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Naked Quotes

Naked Quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin, Xavier Becerra, Friedrich Schiller, Mother Teresa, Rob Roberge, Nick Harkaway and many others.

Children are the boldest philosophers. They enter life naked, not covered by the smallest fig leaf of dogma, absolutes, creeds. This is why every question they ask is so absurdly naГЇve and so frighteningly complex.
Yevgeny Zamyatin
We are on pace this year to have a trade deficit that is larger than $800 billion. We have never faced that before, but we continue to put forward trade agreements like these that leave us naked to competition that is neither free nor fair.
Xavier Becerra
No, no! I do nature injustice. She gave us inventive faculty, and set us naked, and helpless on the shore of this great ocean,–the world; swim those who can, the heavy may go to the bottom.
Friedrich Schiller
Hungry for love, He looks at you. Thirsty for kindness, He begs of you. Naked for loyalty, He hopes in you. Homeless for shelter in your heart, He asks of you. Will you be that one to Him?
Mother Teresa
Some of the biggest challenges were, page after page, standing naked in front of the reader.
Rob Roberge
The reason steampunk attracts people is that it is premised on a technology which is visible and pleasing to the naked eye, and whose moving parts are comprehensible on a human scale.
Nick Harkaway
If we are not inwardly wrought upon, and changed by the powerful operations of the Holy Spirit, and our moral actions proceed from a principle of a new nature, however we may call ourselves Christians, we shall be found naked at the great day.
George Whitefield
Technically my dog’s naked most of the time. Except halloween, when I dress him up as Liza Minelli.
Craig Ferguson
Thrice is he arm’d that hath his quarrel just, And he but naked, though lock’d up in steel, Whose conscience with injustice is corrupted.
William Shakespeare
It is a terrible thing, this kindess that human beings do not lose. Terrible, because when we are finally naked in the dark and cold, it is all we have. We who are so rich, so full of strength, we end up with that small change. We have nothing else to give.
Ursula K. Le Guin
If you’re not drunk and half naked by this point, you’re not paying attention.
Chuck Palahniuk
They call it torture when our guys put underwear on a guy’s head, stripped him naked, put an egg between his buttcheeks and made him do jumping jacks. You know, if it can’t get you into a fraternity at Chico State University, it’s not torture.
Christopher Titus
Young girls need to learn that sexiness isn’t about being naked.
Marc Jacobs
To leverage those things that are common to everybody, and to present them in a way that’s sort of naked, is more courageous in art than constantly trying to be evasively too cool.
D.A. Wallach
I always feel as if I stood naked for the fire of Almighty God to go through me–and it’s rather an awful feeling. One has to be so terribly religious to be an artist.
D. H. Lawrence
Don’t be afraid; people are so afraid; don’t be afraid to live in the raw wind, naked, alone…Learn at least this: What you are capable of. Let nothing stand in your way.
Tony Kushner
I’ve learned that I work best when I’m entirely naked. The recording process was done that way.
Emilie Autumn
You are always naked when you start writing; you are always as if you had never written anything before; you are always a beginner. Shakespeare wrote without knowing he would become Shakespeare
Erica Jong
If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked.
Sofia Vergara
Just because you’re naked doesn’t mean you’re sexy. Just because you’re cynical doesn’t mean you’re cool.
Tom Robbins
Style begins by looking good naked
Oscar de la Renta
I just never want to be in this situation where I get to set and they’re like, “We rewrote this scene, you’re now naked.” I need a little prep work.
Max Greenfield
I’ve read that a naked eye can see six thousand stars in the hundred billion galaxies, but I couldn’t believe it, what with the sky white with starlight. I saw a million stars with one eye and two million with both.
William Least Heat-Moon
It’s illegal to be naked.
Kanye West
I wasn’t interested in just photographing someone naked, I was interested in representing them as clothed in their own skin, secure in themselves.
Mona Kuhn
Divine in hookas, glorious in a pipe
When tipp’d with amber, mellow, rich, and ripe;…
Yet thy true lovers more admire by far
Thy naked beauties – give me a cigar!
Lord Byron
An artist reveals his naked soul in his work.
Ayn Rand
No sophistry, no jugglery in figures can explain away the evidence that the skeletons in many villages present to the naked eye.
Mahatma Gandhi
There’s something so naked about being on stage as a musician. I think about that even with standup comedy or something – like, ‘This is it, this is what I got.’
Chris Pine
In Sleep we lie all naked and alone, in Sleep we are united at the heart of night and darkness, and we are strange and beautiful asleep; for we are dying the darkness and we know no death.
Thomas Wolfe
Whoever wishes to meet Jesus must meet him in places where brothers and sisters of Jesus are hungry, thirsty, naked, unwanted, sick or in prison. Whoever keeps himself distant from these places remains distant from Jesus.
Richard Wurmbrand
It wasn’t a good idea to work on ‘Naked’ in the first months of a marriage. I was living apart from my wife in a flat overflowing with books I was reading for the part.
David Thewlis
You don’t spring into good cooking naked. You have to have some training. You have to learn how to eat.
Julia Child
Even though I’m a free spirit, I like to keep my friends and my lovers separate. I have extraordinary friends, but I don’t want to see them naked.
Patricia Clarkson
You can’t help noticing an amazing ass. Pretty naked ladies will always get my attention. Revealingly dressed good-looking women will always get my attention, at least for a moment.
Steve Albini
I did as many takes as I could, naked from the waist down, … If I was framed from anywhere above the waist, I would always just like to hang it out.
Justin Long
Why do I love being naked? Because I was born that way?
Alexander Skarsgard
‘Naked’ kind of kicked me off into the film world. It just so happens that all of the things that I have been offered have been films, and I’ve enjoyed the travel that goes along with that.
David Thewlis
I only put clothes on so that I’m not naked when I go out shopping.
Julia Roberts
Blind and naked ignorance delivers brawling judgments, unashamed, on all things all day long
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Truth, naked, unblushing truth, the first virtue of all serious history, must be the sole recommendation of this personal narrative.
Edward Gibbon
There is something vulnerable about showing your tattoos to people, even while it gives you a feeling that you are wearing a sleeve when you are naked.
Lena Dunham
You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanity,” thus morally condemning the woman whose nakedness you had depicted for you own pleasure.
John Berger
You are moody. It’s always ‘Shut up, Kenji.’ ‘Go to sleep, Kenji.’ ‘No one wants to see you naked, Kenji.’ When I know for a fact that there are thousands of people who would love to see me naked—
Tahereh Mafi
Most of those coming from the mainland are very destitute, almost naked. I am trying to find places for those able to work, and provide for them as best I can, so as to lighten the burden on the Government as much as possible, while at the same time they learn to respect themselves by earning their own living.
Harriet Tubman
If you think about it, composed salads are like nachos (I’ll explain). When you’re eating a plate of nachos, it’s always a bummer when you get to those naked, topping-less chips on the bottom of the pile. It’s the same with salads. No one wants to find a naked leaf on the end of their fork.
Claire Saffitz
‘Naked’ embodies what everyone, at the end of the day, really wants and how they should feel.
Ella Mai
The moment that you feel that just possibly you are walking down the street naked…that’s the moment you may be starting to get it right.
Neil Gaiman
In some countries Women’s Day is a national holiday and men give women flowers. In America Women’s Day falls on another holiday, Mardi Gras, where men give women beads in the respectful and post-feminist desire to see their naked boobies.
Craig Ferguson
Did I feel naked being naked? Yeah. Totally.
Jennifer Lawrence
I’m never uncomfortable being naked. I don’t have a problem with my body.
Heidi Klum
Half the reason I turned into a writer is you didn’t have to show up anywhere. You could work naked.
Jerry Stahl
What do you say to your sister who poses in the nude? It’s not like you are really itching to see photographs of your sister naked. I mean, it’s just something that is not too exciting.
Ron Reagan
The Britons (say historians) were naked, civilized men, learned, studious, abstruse in thought and contemplation; naked, simple, plain in their acts and manners; wiser than after ages.
William Blake
A kind and gentle heart he had, To comfort friends and foes; The naked every day he clad When he put on his clothes.
Oliver Goldsmith
Brutality was imprisoned in a lumious glare revealing the naked truth to the whole world
Martin Luther King, Jr.
We’ve never played at this place before. This place is big, and I’m kinda nervous, so we’re going to make it feel small by pretending we’re in a… bedroom. We’ll hang off the edge of the bed, take off our shoes and get naked!
Dave Matthews
Nabokov’s adventures in language and style and naked braininess are really unparalleled.
Lorrie Moore
The Negro was freed and turned loose as a penniless, landless, naked, ignorant laborer. Ninety-nine per cent were field hands and servants of the lowest class.
W. E. B. Du Bois
All are / naked, none is safe.
Marianne Moore
I have a few caftans just for lounging purposes. When I want to feel free, it’s the closest thing to feeling naked without being naked.
Jill Scott
We were mainly concerned about nudity – how much could be shown in 1959 and how much would convey, without being gratuitous, the terror of being attacked naked and wet.
Joseph Stefano
Some of the evil of my tale may have been inherent in our circumstances. For years we lived anyhow with one another in the naked desert, under the indifferent heaven.
T. E. Lawrence
The battle had been invisible to the naked eye, but the hardest ones are.
Karen Marie Moning
I’m not against half naked girls – not as often as I’d like to be.
Benny Hill
I loved to always get naked. I was very free, so I thought, I may as well get paid.
Chris Pratt
I’d rather go naked than wear fur.
Christy Turlington
I’m at the age where I don’t need an acid trip to feel naked… to feel that I don’t exist. Now a self-portrait is almost a reminder to me that I do exist.
Francesco Clemente
When you walk with naked feet, how can you ever forget the Earth?
Carl Jung
For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun? And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.
Khalil Gibran
Naked in front of strangers? I can barely be naked in front of my lovers; in front of myself.
If all Christians and Jews tithed their income as the Bible commands, every poor person would be cared for, every naked person clothed, and every hungry person fed.
Ann Coulter
I’m a naturist at heart. I love being on beaches where everyone is naked. Ugly young people, beautiful old people, whatever. It’s so unsexual and so liberating.
Helen Mirren
A pretty girl who is naked / is worth a million statues
e. e. cummings
I thought I was going to be a lot more freaked out by being naked onstage. I think on film I would have been more freaked out, because film is less forgiving. But onstage it’s lit so beautifully. It would make my mother look good.
Lorraine Bracco
I’ve never seen anythin’ sexier in my life, and she’s not even naked yet.
Simone Elkeles
I remember walking home one day from school, and this car pulled up behind me really slow, and it gave me a really weird feeling, and all of a sudden it skimmed me, and the man was half naked and tried to pull me into his car and saying crazy things to me. And it was terrifying.
Nikki Bella
What it comes down to, you see, is that a naked body is just a naked body.
But the possibility of a naked body is something special.
Max Barry
I just think that people are so weird about nudity and the human body. Sex is not bad, naked bodies are not bad and naked bodies don’t always have to be connected to sex.
Emily Browning
Good journalism is being criminalized or otherwise rendered perilous to its best practitioners. Attack a government agency like the CIA, or a Fortune 500 member …, or the conduct of the military in Southeast Asia and you find yourself in deep trouble, naked and often alone.
Daniel Schorr
I think bare legs in winter are idiotic. Unless your naked pins are toned, tanned and veinless, it’s best to cover up. There is nothing more elegant in winter than dark tights worn with matching knee-length boots and a belted trench coat.
Joan Collins
I’m very comfortable being naked. It’s one of my favorite things to do.
Nadine Velazquez
Everyone is naked equally when they’re born.
Jung Ae-ri
Stage fright is my worst problem. A voice is very intimate. It’s something of your own. So there’s always this fear, because you feel naked. There’s a fear of not reaching up to expectations.
Andrea Bocelli
You ran away from an adorable Irishman who wanted to se you naked?
Christine Warren
In naked beauty most adorned.
John Milton
I think every one of us dreams, and we know what the quality of a dream is. In many ways, the reason dreams are so – mine are a little bit nightmarish, is that it’s when you’re really naked and can really face the things you don’t face in reality, your darkest anxieties.
Shirin Neshat
An avowed homosexual, that would never be accepted in hockey – never! Because it’s a milieu where everyone is often naked.
Pat Burns
I do everything completely naked
Tom Ford
Perhaps we might, within the anatomy of our imaginations, think once more of the naked body as a vessel of grace, taste and wonder. In the spotted history of art, stranger things have happened.
Robert Genn
When a man paints a naked woman he gives her less than poor Nature did. I can conceive of few circumstances wherein I would have to paint a woman naked, but if I did I would not mutilate her for double the money. She is the most beautiful thing there is except a naked man, but I never saw a study of one exhibited.
Thomas Eakins
To me, a sex scene in a movie generally means a gratuitous scene that doesn’t serve the story but gives a kind of excuse – we’ve got these two actors, we want to see them naked, so let’s bring in the music and the soft light.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Naked Gun 33 1/3 I think made me laugh more than anything ever made.
Horatio Sanz
Worst of all, the inner vault is guarded by a live dragon, attended by fifty naked women armed with poisoned spears, each of them sworn to die in Requin’s service. All redheads. -You’re just making that up, Jean.
Scott Lynch
Now, music almost feels naked in my mind.
Sean Lennon
I suspect that most authors don’t really want criticism, not even constructive criticism. They want straight-out, unabashed, unashamed, fulsome, informed, naked praise, arriving by the shipload every fifteen minutes or so.
Neil Gaiman
The sexiest thing in the world is to be totally naked with your wedding band on.
Debra Winger
Eighty percent of the information we receive comes through our eyes. And if you compare light energy to musical scales, it would only be one octave that the naked eye can see, which is right in the middle.
Louis Schwartzberg
Let me be the child in the story and declare that the Emperor is naked — or that America is culturally bankrupt.
Ayn Rand
I think tights make a comeback out of necessity every season: you can only go so far with naked legs in the cold! You’ve got to protect yourself. I remember going to a fashion show and saying, ‘And it’s okay if I wear nude tights with this?’ to the designer, who looked at me like I just killed his dog or something.
Anna Kendrick
The weirdest thing about me is that I like to walk around naked. I grew up walking around naked in my house. My mom was like that, and my sisters. My father worked nights and slept during the day, so we had no one to hide from.
Jennifer Lopez
Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.
Warren Buffett
The cold rain came down in buckets. I was shaking, shivering, and naked, and more soap was getting into my eyes. But hey. At least I was clean.
Jim Butcher
In my music, I bare it all; it’s really naked.
Snoh Aalegra
I will go to the bank by the wood and become undisguised and naked.
Walt Whitman
Fashion is all about eventually becoming naked
Rene Konig
You don’t have to be half-naked to be successful. Just be talented.
Amy Lee
Water – the ocean – is our most natural environment.
We are born naked from the miniature ocean of the mother’s womb.
Jacques Mayol
The bread you store up belongs to the hungry; the cloak that lies in your chest belongs to the naked; the gold you have hidden in the ground belongs to the poor.
Saint Basil
People say, ‘What do you mean you want to help the world, but you’re so concerned about fashion?’ It’s illegal to be naked. It is something that is extremely important.
Kanye West
Christianity works while infidelity talks. She feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, visits and cheers the sick, and seeks the lost, while infidelity abuses her and babbles nonsense and profanity. ‘By their fruits ye shall know them.’
Henry Ward Beecher
You naked in my bed is even more unbelievably beautiful than I thought it would be… and trust me I’ve thought about it. A lot.
Abbi Glines
I am convinced that anyone can be a great writer . . . if he can only . . . tell the naked truth about himself and other people. That, a little technique with words and the willingness to bare heart, soul and body are really all it takes.
Clive Barnes
I didn’t feel like I was putting anything good into the world, even though it was funny. I wanted to do something more positive that would have an impact. So even when I’m doing naked push-ups or whatever, it’s astounding to see how people respond to it.
Zach Anner
A man without a horse is like a man without a weapon: stunted and naked.
Edward Abbey
I had to be naked [in Vinyl], but I was almost more nervous about having to be drunk. The director wasn’t going to yell, “Too big!,” during the nude scene. For the drunk scene, you can be bad drunk or good drunk. We’ll see. My wife was not happy, hearing about it.
Ray Romano
I entered the water as naked as when my mother bore me. When I first touched the cold water I felt a shudder go through me, then the shudder was transformed into a sensation of wakefulness.
Tayeb Salih
People who live in society have learnt how to see themselves, in mirrors, as they appear to their friends. I have no friends: is that why my flesh is so naked?
Jean-Paul Sartre
Just as there are signs by which you can recognize violence with the naked eye, so is the spinning wheel to me a decisive sign of nonviolence.
Mahatma Gandhi
No taste of food, no feel of water, no sound of wind, no memory of tree or grass or flower, no image of moon or star are left to me. I am naked in the dark, Sam, and there is no veil between me and the wheel of fire. I begin to see it even with my waking eyes, and all else fades.
J. R. R. Tolkien
How thin is the crust of order over the fires of human appetite and the lust for naked power.
Margaret Thatcher
I don’t think people are too interested in my naked selfie in my bathroom while I’m shaving my legs. It wouldn’t even occur to me to even post something that silly.
Nicole Ari Parker
My wife was afraid of the dark… then she saw me naked and now she’s afraid of the light.
Rodney Dangerfield
The fish are naked.
The fish are always awake.
They are the color of old spoons
and caramels.
Anne Sexton
[Shwing] the really naked stuff I’ve dealt with in my own life, my own therapy and relationships – for me it just feels like a film I’m really proud of.
Noah Baumbach
I’m naked in Esquire in August. I was naked on the set the other day. I’m always naked. I’m naked right now, in fact.
Mary-Louise Parker
I always sent my mother all these huge books I made. When my mother died, I was cleaning her cupboard, and these big books were only 20 pages long. She edited out, maybe burned, every single photograph where I’m naked.
Marina Abramovic
The only time I use women in films is when they’re naked or dead.
Joel Silver
I’m all out o faith, this is how I feel. I’m cold and I am shamed lying naked on the floor. Illusions never change into something real. I’m wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn. You’re a little late, I’m already torn.
Natalie Imbruglia
I was in Florida with Burt Stern, the photographer who shot Marilyn Monroe on the beach with a sweater, and we smoked a joint. The bathing suit kept coming off in the water, and I just ripped it off. I was very comfortable being naked.
Rosanna Arquette
You’ll never get dressed as quick as when you wake up next to a naked dead chick
Ron Bennington
Isn’t it true that you start your life a sweet child believing in everything under your father’s roof? Then comes the day of the Laodiceans, when you know you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked, and with the visage of a gruesome grieving ghost you go shuddering through nightmare life.
Jack Kerouac
Truth is a naked and open daylight
Francis Bacon
I was an underwear model for Calvin Klein for a few years. It is not something I wanted to do at first. I never regretted it, but I am a shy person, and to stand there buck naked in front of a camera was scary.
Freddie Ljungberg
I wanted to ask you one day but the time never seemed right, but we started talking and…Hell, I don’t even have a ring. … I’m naked here, bella, just laying myself out for you, telling you how I feel.
Pamela Clare
I was really embarrassed. And I asked why they took my picture when I was in such agony, and I’m the girl, in the moment that I was naked, burning, hopeless, crying – so ugly. And I asked why they took my picture at that that moment? I didn’t like it at all.
Phan Thi Kim Phuc
My mom was very much like ‘Love your body, love yourself, run around naked….’ Whatever we wanted to do, it was very accepting.
Tallulah Belle Willis
A woman is truly beautiful only when she is naked and she knows it.
Andre Courreges
You’ve been walking the ocean’s edge, holding up your robes to keep them dry. You must dive naked under, and deeper under, a thousand times deeper!
Oh that I were seated as high as my ambition, I’d place my naked foot on the necks of monarchs.
Horace Walpole
You are not naked when you take off your clothes. You still wear your religious assumptions, your prejudices, your fears, your illusions, your delusions. When you shed the cultural operating system, then essentially you stand naked before the inspection of your own psyche.
Terence McKenna
When I was at school studying biology, I wanted to be a medical researcher. I did work experience at St Mary’s Hospital in London, and I begged them to let me see the post mortems. So the first time I saw a naked male was at 15, when I saw an 89 year old man who had died of a brain hemorrhage.
Katherine Parkinson
When I first heard Nina Simone, her naked truth shocked me. Whenever she sang, it felt like lightning bolts in my soul. Every song was like a movie, a unique and very different vignette.
Dianne Reeves
Some people might only recognize me half naked in my bikini and bra!
Ashley Graham
We had seen God in His splendors, heard the text that Nature renders. We had reached the naked soul of man.
Ernest Shackleton
I think it’s sad that we live in a world where men can steal and distribute and publish photos of women without their permission all over the Internet and even in print and make a lot of money doing so, but half naked photos that I took of myself are deemed “obscene.”
Marie Calloway
What do I know of cultured ways, the gilt, the craft and the lie? I, who was born in a naked land and bred in the open sky. The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, they fail when the broadswords sing; Rush in and die, dogs—I was a man before I was a king.
Robert E. Howard
You shall be free indeed when your days are not without a care, nor your nights without a want and a grief, but rather when these things girdle your life and yet you rise above them naked and unbound.
Khalil Gibran
Normal? What’s that?” “How you really look.” “Can you take off all your clothes?” Okay weirdest thing ever-I just asked myself to take off all my clothes. It doesn’t get much creepier. “Why on earth would I do that?” “You asked me to be naked; I thought it was only fair.
Kiersten White
Naked I came, naked I leave the scene
J. V. Cunningham
In ‘The Prophet,’ Kahlil Gibran says something about perfection only being reached by stripping something to the point of nakedness. That’s the ultimate project: the naked climber doing the greatest climb.
Dean Potter
Flesh sells. People don’t want to see pictures of churches. They want to see naked bodies.
Helen Mirren
Are you not aware that my profession involves beating the living hell out of some poor-unfortunate wearing nothing more than a pair of green lycra knicks? I’m practically naked each time I step in the ring. But I tend to cover up my privates in public. No one likes ginger pubes.
When I look half naked on stage, it’s not because I’m trying to be sexy but because I am dancing and want to be mobile enough to move.
Dawn Richard
The wind was cold off the mountains and I was a naked man with enemies behind me, and nothing before me but hope.
Louis L’Amour
In camp when I was eight – a bunch of kids threw me outside naked. I got ’em back!
Kelsey Grammer
The human condition can be summed up in a drop of blood. Show me a teaspoon of blood and I will reveal to thee the ineffable nature of the cosmos, naked and squirming. Squirming. Funny how the truth always seems to do that when you shine a light on it.
Laird Barron
The pinpoints of starlight we see with the naked eye are photons that have been streaming toward us for a few years or a few thousand.
Brian Greene
In the United States, viewers don’t get to see a lot of things we can show in other countries. We didn’t get to show our naked Twister game from Wild On Jamaica, but we definitely filmed it.
Brooke Burke
I’m an immensely shy and vulnerable woman. My husband has never seen me naked. Nor has he expressed the least desire to do so.
Barry Humphries
That’s what brings in the customers: the combination of gossip and the intricate detail about the dresses, all related as drama. It has the same effect on women, I’m told, as looking at naked women has on men.
Loretta Chase
You have been walking the ocean’s edge, holding up your robes to keep them dry. You must dive naked under and deeper under, a thousand times deeper. Love flows down. The ground submits to the sky and suffers what comes. Tell me, is the earth worse for giving in like that? Do not put blankets over the drum. Open completely.
In terms of being naked, I’m not very prudish.
Heidi Klum
Poets like painters, thus unskilled to trace The naked nature and the living grace, With gold and jewels cover ev’ry part, And hide with ornaments their want of art. True wit is Nature to advantage dressed, What oft was thought, but ne’er so well expressed.
Alexander Pope
I was the music dude that was naked all the time with the girls, and that’s fine, no problem with that.
Adam Levine
And what about you-the rest of you-did you notice the scars you left behind? No. Probably not. Because most of them can’t be seen with the naked eye.
Jay Asher
How can I act in an impersonal manner? When a man dies in the street for want of food, how can I ignore him? When I find a starving or naked man in the street, I cannot walk past him. I think no human being can do that.
Mother Teresa
For the first time the sun kissed my own naked face and my soul was inflamed with love for the sun, and I wanted my masks no more. And as if in a trance I cried, “Blessed, blessed are the thieves who stole my masks.” Thus I became a madman.
Khalil Gibran
Technically, the dance worked best when done naked, but I didn’t feel like prancing in the nude into Morrigan Hound’s arms. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to see me.
Ilona Andrews
An actor without techies is a naked person standing in the dark trying to emote. A techie without actors is a person with marketable skills.
Mark Leslie
A voice is very intimate. It’s something of your own. So there’s always this fear, because you feel naked. There’s a fear of not reaching up to expectations. As you become more famous, people come and expect to hear something extraordinary, so you don’t want to disappoint them. I feel this sense of responsibility.
Andrea Bocelli
The point is to strip down, get protestant, then even more naked. Walk over scorched bricks to find your own soul. Your heart a searching dog in the rubble.
Barry Hannah
To be naked or even making love in a scene to me is very important if this is a movie about a couple or sensuality. It’s a sort of moralism to think that this shouldn’t be seen in the film.
Sonia Braga
Two-thirds of earth’s surface is ocean, and all we can see with the naked eye is the surface.
Haruki Murakami
I’d go somewhere where no one spoke. I would take a stack of books up to my hips, and I’d read nonstop. And I’d be reading naked.
Linda Hamilton
It’s easy for me to be vulnerable and craft songs when I’m being a hermit in my woods loft, secluded. When I get attention for it, whether it’s on stage or in life – I have sort of a love-hate relationship with all of it. That makes me feel really stark naked.
Rachael Yamagata
I’d catch a punt naked, in the snow, in Buffalo, for a chance to play in the NFL.
Steve Henderson
In every one of these haunting and hungry poems, Howell draws a map for how to enter the heat and dew of the human being, naked and facing the natural world, desperate to feel. I did not realize while reading Render how deeply I was handing everything over.
Nikky Finney
For the millennium [New Year’s Eve], you really have a choice to make. You either have to be naked with your head on fire and a shotgun in Bali or else you have to spend time with friends or family around the fireplace. And I’m choosing option B
Tom Morello
I couldn’t think of anything worse than getting naked in front of the entire world, it must take a lot of confidence to do it.
Miquita Oliver
Not to mention, it’d be worth guarding her just for the eye candy alone – sheez, can you imagine being around that day in and day out. Wonder if she sleeps naked…Bet she showers that way. Every day even. Think about it. I’ll even bet she’s naked underneath her clothes. (Syn)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I am really tired of looking at my hips. I’m seriously really tired of standing naked in the mirror and staring at my hips for hours and hours while muttering, “You hips. You hips need to get it together.”
Louis C. K.
In all the writers I admire, the common detonator is their courage to walk naked.
Richard Flanagan
I believe that everyone is a fashion insider, because it’s illegal to be naked.
Kanye West
Two or three things I know for sure, and one is that I’d rather go naked than wear the coat the world has made for me.
Dorothy Allison
I’m standing naked before you. Don’t you want more than sex?
Tori Amos
I feel naked without jewelry.
Olivia Thirlby
Look not to yourselves! You are by nature wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. Look simply unto Jesus.
J. C. Ryle
I proceed, gentlemen, to call your attention to the present state of insane persons confined within the commonwealth; in cages, closets, cellars, stalls, pens; chained, naked, beaten with rods, and lashed into obedience.
Dorothea Dix
I hate it when men go to strip bars. It lowers the rest of us that know if a man has to pay to see a woman naked, he is a loser and probably should get weeded out.
Henry Rollins
I don’t think you would want to see all five Go-Go’s naked – I think we would be scary.
Jane Wiedlin
…went to a bar for a few drinks. The bartender asked what I wanted. “Surprise me”, I said. So he showed me a naked picture of my wife.
Rodney Dangerfield
You may think of me as an object of desire and I’m going to tell you that I can be in front of you naked and not be erotic.
Emmanuelle Beart
I cannot do my job unless I am fully open to whatever comes. You’re almost naked emotionally.
Renee Lawless
There is nothing more awkward and more laughable than a naked dude with his wiener flopping.
Mark Hoppus
I just do in the stadium the same thing. I scream and I become naked mentally. I give everything to our fans.
Dictators cause the world’s worst problems: all the collapsed states, and all the devastated economies. All the vapid cases of corruption, grand theft, and naked plunder of the treasury are caused by dictators, leaving in their wake trails of wanton destruction, horrendous carnage and human debris.
George Ayittey
Wealth covers sin – the poor / Are naked as a pin.
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night.
Allen Ginsberg
Oh, this is fun – went to a nude beach for the first time. Yeah, that’s what I thought. You ever been to a nude beach? Thought it would be all sexy and hot. Oh my God, what a flubber fest! Everybody who shouldn’t be naked is naked – didn’t make me want to take off my clothes, made me want to take out my contacts.
Carol Leifer
Naked dudes are inherently funny.
Adam DeVine
This is the Cuzco asking you to pull on your armor and, mounted on the ample back of a powerful horse, cleave a path through the defenseless flesh of a naked Indian flock whose human wall collapses and disappears beneath the four hooves of the galloping beast.
Che Guevara
Peoples attitudes about sex arent healthy anywhere, except maybe in those tribes where they go around naked.
Asia Argento
When did you become a woman?”-Hatori How dare you ask that after you have seen me naked so many times…”-Yuki GASP! No it cant be! Yuki-kun, does that mean…” fan club girls NO! He’s my doctor…”Yuki
Natsuki Takaya
Press close, bare-bosomed Night! Press close, magnetic,
nourishing Night!
Night of south winds! Night of the large, few stars!
Still, nodding Night! Mad, naked, Summer Night!
Walt Whitman
Can desire grow out of admiration, or are the two quite distinct species? What would it be like to lie side by side, naked, breast to breast, with a woman one principally admires?
J. M. Coetzee
Now that I’m in your mind, want to see some naked mental pictures of Jace?
Cassandra Clare
We’re born naked, and the rest is drag.
Realize that a Muslim will know that his wife was seen naked in this machine. You know what would be the reaction?… Terrible. I believe there’s technology out there that can identify bomb-type materials without necessarily, overly invading our privacy.
Isaac Yeffet
Poetry is the rhythmic, inevitably narrative, movement from an overclothed blindness to a naked vision that depends in its intensity on the strength of the labour put into the creation of the poetry.
Dylan Thomas
You know when I decided to become professional – that means to expose yourself naked to the world with the other creative minds – I said, ‘I’m going into areas I don’t know. I might just fall right down to hell and kill myself.
Louise Berliawsky Nevelson
Like when that man was running down Broadway stark naked and we all had to eat in the cafeteria while the police tried to catch him.
Rebecca Stead
Only the soul that is naked and unashamed, can be pure and innocent , even as Adam was in the primal garden of humanity .
Sri Aurobindo
There’s nothing like trying to spoonfeed Tortellini Carbonara to a blindfolded naked giggling woman.
To live in a culture in which women are routinely naked where men aren’t is to learn inequality in little ways all day long.
Naomi Wolf
My real life’s not like the fantasy Tom Ford world – with naked girls pouring perfume everywhere. It’s more staying in and watching Friends on television.
Tom Ford
I don’t want to be in pain anymore. I want to be done, to be left unburdened and naked, to tear the hurt off my body like layers of clothes. At the end of the trail I stop and bend forward, hands on my knees, to catch my breath. I’m not healed, but for this moment, I’m better.
Kerry Cohen
Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public
Paulo Coelho
For four years, I worked as one of the general shop crew on movies like ‘Naked Lunch’ and ‘Arachnophobia.’ I made lots of bugs.
Jamie Hyneman
If all of the steps of surrender are present, then a great Rembrandt or Monet will evoke love because the artist is simply there in all his naked humanity.
Deepak Chopra
There definitely have been a few roles that involved showing some skin but I’m not afraid of showing some skin from time to time. I mean the truth is, when I come home I take all my clothes off anyway so I’m kind of used to being naked.
Nolan Gerard Funk
When you play Mozart, it’s so clean, it’s so simple. It’s the body naked.
Gustavo Dudamel
I’m hideously shy as myself, but on stage I can run around naked and bite the heads off fish.
Laurie Metcalf
You’re far more likely to see a naked woman than a naked man. It’s only [seen as] rude because the rest of television is rather tame – it doesn’t actually talk about sex and our bodies and how we feel about them. I’m not out to shock.
Russell T Davies
My inspiration has always been photography’s ability to stop time and reveal what the naked eye cannot see.
Lois Greenfield
In the south there’s a difference between ‘Naked’ and ‘Nekkid.’ ‘Naked’ means you don’t have any clothes on. ‘Nekkid’ means you don’t have any clothes on and you’re up to somethin’.
Lewis Grizzard
The only difference between baseball guys or football guys and wrestling guys is that when you go to the game, you see a team out on the field wearing uniforms. In wrestling, you see a two-thirds naked guy up real close.
Harley Race
Truth that is naked is the most beautiful, and the simpler its expression the deeper is the impression it makes.
Arthur Schopenhauer
The first time I was ever on stage, I was naked at 17. It was very cold!
James Purefoy
I feel like I could never walk around a film half-naked. I definitely wouldn’t want to see that.
Kirsten Dunst
I’ve always been very comfortable wearing not much, in my swimwear or my underwear, or running around naked. I’ve always been very free like that. I don’t really know why, exactly, but I just have been. Not really too shy about that.
Miranda Kerr
The alms given to a naked man in the street do not fulfil the obligations of the state, which owes to every citizen a certain subsistence, a proper nourishment, convenient clothing, and a kind of life not incompatible with health.
Baron de Montesquieu
Language, if it throws a veil over our ideas, adds a softness and refinement to them, like that which the atmosphere gives to naked objects.
William Hazlitt
Once again the absurdity of my inner thoughts overwhelms me, and I want to crawl out of my skin, escape my ugly, awkward flesh and be a skeleton, naked and anonymous.
Isaac Marion
As a stand up, and often in acting, there is no place for the most intense feelings. Rage, genuine sorrow, naked hope… These things don’t fit on a comedy stage and if you act you’ll get to express them once in a while. Music is a place for the intensely personal.
Hal Sparks
I like to undress women – not to dress them. You know, like Manet’s ‘Olympia’ or Helmut Newton’s photographs – naked women with shoes. This is what I am trying to do.
Christian Louboutin
Have we forgotten that we’re all born the same way: naked, wet, and hungry? Then things get worse!
Barbara Johnson
I’m not trying to be a middle aged centerfold, I just want to look at myself naked and not be disgusted.
Terry McMillan
What does God really look like stripped naked? That’s the province of enlightenment…the formless, perfect face of existence.
Frederick Lenz
He is bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, a garment to the naked, healing to the wounded; and whatever a soul can desire is found in Him.
John Flavel
‘The Naked Civil Servant’ was as important for me as ‘Easy Rider’ was for Jack Nicholson. No question.
John Hurt
Nakedness has no color: this can come as news only to those who have never covered, or been covered by, another naked human being.
James A. Baldwin
Calculation has its advantages, but no one likes naked calculation.
Rich Lowry
The illusions it had woven for me had taken place only in my head. The battle had been invisible to the naked eye, but the hard ones are.
Karen Marie Moning
I would love to do a movie naked; it would be beautiful. No one dares make that kind of film today. They did it in the 1930s in an arty way, so why not now?
Megan Fox
It’s only in uncertainty that we’re naked and alive.
Peter Gabriel
The scent of the sea, a wild turbulent storm, crashing into her mind. Elena, why is Dmitri naked?
Nalini Singh
I wish I dared dispense with all costume. Naked children are so perfectly pure and lovely; but Mrs. Grundy would be furious – it would never do.
Lewis Carroll
I always did plays, I got the comedic roles in college … or, uh, the ones that would get naked.
Amy Schumer
That’s the problem with the Internet: You do a naked scene and then it’s taken out of context and put on websites that have nothing to do with film.
Clemence Poesy
When I was in junior high I read a lot of Danielle Steele. So I always assumed that the day I got engaged I’d be naked, covered in rose petals, and sleeping with the brother of the man who’d kidnapped me.
Jenny Lawson
Where shall we get religion? Beneath the open sky, the sphere of crystal silence surcharged with deity.. The midnight earth sends incense up, sweet with the breath of prayer — Go out beneath the naked night and get religion there.
Sam Walter Foss
Revenge is the naked idol of the worship of a semi-barbarous age.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
In the past, I’ve had my share of good reviews, but it’s always the crazy, scary, weirdo guy. I don’t even know how it happened. Look at me. I mean, when I’m naked, I look like a bald chicken. How did I get to be a scary bad guy?
Gary Oldman
If people were really naked and everyone knew what each other was thinking, everyone would probably just laugh… or they’d lock each other up.
Robyn Hitchcock
We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.
Mother Teresa
God will certainly be pleased if you give water for the thirsty, bread for the hungry and clothes to the naked.
Sathya Sai Baba
Being in the nude isn’t a disgrace unless you’re being promiscuous about it. After all, when God created Adam and Eve, they were stark naked. And in the Garden of Eden, God was probably naked as a jaybird too!
Bettie Page
My job, and that’s my job, is to dress the naked truth. To make it interesting, to make it viable, to make it seem like something you understand and feel and love.
Bryce Courtenay
A good way to keep your relationship together is not to scream in terror when you see your partner naked.
Bob Saget
[about his dress robes…] I’m never wearing them,” Ron was saying stubbornly. “Never.” “Fine,” snapped Mrs. Weasley. “Go naked. And, Harry, make sure you get a picture of him. Goodness knows I could do with a laugh.
J. K. Rowling
I’d tell everyone to come in naked in full body paint.
Bat for Lashes
Pale and pinched-up faces hovered about the windows where was tempting food; hungry eyes wandered over the profusion guarded by one thin sheet of brittle glass–an iron wall to them; half-naked shivering figures stopped to gaze at Chinese shawls and golden stuffs of India.
Charles Dickens
Before he can become a wolf, the lycanthrope strips naked. If you spy a naked man among the pines, you must run as if the Devil were after you.
Angela Carter
The one place where the Christian can be naked without fear is in the presence of Christ.
R. C. Sproul
Sing your praise of progress and the doom machine, the naked truth is still taboo whenever it can be seen.
Bob Dylan
Sorrows are the rags of old clothes and jackets that serve to cover, and then are taken off. That undressing, and the beautiful naked body underneath, is the sweetness that comes after grief.
On one show before a live audience, I had to look out the door and call for Will Smith to come in. The audience couldn’t see him, but there he was with his naked butt staring me in the face. I didn’t normally hang out with twenty-something practical jokers, so sometimes he was a little much.
James Avery
‘Naked’ propelled me into a whole other league. America started calling. I went over to Los Angeles and met all those people, and I started doing a few American films of various levels of quality.
David Thewlis
As for garden photographers, how differently they see things. With what ease the camera seems to compose a picture of great beauty with its discriminating lens. The naked eye can’t censor some ugly sight on the periphery of vision; the photographer takes the perfect shot and picks for us just what we need to see.
Mirabel Osler
Singing is the rawest thing. Having been naked in films or naked in photo shoots, it’s nothing compared to singing. It’s absolute nakedness. You are stripped bare!
Lou Doillon
Anyone might become homosexual after seeing Glenda Jackson naked.
Auberon Waugh
Let me ask you something, in all the years that you have undressed in front of a gentleman has he ever asked you to leave? Has he ever walked out and left? No? It’s because he doesn’t care! He’s in a room with a naked girl, he just won the lottery
Elizabeth Gilbert
I walk around naked all the time, but it doesn’t mean I am completely comfortable and happy with my body.
Jessica Hart
I am not used to doing naked shoots but when you trust the photographer and the crew, you know it won’t be vulgar.
Gisele Bundchen
God love the car. It has shown the naked heart that lives in all of us. Man invented the car but the car — out of pure malevolence no doubt — changed the history of the world by reinventing man.
Harry Crews
I feel that if you really want an Oscar, you’re in trouble. It’s like wanting to be married – you’ll take anybody. If you want the Oscar really badly, it becomes a naked desire and ambition. It becomes very unattractive.
Bill Murray
When you’re dealing with someone who only has a pair of underpants on, if you take his underpants off, he has nothing left – he’s naked. You’re better off trying to find him a pair of trousers to complement him rather than change him.
Arsene Wenger
We’re just a conceited, naked ape. But in our minds we’re some sort of “divine legend,” and we see ourselves as some sort of god. That we can walk around the earth deciding who will live and who will die and what will be destroyed and what will be saved. But the fact is we’re just a bunch of primates out of control.
Paul Watson
They’re a little strange, but I’m pretty sure neither of them is going to try to make me uncomfortable by stripping naked.
Suzanne Collins
Few Indians only had breech cloths, most being wrapped in buffalo robes, otherwise quite naked.
Zebulon Pike
I remember thinking cocaine was subtle until I noticed I’d been awake for three weeks and didn’t know any of the naked people passed out around me.
P. J. O’Rourke
[On refusing to do nude movie scenes:] There are certain people who should know what you look like naked. I just don’t think your high-school algebra teacher should be one of them.
Julia Roberts
I’m tired of the naked, raped, beaten black woman body. I want to see an image of black femaleness that alters our universe in some way.
Bell Hooks
Every day of my adult life, I have worn at least one piece of jewelry from my maternal grandmother’s collection, all of which were manufactured by famed Danish silversmith Georg Jensen. To the naked eye, I am either a Jensen loyalist or a grandmother loyalist. Really I am just a Pretty Things loyalist.
Sloane Crosley
A naked moon stood in a naked sky.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
As an actor, you’re naked emotionally; you’re revealing yourself emotionally.
Carla Gugino
Man was very fortunate to have invented the book. Without it, the past would completely vanish, and we would be left with nothing, we would be naked on earth.
James Salter
Weigh not so much what men assert, as what they prove. Truth is simple and naked, and needs not invention to apparel her comeliness.
Philip Sidney
The mind is its own beautiful prisoner. Mind looked long at the sticky moon opening in dusk her new wings then decently hanged himself,one afternoon. The last thing he saw was you naked amid unnaked things.
e. e. cummings
I gave what other women gave That stepped out of their clothes But when this soul, its body off Naked to naked goes, He it has found shall find therein What none other knows.
William Butler Yeats
Sometimes I like to run naked in the moonlight and the wind, on a little trail behind our house, when the honeysuckle blooms. It’s a feeling of freedom, so close to God and nature.
Dolly Parton
The Germans will crawl bollock-naked over broken glass to get low fares.
Michael O’Leary
Poetry reproduces an indefinable mood that is more amorous than love itself. Venus is not so beautiful all naked, alive, and panting, as she is here in Virgil.
Michel de Montaigne
I was not looking now at an unusual flower arrangement. I was seeing what Adam had seen on the morning of his creation – the miracle, moment by moment, of naked existence.
Aldous Huxley
What a handsome face he had: but if he were naked you would forget he had a face, he is so beautiful in every way.
It’s because I have no sense of shame that I’m always willing to give things a go: I’ve ridden horses naked into the sea, I’ve climbed rocks, all kinds of things.
Abbey Lee Kershaw
The more a man denies himself, the more he shall receive from heaven. Naked, I seek the camp of those who covet nothing.
[Lat., Quanto quisque sibi plura negaverit,
A dis plura feret. Nil cupientium
Nudus castra peto.]
Pursuing the religious life today without using psychedelics drugs is like studying astronomy with the naked eye because that’s how they did it in the first century A.D.
Timothy Leary
I wasn’t really naked. I simply didn’t have any clothes on.
Josephine Baker
I did undergo hypnotherapy, and it didn’t work! The guy couldn’t put me under. I was very disappointed. I was very keen to be suggested, to have somebody tell me to run naked or cluck like a chicken or whatever, but it didn’t work for me, I’m afraid.
James McAvoy
Charles could care less about shoes – and he suspected he wasn’t alone among men in his feelings. Shoe, no shoe, he didn’t care. Naked was good, though over the past couple of weeks he was beginning to think that dressed in his clothes was a decent second best.
Patricia Briggs
There’s a lot of thought in art. People get to talk about important things. There’s a lot of sex, you know, in art. There’s a lot of naked women and men, and there’s intrigue, there’s fakery. It’s a real microcosm of the larger world.
Steve Martin
Jesus is a half-naked guy, hanging, nailed to a cross, and then people wear that around their neck, and then those are the people that are upset about violence in movies.
Marilyn Manson
I personally don’t have a problem with naked bodies on television.
Lesley-Anne Down
Everyone is a potential naked slave to you once you become a trainer.
Anne Rice
If somebody’s looking at pictures of naked people and you go, ‘Oh I don’t want to see that,’ you’re lying. Cause naked people are always interesting. Always. Whether they’re beautiful, or naked or 500 pounds.
Andy Richter
Style begins by looking good naked. It’s a discipline. And if you don’t dress well every day, you lose the habit. It’s not about what you wear, but about how you live your life.
Oscar de la Renta
Women who feel naked without their lipstick are well over thirty.
Mignon McLaughlin
Ideas more than once have prevailed against naked power. Guns and aircraft alone do not make a state powerful. Unless force is backed up by the will of the great body of people it loses its meaning.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
I love being uncomfortable. I love feeling very revealed. And when I watch a piece of work that I’ve done, I’m actually looking for that. How naked is this character? How truthful is this character? If it’s truthful, there’s automatically a separation.
Jonathan Majors
A naked woman in heels is a beautiful thing. A naked man in shoes looks like a fool.
Christian Louboutin
Never fry bacon when you’re naked.
Richard Jeni
Nine years old, I became the victim of war. I didn’t like that picture at all. I felt like, why he took my picture, when I was agony, naked, so ugly? I wished that picture wasn’t taken.
Phan Thi Kim Phuc
Videoing, lifting it, prodding it, and five minutes later they might even eat it! That first approach to the naked eye is crucial, so when you see pictures coming through on your social media, it does push you to be a little more creative and raise the bar a little bit higher.
Gordon Ramsay
He could say nothing. He had no right to be there, he had already been profoundly changed, he was no good at small talk, she was half naked, it was dawn and he loved her.
Mark Helprin
Ever since I was a kid and growing up and watching things like the ‘Naked Gun’ movies, there was always this stereotype about how Arabs were perceived and portrayed. I’ve never watched those Arab villains in the movie and felt like that was me.
Sami Zayn
The power of imagination created the illusion that my vision went much farther than the naked eye could actually see.
Nelson Mandela
When we see something beautiful it calls up raw, naked emotion and that’s an embarrassing situation to be in.
Wayne White
Nothing is more humbling than to look with a strong magnifying glass at an insect so tiny that the naked eye sees only the barest speck and to discover that nevertheless it is sculpted and articulated and striped with the same care and imagination.
Rudolf Arnheim
I’m most comfortable in my bare shorts without any underwear and a T-shirt if I’m home. I definitely like to sleep naked. I don’t know how girls do it with thongs. Forget that!
Adam Rodriguez
In middle age, going naked contributes little to public enjoyment.
Mason Cooley
It is leashed. Now drop the subject or I’ll tell Sin you’ve seen me naked. (Kat) I will never bring this topic up again. Oh wait. What topic? I have Alzheimer’s. I know nothing at all. (Kish)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Something about the howling of a wolf took a man right out of his here and now and left him in a dark forest of the mind, running naked before the pack.
George R. R. Martin
Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights.
But your ears thirst for the sound of the heart’s knowledge.
You would know in words that which you have always known in thought.
You would touch with your fingers the naked body of the dreams.
Khalil Gibran
It’s funny that you can murder someone horribly and graphically and disturbingly in a horror film, and it’s not an NC-17, but if you put a naked man on screen, everyone freaks out.
Carey Mulligan
I do not trust people who don’t love themselves and yet tell me, ‘I love you.’ There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.
Maya Angelou
Then why are you getting dressed?” “Maybe I don’t like being the only naked one in the room,” I said sarcastically. And immediately regretted it. “That is easily remedied,” he told me, and pulled off his sweater.
Karen Chance
We dedicated ourselves to a powerful idea – organic law rather than naked power. There seems to be universal acceptance of that idea in the nation.
Potter Stewart
If you want to turn on your boyfriend, get naked and strap on an accordion.
Sheryl Crow
We can lie in the language of dress or try to tell the truth; but unless we are naked and bald, it is impossible to be silent.
Alison Lurie
Wilt thou, then, my soul, never be good and simple and one and naked, more manifest than the body which surrounds thee?
Marcus Aurelius
It happen’d one Day about Noon going towards my Boat, I was exceedingly surpriz’d with the Print of a Man’s naked Foot on the Shore.
Daniel Defoe
No matter how long you stand there examining yourself naked before a mirror, you’ll never see reflected what’s inside.
Haruki Murakami
Cats are autocrats of naked self-interest.
Camille Paglia
Dictators cause the world’s worst problems: all the collapsed states, and all the devastated economies. All the vapid cases of corruption, grand theft, and naked plunder of the treasury are caused by dictators, leaving in their wake trails of wanton destruction, horrendous carnage and human debris.
George Ayittey
Warriorship is so tender, without skin, without tissue, naked and raw. It is soft and gentle. You have renounced putting on a new suit of armor. You have renounced growing a thick, hard skin. You are willing to expose naked flesh, bone and marrow to the world.
Chogyam Trungpa
I step naked into the shower of truth – whole-hearted, bloody-minded, utterly selfish, no longer even pretending to enjoy or understand anything.
Selima Hill
One can translate an editorial but not a poem. For one can go across the border naked but not without one’s skin; for, unlike clothes, one cannot get a new skin.
Karl Kraus
I like to walk around my apartment naked. I like sitting around in the nude watching sports, actually.
Kylie Bax
With you, I am Eve. And you are my beautiful Adam. Let’s run away, find our garden, live there together, happy. Naked.
Ellen Hopkins
It’s getting too late in my life to care about the small things. It’s getting too late to not be brave, to not live my life fully, to not try to be an artist. Trivial things like how nice your hotel room is, or if you have to be naked for a while, they fade away.
Helen Hunt
In a lot of ways, I was kind of crossing lines of what I thought I was comfortable doing. I had to do all this naked stuff.
Robert Pattinson
War is murder. And the military preparations now being made for a potential major confrontation are aimed at collective murder. In a nuclear age the victims would be numbered by the millions. This naked truth must be faced.
Alva Myrdal
May we attribute to the color of the herbage and plants, which no doubt clothe the plains of Mars, the characteristic hue of that planet, which is noticeable by the naked eye, and which led the ancients to personify it as a warrior?
Camille Flammarion
God, do I hate my little fat tits. You ever pinch your little meat tits and wish you were dead? You ever just stand naked in the mirror. “You little fat-titted mediocre failure!” You ever do that for 3 hours on New Year’s Eve.
Jim Norton
I don’t feel naked around you anymore.
Xiaolu Guo
I feel like I’m naked in front of the crowd, ’cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud.
Anna Nalick
When I went to Hollywood in 1927, the girls were wearing lumpy sweaters and skirts. I was wearing sleek suits and half naked beaded gowns and piles and piles of furs.
Louise Brooks
Why is it”—she shivered as he kissed the top of her spine, went lower—“that I always end up naked while you remain dressed?” A husky masculine chuckle, his lips moving over her shoulder, his hands on her hips. “Because I’m a smart man.
Nalini Singh
Are we going buck-naked, or are we wearing like a bathing suit?
Scott Disick
Hey Mason, wipe that drool off you face. If you’re going to think about me naked, do it on your own time. -Rose to Mason
Richelle Mead
The Christian missionary may preach the gospel to the poor naked heathen, but the spiritual heathen who populate Europe have as yet heard nothing of Christianity.
Carl Jung
Work som’, twerk som’ basis. She just tryna make it so she’s right here gettin naked. I don’t judge her-I don’t judge her. But I could never love her cause to her I’m just a rapper and soon she’ll have met another.
That cowboy had heartbreak written all over him and she’d be damned if she knew why every time he blew into town she ended up naked before he ended up gone. Reed always ended up gone.
Cindy Gerard
…we’re all beautiful golden sunflowers inside, we’re all blessed by our own seed & golden hairy naked accomplishment (Sunflower Sutra)
Allen Ginsberg
You just came wild and sexy all over my hand and even left some claw marks on my back to prove it. Don’t go getting shy on me now. ‘Cause baby, before the night is over you will be naked in my bed.
Abbi Glines
Could you please put this–could you all put these–could you get dressed, please?” The woman only bestowed a serene smile on me. “We are as the Goddess requires.” “The Goddess requires you to be naked on my lawn?
Kelley Armstrong
Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms.
W. E. B. Du Bois
You had a package. It was torn, so I looked in.” She lifted one of a stack of firefighter calendars, with his own mug and half-naked body on the cover. “Nice,” she said, a ghost of a smile crossing her lips. “Mr. 2008.” He bit back a sigh. “It’s for charity.” “And you definitely contributed.
Jill Shalvis
I think it’s a blessing that the show [Dracula] is on a network because it forces everyone to use their imaginations and be creative. The power of suggestion comes back. So, in the sex scenes, no one is ever fully naked, but I feel the suggestion is so much sexier.
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Error never shows itself in its naked reality, in order not to be discovered. On the contrary, it dresses elegantly, so that the unwary may be led to believe that it is more truthful than truth itself.
Irenaeus of Lyons
Snap. Lady with dog. Lady on sofa half-naked. Snap. Naked lady. Lady next to dresser. Lady at window. Snap. Lady on balcony sunlight. (On New Orleans photographer E. J. Bellocq)
Michael Ondaatje
I would never do a role where I’m naked in bed with a chick having sex.
Terry Crews
Oh my God. What in—” I was going to be killed by two generations of beautiful women. While naked. “Mom,” Isabel snapped, interrupting. “Do you mind not staring? It’s totally perv.
Maggie Stiefvater
To meet God or Medusa face to face, even if it means risking everything human in myself. I dream of a hard and brutal mysticism in which the naked self merges with the nonhuman world and yet somehow survives still intact individual, separate. Paradox and bedrock.
Edward Abbey
Landscapes, heads and naked women are called artistic photography, while photographs of current events are called press photography.
Alexander Rodchenko
let this be our beautiful departure from stagnation; let our minds come alive; enter another dimension; go beyond the stars eagerly struggling to find that… which our naked eyes did not know existed; rise like a falcon born to soar and not be alone but be present amongst others.
Muhammad Iqbal
I don’t wear a bikini on the beach. I walk around my house in pyjamas. I haven’t seen myself naked in the mirror for probably a decade. I’m very prudish.
Carey Mulligan
In comedy, you have to be unafraid to hang from the tree branch naked in the high wind and you have to be absolutely unafraid to look ridiculous and silly.
Matt LeBlanc
I love trying to give some flesh to rather naked bones sometimes. I’ve always felt it my duty and to try and bring on the character’s off-stage life, what happened that is not revealed.
Christopher Plummer
It’s impossible to make a movie out of ‘Naked Lunch.’ A literal translation just wouldn’t work. It would cost $400 million to make and would be banned in every country of the world.
David Cronenberg
I don’t think it is appropriate for male coaches and male teachers to have access to girls’ locker rooms and showers while the young girls are naked and exposed.
Dan Forest
I am showering, naked as a jaybird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel, not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest, yelling at me.
Eric Massa
The theater’s much the most difficult kind of writing for me, the most naked kind, you’re so entirely restricted…. I find myself stuck with these characters who are either sitting or standing, and they’ve either got to walk out of a door, or come in through a door, and that’s about all they can do.
Harold Pinter
I would rather go to bed with Lillian Russell stark naked than Ulysses S Grant in full military regalia.
Mark Twain
I can do comedy but it’s a certain type. I’m not a physical comedy guy. I’m not Will Ferrell – there’s just this crazy and get naked and run through the thing screaming. That’s just not my style; my style is drama or – I’m not slapstick.
Mekhi Phifer
What a frail, easily hurt, rather pathetic thing a human body is, naked; somehow a little unfinished, incomplete!
D. H. Lawrence
Old people who live too long come to resemble turtles. As though time turned in a curve, and down they go to the reptiles again. Not the little wet naked frog they were born. But the tortoise. Cold eyes, sagging circles of skin, the nose becomes beak. The shell of sleep.
Josephine Winslow Johnson
Adidas have been my pals for years. I might have been skint these past few years but I might also have been naked if they’d not kept sending me the freebies.
Shaun Ryder
I sleep completely naked to make me believe you are here, but when I wake up it is not the same thing. Most of all, don’t deceive me with other women any more.
Camille Claudel
Let’s face it: a date is a job-interview, that lasts all night. The only difference between a date and a job interview is: not many job-interviews is there a chance you’ll end up naked at the end of it.
Jerry Seinfeld
The freest people I know are those who have the least to hide, defend or protect. Naked is powerful.
Alan Cohen
It’s a very weird thing. When you see your house naked, you feel very protective of it and of the people who lived here before.
Emily Procter
God abhors a naked singularity.
Stephen Hawking
Jokes have to be quite naked to be understood. They have to be quite simple.
Kurt Vonnegut
Through the mad mystic hammering of the wild ripping hail The sky cracked its poems in naked wonder
Bob Dylan
Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit.
Edward R. Murrow
Time wears all his locks before,Take thy hold upon his forehead;When he flies he turns no more,And behind his scalp is naked.Works adjourn’d have many stays,Long demurs breed new delays.
Robert Southwell
Tell me, is the rose naked or is that her only dress? Why do trees conceal the splendor of their roots? Who hears the regrets of the thieving automobile? Is there anything in the world sadder than a train standing in the rain?
Pablo Neruda
Don’t put clothes on food. It’s supposed to be naked.
Craig Benzine
Understand now what lying is. Any species of designed deception. If the deception is not designed it is not lying. But if you design to make an impression contrary to the naked truth, you lie.
Charles Grandison Finney
That to this mountain-daisy’s self were known The beauty of its star-shaped shadow, thrown On the smooth surface of this naked stone!
William Wordsworth
Excess in apparel is another costly folly. The very trimming of the vain world would clothe all the naked ones.
William Penn
Naked in solitary prison cell he looks down at a hard-on.
Allen Ginsberg
I cook naked, and I walk around naked. I’m very comfortable with my body.
Tracee Ellis Ross
Hate to disappoint, but no feathers. I came to Earth stripped naked.
Becca Fitzpatrick
That is a lot of the reason I do what I do, to really spread the word and spread information and turn people onto different things they may not be, y’know, aware of. That is what Naked City is certainly about
John Zorn
We come into this world naked, covered in our own blood, screaming in terror – and it doesn’t have to stop there if you know how to live right
Dana Gould
If you see somebody running down the street naked every single day, you stop looking up.
Stevie Nicks
I always think clothes make you look fat, so I prefer to be naked.
Pamela Anderson
People confuse vulgar and naked with sexiness. You want the mystery!
Carolina Herrera
The world has to have zero tolerance for naked dictatorship.
Asma Jahangir
Seeing your mother naked is not something you easily recover from. Seeing your mother naked and jumping from one side of a king-sized bed to the other with a nurse’s hat on while your father, who is also naked, is chasing her with a bandanna around his neck, is reason to put yourself up for adoption.
Chelsea Handler
The major and almost only theme of all my work is the struggle of man with “God”: the unyielding, inextinguishable struggle of the naked worm called “man” against the terrifying power and darkness of the forces within him and around him.
Nikos Kazantzakis
I felt ashamed.” “But of what? Psyche, they hadn’t stripped you naked or anything?” “No, no, Maia. Ashamed of looking like a mortal — of being a mortal.” “But how could you help that?” “Don’t you think the things people are most ashamed of are things they can’t help?
C. S. Lewis
I’m so used to it, I think I’d feel very naked on stage without a piano.
Tom Odell
No, no I’m not, no, but I just think… when people are naked it tells you a lot about their relationships.
Ewan McGregor
I sleep better knowing that a naked cork-eater is not sneaking around at night, stealing my underwear.
Maureen Johnson
Even with clothing naked animals, there were people who wanted to send in money. A woman in Santa Barbara, California, sent a $40,000 check. I fondled it for about five minutes and then sent it back. I told her I couldn’t accept money from strangers.
Alan Abel
People in extreme conditions are suddenly naked, realer than normal, perhaps even more alive.
John Shirley
If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?
Shannen Doherty
Charisma- the divine force that manifests itself in men and women. The supernatural power we don’t need to show to anyone because everyone can see it, even usually insensitive people. But it only happens when we’re naked, when we die to the world and are reborn to ourselves.
Paulo Coelho
In the fifties I had dreams about touching a naked woman and she would turn to bronze or the dream about hot dogs chasing donuts through the Lincoln Tunnel.
Robert Klein
In order to swim one takes off all one’s clothes–in order to aspire to the truth one must undress in a far more inward sense, divest oneself of all one’s inward clothes, of thoughts, conceptions, selfishness etc., before one is sufficiently naked.
Soren Kierkegaard
I rented a house in Favignana, off the coast of Sicily, in the mid or late ’90s. There was a revolving door of visiting friends and family – we played games, painted our faces, went swimming naked, cooked big meals, rode around on motorini, and had great cappuccinos.
Amber Valletta
Men as yet need some help to their imagination. There remains still room for a little illusion. It is better for men, it is better for women, that each somewhat idealize the other. Much is lost when life has lost its atmosphere, and is reduced to naked fact.
Mary Abigail Dodge
What of the old serpent who cannot shed his skin, and calls all others naked and shameless?
Khalil Gibran
I’d rather go naked than wear fur.
Holly Madison
Him & Her are born directly from the ideas behind the Panton Chair. An evolution of the hermaphroditic original, declined into the harmony of the two sexes. They assume sculpted forms like naked models of seduction…but they feel no shame.
Fabio Novembre
Nineteen centuries would have been worth very little if we had not made some advance in welcoming the stranger, in feeding the hungry, in clothing the naked, and in caring for the prisoner.
Edward Everett Hale
Here we meet, on the page, naked and unadorned: shorn of class, race, gender, sexual identity, age and nationality.
Will Self
Whenever I arrive on a real location, I have to move around and work out what the best angles are going to be. When I was moving around with the lens, I discovered things that the naked eye would not have.
Pedro Almodovar
Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft were written by men.
Neil Gaiman
We have something called naked Sundays … You have to keep marriage alive, spice it up … We don’t need to go anywhere, we’re just with each other. We do everything naked. We cook naked.
Christina Aguilera
The allusion was that I was actually naked. I loved that. It always, kind of shocked people enough that they became mine immediately.
Nina Simone
It is now possible to live a “christian life” without doing the things that Jesus commanded us to do. We have hired people to go into all the world, to visit those in prison, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to care for widows and orphans. The average Christian doesn’t have to do it.
Cal Thomas
That boy hardly needed a mask when his naked face was already impenetrable.
Lionel Shriver
God, what if TMZ got hold of the truth about me? What a liar I am, I mean? What kind of role model am I? I make Vanessa Hudgens look like Mother Freaking Teresa. Minus the whole nudity thing. Because I’m not about to take naked photos of myself and send them to my boyfriend.
Meg Cabot
We are dying, we are dying, piecemeal our bodies are dying and our strength leaves us, and our soul cowers naked in the dark rain over the flood, cowering in the last branches of the tree of our life.
D. H. Lawrence
Have you ever been approached by a grim-looking man, carrying a naked sword with a blade about ten miles long in his hand, in the middle of the night, beneath the stars on the shores of Lake Michigan? If you have, seek professional help. If you have not, then believe you me, it can scare the bejeezus out of you.
Jim Butcher
Bitterblue had never seen a man naked, and she was curious. She decided the universe owed her a few minutes, just a few, to satisfy her curiosity. So she went to him and knelt, which shut him up.
Kristin Cashore
I’m OK with people being naked. There shouldn’t be a huge deal made about it.
Hannah Teter
Nude is a word as smoooth as your hips … but naked has the sound of a rock being turned over to expose maggots.
Grace Metalious
I’m still traumatized that I’m going to be on a big screen in a white bikini and naked so who knows!
Patricia Clarkson
I don’t mean you disregard every rule of your community. I don’t go around naked, for example. I don’t run through red lights. The little things, I can obey. But the big things- how we think, what we value- those you must choose yourself. You can’t let anyone-or any society- determine those for you. ‘ -Morrie Schwartz
Mitch Albom
By this you may see who are the rude and barbarous Indians: For verily there is no savage nation under the cope of Heaven, that is more absurdly barbarous than the Christian World. They that go naked and drink water and live upon roots are like Adam, or Angels in comparison of us.
Thomas Traherne
Without the Utopians of other times, men would still live in caves, miserable and naked. It was Utopians who traced the lines of the first City…..Out of generous dreams come beneficial realities. Utopia is the principle of all progress, and the essay into a better future.
Anatole France
We have come into the world naked, and all the animals are naked, why should man hide his body behind clothes?
Jose Palacios, his oldest servant, found him floating naked with his eyes open in the purifying waters of his bath and thought he had drowned.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
You always feel quite vulnerable when you’re naked on a set. You feel quite silly, actually. And with the green screen around you, it’s not that sexy. But, it looks stunning. It’s art. It’s not vulgar. It’s not indecent. It’s not realistic. It’s beautiful, I think.
Eva Green
I want you to see me naked and performing one or two dozen mad acts, which will take me less than half an hour, because if you have seen them with your own eyes, you can safely swear to any others you might wish to add.
Miguel de Cervantes
The ways I could hurt her and hurt myself. Those two things were intertwined somehow. It’s hard to explain, but when you were as closed off as I was the past few months, opening felt as wrong as stripping naked in church.
Kami Garcia
She knew that even pain can be confessed, but to confess happiness is to stand naked, delivered to the witness.
Ayn Rand
The naked female body is treated so weirdly in society. It’s like people are constantly begging to see it, but once they do, someone’s a hoe.
Lena Horne
I distinguish two types of human beings, Love people, who love the sky and the flowers, and Power People, who are essentially sold on naked power.
Richard Adams
I don’t get sick of being naked, but the added pressure is staying in really good shape, because naked shape is a different kind of shape than just regular TV shape. Regular, having-your-clothes-on TV shape is intense, but naked TV shape is, I mean, you really have to watch what you eat.
Sam Trammell
Why not draw naked guys, just to be fair? Naked women is art, naked guys a no-no, I bet. Probably because most painters are men.
Laurie Halse Anderson
Coyness is a rather comically pathetic fault, a miscalculation in which, by trying to veil the ego, we let it appear stark naked.
Louis Kronenberger
A poem is a naked person.
Bob Dylan
I used to like watching Helen Mirren’s early films, because she was always naked. It’s titillating.
Samuel L. Jackson
I believe man is stripped naked when he’s in conversation with God. Your deepest fears, strongest desires, highest hopes – they’re all there when you are talking to God.
Kay Kay Menon
Golf is more fun than walking naked in a strange place, but not much.
Buddy Hackett
Endurance, after all, is the only reason we even exist. We think of ourselves as nature’s deadliest animals, but the truth is, a naked human is the biggest wimp in the wild. We have no fangs, no claws, no strength, and no speed.
Christopher McDougall
Marriage is part of a sort of 50′s revival package that’s back in vogue along with neckties and naked ambition.
Calvin Trillin
All in November’s soaking mist We stand and prune the naked tree, While all our love and interest Seem quenched in the blue-nosed misery.
Ruth Pitter
My way probably wont work for most people but the more I got naked the more comfortable I felt.
No woman so naked as one you can see to be naked underneath her clothes.
Michael Frayn
Tiny gold sparks flared in his irises. “You’re in my rooms in my bathtub naked and you’re still mouthing off.” Did he expect anything different? “Hey, I didn’t kick or punch you in the throat. I consider this progress. And you haven’t choked me again, which is some sort of record for you.
Ilona Andrews
I crave the sweet surrender of sleep and my dreams’ uncensored communication: no tiresome small talk, sucking up to impress, or tiptoeing around charged topics. Dreams are the naked truth; get ready for it.
Judith Orloff
When I woke up I was naked. I have this one oddball idiosyncrasy: Sometimes in my sleep I take off all my clothes.
Ethan Hawke
I expected more from literature than from real, naked life.
Gunter Grass
Writing songs is super intimate. It’s a bit like getting naked.
Gwen Stefani
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked.
Allen Ginsberg
Usually, when I see films that don’t have any score attached to them, I think they’re beautiful. I love just the naked sound of the voice. That’s already music.
Jason Moran
Three worldly things have been made dear to me: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and reading the Qur’an.
Uthman ibn Affan
Painters paint outdoors, or in rooms full of people; they paint their lovers, alone, naked; they paint and eat; they paint and listen to the radio. It is a soothing way of doing your job.
Paul Theroux
The funny thing about ‘The Naked Brothers Band’ movie was that we tricked the audience into thinking that we were actually rock stars.
Alex Wolff
To cut off the sinner from all reliance upon himself, his merits and his powers; and throw him, naked and helpless, into the hands of the Holy Spirit to lead him to Christ in faith; should be the one great aim of the ministry.
Ichabod Spencer
As you get older naked stuff [on film] gets easier. It’s more to do with the role than what men in the audience think. There’s a liberation about it.
Helen Mirren
We knew that ‘Naked Attraction’ was going to be controversial but as long as youre being controversial for the right reasons, I have absolutely no problem with it.
Anna Richardson
They walked back into the world together, wearing the gift that had been given them: just life. Pity was not love, Barbie reflected…but if you were a child, giving clothes to someone who was naked had to be a step in the right direction.
Stephen King
I had always suspected that trying to play golf in the company of big-time pros and a gallery would be something like walking naked into choir practice.
Dan Jenkins
What do you know about women?” They smell nice, they don’t like to be told they can’t do something, and, when they’re naked, they hold some sort of mystical power that overrides our brains and makes us do and say things that would normally be inconceivable.
Katie MacAlister
I place my fingers upon these keys typing 2,000 dreams per minute and naked of spirit dance forth my cosmic vortex upon this crucifix called language.
Herein lies a riddle: How can a people so gifted by God become so seduced by naked power, so greedy for money, so addicted to violence, so slavish before mediocre and treacherous leadership, so paranoid, deluded, lunatic?
Philip Berrigan
It is something actresses need to go through and I think they look forward to being naked in a movie. I don’t know why, but it is something you need to exhaust from yourself
Sophie Marceau
Cara, ever since you told me at the age of four that you wanted to be Claudia Schiffer, while you were naked in the bath with a sponge on your head, I knew you were destined for great things.
Poppy Delevingne
Jesus has said “Come, blessed of my Father, take the seat in the kingdom prepared for you, because I was hungry you gave me food, I was thirsty you have me drink, I was naked you clothed me, I was homeless you took me home and I was sick you visited me.” And we are just doing that.
Mother Teresa
My fear is naked, I’m naked and fearless, And my fear is naked…
Henry Rollins
When I come home I actually take off all my clothes, and I wear no clothes until I leave. I eat naked. I do everything completely naked.
Tom Ford
I almost never draw a completely naked man. He has to have at least a pair of boots or something on. To me, a fully dressed man is more erotic than a naked one. A naked man is, of course beautiful, but dress him in black leather or a uniform – ah, then he is more than beautiful, then he is sexy!
Tom of Finland
I said if I have a No. 1, I’ll do a naked photo shoot! I’m not sure a lot of people would like to see that, but it was more to the fans, really. Every gig I do, they try to get me to take my clothes off, so it’s a promise to them – if I get a No. 1, I’ll happily do a naked shoot.
Olly Murs
The beauty of a naked body is felt only by the dressed races.
Fernando Pessoa
I had to get over my fear of running through the world naked and learn to say ‘take me or leave me.’
Steven Spielberg
I feel naked without my rings, and don’t like walking out of the house without them, even if they do tear half of my sweaters and stab my friends in the eye.
Zoey Deutch
Drag threatens people because it exposes and mocks identity. Because most people believe that they are what it says they are on their driver’s license. But the truth is we are all born naked, and the rest is drag.
I want no blood from you–not until we’re both sweaty and naked and you’re screaming my name.
Nalini Singh
The weirdest request I got was for a picture of me naked with nothing on but my cowboy boots. Needless to say, she went home empty-handed. I have, however, on several occasions, strolled around my apartment in nothing but my cowboy boots. There was just no one there to take pictures.
Ian Ziering
Sanity, soundness, and sincerity, of which gleams and strains can still be found in the human brain under powerful microscopes, flourish only in a culture of clarification, which is now becoming harder and harder to detect with the naked eye.
James Thurber
I can’t become naked for everybody. It’s never going to be possible for the person to write the whole story completely, so I find bits of myself, bits of what I think in some articles. And I don’t give lip service to journalists. I never make them feel comfortable. I say, “It’s your job to make the story.”
Rei Kawakubo
There is something about spending Christmas alone, naked, sitting by the Christmas tree gripping a shotgun, that lets you know your life is spinning dangerously outta control.
Nikki Sixx
The living model, the naked body of a woman, is the privileged seat of feeling, but also of questioning… The model must mark you, awaken in you an emotion which you seek in turn to express.
Henri Matisse
Erotica: the depiction of naked men. Depictions of naked women are far less innocent and are known as “pornography.”
Richard Summerbell
But even this piece of flattery couldn’t distract me from the fact that I was in the center of the Fae realm, blind, stark naked, and without the slightest idea of what was going on.
Patrick Rothfuss
One newspaper even published one of my nude paintings – the one of me naked from the waste up.
Cleo Moore
I like my bikinis very small, and I also like, uh, nude-colored bikinis because people double-take – they think I’m naked on the beach.
Kate Upton
You’re thinking about a dish, you’re thinking about an ingredient, and in many ways, you end up becoming a naked chef in front of the customer, because what you put on the plate is you. It’s who you are and where you’ve been.
Dominique Crenn
She is so naked and singular. She is the sum of yourself and your dream. Climb her like a monument, step after step. She is solid.
Anne Sexton
I made my first trip west of the Hudson and it was a revelation. The naked musculature of the Rockies was overpowering and my painting responded.
Elaine de Kooning
Consider everything in the nature of a hanging fixture a weakness, and naked radiators an abomination.
Frank Lloyd Wright
George: [On the ‘Two Virgins’ cover] ‘What I thought of the sleeve then was the same as I think now: it’s just two not-very-nice-looking bodies, two flabby bodies naked. It’s harmless, really – different strokes for different folks.
George Harrison
A photograph gives us the naked truth,which has to be clothed by the imagination.
Francis Meadow Sutcliffe
With a book, there’s no volume to turn up. You’re very naked with a book.
Henry Rollins
I happen to be extremely comfortable naked.
Gaby Hoffmann
Astronomers sometimes observe that a star of medium magnitude increases suddenly in size; a star invisible to the naked eye may become very brilliant and visible without any telescope – the appearance of a Nova.
Frederic Joliot-Curie
In recurring episodes over the next couple of decades, the minority view gradually won. A profusion of factors differentiates each case from the others, including naked partisanship on both sides, but the trend has been clear.
Michael Kinsley
‘Scary Movie’ was a different type of comedy than I’m used to. I’ve mostly done sitcoms, so working with David Zucker, who wrote the film and who directed the last two ‘Scary Movie’s and ‘Airplane’ and ‘Naked Gun,’ was a lot of help.
Ashley Tisdale
The trees down the boulevard stand naked in thought,
Their abundant summery wordage silenced, caught
In the grim undertow; naked the trees confront
Implacable winter’s long, cross-questioning brunt.
D. H. Lawrence
The poison came in liquid, she was naked all the time.
Tom Petty
Even from far away, I could see people being chased by hellhounds, burned at the stake, forced to run naked through cactus patches or listen to opera music.
Rick Riordan
When I went to jail, reality hit so hard that it took my breath away, took my stance away, took my strength away. I was there buck naked, humiliated, sitting in my own crap and urine – this is a metaphor. My ego had run off. Your ego is the biggest coward.
Tim Allen
Love has the faculty of making two lovers seem naked, not in each other’s sight, but in their own.
Cesare Pavese
You can’t go further than being naked.
Bruno Dumont
Father, thy hand
Hath reared these venerable columns, thou
Didst weave this verdant roof. Thou didst look down
Upon the naked earth, and, forthwith, rose
All these fair ranks of trees. They, in thy sun,
Budded, and shook their green leaves in thy breeze,
And shot towards heaven.
William C. Bryant
I look up so much to those movies, ‘Airplane!’ and ‘Naked Gun.’ I think that stuff is so funny. I grew up just loving all that stuff and sort of idolizing Leslie Nielsen.
Rob Huebel
There’s a lot of psychology involved in my work, a lot of mind play going on when you try and convince someone to feel good about their bodies and have the confidence to walk down a catwalk naked when, initially at least, it’s probably the last thing they’d plan to do.
Gok Wan
I grew up on movies like Airplane! and The Naked Gun. You probably saw it more recently, but as a kid I grew up on them so I loved those kinds of movies.
Ashley Tisdale
True evangelical faith, cannot lie dormant, it clothes the naked, it feeds the hungry, it comforts the sorrowful, it shelters the destitute, it serves those that harm it, it binds up that which is wounded, it has become all things to all creatures.
Menno Simons
I spend most of my life naked. In fact, I often have to be told by the people around me that it’s inappropriate to be as naked as I am.
Adam Levine
Faith is a gift of God. Without it there would be no life. And our work, to be fruitful, and to be all for God, and to be beautiful, has to be built of faith. Faith in Christ who has said, I was hungry, I was naked, I was sick, and I was homeless, and you ministered to me! On these words of His all our work is based.
Mother Teresa
My ideal is to wake up in the morning and run around the meadow naked.
Daryl Hannah
You don’t want to loose your old friend – the misery – You have invested too much into false – Hence the fear to be exposed -to be true – to be naked as you are
Truth is, I think naked men are kind of strange looking what with their doodles and ding-dong hanging loose like they do. Nevertheless, there’s the curiosity thing. I guess it’s another one of those car crash experiences, where you feel compelled to look even if you know you’ll be horrified.
Janet Evanovich
As FIFA leaked information to the media, portraying me as an unethical person, I felt I was left naked, helpless to defend myself, as they repeatedly cut me with a sharp knife.
Chung Mong-joon
We can lie in the language of dress or try ot tell the truth; but unless we are naked and bald, it is impossible to be silent.
Alison Lurie
you and I have good enough minds to know how very limited and finite they really are. The naked intellect is an extraordinarily inaccurate instrument.
Madeleine L’Engle
Last time you called me late at night you were naked and chained to your shower curtain rod. I hope this isn’t going to be disappointing.
Janet Evanovich
This intimacy is not necessary; no one is compelling me to open my inmost self and lay it naked, undefended, against that of another – merely for the joy of the communion.
Sebastian Faulks
A naked blade sheathed in velvet, that was Raphael’s voice.
Nalini Singh
Oh no, is it naked time?
Ilona Andrews
Without the great arts which speak to the sense of beauty, a man seems to me a poor, naked, shivering creature. These are his becoming draperies, which warm and adorn him.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Lion sounds that have not grown from the mouse may exude naked power… but cannot convey any wisdom or understanding… The initial steps on the path to courageous speech then are the first tentative steps into the parts of us that cannot speak.
David Whyte
I wouldn’t inflict my naked body on any paying audience.
Richard Griffiths
Songwriting is such an intimate thing, and with people you don’t normally write with, you’re naked.
Tony Kanal
The gold iridescent ‘Naked’ outfit is perhaps not my finest moment.
Louise Nurding
If you really do want to be an actor who can satisfy himself and his audience, you need to be vulnerable. You must reach the emotional and intellectual level of ability where you can go out stark naked, emotionally, in front of an audience.
Jack Lemmon
I know him, February’s thrush, And loud at eve he valentines On sprays that paw the naked bush Where soon will sprout the thorns and bines.
George Meredith
Religion is commodified; the educational system is a sham; and yet,[Bob] Dylan wonders, everyone has to stand naked sometime.
Jay Michaelson
There is need for some kind of make-believe in order to face death unflinchingly. To our real, naked selves there is not a thing on earth or in heaven worth dying for.
Eric Hoffer
The miser, starving his brother’s body, starves also his own soul, and at death shall creep out of his great estate of injustice, poor and naked and miserable
Theodore Parker
Burroughs is the greatest satirical writer since Jonathan Swift. . . . The net result of Naked Lunch will be to make people shudder at their own lies, will be to make them open up and be straight with one another. Swift and Rabelais and Sterne accomplished a step in that direction, and Burroughs another.
Jack Kerouac
Oh! If only we were naked now, and free to watch our protruding parts align; To whisper – both of us – in ecstasy!
Arthur Rimbaud
Un-winged and naked, sorrow surrenders its crown to a throne called grace.
Catholics have more extreme sex lives because they’re taught that pleasure is bad for you. Who thinks it’s normal to kneel down to a naked man who’s nailed to a cross? It’s like a bad leather bar.
John Waters
Had I but served my God with half the zeal I served my king, he would not in mine age have left me naked to mine enemies.
William Shakespeare
Seeing a woman’s child is like seeing a woman naked, in the way it changes how her face looks to you, how her face becomes less the whole story.
John Crowley
In other words, let’s give our young women the right weapons to fight with as they charge naked into battle, instead of ordering them to get back in the house and put some goddamn clothes on.
Amanda Palmer
Poems are a dance of language that comes out when my body taps into the rhythm of language. Rhythm gets us naked and exposes our selves completely.
Kim Hyesoon
[Trading] With the French one had to be especially careful. French oarswomen were known to take men aside, point to whatever they wanted, and then peel off their own shirts. It took great presence of mind to bargain with a half-naked Frenchwoman.
Stefan Kieszling
Though the heart wear the garment of its sorrow And be not happy like a naked star, Yet from the thought of peace some peace we borrow, Some rapture from the rapture felt afar.
George Santayana
Lifeless in appearance, sluggish dazed spring approaches They enter the new world naked, cold, uncertain of all save that they enter.
William Carlos Williams
Is Naked Juice a beverage, or is it a snack? I think we can liquefy snacks or snackify liquids.
Indra Nooyi
When I’m at home alone, I run up the stairs naked. It’s quite funny.
Louis Tomlinson
I am the blue-lidded daughter of Sunset; I am the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night-sky.
Aleister Crowley
I find nothing wrong with the naked body.
Moira Kelly
When I was really small, my mother had difficulty keeping me dressed, as I liked to be naked! I definitely had very strong ideas on what I wanted to wear. My favourite look was always Action Man and Spiderman. Now though, I really like beautiful clothes.
Cara Delevingne
Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor.
Robert A. Heinlein
The thorny path bears some of the sweetest flowers that adorn life. And when with naked, bleeding feet we walk upon a flinty soil, we often find diamonds.
Elizabeth Prentiss
Seriously, don’t even get me started on my hot bod. You don’t want to see me naked, Dave. Seeing me naked actually took Hazel Grace’s breath away,’ he said, nodding toward the oxygen tank.
John Green
We all come into this world the same: naked, scared, and ignorant. After that grand entrance, the life we end up with is simply an accumulation of the choices we make.
Darren Hardy
I want to live my life naked, with all my little naked kids naked in the garden.
Candice Swanepoel
Get down, get naked, get savage.
Ron Carlson
She wants to learn how to handle a gun. Well, I want George Clooney naked in my bed, but I haven’t attempted kidnapping. Yet.
Nora Roberts
In the final analysis, the progress of our civilization will be retarded if any large body of citizens falls behind. Without the help of thousands of others, any one of us would die, naked and starved.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Alan Zweibel is the funniest writer in the world. He might be even funnier when he’s naked, but I’m afraid to find out.
Dave Barry
There was just this amazing individuality. It’s just a whole different world of optimism and fearlessness, women taking off their bras and dancing around naked, and a political hopefulness and involvement.
Jill Clayburgh
I once dated a guy so dumb he could not count to 21 unless he was naked
Joan Rivers
Being nearly naked around Barrons felt a lot like going to a shark convention lightly basted in blood.
Karen Marie Moning
We all came into this world naked. The rest is all drag.
Before the days of video village a director should stand right next to the camera, look with his naked eye and if he sees something that is real to him, he’d look up at the [camera] operator and if he gives the look to indicate he’d seen it to, then you print and you’d move on.
Matt Damon
Every time I see you naked, I feel sorry for your wife.
Jaromir Jagr
For men in earnest have no time to waste In patching fig-leaves for the naked truth.
James Russell Lowell
Sometimes I’m irritated because if you’re running around in a game, and you’re half-naked in a game, this is a choice that I may not have personally chosen to look like this to somebody I’m talking to in a game world, but I am.
Brenda Romero
To bear all naked truths, And to envisage circumstance, all calm, That is the top of sovereignty
John Keats
I didn’t know what to think about first: me seeing Claude naked, Claude seeing me naked, or the whole fact that we were related and naked in the same room. (Sookie Stackhouse, Dead in the Family)
Charlaine Harris
The objects that are of moderate energy, like our sun or most of the stars that we see in the night sky with the naked eye, are objects in which relatively moderate energy processes are taking place.
Claude Nicollier
They say a lot of women would like to see me naked, but there’s not a lens long enough for that.
Andy Garcia
God already knows the naked truth about us, of course. Why not acknowledge it?
Philip Yancey
It’s not that I’m against nudity. I’m German, I’m very open, in Germany they lay in the park naked. It’s just the principle.
Claudia Schiffer
Singing is the rawest thing. Having been naked in films or naked in photo shoots, it’s nothing compared to singing. It’s absolute nakedness. You are stripped bare! It’s very strange. Acting seems much easier, in fact, because you are putting on a costume – whereas here, you are taking everything off.
Lou Doillon
There is always a bit of seduction to it when one person is clothed and the other is naked, which can be a little weird. Everybody should be naked. In that case, it would be easier. Let’s do a huge naked photo shoot!
Carine Roitfeld
If you took naked pictures of yourself on your cell phone, you hide your face, people! Hide your face!
Reese Witherspoon
I just never want to be in this situation where I get to set and they’re like, ‘We rewrote this scene, you’re now naked.’ I need a little prep work.
Max Greenfield
I have a bronze statue of myself, naked. I have these really big curls and water comes out of every curl. It’s hot.
Macy Gray
I have this recurring nightmare where I’m giving a speech in front of my old high school classmates, and they start laughing at me, and I look down and realize I’m naked. And a shark.
Dustin Milligan
Most of us carry at least one device, all the time, every day. In fact many of us would feel naked without our smartphone. It’s hardly surprising mobile search queries – and mobile commerce – are growing dramatically across the world.
Larry Page
I wouldn’t mind going half naked on stage, if that is what my role demands.
Randeep Hooda
People’s hearts can’t be seen by the naked eye. But it doesn’t matter, because you are not alone!
Sakura Tsukuba
It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon, there’s a couple lying naked in bed reading Encyclopediea Brittannica to each other, and arguing about whether the Andromeda Galaxy is more ‘numinous’ than the Ressurection. Do they know how to have a good time, or don’t they?
Carl Sagan
Poetry is a naked woman, a naked man, and the distance between them.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
If we carry purism to it’s logical conclusion, to do it right {fishing} you’d have to live naked in a cave, hit your trout on the head with rocks, and eat them raw. But, so as not to violate another essential element of the fly-fishing tradition, the rocks would have to be quarried in England and cost $300 each.
John Gierach
No mask like open truth to cover lies, As to go naked is the best disguise.
William Congreve
The idea of photographing an Arab man naked and having him simulate homosexual activity, and having an American GI woman in the photographs, is the end of society in their eyes.
Seymour Hersh
My humor came from seeing my parents have sex, smoke weed, my mom being naked – just weird hippie stuff, twisted R-rated humor.
Shia LaBeouf
Doffing the ego’s safe glory, he finds his naked reality.
Dag Hammarskjold
If you want to be a rock star or just be famous, then run down the street naked, you’ll make the news or something. But if you want music to be your livelihood, then play, play, play and play! And eventually you’ll get to where you want to be.
Eddie Van Halen
I can’t stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or a vulgar action.
Tennessee Williams
Any but the most brutish of men must be touched with a certain awe or wonder at the baring of a woman’s naked soul.
Robert E. Howard
When we strip away the clothes, the jewelry, that’s who we really are. I walk around naked in my house.
Leonor Varela
It’s been reported that some of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s opponents have been circulating naked pictures of Arnold on the Internet. Yeah, in a related story, Arnold is leading the other candidates by four inches.
Conan O’Brien
It’s very funny because every time I make a movie, and I’ve heard this re-echoed by other filmmakers and actors I have worked with, you kind of feel like you’re naked again. You have to figure it all out from scratch, as if you had never done it before.
Todd Haynes
I suggest in my own discussion of this episode, Mann invites us to set the attempt to philosophize about his predicament in the context of Aschenbach’s life. The literary presentation thus adds to the naked philosophical skeleton.
Philip Kitcher
Because I enjoy training, obviously what comes with that is if you haven’t been training, or you’re not feeling like you’re in great shape, then the last thing you want to do, like anyone, is to be seen by millions half naked.
Kelvin Fletcher
When one tears away the veils and shows them naked, people’s souls give off such a pungent smell of decay.
Octave Mirbeau
My grandma has never been impressed with the TV show [Desperate Housewives]. She was so angry because I was on television kissing a boy naked; she’s very traditional. She said: “If I ever see you kissing that boy again…”.
Eva Longoria
The sea of faith Was once, too, at the full, and round earth’s shore Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furled. But now I only hear Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar, Retreating, to the breath Of the night-wind, down the vast edges drear And naked shingles of the world.
Matthew Arnold
I was so bad with the food and alcohol in Nashville. If you saw me naked compared to what I looked like when I did Iron Man 2, when I was exercising every day – I’ll get it back together, but I’ve never eaten so much fried food and white flour in my life, ever.
Gwyneth Paltrow
I can do most anything and not have a problem with it. The only time I have negative attention is when I run naked through the streets brandishing a handgun.
Janeane Garofalo
Orion brightened. “I have an idea.” “Yes?” said Foaly, daring to hope that a spark of Artemis remained. “Why don’t we look for some magic stones that can grant wishes? Or, if that doesn’t work, you could search my naked body for some mysterious birthmark that means I am actually the prince of somewhere or other.
Eoin Colfer
One day as I came home early, I saw a man jogging naked. I said to the guy, ‘Hey, buddy, why are you doing that?’ He said, ‘Because you came home early.’
Rodney Dangerfield
A woman half dressed seemed to have some power, but a man was simply not as handsome as when he was naked, and not as secure as when he was clothed.
John Irving
As long as more people will pay admission to a theater to see a naked body than to see a naked brain, the drama will languish.
George Bernard Shaw
Even if you’ve taken off every stitch of clothing, you still have your secrets, your history, your true name. It’s hard to be really naked. You have to work hard at it. Just getting into a bath isn’t being naked, not really. It’s just showing skin.
Catherynne M. Valente
The law has been perverted through the influence of two very different causes-naked greed and misconceived philanthropy.
Frederic Bastiat
I have my wizards rock along. Could I interest you? Naked?
Inside the room, a man and a woman were wrestling. They were both naked.
George R. R. Martin
When you have Ken Jeong naked next to you when you’re doing a scene, it’s pretty easy to stay loose.
Danny Pudi
Americans are so stiff when it comes to nudity. For me, I’ve always walked around the house naked. My husband, in real life, is like, ‘Babe, could you just put some clothes on! Keep the mystery alive!’
Shanola Hampton
I could get drunk and run around Nashville naked. But I won’t because I want to set a good example for my fans. I think they deserve to have a role model.
Taylor Swift
I come from a very naked family, so that’s just something that’s not a big deal for me. I don’t think it means anything other than that.
Gaby Hoffmann
I always thought there was some cleverness to the joke diet in which you could eat as much as you want and as often as you want, but everything must be consumed naked in front of a full-length mirror. That would deter me!
Gene Weingarten
The French painter Rousseau was once asked why he put a naked woman on a red sofa in the middle of his jungle pictures. He answered, ‘I needed a bit of red there.’
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Out of the debris of a statue thoroughly shattered a new art work is born: a naked foot unforgettably resting on a stone; a candid hand; a bent knee which contains all the speed of the foot race; a torso which has no face to prevent us from loving it.
Stephanie Crayencour
Cause I might be naked and lonely Shaking branches for bones But I’m still time zones away From who I was the day before we met You were the first mile Where my heart broke a sweat And I wish you were here I wish you’d never left But mostly I wish you well I wish you my very very best.
Andrea Gibson
I will dine nowhere without your consent although with my present feelings I might be trusted with fifty virgins naked in a dark room.
Horatio Nelson
Death is a great revealer of what is in a man, and in its solemn shadow appear the naked lineaments of the soul.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
everyone is naked… under their clothes.
Ashley Purdy
Richard John Neuhaus, in his well-known book The Naked Public Square, tells us that in America, the public square has become openly hostile to religion.
Stephen L. Carter
Bizarre and engrossingly disturbing, Naked Lunch, finds truth in madness.
William S. Burroughs
To be sure an European woman would blush to her fingers’ ends at the very idea of appearing publicly stark naked; but education and prejudice are everything, since it is an axiom, that where there is no feeling of self-reproach, there can assuredly be no shame.
John Gabriel Stedman
The naked mole is, like, the ugliest freakin’ creature in the world. It is so radically, unbelievably disgusting. And the star-nosed mole is also. It looks like it snorted a firecracker. They live way underground, and to get footage of them is basically impossible.
Ze Frank
My favorite thing is to be naked, which is why I always live in remote areas. My ideal is to wake in the morning and run around the meadows naked. I think it’s a good idea to live in harmony with nature.
Daryl Hannah
I’m not photographing anything naked these days. I haven’t been concentrating on bodies recently.
Robert Mapplethorpe
PE is the sound of naked defiance.
Vernon Reid
I think I discovered my first, you know, my first image of a naked woman was sort of sneaking a peek at one of those magazines that was in my dad’s store.
Aasif Mandvi
I love you, Dominique. As selfishly as the fact that I exist. As selfishly as my lungs breathe air. I breathe for my own necessity, for the fuel of my body, for my survival. I’ve given you, not my sacrifice or my pity, but my ego and my naked need. This is the only way I can want you to love me.
Ayn Rand
Oh, my god!” I said, throwing my hands over my eyes and hurtling my body against the counter. “What?” “You’re naked.” “I’m not naked.” “I’m blind.” “You’re not blind. I’m wearing pants.” “Oh.” That was embarrassing.
Darynda Jones
In naked beauty more adorn’d, More lovely than Pandora.
John Milton
A self without a shelf remains cryptic; a home without books naked.
Leah Price
Beware of the naked man who offers you his shirt.
Navjot Singh Sidhu
About Archimedes one remembers that he did strange things: he ran around naked shouting ‘Heureka!’, plunged crowns into water, drew geometric figures as he was about to be killed, and so on. One ends up forgetting he was a scientist of whom we still have many writings.
Lucio Russo
At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by “I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in.
Mother Teresa
I love Cronenberg so much, especially the films he was doing in the mid to late ’80s and early ’90s, like ‘Naked Lunch’ and ‘Dead Ringers’.
Ari Aster
I didn’t need clothes. I was allowed the opportunity to act out moments you don’t get the opportunity to experience in your own life, let alone as a character in a film. I didn’t feel naked.
Marguerite Moreau
I’m damned if I’m going to be eaten by a bear when I’m naked.” “I’m sure it’s a more pleasant experience dressed.
Nora Roberts
He had senile dementia and liked to go outside naked, but he could still do two things perfectly: win at checkers and write out prescriptions.
Barbara Kingsolver
Plato defines melody to consist of harmony, number and words: harmony naked of itself, words the ornament of harmony, number the common friend and uniter of them both.
John Dowland
Fasion is about eventually becoming naked.
Vivienne Westwood
All unwillingly I opened my eyes – then I opened them wider, and lifted my head. The heat, my weariness, were quite forgotten. Piercing the shadows of the naked stage was a single shaft of rosy limelight, and in the centre of this there was a girl: the most marvellous girl – I knew it at once! – that I had ever seen.
Sarah Waters
I dreamed about you baby. It was just the other night. Most of you was naked Ah, but some of you was light.
Leonard Cohen
Go away,” he said. “Do you know you’ve almost no clothes on?” “Never mind. I need—” “Never mind? Listen to me, Miss Innocence. There are many things a man can ‘never mind.’ A nearly naked woman isn’t one of them.
Loretta Chase
The naked intellect is an extraordinarily inaccurate instrument.
Madeleine L’Engle
I don’t like the idea of you shivering unless I cause it. Stay warm.” —-Roarke, Naked In Death
Nora Roberts
for man, woman, and child the tender, irregular, sensitive, living foot, which does not even stand with all its little surface on the ground, and which makes no base to satisfy an architectural eye, is, as it were, the unexpected thing. … nothing makes a more helpless and unsymmetrical sign than does a naked foot.
Alice Meynell
Hello, princess,” said Lord Maccon to the vampire. “Got yourself into quite a pickle this time, didn’t you?” Lord Akeldama looked him up and down. “My sweet young naked boy, you are hardly one to talk. Not that I mind, of course.
Gail Carriger
At the end of the day, we came into the world naked, and that’s the way we’re going to go.
Sara Sampaio
When I first started, I wasn’t really into movies that much unless it was an action-packed gunslinger with naked women here and there.
Josh Duhamel
An athletic man, or whatever you want to call him, will only look good in a very classic suit, a pair of classic jeans, athletic clothes or simply naked. Forget fashion. This is not going to happen, unless you want to look like a Chippendales dancer in designer clothes.
Hedi Slimane
We want to see the universe in its absolute, pure, naked, perfection. We want to know its wonder. We want to know the totality of ourselves. That’s done in steps and degrees and not in one day.
Frederick Lenz
Dancing in the strip club, Not the dancing, but the being naked was excruciatingly scary for me.
Mary Steenburgen
A woman wearing a revealing dress will always be sexier than a naked woman.
Steve Coogan
Man alone at the very moment of his birth, cast naked upon the naked earth, does she abandon to cries and lamentations.
Pliny the Elder
The naked truth is still taboo.
Bob Dylan
If you are a large company and you want to do something unique, you almost by definition have to tap onto the core business in some way. Otherwise you are going into a naked fight against startups, and that’s just a tough place to be.
Scott D. Anthony
I like ruins because what remains is not the total design, but the clarity of thought, the naked structure, the spirit of the thing.
Tadao Ando
O’er hill and field October’s glories fade;
O’er hill and field the blackbirds southward fly;
The brown leaves rustle down the forest glade,
Where naked branches make a fitful shade,
And the lost blooms of Autumn withered lie.
George Arnold
While I deplored and denounced the incivilities of Quakerism in my day (such as the going naked in public by some at sundry times), my position regarding their religious views was, “They will answer to God, at their own peril, in the great day approaching [that is, the day of divine judgment].”
Roger Williams
For me, acting is becoming naked in front of people, you know? And when you know in the back of your mind somebody is testing you, you cannot really bare yourself. That’s a feeling I always have when I’m auditioning.
Irrfan Khan
To be naked is to be oneself.
John Berger
In India and in New York the economy is naked. People are starving physically in India, and emotionally in New York.
Francesco Clemente
I wish I had never taken naked pictures of myself on a phone to send to a girl. It’s the worst thing ever.
Pete Wentz
Salvador DalГ­ seduced many ladies, particularly American ladies, but these seductions usually consisted of stripping them naked in his apartment, frying a couple of eggs, putting them on the woman’s shoulders and, without a word, showing them the door.
Luis Bunuel
Each time, storytellers clothed the naked body of the myth in their own traditions, so that listeners could relate more easily to its deeper meaning.
Joan D. Vinge
Love is a naked child: do you think he has pockets for money?
I often think that a slightly exposed shoulder emerging from a long satin nightgown packs more sex than two naked bodies in bed.
Bette Davis
Peace. It is a providence, and no great change; we are only what we always were, but naked now.
Arthur Miller
To spend your days in the company of naked men – that was the life for me. ‘Turn a bit to the left, Jean-Claude. I long to capture the playful quality of your buttocks.
David Sedaris
I got kind of scared when I thought they wanted me to do something… I didn’t want to be naked on the front of a magazine unless everybody would know it was a joke. I wouldn’t want to be naked even then.
Dolly Parton
People are like, ‘How does Julianne Moore look naked?’ I don’t know. She was pressed up against me the whole time. I couldn’t look at her.
Mark Ruffalo
By now I was utterly deprogrammed. I walked along naked usually, clothes being not only putrid but unnecessary. My skin had been baked a deep terra-cotta brown and was the constituency of harness leather. The sun no longer penetrated it. I retained my hat.
Robyn Davidson
When man invented fire, he didn’t say, “Hey, let’s cook.” He said, “Great, now we can see naked bottoms in the dark.
Steven Moffat
If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?
George Carlin
I trust in due time to lay the perfidy, meanness, and wickedness of [Henry] Clay naked before the American people. I have lately got an intimation of some of his secret movements, which, if I can reach with positive and responsible proof, I will wield to his political, and perhaps his actual, destruction.
Andrew Jackson
You smell good.” “It’s called a shower. Soap, shampoo, water-” “Naked. I know the drill.
Becca Fitzpatrick
Of one thing be certain: if a CEO is enthused about a particularly foolish acquisition, both his internal staff and his outside advisors will come up with whatever projections are needed to justify his stance. Only in fairy tales are emperors told that they are naked.
Warren Buffett
When a mad man walks naked, it is his kinsmen who feel shame, not himself.
Chinua Achebe
Who is she, why is she still here and when can I see her naked? Paris asked with an eyebrow wiggle
Gena Showalter
The Naked Socialist connects the ancient order of oppression with the modern order of oppression. The Naked Socialist is a fabulous book and we need to get everyone to read it NOW!
Morgan Philpot
There are naked people in boots on a mountain top firing guns.
Andy Richter
I walked around as you do, investigating the endless star, and in my net, during the night, I woke up naked, the only thing caught, a fish trapped inside the wind.
Pablo Neruda
I realized that I had the call to take care of the sick and the dying, the hungry, the naked, the homeless – to be God’s Love in action to the poorest of the poor. That was the beginning of the Missionaries of Charity.
Mother Teresa
Sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex.
I didn’t grow up in a naked household, but nudity was not a taboo thing. My mother was an artist and there were naked sculptures and paintings all over the place.
Ingrid Michaelson
People’s attitudes about sex aren’t healthy anywhere, except maybe in those tribes where they go around naked.
Asia Argento
Come on, Megeara. Walk on the wild side with me. Let’s get naked and ruin Solin’s upholstery. It serves two purposes. We’re happy and he’s pissed. (Arik)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I have to see myself naked! That’s all that counts. If I’m not happy with my naked body, who will be?
Kelly Rowland
The unmulched garden looks to me like some naked thing which for one reason or another would be better off with a few clothes on.
Ruth Stout
True peace of mind can be obtained only when one is personally awakened to the stark-naked fact that every effort is ultimately in vain.
Zenkei Shibayama
Bare,” came her answer in a squeak. “Yes, we’d both have to be bare,” he said with a laugh. “Not bare naked,” she gasped. “Bear bear. Furry bear. Bear!” -Mortimer and Sam
Lynsay Sands
I hated the Naked Chef. Fine, yes, he did good things for school food or whatever, but, you know, I don’t want my chefs to be cute and adorable.
Anthony Bourdain
I remember my sisters, they loved a movie called ‘The Naked Island.’ And the flute was actually playing the main theme. A Japanese movie. A beautiful movie from 1961. I remember hearing this music with a flute many, many times a day at home.
Alexandre Desplat
She felt dirty all over and looking over Sebastian, sweat on his brow and his naked torso barely covered by the sheets, she had to swallow back bile at what she’d just done.
Cassandra Clare
With the rise of identity politics, the expression of naked prejudice against members of a supposedly privileged group has become mainstream.
Kemi Badenoch
‘The Naked Civil Servant’ by Quentin Crisp. I was so intrigued by the man, I hunted him down when I moved to New York. My first interview was with him. I filmed our conversation and it got me my first job in television.
Tess Daly
If somebody on this team actually gets to first base, I’ll stand there naked.
Kate O’Brien
‘Naked Gun 33 1/3’ I think made me laugh more than anything ever made.
Horatio Sanz
Simon kept pace beside Clary for a few moments without speaking before he said, “So what did I miss? Naked dancing ladies?” Clary thought of the male faerie‘s torn-open ribs and shuddered. “Nothing that pleasant.
Cassandra Clare
I’d sleep outside naked in the blizzard,for you.
Ellen Hopkins
I don’t know (if they were men or women running naked across the field). They had bags over their heads.
Yogi Berra