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Overcrowding Quotes

Overcrowding Quotes by H. R. Giger, Uddhav Thackeray, Tom Clancy, Ursula K. Le Guin, Gore Vidal, Scott Westerfeld and many others.

Some people say my work is often depressing and pessimistic, with the emphasis on death, blood, overcrowding, strange beings and so on, but I don’t really think it is.
H. R. Giger
Covid is not dying because of overcrowding. In fact, is going to grow.
Uddhav Thackeray
Back in pre-Revolutionary America cruel and unusual punishment meant the rack and burning at the stake… in more recent rulings it has been taken to mean the absence of cable television and denial of sex-change operations, or just overcrowding in the prisons.
Tom Clancy
Now perhaps an excessive dread of overpopulation–overcrowding–reflects not an outward reality, but an inward state of mind. If you feel overcrowded when you’re not, what does that mean? Maybe that you’re afraid of human contact–of being close to people, of being touched.
Ursula K. Le Guin
Overcrowding in the cities is producing a collective madness in which irrational violence flourishes because man needs more space in which to be than the modern city allows.
Gore Vidal
Sometimes you have to delete characters from a scene just to keep from overcrowding the image.
Scott Westerfeld
To bring about destruction by overcrowding, mass starvation, anarchy, the destruction of our most cherished values, there is no need to do anything. We need only do nothing except what comes naturally, and breed. And how easy it is to do nothing
Isaac Asimov
On average, drug prisoners spend more time in federal prison than rapists, who often get out on early release because of the overcrowding in prison caused by the Drug War.
Michael Badnarik
We should not minimize the great outstanding service of Eugenics for critical and diagnostic investigations. It demonstrates … that uncontrolled fertility is universally correlated with disease, poverty, overcrowding and the transmission of hereditable traits.
Margaret Sanger
I think the answer to civil disorder in America, the answer to police problems in America, the answer to jail overcrowding and all the problems that we see is – the one answer is that government must go back to its people.
Janet Reno