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Relate Quotes

Relate Quotes by John Podhoretz, Sia, Jean Danielou, Raekwon, Jason Fried, John C. Maxwell and many others.

When you have controversial parents, people have expectations about you. If every day at work I thought to myself, ‘How does this relate to them?’ I’d be paralyzed.
John Podhoretz
A lot of the time, I don’t actually relate to what I’m writing about in pop songs.
We have only to see how that which makes up the reality of our lives relates to our vocation; we have only to hear the call God makes to us to work with him. Quite often it is not a matter of doing something different, but doing it differently.
Jean Danielou
I’m a storyteller – that’s my chamber, that’s my box. I’m always tryin’ to give you the best story from our side of the table that you could really relate to quick. I understand where I wanna be at, but sometimes the production takes me where I need to go.
When you’re short on sleep, you’re short on patience. You’re ruder to people, less tolerant, less understanding. It’s harder to relate and to pay attention for sustained periods of time.
Jason Fried
Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them.
John C. Maxwell
President Obama awarded a National Medal of Arts to author Stephen King. You know, because if there’s anyone who can relate to the story of a guy trapped in a mansion that’s driving him insane, it’s Obama.
Jimmy Fallon
I think seeing the love between a mother and child is something we can all really relate to. You can remember it from your own childhood perspective.
Brie Larson
When you think of a Vine video, it’s like thinking about an experience you’ve had, which people can relate to.
Lele Pons
I believe the most intricate plot won’t matter much to readers if they don’t care about the characters, especially in a series. So I try to focus hard on making each character, whether villain or hero, have an interesting flaw that readers can relate to.
Jeff Abbott
Im fascinated by failure, and Im fascinated by finality. Shakespeares historical plays are more universal than his comedies because they relate to the finality of life. Without finality, life would not be beautiful.
George Hickenlooper
I draw a younger crowd who can relate to me. Some of the girl fans will message me online, saying, ‘You’re the reason I watch golf.’
Rickie Fowler
I relate to people and roles that are about the arc of human experience, things that everyday people deal with every day.
Marcia Gay Harden
The better I get at writing songs, the harder it seems to be to relate to people. But when I get on stage, I’m extremely happy.
John Darnielle
With regard to the youth vote we should encourage them to partake in the process, making more use of our education system to show the role Government plays in their lives, but also utilise the youth media they relate to to better connect them to our message.
Adam Rickitt
Compassion automatically invites you to relate with people because you no longer regard people as a drain on your energy.
Chogyam Trungpa
So I think a writer should write what he loves, the people he relates to.
David E. Kelley
If you go to Wall Street, there is someone from Harvard, Stanford, etc, who relate to each other by the batch they studied in, the dorm they lived in, and so on.
Shiv Nadar
If I want to realize totality in my consciousness, I have to relate myself to an immense, ludicrous, and painful convulsion of all of humanity.
Georges Bataille
‘RPM’ is basically about my pace in life, and I think a lot of people can relate to that. Our video is going to involve a really nice car with some fast driving. It’s going to be really cool. I’m excited for people to see it!
Sasha Pieterse
Man is spirit. But what is spirit? Spirit is the self. But what is the self? The self is a relation which relates itself to itself.
Soren Kierkegaard
My family is more a sports family, and I figure skated for a very long time, so movement and how I relate to movement is very integral to my process.
Uzo Aduba
I think it can be incredibly powerful for a teen to be able to put their story out there for others to soak in, learn from, relate to. In some ways, it validates their experience, which for teens (or for anybody, really) is a pretty huge deal.
Deborah Reber
Who can’t relate to a story of a dreamer who, against all odds, is going to make something of himself that is completely unexpected?
Michael Giacchino
All art is fundamentally subversive, because it upsets people’s perceptions, their notions about society. Therefore, art is dangerous, but good art is always making us reassess our thoughts and feelings about how we relate to other people. There are always people who fear that and want to suppress that.
John Boorman
I’m the guy, I’m kind of like the, uh, Everyman, so I think people just relate to that.
Kato Kaelin
I think that the best music and the music that people relate to the most is the honest music that people feel themselves in it.
Morgan Wallen
We have published about 800,000 documents of various kinds that relate to Russia. Most of those are critical; and a great many books have come out of our publications about Russia, most of which are critical.
Julian Assange
I can’t go back and label myself as an outcast because I was a pretty well-adjusted kid, but I can certainly relate to the feeling of being an outsider.
Lasse Hallstrom
As much as I love period movies and especially more swashbuckling movies, I think that sometimes they tend to be, umm… it’s hard for the audience to relate to them.
Brian Helgeland
What’s really cool is to be able to write music and have people around the world [who are] able to relate to it. They tell you that [your] song helped them get through a divorce or they got married to that song. It makes me want to keep doing that for [myself] and for people.
Colbie Caillat
I started talking about things that everybody could relate to. And that’s not to say I deserted my roots, I just found a way to talk about things in a broad way.
Gabriel Iglesias
If you can laugh with somebody and relate to somebody, it becomes harder to dehumanize them. I think that most of what we are constantly bombarded with in terms of media leads you to a creation of ‘the Other’ and a dehumanization of ‘the Other,’ and it’s very much an us-versus-them conversation.
Jehane Noujaim
I believe in any country, matters that relate to its territory would, of course, provoke strong sentiments amongst the people of that country.
Naoto Kan
‘Aye Zindagi’ is a show which is about stories inspired by real-life incidents. You might be able to relate to these stories, as it can be about anyone around you.
Rithvik Dhanjani
I hope I’ll have the opportunity to debate how we reform and update our immigration system. I will relate my own story and that of the countless immigrants whose American Dream stories have helped build our country into the greatest nation in the world.
Ami Bera
I don’t think that the problems or the issues relate to any single piece of legislation. I think that they really do relate to the mindset that after eight years is pretty deeply embedded. It is not going to be easy to reverse itself.
Ted Gup
When I approach any script, I always try to find what I would relate to most in it.
Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
Messaging is such an integral part of our lives, and Begroupd will help solve problems everyone can relate to.
Khloe Kardashian
Black culture is something I don’t relate to much at all.
Dennis Rodman
I find it strange when people can’t relate to kids, because you were a kid once, you know?
Joel Edgerton
I think Julianne Moore is the most radiantly beautiful human being and isn’t messing with nature too much. She seems like a woman who treats her body like a temple. I cannot relate to that!
Mackenzie Davis
Art is all about the experience. I could say I don’t really relate to opera, but then you watch Placido Domingo, and you go, ‘Blimey, look at that.’
David Harewood
We keep our music simple, no big gimmicks. We tell stories people can relate to, not hard to understand.
Gary Rossington
Around the middle of last year I started listening to a lot of rap, like Nicki Minaj and Drake… They all sing about such opulence, stuff that just didn’t relate to me – or anyone that I knew. I began thinking, “How are we listening to this? It’s completely irrelevant.”
I still have that South Indian accent. But I am working on it. Hindi audiences should feel that I am speaking like them and should relate to me.
I think if you’re too embroiled in the need to relate too closely to the character, then you start to judge the character for the audience rather than to present it to the audience for their enjoyment and them to mull over the questions that the characters present.
Cate Blanchett
Where I grew up in the North-east, the community there, and the way people relate to one another, goes very deep. But I don’t define myself as a Northerner in that I don’t live in the North.
Gina McKee
I relate to the audiences and they know me. It’s pretty real.
Steve Forbert
When we think about millions of hungry children, we don’t think about America. We relate the problem to other nations, like Ethiopia, India or Somalia. The sad truth is that one is five American kids is at risk due to poor nutrition.
Kristin Davis
To relate is to react. To react is to understand oneself. To understand oneself is to be enlightened. Relationships are schools for enlightenment.
Anthony de Mello
I knew that I wanted to create rich themes, and something that people might really relate to emotionally. That was the quest, authenticity, and then just to make the audience feel something.
John Debney
Democrats, you know, want to identify with and relate to what you’re feeling, what you’ve been bummed out about, where your head is at.
Martin Nolan
The way to connect to people is to relate to who they are and do something that stretches you outside of your comfort zone.
Stacy Brown-Philpot
Sentimental poetry differs from naive poetry in that it relates the real state at which the latter stops to ideas and applies ideas to that reality.
Friedrich Schiller
You play the honesty of the characters and show a side of them that people can relate to and want to get to know.
Brian Tyree Henry
I couldn’t relate to the mindset of people in my hometown. Since I had no educational qualification, I only got menial jobs in Delhi.
Harshvardhan Rane
I literally felt like a freak, which is another aspect of the role of Sally that I relate to: total outsider.
Kristen Johnston
I relate to hustlers who want to get out of where they are and create something different for themselves.
Lykke Li
Not many people know my father was an actor. He was the Artful Dodger in ‘Oliver!,’ and was in a film called ‘Frauds,’ too. It’s interesting talking to him about acting, how much you can get turned down, and how not to take that as a discouragement. It’s nice to have that element to relate to for us both.
Lily Collins
As a Colombian, the only way I can relate to my country is through suffering. I hope that my children and my grandchildren will relate to the beautiful country in a way that it is positive and loving.
Ingrid Betancourt
The sixth doorway is the Doorway of Vision. This relates to seeing with the eyes of love and corresponds to the energy center located in the third eye area of our forehead. When this doorway is open, we’re more able to see life through love instead of differences.
Marci Shimoff
Stress comes from the way you relate to events or situations.
Chris Prentiss
Audiences are more drawn in to what they can relate to, so it would be stupid not to have great Latino films for the Latino audience.
Richard Cabral
I just like music that I can relate to, something to listen to in my car.
Ja Rule
I always say African American history is the quintessential American story. It’s about perseverance and resilience – something everyone can relate to.
Philip Freelon
When I was 9 or 10, I used to get all the lead roles because I was the tallest person. But my interest in music soon drew me to country music. I was infatuated with the sound, with the storytelling. I could relate to it. I can’t really tell you why. With me, it was just instinctual.
Taylor Swift
Instead, I quietly excused myself and went to the bar, to commune with spirits I know how to relate to.
Mary Roach
Many people find it hard to understand what it is about a mountain that draws men and women to risk their lives on her freezing, icy faces – all for a chance at that single, solitary moment on the top. It can be hard to explain. But I also relate to the quote that says, Iif you have to ask, you will never understand.
Bear Grylls
I didn’t know many classes where I could try and relate the thing that I really loved and wanted to do into an intellectual idea.
Jake Gyllenhaal
Most of my friends are skaters or were skaters at one time, so they obviously relate.
Tony Hawk
The two most important documents affecting the destiny of America are the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Both these immortal papers relate primarily to the freedom of the individual.
David O. McKay
I know what it’s like to be left out… I certainly went through a period of time where I got made fun of and people were so mean to me, so I can really relate to that.
Ashley Benson
I’ve become really interested in the landscape but not as landscape but more as it relates to mood and how we live and how the outside impacts on the inside. I didn’t really look at the outside world during the years I was photographing the Ballad as I was locked inside my house and I lived totally inside.
Nan Goldin
I think kids slowly begin to realize that what they’re learning relates to other things they know. Then learning starts to get more and more exciting
Norton Juster
It’s always interesting to see how other people relate to their jobs.
Kevin Harvick
When I used to play nightclubs, you had to play Top 40 or favorite oldies that maybe people could relate to.
Rick Danko
I am most attracted to characters and stories that I can relate to. The traditional formula of ‘larger than life’ I never found attractive.
Abhay Deol
The gospel announces that God doesn’t relate to us based on our feats for Jesus, but Jesus’ feats for us.
Tullian Tchividjian
Children and teenagers don’t easily relate to stories about kings and dukes, and to tell only stories about kings and dukes is to ignore the regular people.
Tim Crouch
I think I just say what I’m thinking. And – you know, if people relate to it, they relate to it, but – I really – you know, if you really listen to me, I don’t have my finger on any pulse.
Bill Burr
It’s really interesting that, in ‘The Avengers,’ the character that people relate to is The Hulk, and I think the reason why they relate to The Hulk is because he’s fragile and human and faulty.
Chris Pine
I read once that the voice is a mirror of our inner being. I can very much relate to that because, when you sing, you feel very exposed. You feel like you can’t hide anything. But then it also works the other way round and, when we work on our voice, our inner being also changes.
Deva Premal
My father had osteomyelitis-his left arm was withered between his elbow and his shoulder … . But the amputation of a Stone Age man called Leaf, a stoneworker, does not relate to my father at all.
Jim Crace
I couldnt really relate to the fraternity or party scene, to the people out in the mall every day protesting one thing or another. I felt like there was no one I could relate to.
Charlie Trotter
While it is a great platform to showcase your talent, YouTubing is not as easy as it looks. To be successful, remember to ensure your content is what you can relate to, and not what is in trend. Wait for your audience to find you.
Bhuvan Bam
I am not an evangelist. I am not a preacher. I am a musician. That is what I know how to do. I know how to write songs. I know how to write things that relate to my heart. I feel that I talk about God in every song, in everything I do – all of it! I really do not know how to respond. I do not relate to that.
Mat Kearney
Something that always fascinated me was the psychology and the psychology differences between men and women and how we relate to one another.
Karrine Steffans
I think it’s because Po [from Kung Fu Panda] is such a geek, and he is so relatable. He is so excited by life and is excited to learn new things. I think that accessibility is something that we all can relate to, there are so many things we wish we could do but don’t have the means to achieve it.
Jennifer Yuh Nelson
All thought must, directly or indirectly, by way of certain characters, relate ultimately to intuitions, and therefore, with us, to sensibility, because in no other way can an object be given to us.
Immanuel Kant
No matter what language you speak, music can relate to you in some way, and when that ‘Tip Toe’ beat drops, it can instantly do something to you. It has the power to move you.
Jason Derulo
[Moralistic] novels are at the same disadvantage as teachers: children never believe them, because they make everything that happens relate to the lesson at hand.
Madame de Stael
Even if you look at the ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies, at the end of the movie things get really crazy and nutty, but they all start in a very mundane situation that people can relate to, and that’s also to some degree what we tried to do in ‘Chernobyl Diaries.
Oren Peli
People don’t trust the federal government as it relates to health care.
Mike Conaway
The experiments I am about to relate … may be repeated with great ease, whenever the sun shines, and without any other apparatus than is at hand to every one.
Thomas Young
. . . the integral being is attached to nothing and can relate to everyone with an unstructured attitude. Because of this, her very existence benefits all things.
It’s always been about the songs for us. It doesn’t matter about all the image stuff. We’re really about making songs that people can relate to, that we love, that they will love, that we will enjoy playing live.
Chuck Comeau
I remember watching Barbra Streisand and seeing Jennifer Grey in ‘Dirty Dancing’ – these were people who acted like me and looked like me. Now it’s great that everyone on ‘Glee’ is so unique and people can relate to us and look up to us.
Lea Michele
I’m sure I can’t relate to what females go through in Hollywood, but I do know what it feels like to eat emotionally. To be sad and make yourself happy with food, and then be almost immediately sad again, and then ashamed. Then, you try to hide those feelings with more food.
Chris Pratt
Nobody really thinks who does not abstract from that which is given, who does not relate the facts to the factors which have made them, who does not – in his mind – undo the facts. Abstractness is the very life of thought, the token of its authenticity.
Herbert Marcuse
As doctors, we are not trained to communicate and understand the power of our words as they relate to a patient’s ability and desire to survive.
Bernie Siegel
Marley was dead, to begin with … This must be distintly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate.
Charles Dickens
Each time, storytellers clothed the naked body of the myth in their own traditions, so that listeners could relate more easily to its deeper meaning.
Joan D. Vinge
A painting is a symbol for the universe. Inside it, each piece relates to the other. Each piece is only answerable to the rest of that little world. So, probably in the total universe, there is that kind of total harmony, but we get only little tastes of it.
Corita Kent
When I go across the country, whether it’s Albuquerque, New Mexico, whether it’s Birmingham, Alabama or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there are always forces at play that I choose to relate to and extract inspiration from, and as long as they stay committed to the struggle against poverty, I find a role for myself.
Harry Belafonte
One of the things that defines YA is a really strong narrative. Adults love YA because, at the end of the day, they’re good stories and page-turners. The other element is emotion. The teen years are a very emotional and intense time, and I think it’s a time we that we can all relate to and remember.
Rebecca Serle
I just always want to play people. I don’t want it to be necessarily that you relate to the character as female or male, but that you relate to them as a person. That’s the driving force.
Felicity Jones
There’s something to be said about just being vulnerable. Every woman has gone through something in her life that has been an image issue, or it has been something where somebody told her she’s not good enough. And every woman can relate to that.
Ashley Graham
I don’t think it’s a bad thing to share how you feel, especially if people can relate to it.
Norah Jones
The thing is, if you tell your story specifically enough, it becomes so universal. Just because you’re a gay man singing an honest love song, people should know that it’s about men and that they can still relate to it.
Justin Tranter
Wanting to be accepted is something I like a lot of people can relate to.
Janel Parrish
I generally like to be up front and honest and open because that’s how I’ve always been. I have nothing to hide, and I think people relate to you more when you’re just yourself.
Ricki-Lee Coulter
Serious debates are taking place about how law enforcement personnel relate to the communities they serve, about the appropriate use of force.
James Comey
I would say I’m an inspirational guidelines book. You can take my life story or scenarios or songs and relate to them and apply them to your everyday life.
Chris Brown
I have a lot of creative control, so I can decide what I want to wear, what I want my brand to look like, what I want my songs to sound like, so I don’t sound like some fake artist that people can’t relate to.
I think that the audience wants to see women being put into real situations where they can relate to them, rather than seeing some glamorous woman in a ‘Bond’ film.
Anna Camp
‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’ by Betty Smith is one of my favorites. Even though it doesn’t have any monsters or crazy fantasy in it, it’s such a raw story, and I can really relate to the characters. I think it’s a beautiful story.
Amandla Stenberg
BioRhythm was a perfect fit for me, as I can relate to the company’s attention to detail when producing its products to a very dedicated fan base. Detail is a key to my success on the football field.
Antonio Brown
It’s hard to connect to these superheroes that are completely out of this world. But Spider-Man is first and foremost Peter Parker, who we can all relate to.
Laura Harrier
I love being a part of something so many people can relate to and enjoy.
Karlie Kloss
The more you do speak from the heart, rather than thumping the agenda, people will listen or relate or open themselves up more.
Drew Barrymore
I think technology is spreading, and I think ones experience of technology is going to relate increasingly to class – not so much to country.
Daniel Suarez
In terms of medicine, I’ve generally been pretty interested in public health issues as they relate to sub-Saharan Africa on a broad scale – HIV/AIDS, malaria etc.
Uzodinma Iweala
I can just talk about my world, and people relate to it because it’s so familiar to them. It’s them, it’s not me. They’re hearing themselves.
Byron Katie
I now see what the really important things in life are and they don’t relate to what I do for a living.
Doyle Brunson
I’ve passed up opportunities. I’ve avoided the spotlight. I’ve never been to Academy Awards, didn’t relate to them.
Harry Dean Stanton
I feel quite connected to the past, and my memory. Everything that I’ve ever done I can still relate to, and feel connected to it in a way. There’s no part of my life that I look at and go, ‘I don’t recognize that person at all.
Ian MacKaye
Music relates sound and time and so pictures the ultimate edges of human commmunications.
Iris Murdoch
You hear a few people saying that, you know, maybe some of the past male players like to watch me play or whatever else, just because I play a bit differently and maybe they can relate to it a bit more with a bigger forehand rather than a backhand, good serve and whatnot.
Samantha Stosur
I think if you create well balanced characters that are well represented, boys and girls relate to them whether they’re boys or girls.
Jennifer Lee
I think passive beauties have their place in the world. It’s hard for me to relate to that.
Madonna Ciccone
When I can write a song in a way where I feel like other people can relate to it, and I can take it past being cathartic just for me, that’s when I know I can share it. Otherwise, I’d just feel like it’s selfish.
Sharon Van Etten
It’s hilarious, because my guitar has what’s known as a tremolo bar or a whammy bar. And the whammy bar is probably the most alien thing on my guitar that could possibly relate to a classical guitar.
Steve Vai
In the course of this short tour, I became convinced that we must turn to the New World if we wish to see in perfection the oldest monuments of the earth’s history, so far at least as relates to its earliest inhabitants.
Charles Lyell
Legitimacy, when challenged, bases itself on an appeal to the past, while justification relates to an end that lies in the future. Violence can be justifiable, but it never will be legitimate.
Hannah Arendt
I’m not a militant lesbian. I carry myself in a way that makes it easier for women to relate to. I can be your best girlfriend.
Jackie Warner
I love a good Steve Martin, Martin Short scene where they’re being super physical – I don’t mean to compare myself – but I relate to their type of comedy because they do crazy stuff but come at it in an honest way.
Jaime Camil
Everyone understands cards and relates to it. They have them in their homes and in their hands, so it makes them very accessible.
David Copperfield
When I write a team book, it’s all about how they relate to each other and what they bring to the team and the book. Whether it’s Black Canary and Huntress or Bane and Scandal, I look for a relationship that people can believe in, that they want to follow and learn more about.
Gail Simone
I totally relate to Tom Cruise. He’s not crazy, it’s just the litany of the mid-life crisis.
Bret Easton Ellis
What we now need to see is that human life doesn’t need to be rescued from a fall that didn’t happen. Human life needs to be empowered. We have to begin to see the work of God as expanding the humanity of people so that they do not have to relate to one another out of the survivor mentality of fallen people.
John Shelby Spong
The Stooges used to be ubiquitous, back in the ’60s and ’70s. They were on TV all the time, but they’re not on so much anymore. Kids aren’t getting the chance to watch them, not to mention the fact that kids don’t really necessarily relate to black-and-white stuff.
Chris Diamantopoulos
I have seen every aspect of basketball that you can see as a player, and I think they can relate to that, and I can understand them.
Tyronn Lue
When people say I look intimidating, it’s hard for me to relate to. I hear that a lot. I don’t know why.
Dita Von Teese
We are a very colorful family. Everybody knows our mistakes. But I think that people can relate to all of our mistakes and all or good and bad points.
Sharon Osbourne
I’ve experienced a lot for someone my age that a lot of people will be able to relate to.
Julianne Hough
I aim to write songs in a way that you don’t have to have gone to Ghana to relate to it, you really just have to have a heart.
Jason Mraz
Its very difficult to determine whether this is the fault of the world that has abandoned the Church, or the Church that does not know how to relate to the world.
Angelo Scola
People can relate to reading a book for the first time and the world starts to create, even without you prepping for it.
Alicia Vikander
Being vegan is a glorious adventure. It touches every aspect of my life – my relationships, how I relate to the world.
Victoria Moran
The women used the music to get their men to relate to them better: “talk to me, tell me what’s on your mind.” Men used the music to get the girls in the mood to make love. So either way you had it, Barry White is the one artist who actually was in your bedroom with you at your most sacred, sensuous moment of your life.
Barry White
Now is the only time. How we relate to it creates the future.
Pema Chodron
I want to share some insight into why someone would want to be a SEAL. A lot of us faced obstacles growing up. I didn’t have any type of real nurturing as a kid. I hope people will relate to my story and go, ‘Hey, if this guy can do it, so can I.
Howard E. Wasdin
When I go to galleries in New York, I feel like I’m in school. I know that there’s good contemporary conceptual art, but I have a really hard time caring about it. I’d rather look at images of people and things I can relate to. Then again, I didn’t go to art school.
Kyp Malone
Pretty much anybody who’s ever worked can relate to our show.
Rainn Wilson
I hope that just what I sing about and how I relate to my audience is as much of a political statement as I need to make.
Dave Matthews
Everyone can relate to me no matter what race or who you are or how you feeling.
Shy Glizzy
My aim in times to come is not to just work with Muslims but to actually sing songs for everyone and sing songs in which people all over the world can relate to.
Junaid Jamshed
If you are making music for other people, you will have to be aware of how people relate to it.
Ken Hill
People go through different stages of their lives at different times. If you’re out of sync with your friend group, that gets exploded once everyone starts having kids because they just have to deal with different stuff that you don’t really relate to.
Jon Hamm
There’s probably no experience more alienating than fame, other than a terminal illness, where you actually find yourself in a situation that nobody around you can relate to.
Diablo Cody
It’s so cool though when I see thirty-year-old men that are coming in to watch my shows. It’s like, ‘You really like my music? Like a teenage girl, you relate to it?’ It just proves how much people are alike.
Alessia Cara
I’d say that my identity is really a culinary identity, so the way I relate to my national heritage is through its cuisine.
Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark
Of all the characters I’ve played, I relate the most to Isabel in Hugo. She’s so adventurous and fun. She just loves reading books and those are her adventures. Isabel is a heightened version of my personality.
Chloe Grace Moretz
My dad, before he passed away, never understood what I did. What I say is that I’m responsible for translating the director’s vision, hopefully turning an idea into something people can connect to and relate to.
Rachel Morrison
I like movies I can relate to.
Kim Cattrall
I relate to Michael Keaton’s character in ‘Birdman’ so much, how he has that voice being so mean and then another boosting his confidence.
Alex Wolff
I’ve made my music so that it could be about anything and everybody – whether it’s a guy, a female or a goat – and everybody can relate to that.
Sam Smith
It has long been recognized that the problems with alcohol relate not to the use of a bad thing, but to the abuse of a good thing.
Abraham Lincoln
I want to be an artist that everyone can relate to, that’s young, happy and fun.
Britney Spears
We now have a generation of people who in many cases feel that if they become chefs, they’ll get a TV show. They have a signature haircut, a year into the business, or a branding arrangement with a shoe company. I don’t really relate to that. I guess this is the world we live in now.
Anthony Bourdain
I like to relate to my kids as they are. I enjoy spending that time with them. I see that my girls are so completely different and different from me, too.
Gayle Forman
With my aunt, I definitely can relate to how she makes a movie because she does it with her own demeanor, which isn’t this loud presence.
Gia Coppola
When you’re growing up, it’s always nice to have someone you can relate and look up to. I’m proud of how I conduct my business and how I have accomplished all that I have accomplished, and hope that I can be a positive influence on not only the Mexican community but also young boxers and people all around the world.
Victor Ortiz
It’s really humbling and gratifying to see that people are finally realizing that we are talented and we have things to say and that our stories are just like your stories. There’s no reason that anybody from Wisconsin or Turkey can’t relate to ‘Atlanta.’
Brian Tyree Henry
If we can’t “love the sinner; hate the sin” then how can we relate to ourselves? Love who we are in Christ but still hate the sin remaining.
Timothy Keller
Maleficent has suffered abuse in the past, and there’s a reason why she is now as furious as she is. And I think that children who have been outcast and abused in any way will relate to her. There’s a beautiful side to her; she’s not just a dark person. She has all these facets. And that is interesting.
Angelina Jolie
If the question [before justices of the peace] relate to any point of public liberty, or if it be one of those in which the judges may be suspected of bias, the jury undertake to decide both law and fact.
Thomas Jefferson
It is surprising, in the welter of questions that one gets at (AGMs), how few actually relate to the performance of the company, or the decisions taken by the board in particular areas.
John Harvey-Jones
I love engaging in conversation with other moms because we can relate to one another, and we swap valuable insight and information.
Laila Ali
It’s been exciting to share my story for people to relate to me and reach out.
Mirai Nagasu
Your average teenager can’t relate to a girl who casts magic spells. But she does understand someone who is torn about her upbringing and the situation in her life.
Dove Cameron
I think what people like about my channel is that I am not perfect. I always point to my pimple, my bad hair day… people relate to that. They are watching somebody who is exactly like them and talking about things that they experience as well.
Lilly Singh
I see songs in colors; I see days of the week. Each day of the week I relate to a gender, and it’s very weird. I can taste words sometimes. It’s very strange.
Alessia Cara
I just want to portray a very honest character that displays traits that people can truly relate to and can help them – the audience and myself because I learn from the characters as well – help them see themselves in a perspective that is outside of what they know already, and grow from that experience.
Kristin Kreuk
I think we are challenged in how we define humanitarian action today and how we relate to long-term needs. We are also confronted with legitimate expectations from the people who want us to respond far more thoroughly to their basic pleas than we would have done in a much more contained form of conflict.
Peter Maurer
I think emotion is just anything that is emotional, you know, people can feel with music. Music is already so emotional, like the strings, the chords, and the notes and the melodies and stuff. And then you throw on a topic that everyone can relate to. That’s gonna be real music.
Sam McCandless
You have to be involved and relate to the characters in order to make a film that is true emotionally.
Spike Jonze
Relate to the fear, not just from it. (50)
Stephen Levine
I like to think if something scares me, then there’s a very good chance an audience will feel the same way. The key is creating scenarios that people can relate to.
James Wan
I don’t think the scientific method and the science fictional method are really analogous. The thing about them is that neither is really practiced very much, at least not consciously. But the fact that they are methodical does relate them.
Frederik Pohl
It’s so rare that you see a movie that you are genuinely moved by on a real level, and you relate to it, and you come out feeling uplifted.
Mickey Sumner
A family going through a divorce, a child under attack by a demon, all these things I could relate to.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
To have someone to relate to and hopefully enjoy the music and get a positive message out of it, to make the best music that we possibly could, those were the goals.
Janet Jackson
The idea that ballet is a white art is absurd and shocking, and it’s gone on for too long. Nothing would make me happier than having a company that reflects society, to have dancers onstage that people can relate to.
Benjamin Millepied
Nature is my springboard. From her I get my initial impetus. I have tried to relate the visible drama of mountains, trees, and bleached fields with the fantasy of wind blowing and changing colors and forms.
Milton Avery
Let me tell you what the Cain Doctrine would be, as it relates to Israel if I were president. You mess with Israel, you are messing with the United States of America!
Herman Cain
I love the idea of doing comedy, whether it’s action comedy or just straight comedy. It’s such a big, new world for me that I’m starting to realize that any character that I relate to, in any way, shape or form, or that I have any appreciation for, given enough preparation, I can find that person.
Zoe Bell
The arts are the salt of the earth; as salt relates to food, the arts relate to technology.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I can relate to historical characters or imaginary ones. It doesn’t matter if a story takes place in the future or in the present, as long as the story is compelling.
Eric Stoltz
I think that people who have played sports have an ability to relate to people because when you’re playing you have to work on teams and with opposing players
Michael Michele
I write a lot of lyrics and I’m involved in the producing process, because it’s like, if I’m singing it, I want it to be something that I can relate to.
Lindsay Lohan
I write my music to minister to myself. I have enough sin and enough shortcomings and enough need in my own life that I don’t need to write to evangelize to the “masses.” But if someone else can hear my music and relate to it with the same need that I do, then I give God the glory for that.
Bob Carlisle
I talked about the stuff so openly that people are able to connect and relate. I put everything out there [into the network], and if I’m having a bad time, people know about it.
Gabriel Iglesias
Because I think whenever you sit down with another human being who would absolutely disagree with you on every issue, you learn about them as a person and you relate, in human terms, and it’s much more difficult for either side to dismiss out of hand, like that person’s a freak, that person’s a Nazi.
David Cross
The central question of a warrior’s training is not how we avoid uncertainty and fear but how we relate to discomfort.
Pema Chodron
I was an incredibly misanthrope. I couldn’t relate to people my age, and I’m not sure why, as I wasn’t particularly smart or interesting
Laura Marling
We create music to express ourselves and when the world relates, that’s a beautiful thing. We’re all trading off each other’s culture, so no matter what lines you put–country indie rock, rap, we’re all somehow gonna find a way to come together.
There’s a lot of girls out there that can relate to me. They can look at me and see themselves a little bit. There’s a lot of girls out there that have a tougher side to them. I just think that people are really grown and attracted to that, and that’s why people like to see me fight.
Paige VanZant
I’m not trying to be something that I’m not, and I think a lot of people can relate to that. They want something that’s real, and I think I give that to them.
A.J. Styles
My first trip abroad was to do a TV version of “Les Miserables” in France with Anthony Perkins. There I was at 12 acting with the guy from Psycho (1960). My parents were teachers, and it was hard for them to relate to that world.
Dexter Fletcher
For various reasons, when people engage the Bible, they don’t see very readily how it relates to their work.
David Kim
When a person looks at a photograph you’ve taken, they will always think of themselves, their own life experience. They will relate your photograph to their memories. That interplay is where a picture comes alive and grows into something. They function like invitations.
Jason Fulford
Opera needs to be a total escape from real life. To relate to what we’re going through today is fine and dandy, but it’s really about being transported and completely swept away by a romantic notion.
Rufus Wainwright
A stadium tour would be amazing – that’s definitely one of my goals. Just to keep putting out real, honest music that people can really relate to and connect with.
The more you relate to something or somebody speaks to you, it means more. I think that putting yourself out there like heart-on-sleeve, is really important.
Kate Nash
It’s weird because I see black gay characters on television all the time, but do I relate to them? Not always, because they’re set pieces.
Lena Waithe
Life-Enriching Education: an education that prepares children to learn throughout their lives, relate well to others, and themselves, be creative, flexible, and venturesome, and have empathy not only for their immediate kin but for all of humankind.
Marshall B. Rosenberg
If you go back and look at the history of Supreme Court fights from the very beginning there is a corresponding interest, and and the intent of the interest of the Senate with, as it relates to the probability that the next appointee would alter the balance in the court.
Joe Biden
I think it’s very insulting to say, ‘White people don’t understand.’ What are you talking about? You’re part of the problem then if you’re… speaking and labeling all white people, saying they don’t understand the issue or saying they can’t relate. That’s really not giving people much credit, is it?
Kimberly Guilfoyle
The ways in which people treat animals will be reflected in how people relate to one another.
William Greider
When our consciousness is quiet, the waves of thought cease and we see clearly enough to relate back to our spirit. we connect with who we really are.
Alan Finger
Take the whole range of imaginative literature, and we are all wholesale borrowers. In every matter that relates to invention, to use, or beauty or form, we are borrowers.
Wendell Phillips
My photographs are subjective and personal-they’r e intended to be accessible, to relate to people’s lives… People-their well-being and survival-are the crux of what’s important to me.
Roy DeCarava
Little kids who get picked on and bullied can relate to the Lucha Dragons, who are smaller, but they’re quick and exciting and never give up.
Dolph Ziggler
I’ve never written poetry. I’m not a poet, but I think the nearest you get is either the short story or the novella, in that you can’t waste a word. There is no hiding place: everything’s got to be seen to relate, and the prose counts.
Susan Hill
Poetry is not only a set of words which are chosen to relate to each other; it is something which goes much further than that to provide a glimpse of our vision of the world.
Tahar Ben Jelloun
You could take away the singing, and I am fine. But don’t take away my gift of writing. It is the best way I can relate and express what I am feeling and what I am going through.
BeBe Winans
Family is conflict and it’s something that we all relate to.
Bill Cosby
I think, from a woman’s perspective, that my interest as an investor and the way that I relate to entrepreneurs is a little bit different.
Aileen Lee
With literature, sometimes a book is presented in the media as being say, a Muslim story or an African story, when essentially it’s a universal story which we can all relate to it, no matter what race or social background we come from.
Shawn Johnson
My husband doesn’t have to try to add to my comedy he just does being himself and saying & doing the things he does. We have a good friendship & I think couples can relate to our dynamic and sometimes out lack of dynamics too.
Heather McDonald
When you’re a soul singer, I’m singing a lot of songs about love and relationships that I think a lot of girls really relate to. For whatever reason, that seems to get ’em excited. The DJ, everyone always says the DJ gets all the chicks, but that’s never been my experience.
Mayer Hawthorne
People fantasize about being a hero and helping someone in trouble. Batman is that fantasy realized-not just for Bruce Wayne, but for the audience. Inwardly, Bruce Wayne is still an adolescent watching his parents being murdered. That will never leave him. And people really relate to that.
Kevin Conroy
Art is essentially communication. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why people make art, so other people can relate to it.
Conor Oberst
I think that people who have played sports have an ability to relate to people because when you’re playing you have to work on teams and with opposing players.
Michael Michele
…everything has a narrative, really, and if you can’t understand a story and relate to it, figure out how you fit inside it, you’re not really alive at all.
Catherynne M. Valente
We went from an era when rock ‘n’ roll meant wearing a bustier as a woman and these spandex things and guys trying to portray someone that wasn’t realistic. We are trying to make it seem real… relate to our lives.
Eddie Vedder
I know what it’s like to have a broken heart. I know what it’s like to feel pain: When my songs don’t become hits, it breaks my heart. There are a million ways to break a heart. I can relate.
Diane Warren
The years after 2000 will be a monumental change in the way life is lived here. It will be harder and harder to relate to our children. I don’t know what it’s going to be. I don’t plan to be around in the year 2000. I’ll be taken away by the Sufi God.
Hunter S. Thompson
Even though Mr. Trump is a billionaire, he is still able to relate to average working men and women. The billionaire gets along with the bricklayer.
Peter Navarro
If the reader doesn’t care or relate to the characters, all that visual spectacle is pretty but feels empty.
Cliff Chiang
When we’re feeling fully alive, we’re able to fully feel love. This doorway also relates to feeling our feelings fully. Not suppressing our feelings of anger, sadness or grief but allowing them to be felt. What’s amazing is that when those feelings are felt, they actually dissolve into love.
Marci Shimoff
It’s not the world that distresses you but how you relate to it.
Swami Parthasarathy
I think that the reason for my success is that I am really not aspirational. I am inspirational in that the people at home feel like they can really relate to me.
Rosie O’Donnell
The thing is, I really can’t relate to anyone my own age. Not in a superior way – an inferior way, if anything. Socially, I have no idea what my friends are talking about. I don’t listen to any new music. I feel very secluded.
Michael Cera
I think even if you haven’t been divorced, you can hopefully relate to having to navigate through a really difficult time and see how you can get through to the other side and how you can stay positive, even if there’s some really bad stuff happening.
Isabel Gillies
I like doing movies that relate to people’s experience.
Illeana Douglas
If you have a character that seems to be all perfect, it’s hard to relate to him because when you read a story you really want to empathize with the character that you are reading about. And it’s hard to empathize with someone who is flawless and who has no problems.
Stan Lee
In high school, I didn’t always relate to my friends. I was more of a spectator.
Gia Coppola
Maturity is the ability to relate appropriately to other realities than one’s own.
Goswami Kriyananda
I am of the opinion that there are artists and non-artists. I think that this is the way it always was and always will be. I do not believe that we are in the center of the world. It is possible that there are gods who do not relate to human. As an artist, I believe that it is possible to depict these forces.
Anselm Kiefer
But basically what I like are the possibilities, and the fantasy element of the show. Not science fantasy so much, but fantasy, the humanistic elements and how people relate when they’re in a dire situation or comedic situation.
Fisher Stevens
Given the growing popularity of pop culture conventions, many of them are selling out, leaving a lot of fans out in the dark and having to trawl the Internet for bits and pieces of news that relate to these events.
Emmett Shear
Whenever you can relate to the population of the team that you play for, I think it makes it that much more special.
Robert Griffin III
I think musicians are perfect at knowing how to get the best out of other musicians. I can really relate to that communion.
Adria Petty
We’re just musically and rhythmically retarded. We play so hard that we can’t tune our guitars fast enough. People can relate to that.
Kurt Cobain
We kind of look at music as something very natural in people’s lives. I mean, most of us can relate to music in some sort of shape and form, and if you think about it, most of us remember the first time we kissed someone, what kind of music was playing or the song that was playing on our friend’s birthday.
Daniel Ek
When you have kept yourself isolated, no one relates to you, you have no way of understanding actually who you are.
Sally Field
I think everyone has shame about something, whether it’s a lack of a relationship with a child or maybe their weight or a lack of communication within their marriage. Everyone can relate to that because we all have something that we’re like, ‘God, I can work on that,’ or, ‘I wish I was better at doing this.’
Chrissy Metz
Michael Scofield is someone everyone can relate to, but nobody would want to be in his shoes.
Wentworth Miller
People think of us as an information distributor because that’s how they relate to the Internet. But most of the time people already have pretty well established opinions.
Joan Blades
Democrats don’t relate to middle-class people.
Chuck Schumer
In the practice of sitting meditation you relate to your daily life all the time. Meditation practice brings our neuroses to the surface rather than hiding them at the bottom of our minds. It enables us to relate to our lives as something workable.
Chogyam Trungpa
Melodic songs that people can relate to has always been our thing.
Andy Taylor
Not wearing hijab has seriously, seriously hurt my career. Mass media wants to see a woman in a veil. But I think it helps me because it makes it easier for my audience to relate to me. I’m not the scary ‘other’ they keep seeing on ‘Fox News.’
Maysoon Zayid
Technology has changed how people communicate, how people relate, the speed at which this takes place. To ignore that, in the name of preaching the Word, is to forget that we’re to preach the Word to people.
Tony Evans
They were here all at once, but not together. Survival took self-absorption, and it made them strangers with nothing to do and no way to relate. Emergencies gave you a shape and a plot to take part in, while death was no story at all. It left you nothing.
Ann Brashares
I think The Room is something magnetic, a certain magnetism in The Room that is related to human behavior, and that’s why people relate to it.
Tommy Wiseau
Democrats don’t relate to middle-class people.
Charles Schumer
I don’t like celebrities; I don’t hang out with them; I don’t relate to that life.
Lady Gaga
When you’re a very career-oriented woman, sometimes you don’t have as much time to go meet all kinds of guys. You’re a little bit limited to the guys that work in your office. I think a lot of girls can relate to that problem.
Piper Perabo
Sometimes the lack of substantive freedoms relates directly to economic poverty
Amartya Sen
Most people are sort of against authority. Here’s Beetle always challenging authority. I think people relate to it.
Mort Walker
I think anybody would be hard pressed not to relate to at least one of the characters, because there’s so many different multifaceted people populating this crazy world.
Michael C. Hall
I started to understand what the song could be about. The ache of nostalgia even for things we don’t like, the commitment to keep moving despite that ache. It made me think of how I relate to my privilege – as a white person, as someone who grew up upper middle class.
Erin McKeown
When my own son is going through what he goes through, coming back, I can certainly relate with other families, who kind of fill these ramifications of some PTSD.
Sarah Palin
My bucket list tends to relate to travel or eating.
Elijah Wood
I’m sharing my experience with my body with my fans, and that’s why they relate to me so much.
Demi Lovato
When you relate to a disease, you’re afraid. When you relate to a person, there is compassion. You see someone that is like you, that could be like you. You can see yourself in that same situation.
Uzodinma Iweala
God’s image…is found not best in individual humans, but in humans as they relate to each other.
Luke Timothy Johnson
I relate to that – he inspires me across the board. His music inspires me and reminds me to maintain honesty in the things that I do, to have an absence of fear. Listening to Earl Sweatshirt’s music is like therapy to me.
Erykah Badu
Intellect is merely a narrow and highly specific kind of thing that we DO, but our immediacy relates us to what we naturally and essentially ARE, the actualities of our full-dimensional existence.
Kenny Smith
I hope to always be able to relate to my fans and be in the moment with the world and the community. I think as you gain popularity it’s easy to loose touch and become disconnected.
Tristan Prettyman
As an outsider myself, I always mixed myself with different groups…I’ve never been afraid to go into a different space and relate to those people, because I don’t have a place where I belong and that means I belong everywhere.
Trevor Noah
I relate to all of my songs and I’m inspired by everything going on around me. Music comes from all different aspects of my life.
Vanessa Hudgens
I’ve always preferred Marvel over DC. I just relate to their characters better. I mean look at Wolverine, at first he was just a bit player in an ensemble cast. Now he’s the only reason people read X-Men. Just like me and Scrubs.
Zach Braff
When you move the deeper levels in you and the deeper levels in your body, you’ll be relating to that mystery in her. You’ll relate to it directly and you’ll lay hold of it through the deeper levels in you and in your body.
John de Ruiter
I’m 6’3″ and 185 pounds on a good day, so I probably relate more to the casual fan who watches the game and is not super athletic, not this crazy monster of physical stature.
Stephen Curry
Openness fundamentally affects a lot of the core institutions in society – the media, the economy, how people relate to the government and just their leadership.
Mark Zuckerberg
We just compare our lifestyle to movies so you can relate to them. When I say, ‘I bought a carpet from Aladdin so I could finesse and do magic,’ that means I had to get me a new whip or I had to get me something in disguise to work my magic, to finesse, to get out of here.
I just love to play characters that are layered and that I can relate to in some way, even if they’re completely different than me; that I can see a glimpse of humanity and something I’m interested in exploring.
Carrie-Anne Moss
I rap about fighting back. I make it uncomfortable by putting details to it. It might not have been politically correct but I’ve reached somebody; They relating to me. They relate to the brutal honesty in the rap.
Tupac Shakur
You’ll never see the president carry his own luggage, and why? Because even though we know he has luggage, it would reduce his stature if he was too much like us. We need to think of our leaders as being above us, even though they must still relate to us.
Simon Sinek
I can see how everything relates to everything else when I think that nothing is merely coincidental. If everything that happens is inevitable, then the world is connected and whole.
Hideo Kojima
They say teenagers can sleep all day. I often used to look at dogs and be amazed by the way they seemed to sleep for twenty hours a day. But I envied them too. It was the kind of lifestyle I could relate to.We didn’t sleep for twenty hours, but we gave it our best shot.
John Marsden
EC3 began as a spoiled brat, and I felt it was important for the fans to be able to relate to the character – not as themselves but as someone they may have encountered in their lives and really just want to sock square in the face.
Ethan Carter III
Everybody can relate to being an outsider, having to deal with that, and having to wrestle with how people view them.
I think I said something mean when I was little, and my mother snapped on me. I was just like, ‘I’m sorry!’ I could relate. If I had cursed out my dad, I probably would be just waking up.
Craig Robinson
There are a few songwriters in bands I really relate to that write a certain type of joy, because a lot of artists don’t really write joy. It’s a thing only a few people do.
Mark Foster
The regular guy still relates to him and Howard is a $500 million guy now who dates a model and drives about in a limo all day. But Howard still knows how to make a plumber laugh and those guys still have him on in the morning, because he is a real talent.
Artie Lange
Well, I’m not going to be singing about lollipops because I no longer relate to lollipops.
Hilary Duff
Where there is Dharma there is no karma. So we have to lean on Dharmic values and we have to build a Dharmic family, we have to relate to that family and we have to relate to it deeply.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi
I’m more beautiful than I’ve ever been because I’ve experienced so many things, and I can relate to so many different people. And you know, it’s just made me a better person.
Lauren Wasser
Every human being has hundreds of separate people living under his skin. The talent of a writer is his ability to give them their separate names, identities, personalities and have them relate to other characters living with him.
Mel Brooks
There’s a place in me that can really relate to being the underdog.
Halle Berry
I was not grown up in the U.S., nor in Japan. In order to create a video game that people around the globe can enjoy and relate to, I can’t draw things deeply rooted in the local culture that I’m not familiar with. That’s why we are not doing games about football or samurai.
Jenova Chen
All our anxieties relate to time.
Fulton J. Sheen
I find most modern country virtually unlistenable. I can’t relate to the music or the lyrics.
Jenny Lewis
We [Democrats] have become a party of assembling all these different groups, the women’s caucus and the black caucus and the Hispanic caucus and the lesbian-gay-transgender caucus and so forth, and that doesn’t relate to people out in rural America.
Collin Peterson
If there is honesty in your face, the battle is won. It doesn’t have to be the most beautiful face in the world. The audience can relate to you then. They feel love, not lust, for you.
Preity Zinta
I think it’s more interesting to see people who don’t feel appropriately. I relate to that, because sometimes I don’t feel anything at all for things I’m supposed to, and other times I feel too much. It’s not always like it is in the movies.
Ryan Gosling
I don’t like to be entertaining. I don’t like the feeling of being entertaining. If there was a musical or a comedy that was not just for entertainment but was rooted in something I could relate to on a real level, then I think I would do it.
Ryan Gosling
The one thing we can all relate to is family, and family has its traumas sometimes. Sometimes things don’t go well for people. Sometimes things are tough. So everybody kind of knows someone who’s been in this situation before, and I think that’s what makes it work.
Mark Millar
Autism is a severe neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterized by social withdrawal, by repetitive behaviors and by some kind of focal attention in its classic form. Basically, it’s an inability to relate to others.
Harvey V. Fineberg
I believe that all the euphoria about Europe has led many of us to forget that Europe is a conglomerate of different entities and countries. But if you don’t love your own entity, if you don’t know your roots and can no longer relate to them, you will also have problems with the rest of Europe.
Margrethe II of Denmark
Some people are born gardeners, some are politicians. I was an actor. It took a great deal of pain before I figured that out. I didn’t relate to most of it.
Kathleen Quinlan
I think ‘Sex and the City’ is a chapter that will never close. In a wonderful way, it’s always going to be an open chapter because it seems like new generations discover the show and relate to it, which is amazing, and you can’t hope for that.
Darren Star
I’d like to think my performance is today. I never try to – it’s so, as you know, watching me, I have a beginning, middle and ending. But every night the show changes and I relate to an audience and I relate to the young people.
Don Rickles
I relate really well to individuals who have a career and explore other adventures outside of skating. That, to me, is fascinating.
Patrick Chan
We all can relate to people’s weaknesses. We might put up a facade that everything is perfect but none of us are. When we see that weakness in somebody else, we understand or give ourselves a little bit of leeway.
Joel Kinnaman
I can fully understand [that] artists want to be able to pay their bills. As a fan of art, and art as a way to shift dialogue and address cultural issues, there’s a part of me that’s really, really saddened by that and can’t really relate to it.
Bruce Pavitt
The hardest thing for – not only an artist but for anybody to do is look themselves in the mirror and acknowledge, you know, their own flaws and fears and imperfections and put them out there in the open for people to relate to it.
Kendrick Lamar
People are good people. If they know what’s going on, and they can relate to it, they can be moved to do something. If they can never see it or never relate to it, they continue to stay disconnected.
Cheri Honkala
I was a young kid from Long Island who wanted to do something large with her life, so I can relate to that.
Edie Falco
Growing up, it was difficult to find role models I could relate too. Mass media told me to emulate sexy singers or sexy actresses. Jane Goodall was the closest thing I found to a woman I wanted to be like.
Lynsey Dyer
Greatest American Hero, I really dug that as a kid, because it had an alienation to it, where he was given a gift and didn’t know why, and yet he was forced to do something with it and he was very much an out-of-place character who was trying to cope with his own surroundings, and I can kind of relate to that guy.
Rhys Darby
I relate to most of the characters I play, because I do feel like an outsider.
Jon Heder
I’d made these experimental films but I thought the major chore of a filmmaker was to relate to actors.
Bill Forsyth
If students don’t think that you care and can relate, especially as they get older, they tune you out. I didn’t get it in my classes at the graduate school of education. I got it intuitively from my own experiences as a student.
Pedro Noguera
We want these movies to be timeless, and we want people to really engage with the characters and find something that they can really relate to and emotionally connect with.
Byron Howard
If you make a ‘Star Wars’ reference, everybody’s familiar with that. It’s a common reference that most people can relate to – ‘Bartleby, The Scrivener,’ probably not so much.
Adam Reed
[Smart] is an elusive concept. There’s a certain sharpness, an ability to absorb new facts. To ask an insightful question. To relate to domains that may not seem connected at first. A certain creativity that allows people to be effective.
Bill Gates
Every song youre trying to find something that going to connect in different ways but for me the songs that Im really drawn to are inspirational, songs that lift you and that everybody can relate to no matter where youre from.
Rodney Atkins
There’s music that can affect people in their lives, and they will always relate to the point that they heard it and experienced it, either if you’re playing it or you’re receptive, as an audience.
Jimmy Page
Noir deals with the disenfranchised: people who can’t catch a break under normal circumstances. In noir books, you root for these people, but you know they are going to fail. That’s what makes them so compellingly human. I can relate to that kind of stuff.
Brian Azzarello
I think hand-drawn animation can be something really special. If the character design is quite simple it has the ability to allow people to easily relate to the characters in a special manner.
Tomm Moore
Our first relationship with a male is with our fathers. It affects how we relate to men forever.
Graeme Simsion
The struggle of my life created empathy – I could relate to pain, being abandoned, having people not love me.
Oprah Winfrey
It isn’t the things that happen to us in our lives that cause us to suffer, it’s how we relate to the things that happen to us that causes us to suffer.
Pema Chodron
One of the best things you can relate to is a detailed story.
Lisi Harrison
A lot of what inspired many musicians is celebrating differences, and people relate to that – more people feel like the unpopular, freaky one than the one in the in-crowd.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
If people spend two hours thinking about the direction of their own lives and can relate to the stories they see on screen, to me that’s a success.
Joe Berlinger
I really felt good after working in a film like ‘Piku,’ as many people could relate to my character. I got letters from my fans telling me how my character resembles to their grandparents.
Amitabh Bachchan
I was not a big Allman Brothers fan but I could relate to that because that is what the flavor of the day was at that time – at least it was like that for me.
George Thorogood
You know honestly I think there’s a Dracula, a Wolf Man, and a Frankenstein’s Monster in all of us. They are sides of our own character so that’s why I think we can relate to them in terms of a ‘I know how that feels’ kind of thing.
Richard Roxburgh
It just seduces you when you read a story and your brain relates to it. You recognize or connect with it. You identify with it; you’re bound to.
Danny Boyle
I don’t want to play everyone’s best friend. I don’t want to play the role of a girl struggling in the ghetto. It’s not that that story isn’t important, but I saw patterns, and was like, ‘I don’t relate to these people.’
Zoe Kravitz
People don’t watch TV only to relate to stuff. They also watch to find out about a world they can’t relate to.
James Nesbitt
I hang out with dudes a lot. I can relate to being the guys girl.
Alexis Knapp
I enjoy a character who sticks to her guns, who’s always challenging herself. That’s something I can relate to.
Yvonne Strahovski
When I was doing just the underwater, I don’t think people could relate to it at first. Then I added the land, which was a painting called, Two Worlds. For some reason that particular painting gave people something to hold onto.
Robert Lyn Nelson
Flaws make us all human, and you’re rooting for characters because of those flaws. It’s ageless if you’re interested in relationships and the way people can or can’t relate to each other.
Lynn Shelton
I wrote ‘Ohio,’ and it was really awesome to be able to share that with my fans because a lot of them can relate to not having a parent in their life. It’s really one of my favourite songs to sing live.
Jacob Whitesides
In Dallas, life is a little slower. It’s a little more day-to-day routine. It’s just a simpler life. At the end of the day, I love Texas girls, and I kind of relate to them.
Josh Henderson
For me, as I’ve said many times, the story is not research. The story is how the characters relate with each other and with the environment… I try to apply my imagination to what could have happened and how a little child could have viewed and processed the event.
Uwem Akpan
And we live in a kind of realm of language and words and so forth. So we can sort of relate to them. They don’t exist without us. We create words.
Robert Barry
The more you’re writing absolutely honestly, and absolutely bare of intention – even if it feels absolutely personal and small because it’s at your own scale – other people relate to it much more.
Lou Doillon
Morality must relate, at some level, to the well-being of conscious creatures. If there are more and less effective ways for us to seek happiness and to avoid misery in this world – and there clearly are – then there are right and wrong answers to questions of morality.
Sam Harris
I feel like, big city or small town, you can relate to following your parents’ footsteps or putting your own dreams on the back burner or vices that we get caught up in – that whole cycle. That’s not just a small-town thing. That’s a life thing.
Kacey Musgraves
I just think she was a wonderful woman. What I think of when I think of Nina [Simone] is someone that I could relate to, who didn’t want anything from me, that could relate to me because I didn’t want anything from her. It was nice.
Nikki Giovanni
I’ve just looked for ideas and great characters that I relate to and that I think I can offer something to the audience, and I no longer look at them as experiments or genre exercises at all.
Ron Howard
When I go speak to these kids through my foundation and am able to sit down and tell them some of the things that I’ve been through, they can look up and relate to me, and they can understand the feelings I had that are similar to what they’re going through and feeling.
Marshawn Lynch
It’s got big riffs and really it’s a rock and roll album. I think Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver fans will relate to that
Scott Weiland
Mature people relate to each other without the need to merge.
Anais Nin
Our concepts structure what we perceive, how we get around in the world and how we relate to other people. Our conceptual system thus plays a central role in defining our everyday realities.
George Lakoff
The secret is to remain true to your aesthetic vision, so that people can see that you really believe passionately in what you are doing. That way, they can relate to your style. At the same time, you experiment-you try new things.
Giorgio Armani
I guess initially I was amazed that somebody would see something within my work that they could really relate to, but the more it’s happened, the more people have come forward, I’ve really realized that we’re all kind of going through the same thing at the same time.
Shane Koyczan
Being biracial is so much a part of who I am that it’s almost, ‘Let it go already.’ It’s intrinsic to me. I think a lot of my fans relate to me because they felt different.
Mariah Carey
I feel like I have the fortune of privilege, particularly as it relates to my children.
Demi Moore
I am an ‘other.’ As a queer, biracial man who occupies and embodies many different intersections of ‘otherness,’ I’ve spent my entire life seeking reflections of myself in the world around me to connect and relate to.
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
I think representation is the most important thing in the world. People who are young look up to the things that they see in the media. They want to relate and to be able to say, ‘Wow, I can be successful.’
Barbie Ferreira
To create is to relate. We trust in the artist in everybody to make his own connections, his own juxtapositions.
Corita Kent
I want to do films I can relate to emotionally.
Christian Slater
I feel I am a role model to many, not just for my designs, but also for the fact that I started my own company with the help of my two friends. I became a success story, and people relate to that.
Christian Louboutin
I enjoy taking part in footballing events that are for social causes because, in my view, inspiring children through sport is a way of keeping their bodies and minds healthy as well as helping nurture their intelligence and ability to relate with others.
Suffering usually relates to wanting things to be different from the way they are.
Allan Lokos
Being poor in Africa is something people in America can’t relate to. Part of the challenge is bringing that reality to people and moving them. You have to arouse compassion.
Madonna Ciccone
What people don’t understand is like when water gets polluted, it’s an entire aquifer. There’s a whole fascinating world that exists underneath our feet that we don’t see, therefore we don’t relate.
Erin Brockovich
Each man lives love in his limited fashion and does not seem to relate the resultant confusion and loneliness to his lack of knowledge about love.
Leo Buscaglia
Sometimes I`m stressed and I`m sick of things and I need to forget about them for a while, so in Harry Potter you`re taken to this wonderful imaginary world where everything is so different. But also the main characters are completely real and modern so you can relate to them.
Evanna Lynch
I feel more people can relate to the D-list than the A-list.
Kathy Griffin
I can relate to anyone. I can hang out with stoners, skaters, surfers, stockbrokers, lawyers, athletes, rappers. I feel I can hang out with any group of people and find common ground to talk with them.
Barry Zito
I think it’s really important these days to be able to relate to how the music flows and be able to speak the same language as your bandmates and the producer, rather than just talking drums.
Matt Cameron
The minute you try to do something that is not true to you, is not something that you really know about, and is not a lifestyle or world that you live in or can relate to, it’s going to come off as false.
Eric Balfour
A lot of songs are empowering because everybody who has been through a hard time in a relationship or in their lives can relate to it.
Nicole Scherzinger
I related to his disillusionment. Thinking that he was going for this big dream. Then he kind of saw through it all at one point and went back home. Then he started a bender, which I can relate to of course.
Woody Harrelson
I think when I show my vulnerability, people relate with that because they know deep down inside that they have vulnerable moments, and they can really connect and identify with me on those things.
Andy Mineo
I relate with military families and Gold Star families. Gold Star families are families where somebody didn’t come home. My father died in 1949. He was a flight instructor in the Army Air Corp.
Joe Walsh
There is a page in ‘Diary of a Worm’ in which the worm tells his sister that no matter how much time she spends looking in the mirror, her face will always look just like her rear end. Any girl that grew up with brothers can relate to the merciless teasing.
Doreen Cronin
I think it’s all about how much you love, understand and can relate to the material you are given.
Jonathan Brandis
No one can really relate to somebody who has given up entirely.
Uzodinma Iweala
People follow me because I am just a normal person, and they can relate to me.
Zoe Sugg
I love crop tops and love the way Taylor Swift teams them. Her style is relaxed; I can relate to it.
Yami Gautam
You tend to relate to the other person better if you understand their professional needs.
Divyanka Tripathi
So Thomas Pynchon wants a private life and no photographs and nobody to know his home address. I can dig it, I can relate to that (but, like, he should try it when it’s compulsory instead of a free-choice option).
Salman Rushdie
Everyone can relate to the story of fighting for happiness.
Lilly Singh
People can relate to horses. Horses, I think, are basically in our genetic history. Horses were part of our culture, part of our collective society, for hundreds of years, and so, the horse is one of the most familiar animals to people of any race or culture or country.
Steven Spielberg
Most of the memorable events I have myself been exercised in; and, for the satisfaction of the public, will briefly relate the circumstances of my adventures, and scenes of life, from my first movement to this country until this day.
Daniel Boone
We live within the environment. So that directly relates with our survival, our life. So through that way, more concern of well being of humanity, then naturally concerned about environment.
Dalai Lama
Firstly I did it in this huge theatre in Avignon, then to smaller places, then bigger places. You have to change the volume of the voice, give more or less. The way you have to relate to space makes it like sculpture.
Isabelle Huppert
As a filmmaker, you’re looking to reveal something. When other people relate to it, it makes an otherwise lonely world a little less lonely.
Bennett Miller
I try not to get political, I don’t want to get religious, I don’t want to get controversial, I just want to have a show that relates to everybody.
Gabriel Iglesias
Write and people will come to read. Write and people will heed to your words and share them with others. Not all may relate, but wait, and those that were meant to see it eventually will find it, for truth waits to be found. It searches for no one.
Suzy Kassem
Let’s face it songs are about love, which is, I love you, I don’t love you, come here, go away, I miss you, I don’t miss you. I’m lonely. I’m not lonely. It’s, it’s all about affairs of the heart. And we can all relate to those.
Jeff Barry
The average American never loses his sleep about affairs which relate to his society and to our whole country.
Erich Fromm
The micro-compositions are the pieces themselves, but the macro-composition is the whole set of them and how it moves from track to track and how the titles relate to one another, for example. Always when I do records like this of a selection of instrumental pieces – the titles, to me, are very important.
Brian Eno
Losing someone we love, or the fear of losing someone we love one day is a difficult experience and we can all relate to it. None of us are an exception to this reality.
Aamir Khan
One thing about America is Americans are real people. So it’s like, if they see that you’re real, this is real, then they’re gonna relate to it.
Burna Boy
I talk specifically to the lifestyle and those who can relate to it. And I feel like, where the creativity comes in, is where you draw the parallels that everybody can relate to. That’s where it’s creative for me. I feel like it works best that way.
Pusha T
It is important that an aim never be defined in terms of activity or methods. It must always relate directly to how life is better for everyone. . . . The aim of the system must be clear to everyone in the system. The aim must include plans for the future. The aim is a value judgment.
W. Edwards Deming
I think it’s important to be able to write stuff that’s personal to you and stuff that you’ll really be able to understand what you’re singing about and be able to truly sing it. Because if you’re singing a song that someone’s written for you and you really can’t relate to it, it’s hard to sing that song.
Cody Simpson
I can relate to a guy who stays home and does it for his family and friends.
Stefon Diggs
I have basset hounds. I have four now, I’ve had more in the past, and I relate to them because physically we’re similar, in that they have very short legs and kind of long torsos, and I do as well.
Ron Clements
If you’d asked me then if I saw how big ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show’ was going to be, I couldn’t tell you. But I knew I could reach people not as a character but as Steve Harvey, because although I tell jokes for a living, I’ve also lived, and I think I can relate to you more than you know.
Steve Harvey
People see themselves as the center of the universe and judge everything as it relates to them.
Peace Pilgrim
All the religions known in the world are founded, so far as they relate to man or the unity of man, as being all of one degree. Whether in heaven or in hell, or in whatever state man may be supposed to exist hereafter, the good and the bad are the only distinctions.
Thomas Paine
I feel quite connected to the past, and my memory. Everything that I’ve ever done I can still relate to, and feel connected to it in a way. There’s no part of my life that I look at and go, ‘I don’t recognize that person at all.’
Ian MacKaye
Opening to the world begins to benefit ourselves and others simultaneously. The more we relate with others, the more quickly we discover where we’re blocked.
Pema Chodron
The impulse of the journalist is to be novel, yet to relate his curiosities to the urgencies of the moment; the philosopher seeks what he conceives to be true, regardless of the moment.
Daniel Bell
I think it’s time to do clean-up for a generation. I believe this is one of the movies that hits home for all colors and all races. Everybody I talk to, black or white, suburban, rich or poor, can relate to rejection, can relate to not having a father or a mother.
Derek Luke
Music being “good or bad” is a flawed idea. Artists make what they want to make and we either connect with it or we don’t. Just because we relate to some songs more than others doesn’t make the others less valid, we just don’t understand them. In fact, we aren’t meant to, and that’s all right.
Jacob Bannon
People are afraid of things they don’t understand. They don’t know how to relate. It threatens their security, their existence, their career, image.
Bill Laswell
I hate everything that does not relate to literature, conversations bore me (even if they relate to literature), to visit people bores me, the sorrows and joys of my relatives bore me to the very soul. Conversation takes the importance, the seriousness, the truth, out of everything I think.
Franz Kafka
I think we all suffer from guilt at some point in our lives, but for the most part I never really regret, and I try to always remain positive. Yes, I think that those issues are very interesting to play in a character, and they’re prominent issues in life, and I think people can relate to them.
Channing Tatum
I can’t relate to the people who shoot wolves. I’m guessing the person who shot Wolf 06 wouldn’t relate much to me either. You let people go out and shoot hundreds of wolves and watch violent movies, and then you’re surprised when they go on a rampage shooting other humans. You can’t separate violence like that.
Zoe Helene
You don’t go around thinking about how characters in a movie, in the stories you make up, relate to people in general.
Ethan Coen
Go another step. Try to live one entire day without words at all. Do it not as a law, but as an experiment. Note your feelings of helplessness and excessive dependence upon words to communicate. Try to find new ways to relate to tohers that are not dependent upon words. Enjoy, savor the day. Learn from it.
Richard J. Foster
I’ve said this a lot – I’m afraid to have girls! I’ve worked with kids before, and I just relate to boys better. I like their competitiveness and aggression: that’s more my style. I’m still dead set on doing whatever I can to make sure I only have boys!
Derek Theler
We’re all born with selfish desires, so we can all relate to those feelings in others. But kindness is something made individually by each person. So it’s easy to misunderstand when others are trying to be kind to you.
Natsuki Takaya
I can relate to pushing yourself because you want to help and move culture toward justice.
Kate McKinnon
I wasn’t able to relate to anyone on TV growing up, so I wanted to bring my own experiences to the screen.
Ellen Wong
There’s the argument that you can relate to someone who’s completely unrelatable. In the way that a director shows you his imagination on a film, then I get to show you my imagination in a big dumb character.
Idris Elba
I’m sure a handful of people can relate to that experience of having some kind of romantic encounter – the event of love – which they just can’t shake. They take it with them, despite their own desire, and it continually haunts them, and there’s nothing to be done about it. That’s a true rarity.
John Maus
Misses! the tale that I relate This lesson seems to carry– Choose not alone a proper mate, But proper time to marry.
William Cowper
My nephews all look at me differently now. Before, they couldn’t relate to me, and now I’m like a god.
Ruth Buzzi
I always gravitate towards anything from Ireland. With Irish lit, I love the use of language, but also in many instances, the Irish writers are writing about people and circumstances that I can relate to.
Daniel Woodrell
I can’t relate to 99% of humanity.
Steve Buscemi
I’m related to people I don’t relate to.
Bill Watterson
As for how criticism of Keats’ poetry relates to criticism of my own work, I’ll leave that for others to decide.
Jane Campion
When you experience your origin as a reality, you are happy. Be constant under all circumstances and relate to one thing – you are a part of Infinity and always lean on that power – then you’ll never be unhappy.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi
This might sound masochistic or narcissistic, I don’t know, but when I’m not playing the game, the validations I feel about life are always through the hardships. I relate more to sadness, in a lot of ways, when I’m not playing.
Abby Wambach
You know, even I have had work or ideas come through me from a source that I honestly cannot identify. And what is that thing? And how are we to relate to it in a way that will not make us lose our minds, but, in fact, might actually keep us sane?
Elizabeth Gilbert
That’s so rare in the world of TV or film to have a genuine friendship turn into something that people watch, that people relate to. That’s so unique.
Carrie Brownstein
You’ve got a song you’re singing from your gut, you want that audience to feel it in their gut. And you’ve got to make them think that you’re one of them sitting out there with them too. They’ve got to be able to relate to what you’re doing.
Johnny Cash
As long as we relate to the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the fields and the oceans as properties which we can manipulate according to our real or fabricated needs, nature remains opaque, and does not reveal to us its true being.
Henri Nouwen
When I got sober and started working out, I fell into that trap of working out too much. I know a lot of guys can relate to that – if you don’t get that runner’s high every day, you feel like, ‘Oh my God, I’m losing it.’
Joe Perry
I always relate respectfully with blue-collar people.
Jayson Williams
I’m fascinated by mankind. I grew up watching ‘Candid Camera’ and thought it was funnier than any standup, any joke, anything that could possibly be written because you’re dealing with humanity. And people can relate to that. It touches everybody who sees it. It hits a nerve.
Howie Mandel
Part of me relates to Perez Hilton because he’s an outcast. I don’t have a lot of friends who are actresses. They’re catty, and they’ll cut you down. I like that Perez is proud of who he is and doesn’t care what anybody thinks.
Amanda Bynes
People see truth in my films. That’s what they react to, and that’s what they relate to.
Tyler Perry
With a lot of songs on this record, one verse doesn’t relate to the next verse. I don’t think that one day really relates to the next day in life.
Neil Young
When you have a little one, you realize that your only mission in life is to protect this helpless, very sensitive creature. That is your charge. That’s primal. I relate to that deeply.
Lake Bell
If I weren’t a theatre designer, I wouldn’t be any other kind of designer. Design is interesting to me as it relates to narrative: the design has to support the narrative. Storytelling is the most important thing.
Christine Jones
As an actor, I’m always looking for scripts that I relate to, in some way, and things that are interesting and different. If it’s combining romance and action, I’m not missing out on anything. I get to do it all.
Liam Hemsworth
Representation means having characters with layers, showing them as human beings, so we can relate or have mixed emotions for that character.
Jon M. Chu
What is success? I think the most important thing is to achieve what you set out to achieve. Just being a CEO in itself is not success. I would not relate success to a title or a position. My career has had a level of serendipity all along. I’ve never planned anything out more than a few years.
Paul Polman
I don’t know that I’m unique in that people relate to my music, but I would hope people would say that I’m honest and that I do the best work I can possibly do instead of coasting.
Bonnie Raitt
For me, I feel like I relate to a lot of people.
Kris Allen
The things that people won’t totally accept come in all shapes and sizes and forms, and I can relate to that in my own youth.
Mahershala Ali
A lot of what inspired many musicians is celebrating differences, and people relate to that – more people feel like the unpopular, freaky one than the one in the in-crowd.
Sophie Ellis Bextor
People can’t relate to someone who only talks about their successes.
Jeremy Schoemaker
The charm about baseball is everyone has played it in some form. Everyone relates to it.
Vin Scully
I see my work as having a relationship to the visual world, not just some emotive residue of my feelings. It relates to something that exists, or might exist, rather than a transcendent mental state or something like that.
Elizabeth Neel
If you are writing a story and trying to draw an audience to come and hear you tell it, it’s got to in some way relate to them. Who wants to come and hear about your specific problems? It’s not therapy – it’s supposed to be a communal piece of entertainment.
Matt Damon
Bonnie and Clyde grew up in absolute poverty. They didn’t go to school or have any money; the only way they could figure out how to get ahead was to steal. The banks were foreclosing on everyone’s homes. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to that struggle.
Jeremy Jordan
My friends in prison were mostly women more like myself: not historical figures who I did not relate to as peers, but hookers and addicts.
Patricia McConnell
There is one relationship I was in that I learned a lot from. I learned a lot from the situation about myself and about relationships and about love, about how to relate to people, about forgiveness and the stuff that comes with being in a relationship.
Our inability to relate to one another is very, very, very important. When we don’t have it, we get situations like Bosnia.
Edward James Olmos
You know, many of you kids can’t relate to what it takes to get to the top rung, the top of the heap, to have success. We’re looking for things that come in a minute. It just doesn’t happen.
Dave Winfield
Any story worth telling relates to real life in some meaningful way. Scifi allows you to tell meaningful stories without seeming too preachy – it adds a metaphorical layer between the story and the real world. Scifi is dismissed as ungrounded fluff, but it’s actually the opposite.
Jane Espenson
Do I prefer to grow up and relate to life directly, or do I choose to live and die in fear?
Pema Chodron
I do speak Mandarin, and I also relate to the hunger that China has for culture and architecture and style.
Vera Wang
The tribal community lived in the totality of circular time; the farmers of God’s universe understood before and after; workers of the clockwork universe lived by the tick; and we creatures of the digital era must relate to the pulse.
Douglas Rushkoff
When I did ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ I got literally thousands of emails from people saying, ‘We relate to you. I’ve been divorced. I’m raising kids on my own.’ Or, ‘You’ve had money. You’ve lost money.’
Marie Osmond
Kids look up to me. I’m not saying I make my music for kids, I do what I feel, its just a self reflection of how I am as a person and it relates to a lot of people.
I feel people can relate to the struggling artist a little more sometimes than the big million-dollar country stars.
Sam Palladio
We are the in midst of a bipartisan moment as it relates to criminal justice reform and dealing with mass incarceration in America which disproportionately impacts the African-American community.
Hakeem Jeffries
When I think about myself at 15, I can’t relate to myself at all. I thought I knew everything.
Milla Jovovich
I can’t impress enough upon people that if you tell an honest story that people relate to and people believe and invest in, you can do anything.
Paul Feig
I have enjoyed writing songs for so long… it felt like in order to make music that I could relate to myself, I would have to be a part of the writing process.
Bridgit Mendler
For the better part of my life, I was always trying to manufacture somehow what I would consider ‘living.’ Because I grew up sort of upper-middle class and I didn’t relate so much to that as a life, and I wanted to really find ‘living.’
Alex Ebert
If you want to relate me to the newer cats, let’s go. Let’s go line for line and bar for bar. If it’s all about spitting and metaphors and MCing and lyrics and entendres, I will eat 99 percent of you dudes up.
Lupe Fiasco
There’s always a connection to be made whether you’re playing a psychopath or whatever. It doesn’t really matter; you’ve got to find this thing that you relate to with each character otherwise you’re missing something.
Luke Evans
If you’re lucky like me, your relationship with your brother has resolved itself on the peaceful side of the fence and has stayed there. But if you’re someone who’s got a family that’s all fractured and finding it hard to relate, that’s a very sad place to be.
Tom Hardy
It’s important for little girls to have characters to look up to, and also be entertained by the fantasy parts. There are a lot of not-so-good role models out there for younger kids, it’s good to have someone they can relate to on television.
Phoebe Tonkin
I’m so fascinated by the human longing for meaning. The way we relate romantically to each other is so much to do with our longing for meaning as well.
Growing up in the Midwest, people don’t drive Porsches and Ferraris. They drive Fords and Chevys. And so even if you have the opportunity to buy a more expensive car, it doesn’t occur to you because it’s not what you relate to.
Luke Perry
Hopefully, great science fiction films help you think about issues that relate to yourself, whether it’s: What’s my purpose? Why am I here? What is it that makes me who I am? Those are the kind of questions my favorite science fiction films ask.
Joseph Kosinski
What I like about fairy tales is that they highlight the emotions within a story. The situations aren’t real, with falling stars and pirates. But what you do relate to is the emotions that the characters feel.
Charlie Cox
When a piece of art gets really specific is usually when anybody can relate to it.
Jonathan Groff
I can very much relate to being on the road and filming and trying to train. It’s a whole different ball game.
Brian Shaw
Whenever I perform, people get me because I’m talking about things that people can identify with and relate to. I’m not just up there doing jokey, jokey, joke.
Tracy Morgan
I am well aware of the disagreeable effect produced on the majority of humanity, by whatever relates, even at the slightest degree to calculations or mathematical reasonings.
Hiram Maxim
LL Cool J was a rapper-turned-actor, and I also relate to him because he was sort of a ladies’ man and had a female fan base, but yet he’s a positive dude. You never read about him getting into trouble or going to jail.
Bow Wow
In my mind of course natural disaster like tsunami, and these things, also I think indirectly may relate to human behavior. But then major sort of problems actually they’re due to a lack of moral principle.
Dalai Lama
All religion relates to life, and the life of religion is to do good
Emanuel Swedenborg
I’ve always been a freak and different, oddball even in my childhood and my own family, so I can relate to people who are struggling and trying to find their true identity. I do not sit in the seat of judgment. .. I love people for who they are. We’re all God’s children.
Dolly Parton
I studied psychology in school, and I learned how to understand people’s feelings, how to get along with people and relate to people.
Vittoria Ceretti
I don’t paint. I am a hobbyist photographer, so I relate to the visual arts that way, but I’m not a painter.
Annie Parisse
A humble man who lives a spiritual life, when he reads the Holy Scriptures, while relate all things to himself and not to others.
Mark the Evangelist
I want to share some insight into why someone would want to be a SEAL. A lot of us faced obstacles growing up. I didn’t have any type of real nurturing as a kid. I hope people will relate to my story and go, ‘Hey, if this guy can do it, so can I.’
Howard E. Wasdin
We discover that all human beings are just like us, so we are able to relate to them more easily. That generates a spirit of friendship in which there is less need to hide what we feel or what we are doing.
Dalai Lama
I think I relate to all the characters in one way or another. I’m a chameleon like that
Amber Tamblyn
There are so many great YouTubers who might have a hit, but they come and they go. Maintaining and being here, just being able to relate to what’s going on and putting my spin on the world, I bring not my age, but my my wisdom, and that’s something some of the younger ones can’t contribute.
Biology will relate every human gene to the genes of other animals and bacteria, to this great chain of being.
Walter Gilbert
I think the best part in going to the movies is you feel something and you relate whether it’s to family struggles or dimming your light for someone. I would say to never dim your light and to really, truly follow your dreams.
Tika Sumpter
I go hard for the ladies so we have some music to relate to.
I can’t say that I fully relate to things that I play. Sometimes it’s nice to spend half the day crying; then you don’t have to do it in real life.
Taissa Farmiga
If you try to create something that everybody can relate to, you’re gonna make something that nobody can relate to.
Barry Jenkins
Teaching doesn’t relate to photographing, at least not for me.
Garry Winogrand
I think people find a lot to relate to in my social media, being a mom, and trying to live my best life, and I’m a fan of Oprah and other things people are fans of, and my heart breaks when there are tragedies, like everyone else, and I want to help.
Busy Philipps
You can’t write if you can’t relate.
Meditation isn’t about what’s happening; it’s about how you relate to what’s happening.
Sharon Salzberg
It takes more courage to reveal insecurities than to hide them, more strength to relate to people then to dominate them, more ‘manhood’ to abide by thought-out principles rather than blind reflex. Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles and an immature mind.
Alex Karras
It’s warts and all in my songs, and I think that’s why people can relate to them.
This is the power of art: The power to transcend our own self-interest, our solipsistic zoom-lens on life, and relate to the world and each other with more integrity, more curiosity, more wholeheartedness.
Maria Popova
I always have problems with seeing how our new stuff relates to our old stuff – I’m better at seeing long lines in other people’s music than in my own.
Bent Saether
The first person is a tradition I relate to and that I use; historically, it’s been the voice I work in. But the hair on the back of my neck stands up when I’m referred to as a ‘confessional’ writer.
Meghan Daum
It’s harder for me to relate to people who don’t have families that are loud and crazy.
Alex Wolff
I do a lot of research, I try to think about how it relates to music and I just do a ton of drawing. It’s much easier to work your ideas out that way.
Gerard Way
I always used to say hybrids would rule the world – people who have an understanding of many cultures and can relate to them with ease. And then along came Obama.
Danai Gurira
Nobody sees people as people. It’s all how they relate to my little group.
Bill Maher
You can’t always relate to the big action things, but you can relate to small moments.
J. Michael Straczynski
The Democratic party has gone so far to the left that people just can’t relate to it anymore and the Republican party is trying to go totally to the right.
Glenn Danzig
How do people relate to movies now, when they’re on portable devices or streaming them? It’s not as much about going to the movies. That experience has changed.
Keanu Reeves
Fast food is the one thing everyone can relate to. It’s depressing, but also interesting, that people desire to eat the same sandwich in every single city in the world. But the biggest bummer is when you see a Subway in Berlin. Just devastating.
Patrick Carney
I have my own past and my own personality. I’m going to relate to the material in a completely different way than somebody else might.
Maika Monroe
The first doorway (or chakra) is what I call in the book, the Doorway of Safety. This doorway relates to feeling safe in life and being present in the here and now. It’s only when we are really grounded and safe that we’re able to relax and open up our hearts.
Marci Shimoff
What a great teacher, a great parent, a great psychotherapist and a great coach have in common is a deep belief in the potential of the person with whom they are concerned. They relate to the person from their vision of his or her worth and value.
Nathaniel Branden
You don’t make stupid internet videos or show people you have too much free time, you just say the right things and they’ll be like, “Damn this dude’s a real person and I can relate to that.” That can make somebody’s life, that can make somebody’s day, that can be a line that they never forget.
But if you really want to learn about life, get a cat. The way I think people should relate to animals is with a cat. Because the world is his.
James Cromwell
I want someone to be able to say, ‘I relate to this person on The Five.’ You feel like you belong. You kind of feel like it’s family. They feel like they know us because we reveal so much about ourselves on the show.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
I’ve never been one for keeping a journal, so my songs were my journals. They allowed me to express my feelings and let people know what was going on with me. I knew that somebody would relate.
Janet Jackson
So many people wanted an adventure. It was really more about finding the cast that I wanted for ‘Expedition Impossible,’ so it had good diversity, and people could really say, ‘Oh, there’s the firefighters, there’s the team of cops, there’s the grandpa’ – so that you can really relate with them.
Mark Burnett
A poor logo doesn’t mean a business will fail, and a good logo doesn’t mean it will succeed – it just helps. Ultimately a good logo is something that people recognize instantly and relate to.
Matt Mickiewicz
As politicians we have to react to the fact that many people do not feel that they can relate to the EU.
Angela Merkel
Our main way of relating ourselves to others is like things relate themselves to things on the market. We want to exchange our own personality – or as one says sometimes, our “personality package” – for something.
Erich Fromm
When Lonnie Mack came out with the guitar instrumental “Memphis” I thought, Oh God, finally somebody we guitar players can relate to !
Richard Betts
To cherish others is to cherish ourselves. To cherish ourselves is to cherish others. And in that same way, we relate to the truth. If we support it, if we embrace it, if we uphold it, we will be embraced by it, we will be supported and upheld by it.
Sharon Salzberg
I already accepted that I relate to nothing. The more I gain, the more lonely it is I know I’m like a ghost.
Daul Kim
There’s been a vacuum with movies that people can relate to. There’s been a paucity of dramas that people can relate to. I think audiences are clamoring to connect – particularly after 9/11 – with things that are genuine and real and I think documentaries are filling that need.
George Hickenlooper
The people I mixed with in Monaco didn’t relate to my South African mentality or humor… Although I have met some wonderful people since I’ve been living in Monaco, I regard them all as acquaintances. I only have two people I consider friends here.
Charlene, Princess of Monaco
Without computers, in the 17th century, we could classify the entire animal kingdom… there was this idea of the speciation, right? And now, all a search engine is is essentially the mathematical speciation of ideas – and these things really derive from the way that language is used and the way words relate.
Joshua Cohen
People are finding it harder and harder to relate to foreign policy.
Madeleine Albright
Any charity that aids or supports trying to find a cure for cancer is very close to my heart. My mom had cancer multiple times, so it’s something that I can relate to.
Jennette McCurdy
‘Growing Stronger’ emerged from a need to relate my life experiences as well as my constant struggle to prevail each day, and as a reminder to myself of the importance of never giving up.
I do try to speak of positive things. I still try to, like, present two sides of the story, and I do try to relate to life in a 360 degree and not be one-dimensional. But by all means, manage expectations.
But my everyday music is classic rock. It’s what I relate to the most and where my heart is.
Nicole Richie
In our society, as people pass out of young adulthood, they tend to relate to themselves more in terms of what they are no longer than what they are now, and that’s psychologically low-grade devastating.
Marianne Williamson
I think you can feel the pain I’ve experienced in my music. It’s something that a lot of people can relate to.
Blu Cantrell
There’s nothing I like better than talking to kids, just sharing the music with them. To relate to them, you need to play songs they’re familiar with.
Jake Shimabukuro
For a prayer oriented religion the concept of a personal God is needed – to relate to. For meditation-oriented religions God is a useless hypothesis; it can be discarded easily into the dustbin. It is not needed.
Animal-rights advocates remind us of this admonition: The ways in which people treat animals will be reflected in how people relate to one another.
William Greider
Sculpture occupies real space like we do… you walk around it and relate to it almost as another person or another object.
Chuck Close
I think that it’s possible to have someone who is an anti-hero, who does tear hearts out and break necks, and you can still relate to him on a certain level.
Joseph Morgan
But basically what I like are the possibilities, and the fantasy element of the show. Not science fantasy so much, but fantasy, the humanistic elements and how people relate when they’re in a dire situation or comedic situation.
Fisher Stevens
If I can relate to the joke, it’s going to be funny.
Sebastian Maniscalco
What you’re doing is putting into professional play the way that you relate to other people, the way that you analyze and relate to a written text, the way that you would persuade anybody to do anything. It has to do with listening, with humility and a sense of yourself.
Trevor Nunn
I’m totally sports-oriented; I relate a lot of my career and everything to sports.
Bruce Dern
When I put my first project out ages ago, I didn’t want to show anyone my emotions. Now I think it’s better for people to understand how I am as a person and let them relate.
AJ Tracey
I’m always interested in linking dance to mundane behavior that everyone can relate to.
Justin Peck
I’m fascinated by failure, and I’m fascinated by finality. Shakespeare’s historical plays are more universal than his comedies because they relate to the finality of life. Without finality, life would not be beautiful.
George Hickenlooper
I like to write about women, not so much about the way they relate to men, but about the way they relate to each other.
Tina Fey
A piece of jewelry is in a sense an object that is not complete in itself. Jewelry is a ‘what is it?’ until you relate it to the body. The body is a component in design just as air and space are.  Like line, form, and color, the body is a material to work with.  It is one of the basic inspirations in creating form.
Art Smith
‘Frozen’ definitely isn’t about a man, but about the relationship between two sisters. At different times in our lives we find ourselves either more connected to or disconnected from the people in our family, and I think audiences will really be able to relate to that.
Idina Menzel
A lot of people relate me to the blues but I don’t think it’s a hindrance at this point. I’ve been doing it long enough that I can do different things and be accepted.
Paul Butterfield
I don’t like to go to conventions, and I don’t like to relate to people on a level of hero worship, because there’s no real communication going on there.
Alan Moore
I don’t think I could play a character that I couldn’t relate to somehow. I’m not unfamiliar with frustration, anger, shame, helplessness and a load of other emotions that make up our psycho-soup. I try to focus on that frustration, that sense of unfairness, and multiply it.
Terry O’Quinn
What’s more important is that the monsters are controllable by the players.Pikachu is like the name of the species. But each player can name their own Pikachu. So kids can relate to it more. They get more attached to them that way.
Satoshi Tajiri
I had to really work for everything. I’m definitely an underdog. I think Jesus made me be in that situation to be able to relate to more people. That’s why give back to the at-risk kids.
Chris Harris, Jr.
I tell children from all over the country that it’s good to eat healthy and nothing to be ashamed about. They know me from the Subway commercials and can relate to what I’m saying.
Jared Fogle
I think it’s fun to have work that you can relate to, that you can feel like is meaningful.
Joan Cusack
Sex and Love are two words that anyone can relate to, no matter the nationality or age.
Enrique Iglesias
Of course, there are different truths on different levels. Things are true relative to other things; “long” and “short” relate to each other, “high” and “low,” and so on. But is there any absolute truth? Something self-sufficient, independently true in itself? I don’t think so.
Dalai Lama
I was painfully shy when I was a kid. I always thought when most people were born, part of the toolkit was teaching you how to relate to other people – and it was just left out of my toolkit.
Rick Smolan
I like to write about women, not so much about the way they relate to men, but about the way they relate to each other. And I don’t think anyone’s really doing it.
Tina Fey
I don’t really like the idea of putting myself in any category now… I think that people are looking for music that’s real and honest and that they can relate to emotionally.
I think being a singer-songwriter… your job is to tell a story that other people can’t really tell themselves. And I really hope that people kinda go: “This happened once and I kind of like this song because I relate to it…” So if at least one of my songs over this tour’s that song, then that’s really cool.
Gabrielle Aplin
When you believe that you are not worthwhile in and of yourself, in the back of your mind you also begin to believe that life is not worthwhile in and of itself. It is only worthwhile insofar as it relates to your crusade. It is a kamikaze mission.
Marya Hornbacher
Sports and entertainment are the only places where inner-city kids see themselves being able to succeed. Their intellectual development is something they don’t relate to.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
When people are performing in a musical, everybody is intuitively drawn to the right pitch. You don’t want to be too broad that people can’t relate to it, so it has to have some grounding in the real world.
Josh Gordon
No one can motivate you to do anything. You motivate yourself, based on information you receive and how directly you can relate it to your own potential achievement.
Mark Barnes
Sometimes people won’t be able to relate to you if you look like you’re straight out of a full blown ‘Vogue’ magazine every time they see you.
Justine Skye
I am a hobbyist photographer so I relate to the visual arts that way, but I’m not a painter.
Annie Parisse
I don’t think that everything on Broadway relates to us, and I think that’s why we as black people don’t always go to Broadway shows, but shows like ‘What’s on the Hearts of Men’ has a lot of issues that can relate to black families, and that’s why I enjoy it.
Stephanie Mills
I did two master’s degrees – aeronautics and astronautics, and the second one was technology and policy. That taught me how to think about issues in science and technology as they relate to the general public.
Emily Calandrelli
As a singer and songwriter, I have great admiration for many of the budding stars who come to try their hand at performing and can relate to the hopes and aspirations of all the contestants, no matter how good or bad.
LeAnn Rimes
What I’ve heard from younger women and women my age is that the albums changed their lives or it was the first time they had heard feminism that they could relate to. So that’s great.
Kathleen Hanna
Comedy is the drug, when they laugh it’s like I’m a jazz musician and they hear it, and they get it. It’s power to take the crowd wherever I want them to go. I love it when they laugh, especially when they relate through laughter. It’s a beautiful thing. It also means I’m going to get paid, which is nice.
Alonzo Bodden
Historians relate not so much what is done as what they would have believed.
Benjamin Franklin
I’ve always been shy, but every time that I sing or I perform, when music comes out of me, it is the only thing I can relate to, it’s the only thing I can give.
Benjamin Clementine
People relate to life being challenging and hard, and still trying to keep a positive attitude and keep going. If you’re alone, there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s fine. But, finding the right person is something that you would really like and hope for.
Charlotte Ross
Everyone can relate to depression. It touches so many. Suicide is the leading cause of death among teenagers. Statistics show that women suffer from depression more than men, but that is probably because men don’t report it as much.
Ashley Judd
In ‘Fugly,’ I play a very middle-class guy with whom anyone can relate. At the same time, playing such characters is not as easy as it sounds.
Arfi Lamba
Sometimes, love feels like a life or death situation. Losing true love is pretty much as bad as it gets, other than actually dying or losing good health. Most people know that. Most people can relate. It’s like the end of the world.
Lana Del Rey
I’ve had trouble gaining access to certain people I’d really love to interview because they’re worried I’ll make fun of them. I’m a pretty private and self-conscious person, so I relate to that concern!
Lisa Hanawalt
I know what wanting and craving adventure feels like, I can really relate to that.
Emile Hirsch
I’m interested in history, in trying to relate the past to the present and to understand how people thought about their problems and pleasures.
Claire Tomalin
Racism is the ultimate ignorance in that it relates ‘self’ to the body instead of the Consciousness – Awareness – animating and experiencing through the body. It is like judging a man by his spacesuit instead of the person inside it.
David Icke
I sometimes feel like it’s difficult for people to relate to me, until they spend, like, a day with me, and until they walk around with me in public.
Emily Watson
The program I use is called MED Soundstudio. It’s basically a column of numbers that relate to pitch, duration, the type of sound. If I want to play a chord, I have to press keys on a keyboard – like a computer keyboard, on my Amiga – that relate to sharps and flats, note by note.
Max Tundra
I just didn’t really relate to Kurt Cobain. There was nothing very glamorous about him.
Justin Tranter
I really relate to middle America, and I love bright, vibrant, unique, interesting personalities.
Jill Wagner
In the beginning, when I was doing my shows, I was incorporating a lot of Spanish, just trying to be a Latino comic instead of just a comic. Now I try to make the show as broad as possible… I don’t want to alienate people. I want to make it so everybody can follow along and everybody can relate.
Gabriel Iglesias
If each of us can learn to relate to each other more out of compassion, with a sense of connection to each other and a deep recognition of our common humanity, and more important, to teach this to our children, I believe that this can go a long way in reducing many of the conflicts and problems that we see today.
Dalai Lama
For a love to grow through the test of everyday living, one must respect that zone of privacy where one retires to relate to the inside instead of the outside.
Khalil Gibran
I think the music I make is true to my life. A lot of people can relate to it. It is real. I’m just saying it how it is – I don’t sugar-coat it. If you are an ambitious person, you want to strive for more. I want to do it all.
Ashley Thomas
The camera is, in a sense, both a way to get close, and to break free. It is a testimony to independence as well as a new way to relate to the world
Elinor Carucci
I was always into music. And none of my friends were really into music the same way I was. So it was just different. It was really not very well understood by most of my friends. They didn’t tease me about it – they just didn’t really relate.
Martina McBride
But my everyday music is classic rock. It’s what I relate to the most and where my heart is.
Nicole Richie
When I meet fans who relate to Korean films and dramas even though they don’t understand the language or the culture, and when they talk about studying Korean and traveling to Korea because of those films and dramas, I think to myself that this is the true force of the Hallyu wave.
Lee Min-ho
When you do not consciously relate to your body, your mind does not relate consciously to you.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi
I think there just needs to be an emotional attachment to the surfer, however you get that, so that, when you watch the surfing, you can relate to that person, or you’re rooting for them, in a way.
Taylor Steele
There are things you do for the fun of doing them or to work or to hang with certain people. But the projects that I’ve invested myself in and cared about most deeply have absolutely been activated by a desire to chase something that I relate to, or that I see as having the potential to speak to someone else directly.
Edward Norton
I don’t know why it (stardom) happened-but it’s kinda nice. Maybe it’s because I’m someone off the streets. Maybe people relate to me.
Steve McQueen
I think that painting relates very neatly to inner travel and the exploration of inner worlds. With painting, I always get the impression that you’re sort of entering into a shared space.
Joe Bradley
If you ask managers what they do, they will most likely tell you that they plan, organise, co-ordinate and control. Then watch what they do. Don’t be surprised if you can’t relate what you see to those four words.
Henry Mintzberg
If you don’t live a normal life, how do you relate to people?
Scott Speedman
We relate all our afflictions more frequently than we do our pleasures.
Fanny Burney
I think when we were starting off, I picked a group of women to represent me. The top tiers of everyone that I’ve worked with are women. It felt more comfortable because they can relate to me.
Jillian Hervey
I’ve had a lot of people who’ve said they can relate to the show and it’s helped them through a lot of difficult times, especially the kids in high school now. Everyone kind of feels like an outcast in high school. Even if you’re super popular, you still have issues.
Jillian Rose Reed
I also don’t have a desire to be on the A-list. I feel more people can relate to the D-list than the A-list.
Kathy Griffin
I couldn’t relate to kid stuff. ‘Jimmy doesn’t like me!’ Who cares? I was worried we didn’t have gas money or food. Those were my concerns.
Leighton Meester
I don’t get controversial, I don’t get political and I don’t tell you what to do with your life. I just go out there and tell some stories, and people can relate.
Gabriel Iglesias
I love stories about people that, whatever situation they’re in, you can relate to them in a way.
Alexandra Daddario
When I was little… I didn’t relate to princesses. I saw Maleficent, and I just thought she was so – she was so elegant.
Angelina Jolie
I feel like in a lot of ways I can relate to the fans, just being a fan of music myself.
Jeff Ament
I talk about a lot of issues I go through and some of my fans go through and try to create a fellowship where people can relate to each other.
Juice Wrld
The songs are just an attempt to document what’s been happening in my life. If people can relate to what’s going on with me, then that’s great.
Paolo Nutini
I am really interested in the way we relate to time. In particular, the way readers and writers talk to each other. Casting your voice out into the future is very beautiful to me.
Ruth Ozeki
It’s clear that he was incredibly courageous in his critique of white supremacy, wealth inequality, and imperial power as it relates to war in particular. But it’s easy to deodorize Martin King, to sanitize or sterilize him. And I simply want to reveal his radical love and his radical analysis as what they really were.
Cornel West
Except for the violin pieces and a few of my orchestra pieces, all of my works from the Passacaglia on relate to the death of my mother.
Anton Webern
People love teen movies because everyone can relate.
Zoe Kravitz
I love factoids. It’s hard for me to keep those out. It just takes realizing that it’s stopping the character. Part of it is the decision to keep things where you want to train the spotlight. For me, it’s the personal side. I always ask, How does the person inside the character relate to this?
Adam Braver
I think I’ve inspired a lot of people, and I’m one, if I get a letter and someone’s in serious shape, I’ll call them. I relate to these people.
Ron Santo
We live in a world, it’s very hard for Americans to understand that every 20 seconds a kid dies, a kid under the age of five, right, dies somewhere on the Earth because of lack of access to clean water and sanitation. Every 20 seconds that happens on our planet. It’s just very hard for us to relate to.
Matt Damon
I feel like Im able to relate to all races of people because when you learn to tap into the raw emotion of a person, that goes past color.
Big Sean
Art is an amazing form of being able to share our experiences and tell stories and hopefully relate to other people, but you don’t know how everyone else is always going to react to what you put out there.
Lily Collins
Mostly, I just write about feelings that people can relate to. Because, yeah, I don’t know who I am, and this is not my sound forever… I’m a human, so hopefully, I will always develop.
Zara Larsson
Anybody who says that having the public recognize them and relate to the work they do is irritating should get into another line of work. You’re in this business for people to know what you do and like it.
Harry Shearer
I watched the ‘Seven Samurai’ a lot because I loved it growing up. I can’t describe to you how powerful that was. When you’re a kid, you can’t watch an almost-three-hour movie, but this was a war I just never saw before, with these samurai. I could relate to it, just being poor.
Antoine Fuqua
I think people relate to the music because I have a sense of empathy, and I think I have a good understanding about relationships, and I talk about them in a real, honest way
John Legend
There is one pressing need, we think, to help us compete, and that is the need to define our season, .. That relates to, first of all, creating a real season, which would include a year-long competition and a dramatic finish to that competition.
Tim Finchem
I think everyone can relate to that fall from grace – having life change in an instant or having to stand for some of your bad choices, that feeling of ‘Nothing is ever going to be good again.’
Molly Bloom
People want to relate to that. That’s a healthy place to be. Even movies do this: War movies or light-hearted comedies, they all have their different time. And this is the time, fortunately, for straight plays… Are you going to come see it?
Sean Mahon
I wanted to create something that people could relate to without having read a book about it beforehand.
Cindy Sherman
If people can’t relate to something, there’s no use of the song being there.
Johnny Van Zant
With the tone of the show, like a lot of the films, the Marvel creative team has found a way to bridge really exciting stuff that has real stakes. They balance some of the action stuff that the fans of the comics really want to see with characters that people can relate to and who are very human.
Clark Gregg
You make knowledge relevant to life and you make it important for children to learn things that will really relate to things going on in their lives, and not abstract.
Talib Kweli
The female love interest is boring to me. A female that’s interesting, smart, funny – that’s what I’m drawn to. I wouldn’t say that every character has to be smart, but she has to have one trait I can relate to.
Aubrey Plaza
‘Farscape’ is a story about family. It’s a story about creating life in a harsh environment. That’s what a lot of people relate to in the story.
Ben Browder
The idea of being a character who is kind of isolated, I can relate to that.
Robin Williams
You have a lot more leeway to be contradictory playing a character than most of the scripts have in them. That’s how all actors are. We have so many different sides of ourselves and we’re so different, in meeting with different people. The audiences relate more to that and find that more believable.
Joel Kinnaman
The ‘Fortune’ I came to work for on Jan. 25, 1954, was a monthly, with pages significantly larger than what you’re reading; ‘art’ covers that did not relate to stories inside; and a newsstand price of $1.25.
Carol Loomis
Jennifer [Lawrence] is amazingly grounded in the midst of all this to do. It must be unnerving and hard to relate to the amount of attention she generates.
Toby Jones
In seeking for justice men seek for the mean or neutral, for the law is the mean. Again, customary laws have more weight, and relate to more important matters, than written laws, and a man may be a safer ruler than the written law, but not safer than the customary law.
I have a lot of real life experience that I can draw on. And I think that shows in the characters that I play because I’m always trying to find somebody – or find characters to play that I can identify with on a personal level or relate to. And I think it makes for a little bit more of an honest portrayal.
Mark Wahlberg
I generally like grey roles. My interpretation of drama is different from the popular perception. Acting, for me, is not about overplaying, it is about concealing. I like flawed characters that people relate to. I would never do a romcom.
Emraan Hashmi
We don’t relate to her too much because you don’t want the heroic character to not be heroic.
Radha Mitchell
I don’t have doctrinaire views about how we should relate to Asia. But novelists reflect the world they live in, and that world propels you, to some extent. I’m a creature of the British Empire, and of the period of transition from the Empire.
Christopher Koch
I still retain a bit of a child’s focus on things, so we [with my sister] figure if we’re going to write books, our best shot is to write children’s books, because we relate pretty readily on that level.
Bob Weir
I’m a memoir writer. I try to understand the world by taking experiences I have and making them into a story, whether it’s a narrative memoir, blogging for The Huffington Post, writing poems, or talking on the screen about what has happened to me and how that relates to the world at large.
Staceyann Chin
All my friends are female, I’ve edited for a magazine for young girls for 15 years, I relate to women, and I’m very, very close to my younger sister.
John Searles
The No. 1 job is to help a player reach their highest potential, and that’s not possible without being able to relate with them. That’s been helpful, and as far as my knowledge base is concerned, that stems from being around great coaches willing to share.
Sean McVay
It is, of course, much easier to shout, abuse, and howl than to attempt to relate, to explain.
Vladimir Lenin
I think that people can relate to family. There is a person that watches the show because they want to see what I am going to create. There is a person that watches the show because they want to see my family.
Buddy Valastro
I think a lot of people can relate to that school is pretty lousy for a lot of people, and it just shows that you don’t have to be perfect and you can still be a hero.
Matthew Lewis
Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made – I try to act in the gap.
Robert Rauschenberg
Thankfully, I already have a mogul I can pattern myself after: Oprah. We’re a lot alike. I’m black, I love to relate things people talk about to myself, and people think my best friend and I are lesbians! My strength is that I’m more relatable.
Jessica Williams
Love is hot a higher power which descends upon mn nor a duty which is imposed upon him; it is his own power by which he relates himself to the world and makes it truly his.
Erich Fromm
Me personally, I’m a guy who it took a long time to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. I relate to a lot of that finding oneself a little later in the game, or being thrown a curve later in the game.
Kurt Sutter
When I choose a role, what I’m looking for is the ability is to tell our stories. Me being a black woman, that’s just a given. It’s going to be a part of any role I do, making sure I tell it truthfully and nuanced and in a way that many people can relate to.
Teyonah Parris
If a woman writes about herself, she’s a narcissist. If a man does the
same, he’s describing the human condition. But people seem to evaluate
your work based on how much they relate to it, so it’s like, well, who’s
the narcissist?
Emily Gould
That’s great because I know as a teenager, I didn’t relate to a TV series where all people do is cheerlead and drink sodas on the weekend. So I think it’ll be great if it can be seen by a few people at least.
Caroline Dhavernas
Music is very subjective. You may or may not like a song, but folk and regional language have a connectivity that binds different people together, who slowly begin to relate to it.
Jubin Nautiyal
Anyone can relate to suffering in this world.
Oliver Stone
You can’t live in your own secluded world. If you’re not on the Tube, on the bus doing normal things, how can you relate to people?
Andrea Corr
Your job as an actor, I guess, is just to make people relate to the character.
Travis Fimmel
The ideal way to approach a character is to find something in yourself that relates in some way.
Jesse Eisenberg
The more you allow yourself to be vulnerable, the more people will be able to relate and learn from you, because we’re all human.
Tamera Mowry
I like reading my bible, I like bible studies where I get together with others and talk about the word of God and how it relates to us and how we can change to become more like him.
Bernhard Langer
Most people doing the decathlon these days are quite boring, so people don’t relate to them.
Daley Thompson
If you want the Lord to hide your sins, then don’t talk to people about what kind of virtues you have. For as we relate to our virtues, so God relates to our sins.
Marcus Eremita
Accusations are made directly to Rome about theologians from persons who are not theologians. Some of these accusations are anonymous. The local bishop should be the one to relate to theologians to determine orthodoxy.
Godfried Danneels
In every thing that relates to science, I am a whole Encyclopaedia behind the rest of the world.
Charles Lamb
I try to make myself look as normal as possible because I like people to relate to me.
Nick Carter
I think a lot of us can relate to not choosing to face a painful memory, and something that’s a painful past, and wanting to pretend like it never happened.
Derek Magyar
I write for myself; I’m trying to keep myself interested in the music. But at the same time, I want to make the songs relatable in a way; I want to keep melodies pretty simple and the lyrics open-ended so that people could maybe relate them to their own life in different ways. Something for everybody to have a piece of.
Mac DeMarco
I’m all about showing people that I’m a little messed up, I have a lot of the same problems you have. By exposing myself and putting myself out there, people can relate to me and my act won’t grow stale. I mean, nobody wants to hear a comedian say, ‘Life is great.’
Gabriel Iglesias
The business of the novelist is not to relate great events, but to make small ones interesting.
Arthur Schopenhauer
The Greek people not only relate to the ancient traditions, they have fought, they have shed blood, until recently, to defend the values of democracy and freedom.
Alexis Tsipras
People should relate to nature as birds do. Birds don’t run around carefully preparing fields, planting seeds, and harvesting food. They don’t create anything . . . they just receive what is there for them with a humble and grateful heart.
Masanobu Fukuoka
The thing that has made YouTube so successful is that you can relate to the people you’re watching to a much higher degree than to the people you see on TV.
It’s really important for boys to have a father around, or a grandfather, or an uncle – a man they can really relate to who loves them, and who they know loves them.
Laura Bush
I became Fantastic Negrito, and I felt like there was a rawness and an honesty in that music that I could relate to. That I was ready, finally, in my life to be that honest with myself.
Fantastic Negrito
There are a couple hard things. One, getting a funny idea that people can relate to; a funny idea or a funny script; there’s a million pitches.
David Spade
Like my little sister and brother, I always play them my music because I want people like them to be able to relate to my music. They always know what’s going on; they’re up on what’s new. For me, when they hear my music and they like it, I’m on the right track.
Keke Palmer
Scorsese and De Niro taught me to bring out the natural side of myself. And they taught me to think of myself as the average guy. Sometimes the average guy belongs in a role more than your matinee idol-type of person. We have to have people we can relate to.
Joe Pesci
I’ve also found thousands that have reached out to me in a way that maybe they never did. And it’s broadened the ministry in other ways that people now relate.
Paula White
My mixed-race background made me a broad person, able to relate to different cultures. But any woman of colour, even a mixed colour, is seen as black in America. So that’s how I regard myself.
Alicia Keys
I think technology is spreading, and I think one’s experience of technology is going to relate increasingly to class – not so much to country.
Daniel Suarez
Im so fascinated by the human longing for meaning. The way we relate romantically to each other is so much to do with our longing for meaning as well.
Why do you think millennials are so into food? It’s the way they relate to each other.
Lidia Bastianich
Anyone who has a parent can relate to this idea of not quite understanding who your parents are or making up stories about them.
Taika Waititi
There’s a place in me that can really relate to being the underdog. I’m always fighting to overcome the obstacle. I can really understand what’s that about.
Halle Berry
Certainly there’s a huge appeal to the ’60s, because it was such a big turning point to everyone. It was the era of change, the boiling point. People rebelled against things – the hippies, the feminists, the protesters. All these things just built up and boiled over. I think people can relate to that today.
Margot Robbie
I think my comparison with Shane would be a loner. I always got the impression that she wasn’t scared to be alone. She enjoys it. I can relate to that.
Katherine Moennig
And if anyone asks what became of me, you relate my life in all its wonder, and end it with a simple and modest “He died.
Suzanne Weyn
I didn’t grow up a huge fan of the Western genre because there was never a female character to relate to or look up to.
Haley Bennett
I can definitely relate to Jacob’s feelings in Breaking Dawn. When he gets the invitation to the wedding, he doesn’t handle it very well. And I don’t think I would either. If I were in love with a girl and she told me she was marrying somebody else, that would crush me. And that’s what it does. It destroys Jacob.
Taylor Lautner
So many people would like to have guidance from God because obviously, if you have a word from God, it’s the best possible thing. But they don’t relate that to life as a whole. Often they want guidance as a way of opting out of the responsibility of making decisions.
Dallas Willard
I’m convinced that we can shape a different future for this country as it relates to mental health and as it relates to suicide.
David Satcher
The one that achieved the greatest amount of success is the Eagles. And because it was really successful, it was a lot more fun. It still is. We get a chance to play music that a lot of people really relate to, and to play places all over the world. That’s fun.
Joe Walsh
You know, how much order is good? And when does order become too restrictive? Is a little bit of chaos okay, or is chaos always an evil force? I mean, these are questions that any kid who’s ever been in a school cafeteria can relate to.
Rick Riordan
At the end of the day I’m just Linda, and Linda is a single professional woman, and a lot of women can relate to what I talk about.
Linda Sanchez
All people – white, black, whatever – are tribal in the sense that we relate to that which is familiar to us.
Christopher Priest
To me to be a storyteller is you got to be able to speak the truth. You’ve got to be able to absorb life and take in life and be able to interpret it in a way that anybody in this room could say, “Man, that’s my story. I can relate to that.”
I really relate to the feeling of falling in love 10 times a day and wishing I could never stop falling in love.
Jill Soloway
Every song you’re trying to find something that going to connect in different ways but for me the songs that I’m really drawn to are inspirational, songs that lift you and that everybody can relate to no matter where you’re from.
Rodney Atkins
No matter whether your life is pleasant or good; whether you are having big challenges or no challenges, your state of your mind has everything to do with how you will relate to your experiences.
Louise Hay
I want to suggest a feeling. It’s ridiculous to assume you can state an opinion. Somebody else can never relate to the lyric in the same way because their whole experience is different. You can only suggest, then people add their own history and experience to the lyrics.
Danielle Dax
The frustration of being ordered around by somebody to do something – everyone can relate to that. I think Beetle represents that – the common man caught in that morass of rules and regulations. I don’t even think of it as an army strip… it’s a world anyone can understand.
Mort Walker
Human beings do not relate to written words in the same way that they will relate to spoken words. They do not relate to music in the same way that they do to pictures. It’s all different parts of our head, different parts of our minds processing this.
Neil Gaiman
When you go out for the night with your buddies, it feels like you’re in a band, and I think everybody can relate to that.
Matthew Ramsey
The black community wants to buy things and want to see themselves portrayed in a certain way. And if they don’t like what they see, then they won’t spend their money. Everyone’s not gonna always relate to Captain America; everyone is not going to always relate to Thor. A lot of characters just don’t speak to them.
Mike Colter
The way that I approach music has a bit of a sense of humor to it. Something slightly different that people can still relate to.
Natasha Bedingfield
Sometimes I’m having conversations with my friends, and I feel like they can’t relate to me anymore. I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, let me tell you about my experience on ‘Fallon’!’ And they’ll be like, ‘Oh, my God, let me tell you about my trip to the mall!’ It sometimes feels lonely.
Lilly Singh
As an actor, I need to get excited about something that I can actually relate to.
Mike Colter
I never thought that I would be labeled something like Generation X because of that movie ( Reality Bites ). I had no idea going into it, and it wasn’t a label I could relate to.
Ethan Hawke
The ways in which readers encounter and relate to information is dramatically influenced by their education as well as their awareness of the pitfalls relating to the information source.
Nayef Al-Rodhan
The guys love us – they think we’re sexy – but the girls take us seriously… I’ve always said that when I was a teenager growing up, I wish I had girls like Salt-n-Pepa to look up to. If I’d had someone I could relate to, a lot of things would probably be different.
Culture relates to objects and is a phenomenon of the world; entertainment relates to people and is a phenomenon of life.
Hannah Arendt
I’d play music on the street, especially in developing nations where a lot of kids couldn’t wear shoes. In order to relate with kids that would be following me barefoot, I would take off my shoes, and they would all laugh at me because I couldn’t go three steps without wincing.
Michael Franti
I don’t believe in misconceptions in art and films. There are always so many different ways to relate to or understand a film. I love films that give a great amount of space to the audience to explore or be active with what the film is saying.
Claudia Llosa
Anecdotes, personal stories, reminiscences, like biblical parables, are the medium through which faith is restored. Stories are a form of poetry, and give us a saving image to personally relate to.
Peter Block
Your patience would fail you if I should continue to relate all the disrespectful speeches and treatment which your servants have been obliged to listen to and patiently to bear.
Peter Stuyvesant
A woman should be less concerned about Paris and more concerned about whether the dress she’s about to buy relates to the way she lives.
Geoffrey Beene
I tend to talk too much when I get nervous, and I’m sure many people can relate to that.
John Rampton
I definitely relate so much to a lot of women in comedy, but I don’t love segregating the genders. I’m just as influenced by male comedians as I am female comedians.
Abbi Jacobson
If you can relate to what the character’s going through, the story can be as ridiculous as possible, and people will relate to it. You can be fearless in your storytelling if you’re vigilant about protecting your characters.
Drew Goddard
I just hate when things get labeled as “black movies.” I don’t say, “Oh, this weekend, I want to see an all-white movie,” or “I want to see a black movie.” I just go to a movie because I saw the previews and I relate to it. I want to see it because the previews look interesting.
Taraji P. Henson
My childhood is more hick than I could ever possibly relate to you, and also more intellectual than you would ever expect. For instance, me and my sister, when we were little, we would compete to see who could eat the most squirrel brains.
Shea Hembrey
I work hard, do my best and send it out to the world hoping that people can relate to it. I accept any reaction and hope they think it is worth reading.
Wally Lamb
I don’t really try to judge any character that I play, afterwards I figure it out, but while I’m working on the character, I have to find something in them to relate to.
John Hawkes
I want viewers to relate to me on a different level, not just a sexual level.
Morris Chestnut
I think artists should define themselves. They should speak about their work and how it relates to society and what’s going on in the world.
Jose Parla
For me, it was important Wonder Woman wouldn’t be a Goody Two-Shoes. She has a little bit of attitude, and when she fights, she has a smirk on her face. I didn’t want her to be polished. I want people to relate to her.
Gal Gadot
Fame is the echo of actions, resounding them to the world, save that the echo repeats only the last art, but fame relates all, and often more than all.
Thomas Fuller
I think the main thing I remembered throughout all of filming it was just that she just was extremely self-destructive. I think everybody can relate to that a little bit. She doesn’t like herself.
Shannyn Sossamon
Everything is unfolding based on causes and conditions. Our happiness or suffering is dependent on how we relate to the present moment. If we cling now, we suffer later. If we let go and respond with compassion or friendliness, we create happiness and well-being for the future.
Noah Levine
I can relate to having those people in your life that you feel are moving on to this great, big, normal life and you’re like, ‘What’s wrong with me?’
Kristen Wiig
I like writing songs all females can relate to – songs about when you’re a chick and you get your heart broken and you go shopping.
Nikka Costa
I relate my life a lot to ‘Cool Runnings,’ the movie.
Lewis Hamilton
Guys never looked at me. I always had crushes on older seniors who never looked at me. So, when I tell directors that I wanna play that girl who gets rejected, they’re like, ‘Why?’ I tell them it’s because I relate to that girl much more than being the girl who makes jaws drop when she walks into a room.
Katrina Kaif
National interest is above anything else. Just because you sit in an air-conditioned room, you can say you shouldn’t relate cricket and movies to politics. Ask anyone who has lost a family member to terror attacks, and you will get your answer.
Gautam Gambhir
I’m not going to relate to an athlete as a peer.
Lisa Guerrero
People are people, regardless of who they love or what gender they relate to.
Bill Foster
I’d like to write about whatever is going on with me at that point of time or situations I’m – which I’m sure a lot of people can relate with. I mean, I’m a deep person. I’d like to dig deep into the psyche, but at the same time, you make things that are gonna lift everyone up.
William Singe
People will come back and influence their communities to get excited about space. Space funding will increase because people will see the benefit it has to the way people relate to the world, the way people relate to problems, and the way people view themselves.
Dylan Taylor
We wonder, how do you instruct seven billion people as to the relationship to the Earth? Because unless they understand that and relate the way they should be, future is pretty dim for the human species.
Oren Lyons
I try and create for the audience something that relates to real-life experience.
Mike Leigh
As the ego cogito, subjectivity is the consciousness that represents something, relates this representation back to itself, and so gathers with itself.
Martin Heidegger
I’ve never done anything but what I wanted to do with my life. I don’t think too many people can say that. I wrote the songs I wanted to write, for me. I had no idea that ‘American Pie’ would relate to anybody.
Don McLean
Art is all about the experience. I could say I dont really relate to opera, but then you watch Placido Domingo, and you go, Blimey, look at that.
David Harewood
Everybody goes through divorces. There’s millions of people that have drinking problems. There’s people that their weight goes up and down, just like mine. It’s just life. And I think people relate to that. I really do.
John Daly
meditation is a way of developing clarity, which allows us to see the precision of daily life situations as well as our thought process so that we can relate with both of them fully and completely.
Chogyam Trungpa
Sometimes you resent the people you love and need the most. Love is so fascinating in all its forms, and I think everyone who has ever been a mother will relate to this.
Barbra Streisand
You may or may not be aware of it, but you have a dreaming nature. You inherited this part of your disposition from your Creator. He created us in His image and likeness so our hearts could relate to His and His dreaming heart could find millions of expressions.
Dutch Sheets
It doesn’t matter how beautifully a film is photographed. The acting tells your story. It’s what people relate to. If you don’t believe the characters, it doesn’t work.
Seymour Cassel
If no one on the movie has met me before or knows me, that’s the easiest. I don’t do a lot of things that don’t relate to being the person. I will try to keep it going for my other actors. I want them to do the least amount of pretending as possible.
Peter Sarsgaard
What is it that the scientist finds useful in being able to relate a positive description of behavior to the solution of a maximizing problem? That is what a good deal of my own early work was about.
Paul Samuelson
There are some things we can’t choose, but in being present we can choose how we want to relate to them
Tara Brach
Let me speak for myself: I think I wanted to see people who looked like me on TV. I wanted to see people who had similar experiences as I had, growing up. There was nobody on television when I was a teenager who I could relate to.
Wilson Cruz
The struggle of my life created empathy… I could relate to pain… being abandoned… having people not love me.
Oprah Winfrey
Man relates to material things through direct insight rather than reason.
Immanuel Kant
Few persons can relate the story of their childhood without idealizing, or distorting, or overdramatizing the facts.
Katharine Anthony
Do not hover always on the surface of things, nor take up suddenly with mere appearances; but penetrate into the depth of matters, as far as your time and circumstances allow, especially in those things which relate to your profession.
Isaac Watts
I think because I did a lot of modelling and appeared in lads mags a lot of women didn’t necessarily warm to me. But now I have been through childbirth, post-natal depression and struggled with my weight, women seem to relate to me a lot more.
Jennifer Ellison
Math just wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t get how important math is and how it relates to real life. That’s why I think I was turned off to it. Once I got down arithmetic and a little bit of algebra, I think I checked out. As I’ve gotten older, I think there’s a lot more relation to math. English was my favorite subject.
Adam Rodriguez
People see a big dude and they hear that high pitched voice or “Eglasias with an ‘I'” and love it because they can relate and go “I know that person!”.
Gabriel Iglesias
Country music tell stories. That’s something that I can relate to.
Cassadee Pope
With Shakespeare, the hard work is to find out why he said it and how it can relate to the audience.
Ruben Santiago-Hudson
I think escapism is something artists write about pretty frequently – it’s something everyone can relate to, the concept of wanting something more, wanting to find solace, wanting to have something better.
I wanted to play the part that Mary Kay played, the lawyer who wanted to have baby and felt her clock ticking, because it was something I could relate to.
JoBeth Williams
Anyone can relate to struggle, whether you’re European or Asian. Anyone can relate to having to get up and go to work and eat.
I think everyone can relate to the werewolf myth – because we’ve all, as a result of alcohol, drugs, exhaustion, rage, gone off the leash and come to regret it later. I appeal to this psychologically – the unleashed id – but with a biological cause; I’m hopefully making possible supernatural circumstances.
Benjamin Percy
I think audiences can relate to the guys I’m playing, those large-and-in-charge idiots. Or maybe I just make them feel better about who they are, or who they’re dating.
Rob Riggle
With literature, sometimes a book is presented in the media as being say, a Muslim story or an African story, when essentially it’s a universal story which we can all relate to it, no matter what race or social background we come from
Shawn Johnson
You must relate athletic experiences to life.
Joe Paterno
All essential knowledge relates to existence, or only such knowledge as has an essential relationship to existence is essential knowledge.
Soren Kierkegaard
Really to see the sun rise or go down every day, so to relate ourselves to a universal fact, would preserve us sane forever.
Henry David Thoreau
That I can’t relate to today’s music or morals doesn’t make either necessarily bad. Just different. I leave the judgements to others.
Perry Como
People know Tyler Perry, and there are standards they’ve come to expect from him. His brand is uplifting, and it’s something a lot of inner-city African-Americans can relate to.
Michael Jai White
There’s a voice inside of me that I know people will relate to; I just haven’t really had the opportunity to let it flourish. To sit there and explain to a guy what it’s like to be a kick-ass woman is hard. I think there’re only a handful of directors out there that get it.
Michelle Rodriguez
When I’m picking songs for an album I always want a song that I can relate to and that I have experienced. There’s nothing worse than watching an artist try and sell a song that isn’t believable coming from them.
Kelly Clarkson
The self is a relation which relates itself to its own self, or it is that in the relation that the relation relates itself to its own self; the self is not the relation but that the relation relates itself to its own self.
Soren Kierkegaard
You never want to play too vampiric or generically evil, so you look for emotions or character traits that you can relate to.
Joseph Morgan
I want people to take pride in Spanish Harlem. These are people that everyone in the community could relate to… people who mean something special to us.
James de la Vega
Part of the allure of watching characters on-screen is to be able to put yourself in his or her shoes or to be able to relate to what he or she is going through or what he or she is thinking.
Issa Rae
The tagline behind “House of Lies” is funny, dirty, business. The show is a comedy satire about how big business operates. Most Americans that work in corporate America should be able to relate to this show.
Larenz Tate
I like human stories. I like stories about situations we can relate to. I like movies like ‘Ordinary People’ or ‘Terms of Endearment.’ Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, boyfriends, girlfriends. The stories to me that are worth telling are almost simple ones, but very relatable.
Chris Evans
The first thing I am is a person. I am a woman. And I am part of a nation, the Indian nation. But people either relate to you as an Indian or as a woman. They relate to you as a category. A lot of people don’t realize that I am not that different from everyone else.
Winona LaDuke
The body is born. Birth and death only have to do with the body. Ego also relates only to the body. Similarly, reincarnation relates only to the body. Do not think of the body. Think of the Atma. The Atma is one; it is unchanging. For Atma there is no incarnation, there is no reincarnation.
Sathya Sai Baba
I’m interested in music that happens now and that relates to our lives now.
Maya Beiser
We relate comics to the main super-heroes, but it’s a great medium through which all sorts of stories are told.
Chris Wooding
I’m somewhat of an empath, I would say. I relate easily to ideas and stories, books, films, music. I’m moved by all of these things. Art in general. But not just art, you know?
Saul Williams
The aspect of kind of living in your imagination and creating a more romantic vision of the world than the reality that you’re given – that’s definitely something I can sort of relate to.
Alden Ehrenreich
Anything can be art. Art is the relations between relations, not the relations between objects.
Joseph Kosuth
Relationship is the need of those who cannot be alone. Two alone persons relate, communicate, commune, and yet they remain alone.
It is important that an aim never be defined in terms of a specific activity or method. It must always relate to a better life for everyone.
W. Edwards Deming
Some scientist needs to explain to spectators Einstein’s relativity theory. Before his explanation, he says: ‘I have to suffer a lot explaining something I don’t understand myself.’ This relates to my game: I didn’t understand anything!
Vassily Ivanchuk
I’ve learned from her [ Oprah Winfrey] really how to stand in one’s truth, how if you just simply are who you are, you know, you’re heavy, you’re thin, you’re happy, you’re sad – if you just speak your truth as it comes into your mind, then that’s what people relate to.
Suze Orman
I feel like artists and their lyrics are something that people can relate to when it comes to love and break-ups. I really want people to know how I felt when I went through a break up, when I really felt alive, and everything in between.
Jessica Sanchez
If you’d asked me then if I saw how big “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” was going to be, I couldn’t tell you. But I knew I could reach people not as a character but as Steve Harvey, because although I tell jokes for a living, I’ve also lived, and I think I can relate to you more than you know.
Steve Harvey
I am an only child, so I relate to the intensity of that single-parent, mother-daughter relationship.
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
I have had work or ideas come through me from a source that I honestly cannot identify. And what is that thing? And how are we to relate to it in a way that will not make us lose our minds, but, in fact, might actually keep us sane?
Elizabeth Gilbert
While it is challenging working with a kid, because they’re so of the moment all the time. My acting style is to try to take something from my life that the character can relate to and that I can relate the character to.
Kyra Sedgwick
Art has to be incredibly layered. Symbols, signifiers… layers that relate. Combine signifiers with more abstract notions. Push! Vary lines.
Kay WalkingStick
Effeminate men intrigue me more than anything in the world. I see them as my alter egos. I feel very drawn to them. I think like a guy, but I’m feminine. So I relate to feminine men.
Madonna Ciccone
I’ve always been interested in how to present something that relates to our reality – which is not really… I don’t even know if documentary itself does as good a job. It has its own problems in trying to get at the reality of the situation.
Gus Van Sant
I love Bilbo Baggins. I relate really well to Bilbo!
Peter Jackson
The average comedian is kind of an observer looking at everyday things that everyone could relate to and then trying to find the exaggeration in those things.
Aries Spears
The thinking mind can be so noisy that it cannot relate to stillness. It doesn’t even recognize it and certainly can’t remember it.
Eckhart Tolle
Film relates to almost every other form of expression, but poetry is a bit abstract in its strength and sometimes even the white spaces on the page are evocative almost as much as where the text is. Certain poets have played with that.
Jim Jarmusch
I love to make even villains people you can relate to. When you find out who did it, I think you almost like the person, which is not easy to do.
Harlan Coben
That’s a defining moment, there, when someone plays an instrument that everyone relates to around the planet.
Neil Young
People relate to me, and I try to make songs that make people smile.
Olly Murs
You cannot teach somebody how to relate to the kids, they have to come with it.
Martin Haberman
For a writer, they say write what you know. As a performer, you find it in yourself, in your heart. You relate to the character. You try to live it, try to have it be real for you.
Uma Thurman
Appetite as it relates to the human being, the person. How do you find appetite for what you do? How do you relate to appetite? How do you get appetite, not only for a meal but also to do the work you do?
Rene Redzepi
One thing that I’ve found is that people could relate and see different qualities in the video that they enjoyed. That wasn’t something I was necessarily expecting.
Emily Ratajkowski
I feel I can really relate to a lot of young people.
Big Sean
I’ll generally write out every scene that’s in the film on a couple of pieces of paper, just with a little one-line. And then I can scan it a bit and go, ‘This first third of the film, generally, I’m kind of calm.’ Then I might do something on one piece of paper that just relates to the energy of the character.
Guy Pearce
Sure, there are times when the guys talk about playing football in school and I can’t relate to that, but I can relate to being a female athlete. And as long as you are prepared, work hard and know your stuff, you will be fine.
Megan Alexander
This isn’t to play down people who pursue acting… For me, I do acting just as a fun job. It is a phenomenal job, and I have fun doing it, but I relate more to my martial arts, to my baseball, to my film study. There are more facets to my life that I relate to.
Ryan Potter
I thought it was cool how [ Riccardo Tisci] wanted to blend Africa and Asia because they relate to each other in so many different ways.
Erykah Badu
If you read the script, and the character’s got something in it that you relate to, then I am keen. But I really think, a lot of the time, my successful auditions are those where I really care about the characters.
Georgina Campbell
Whenever you write music, you want it to touch people on a certain level. I mean, I’ve been reading tweets about ‘Troublemaker’ and people saying ‘OMG, I can so relate to this – this is a guy that I fancy, or a girl that I fancy; it’s exactly like this person.’
Olly Murs
Comedy’s about opening up and being unique, but to a point where the audience can relate to what you’re saying.
Kevin Hart
Business has to change the way it does business, or we will make no significant changes in the way we relate to the earth.
Dennis Weaver
There are a lot of things that are personally uncomfortable to show, especially me without makeup and completely bloated or crying. But I’ve realized that it’s time for me to show my audience that you don’t have to be perfect to achieve your dreams. Because nobody relates to being perfect.
Katy Perry
The kids out there want something they can relate to, something that’s real; most of that whiny stuff isn’t real. The cheesy pop songs just bore me to death.
Jonathan Davis
Even if you look at the ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies, at the end of the movie things get really crazy and nutty, but they all start in a very mundane situation that people can relate to, and that’s also to some degree what we tried to do in ‘Chernobyl Diaries.’
Oren Peli
I’m looking forward to finding someone in life that I can be truly happy with and relate to on all levels – someone I can bounce my stuff off. Right now, though, I’m not searching for that. But I still like knowing it will be out there sometime later.
Josh Hartnett
When I was nine, I was singing western swing: Roy Rogers and Patsy Cline. It got me noticed because no one my age was doing it, but it made me feel inferior because none of my friends could relate to it.
Kacey Musgraves
It’s not my concern to make a commercial pop record. I want to make a record of music that I would listen to, that is lyrically rich and has songs that people can relate to – more along the Jakob Dylan route: people who create for the art of it and not necessarily the monetary rewards of it.
Crystal Bowersox
A universal sound is about having everybody be able to relate to it whether you’re in New York, LA, London or Australia. You have to be able to universally be brought back to a place where they can relate to you as an artist.
I got a problem, can you relate? I got a woman calling love hate.
Eric Clapton
People relate to songs so differently. No matter what it’s about in reality, people create their own meaning behind it and connect with it on their own terms.
Sharon Van Etten
I don’t give a damn if it’s a hustle that’s already big or you go to work at Kroger every day, the grocery store. Or you work at Walmart. You work, so I respect you. You don’t work, what can we do? We can’t relate.
Young Dolph
I didn’t want to make ‘high’ art, I had no interest in using paint, I wanted to find something that anyone could relate to without knowing about contemporary art. I wasn’t thinking in terms of precious prints or archival quality; I didn’t want the work to seem like a commodity.
Cindy Sherman
Opera tells stories that all ages can relate to: love, death, revenge, etc.
Sondra Radvanovsky
What comes up is not nearly as important as how you relate to what comes up.
Sharon Salzberg
People who relate what they believe to be new and startling information like to have such information received with exclamations of astonishment and admiration.
Barbara Mertz
I think people are able to relate to my appearance. They think of me as the girl next door.
Samantha Akkineni
I think it doesn’t matter, the color of your skin; it doesn’t matter where you are from. It matters how you relate to people, how you connect with people, and the open-mindedness with which you approach the subject. That’s to me what matters when you are making a film, not who you are or where you are from.
Matthew Heineman
I discovered that wearing the veil is not suitable for a woman who wants to work in activism and the public domain. People need to see you, to associate and relate to you. It is not stated in my religion to wear the veil; it is a traditional practice, so I took it off.
Tawakkol Karman
I hope that people can relate to my music, it’s very relatable, it’s very fun, it’s very honest.
Ariana Grande
I’m interested in reality but I’m not interested in realism at all. I’m interested in the ways that I think people want to relate.
Lynne Tillman
The Lexus LS 460 was designed to expand on the definition of the full-size luxury sedan as well as the level of innovative technology, especially as it relates to safety.
Robert M. Carter
Whatever person kids relate to the most, I want them to call me that. Sp of Hannah’s more who they find their inspiration in, call me Hannah. If they’re more an average girl who wants to blend in with everybody else, then call me Miley.
Miley Cyrus
I think record stores play a huge part in discovering new music. When I was growing up I would spend hours going through all the bins looking for something new that seemed interesting to me and that could relate to what I was listening to at the time. This is why I want to support National Record Store Day.
Joe Principe
Our ultimate analysis of space leads us not to a “here” and a “there,” but to an extension such as that which relates “here” and “there.” To put the conclusion rather crudely-space is not a lot of points close together; it is a lot of distances interlocked.
Arthur Eddington
I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say ‘we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage’…
Dan T. Cathy
I don’t really know how to relate to a long-term day-in day-out kind of comfortable relationship.
Diane Lane
The artists that I relate to and love the most are the ones where I can listen to the record, and I can know them better, and for me, that’s writing it.
Kelsea Ballerini
We can all relate at some level to being fascinated by looking at ourselves. You see it every time little kids walk into a store with surveillance and start dancing and waving at themselves.
Mark Rober
Dating is a place to practice how to relate to other people.
Henry Cloud
I think I relate to all the characters in one way or another. I’m a chameleon like that.
Amber Tamblyn
The impresario’s job is to pick the right people who can pick the right people. He picks the people who can pick artists and relate to them. People who know what the market craves.
John Kao
Those ethical choices often are made every day at a time, minute by minute in ways that you may not even relate to ethics, so I’m going to walk them through the whole story from that perspective and hopefully they’ll be able to walk away with something good from it.
Jayson Blair
I certainly wear my heart on my sleeve, and I think that comes out in the characters that I play. There’s a yearning, or something, that comes out of me that people relate to.
Matthew Perry
I’ve never wanted to be called an artist. The term itself seems old-fashioned. It’s a term that does not relate to modern times. And it’s too confining. What I love about fashion is its accessibility and its democracy. Everyone wears it, and everyone relates to it.
Miuccia Prada
Every painter must traverse for himself that distance from Paris to Aix (where Paul CГ©zanne worked a lot, fh) or from Venice to Toledo (where El Greco painted a lot, fh). Expression is for one knowing its own pivot. Every expressor relates solely to himself – that is the concern of the individualist.
Marsden Hartley