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Ready Quotes

Ready Quotes by William Shakespeare, Bradley Whitford, Aja Brown, Marshall Vian Summers, Raphael Varane, William Hazlitt and many others.

We are ready to try our fortunes to the last man.
William Shakespeare
Juilliard was four years, and I called it ‘med school with guaranteed unemployment at the end.’ And it ends: you’re getting ready to go out and be an actor, and… nothing.
Bradley Whitford
I believe the people of Compton are ready for change. They’ve spoken. Their voice has clearly been heard that they don’t want to go backward. They want to go forward.
Aja Brown
Heaven will ask things of you at some point, perhaps small things at first. You must be ready.
Marshall Vian Summers
I think I felt ready and I really wanted to go to Real Madrid. Some are ready and others aren’t. I thought about it carefully and I made the right decision.
Raphael Varane
Popularity disarms envy in well-disposed minds. Those are ever the most ready to do justice to others who feel that the world has done them justice. When success has not this effect in opening the mind, it is a sign that it has been ill deserved.
William Hazlitt
Introducing someone as a “Negro poet with a University degree” or again, quite simply, the expression, “a great black poet.” These ready-made phrases, which seem in a common-sense way to fill a need-or have a hidden subtlety, a permanent rub.
Frantz Fanon
Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.
Francis Bacon
I would say to the new leadership the American people are ready to meet you if you move forward toward the path of democracy.
Hillary Clinton
When the time comes, let loose a tiger and a devil; but wait for the time with the tiger and the devil chained -not shown- yet always ready.
Charles Dickens
You never know what’s going to happen, so I get up at 6 a.m. every morning. It’s a new wakeup call for me, for sure. But you just want to be polished. That way, if anything happens, I’m ready to go. I’m not going to sit in a makeup chair for an hour and be like, “Then I’ll go get the story.”
Abby Huntsman
I drank some coffee and my outlook improved immensely. I was ready to write some poems and, I don’t know, get drunk, run around, take my shirt off and get kicked out of someplace. You know, live a little.
Michelle Tea
The trouble with the future is that it usually arrives before we’re ready for it.
Arnold H. Glasow
You’re stronger, and you’re better, and you’re
ready for whatever.
Alicia Keys
My agent says that I’m a “repeat business guy.” If you hire me to come do a movie, I’ll be on time, know all my material, be ready to go, have a good attitude. I’m here to work, so I get hired over and over again by the same producers. If you just be a team player on set you can work so much more often.
Dean Cain
Games have grown and developed from this limited in-the-box experience to something that’s everywhere now. Interactive content is all around us, networked, ready. This is something I’ve been hoping for throughout my career.
Shigeru Miyamoto
In running, I can internalize that intensity. I can handle it because it’s me and I’m coming back in the next race. I’m always ready for the next race.
Donovan Bailey
Backboneless employees are too ready to attribute the success of others to luck. Luck is usually the fruit of intelligent application. The man who is intent on making the most of his opportunities is too busy to bother about luck.
B. C. Forbes
We have been getting ready to recycle more e-waste by investing in infrastructure, providing grants to local government and working with industry.
Jay Weatherill
All the records are the results of our fans, BLINKs, and their unconditional support. Every day we try to acknowledge how grateful we are, but more than the pressure, we are ready to give them back as much as they gave us.
They found out about him in July and stayed angry all through August. They tried to kill him in September. It was way too soon. They weren’t ready. The attempt was a failure. It could have been a disaster, but it was actually a miracle. Because nobody noticed.
Lee Child
Even if some days I feel like I’m ready to fall apart, I am ultimately happier than I’ve ever been. My family gives me more joy than I thought possible, and my career fulfills me tremendously. All in all, I feel like am in the exact place I am supposed to be in, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.
Ali Landry
Truth and reconciliation’ are always combined, but I would split them: I don’t think Bosnia is ready for reconciliation, but I do think it is ready for truth.
Paddy Ashdown
It’ll be the ballot or it’ll be the bullet. It’ll be liberty or it’ll be death. And if you’re not ready to pay that price don’t use the word freedom in your vocabulary.
Malcolm X
Looking for peace is like looking for a turtle with a mustache: You won’t be able to find it. But when your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you.
Ajahn Chah
I just want to live as a simple Buddhist monk, but during the last thirty years I have made many friends around the world and I want to have close contact with these people. I want to contribute to harmony and peace of mind, for less conflict. Wherever the possibililty is, I’m ready. This is my life’s goal.
Dalai Lama
When you’re a director, for two years or at least a year and a half, that’s what your life is. So if you’re gonna do it, you gotta be ready to do it and it has to be something you care about. I’ve found something that I do care about.
Billy Bob Thornton
People will listen when they’re ready to listen and not before. Don’t waste time with people who want to argue. They’ll keep you immobilized forever. Look for people who are already open to something new.
Daniel Quinn
I need eight weeks, train hard, last one week make weight, and go to the war. Because when I go to the war, I have to know I am ready or no.
Khabib Nurmagomedov
I loved my 17 years with R.E.M., but I’m ready to reflect, assess and move on to a different phase of my life. The four of us will continue our close friendship, and I look forward to hearing their future efforts as the world’s biggest R.E.M. fan.
Bill Berry
The transition from sports into acting was something I got blindsided by. I had a full scholarship to law school. I had a different life planned. I started a business, and I was all ready to go. I suddenly got in a local movie, just to say to my kids one day, “Yeah, your old man was in a movie,” and I caught the bug.
Marc Blucas
The chief beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance. The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you, as perfect, as unspoiled, as if you had never wasted or misapplied a single moment in all your life. You can turn over a new leaf every hour if you choose.
Arnold Bennett
It was said that Chile was not ready to vote for a woman, it was traditionally a sexist country. In the end, the reverse happened: the fact of being a woman became a symbol of the process of cultural change the country was undergoing.
Michelle Bachelet
We have no more thought of using our own powers to escape the arm of authorities than had the Apostles of old. No more are we ready to keep silent at man’s behest when God commands us to speak. For it is, and must remain, the case that we must obey God rather than man.
Martin Niemoller
If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it,therefore, you will readily recognize the other half the moment it reaches your mind.
Napoleon Hill
Be ready at all times for the gifts of God, and always for new ones.
Meister Eckhart
If I write in my name to the agents of England and France residing in Asia and inform them that Japan is ready to make a commercial treaty with their countries, the number of steamers will be reduced from fifty to two or three.
Townsend Harris
Learn a little of anything, and you’re ready to proselytize.
Mignon McLaughlin
No man will succeed unless he is ready to face and overcome difficulties and prepared to assume responsibilities.
William J. H. Boetcker
God sits enthroned, ready to listen, to help.
Margaret Feinberg
There is poetry in fiction. If you cannot see it and feel it when you write, you need to step back and examine what you are doing wrong. If you have not figured out how to write a simple declarative sentence and make it sing with that poetry, you are not yet ready to write an entire book.
Terry Brooks
You have to listen a lot, and you have to be open and ready to adjust to anything. It kind of provides a framework that you use all the time. You never really shut off that part of your brain when you’re doing something. It’s invaluable to have.
Will Ferrell
One is never ready for success. It consecrates and looses you at the same time.
Isabelle Adjani
Be it whim or emergency, the modern laboratory is equally at the service of romance, equally ready to gratify mankind with a torpedo or a toy.
Richard Le Gallienne
Good luck – it’s always ready to use in case.
Oprah Winfrey
I know enough about Satan to realize that he will have all his weapons ready for determined opposition.В  He would be a missionary simpleton who expected plain sailing in any work of God.
James O. Fraser
There is something mean in human nature that prefers to think evil, that gives a willing ear and a ready welcome to calumny, a sort of jealousy of goodness and greatness and things of good report.
Richard Le Gallienne
Be ready and willing to be a beginner every morning. That’s how you grow and step into your greatness
Joel Brown
To the new ‘Apprentice’ candidates I would say to follow your gut instincts, be yourself and get ready to work hard for the next few months. Oh, and try to have some fun!
Bill Rancic
When the wine is ready, that’s when we’ll drink.
Tom Corson
I’m getting more towards that point where I’m ready to kind of pass the torch on and see the next generation succeed behind me.
Angela Ruggiero
Doctors keep their scalpels and other instruments handy, for emergencies. Keep your philosophy ready too – ready to understand heaven and earth. In everything you do, even the smallest thing, remember the chain that links them. Nothing earthly succeeds by ignoring heaven, nothing heavenly by ignoring earth.
Marcus Aurelius
You ready?” Evan asks, and he’s looking at me, and I love his hair, I love his smile, I lo–“I Love You,” I say, and as I watch his smile bloom I finally get how great those three little words are. I finally get what they really mean.
Elizabeth Scott
When we are ready, [Jesus Christ’s] pure love instantly moves across time and space, reaches down, and pulls us up from the depths of any tumultuous sea of darkness, sin, sorrow, death, or despair we may find ourselves in and brings us into the light and life and love of eternity.
John H. Groberg
There is only one way to get ready for immortality, and that is to love this life and live it as bravely and faithfully and cheerfully as we can.
Henry Van Dyke
Dan Wells
I can say with absolute certainty that I will run for one of two offices: my state Senate seat or for the governor. I’m still trying to decide, but I do think people are ready for a change from the partisan, very fractured leadership we have in Texas.
Wendy Davis
The difference between poetry and rhetoric
is being
ready to kill
instead of your children.
Audre Lorde
Try to keep your soul always in peace and quiet, always ready for whatever our Lord may wish to work in you. It is certainly a higher virtue of the soul, and a greater grace, to be able to enjoy the Lord in different times and different places than in only one.
Saint Ignatius
Weren’t we all crazy in our sleep? What was sleep, after all, but the process by which we dumped our insanity into a dark subconscious pit and came out on the other side ready to eat cereal instead of our neighbor’s children?
Jeff Lindsay
Your heart is not a wound to be poked at to see if the scab is ready to come off. You can be healed of that very old pain, if you’ll just let it happen. (Marianne)
Laurell K. Hamilton
The thing about anything in life is you have to get ready for it. Study, learn.
Jacqueline Bisset
One should always try to do the best you possibly can. I’m not in a race to the finish line – I won’t put anything out until it’s completely ready. You want to keep it special and unique for the customer.
L’Wren Scott
I have no bone loss, no brain loss, I have a lot of energy and a lot of strength. My heart is perfect so I think I’m more ready than I would have been in my 20s, honest to God.
Suzanne Somers
Had I had another year, I think I would’ve beaten [ Harry Carpenter] – and Larry Holmes even said that himself; that if I’d had another year to get ready I’d have beaten him. Me and he are good friends today though, and that fight was a great moment for me. I lost, but then I had to move on and get on with my life.
Gerry Cooney
I’m ready for that adrenaline rush…with you.
Simone Elkeles
A man will teach his wife what is needed to arouse his desires. And there is no reason for a woman to know any more than what her husband is prepared to teach her. If she gets married knowing far too much about what she wants and doesn’t want then she will be ready to find fault with her husband.
Barbara Cartland
Not all people are ready to accept psychiatry as a normal branch of medicine. The general impression, as I believe, is that a man who needs a psychiatrist must be crazy.
Harry Segall
To a fair day open the window, but make you ready as to a foule.
George Herbert
Never believe that the so-called random events of life are anything less than God’s appointed order. Be ready to discover His divine designs anywhere and everywhere.
Oswald Chambers
If you are not thinking for yourself, someone else is thinking for you. Choose for yourself and become free from society’s undertow. The Universe is ready to support you.
Michael Beckwith
Night is the wonderful opportunity to take rest, to forgive, to smile, to get ready for all the battles that you have to fight tomorrow.
Allen Ginsberg
There is no one without faults, not even men of God. They are men of God not because they are faultless, but because they know their faults, they strive against them, they do not hide them, and are ever ready to correct themselves.
Mahatma Gandhi
To live fully, one must be free, but to be free one must give up security. Therefore, to live one must be ready to die. How’s that for a paradox?
Tom Robbins
I like to be able to wear something that is appropriate for wherever the day takes me: to work, on a hike and then out to dinner. I like to take the formality out of the day’s schedule and be ready for any off-road detour.
Matthew McConaughey
When I finished my term, I thought about running for governor then but decided not to because, frankly, I didn’t think I was ready. I wasn’t comfortable that I was prepared to do the job.
Ben Chandler
one life would not suffice, mine especially. To touch everything and leave nothing after oneself! Ah! my God! I hope better than that. Ah! I am very cowardly, and under the blow of such a terror I am ready to believe in priests.
Marie Bashkirtseff
Running makes you an athlete in all areas of life…trained in the basics, prepared for whatever comes, ready to fill each hour and deal with the decisive moment.
George A. Sheehan
I am verily persuaded the Lord has more truth yet to break forth out of His holy word. I beseech you, remember (it is an article of your church covenant) that you be ready to receive whatever truth shall be made known to you from the word of God.
John Robinson
Dean [Devlin, Emmerich’s partner on “Independence Day”] and I always said that we’d only do it when we had a really good story that excites us both, and we have the story written. And we’ve had it for a year and a half, two years. So we’ve been ready.
Roland Emmerich
If bad and inexperienced politicians control power in Nigeria, my wealth may turn into poverty, and I am not ready to become a poor man.
Aliko Dangote
When Israel says that it will recognise Palestinian rights and will withdraw from the West Bank and East Jerusalem and grant the right of return, stop settlements and recognise the rights of the Palestinians to self-determination – only then will Hamas be ready to take a serious step.
Khaled Mashal
Forgive yourself and be ready to forgive yourself in the future. You’re gonna screw up. It’s okay.
David D. Burns
You ready? I have gold teeth, I have braids, I’m wearing Rick Owens moon boots, I have rips in my denim, a biker vest, I love artsy girls, my favourite artists are Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. I’m obsessed with being different.
ASAP Rocky
When we’re doing our lessons, the teacher doesn’t say, ‘Ready, set, work,’ They say, ‘Ready, set, play,’ and I always took that word seriously.
Bobby McFerrin
Baby get ready, get set, please don’t go.
Billy Ray Cyrus
I feel like there’s always somebody out there ready to take your man. If you got a good man, women are like you know their sleeping around.
Gabrielle Dennis
President Kennedy was willing to go to war. He was not a coward. The man had been in war and so had Ken O’Donnell. He was ready to protect this nation, but he was not ready for a military solution just because it was being rammed down his throat.
Kevin Costner
If someone doesn’t have much use for praising Him now, it’s foolish to think they’re ready for heaven.
Matt Chandler
[When a John McCain political campaign video that used her image] That wrinkly white-haired guy used me in his campaign ad, which means I’m running for President. So thanks for the endorsement white-haired dude, and I want America to know I’m like, totally ready to lead.
Paris Hilton
Most of what we do to get people ready to act in situations of encounter consists of drilling these lists into them sufficiently deeply so that they will be evoked quickly at the time of the decision.
Herbert Simon
I’d love to work with Paul Thomas Anderson or Quentin Tarantino, but these are dreams I don’t need to rush to achieve. I’ll be ready to make those movies when I’m ready to make those movies and they’re ready to make them with me, if they ever want to.
Douglas Booth
God says to me with a kind of smile, “Hey how would you like to be God awhile And steer the world?” . . . . “How much do I get? What time is lunch?” . . . . “Gimme back that wheel,” says God. “I don’t think you’re quite ready yet.”
Shel Silverstein
I’m not sure anybody’s ready to see me in a drama. And loving movies so much, I’ve seen a lot of comics try to make that transition too fast, and it can be detrimental. And I don’t think I’ve had as much success as I need in the comedy genre to open up those opportunities.
Sean William Scott
The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.
Alicia Keys
I always have a plan, but then I’m always ready to throw the plan out, and everyone’s ready to make a radical left turn if necessary.
Steven Soderbergh
Of the quaking recruit, three pitched battles make a grim grenadier; and he who shrank from the muzzle of a cannon, is now ready to yield his mustache for a sponge.
Herman Melville
When our new armies are ready it seems folly to send them to Flanders, where they will chew barbed wire, or be wasted in futile frontal attacks.
H. H. Asquith
Our credulity is greatest concerning the things we know least about. And since we know least about ourselves, we are ready to believe all that is said about us. Hence the mysterious power of both flattery and calumny.
Eric Hoffer
America united with a handful of troops, or without a single soldier, exhibits a more forbidding posture to foreign ambition than America disunited, with a hundred thousand veterans ready for combat.
James Madison
Like I said, I enjoyed my time there in Indy. You just have gotta move on, get ready for the next chapter.
Roy Hibbert
I’ve never began any important venture for which I felt adequate prepared
Sheldon B. Kopp
The pool of illegal immigrants is like a qualified bunch of people. You don’t have to do surveys. You don’t have to interview them. You know they are ready-made Democrat voters. Not only that, they are readymade Democrat constituents.
Rush Limbaugh
Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion today over what is sexy and what is vulgar. It’s horrifying. They say, ‘Oh, that girl is so sexy,’ and she turns around and the dress is four sizes too small. Or she’s wearing so much stuff, you wonder how long it took her to get ready.
Carolina Herrera
I do not believe it is in the character of the British people to begrudge the lion’s share to those who have genuinely played the lion’s part. They are ready to recognise that those who create the wealth – and I mean not only material but intellectual wealth – enrich the whole nation.
Margaret Thatcher
As prime minister, I changed Israel’s position on peace negotiations. I made it clear that we are ready to go along with Resolution 242 of the U.N. Security Council, which specifies withdrawal to secure and recognized boundaries in the context of peace.
Yitzhak Rabin
Just stay ready. Stay in shape and then you don’t have to rush to train before the movie starts. I’ll show you my abs later because I’m in shape. But that idea, if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.
Will Smith
I’ve been through hell and back. I have, to be honest, and still I’m able to do what I do and nothing can stop me. No one can stop me, no matter what. I stop when I’m ready to stop. You know, and I’m just saying, you know, I will continue to move forward no matter what.
Michael Jackson
I tried to put direct to consumer through a wholesales channel – the industry was just not ready to adapt and change. The other issue I had was with Jimmy Choo.
Tamara Mellon
Introverts keep their best stuff inside—that is, until it is ready. And this drives extroverts crazy! The explanation for the introvert’s behavior—and there must be an explanation for this behavior, say the extroverts—is that he or she is antisocial, out of touch, or simply a snob.
Laurie Helgoe
When you go to a World Cup, you must be ready to play at any time.
I’ve read hundreds of cookbooks. Most of those cookbooks don’t even tell you how to get a steak ready, how to bake biscuits or an apple pie.
Colonel Sanders
I once joked in a book that there are three things you can’t do in life. You can’t beat the phone company, you can’t make a waiter see you until he is ready to see you, and you can’t go home again. Since the spring of 1995, I have been quietly, even gamely, reassessing point number three.
Bill Bryson
Ready or not, Tell yourself to jump
Chris Gardner
For what purpose humanity is there should not even concern us: why you are here, that you should ask yourself: and if you have no ready answer, then set for yourself goals, high and noble goals, and perish in pursuit of them!
Friedrich Nietzsche
The building of such a peace is a bold and solemn purpose. To proclaim it is easy. To serve it will be hard. And to attain it, we must be aware of its full meaning – and ready to pay its full price.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Every off-season you look at what you can improve on. So you come in for the new season fresh and ready to go again.
Mason Mount
Memory is the best of all gardens. Therein, winter and summer, the seeds of their past lie dormant, ready to spring into instant bloom at any moment the mind wishes to bring them to life.
Hal Boyle
Once you become aware of what stands in your way and become willing to release it, you signal the universe that you are ready to manifest the life you were meant to live.
Cherie Carter-Scott
I think the tragic feeling is invoked in us when we are in the presence of a character who is ready to lay down his life, if need be, to secure one thing — his sense of personal dignity.
Arthur Miller
Hollywood isn’t ready for an Indian leading man.
Irrfan Khan
Firstly, the farmers, the most stupid set of people in existence, who, clinging to feudal prejudices, burst forth in masses, ready to die rather than cease to obey those whom they, their fathers and grandfathers, had called their masters; and submitted to be trampled on and horse-whipped by.
Friedrich Engels
Eve engaged her On Duty sign and stepped out of the car. Immediately her ears were assaulted with a blast of music. Christmas carols pumped, full blast, into the air. She decided that people ran inside, ready to buy anything, just to escape the noise.
Nora Roberts
What they’re not ready for is guys like you and I and Nails and all the other gnarly gnarlingtons in my life, that we are high priests, Vatican assassin warlocks. Boom. Print that, people. See where that goes.
Charlie Sheen
We gotta show up tomorrow ready to eat somebody’s face.
Jayson Werth
I’ll say something else about Christine O’Donnell. You ready? I’d rather look at her than Mike Castle. I think she’s kind of cute. I think she’s kind of refreshing. She’s a conservative. What’s the problem?
Rush Limbaugh
I’ve found out that falling in love doesn’t have anything to do with time. It can take a year or an instant. It happens when it’s ready to happen.
Nora Roberts
The telephone ringing gave me a dreadful start. I have never got used to this machine, the way it crouches so malevolently, ready to start clamouring for attention when you least expect it, like a mad baby.
John Banville
My dog and ‘right hand man,’ who recently passed, taught me that guardian angels and cycles tend to come in every form in the universe. He was 8 years old and saw me through 8 independent projects, from an unsure place to a confident one. And now I’m ready to fly.
Breathing can and should bring you into a ready-to-act condition instantly.
Vladimir Vasiliev
If man is not ready to risk his life, where is his dignity?
Andre Malraux
“Rock on, my mellow!”
“B-boys, b-girls, are you ready?”
“This is the joint!”
“To the beat, y’all!”
“You don’t stop!”
Kool DJ Herc
For art and joy go together, with bold openness, and high head, and ready hand – fearing naught and dreading no exposure.
James Whistler
She told me if I clean all the ashes out of the grate, then I’ll be able to help my sisters get ready for the bal.” “It’s Christmas, Dashiel. Can’t you give that atitude a rest?” “Merry Christmas, Dad. And thanks for the presents.” “What presents?” “I’m sorry—those were all from Mom, weren’t they?
Rachel Cohn
Living is being born slowly. It would be a little too easy if we could borrow ready-made souls.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
My poor vision gives me a soft-focus morning. For the first half hour, I kind of wander through my house, and everything is a blur. I put my contacts in when I’m ready to deal with the world.
Carrie Ann Inaba
Come ye trials and challanges; come life’s big waves, for I am ready?
Mas Oyama
I went to college for a reason, and that was to skip the minor leagues. I spent a year in the minors and got my at-bats in, and then I felt like I was ready for the big leagues.
Mark Teixeira
Most actors hate readthroughs – they’re exposing themselves before they’re ready to, and before they’ve bonded. But I love them because they give us all the first inkling of what the whole show is going to be like, how each part affects every other part, and we won’t see that again until it’s all edited together.
Andrew Davies
Defoe says that there were a hundred thousand country fellows in his time ready to fight to the death against popery, without knowing whether popery was a man or a horse.
William Hazlitt
The man who has honesty, integrity, the love of inquiry, the desire to see beyond, is ready to appreciate good art.
Robert Henri
I’m not sure I’m quite ready to have someone be a prospector of jobs for me, because I believe there’s some kind of destiny involved with meeting people… some things are just meant to happen.
Audrey Tautou
I just want a life that’s full of up-leveled joy. And I’m ready to meet a nice man! Put that out there, too.
Kim Coles
As Trevor Noah recently quipped, the US appears ready to crown its first African dictator: Donald Trump.
Andre Naffis-Sahely
I don’t think you should die until you’re ready. Until you’ve wrung out every last bit of living you can.
Libba Bray
India is once again ready to play the role of ‘Vishvaguru’ and work towards the benefit of mankind.
Narendra Modi
Every writer, by the way he uses the language, reveals something of his spirit, his habits, his capacities, his bias….Avoid the elaborate, the pretentious, the coy, and the cute. Do not be tempted by a twenty-dollar word when there is a ten-center handy, ready and able.
William Strunk, Jr.
I tell my students all the time is, for better or worse, no publisher is going to come wrench your story out of your hands before you’re ready to let it go. You will have time to take stuff out. You don’t have to show it to anybody. That’s what I did.
Melissa Febos
People shouldn’t be forced to chose between paying for rent or paying for medication. They deserve a government ready to take on Big Pharma by implementing health coverage, starting by extending pharmacare coverage to every Canadian.
Jagmeet Singh
I think, as an actress, whether you want to or not, whether you’re ready for it or not, people are going to look at what you’re doing, and they are going to look up to you, and it’s not even really about you; it’s who you portray on the screen.
Rita Volk
I really get inspired by songs. Like, if I hear a thug ‘Want to kill ya’ song, I’m ready to go out and get crazy. Or if you hear this really sexual, sensual slow song, I want to go have sex. I’m very animalistic when it comes to stuff like that. Very basic emotions.
Channing Tatum
How do you fight someone smarter than yourself?’ Rand Whispered. ‘The answer is simple. You make her think that you are sitting down across the table from her, ready to play her game. Then you punch her in the face as hard as you can.
Brandon Sanderson
We must plunge heart and soul and body into the work. And until we are ready to sacrifice everything else to one Idea and to one alone, we never, never will see the Light.
Swami Vivekananda
Are Iraqis ready to carry the responsibility for their country? Is Iraq ready to be its own master? We want to be the masters of ourselves and to carry our responsibilities in this region.
Ahmed Chalabi
After being out so long, I was more anxious to pitch than anything, just ready to get back into things. I can’t imagine a better situation to test me against some pressure.
Bobby Bell
Public sentiment is not observed. The wealthy and powerful gain a ready hearing, but the plodding, suffering, unorganized complaining multitude are spurned and derided.
James B. Weaver
Liberty cannot be caged into a charter or handed on ready-made to the next generation. Each generation must recreate liberty for its own times. Whether or not we establish freedom rests with ourselves.
Florence Ellinwood Allen
If you’re not ready to fall, you’re not ready to hurdle.
Tonie Campbell
I know there are different kinds of actors, but I tend to have less effective relationships with actors who have a very private process – who really need to do lots of internal work, so that I become merely a witness until they’re ready to share.
Joe Mantello
I don’t believe the United States will be ready to join Russia in fighting terrorists in Syria.
Bashar al-Assad
Write a nonfiction book, and be prepared for the legion of readers who are going to doubt your fact. But write a novel, and get ready for the world to assume every word is true.
Barbara Kingsolver
My agent didn’t want me on Disney because I’m older. But honestly, I’m not ready for older roles yet, or even the things older girls do. I am still young.
Ashley Tisdale
We should remain students for lifetime. You should be ready and yearn to learn from every moment of life. The basic elements of life need to be associated with learning. The learning process should be a part of your DNA.
Narendra Modi
When white and black meet today, sometimes there is a ready understanding that there has been an encounter between two human beings. But often there is only, or chiefly, an awareness that Two Colors are in the room.
Gwendolyn Brooks
I trust that as He shall further open the way, I will be ready to walk therein, relying on His help and trusting in His goodness and wisdom.
Abraham Lincoln
My religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me.
Stonewall Jackson
… the future is under no obligation to wait patiently while we get ready for it.
John Michael Greer
At one O’Clock, Miss Celia comes in the kitchen and says she’s ready for her first cooking lesson. She settles on a stool. She’s wearing a tight red sweater and a red skirt and enough makeup to scare a hooker.
Kathryn Stockett
There are two tests in life, more important than any other test. On Monday morning, when you wake up, do you feel in the pit of your stomach you can’t wait to go to work? And when you’re ready to go home Friday afternoon, do you say, ‘I can’t wait to go home?’
Charles Schumer
No matter how well things are going, failure and disaster are just around the corner. So celebrate the good, but be ready for the bad.
Vivek Wadhwa
Men know no medium: They will either, spaniel-like, fawn at your feet, or be ready to leap into your lap.
Samuel Richardson
When a play enters my consciousness, is already a fairly well-developed fetus. I don’t put down a word until the play seems ready to be written.
Edward Albee
If you can’t smile and have fun, you’re in trouble. So if somebody in the stands says hello, I’m going to say hello back. Why shouldn’t I? I know what I’m doing in this game. I’m still going to be ready to hit when I step in the box.
Carlos Delgado
Races and nations are thus ever ready to believe the worst of one another.
Richard Le Gallienne
Music is your own talent and is an important tool. Even if you don’t want to be a role model, get ready to be in the public eye. Energy is there, you just have to use it.
Sean Paul
The truth is, this being errand boy to one hundred and fifty thousand people tires me so by night I am ready for bed instead of soirees.
Rutherford B. Hayes
A true leader will have no desire to lord it over God’s heritage. He is rather ready to follow as well as lead.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.
William Shakespeare
To destroy is easier than to create, and that is why so many people are ready to demonstrate against what they reject. But what would they say if one asked them what they wanted instead?
Ivan KlГ­ma
I choose projects that resonate with me on some personal level and projects that I’m afraid to do. If I’m afraid to do them, then I usually say yes, because it means that I’m not ready to go there and deal with certain aspects of the script.
Octavia Spencer
You will never learn anything new unless you are ready to accept yourself with your limitations. You must accept the fact that you are capable in some directions and limited in others, and you must develop your capabilities.
Bruce Lee
Our chemical and other manufacturing concerns are all too often ready to let the Germans have Latin American markets, provided the American companies can work out an arrangement which will enable them to charge high prices to the consumer inside the United States.
Henry A. Wallace
We’re never ready for the things that happen. When the big stuff happens, we’re always looking in the other direction.
Kelly Corrigan
Ready to put your claws where your mouth is, or are you going to cringe behind the big boys and yip all day?” His eyes flared yellow “Is that a challenge?” “Yes it is.
Ilona Andrews
It’s possible to go faster than folk are ready for; that’s the key to democracy.
Naomi Mitchison
A girl who is interested in becoming a model must first accept the fact that she is the product. She must be ready to deal with a lot of rejection.
Karolina Kurkova
In the United States, the majority undertakes to supply a multitude of ready-made opinions for the use of individuals, who are thus relieved from the necessity of forming opinions of their own.
Alexis de Tocqueville
Physically I feel pretty good; that’s the main key, is just making sure your body is ready to play every night since you play so many games and I feel like I’m there.
Stephen Curry
This nation is really ready for a woman president. It’s taken time, but we’re ready.
Ellen Malcolm
I’m not in Captain America because it takes place in the ’40s. Both he and Bruce Banner are relationships that evolve during this – two more rock stars that I got to get on stage, ready to play ball.
Clark Gregg
I’m ready to forgive him for the desire to be a king, but not for wanting to have 23 million court jesters.
We’re in a different time right now, and I think we’re ready to see a different type of female hero.
Brie Larson
I wanted to be an actor to act, and now, being an actor, you have to dress up, you have to be nice, you have to be smart, you have to be sexy, you have to be ready.
Vincent Cassel
I just love family meetings. Very cozy, with the Christmas garlands round the fireplace and a nice pot of tea and a detective from Scotland Yard ready to arrest you.
Rick Riordan
Tell no man anything, for no man listens Yet hold thy lips ready to speak.
Carl Sandburg
I am not God. Nor am I Phantom. I am ready to accept any criticism. I have been in politics for decades. Each and every day, in several media, there is criticism of me.
Mamata Banerjee
When a man is a favorite of Fortune she never takes him unawares, and, however astonishing her favors may be, she finds him ready.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Growing up in India, I knew all I needed to change the world was one good opportunity, and I prepared myself for it. When that opportunity came – in the form of the chance to earn an engineering degree – I was ready.
Naveen Jain
John Kerry can be absolutely ruthless. I would not want to be on his enemies list when he’s ready to go after you.
Douglas Brinkley
There are times when we do not recognize that it is time for us to move forward. When life is ready for us to move and we resist, life will move us by any means necessary. What may feel like a disaster is actually a graduation. Remain open to being guided, supported and protected by the universe.
Iyanla Vanzant
You have to wake up every day ready to start again.
Kofi Annan
Old age was growing inside me. It kept catching my eye from the depths of the mirror. I was paralyzed sometimes as I saw it making its way toward me so steadily when nothing inside me was ready for it.
Simone de Beauvoir
the house protects the dreamer; the houses that are important to us are the ones that allow us to dream in peace. Guests we’ve had stop in for a night or two all come down the first morning, ready to tell their dreams.
Frances Mayes
Dinner was ready. Professor Lidenbrock did full justice to it, for his compulsory fast on board had turned his stomach into an unfathomable gulf.
Jules Verne
Kindness does not require us to be blind to facts or to live in fancies, but it does require us to cherish a habit of goodwill, ready to show pity if sorrow appears, and slow to turn away even if hostility appears.
Alexander MacLaren
Found objects, chance creations, ready-mades (mass-produced items promoted into art objects, such as Duchamp’s “Fountain”-urinal as sculpture) abolish the separation between art and life. The commonplace is miraculous if rightly seen.
Charles Simic
At 19, your brain hasn’t finished wiring itself. So the first time you have a good friend die, most people don’t go through that at 19. Soldiers do. They’re facing life in this accelerated, compressed form, and a lot of times, they’re not ready for it.
Sebastian Junger
A thousand times I was ready to regret and take back my rash statement – yet it had been the truth.
Hermann Hesse
Behind a leader there must be followers, but they should always be on the lookout for the main chance and ready to change sides if the current leader doesn’t deliver.
Mary Douglas
Very serious mistakes were made by previous governments, and Greece was ready to be abandoned by its partners and to leave the eurozone, which would have created total catastrophe.
Antonis Samaras
I think the scary thing is that there is in place already a sprawling infrastructure of advocacy groups, think tanks, academics and candidates and politicians funded by the Kochs and other deep-pocketed groups on the far right ready to attack Hillary Clinton.
Jane Mayer
You do not choose what your mission is; it will come to you when you are ready!
Carlos Machado
If Ashley Cole is ready we have 15 players for the final. I’ll have to choose between Hilario, who’s not bad playing forward or I’ll bring in one of the kids.
Jose Mourinho
Not everything happens as we want or desire. It doesn’t matter. I’m a fighter, and I’m ready to fight every time.
Valentina Shevchenko
In every sort of danger there are various ways of winning through, if one is ready to do and say anything whatever.
We are always getting ready to live but never living.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Permit me then to recommend from the sincerity of my heart, ready at all times to bleed in my country’s cause, a Declaration of Independence, and call upon the world and the Great God who governs it to witness the necessity, propriety and rectitude thereof.
Nathanael Greene
if you stay still, earth buries you, ready or not.
Annie Dillard
Focus on what you’re doing. Focus on the phases in front of them. Do everything you can to get the best at that phase and get ready to take the next step when it happens.
Donovin Darius
We may not all break the Ten Commandments, but we are certainly all capable of it. Within us lurks the breaker of all laws, ready to spring out at the first real opportunity.
Isadora Duncan
One of the things I love about summer is that you can wear a bikini top and put something over it and it kind of just always looks a little beach-ready, which I think is very fun.
Debby Ryan
You’ve got to be ready to be in a great relationship.
Billy Corgan
The standing fields [ready to harvest]were the legions who hadn’t filled their God-vacuum with the One who was born to fill it; the standing fields were those who waited for someone to reach out and speak the truth, and tell them how they might be saved.
Jan Karon
Upon the subjects of which I have treated, I have spoken as I have thought. I may be wrong in regard to any or all of them; but, holding it a sound maxim that it is better only sometimes to be right than at all times to be wrong, so soon as I discover my opinions to be erroneous, I shall be ready to renounce them.
Abraham Lincoln
No man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times to risk his well-being, to risk his body, to risk his life, in a great cause.
Theodore Roosevelt
If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known, that we are at all times ready for War.
George Washington
Let’s get ready to rumble!
Michael Buffer
Once we decided to be in this industry, we have to be ready for everything. You have to be strong but hard working. No pain, no gain.
A third of our kids, after we spend more per student than any country in the world other than a couple rounding errors, 30 percent are college- and/or career-ready.
Jeb Bush
True penitence condemns to silence. What a man is ready to recall he would be willing to repeat.
F. H. Bradley
What scoundrels we would be if we did for ourselves what we are ready to do for Italy.
Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour
I am ready. I’m in great shape. My workouts have been great. I’m ready to get back and help a team get to the Super Bowl.
Shaun Alexander
Yes, the civilization of love is possible; it is not a utopia. But it is only possible by a constant and ready reference to the “Father from whom all fatherhood and motherhood on earth is named,” from whom every human family comes.
Pope John Paul II
BJP is ready to go to any extent to protest for the rights of Ayyappa devotees. Beliefs should be respected. Man-woman equality is must, but gender equality cannot be established by giving entry to men and women together. There are several temples that deny men entry.
Amit Shah
But just as I was ready to call it quits, I got the necessary money from a third party, who had been instructed by Bing to help me out, without letting me know where the help came from.
Bob Crosby
I stopped drinking almost immediately after I had ready access to liquor, when I got to college. It almost immediately lost its appeal for me.
Steve Albini
Concentration’s like a shower. You don’t turn it on until you want to bathe… You don’t walk out of the shower and leave it running. You turn it off, you turn it on… It has to be fresh and ready when you need it.
Garfield Sobers
I’m a wife and a mother. I don’t want to be immature; I have to be ready at all times.
Sarah Shahi
There’ll be moments when I’m out in the prison yard, chatting with the cast and the crew, getting ready to shoot a scene. And then I’ll remember if I were actually an inmate, I’d only be out there an hour. The other 23 hours of the day, I’d be in my cell. It’s kind of a downer.
Wentworth Miller
Every time you go up to the board, you get scared. It’s more like adrenaline, though – you feel pumped and ready to go.
Tom Daley
On your journey to your dream, be ready to face oasis and deserts. In both cases, don’t stop
Paulo Coelho
You gonna keep staring at me, Great Acheron, or are you ready to chew me a new one?
Sherrilyn Kenyon
This is what love was supposed to feel like.This perfect immersion of two people who were ready and willing to become a part of each other.
A. Meredith Walters
When the child begins to think and to make use of the written language to express his rudimentary thinking, he is ready for elementary work; and this fitness is a question not of age or other incidental circumstance but of mental maturity.
Maria Montessori
I cannot predict the wind but I can have my sail ready.
E. F. Schumacher
I was wearing like, a Juicy Couture men’s polo shirt. We weren’t there, like, ready for war.
Kanye West
When all is ready, the leaders walk out to the dance place.
James Mooney
The efforts you make will surely be rewarded. If not, then you are simply not ready to call them efforts.
Sadaharu Oh
A soul disengaged from the world is a heavenly one; and then are we ready for heaven when our heart is there before us.
John Newton
Get your idea out there as fast as possible even if it’s not quite ready by setting must-hit deadlines. Let the market tell you if you have a winner or not. If not – move on and fail forward fast! If it’s got potential – then you can make it better.
Yanik Silver
Monsters exist, but they are too few in numbers to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are…the functionaries ready to believe and act without asking questions.
Primo Levi
Give fear no hold on you. Keep sinews loose and senses open, ready at every instant to flow with the rush of action.
Poul Anderson
One take, so you better be ready and you better be good. One take and that was it. It was something that was spontaneous. Both Sid Caesar and Jackie Gleason was like that as well.
Debbie Reynolds
People are very ready to criticize other people’s accents. There’s no correlation between accents and intelligence or accents and criminality, but people do make judgments.
David Crystal
Don’t scale because you think there’s a pot of gold over that rainbow. Scale because you’re ready and eager to do heroic work, every day, forever.
Seth Godin
God has a purpose and plan for your life and nothing can stand in the way of it – except you. Are you ready to listen? It’s time to stand up and be bold for Jesus.
Michael Franzese
Consider yourself not ready to start the day, ill equipped, unprepared to mix with your fellows, until you have spent at least fifteen minutes in prayer. Count it as much a social necessity as washing.
Muriel Lester
There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now.
Hugh Laurie
I think the only reason I wanted to do modeling, really, was because I knew I wasn’t ready to act; I knew I didn’t have enough life experience, and I knew that doing photo shoots was a way of acting. Playing a character each shoot and being able to just emerge yourself in these awkward experiences – it was amazing.
Dree Hemingway
The best way to begin disarming is to begin-and the United States is ready to conclude firm agreements in these areas and to consider any other reasonable proposal.
Lyndon B. Johnson
Love was love, one could find it with anyone, one could find it anywhere. It was just that you could never keep it. Not unless you were ready to die for it.
Norman Mailer
I try to balance work and play. I’m really grateful that I can kind of have that philosophy, so I can try to get out of the city as much as possible, even though I love the city and I’m not ready to leave it.
Jorja Fox
The least learned, for the most part, have been always most ready to write.
Roger Ascham
I once joked in a book that there are three things you can’t do in life. You can’t beat the phone company, you can’t make a waiter see you until he is ready to see you, and you can’t go home again.
Bill Bryson
With all deference to Chairman Mao and other authors whose quotations derive from longer works, it seemed that I was becoming the world’s first writer of self-contained ready-made quotations.
Ashleigh Brilliant
To all my friends without distinction I am ready to display my opulence: come one, come all; and whosoever likes to take a share is welcome to the wealth that lies within my soul.
Before one is successful that is before any one is ready to pay money for anything you do then you are certain that every word you have written is an important word to have written and that any word you have written is as important as any other word and you keep everything you have written with great care.
Gertrude Stein
I cannot go to elections with an open stomach. If you want to negotiate we have to conclude it before the elections. I cannot just start the negotiations [with Palestinians] saying we are ready to do this and that and not having any reply.
Shimon Peres
The pilgrim is humble and devout, and human, and charitable, and ready to smile and admire; therefore, he should comprehend the whole of his way, the people in it, and the hills and the clouds, and the habits of the various cities.
Hilaire Belloc
I’ve heard there are troubles of more than one kind; some come from ahead, and some come from behind. But I’ve brought a big bat. I’m all ready, you see; now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!
Dr. Seuss
Even when you have failed, Jesus is right there with you, ready to pick you up and restore you to wholeness. Jesus is a faithful, dependable and trustworthy friend.
Joseph Prince
I’m always nervous. If I wasn’t nervous, it would be weird. I get the same feeling at all the big races. It’s part of the routine, and I accept it. It means I’m there and I’m ready.
Allyson Felix
The hope we have in Christ is an absolute certainty. We can be sure that the place Christ is preparing for us will be ready when we arrive, because with Him nothing is left to chance. Everything He promised He will deliver.
Billy Graham
I learned early on that most yoga poses are about showing off. You find something amazing you can do, and suddenly, Shazam—you’re a guru, ready for your groupies.
Edward Vilga
There is a time to separate from our mother. But unless we are ready to separate-unless we are ready to leave her and be left-anything is better than separation.
Judith Viorst
You come ready to work when you know that you are going to get a couple of gos and it. It kind of galvanizes everything and there is something about it that keeps it very alive.
Clive Owen
It’s your own fault for being so camera-ready,” I tell Gale. If looks could kill.
Suzanne Collins
Our faith is well founded; but it is necessary that this faith become part of our lives. A great effort must therefore be made in order for all Christians to transform themselves into ‘witnesses,’ ready and able to shoulder the commitment of testifying – always and to everyone – to the hope that animates them.
Pope Benedict XVI
As professional cricketers, we have to ensure that we are battle-ready all the time.
Suresh Raina
Another head – and a black alpaca jacket and a serviette this time – to tell us coffee is ready. Not before it is time, too.
D. H. Lawrence
The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.
Emily Dickinson
I have to move on now as there is no point to dwell on the past. I have a few days to refocus and get ready for the 200 meters on Friday. After this I have the 4Г—100-meter and a few other races before the end of the season.
Usain Bolt
If we wish to make a new world we have the material ready. The first one, too, was made out of chaos.
Robert Quillen
Glamour is fun! Spending time to get ready isnt about being fussy; its about taking care of myself.
Becki Newton
And if travel is like love, it is, in the end, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end.
Pico Iyer
Why did the generals who have been so ready to term me a complaisant and incompetent yes-man fail to secure my removal? Was that all that difficult? No, that wasn’t it; the truth was that nobody would have been ready to replace me, because each one knew that he would end up just as much a wreck as I.
Wilhelm Keitel
No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be BELIEF, not mere hope or wish.
Napoleon Hill
I know when I’m getting ready to mess up, I’m going to do it full-on.
Sandra Bullock
Sweeter than the perfume of roses is a reputation for a kind, charitable, unselfish nature; a ready disposition to do to others any good turn in your power.
Orison Swett Marden
When people know we are ready to use nuclear weapons, they’re going to back off if we do something aggressive. So basically, nuclear weapons are always being used.
Noam Chomsky
I opened my mouth and kissed you then, the first time all night, attacked you and surrendered completely, and let’s get out of here. I’m ready, I’m finished, let’s not break up, no, no. Take me home, my boyfriend, my love.
Daniel Handler
The best thing an actor can be is ready. Be flexible, be ready.
Willem Dafoe
The world is ready to give up its secrets if we only know how to knock, how to give it the necessary blow. The strength and force of the blow come through concentration.
Swami Vivekananda
I went on inactive duty in August 1945, and since I had stayed in such good shape and had played ball on military teams, I was ready to start for the Indians just two days later, against the Tigers.
Bob Feller
Mormons can testify whether I am willing to lay down my life for a Mormon; If it has been demonstrated that I have been willing to die for a Mormon I am bold to declare before heaven that I am just as ready to die for a Presbyterian, a baptist or any other denomination.
Joseph Smith, Jr.
A human being survives by his ability to forget. Memory is always ready to blot out the bad and retain only the good.
Varlam Shalamov
When you … see our Father, you will see a being with whom you have long been acquainted, and He will receive you into His arms, and you will be ready to fall into His embrace and kiss Him. … You will be so glad and joyful. … When you are qualified and purified, … you can endure the glory of eternity.
Brigham Young
Men are always ready to nose around and find out about other’s lives, but they feel lazy to know themselves and correct their own life.
Saint Augustine
There are so many beautiful things in the world which I will have to leave when I die, but I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready.
Maurice Sendak
People only ask questions when they’re ready to hear the answers.
John Irving
You know what really makes this embarrassing? The other day the president said the leaders in Iraq are ‘ready to take off the training wheels.’ That’s what he said, ‘take off the training wheels.’ Then he goes out and falls off his bicycle. And they wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t take us seriously.
Jay Leno
I spend most of my time assuming the world is not ready for the technology revolution that will be happening to them soon.
Eric Schmidt
You white folks have long been eating the white meat of the chicken. We Negroes are now ready for some of the white meat instead of the dark meat.
Mary McLeod Bethune
Only play into a variation in which your opponent is strong if you have your own personal novelty ready!
Edmar Mednis
Never be ready to play yesterday. Being ready to play today is what’s important
Pat Riley
Within a few hours I had them off, was about ready to play the shows. That night I opened, and during the week Harris was over to the house to talk my mother into letting me leave home.
Mary Lou Williams
No power on earth can resist the lovers of liberty who are ready not to kill opponents, but be killed by them.
Mahatma Gandhi
The children of the Reagan Revolution are ready to assume the mantle of leadership.
Marco Rubio
Start early and work hard. A writer’s apprenticeship usually involves writing a million words (which are then discarded) before he’s almost ready to begin. That takes a while.
David Eddings
That’s the best thing about writing, when you’re in that zone, you’re porous, ready to absorb the solution.
Michael Chabon
We are grateful, as artists, as individuals, that people have such big expectations of us, and we are ready to take on the burden that comes with the expectations.
People like Mr. Hitchens are ready to fight to the last drop of other people’s blood, and it’s utterly and completely contemptible.
George Galloway
I watched ‘Who’ with a mixture of affection and exasperation through the eighties, always ready to cheer on the Doctor but seldom feeling that the series was playing to its strengths. Some of the adventures, revisited on DVD, turn out to be better than I remembered – others just as infuriating.
Alastair Reynolds
I would tell your generation, wherever you are on the totem poll – whether you’re halfway there or at the bottom, don’t despise small beginnings; small beginnings get you ready for great things.
T. D. Jakes
The Masters is where I won my first major, and I view this tournament with great respect. After a long and necessary time away from the game, I feel like I’m ready to start my season at Augusta.
Tiger Woods
He that always waits upon God is ready whenever He calls. Neglect not to set your accounts even; he is a happy man who to lives as that death at all times may find him at leisure to die.
Owen Feltham
Heaven, in the production of things, is sure to be bountiful to them, according to their qualities. Hence the tree that is flourishing, it nourishes, while that which is ready to fall, it overthrows.
It’s good to be taken out of your comfort zone – it’s part of the NBA grind – a challenge I’m ready for.
Patty Mills
I was just ready to make a movie for the girls. It was just really fun to write for a girl. It was really indulgent and sweet. The whole movie feels indulgent, doesn’t it? It’s such a romp in England.
Jerusha Hess
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind, Where those of wit and learning, Will always find their kind.
J. K. Rowling
You start a project as a young person and then at the end you are another person. You are ready to go for your pension.
Santiago Calatrava
Every Conservative desires peace. The threat to peace comes from Communism which has powerful forces ready to attack anywhere. Communism waits for weakness, it leaves strength alone. Britain must therefore be strong, strong in her arms, strong in her faith, strong in her own way of life.
Margaret Thatcher
I’m a total hip-hop geek. That’s my favorite kind of music to listen to while getting ready.
Zoey Deutch
I basically lived through what could have been my downfall and survived it, so whatever comes my way, I’m ready.
There’s one way to do showbiz, if you want to do it perfectly, you have to be disciplined and you have to be ready to work really hard.
Celine Dion
There is nothing more I should do to it now, and therefore I am not likely to be more ready to go than at this moment.
Ulysses S. Grant
I’m fighting for the Commonwealth title on Saturday and I believe I’ll be ready for a world title shot in the next 18 months.
Billy Joe Saunders
I think some people think I’m, like, anti-label, and I’m not. I just wanted to sign a deal when the time was right. I’m anti being shot out of a rocket when you’re not ready and the songs and image aren’t there.
Iggy Azalea
I desire that death find me ready and writing, or if it please Christ, praying and intears.
Be like a child – clear, loving, spontaneous, infinitely flexible and ready each moment to wonder and accept a miracle.
Mother Meera
I don’t feel negative emotions. I feel calm, composed and ready. And as it goes on I get better at it. By the time the fight is on, I don’t feel any emotions at all.
Conor McGregor
I love you, Katie. You might not be ready to say those words now, and maybe you’ll never be able to say them, but that doesn’t change how I feel about you.
Nicholas Sparks
I did a lot of smoker fights and fought pretty much every week since Pat wouldn’t let me fight until he was sure I was ready. I was also boxing and so I had 30 unofficial fights or more of those.
Robbie Lawler
A lot of young writers are very precious about their words. Don’t be – you’ve got to be ready to burn stuff. You’re not as good as you think you are, at least not yet.
Josh Lieb
It needs time. Nobody wants to hear it, but that’s the truth: if you want to have success in the future, you have to be ready to work now.
Jurgen Klopp
You have to be ready for hard work and frugal spending to get the idea off the ground.
Garrett Camp
You have to ask if the country would have been ready for Barack Obama if we hadn’t been prepared by Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. If they hadn’t already been in positions of enormous power and influence – secretary of state, secretary of defence – you know what I mean?
Forest Whitaker
He regarded love as a sort of cruel malady through which the elect are required to pass in their late youth and from which they emerge, pale and wrung, but ready for the business of living.
Thornton Wilder
When you realize where you come from, you naturally become tolerant, amused, kindhearted as a grandmother, and dignified as a king. Immersed in wonder, you can deal with whatever life brings you, and when death comes, you are ready.
But what if pleasure and pain should be so closely connected that he who wants the greatest possible amount of the one must also have the greatest possible amount of the other, that he who wants to experience the “heavenly high jubilation,” must also be ready to be “sorrowful unto death”?
Friedrich Nietzsche
I have no fear
to burn my mouth and throat
I’m ready to drink every flame and more.
I’m not ready to rush into marriage.
James Tupper
If America’s tv and movie producers are unwilling to clean up their act… when it comes to sex, bloodshed and violence in their programming… the government stands ready to step in.
Janet Reno
The electric car, it’s not the government saying, ‘Oh, we must have electric cars.’ The market was ready for that. People were ready for that, so, we have electric cars.
Maxime Bernier
I am never proud to participate in violence, yet I know that each of us must care enough for ourselves that we can be ready and able to come to our own defence when and wherever needed.
Maya Angelou
Long live Germany. Long live Austria. Long live Argentina. These are the countries with which I have been most closely associated and I shall not forget them. I had to obey the rules of war and my flag. I am ready.
Adolf Eichmann
Well the specific role of the World Bank is to be ready with financial assistance immediately after this emergency takes place because you need to reconnect water, you need to reconnect power, you need roads, you need bridges, and that has to be done urgently.
James Wolfensohn
If you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime studying, planning, and getting ready for it. What you should be doing is getting started.
Drew Houston
Are you ready?” Klaus asked finally. “No,” Sunny answered. “Me neither,” Violet said, “but if we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives, Let’s go.
Daniel Handler
If it be the pleasure of Heaven that my country shall require the poor offering of my life, the victim shall be ready, at the appointed hour of sacrifice, come when that hour may. But while I do live, let me have a country, and that a free country!
John Adams
Our generation, and that of our children, will face its share of crises, just like every generation in the past. When those calls come, will you be ready? The answer depends on how we educate the next generation.
Oliver DeMille
All I want is greatness for West Virginia, and I’ll work with anyone who is ready to help me turn this state around.
Jim Justice
Men do not often dare to avow, even to themselves, the slow progress reason has made in their minds; but they are ready to follow it if it is presented to them in a lively and striking manner, and forces them to recognize it.
Nicolas de Caritat, marquis de Condorcet
Force and right are the governors of this world; force till right is ready.
Matthew Arnold
You can only lead by example, and you can only say it might be better for you if. But nobody can do anything until they’re ready to do it. So you can sit down with a strong-minded young man of 24, as my son was at a point, and say now listen, this, this, this, and this.
Frank Langella
I stand ready to lead us down a different path where we’re lifted up by our desire to succeed, not dragged down by a resentment of success.
Mitt Romney
Once I leave the studio I’m ready to do the next thing. There are records I made that I haven’t heard.
Paul Smoker
I’ll be ready. I’m not sure for what exactly. But maybe that’s what being ready really means.
Holly Goldberg Sloan
The Cape Epic is unpredictable. In South Africa, it’s scorching hot one minute, then super-windy or rainy the next, so you have to ensure you’re ready for anything.
Nino Schurter
No tyrant, however evil, has yet lacked ready hands to execute his most abominable will. To read how eagerly men have rushed to serve the despot is the bitterest, the saddest matter of history; it is the saddest sight in our own day.
Richard Jefferies
My work is always a ready-made… cultural, political, or social, and also it could be art – to make people re-look at what we have done, its original position, to create new possibilities.
Ai Weiwei
There are no guarantees, but being ready sure beats being taken by surprise
Donald Trump
We stand ready to work together, where possible, in helping rebuild not only homes and businesses, but most importantly, lives of those who so desperately need our help.
Marc Morial
Most things don’t stay the way they are for very long. I take nothing for granted and try to be ready for the change that’s soon to come.
Richard Ford
Forever has no meaning when you’re living in the moment. I wasn’t ready for that moment to end.
Ellen Hopkins
I remember 9/11; we had ‘Comics Come Home’ about a month after those events. That night, even the comedians were concerned. Would the audience be ready to laugh? It was a release for everyone.
Denis Leary
What we perceive as a failure may simply be our inner being’s way of telling us that we are ready to move to a new level of growth.
Anne Wilson Schaef
If you’re not willing to let your partner see your cellulite or know your biggest fears, then you aren’t really ready to share yourself.
Iyanla Vanzant
A man’s duty? To be ready — with rifle or rood — to defend his home when the showdown comes.
Edward Abbey
The moot court process in our office when we get ready, we – everybody, including the SG, does two moot courts for each argument. And they are phenomenal, and they predict 90 percent of the questions that I get asked, at least 90 percent.
Donald Verrilli Jr.
I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home.
LeBron James
As long as I’m needed. I’ll be ready to serve. I look forward with optimism. We need the Jews here. Move to Israel! Move to Israel!
Ariel Sharon
People know what happened in California, and they know it can happen again and again. They know that no group has passed more ballot measures than we have. They know we have a focused strategy. They know we have a budget of $150 million a year. And they know we’re ready for a fight.
Wayne Pacelle
Time travel is a terrifying weapon, far more powerful than anything ever before conceived,’ he said grimly.’Mankind just isn’t ready for that kind of knowledge. We’re like children casually playing with an atom bomb.
Alex Scarrow
As a woman, and as somebody in the public eye, we always have to be ready for the red carpet and have the nicest outfit, work with the best makeup artist. While all that’s nice, we’re also human beings.
Sasha Grey
I’m ready to live on my own. It’s a really big step, but I’m ready.
Kylie Jenner
The time I’m not spending with my kid has to be worth it, so when I sat down with my agents after I was ready to go back to work, I told them: It’s all about the directors.
Jessica Alba
We believe we have no territorial problems at all. It is only Japan that believes it has territorial problems with Russia. We are ready to talk about this.
Vladimir Putin
What is perceptible to one’s mistrust is the cut-and-dried way that life is divided up and the ready-made form it assumes, the ever-recurring sameness of it, the pre-formations passed down by generation after generation, the ready-made language not only of the tongue but also of the sensations and the feelings.
Robert Musil
People don’t want to look at you and think, ‘Oh, it must have taken her so long to get ready!’ It’s not as exciting to imagine. They want to imagine your life being – well, the opposite of what it sometimes is, where getting dressed is very regimented, you know? People don’t want to know that.
Margot Robbie
It is a great, a pleasant thing to have a friend with whom to walk, untroubled, through the woods, by the stream, saying nothing, at peace–the heart all clean and quiet and empty, ready for the spirit that may choose to be its guest.
Catherine Drinker Bowen
I was wanting to do an album but I didn’t know if I was really ready. Jerry Wexler was one of my closest friends and allies, like my godfather. He said, “Let’s do an album.” I couldn’t sing worth a damn, but there were some good songs.
Donnie Fritts
But, it only takes one success to erase all the failures. When an opportunity presents itself, the only true failure takes place if one doesn’t try at all. My wings weren’t ready to fly this time, but, next time, you’ll see. They all will see.
Stephen Reid
I will walk out on a scene if it’s all lit and ready to go but it’s not happening.
Debra Winger
If God had made a perfect world, it would be a magic trick, not creation, with no meaning or place for us to learn and create. Mankind is not yet ready for a perfect world. We do not know how to appreciate perfection.
Bernie Siegel
God hasn’t given up on you. He can still do great things for you, in you, and through you. God is ready and waiting and able.
Peter Marshall
…one thing I am ready to fight for as long as I can, in word and act: that is, that we shall be better, braver and more active men if we believe it right to look for what we don’t know than if we believe there is no point in looking because what we don’t know we can never discover.
I might lose because I wasn’t tall enough; I might lose because I wasn’t fast enough. But I wasn’t going to lose because I wasn’t ready.
Bill Bradley
INNATE is God in human beings. INNATE is good in human
beings. INNATE cannot be cheated, violated, or tricked. INNATE is always
waiting, ready to communicate with you, and when INNATE is in contact
you are in tune with the Infinite.
B. J. Palmer
I have some weak poems in that new collection, which is why I’m not ready to send the collection out yet.
Shirley Geok-lin Lim
Ready to give up so I seek the old Earth.
Inspectah Deck
If a Korean artist reaches to the top, we’re all ready to stand up and applaud for him or her.
I feel my body weakening but my spirit is fine, ready to go to war with devils at the drop of a dime
Immortal Technique
Be ready for reconciliation after quarrels.
We hope President Obama will now respect the will of the people, change course, and commit to making the changes they are demanding. To the extent he is willing to do this, we are ready to work with him
John Boehner
The thing that gets me up in the morning is that I’m really not ready to see someone that I know I can beat holding my belt.
Ronda Rousey
You’ve got to have some fun before games or you make the season too long. We don’t start work until seven o’clock. If you’re game-ready at three, it’s not good for you. This is the only way I know how to do it.
Prince Fielder
When people say it’s a funny thing about them, you will probably be able to control your hysterics. They are only getting ready to announce the shattering fact that they don’t like something. And it’s not going to be something that’s really quite awful, like suttee or apartheid; it’s going to be something small.
Peg Bracken
In these days a man is nobody unless his biography is kept so far posted up that it may be ready for the national breakfast-table on the morning after his demise.
Anthony Trollope
Once you have a child, you change so much along the way, you don’t even recognize yourself by the time they’re ready to move out!
Ron Taffel
There is a drop of blood in the snow before me…. The coyote… is in estrus…. spurred to let out a bit of herself, sending a message, telling everyone she was now ready, that the clock of her winter was ticking toward spring.
Craig Childs
When all is said and done, how do we know but that our own unreason may be better than another’s truth? for it has been warmed on our hearths and in our souls, and is ready for the wild bees of truth to hive in it, and make their sweet honey.
William Butler Yeats
I found out that if you are going to win games, you had better be ready to adapt.
Scotty Bowman
I’m ultimately not so much of a professor as a progresser. And I’m ready to move away from what I consider to be this weird mid-century dream that I feel pulls us as a country, and us as a culture, backward.
Christopher Bollen
Are you up to the challenge? Are you going to be a reproduction or an original? Will you strive to be innovative or imitative? Are you ready to take your turn on the page, turn up the heat, turn it on?
Phil Cousineau
It’s funny how God will change your plans for you when he’s ready.
Brett Young
Being hurt by someone you really cared about, it makes me want to make them regret ever hurting my heart. Best way of doing that? Success. Get ready for it.
Jessica Sanchez
When I’m ready to make a photograph, I think I quite obviously see in my minds eye something that is not literally there in the true meaning of the word. I’m interested in something which is built up from within, rather than just extracted from without.
Ansel Adams
I believe in what I do. I mean, I don’t go out – I don’t have the clothes or drink anymore, I don’t do drugs or any of that. I used to. But I got very ready to get me out of the house.
Ozzy Osbourne
The masses procure their opinions ready made in open market.
Charles Caleb Colton
You have to be ready to go through peaks and valleys along the way. Be ready to sacrifice some of the things in life that are considered normal for most people for the first while. And understand the business of the film industry, because studying the art and your craft alone isn’t enough anymore.
Kyle Cassie
Man loves the marvelous. It has an irresistible charm for him. He is always ready to leave that with which he is familiar to pursue vain inventions. He lends himself to his own deception.
Napoleon Bonaparte
This is going to be murder,” Fransic whispered to Mr. Trimes. “Pure murder.” “I’m glad to see your confidence returning, Mr. Tucket. Just a few minutes ago you were ready to give up. Now you’re talking about killing him.” “I meant it the other way.” “Oh.
Gary Paulsen
I feel like I have so many stories basting in my mind, and they come busting out when they’re ready.
Maggie Stiefvater
The average person is still under the aberrant delusion that food should be somebody else’s responsibility until I’m ready to eat it.
Joel Salatin
Like Samson, I am ready to pull down the white man’s temple, knowing full well that I will be destroyed by the falling rubble.
Malcolm X
If you are not ready today, you will be even less so tomorrow.
I am determined and ready to be a commodity that fulfills everyone’s fantasies.
Sasha Grey
I was ready in 2008 for the Olympic Games but unfortunately I missed the Kenyan trials with a thigh injury. I watched those Olympics but it was tough to watch. But it was good in the end because a Kenyan, Wilfred Bungei, was the champion.
David Rudisha
I am like a book, with pages that have stuck together for want of use: my mind needs unpacking and the truths stored within must be turned over from time to time, to be ready when occasion demands.
Seneca the Younger
God is more ready to pardon that we have been to sin.
St. Catherine of Siena
I think hitting is more a mentality than a philosophy. A philosophy is somebody telling you the way they think it should be. Well, different people believe in different things. My thing is this: Be ready to hit.
Chili Davis
And I too, felt ready to start life all over again. It was as if that great rush of anger had washed me clean, emptied me of hope, and, gazing up at the dark sky spangled with its signs and stars, for the first time, the first, I laid my heart open to the benign indifference of the universe.
Albert Camus
It is surely no mere coincidence that the land of the emancipated and enthroned woman is also the land of canned soup, of canned pork and beans, of whole meals in cans, and of everything else ready made.
H. L. Mencken
Quick sensitivity is inseperable from a ready understanding.
Joseph Addison
I sought excitement and, taking chances, I was all ready to fail in order to achieve something large.
Raymond Loewy
The world unwraps itself to you, again and again as soon as you are ready to see it anew.
Gregory Maguire
Now I’m free of him and I’m light as a feather. There’s no weight holding me down; I’m ready to spread my wings and fly.
Larry Holmes
Im pretty adept with computers and Photoshop for my blog, and I found my style with a conversational voice and an image-ready column.
Robert Mankoff
I’d woken up early, and I took a long time getting ready to exist.
Fernando Pessoa
Our small ears never had such a workout as on the Fourth of July, hearing not only our own bursting crackers but also those of our friends, and often the boom of homemade cannon shot off by daring boys of 16 years, ready to lose a hand if it blew up.
Paul Engle
I’m ready to win.
Asafa Powell
I can get ready in 10 minutes.
Carolina Herrera
The fruit falls off the tree. You don’t shake it off before it’s ready to fall.
Al Pacino
I’m one of those actors who’s just standing there, waiting and ready for something to come my way. I don’t really try to think about, “Oh, I feel the next thing I should do should be a feature. Now, I think I should do a play.” I just hope someone wants to cast me in something.
Sarah Paulson
In the dark I rest, unready for the light which dawns day after day, eager to be shared. Black silk, shelter me. I need more of the night before I open eyes and heart to illumination. I must still grow in the dark like a root not ready, not ready at all.
Denise Levertov
I have developed a Zen-like approach to the operating systems that people use: ‘When you’re ready, the right operating system will appear in your life.
Guy Kawasaki
Your trying to take them away from me, and I can’t let you do that.I’m not ready to let go.” “Exactly what am I taking away?” “My family.” “Brenna…” She wouldn’t let him continue. “You are trying to take them away, aren’t you? And if you succeed, what will I have left?” “Me.
Julie Garwood
All I’ve done is put into words what all of us are about. We’re now at the archetypal stage of being ready to move from a material to a transcendent world view of culture. I’m only articulating what dwells in the consciousness of a good part of the masses now. That’s why the response.
James Redfield
If you are not ready to face opposition then you are not ready to be used by God.
Craig Groeschel
When we first met, I didn’t want to get involved with anyone. I didn’t have the time or energy, and I wasn’t sure that I was ready for it. But you were so good to me, and I got swept up in that. And little by little, I found myself falling in love with you.
Nicholas Sparks
Until this movie I have played a boxer, a cowboy, a knight, a prince, an elf and a pirate. I am so glad to have done all of that already, and am ready for this phase of my career.
Orlando Bloom
Trust and confidence in Christ and a ready reliance on His merits, mercy, and grace lead to hope, through His Atonement, in the Resurrection and eternal life. Such faith and hope invite into our lives the sweet peace of conscience for which we all yearn.
David A. Bednar
Basically it starts with four months of training, just basic stretching, kicking and punching. Then you come to the choreography and getting ready to put the dance together.
Keanu Reeves
I am convinced that people with such wounds will be quite ready to co-operate in a safe and painless experiment in the interests of humanity as a whole.
Robert Barany
he was figuratively following along beside her as she walked the fence, ready to catch her if she should fall.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
As long as we’re together, I’m ready for anything.
Cassandra Clare
The worst part was waiting around. Sometimes you are ready at 9 a.m. and you don’t start until the afternoon. Occupying your time while you wait is the hardest part of the movie.
Colleen Haskell
There are many Summer ingredients I love: one of my favourite times is when the cherries are ready!
Monica Galetti
Truth cannot be taught but it is quickly recognised by the person ready to discover it.
Barry Long
Trance is a very emotional and uplifting form of dance music. It appeals to many people in this way having such a strong connection with emotions. It makes people happy and ready to party.
When you usually are not ready to chance the standard you’ll need to settle for the standard.
Jim Rohn
Wearing a Hawaiian shirt, you don’t ever come across as offensive. Nobody sees you as a threat. You see someone in a Hawaiian shirt, and you are like ‘this guy is ready to party.’
Gabriel Iglesias
But I do feel a little teeny right now that I’m just about ready to start, and winter is entering. Half past autumn has arrived.
Gordon Parks
The more conscious I was of goodness and of all that was ‘sublime and beautiful,’the more deeply I sank into my mire and the more ready I was to sink in it altogether.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Be willing to work for nothing in things you think are stupid. Make work for yourself. Make your own luck. Don’t complain. Hopefully, the work will find you if you are ready.
Jenna Fischer
I grew up in the Baptist Church, and going to church with my father; I remember being 8 years old, trying to determine whether I was really ready to give up sin, and for days I agonized.
Oprah Winfrey
The studio is not the place to write. You need to be 75% ready when you go into the studio, and then the music can develop to the next stage.
Rick Wakeman
Every social need, such as the need for friendship, must be a party to its own satisfaction: I cannot passively find my friend as a ready-made friend; a ready-made human being he may be, but his friendship for me I must help to create by my own active resolve.
William Ernest Hocking
I always thought that it’s important to have other things, not just work, and I often even suggested my managers take some time off and come back fresh and ready to fight again.
Ernesto Bertarelli
I don’t need your organization, I’ve moved your mountains and I’ve marked you cards, but Eden is burning. You better get ready for elimination or else your hearts must have the courage of the changing of the guard.
Bob Dylan
Return to your friends and tell them that we came here with no peaceful intent, but ready for battle, and determined to avenge our own wrongs and set our country free. Let your masters come and attack us: we are ready to meet them beard to beard.
William Wallace
Tears ready to do duty at a minute’s notice.
For Star Trek proves, as faulty as individual episodes could be, is that the much-maligned common man and common woman has an enormous hunger for brotherhood. They are ready for the twenty-third century now, and they are light-years ahead of their petty governments and their visionless leaders.
Gene Roddenberry
It’s terrible to realize that you don’t learn how to live until you’re ready to die; and, then it’s too late.
Edna Ferber
It takes me 10 minutes to get ready to go out, and that includes the shower.
Josh Brolin
Women’s lives get more interesting the older they get. For some reason, when you hit 35, it turns into a grey area filmically. There’s not much more until you start playing grannies. I’m not ready for that. I’m just naffed off that, between 35 and 50, there aren’t better things about.
Amanda Donohoe
I’m a winter girl. I like coming out when things are desolate and everybody’s ready to slit their wrists.
Tori Amos
Give me the third best technology. The second best won’t be ready in time. The best will never be ready.
Robert Watson-Watt
Winning is not a secret that belongs to a very few, winning is something that we can learn by studying ourselves, studying the environment and making ourselves ready for any challenge that is in front of us.
Garry Kasparov
We used to play in a theater club in London called The King’s Head. When the theater let nut, around 10:00 P.M., we’d be ready to go and really get it on for about an hour or so.
Mark Knopfler
The short amount of time I’m out on the runway is like going on a rollercoaster. It’s such a happy, exciting feeling. I’m more like a racehorse ready to go – I just want to get out there.
Erin Heatherton
Our liberties, our values, all for which America stands is safe today because brave men and women have been ready to face the fire at freedom’s front. And we thank God for them.
Ronald Reagan
I’m working hard and I think I’m where I should be at by now but I’m in no hurry at all, I’m taking one fight at a time, I want to win my fights. With the title shot I don’t know yet but if I get the chance someday, I will be more than ready.
Alexander Gustafsson
Seemingly the most easy of crafts, drawing is the one which reveals most tellingly our incapacity to sustain true vision and our acquiescence to the ready-made.
Rico Lebrun
It takes me about two hours to run into Target. People always want a picture. They hem and haw, and they can’t spit the words out, so they waste about five minutes of my time just standing there getting ready for a picture. Just do it!
Abby Lee Miller
So the guy that we’re really targeting our system at this year is one of the guys who brought a 16bit system three or four years ago and has pretty much had it with that, and he’s ready to buy something new.
Trip Hawkins
Such a woman is called “Mother’s FRIEND” always ready to give judicious Parental advice and living vicariously on the experience of others
Eric Berne
Before the (Olympic) trials I was doing a lot of relaxing exercises and visualization. And I think that that helped me to get a feel of what it was gonna be like when I got there. I knew that I had done everything that I could to get ready for that meet, both physically and mentally
Michael Phelps
Dances have a second and third life. You feel they are never ready. They always have a chance for another life.
Mikhail Baryshnikov
If you’re a burglar, it’s no good waiting about outside somebody’s house, looking good with your swag bag ready. Just get in there, burgle them and come out. I don’t advocate that obviously, it’s just an analogy.
Ian Holloway
The actual time you’re acting is miniscule compared to the time you’re getting ready to do the work. The big difference on series television is, there’s not a lot of hanging-out time. You’re pumping those pages out, you’re doing six, seven, eight pages a day. And I like that pace.
Joe Mantegna
I have no illusions of the future. Or maybe it’s all illusion. I don’t know. I’ve always been ready for it.
Gord Downie
I’m ready to fight, I’ve been looking for my baby all night. If I get her in my sight, boom, boom, out go the lights.
Little Walter
Retiring is getting ready to die.
Rodger Ward
Well, if you’re through taunting poor Mike, are you ready to go? (Nick) You give me any lip, little boy, and there won’t be enough left of you to run through a sieve. (Zarek)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
The landlord’s laugh was ready chorus.
Robert Burns
I went to Broadway and I’ve been doing some fun guest spots with ‘Entourage’ and ‘Glee’ and I’m ready to have my own show.
John Stamos
I still get excited by the same clothes I did when I first started going to vintage shops. But I think as I get older, I realize how much nicer it is to have 10 great outfits rather than 1000 tops and dresses that are all in a pile I cry in every time I get ready to go out.
Lolly Adefope
I’m ready to do something different.
Tony La Russa
I never thought we’d catch him, and when I saw he was ready to drop I felt sorry for him. I wanted to show it’s not true I’m trying to win it all. My goal is the Tour of Spain.
Laurent Jalabert
Summertime is my favorite time of year in Sandpoint, reason being, Lake Pend Oreille is warm and ready for action.
Nate Holland
The rules that enabled me to compete first went into effect in 2003. They are known as the Stockholm consensus with the IOC, but I think even 10 years ago the world perhaps wasn’t ready for an athlete like myself – and perhaps it is not ready now.
Laurel Hubbard
After a long day at work, I want someone to come home, turn on my video and think, “Oh my god, how girls get ready? This is hilarious, I love this, I’m forgetting about all my problems.”
Lilly Singh
modern people have seen too many chemicals and are ready to go back to eating dirt.
Mark Kurlansky
I guess I’m about ready to promote myself in a more human way. I don’t feel quite so insecure.
Evan Dando
When it comes to making tough decisions, I’m ready to make them.
Brian France
That optimist of yours is always ready to turn hell’s backyard into a play-ground.
Mark Twain
What I would like to see is sufficiently good education and health services being delivered to Aboriginal people so that they are prepared and ready to leave and join the economic mainstream if that’s their choice.
Tony Abbott
With a theatre audience there’s always the additional sense of a sustained challenge of which I’m acutely aware and for which you need to have the tools ready – your voice, physicality, brain.
Greta Scacchi
I am always keen to discover something new, but my advice is always to exfoliate. Get rid of those dead, dry cells; then the new skin is ready for moisturising, and you find your inner dewy, youthful glow. Its in there somewhere.
The Bengal tiger always has his tail up, ready to devour the opposition.
Navjot Singh Sidhu
Get my swan costume ready.
Anna Pavlova
Creation is ready to serve you, if you just be you.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi
We’re going to step on the field knowing that every team we’re going against is going to push their game to that whole new level that we probably hadn’t seen. … We’ve just got to be ready to step up with them
Crystl Bustos
Oh, yesterday, that one, we all cry out. Oh, that one! How rich and possible everything was! How ripe, ready, lavish, and filled with excitement–how hopeful we were on those summer days, under the clean, white racing clouds. Oh, yesterday!
Mary Oliver
I support women, men, anybody who is in a place that’s not their strongest and who is ready to push forward.
Jennifer Aniston
He is ready, if the occasion presents itself, to throw the whole English population in the St. Lawrence.
Wilfrid Laurier
I’m getting ready to write a piece now, and it’s been six months thinking about it, changing the instrumentation, changing the name, doing more reading.
John Zorn
The earth is ready, the time is ripe, for the authoritative expression of the feminine as well as the masculine interpretation of that common social consensus which is slowly writing justice in the State and fraternity in the social order.
Anna Garlin Spencer
I read because one of these days I’m going to get out of this town, and I’m going to go everywhere and meet everybody, and I want to be ready
Richard Peck
Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Love fills and empties simultaneously. It makes us reach out to God, ready to be pruned, recklessly desiring whatever the cost. It soothes the aching heart and then makes it thirst for more.
Mother Angelica
It may be that at some time in the dim future of the race the need for war will vanish: but that time is yet ages distant. As yet no nation can hold its place in the world, or can do any work really worth doing, unless it stands ready to guard its right with an armed hand.
Theodore Roosevelt
You have it within your grasp to be regarded as one of the greatest legislative sessions in the history of the state. If you’re bold and if you’re ready to aggressively reach for our future, all the ingredients are here. The opportunities are waiting for us.
Dirk Kempthorne
((Doc is getting ready to do a Pap-smear on Reece)) “Looks healthy,” Doc commented. “Good, because it hasn’t been getting any exercise in quite a while.” When she heard Willow smother a laugh, Reece just closed her eyes. She had to remember some old saying about being careful of thoughts. They become words.
Nora Roberts
Obama has not accomplished a key mission: sell his own successes and keep his own (political) troops fired up and ready to go.
David Corn
Henry figured that the reason the Cheyenne had always ridden Appaloosas into battle was because by the time the men got there, they were so angry with the horses they were ready to kill everything.
Craig Johnson
It is necessary for the teacher to guide the child without letting him feel her presence too much, so that she may always be ready to supply the desired help, but may never be the obstacle between the child and his experience.
Maria Montessori
I think we’ll see it mostly in the United States. We’re getting to the point where al Qaeda is ready to again attack us inside America. I think we’re basically defenseless.
Michael Scheuer
It’s about us getting ready to play. It’s not about the other team. We’ll beat ourselves before they beat us. That’s always our approach.
Pete Carroll
The world is changing and there are new opportunities for those who are ready to join forces with those who are stronger and more experienced.
Salvatore Maranzano
Just got to keep going out there and keep swinging. That’s all I can really do. Getting work in, doing everything I can to get ready for the game.
Freddie Freeman
The sky is like a black sieve pierced by silver drops that tremble, ready to burst through.
Ayn Rand
When you work on an album for three and a half years, you’re kind of ready for it to get out there. To have your songs reach people.
When you come before spiritual master, be prepared to get chastised. Spiritual Master’s business is to do that. Shisya means who is ready is accept ‘sashan’ or ready dor getting chastisement.
Bhakti Charu Swami
The truth is revealed when you are ready to receive it when you need it in order to move forward to take the next step in your journey. to move on toward your destiny.
Alyson Noel
If you are ready for mystical experiences, you have them.
Copyright: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family Limited Partnership.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Let me get this straight. So you left the Dauntless compound to get ready for war… and took your makeup bag with you?” “Yep. Figured it would be harder for anyone to shoot me if they saw how devastatingly attractive I was.
Veronica Roth
Everything around you can use. It’s like your tools and your material. Whether it’s in performing arts like dance, or visual arts, or poetry, a lot of those elements can come and help you, can trigger your creativity. But you have to be open, be aware, and you have to be ready to look.
Chath Piersath
She [Marilyn Monroe] wasn’t the most incredibly beautiful. She’s rather ordinary. Cute, but no Rita Hayworth. I think she was ready for the camera, and it was a real destiny for her.
Gail Levin
Human pride is a strange thing; it cannot easily be suppressed, and if you stop up hole A will peep forth again in a twinkling from another hole B, and if this is closed it is ready to come out at hole C, and so on.
Georg C. Lichtenberg
In general, it’s not too hard to corrupt an American, mostly a matter of supply to their demand. Supply should be variegated to encourage the Illusion of Choice. Other than that they’re looking for numbness, so be ready to sedate. Drugs, booze, television, shopping, etc.
Geoffrey Wood
God is not aloof. He is not disconnected. He says continually through the centuries, I’ll help you, I really will. When you don’t know where to turn, then turn to me. When you’re ready to throw up your hands – throw them up to me. Put your voice behind them too, and I’ll come and help you.
Jim Cymbala
I am never one to disappoint. When I decided to invest I decided to bring the club forward. I am ready bring new ideas, vision and investment to the club.
Thaksin Shinawatra
There is probably no country so barbarous that would not disclose all it knew, if it received equivalent information; and I am apt to think that a person who was ready to give more knowledge than he received would be welcome wherever he came.
Oliver Goldsmith
Read the Bible as though it were something entirely unfamiliar, as though it had not been set before you ready-made. Face the book with a new attitude as something new.
Martin Buber
I’m ready for a Christianity that ‘ruins’ my life, that captures my heart and makes me uncomfortable. I want to be filled with an astonishment which is so captivating that I am considered wild and unpredictable and… well… dangerous. Yes, I want to be ‘dangerous’ to a dull and boring religion.
Mike Yaconelli
This is important, to represent our country. We’ve also got to be ready for the Minnesota Twins.
Carlos Silva
I am ready to fight according to the rules, and I ask for the opportunity to prove myself.
Yingluck Shinawatra