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Pursuit Quotes

Pursuit Quotes by Alexander Suvorov, Joyce Meyer, Martin O’Malley, Philip Carr-Gomm, Bertrand Russell, Chris Hoy and many others.

A strong pursuit, give no time for the enemy to think, take advantage of victory, uproot him, cut off his escape route.
Alexander Suvorov
Much of everyday life is filled with opportunities to be distracted. Our possessions… entertainment… cares and anxieties… and even the passionate desire and pursuit of things, some good and not so good, can keep our minds and hearts caught up in a flurry of activity.
Joyce Meyer
When you create an economy where you subsidize corporate profits through a welfare program and food stamps in order to keep wages low in some perverse pursuit of ‘competiveness,’ than you reap the fruits of the anger that you sow.
Martin O’Malley
The risks involved in the pursuit of magic are–put simply–either getting frightened by unpleasant perceptions or becoming deluded. Unfortunately it is possible to suffer from both symptoms at the same time.
Philip Carr-Gomm
If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have a paradise in a few years.
Bertrand Russell
As the lead rider in the team you always have to keep your eyes on the team you’re pursuing – it’s called the pursuit for good reason.
Chris Hoy
Only he is successful in his business who makes that pursuit which affords him the highest pleasure sustain him.
Henry David Thoreau
To many, Homer may appear lazy and a loser, but he’s just much misguided. He’s boorish, sure, but well meaning and, I guess, the one thing we have in common is the pursuit of lousy diets.
Dan Castellaneta
Shimon Peres was the greatest living example of an unshakable belief in the pursuit of peace against all odds.
Ephraim Mirvis
Today, society is sacrificing love, values and dharma in its pursuit of materialistic gains.
Mata Amritanandamayi
I guess a witness is all I am. I think as a writer, you’re pretty removed. Writing is a very selfish, individualistic pursuit. So in that sense I’m a witness because I’m not participating.
Sherman Alexie
Now jamming – which is about collaborative improvisation – has to do with getting people together to be creative musically. But it is a very powerful metaphor for understanding the grammar of the creative process. It applies to business and to other pursuits as well.
John Kao
Without imagination, there can be no genuine ardor in any pursuit or for any acquisition, and without imagination, there can be no genuine morality, no profound feeling of other men’s sorrow, no ardent and persevering anxiety for their interests.
William Godwin
[America] will stand steadfast with Israel in pursuit of security and a lasting peace.
Barack Obama
It is the pursuit of happiness that brings us happiness, and not the happiness achieved.
Jack White
We must recover the element of quality in our traditional pursuit of equality. We must not, in opening our schools to everyone, confuse the idea that all should have equal chance with the notion that all have equal endowments.
Adlai Stevenson I
There’s a lot of bands that blow up quickly, but then they die quickly. Longevity is the healthy thing; that’s the pursuit.
Mark Foster
The pursuit of truth in science transcends national boundaries. It takes us beyond hatred and anger and fear. It is the best of us.
Arthur Eddington
I’m an enormous fan of Thomas Bernhard’s books, and I like the relentless feeling in his work – the pursuit of darkness, the negative – and I think in some sense I’ve internalised that as what one is supposed to do.
Ben Marcus
If you watch Olivier’s interviews, he has this reptilian tongue; it seems too big for his mouth. My pursuit of that became distracting, so I let it go. The thrill was finding the right pair of glasses.
Julian Sands
Democracy rests upon two pillars: one, the principle that all men are equally entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and the other, the conviction that such equal opportunity will most advance civilization.
Louis D. Brandeis
The principle objectives in life are love, the creation and enjoyment if aesthetic experience, the pursuit of knowledge. Love comes a long way first.
John Maynard Keynes
Character acting is a much braver pursuit than a guy who runs around and intermittently clenches his jaw muscles.
Ryan Reynolds
It is sometimes of God’s mercy that men in the eager pursuit of worldly aggrandizement are baffled; for they are very like a train going down an inclined plane – putting on the brake is not pleasant, but it keeps the car on the track.
Henry Ward Beecher
Possessing talent is nothing more than the continuous pursuit of a life-long interest.
Bob Ross
A Christian cannot help being free, because in the pursuit and attainment of his object, no one can either hinder or retard him.
Leo Tolstoy
Nothing is so costly as the pursuit of a cure for imaginary ills.
Francois Fenelon
the compulsion to work long years in pursuit of some inner vision must be fueled by stubborn fires.
Silvia Tennenbaum
If you suppress the exorbitant love of pleasure and money, idle curiosity, iniquitous pursuits and wanton mirth, what a stillness would there be in the greatest cities.
Jean de la Bruyere
We must recognize the fact that many Nazis, Marxists and Fascists believe passionately in their fundamental rightness, and allow nothing to hinder them from their goal in the pursuit of their mission.
Dorothy Day
The pursuit of happiness is a great activity. One must be open and alive. It is the greatest feat man has to accomplish, and spirits must flow. There must be courage. There are no easy ruts to get into which lead to happiness.
Robert Henri
In the 1880s, a weedy Easterner named Owen Wister had something like a nervous breakdown. Wyoming, with its wide-open spaces and healthy pursuits, was prescribed as a cure. Wister was immediately smitten by the taciturn cowboys and the rules imposed upon them by the cattle barons.
Clive Sinclair
I’ve turned it into the constant pursuit of natural and healthy living, which is much more than just exercise and how you eat. It’s a way of life.
Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark
What if culture itself is nothing but a halt, a break, a respite, in the pursuit of barbarity?
Slavoj ЕЅiЕѕek
No one can obtain felicity by pursuit. This explains why one of the elements of being happy is the feeling that a debt of gratitude is owed, a debt impossible to pay. Now, we do not owe gratitude to ourselves. To be conscious of gratitude is to acknowledge a gift.
Josef Pieper
The sad fact is that if you love education, revere the life of the mind, care about the pursuit of truth, think young people need to receive wisdom from their elders, and value moral clarity, the university is the last place you would want to send your 18-year-old.
Dennis Prager
Success – To rise from the illusion of pursuit to the disillusion of possession.
Elbert Hubbard
The history of science is rich in example of the fruitfulness of bringing two sets of techniques, two sets of ideas, developed in separate contexts for the pursuit of new truth, into touch with one another.
J. Robert Oppenheimer
The pursuit of mastery is an ever-onward almost.
Sarah Lewis
The pursuit of the vibrant seems to be the universal job description of the nation’s city planners nowadays. It is also part of the Obama administration’s economic recovery strategy for the nation.
Thomas Frank
Mountaineering is a relentless pursuit. One climbs further and further yet never reaches the destination. Perhaps that is what gives it its own particular charm. One is constantly searching for something never to be found.
Hermann Buhl
The pursuit of science leads only to the insoluble.
Benjamin Disraeli
The classical allusions and the Platonic disquisitions on beauty are no longer a form of cover, but integral to Aschenbach’s complex sexuality. Moreover, the wandering around Venice in pursuit of Tadzio isn’t a prelude to some sexual contact for which Aschenbach is yearning.
Philip Kitcher
The pursuit of holiness is a joint venture between God and the Christian.В  No one can attain any degree of holiness without God working in his life, but just as surely no one will attain it without effort on his own part.
Jerry Bridges
Fill your brain with giant dreams so it has no space for petty pursuits.
Robin Sharma
I think our path to the Olympics is a good metaphor for how you build a company. Our skill and commitment grew over time, day by day, stroke by stroke. So, sports are tied well with our entrepreneurial pursuits because you train for a few years, but there is no guarantee that you will succeed.
Tyler Winklevoss
Software-industry battles are fought by highly paid and out-of-shape nerds furiously pounding computer keyboards while they guzzle diet Coke. The stakes aren’t very dramatic. Life? Liberty? The pursuit of happiness? Nope, it’s about stock options.
Nathan Myhrvold
Sometimes great injustices may be inflicted on the minority when the majority is in the pursuit of a great and just cause.
Paul Robeson
Happiness consists in the full employment of our faculties in some pursuit.
Harriet Martineau
The pursuit of truth does not permit violence on one’s opponent.
Mahatma Gandhi
I have been relentless in my pursuit to hold Eric Holder accountable for his actions and will not rest until the door officially hits him on his way out.
Paul Gosar
I and my colleagues here have been engaged in the pursuit of knowledge.
Frederick Sanger
There are good points about all… wars. People forget self. The virtues of magnanimity, courage, patriotism, etc., are called into life. People are more generous, more sympathetic, better, than when engaged in the more selfish pursuits of peace.
Rutherford B. Hayes
What is science but the pursuit of the truth? What is Buddhism but 2500 years of observation as to the nature of mind?
Wade Davis
The greatest power of freedom is to overcome hatred and violence, and turn the creative gifts of men and women to the pursuits of peace.
George W. Bush
Originally, I was interested in athletic pursuits like snowboarding, martial arts and surfing. When I went to the Himalayas and met a number of Buddhist monks I was introduced to a new way of looking at life.
Frederick Lenz
Pursuits become habits.
Someone told me there was a publisher that could find a good home for my songs, but I didn’t want to give up my pursuit of a career in the business as an artist.
Michael Bolton
My life and career is defined by the constant pursuit of new forms of culture and self-expression.
Melvin Van Peebles
Spiritual maturity is a lifelong pursuit. We grow in spiritual maturity moment by moment, day by day, year by year.
Jim George
I am honoured to be associated with a brand like Movado. It believes in the art of design and is known for its perfection worldwide. I have strong faith in the pursuit of perfection. I am looking forward to a long association.
Harbhajan Singh
If Beyonce and Jay-Z had been born and raised in Cuba, they would have merely survived, with no opportunity to realize their aspirations. Only in a land that treasures liberty and the pursuit of happiness can such dreams become a reality.
Mercedes Schlapp
Social confusion has now reached a point at which the pursuit of immorality turns out to be more exhausting than compliance with the old moral codes.
Denis de Rougemont
Get a life. A real life. Not a manic pursuit of the next promotion, the bigger paycheck, the larger house.
Anna Quindlen
How could sufferings be relieved through purification? To know the Path is to get lost at the ford. Indeed, sickness comes from worldly love And poverty begins with the pursuit of greed.
Wang Wei
To read is to withdraw.To make oneself unavailable. One would feel easier about it if the pursuit inself were less…selfish.
Alan Bennett
The free society does not guarantee virtue, any more than it guarantees happiness. But it allows for the pursuit of both, a pursuit rendered all the more meaningful and profound because success is not guaranteed, it has to be won through personal striving.
Dinesh D’Souza
And the fifteenth century was an impassioned age, so ardent and serious in its pursuit of art that it consecrated everything with which art had to ad as a religious object.
Walter Pater
It’s one of the greatest honors I could ever imagine – to be able to represent my country and to be able to wear “USA” on my back. It’s an incredible honor. It’s an accomplishment of the past four year but of a life of dreaming and working hard and doing everything I can in pursuit of this goal.
Elana Meyers
I didn’t leave ‘Bonanza’ in pursuit of any particular goal. I left for my own good.
Pernell Roberts
When a culture has fallen totally away from spiritual pursuits into materialism, one must begin by demonstrating they are each a soul, not a material animal.
L. Ron Hubbard
You must be passionate, you must dedicate yourself, and you must be relentless in the pursuit of your goals. If you do, you will be successful.
Steve Garvey
The ultimate goal of those who blame workers for Wall Street’s economic crisis is to unravel the fabric of our common life in pursuit of greed and power.
Richard Trumka
I’d been blindsided with the most painful knowledge: the first man to ever say he loved me had never loved me at all. His passion had been artificial. His pursuit of me had been choreographed.
Charlaine Harris
The pursuit of otherness, the sense that we are somehow different than our brothers and sisters, no matter where we find them, allows for all the other great evils: racism, sexism, homophobia, violence against gay people and against women.
Anna Quindlen
I am suggesting that we spend a little less time in idleness, in the fruitless pursuit of watching inane and empty television programs. Time so utilized can be put to better advantage, and the consequences will be wonderful.
Gordon B. Hinckley
Life’s opportunities never end. God designed you to be a continual learner, a continual doer, a continual explorer and a continual giver. He never authorized a ‘retirement age’ from those pursuits!
Paula White
Mr. Obama at the UN said that the large nations should not trample small ones in pursuit of what he called “territorial ambition”. These are curious statements coming from the American president at this time.
Vijay Prashad
Ideologically, the pursuit of science is not that different from the ideology that goes into punk rock. The idea of challenging authority is consistent with what I have been taught as a scientist.
Greg Graffin
But my most favourite pursuit, after my daily exertions at the Foundry, was Astronomy. There were frequently clear nights when the glorious objects in the Heavens were seen in most attractive beauty and brilliancy.
James Nasmyth
What evil does first in the world, maybe, is distract us from our pursuit of goodness.
George Saunders
Someone told me there was a publisher that could find a good home for my songs, but I didn’t want to give up my pursuit of a career in the business as an artist
Michael Bolton
The pursuit of pretty formulas and neat theorems can no doubt quickly degenerate into a silly vice, but so can the quest for austere generalities which are so very general indeed that they are incapable of application to any particular.
E. T. Bell
The covetous map explores the whole world in pursuit of a subsistence, and fate is close at his heels.
Be grateful for what you have, while in pursuit of what you want.
Jim Rohn
The relentless pursuit of perfection has been my problem over the years. It’s maybe held me back.
Ronnie O’Sullivan
You have a little bit of talent, a certain amount of good fortune and a lot of hard work in pursuit of whatever truth you can find in it, and if you are really lucky, a terrific partner and I have that and those four things worked out for me.
Donald Sutherland
Chase after the truth like all hell.
Clarence Darrow
From where does this “I” arise? Seek for it within; it then vanishes. This is the pursuit of wisdom. When the mind unceasingly investigates its own nature, it transpires that there is no such thing as mind. This is the direct path for all. The mind is merely thoughts. Of all thoughts the thought “I” is the root.
Ramana Maharshi
It is an endless and frivolous Pursuit to act by any other Rule than the Care of satisfying our own Minds in what we do.
Richard Steele
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: this triptych succinctly defines the attractiveness and superiority of Western civilization.
Ibn Warraq
If I have not been exposed and am not in any danger of pursuit. But I have been exposed, I am pursued – by myself! That is a pursuer that does not readily let go.
Victor Hugo
The second you think you’ve arrived, someone passes you. You have to always be in pursuit.
Joe Torre
How many cities have revealed themselves to me in the marches I undertook in the pursuit of books!
Walter Benjamin
I want to go to bed richer than when I woke up. The pursuit of wealth is a wonderful thing, but the thing is you have to be honest about it, you have to tell the truth.
Kevin O’Leary
Next to financial impropriety, being charged with a reckless pursuit of women is certainly the most damaging thing you can accuse a public person of.
Michael Wolff
Equal access to reading is fundamental to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Karin Slaughter
Study is a life long pursuit.
Rickson Gracie
Thomas Jefferson was a real poet. He was slick with that ‘pursuit’ of happiness because the ‘pursuit’ puts it back on you.
Will Smith
Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.
I would not, if I could, give up the memory of the joy I have had in books for any advantage that could be offered in other pursuits or occupations. Books have been to me what gold is to the miser, what new fields are to the explorer.
Margaret Elizabeth Sangster
Science is not a heartless pursuit of objective information; it is a creative human activity.
Stephen Jay Gould
Weight every purpose in the light of eternity. A trivial pursuit is that which is out side the will of God & detached from the glory of God.
Paul Washer
We do not agree that hindsight is required. The risks of internal strife in Iraq, active Iranian pursuit of its interests, regional instability, and al-Qaeda activity in Iraq, were each explicitly identified before the invasion.
John Chilcot
It is important to value the individual, to have good health, a loving family and good relationships, to have community ties, leisure pursuits. These are all part of our lives. It is important to keep all of our parts in working order.
Helen Lynch
I feel more voluntary about my pleasures and pains than the average American who has his needs dictated by Madison Avenue (my projections, of course). I feel sustained, excited, and constantly growing in my spiritual and intellectual pursuits.
Duane Elgin
On working with his father in Pursuit of Happyness: It was fun having that experience with my dad ’cause he really taught me a lot of the stuff that he knows. Almost everything he knows about acting in that one movie.
Jaden Smith
People who become ‘elite’ at what they do aren’t striving to be ‘elite’ just to join some special club. They take great joy and satisfaction in the pursuit of mastery, and they compete against themselves, not others.
Justine Musk
Why communitarian socialism? Now not only do we have the pursuit of happiness for man, as a government, as a program or as our principles. But as well to live in harmony with Mother Earth.
Evo Morales
There are two kinds of intelligence in this world. People who are Monopoly smart and people who are Trivial Pursuit smart… If you’re starting your own business, don’t even talk to me. But If you need to know who the lead singer of Kajagoogoo is, I’m your guy. His name is Limahl, by the way.
Christian Finnegan
Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves, the part that tells us that nothing we do will ever be good enough – that we should try again.
Julia Cameron
Wit is a weapon. Jokes are a masculine way of inflicting superiority. But humor is the pursuit of a gentle grin, usually in solitude.
Frank Muir
I’ve wrecked and ravaged half my life in the pursuit of women, and I suffer the pangs of about seventeen regrets — the seventeen who got away.
Edward Abbey
If you believe, like I do, that the world is abundant with possibilities, then we need to make sure we build capacity so that everybody is successful or can be successful in the pursuit of their dreams – not the dreams of someone from government, but their own dreams.
Jeb Bush
The image of the scientist who puts the pursuit of truth before anything else has been shattered and replaced by a man on the make or a quasi-religious enthusiast who wants to prove his case at any cost. Science is becoming the tool of campaigning warfare, in which truth is the first casualty.
Paul Johnson
If two people want to get married, it’s their prerogative – we hope. Everybody should be able to do what they want to do and be in the pursuit of happiness.
Mariah Carey
Whatever your life’s pursuit — art, poetry, sculpture, music, whatever your occupation may be — you can be as spiritual as clergy, always living a life of praise.
Hazrat Inayat Khan
From the beginning of the Radiation Laboratory, I have had the rare good fortune of being in the center of a group of men of high ability, enthusiastic and completely devoted to scientific pursuits.
Ernest Lawrence
Although our capacities to advance our interests are limited, we should be active and constructive in pursuit of a peaceful and favourable international environment.
Malcolm Fraser
I have heard over and over again that the drilling business is a dangerous business, and death is an expected part of the game, but I’ve also heard of the way that safety violations, human and environmental laws, and a concern for the local culture are flaunted in pursuit of money.
Alexandra Fuller
It contributes greatly towards a man’s moral and intellectual health, to be brought into habits of companionship with individuals unlike himself, who care little for his pursuits, and whose sphere and abilities he must go out of himself to appreciate.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
As the world grapples with more efficient ways of managing time, it lures us into more and more earthly pursuits. But life is not a struggle with time – it is a struggle between good and evil.
Keith B. McMullin
Success has a very narrow definition in professional athletics: medals and records, and pursuit of anything outside of that is looked down upon.
Lauren Fleshman
When I was young my Father used to tell me that the two most worthwhile pursuits in life were the pursuit of truth and of beauty and I believe that Alfred Nobel must have felt much the same when he gave these prizes for literature and the sciences.
Frederick Sanger
Pursuits become habits.
[Lat., Abeunt studia in mores.]
Never before in the history of the modern research university have entire departments and fields been devoted to purely ideological pursuits.
David Horowitz
In short, I am convinced, both by faith and experience, that to maintain one’s self on this earth is not a hardship but a pastime, if we will live simply and wisely; as the pursuits of the simpler nations are still the sports of the more artificial.
Henry David Thoreau
No human pursuit achieves dignity until it can be called work.
Beryl Markham
The three basic material rights — continuity, mutual obligation, and the pursuit of happiness.
David Brin
As readers, we sense when the game is being played for real and when something else is afoot: pride, showmanship, the pursuit of power, self-aggrandizement, revenge, making money. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that, but I dislike closing a book with the sense that I’ve been had.
Stacey D’Erasmo
“Science,” of course, replaced “God” as a guiding concept for many people after Darwin. Or, really, the two were rolled up into a sticky ball. To some degree this was mindless worship of a miracle future, the pursuit of which has landed us in the fix we now inhabit.
Bill McKibben
Discipleship is the pursuit of holiness and happiness. It is the path to our best and happiest self.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
I am in awe of the brand, and there is nothing I would do or contemplate doing that would any way impact the unique pedestal that Steinway occupies in the industry, 160 years, uncompromising reputation for excellence, and it’s my goal to safeguard that reputation and continue that pursuit of perfection.
John Paulson
Clinicians, academicians, and politicians are often put to a test of faith. In pursuit of their goals, will their religion show or will it be hidden? Are they tied back to God or to man?
Russell M. Nelson
Despite unprecedented levels of technological advancement and the interconnectedness of the world, the pursuit of truth in the realms of foreign policy and national security remains a critical issue. This is because the level of ‘noise’ that must be sifted through has also reached an unprecedented size and scope.
Will Hurd
Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.
Lawrence Block
Self-awareness is not self-centeredness, and spirituality is not narcissism. ‘Know thyself’ is not a narcissistic pursuit.
Marianne Williamson
I am deeply convince that the necessity of prayer, and to pray unceasingly, is not as much based on our desire for God as on God’s desire for us. It is God’s passionate pursuit of us that calls us to prayer.
Henri Nouwen
Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.
Marcus Aurelius
Mankind will not forever remain on Earth but, in the pursuit of light and space, will first timidly emerge from the bounds of the atmosphere and then advance until he has conquered the whole of circumsolar space.
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
If America is the pursuit of happiness, the best way to pursue happiness is to help other people.
George Lucas
Leaving home’ to me means adopting the attitude that the pursuit of the truth is more vital than the pursuit of what society — your home — tells you is important.
Brad Warner
The center of all my enjoyments is the home wherein are my wife and children, and I have no wish to wander out from that home in pursuit of any pleasures that the world presents.
Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II
I go on at least 2-3 auditions a week in the pursuit of more work. So I’m constantly working on material and constantly honing and trying to perfect a craft that is never perfectible – it’s always new, and it’s always different. It’s always a work in progress.
Jake Busey
By letting go of dieting, I free up mental and emotional room. I have more space, I can move. The pursuit of another, elusive body, the body someone else says I should have, is a terrible distraction, a side-tracking that might have lasted my whole life long. By letting myself go, I go places.
Sallie Tisdale
Photography is a pursuit that allows you to be very hands-on with what you show people of either yourself or the art you want to make, and acting is kind of the exact opposite. You do have a modicum of creative freedom as an actor, but you’re still very much a cipher for other people’s art.
Cole Sprouse
By peace our condition has been improved in the pursuit of civilized life.
John Ross
Luxury is…to be able to take control of one’s life, health, and the pursuit of happiness in a way that is joyful.
Andre Leon Talley
Neither life nor happiness can be achieved by the pursuit of irrational whims.
Ayn Rand
Don’t lose your happiness on the pursuit for more
Mike Stud
The process of healing also needs to include the pursuit of truth, not for the sake of opening old wounds, but rather as a necessary means of promoting justice, healing and unity.
Pope Francis
I do not find fault with equality for drawing men into the pursuit of forbidden pleasures, but for absorbing them entirely in the search for the pleasures that are permitted.
Alexis de Tocqueville
When team members trust each other and know that everyone is capable of admitting when they’re wrong, then conflict becomes nothing more than the pursuit of truth or the best possible answer.
Patrick Lencioni
Our nation was built and civilized by men and women who used guns in self-defense and in pursuit of peace. One wonders indeed, if the rising crime rate, isn’t due as much as anything to the criminal’s instinctive knowledge that the average victim no longer has means of self-protection.
Ronald Reagan
Leadership, pure and simple, is the assumption of responsibility for the pursuit of excellence in group life.
Philip Selznick
I was a very ambitious, young actor, grateful and getting out there, working hard. I was single-minded in pursuit of my career. I am also the oldest of seven and had this extreme responsibility for everyone around me. I was a caregiver and not taking care of myself as much as I should have.
Winning Forever is not about the final score; it’s about competing and striving to be the best. If you are in this pursuit, then you’re already winning.
Pete Carroll
Remember our words, then, and whatever is your aim let virtue be the condition of the attainment of your aim, and know that without this all possessions and pursuits are dishonourable and evil.
A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.
Thomas Jefferson
Nature intended me for the tranquil pursuits of science, by rendering them my supreme delight. But the enormities of the times in which I have lived, have forced me to take a part in resisting them, and to commit myself on the boisterous ocean of political passions.
Thomas Jefferson
I love the Constitution. But it’s still a document, meant to protect human beings and ensure their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
S.E. Cupp
The real wealth of a nation is its people. And the purpose of development is to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long, healthy, and creative lives. This simple but powerful truth is too often forgotten in the pursuit of material and financial wealth.
Mahbub ul Haq
The search of the Holy Grail or the voyage towards a new continent never enlisted so much energy and so much faith as does this pursuit of youth by old age. It is a race not of the fleet but of the most credulous.
Elisabeth Marbury
The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.
Terry Orlick
Within the mind there are no lies-no possibility of deceiving oneself; and yet, somehow we all manage to bypass the safety of truth in pursuit of dangerous desires.
Wes Fesler
travel [is] flight and pursuit in equal parts.
Paul Theroux
For the last 40 years of my life I have broken my back, my fingernails, and sometimes my heart, in the practical pursuit of my favourite occupation.
Vita Sackville-West
Center Stage focused on the drive and what it’s like to be a student, and this is what it’s like to be an adult and what you need to give up in the pursuit of that passion and that focus.
Amanda Schull
If this is not done, future ages will certainly look back upon us as a people so immersed in the pursuit of wealth as to be blind to higher considerations.
Alfred Russel Wallace
The happy pagan is wrapped up in the belief that this world and the success it affords are the greatest pursuits in life. He or she feels no need for anything transcendent.
Ravi Zacharias
The Lord’s visitations of distinguished favor are always to the diligent. That great men may not be ashamed of honest vocations, the greatest that have ever lived have been contented, happy, and honored while in the pursuit of humble trades.
Elias Lyman Magoon
That is the America which stands not in pursuit of an axis of evil, but which is itself at the axis of hope and faith and peace and freedom.
Dennis Kucinich
There is something very unique in American iconography about this notion of the pursuit of happiness.
David Henry Hwang
In a way, I envy the freedom artists have. Artists can push themselves beyond their limits, in pursuit of their ideas and their vision, even if they are inhabited by demons that can also play tricks on them.
Carine Roitfeld
We punish the body and strip the earth. And we do it in pursuit of a so-called holiness that smacks of the bogus, that denies the gifts of God, that makes us marauders on the earth.
Joan D. Chittister
The happiest people I know are not those who find their golden ticket; they are those who, while in pursuit of worthy goals, discover and treasure the beauty and sweetness of the everyday moments.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Hackers are breaking the systems for profit. Before, it was about intellectual curiosity and pursuit of knowledge and thrill, and now hacking is big business.
Kevin Mitnick
When the healthy pursuit of self-interest and self-realizatio n turns into self-absorption , other people can lose their intrinsic value in our eyes and become mere means to the fulfillment of our needs and desires.
P. M. Forni
A distinguished clergyman told me that he chose the profession of a clergyman because it afforded the most leisure for literary pursuits. I would recommend to him the profession of a governor.
Henry David Thoreau
I believe that, as Americans, our freedoms come from God and not government, and include the rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Lisa Murkowski
If you profess to be a Christian, yet find full satisfaction in worldly pleasures and pursuits, your profession is false.
Charles Spurgeon
It is an important thing, in our never-ending pursuit of happiness, to stop and just be happy for a while.
Mark Twain
Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government.
Thomas Jefferson
The pursuit of perfection prevents achievement of the satisfactory.
George Will
This life has been given to you for repentance; do not waste it in vain pursuits.
Isaac of Nineveh
Writing has made me rich-not in money but in a couple hundred characters out there, whose pursuits and anguish and triumphs I’ve shared. I am unspeakably grateful at the life I have come to lead.
Wright Morris
Architects are by nature and pursuit, leaders and teachers.
We do not want nowadays temples of worship and outward rites and ceremonies. What we really want is an Asram. We want a place where the beauty of nature and the noblest pursuits of man are in a sweet harmony.
Rabindranath Tagore
The morals of men are more governed by their pursuits than by their opinions. A type of virtue is first formed by circumstances, and men afterwards make it the model upon which their theories are framed.
William Edward Hartpole Lecky
When men, engaged in unjustifiable pursuits, are aware that obstructions may come from a quarter which bare apprehension of opposition from doing what they would with eagerness rush into if no such external impediments were to be feared.
Alexander Hamilton
The existence of slavery cast the shadow of hypocrisy over the otherwise noble proclamation of the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our Declaration of Independence.
Blase J. Cupich
It is commonly supposed that the art of pleasing is a wonderful aid in the pursuit of fortune; but the art of being bored is infinitely more successful.
Nicolas Chamfort
If you look at the big entertainment industry and their pursuit of the bottom line profits in exchange for producing content and distributing that content and marketing that content to inappropriate audiences, that’s a problem for me.
Rick Santorum
It’s been said racing encompasses hours of agony and moments of glory.
But moments like the 1978 Triple Crown inspire the pursuit of greatness.
Steve Cauthen
It isn’t life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for some – it is declared for all of us. So let’s celebrate America by defending the right to vote – for every eligible citizen, everywhere in America.
Alex Padilla
The only proper, moral purpose of a government is to protect man’s rights, which means: to protect him from physical violence – to protect his right to his own life, to his own liberty, to his own property and to the pursuit of his own happiness. Without property rights, no other rights are possible.
Ayn Rand
He that would look with contempt on the pursuits of the farmer, is not worthy the name of a man.
Henry Ward Beecher
Fishing is a quest for knowledge and wonder as much as a pursuit of fish.
Paul Schullery
The tastes and pursuits of manhood will bear on them the traces of the earlier impressions of our education. It is therefore not unreasonable to suppose that some portion of the neglect of science in England, may be attributed to the system of education we pursue.
Charles Babbage
All suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their happiness or satisfaction.
Dalai Lama
I cannot wait to get to Boston and start to practice with the rest of the team in pursuit of a championship.
Jermaine O’Neal
I have defined poetry as a ‘passionate pursuit of the Real.
Czeslaw Milosz
My pursuit was more in the music thing, so I never went out pursuing movies. It was more just pursuing my singing career because people came to me for singing more than they did for doing movies.
Darlene Love
Riches are always over estimated; the enjoyment they give is more in the pursuit than the possession.
Sarah Josepha Hale
The beauty and wonders of nature are as alluring as the pursuit of Art, and made of me a landscape painter.
Walter J. Phillips
I have a mother who never took no for an answer when it came to her creative pursuits. She started a hair salon in her spare bedroom and four years later had 30 employees.
Solange Knowles
Our bodies are held captive, but our pursuit of freedom cannot be contained.
Joshua Wong
I have my Poetry 180 project, which I’ve made my main project. We encourage high schools, because that’s really where, for most people, poetry dies off and gets buried under other adolescent pursuits.
Billy Collins
The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy. The pursuit of perfection is frustrating, neurotic, and a terrible waste of time.
Ed Bliss
Democracy is the common pursuit of mankind, and all countries must earnestly protect the democratic rights of the people.
Hu Jintao
Love’ is the name for our pursuit of wholeness, for our desire to be complete.
My father died shortly after I was twenty-one; and being left well off, and having a taste for travel and adventure, I resigned, for a time, all pursuit of the almighty dollar, and became a desultory wanderer over the face of the earth.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
It is by bribing, not so often by being bribed, that wicked politicians bring ruin on mankind. Avarice is a rival to the pursuits of many.
Edmund Burke
I’ve always considered myself lucky that I do not have many passions. There’s only one pursuit that I have ever truly loved, and that pursuit is writing. This means, conveniently enough, that I never had to search for my destiny; I only had to obey it.
Elizabeth Gilbert
Sport is a loathsome and dangerous pursuit.
Barry Humphries
Law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.
Tom Schulman
A woman in the presence of a good man, a real man, loves being a woman. His strength allows her feminine heart to flourish. His pursuit draws out her beauty. And a man in the presence of a real woman loves being a man. Her beauty arouses him to play the man; it draws out his strength. She inspires him to be a hero.
Stasi Eldredge
I am running after you, and life, in desperate pursuit. My dream is that someday you will both turn and let me catch you. That dream carries me through every night… I have enclosed a hundred kisses in this letter. You must count them out carefully and not lose any.
Lisa Kleypas
Every mental pursuit takes its reality and worth from the ardour of the pursuer.
John Keats
If I grew up in ‘da hood,’ it would make my story so much more interesting – if I had something to escape from. I had a pretty good life. My parents weren’t rich; they weren’t poor. I wasn’t trying to escape from anything. It was always just the pursuit of something cooler.
Palmer Luckey
There is something self-defeating in the too-conscious pursuit of pleasure.
Max Eastman
When others stood idly by, you and your families gave your all, in defence of a risen people and in pursuit of Irish freedom and unity.
Gerry Adams
Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs. This is the principle behind lotteries, dating, and religion.
Scott Adams
Living out one’s faith is either no way to live or the only way to live; it’s either imprisonment, or the only path to freedom. It offers happiness, or it frustrates the pursuit. There is no half-love, half-religion, half-worship, half-belief, half-truth. There is no kinda-sorta.
Tarek Saab
Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.
Herman Cain
When the founders wrote about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they didn’t mean longer vacations and more comfortable hammocks. They meant the pursuit of learning. The pursuit of improvement and excellence. In hard work is happiness.
David McCullough
I have not been aggressive in my pursuit of being a star. I’ve never had a plan. Maybe I need to be more aggressive, because it’s quite tough!
Ruth Negga
Meditation is all about the pursuit of nothingness. It’s like the ultimate rest. It’s better than the best sleep you’ve ever had. It’s a quieting of the mind. It sharpens everything, especially your appreciation of your surroundings. It keeps life fresh.
Hugh Jackman
The pursuit of truth will set you free; even if you never catch up with it.
Clarence Darrow
In the pursuit of Knowledge, every day something is added. In the practice of the Way, every day something is dropped. Less and less do you need to force things, until finally you arrive at non-action. When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.
Martha Beck
Happiness is an elusive state of mind not to be gained by clumsy pursuit.It is given to those who do not sue for it:to be unconcerned about a desired good is probably the only way to possess it.
Ruskin Bond
Every serious novel is, beyond its immediate thematic preoccupations, a discussion of the craft, a conquest of the form, a conflict with its difficulties and a pursuit of its felicities and beauty.
Ralph Ellison
Do not ask that your kids live up to your expectations. Let your kids be who they are, and your expectations will be in breathless pursuit.
Robert Breault
The pursuit of pleasure must be the goal of every rational person.
It is not the function of the State to make men happy. They must make themselves happy in their own way, and at their own risk. The functions of the State lie entirely in the conditions or chances under which the pursuit of happiness is carried on.
William Graham Sumner
The pursuit of holiness must be anchored in the grace of God; otherwise it is doomed to failure
Jerry Bridges
I’m married to my job. I’m obsessed with my work, and I run myself into the ground every single day. Unfortunately, a lot of other pursuits have to take a back seat.
Robert Kazinsky
The relentless pursuit of being different is very French.
Alain Ducasse
I believe everyone on this planet deserves equal rights to their own pursuit of happiness.
Joel Madden
I never think of this business as fun. I don’t know why. I think I’ve actually said something about it being fun, but I don’t think of it that way. It’s not fun, doing it. It’s joyful, it’s passionate, it’s rewarding, it’s a pursuit of truth, but I don’t think of it as fun. It’s not a game.
Donald Sutherland
There is a certain hidden mediocrity in those who are stationed above us in life, an ability to take liberties in their pursuit of pleasures and diversions, without injuring the honor and respect we owe to them.
Madeleine de Souvre, marquise de Sable
While I voted for Mr. Trump, my confidence remains in God for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Alveda King
When your entire life is focused around one goal and one goal only, and you have no other pursuits, it enables you to achieve enormous mastery.
Liz Garbus
I long to be known as an extravagant worshiper…that God would discover the song in my heart to be elaborate, overgenerous, and wasteful in my pursuit of Him.
Darlene Zschech
While the four-day work week is not yet universal, most citizens enjoy the pleasures of added three-day weekends during the year. These extra days, as well as monthlong vacations, are used in the pursuit of our studies, hobbies and travels – and often all three are indulged at the same time.
Michael Frome
‘Solutionism’ for me is, above all, an unthinking pursuit of perfection – by means of technology – without coming to grips with the fact that imperfection is an essential feature of liberal democracy.
Evgeny Morozov
Twenty years from now if there is some obscure trivial pursuits question, I am confident I will be the answer.
Ted Cruz
Those who have never entered upon scientific pursuits know not a tithe of the poetry by which they are surrounded.
Herbert Spencer
The argument that somehow we’ve got to get rid of minority scholarships so that we can have a free and fair America implies that we have a colorblind society where minorities are equal in their pursuit of funds to go to school.
William H. Gray III
Men are in a restless pursuit after satisfaction and earthly things. They have no forethought for their eternal state, the present hour absorbs them. They turn to another and another of earth’s broken cisterns, hoping to find water, where not a drop was ever discovered yet.
Charles Spurgeon
The library is seen as a force for self improvement and the pursuit of knowledge. I fear that in many cases this is no longer true, if it ever was.
John Redwood
Relentless pursuit to find a competitive edge.
Pete Carroll
A self is, by its very essence, a being with a past. One must look lengthwise backwards in the stream of time in order to see theself, or its shadow, now moving with the stream, now eddying in the currents from bank to bank of its channel, and now strenuously straining onwards in the pursuit of its chosen good.
Josiah Royce
I am running for Attorney General because I believe there is no higher calling than the pursuit of justice.
Eric Schneiderman
It is easily and often overlooked that when Thomas Jefferson asserted that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were inalienable human rights, he did so on the ground that they had been endowed by God, our Creator.
Tom Stoppard
If I wasn’t making a movie, I was trying to master a new musical instrument or trying to teach myself how to shave with a straight razor. I had to find the weirdest things just to increase my understanding of other cultures or other arts or intellectual pursuits.
Chris Wood
Psychological wealth includes life satisfaction, the feeling that life is full of meaning, a sense of engagement in interesting activities, the pursuit of important goals, the experience of positive emotional feelings, and a sense of spirituality that connects people to things larger than themselves.
Ed Diener
Whoever, in the pursuit of science, seeks after immediate practical utility, may generally rest assured that he will seek in vain.
Hermann von Helmholtz
We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Thomas Jefferson
The pursuit of perfection, then, is the pursuit of sweetness and light.
Matthew Arnold
What did you do as a child that made that hours pass like minutes? [Herein lies the key to your earthy pursuits.]
Carl Jung
America stands for liberty, for the pursuit of happiness and for the unalienable right for life. This right to life cannot be granted or denied by government because it does not come from government, it comes from the creator of life.
George W. Bush
The pursuit of purity is not about the suppression of lust, but about the reorientation of one’s life to a larger goal.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
The ability to handle stress increases with the practice of meditation. In a culture like ours in which inner, spiritual growth is totally neglected in favor of materialistic pursuits, we might have something to learn from the Hare Krishna devotees’ meditational practices.
Daniel Goleman
Nothing else in nature behaves so consistently and rigidly as a human being in pursuit of hell.
Pete Townshend
Cult: simply an extension of the idea that everyone’s supreme aim in life is self- fulfillment and happiness and that one is entitled to wreck marriage, children and certainly one’s health and sanity in pursuit of this.
Stephen Spender
An attitude to life which seeks fulfillment in the single-minded pursuit of wealth – in short, materialism – does not fit into this world, because it contains within itself no limiting principle, while the environment in which it is placed is strictly limited.
E. F. Schumacher
Spin the parasol three times and repeat after me: I shield in the name of fashion. I accessorize for one and all. Pursuit of truth is my passion. This I vow by the great parasol.
Gail Carriger
I don’t think happiness is necessarily the reason we’re here. I think we’re here to learn and evolve, and the pursuit of knowledge is what alleviates the pain of being human.
Philosophy is at once the most sublime and the most trivial of human pursuits.
William James
When you master role-playing [gaming], you become immersed in an activity that is peerless among leisure-time pursuits.
Gary Gygax
In all pursuits men complain of failure when they have not attained the measure of success they proposed to themselves.
Charles Tomlinson
I am Gabrielle Anwar: mother, lover, daughter, sister, friend, and creator in the pursuit of happiness.
Gabrielle Anwar
In my own pursuit of God, I often became preoccupied with ME! It was easy to think that being constantly aware of my faults and weakness was humility. It’s not! If I’m the main subject, talking incessantly about my weaknesses, I have entered into the most subtle form of pride.
Bill Johnson
I am once more seated under my own vine and fig tree … and hope to spend the remainder of my days in peaceful retirement, making political pursuits yield to the more rational amusement of cultivating the earth.
George Washington
Our goals should serve as markers, measurements of the progress we make in pursuit of something greater than ourselves.
Simon Sinek
Leadership involves building an esprit de corps, the creation of a sense of purpose in pursuit of noble and clear objectives.
Jo Johnson
The pursuit of curiosity about the basic facts of nature has proven, with few exceptions throughout the history of medical science, to be the route by which the successful drugs and devices of modern medicine were discovered.
Arthur Kornberg
We pursue God because, and only because, He has first put an urge within us that spurs us to the pursuit.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
Speeches by businessmen on social responsibility…may gain them kudos in the short run. But it helps to strengthen the already too prevalent view that the pursuit of profits is wicked…. There is one and only one social responsibility of business-to…engage in open and free competition without deception or fraud.
Milton Friedman
Everyone is desirous of his own pursuits, and loves
To spend his time in his accustomed art.
I look forward to working across the aisle in pursuit of our common goal to get Kansas’ fiscal house in order.
Laura Kelly
My reasons for declaring a sexual preference had to do less with the pursuit of personal freedom than with the lust for pure shock value.
Lance Loud
To me, that’s the key thing, the pursuit of happiness. That’s the basic, ultimate freedom.
Jerry Garcia
The excellence and inspiration of truth is in the pursuit, not in the mere having of it. The pursuit of all truth is a kind of gymnastics; a man swings from one truth with higher strength to gain another. The continual glory is the possibility opening before us.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Anyone in pursuit of art is responding to a desire to make visible that which is not, to offer the unknown self to others.
Hettie Jones
Happiness doesn’t always come from a pursuit. Sometimes it comes when we least expect it.
Dalai Lama
When we attempt to find meaning in the pursuit of pleasure, the commitment to a job, or through plumbing intellectual depths, we all eventually find in each of these pursuits a dead end.
Charles R. Swindoll
The art of governing [focusing] the passions is more useful, and more important, than many things in the search and pursuit of which we spend our days. Without this art, riches and health, and skill and knowledge, will give us little satisfaction; and whatsoever else we be, we can be neither happy, nor wise, nor good.
John Jortin
Justice means that we want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people.
Alveda King
The magnitude of this event (9/11) turned the world into a scary place. And perhaps the scariest part of all was that these terrorists believed they were doing God’s work. They were trained to view life on earth as of no value and that no act, no matter how barbaric, was off-limits if in pursuit of jihadd.
Nonie Darwish
Poetry is a solitary process. One does not write poetry for the masses. Poetry is a self-involved, lofty pursuit. Songs are for the people. When I’m writing a song, I imagine performing it. I imagine giving it. It’s a different aspect of communication. It’s for the people.
Patti Smith
I’m not sure what theory is, unless it’s the pursuit of fundamental questions.
David Antin
There is a spiritual realm that encompasses all beings. Make friends with the angels, who will always be with you, although invisible. Make good use of their assistance while following your dreams and in all your creative pursuits through life. Your success and prosperity will come much easier and a lot quicker.
Ernie J Zelinski
Our goal in science is to discover universal laws of nature. That pursuit fills me with wonder.
Bill Nye
Fortunately for those who pay their court through such foibles, a fond mother, though, in pursuit of praise for her children, the most rapacious of human beings, is likewise the most credulous; her demands are exorbitant; but she will swallow any thing.
Jane Austen
This search for happiness can knock us out of sync with God. As the life of Jesus makes clear, keeping in sync with God is about obedience. Any other pursuit will get in the way.
Franklin Graham
When the first fossils began to be found in eastern Africa, in the late 1950s, I thought, what a wonderful marriage this was, biology and anthropology. I was around 16 years old when I made this particular choice of academic pursuit.
Donald Johanson
I think government has a major role to play in helping us with the pursuit of happiness.
William Weld
It takes great wit and interest and energy to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is a great activity. One must be open and alive. It is the greatest feat man has to accomplish.
Robert Herrick
During adolescence imagination is boundless. The urge toward self-perfection is at its peak. And with all their self- absorption and personalized dreams of glory, youth are in pursuit of something larger than personal passions, some values or ideals to which they might attach their imaginations.
Louise J. Kaplan
I’m in constant pursuit of growing and evolving.
Alicia Keys
The pursuit of knowledge is more valuable than its possession.
Albert Einstein
Slow down in your pursuit of happiness and it’s more likely to catch up with you.
Ernie J Zelinski
It changes your life, the pursuit of truth, if you know that you have tried to find the truth and gone past the first apparent truth towards the real truth. It’s very, it’s very exciting.
Ben Bradlee
Schedule in rest in any pursuit. There’s always another peak, but look back and admire the view for a moment. You have to actually practice that – it’s a balance.
Christy Haubegger
The single most important principle I ever discovered is this: the goal or purpose of the Christian is precisely the pursuit of happiness – in God. The reason for this is that there is no greater way to glorify God than to find in Him the happiness that my soul so desperately craves.
Sam Storms
Essentially pursuit of happiness is saying, everything’s allowed until we come down on it.
Howard Rheingold
The strongest argument against totalitarianism may be a recognition of a universal human nature; that all humans have innate desires for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The doctrine of the blank slate… is a totalitarian’s dream.
Steven Pinker
We worry so much in this culture about being happy. The pursuit of happiness is even written in our Constitution. It’s an erroneous concept because we are emotional, thinking beings that are constantly affected by a hundred things around us and inside us.
Agapi Stassinopoulos
Religions have become a hindrance, rather than a help, to our shared pursuit of peace and progress. They tend to make us meaner rather than better human beings, less sensitive to the demands of justice, compassion and fellow humanity in our times.
You cannot ignore or completely escape the deeply ingrained short-term reward system within you. But you can become aware of what really motivates you and then tweak your incentives to sustain your long-term pursuits.
Scott Belsky
It’s a great game – the pursuit of happiness.
Eugene O’Neill
I think we got off the track, as many societies do, who follow successfully one aim, and yet are not capable of seeing at what point the pursuit of this aim prevents them from following a more total aim. That is to say, they get into a blind alley.
Erich Fromm
How false is the conception, how frantic the pursuit, of that treacherous phantom which men call Liberty.
John Ruskin
I’m suspicious of too much certainty in the pursuit of understanding just because I think people are limited in their understanding.
Barack Obama
As long as we are persistence in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time.
Denis Waitley
Our democracy is dependent on people who passionately cherish the ideals of a democracy. Every man is created equal with an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s a wonderful idea, and it takes people who cherish that idea to be actively involved in the process.
George Takei
When great causes are on the move in the world, stirring all men’s souls, drawing them from their firesides, casting aside comfort, wealth and the pursuit of happiness in response to impulses at once awe-striking and irresistible, we learn that we are spirits, not animals.
Winston Churchill
It’s hard to say when my interest in writing began, or how. My mother read to my sister and me every night, and we always loved playing make-believe games. I had a well-primed imagination. I didn’t start thinking about writing as a serious pursuit, a career I could have, until after college.
Sara Zarr
All male friendships are essentially quixotic: they last only so long as each man is willing to polish the shaving-bowl helmet, climb on his donkey, and ride off after the other in pursuit of illusive glory and questionable adventure.
Michael Chabon
The architects of this wickedness will find no safe harbor in this world. We will chase our enemies to the furthest corners of this Earth. It must be war without quarter, pursuit without rest, victory without qualification
Tom DeLay
We all know there are vast differences between Trump and Trudeau as people, but we need to separate that from the pursuit of the mutual interests of the United States and Canada.
Erin O’Toole
America is a mosaic not of groups but of individuals, each of whom carries a host of cultural influences, some chosen, some inherited, some absorbed by osmosis. That mosaic is held together by the pursuit of happiness, the most powerful mortar ever conceived. Left alone, it will long endure.
Virginia Postrel
Rahul Jaykar, my character in ‘Aashiqui 2,’ was a talented musician battling his demons, while Noor Nizami, my character in ‘Fitoor,’ is an artist who spends his entire life in pursuit of the love of his muse, Firdaus.
Aditya Roy Kapur
Every human being was wired with the desire for happiness. And we will try different things all in the pursuit of that feeling.
Kirk Franklin
I think anyone who has, you know, is in any sort of artistic pursuit, kind of goes up and down with the way they feel about their work. And I, for the most part, am pretty happy person. But, yeah. I go through definite periods of time where I’m not funny. I’m not good. I’m – I don’t feel original.
Will Ferrell
My experience with Dino Jr. proved that making new music was a worthwhile pursuit.
Lou Barlow
When I was growing up, I don’t remember being told that America was created so that everyone could get rich. I remember being told it was about opportunity and the pursuit of happiness. Not happiness itself, but the pursuit.
Martin Scorsese
If technology does not liberate all people for the pursuit of higher aspirations in human achievement, then all its technical potential will be meaningless.
Jacque Fresco
Be like a tree in pursuit of your cause. Stand firm, grip hard, thrust upward. Bend to the winds of heaven. And learn tranquility.
Richard St. Barbe Baker
Whether you’re shuffling a deck of cards or holding your breath, magic is pretty simple: It comes down to training, practice, and experimentation , followed up by ridiculous pursuit and relentless perseverance.
David Blaine
Capitalism is the only system that can make freedom, individuality, and the pursuit of values possible in practice. When I say ‘capitalism,’ I mean a pure, uncontrolled, unregulated laissez-faire capitalism – with a separation of economics, in the same way and for the same reasons as a separation of state and church.
Ayn Rand
I had to make a living. I was a married man. I had a wife. I had a home. I had children. I had to make a living. That’s the common pursuit of every man.
Jack Kirby
There are different levels of scripting that we all use; I think I’m the most improvised of the three, and probably Andrew’s the most written. But all of that is in pursuit of similar things, and I think that we kind of recognize that in each other.
Joe Swanberg
When we relax about imperfection, we no longer lose our life moments in the pursuit of being different and in the fear of what is wrong.
Tara Brach
The pursuit of excellence is a continuous process through life. Enjoy the pursuit.
Elaine Chao
I’m from a generation of women that shattered the glass ceiling. We didn’t wait for doors to open. The lesson I learned is that you need to open some doors for yourself in pursuit of career advancement.
Denise Morrison
The search for truth can be compared to a cat chasing her tail: frantic in her pursuit, her quarry nevetheless eludes her; despite the fact that all the world can see it’s right there, it remains just beyond her reach. It cannot be possessed because, paradoxically, it is already part of her.
Gina Barreca
To be an outstanding musician, you have to be very attentive to the smallest detail and willing to have infinite patience in the pursuit of your ideal. You require absolute control and professionalism.
Yehudi Menuhin
All my success belongs to those who have contributed in my pursuit of art, ranging from writers and directors to makeup artists, lighting crew, etc.
As many men as there are existing, so many are their different pursuits.
Surfing is one of the most joyful pursuits a human can take up. But there’s no joy in a deadzone. If you’ve ever surfed in turds and medical waste you don’t want to repeat the experience.
Tim Winton
The spirit of philosophy is one of free inquiry. It suspects all authority. Its function is to trace the uncritical assumptions of human thought to their hiding places, and in this pursuit it may finally end in denial or a frank admission of the incapacity of pure reason to reach the ultimate reality.
Muhammad Iqbal
On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people – Muslims and Christians – have suffered in pursuit of a homeland.
Barack Obama
Just stop for a minute and you’ll realize you’re happy just being. I think it’s the pursuit that screws up happiness. If we drop the pursuit, it’s right here.
James Hillman
Politicians have done some grim things in pursuit of the office. President Franklin Roosevelt was a philanderer; nevertheless, he pushed aides to use his opponent Wendell Wilkie’s affairs to hurt him. He even tutored aides on how to spread rumors without getting caught.
John Dickerson
Why climb? That’s a question that baffles me. It perplexes me. I really asked that a lot on Everest. I can’t justify it. I can’t say it’s for a good cause. All I can say is look at the history of exploration: it’s full of vainglorious pursuits.
Jon Krakauer
There are very few moments in a man’s existence when he experiences so much ludicrous distress, or meets with so little charitable commiseration, as when he is in pursuit of his own hat.
Charles Dickens
Ironically, the pursuit of happiness can lead us into the eternal trap of chasing unhappiness.
Justin Kan
People will continue to seek justice until it is found, or until liberty is lost in the pursuit.
James Madison
There is but one pursuit in life which it is in the power of all to follow, and of all to attain. It is subject to no disappointments, since he that perseveres, makes every difficulty an advancement, and every contest a victory; and this is the pursuit of virtue.
Charles Caleb Colton
The resources of a university, of a college, should not be wasted in merely academic pursuits.
Howard Zinn
The coalition did not act in Iraq because we had discovered dramatic new evidence of Iraq’s pursuit. We acted because we saw the evidence in a dramatic new light – through the prism of our experience on 9/11.
Donald Rumsfeld
Love is simply the name for the desire and pursuit of the whole.
Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
Mahatma Gandhi
These theories, deontology, the moral rights theory, and utilitarianism, contradict one another. Moreover, they give conflicting (inconsistent) recommendations. It is hence not possible to hold them together, in a pursuit of moral truth.
Torbjorn Tannsjo
Anything that we do to make ourselves feel worthy and safe is a flight from the pain of powerlessness. Every pursuit of external power – every attempt to change the world or a person in order to make yourself feel valuable and safe – is a distraction from the pain of powerlessness.
Gary Zukav
Drawing and visual pursuits were first. Music came and found me in a way. Really, what it’s about is creative problem solving, and music is a lot more an expression of that than painting is for me.
Brandon Boyd
For what purpose humanity is there should not even concern us: why you are here, that you should ask yourself: and if you have no ready answer, then set for yourself goals, high and noble goals, and perish in pursuit of them!
Friedrich Nietzsche
If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. The free mind is no barking dog to be tethered on a ten-foot chain.
Adlai Stevenson I
What was really special about ‘Hanna’ as a character is her pursuit of agency.
Esme Creed-Miles
A new chapter in the history of international politics has begun, one in which the pursuit and control of energy resources would be the central dynamic of world affairs, and governments.
Michael Klare
In the ardor of pursuit men soon forget the goal from which they start.
Friedrich Schiller
Many companies are now promising to educate their employees in a pursuit of a culture that better values and respects diversity and the incredible work of black authors, black owned businesses and grassroot foundations are finally being recognised.
A. J. Odudu
The societal pursuit of high self-esteem for everyone may literally end up doing considerable harm.
Roy Baumeister
Religion is a temper, not a pursuit.
Harriet Martineau
Study and, in general, the pursuit of truth and beauty is the sphere in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” “Study and, in general, the pursuit of truth and beauty is the sphere in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
Albert Einstein
When the pursuit of natural harmony is a shared journey, great heights can be attained.
Lynn Hill
We have to move from the unbridled pursuit of self-gain at the expense of others to recovering appreciation for what we gain by caring and sharing with one another.
Gail Sheehy
Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
Albert Einstein
Sometimes you have to push the envelope in pursuit of the right thing.
Tom Perez
I feel that I am entitled to trample all other considerations into the dirt in my pursuit of a satisfying pun.
Neal Stephenson
I am not at all concerned with appearing to be consistent. In my pursuit after Truth I have discarded many ideas and learnt many new things.
Mahatma Gandhi
An eager pursuit of fortune is inconsistent with a severe devotion to truth. The heart must grow tranquil before the thought can become searching.
Christian Nestell Bovee
Success can be attained in any branch of labor. There’s always room at the top in every pursuit.
Andrew Carnegie
The pursuit of holiness is always on the path of obedience to the Word, never apart from it.
Steven J Lawson
Business is a spiritual pursuit. Your business will not grow unless you grow as a person
Tony Robbins
Hinduism is a relentless pursuit of Truth. “Truth is God” and if today it has become moribund, inactive, irresponsive to growth, it is because we are fatigued; and as soon as the fatigue is over, Hinduism will burst upon the world with a brilliance perhaps unknown before.
Mahatma Gandhi
I decline the election. It has ever been my rule through life, to observe a proportion between my efforts and my objects. I have never been remarkable for a bold, active, and sanguine pursuit of advantages that are personal to myself.
Edmund Burke
In the first place, any group of folks willing to make asses of themselves in pursuit of a good time should be commended and encouraged: The spirit of human frolic needs all the help it can get.
Molly Ivins
For many, many people, getting married is one of the most important things they will ever do in the pursuit of happiness.
Marianne Williamson
Like for Einstein, and for people who create nuclear weapons, the problem with the pursuit of knowledge and the pursuit of the greater good is that it invariably leads to things you weren’t expecting.
Tom Riley
Let every Christian, as much as in him lies, engage himself openly and publicly, before all the World, in some mental pursuit for the Building up of Jerusalem.
William Blake
That is why we fly from the inner void, since God might steal into it. It is not the pursuit of pleasure and the aversion for effort which causes sin, but fear of God. We know that we cannot see him face to face without dying, and we do not want to die.
Nina Simone
What we now call school training, the pursuit of fixed studies at stated hours under the constant guidance of a teacher, I could scarcely be said to have enjoyed.
Simon Newcomb
Philosophy is at once the most sublime and the most trivial of human pursuits. It works in the minutest crannies and it opens outthe widest vistas. It ‘bakes no bread’, as has been said, but it can inspire our souls with courage.
William James
There are times when salmon play no part in the proceedings of a day that is obstensibly spent in their pursuit.
Dale Rex Coman
Energy is the basis of everything. Every Jew, no matter how insignificant, is engaged in some decisive and immediate pursuit of a goal… It is the most perpetual people of the earth.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
That I am totally devoid of sympathy for, or interest in, the world of groups is directly attributable to the fact that my two greatest needs and desires – smoking cigarettes and plotting revenge – are basically solitary pursuits.
Fran Lebowitz
Love is not about chasing someone; it’s not about being chased or being the one chasing. It’s about chasing after dreams and if in that pursuit someone runs parallel to you, that is love.
Carlos Salinas
I used to say I didn’t regret dropping out of school because it’s what I had to do. But I do feel it. There are certain conversations I feel excluded from. When people talk about Greek history, I just have to sit there and listen. I excuse myself from games of Trivial Pursuit.
Neve Campbell
Everybody Moral courage is a virtue of higher cast and nobler origin than physical. It springs from a consciousness of virtue and renders a man, in the pursuit or defense of right, superior to the fear of reproach, opposition, or contempt.
Samuel Griswold Goodrich
There were times in the past that I got angry at some members of the press whose writings greatly disrupted my serious pursuit of art and my behavior as an artist.
Yayoi Kusama
We need to explore the relationship between means and ends. Purposes grow out of situations. One may find the pursuit first and then this brings the purpose.
David Hawkins
If we are to be as a shining city upon a hill, it will be because of our ceaseless pursuit of the constitutional ideal of human dignity.
William J. Brennan
the engrossing pursuit of Americans is wealth.
Sarah Josepha Hale
Only institutions that go about the old-fashioned business of taking in deposits from customer A and lending them out to customer B should be called banks. The rest should call themselves what they are. ‘Parlors’ would be appropriate, or ‘dens’ – words more suitable to venerable betting pursuits.
Graydon Carter
Composing is what drives me; it’s not the pursuit of fame. My songs are like pages in a diary.
Mick Hucknall
Whether the aim is in heaven or on earth, wisdom or wealth, the essential condition of its pursuit and attainment is always security and order.
Johan Huizinga
Such are the vicissitudes of the world, through all its parts, that day and night, labor and rest, hurry and retirement, endear each other; such are the changes that keep the mind in action: we desire, we pursue, we obtain, we are satiated; we desire something else and begin a new pursuit.
Samuel Johnson
Much of what has gone wrong in the pursuit of Arab-Israeli peace is due to a lack of strong leadership, primarily among the Palestinians.
Edgar Bronfman, Sr.
With a little more deliberation in the choice of their pursuits, all men would perhaps become essentially students and observers, for certainly their nature and destiny are interesting to all alike.
Henry David Thoreau
Such a superiority do the pursuits of literature possess above every other occupation, that even he who attains but a mediocrity in them, merits the pre-eminence above those that excel the most in the common and vulgar professions.
David Hume
The mental focus it takes to compete against the best players in the world is not easy to maintain. Developing mental toughness is a learned trait, and if you can’t develop it in your pursuit of success, you likely won’t last in any competitive line of work for more than a cup of coffee.
Jason Witten
The oppressors do not perceive their monopoly on having more as a privilege which dehumanizes others and themselves. They cannot see that, in the egoistic pursuit of having as a possessing class, they suffocate in their own possessions and no longer are; they merely have.
Paulo Freire
The Romanticists predominantly, were enemies of capitalism, which they regarded as a prosaic, materialistic, “petty bourgeois” system — never realizing that it was the only system that could make freedom, individuality and the pursuit of values possible in practice.
Ayn Rand
Many of the wonderful achievements of the 20th century were the result of the pursuit of profits. Unfortunately, demagoguery has led to profits becoming a dirty word. Nonprofit is seen as more righteous, particularly when people pompously stand before us and declare, ‘We’re a nonprofit organization.’
Walter E. Williams
There is in fact something obscene and sinister about photography, a desire to imprison, to incorporate, a sexual intensity of pursuit.
William S. Burroughs
Through art and science in their broadest senses it is possible to make a permanent contribution towards the improvement and enrichment of human life and it is these pursuits that we students are engaged in.
Frederick Sanger
God may not play dice but he enjoys a good round of Trivial Pursuit every now and again.
Federico Fellini
I feel a distaste for hunting, first because of a kind of Buddhist respect for the unity and sacredness of all life, and also because the pursuit of a hare or chamois strikes me as a kind of ‘escape of energy,’ that is, the expenditure of our effort in an illusory end, one devoid of profit.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Acting is usually regarded as a wholly narcissistic pursuit but there really is a hunger in me to unravel the human condition.
Jason Isaacs
It is impossible for men engaged in low and groveling pursuits to have noble and generous sentiments. A man’s thought must always follow his employment.
I use the film industry as a pleasure for work and that kind of thing and it’s not a pursuit to make me feel happy in my life.
Thandie Newton
I’ve learned that all of us should be constantly mindful of what’s going on around us. Sometimes I think we get pretty single-minded in our pursuits and forget that we really do need each other. We need to actively engage in giving and helping each other every day.
LaTanya Richardson
The pursuit of truth is just a polite name for the intellectual’s favorite pastime of substituting simple and therefore false abstractions for the living complexities of reality.
Aldous Huxley
A phenomenon noticeable throughout history regardless of place or period is the pursuit by governments of policies contrary to their own interests.
Barbara Tuchman
Life though, is full of compensations and I have been well blessed throughout my ‘Life Journey’ with good friends met and made along the way. Life is a kind of swings and roundabouts situation; if you can’t kick a football you turn to other pursuits.
John McLeod
Modern Americans travel light, with little philosophic baggage other than a fervent belief in their right to the pursuit of happiness.
George Will
There are few things more amusing in the world of politics than watching moderate Republicans charging to the right in pursuit of greater glory.
Mario Cuomo
Cassandra sat on the floor with Chris and Kat, playing Life. They had tried to play Trivial Pursuit earlier only to learn that a Dark-Hunter and an immortal handmaiden to a goddess had a decidedly unfair advantage over Cassandra and Chris. In Life, the only thing that mattered was luck.’ (Cassandra)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Becoming successful is a relentless pursuit. Its good that its that way: When it does come, you learn to know how to appreciate it, and know how lucky you are to be doing something that you love so much.
Frankie Valli
While we shall never weary in the defense of freedom, neither shall we ever abandon the pursuit of peace.
John F. Kennedy
We never grow closer to God when we just live life. It takes deliberate pursuit and attentiveness.
Francis Chan
We must also teach science not as the bare body of fact, but more as human endeavor in its historic context-in the context of the effects of scientific thought on every kind of thought. We must teach it as an intellectual pursuit rather than as a body of tricks.
Isidor Isaac Rabi
A spider web of ‘patriots for profit’, operating from the highest positions of special trust and confidence, have successfully circumvented our constitutional system in pursuit of a New World Order.
Bo Gritz
The pursuit of happiness is an overview kind of thing. It’s not in the Bill of Rights.
Jerry Garcia
What Washington desperately needs now are citizen legislators that are dedicated to leading a free people and to maintain our God-given right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Ralph Norman
In their pursuit of the same supreme end, Matisse and Picasso stand side by side, Matisse representing color and Picasso form.
Wassily Kandinsky
The People have a right to the Truth as they have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Frank Norris
The love of money is the source of an enormous amount of good; the fact that the good is a by-product of the selfish pursuit of riches has nothing to do with its indisputable value.
Leo Rosten
Those who attain any excellence, commonly spend life in one pursuit; for excellence is not often gained upon easier terms.
Samuel Johnson
I really like England. I like the lifestyle and the country. The history. The culture, which London is full of. The country pursuits.
Leon Max
Where no interest is takes in science, literature and liberal pursuits, mere facts and insignificant criticisms necessarily become the themes of discourse; and minds, strangers alike to activity and meditation, become so limited as to render all intercourse with them at once tasteless and oppressive.
Madame de Stael
How should we begin to make amends for raising a generation obsessed with the pursuit of material wealth and indifferent to so much else?
Tony Judt
Though the Attorney General of the United States carries many responsibilities and undertakes many tasks, there can be none more important than the pursuit of civil rights on behalf of all the people of this country.
Janet Reno
Through the pursuit of beauty we shape the world as a home, and in doing so we both amplify our joys and find consolation for our sorrows.
Roger Scruton
Capote, of course, addressed very similar themes to Good Night and Good Luck. Both films are about determined journalists defying obstacles in a relentless pursuit of the truth. Needless to say, both are period pieces.
Jon Stewart
I hate how spiritual formation gets positioned as an optional pursuit for a small special interest group within the church.
John Ortberg
Nobody in this world possesses absolute truth. This is God’s attribute alone. Relative truth is all we know. Therefore, we can only follow the truth as we see it. Such pursuit of truth cannot lead anyone astray.
Mahatma Gandhi
When I was younger, I wish I would have been told more often that I was right and nothing was wrong with me, that I was deserving of everything this world has to offer, and that my visions for my future were worthy of pursuit.
Janet Mock
I want some one to sit beside after the day’s pursuit and all its anguish, after its listening, its waitings, and its suspicions. After quarreling and reconciliation I need privacy–to be alone with you, to set this hubbub in order. For I am as neat as a cat in my habits.
Virginia Woolf
If art is to flourish in the twenty-first century, it must renew its moral authority by rededicating itself to life. It must be an enriching, ennobling and vital partner in the public pursuit of civilization. It should be a majestic presence in everyday life just as it was in the past.
Frederick Hart
I think life is difficult and that’s that. I am not at all – absolutely not at all – interested in the pursuit of happiness. I am not interested in the pursuit of positivity. I am interested in pursuing a truth, and the truth often seems to be not happiness but its opposite.
Jamaica Kincaid
The truth is, we are a culture built on a reward system, and our instinctive pursuit of pleasure can often lead us astray. We will rationalize anything into an excuse to indulge in whatever it is that makes us feel temporarily satiated.
Dan Levy
All basic scientists who look to the NCI for funding should know that I will tolerate no retreat on the study of model systems and the pursuit of fundamental biological principles.
Harold E. Varmus
Those whose days are consumed in the low pursuits of avarice, or the gaudy frivolties of fashion, unobservant of nature’s lovelinessof demarcation, nor on which side thereof an intermediate form should lie.
The person who stops studying merely because he has finished school is forever hopelessly doomed to mediocrity, no matter what may be his calling. The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.
Napoleon Hill
There are only two noble pursuits in life: knowledge and love.
Carlos Salinas
If one were truly aware of the value of human life, to waste it blithely on distractions and the pursuit of vulgar ambitions would be the height of confusion.
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Minimalism is not a style, it is an attitude, a way of being. It’s a fundamental reaction against noise, visual noise, disorder, vulgarity. Minimalism is the pursuit of the essence of things, not the appearance.
Claudio Silvestrin
Working with Will Smith was one of the highlights of my career. He is so talented and has a tremendous work ethic. We are still friends, and I reach out to him and his partner to pitch ideas. He loves my mother. In fact, my mother was his son Jaden’s acting coach for the movie ‘Pursuit of Happiness.’
Kim Fields
A medical man likes to make psychological observations, and sometimes in the pursuit of such studies is too easily tempted into momentous prophecy which life and death easily set at nought.
George Eliot
I had a pursuit different from others because they all came from downtown areas with money, but I didn’t have any. All I wanted is to change my destiny with my own efforts.
Zhou Qunfei
Indiscriminate pursuit of perfection infallibly leads to mediocrity.
Henry Fuseli
Being a Catholic, I was drawn to the mystery of the Latin and the smoke and the mirrors and all of that. That part of my disposition definitely did lend itself to finding my way to the back door of some artistic pursuit.
Susan Sarandon
A college which does not confer the knowledge of the Spiritual Reality to the students who are engaged in the pursuit of various material studies, is as barren as the sky without the moon, or a heart without peace, or a nation without reference to law.
Sai Baba
As with the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit of truth is itself gratifying whereas the consummation often turns out to be elusive.
Richard Hofstadter
It is imperative that the Christian, at the beginning of his pursuit to understand what true worship is, gets it clear that the object of our worship is to be God and God alone.
R. C. Sproul
You know what made us the biggest, meanest, Big Mac eating, calorie-counting, world-dominating kick-ass powerhouse country in the history of the human race? The pursuit of happiness. Not happiness. The pursuit.
Will Ferguson
Unlike flying or astral projection, walking through walls is an earthbound pursuit.
Chris Rock
President Obama’s consistent agenda has been to weaken the United States and our allies in pursuit of a more ‘balanced’ global power structure.
Ben Shapiro
The English country-gentleman galloping after a fox — the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable.
Oscar Wilde
Poverty is a bitter thing; but it is not as bitter as the existence of restless vacuity and physical, moral, and intellectual flabbiness, to which those doom themselves who elect to spend all their years in that vainest of all vain pursuits-the pursuit of mere pleasure as a sufficient end in itself.
Theodore Roosevelt
Learning dance steps was the sorry Saturday night pursuit of every boardinghouse girl in America.
Amor Towles
In my opinion, he only may be truly said to live and enjoy his being who is engaged in some laudable pursuit, and acquires a name by some illustrious action, or useful art.
Also, painting and animation are really solitary pursuits, so the collaborative aspects of music making and acting are pretty welcome sometimes.
Tunde Adebimpe
In the Sanghi family, there is no one who has undertaken intellectual pursuits.
Ashwin Sanghi
The purpose of revival is to fire the church with divine energy for her divine assignment. Revival will tear us away from our temporal pursuits to give ourselves for what really matters.Revival will not occur without prayer. Prevailing prayer is always antecedent to revival.
David Shibley
Professional players work almost every day, for hours on end, and the emphasis is on the word ‘work.’ It can be with a partner or it can be alone, but professional chess is always a pursuit of something new and surprising.
Viswanathan Anand
I regard it as the foremost task of education to insure the survival of these qualities: an enterprising curiosity, an undefeatable spirit, tenacity in pursuit, readiness for sensible self denial, and above all, compassion
Kurt Hahn
Women have seldom sufficient employment to silence their feelings; a round of little cares, or vain pursuits frittering away all strength of mind and organs, they become naturally only objects of sense.
Mary Wollstonecraft
Prosperity and abundance in a society depend on a certain type of person: the producer. Societies with few producers stagnate and decay, while nations with a large number of producers vibrantly grow-in wealth, freedom, power, influence and the pursuit of happiness.
Oliver DeMille
The purpose of our lives is to be happy.
Dalai Lama
Writing a funny story is one thing. But writing a funny story that inspires others to venture beyond their level of comfort in pursuit of their greater good is what makes me come alive.
Romany Malco
Donald was to my grandfather what the border wall has been for Donald: a vanity project funded at the expense of more worthy pursuits.
Mary L. Trump
The ultimate goal of the educational system is to shift to the individual the burden of pursing his own education. This will not be a widely shared pursuit until we get over our odd conviction that education is what goes on in school buildings and nowhere else.
John W. Gardner
Every art and every inquiry, and similarly every action and pursuit, is thought to aim at some good; and for this reason the good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim.
I think the pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of reality because illusion never leaves us ultimately happy.
Parker J. Palmer
We are 100 percent responsible for the pursuit of holiness, but at the same time we are 100 percent dependent upon the Holy Spirit to enable us in that pursuit. The pursuit of holiness is not a pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps approach to the Christian life.
Jerry Bridges
The culture of caring and giving permeates many Indian families. In their own way, they are engaged in philanthropic pursuits.
Kumar Mangalam Birla
Like many works of literature, Hollywood chooses for its villains people who strive for social dominance through the pursuit of wealth, prestige, and power. But the ordinary business of capitalism is much more egalitarian: It’s about finding meaning and enjoyment in work and production.
Alex Tabarrok
Humanity is the keystone that holds nations and men together. When that collapses, the whole structure crumbles. This is as true of baseball teams as any other pursuit in life.
Connie Mack
I never thought I’d be using this phrase, but the pursuit of happiness – that’s my right.
Jenifer Lewis
Find that pursuit that will energize you, consume you, become an obsession. Each day, you must rise with a restless enthusiasm. If you don’t, you are working.
Adrian Tan
To be controlled in our economic pursuits means to be controlled in everything.
Friedrich August von Hayek
The decline of manners, the cynical pursuit without shame or restraint of personal advantage and of money characterizes our times, not without exceptions, of course, but more than we ought to be comfortable with.
J. Irwin Miller
A kitten is the most irresistible comedian in the world. Its wide-open eyes gleam with wonder and mirth. It darts madly at nothing at all, and then, as though suddenly checked in the pursuit, prances sideways on its hind legs with ridiculous agility and zeal.
Agnes Repplier
You should at all times be showing a well-motivated character overcoming obstacles in pursuit of a goal.
James Frey
Here’s what I believe is sexy at work: being strong and committed and confident, being precisely who you are and in hot pursuit of the goals and ideas you believe in so much they captivate and inspire others.
Charlotte Beers
It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit.
Denis Waitley
The Statist veils his pursuits in moral indignation, intoning in high dudgeon the injustices and inequities of liberty and life itself, for which only he can provide justice and bring a righteous resolution.
Mark Levin
I’ve become obsessed with the idea of reconciliation, particularly reconciliation with nature but with people too, of course. I think that travel has been a kind of search for that, a pursuit for unity and even an attempt to contribute to a sense of unity.
Jan Morris
The U.S. Declaration of Independence enshrines the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Alas, that is not the case everywhere in the world.
Haris Pasovic
Becoming Christlike is a lifetime pursuit and very often involves growth and change that is slow, almost imperceptible.
Ezra Taft Benson
Goals live on the other side of obstacles and challenges. Be relentless in pursuit of those goals, especially in the face of obstacles. Along the way, make no excuses and place no blame.
Ray Bourque
One of the cool things about amateur athletics is that, I think, the pursuit is sort of the pursuit of excellence for nothing more than trying to be excellent.
Cameron Winklevoss
Something about the cultural tradition of Jews is way, way more sympathetic to science and learning and intellectual pursuits than Islam.
Richard Dawkins
The pursuit of balance can create imbalance because sometimes something is true.
Daniel Okrent
Almost all photographers have incurred large expenses in the pursuit of tiny audiences, finding that the wonder they’d hoped to share is something few want to receive.
Robert Adams
I’ve always embraced failure as a noble pursuit. It allows you to be anti whatever anyone wants you to be, and to break all the rules.
Malcolm Mclaren
That is our generation’s task – to make these words, these rights, these values of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness real for every American.
Barack Obama
I know that if the peace movement takes its message boldly to the Negro people a powerful force can be secured in pursuit of the greatest goal of all mankind. And the same is true of labor and the great democratic sections of our population.
Paul Robeson
I don’t want to be a Trivial Pursuit question.
Nick Viall
The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that still carries any reward.
John Maynard Keynes
Philadelphia, the foundation of freedom, liberty and democracy, I still believe in the idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Michael Nutter
Most of us live our whole lives without having an adventure to call our own.
Tilda Swinton
The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.
John Buchan
We were endowed by our Creator with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We were not endowed by the Federal Government. We were not endowed by entitlements. We were not endowed by pork barrel spending; we were not endowed by budgetary earmarks.
Lawrence Kudlow
Some things are in our control and others not. Things in our control are opinion, pursuit, desire, aversion, and, in a word, whatever are our own actions. Things not in our control are body, property, reputation, command, and, in one word, whatever are not our own actions.
Wherever capitalism appears, in pursuit of its mission of exploitation, there will Socialism, fertilized by misery, watered by tears, and vitalized by agitation be also found, unfurling its class-struggle banner and proclaiming its mission of emancipation.
Eugene V. Debs
Those in pursuit of Why are inspired to do what is right. Those in pursuit of What are driven to do what is easy.
Simon Sinek
All equally see in the convulsion in America an era in the history of the world, out of which must come in the end a general recognition of the right of mankind to the produce of their labor and the pursuit of happiness.
Charles Francis Adams, Sr.
Man will not always stay on Earth; the pursuit of light and space will lead him to penetrate the bounds of the atmosphere, timidly at first, but in the end to conquer the whole of solar space.
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Even our recreation was scheduled. There was no time to look for birds or wander into the nearby woods. We were put into teams and sent into violent pursuit of a helpless ball.
Gloria Whelan
Luckily for me, my views align with those of my constituents and party; the Liberal Democrats are unabashedly pro-European and are unapologetically up-front about our pursuit of a democratic way to stay in the EU.
Layla Moran
Generations of human beings were transformed into machines in the relentless pursuit of material wealth: We lived to work.
Jeremy Rifkin
I cannot imagine a sorrier pursuit than struggling for years to write a book that attempts to appeal to people who do not read in the first place.
Annie Dillard
The rub is that the pursuit of happiness, as an end in itself, tends automatically, and widely, to be replaced by the pursuit of pleasure with a consequent general softening of the fibers of will, intelligence, spirit.
Whittaker Chambers
My whole life I’ve always innovated the gear to match my pursuits. I’ve innovated the best climbing gear, the best slacklining gear, and definitely the most advanced BASE jumping gear.
Dean Potter
Passive resistance is a sport for gentleman (and ladies)-just like the pursuit of war, a heroic enterprise for the ruling classes but a grievous burden on the rest.
Kenneth Kaunda
The Western societies which espouse free market capitalism survive by the pursuit of greed and, in their own way, like Communism, throw into leadership men and women (mostly men) who know how to gain, exert and manipulate power.
Davis McCaughey
Postmodernism is a freewheeling, unfettered, and unapologetic pursuit of style.
Ada Louise Huxtable
The moment before I jump is filled with anxiety and what-ifs. But then as soon as I enter the air, I’m filled with this calmness and that’s the main attraction to it. That’s why I do these death-consequence pursuits or arts.
Dean Potter
Especially among journalists, politics is not a pursuit that’s held in high esteem. We tend to be cynical about it – but I actually believe in democracy.
Chrystia Freeland
The entire pursuit of value investing requires you to see where the crowd is wrong so that you can profit from their misperceptions.
Guy Spier
The Declaration calls us to recognize the inherent equality of all people. And when it becomes unmistakably evident that a government is denying the governed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it’s the right of people to establish a new government to secure these unalienable rights.
Mike Crapo
An indispensable hypothesis, even though still far from being a guarantee of success, is however the pursuit of a specific aim, whose lighted beacon, even by initial failures, is not betrayed.
Max Planck
The policy of the American government is to leave their citizens free, neither restraining nor aiding them in their pursuits.
Thomas Jefferson
The pursuit of eternity is no longer the prerogative of the gods – it is the business of us all, here and now.
Bob Brown
Whenever a person strives, by the help of dialectic, to start in pursuit of every reality by a simple process of reason, independent of all sensuous information – never flinching, until by an act of the pure intelligence he has grasped the real nature of good – he arrives at the very end of the intellectual world.
I believe that the future of humanity is in the progress of reason through science. I believe that the pursuit of truth, through science, is the divine ideal which man should propose to himself.
Emile Zola
In the pursuit of a championship and beyond, I’m determined to take my performance, on and off the field, to the next level. I’m confident that MET-Rx and their great lineup of sports nutrition products is the perfect partner to help me do just that.
Cody Bellinger
I made the flames lick the surface of the painting in such a way that is recorded the spontaneous traces of the fire. But what is it that provokes in me this pursuit of the impression of fire? Why must I search for its traces?
Yves Klein
I didn’t know the odds were so stacked against me. I went for TV shows and never got them. But I kept glued to the pursuit. I was the biggest fool in town, but ultimately I was the biggest fool in town with a job.
Julia Roberts
To the non-initiate, whose experience of sexuality and bodily pleasure may be distorted by negative cultural conditioning, the introduction of sexuality into a sacred context is often mistakenly misconstrued as the ordinary pursuit of sex for recreation.
Zeena Schreck
The pursuit of exotic beauty in such a life would have been like having a ball of tinfoil in your stomach, all that airy metal filling you up with hunger.
Laura Kasischke
The dominance of short-term perspectives has led to routine decisions in the markets that sacrifice the long-term buildup of genuine value in pursuit of artificial, short-term gains.
Al Gore
The pursuit of your life is to come into [your] purpose. And the waste of your life is to miss that purpose.
T. D. Jakes
Most human behavior is nothing other than the avoidance of pain and the pursuit of pleasure.
Deepak Chopra
There will be many obstacles in the pursuit of your dreams. I had long hours of training, balancing studies and badminton.
P. V. Sindhu
I believe that anyone who is serious and committed to pay the price of learning, discipline and taking the right actions in the right order and at the right times can achieve and become financially successful. In addition, having perseverance and relentless pursuit are great qualities … that will help.
John Assaraf
You know, American citizens, I don’t think, ever thought that the right to the pursuit of happiness did not include the right to marry the person you love. But for a whole number of Americans, gay Americans, that happens to be true.
Andrew Sullivan
Freedom means self-fulfillment. It also means putting up with other people’s irritating pursuit of the same. It means being confronted by disturbing images and ideas.
Wendy McElroy
They talk about the American Dream. I still believe in that. I still believe that this is a great country, where great things can happen, where anybody can become president of the United States. Just that simple statement there defines so much about the whole business of liberty and freedom and the pursuit of happiness.
Rob Halford
I’ve grown to realize the joy that comes from little victories is preferable to the fun that comes from ease and the pursuit of pleasure.
Lawana Blackwell
The pursuit of peace and progress cannot end in a few years in either victory or defeat. The pursuit of peace and progress, with its trials and its errors, its successes and its setbacks, can never be relaxed and never abandoned.
Dag Hammarskjold
We smile at the ignorance of the savage who cuts down the tree in order to reach its fruit; but the same blunder is made by every person who is over eager and impatient in the pursuit of pleasure.
William Ellery Channing
The Bible is the greatest of all books; to study it the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
Charles Caldwell Ryrie
People jump back and forth in pursuit of pleasures only because they see the emptiness of their lives more clearly than they do the emptiness of whichever new entertainment attracts them.
Leo Tolstoy
It is not eminent talent that is required to ensure success in any pursuit, so much as purpose-not merely the power to achieve, but the will to labour energetically and perseveringly. Hence energy of will may be defined to be the very central power of character in a man-in a word, it is the Man himself.
Samuel Smiles
Many other cultures value poetry more than we do. In Ireland, poetry is a top cultural pursuit, the art to end all arts.
Campbell McGrath
We need to encourage young women to find what they love to do. That is a very valuable pursuit – more so than the pursuit of a boyfriend. When you have that core, you bring that core to every aspect of your life.
Candace Bushnell
The pursuit of happiness is in our Constitution. We’re all entitled to have the best we can.
Loretta Swit
I had fame and wealth and things that are supposed to make you happy, but I wasn’t happy, because there’s no importance on having a fulfilling life. So in my mid-40s, that was my pursuit – making films that interested me, films that I would like to go see.
Bobcat Goldthwait
Here’s one of the great challenges of life. Being happy with what you have while in pursuit of what you want.
Jim Rohn
If the words ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ don’t include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written on.
Terence McKenna
The indefatigable pursuit of an unattainable perfection -even though nothing more than the pounding of an old piano -is what alone gives a meaning to our life on this unavailing star.
Logan Pearsall Smith
The wise man knoweth where to stop, as he runneth in the race of fortune, For experience of old hath taught him, that happiness lingered midway; And many in hot pursuit have hasted to the goal of wealth, But have lost, as they ran, those apples of gold–the mind and the power to enjoy it.
Martin Farquhar Tupper
Universities have failed in their function of the pursuit of academic excellence by having dumbed down classes and granting degrees to students who are just barely literate and computationally incompetent.
Walter E. Williams
The pursuit of mathematics is a divine madness of the human spirit.
Alfred North Whitehead
The pursuit of knowledge is an intoxicant, a lure that scientists and explorers have known from ancient times; indeed, exhilaration in the pursuit of knowledge is part of what has kept our species so adaptive.
Kay Redfield Jamison
A complacent satisfaction with present knowledge is the chief bar to the pursuit of knowledge.
B. H. Liddell Hart
Entertainment is a sacred pursuit when done well. When done well, it raises the quality of human life.
Michael Chabon
Only when the pursuit ceases, is it possible to recognize what comprises you: pure being.
When…we, as individuals, obey laws that direct us to behave for the welfare of the community as a whole, we are indirectly helping to promote the pursuit of happiness by our fellow human beings.
Canada is the only country founded on the relentless pursuit of the rodent.
Preston Manning
Government can ensure that we share schools and streets and lunch counters and buses and elevators and theaters, but let us never forget that only God can give us the power to love each other and to respect each other and to share life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Mike Huckabee
When the rules of judging skating in international competition changed in 2004 with the goal of making judging more transparent, one of the consequences was the rewarding of skaters who attempt more challenging technical elements in the pursuit of ever more points.
Tara Lipinski
As a Jew, I recognize the importance of Israel historically, liturgically: its place in our history and in our sacred texts. I fully recognize and appreciate that. I just think that, for me, a sole focus on Israel gets in the way of the pursuit of a relationship with God and a more spiritual existence within Judaism.
David Gregory
Buddhism is all about science. If science is the systematic pursuit of the accurate knowledge of reality, then science is Buddhism, Buddhism is science.
Robert Thurman
So I should say that civilizations begin with religion and stoicism: they end with scepticism and unbelief, and the undisciplined pursuit of individual pleasure. A civilization is born stoic and dies epicurean.
Will Durant
Everything depends on a good job – strong families, strong communities, the pursuit of the American dream, and a tax base to support schools for our kids and services for our seniors.
Bob Taft
There is an emerging subgenre of British nonfiction in which journalists from ‘The Guardian’ fearlessly recount their own derring-do in David-and-Goliath battles waged against omnipotent state interests in the pursuit of Big Important Truths.
Jo Becker
If the biographer gives me credit for being a plodder, he will describe me justly. Anything beyond this will be too much. I can plod. I can persevere in any definite pursuit. To this I owe everything.
William Carey
What has appealed to me most in Tolstoy’s life is that he practiced what he preached and reckoned no cost too great in his pursuit of truth.
Mahatma Gandhi
I felt strongly that since the pursuit of good science was so difficult it was essential that the problem being studied was an important one to justify the effort expanded.
Paul Nurse
Be willing to go all out, in pursuit of your dream. Ultimately it will pay off. You are more powerful than you think you are.
Les Brown
For me, writing, drawing, and political activism are three separate pursuits; each has its own intensity. I happen to be especially attuned to and engaged with the society in which I live. Both my writing and my drawing are invariably mixed up with politics, whether I want them to be or not.
Gunter Grass
In an age of madness, to expect to be untouched by madness is a form of madness. But the pursuit of sanity can be a form of madness, too
Saul Bellow
Erdogan’s persecution of his people is not simply a domestic matter. The ongoing pursuit of civil society, journalists, academics and Kurds in Turkey is threatening the long-term stability of the country.
Fethullah Gulen
The pursuit of happiness is such a large of concept.
Jerry Garcia
There is no sure-fire way to get rich quickly. In fact, the pursuit of that usually leads to ruin.
Whitney Tilson
Vegetarianism serves as the criterion by which we know that the pursuit of moral perfection on the part of humanity is genuine and sincere.
Leo Tolstoy
I make an idol of my moral consciousness. My pursuit of the good is corrupted by the sin of idolatry.
Susan Sontag
Useless pursuits and conversations always about the same things absorb the better part of one’s time, the better part of one’s strength, and in the end there is left a life grovelling and curtailed, worthless and trivial, and there is no escaping or getting away from it—just as though one were in a madhouse or prison.
Anton Chekhov
Whatever pursuit you undertake, the requirements should start with a love of what it is that you are pursuing.
Bill Toomey
The pursuit of peace resembles the building of a great cathedral. It is the work of a generation. In concept it requires a mater-architect; in execution, the labors of many.
Hubert H. Humphrey
New York is essentially national in interest, position, pursuits. No one thinks of the place as belonging to a particular state, but to the United States.
James F. Cooper
There are also times in life when a person has to rush off in pursuit of hopefulness.
Jean Giono
If it is true that love is the pursuit in another of qualities we lack in ourselves, then in our love of someone from another culture, one ambition may be to weld ourselves more closely to values missing from our own culture.
Alain de Botton
He who has realized love for God in his heart is tireless in his pursuit of the Lord his God, and bears every hardship, reproach and insult nobly, never thinking the least evil of anyone.
Maximus the Confessor
The necessary has never been man’s top priority. The passionate pursuit of the nonessential and the extravagant is one of the chief traits of human uniqueness. Unlike other forms of life, man’s greatest exertions are made in the pursuit not of necessities but of superfluities.
Eric Hoffer
It is accepted as an axiom by all Americans that the civil power ought to be not only neutral and impartial as between different forms of faith, but ought to leave these matters entirely on one side, regarding them no more than it regards the artistic or literary pursuits of the citizens.
James Bryce
Do battle with the enemy. Do battle with your fears. Build your courage to fight what’s holding you back, what’s keeping you from your goals and dreams. Be courageous in your life and in your pursuit of the things you want and the person you want to become.
Jim Rohn
As creators, our pursuit of perfection might be misguided, particularly if it comes at the expense of the things that matter.
Seth Godin
Art is certainly not a pursuit for anyone who wants to make money.
Robert Henri
Most men have a good memory for facts connected with their own pursuits.
William James
The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase: if you pursue happiness you’ll never find it.
Carrie Snow
Pursuit of perfection is futile. Instead, I prioritize and often realize goals or tasks I’ve been aiming for just aren’t that important.
Aisha Tyler
A man’s love, till it has been chastened and fastened by the feeling of duty which marriage brings with it, is instigated mainly by the difficulty of pursuit.
Anthony Trollope
It is the close observation of little things which is the secret of success in business, in art, in science, and in every pursuit of life.
Samuel Smiles
Your law may be perfect, your knowledge of human affairs may be such as to enable you to apply it with wisdom and skill, and yet without individual acquaintance with men, their haunts and habits, the pursuit of the profession becomes difficult, slow, and expensive.
William Dunbar
Romney’s Obama-era CPAC struggles spoke to a challenge his ’12 campaign never overcame: to shore up the GOP’s restive conservative base in a way that would allow him to pivot to the middle in pursuit of general election voters.
Steve Kornacki
That word again. Happy. It’s a curse. The pursuit of happiness makes us deeply unhappy. It’s a trap.Before anything else happened, there was me in bed, thinking of who you used to be. I don’t want you to think I forgot.
David Levithan
I feel that the single-minded pursuit of wealth has led the middle classes into a crisis.
Rana Dasgupta
Life has been reduced to temporal pursuits disconnected from all the other disciplines necessary for life to be meaningfully engaged.
Ravi Zacharias
In pursuit of their commercial ambitions, Huawei relied on dishonest business practices that contradict the economic principles that have allowed American companies and the United States to thrive.
Christopher A. Wray
Actual happiness is sometimes confused with the pursuit of it; and the most mindless and crass how-tos can get jumbled in with the modestly useful, the appealingly personal, and the genuinely interesting.
Amy Bloom
Success is not a pursuit…but the result of obedience to the Divien and Natural laws of Life established by the Creator
Myles Munroe
Trust is a careless pursuit.
Lauren Kate
Spiritual intelligence is the capacity to conduct our life in such a way that it reflects deep philosophical and metaphysical understanding of reality and of ourselves discovered through personal experience during systematic spiritual pursuit.
Stanislav Grof
Achievement happens when we pursue and attain what we want. Success comes when we are in clear pursuit of Why we want it.
Simon Sinek
Beauty, which I admit to being in pursuit of, is an extremely suspect word among many in the art world. But I don’t think you can get along without it. It’s the confirmation of meaning in life.
Robert Adams
To guarantee the individual maximum freedom within a social frame of minimal laws ensures – if not happiness – its hopeful pursuit.
John Updike
Our predicament is not the difficulty of attaining happiness, but the difficult of avoiding the misery to which the pursuit of happiness exposes us.
Michael Joseph Oakeshott
Remember that happiness is a way of travel, it’s not a destination.
Cecelia Ahern
A breeze shook rain out of new leaves onto their hair, but in their pursuit of eternity they never noticed the chill.
Barbara Kingsolver
One principal reason why men are so often useless is that they neglect their own profession or calling, and divide and shift their attention among a multitude of objects and pursuits.
Nathanael Emmons
You see somewhere along the way, we’ve allowed the pursuit of fame and things to blind us to the issues that prevent us from moving upward.
I believe that in the pursuit of education, individual desire is more influential than institution, and personal faith more forceful than faculty.
Russell M. Nelson
The pursuit of knowledge is but a course between two ignorances, as human life is itself only a wayfaring from grave to grave.
Sir William Hamilton, 9th Baronet
True disputants are like true sportsmen: their whole delight is in the pursuit.
Alexander Pope
Only in our failures are we absolutely alone. Only in the pursuit of failure can a person really be free. Losers may be the avant garde of the modern age.
Sheila Heti
I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking.
Charles Krauthammer
One way to express choice is through the market. Well-functioning markets provide choices and, ultimately, the ability to express one’s pursuit for happiness.
Eleni Zaude Gabre-Madhin
Individual freedoms are the primary engine by which the pursuit of happiness can be maximally instantiated.
Gad Saad
The pursuit of perfection often impedes improvement.
George Will
Take risks in your life in the pursuit of your dreams, and support the ones you love when they take risks.
Adrian Ballinger