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Promiscuous Quotes

Promiscuous Quotes by Dusty Springfield, Edward Zwick, Edward Abbey, Asma Jahangir, Bettie Page, Phyllis Diller and many others.

I burp like everyone else and I’m promiscuous.
Dusty Springfield
People make the assumption that you’re only interested in one thing based on the most recent thing you’ve done. But some directors can be pretty promiscuous about their tastes, and that’s how I want to challenge myself.
Edward Zwick
The result of this bestial lust is an indiscriminate and promiscuous splaying of all of my energies- wanting all, I accomplish nothing; desiring everything, I satisfy nothing and am satisfied by nothing.
Edward Abbey
To set a trap for a handful of promiscuous individuals, the Zina law has laid a minefield for women in difficult circumstances.
Asma Jahangir
Being in the nude isn’t a disgrace unless you’re being promiscuous about it. After all, when God created Adam and Eve, they were stark naked. And in the Garden of Eden, God was probably naked as a jaybird too!
Bettie Page
My sister was so promiscuous she broke her ankle in the glove compartment of a car.
Phyllis Diller
Even the promiscuous feel pain.
Warren Beatty
I was a promiscuous reader. I loved Nancy Drew books and Tom Swift – never the Hardy Boys – but I also read Dumas, Dickens, Poe, Conan Doyle, and Cornelius Ryan’s war books. As to favorite character: I’m torn between Nancy, on whom I had an unseemly crush, and Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo.
Erik Larson
You know, women are as promiscuous as men and yet, of course, people are inhibited from having an affair or a relationship because the real-world consequences are a drag.
Lee Child
Promiscuous … was a word I had never applied to myself. Possibly no one ever does, for it is a sordid word, reducing many valuable moments to nothing more than doglike copulation.
Marya Mannes
If men as individuals surrender to the call of their elementary instincts, avoiding pain and seeking satisfaction only for their own selves, the result for them all taken together must be a state of insecurity, of fear, and of promiscuous misery.
Albert Einstein
I have a very promiscuous relationship with all my objects.
Guillermo del Toro
People equate sexy with promiscuous. They think that because I’m shaped this way, I must be scandalous – like running around and bringing men into my hotel room. But it’s just the opposite.
Jennifer Lopez
All living languages are promiscuous. We promiscuous speakers shamelessly shoplift words, plucking bons mots and phrases from any tempting language. We wear these words when we wish to be more formal, more elegant, more mysterious, worldly, precise, vague.
Rabih Alameddine
History…a release from the troublesome promiscuous present.
Tod Wodicka
I went out with a promiscuous impressionist – she did everybody.
Jay London
Tons of women would love to have sex with me. I hate the image of black men as promiscuous and unable to control themselves sexually. I don’t like that image.
Will Smith
I don’t go out much. I’m also not promiscuous. If I went out with everyone the press said I did, I’d never have time to write or sing.
Mariah Carey
Library books were, I suddenly realized, promiscuous, ready to lie down in the arms of anyone who asked. Not like bookstore books, which married their purchasers, or were brokered for marriages to others.
Elizabeth McCracken
Modern multiple divorce is rooted in the fact that many are seeking in human relationships what human relationships can never give. Why do they have multiple divorce, instead of merely promiscuous affairs? Because they are seeking more than merely sexual relationship.
Francis Schaeffer
I thought I was promiscuous, but it turns out I was just thorough.
Russell Brand
The Delphic oracles of the disease theory of delinquency (the “experts”) have slapped all manner of misconduct with diagnostic labels… The arsonist has ”pyromania,” the thief is inflicted with ”kleptomania,” and Bill Clinton is not promiscuous, but a ”sex-addict.”
Ilana Mercer
Knowledge is promiscuous. It mates and gives birth to more knowledge.
Alvin Toffler
Postmodernity is said to be a culture of fragmentary sensations, eclectic nostalgia, disposable simulacra, and promiscuous superficiality, in which the traditionally valued qualities of depth, coherence, meaning, originality, and authenticity are evacuated or dissolved amid the random swirl of empty signals.
Jean Baudrillard
In its wild state, the truth is fluid, slippery, vagrant, scrambled, promiscuous, kaleidoscopic, and beautiful.
Rob Brezsny
I have no message to give the politicians of the world. They’re all completely addicted to promiscuous verbalization and I’m quite sure they would not be at all interested in hearing about cut-ups and hieroglyphics and still less interested to hear about silence.
William S. Burroughs
I don’t know whether guys are more promiscuous or just bigger liars.
Jennifer Tour Chayes
The search for pleasure is circular, repetitive, atemporal. The variety seeking of the spectator, the thrill hunter, the sexually promiscuous, always ends in the same place. It has an end. It comes to the end and has to start over. It is not a journey and return, but a closed cycle, a locked room, a cell.
Ursula K. Le Guin
Contrary to popular belief, I’m not promiscuous. There does seem to be a mistaken belief out there that I am sexually available somehow В— which is not to say that I’m not open-minded about sex.
Scarlett Johansson
You can be very promiscuous in your research, but not in your trading.
William Eckhardt
And why do so many people wilfully exhaust their strength in promiscuous living, when their wives are on hand from bridal night till old age – to be taken when required, like fish from a private pond.
Ihara Saikaku
No one is promiscuous in his way of dying. A man who has decided to hang himself will never jump in front of a train.
Amos Bronson Alcott
Like the bee its sting, the promiscuous leave behind them in each encounter something of themselves by which they are made to suffer.
Cyril Connolly
I think desire gives us – imagination – as well as actually often we pay a terrible price for it. Women are punished around their sexuality and perceived to be immoral if they practice a certain kind of promiscuous sexuality. It’s a very different thing still if you’re a guy, if you’re a woman and you’re straight.
Amber Hollibaugh
I was never one who was squeamish about nudity. I don’t believe in being promiscuous about it, but several times I thought of going to a nudist colony.
Bettie Page