeing
Eavan Boland
The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.
William James
I feel empty, not because of sadness, but because of relief, all the tension flowing out of me.
Veronica Roth
Well, clearly, for me in the immediate future, it is grappling, like so many other governors are grappling, with the economic woes of these states. We were all hoping to see some federal relief.
Jennifer Granholm
If you get into a fight and somebody punches you, you get two feelings. One: That really hurts. Two: That relief in the realness of, like, Wow, this is what it is. It’s not an intellectual process.
John Darnielle
I like to play the comic relief or parts that aren’t necessarily comedic but that I can find the comedy in.
Chandra Wilson
During my past career as a journalist, I relished writing obits and equally dreaded phoning relatives for the necessary facts. But to my surprise and great relief, they often wanted to talk – they wanted their recently deceased loved ones recorded in print.
Tom Rachman
That feeling when I got the New England Revolution job on a permanent basis was one of relief, similar to when I signed for Sheffield Wednesday – I knew I was capable of doing a job at a decent level again but I just needed someone to believe in me.
Steve Nicol
Pointed criticism, if accurate, often gives the artist an inner sense of relief. The criticism that damages is that which disparages, dismisses, ridicules, or condemns.
William Ernest Henley
It’s a relief now to be able to stand next to my godfather and finally feel like I’ve accomplished something in the game of baseball.
Barry Bonds
Beyond the emotionalism and the obvious sense of relief on all sides, I think that there is a recognition that reality may intrude, that perhaps the steps ahead and the days ahead are going to be much more difficult than one expects.
Hanan Ashrawi
When a nationwide injunction constrains a significant executive policy, the Justice Department has little choice but to seek emergency relief.
William Barr
Everyone asks me about why I care about anime and football so much, but that’s because anything dark that happened in my life, those two things would make me feel better. I just used to sit in front of the TV and watch football and breathe a sigh of relief. You know what I mean? It’s another world. An escape.
AJ Tracey
Lena knew she had spent too much of her life in a state of passive dread, just waiting for something bad to happen. In a life like that, relief was as close as you got to happiness.
Ann Brashares
It seems to be the easiest thing in the world these days to make scurrilous accusations against Muslims, and in my case it directly impacts on my relief work and damages my reputation as an artist. The harm done is often difficult to repair.
Cat Stevens
I’m not a frustrated concert composer, and the concert pieces I’ve done have been a small part of my work. What I’ve sought there is instruction, variation from the demands of film and relief from its restrictions.
John Towner Williams
When I admitted I needed to grow old as a woman, it was a relief.
Candis Cayne
You try to leave and I will hunt you down.” Relief poured through her, but she smacked at his thigh with the back of her brush. “Like a rabid dog? Very romantic.
Nalini Singh
The first ascent of Everest came at a time when humanity needed relief from two world wars. It was a unifying and inspiring event, signifying the drive to reach our greatest potential.
Conrad Anker
Jesus showed patience and love to all who came to Him seeking relief for their physical, emotional, or spiritual illnesses and who felt discouraged and downtrodden.
Ulisses Soares
I love playing serious! That’s a relief for me. It means something. It sounds dead corny and cheesy, but on a day-to-day basis, you can’t just let loose and cry. So as an actress playing those gritty roles, I can play it quite decently.
Lauren Socha
What a relief to be empty! Then God can live your life.
Never did a prisoner, released from his chains, feel such relief as I shall on shaking off the shackles of power.
Thomas Jefferson
If a hurricane came here, I would want any relief plan to be fiscally responsible.
Ron DeSantis
In the day-to-day, farm work is stress relief for me. At the end of the day, I love having this other career – my anti-job – that keeps me in shape and gives me control over a vegetal domain.
Barbara Kingsolver
The men have long been unpaid and need relief.
John Hawkins
Advertising has always been a huge unrecognised source of outdoor relief for the arts.
Peter York
Demanding that the rich get a tax cut as a condition for tax relief for others is simply elitist.
Richard Thaler
The American people know what’s necessary to get this economy moving again. It’s fiscal discipline in Washington, D.C. and across-the-board tax relief for working families, small businesses and family farms.
Mike Pence
That first victory, before you get to it, it always seems so far ahead. You’re not sure whether you can make it or not. Once you do, obviously it’s a relief, but it also helps you to then deal better once you are in the lead of a race.
Charles Leclerc
I’m rather pro-prostitution, I admire people who do it. It can’t be much fun. Thank goodness for it. People need relief or they become murderers.
Karl Lagerfeld
Being able to go home to my kid is such a relief because he’s such a happy kid. He balances my life out in such a good way.
Jessica McDonald
Feast of Clare of Assisi, Founder of the Order of Minoresses (Poor Clares), 1253 Commemoration of John Henry Newman, Priest, Teacher, Tractarian, 1890 It is our great relief that God is not extreme to mark what is done amiss, that he looks at the motives, and accepts and blesses in spite of incidental errors.
John Henry Newman
I find that if I don’t have enough physical activity in life, I don’t do as well with anything else in my life. It’s stress relief; it’s good health. It’s fun. It’s alone time, for the most part.
Betsy Hodges
Modern life … is often a mechanical oppression and liquor is the only mechanical relief.
Ernest Hemingway
Humanitarian assistance, once conceived as a short-term relief effort, is increasingly the only substitute for long-term development work in protracted armed conflicts.
Peter Maurer
I can’t emphasize this idea enough. Getting involved with your collaborator’s problems almost always distracts you from your own. That can be tempting. That can be a relief. But it usually leads to disaster.
Twyla Tharp
We’re going to look awfully stupid if we give income tax relief to people who do not pay income taxes.
Joe Scarborough
We must effectively counter Moscow’s attempts at influence with American strength and resolve, certainly not with a weak approach to President Putin or with any relief from sanctions.
Dan Lipinski
To finish is both a relief and a release from an extraordinarily pleasant prison.
Robert Burchfield
Relief washed over me like that first air-conditioned breeze on a hot summer day.
Rachel Vincent
the end of anything is a relief. In every relationship, even the most valuable, there are certain unpleasant tensions – and the ending of it snaps those taut inner wires.
Kathleen Winsor
I nearly broke out laughing when the wrteched soothsayer warned Caesar: “Beware the Ides of April.” I thought it a miracle (and a relief) that no one in the udience had snickered or yelled out a correction. How could such an error be made by an actor? Had my ears deceived me?
Seth Grahame-Smith
When ‘Iron Man’ came out, I said, ‘Oh – they are trying to have some fun.’ It was a relief because every superhero movie had become so damn serious. Some people love that, but for me, it’s a weird thing to watch. A man with a cape can have fun, but I won’t listen to a lecture from him.
Baltasar Kormakur
I know the compassion of others is a relief at first. I don’t despise it. But it can’t quench pain, it slips through your soul as through a sieve. And when our suffering has been dragged from one pity to another, as from one mouth to another, we can no longer respect or love it.
Georges Bernanos
Practice patience; it is the essence of praise. Have patience, for that is true worship. No other worship is worth as much. Have patience; patience is the key to all relief.
Relief, or redistribution of income, voluntary or coerced, is never the true solution of poverty, but at best a makeshift, which may mask the disease and mitigate the pain, but provides no basic cure.
Henry Hazlitt
When I cleaned up some 17 odd years ago, I felt terrible for about six months. The only thing that gave me any real relief was strenuous physical activity.
James Taylor
There is no feeling, except the extremes of fear and grief, that does not find relief in music.
T. S. Eliot
It’s sad, but a relief as well, to know that two things so closely bound together can separate with so little violence.
Julie Powell
It’s a hell of a relief. Especially for a dude like me who is so hands on and I like to pretty much all the way hip-hop. So it’s difficult when you’re dealing with the majors.
Styles P
Show business is a struggle. I certainly wish that I had just blasted on the scene and not had quite such a hard time. But there’s a great sense of the relief in that you don’t have to prove yourself anymore.
Theresa Rebeck
Birdsong brings relief to my longing. I am just as ecstatic as they are, but with nothing to say.
Life is where you’re at. Whatever you’re doing is enough. You don’t need to do everything well all the time. When you live your life like that, it’s a huge relief.
Cindy Crawford
I know something quite sure. We’ll never have peace with this Syrian regime. They’ll never give us relief, and we’ll never forget that.
Walid Jumblatt
Not a single disabled veteran in America should be forced to live under the weight of student debt, and they shouldn’t have to file paperwork or cut through red tape to get the relief they earned through their sacrifices for this country.
Conor Lamb
Being a sports fan is a complex matter, in part irrational but not unworthy; a relief from the seriousness of the real world, with its unending pressures and often grave obligations.
Richard Gilman
Ask those who love Him with a sincere love, and they will tell you that they find no greater or prompter relief amid the troubles of their life than in loving conversation with their Divine Friend.
Alphonsus Liguori
This overpowering relief of love conquering any kind of difficulty and hardship in life – that love is forever, even with people that we lost in the physical world.
Rob Halford
There are endless anxieties in putting a film together, and it’s an enormous relief when you know it’s working with an audience.
Errol Morris
When I was diagnosed with swine flu, it was a big relief that Young Saeng was with me. When everyone wouldn’t eat with me, Young Saeng was the only one who ate stuff like curry with me.
Kim Hyun-joong
She glared at him. “I’m not asking you to apologize.” “Well, that’s a relief.I doubt I could find the words.
Julia Quinn
It is impossible for the man of pious reflection not to perceive in it [the Constitution] a finger of that Almighty hand which has been so frequently and signally extended to our relief in the critical stages of the revolution.
James Madison
If the king is in the palace, nobody looks at the walls. It is when he is gone, and the house is filled with grooms and gazers, that we turn from the people, to find relief in the majestic men that are suggested by the pictures and the architecture.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I will say a lot of dancers do such beautiful things for their body and then they smoke a cigarette. I’ve never been a smoker, but I realized after taking yoga . . . in ballet you’re not encouraged to do a lot of breathing. I think in a weird way, a lot of dancers find relief in actually breathing.
Elizabeth Berkley
Violent pleasures which reach the soul through the body are generally of this sort-they are reliefs of pain.
There is no lasting hope in violence, only temporary relief from hopelessness.
Kingman Brewster, Jr.
I’m not a regionalist. Both places have their pros and cons. And the cultural differences are slighter than they are made out to be. L.A. riots, N.Y. shops. Both are good for stress relief.
Kyp Malone
Before you do something to help, your presence already can bring some relief.
Nhat Hanh
We not only heard it before 20 years ago, before George Bush in 2001 passed his tax relief, before in 2003 the tax relief were past, we were told they were dead. Before we provided prescription drugs for Medicare, we were told it wasn’t going to happen.
Ken Mehlman
Thousands of cities in America are crying out for relief from the burden of illegal immigration. Small towns like mine can no longer wait for Washington.
Lou Barletta
Directing is mystifying. It’s a long, long, skid on an icy road, and you do the best you can trying to stay on the road… If you’re still here when you come out of the spin, it’s a relief. But you’ve got to have the terror if you’re going to do anything worthwhile.
Mike Nichols
El Salvador has the scenery of northern California and the climate of southern California plus – and this was a relief – no Californians.
P. J. O’Rourke
After a few years of meditation practice we can even learn how to occasionally ignore ourselves. And what relief that can be!
Wes Nisker
Choosing to avoid uncomfortable feelings offers immediate short-term relief, but avoidance can lead to long-term consequences.
Amy Morin
(I would not say it to a living soul, of course, but this is dead paper and a great relief to my mind
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
In what bold relief stand out the lives of all walkers of the snow! The snow is a great tell-tale, and blabs as effectually as it obliterates. I go into the woods, and know all that has happened. I cross the fields, and if only a mouse has visited his neighbor, the fact is chronicled.
John Burroughs
I`m going to work night and day to make sure that Americans get the tax relief that they need and deserve, and that our economy needs and deserves.
Jay Carney
When Uganda got debt relief in 1999, the first item President Museveni bought was a presidential jacket for himself.
George Ayittey
But enough is enough. One turns at last even from glory itself with a sigh of relief. From the depths of mystery, and even from the heights of splendor, we bounce back and hurry for the latitudes of home.
Annie Dillard
Nothing relieves and ventilates the mind like a resolution.
John Burroughs
I’m hoping that maybe I can be part of a disaster relief effort, something that’s real life. That’s kind of what I do anytime I stop working: ‘OK, what’s something that you’ve really wanted to do?’
Missy Peregrym
I can testify to what UNICEF means to children, because I was among those who received food and medical relief right after World War II.
Audrey Hepburn
There’s always that relief you feel when you’re working on your own series that you can actually make it to your planned ending and that your audience will still be there to support you – and that your publisher will still exist.
Brian K. Vaughan
We did it!” I said, feeling limp with relief. “It actually worked!” Dr. Turgenev rubbed his forehead. “I had very big doubts.” “Big doubts?” I said weakly. The Russian scientist shrugged. “I am pessimist,” he said.
Kenneth Oppel
After working for years in Hollywood where the actors have taken over, it was a real relief to get down there and not only have some children, but also have some actors that had no attitude.
Phillip Noyce
There’s bipartisan efforts to change how FEMA works or, more importantly, change how relief funding trickles down to us down here.
Dan Crenshaw
With athletics, you put all that training in for only two major championships a year and the Olympics every four years. So when you get on top of the podium, it is relief and excitement and… Oh! it has all been worthwhile… the hard work, the sacrifices.
Jessica Ennis-Hill
Does not Eternity appear dreadful to you. I often get to thinking of it and it seems so dark to me that I almost wish there was no Eternity. To think that we must forever live and never cease to be. It seems as if Death would be a relief to so endless a state of existence.
Emily Dickinson
Simple truths are a relief from grand speculations.
Luc de Clapiers
Every day there are homeowners in California who will either receive relief so they can stay in their home, or will be in the foreclosure process and potentially lose their home. And that always weighed heavily on my mind.
Kamala Harris
There are compensations for growing older. One is the realization that to be sporting isn’t at all necessary. It is a great relief to reach this stage of wisdom.
Cornelia Otis Skinner
Entertainment provides relief. Art provokes engagement.
David Foster Wallace
The Minnesota spirit of compassion and help for people in need has moved countless Minnesotans to step forward to provide relief for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.
Jim Ramstad
Updike worked this way, and I just kinda borrowed it from him. So the memoir will be relief from novel writing for a moment.
Rick Moody
Indeed, we’re strongest when the face of America isn’t only a soldier carrying a gun but also a diplomat negotiating peace, a Peace Corps volunteer bringing clean water to a village, or a relief worker stepping off a cargo plane as floodwaters rise.
Colin Powell
If outer events bring him to a position where he can bear them no longer and force him to cry out to the higher power in helplessness for relief, or if inner feelings bring humiliation and recognition of his dependence on that power, this crushing of the ego may open the door to grace.
Paul Brunton
The sense of spiritual relief which comes from rejecting the idea of God as a supernatural being is enormous.
Julian Huxley
It is a relief to read some true book, wherein all are equally dead,–equally alive. I think the best parts of Shakespeare would only be enhanced by the most thrilling and affecting events. I have found it so. And so much the more, as they are not intended for consolation.
Henry David Thoreau
The Paycheck Protection Program has been vital to helping our small businesses and workers weather the coronavirus pandemic. Yet this program has operated with little oversight, and we’ve seen Kansas small businesses owners struggle to access relief while large corporations with deep pockets have no problem.
Sharice Davids
Chiropractic care is the only real, long-lasting relief that I have found for my neck pain due to an old injury.
James Arness
The blues are what I’ve turned to, what has given me inspiration and relief in all the trials of my life.
Eric Clapton
No relief was forthcoming from my then-Catholic faith, which said the practice of homosexuality was a ‘mortal sin’ subject to damnation.
James McGreevey
When the present is full of gloom, the past becomes haven of refuge that provides relief and inspiration.
Jawaharlal Nehru
Relief of distress or compassion shown to victims of misfortune.
A blessing that is an act of Divine compassion.
Noah Webster
Things don’t get tough in the studio. Sometimes things get tough outside the studio and going in the studio is a relief, a sanctuary, therapy.
Mark Kostabi
You look for comic relief in difficult times.
Colin Morgan
That man is never happy for the present is so true, that all his relief from unhappiness is only forgetting himself for a little while. Life is a progress from want to want, not from enjoyment to enjoyment.
Samuel Johnson
If I had one word to describe how I feel at never having to work with co-host Adam Savage again it’d be relief.
Jamie Hyneman
Sometimes it’s a relief just to focus on putting one foot in front of the other.
Allison Pearson
You write three pages over six hours, and you don’t feel like you’ve gotten anywhere, but if you’ve done a beautiful metaphor or a lovely sentence, or you finally got to some moment you wanted, then that’s worth it. Then you can close your computer and get a little relief.
Andrew Sean Greer
Nietzsche … does not shy from conscious exaggeration and one-sided formulations of his thought, believing that in this way he can most clearly set in relief what in his vision and in his inquiry is different from the run-of-the-mill.
Martin Heidegger
One bright sunny morning in the shadow of the steeple, by the Relief Office, I saw my people – As they stood hungry, I stood there wondering if God blessed America for me.
Woody Guthrie
C-17s should be ready to go at various military bases around the world packed with water, food, medical supplies, sleeping bags and tents, all prepared to be air dropped in alongside soldiers and doctors to begin relief efforts.
Steven Van Zandt
The Doors are perfect paintings; a relief from the picture world I’ve created for myself.
Gary Hume
That evening she glowed. She gave off a vibration of energy that he suspected only he could detect. Do I do this to you?, he wondered, as he watched her eat. Or is this just the relief of being out from under the forbidden eye of that husband of yours?
Jojo Moyes
The characters in my stories all have quite loud lives in my head. It’s a relief to get them on the page. Often they come from people I’ve noticed or overheard – but that is only a part of them. It’s only by writing that I discover who these people really are.
Rachel Joyce
She’s gone. I am abused, and my relief must be to loathe her.
William Shakespeare
Near the end I asked him one night in the hospital corridor what he thought was happening, and he said, “Tell her everything you haven’t said,” and I smiled with relief. “There’s nothing,” I said. “I’ve already told her everything.
Gail Caldwell
Even writers need relief from words.
Sarah Vowell
It was relief really, to know that I have scored on my England debut.
Dominic Calvert-Lewin
I’ve done a lot of death cartoons – tombstones, Grim Reaper, illness, obituaries… I’m not great at analyzing things, but my guess is that maybe the only relief from the terror of being alive is jokes.
Roz Chast
It’s such a relief to see Catholic and Protestant ministers getting on – that’s so rare. And in ‘I’d Do Anything,’ I’ve had so much support from folks back home, no matter what side they’re on.
Rachel Tucker
Americans want relief from uncontrolled immigration, which is what we have now.
Donald Trump
Crying can bring relief, as long as you don’t cry alone.
Anne Frank
It stung this new rejection, but it was also a relief to put an end to the ambiguity and incertitude. I had been deceiving myself the day I decided I could master the art of detachment, or maybe the mistake was to allow things to go on in that vein for as long as they had.
Catherine Sanderson
The nature of an ensemble means when you’re a supporting character and not the lead character, you get little tidbits here and there, but you’re usually there to provide bits of comic relief and little bits of action or something.
Owain Yeoman
It’s a great relief to feel that you’re working with someone rather than for someone. You don’t feel that you’re being tested, as it were.
John Hurt
So, all levels of government should be working on tax relief. That’s important.
Lee Zeldin
I started this charity, Fashion for Relief, in 2005, after Hurricane Katrina happened. New Orleans was actually the first place I visited in the United States. It was one of my first big jobs, a shoot for British Elle. It was April 14, 1986.
Naomi Campbell
The three-thousand hitting thing was the first time I let individual pressure get to me. I was uptight about it. When I saw the hit going through, I had a sigh of relief more than anything.
Carl Yastrzemski
My father died when I was nine and a half. We were on relief for two years. They call it welfare now, but it was relief then… I never forgot the generosity of New York.
Larry King
During the Greenspan-Bernanke era, the Fed has embraced the view that stability in the economy and stability in prices are mutually consistent. As long as inflation remains at or below its target level, the Fed’s modus operandi is to panic at the sight of real or perceived economic trouble and provide emergency relief.
Steve Hanke
Our economy is robust and will remain strong as more Americans who want a job find one. Republican economic policies based on tax relief are working for the American people.
Dennis Hastert
I’ve always – outside of the outfielders running over the hump, and it could be slightly dangerous, and it can impact play; of course it can. But on the other side I think, again, just if you’re pitching, a relief pitcher, I think it’s kind of a great place to get involved in a game.
Joe Maddon
I hope we are able to shift debate over to the Middle East and change this debate to how we help the people in their home countries rather than believing we can be their relief valve for the poverty and the grief that`s in the world by bringing people here.
Steve King
We’re in business to relieve human suffering, to help feed the poor, to provide education and culture – but above all else, we’re concerned with the relief of human suffering.
Jon Huntsman, Sr.
No one has a right to obstruct another exercising his faculties innocently for the relief of sensibilities made a part of his nature.
Thomas Jefferson
The thing I remember most about America is that it’s silly. That can be quite a relief at times.
Thom Yorke
Adolescence is a twentieth-century invention most parents approach with dread and look back on with the relief of survivors.
Faye Moskowitz
I’m on the verge of tears by the time we arrive at Pastels since I’m positive we won’t get seated but the table is good, and relief that is almost tidal in scope washes over me in an awesome wave.
Bret Easton Ellis
And He [God] and you are two things of such a kind that if you really get into any kind of touch with Him you will, in fact, be humble–delightedly humble, feeling the infinite relief of having for once got rid of all the silly nonsense about your own dignity which has made you restless and unhappy all your life.
C. S. Lewis
Farmers have about given up hope of getting farm relief and have decided to fertilize instead.
Will Rogers
Tears disturb and confuse men, but women know the relief they can bring. I didn’t cry because I couldn’t deal with my life, but because I could.
Megan Hart
Sometimes I wish for falling
Wish for the release
Wish for falling through the air
To give me some relief
Because falling’s not the problem
When I’m falling I’m in peace
It’s only when I hit the ground
It causes all the grief
Florence Welch
Come morning I found the day as I have found every other day–without relief or explanation.
Mark Z. Danielewski
And being in the EU has given Britain a stronger voice in the world. Britain leads in Europe, from trade to climate change, from good governance to debt relief for the poorest nations, and in turn Europe helps to lead the world.
Hilary Benn
I saw the destruction of Dresden. I saw the city before and then came out of an air-raid shelter and saw it afterward, and certainly one response was laughter. God knows, that’s the soul seeking some relief.
Kurt Vonnegut
Breaking the world record in ’92 was a very special personal moment, but I’d say my favorite moment as a decathlete was winning the Olympic gold medal. It was a lot of years of work, and when I won it, it was more a sense of relief than jubilation or exaltation.
Dan O’Brien
Risk always brings its own rewards: the exhilaration of breaking through, of getting to the other side; the relief of a conflict healed; the clarity when a paradox dissolves.
Marilyn Ferguson
Freemasonry teaches not merely temperance, fortitude, prudence, justice, brotherly love, relief, and truth, but liberty, equality, and fraternity, and it denounces ignorance, superstition, bigotry, lust tyranny and despotism.
Theodore Roosevelt
What the world needs is an Emergency Boss. An Emergency Czar. An Emergency Commander. A true Master Of Disaster. One person completely responsible for the anticipation, immediate reconnaissance, and urgent execution of rescue and relief efforts around the world.
Steven Van Zandt
Many access roads are too dangerous for relief workers, preventing them from carrying out assessments or reaching people in need.
Jan Egeland
I used to work with a relief group that took care of the people in the dump. We took them food and water and medicine and built homes and took them to church services, whatever was needed.
Luis Alberto Urrea
Everybody wanted to be the hero of their own story. Nobody wanted to be comic relief.
Lev Grossman
The self-help section of national bookstore chains in America is one of the largest sections. In a way, it’s nothing new, and in another way, very new. People have always searched for answers; that’s why we have religion. People have always been seeking some relief from their own mortality.
Holly Hunter
Those who enjoy their own emotionally bad health and who habitually fill their own minds with the rank poisons of suspicion, jealousy and hatred, as a rule take umbrage at those who refuse to do likewise, and they find a perverted relief in trying to denigrate them.
Johannes Brahms
My show is constantly evolving… new tricks are added, old ones are dropped… so it stays fresh. But it’s the randomly selected participants from the audience that make it fresh and provide some of the best comic relief.
David Copperfield
Every regulatory speech on derivatives takes a bow to their hedging ‘benefits.’ Less publicly, regulators pay their respects to derivative profits, a blessed relief from the banks’ troubled loans to less-developed countries, highly leveraged companies, and real estate swingers.
Carol Loomis
The moon is swimming naked and the summer night is fragrant with a mighty expectation of relief.
Leonard Cohen
Emperor Sid Caesar is gone to eternity himself now. He takes with him the gratitude of every one of us who first learned the relief of laughter from this genuinely great performer.
Ben Stein
I admit I have no forgiveness. If anyone is ever rude to me, however much they may try to make up, I can’t bring myself to re-establish the old [connection]. And when they drop me, I have a sense of relief.
Khushwant Singh
I left the world of jail with plenty of relief but, more than anything, with a sense of unease that I still can’t quite shake.
Keith Gessen
It is only in a crowd that man can become free of this fear of being touched. That is the only situation in which the fear changes into its opposite… The reversal of fear of being touched belongs to the nature of crowds. The feeling of relief is most striking where the density of the crowd is greatest
Elias Canetti
All parents are an embarrassment to their kids. Often, grandparents are the relief. Kids don’t have to resist you.
Anne Lamott
I think the people of New York have done a pretty great job with coming together for Sandy relief.
Tyson Chandler
I do love to cry. I’ll cry at the drop of a hat. I’ll cry at your basic television programme, let alone a weepie. But not big, heavy, serious crying. I haven’t done that for a while, which is a relief. More like a little welling up of joy.
Miranda Hart
Winning, to me, is relief; losing is like dying. It’s gut-wrenching.
Ben Howland
Age, with shamefaced relief, has learned the solvent quality of Time. It is this quality which makes possible the contemplation of certain embarrassing heavenly reunions.
Margaret Deland
Obama’s the most thoughtful-sounding president I can remember. He seems to be saying what he wants to say, and that is a great relief. He always sounds like he’s thinking about what he’s saying while he’s saying it, and that’s a rare thing in politicians.
Roy Blount, Jr.
Theres nothing like reading about a world that feels dead to throw your own beautiful, colorful life into sharp relief.
Ally Condie
When a great burden is lifted, the relief is not always felt at once. The galled places still ache.
Mary Roberts Rinehart
People want to know that they’re going to get tax relief and Donald Trump has promised that.
Kellyanne Conway
How do you bear it?” Finnick looks at me in disbelief. “I don’t, Katniss! Obviously, I don’t. I drag myself out of nightmares each morning and find there’s no relief in waking.” “The more you can distract yourself the better, ” he says. “First thing tomorrow, we’ll get you your own rope. Until then take mine.
Suzanne Collins
The celebrity aspect is nothing short of ridiculous, and auditioning is brutal and dehumanizing. Every time I see a pretty young girl on the subway reading sides for an audition, my only thought is, ‘Man, am I glad I’m not doing that anymore.’ I never feel nostalgia, just relief.
Mara Wilson
I always felt that the great high privilege, relief and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing.
Katherine Mansfield
Russia may well be willing to stop interfering in Eastern Ukraine in exchange for a degree of sanctions relief if it could be assured that ethnic Russians there would not face reprisals.
Richard N. Haass
With Kevin [Drew], as I said, in his own way just told me “You gotta find that person that talks to you in your songs.” I think we succeeded. I feel relief, to be quite honest with you.
Andy Kim
There was a time when doing “Zoolander 2” that I was literally flying between the “Zoolander” shoot and “The Leftovers” in Texas and at that point, I was getting comedy whiplash. It was a relief, though, to get to Rome and be like, “Oh my God, I get to laugh on set.”
Justin Theroux
After each dream, Frankie woke with a start, soaked in tears. But she found no relief in the peaceful silence of her room, because there everything was real. And the guilt was too immense to bear. Each time she opened her eyes, she’d quickly shut them. And wish that she had woken up for the very last time.
Lisi Harrison
Relief is not a word that ever enters my mind, about anything.
Zawe Ashton
We are farmers, nobody in the family has a government job and my family has been supporting me with difficulty. But it is a sort of relief now that I am able to support my family financially besides continuing with my training.
Neeraj Chopra
Is the fire gone?” “Yes,” I sighed. “Thank you, Edward.” “I love you,” he answered. “I know,” I breathed, so tired. I heard my favorite sound in the world: Edward’s quiet laugh, weak with relief.
Stephenie Meyer
It is a solemn thing to find oneself drawn out in prayer which knows no relief till the soul it is burdened with is born. It is no less solemn afterwards, until Christ is formed in them.
Amy Carmichael
I–though heart might find relief
Did I become a Christian man and choose for my belief
What seems most welcome in the tomb–play a predestined part.
Homer is my example and his unchristened heart.
William Butler Yeats
When people realize you’re not the stuffed shirt they think you are it’s such a relief and you have people who really like to be around you.
George Hamilton
Going to AA helped me to see that there were other people who had problems that had found a way to talk about them and find relief and humor through that.
Carrie Fisher
It’s such a joy to be able to play someone who is angry. It’s a joy and a relief.
Sandra Bullock
But I MUST say what I feel and think in some way — it is such a relief! But the effort is getting to be greater than the relief.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
It is a feeling of relief, almost of pleasure, at knowing yourself at last genuinely down and out. You have talked so often of going to the dogs – and well, here are the dogs, and you have reached them, and you can stand it. It takes off a lot of anxiety.
George Orwell
I drag myself out of nightmares each morning and find there’s no relief in waking.
Suzanne Collins
There is no relief at it being over. There is the joy of winning it.
Steffi Graf
Mothers born on relief have their babies on relief. Nothingness, truly, seems to be the condition of these New York people. They are nomads going from one rooming house to another, looking for a toilet that functions.
Elizabeth Hardwick
There is a great relief in experiencing the worst vicariously.
Fiona Shaw
Our common country is in great peril, demanding the loftiest views, and boldest action to bring it speedy relief. Once relieved, its form of government is saved to the world; its beloved history, and cherished memories, are vindicated; and its happy future fully assured, and rendered inconceivably grand.
Abraham Lincoln
Even while I was working on the novel I would also write short stories as relief, just to be in a wieldier world that could negotiated more easily and more quickly. In the novel, I even changed the narrator from a man to a woman.
Leni Zumas
From aerial robotics to big data analytics, technology presents the opportunity to expedite and magnify the impact of humanitarian relief efforts through greater efficiency and responsiveness: reaching more people, sooner, more cost-effectively, and saving more lives.
Tae Yoo
The war is relentless: it puts the alternative in a ruthless relief: either to perish, or to catch up with the advanced countries and outdistance them, too, in economic matters.
Vladimir Lenin
As we read the school reports on our children, we realize a sense of relief that can rise to delight that thank Heaven nobody is reporting in this fashion on us.
J. B. Priestley
Everybody kind of looks to comedians and comedy for relief and a fresh breath about what is going on in the world.
Sean Hayes
Madlen: ‘It’s a relief to me, Lady Queen, that in your own pain, you take no interest in hurting yourself.’ Bitterblue: ‘Why would I? Why should I? It’s foolish. I would like to kick the people who do it.’ Madlen: ‘That would, perhaps, be redundant, Lady Queen.
Kristin Cashore
We have a real economic growth problem in America. We are limping along. Wages are flat. And jobs aren’t being created near to the extent that they could and should be. So we think regulatory relief is very, very important.
Paul Ryan
She did not know if her gift came from the lord of light or of darkness, and now, finally finding that she didn’t care which, she wad overcome with almost indescribable relief, as if a huge weight, long carried, had slipped from her shoulders.
Stephen King
The prime duty of help to the poor by the Church is not to bring temporal relief to their needs, but salvation to their souls.
Marion G. Romney
I am an instrument in the shape/ of a woman trying to translate pulsations/ into images for the relief of the body/ and the reconstruction of the mind.
Adrienne Rich
Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.
Pema Chodron
Social enterprise is at its most impactful when the goal is empowerment, not relief.
Neil Blumenthal
What our economy needs is direct job creation by the government and mortgage-debt relief for stressed consumers. What it very much does not need is a transfer of billions of dollars to corporations that have no intention of hiring anyone except more lobbyists.
Paul Krugman
Love is the first ingredient in the relief of suffering.
Pio of Pietrelcina
In a lot of ways, it was a huge relief, not being a member of a troupe, being able to make your own decisions and kind of live your own life.
Dave Foley
Death is the wish of some, the relief of many, and the end of all.
Seneca the Younger
I predict that you students who are burning out from the pressure to fix upon a career choice as early as possible and tailor your studies accordingly, will find relief for a few hours here and there in a great library.
Hilary Farr
I was just in Las Vegas, where prostitution is legal. Which is a relief because I live in Los Angeles, where it is mandatory.
Greg Fitzsimmons
The ultimate goal of a habit-forming product is to solve the user’s pain by creating an association so that the user identifies the company’s product or service as the source of relief.
Nir Eyal
You feel free in Australia. There is great relief in the atmosphere – a relief from tension, from pressure, an absence of control of will or form. The Skies open above you and the areas open around you.
D. H. Lawrence
Since I came out of the closet, I’ve gotten to just really be myself and feel authentic and honest and genuine. It’s just been a huge relief for me competitively.
Gus Kenworthy
The sole relief I am asking for is to be released from military prison after serving six years of confinement as a person who did not intend to harm the interests of the United States or harm any service members.
Chelsea Manning
The army of relief and other subsidy recipients will continue to grow, and the solvency of the government will become increasingly un tenable, as long as part of the population can vote to force the other part to support it.
Henry Hazlitt
On his daughter, Ava: She is a relief from all the stress in my life; everyday she does something new and it is so amazing.
Ryan Phillippe
Whether it is a call to action for blood drives, disaster relief, or just community outreach, the American Red Cross does an extraordinary job at not only meeting the immediate needs of a community, but also the preparation and planning for long-term support.
Darius Rucker
When you go through a long illness, certainly one of cancer, there’s a certain release from it and relief that it has come to an end, because the suffering can be unbearable, as opposed to an abrupt stop to life when they go out the door and there’s a loved one who never comes home because of some accident.
Pierce Brosnan
I knew my successor would be better than me for the next stage of the company’s life. And it was a relief – I’d been doing it for 30 years. My only worry was what the hell I was going to do with my time.
Peter Hargreaves
The tax relief package enacted in 2001 was central to pulling the economy out of the post 9-11 recession. It’s the reason we’ve got low unemployment and have created more than two million jobs in the last year.
J. D. Hayworth
It’s quite nice coming off doing a dark, upsetting scene. It’s a relief that that’s over with, and then you can get back to happy old Sophie.
Sophie Turner
It’s fundamentally unfair to have so much of the tax relief go to so few. And it is a 10-year tax plan rather than one, as mine, focused on the next two years, which in my opinion is the critical time to jumpstart the economy.
Bob Graham
It’s possible to do your best work at your highest level without competing. I’m not anticompetition, but at an individual level, it can be degrading for both sides. And it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve done pretty well at getting past that sort of thing, and it’s a relief not to have the rancor.
Raymond Pettibon
I place us where we are a happy couple who are madly in love, and we are kissing the way people kiss on their wedding day. With joy and relief and love. Without guilt. Without Shame.
A.S. King
A true relief effort for hurricane victims is not a partisan issue. However, in Washington we are notorious for making our jobs far more difficult than they need to be.
Mark Meadows
COVID relief means not only addressing the health impacts of this pandemic, but also rebuilding our economy.
Alex Padilla
I play music a lot but on my own mostly, so it was nice to be around other people. There was a certain sense a relief in the physical act of just playing and being with other musicians.
Robert Wyatt
Tears were a blessing; they were a relief; they did wash the ache from the heart, ease brain strain, and encourage the soul.
Gene Stratton-Porter
I believe in my heart that the music community will come together as one and rally to the aid of thousands of innocent victims, … There is a tremendous need for relief dollars right now and through this effort each one of us can play an immediate role in helping comfort so many people.
Michael Jackson
The War is the first and only thing in the world today. The arts generally are not, nor is this writing a diversion from that for relief, a turning away. It is the war or part of it, merely a different sector of the field.
William Carlos Williams
The architecture or look fo a line is really important to me, and often ice can add something to the look of the wall. A dry rock wall is often not very dramatic. You add ice and snow and the features stand out in greater relief and it looks much wilder.
Jeff Lowe
A grief without a pang, void, dark and drear, A drowsy, stifled, unimpassioned grief, Which finds no natural outlet or relief, In word, or sigh, or tear.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
They say that when you’re really in love, the world becomes gossamer and gorgeous, but in my experience the world gets grimy, and the love object is in stark relief from the surroundings. This is love, a pretty thing on an ugly street.
Daniel Handler
The priority of any addict is to anaesthetise the pain of living to ease the passage of day with some purchased relief.
Russell Brand
So the floodgates open, but nothing comes out. I’m feeling no relief in my head, just doubt. But my heart keeps telling me, ‘hold your ground. You’ll never learn a thing if you bail out now.
Missy Higgins
George W. Bush is very popular in Sub-Saharan Africa. Why? Because of PEPFAR, the President’s Emergency Program for AIDS Relief.
Hillary Clinton
Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency.
Natalie Goldberg
So what exactly are the rewards of resentment. It is always a relief to know that the reason we have failed in life is not because we lack the talent, energy, or determination to succeed, but because of a factor that is beyond our control and that has loaded the dice decisively against us.
Theodore Dalrymple
The relief of enemies has a tendency to unite mankind in fraternal affection.
Samuel Johnson
Speaking out to your close ones, even if it is over the phone, is the right way to relieve stress and further amplify the same relief by meditation.
Gurmeet Choudhary
If I had to define life in a single phrase, I should clearly express my thought of throwing into relief one characteristic which, in my opinion, sharply differentiates biological science. I should say: life is creation.
Claude Bernard
Relief has its place. But what the people need is not relief, but release – release of their own potential for development.
Y. C. James Yen
Why should we tolerate a diet of weak poisons, a home in insipid surroundings, a circle of acquaintances who are not quite our enemies, the noise of motors with just enough relief to prevent insanity? Who would want to live in a world which is just not quite fatal?
Rachel Carson
Tonight. After the reaping, everyone is supposed to celebrate. And a a lot of people do, out of relief that their children have been spared for another year. But at least two families will pull their shutters, lock their doors, and try to figure out how they will survive the painful weeks to come.
Suzanne Collins
I know I’m not a woman’s fantasy man; I don’t have to uphold this image of male beauty, so that’s kind of a relief in a way.
Steve Carell
I’m happy to be making my first appearance on air professionally. By that I mean I’m finally getting paid, which I know will be a great relief to my creditors.
Jack Benny
To entertain at home is both a relief and a rediscovery – of rooms and settings, of your favorite things, and particularly of your own tastes and ideas.
Martha Stewart
Piety is the only proper and adequate relief of decaying man. He that grows old without religions hopes, as he declines into imbecility, and feels pains and sorrows incessantly crowding upon him, falls into a gulf of bottomless misery, in which every reflection must plunge him deeper and deeper.
Samuel Johnson
Reflection must be reserved for solitary hours; whenever she was alone, she gave way to it as the greatest relief; and not a day went by without a solitary walk, in which she might indulge in all the delight of unpleasant recollections.
Jane Austen
(Mike) Schmitty provided what the relief pitchers need most, home runs and great defense. He’s the best third baseman that I ever played with, and maybe of all-time. Obvious Hall of Famer, even then. He retired while on top of his game. I thought for sure he was going to hit 600 home runs.
Steve Carlton
At the extremity of hardship comes relief and at the tightening of the chains of trials and tribulations comes ease.
Boonaa Mohammed
You’re insane!” she shouted. “Pretty cool, huh?” “No!”Tally yelled. “Why didn’t you tell me it was broken?” Shay shrugged. “More fun that way?” “More fun?” Her heart beating fast,her vision strangely clear. She was full of anger and relief and…joy. “Well, kind of. But you suck!
Scott Westerfeld
Dad liked to self-deprecatingly joke about his career, but Ernie Johnson was a pretty darn good relief pitcher.
Ernie Johnson Jr.
Give up the feeling of responsibility, let go your hold, resign the care of your destiny to higher powers, be genuinely indifferent as to what becomes of it all and you will find not only that you gain a perfect inward relief, but often also, in addition, the particular goods you sincerely thought you were renouncing.
William James
There is an enormous amount of options that a physician can provide today, right down from curing patients, treating patients, or providing patients with psychic solace or pain relief. So, in fact, the gamut of medical intervention is enormous.
Siddhartha Mukherjee
I can personally feel the relief myself in my audiences when I bring up Obama because there was a lot of anti-Obama sentiment out there before the capture of bin Laden.
Tommy Davidson
As a member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, I will continue to work to bring resources, accountability and relief to our health care system.
Jacky Rosen
Just as we would have no need of the farmer’s labor and toil if we were living amid the delights of paradise, so also we would not require the medical art for relief if we were immune to disease, as was the case, by God’s gift, at the time of Creation before the Fall.
Saint Basil
Every time somebody has thought of relief for the farmer it has been to make it so he could borrow more money. What he needs is some way to pay back. Not some way to borrow more.
Will Rogers
I now have Youth Olympic, Olympic and European Games titles, which is a dream. I didn’t fight that well and just scraped through a lot of the fights, but winning is a relief, and it’s more points towards the Rio Olympics, which takes a bit of pressure off me.
Jade Jones
It is 100% easier not to do things than to do them, and so much fun not to do them – especially when you were supposed to do them. In terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin.
John Mulaney
The relief of ‘Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami’ is that it seeks to square the person with the provocateuse.
Wesley Morris
When a writer’s whole being is poured into a piece of work, there is never enough. The feeling of finally getting to the end of a piece of work, of making it as good as you can at that moment, is more of a relief than anything else, and then you wait for reviews.
Dani Shapiro
We need to work together, on a bipartisan basis, to create new jobs, increase job training, enact real and substantive middle class tax relief, and reward companies that create jobs at home.
Ruben Hinojosa
President Franklin D. Roosevelt had to find a way to help the American people. In 1933, he created a relief program known as the New Deal. Two years later, he expanded the New Deal by adding the Works Progress Administration, which was renamed the Work Projects Administration in 1939.
Kathi Appelt
What we ought not do is play politics with those who’ve been afflicted by disasters. This should not be controversial. Stop playing politics, do the right thing for the country and let’s make sure we’re not making politics with disaster relief.
David Plouffe
To be busy with material affairs is the best preservative against reflection, fears, doubts … all these things which stand in the way of achievement. I suppose a fellow proposing to cut his throat would experience a sort of relief while occupied in stropping his razor carefully.
Joseph Conrad
My idea is to provide maximum entertainment to audiences who want to experience the horror factor, laced with comedy that provides the relief.
Raghava Lawrence
Sprinting is my stress relief, something to do to relax. I don’t know what I would do without it.
Kadeena Cox
WIth both trepidation and relief, I abandoned pragmatism in favor of magnetism.
Tama J. Kieves
Discovering the ‘impossible’ ending to a new book makes me sick with joy and relief.
Chuck Palahniuk
The tax relief that this Congress has given now in terms of four tax cuts has overwhelmingly gone to the people at the very top of the income scale in America.
Richard Neal
When I speak to a victim or their family, people who were left bruised and battered by someone, and can give them some small relief, I know I’m winning in some small way, and I’m part of a process that sometimes works.
Loretta Lynch
I’m too small for the universe to revolve around me. It is a huge relief!
Neko Case
I has a dream about reality. It was such a relief to wake up.
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
I started stuffing wads of cash into my socks and underwear and quietly passed by the T.S.A. agents with a grin on my face and a sigh of relief.
Tim Donaghy
The office of drama is to exercise, possibly to exhaust, human emotions. The purpose of comedy is to tickle those emotions into an expression of light relief; of tragedy, to wound them and bring the relief of tears. Disgust and terror are the other points of the compass.
Laurence Olivier
The first object of the painter is to make a flat plane appear as a body in relief and projecting from that plane
Leonardo da Vinci
People need permanent tax relief.
Kevin Faulconer
In a weird way, it’s kind of a relief to think, ‘Oh, I know I’m not that young sort of pretty thing anymore.’ It’s quite nice talking about what it was like to be the young pretty thing, rather than being it.
Jude Law
Everybody wants life to speak to them with special kindness. Every personal story begs to be steered toward reverie, toward some relief from unpleasant truths: That you are a self, that beyond anything else you want the best for that self. That, if it is to be you or someone else, you need it to be you, no matter what.
Darin Strauss
It is so clear that the conservatives in Congress will only settle for a bill that allows the unequal treatment of immigrants, allow them to be shoved around the system with no way to plead their case for relief.
Rashida Tlaib
I’ll never feel as comfortable singing as I do playing. The mandolin is my real voice. My actual voice is sort of my secondary voice, but I love to do it and I love giving people relief from playing with a little bit of singing.
Chris Thile
For most people reform meant relief from ecclesiastical extortions.
Barbara Tuchman
There was no welfare state, and people had to rely mainly on the Poor Law – that was all the state provided. It was very degrading, very humiliating. And there was a means test for receiving poor relief.
Barbara Castle
But my relief that David Auburn’s Proof is less about its ballyhooed higher mathematics than the fragility of life and love was matched by my delight in his fine and tender play. (…) Proof surprises us with its aliveness and intelligent modesty, and we have not met these characters before.
John Heilpern
Practically everything from hairstyles to lifestyles is endorsed as some sort of drug to be taken Now for Instant Relief.
Benjamin Hoff
On Twitter one lady said, I’ve seen corpses that look better than Shirley.’ I saw the picture she was talking about that Comic Relief had posted and I thought, Well yeah, she’s got a point.’
Shirley Ballas
What will I become? Because I won’t be me any longer. That will be a relief. I dont want to be the helpless person I’ve always been.
Julie Anne Peters
We have to do a film parody for Comic Relief. We can’t decide which film to parody at the moment. Any ideas welcome, but not Spiderman owing to costume being too tight.
Dawn French
The back is like a frame, the front body, the painting that it throws into relief.
B.K.S. Iyengar
I thank heaven I have often had it in my power to give help and relief, and this is still my greatest pleasure. If I could choose my sphere of action now, it would be that of the most simple and direct efforts of this kind.
Reinhold Niebuhr
One of the things that Africa needs, everybody seems to agree, is some measure of debt relief.
Gwen Ifill
What I do believe absolutely is that in the middle of a recession, the American middle class and working class needs a tax relief.
Bernie Sanders
Forecasting by bureaucrats tends to be used for anxiety relief rather than for adequate policy making.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Long-term effects of taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories are never really good. To find another form of relief has been great.
Ian Poulter
Death is staring too long into the burning sun and the relief of entering a cool, dark room.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
It is impossible to understand addiction without asking what relief the addict finds, or hopes to find, in the drug or the addictive behaviour.
Gabor Mate
People complain about their griefs and sorrows and how they pray to God but find no relief from pain. But grief itself is a gift from God. It is the symbol of His compassion.
Sarada Devi
Torture is not torture when there’s any hope of relief.
Tahereh Mafi
Generally, the younger the victim, the greater the grief. Yet even when the elderly or infirm have been afforded merciful relief, their loved ones are rarely ready to let go.
Russell M. Nelson
All parents are an embarrassment to their kids. Often grandparents are the relief. Kids don’t have to resist you.
Anne Lamott
I’m big on feel, and I think it can help a relief pitcher gain feel before he goes into the game.
Joe Maddon
I knew you could find a certain relief in begging God, it had helped me, but on the other hand, God never answered directly and that was always depressing.
Darcey Steinke
For fast-acting relief try slowing down.
Lily Tomlin
I think the meaning of abortion is what the woman says it is: For a woman who wants a child but can’t have this one, it can be sad; for a woman who doesn’t want a baby, it can feel like a huge relief, like having your whole life given back to you.
Katha Pollitt
When I did Comic Relief, I did it to be on the show; it’s a badge of honor as a comedian to do that show.
Drew Carey
Changing husbands is about as satisfactory as changing a bundle from one hand to the other; it gives you only temporary relief.
Helen Rowland
There was such a sense of relief on the left when New Labour came to power that certain orthodoxies could not be challenged. People became desperate to hang on to the ascendancy of left ideas without really questioning what they were about.
Claire Fox
We are continuing to look for ways that we can do something that’s good for both of us. Good for both of us being the Cowboys relative to relief as to our cap management and good for him that would maybe be some pluses for him on his contract.
Jerry Jones
The greatest grossness sometimes accompanies the greatest refinement, as a natural relief.
William Hazlitt
The first time I had sex, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was a relief when the whole thing was over after just 45 minutes.
Anthony Jeselnik
Love is cheering and sharing and compassion, and giving and receiving. Love is an action thing more than a word thing, that brings comfort or joy, or relief to anyone or anything.
Ziggy Marley
Books have literally powered most of my life. Whether as a stress relief when doing hard things or as vacation fodder, they are a constant and important part of my life.
Harper Reed
There are times a country is so tired of bull that only the truth can provide relief.
Molly Ivins
I think it’s an accumulation of work over the years, culminating with our work during the Hurricane Katrina-Rita relief effort.
Greg Roberts
I’m sort of the comic relief after a hard day at work. My message is that it’s OK to relax
Larry King
We want to deliver tax relief all across the country, no matter where you live.
Kevin Brady
There is a great advantage in training under unfavorable conditions. It is better to train under bad conditions, for the difference is then a tremendous relief in a race.
Emil Zatopek
But see, the shepherds shun the noonday heat,
The lowing herds to murmuring brooks retreat,
To closer shades the panting flocks remove;
Ye gods! And is there no relief for love?
Alexander Pope
The rare opportunity of writing music for a movie about the making of ‘Mary Poppins’ was impossible to ignore. The fact that it could provide emotional content in relief of the struggles that the Sherman brothers and Walt Disney endured was reason enough to take on the challenge.
Thomas Newman
Why do bad things happen? For pedagogical reasons, so that we can experience the power of Allah, catch a glimpse of Hell and fear it, so that we can practice seeking refuge in Him and, when relief comes give thanks to His mercy. Darkness was created so that, like plants, we could yearn and turn to the light.
Leila Aboulela
Running has always been a relief and a sanctuary—something that makes me feel good, both physically and mentally. For me it’s not so much about the health benefits. Those are great, but I believe that the best thing about running is the joy it brings to life.
Kara Goucher
You can see the relief on Falcao’s shoulders.
Michael Gray
To go from Girl, Interrupted, where I had to cry every day, to a TV show like West Wing where I get to laugh and joke around every day, has been a welcome relief.
Elisabeth Moss
When you taste super-success after tasting super-failure, there is huge relief.
Akshay Kumar
For years we have been taught not to like things. Finally somebody said it was OK to like things. This was a great relief. It was getting hard to go around not liking everything.
David Byrne
Economic growth, profitability, prosperity, jobs, increased jobs, increased wages, they’re able to get that tax rate down to 15% and we’re gonna call it tax relief, not tax breaks, not tax loopholes. It’s important to control and reclaim the language here.
Rush Limbaugh
I’m sort of a gym buff. It’s a stress relief for me. But I only go for 20 minutes at a time.
Kayla Ewell
The thing I thought about doing it was it’s Comic Relief and you’ve got to be funny. So although I did try to sing properly it obviously has hilarious results when you can’t sing.
Jo Brand
How can I be kind? How can I find bird-relief in the nest-building of day-to-day? Necessity supplies no velvet wing with which to escape. I am indeed and mortally pierced with the seeds of love.
Elizabeth Smart
Novels are so much unrulier and more stressful to write. A short story can last two pages and then it’s over, and that’s kind of a relief. I really like balancing the two.
Aimee Bender
I drank from the bottle again and it was a scary plunge because I always wanted to take too much. It hurt, but it was also impressive, like being in the hands of a bigger force. And because of that, a relief.
James Franco
I know the world that I am painting is not a reality. It is a whim, an entertainment to provoke something in people, whether as escapism or relief. I think that is very valid.
Tim Walker
What happiness it is to listen to rain at night; joyful relief, ease; a lapping-round and hushing and brooding tenderness, all are mingled together in the sound of the fast-falling rain. God, looking down upon the rainy earth, sees how faint are these lights shining in little windows, – how easily put out.
Katherine Mansfield
That’s it. With equal parts regret and relief, the Jane’s Addiction experiment is at an end.
Eric Avery
Death is the wish of some, the relief of many, and the end of all.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
The whole point of politics is to stay in touch, to be relevant to modern problems, to offer people relief from current worries, to give them hope based on contemporary experience.
John Redwood
Whose lenient sorrows find relief, whose joys are chastened by their grief.
Walter Scott
What a relief. I didn’t have to check the toilet for anything or the light bulbs or the phone. It was just good old-fashioned friendship.
Julia Roberts
A women under stress is not immediately concerned with finding solutions to her problems but rather seeks relief by expressing herself and being understood.
John Gray
The first time I watched television I felt exactly as if something important had taken an elevator ride up to my head and gotten off and turned on the light in my mind. I knew that I was going to do something in television. It was in my cards. I remember feeling the warm relief of knowing where my future was.
Mary Wells Lawrence
It was physically difficult, adjusting to wheelchair life, but I remember a great relief and happiness that I was finally getting somewhere, finding musicians to work with that were sympathetic.
Robert Wyatt
The Child Care is Essential Act and the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act will deliver urgently-needed relief to providers and working families.
Mikie Sherrill
Old muleskinners told how the mules were waiting at the shaft when they arrived each morning. They wanted relief from the heat, deerflies and mosquitoes just like the men.
Harry Anderson
The private and serious drama of guilt is not often a useful one for fiction today and its disappearance, following perhaps the disappearance from life, appears as a natural, almost unnoticed relief, like some of the challenging illnesses wiped out by drug and vaccines.
Elizabeth Hardwick
Workouts, for me, are more about stress relief and having more energy to do the things I need to do. That’s a much healthier way of approaching exercise. All of those other things will come if you commit to it. It really is about being a happy person.
Anna Kaiser
I would give relief from the first $10,000 of the payroll tax. I would allow small businesses to accelerate depreciation so they would have an incentive to buy now rather than defer. I would also give to the states $40 billion of relief.
Bob Graham
I grew up and I became very successful at what I did as a young man. I became a work addict because this was the only way I could get any relief from this pain.
Keith Miller
I work independently of the director, and to some extent, that’s actually a big relief to them. When I come to them in post-production, they’re tired and over-budget. What can be better to them than presenting a full score totally gift-wrapped?
James Newton Howard
Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.
Mark Twain
As people flock to urban centers where ground space is limited, cities with green walls and roofs and skyscraper farms offer improved health and well-being, renewable resources, reliable food supply, and relief to the environment.
Diane Ackerman
When regulations on the housing industry are reasonable, the cost of housing goes down. Regulatory relief is needed to make housing more affordable to more Americans.
Randy Neugebauer
He[Ted Danson] was clearly not a football player, and not only physically. He didn’t bring that attitude, that mentality. At the time, there was a [Red Sox] relief pitcher named Bill Lee, the “Spaceman.” He was kind of nuts, as we found out a lot of relievers are.
Shelley Long
There has always been something less than wholesome about New Labour. But Blair for a long time had an easy ride. There was the whopping majority. There was the relief that the Tories were finally gone. There was the grand hyperbole.
Martin Jacques
The SPR is intended to provide relief at times when working families are struggling to make ends meet, and to counter the price shocks that accompany severe supply disruptions. Now is undoubtedly such a time.
Bill Vaughan
With the ministry’s motto ‘Research on a Shoestring’ emblazoned on his coat of arms, he has to struggle with a treasury more interested in surtax relief than national survival. [Responding to an earlier statement by British Science Minister, Lord Hailsham, that British scientists were being recruited by the U.S.]
Harold Wilson
Take a relief. You draw it, you carve it out. Later you build it up from a flat surface. There is no other way to do a sculpture – you either add or you subtract.
Urs Fischer
If one seeks relief from unbearable pressure, one is to eat hashish.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Providing tax relief and reducing regulations leads to job creation and new economic opportunities for our small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
I had a lot of time to think, and that is not good for your mind. And when it actually happened, it was not so much a celebration but the relief. It was an exorcism anxiety. After each race there is a procedure in which you get taken off to the podium and the TV interviews.
Damon Hill
It was physically difficult, adjusting to wheelchair
life, but I remember a great relief and happiness that I was finally
getting somewhere, finding musicians to work with that were sympathetic.
Robert Wyatt
It’s such a joy to be able to play someone who is angry. It’s a joy and a relief. Having to be nice all the time is exhausting and boring.
Sandra Bullock
Priorities like winning the War on Terror and providing tax relief that will keep our economy growing strong.
Dennis Hastert
Doing comic roles is a great relief considering the power-packed roles that are usually offered to me.
Divya Dutta
The only still center of my life is Macbeth. To go back to doing this bloody, crazed, insane mass-murderer is a huge relief after trying to get my cell phone replaced.
Patrick Stewart
Speaking nothing of how we often fall short in keeping our promises, we frequently play an unnecessary game of politics with key issues – using must-pass legislation such as disaster relief as a vehicle to sweeten unrelated, contentious bills that may not otherwise pass as stand-alone measures.
Mark Meadows
You cannot achieve happiness. Happiness happens and is a transitory stage. Imagine how happy I felt when I got relief from bladder pressure. How long did that happiness last?
Frederick Salomon Perls
After-school tutoring programs, care for the elderly, shelters for the homeless, disaster relief work, and a variety of other services would all benefit from government funding.
Tony Campolo
Trees’re always a relief, after people.
David Mitchell
If I’m a pitcher, my only point would be that if I’m a relief pitcher, I think I like the idea of warming up on the field.
Joe Maddon
There is a measure needing courage to adopt and enforce it, which I believe to be of virtue sufficient to redeem the nation in this its darkest hour: one only; I know of no other to which we may rationally trust for relief from impending dangers without and within.
Robert Dale Owen
I’m a big fan of the whole Comic Relief brand.
Edith Bowman
For many people out there in the world, music is the only thing that gives them relief, so it’s awesome to be a part of that tradition.
Richard Patrick
Living is a sickness to which sleep provides relief every sixteen hours. It’s a palliative. The remedy is death.
Nicolas Chamfort
When you say something really unkind, when you do something in retaliation your anger increases. You make the other person suffer, and he will try hard to say or to do something back to get relief from his suffering. That is how conflict escalates.
Nhat Hanh
Charm and nothing but charm at last grows a little tiresome. It’s a relief then to deal with a man who isn’t quite so delightful but a little more sincere.
W. Somerset Maugham
It is a maxim in our law that a plaintiff must shew that he stands on a fair ground when he calls on a Court of justice to administer relief to him.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I have been working, as emergency relief coordinator, on an international scale, very hard to build a wider alliance of partners in assistance efforts.
Jan Egeland
If you’re doing a drama that has some comedic elements you can’t forget that it’s primarily a very serious film that has some light relief.
Robert Downey, Jr.
All the terrible things we do to ourselves and others from alcoholism to character assignation to abuse to murder come from one cause: the inability to stay present with an uncomfortable feeling in the body and seek short-term relief.
Pema Chodron
If all pleasure is relief from tension, junk affords relief from the whole life process, in disconnecting the hypothalamus, which is the center of psychic energy and libido.
William S. Burroughs
Very, very broadly speaking, you can put directors into two areas: One for whom you work, and the other with whom you work. And I prefer the latter, for obvious reasons. It’s a great relief to feel that you’re working with someone rather than for someone.
John Hurt
I feel relief after the transfer window is closed. I got tired of reading and listening every day about me leaving or staying at Liverpool. Everyone wrote ‘Dejan is here, Dejan is there,’ and they knew nothing!
Dejan Lovren
I sang in church, but growing up in the neighborhood, music was more of an expression of relief or entertainment.
My brief flash of relief and confidence melted away. Good thing it did, too. I’m sure the world would come to an end if I were allowed to feel a sense of relief and well-being for any length of time.
Jim Butcher
It wasn’t awful to be dead. The stillness would almost be a relief. She wouldn’t want pain, she wouldn’t want to be wounded or mutilated. She could never shoot herself or jump off a building. But being dead wasn’t unthinkable.
Janet Fitch
I’ve always been drawn to solitude, felt a kind of luxurious relief in its self-generated pace and rhythms.
Caroline Knapp
Poverty is not a mortgage on the labor of others-misfortu ne is not a mortgage on achievement-fai lure is not a mortgage on success-sufferi ng is not a claim check, and its relief is not the goal of existence-man is not a sacrificial animal on anyone’s altar nor for anyone’s cause-life is not one huge hospital.
Ayn Rand
The United States is not stingy. We are the greatest contributor to international relief efforts in the world.
Colin Powell
many of the guests will eventually leave the table to watch football on television, which would be a rudeness at any other occasion but is a relief at Thanksgiving and probably the only way to get those people to budge.
Judith Martin
The great medical facilities are a relief for the parents, too, who don’t have to think about caring for their young ones on their own for a weekend. They have a great time.
Jami Gertz
Though President Obama was at his smooth and polished best the other night, two aspects of his worldview came into sharper relief – his reflexive hostility toward and misunderstanding of business and his reliable resort to left-wing fables about race relations.
Mona Charen
Punk allowed women to stop looking feminine. Oh, the relief.
Jo Brand
Unlike the victims of 9/11, who received plenty of relief aid compensation from the government and charitable institutions, those who suffered hate crimes were given very little. As tax-paying citizens of the country, they too deserved similar compensation.
Puneet Issar
Love is cheering and sharing and compassion and giving and receiving. Love is an action thing more than a word thing, that brings comfort or joy or relief to anyone or anything.
Ziggy Marley
Be spiritually independent enough that your relationship with the Savior doesn’t depend on your circumstances or on what other people say and do. Have the spiritual independence to be a Mormon–the best Mormon you can–in your own way. Not the bishop’s way. Not the Relief Society president’s way. Your way.
Chieko N. Okazaki
But, as old Swedish legends say, Of all the birds upon that day, The swallow felt the deepest grief, And longed to give her Lord relief, And chirped when any near would come. Hugswala swala swal honom! Meaning, as they who tell it deem, Oh, cool, oh, cool and comfort Him!
Charles Godfrey Leland
Inching one’s way along a steep cliff in the dark: on reaching the highway, one breathes a sigh of relief. Just when one can’t take any more, one sees the moonlight. Beauty that seems to infuse itself into the heart: I know about that
Banana Yoshimoto
If it is a relief to take your clothes off at night, be sure that something is wrong. Clothes should not be a burden. They shouldbe a comfort and a protection.
Ellen Swallow Richards
What modern humans need help with is escaping from the despair of politics, commerce and media, escaping from the drabness and oppressiveness of worldly values and seeing through suburban mentality and normal community standards so that they can find some much-needed relief for their wilting souls.
Michael Leunig
Public charities and benevolent associations for the gratuitous relief of every species of distress, are peculiar to Christianity; no other system of civil or religious policy has originated them; they form its highest praise and characteristic feature.
Charles Caleb Colton
When I make a movie, it’s almost a relief to get shooting ’cause the hell is over, or part of the hell is over.
David Ayer
Old age brings along with its uglinesses the comfort that you will soon be out of it, – which ought to be a substantial relief to such discontented pendulums as we are.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I went through ups and downs as a young player dealing with criticism and things of that nature. To finally win that first NBA championship, it was definitely a relief of a lot of pressure and frustration we dealt with as a team. It was great to bring a championship to the city of Chicago.
Scottie Pippen
When you’re a choreographer and you put so much into a routine that’s emotionally driven, those are like my ideas and my little babies that I have here and then I put them out there and they’re there to be judged and looked at. When it’s all over, it’s just such a relief.
Derek Hough
Congress did a good thing back in 1995 in passing the Deep Water Royalty Relief Act. That act did a simple thing. It provided automatic royalty relief for new leases for 5 years in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Bobby Jindal
The biggest relief off my shoulders was when I retired from Test cricket and I knew I didn’t have to bowl 40 overs in a Test anymore.
Dale Steyn
Books afford the surest relief in the most melancholy moments.
Johann Georg Ritter von Zimmermann
Introducing a social investment tax relief will make investment even more appealing and accessible.
David Gauke
When I retired I was done and it was instant relief. Instant.
Adam Goodes
I still wanted to see it officially on the scoreboard but, when it was announced ‘Denise Lewis is Olympic champion,’ it was just like a volcano of elation, relief and satisfaction exploding through my system.
Denise Lewis
We reached a high point in my opinion with the passage of the civil rights legislation and Martin Luther King’s success and the crusade of others. I think we kind of breathed a sigh of relief as if we had achieved the end of racial discrimination or white supremacy.
Jimmy Carter
Near the gates and within two cities there will be scourges the like of which was never seen: famine within plague, people put out by steel, crying to the great immortal God for relief.
Low unemployment numbers are clear indicators that Republican tax relief and economic policies are spurring growth and helping businesses hire new workers while providing American families with job security.
J. D. Hayworth
It was such a relief to program in user mode for a change. Not having to care about the small stuff is wonderful.
Linus Torvalds
Happiness is not an individual matter. When you are able to bring relief, or bring back the smile to one person, not only that person profits, but you also profit.
Nhat Hanh
Relief is a short-lived emotion, passive and thin. The agony of doubt disappears, leaving little memory of how it really felt. Life aligns behind the new truth.
Ann Brashares
Art and literature have given so many people the relief of feeling connected – pulled us out of isolation. It has let us know that somebody else breathed and dreamed and had sex and loved and raged and knew loneliness the way we do.
Adrienne Rich
If businesses are being given relief, shouldn’t the same relief be given to the American people?
Tim Walberg
She felt, with her hand on the nursery door, that community of feeling with other people which emotion gives as if the walls of partition had become so thin that practically (the feeling was one of relief and happiness) it was all one stream.
Virginia Woolf
What is gained by debt relief and aid can be lost if we don’t get a proper trade agreement in Hong Kong.
Gordon Brown
The Olympics is an imperfect interregnum, the parade of nations a fantasy about a peace never won. It offers little relief from strife and no harbor from terror.
Jill Lepore
I had a small investment in Twofold, following guidance from my professional advisers. I had, however, claimed no tax relief of any amount in regard to this investment. Given the concerns raised about it, I have now instructed my advisors to withdraw me from the scheme with immediate effect.
Bradley Wiggins
The fact is that when you make the other suffer, he will try to find relief by making you suffer more. The result is an escalation of suffering on both sides.
Nhat Hanh
The struggle between the two worlds [Fascism and Democracy] can permit no compromises. The new cycle which begins with the ninth year of the Fascist regime places the alternative in even greater relief either we or they, either their ideas or ours, either our State or theirs!
Benito Mussolini
Caleb runs up to me and folds me carefully in his arms. I breathe a sigh of relief. I thought I had gotten to the point where I didn’t need my brother anymore, but I don’t think such a point actually exists.
Veronica Roth
For every moment the sea is peace and relief, there is another when it shivers and stirs to become chaos. It’s just as ready to claim as it is to offer.
Tim Winton
In addition to a soaring stock market, 6.6 million jobs have been created since tax relief measures went into effect in 2003. Our deficit situation has also improved as tax revenues have increased at double-digit rates over the past two years.
Randy Neugebauer
It was nice to be alone, not to have to smile and look pleased; a relief to stare dejectedly out the window at the sheeting rain and let just a few tears escape.
Stephenie Meyer
Will they reach the nursery in time? If so, how delightful for them, and we shall all breathe a sigh of relief, but there will be no story. On the other hand, if they are not in time, I solemnly promise that it will all come right in the end.
James M. Barrie
A woman whose heart is not touched by the sickness of sorrow and whose hands do not go out in relief where it is in her power to help, lacks one of the elements which make the glory of womanhood.
J.R. Miller
It’s amazing how relaxing it is not to claim you know more than you do. I’m surprised that those who claim to speak in the name of god don’t take more advantage of this relief.
Christopher Hitchens
There is certain relief in change, even though it be from bad to worse! As I have often found in traveling in a stagecoach, that it is often a comfort to shift one’s position, and be bruised in a new place.
Washington Irving
President Trump is continuing to keep his promise to Americans to help grow our country by providing our average families with significant tax relief.
Jim Justice
I’ve been able to bring billions of dollars back to our state that has so desperately needed it – billions of dollars in relief to homeowners and our communities and our pension systems that desperately need it.
Lisa Madigan
Because the development of inner calm and energy happens completely within and isn’t dependent on another person or a particular situation, we begin to feel a resourcefulness and independence that is quite beautiful – and a huge relief.
Sharon Salzberg
In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.
Lee Iacocca
A manager uses a relief pitcher like a six shooter, he fires until it’s empty then takes the gun and throws it at the villain.
Dan Quisenberry
In Genesis, it says that it is not good for a man to be alone; but sometimes it is a great relief.
John Barrymore
I’m an actor, and I don’t look at myself as providing comic relief. I have done diverse and dark roles such as a psycho, murderer, and others in films such as ‘Don’, ‘Eklavya’ and ‘3 Idiots.’
Boman Irani
Democrats are ready, willing, and able to provide regulatory relief for community banks and credit unions.
Sherrod Brown
The bulk of my set is instrumental and you have to give yourself and the audience some relief because a performance is not about great guitar playing it’s really about entertainment.
Leo Kottke
Thus I alone, where all my freedom grew,
In prison pine with bondage and restraint;
And with remembrance of the greater grief
To banish the less, I find my chief relief.
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
People, he thought, were as hungry for a sight of joy as he had always been–for a moment’s relief from that gray load of suffering which seemed so inexplicable and unnecessary. He had never been able to understand why men should be unhappy.
Ayn Rand
Giving debt relief to people that really need it, that’s what foreclosure is.
J. P. Morgan
Eternity is now. Right now, right here, you’re an infinite being. Once you get past the fear of death as an end, you merge with the infinite and feel the comfort and relief that this realization brings.
Wayne Dyer
Dear Ones, Beware of the tiny gods frightened men Create To bring anesthetic relief to their sad days
I don’t mind doing scripted material. It’s actually kind of a relief, because improvising is a little bit like screenwriting on your feet.
John C. Reilly
O friendship! thou fond soother of the human breast, to thee we fly in every calamity; to thee the wretched seek for succor; on thee the care-tired son of misery fondly relies; from thy kind assistance the unfortunate always hopes relief, and may be sure of–disappointment.
Oliver Goldsmith
If I have a look around at the moment I feel great relief because finally others are entering the limelight. Men like Robert Pattinson must now play the Adonis. For me it was always a restraint, a restriction.
Jude Law
To believe you’re being psychically attacked gives you an understanding of your illness that no Western doctor can provide; this can be reassuring when you’ve exhausted the Western doctor tool kit, and the doctors are sending you to acupuncturists for pain relief.
Heidi Julavits
All of his saves have come in relief appearances.
Ralph Kiner
When we won gold I was expecting overwhelming relief, but it just didn’t come.
Stephanie Labbe
As I settled down to sleep in that new bed in the dark city, I saw that it was too late now, too late for everything. I would not be given a second chance. In the hours when I woke, I have to tell you that this struck me almost with relief.
Colm Toibin
To be nominated was enough, but when I won I the Tony I just felt relief.
Patti LuPone
It’s not that Millennials don’t believe some things are serious. We’ll make ‘It Gets Better’ videos or perform comedy for disaster relief. But sum up our lives in a phrase? The Importance of Never Being Too Earnest.
Alexandra Petri
Obama just came swiftly out of nowhere, which was a relief to those of us who care about the Republic, and at first he seemed a very good thing.
Gore Vidal
The close relationship between railroad expansion and the genera development and prosperity of the country is nowhere brought more distinctly into relief than in connection with the construction of the Pacific railroads.
John Moody
The very uprightness of the pines and maples asserts the ancient rectitude and vigor of nature. Our lives need the relief of such a background, where the pine flourishes and the jay still screams.
Henry David Thoreau
The faces of most American women over thirty are relief maps of petulant and bewildered unhappiness.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
I never took pleasure in seeing a bull die. Relief, but certainly not pleasure.
Bette Ford
It was a big relief off my shoulder.
Paul Gascoigne
We recall the joy and excitement of a nation that had found itself, the collective relief that we had stepped out of our restrictive past, and the expectant air of walking into a brighter future.
Nelson Mandela
There is a certain relief in change, even though it be from bad to worse.
Washington Irving
Grace (talking about Sam): At the sight of him, my stomach slid down to my feet, a weird combination of relief, nerves, and anticipation all in one, a feeling that never seemed to go away.
Maggie Stiefvater
Our common country is in great peril, demanding the loftiest views, and boldest action to bring it speedy relief.
Abraham Lincoln
For this relief, much thanks
William Shakespeare
As paradoxical as it may seem a great sculptor is as much a colourist as the best painter, or rather the best engraver. He plays so skillfully with all the resources of relief, he blends so well the boldness of light with the modesty of shadow, that his sculptures please one, as much as the most charming etchings.
Auguste Rodin
If it means being settled and content, getting older can be a relief.
Kate Garraway
It is inappropriate to portray the central contribution to the Disaster Relief Fund as help for COVID-19 prevention.
Pinarayi Vijayan
As I prepare for my second term as Secretary-General, I am thinking hard about how we can meet the expectations of the millions of people who see the U.N.’s blue flag as a banner of hope. We have to continue our life-saving work in peacekeeping, human rights, development and humanitarian relief.
Ban Ki-moon
This new thing about liking yourself, I find that absolutely appalling. Anyone who likes themselves, I just can’t go too close to them. To me it’s pure stupidity. But having some peace with yourself, that’s quite a relief.
Carole Bouquet
You would think that everyone would leap at the chance to get rid of sin. Not so. They want relief not a cure.
Henry R Brandt
The death of Sid Caesar on Wednesday caused a chain reaction in my soon-to-be-66-year-old mind. I was saddened, of course, but felt a sense of relief that he was at last free from the indignity of aging.
Billy Crystal
Successful technologies often begin as hobbies. Jacques Cousteau invented scuba diving because he enjoyed exploring caves. The Wright brothers invented flying as a relief from the monotony of their normal business of selling and repairing bicycles.
Freeman Dyson
‘Music for Relief’ has played a vital role in helping get aid to people who most need it. We are deeply honored to participate in what will likely be our biggest event to date.
Brad Delson
Sometimes it is a relief to be invisible
Ann Brashares
My favourite thing to do as an artist is record. It’s a super therapeutic thing for me. Not to sound corny, but it literally is a stress relief for me.
Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.
Fred Rogers
We are aware that many national farm organizations are putting forth various plans to provide both short- and long-term relief to our nation’s agricultural producers. While we believe long-term solutions are essential, the current situation demands a more immediate response.
Mel Carnahan
Outside, a ceiling of pearly gray clouds coalesced over Manhattan, and the apartment had grown dark. It just keeps dripping. It’s been like this all week, .. Rain would be a relief.
Joan Didion
I think this is why the practice is such a comfort to secular urbanites like me-it’s a technique, not a faith. You don’t have to believe in anything, even yoga itself, to find joy and solace in the conscious joining of breath and movement, or relief in slowing the whirling of the mind. You just have to do it.
Michelle Goldberg
I did not pray for any relief, but I prayed for strength to suffer with courage, humility and love.
Brother Lawrence
The Kurds in Iraq just don’t have enough military equipment – they also need humanitarian relief.
Pete Hoekstra
I see what you mean. It must be a huge relief, and an easy way out, to think the devil is always outside of us. (…) we would stop looking for Sheitan outside and instead focus on ourselves. What we need is sincere self-examination. Not being on the watch for the faults of others.” (p. 257).
Elif Safak
Compared to the challenges or raising an autistic child, weightlifting is a relief.
Melanie Roach
Not every company went bankrupt. Not every bank needed TARP [Troubled Asset Relief Program]. So I’m very proud that JPMorgan, throughout that time period, was completely steadfast. We bought Bear Stearns because we thought we were helping the situation. We didn’t cut and run.
Jamie Dimon
From disaster relief to representation in Congress, the census plays an important role in protecting Iowa’s future.
Kim Reynolds
I remember my father taking us to meeting with lawyers, interviews with immigration officers, doing everything he could to get us that treasured Green Card – and the happiness, the sense of relief, when he finally did – we knew that we were welcome now, and we would be welcome tomorrow.
Dara Khosrowshahi
Woe to falsehood! it affords no relief to the breast, like truth; it gives us no comfort, pains him who forges it, and like an arrow directed by a god flies back and wounds the archer.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
It’s a great relief that you’re not as bad a parent as you thought you were.
Nick Hornby
I’d been upstaged, demoted from protagonist in my own drama to comic relief in my parents’ tragedy
Alison Bechdel
Perhaps all pleasure is only relief.
William S. Burroughs
Wine has a drastic, an astringent taste. I cannot help wincing as I drink. Ascent of flowers, radiance and heat, are distilled here to a fiery, yellow liquid. Just behind my shoulder-blades some dry thing, wide-eyed, gently closes, gradually lulls itself to sleep. This is rapture. This is relief.
Virginia Woolf
I didn’t know too much about his comic book history. I know that in ‘Teen Titans,’ he’s much more the comedic relief. But after reading the comic book iteration of Cyborg in ‘The New Teen Titans’ from the 1980s that Marv Wolfman and George Perez had worked on, I saw that there was a lot of texture to the character.
Ray Fisher
The really happy man never laughs – seldom – though he may smile. He does not need to laugh, for laughter, like weeping is a relief of mental tension – and the happy are not over strung.
Francis Aveling
Miss Brooke had that kind of beauty which seems to be thrown into relief by poor dress.
George Eliot
What I feel is that we need an independent consumer watchdog. You have regular people who have problems with big financial companies. How do they get relief? And you need somebody who’s gonna stand on their side and level the playing field for them.
Richard Cordray
As applied to substance abuse, the cognitive approach helps individuals
to come to grips with the problems leading to emotional distress
and to gain a broader perspective on their reliance on drugs for
pleasure and/or relief from discomfort.
Aaron T. Beck
Whatever sense of professional competence we feel in adult life is less the sum of accomplishment than the absence of impossibility: it’s really our relief at no longer having to do things we were never good at doing in the first place – relief at never again having to dissect a frog or memorize the periodic table.
Adam Gopnik
If I cannot offer some relief to our world, if I cannot inspire our generation to join me, then I feel I am a complete waste of space. This constant fear of feeling irrelevant in our society has been the catalyst behind all my efforts and passions for as long as I can remember.
Masiela Lusha
…the habit of falling hardens the body, reaching the ground, to in itself, is a relief.
Jose Saramago
Can we please rename The Sandy Relief Bill to the Supplemental Iraq War Funding Bill so the GOP Congress can vote for it?
John Fugelsang
Among the lower classes of mankind there will be found very little desire of any other knowledge than what may contribute immediately to the relief of some pressing uneasiness, or the attainment of some near advantage.
Samuel Johnson
People keep saying, ‘Oh, you’re getting all these great reviews, that must make you really happy.’ I guess it does, but mostly it’s just a relief.
Michael Chabon
Though I was a mother at 21, being a grandmother makes the whole thing absolutely normal and gorgeous. The relief, the joy of being a grandmother is wonderful.
Joanna Lumley
My only relief is to sleep. When I’m sleeping, I’m not sad, I’m not angry, I’m not lonely, I’m nothing.
Jillian Medoff
I decided to focus on the things I could control and let go of the things that were out of my hands. That lesson has provided me with great relief; it has brought great things into my life.
Raul Castillo
People have always searched for answers. That’s why we have religion; people have always been seeking some relief from their own mortality.
Holly Hunter
Quitting law school was the most difficult decision of my life. But I felt this great relief that this is my life and I can do what I want with it.
Carly Fiorina
My family is filled with wonderful storytellers. I lack their gift of gab, so it’s a relief to be able to write.
Eden Robinson
When I needed an e-book formatted fast and formatted perfectly, Polgarus Studio came through for me. My expectations were exceeded. It’s a relief knowing I can count on a hand-formatted e-book that will work on every device. Highly recommended!
Hugh Howey
I have to be able to shake my imaginary life from my real life when I walk through the door with my children who immediately need a lot from me. It’s actually kind of a relief, especially if it was a dark day on set.
Mira Sorvino
I consider myself as a character actor. I like the sports analogy, which I do all the time; I’m an avid sports guy. I’m a golfer, but I grew up as sort of an avid fan and participant in baseball, and I’m like a relief pitcher. My job is to come in and throw strikes.
Clint Howard
I’m guess I’m up to about 70% of normal, which is a real relief. My doctor gave me clearance to go out in public again, so I’ve been able to go to the store and help out a little bit around the house.
Wil Wheaton
There are epic downsides to living a somewhat public life. The upshot of that is there’s nothing to hide. It’s a relief in a way. There’s nothing about me that can’t be said.
Natasha Lyonne
I can be the same Kiana that I am at home, on set, in interviews, everywhere that I go. And I think that it’s such a relief when you accept that and acknowledge that about yourself.
Kiana Madeira
I told myself that if I didn’t care, this wouldn’t have hurt so much – surely that proved I was alive and human and all those touchy-feely things, for once and for all. But that wasn’t a relief, not when I felt like a skyscraper with dynamite on every floor.
Jodi Picoult
I was kind of the comic relief in my household. We had a chronic illness in the family. And so, a lot of emergency room visits, and my role was to be silly and add levity, and we’re Jewish. So every Passover is a performance. You kind of learn to role play and do voices at the Passover Seder.
Alex Borstein
I can testify to what UNICEF means to children because I was among those who received food and medical relief right after World War II.
Audrey Hepburn
Every part has its relief when I’m done with it.
Kelli O’Hara
“Have you ever found anything that gives you relief?” “Yes. A drink.”
E. B. White
In my opinion painting should be considered excellent in proportion as it approaches the effect of relief, while relief should be considered bad in proportion as it approaches the effect of painting.
My legislation, the Simple Savings Tax Relief Act of 2005, simply eliminates the taxation of interest earned in savings accounts, such as passbook savings accounts or bank certificates of deposit.
Cliff Stearns
It was such a relief. I lived in fear of being found out. Now it’s given me a whole new mission in life.
Dick Sargent
This great circle of sisters will be a protection for each of you and for your families. The Relief Society might be likened to a refuge- the place of safety and protection- the sanctuary of ancient times. You will be safe within it. It encircles each sister like a protecting wall.
Boyd K. Packer
Originally, I came from Texas, and we lived on – I guess you’d call it welfare, what we called relief.
Carol Burnett
It is such a relief to be told the truth.
Katherine Anne Porter
With actors, all our ages are out there for all to see – you can’t hide anything, really. And it’s kind of a relief. This is my age, this is what I look like without makeup on – who cares? That youth culture – that lying about your age – it’s all denial of death anyway.
Julianne Moore
Yoga really helped with stress relief and just not hurting myself when I tour. It really was super helpful.
John Feldmann
Certain guys are like relief pitchers; they come off the bench, they don’t know when they’re playing – you come in and you just go. Certain guys, they like to start; they like to start the game and play. I believe Kirk Cousins is a reliever. I don’t know if he’s a starter.
Marshall Faulk
Everybody knows when you’re a struggling family; you don’t really know it when you’re a kid. But you do know the difference between stress and moments of relief where there’s, like, this happiness.
Bonnie Hunt
When our needs are permitted to grow to an extremity, and all visible hopes fail, then to have relief given wonderfully enhances the price of such a mercy
John Flavel
It’s a fascinating job, to come in and be the most interesting person in an episode. Whoever the guest star is, that’s the job – to maintain the interest and the focus for that 42 minutes or whatever, and it should be a huge relief to those people that are the leads in the shows.
Mark Sheppard
All my life, I’ve really enjoyed music: making music, playing it, and recording it. It’s such a relief and a joy to do what I do for a living.
John 5
For years my wedding ring has done its job. It has led me not into temptation. It has reminded my husband numerous times at parties that it’s time to go home. It has been a source of relief to a dinner companion. It has been a status symbol in the maternity ward.
Erma Bombeck
An experience that shaped me happened early in my TV career when I filmed in Mozambique, Angola and Bangladesh for ‘Blue Peter’ and Comic Relief. Places with extreme poverty. When you see that first-hand as a young person, you take it with you for life.
Konnie Huq
Can I see another’s woe, and not be in sorrow too? Can I see another’s grief, and not seek for kind relief?
William Blake
One fact stands out in bold relief in the history of man’s attempts for betterment. That is that when compulsion is used, only resentment is aroused, and the end is not gained. Only through moral suasion and appeal to man’s reason can a movement succeed.
Samuel Gompers
From the moment I told her about my dad, it was as if her whole body sighed in relief. As if someone else’s misery comforted her, made her feel as if she wasn’t alone.
Simone Elkeles
So, when a raging fever burns, We shift from side to side by turns; And ‘t is a poor relief we gain To change the place, but keep the pain.
Isaac Watts
And thou wilt give thyself relief, if thou doest every act of thy life as if it were the last.
Marcus Aurelius
To give up pretensions is as blessed a relief as to get them ratified.
William James
I’ve realised that I am who I am and that is it. Like it or lump it. I’m not around to please anyone any more, and it’s a huge relief.
Kristin Scott Thomas
It makes me feel like working non-stop: at least, on sets, the level of security gives me a bit of privacy. It’s a relief.
Robert Pattinson
Because of this ever increasing discernment of the true Mason he/she will find more efficient ways to apply brotherly love, relief and truth.
George Washington
I often wonder why the West is much more interested in aid deliveries than in fair trade, for example. The fair exchange of goods would place far more money into the hands of the affected people than relief operations.
Paul Kagame
To get a film in Cannes is a real honor. To have it play and not get booed is a real relief.
Taylor Sheridan
When I make a movie, I don’t do any shows because the focus is completely on the film but when I take up a show, it’s an absolute relief!
Farah Khan
Some people enjoy taking a light stroll in the morning and that gives them relief and that sort of feeling. That is what I gain by practicing, by swinging the bat.
Ichiro Suzuki
I was diagnosed with OCD and depression, and that was a huge relief, because now my struggles had a name and could be reckoned with. With a combination of therapy and medication, I got better. I learned to love life again. My problems didn’t go away, but they became much easier to face.
Shannon Purser
Here is my Farm Relief bill: Every time a Southerner plants nothing on his farm but cotton year after year, and the Northerner nothing but wheat or corn, why, take a hammer and hit him twice right between the eyes. You may dent your hammer, but it will do more real good than all the bills you can pass in a year.
Will Rogers
I’ve learnt that you tend most to make a div of yourself when you’re trying to cover up the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing. And that simply saying ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ is a massive relief.
Caitlin Moran
At the age of five, Skagra decided emphatically that God did not exist. This revelation tends to make most people in the universe who have it react in one of two ways – relief or despair. Only Skagra responded to it by thinking – ‘wait a second. That means there’s a situation vacant!
Gareth Roberts
As entertainment, fiction may offer momentary relief from the stresses of reality.
Joanna Scott
No amount of debt restructuring, even debt forgiveness, will help the Greeks achieve real prosperity. What they need is not short-term relief but, rather, a long-term cure.
Edmund Phelps
Coolidge has the best idea on this farm relief. He said, ‘Farmers, you are in a hole. I can’t help you, but I will get in with you.’ He did. That made it fine so the farmers were satisfied as long as Coolidge was going to get in with them.
Will Rogers
Truth is, it’s a relief to finally put my life in the hands of someone I trust.
Simone Elkeles
The basis of successful relief in national distress is to mobilize and organize the infinite number of agencies of self help in the community. That has been the American way.
Herbert Hoover
Although its growth may seem to have been slow, it is to be remembered that it is not a shrub, or plant, to shoot up in the summerand wither in the frosts. The Red Cross is a part of us–it has come to stay–and like the sturdy oak, its spreading branches shall yet encompass and shelter the relief of the nation.
Clara Barton
It is my hope that I can stand before you in two years and report back that our side, as well as the president’s, found within us the ability to set differences aside, to provide relief to so many millions of Americans who simply want their life to work again.
Eric Cantor
I think that we’ve had an economy that’s been out of balance for too long. So the general principle of raising taxes on higher income Americans, like myself, and providing relief to those who haven’t benefited as much from this new global economy, I think is a sound one.
Barack Obama
There is relief coming. This is good for America. This means that we can lift the oppressive weight of the regulatory state. We can restore the Constitution.
Paul Ryan
For the general public, my work is sometimes easier than a painting because there is someone addressing you; it can actually be a relief. What’s interesting is the idea of a tourist randomly coming in and the experience they’ll have.
Tino Sehgal