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Miracle Quotes

Miracle Quotes by Kurt Vonnegut, Henry Miller, Karen Thompson Walker, Heinrich Heine, Pablo Casals, Vanessa L Ochs and many others.

I believe that reading and writing are the most nourishing forms of meditation anyone has so far found. By reading the writings of the most interesting minds in history, we meditate with our own minds and theirs as well. This to me is a miracle.
Kurt Vonnegut
Moralities, ethics, laws, customs, beliefs, doctrines – these are of trifling import. All that matters is that the miraculous become the norm.
Henry Miller
We were a different kind of Christian, the quiet, reasonable kind, a breed embarrassed by the mention of miracles.
Karen Thompson Walker
In earlier religions the spirit of the time was expressed through the individual and confirmed by miracles. In modern religions the spirit is expressed through the many and confirmed by reason.
Heinrich Heine
The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.
Pablo Casals
To make your spiritual yearning public, I thought, was to announce that you were wounded. To turn deeply into religion was to admit that your own resources were so weak you had to resort to magic and miracle cures for healing. To acquire faith was to mobilize the powers of an overly active imagination.
Vanessa L Ochs
The miracle of enlightenment is that you take the self and let it dissolve in the white light of eternity.
Frederick Lenz
Modern surgery has been like a miracle to those who thought the pain was going to go on forever.
Maeve Binchy
The miracle has passed me by; it has touched but not changed me; I still have the same name and I know I will probably bear it until the end of my days; I am no phoenix; resurrection is not for me; I have tried to fly but I am tumbling like a dazzled, awkward rooster back to earth, back behind the barbed wires.
Erich Maria Remarque
It was possible that a miracle was not something that happened to you, but rather something that didn’t.
Jodi Picoult
Spirituality lies not in the power to heal others, to perform miracles, or to astound the world with our wisdom, but in the ability to endure with right attitude whatever crosses we have to face in our daily lives, and thus to rise above them.
Daya Mata
The false notion of miracles comes of our vanity, which makes us believe we are important enough for the Supreme Being to upset nature on our behalf.
Baron de Montesquieu
You rush a miracle worker, you get lousy miracles!
Jim Butcher
I discovered the miracle that all things that sound are music, including the dishes and silverware in the dishwasher, as long as they fulfill the illusion of showing us where life is heading.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
When you really consider the everyday things around you, they start to seem like tiny miracles.
Amy Shearn
Funny how we look for miracles in our lives when our life is one big miracle in itself.
Victoria Finlay
Miracles have no claim whatever to the character of historical facts and are wholly invalid as evidence of any revelation.
John Stuart Mill
More than print and ink, a newspaper is a collection of fierce individualists who somehow manage to perform the astounding daily miracle of merging their own personalities under the discipline of the deadline and retain the flavor of their own minds in print.
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger
The power of miracle is the power of imagination.
Ludwig Feuerbach
Real miracles bother people, like strange sudden pains unknown in medical literature.
Leif Enger
Forgivenesss: It’s a miracle drug. It’s God’s miracle drug.
Gayle Forman
Some marriages are made in heaven, but they all have to be maintained on earth. Mrs Miracle
Debbie Macomber
There’s almost nothing like native Midwesterner anywhere else in the world, except in Asia. They’re miracles all in themselves.
Kurt Vonnegut
The miracle of Jesus is himself, not what he said or did.
It’s hard to remember that life is a miracle. We’re just living it and we forget that.
Rachel Weisz
People love miracle stories and dramatic moments of transcendence or transformation, and may then pursue their own dramatic “awakenings.”
Dan Millman
If you expect miracles in your life, then release any attachment to the outcome.
Joe Vitale
One of the main reasons that we lose our enthusiasm in life is because we become ungrateful..we let what was once a miracle become common to us. We get so accustomed to his goodness it becomes a routine.
Joel Osteen
Look on beauty,
And you shall see ’tis purchased by the weight,
Which therein works a miracle in nature,
Making them lightest that wear most of it.
William Shakespeare
If you’re squeezed for information, / that’s when you’ve got to play it dumb: / You just say you’re out there waiting / for the miracle, for the miracle to come.
Leonard Cohen
Your faith will perform miracles, especially when you get your hands and feet involved.
Spencer W. Kimball
Kenny Goldsmith from Ubuweb describes himself as an amateur archivist, and people can download files from Ubuweb – it’s not a streaming service. But it’s a miracle that it’s still online and they’re able to make it work through the donations of server space and volunteer efforts.
David Grubbs
All the things of the universe are perfect miracles, each as profound as any.
Walt Whitman
Without enthusiasm you are doomed to a life of mediocrity, but with it you can accomplish miracles.
Og Mandino
It is not the objective proof of God’s existence that we want but the experience of God’s presence. That is the miracle we are really after, and that is also, I think, the miracle that we really get.
Frederick Buechner
Shakespeare is an intellectual miracle.
Thomas Chalmers
The fact that your liver can regenerate itself is incredible – it’s a medical miracle.
Ed Henry
The question before the human race is, whether the God of nature shall govern the world by his own laws, or whether priests and kings shall rule it by fictitious miracles?
John Adams
A puppet, for example, is just a piece of wood, a couple of rivets, but put them together, and if you know how to do it, and the audience’s imagination joins in with this, then a miracle will come out of that machine. That is what we and the audience do in the theatre – we create miracles in that space.
Robert Lepage
For the truly faithful, no miracle is necessary. For those who doubt, no miracle is sufficient.
Nancy Gibbs
I am part-demon, part-human. What else does that make me?” She answered his question with one of her own. “I am part-centaur, part-human. Does that make me a mutant?” “It makes you a miracle.” She held his gaze. “Exactly.
P. C. Cast
He was my ultimate present my own personal miracle and I’d blown it. I’d given him away. It was like winning backstage passes to meet the rock star of your dreams and donating the tickets to charity. It sucked. Big time.
Colleen Houck
For my first role, I’m going to remember it forever as this incredible, positive experience, and just a miracle. The stars aligned, and it was perfect.
Julia Fox
There is no miracle cure for the many problems of the world.
Guy Verhofstadt
The whole order of things is as outrageous as any miracle which could presume to violate it.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Life from nonlife, like wine from water, has long been considered a miracle wrought by gods or God. Now it is seen to be the near-inevitable consequence of our thermal and chemical circumstances.
Ursula Goodenough
I don’t think this show would have come to me 10 years ago. It continues to be this wonderful miracle.
Stephen Collins
As I look back over the truly crucial events in my life I realize that they were not planned long in advance. Albert Einstein said, ‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.’
Albert Einstein
I had been very close to Anne Bancroft when we worked together in The Miracle Worker.
Patty Duke
Faith is the “eternal elixir” which gives life, power and action to the impulse of thought! Faith is the starting point of all accumulation of riches! Faith is the basis of all “miracles” and all mysteries which cannot be analyzed by the rules of science! Faith is the only known antidote for failure!
Napoleon Hill
Science surpasses the old miracles of mythology.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I grew up on the south side of Chicago in a working class community. There were no miracles in my life, there’s nothing miraculous about how I grew up, and I want people to know when they look at me, to be clear that they see what an investment in public education can look like.
Michelle Obama
It is absurd to say that the age of miracles is past. It has not yet begun.
Oscar Wilde
more each particular person is(my love) alive than every world can understand and now you are and i am now and we’re a mystery that will never happen again, a miracle which has never happened before and shining this our now must come to then
e. e. cummings
Each day when you wake up, say: “What miracles would you have me perform today?” Then listen.
Gabrielle Bernstein
If Beethoven is a prodigy of man, Bach is a miracle of God.
Gioachino Rossini
The age of miracles is forever here.
Thomas Carlyle
The greatest miracle of all time, without any close seconds, is the universe. It is the miracle of all miracles, one that ineluctably points with the combined brightness of every star to something – or Someone – beyond itself.
Eric Metaxas
The only good life is one in which there is no need for miracles.
Nadezhda Mandelstam
You must believe: a poem is a holy thing – a good poem, that is. The poem, even a short time after being written, seems no miracle; unwritten, it seems something beyond the capacity of the gods.
Theodore Roethke
Death was no less a miracle than birth.
Stephen King
In that endless time, we are born in the same age. In that infinite space, to be able to meet and become one with you, that fate is really amazing and the miracle is really beautiful.
Kim A-joong
It is because of our unassailable enthusiasm, our profound reverence for education, that we habitually demand of it the impossible. The teacher is expected to perform a choice and varied series of miracles.
Agnes Repplier
I guess that anything we manage to save from history is a miracle.
Donna Tartt
While serving others, we are most likely to plead for the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Success in the Lord’s service always produces miracles beyond our own powers.
Henry B. Eyring
A miracle is a shift in perception. The moment that we choose to perceive our life with love, we can create miraculous change.
Gabrielle Bernstein
I am quite surprised, that with all my work, and some of it is very, very good, that nobody talks about The Miracle Worker. We’re talking about Mrs. Robinson. I understand the world… I’m just a little dismayed that people aren’t beyond it yet.
Anne Bancroft
Let us not ask for miracles, let us not ask for concern with what is good for the country of him who comes as a stranger to make his fortune and leave afterwards.
Jose Rizal
Since man cannot live without miracles, he will provide himself with miracles of his own making. He will believe in witchcraft and sorcery, even though he may otherwise be a heretic, an atheist, and a rebel.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
By bringing the past into the present, we create a future just like the past. By letting the past go, we make room for miracles.
Marianne Williamson
I have seen miracles in my time, my brothers and sisters. The greatest miracle of all, I believe, is the transformation that comes into the life of a man or a woman who accepts the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and tries to live it in his or her life.
Gordon B. Hinckley
Teachers are expected to reach unattainable goals with inadequate tools. The miracle is that at times they accomplish this impossible task.
Haim Ginott
People can’t do miracles and are not responsible to do miracles, but people can pick up miracles from God and hand it to another person – a miracle happens when that occurs.
Bruce Wilkinson
Love, like broken porcelain, should be wept over and buried, for nothing but a miracle will resuscitate it: but who in this world has not for some wild moments thought to recall the irrecoverable with words?
Freya Stark
They sat on a park bench, held hands, and told each other their stories hour after hour. They were not lonely anymore. They had found and been found by their 100% perfect other. What a wonderful thing it is to find and be found by your 100% perfect other. It’s a miracle, a cosmic miracle.
Haruki Murakami
When it comes to salt, what was really staggering to me is that the industry itself is totally hooked on salt. It is this miracle ingredient that solves all of their problems. There is the flavor burst to the salt itself, but it also serves as a preservative, so foods can stay on the shelves for months.
Michael Moss
God raises the level of the impossible.
Corrie Ten Boom
Let us not seek to make it less monstrous, for our own convenience, our own sense of beauty, lest, awakened in one unthinkable hour, we are embarrassed by the miracle, and crushed by remonstrance.
John Updike
Miracles, contrary to popular belief, do not just happen. A miracle is the achievement of the impossible, and it is only when we put aside out greed, anger, pride and prejudice so that our minds are open and ready to accept it, that a miracle can occur.
Julie Andrews
The miracle of life is enough for me to believe in miracles.
Anthony D. Williams
It is not unreasonable to look upon Concorde as a miracle.
Brian Trubshaw
To base the unexplainabilty and the immense wonder of nature onto an other miracle, God, is unnecessary and not acceptable for any serious thinker.
Fritz Zwicky
Clouds out of control decoct anticipation. What use can any of us have for two moons? The miracle of order has run out and I am left in an unmiraculous city where anything may happen.
Samuel R. Delany
I feel it most in my work, because there aren’t roles about women who are spiritually evolving. That anyone would even write something like that, something that’s worth doing, would be a miracle!
Olympia Dukakis
A critic is a man who expects miracles.
James Gibbons
What actually happened with ‘Miracle’ was that someone saw me in ‘Jurassic Park’ and said, ‘We want someone with a white beard – how about him?’ I’ve got a round face, white hair, a white beard. I can wear half-moon glasses and waddle a little, cope with a cane, raise my hat.
Richard Attenborough
Every picture that is successful has one little miracle in it.
Elia Kazan
As I small child and hearing all the stories about him I, of course, looked up to him as some kind of miracle. Then I got to eight years old and suddenly I was taller than [Bernie Ecclestone].
Bernie Ecclestone
Whatever else I might have thought of [President George W] Bush’s call, with its assumption that prayer is some sort of miracle Vicks VapoRub for the national charley horse, it’s clear that his hands were reaching for any hands but mine.
Natalie Angier
If you turn it over to the universe, you will be surprised and dazzled by what is delivered to you. This is where magic and miracles happen.
Joe Vitale
The Universe is either expressing a miracle or is pregnant with the next one.
Marianne Williamson
We were put here as witnesses to the miracle of life. We see the stars, and we want them. We are beholden to give back to the universe. If we make landfall on another star system, we become immortal.
Ray Bradbury
My heart is singing for joy this morning! A miracle has happened! The light of understanding has shone upon my little pupil’s mind, and behold, all things are changed!
Anne Sullivan Macy
We meditate so we can see miracles unfolding. Without stillness life is a blur.
Russell Simmons
Commitment creates a powerful radiant energy that activates all sorts of “miracles” within and around you.
Susan Jeffers
One antidote for sexual truancy lies in simply teaching youth the wonder, the miracle, the reverence for the creation of life itself. Life is a divine creation. You don’t take chances with creation.
Sam Levenson
We who must die demand a miracle.
How could the Eternal do a temporal act,
The Infinite become a finite fact?
Nothing can save us that is possible:
We who must die demand a miracle.
W. H. Auden
Dogs are miracles with paws.
Each time we make this shift and choose happiness, we experience a miracle. Our mind shifts from fearful delusions and reconnects to our truth, which is love. Creating these shifts requires a dedicated commitment to choosing love.
Gabrielle Bernstein
Every believer is God’s miracle.
Philip James Bailey
To aim to convert a man by miracles is a profanation of the soul.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.
Louise L. Hay
Your miracles are an inside job. Go there to create the magic that you seek in your life.
Wayne Dyer
I read the novel ‘Miracle at St. Anna’ when it was first released, and I loved it.
Omar Benson Miller
This is your time. Their time is done. It’s over. I’m sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the Soviets have. Screw ’em. This is your time. Now go out there and take it!
Herb Brooks
My mother named me after a miracle of nature: Waris means desert flower. The desert flower blooms in a barren environment where few living things can survive.
Waris Dirie
Now seeds are just dimes to the man in the store And the dimes are the things that he needs, And I’ve been to buy them in seasons before But have thought of them merely as seeds; But it flashed through my mind as I took them this time, “You purchased a miracle here for a dime.”
Edgar Guest
I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.
Gerry Spence
The trouble with miracles is, they don’t last long.
Jerry Spinelli
Dark clouds outside are no match to the bright smiles of volunteers at the GK relief center. Hope shines brightest in darkness. Miracles of solidarity can help a nation walk on water.
Tony Meloto
Yoga is the methodology with which to unveil the miracle that exists right in front of our faces and inside ourselves.
Rodney Yee
When asked what he meant by a miracle: Oh, anything with a probability of less than 20%.
Enrico Fermi
In the New Testament, Thomas Jefferson cut out everything that was mystical, magical, miracle – physically with scissors – and then pasted in all that remained, such as Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
To live in the present moment is a miracle.
Nhat Hanh
Have faith in the magic and miracles of life, for only those that do get to experience them.
Hal Elrod
Life is a miracle, and being aware of simply this can already make us very happy.
Nhat Hanh
A miracle is nothing more nor less than this One who has come into a knowledge of his true identity, of his oneness with the allpervading Wisdom and Power, thus makes it possible for laws higher than the ordinary mind knows of to be revealed to him.
Ralph Waldo Trine
The miracles of Christ were studiously performed in the most unostentatious way. He seemed anxious to veil His majesty under the love with which they were wrought.
William Ellery Channing
Through the miracles of modern medicine George Burns still chases pretty girls, and through the miracle of modern psychiatry he intends to find out why!
Frank Welker
Confidence, to my way of thinking, generally is all the magic needed to work miracles.
Evalyn Walsh McLean
Music is a strange thing. I would almost say it is a miracle. For it stands halfway between thought and phenomenon, between spirit and matter.
Heinrich Heine
Miracles is the sort of book that once you’ve read it you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life
Kathie Lee Gifford
Do not wait for miracles to happen. The greatest miracle in life is life itself.
Jaggi Vasudev
It is strange to talk of miracles, revelations, inspiration, and the like, as things past, while love remains.
Henry David Thoreau
The maid that loves goes out to sea upon a shattered plank, and puts her trust in miracles for safety.
Edward Young
Death has an opposite, but the opposite is not mere living. It is not courage or faith or human will. The opposite of death is love. How had I missed that? How does anyone miss that? Love is our only weapon. Only love can turn mere life into a miracle, and draw precious meaning from suffering and fear
Nando Parrado
Look, miracles in the Middle East are a reality.
Ehud Olmert
The blooming of a flower is, in my mind, not a miracle. It’s something that we can understand on the basis of molecular biology these days.
Francis Collins
I think miracles exist in part as gifts and in part as clues that there is something beyond the flat world we see.
Peggy Noonan
Man is a greater miracle than any god he ever invented.
Rod Steiger
Man begins life helpless. The babe is in paroxysms of fear the moment its nurse leaves it alone, and it comes so slowly to any power of self-protection that mothers say the salvation of the life and health of a young child is a perpetual miracle.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
We all think we have time, you know. It’s this miracle substance and there seems to be so much of it, and then all of a sudden, it’s gone.
Eloisa James
Mind conjures miracles out of time.
Terence McKenna
The odds of not meeting in this life are so great that every meeting is like a miracle. It’s a wonder that we don’t make love to every single person we meet.
Yoko Ono
We are all miracles. What we do with the miracle is our choice.
Ron Fletcher
Friendship is a miracle by which a person consents to view from a certain distance, without coming any nearer, the very being who is as necessary to him as food.
Simone Weil
You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.
Paulo Coelho
Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.
Catherynne M. Valente
The miracle of Grenada is how quickly the Cuban workers beat their plowshares into Soviet AK-47s.
William Cohen
God never wrought miracles to convince atheism, because his ordinary works convince it.
Francis Bacon
It was like a miracle, but before our very eyes, and almost in the drawing of a breath, the whole body crumbled into dust and passed from our sight.
Bram Stoker
Any team can be a miracle team. The catch is that you have got to go out and work for your miracles. Effort is what ultimately separates great teams from ordinary teams.
Pat Riley
Food culture in the United States has long been cast as the property of a privileged class. It is nothing of the kind. Culture is the property of a species.
Barbara Kingsolver
Pushing yourself to extremes blows out the cobwebs of trusted habit. It shakes up what you know to be reliably safe and substitutes the miracle of insecurity.
Robert Genn
Reason is non-negotiable. Try to argue against it, or to exclude it from some realm of knowledge, and you’ve already lost the argument, because you’re using reason to make your case. … We don’t “believe” in reason.
Steven Pinker
I do not think our successes can compete with those of Lourdes. There are so many more people who believe in the miracles of the Blessed Virgin than in the existence of the unconscious.
Sigmund Freud
That miracles have been, I do believe; that they may yet be wrought by the living, I do not deny: but have no confidence in those which are fathered on the dead.
Thomas Browne
Maybe you once were excited about that person God supernaturally brought into your life as a marriage partner, but now all the excitement has worn off. Don’t’ allow that sense of a miracle to slip away. Don’t get so familiar with each other that you take one another for granted.
Joel Osteen
When the fire of your soul ignites the passion within your heart, don’t view it as an opportunity for success or failure, view it as an open door for miracles.
Jennifer Finney Boylan
If you wish your children to be Christians you must really take the trouble to be Christian yourselves. Those are the only terms upon which the home will work the gracious miracle.
Woodrow Wilson
How does a pansy, for example, select the ingredients from soil to get the right colors for the flower? Now there’s a great miracle. I think there’s a supreme power behind all of this. I see it in nature.
Clyde Tombaugh
The miracle or the power that elevates the few is to be found in their industry, application and perseverance under the promptings of a brave, determined spirit.
Mark Twain
To appeal to an omnipotent deity is to allow that at any moment the regularities of nature may be ruptured, that miracles may happen.
Richard Lewontin
Miracles begin when we consider the possibility that there might be another way.
Marianne Williamson
For in hope’s absence, a miracle arrived
Cameron Dokey
Where everything is possible miracles become commonplaces, but the familiar ceases to be self-evident.
Eric Hoffer
Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to what we know of nature.
Sylvia Fraser
How arrogant – how very far from humility – would be the self-satisfied, smug assurance that God, a tidy-up-after-us God will come and clean up our mess? Hope for a nanny God, who will with a miracle grant us amnesty from our folly – that’s not aligned with either history or the text of the Bible.
Sheldon Whitehouse
For the first time, I was the center of attention. Everyone watched me as if I were a bomb. Would I explode and cause a disaster or would I pop and cause a miracle?
Maria V. Snyder
Perhaps I am still very much of an American. That is to say, naГЇve, optimistic, gullible. In the eyes of a European, what am I but an American to the core, an American who exposes his Americanism like a sore. Like it or not, I am a product of this land of plenty, a believer in superabundance, a believer in miracles.
Henry Miller
A famous violinist once said. Music transcends words. By exchanging notes, you get to know one another, to understand one another. As if your souls were connected and your hearts were overlapping. It’s a conversation through instruments. A miracle that creates harmony. In that moment, music transcends words.
There will be miracles After the last war is won Science and poetry rule in the new world to come Prophets and angels Gave us the power to see What an amazing future there will be
Billy Joel
The only trap I must beware not to fall into, is to think that each day is the same as the next. In fact, each morning brings with it a hidden miracle, and we must pay attention to this miracle.
Paulo Coelho
Our daughter is a miracle baby, and having time with her and my sons means everything to me – they’re why I kept fighting.
The miracle-minded perception would be to make happiness itself our goal and to relinquish the thought that we know what that would look like.
Marianne Williamson
The brightest star on a cloudless night
Some kind of miracle, almost empty sky…
Just as the bite of the blade wakes the absent mind
There’s time to dream and there’s time to open your eyes
Dave Matthews
The film business has so many twists and turns that its a miracle any film gets made.
Peter Hambleton
Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.
Jim Rohn
It’s an appreciation for life generally, every bit of life, the smallest creature that lives in the intestines of termites that make termite life possible – to the leaves that turn out oxygen and grab carbon dioxide and with water make simple sugars that feed much of the world. I mean, these are everyday miracles.
Sylvia Earle
She would consider each day a miracle – which indeed it is, when you consider the number of unexpected things that could happen in each second of our fragile existences.
Paulo Coelho
There are two miracles in Canadian history. The first is the survival of French Canada, and the second is the survival of Canada.
F. R. Scott
Progress is Providence without God. That is, it is a theory that everything has always perpetually gone right by accident. It is a sort of atheistic optimism, based on an everlasting coincidence far more miraculous than a miracle.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Painting seems like some kind of peculiar miracle that I need to have again and again.
Philip Guston
Reading is that fruitful miracle of a communication in the midst of solitude.
Marcel Proust
This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love; the more they give, the more they possess of that precious nourishing love from which flowers and children have their strength and which could help all human beings if they would take it without doubting.
Rainer Maria Rilke
No gasp at a miracle that is truly miraculous because the magic lies in the fact that you knew it was there for you all along.
Toni Morrison
All the tales of miracles, with which the Old and New Testament are filled, are fit only for impostors to preach and fools to believe.
Thomas Paine
Literature is a mystical place for me. It’s not dry. It’s where miracles happen.
John Darnielle
I will revive the legend of the economic miracle, making the country a place where people have no worry about living and young people merrily go to work.
Park Geun-hye
When it comes to parenthood everyone thinks they will be terrible at it. We don’t think we have it in us. Then you find out that you do, which truly is a miracle in life.
Daniel Day-Lewis
Flying saucers are nothing more than miracles, and they occur essentially to bedevil science.
Terence McKenna
Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.
Walt Whitman
The ability of the gospel to unite us on common strengths and common truths is one of the great miracles . . . of the gospel.
Jeffrey R. Holland
One Whitman is miracle enough, and when he comes again it will be the end of the world.
Randall Jarrell
Miracles do not happen.
Matthew Arnold
I believe the universe created us – we are an audience for miracles. In that sense, I guess, I’m religious.
Ray Bradbury
My support system is simple – people and time. The miracle of other people in your life.
Kiki Smith
If you let your mind talk you out of things that aren’t logical, you’re going to have a very boring life. Because grace isn’t logical. Love isn’t logical. Miracles aren’t logical.
Barbara De Angelis
The shamans are forever yacking about their snake oil miracles. I prefer the real McCoy, a pregnant woman.
Robert A. Heinlein
This is the glory and miracle of grace, that God, through the Holy Spirit, is able to transform a stubborn, rebellious, and unbelieving will into a passionate, obedient, believing will without violating the integrity of the individual or diminishing the voluntary nature of one’s decision to trust Christ for salvation.
Sam Storms
Not the man in the moon, not the groaning-board, not the speaking of friar Bacon’s brazen- head, not the inspiration of mother Shipton, or the miracles of Dr. Faustus, things as certain as death and taxes, can be more firmly believed.
Daniel Defoe
Appreciation of life itself, becoming suddenly aware of the miracle of being alive, on this planet, can turn what we call ordinary life into a miracle. We come awake to such a realization when we recognize our connection to a spiritual dimension.
Dan Wakefield
I think I’ve almost killed myself 1,000 times eating some sandwich as fast as I possibly could and almost choking. It’s a miracle that I’m still alive.
Paul F. Tompkins
To live at all is miracle enough.
Mervyn Peake
In asking for miracles, we are seeking a practical goal: a return to inner peace. We’re not asking for something outside us to change, but for something inside us to change. We’re looking for a softer orientation to life.
Marianne Williamson
I have become an orchid
washed in on the salt white beach.
what can I make of it now
that might please you-
this life, already wasted
and still strewn with miracles?
Mary Ruefle
You’ve got to say yes to this miracle of life as it is, not on condition that it follow your rules.
Joseph Campbell
So much in design is presented as a big miracle when it’s just a repetition of what’s been happening for 80 years.
Marcel Wanders
Twin miracles of mascara, her eyes looked like the corpses of two small crows that had crashed into a chalk cliff.
Clive James
If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles.
Jim Rohn
Their own kind of logic which cries for miracles and, on occasion.
Jean Giraudoux
A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway.
Michael Stuhlbarg
Nationality is the miracle of political independence; race is the principle of physical analogy.
Benjamin Disraeli
Social media has taken over in America to such an extreme that to get my own kids to look back a week in their history is a miracle, let alone 100 years.
Steven Spielberg
I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Skeptics always want miracles such as stepping down from the Cross, but never the greater miracle of forgiveness.
Fulton J. Sheen
A miracle is an act or event out of the order of nature and unaccountable, as beating a normal hand of four kings and an ace with four aces and a king.
Ambrose Bierce
I do not believe that the Constitution was the offspring of inspiration, but I am as satisfied that it is as much the work of a Divine Providence as any of the miracles recorded in the Old and New Testament.
Benjamin Rush
I believe that miracles happen every day. Every person is a miracle. Every moment is a miracle. If only we can open our eyes, we’ll see God’s love everywhere.
Bo Sanchez
The greatest thrill is that moment when a thousand people are sitting in the dark, looking at the same scene, and they are all apprehending something that has not been spoken. That’s the thrill of it, the miracle – that’s what holds us to movies forever. It’s what we wish we could do in real life.
Mike Nichols
When something good happens it’s a miracle and you should wonder what God is saving up for you later.
Marshall Brickman
That was the miracle of Abraham Lincoln, politician. He pursued the high purpose of moving justice forward via the low arts of patronage and patronization. Indeed, in a democracy, it is usually the only way great deeds are done.
Joe Klein
Let’s begin creating miracles now.
Gabrielle Bernstein
Even feigning surprise, pretending it was unexpected and saying a ritual thanks, is surely wiser than just expecting everything so carelessly.
Barbara Kingsolver
We believe that the business system only is the key to success. It’s no miracle, only day-to-day work in the appropriate way.
Alexei Mordashov
A flower is a miracle, but it does not have the sight or speech to describe us. And our own ability is no greater than that flower when we try to describe God. His infinity covers not only one planet, but the entire solar system and 100 billion suns. That doesn’t mean he is limited in his ability to be part of you.
John Templeton
It is a miracle a musical gets up because of all the different departments and how much it costs. It is a miracle.
Susan Stroman
Life is a miracle, and we need to not fear trying to achieve our potential and reveal the remarkable creation we and all living things are and that our Creator has built into us the ability to induce self-healing.
Bernie Siegel
It is little short of a miracle that modern methods of instruction have not already completely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry…. I believe that one could even deprive a healthy beast of prey of its voraciousness if one could force it with a whip to eat continuously whether it were hungry or not.
Albert Einstein
When Jesus performed miracles, he wasn’t demonstrating what God can do, but what God can do through a man.
Bill Johnson
Love is our human miracle.
May Sarton
A level of anxiety and tension and outright fear that so many people have felt, not only during the recession but during this slow economic recovery since. This made me very much want to up the conversation about how miracle-minded thinking applies to that area of life.
Marianne Williamson
If we define a miracle as an effect of which the cause is unknown to us, then we make our ignorance the source of miracles! And the universe itself would be a standing miracle. A miracle might be perhaps defined more exactly as an effect which is not the consequence or effect of any known laws of nature.
Charles Babbage
But the Spain which emerged around 1960, beginning with its economic miracle, created by the invasion of tourists, can no longer result in impassioned dedication on the part of its intellectuals, and even less on the part of foreign intellectuals.
Juan Goytisolo
Love and gratitude can part seas… It can move mountains and it can create miracles. The power of love and gratitude will dissolve all negativity in our lives no matter what the form has taken.
Rhonda Byrne
Amid countless everyday miracles, I come in contact with something greater than myself and realize I am a part of it… I move in wonder through inspiration, reverence, gratitude, interconnectedness, transcendence, and grace.
John Paul Caponigro
Over there you think of nothing but becoming President of the United States some day. Potentially every man is Presidential timber. Here it’s different. Here every man is potentially a zero. If you become something or somebody it is an accident, a miracle.
Henry Miller
That’s all religion is — some principle you believe in . . . man has accomplished far more miracles than the God he invented. What a tragedy it is to invent a God and then suffer to keep him King.
Rod Steiger
Know that you yourself are a miracle.
Norman Vincent Peale
My thinking is that miracles exist to reveal God, but miracles don’t exist for God to do me any favors.
Max Lucado
I took on ‘What Would Be Your Miracle’ because I wanted to do something far removed from ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Voice.’
Emma Willis
Work miracles by setting a good example. Others will catch your spirit! The power of a good example is the greatest miracle-working power of all.
Wilferd Peterson
That is the true genius of America, a faith in the simple dreams of its people, the insistence on small miracles. That we can say what we think, write what we think, without hearing a sudden knock on the door.
Barack Obama
There are few people who think what a solemn thing it is to be a Christian. I guess there is not a believer in the world who knows what a miracle it is to be kept a believer.
Charles Spurgeon
When you walk in a beautiful road, you must know that you are walking on a miracle: The miracle of evolution!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
A movie is a miracle, even if it turns out to be a disappointment.
Scott Raab
I thought, He must forebear to reveal His power and glory by presenting Himself as Himself, and must be present only in the ordinary miracle of the existence of His creatures. Those who wish to see Him must see Him in the poor, the hungry, the hurt, the wordless creatures, the groaning and travailing beautiful world.
Wendell Berry
Love is the spiritual magnetism that draws men together, for the working of miracles.
Wilferd Peterson
No matter who you are, there is always some part of you that wishes you were someone else, and when, for a millisecond, you get that wish, it’s a miracle.
Jodi Picoult
Today is just another normal day full of miracles, gifts, and opportunities.
Robert Holden
For those who are willing to make an effort, great miracles and wonderful treasures are in store.
Isaac Bashevis Singer
If, by some miracle, you’re lucky enough to meet the One, whatever you do, don’t let them go. Because you don’t get another shot at it. Soulmates aren’t like buses; there’s not going to be another one along in a minute. That’s why they’re called ‘The One’.
Alexandra Potter
If America is ever going to be saved, it will be through a church flowing both in the message of the cross and the miracle of the resurrection.
Rod Parsley
When I got out of college in 1991, I had four jobs in four different parts of L.A. There was I Love Juicy, a smoothie bar in Venice, and the Videotheque on Sunset Boulevard, across from the old Tower Records. I was also an intern at the ‘Los Angeles Reader’ in the Miracle Mile and at ‘High Performance’ magazine downtown.
Jenji Kohan
Your presence is a miracle.
Nhat Hanh
The miracle is that we are here, that no matter how undone we’ve been the night before, we wake up every morning and are still here. It is phenomenal just to be.
Anne Lamott
The miracle of Good Friday is that there was no miracle. Legions of angels stood – with swords sheathed – watching as the Son took our place.
Mark Hart
Every day holds the possibility of a miracle.
Elizabeth David
There are some teachers who just perform miracles. They can manifest things from the other world into this world. They have siddha powers. They are not necessarily enlightened.
Frederick Lenz
I’m trying to help out with the power play and work hard every night. I’m not the miracle worker.
Joe Thornton
I believe that America is the indispensable nation of the world. Just the creation of this nation itself was a miracle.
Michele Bachmann
I was raised to believe in the innate goodness of humanity, developed a deep sense of the dignity of the individual human being, and had great appreciation for the miracle of life and our existence on this earth.
George Lee Butler
The miracle is that a work of art should live in the person who reads it.
Henry Green
When philosophic reason is clear and certain by intuition or necessary induction, no subsequent revelation supported by prophecies or miracles can supersede it.
John Adams
Jesus’ miracles provide us with a sample of the meaning of redemption: a freeing of creation from the shackles of sin and evil and a reinstatement of creaturely living as intended by God.
Randy Alcorn
From the recycling miracles in the soil; an army of predators ridding us of unwanted pests; an abundance of life creating a genetic codebook that underpins our food, pharmaceutical industries and much more, it has been estimated that these and other services are each year worth about double global GDP
Tony Juniper
Your messages I hear, but faith has not been given; The dearest child of Faith is Miracle.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
In what way can a revelation be made but by miracles? In none which we are able to conceive.
William S. Paley
Considering the way the world is, one happy day is almost a miracle.
Paulo Coelho
I never saw no miracle of science that did not go from a blessing to a curse.
The Spirit is speaking strongly to me for you to place a $50 offering on the altar, when you do, God will do a now miracle.
Steve Munsey
It was like a miracle. I’m just feeling fabulous. What’s incredible is someone has given your life back. I’m out in the garden today. This time last year I was looking out a window at a hospital.
Mary Travers
What you can become is the miracle you were born to be through the work that you do.
Kurt Vonnegut
The fundamental mistake I had always made – and that she had, in fairness, always led me to make – was this: Margo was not a miracle. She was not an adventure. She was not a fine and precious thing. She was a girl.
John Green
When I look into the eyes of my Prince, and my daughter Paris, I see miracles and I see beauty.
Michael Jackson
I think it will be a miracle if I don’t someday end up killing myself.
Anne Sexton
When you make your first film at 47 and anybody but your mother goes to see it, to me, that’s a miracle.
Abigail Disney
The frequent repetition of miracles serves to provoke, where it does not subdue, the reason of mankind.
Edward Gibbon
The idea is to find some bit of holiness in everything-food, sex, earning and spending money, having children, conversations with friends. Everything can be seen as a miracle, as part of God’s plan. When we can truly see this, we nourish our souls.
Harold S. Kushner
All we behold is miracle.
William Cowper
Also, I preached to gangs on the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx – and miracles began to happen.
David Wilkerson
The greatest discoveries will be along spiritual lines. This is the field where miracles are going to happen. Spiritual power is the greatest underdeveloped power and has the greatest future.
Thomas A. Edison
Eight days the light continued on its own: A miracle, they say, but not more so Than ordinary lives of flesh and bone, Consuming wicks burned ashen long ago.
Nick Gordon
Suppose you ask God for a miracle and God says yes, very well. How do you live the rest of your life?
Walker Percy
When I was in love there was somebody in the world who was more important than me, and that, given all that happened at the fall of man, is a miracle, like something God forgot to curse.
Donald Miller
A miracle to confound natural law, a baffling reversal of the inevitable consequences . . . a miracle. . . . An act of high imagination — daring and lurid and impossible. Yes, a cartoon of the mind.
Tim O’Brien
Production wants a miracle on every movie. They want us to do something new and amazing – but then they give you a 55-year-old actor with sciatica who doesn’t want to train.
Chad Stahelski
The goal is glorifying God by drawing circles around the promises, miracles, and dreams He wants for you.
Mark Batterson
If you can prove to me that one miracle took place, I will believe he is a just God who damned us all because a woman ate an apple.
Edward Fitzgerald
In his own time and in his own way, the Lord will bring about his miracles.
Neil L. Andersen
All change is a miracle to contemplate, but it is a miracle which is taking place every instant.
Henry David Thoreau
So holy writ in babes hath judgment shown When judges have been babes; great floods have flown From simple sources, and great seas have dried When miracles have by the greatest been denied.
William Shakespeare
I hope you will simply do what you can do in the best way you know. If you do so, you will witness miracles come to pass.
Gordon B. Hinckley
Overweight and obesity is the second leading cause of death, killing 300,000 people a year, There is not a miracle pill that will lead to weight loss.
Richard Carmona
Miracles are signs not to them that believe, but to them that believe not.
Thomas Aquinas
To make a film is easy; to make a good film is war. To make a very good film is a miracle.
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking Program achieved for me a thing that I thought was not possible – to give up a thirty year smoking habit literally overnight. It was nothing short of a miracle.
Anjelica Huston
To laugh, if but for an instant only, has never been granted to man before the fortieth day from his birth, and then it is looked upon as a miracle of precocity.
Pliny the Elder
It was only high school after all, definitely one of the most bizarre periods in a person’s life. How anyone can come through that time well adjusted on any level is an absolute miracle.
E. A. Bucchianeri
The artist is always the servant, and is perpetually trying to pay for the gift that has been given to him as if by a miracle. Modern man, however, does not want to make any sacrifice, even though true affirmation of the self can only be expressed in sacrifice.
Andrei Tarkovsky
We must now learn to draw inspiration from the tangible miracles that surround us.
Umberto Boccioni
The greatest miracle is the miracle of wakefulness, to awaken from the dream of life and to see infinity everywhere, even in the finite, in the simple doings of life.
Frederick Lenz
The Christian religion not only was at first attended with miracles, but even at this day cannot be believed by any reasonable person without one.
David Hume
The average food item on a U.S. grocery shelf has traveled farther than most families go on their annual vacations.
Barbara Kingsolver
In thousands of years there has been no advance in public morals, in philosophy, in religion or in politics, but the advance in business has been the greatest miracle the world has ever known.
E. W. Howe
It’s a near miracle that nuclear war has so far been avoided.
Noam Chomsky
Writing is a miracle. You can travel anywhere in the world, to any time and any place — and still be home in time to have dinner.
Mary Pope Osborne
How do I define a work of art? It is not an asset in the stock-exchange sense, but a man’s timid attempt to repeat the miracle that the simplest peasant girl is capable of at any time, that of magically producing life out of nothing.
Oskar Kokoschka
And with the passing years, what had once seemed like a miracle or the luckiest of chances and which he had always promised himself he would never become enslaved by, has gradually become his sole reason to go on living.
Paulo Coelho
people who believe in miracles do not make much fuss when they actually encounter one
Alice Munro
Man is the miracle in nature. God Is the One Miracle to man. Behold, “There is a God,” thou sayest. Thou sayest well: In that thou sayest all. To Be is more Of wonderful, than being, to have wrought, Or reigned, or rested.
Jean Ingelow
Let Pirelli’s / Miracle Elixir / Activate your roots, sir… Keep it off your boots, sir- / Eats right through. Yes, get Pirelli’s! / Use a bottle of it! / Ladies seem to love it… Flies do, too!
Stephen Sondheim
God thank you for everything you’ve given us. For the time we have together. And for the miracle of Christmas. Thank you for the Atonement, the chance to start all over again. Help us to always remember who we are and to trust that we are worthy to make it through our storms. Amen&gt.
Glenn Beck
Say what you will about ‘Miracle on 34th Street’; I can take my grandchildren to it. If I had a maiden aunt, I could take her, or my ma and pa if they were alive.
Richard Attenborough
There was other stuff, too, like how something can be so much more than the parts it took to make it, and why people need things around them that lift them above their lives and make them feel the miracle of living.
Wendelin Van Draanen
The student of Nature wonders the more and is astonished the less, the more conversant he becomes with her operations; but of all the perennial miracles she offers to his inspection, perhaps the most worthy of admiration is the development of a plant or of an animal from its embryo.
Thomas Huxley
I loved playing the part of the feisty Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker
Mercedes McCambridge
If frogs could fly… well we’d still be in this mess, but wouldn’t it be neat?
Drew Carey
Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.
Elizabeth David
Yes, it is true. I am a miracle. I am a miracle like a tree is a miracle, like a flower is a miracle. Now, if I am a miracle, can I do a bad thing? I can’t, because I am a miracle, I am a miracle. . . .
Pablo Casals
To treat life as less than a miracle is to give up on it.
Wendell Berry
We don’t have to look far for miracles because they’re all around us. Everything is astonishing. The universe on it’s surface is alive with mystery.
Terence McKenna
All the fairy tales of Aladdin, or the invisible Gyges, or the talisman that opens kings’ palaces, or the enchanted halls underground or in the sea, are only fictions to indicated the one miracle of intellectual enlargement.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Every object you see before you at this moment -the walls, ceiling, and furniture, the book, your own washed hands and cut fingernails, bears witness to the colonization of Nature of Reason.
C. S. Lewis
A large portion of Christ’s miracles of love were wrought at the urgent request of parents for their suffering children. Is that ear gone deaf to-day? Will He not do for our children’s souls what He did for the bodies of the ruler’s daughter, and the dead youth at Nain?
Theodore L. Cuyler
What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us.
And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.
Henry David Thoreau
life itself is not the miracle. that pain should be so constant, that’s the miracle –
Charles Bukowski
Literacy is so much entwined in our lives that we often fail to realize that the act of reading is a miracle that is evolving under our fingertips.
Maryanne Wolf
The so-called miracle of birth is nature getting her own way.
Camille Paglia
I like Miracles. They inspire me. Miracles are the fun of enlightenment. When a teacher does a miracle, and everyone sees it, they have faith in what the teacher has to say about self-discovery.
Frederick Lenz
A miracle entails a degree of irrationality-not because it shocks reason, but because it makes no appeal to it.
Emmanuel Levinas
escape from the black widow spider is a miracle as great as art. what a web she can weave slowly drawing you to her she’ll embrace you then when she’s satisfied she’ll kill you still in her embrace and suck the blood from you.
Charles Bukowski
Getting into a new relationship is like pouring Miracle-Gro on your character defects.
Anne Lamott
As we become purer channels for God’s light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world. A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be.
Marianne Williamson
Does there exist a single instance of a saint asserting that he himself possessed the gift of miracles?
Edward Gibbon
Cooking is 80 percent confidence, a skill best acquired starting from when the apron strings wrap around you twice.
Barbara Kingsolver
The fact that you are even here, alive, on this planet is a mathematical miracle, and you should not spend the time that you have being busy being miserable.
Philip DeFranco
You are angry, and you watch it. You are not just angry, a new element is introduced into it: you are watching it. And the miracle is that if you can watch anger, the anger disappears without being repressed.
i’m sorry she never got her miracle. she did get her miracle, Landon, her miracle was you.
Nicholas Sparks
Money can’t heal your heart. Money can’t give you purpose. I don’t want arms and legs, I want purpose. I don’t want arms and legs, I want peace. I don’t want arms and legs, I want to be a miracle for someone else.
Nick Vujicic
My recovery from manic depression has been an evolution, not a sudden miracle.
Patty Duke
As far as I can see, our concentration of different abilities in one species – there’s nothing I can see that in this Darwinian evolution that could’ve done that. So it seems to be a miracle of some sort.
Freeman Dyson
In physics, to be in two places at the same time would be a miracle; in politics it seems not merely normal, but natural.
Charles Edison
What miracle is God fashioning out of this misfortune?
Robert G. Allen
Every hour of every day is an unspeakably perfect miracle.
Walt Whitman
Throughout the Middle East, there is a great yearning for the quiet miracle of a normal life.
William J. Clinton
How was it possible to be afraid and in love… The two things did not go together. How was it possible to be afraid, when the two of them grew stronger together every day? And every night. Every night was different, and every morning. Together they possessed a miracle.
Patricia Highsmith
It is also rarer to find happiness in a man surrounded by the miracles of technology than among people living in the desert of the jungle and who by the standards set by our society would be considered destitute and out of touch.
Thor Heyerdahl
All history shows that, in exact proportion as nations advance in civilisation, the accounts of miracles taking place among them become rarer and rarer, until at last they entirely cease.
William Edward Hartpole Lecky
Miracle woman … Your mouth is wine, and all your tender flesh An easeful meadow for my weariness.
Donald Evans
Romo was a miracle.
Jerry Jones
When I became a father, I think that my understanding of what love was and my connection to that emotion shifted. I saw my children being born and recognizing what they call a miracle.
Dogbert gazing at night sky No matter how bad the day is, the stars are always there. Dilbert Actually, many of them burned out years ago, but their light is just now reaching earth. DogbertThank you for shattering my comfortable misconception. DilbertIt’s the miracle of science.
Scott Adams
But miracles still happen, even if we don’t think they do.
Diet Eman
The central miracle asserted by Christians is the incarnation. They say that God became man.
C. S. Lewis
God is the solitude of men. There was only me: I alone decided to commit Evil; alone, I invented Good. I am the one who cheated, I am the one who performed miracles, I am the one accusing myself today, I alone can absolve myself; me, the man.
Jean-Paul Sartre
A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.
Patricia Neal
I had also wanted to work with Aaron McGruder for a long time and there were a few other people on the project that I really wanted to work with,so it seems like a miracle of a project [‘Black Jesus’] was handed to me.
Kali Hawk
We have to do what we have to do. Miracles happen. The life force of this planet is very strong. Dandelions poke through sidewalks. We don’t know enough to give up. We only know enough to know that we have to try to change the course of human events.
Elizabeth May
Don’t be afraid to step out, have dreams, have visions, have hopes and always, always, always believe in miracles.
Joyce Meyer
Miracle is a misunderstood reality.
Akiane Kramarik
Enlightenment is always there. Small enlightenment will bring great enlightenment. If you breathe in and are aware that you are alive – that you can touch the miracle of being alive – then that is a kind of enlightenment.
Thich Nhat Hanh
But the miracle of the redemptive reality of God is that the worst and the vilest offender can never exhaust the depths of His love.
Oswald Chambers
I did my best to hide by changing my name many times. But I was captured by the Chinese police. But because my Chinese was so good, they thought I was Chinese and released me. That was a miracle.
Lee Hyeon-seo
Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?
Henry David Thoreau
I grew up as a fifth-generation Jew in the American South, at the confluence of two great storytelling traditions. After graduating from Yale in the 1980s, I moved to Japan. For young adventure seekers like myself, the white-hot Japanese miracle held a similar appeal as Russia in 1920s or Paris in the 1950s.
Bruce Feiler
I never taught a blind/deaf chick to read, but somehow I’ve managed to turn Scrubs into a watchable show. That may not sound like much, but take a look at my surrounding cast and ask yourself, who’s the real miracle worker?
Zach Braff
Among all the devotions approved by the Church none has been so favored by so many miracles as the devotion of the Most Holy Rosary
Pope Pius X
After chiding the theologian for his reliance on myth and miracle, science found itself in the unenviable position of having to create mythology of its own: namely, the assumption that what, after long effort, could not be proved to take place today had, in truth, taken place in the primeval past.
Loren Eiseley
My kids are my No. 1 priority. They’re the light in my everyday life. The sunshine. The miracle. Those eyes. Those smiles. At the same time, I have an extended, amazing family that is my audience. All these people have been with me for such a long time. I have these two responsibilities.
You can move through life seeing nothing as a miracle, or seeing everything as a miracle.
Albert Einstein
Society is not a disease, it is a disaster. What a stupid miracle that one can live in it.
Emile M. Cioran
If you knew that miracles could happen, what miracles would you wish for? If you knew that you could have it all and do anything you wanted, what would you choose to have and what would you choose to do?
Deepak Chopra
A new friend is always a miracle, but at thirty-three years old, such a bird of paradise rising in the sage-brush was an avatar. One friend in a lifetime is much; two are many; three are hardly
Henry Adams
The miracle of the Atonement can make up for imperfections in our performance.
Gary E. Stevenson
BEFORE I DISCOVERED THE miracles of science, magic ruled the world.
William Kamkwamba
Yet, every time God’s children have thrown away fear in pursuit of honesty-trying to communicate themselves, understood or not, miracles have happened.
Duke Ellington
The definition of a limit is essentially his [Cauchy’s] creation and is as much of a miracle as those fantastic Swiss clocks of the period in which hundreds of gleaming cogs are made to celebrate not only the time and date but the phases of the moon.
David Berlinski
A private man has always the liberty (because thought is free) to believe or not believe in his heart those acts that have been given out for miracles, according as he shall see what benefits can accrue by men’s belief, to those that pretend, or countenance them, and thereby conjecture whether they be miracles or lies.
Thomas Hobbes
By the miracle of teaching, I can give you some of my ability, without losing any of it myself.
Ashleigh Brilliant
Faith does not, in the realist, spring from the miracle but the miracle from faith. If the realist once believes, then he is bound by his very realism to admit the miraculous also.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Playing Fagin in the play and film was a small miracle.
Ron Moody
The happy Union of these States is a wonder; their Constitution a miracle; their example the hope of Liberty throughout the world.
James Madison
I like being pregnant – feeling the baby moving, acknowledging the miracle that we’re capable of producing a whole other being from scratch. I feel more like a woman than ever before. There’s just an all-around sensation of power.
Daniela Ruah
What is it men love in Genius, but its infinite hope, which degrades all it has done? Genius counts all its miracles poor and short. Its own idea it never executed.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The conversion of a soul is the miracle of a moment, but the manufacture of a saint is the task of a lifetime.
Alan Redpath
You can understand why I’m a believer. I have seen miracles.
Benjamin Carson
It’s our faith that activates the power of God.
Joel Osteen
One does no question miracles, or complain that they are no constructed perfectly to one’s liking.
Cassandra Clare
Most Christians long to see miracles, but they don’t want to be put in a position where they will need one.
Rick Joyner
I have hope, because I believe in miracles.
Marianne Williamson
A miracle is when we respond with compassion where a moment ago we may have believed there was something to be upset, blaming, or angry about.
Lee L Jampolsky
Do you believe in miracles? Well, you should. In fact, life itself is a big miracle. There are so many things that are beyond our understanding. There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein
Say what you will about the sweet miracle of unquestioning faith, I consider a capacity for it terrifying and absolutely vile.
Kurt Vonnegut
While we too always seek other signs, other wonders, we do not realize that he is the real sign, God made flesh; he is the greatest miracle of the universe: all the love of God hidden in a human heart, in a human face.
Pope Benedict XVI
It cannot be too often repeated, that truth scorns the assistance of miracle.
Robert Green Ingersoll
We see God’s miracles in His wondrous work and in our own personal lives.
Neil L. Andersen
When classes are small enough to allow individual student-teacher interaction, a minor miracle occurs: Teachers teach and students learn
LouAnne Johnson
Powerless rage can work miracles.
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
Heaven is a house full of miracles; yea, of spectacles and images of free grace.
Samuel Rutherford
There won’t be some overnight miracle cure. But the measures I take will be sustainable. Our goal is to cease food imports within four years. This will create a minimum of 2 million jobs in agriculture.
Ashraf Ghani
Miracles only happen if you believe in miracles.
Paulo Coelho
Parents, whether or not we believe in a deity, know that to witness a child’s mind searching for meaning is a miracle.
Marge M. Kennedy
There’s plenty that poetry cannot do. But the miracle, of course, is how much it can do, how much it does do.
Mary Szybist
There is a great power within that when used in beauty and immaculate purity can cure and heal and cause miracles. When you use it it spreads like a magic garden and when you do not use it it recedes from you.
Lord Buckley
The genuine realist, if he is an unbeliever, will always find strength and ability to disbelieve in the miraculous, and if he is confronted with a miracle as an irrefutable fact he would rather disbelieve his own senses than admit the miraculous also.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Only her tight, tight eyes were left. They were always left…They were everything. Everything was there, in them…Thrown, in this way, into the binding conviction that only a miracle could relieve her, she would never know her beauty. She would see only what there was to see: the eyes of other people.
Toni Morrison
I’m very honest and I know where I am. If you look at the table and the games we have got left to win, we need a miracle.
Gus Poyet
There is nothing more awe-inspiring than a miracle except the credulity that can take it at par.
Mark Twain
Miracles are everywhere to be found when the priesthood is understood, its power is honored and used properly, and faith is exerted.
Thomas S. Monson
Everything was a miracle until we solved it. … the first man who ever saw a flying fish probably thought he was witnessing a miracle – and the first man who ever described a flying fish was doubtless called a liar.
Elizabeth Gilbert
The Christians say that God has done miracles. The modern world, even when it believes in God, and even when it has see the defenselessness of nature, does not. It thinks God would not do that sort of thing.
C. S. Lewis
Love is our only weapon. Only love can turn mere life into a miracle, and draw precious meaning from suffering and fear.
Nando Parrado
The point of my work is to make it clear that all youth can make ‘big miracles’ happen.
Adora Svitak
Every life holds that which only a miracle can cure.
Grace King
When I was five I learned to read. Books were a miracle to me – white pages, black ink, and new worlds and different friends in each one. To this day, I relish the feeling of cracking a binding for the first time, the anticipation of where I’ll go and whom I’ll meet inside.
Jennifer Weiner
Love is probably the most powerful force in the cosmos, capable of creating miracles. Love can manifest in so many ways – love between parent and child, husband and wife, partner and partner, teacher and student, service volunteer and recipient, God and one’s spirit. The manifestations of love are innumerable.
Mike Love
This is one of the miracles of love: It gives a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted.
C. S. Lewis
Birth is the sudden opening of a window, through which you look out upon a stupendous prospect. For what has happened? A miracle. You have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything.
Willie Dixon
I believe that God protected me. I’ve experienced many miracles. One day, my father was arrested as I stood nearby on the street. A total stranger who was pushing a baby carriage took my hand and put it on the handle of the carriage, as if I were her child. As soon as it was safe for me, she let me walk home.
Charlotte Knobloch
When we choose only love as the director of our mind we can experience the power and miracle of love.
Gerald Jampolsky
I didn’t want to be a writer, but I became one. And now I have many readers, in many countries. I think that’s a miracle. So I think I have to be humble regarding this ability. I’m proud of it and I enjoy it, and it is strange to say it this way, but I respect it.
Haruki Murakami
To be employed in the entertainment industry is a miracle.
Kate McKinnon
The only reaction that frightens me is people not laughing. It’s extraordinary to me when you get a laugh. That you can go in front of a bunch of people you never met before, you can say some stuff and they all laugh in unison – that’s amazing. It’s a miracle.
Chris Rock
So instead of beating myself up for being fat, I think it’s a miracle that I laugh every day and walk through my life with pride, because our culture is unrelenting when it comes to large people.
Camryn Manheim
Nothing but a miracle of sovereign mercy could have arrested and saved me from eternal perdition. How I could have so long resisted the entreaties, the prayers, and the tears of my dear parents, and the influences of the Holy Spirit, is, to me, a wonder entirely incomprehensible.
Elijah Parish Lovejoy
There is in every miracle a silent chiding of the world, and a tacit reprehension of them who require, or who need miracles.
John Donne
Art objects are inanimate sad bits of matter hanging in the dark when no one is looking. The artist only does half the work; the viewer has to come up with the rest, and it is by empowering the viewer that the miracle of art gains its force.
Vik Muniz
If the communication is perfect, the words have life, and that is all there is to good writing, putting down on the paper words which dance and weep and make love and fight and kiss and perform miracles.
Gertrude Stein
I find meeting someone that you fall in love with and are going to be with for the rest of your life a miracle.
Liz Tuccillo
One learns to accept the fact that no permanent return is possible to an old form of relationship; and, more deeply still, that there is no holding of a relationship to a single form. This is not tragedy but part of the ever-recurrent miracle of life and growth.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
I believe in me, in my view of the world. I believe in my responsibility for my own destiny, guilt for my own sins, merit for my own good deeds, determination of my own life. I don’t believe in miracles, I believe in hard work.
Philippa Gregory
There is no such thing as a miracle. A miracle is just what somebody else doesn’t understand. If we went back into the Stone Age and we lit a match, they’d say, “Ahh miracla, miracla!”
Frederick Lenz
Mindfulness is like that—it is the miracle which can call back in a flash our dispersed mind and restore it to wholeness so that we can live each minute of life.
Nhat Hanh
Everyone chases a bit of what they say life is about: money, desire… But when you stop chasing, you realise life is a rhythm and it’s very peaceful, very quiet. You see, it’s quite a miracle.
Nick Nolte
Live in the Acts of the Apostles, and every day you will see some miracle worked by the power of the living God.
Smith Wigglesworth
Man is manifestly not the measure of all things. This universe is shot through with mystery. The very fact of its being, and of our own, is a mystery absolute, and the only miracle worthy of the name.
Sam Harris
Whoever is still seeking for miracles so that he may believe is himself a wonder, who does not believe while the world around him does.
Saint Augustine
The lives of great men and women are miracles of patience and perseverance.
Mary Baker Eddy
‘Miracle at St. Anna.’ I was challenged by Spike Lee. When he offered me the film, he looked me square in the eye and said, ‘You start this film off and you end this film. I don’t want a dry eye in the theatre. Can you pull that off?’ He was dead serious.
Laz Alonso
Discipline has within it the potential for creating future miracles.
Jim Rohn
Miracles prove nothing except to those whose faith is bought very cheap, sir.
Michael Chabon
I remember distinctly telling my father-in-law, barring a miracle, we’re going to have to terminate the pregnancy. Her health has to come first
Chris Higgins
I’m not a normal person with normal tastebuds, so I’ll save you all from cringing/dissing on my late night flavour pairings, but I will say when I was a kid, with little to no access to anything but my mother’s pantry, I’d dip everything in ranch dressing, Miracle Whip, katsup, barbecue sauce, honey, mustard, etc.
Christina Tosi
i think of all the thousands of billions of steps and missteps and chances and coincidences that have brought me here. Brought you here, and it feels like the biggest miracle in the world.
Lauren Oliver
Yay, Old’uns’ Smart mastered sicks, miles, seeds an’ made miracles ord’nary, but it din’t master one thing, nay, a hunger in the hearts o’ humans, yay, a hunger for more.
David Mitchell
To walk quietly until the miracle in everything speaks is poetry, whether we write it down or not.
Mark Nepo
While you’re trying to get ahead, remember to get aheart as well. When your only problem IS a nail, all you want is a decent hammer. There are only two ways to live your life: one is as though nothing is a miracle; the other is as though everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein
If we could learn to live from the level of the soul, we would see that the best most luminous part of ourselves is connected to all the rhythms of the universe. We would truly know ourselves as the miracle-makers we are capable of being.
Deepak Chopra
One miracle is just as easy to believe as another.
William Jennings Bryan
The miracle of the American experiment was not the result of a natural sequence of events. An exceptionally virtuous and educated cadre of statesmen broke away from the politics of millennia and created something new. Only by this political miracle do Americans enjoy our freedoms.
Chad Wolf
You have to see the miracles for there to be miracles.
Jandy Nelson
It is a bigger miracle to be patient and refrain from anger than it is to control the demons which fly through the air.
John Cassian
America is a miracle country.
John Kasich
I’d sooner wear white shoes in February, drink unsweetened tea, and eat Miracle Whip instead of Duke’s than utter the words ‘you guys’.
Celia Rivenbark
All of us, writers and non-writers alike, have incredible well-springs of personal experience and history. And we also have imagination – which I think is a kind of human miracle.
Ayana Mathis
I know for certain that miracles happen, but only for those who hang on to hope.
Nick Vujicic
Most of us don’t think about miracles that we could possibly do. We don’t have a vocabulary of how God works with the specific things that He does, and we don’t know how to align ourselves with what He is doing so that we can be His vehicle on the earth to deliver a miracle.
Bruce Wilkinson
It’s terrifying, that unconditional love you have for a child. I still wonder if she really came from me, from my womb. It’s a miracle. I don’t understand it. I live it very intensely.
Anne Parillaud
Bringing any movie together is a minor miracle.
Ryan Reynolds
Miracles do happen in every human life.
Sri Chinmoy
They used to take your horse and if they were caught they got hung for it. Now they take your car, and if they are caught it’s a miracle.
Will Rogers
Speaking in tongues is not enough.If we turn men from unchristian religions to christianity we must produce miracles which convince men that Christ lives and He is real today.
T.L. Osborn
Where there is a monster, there is a miracle.
Ogden Nash
Learn from nature. See how everything gets accomplished and how the miracle of life unfolds without dissatisfaction or unhappiness.
Eckhart Tolle
When you make a movie, it seems like there’s nothing but resistance. It’s kind of a miracle that any movie ever gets made.
Madonna Ciccone
It gives you a good feeling. Each year, you rediscover in a garden the magic of life. A flower arrives, and it is a miracle. The leaves fall in the autumn, and it looks fantastic. There is a tenderness about a garden, and you can’t help but be sensitive to that.
Hubert de Givenchy
When an apparent miracle proved divine mission to the credulous, and proved a contract with the devil to the skeptical.
George Bernard Shaw
It is not the diamonds or the birds, the people or the potatoes, it is not any of the nouns. The miracle is the adverbs, the way things are done. It is the way love gets done despite every catastrophe.
Daniel Handler
If Damon Wayans is not breaking, it’s a miracle. He is so funny that he makes everyone die laughing.
Casey Wilson
Religion believes in miracles, but these aren’t compatible with science.
Stephen Hawking
Theology offers you a working arrangement, which leaves the scientist free to continue his experiments and the Christian to continue his prayers.
C. S. Lewis
It wasn’t through the mind, through thinking, that the miracle that is life on earth or your body were created and are being sustained.
Eckhart Tolle
This miracle of me is mine to own and keep, and mine to guard, and mine to use, and mine to kneel before.
Ayn Rand
Good actresses can often accomplish miracles, and it is possible to be someone you’ve never been or will be. But in a sitcom, there’s no time.
Patricia Richardson
You can point to the alleged miracles of the Bible, or any other religious text, but they are nothing but old stories fabricated by man and then exaggerated over time.
Dan Brown
The miracle is that, in most cases, he succeeds – for the powers of survival, of the will to survive, and to survive as a unique inalienable individual, are absolutely, the strongest in our being: stronger than any impulses, stronger than disease.
Oliver Sacks
You’re something between a dream and a miracle.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
So now, whenever I despair, I no longer expect my end, but some bit of luck, some commonplace little miracle which, like a glittering link, will mend again the necklace of my days.
Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
We will see that our new attitude toward liquor has been given to us without any thought or effort on our part. It just comes! That is the miracle of it.
Bill W.
… I have always fallen for ads. The sweetheart of J. Walter Thompson, I have a peasant-like belief in whatever miracle they profess to effect.
Cornelia Otis Skinner
I never, ever took you for granted. We met too late for that; I was nearly thirty-three by then, and my past without you was too stark and insistent for me to find the miracle of companionship ordinary.
Lionel Shriver
Any belief in miracles is flat contradictory not just to the facts of science but to the spirit of science.
Richard Dawkins
In America, people are so busy. Even the children are busy. I get the impression very few of us are touching the miracle that you are alive.
Oprah Winfrey
But there had to be a quota. An upper limit to the number of miracles one is privileged to in a lifetime. How many times can a beloved reappear?
Anthony Marra
Anyone who dares to lay hands on the highest image of the Lord commits sacrilege against the benevolent creator of this miracle and contributes to the expulsion from paradise.
Adolf Hitler
In this world I probably know best. The person I like doesn’t look at me but looks at someone else, smiles for someone else. I really know how you’re feeling. And I can’t truthfully be jealous either. I think if two people naturally like each other, it’s almost like a miracle. Someday, will that miracle come true for me too?
My mother is a walking miracle.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Miracles seldom occur in the lives of those who do not consider them possible.
Neale Donald Walsch
There is no type of miracle that can’t happen at least once in golf.
Grantland Rice
If you accept my thesis that the universe and this earth are the most outrageous miracles by an infinite margin, then you will understand that simply for us to exist requires a miracle.
Eric Metaxas
We have not, in fact, proved that science excludes miracles: we have only proved that the question of miracles, like innumerable other questions, excludes laboratory treatment.
C. S. Lewis
The word Miracle, as pronounced by Christian churches, gives a false impression; it is Monster. It is not one with the blowing clover and the falling rain.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
How a peaceful, uncrowded place with ample wherewithal stays poor is hard to explain. How a conflict-ridden, grossly over-populated place with no resources whatsoever gets rich is simple. The British colonial government turned Hong Kong into an economic miracle by doing nothing.
P. J. O’Rourke
The whole world is a series of miracles, but we’re so used to them we call them ordinary things.
Hans Christian Andersen
Change is the handmaiden Nature requires to do her miracles with.
Mark Twain
When we develop reverence for food and the miracle of transformation inherent in it, just the simple act of eating creates a ritual of celebration.
Deepak Chopra
For two days I had the company of a girl. She appeared next to me. It was no less of a miracle if it was my imagination which had summoned her up, because it happened at the very moment I had broken down and given up.
Yossi Ghinsberg
Not to the curious or impatient soulThat in the start, demands the end be shown,And at each step, stops waiting for a sign;But to the tireless toiler toward the goal,Shall the great miracles of God be knownAnd life revealed, immortal and divine.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
To Scarlett, there was something breath-taking about Ellen O’Hara, a miracle that lived in the house with her and awed her and charmed and soothed her.
Margaret Mitchell
When the mind is silent and quiet, then inner energies wake up and work miracles on your behalf without any conscious effort on your part.
Deepak Chopra
When a person dies, the earth is generally unwilling to cough him back up. A miracle contradicts the will of earth.
Leif Enger
Faith may rise into miracles of might, as some few wise men have shown; faith may sink into credulities of weakness, as the mass of fools have witnessed.
Martin Farquhar Tupper
Nature is full of wonders; every atom is a standing miracle, and endowed with such qualities, as could not be impressed on it by a power and wisdom less than infinite.
Joseph Addison
The age of miracles has not past. The Miracle Worker is still ALIVE. His name is Jesus Christ!
T. B. Joshua
Miracles happen in silence… lesser important things create world headlines.
Silent lotus
My mother always called me an ugly weed, so I never was aware of anything until I was older. Plain girls should have someone telling them they are beautiful. Sometimes this works miracles.
Hedy Lamarr
Miracles are great, but they’re so damn unpredictable.
Peter Drucker
But truly, women are amazing. Think about it this way: a woman can grow a baby inside her body. Then a woman can deliver the baby through her body. Then, by some miracle, a woman can feed a baby with her body. When you compare that to the male’s contribution to life, it’s kind of embarrassing, really.
Jim Gaffigan
Truth is born into this world only with pangs and tribulations, and every fresh truth is received unwillingly. To expect the world to receive a new truth, or even an old truth, without challenging it, is to look for one of those miracles which do not occur.
Alfred Russel Wallace
Complacency in the presence of miracles is like opening the door to your own tomb.
Rod Steiger
The true miracle of modern medicine is diabolical. It consists in making not only individuals but whole populations survive on inhumanly low levels of personal health.
Ivan Illich
Whatever man prays for, he prays for a miracle. Every prayer reduces itself.
Ivan Turgenev
I should not be a Christian but for the miracles.
Blaise Pascal
What a miracle life is and how alike are all souls when they send their roots down deep and meet and are one!
Nikos Kazantzakis
You know what a miracle is. Not what Bakunin said. But another world’s intrusion into this one. Most of the time we coexist peacefully, but when we do touch there’s cataclysm.
Thomas Pynchon
Christ’s miracles were vivid manifestations to the senses that He is the Saviour of the body–and now as then the issues of life and death are in His hands–that our daily existence is a perpetual miracle. The extraordinary was simply a manifestation of God’s power in the ordinary.
Frederick William Robertson
All possible knowledge, then, depends on the validity of reasoning…Unless human reasoning is valid no science can be true.
C. S. Lewis
Miracles are happening every day. I do think that’s true. If you can take the time to look. It took me a while to learn that, though some children know it instinctively and they do have wonder when they are kids. But the trouble is, as we grow older, we lose it.
Julie Andrews
Transcendence is something between a metaphor and a miracle.
Mason Cooley
The way I figure it, everyone gets a miracle.
John Green
Each time we consider a miracle impossible, or assume that we ourselves are not capable of working it, then we’re choosing not to take flight.
Marianne Williamson
A piece of the miracle process has been reserved for each of us
Jim Rohn
I’m a miracle man, things happen which I don’t plan, I’ve never planned anything. Whatsoever I do, I want it to be an instant action object, instant reaction subject. Instant input, instant output.
Lee “Scratch” Perry
Acting is the most insecure profession in the world – you’re insecure if you’re successful, you’re insecure if you’re not. A tightrope walk without a net. It’s a miracle I’m still standing!
Kabir Bedi
It’s not just the making of babies, but the making of mothers that midwives see as the miracle of birth.
Barbara Katz Rothman
I don’t want to write for adults. I want to write for readers who can perform miracles. Only children perform miracles when they read.
Astrid Lindgren
Your life is perfect, it is a perfect plan; it is a spontaneous miracle. It is both every moment.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Oh, to be alive in such an age, when miracles are everywhere, and every inch of common air throbs a tremendous prophecy, of greater marvels yet to be.
Walt Whitman
Every day is a renewal, every morning the daily miracle. This joy you feel is life.
Gertrude Stein
Miracles are manifestations for which science has no definition, no analysis.
B. J. Palmer
Love is the most common miracle.
John Green
If you knew my life and understood where I came from, you would agree that Auntie Anne’s, Inc. is a modern day business miracle.
Anne F. Beiler
To a physicist life looks nothing short of a miracle. It’s just amazing what living things can do.
Paul Davies
Survival activates miracles when a person relies on the graces of hope and faith.
Caroline Myss
Someday all the children of the world will learn the truth about their noble inheritance. When that happens, a miracle will unfold on the kingdom of Earth.
Charlene Costanzo
The mind of a poet often performs miracles-a few coarse-grained words, apprehended become bullets and roses.
Amado V. Hernandez
The miracle and hope of human consciousness is that we can still conceive of boundlessness.
John Green
… every human being is an unprecedented miracle.
James A. Baldwin
To me extreme things are like miracles. There is nothing as boring as a person who is just okay. But I could easily live in a world populated with these disjunctive, bizarre things… I operate out of confusion, towards clarity.
Joel-Peter Witkin
Science works its miracles by turning its enterprise into a kind of parlor game confined to the category matter and energy.
Terence McKenna
Prayer is God’s ordained way to bring His miracle power to bear in human need.
Wesley L Duewel
Fertilizer does no good in a heap, but a little spread around works miracles all over.
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
I banked my life on a miracle.
Jackie Pullinger
Data from orbiting telescopes like NASA’s Kepler Mission hint that the tally of habitable planets in our galaxy is many billion. If E.T.’s not out there, then Earth is more than merely special – it’s some sort of miracle.
Seth Shostak
I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers – if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.
Marla Gibbs
He seemed to be waiting for a miracle to save him from the depths his life had reached and take him to a land of dreams.
Naguib Mahfouz
Ive got Parkinsons disease, I am always going to have Parkinsons disease unless they find a miracle cure, Ive got to deal with this the best I can.
Paul Sinha
Like Winston Churchill said, ‘Never give up,’ and I won’t give up. It’s a miracle that we even got on the air, and I’m very pleased with the ratings and the response.
Cristina Saralegui
The difference between a Miracle and a Fact is exactly the difference between a mermaid and a seal.
Mark Twain
No human testimony can have such force as to prove a miracle, and make it a just foundation for any such system of religion
David Hume
When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again.
Marianne Williamson
To date, embryonic stem cell research has not produced a single medical treatment, where ethical, adult stem cell research has produced some 67 medical miracles.
Mike Pence
Fashion, after all, is magic and miracle…intended to bestow proportion and beauty where both have been lost or faded with the years.
Charles James
Don’t wait for miracles, your whole life is a miracle.
Albert Einstein
When you are able to shift your inner awareness to how you can serve others, and when you make this the central focus of your life, you will then be in a position to know true miracles in your progress toward prosperity.
Wayne Dyer
When we enter the spiritual realm we are always focused on those big, life altering miracles. Here is a truth that isn’t sold to us. Change is a long, gradual process. Yes, you can make things happen immediately, but quite often, amazing things are happening that you can’t see.
Ruben Papian
Many ingenious lovely things are gone / That seemed sheer miracle to the multitude.
William Butler Yeats
The visible world is a daily miracle, for those who have eyes and ears.
Edith Wharton
The miracle of Sunday is that a dead man lives. The miracle of Saturday is that the eternal Son of God lies dead.
John Ortberg
A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love-from a belief in what is not real, to faith in that which is. That shift in perception changes everything.
Marianne Williamson
You are a Divine creation, a Being of Light who showed up here as a human being at the exact moment you were supposed to. You are the Beloved, a miracle, a part of the eternal perfection.
Wayne Dyer
You don’t have to believe that there was a King Arthur to get the significance of those stories, but Christians say we have to believe there was a Christ, or the miracles don’t make sense.
Joseph Campbell
Forgiveness works the miracle of change.
Wilferd Peterson
Human life has the software and hardware to go the distance. All we need to do is know our nature and mimic nature’s way. Do less and accomplish more; do nothing and accomplish everything is nature’s secret to the miracle of life.
John Douillard
Now I realize that it isn’t the miracle that creates the believer. Instead, we are all believers. We believe that the illusion of the material world is completely real. That belief is our only prison. It prevents us from making the journey into the unknown.
Deepak Chopra
Feeding a child at school is such a simple thing – but it works miracles.
Drew Barrymore
Precious and priceless, so lovable, too; The world’s sweetest miracle, baby, is you.
Helen Steiner Rice
There is nothing like watching the woman you are in love with make a baby, make a miracle! It is one hell of a ride, and I am only seven months in. Time is flying by, but I am taking it all in. It is the most important thing that I have ever been a part of in my life.
Matt Cohen
There is a tendency to see divine intervention in things that happen in the normal course of miracles.
Robert Breault
The first moment I saw my wife breastfeed our daughter minutes after birth, I was hit with a thunderbolt of understanding and awe for the miracle of it all, and I still feel that way.
David Alan Basche
Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. When you choose to love, you choose to work miracles.
Marianne Williamson
Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.
Nhat Hanh
Once you start cooking, one thing leads to another. A new recipe is as exciting as a blind date. A new ingredient, heaven help me, is an intoxicating affair.
Barbara Kingsolver
America is a miracle country. And we have to restore the sense that the Amiracle (ph) will apply to you. Each and every one of the people in this country who’s watching tonight, lift everybody, unite everybody and build a stronger United States of America again. It will be and can be done.
John Kasich
Don’t just look for your miracle. Become someone else’s miracle.
Joel Osteen
Every memorable act in the history of the world is a triumph of enthusiasm. Nothing great was ever achieved without it because it gives any challenge or any occupation, no mater how frightening or difficult, a new meaning. Without enthusiasm you are doomed to a life of mediocrity but with it you can accomplish miracles
Og Mandino
I do not think a day passes in my life in which I fail to look with fresh amazement at the miracle of nature.
Pablo Casals
When you go into the world today, before you leave your home, promise yourself that you’ll find at least one miracle. Without any limits or bounds on what you think it should look like, simply state for yourself your clear intention that of the many miracles that cross your path, you’ll recognize one of them.
Gregg Braden
From now on we live in a world where man has walked on the Moon. It’s not a miracle; we just decided to go.
Tom Hanks
The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.
John Bingham
Essentially, mythologies are enormous poems that are renditions of insights, giving some sense of the marvel, the miracle and wonder of life.
Joseph Campbell
Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding… And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy
Khalil Gibran
The miracles of Jesus were the ordinary works of his Father, wrought small and swift that we might take them in.
George MacDonald
We open the halves of a miracle, and a clotting of acids brims into the starry divisions: creation’s original juices, irreducible, changeless, alive: so the freshness lives on
Pablo Neruda
I testify of the renewing power of God’s love and the miracle of His grace. His concern is for the faith at which you finally arrive, not the hour of the day in which you got there.
Jeffrey R. Holland
Weak minds lead to weak actions. A strong, disciplined mind, which anyone can cultivate though daily practice, can achieve miracles. If you want to live life to the fullest, care for your thoughts as you would your most prized possessions. Work hard to remove all inner turbulence. The rewards will be abundant.
Robin Sharma
And I came to understand, in a way I never had before, that books are truly the stuff of miracles. I even dared to dream that someday, somehow, I might surround myself with books from many times and many tongues.
T.A. Barron
I have witnessed things the ancients would have called miracles, but they are not miracles. They are the products of someone’s dream, and they happen as the result of hard work.
Whoopi Goldberg
When God works miracles, he does not do it in order to supply the wants of nature, but those of grace. Whoever thinks otherwise, must needs have a very mean notion of the wisdom and power of God.
Gottfried Leibniz
The most ordinary things, the most common and familiar, if we could see them in their true light, would turn out to be the grandest miracles.
Michel de Montaigne
If it’s free, it’s advice; if you pay for it, it’s counseling; if you can use either one, it’s a miracle.
Jack Adams
Sometimes a miracle is a change in material conditions, such as physical healing. At other times, it is a psychological or emotional change.
Marianne Williamson
Miracles are short-term solutions, it’s wisdom that helps you go the distance.
John Nolte
Miracles sometimes occur, but one has to work terribly hard for them.
Chaim Weizmann
Your wealth is hiding under the very thing you are afraid to do. It’s time to face your fears and take action. Expect Miracles.
Joe Vitale
Nobody ever told me, I found out for myself, you got to believe in foolish miracles.
Ozzy Osbourne
The bond between mother and baby is so interesting. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time, but when it happens to you it feels like a miracle.
Rachel Weisz
Religious teachings and teachers have conditioned us to think of faith as a magic catalyst that makes God work for us. In no way does faith make God work nor does it release some kind of miracle power. Faith simply tunes into and turns on the divine flow that has always been present
Eric Butterworth
I believe the impossible is possible to overcome I believe in miracles Born from love in everyone
Delta Goodrem
every day a million miracles begin at sunrise!
Eric Jerome Dickey
Being a siddha master is indeed a great accomplishment, but it is not the same as being enlightened. People confuse siddha masters, who have the power to perform miracles, with enlightened masters who can enter into samadhi.
Frederick Lenz
What an age do we live in, when ’tis a miracle if in ten couples that are married, two of them live so as not to publish to the world that they cannot agree.
Dorothy Osborne
A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.
William Hazlitt
That’s the miracle of fiction. I use it to spray on certain moments or places from my youth.
Patrick Modiano
I wake up saying, I’m still alive; a miracle. And so I keep on pushing.
Jacques Yves Cousteau
But I think my mistakes became the chemistry for my miracles. I think that my tests became my testimonies.
T. D. Jakes
Love is the miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives. I am not talking about vanity or arrogance . . . for that is not love. It is only fear. I am talking about having a great respect for ourselves and a gratitude for the miracle of our body and our mind.
Louise Hay
That is very important to me, to make fertility mainstream so everyone understands it. If you want to have your miracle child, there are options: adoption, surrogacy, fertility procedures. It is also sadly very expensive, and not all insurance companies cover it.
Cindy Margolis
Take just ONE minute today and look around you and within you and try for just that minute to understand the utterly amazing miracle and incredible perfection and beauty you are experiencing and observing!
John Assaraf
A transcendent being can be any miracle.
Wayne Dyer
I embrace each moment as an opportunity for a miracle.
Marianne Williamson
TheВ  miracle of light pours over the green and brown expanse of saw grass and ofВ  water, shining and slowly moving, the grass and water that is the meaning andВ  the central fact of the Everglades. It is a river of grass.
Marjory Stoneman Douglas
As wonders, miracles are always astonishing, but as signs they are never wholly inexplicable.
Kenneth L. Woodward
Life is a miracle; walking is a miracle; watching the sunset is a miracle; everything is a miracle, because existence is a miracle!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Imagine if all those kings and dukes hadn’t commissioned those crazy cathedrals, paintings and music… we’d still be living in sticks and mud. Because none of those things made any economic sense. Human beings’ capacity to ‘waste time’ is a miracle – but that’s exactly what art is for.
Ha-Joon Chang
I think that people here expect miracles. American management thinks that they can just copy from Japan – but they don’t know what to copy!
W. Edwards Deming
Coincidence is God’s way of performing miracles anonymously.
Sophy Burnham
God’s interventions are miracles: events that cannot happen by merely natural agents but only by a supernatural agent. They no more interfere with our free will than natural events like earthquakes. We choose how to respond to them.
Peter Kreeft
It is something of a miracle that individual selfish decisions (in a market economy) must lead to a collectively efficient outcome.
Steven Landsburg
Only miracle is plain; it is in the ordinary that groans with the weight of glory.
Robert Farrar Capon
When I say “miracle” I mean a kind of thing like a computer on a chip, or the internet, or the cellphone, that are really quite miraculous. Most people would not have predicted them, and their effect has been very, very dramatic.
Bill Gates
I have to be very humble. I know that anything I do is through God. Through me, God can make a miracle. The most you can do is to think and create all love, all grace, all power, all health. When you do that, amazing things can happen. But the day I think that I’m doing a miracle myself is a foolish day for me.
Walter Mercado
By the supernatural miracle of God’s grace I stand justified, not because I am sorry for my sin, not because I have repented, but because of what Jesus has done.
Oswald Chambers
The miracle of love comes to you in the presence of the uninterpreted moment. If you are mentally somewhere else, you miss real life.
Byron Katie
What was wonderful about childhood is that anything in it was a wonder. It was not merely a world full of miracles; it was a miraculous world.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
I know it sounds ridiculous, but I haven’t quite got over the miracle that you plant things, and they do sprout up.
Natasha Little
We can become inspired to shape a higher, more ideal future, and when we do, miracles happen.
James Redfield
Seriously, you don’t have to know English. It’d be nice, a nice little plus. We don’t want miracles. You don’t have to know the country’s language. But just some shapes, that’s all. A square. A little geometry.
David Spade
Miracles cannot be explained, that is their miraculous nature.
May Sarton
Love is the divine quality that everywhere produces and restores life. To each and every one of us, it gives the power of working miracles if we will.
Lydia M. Child
God wants us to be in joy, God wants us to be happy. Because of this extraordinary consciousness and this great ability for wonder and marvel, and without denying any of the terrors and horrors of the world, we also have an obligation toward joy and toward miracle and excitement.
Elizabeth Gilbert
An individual can make a difference, but a team can make a miracle.
Doug Pederson
So many miracles have not yet happened.
Kate DiCamillo
It may well be that the world is denied miracle after miracle and triumph after triumph because we will not bring to Christ what we have and what we are. If, just as we are, we would lay ourselves on the altar of service of Jesus Christ, there is no saying what Christ could do with us and through us.
William Barclay
Do you believe in miracles?
Al Michaels
The most stupendous miracle in all music.
Johann Sebastian Bach
It’s love this and love that but of couse it’s so easy to love someone you don’t know, whether it’s George Clooney or Monkey. Staying civil to someone with whom you’ve ever shared Christmas turkey- now there’s a miracle.
Nick Hornby
The trick in life is to hang out until the miracles come.
Attica Locke
A singularity is a place where the rules are broken. A miracle is a singularity.
Terence McKenna
Life is a series of a thousand tiny miracles.
Mike Greenberg
Since the well-known victory over the hare by the tortoise, the descendants of the tortoise think themselves miracles of speed.
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
The natural state of a start-up is to die; most start-ups require multiple miracles in their early days to escape this fate.
Sam Altman
To me, every hour of the light and dark is a miracle. Every cubic inch of space is a miracle.
Walt Whitman
A miracle no longer seems to me a manifestation of extraordinary power, but an extraordinary manifestation of ordinary power. God is always showing himself.
Lyman Abbott
One doesn’t question a miracle.
Simon Beaufoy
Each moment is a miracle encompassing everything: the joy and sorrow, the failure and success, the disappointment and happiness, the celebration and grief.
Kazuaki Tanahashi
I have always looked on disobedience toward the oppressive as the only way to use the miracle of having been born.
Oriana Fallaci
The greatest miracle you can hope for is self-acceptance.
Maxwell Maltz
I palliate the sufferings of others. yes I see myself as softening the blows, dissolving acids, neutralizing poisons, every moment of the day. I try to fulfill the wishes of others, to perform miracles. I exert myself performing miracles.
Anais Nin
But if future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than with sorrow, we must achieve more than just the miracles of technology. We must also leave them a glimpse of the world as God really made it, not just as it looked when we got through with it.
Lyndon B. Johnson
I had a C-section, and I found it fascinating. I didn’t find it a sacrifice, and I didn’t find it a painful experience. I found it a fascinating miracle of what a body can do.
Angelina Jolie
Provided that societies stay mindful of the challenges that capitalism creates and never forget the paramount importance of inclusion and equal opportunity, we can and should celebrate the miracle of free enterprise-and the billions of souls it has helped free from desperate poverty.
Dalai Lama
Gratitude is the miracle cure for every moment of dis-ease.
Neale Donald Walsch
There is nothing that a military machine can do to work a miracle.
Marianne Williamson
I love to dwell on the thought that the artist is next in divinity to the saint. He, like the saint, performs miracles.
Stanley Spencer
The priests of one religion never credit the miracles of another religion. Is this because priests instinctively know priests?
Robert Green Ingersoll
You will never see a portrait of my love, for miracles are never seen.
Steve Lawrence
The miracle stories of the New Testament can no longer be interpreted in a post-Newtonian world as supernatural events performed by an incarnate deity.
John Shelby Spong
To prove the Gospels by a miracle is to prove an absurdity by something contrary to nature.
Denis Diderot
In this miraculous, beautiful universe of ours, where it’s an absolute miracle that our eyes and ears can witness it all, we somehow have bought into this lie that the highest plane of existence is whether we put an R or a D on our voter registration card. That’s insanity.
Dustin Lance Black
The miracle drugs (neuroleptics) cause the worst plague of brain damage in medical history.
Peter Breggin
This was love: a string of coincidences that gathered significance and became miracles.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Design in nature is but a concatenation of accidents, culled by natural selection until the result is so beautiful or effective as to seem a miracle of purpose.
Michael Pollan
African American children can’t be educationally disadvantaged for 12 years and then experience a miracle cure when it comes time for admission into college.
Chaka Fattah
The miracle of the appropriateness of the language of mathematics for the formulation of the laws of physics is a wonderful gift which we neither understand nor deserve.
Eugene Wigner
Miracle me no miracles.
Miguel de Cervantes
One person can have a profound effect on another. And two people… well, two people can work miracles. They can change a whole town. They can change the world.
Andrew Schneider
All miracles are promised to faith, and what is faith except the audacity of will which does not hesitate in the darkness, but advances towards the light in spite of all ordeals, and surmounting all obstacles?
Eliphas Levi
If it is a Miracle, any sort of evidence will answer, but if it is a Fact, proof is necessary
Mark Twain
Ice, to me, is a magical healer. At night, watching ‘Ray Donovan,’ I’ll put bags of ice on my shoulders, knees, and back. It’s a miracle cure.
Skip Bayless
Many a man who is willing to be shot for his belief in a miracle would have doubted, had he been present at the miracle itself.
Georg C. Lichtenberg
They change. They’re different. There are no two alike, that’s the miracle of it. But if they have something to teach the students. You can see them writing during the show.
James Lipton
[On Venice:] Every hour of the day is a miracle of light. In summer with daybreak the rising sun produces such a tender magic on the water that it nearly breaks one’s heart.
Peggy Guggenheim
The men upon whose shoulders rested the initial responsibility of Christianizing the world came to Jesus with one supreme request. They did not say, ‘Lord, teach us to preach’; Lord, teach us to do miracles,’ or ‘Lord, teach us to be wise’…but they said, ‘Lord, teach us to pray.’
Billy Graham
When we give up our goals and concentrate diligently on the practices of our lives, we increase self-mastery and move toward the invisible universe, toward Spirit, to receive the wonders and miracles the universe has to offer us.
Gerald Epstein
Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible. If the whole world turns against you keep your eyes on the Friend.
If a plane crashes and 99 people die while 1 survives, it is called a miracle. Should the families of the 99 think so?
Judith Hayes
I walk ahead of myself in perpetual expectancy of miracles.
Anais Nin
We are one…alone…and only…and we love you who are one…alone…and only. We looked into each other’s eyes and we knew the breath of a miracle had touched us, and fled, and left us groping vainly. And we felt torn, torn for some word we could not find.
Ayn Rand
The Resurrection is the supreme vindication of Jesus’ divine identity and his inspired teaching. It’s the proof of his triumph over sin and death. It’s the foreshadowing of the resurrection of his followers. It’s the basis of Christian hope. It’s the miracle of all miracles.
Lee Strobel
In order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles.
David Ben-Gurion
Use every letter you write
Every conversation you have
Every meeting you attend
To express your fundamental beliefs and dreams
Affirm to others the vision of the world you want
Robert Muller
Alignment = Magic & Miracles … Keep your standards high. YOU are worth it!
Sheri Fink
There are no miracles on Mondays.
Amy Neftzger
With every thought we think, we either summon or block a miracle.
Marianne Williamson
When the uncapped potential of a student meets the liberating art of a teacher, a miracle unfolds.
Mary Hatwood Futrell
It demands great spiritual resilience not to hate the hater whose foot is on your neck, and an even greater miracle of perception and charity not to teach your child to hate.
James A. Baldwin
I continue to believe in miracles. But i know that miracles come to those who work very hard
Cinda Williams Chima
The inexplicable happens all the time. It makes more sense to simply accept things we observe but cannot understand. It is really more scientific to keep an open mind. Until we can understand and explain the things we now label miracles, let us accept them and try to create more of them.
Bernie Siegel
We have completely eradicated smallpox; we have almost eradicated polio. That’s the miracle of vaccines, which is even greater than that of antibiotics.
Bill Gates
You can do anything. You can perform miracles, but it won’t fulfill you. What will fulfill you is the stillness of eternity.
Frederick Lenz
Which European leader today would not relish the wonder-working powers of a Moses? Budget deficit? Unpopular cuts? How about just a little miracle, an overnight increase in gold reserves, a new oil field, or the next world-changing communications technology? Surely that’s not too much to ask.
Jonathan Sacks
Rejecting the miracles of Christ, we still have the miracle of Christ Himself.
Christian Nestell Bovee
At the heart of our misunderstanding and infantile behavior is the wish for a miracle cure.
James Howard Kunstler
You can swim (uncomfortably) in water at a temperature slightly above freezing; a tiny drop in temperature-or a miracle-allows you to walk on water.
Craig F. Bohren
I don’t particularly like being pregnant. I like the baby at the end. Pregnancy is a very distant thing for me. I can’t seem to believe there’s really a baby there. It’s such a miracle.
Mary Beth Whitehead
As single-mom female inventor, there was no path for that, so really I don’t think people took me seriously for a really long time. Certainly the Miracle Mop being my first successful product, people started to pay attention, and I guess now they really pay attention.
Joy Mangano
Every desire bears its death in its very gratification. Curiosity languishes under repeated stimulants, and novelties cease to excite and surprise, until at length we cannot wonder even at a miracle.
Washington Irving
The time for miracles has either passed or not come yet, besides, miracles, genuine miracles, whatever people say, are not such a good idea, if it means destroying the very order of things in order to improve them.
Jose Saramago
We think birth is a miracle and death is a tragedy, but really they’re flip sides of the same coin – anything born is gonna die.
Mario Van Peebles
The miracle is this – the more you give, the more you have.
Leonard Nimoy
Do not limit the shape and size in which your miracle can come. Sometimes the smallest keys turn the biggest locks.
Neale Donald Walsch
The greatest miracle of all, the human being.
Marya Mannes
God is an immensity, while this disease, this death, which is in me, this small, tightly defined pedestrian event, is merely and perfectly real, without miracle – or instruction.
Harold Brodkey
To the extent we are perceiving anyone’s guilt -choosing to focus on the errors of their personality rather than the eternal innocence of their spirit – we’re closing our hearts, deflecting a miracle and causing our own inevitable suffering.
Marianne Williamson
Live simply and without thinking too much, like a child with his father. Faith without too much thinking works wonders. The logical mind hinders the Grace of God and miracles. Practice patience without judging with the logical mind.
Elder Paisios of Mount Athos
Choosing forgiveness opens the door of your heart and makes way for a miracle in your life.
Victoria Osteen
There’s no word for what Young does, only for what he accomplishes-the capturing of small, daily miracles.
Dorianne Laux
I have a ’68 Mustang, which is my baby. I’ve had her for about six years, which is kind of a miracle, considering how many times she’s been stolen.
Amber Heard
I can’t say that there are “things” that make me come alive. There are thoughts that make me come alive. Those are thoughts that take me beyond myself; that remind me that there’s a bigger game going on on this planet than simply my own existence; that love works miracles, and how much we need them now.
Marianne Williamson
I don’t think science is totally true, because I’ve seen miracles happen through prayer.
Meredith Brooks
My eyes are bright, my hair has come loose from its ribbon, and Stella’s scarf is waving around my neck. But that’s not what I see when I look at the picture. I see three unlikely friends holding hands. And Ryan, Kenny, and Melanie are standing behind us, rapt. And in the sky above us, I see a miracle.
Wendy Mass
Miracles are creative. Healing is the restoration of what has been.
John G. Lake
In fact, I think it was the philosopher Hume who argued that it’s far more likely that a miracle is a new physical phenomenon that we have yet to discover and have now discovered in that moment than it is a spiritual force coming down from God making something happen in front of you.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
To bring a healthy child into this world, raise them right and watch them grow is the biggest miracle there is.
Matthew McConaughey
I think America was a miracle. I think God loves this country.
Orson Bean
Science must acknowledge truthfully how much it doesn’t know and leave room for mystery, miracles, and the wisdom of nature.
Christiane Northrup
Every moment in our lives is a miracle we should enjoy instead of ignoring.
Yoko Ono
Miracles are to come. With you I leave a remembrance of miracles: they are by somebody who can love and who shall be continually reborn, a human being.
e. e. cummings
Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden.
Robert Breault
The miracle is the adverbs, the way things are done.
Daniel Handler
Loving means being open to miracles, to victories and defeats, to everything that happens each day that was given us to walk upon the face of the Earth.
Paulo Coelho
It is a measure of the Negro’s circumstance that, in America, the smallest things usually take him so very long, and that, by the time he wins them, they are no longer little things: they are miracles.
Murray Kempton
You don’t have enough talent to win on talent alone.
Herb Brooks
It is wonderful what miracles God works in wills that are utterly surrendered to Him.
Hannah Whitall Smith
As you learn to TRUST YOURSELF something miraculous happens. You begin to TRUST THE PROCESS you are living and the miracles life brings!
Iyanla Vanzant
Sehwag is a miracle, Sehwag is an institution
Navjot Singh Sidhu
I’m sorry you don’t believe in miracles.
Lance Armstrong
The miracle is not to walk on water, or in the air, or on burning charcoal. The miracle is to walk on earth. You breathe in, you become aware of the fact that you are alive. You are alive and you are walking on this beautiful planet. The greatest of of all miracles is to be alive.
Nhat Hanh
I applaud anything that can take a kid away from a PlayStation or a Gameboy. That is a miracle in itself.
Gary Oldman
A miracle is when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A miracle is when one plus one equals a thousand.
Frederick Buechner
Now is now, and I live everything one day at a time. The fact that I’m still on the planet and able to still make music is such a miracle.
Ronnie Milsap
A pianist practices for up to 10 hours a day. Then, when he takes to the stage, you see the harmony. Having such an elegant touch is a natural gift, but it’s the daily training which allows you to perform that miracle and create feeling, even if you were born tone-deaf.
Gianfranco Zola
I tease sometimes and say that the King holiday is a 20th-century miracle. Reagan even signed it, and he was completely opposed to the idea.
Yolanda King
Whatever the reasons, when forgiveness happens it is always a miracle of grace. The obstacles in its way are immense
Miroslav Volf
The older I get, the more I look at movies as a moving miracle.
Steven Spielberg
Teachers perform major miracles in America, daily.
Meryl Streep
Faith doesn’t make sense. It makes miracles.
Tony Evans
The moment of a miracle is unending lightning.
Dylan Thomas
Forgiveness is the answer to the child’s dream of a miracle by which what is broken is made whole again, what is soiled is made clean again.
Dag Hammarskjold
If people are given the chance to experience life in more than one country, they will hate a little less. It’s not a miracle potion, but little by little you can solve problems in the basement of a country, not on the surface.
Marjane Satrapi
A miracle. Here’s our own hands against our hearts. Come, I will have thee, but by this light I take thee for pity. Beatrice: I would not deny you, but by this good day, I yield upon great persuasion, and partly to save your life, for I was told you were in a consumption. Benedick: Peace. I will stop your mouth.
William Shakespeare
I don’t believe in miracles. I believe in character
Pat Dye
I would like to pass into history as the man of the economic miracle of Angola… That’s my mission.
Joao Lourenco
I’m Sorry are two of the most powerful words in our language, especially when they are not flipped blithely over the shoulder but spoken from the heart. They help restore order, balance, harmony. They reduce pain. They heal broken friendship. If they were medecine, they’d be called a miracle.
Jerry Spinelli
When the heart gets into prayer, every beat of the heart creates a miracle.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi
In a few Zen monasteries, every monk has to start his morning with laughter, and has to end his night with laughter – the first thing and the last thing! You try it. . . For no reason! Because there is no reason. Simply, you are again there, still alive – it is a miracle!
Enlightened teachers can do certain miracles, but they are not really miracles. They just know how to use energy on other levels of consciousness. A miracle is in the eye of the beholder, as is all of life.
Frederick Lenz
I hope they remember the good stuff, when I was a baby, a toddler, when they still had hopes and dreams for their little girl, their miracle child. In truth they were good to me. They were only doing what they knew how to do; what they thought was best.
Julie Anne Peters
Lo, the most excellent sun so calm and haughty, The violet and purple morn with just-felt breezes, The gentle soft-born measureless light, The miracle spreading bathing all, the fulfill’d noon, The coming eve delicious, the welcome night and the stars, Over my cities shining all, enveloping man and land.
Walt Whitman
Nothing lasts forever. That’s the tragedy and the miracle of existence – that everything is impermanent. Everything changes. All we can do is make the best of the time we have. And go down shooting, naturally.
Mira Grant
Sometimes miracles come in pairs.
Richard Branson
The ingredients that made this country, you know, the miracle of the world – I mean we had a seven for one improvement in the average American standard of living in the 20th century.
Howard Warren Buffett
The last thing I’ll say for the people that don’t believe in cycling, the cynics and the sceptics, I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry you can’t dream big and I’m sorry you don’t believe in miracles.
Lance Armstrong
Childbirth is no more a miracle then eating food and a turd coming out of your ass.
Bill Hicks
Getting a movie made is a miracle… because the studios are only interested in making ‘The Avengers.’
Bryan Fogel
The happy do not believe in miracles.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The evidence for the resurrection is better than for claimed miracles in any other religion. It’s outstandingly different in quality and quantity.
Antony Flew
But I also assert that most of us don’t look for miracles, don’t recognize them for what they really are, and don’t really believe them to be of divine origin even if their miraculous nature is noticed.
Mary C. Neal
Very often some of the religious miracle plays you see on television can be very corny, I find. And so simplistic.
Robert Duvall
For all his learning or sophistication, man still instinctively reaches towards that force beyond. Only arrogance can deny its existence, and the denial falters in the face of evidence on every hand. In every tuft of grass, in every bird, in every opening bud, there it is.
Hal Borland
I think in vitro is a miracle and it has given me my precious little baby boy.
Cindy Margolis
The price that has to be paid for finding truly personal life is a very high one. It is a price in terms of the acceptance of responsibility. And the awareness of responsibility inevitably leads either to despair or to confession and grace.
Paul Tournier
After being raised as an evangelical Christian, I for years assumed that Christianity was the default – there were Christians, and then there were weirdos. I was shocked when, in college, I found that some people get offended when you tell them, for instance, that their recovery from surgery was a ‘miracle.’
David Wong
There is nothing that God hath established in a constant course of nature, and which therefore is done every day, but would seem a Miracle, and exercise our admiration, if it were done but once.
John Donne
I think ‘Miracle’s Boys’ made more people aware of my work.
Jacqueline Woodson
You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle.
Eckhart Tolle
The person who does not believe in miracles surely makes it certain that he or she will never take part in one.
William Blake
The true Love Dare. To move into His presence and listen to His love unending and know the grace uncontainable. This is the vault of the miracles. The only thing that can change us, the world, is this- all His love.
Ann Voskamp
Accidents are just from where you’re looking; to the ego, it looks like it’s miracles and accidents.
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Ram Dass
When you have one idea per year, it’s already a miracle!
Azzedine Alaia
If I am dissatisfied, it’s simply because good photos are few and far between. A good photo is a miracle.
Josef Koudelka
Maybe Pope Francis will say something on his visit to the US, maybe he’ll rebuke Donald Trump and anti-immigrant racism and demagoguery beautifully, in a way that illuminates hearts and makes people begin to turn away. That would be miracle enough for me.
Francisco Goldman
A man who saw a miracle would reject his eyes’ witness, if those with him saw nothing.
Ursula K. Le Guin
Every first thing is always a miracle. The first person you fall in love with. The first letter you receive. The first stone you throw. And in my conception of the novel, the letter becomes important. But what’s more important is the fact that we need to continue to tell each other stories.
Colum McCann
Miracles do not, in fact, break the laws of nature.
C. S. Lewis
“What’s miraculous about a spider’s web?” said Mrs. Arable. “I don’t see why you say a web is a miracle–it’s just a web.”
“Ever try to spin one?” asked Mr. Dorian.
E. B. White
There’s room for all sorts of magic and miracles in this world – that’s what I think.
Michael Morpurgo
If ever there was a slamming of the door in the face of constructive investigation, it is the word miracle. To a medieval peasant, a radio would have seemed like a miracle.
Richard Dawkins
We cannot expect miracles of mindfulness in our own lives without preparation, commitment & continuing to energetically progress along our spiritual way.
Surya Das
It is only with the companionship of the Holy Ghost that we can hope to be equally yoked in a marriage free from discord. I have seen how that companionship is crucial for felicity in a marriage. The miracle of becoming one requires the help of heaven, and it takes time.
Henry B. Eyring
Miracles happen to those who believe in them. Otherwise why does not the Virgin Mary appear to Lamaists, Mohammedans, or Hindus who have never heard of her.
Bernard Berenson
Sleep is lovely, death is better still, not to have been born is of course the miracle.
Heinrich Heine
I hate using this term [miracle]. I’m a man of science. I’m a doctor. I don’t use this word. But he said, it’s a miracle your mom’s alive.
Trevor Noah
Miracles surround us at every turn if we but sharpen our perceptions of them.
Willa Cather
Every week when my batch of weekly cartoons would go to FedEx, it felt like a small miracle. Then in a few days, it’s ‘Here we go again.’
Gary Larson
Professionalism in medicine has given us medial miracles for the affluent but hospitals that will charge $35 for aspirin.
Bill James
Once all struggles are grasped, miracles are possible.
Mao Zedong
Now, Rahul Gandhi has offered Rs 72,000 per annum scheme to every poor person in India. It is a miracle scheme. While Modi failed to give Rs 15 lakh he promised to every poor person, Congress will fulfil its promise as it did earlier. That is why Rahul Gandhi is hero while Modi is zero.
And it rained a fever. And it rained a silence. And it rained a sacrifice. And it rained a miracle. And it rained sorceries and saturnine eyes of the totem.
Tom Robbins
There’s something about living in the country that I think makes you inventive, because nature is full of miracles and wonder and surprises, and if you don’t have much money, you have to make things if you want things.
Terry Gilliam
Miracles never cease to amaze me. I expect them, but their consistent arrival is always delightful to experience.
Mark Victor Hansen
There is no such thing as making the miracle happen spontaneously and on the spot. You’ve got to work.
Martina Arroyo
A meeting between two people who complete each other, who are made for each other, borders already, in my opinion, on a miracle.
Adolf Hitler
Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.
Thich Nhat Hanh
There is in every child at every stage a new miracle of vigorous unfolding.
Erik Erikson
The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle, which is exactly what it is: a miracle and unrepeatable.
Storm Jameson
You always gotta do what you like. If it connects, it’s a miracle, but it happened with Die Antwoord.
Yolandi Visser
Forgiveness is the divine miracle of grace. The cost to God was the Cross of Christ.
Oswald Chambers
The previously unloved may find it hard to believe that they are now loved; that is such a miracle, they feel; such a miracle.
Alexander McCall Smith
I had been very close to Anne Bancroft when we worked together in The Miracle Worker
Patty Duke
The miracle of the seed and the soil is not available by affirmation; it is only available by labor.
Jim Rohn
If I had my life to live over, instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I’d have cherished ever moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.
Erma Bombeck
Act as if the universe is a prodigious miracle created for your amusement and illumination. Assume that secret helpers are working behind the scenes to assist you in turning into the gorgeous masterpiece you were born to be. Join the conspiracy to shower all of creation with blessings.
Rob Brezsny
I don’t know how anyone ever makes a good movie. It’s a miracle every time.
Brad Bird
Whichever point you reach in the future, that will be a miracle! If you reach tomorrow, that will be a miracle! If you reach next week or next year, that will be a miracle! Your every arrival to a point in the future time is a great victory!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Music is a strange thing. I would almost say it is a miracle.
Heinrich Heine
An honest man, armed with all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that in some sense, the origin of life appears at the moment to be almost a miracle, so many are the conditions which would have had to have been satisfied to get it going.
Francis Crick
Catching the apple doesn’t overturn the law of gravity or the formulation of a
new law. It’s merely an intervention of a person with freewill who
overrides the natural causes operative in that particular circumstance.
And that is, essentially, is what God does when he causes a miracle to
William Lane Craig
I feel our life is a miracle, it is finely tuned, computerised and run by one master. You can call him by any name. It is one universal power and hence I would say that God is everywhere.
Poonam Dhillon
This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love: the more they give, the more they possess.
Rainer Maria Rilke
A physician is an unfortunate gentleman who is every day required to perform a miracle; namely to reconcile health with intemperance.
There was no miracle that night.
Ed King
The miracle of your mind isn’t that you can see the world as it is. It’s that you can see the world as it isn’t.
Kathryn Schulz
I remember World War II when there were very few books, very little paper available. For me to walk into a shop or look at a list and see anything that I want, or almost anything, is like a kind of miracle.
Doris Lessing
Nuclear power is not a miracle key for the future.
Tarja Halonen
The standard approach has been to pump up the dosage of chemicals … Twenty percent of these approved-for-use pesticides are listed by the EPA as carcinogenic in humans.
Barbara Kingsolver
I was conceived after doctors told my mother she’d never have children. I’m a miracle – we all are.
Jill Scott
I told Augustus the broad outline of my miracle: diagnosed with Stage IV thyroid cancer when I was thirteen. (I didn’t tell him that the diagnosis came three months after I got my first period. Like: Congratulations! You’re a woman. Now die.)
John Green
The world is the ring of his spells,
And the play of his miracles.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Christ’s miracles were not the suspension of the natural order but the restoration of the natural order. They were a reminder of what once was prior to the fall and a preview of what will eventually be a universal reality once again–a world of peace and justice,
without death, disease, or conflict.
Timothy Keller
Forgiveness, in some cases, is a flipping miracle in the sense that you’re fighting, and suddenly something happens. It’s a kind of grace. Whether you believe in God or not, something happens, and it’s transformative.
Ann Dowd
Love is always in the mood of believing in miracles.
John Cowper Powys
When the prayer becomes the vibration of the mind and self, then we can create a miracle.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi
As far as miracles are concerned, I’m not aware that I perform miracles. After many years and lifetimes of meditation, I am able to use the kundalini energy to alter other people’s awareness and aid them in their search for light and certainty.
Frederick Lenz
The influence of friendship upon culture differs from that of love, in that it assumes the basic idiosyncrasies of personal taste to be unalterable. Love, in spite of all rational knowledge to the contrary, is always in the mood of believing in miracles.
John Cowper Powys
The next time you look into the mirror, just look at the way the ears rest next to the head; look at the way the hairline grows; think of all the little bones in your wrist. It is a miracle. And the dance is a celebration of that miracle.
Martha Graham
When it comes to killing my sin, I don’t wait for the miracle, I act the miracle.
John Piper
[A] good Christian does not care for miracles very much, because a miracle is God looking after His own affairs, and we prefer looking after them for Him.
Georges Bernanos
It is seriously time for a miracle.
Farrah Fawcett
The music could even penetrate his remote world, more distant than the moon itself; it could even perform miracles.
Paulo Coelho
…if you ever wonder what you’ve done in your life, and everyone does wonder sooner or later, you have been God’s grace to me, a miracle, something more than a miracle.
Marilynne Robinson
Life becomes precious and more special to us when we look for the little everyday miracles and get excited about the privileges of simply being human
Tim Hansel
Meditation has only one meaning, and that is going beyond the mind and becoming a witness. In your witnessing is the miracle – the whole mystery of life
..either immediately or ultimately every dollar of government spending must be raised through a dollar of taxation. Once we look at the matter. In this way, the supposed miracles of government spending will appear in another light.
Henry Hazlitt
Each morning brings a hidden blessing; a blessing which is unique to that day, and which cannot be kept or re-used. If we do not use this miracle today, it will be lost.
Paulo Coelho
Our painful experiences strengthen us in becoming more empathetic, more caring, and deeper human beings. We grow in depth of understanding, with greater appreciation for the miracle of life.
Alexandra Stoddard
I think if you meet the right person in life and you fall in love, that is a miracle. My husband saw me on the subway. That is a miracle!
Eva Marie Saint
We artists give daily thanks for the miracle of our planet and for the inclination and the capability to honour it.
Robert Genn
We have got to abandon the sense of amazement in the face of creativity, as if it were a miracle if anybody created anything.
Abraham Maslow
The worst thing about the miracle of modern communications is the Pavlovian pressure it places upon everyone to communicate whenever a bell rings.
Russell Baker
The spirit of man can endure only so much and when it is broken only a miracle can mend it.
John Burroughs
Since my stroke, I have begun to see so many miracles all around me. I look out of the window in my room: verdant grass, silver-tipped oak leaves, tall palm trees gentle swaying as they reach to the sky, masses and masses of roses. All colors, so many shapes, exquisite fragrances.
Kirk Douglas
We have at last ascertained that miracles can be perfectly understood; that there is nothing mysterious about them; that they are simply transparent falsehoods.
Robert Green Ingersoll
In times of death and famine, reason is on the side of the priests-who have their own kind of logic which cries for miracles and, on occasion, invents them.
Jean Giraudoux
One wanted, she thought, dipping her brush deliberately, to be on a level with ordinary experience, to feel simply that’s a chair, that’s a table, and yet at the same time, It’s a miracle, it’s an ecstasy.
Virginia Woolf
I undertake my scientific research with the confident assumption that the earth follows the laws of nature which God established at creation. … My studies are performed with the confidence that God will not capriciously confound scientific results by “slipping in” a miracle.
James W. Skehan
Yes, whatever happened, happened; but what happens now is up to you. You can respond from ego, ensuring pain, or you can respond from spirit, ensuring a miracle.
Marianne Williamson
Our human bodies are miracles, not because they defy laws of nature, but precisely because they obey them.
Harold S. Kushner
Don’t give up before the miracle happens.
Fannie Flagg
We live in an age of miracles so commonplace that it can be difficult to see them as anything other than part of the daily texture of living
Tom Chatfield
I pray for miracles. I have always found prayer to bring quick results.
Martha Reeves
The best things that have ever happened to me have not been the result of anything I have done. Some might say that is luck. I call them blessings and in some cases miracles.
Tom Krause
My secret heroes were Joe Morello, Ray Charles – who is, in my opinion, the most dominant figure in musical history in the 21st century – and Frank Sinatra. Those are my heroes. And as a writer, when Bob Dylan came along, it was a miracle because he gave us all permission to say anything!
J. D. Souther
Sri Chinmoy is truly unique and special. He has rediscovered the lost art of special strength feats and weightlifting. He has got the biggest, heaviest calf machine in the world. It is a miracle that this man can even support this kind of weight. He is really an inspiration to me.
Bill Pearl
Every time your faith is strengthened as you hear the Word, release it through your mouth to receive your miracle, for God’s Word is out to prosper you!
Joseph Prince
Nothing may truly be said to be a miracle except in the profound sense that everything is a miracle.
Paramahansa Yogananda
Was there no safety? No learning by heart of the ways of the world? No guide, no shelter, but all was miracle, and leaping from the pinnacle of a tower into the air? Could it be, even for elderly people, that this was life?–startling, unexpected, unknown?
Virginia Woolf
A miracle constantly repeated becomes a process of nature.
Lyman Abbott
A committed heart does not wait for conditions to be exactly right. Why? Because conditions are never exactly right. Indecision limits The Almighty and His ability to perform miracles in your life. He has put the vision in you – proceed! To wait, to wonder, to doubt, to be indecisive is to disobey God.
Andy Andrews
If some people have the belief or view that the Dalai Lama has some miracle power, that’s totally nonsense. I am just one human being.
Dalai Lama
When you can’t get a miracle, you can still be a miracle for someone else.
Nick Vujicic
Sometimes, at a certain point, the painting seems to have painted itself without my help – what I have called the ‘eureka’ moment when a sudden daring intervention has worked a miracle.
Joseph Plaskett
A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is a national treasure because it delivers beautifully the central miracle of Christmas: Emmanuel – God With Us. From the wood of the manger to the wood of the cross.
Don Willett
Behind every fear, there is a miracle waiting.
Marianne Williamson
Only two miracles are worth seeing: The miracle of loving And The miracle of forgiving.
Sri Chinmoy
Atoms for peace. Man is still the greatest miracle and the greatest problem on earth.
David Sarnoff
I had a few miracles happen out there today.
Ben Crenshaw
Miracles can happen when we can keep our consciousness away from analyzing and classifying one another.
Marshall B. Rosenberg
Faith in God is less apt to proceed from miracles than miracles from faith in God.
Frederick Buechner
St. Paul’s Chapel stands – without so much as a broken window. Little miracle.
Rudy Giuliani
The church that is man-managed instead of God-governed is doomed to failure. A ministry that is college-trained but not Spirit-filled works no miracles.
Leonard Ravenhill
Jesus, when he was on Earth, he was out there helping people, right? Why did he perform those miracles? To call attention to his profession. Why do you think I do these incredible feats? To call attention to my profession!
Jack LaLanne
Don’t fall for a magic wand, we humans got it all, we perform the miracles.
Kate Bush
Our teachers are everywhere. Our teachers are right in front of us, and take so many forms. All we need to do is to open our eyes, to be open to and aware of the possibilities. Otherwise, we walk sightless among miracles.
Dani Shapiro
Enter any moment devoid of agenda, with an absence of posturing, and with your only intention being to send love to everyone you meet or even think of…
Happiness, miracles and inner peace will follow.
Marianne Williamson
Filmmaking is a miracle of collaboration.
James McAvoy
The presence of passion within you is the greatest gift you can receive. Treat it as a miracle.
Wayne Dyer
It’s a daily miracle to see a child grow and develop all the senses and language and speech and faculties, and they’re so much fun and they’re so delightful and they’re so innocent. It just stops your heart every time; I can’t get enough of it.
Jann Wenner
Practice beauty appreciation in as many places as possible. Nature provides a virtual smorgasbord of miracles. See the beauty in all of it.
Wayne Dyer
In life, you are struck by the importance of presence, of the small moments of meaning, the miracle of your child’s breath, the feelings of deep human connection. When you are thinking about technology, your mind is not on all of that.
Sherry Turkle
Every year, there is a new diet that all the celebs or housewives are trying. We all want the perfect diet or the perfect pill. If we surveyed a million women, and they could choose to learn the truth about God or the foolproof diet, I guarantee more women would pick the miracle diet over the miracle of life.
Marissa Jaret Winokur
How to sustain the miracle
Of being, that like a muted bell,
Or like some ocean-breathing shell,
Quivers, intense and still?
Babette Deutsch
It is a miracle how God has so long preserved His Book! How great and glorious it is to have the Word of God!
Martin Luther
I keep my heart and my soul and my spirit open to miracles.
Patrick Swayze
Liar! Liar!” shrieked suddenly from the now open trap door. Miracle Max whirled. “Back, Witch–” he commanded. “I’m not a witch, I’m your wife–” she was advancing on him now, an ancient tiny fury–“and after what you’ve just done I don’t think I want to be that any more–
William Goldman
The truth is more magical – in the best and most exciting sense of the word – than any myth or made-up mystery or miracle. Science has its own magic: the magic of reality.
Richard Dawkins
I am safe and secure. I exhale any anxiety and inhale calm. As my world expands so do my heart and mind. I am willing to stay open and accept all the miracles and abundance the universe has to offer me.
Kris Carr
The West in its modern form since 1945 is a miracle, and that`s in our American interests. It`s its good that the West is strong and at peace, and we should want more of that, not less.
Daniel Fried
True art is creation, and creation is beyond all theories. That is why I say to any beginner: Learn your theories as well as you can, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of the living soul. Not theories but your own creative individuality alone must decide.
Carl Jung
There’s nothing harder to stop than somebody who wants to believe a miracle.
Leslie Ford
How the miracle of our meeting Shone there and sang, I didn’t want to return From there to anywhere. Happiness instead of duty Was bitter delight to me. Not obliged to speak to anyone, I spoke for a long while. Let passions stifle lovers, Demanding answers, We, my dear, are only souls At the limits of the world.
Anna Akhmatova
If you meditate, then the real miracle is the transformation of your awareness field beyond the body. Beyond the body there are oceans of light, continents of light, universes of light. Meditation frees you from this world.
Frederick Lenz
I love when you get boner spam for boner pills and the subject is Be a better lover. Oh, the boner was the problem on that? That’s why I’m a bad lover? Do you have a pill that’s gonna make me care if she cums? That would be a medical miracle.
Doug Stanhope
That’s the miracle of Amazon! It’s like Internet dating. In the early days, you could get slimed as an author on Amazon by someone bearing a grudge, or jealous, or whatever. And because there were so few reviews posted, this stank.
Nigel Hamilton
The greatest miracle of the Bible is that the prophets of Israel could keep a religion as clean as a hounds tooth amid all the corruption and idolatry of the nations surrounding them.
Billy Graham
In wilderness I sense the miracle of life, and behind it our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia.
Charles Lindbergh
From now on we live in a world where man has walked on the Moon. It’s not a miracle; we just decided to go.
Jim Lovell
To me, the idea of a weatherman is really powerful. There’s a guy on television or on the radio telling us the future, and nobody cares. It’s this daily mundane miracle, and I think the songs I chose are about noticing the beauty in normal, everyday life.
Gregory Alan Isakov
I am a realist. I expect miracles.
Wayne Dyer
There is no greater magic than meditation. To transform the negative into the positive. To transform darkness into light-that is the miracle of meditation.
It is probable that the principal credit of miracles, visions, enchantments, and such extraordinary occurrences comes from the power of imagination, acting principally upon the minds of the common people, which are softer.
Michel de Montaigne
Also remember that in any man’s dark hour, a pat on the back and an earnest handclasp may work a small miracle.
Samuel Lyman Atwood Marshall
The collective conscience of a hundred musicians is no light burden. Think for a moment of what it would mean to a pianist if by some miracle every key of his instrument should suddenly become a living thing.
Charles Munch
But here’s what I’ve learned in this war, in this country, in this city: to love the miracle of having been born.
Oriana Fallaci
Today, the Lord lets me see the cloud of His glory. It comes down, and I preach in it; and I can see His glory with my eyes open or closed. … An angel stands by my side and directs me in every miracle service, and he even tells me things that are going to happen ahead of time.
Ernest Angley
I am realistic – I expect miracles.
Wayne Dyer
I don’t believe in miracles because it’s been a long time since we’ve had any.
Joseph Heller
The Universe has shouted itself alive. We are one of the shouts.
Ray Bradbury
Oh, for God’s sake,” I said. “Just give me the stupid thing.” I took the panic button and stuck it into my Super Sexy Miracle Bra. “GPS,” Ranger said to Morelli. “Probably I can find her breast without it,” Morelli said. “But it’s good to know there’s a navigational system on board if I need it.
Janet Evanovich
I go about the world, hand outstretched, and in the stadiums I plead: ‘A pretty move, for the love of God.’ And when good soccer happens, I give thanks for the miracle and I don’t give a damn which team or country performs it.
Eduardo Galeano
God is moving powerfully in and amongst children in this hour. You will see MANY children raised up to preach, heal, prophesy, move in miracles, signs and wonders. Numbers of young children will be visited by the Lord in areas of “Divine Intelligence” and many will go to the mission field at an early age.
Patricia King
We do not admit the authority of the church with respect to its pretended infallibility, its manufactured miracles, its setting itself up to forgive sins. It was by propagating that belief and supporting it with fire that she kept up her temporal power.
Thomas Paine
What we are left with then is the present, the only time where miracles happen. We place the past and the future as well into the hands of God. The biblical statement that “time shall be no more” means that we will one day live fully in the present, without obsessing about past or future.
Marianne Williamson
Beyond the mind, at the deepest level of consciousnesss, resides the spirit. This is the part of us that is eternal, unchanging, and imbued with pure unlimited potential. Tapping into this potential is what enables us to manifest miracles.
Deepak Chopra
I would just go wherever the wind blew, and I would always get myself into crazy situations. By some miracle, I’m still alive.
Julia Fox
Thanksgiving creates abundance; and the miracle of multiplying happens when I give thanks-take the just one loaf, say it is enough, and give thanks-and He miraculously makes it more than enough.
Ann Voskamp
Miracle: An event described by those to whom it was told by men who did not see it.
Elbert Hubbard
I believe in the possibility of miracles but, more to the point, I believe in our need for them.
Dean Koontz
People have been so busy relating to how I look, it’s a miracle I didn’t become a self-conscious blob of protoplasm.
Robert Redford
It is only when you are asked to believe in Reason coming from non-reason that you must cry Halt. Human minds. They do not come from nowhere.
C. S. Lewis
There is only one reason an intelligent person doesn’t believe in miracles. He or she believes in materialism.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
I wish to work miracles.
Leonardo da Vinci
I tell everybody, if you’ve got a band that works, it’s a miracle. It’s never going to be perfect, but if it works on some level, hold on to it with both hands and don’t ever let it go.
Steven Van Zandt
I have always been an impassioned advocate for the works of Shakespeare. I regard him as one of the most complete miracles of his or any other age.
Stephen Fry
Possibilities and miracles mean the same thing
Prentice Mulford
It’s kind of a miracle to think that a device in your pocket can play pretty much any song that the world has ever created.
Trent Reznor
We buy books, we go to gyms, we expend a lot of brain power on trying to hold back time, when we should be celebrating the miracle of being here in this world.
Paulo Coelho
Keep the commandments of God. If you have sinned, the sooner you begin to make your way back, the sooner you will find the sweet peace and joy that come with the miracle of forgiveness. Happiness comes from living the way the Lord wants you to live and from service to God and others.
Thomas S. Monson
But if we admit God, must we admit Miracle? Indeed, indeed, you have no security against it. That is the bargain. Theology says to you in effect, ‘Admit God and with Him the risk of a few miracles, and I in return will ratify your faith in uniformity as regards the overwhelming majority of events.
C. S. Lewis
When a woman has the gift of silence she possesses a quality above the vulgar. It is a gift of Heaven seldom bestowed; without a little miracle it cannot be accomplished; and Nature suffers violence when Heaven puts a woman in the humor of observing silence.
Pierre Corneille
Some people think a miracle is only a miracle if it happens instantaneously, but miracles can grow slowly and patience and faith can compel things to happen that otherwise never would have come to pass.
Boyd K. Packer
Look at each day as a chance to invest life into life. A chance to share your experience and deposit it into someone else’s conscience. Each day is a chance to work miracles in the lives of others.
Jim Rohn
Writing is still a bit of a miracle – the whole process: I see the world, filter the world, write down abstract squiggles on a page which somebody is then able to connect with. I’m still amazed by it and think I always will be.
Rebecca Miller
I just find the people I want to work with and put it all together, and it’s a lot of hard work, and all kinds of catastrophes happen, but I don’t really get too much resistance. But when you make a movie, it seems like there’s nothing but resistance. It’s kind of a miracle that any movie ever gets made.
Madonna Ciccone
Miracles do happen. You must believe this. No matter what else you believe about life, you must believe in miracles.
Augusten Burroughs
Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.
C. S. Lewis
I have many friends who do not believe in luck; they believe in blessings. Likewise, I do not believe in coincidences; I believe in miracles.
Jane Seymour
Keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life.
Khalil Gibran
Don’t worry, Mel. Miracles don’t work that way. I’ll never lose you. I’ll never let you get away from me.
Stephenie Meyer
The best engineer a few decades ago was someone who could create the most beautiful beam or structure; today it’s to do a structure you cannot see or understand how it’s done. It disappears and you can talk only about color, symbols, and light. It’s an aesthetic of miracle.
Jean Nouvel
Miracles happen on Christmas, Pat. Everybody knows that.
Matthew Quick
It appears to me, then, little short of a miracle, that the Delegates from so many different States . . . should unite in forming a system of national Government, so little liable to well founded objections.
George Washington
Why had he never appreciated the miracle that he was, brain and nerve and bounding heart?
J. K. Rowling
I prefer to make a mistake because I am too kind than to perform miracles without any kindness.
Mother Teresa
The logical man must either deny all miracles or none.
Charles Alexander Eastman
The miracle of man is not how far he has sunk but how magnificently he has risen. We are known among the stars by our poems, not our corpses.
Robert Ardrey
Don’t look for miracles. You yourself are the miracle.
Henry Miller
Bracketing has turned all my experiences, remembered and present, into a gallery of miracles where I wander around dazzled by the beauty of events I cannot explain.
Martha Beck
The world is full of wonders and miracles but man takes his little hand and covers his eyes and sees nothing.
Baal Shem Tov
God gave the Angels wings and humans chocolate. Mrs. Miracle
Debbie Macomber
Time was when medicine could do very little for critically ill or dying patients. Now it can do too much. Where to draw the line is the subject of a broad, heated debate throughout the country, a debate that becomes louder with each new medical miracle or impossible case.
Lisa Belkin
There are no coincidences. Just miracles by the boatload.
Clare Vanderpool
The miracle of being able to pay attention to other people in your life, and the miracle of being in time, and to continue being in time.
Kiki Smith
Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.
Pablo Picasso
We have dreamt of every woman there is, and dreamt too of the miracle that would bring us the pleasure of being a woman, for women have all the qualities – courage, passion, the capacity to love, cunning – whereas all our imagination can do is naively pile up the illusion of courage.
Jean Baudrillard
From without, no wonderful effect is wrought within ourselves, unless some interior, responding wonder meets it. That the starry vault shall surcharge the heart with all rapturous marvelings, is only because we ourselves are greater miracles, and superber trophies than all the stars in universal space.
Herman Melville
They say miracles are past.
William Shakespeare
Miracles are everywhere to be found When I surrender my infinite desires To my immortal aspirations.
Sri Chinmoy
We always think, ‘Well, for a person who’s blind, it must be an amazing, joyful miracle if by some chance their sight is restored to them.’ Now, this may be true for blind people who lost their vision at a later age. It’s rarely true for people who were born blind or who go blind at a very young age.
Rosemary Mahoney
There is no greater miracle than our conscious efforts to become good human beings.
Sri Chinmoy
When a miracle happens, even if not to you, its nature is to naturally expand. You can almost feel the warmth on your face.
Hugh Elliot
To early man, trees were objects of awe and wonder. The mystery of their growth, the movement of their leaves and branches, the way they seemed to die and come again to life in spring, the sudden growth of the plant from the seed – all these appeared to be miracles as indeed they still are, miracles of nature!
Ruskin Bond
The process of self-healing is the privilege of every being. Self-healing is not a miracle, nor is self-healing a dramatization of the personality as though you could do something superior. Self-healing is a genuine process of the relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Sometimes my life opened its eyes in the dark. A feeling as if crowds drew through the streets in blindness and anxiety on the way towards a miracle, while I invisibly remain standing.
Tomas Transtromer
In one African myth the word for God is even identical with skill and capacity. The Godhead is defined as that thing which appears in man as the mystery of an unusual skill or capacity. It is something divine, a spark of the divinity in him, not his own possession or achievement, but a miracle.
Marie-Louise von Franz
I have to admit that I’m one of those people that thinks the dishwasher is a miracle.
Clarence Thomas
Learn your theories as well as you can, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of the living soul
Carl Jung
When you look at all the miracles attributed to Jesus, they’re all about change.
Michael Sheen
Armstrong lives as he rides – surrounded by a cocoon of aides and helpers, his gimlet eyes focused on victory…. The self-described atheist has become a deity… but the inquiry’s findings may cause the Armstrong faithful to ask, Was the miracle a mirage?
Selena Roberts
On the day of my judgment, when I stand before God, and He asks me why did I kill one of his true miracles, what am I gonna say? That it was my job? My job?
Stephen King
Every cubic inch of space is a miracle.
Walt Whitman
There is no mystery– that’s the beauty of it. We are entirely explicable to each other, and yet we stay. What a miracle that is.
Kamila Shamsie
When I look to my guiltiness, I see that my salvation is one of our Saviour’s greatest miracles, either in heaven or earth.
Samuel Rutherford
In earlier times they had no statistics and so they had to fall back on lies. Hence the huge exaggerations of primitive literature, giants, miracles, wonders! It’s the size that counts. They did it with lies and we do it with statistics: but it’s all the same.
Stephen Leacock
Households that have lost the soul of cooking from their routines may not know what they are missing: the song of a stir-fry sizzle, the small talk of clinking measuring spoons, the yeasty scent of rising dough, the painting of flavors onto a pizza before it slides into the oven.
Barbara Kingsolver
I was born in a small village in Kerala. From there, I went on to play for the Kerala state team and international test cricket for India, and now I am working in TV shows and cinema… Any miracle can happen.
S. Sreesanth
My earliest poems sing of the absolute necessity of allowing love to invade and pervade one’s life. That can make the miracle happen in reality. Try it.
James Broughton
If one believes, then miracles occur.
Henry Miller
The miracle of self-healing occurs when the inner patient yields to the inner physician.
Vernon Howard
A Course in Miracles tells us that although ‘we think that without the ego, all would be chaos, the opposite is true. Without the ego, all would be love.’
Marianne Williamson
Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.
Regina Brett
When you speak about these miracles, I laugh within Myself out of pity, that you allow yourself so easily to loose the precious awareness of My Reality.
Sathya Sai Baba
Books woke me up. Books are my favorite man-made objects. I fetishize their design, smell, feel. And that they can contain such burning, complex communications is a miracle to me.
Ken Baumann
Miracles need people as much as people need miracles.
Amy Neftzger
Trust me, with the kind of roles I have played, it’s a miracle that I still have a career. I am a miracle.
Richa Chadha
God works in many ways His wonders to perform. But He’s not a skillful mechanic. A man drived over a cliff and “by a miracle” he only breaks his back. It would be more divine if he were a better driver and stayed on the road.
Paul Goodman
I’m just one generation between someone who cheered when Germans were burning and someone who doesn’t even know that there is a border. That’s a miracle – really is a miracle – and it gets me really emotional.
Frans Timmermans
I believe if God doesn’t give you a miracle, you are a miracle of God for somebody else’s salvation.
Nick Vujicic
I never thought I’d get to have children; to me [they’re] just a miracle.
Nancy Grace
It’s all right to sit on your pity pot every now and again. Just be sure to flush when you are finished. Mrs. Miracle
Debbie Macomber
From my point of view, your life is already a miracle of chance waiting for you to shape its destiny.
Toni Morrison
The miracle of turning inklings into thoughts and thoughts into words and words into metal and print and ink never palls for me.
John Updike
Sensible men no longer belive in miracles; they were invented by priests to humbug the peasants.
Alfonso X of Castile
Once miracles are admitted, every scientific explanation is out of the question.
Johannes Kepler
In any moment, in any circumstance, a miracle will occur when we align ourselves with truth.
Marianne Williamson
We must work tirelessly to make sure that every boy and girl in America who is up for adoption has a family waiting to reach him or her…This is a season of miracles, and perhaps there is no greater miracle than finding a loving home for a child who needs one.
William J. Clinton
First there was the word. A Course in Miracles says that prayer is the “medium of miracles.” It’s the realm of thought where we are aligned with the thought of God and therefore in a co- creative mode. It’s where we surrender our minds to His mind and become empowered.
Marianne Williamson
It is, of course, one of the miracles of science that the germs that used to be in our food have been replaced by poisons.
Wendell Berry
Auntie Anne’s is a modern-day business miracle that never should have happened.
Anne F. Beiler
A grandchild is a miracle, but a renewed relationship with your own children is even a greater one.
T. Berry Brazelton
Laugh at yourself and at life. Not in the spirit of derision or whining self-pity, but as a remedy, a miracle drug, that will ease your pain, cure your depression, and help you to put in perspective that seemingly terrible defeat… Never take yourself too seriously.
Og Mandino
At the Summer Solstice, all is green and growing, potential coming into being, the miracle of manifestation painted large on the canvas of awareness. At the Winter Solstice, the wind is cold, trees are bare and all lies in stillness beneath blankets of snow.
Gary Zukav
I think it was a miracle that Trump got elected.
Orson Bean
The wrong action done at the wrong time spells disaster The right action done at the wrong time spells resistance The wrong action done at the right time spells mistake but The right action done at the right time spells a miracle
John C. Maxwell
I’m not a dreamer… but I believe in miracles. I have to
Terry Fox
When Kevin Brockmeier says, “Everything, given the possibility, would choose to be a song,” I recognize the implicit truth of such a miracle. What can I say, I’m Irish, and we take naturally to that sort of thing.
Jack Driscoll
My recipe for success is chance, basically. Just luck. It’s a miracle that people still hire me after some of the stuff I’ve gotten away with. Honestly!
Johnny Depp
True love should be, according to its origin, entirely arbitrary and entirely accidental at the same time; it should seem both necessary and free; in keeping with its nature, however, it should be both destiny and virtue and appear as a mystery and a miracle.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel