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Materials Quotes

Materials Quotes by Ai Weiwei, Svante Arrhenius, Mark Addy, Anthony Daniels, Dat Phan, Alice James and many others.

I am very much interested in the so-called useless object. I mean, it takes perfect craftsmanship, beautiful material carefully measured and crafted, but at the same time it’s really useless.
Ai Weiwei
Humanity stands … before a great problem of finding new raw materials and new sources of energy that shall never become exhausted. In the meantime we must not waste what we have, but must leave as much as possible for coming generations.
Svante Arrhenius
It’s nice to have material things but they’re very superficial aren’t they?
Mark Addy
Civilization is the sum total of all those activities that allow men to transcend mere biological existence and reach for a richer mental, aesthetic, material, and spiritual life.
Anthony Daniels
I did whatever it takes to do stand-up. There is an abundance of material in struggling and poverty and trying to make it. There is so much humor in that, it’s unlimited.
Dat Phan
Destitution and excessive luxury develop apparently the same ideals, the same marauding attitude towards mankind, the intensity of struggle for material goods, — surely showing how perfect is the meeting of extremes.
Alice James
Mostly, I was only interested in television as a kid, and the majority of reading material I collected was an adjunct to that central concern, comic books and magazines included.
Chris Ware
When you’re walking in, basically like a kid a candy store, to a project where there’s an endless canon of material, you have to step back from it as a self-indulgence. You have to look at it neutrally.
Josh Groban
As the conceptual, material world increases its hold on us, and inanimate objects become more lifelike, we humans must become more human. Open hearts, kindness and care-these are our most precious gifts.
Sakyong Mipham
Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India.
Mark Twain
I love the fact publishers are still publishing unprofitable material. It’s a challenge to the powers that be. It’s saying there is a real literature in this country and we will keep publishing it.
Alan Lightman
The name of our proper connection to the earth is ‘good work,’ for good work involves much giving of honor. It honors the source of its materials; it honors the place where it is done; it honors the art by which it is done; it honors the thing that it makes and the user of the made thing.
Wendell Berry
I do have strong convictions and political opinions, but I don’t think it’s necessary to imbue my photographic work with them. I use photography as a vessel for visual material to flow through, to encourage conversation with the viewer. I try to present a catalyst and invite viewers to tell their own stories.
Michael Kenna
“I do not want to get material life, do not want the sense-life, but something higher.” That is renunciation. Then, by the power of meditation, undo the mischief that has been done.
Swami Vivekananda
The design of good houses requires an understanding of both the construction materials and the behavior of real humans.
Peter Morville
To some degree, yeah, because I have to play a certain number of originals that might be considered avant-garde material. I realize though, that only a few people in the audience actually know what that music is, or understand it.
Archie Shepp
Data are becoming the new raw material of business.
Craig Mundie
The two roads that lead to poverty and riches travel in opposite directions. If you want riches, you must refuse to accept any circumstance that leads to poverty. (The word riches is here used in its broadest sense, meaning financial, spiritual, mental, and material estates).
Napoleon Hill
What I learned from architectural drafting is that everything has to have a plan to work. You just can’t wing it. I can’t get all the materials I need for a house and just start building. Whether it’s a career, family, life – you have to plan it out.
Ice Cube
The product supply chain, from source material to store, is an organizing map for delivering human rights.
Julia Ormond
Labour is … not the only source of material wealth, i.e, of the use-values it produces. As William Petty says, Labour is the father of material wealth, the earth is its mother.
Karl Marx
Some Iraqi writers are more daring today and have excellent imaginations and their material is rich in human experience. But the Arab prizes, once again, are part of the context of life in the Arab world – anarchy, confusion, and corruption.
Hassan Blasim
The challenges I have faced – among them material poverty, chronic illness, and being raised by a single mother – are not uncommon, but neither have they kept me from uncommon achievements.
Sonia Sotomayor
Holidays have been commercialized. It has become about material things. But the holidays are about sharing stories and being in each others presence.
Malcolm D. Lee
How can it be “mutually beneficial” to sell at world market prices the raw materials that cost the underdeveloped countries immeasurable sweat and suffering.
Che Guevara
My definition of democracy is – A form and a method of Government whereby revolutionary changes in the social life are brought about without bloodshed. That is the real test. It is perhaps the severest test. But when you are judging the quality of the material you must put it to the severest test.
B. R. Ambedkar
The very purpose of Clinton’s server was to intentionally retain documents and materials – all emails and attachments – on the server in her house, including classified materials.
Ken Cuccinelli
I think it’s important that, as a matter of course, the brain and spinal column were removed from this cow, and that would be the material that would cause concern in terms of human health. And therefore we’re confident in the safety of the food supply.
Ann Veneman
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I don’t have to do anything except bring wine and go to my sister’s all day and go to the movies with the family. So, actually, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but there’s not much comedy material on Thanksgiving. Melatonin really isn’t that funny.
John Waters
I just try to do as good job with the material as I can and play some jazz as well, some improvised music, and do that every night. Just see where it goes.
Mose Allison
I love pairing bright details with simple looks or casual materials like denim or cotton.
Jeanne Damas
What you base your happiness around?
Material, women, and large paper?
That means you inferior, not major.
I got into my usual obsessive writing frenzy, using all the material I’d worked on for so long and crafting it into a little novel [Bridget Jones’s Baby: The Diaries].
Helen Fielding
God doesn’t want all of us to relinquish all of our material possessions.
Echo Bodine
Loneliness itself is material for sacrifice. The very longings themselves can be offered to Him who understands perfectly. The transformation into something He can use for the good of others takes place only when the offering is put into his hands.
Elisabeth Elliot
We have to find alternative ways of producing our raw materials without asking nature to do it for us.
Jochen Zeitz
Our pleasures are not material pleasures, but symbols of pleasure – attractively packaged but inferior in content.
Alan Watts
The energy that many people call love, is, in fact, the raw material from which the universe was built.
Paulo Coelho
Realize that a drawing is not a copy. It is a construction in very different materials. A drawing is an invention.
Robert Henri
It is most necessary to avoid rusticity in any way, whether in material, design, or execution.
George Edmund Street
Organized religion has a part in the evolution of personal religion. It is the material upon which personal religion is grafted, but the process of grafting must be individual. Every human soul must, through thought, prayer, and study, cultivate his [sic] own religion to suit himself.
Lily Montagu
Men aren’t actively writing women to oppress them, men are writing what they know. I say you can be much better as a woman for women’s rights if you just go up there and write your own material.
Rachel Bloom
Appalling is the soul of a man! Better might one be pushed off into the material spaces beyond the uttermost orbit of our sun, than once feel himself fairly afloat in himself.
Herman Melville
Anytime you work with materials that are deep parts of yourself, you feel revulsion at showing things about yourself that you don’t want people to know.
Janet Fitch
Whoever prefers the material comforts of life over intellectual wealth is like the owner of a palace who moves into the servants’ quarters and leaves the sumptuous rooms empty.
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
Astonishing material and revelation appear in our lives all the time. Let it be. Unto us, so much is given. We just have to be open for business.
Anne Lamott
I’m a Brooklyn guy onstage, and I try to really feed my fans with the kind of material they expect from me.
Andrew Dice Clay
The necessity of the idea creates its own style. The material itself dictates how it should be written.
William Faulkner
Material goods consist of useful material things, and of all rights to hold, or use, or derive benefits from material things, or to receive them at a future time.
Alfred Marshall
Certainly architecture is concerned with much more than just its physical attributes. It is a many-layered thing. Beneath and beyond the strata of function and structure, materials and texture, lie the deepest and most compulsive layers of all.
Charles Correa
We have faith in the photograph not only because it works on a physically descriptive level, but in a broader sense because it confirms our sense of omnipresence as well as the validity of the material world.
Fred Ritchin
America has the laws and the material resources it takes to insure justice for all its people. What it lacks is the heart, the humanity.
Shirley Chisholm
Tarrasch’s ‘dogmas’ are not eternal truisms, but merely instructional material presented in an accessible and witty form, those necessary rudiments from which one can begin to grasp the secrets of chess.
Garry Kasparov
…one sees differently with color photography than black-and-white… in short, visualization must be modified by the specific nature of the equipment and materials being used.
Ansel Adams
Water, the Hub of Life. Water is its mater and matrix, mother and medium. Water is the most extraordinary substance! Practically all its properties are anomolous, which enabled life to use it as building material for its machinery. Life is water dancing to the tune of solids.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Terrorists, in ungoverned spaces, disseminate poisonous propaganda and training materials to attract troubled souls around the world to their cause.
James Comey
Now, after the material resources of the colonies have been looted, their spiritual and cultural resources are being transformed into commodities for the world market.
Maria Mies
I have to understand the nature of change. And I cannot just work with stone or the more permanent materials. I need to work with leaves and ice and snow and mud and clay and water and the rising tide and the wind and all these.
Andy Goldsworthy
To understand is nothing, but to be understood-that is the problem and the source of anguish. The soul throbs and would have the other know-but can not and feels isolated. Then come gestures, words, awkward explanations and material symbols for imponderable outbursts of feeling-and the soul despairs.
Andre Gide
There is no good trying to be more spiritual than God. God never meant man to purely spiritual creature. That is why He uses material things like bread and wine to put the new life into us. We may think this rather crude and unspiritual. God does not: He invented eating. He likes matter. He invented it.
C. S. Lewis
If the devil starts bringing up your past it’s because he’s running out of new material!
Jentezen Franklin
The material memories are not usually part of what is said about a picture, and that is a fault in interpretation because every painting captures a certain resistance of paint, a prodding gesture of the brush, a speed and insistence in the face of mindless matter.
James Elkins
There can be no true disarmament without peace, and there can be no real peace without very material disarmament.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Material blessings, when they pay beyond the category of need, are weirdly fruitful of headache.
Philip Wylie
Now, all that I feared would happen has happened. We are at war all over the world, and we are unprepared for it from either a spiritual or a material standpoint.
Charles Lindbergh
Knowledge is the raw material of production and value in this age. It used to be that the main difference between people in our society was between those who have more and those who have less. Today, however, the difference is between those who know more and those who know less.
Brian Tracy
It ain’t what you’re driving or the clothes that you wear, material possessions won’t matter up there. And someday in heaven, when the angels all sing, well these rags that I’m wearin’ will be fit for a king.
Garth Brooks
I don’t cringe when I think of doing old material. A lot of the people have been with me through the years.
Steve Forbert
Solicitude for material things distracts the soul and divides it. The devil seizes the divided soul and drags it to hell.
California lacks a lot of the rules and restrictions the East has. Every house is a different style, different material, different color. There’s a lot of craziness out there
Parker Stevenson
I always viewed life as material for a movie.
Noah Baumbach
We’re using gradients of light as an auric measurement, a quantified auric measurement of the ascension of consciousness from the relatively sensorial, material perceptions of existence to the more refined spiritual perceptions of existence.
Frederick Lenz
If we aim for what is no longer possible, we will achieve only delusion and frustration. But if we aim for genuinely worthwhile goals that can be attained, then even if we have less energy at our command and fewer material goods available, we might nevertheless still increase our satisfaction in life.
Richard Heinberg
I think television is a unique form, in terms of storytelling. Having source material for these really dense, complicated, serialized dramas is a great way of world-building.
Chris Albrecht
Markets, and the way they operate can’t be frozen in time and place. A dynamic economy that is growing and increasing material well-being for a large number of people have to change over time.
Douglas Massey
As a journalist, I think the only question that you ask yourself – once you’ve determined that the material is authentic – is what is in the public interest to know. And then you go about and report it.
Glenn Greenwald
There’s material that I read that I fall in love with, and I always get a little bit sad because I know that, when I fall in love with it, almost everyone else is falling in love with that same piece. Getting the crack at doing that thing that, in my soul, I know I have to do it, that’s the role.
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Toddlers are active explorers. They eagerly try new things and use materials in different ways. Toddlers want to be independent and they have a strong sense of ownership.
Janet Gonzalez-Mena
Evolution is a tightly coupled dance, with life and the material environment as partners. From the dance emerges the entity Gaia.
James Lovelock
Niger is not an isolated island of desperation. It lies within a sea of problems across Africa – particularly the ‘forgotten emergencies’ in poor countries or regions with little strategic or material appeal.
Desmond Tutu
Hold material goods and wealth on a flat palm and not in a clenched fist.
Alistair Begg
Naked Lunch was from about a thousand pages of material. A lot of it overflowed, then, into the cut-up trilogy including Nova Express.
William S. Burroughs
Nature is thoroughly mediate. It is made to serve. It receives the dominion of man as meekly as the ass on which the Saviour rode.It offers all its kingdoms to man as the raw material which he may mould into what is useful. Man is never weary of working it up.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
If a source gives us material that is of political, diplomatic, ethical or historical significance that has not been published before and is comprised of official documents or recordings, then we will publish it.
Julian Assange
I find it interesting that the meanest life, the poorest existence, is attributed to God’s will, but as human beings become more affluent, as their living standard and style begin to ascend the material scale, God descends the scale of responsibility at commensurate speed.
Maya Angelou
Terrorists in ungoverned spaces – both physical and cyber – readily disseminate propaganda and training materials to attract easily influenced individuals around the world to their cause. They motivate these individuals to act at home or encourage them to travel.
Christopher A. Wray
Commercial thermoelectrics are a reality. The automobile industry is now working with conventional thermoelectric materials. They are interested a little bit in nanostructuring because under some conditions, the nanostructures work.
Mildred Dresselhaus
There were times, I could say, later in the career, that I wished that my voice would be deeper for materials that I might’ve wanted to select to do. But that’s the style of my voice. There’s nothing I can do about the height of my voice. And so I learned to deal with it.
Jimmy Scott
Far from the West having caused the poverty in the Third World, contact with the West has been the principal agent of material progress there.
Peter Thomas Bauer
In a park, you are not working with studio materials or a flat piece of paper. You have grass and the people and the city and the daylight.
Jessica Stockholder
What you don’t get in the mainstream media is so much of the background material.
Jimmy Wales
I went to film school so I have a writing and directing background, and I think a lot of the material I’m interested in writing and getting out there is stories about anti-heroes and people you should just not ordinarily root for – trying to figure out a way of appealing to people they wouldn’t normally appeal to.
Danny McBride
A movie is not a book. If the source material is a book, you cannot be too respectful of the book. All you owe to the book is the spirit.
Graham Greene
Now I realize that it isn’t the miracle that creates the believer. Instead, we are all believers. We believe that the illusion of the material world is completely real. That belief is our only prison. It prevents us from making the journey into the unknown.
Deepak Chopra
I have seen that community and a close relationship with the land can enrich human life beyond all comparison with material wealth or technological sophistication. I have learned that another way is possible.
Helena Norberg-Hodge
I regard singing pretty much like acting. Each song is like playing a different role. I get very involved with my material. I feel a responsibility for the emotion it brings out in the listener.
Peggy Lee
Parents matter, buildings count, curriculum choices, materials, resources – all these things are important in a top-class education. But, in the end, it comes down to the teachers.
Kimberly Quinn
We know that, too often, oil and other hazardous materials are shipped across the country on aging tankers. Too many communities have seen what happens when trains derail and in some cases catch fire.
Sherrod Brown
If only a small fraction of what is already known about the effects of sugar were to be revealed in relation to any other material used as a food additive, that material would promptly be banned.
John Yudkin
The materials in I Enoch range in date from 200 B.C.E. to 50 C.E. I Enoch contributes much to intertestamental views of angels, heaven, judgment, resurrection, and the Messiah. This book has left its stamp upon many of the NT writers, especially the author of Revelation.
Craig A. Evans
I’m always interested in seeing how other artists work. I want to know what their working patterns are. I even like to know if they listen to music when they draw or what time of day they draw, even materials they use, what they research, if they use photographs.
Marcel Dzama
History thus becomes largely a study of character. Insight into temperament is hardly less important than the probing of “original materials.”
Charles Francis Adams, Jr.
There are surely many legitimate approaches to Biblical literature, and I think that it depends very much on one’s experience and temperament which way one deals primarily with Biblical material.
Frank Moore Cross
My work is on the one hand laboured, and on the other completely happenstance and intuitive. But that’s the swish in the work, I think. It’s really important to me that the work isn’t just sitting on top of something, that the materials are woven together – that they are recognisable and from the world.
Ellen Gallagher
If I ever wrote a script myself, it would be strongly emotional material.
Jim Parsons
I also was producing, working on other materials for the hydrogen bomb. They call it lithium-6 and tritium. I was working on these and the only use for lithium-6 is the hydrogen bomb.
Mordechai Vanunu
Sometimes I believe that this less material life is our truer life, and that our vain presence on the terraqueous globe is itself the secondary or merely virtual phenomenon.
H. P. Lovecraft
The clever thing about the designs on ‘Strictly’ is that the razzle-dazzle comes from the materials used in making the dresses rather than because the cut or style is plunging or revealing.
Kate Garraway
The youth gets together his materials to build a bridge to the moon, or, perchance, a palace or temple on the earth, and, at length, the middle-aged man concludes to build a woodshed with them.
Henry David Thoreau
Each undervalues that part of the materials of thought with which he is not familiar.
John Stuart Mill
I mean there are tons of reasons. Well first of all. I write my own record. I don’t take other people’s materials. And I have a job which is being Willa Ford on top of getting back in the studio and writing and recording.
Willa Ford
Most of the work I make uses materials that are a bit outside of the traditional fine art world.
Patricia Piccinini
The point is to expand the scope of what a movie can possibly mean or be, to get people involved because they’re artistic or understand the point of the material, not just because they fit a certain bill aesthetically.
Ryan Phillippe
When someone is buying a sample-based album, they are investing in the concept of that album. If they really like the original source material, they can go buy it.
Girl Talk
Our deepest human need is not material at all. Our deepest need is to be seen.
Marianne Williamson
True love ennobles and dignifies the material labors of life; and homely services rendered for love’s sake have in them a poetry that is immortal.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
It’s experiences in life that give us something to write about, and since good fiction is applied tension, you’ll have an arsenal of good material if life hasn’t been peachy (and not a whole lot if it has).
Wendelin Van Draanen
In discussing the process with the actors, I made it clear to them that they could improvise but that the sum total of their improvisation needed to impart certain plot points, and schematic material.
Mike Figgis
Currently under FCC policy, indecency determinations hinge on two factors. First, material must describe or depict sexual or excretory organs or activities. Second, the material must be patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium.
Doug Ose
The progressive development of man [has as its] ultimate purpose the complete mastery of mind over the material world.
Nikola Tesla
I think for anyone who follows the ‘artistic life,’ a certain amount of selfishness and self-involvement is part of the package. You’re probably already disregarding a certain material life you could have.
David Chase
To give truth to him who loves it not is but to give him more plentiful material for misinterpretation.
George MacDonald
Art is mainly about wrestling with material reality, not striving after a spiritual ideal.
Calvin Seerveld
Accept the consequences of your actions in order to become the agent of your mental, physical, spiritual and material success.
Les Brown
Electricity is doing for the distribution of energy what the railroads have done for the distribution of materials.
Charles Proteus Steinmetz
A book is a box brimming with incendiary material. The reader strikes the match.
Erica Jong
I have an agent in Hollywood and he’s looking for material. If I get the offer and I feel I relate to that material, I will do it. I would love to do a horror film, a thriller, a tearjerker… I like diversity. I would just like to sustain my sense of humour!
Carlos Cuaron
Man relates to material things through direct insight rather than reason.
Immanuel Kant
The main thread of my work is structure property relations and materials. If you have certain atoms, why do they attract each other? Why do they make compounds? Why do they do what they do?
Mildred Dresselhaus
In fact, quantitative findings of any material and energy changes preserve their full context only through their being seen and understood as parts of a natural order.
Walter Rudolf Hess
If the president is failing to disclose material facts with regard to legislation being presented to the Congress on a question as important as war and peace, I think it does impair the level of trust that the House and the Senate have for this administration.
John Dingell
Once when Larry the Cable Guy was on Conan’s show, Conan O’Brien was so offended by Larry’s material, he had to walk away from the desk he was so offended.
Andy Kindler
What I always tell my clients is to put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes – what would you want to hear about this story/book and does this [marketing material] deliver that information?
Carol White
The hand is the tool of tools.
I truly think that you can’t go and stalk your material, you have to leave the door open and whatever chooses you, chooses you. You can’t go and wrestle it to the ground.
Louise Erdrich
I think we’re in an age where artists really have an incredible range of materials at their command now. They can use almost anything from household items – Jackson Pollock used house paint – to, you know, advanced computer systems, to good old oil paint and acrylic paint.
Bill Viola
The universal nature out of the universal substance, as if it were wax, now molds a horse, and when it has broken this up, it uses the material for a tree, then for a man, then for something else.
Marcus Aurelius
The freest child is the child who is most interested in what he is doing, and at whose hand are the materials for his work or play.
Caroline Pratt
To make the material speak to man in the name of man, this is the aim and reality of art.
Asger Jorn
Beautiful forms and compositions are not made by chance, nor can they ever, in any material, be made at small expense. A composition for cheapness and not excellence of workmanship is the most frequent and certain cause of the rapid decay and entire destruction of arts and manufacturers.
Josiah Wedgwood
Digital data are more fragile than printed material.
Robert Darnton
If the experimental physicist has already done a great deal of work in this field, nevertheless the theoretical physicist has still hardly begun to evaluate the experimental material which may lead him to conclusions about the structure of the atom.
Johannes Stark
As material fortune is associated with the properties of the body, so honor belongs to those of the soul.
Material success may result in the accumulation of possessions: but only spiritual success will enable you to enjoy them.
Nido R Qubein
I’m really not good blackmail material.
Chris Colfer
Everyone in advanced meditation practice should be involved with the economic support of the spread of the dharma. We live in a material world, and it’s very expensive to teach meditation.
Frederick Lenz
I am inclined to believe that if there can be a meaningful human right to any material thing, surely it starts with access to minimum clean freshwater.
Steven Solomon
The similarities among animals that are on the surface very different are no coincidence. In fact, animal locomotion is no different than other flows, animate and inanimate they all develop in space and in time such that they optimize the flow of material.
Adrian Bejan
Capitalism is of this material world; it provides us with the means to live; it empowers us within the known world of sense and human reason. If it is to be measured by a strict standard of holiness, by religious normativity alone, then there can never be a moral capitalism.
Stephen Young
[Science] has challenged the super-eminence of religion; it has turned all philosophy out of doors except that which clings to its skirts; it has thrown contempt on all learning that does not depend on it; and it has bribed the skeptics by giving us immense material comforts.
Katharine Fullerton Gerould
A democracy is a volcano which conceals the fiery materials of its own destruction. These will produce an eruption and carry desolation in their way.
Fisher Ames
The long path from material through function to creative work has only one goal: to create order out of the desperate confusion of our time.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
By listening to his language of his locality the poet begins to learn his craft. It is his function to lift, by use of imagination and the language he hears, the material conditions and appearances of his environment to the sphere of the intelligence where they will have new currency.
William Carlos Williams
The drop in living standards most people would have to accept to reduce climate change significantly would still leave us far better off than previous generations, so it’s inexcusable that we find it so hard to renounce material goods.
Raimond Gaita
I’ve constantly done my best to get the best material I can get with the best directors I can get to direct me.
Ashton Kutcher
When I start, my first idea for a building is with the material. I believe architecture is about that. It’s not about paper, it’s not about forms. It’s about space and material.
Peter Zumthor
While medicine creates material for writing, perhaps even more important is that it also creates a psychological and emotional need to write.
Daniel Mason
New York has magnificent eating available, both in restaurants and in the materials available to home cooks in the many specialty markets.
Steve Albini
I know quickly whether a guy is boyfriend material. If I can have a good time doing absolutely nothing with him, then that’s boyfriend material for me. Like if we’re able to have fun at a gas station. I’ve had some really good times at gas stations.
Alyson Hannigan
My material is as new as anything on the dinner table. What difference does it make if I’m 70 or if I’m 20? The audience knows they aren’t getting any old stories from me.
Jackie Mason
Our American values are not luxuries but necessities, not the salt in our bread, but the bread itself. Our common vision of a free and just society is our greatest source of cohesion at home and strength abroad, greater than the bounty of our material blessings.
Jimmy Carter
Democracy, material wealth, and universal education are the soil upon which modernism exists.
Ai Weiwei
Providing health care is like building a house. The task requires experts, expensive equipment and materials, and a huge amount of coordination.
Atul Gawande
Basically with everything, I choose my criteria based on what can be easy. If I made the real world the setting, I’d have to draw looking at reference materials for stuff like buildings and vehicles. When you do that, people complain even if it’s just a little bit off.
Akira Toriyama
Everything around you can use. It’s like your tools and your material. Whether it’s in performing arts like dance, or visual arts, or poetry, a lot of those elements can come and help you, can trigger your creativity. But you have to be open, be aware, and you have to be ready to look.
Chath Piersath
Your basic person wants to talk about material culture, internet culture. I think about God, cats, nature.
Billy Corgan
I’m really trying to dredge up what one might call intellectual and moral material. For example, when do you realize that you are an American? What age does that happen to you? When do you realize what religion your parents practice? When does it all become conscious? I was interested in exploring all of that.
Paul Auster
The reverence that the object maker has for the materials, for the shape, and for the miracle of his skill transcends to God, the Master Craftsman, the Creator of all things, who uses us, our hands, as His tools to make these beautiful things.
Sam Maloof
In this world we are in precarious position, balanced midway between material and spiritual hungers. We find heaven to be a delicate state of consciousness that can be lost in a single moment of forgetfulness.
Harold Klemp
A nation fights well in proportion to the amount of men and materials it has. And the other equation is that the individual soldier in that army is a more effective soldier the poorer his standard of living has been in the past.
Norman Mailer
When you got source material, whether it’s a play or a book – a great writer often appreciates being adapted and developed. It’s like when you go see a production of a great play and they are always different. There is always room for interpretation.
Jude Law
I have my own high standards for what I want in a partner and how I want to be treated. I bring a lot to the table. I’m not talking about material things but what I have to offer as a person – love and loyalty and all the things that make a good relationship.
Jennifer Lopez
When mountains and waters are painted, blue, green, and red paints are used, strange rocks and wondrous stones are used, the four jewels and the seven treasures are used. Rice-cakes are painted in the same manner. When a person is painted, the four great elements and five skandhas are used.
Nobody seems more obsessed by diet than our antimaterialist, otherworldly, New Age, spiritual types. But if the material world is merely illusion, an honest guru should as content with Budweiser and bratwurst as with raw carrot juice, tofu, and seaweed slime.
Edward Abbey
I am so profoundly aware of my lack of skill to make any material difference. I am not a doctor. I can’t influence foreign policy. I can’t build schools. I can’t chemically engineer the protein paste that helps people with acute malnutrition. But I can talk about it, and so can you.
Tom Hiddleston
Your source material is the people you know, not those you don’t know, but every character is an extension of the author’s own personality.
Edward Albee
The material world has only been constructed at the price of taking the self, that is, mind, out of it, removing it; mind is not part of it…
Erwin Schrodinger
The bulk of my calls are from agents who are letting you know about material that’s coming your way.
Stacey Snider
The essence of life, I concluded, did not lie in the material. It penetrated, but was not bound to, the physical world of science.
Charles Lindbergh
I’m realistic about it. It’s been quite some years since I’ve worked full-time in that area, so I no longer have any material that bears any relevance to my life or the audience. I’d need to take probably a year off, which I wouldn’t be prepared to do, so it’s a romantic ideal.
Eric Bana
As far as being territorial about one’s own life, that’s a mistake for ANY writer. All writers everywhere, in every genre, are drawing from their life and the lives of those around them for “material.” Memoirs just make transparent and even amplify that activity.
Lidia Yuknavitch
I used to have a list of things from my school buddies of what kind of art material they wanted. I’d go up to the West End of London and spend the whole day knocking stuff off.
Ronald Biggs
I also paint, draw and I’m into film and photography as well, and the same thing applies to all of them. You’re presenting this material to the general public and hoping that they’re going to ‘get’ what you’re doing. Some don’t, some do.
Paul Kane
I propose to create a Civilian Conservation Corps to be used in simple work…More important, however, than the material gains will be the moral and spiritual value of such work.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
I am careful with my material and presentation.
Shelley Berman
Production is not something physical, material, and external; it is a spiritual and intellectual phenomenon.
Ludwig von Mises
Your fundamental responsibility is to stay true to the deepest nature and intention of the materials.
David Milch
Also everyone’s hearts are in the right place when you do a small movie. You’re not doing it for the money; you’re not doing it for the possibility of an Oscar nomination. You are doing it because you love the material.
Kyra Sedgwick
We can’t think in terms of designing products that we throw over the wall to customers, but instead, we need to design products that are upgradable and maintainable and that can be mined for materials and components that can be reused.
Frans van Houten
If only it were God’s will that printed and written materials have as much influence on the people as the princes and their censors fear! Considering the countless good books we have, the world would have changed for the better a long time ago.
Franz Grillparzer
The very success of medicine in a material way may now threaten the soul of medicine.
Walter Martin
If you make something good and interesting and not ridiculing someone or being offensive, the creators of the original material will like it.
Christian Marclay
People once considered that religions were obsolete and that material science would solve all human problems. Then they have become disillusioned with materialism and machinery and have realized that spiritual sciences are also indispensable for human welfare.
Dalai Lama
Film is an editor’s medium. You can create very good raw material and they can make it horrible, or you can do not so well and they can make it beautiful. You don’t really know.
Willem Dafoe
My material life is simple.
Gustavo Dudamel
I choose material instinctually – at the heart of it are characters that I feel are fresh and original, and allow for an opportunity to, I suppose, explore uncharted ground.
Kathryn Bigelow
Do not compare your material forces with those of the enemy. Spirit cannot be compared with matter. You are human beings, they are beasts. You are free, they are slaves.
Simon Bolivar
Genuine mental health would involve a balanced interplay of both modes of experience, a way of life in which one’s identification with the ego is playful and tentative rather than absolute and mandatory, while the concern with material possessions is pragmatic rather than obsessive.
Fritjof Capra
I have a lot of stuff. Slowly I’m getting all my materials organized.
Ian MacKaye
Jem knotted his fingers in the material of Will’s sleeve. “You are my parabatai,” he said, “You said once I could ask anything of you.
Cassandra Clare
You can’t be funny if you don’t have good material.
Matt LeBlanc
That is why Christians are told not to judge. We see only the results which a man’s choices make out of his raw material. But God does not judge him on the raw material at all, but on what he has done with it.
C. S. Lewis
We’ve been fighting from the beginning for organic architecture. That is, architecture where the whole is to the part as the part is to the whole, and where the nature of materials, the nature of the purpose, the nature of the entire performance becomes a necessity-architecture of democracy.
Frank Lloyd Wright
No, if it was up to me every record would be brand new studio material but Atlantic records asked me to put out a full live record because my tour really did do well last year.
Sebastian Bach
In the art world Robert Rauschenberg had been combining common materials that people thought was art and beautiful, and it was. If he could do that, I could emulate him.
Frank Gehry
I am not hugely famous; I am not a name. For me, it’s not the size of the role, it’s the material and the people you are working with.
Ruth Negga
We need to have a strong defense focused on areas that are in the greatest vulnerability. I have been very concerned about America’s 361 seaports as a point in which terrorist activities and materials could be brought into the country.
Bob Graham
Few things are necessary to make the wise man happy while no amount of material wealth would satisfy a fool. I am not a fool.
Og Mandino
We created materials to explain Slack to individuals – what it was for, how it worked, what you’re supposed to do – but we also built resources for team administrators. We wanted to give them ammunition to help convince the team.
Stewart Butterfield
Sustainability goes across everything I do with Adidas and everything I do with my own house, so the Olympic kit is no exception. It is incredibly environmental in the way that it is manufactured. For example, there’s no leather; it’s free from PVC. There’s lots of woven materials, which means a lot less waste.
Stella McCartney
We’re living in a time when the world has suddenly discovered India because it’s run out of raw material for its imagination. The raw materials for imagination are inexhaustible here.
Deepak Chopra
What excited me when I first came into it was the performing aspect and doing blues-oriented material, rock/blues oriented stuff, basic stuff, basic what they call rock ‘n’ roll.
Van Morrison
I’m just saying that there are high quality materials, and when we change them then there should be a way of changing them so that you can celebrate that change – rather than just ‘mix it up’.
Richard Rogers
Prescribing hard work for the soft, or easy work for the hardy, is generally nonsense. What is always needed in any aim is right effort, right time, right people, right materials.
Idries Shah
We have researchers involved with the show [Spartacus] and they pointed me in a pretty great direction, in terms of what to read, and what to look at or look for, and they also provided me with some material.
Dustin Clare
There’s something about the first time an actor runs the material over his or her face you know when they kind of run it through their eyes and you see the thing and there is little imperfections in it and not every line is delivered perfectly, and it doesn’t have that mechanical feeling.
Clint Eastwood
I had to learn a skill set. I think I had the materials to be a good comedy writer.
Mindy Kaling
I play all my own instruments. I write my own material. And I do not lip-synch. I sing live.
Kaci Brown
The problem carbon is that everyone thinks we have an energy problem, we don’t. We have plenty of energy. We have a carbon problem. Carbon is a material, so we have a material problem, not an energy problem.
William McDonough
Antoninus diffused order and tranquility over the greatest part of the earth. His reign is marked by the rare advantage of furnishing very few materials for history; which is, indeed, little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind.
Edward Gibbon
There is joy in feeling the bristles of a quality brush, seeing the richness and lush color of truly good pigment flowing onto the paper or canvas. The cheap stuff just makes for harder work and lesser results.
Gene Black
A huge parasite in the marketplace, feeding and fattening itself off of local television stations and copyright owners of copyrighted material. We do not like it because we think it wrong and unfair.
Jack Valenti
Searches of al Qaeda sites in Afghanistan, undertaken since American-backed forces took control there, are not known to have turned up a significant cache of nuclear materials.
Barton Gellman
I wanted to be an actor. That was my real goal. But I wasn’t any good at it, so I wrote my own material and acted through that. That’s my idea of fun. I get to be all these things in the songs.
Lou Reed
…though one can be callous in Ireland one cannot be wholly opaque or material. An unearthly disturbance works in the spirit; reason can never reconcile one to life; nothing allays the wants one cannot explain.
Elizabeth Bowen
The goal is just to try to get better and better, and the only way that makes sense to do that is to work with the best people. Surround yourself with the best artists and learn from them, and try to sink your teeth into the best material possible.
Jon Bernthal
There are very few comics that understand about exciting the crowd, and that’s what I always prided myself on: giving a more confident macho attitude towards delivering material.
Andrew Dice Clay
Concrete is momentarily unformed matter seeking its natural completion, filling in the last corners of its allowed space, finding a form. It is possibility rendered material, hope in an industrial-strength mixer.
Mark Kingwell
The music is the imperative. It has the upper hand. I think all music, even though it’s an abstraction, does motivate a particular meaning. Then it’s the job of the musician to honor that meaning and to somehow implement lyrical material that can accommodate that emotional environment.
Sufjan Stevens
We’re living in a time when the sheer amount of language has exponentially increased. As writers, if we wish to be contemporary, I think we need to acknowledge that the very nature of the materials that we’re working with – the landscape of language – is very different than it was a few decades ago.
Kenneth Goldsmith
Only a fighting nation can make itself responsible for world peace, and such a nation must organize its material resources and manpower with the highest possible degree of efficiency.
Chiang Kai-shek
That’s what happens with writing. Ingredients bubble and cook. Material becomes substance.
Alex Haley
On the spiritual theory, man consists essentially of a spiritual nature or mind intimately associated with a spiritual body or soul, both of which are developed in and by means of a material organism
Alfred Russel Wallace
Well, I think it can be quite helpful to be working on a character who actually existed, historically. Of course, you might have material to study and help you create the character.
Gaspard Ulliel
If we have authentic, honest, earthy materials in our houses, we’ll be more authentic, honest and natural.
Alexandra Stoddard
… anything so delightful as Washington I have never seen elsewhere. There were a mingled simplicity and grandeur, a mingled state and quiet intimacy, a brilliancy of conversation–the proud prominence of intellect over material prosperity which does not exist in any other city of the Union.
M. E. W. Sherwood
Many men are mere warehouses full of merchandise–the head, the heart, are stuffed with goods. . . . There are apartments in their souls which were once tenanted by taste, and love, and joy, and worship, but they are all deserted now, and the rooms are filled with earthy and material things.
Henry Ward Beecher
Abundance is the natural state of the universe–of this there can be
no doubt. Just as the number of stars in the heavens or drops of water in the ocean is beyond counting, so are the spiritual and material blessings that have been prepared for us.
Douglas Bloch
The reason artists show so little interest
In public freedom is because the freedom
They’ve come to feel the need of is a kind
No one can give them they can scarce attain
The freedom of their own material.
Robert Frost
There is no clear distinction anywhere on the Earth’s surface between living and nonliving matter. There is merely a hierarchy of intensity going from the ‘material’ environment of the rocks and the atmosphere to the living cells.
James Lovelock
We are cannibalizing our audience by only giving them regurgitated material. Every movie is either a remake, a sequel, based on something else. Based on a former television series. Based on a successful videogame.
Dean Devlin
With a brush you have control. The paint goes on the brush and you make the mark. From experience you know exactly what will happen. With the squeegee you lose control.
Gerhard Richter
For women, marriages foreclosed often resulted in an accumulation of booty; for men, these failed projects of implausible optimism were more likely to manifest themselves in material lack. It was hard to resist the metaphorical impression that women got to keep the past itself, whereas men were simply robbed of it.
Lionel Shriver
Concern for one?s own welfare and prosperity should not blind one to one?s social obligations or spiritual destiny?.A society in which the individuals are concerned only about material welfare will not be able to achieve harmony and peace.
Sathya Sai Baba
I’d always hoped to write the story as a novel, but there was a long period when the [Bridget Jones’s Baby: The Diaries] movie was stalled and in confusion. I felt frustrated creatively, and just couldn’t work on the Baby material till the movie was sorted out.
Helen Fielding
I just think structure can make a book feel so much bigger. It’s the architecture. You could use flimsy materials if you wanted to, even, but it could still feel big.
Jami Attenberg
The destiny of man is not measured by material computations. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we’re spirits—not animals…. There’s something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty.
Winston Churchill
Glass is the most magical of all materials. It transmits light in a special way.
Dale Chihuly
Any life will provide the material for writing, if it is attended to.
Wallace Stegner
What counts now are the value-less facts, the material and the rational. All else is regarded with condescension as being of only sentimental value.
Jean Gebser
There are materials enough in every man’s mind to make a hell there.
Henry Ward Beecher
When I get my hands on painting materials I don’t give a damn about other people’s painting… every generation must start again afresh.
Maurice de Vlaminck
No use to shout at them to pay attention. If the situations, the materials, the problems before the child do not interest him, his attention will slip off to what does interest him, and no amount of exhortation of threats will bring it back.
John Holt
Life comes before literature, as the material always comes before the work. The hills are full of marble before the world blooms with statues.
Phillips Brooks
I have always wanted to play different kinds of stuff, but it’s hard, first to find good material, and then to change people’s perception of you so they’ll let you do it. I mean, I would really like to play a poet, but once they get this notion of you as a street guy, it’s hard to change that.
Matt Dillon
I actually argue that renewables are worse than fossil fuels. It’s a physical manifestation of lower power densities. More land, more materials, more mining, more metals, more waste.
Michael Shellenberger
Everything is sold to skill and labor; and where nature furnishes the materials, they are still rude and unfinished, till industry, ever active and intelligent, refines them from their brute state, and fits them for human use and convenience.
David Hume
Poetry is the universal art of the spirit which has become free in itself and which is not tied down for its realization to external sensuous material; instead, it launches out exclusively in the inner space and the inner time of ideas and feelings.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
With a touch of sarcasm. “Glass is an amazing material. Versatile.
Maria V. Snyder
How much does your building weigh?
A question often used to challenge architects to consider how efficiently materials were used for the space enclosed.
R. Buckminster Fuller
Evaluate every performance on: stage presence, concentration, delivery, material and lessons learned.
Franklyn Ajaye
If the attitude of the teacher toward the material is positive, enthusiastic, committed and excited, the students get that. If the teacher is bored, students get that and they get bored, quickly, instinctively.
David McCullough
You don’t have to go looking for pictures. The material is generous. You go out and the pictures are staring at YOU.
Lee Friedlander
All that happens to us, including our humiliations, our misfortunes, our embarrassments, all is given to us as raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art.
Jorge Luis Borges
I get my most creative energy after a show, so I love to go back to the hotel and compose new material. I generally do it in a rush. I have to get it out, otherwise I can’t sleep.
Jason Mraz
At another location, we found barrels of chemical material that was intended for use as biochemical weapons. Everyone talks about there being no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they seem to be referring to completed nuclear bombs, not the many deadly chemical weapons or precursors that Saddam had stockpiled.
Chris Kyle
I don’t think that governments should permit speculation in raw materials, because they’re what the economy basically needs.
Michael Hudson
Peace is a great goal, but it is not a panacea. Neither is material wealth.
Richard M. Nixon
Play isn’t you being clever, or finding a trick, or finding a way of covering over your own misery, or persuading someone to do what you want. It’s the process of working with the materials that you find and discovering what’s possible with them.
Ian Bogost
Good buildings make and are made by their settings, and they are appropriately different in different locations. Climate, culture, topography and materials have helped create regional architectural languages that seem curiously right for their locations and for all times.
Jaquelin T. Robertson
I will entertain anything; it doesn’t matter. You know, it’s not obviously about the price, it’s not about who, it’s kind of about when and what. It’s material, that’s all.
Tom Hanks
“Literature” is written material that, 100 years after the death of the author, is forced upon high school students.
Tom Clancy
Memory is a magnet. It will pull to it and hold only material nature has designed it to attract.
Jessamyn West
The psyche is highly flammable material. So we are always wrapping things in asbestos, keeping our images and fantasies at arm’s length because they are so full of love
James Hillman
It is a mistake to think that programmers wares are programs. Programmers have to produce trustworthy solutions and present it in the form of cogent arguments. Programs source code is just the accompanying material to which these arguments are to be applied to.
Edsger Dijkstra
A comic will always be more ‘personal’ than a DVD or CD, both of which require electronic ‘players’ to decode their content. With comics, the reader is the player so the engagement with the material is always more fundamental and dynamic. Reading comics is a much less passive activity than consuming CDs and DVDs.
Grant Morrison
We are all 99.9 percent genetically equal. It is one one-hundredth of one percent of genetic material that makes the difference between any one of us.
Barry Schuler
Completion does not depend on
material representation. The work is done when that special thing has been said.
Robert Henri
The major material advantage, financial advantage from having a reserve currency is that between 200 and 300 billion dollar bills, that may be twenty, fifty, hundred dollar bills as well as ones, exist in the world – a lot of them in Russia as you all know I’m sure.
Robert C. Solomon
In the material world, where everything is valued, when you commit yourself to God, beauty and love, it can be mistaken for extravagance.
Imelda Marcos
We live in a material world. I’m not saying that beautiful things don’t enhance our lives. But, in our culture, we’re never happy.
Tom Ford
Access to presidential materials should be as wide as possible.
Robert Dallek
Not a single piece of material culture – not a single object – has been found at Giza that can be interpreted to come from a lost civilization.
Zahi Hawass
It were better, never to look beyond the present material world. By supposing it to contain the principle of its order within itself, we really assert it to be God; and the sooner we arrive at that divinity, the better.
David Hume
I’m just looking for material that excites me more than any specific genre. It just needs to be good.
Christina Hendricks
No: war material is life-saving for one’s own people and whoever works and performs in these spheres can be proud of it; here enterprise as a whole finds its highest justification of existence.
Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach
In ‘Birth,’ I explore the nature of the new world we are approaching with my business-spiritual model, a new model for a new world. This view will enable individuals, companies and even nations to move from collapse to positive change, and bring together the spiritual and the material, giving birth to a new future.
Shari Arison
I feel that I already have the life I love and I don’t see how it could be improved radically by any greater material success I might have – bigger advances, more prizes. It’s a kind of madness. And the culture of prize-giving is so corrupt.
Pankaj Mishra
We need to look at less obvious paths, things like the wind in the jet stream, which is very high up. The material science of what type of kite string you would need to connect up to that. That’s still at the basic research level.
Bill Gates
People mistakenly think that art is about nature, or about an artists feelings about nature. It is instead a path of enlightenment and pleasure, one of many paths, where nature and the artists feelings are merely raw material.
Wolf Kahn
I was always attracted to taking a novel position, but one grounded in the materials I’d been given, not made up out of whole cloth.
Jed S. Rakoff
In the studio we spend a lot of time working our what materials will work best and also last. We do tests and come back to them years later to see how they are still performing, and this leads our decisions.
Patricia Piccinini
You employ stone, wood and concrete, and with these materials you build houses and palaces. That is construction. Ingenuity is at work.
But suddenly you touch my heart, you do me good, I am happy and I say: This is beautiful. That is Architecture. Art enters in.
Le Corbusier
I attribute my ability to maintain cool to God, self-esteem, and knowing my purpose in life. It can’t be based on anything material or external.
The combination of both legs leads to social harmony and material abundance.
Marshall Fritz
Too much and too long, we seem to have surrendered community excellence and community values in the mere accumulation of material things.
Robert Kennedy
To yearn for a single, and usually simple, explanation of the chaotic materials of the past, to search for a single thread in that most tangled of all skeins, is a sign of immaturity.
Henry Steele Commager
If a certain activity, such as painting, becomes the habitual mode of expression, it may follow that taking up the painting materials and beginning work with them will act suggestively and so presently evoke a flight into the higher state.
Robert Henri
Stars have a life cycle much like animals. They get born, they grow, they go through a definite internal development, and finally they die, to give back the material of which they are made so that new stars may live
Hans Bethe
Proust, more perspicaciously than any other writer, reminds us that the ‘walks’ of childhood form the raw material of our intelligence.
Bruce Chatwin
If you tell God ‘no’ because He won’t explain the reason He wants you to do something, you are actually hindering His blessing. But when you say ‘yes’ to Him, all of heaven opens to pour out His goodness and reward your obedience.
Charles Stanley
What I quickly discovered is that our so-called new South Africa has as much material for a story-teller as the old one. The landscape hasn’t really changed. Who is in power now is different to who was in power then, but the squatter camps grow like cancer, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.
Athol Fugard
The general function of dreams is to try to restore our psychological balance by producing dream material that re-establishes, in a subtle way, the total psychic equilibrium.
Carl Jung
It’s my goal to make a building as immaterial as possible. Architecture is a very material thing. It takes a lot of resources, so why not eliminate what you don’t need as long as you’re able to achieve the same result?
Helmut Jahn
Every generation has the right to build its own world out of the materials of the past, cemented by the hopes of the future.
Herbert Hoover
East Asia confirms the superior capacity of industrial capitalism in raising the material standard of living of large masses of people.
Peter L. Berger
A disorderly mob is no more an army than a heap of building materials is a house
It’s no longer terribly sexy to own shares in certain companies; it used to be that being a shareholder in a corporation would connect you with it. The result is that people really want to invest in valuable things, and contemporary art has become a very stable material value with great growth potential.
Thomas Koerfer
I have witnessed the takeover of my world by plastic.
Helen Caldicott
Any material form, or thought, or feeling, past or present, should be regarded as, ‘This is not mine, this is not what I am, this is not my self.’
Gautama Buddha
Now I write often. I decided that I need to write for myself – I can’t really direct other people’s material.
Brady Corbet
The director works as an interpretive artist, but he’s still an artist, so you also have to give him room to create and to put his vision of the play or his translation or interpretation of the material on the stage.
August Wilson
We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our own flesh and blood and bone.
Henry David Thoreau
I’ve always had an abundance of material about the subjects of my biographies.
Walter Isaacson
Sometimes, despite the fact that you’re reading through masses of material, you just can’t not think about a certain event, for it seems to capture the reality of the entire situation so much better than any set of statistics.
Nicholson Baker
The age of the pulp magazine was the last in which youngsters, to get their primitive material, were forced to be literate.
Isaac Asimov
The larger a star the shorter its life, but all the more fascinating its death. As it collapses within it’s body, the infalling material can be no longer be compressed; the star is blown to pieces; its shattered mass realeases out ward at the speed of light.
Kelly Easton
Today I will gratefully receive all the gifts that life has to offer me. I will receive the gifts of sunlight and the sound of birds singing and spring showers. I will also be open to receiving from others, whether it is in the form of a material gift, a compliment or a prayer.
Deepak Chopra
Now, you believe you are a material person dabbling with. But essentially, you are a spiritual being dabbling with the material world means you have started seeing life with utmost clarity. There are no more illusions about it. You see everything just the way it is.
Jaggi Vasudev
If you could taste words, most corporate websites, brochures, and sales materials would remind you of stale, soggy rice cakes: nearly calorie free, devoid of nutrition, and completely unsatisfying.
Jason Fried
Bring war material with you from home, but forage on the enemy… use the conquered foe to augment one’s own strength.
Sun Tzu
The future does not really lie in discovering new fragrant raw materials…. In order to endure, haute perfumery is therefore condemned to inventing new olfactory promises…to finding a new form of expression.
Jean-Claude Ellena
That which you create in beauty and goodness and truth lives on for all time to come. Don’t spend your life accumulating material objects that will only turn to dust and ashes.
Denis Waitley
Since only what is material is perceptible, knowable, nothing is known of the existence of God.
Karl Marx
You write some material, go up on stage and try it out; go back home and throw it in the trash can. And the next day do it again.
Felipe Esparza
I am a simple man and I use simple materials: Ivory Black, Vermilion, Prussian Blue, Yellow Ochre, Flake White and no medium. That’s all I’ve ever used in my paintings.
L. S. Lowry
I’ve always thought of the book as a visual art form, and it should represent a single artistic idea, which it does if you write your own material.
Chris Van Allsburg
I’m a photographer and retoucher from Sweden. I use photography as a way of collecting material to realize the ideas in my mind.
Erik Johansson
The nature of light is a subject of no material importance to the concerns of life or to the practice of the arts, but it is in many other respects extremely interesting.
Thomas Young
For reasons of national security and out of consideration for some people still alive I have omitted certain material. Some of this material cannot be made available for many years, perhaps for many generations.
Harry S. Truman
For me it is the direct contact of artist to material which is original, and it is the earth and his contact to it which will free him of the artificiality of the present and his dependence on industrial products.
Isamu Noguchi
What sets seersucker apart from other materials? It’s the ‘coolest’ material to wear in hot and humid weather. ‘Coolest,’ as in temperature, and ‘coolest’ as in hip, baby! There is nothing like it.
Roger Stone
I compliment President Obama on having these summits each year in Washington in which people have talked about ridding the world of materials of mass destruction.
Richard Lugar
Whenever a new technology is introduced into society, there must be a counterbalancing human response – that is, high touch – or the technology is rejected… We must learn to balance the material wonders of technology with the spiritual demands of our human nature.
John Naisbitt
It doesn’t matter if I’m only to be gone four days, as in this case; I take six months’ supply of reading material everywhere. Anyone who needs further explication of this eccentricity can find it usefully set out in the first pages of W. Somerset Maugham’s story “The Book-Bag.
Robin McKinley
Yeah, I mean the material, directors, the other cast, and if you think you can do something with the character then you do it and go from there. I am looking forward to doing some smaller movies.
Orlando Bloom
When a wall is slowly covered over by earth, the materials it’s made from decay and become part of the soils around and above it, sometimes causing vegetation above and next to the wall to grow faster or slower. Satellite imagery helps archaeologists to pick up these subtle changes.
Sarah Parcak
You would have to be naive to think you can appear on television and not have the material edited in some way.
Dick Cavett
If you think that material success will bring you happiness, relationships, people, places, things, fame, fortune, you definitely should not practice tantra.
Frederick Lenz
Great art is not instant. It comes from experience, it comes from a place within. If you’re trying to generate material, then you’re going to generate stuff. It’s not going to be great, it’s just going to be stuff.
Keenen Ivory Wayans
Now you’re selling out, the devil sold a dream and you bought it without thinking about. How the beast will decrease the brain wave, with material thoughts from the crib to the grave.
Kool Moe Dee
I think anytime you start relying on a format to get you by you’ve got weak material to begin with.
Drew Curtis
It’s always interesting to see how we’re able to, with craftsmanship… to bring these cool sustainable materials, cool metals, into the House of Marley and keeping that sustainable movement as well.
Rohan Marley
Photography was the first available demonstration that light could indeed exert an action sufficient to cause changes in material bodies.
Henry Fox Talbot
The edifice of science not only requires material, but also a plan. Without the material, the plan alone is but a castle in the air-a mere possibility; whilst the material without a plan is but useless matter.
Dmitri Mendeleev
They are not the best students who are most dependent on books. What can be got out of them is at best only material; a man must build his house for himself.
George MacDonald
For me photography is just a way to collect material to realize the ideas in my mind. I get inspired by things around me in my daily life and all kinds of things I see. Every new project is a new challenge and my goal is to realize them as realistic as possible.
Erik Johansson
Sometimes in the past when I was going to perform a piece again I would listen to old recordings and try to reproduce the material. This time I realized that carrying around old information, trying to get everything in, and still be in the moment just doesn’t work.
Meredith Monk
All classes of people under social pressure are permeated with a common experience; they are emotionally welded as others cannot be. With them, even ordinary living has epic depth and lyric intensity, and this, their material handicap, is their spiritual advantage.
Alain LeRoy Locke
My father lived by the philosophy, ‘Be yourself, because everyone else is taken,’ and he made sure I did, too. Whatever I wanted to do, he supported me. I don’t mean that I was spoilt – he didn’t believe in material gifts – but he watched my back while I worked to achieve things.
Tommy Lee
I talked about everything, man. I’ve always written material that everyone can laugh at. I talked about growing up. I did a lot of physical comedy. That was my thing. I was a physical comedian. I did anything and everything from running on a treadmill, I can paint a picture on stage of anything.
J. B. Smoove
How certain human beings are able to create works of art is a mystery, and why they should wish to do so, at a great cost to themselves usually, is another mystery. Works are not created by one’s life; every life is rich in material.
Elizabeth Hardwick
We are living in the machine age. For the first time in history the comedian has been compelled to supply himself with jokes and comedy material to compete with the machine. Whether he knows it or not, the comedian is on a treadmill to oblivion.
Fred Allen
We live in a material world, not a dramatic one.
Richard Flanagan
When police or prosecutors conceal significant exculpatory or impeaching material, we hold, it is ordinarily incumbent on the state to set the record straight.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Music is not material. Music is Spiritual.
Sun Ra
I frequently compose out the entire metric structure of a piece in modified cyclic form, where each cyclic revolution undergoes some form of ‘variation’ much as if measure lengths were concrete musical ‘material.’
Brian Ferneyhough
… the greater part of the population is not very intelligent, dreads responsibility, and desires nothing better than to be told what to do. Provided the rulers do not interfere with its material comforts and its cherished beliefs, it is perfectly happy to let itself be ruled.
Aldous Huxley
I want every day to be the most boring news day ever. I want every day to be about spelling bee champions and baby basketball. It’s better to have no comedy material than a horrific news day.
Tina Fey
GOD Has Planted in Your Heart [ ] The Desire To Search For HIM. Do Not Look At Your Weaknesses But Focus on The Search. Every Seeker is Worthy of This Search. Strive To Redouble Your Efforts, So That Your Soul May Escape From This Material Prison.
Paul observed, We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out (1 Timothy 6:7). He was referring to material things, wealth. However, we will take our knowledge and experience and training from this life with us into the next life.
David Berg
For Christians ultimate reality is and can only be a personal, sovereign, holy, and loving God. But even some Christians, under extra-biblical and even anti-Christian cultural influences read the Bible as pointing to something not ultimate, such as material wealth, health, happiness, power, etc.
Roger E. Olson
The lives of heroes have enriched history, and history has adorned the actions of heroes ; and thus I cannot say whether the historians are more indebted to those who provided them with such noble materials, or those great men to their historians.
Jean de la Bruyere
In a way, you are poetry material; You are full of cloudy subtleties I am willing to spend a lifetime figuring out. Words burst in your essence and you carry their dust in the pores of your ethereal individuality.
Franz Kafka
We are still waging Peloponnesian wars. Our control of the material world and our positive science have grown fantastically. But our very achievements turn against us, making politics more random and wars more bestial.
George Steiner
Perhaps the rebuilding of the body and spirit is the greatest service derivable from our forests, for what worth are material things if we lose the character and quality of people that are the soul of America?
Arthur Carhart
If the subject is no longer living, the immediate question is do you have enough first-person material to really get that story across. You’d like to avoid it just being other people’s memories and interpretations.
Brian Lindstrom
There have been 15 or 16 screenplays over the years, including one by me, but none of them has gotten made because Paramount is a huge studio. The Dice Man is an anti-establishment cult novel and you don’t normally make studio films from such dark comedy material.
Luke Rhinehart
I think the special thing about Python is that it’s a writers’ commune. The writers are in charge. The writers decide what the material is.
Eric Idle
I’ve made many, many, many large wigs in my career, and I’ve experimented with lots of materials to make them more fun and interesting and as big as possible. I like to use the lightest wig materials that I can.
Chris March
Music, architecture and pictures have always been my passions, and all that material wealth has meant for me, is being able to have some of the pictures I liked.
Andrew Lloyd Webber
I felt a comedy ego beginning to grow, which gave me the courage to begin tentatively looking into myself for material.
Joan Rivers
Expressing the thoughts of my comrades, I suggested, among other means, the organization of an international information service on inventories, on production, and on the needs of the various countries for raw materials.
Leon Jouhaux
If an artist and a scientist have a common point, it is probably in the need for some kind of imaginative thinking to interpret the material they have.
Catherine Yass
I don’t go off and sit down and try to write material, because then it’s contrived and forced. I just live my life, and I see things in a word or a situation or a concept, and it will create a joke for me.
Steven Wright
Many people know that Ethiopia is poor. When I break a world record, maybe people get to know something else about Ethiopia, something good. We can’t make planes or cars, we don’t have the materials. We do what we can.
Haile Gebrselassie
In the best material, you always should be able to somehow make a case for a story to be transposed to any other time.
Ralph Fiennes
There are obviously a great many ways to organize some fraction of the material in a life.
Marge Piercy
I hope to take advantage of the Netflix organism and see if there are ways to get in new material and see if there are ways to do deleted scenes.
Mitchell Hurwitz
The skill of a good actor is to make it always seem like you’re in that fantastically spontaneous moment. Very often, a stand-up comedian has a different instinct, which is to reinvent. Once you’ve laid down some material, and made them laugh, you move on and find some new material.
Colin Firth
2Pac wrote about life threatening situations after being shot so often, it made it seem like he was obsessed with it. He even wrote music and material that he left behind after he died that made reference to him dying already. I think the significance in that ties back to us knowing that that’s our fate.
Curtis Jackson
The tattoo can only exist as part of the skin, as a drawing always is an incision in the material and therefore cannot be parted from it.
Antoni Tapies
Our noblest purpose in life is to remember our spiritual nature in the face of suggestions that we are a material society.
Alan Cohen
[R]eligion cannot share the material strength of the rulers without being burdened with some of the animosity roused against them.
Alexis de Tocqueville
We too often let the material things serve as indicators that we’re doing well, even though something inside us tells us that were not doing our best. That we are avoiding that which is hard, but also necessary. That we are shrinking from rather than rising to the challenges of the age.
Barack Obama
I think you need to be able to see a lot of negative in things in order to extract material, so there’s probably something to that. A lot of the people I used to work with were very, very, very unfunny offstage, so that’s a pretty common thing.
Eric Bana
For photography to be an art involves reformulating notions of art, rejecting both material and formal purism and also the separation of art from commerce as distinct semiotic practices that never interlock.
Peter Wollen
The multiplication of individual sects should not fool us: the important point is that the whole of America is preoccupied with the sect as a moral institution, with its immediate demand for beatification, its material efficacity, its compulsion for justification, and doubtless also with its madness and frenzy.
Jean Baudrillard
Among both individuals with high-functioning autism or Asperger and their parents, many are superfast at spotting details. You hardly have time to get the experimental materials out on the table before they’ve spotted the target.
Simon Baron-Cohen
I can’t negotiate and collaborate with a character to create a distilled dramatic investigation of the raw material. I need to work with an actor. That stuff about actors who stay in character all the time is nonsense.
Mike Leigh
I didn’t sit down and work out other people’s material; I’ve never believed in that.
Robin Trower
I never have felt that people should feel that they are better than others, simply because they just happen to possess a larger share of material items and monetary wealth than others less fortunate. I believe in sharing, assisting, and just lending a helping hand to people.
Michael Jackson
Observation and experiment for gathering material, induction and deduction for elaborating it: these are are only good intellectual tools.
Francis Bacon
At, we’ve seen what technology can do for a classroom. We make it easy for teachers to request the materials they need most for their classrooms and for donors to make a meaningful contribution to education.
Charles Best
In a very real way, the poor are our teachers. They show us that people’s value is not measured by their possessions or how much money they have in the bank. A poor person, a person lacking material possessions, always maintains his or her dignity. The poor can teach us much about humility and trust in God.
Pope Francis
It will be politics that determines the material welfare of future generations: the pace at which we advance toward “our destination of economic bliss,” andnperhaps, whether we continue to advance at all.
Eban Goodstein
I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I’m concerned that the rampant downloading of my copyright-protected material over the Internet is severely eating into my album sales and having a decidedly adverse effect on my career. On the other hand, I can get all the Metallica songs I want for FREE! WOW!
Al Yankovic
Human beings are of such nature that they should have not only material facilities but spiritual sustenance as well. Without spiritual sustenance, it is difficult to get and maintain peace of mind.
Dalai Lama
I see what happens when one gets very attached to material things. That’s just not what my life is.
Alicia Keys
The base skill is listening: how I’m listening to the material, how I’m listening to the space. With electronic sound, it’s a similar situation of how to produce it and place it so that it works in a space. The first consideration is adopting the space and having work that resonates in the space.
Pauline Oliveros
Just because you’re a star on television doesn’t mean that you can be a music phenomenon or an artist. You have to have the material to back it, and it’s all about hit songs. I can name you every “Idol” winner and why they didn’t go on to have success – their songs. The ones who have – their songs.
Kara DioGuardi
Proper visualization by the exercise of concentration and willpower enables us to materialize thoughts, not only as dreams or visions in the mental realm, but also as experiences in the material realm.
Paramahansa Yogananda
The fact that The Bridge contains folk lore and other material suitable to the epic form need not therefore prove its failure as a long lyric poem, with interrelated sections.
Hart Crane
Really you don’t need more information. If you’ve lived twenty years, you probably have enough material for the rest of your life
Natalie Goldberg
The process that we go through in recording with Tool is very organic, but at the same time it is very thought out. There is a very left-brain process of dissecting what we’re doing and drawing from source material; it’s very research oriented and esoteric.
Maynard James Keenan
[I was] feeling like I’d done something horrible, “I’m a despicable person and I’m perverse,” and all these things, to a sense of the power and the necessity, in a sense, of horror films and dealing with dark material.
Wes Craven
It is only within the context of having properly developed your mind that you will be able to truly enjoy the achievement of your material values, including that of a more muscular body.
Mike Mentzer
Skill in the digital age is confused with mastery of digital tools, masking the importance of understanding materials and mastering the elements of form.
John Maeda
Culture requires in the first place a certain balance of material and spiritual values.
Johan Huizinga
You have to do that here in your country. You must come to know the poor. Maybe our people here have material things, everything, but I think that if we all look into our own homes, how difficult we find it sometimes to smile at each other, and that the smile is the beginning of love.
Mother Teresa
The price which society pays for the law of competition, like the price it pays for cheap comforts and luxuries, is great; but the advantages of this law are also greater still than its cost- for it is to this law that we owe our wonderful material development, which brings improved conditions in its train.
Andrew Carnegie
One need not be a chamber to be haunted; One need not be a house; The brain has corridors surpassing Material place.
Emily Dickinson
The most important thing is to write material that YOU think is funny. If you don’t think it’s funny, but you’re convinced that other people will think it is, well they won’t.
Mo Rocca
… The ‘cleverness’ syndrome has taken the place of melody. It’s like everyone has come down with this terrible disease in jazz….you are always expected to do your own material, which is a strange thing to do if you’re a poor composer but a great player.
Keith Jarrett
Television is now so desperately hungry for material that they’re scraping the top of the barrel.
Gore Vidal
The boy gathers materials for a temple, and then when he is thirty, concludes to build a woodshed.
Henry David Thoreau
A challenging economy is always good for design. It unites necessity and functionality. You are forced to be creative with poor materials.
Diane von Furstenberg
For a novelist, the gaps in a story are as intriguing as material that still exists.
Sara Sheridan
I like to think of Doritos as emotional packing material to safeguard the feelings I’ve swallowed.
Dana Gould
When with care we have raised an imaginary treasure of happiness, we find at last that the materials of the structure are frail and perishing, and the foundation itself is laid in the sand.
Samuel Rogers
Wars of aggression are popular nowadays with those nations convinced that only victory and conquest could improve their material well-being.
Ludwig von Mises
Creation is dominated by three absolutely different factors: First, nature, which works upon us by its laws; second, the artist, who creates a spiritual contact with nature and his materials; third, the medium of expression through which the artist translates his inner world.
Hans Hofmann
Nature and abstract forms are both materials for art, and the choice of one or the other flows from historically changing interests.
Meyer Schapiro
Comics, as good as they might be, they didn’t know much about performance. There aren’t too many comics you could watch for an hour without getting tired. They might have good material, but it’s about theater to me.
Andrew Dice Clay
Like the weaver, the writer works on the wrong side of his material. He has only to do with the language, and it is thus that he suddenly finds himself surrounded by sense.
Maurice Merleau-Ponty
When you’re at the beginning of your career, there are a lot of, “I don’t care about this,” jobs that you take because it’s about building your resume and building connections. There are so many factors that don’t have anything to do with choosing for the material.
Billy Porter
The keys that unlock the heart are made of funny materials: a disarming phrase that comes out of the blue, nowhere, a certain sexy walk that sends you reeling, the way someone hums when she is alone. My father said it was the way my mother danced with him.
Jonathan Carroll
Without the spiritual world the material world is a disheartening enigma.
Joseph Joubert
Each social formation, through each of its material activities, exerts its influence upon the civic whole; and each of its ideas and ideals wins also its place and power.
Patrick Geddes
One of the things that we can say with confidence is that we will have much lighter, much stronger materials, and this will reduce the cost of air flight, and it will reduce the cost of rockets.
Ralph Merkle
To know God and to find one’s full satisfaction in that knowledge is the ultimate goal of Christian experience. The Lord’s greatest delight comes when His people discover the ultimate value lies in the knowledge of God. Nothing in the material world can complete with the delights that are present in His Person.
Max Anders
I think an editing style is something that is ascribed to the work after-the-fact. I don’t think you go in with a particular intention, but I think if there is an integrity to the work and the material you are working with, the work comes from the nature of that material.
Jay Cassidy
When people ask me to name the Ligonier teaching material they should use to help them grow; I tell them, ‘You should start with The Holiness of God.’
R. C. Sproul
People of all ages, including children, have been exposed to clever and eye-catching advertising material, .. All that will now change. Tobacco advertising is going to end, and it’s going to end soon,.
Frank Dobson
Building a business is like building a home. If the foundation rests on an unstable setting or is constructed with subpar materials, it doesn’t matter if the rest of the home is perfect. It will never be a joy to its owner
Thomas J. Stanley
Well, I think Hollywood, to be quite honest, I think they’ve run out of material.
Mike Epps
Music is the purest form of art… therefore true poets…seek to express the universe in terms of music. The singer has everything within him. The notes come out from his very life. They are not materials gathered from outside.
Rabindranath Tagore
When men achieve the fruits of their material success, they often become aware of an emptiness–an incompleteness–in their lives;the hollowness of having, but not raising, children, of not making true commitments to them. Which, sadly, does not mean that they weren’t capable of it.
Willard Gaylin
Most of the designers are eco-friendly, even by default, through their use of up-cycled materials and organic fabrics, and by producing in small quantities. Ultimately, the design has to be great – no one will buy it if it looks like a hemp sack!
Amber Valletta
The heart which finds life in material wealth is usually certain to go farther and seek for more in the satisfaction of base and sullen appetites.
George A. Smith
You can be highly concentrated on a person, on a problem, and be so good at excluding all other material that that becomes not just the focus of your experience, but practically the sole content of your experience, everything else falling by the wayside.
Antonio Damasio
I have to make a dress out of recycled materials for my kid’s preschool ‘Project Runway’-like assignment. I’m currently fusing plastic bags.
Busy Philipps
It is difficult to make our material condition better by the best law, but it is easy enough to ruin it by bad laws.
Theodore Roosevelt
We’re trying to teach artists that if you’re smart enough to develop the material, then you’re smart enough to market and promote the album too.
David Banner
Whether you’re with a group of people, whether you’re playing music or whether you’re by yourself, even if it’s written material, you have to be listening.
Reggie Watts
I feel terrible about corporate greed. Growing up in a household that was a little more humble and didn’t put so much emphasis on money and material goods, I think I have a pretty good head on my shoulders.
Chloe Sevigny
We have some material on spying by a major government on the tech industry. Industrial espionage.
Julian Assange
When Wu-Wear started making shoes and sneakers and pants, it was shoddy material.
Method Man
Being is a spiritual proposition. Gaining is a material act. Traditionally, American Indians have always attempted to be the best people they could. Part of that spiritual process was and is to give away wealth, to discard wealth in order not to gain.
Russell Means
In the material sciences these are and have been, and are most surely likely to continue to be heroic days.
J. Robert Oppenheimer
If reality impacted directly on our senses and our consciousness, if we could have direct communication between the material world and ourselves, art would be unnecessary.
Henri Bergson
The depressing thing about battery technology is that it gets better, but it gets better slowly. There are a whole bunch of problems in materials science and chemistry that come in trying to make existing batteries better.
Nathan Myhrvold
Now, all America sits in front of television sets and those television sets exude, I am sorry to say, a considerable amount of radioactive material. It’s not huge, you know, but it’s enough so that people who have made a habit of watching TV … get the TV radiation.
L. Ron Hubbard
How many days have I spent alone with my cat… and when I say alone, I mean without a material being, for my cat is a mystical companion, a spirit.
Pierre Bonnard
If the society toward which we are developing is not to be a nightmare of exhaustion, we must use the interlude of the present era to develop a new technology which is based on a circular flow of materials such that the only sources of man’s provisions will be his own waste products.
Kenneth E. Boulding
My show is an anti-show and the audience have to want to listen. I’m sitting down, there’s only one of me, I don’t talk much to the audience and it is very quiet. I wouldn’t be able to do that kind of show if people didn’t know me and my material.
Jose Gonzalez
The materials for poetry are all about you in profusion.
Masaoka Shiki
It now seems to me that the findings of more than fifty years of DNA research have provided materials for a new and enormously powerful argument to design.
Antony Flew
There is as much difference between a collection of mentally free citizens and a community molded by modern methods of propaganda as there is between a heap of raw materials and a battleship.
Bertrand Russell
We see things in this material world, wherein our bodies dwell, only because our mind through its attention lives in another world, only because it contemplates the beauties of the archetypal and intelligible world which Reason contains.
Nicolas Malebranche
A sense of contentment is crucial to being happy. Physical health, material wealth and friends contribute to this, but contentment governs our relations with them all.
Dalai Lama
As physics is a mental reconstruction of material processes, perhaps a physical reconstruction of psychic processes is possible in nature itself.
Marie-Louise von Franz
There’s no room for failure performing [stand-up] for a black audience. If you don’t get them right away it’s tough winning them back even if you’re doing top-notch material. If you didn’t win them right when you walked out there, it’s tough.
Hannibal Buress
We’ve all heard these statistics that teachers at times go into their pockets in the tune of several hundred dollars a year to pay for school supplies and materials. It’s not normal.
Kimora Lee Simmons
I come from a farming culture, where we valued raw materials above all.
Brunello Cucinelli
Technological change defines the horizon of our material world as it shapes the limiting conditions of what is possible and what is barely imaginable. It erodesassumptions about the nature of our reality, the “pattern” in which we dwell, and lays open new choices.
Shoshana Zuboff
The supply chain is not just the movement of finished goods, but it is also of materials and parts used within the manufacturing process. And so it effects producers and manufacturers and obviously consumers alike.
Raphael Warnock
Discipline, for the Christian, begins with the body. We have only one. It is this body that is the primary material given to us for sacrifice. We cannot give our hearts to God and keep our bodies for ourselves.
Elisabeth Elliot
Democracy with its semi-civilization sincerely cherishes junk. The artists power should be spiritual. But the power of the majority is material. When these worlds meet occasionally, it is pure coincidence.
Paul Klee
We stand for a use of color free from the imitation of things as colored objects. We stand for an aerial vision in which the material of color is expressed in all of the manifold possibilities our subjectivity can create.
Carlo Carra
Uranium is the raw material of a power-elite who has taken Mother Earth’s every living creature hostage.
Petra Kelly
We live an age of science and of abounding accumulation of material things. These did not create the Declaration. Our Declaration created them. … If we are to maintain the great heritage which has been bequeathed to us, we must be like-minded as the fathers who created it.
Calvin Coolidge
Be passionate about your [movie] material, because you’re going to have to overcome a lot of “No’s,” and it’s that passion that fuels the fight.
Gina Prince-Bythewood
She said the object and color in the materials around us actually have a physical effect on us, on how we feel.
Florence Nightingale
From an evolutionary point of view, sex is really just a reward mechanism to encourage us to pass on our genetic material.
Bill Bryson
I never travel across this great nation without experiencing a feeling of gratitude and thanksgiving for all that we have and are. As I see its broad fruitful farms, its humming factories, its gleaming cities, certainly it is easy to realize that we have achieved unequaled material progress in this great country.
Ezra Taft Benson
To measure success with material things is failure!
Tony Robbins
I consider the integrity of the material to be of greater value than any message I might want to get across.
Wallace Stegner
As we have seen, WikiLeaks is a robust organization. During my time in solitary confinement in the basement of a Victorian prison, we continue to release, our media partners continued to write stories. The important revelations from this material continue to come out. We have approximately 2,000 cables into 250,000.
Julian Assange
No, I most certainly do not think advertising people are wonderful. I think they are horrible, and the worst menace to mankind, next to war; perhaps ahead of war. They stand for the material viewpoint, for the importance of possessions, of desire, of envy, of greed. And war comes from these things.
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
I remember as a kid, I was improvising and making little trophies out of different materials and going in front of the mirror, lifting the trophies and saying ‘Nole was the champion!’
Novak Djokovic
Whether to the average person, applying contemporary community standards, the dominant theme of the material taken as a whole appeals to prurient interest.
William J. Brennan
The commerce between India and Africa will be of ideas and services, not of the manufactured goods against raw materials after the fashion of the Western exploiters.
Mahatma Gandhi
As actors, we react to the material that’s out there, and I probably just react more strongly to things that I feel will have some social value.
Matt Damon
When you’re doing something where you really like the material, it doesn’t matter what medium it’s in.
Christina Ricci
Anyone who shoots a real gun at you when drunk and angry is simply not husband material, regardless of his taste in literature.
James Tiptree Jr.
Almost all movie scripts contain material that cannot be filmed.
David Mamet
If you want something hard enough, whether it be a material possession or just something in your life, if you work hard enough there is absolutely no reason why you can’t obtain it.
Charles Trippy
While a painting, even one that meets photographic standards of resemblance, is never more than the stating of an interpretation, a photograph is never less than the registering of an emanation (light waves reflected by objects) — a material vestige of its subject in a way that no painting can be.
Susan Sontag
At the end of your lives you will not be judged by academic successes, the degrees or diplomas earned, the positions held, the material wealth acquired, or power and prestige, but rather on the basis of what you have become as persons and what you are in conduct and character.
Howard W. Hunter
I have the feeling it will influence my future writing to the extent that without any material worries I could develop a greater ease, even lightheartedness, in my writing
Elfriede Jelinek
Falsehood is difficult to be maintained. When the materials of a building are solid blocks of stone, very rude architecture will suffice; but a structure of rotten materials needs the most careful adjustment to make it stand at all.
Richard Whately
When I look back at my paintings, they don’t give me a sense of where I was when I first met that guy. They don’t give me a sense of what I felt like when I first saw that original source material. They give me a sense of the world that I’m trying to create. And we all just have to deal with that.
Kehinde Wiley
The mind of man has perplexed itself with many hard questions. Is space infinite, and in what sense? Is the material world infinite in extent, and are all places within that extent equally full of matter? Do atoms exist or is matter infinitely divisible?
James Clerk Maxwell
My notion of art is very maximalist and souped-up: I love spectacle, overload, magic materials, magic words, incantation and litany, incarnation and possession, spilling and wounds. Art as a sacred event.
Joyelle McSweeney
In order to have enough of the raw materials…which will be lacking in wartime, we should plan to acquire and use foreign resources existing in our expected sphere of influence, such as Sakhalim, China, and the Southern Pacific.
Sadao Araki
I have faith that God will care for me, and God does provide my needs. I don’t in any way feel insecure because I don’t know where I will sleep at night, where or when I will eat next. When you have spiritual security, you have no more feeling of need for material security.
Peace Pilgrim
If the egalitarian wishes to realise his ideal, given the unpromising nature of his material, he might consider rendering all persons equally dead, for perhaps only thus could he eradicate any difference.
D. Michael Quinn
The Soul is not composed of any materials. It is unity indivisible. Therefore it must be indestructible.
Swami Vivekananda
I think it’s an intellectual duty for a person who lives in a free society to read material not only with which you agree, but with which you disagree. Because every so often somebody you think is wrong will actually turn out to be right.
Tom Clancy
This is what evolution means–ordered progress; development from poorer to richer, from lower to higher, from less to greater–progress. In the material universe, progress to higher forms; in the moral universe, progress to higher life.
Lyman Abbott
It depends. When it’s the right scenario, it’s just as stimulating and just as exciting for me. It’s just a question of finding a piece of material that lights a fire under you.
Andy Garcia
The essence of architecture is form and space, and light is the essential element to the key to architectural design, probably more important than anything. Technology and materials are secondary.
I. M. Pei
Music remains the most strange of the materials because we don’t understand what happens when music moves you.
Michael Tippett
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is a third man’s raw materials for their planet-buster earthquake machine.
Mira Grant
Colour is a human need like water and fire. It is a raw material indispensable to life
Fernand Leger
You can’t substitute material things for love or for gentleness or for tenderness or for a sense of comradeship
Mitch Albom
There is a sensuality about fabric. I think all materials should be inviting when they touch the skin. When I watch children stroking their mother’s clothes, I feel that I have succeeded.
Azzedine Alaia
Apart from the seemingly magical Internet, life in broad material terms isn’t so different from what it was in 1953… The wonders portrayed in ‘The Jetsons,’ the space-age television cartoon from the 1960s, have not come to pass… Life is better and we have more stuff, but the pace of change has slowed down.
Tyler Cowen
In this century we have made remarkable material progress, but basically we are the same as we were thousands of years ago. Our spiritual needs are still very great.
Dalai Lama
Whether it’s color palettes for my apparel collection or materials for handbags and shoes or inspiration for fine jewelry, traveling expands your mind and opens you up to different things you haven’t seen before.
Ivanka Trump
The next episode of 3D printing will involve printing entirely new kinds of materials. Eventually we will print complete products – circuits, motors, and batteries already included. At that point, all bets are off.
Hod Lipson
A concern that produces its own raw materials, and works them up through the various processes until it delivers the manufactured product in the domestic or foreign market, can work on a narrower margin all around, and yet do full justice to its stockholders and employees.
Charles M. Schwab
I never go about a new project as if I’m trying ot redefine myself. I just like to work, and I’m excited by material I find challenging and – if it’s a comedy – exceptionally funny.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
I call upon governments to start supporting companies to use more sustainable materials in their products instead of continuing with antiquated incentives, such as import duties on synthetic materials that are in principle much higher compared with those placed on leather goods regardless of the environmental footprint.
Jochen Zeitz
The hardest thing to write was explaining what anxiety feels like. Every time I’d try to really write about what it feels like to have an anxiety attack, I would actually have an anxiety attack. It was good material but so incredibly uncomfortable.
Jenny Lawson
Publishers have in-house editors, but I hire my own before I submit the work to publishers. They appreciate it and I feel more confident about the material.
Rigoberto Gonzalez
The material particle nature of primary cosmic radiation has been confirmed, although the processes turned out to be extraordinarily more complicated than we had assumed.
Walther Bothe
I think liberals have to come to terms with the market and embrace market mechanisms as the only way to run a society that produces widespread material well-being and respects individual rights and liberties.
Douglas Massey
Very few people have actually had a chance to see the raw material that was going to comprise these three chapters [of Malcolm X Autobiography]. The missing political testament that should have been in the autobiography, but isn’t.
Manning Marable
When art dresses itself in the most worn-out material it is most easily recognized as art.
Friedrich Nietzsche
We have made, and still are making, enormous advances on material lines. It is necessary that we commensurately advance on moral lines. Civilization, as it progresses, requires a higher conscience, a keener sense of justice, a warmer brotherhood, a wider, loftier, truer public spirit.
Henry George
Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours. I am the fellow citizen of every being that thinks; my country is Truth.
Alphonse de Lamartine
Riches, both material and spiritual, can choke you if you do not use them fairly. For not even God can put anything in a heart that is already full.
Mother Teresa
I don’t want to have anything to say, it just gets in the way. I think the journey of an artist is a journey of discovery and some engagements with paint, with the nature of material, with bodily things…One wants to open the story, not close it.
Anish Kapoor
My voice is the only material thing in which I can still reveal myself. Go ahead and cut off the hand or the testicles of a voice. Try to find the head of a voice, the orifice through which it passes, or even the breasts to which you can attach the clips of your electrodes. Nothing. Resonant tooth.
Abdellatif Laabi
There is always a pressure to separate the Bible from science and to separate the Christian religion from things material.
Walter Lang
The thirst of soul is sweeter than the wine of material things, and the fear of spirit is dearer than the security of the body.
Khalil Gibran
Life solves its problems with well-adapted designs, life-friendly chemistry and smart material and energy use.
Janine Benyus
The State of Israel will prove itself not by material wealth, not by military might or technical achievement, but by its moral character and human values.
David Ben-Gurion
In our universal experience unintelligent material processes do not create life
Philip Johnson
I alter some things, eliminate and try again until I am satisfied. Then begins the mental working out of this material in its breadth, its narrowness, its height and depth.
Ludwig van Beethoven
It is not only our duty to America, but also to Ireland. We could not hope to succeed in our effort to make Ireland a Republic without the moral and material support of the liberty-loving citizens of these United States.
Thomas Francis Meagher
A lot of the material is about the inevitable disappointment people feel as they move through life, and things don’t feel the way they expect. No experience will ever match up to the idealized version in your mind.
Ben Gibbard
Textile manufacturers use complicated chemical and industrial processes to make clothing materials, from cotton to synthetic fibers. And while the environmental consequences aren’t always clear, consumption is growing.
Tatiana Schlossberg
I write a lot about my experiences and the people I meet. Ive got a lot of material. But a book about me? It seems sort of odd.
Kevin Spacey
True material welfare is never inconsistent with performance of religious obligations.
Mahatma Gandhi
All nature is a vast symbolism: Every material fact has sheathed within it a spiritual truth.
Edwin Powell Hubble
When people ask what I write about, that’s what I tell them: ‘The drama of human relationships.’ I’m not even close to running out of material.
Joyce Maynard
Art happens when anyone in the world takes any kind of material and fashions it into a deliberate statement.
Thomas Hoving
In the past we used to think of poverty in absolute terms – meaning straightforward material deprivation… We need to think of poverty in relative terms – the fact that some people lack those things which others in society take for granted.
David Cameron
God welcomes genuine service, and that is the service of a soul that offers the bare and simple sacrifice of truth; but from false service, the mere display of material wealth, He turns away.
It takes a lot out of you to do a stage play, but I’d love to do that. I’d love to continue to do challenging material, whatever shape or form that comes in.
Jeremy Renner
In business life, that is, in its material processes, we eagerly accept the new. In social life, in all our social processes, we piously, valiantly, obdurately, maintain the old.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
I consider a CD or a comedy collection as a record of what I’ve been doing, and I try to wrap it up and start new material.
Kate Clinton
Make the workmanship surpass the materials.
Materials are very important to me, and always have been.
Patricia Piccinini
The men of experiment are like the ant, they only collect and use; the reasoners resemble spiders, who make cobwebs out of their own substance. But the bee takes the middle course, it gathers its material from the flowers of the garden and field, but transforms and digests it by a power of its own.
Francis Bacon
Good heavens, of what un costly material is our earthly happiness composed… if we only knew it. What incomes have we not had from a flower, and how unfailing are the dividends of the seasons.
James Russell Lowell
Movie studios aren’t making too many dramas anymore; they’re in the superhero business. Material for television is much, much stronger for actors now.
Julianne Moore
Thought dissolves the material universe by carrying the mind up into a sphere where all is plastic.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I have told myself a hundred times that painting – that is, the material thing called a painting – is no more than a pretext, the bridge between the mind of the painter and the mind of the spectator.
Eugene Delacroix
Ballet is the body rising. Ballet is ceremonial and hieratic. Its disdain for the commonplace material world is the source of its authority and glamour.
Camille Paglia
The purpose of fasting is to loosen to some degree the ties which bind us to the world of material things and our surroundings as a whole, in order that we may concentrate all our spiritual powers upon the unseen and eternal things.
Ole Hallesby
Honestly, I feel like I spent the last 10 years just trying to work, just get my hands on the best material I could. I’d like to say that it was quite calculated and genius, my ability to take one step forward and two steps back.
Timothy Olyphant
I had to write a comedy set and film a show at the same time. And it’s the second time I’ve been up on stage as a stand-up comedian with untested material. I was saying it out loud for the first time that night. It didn’t go how I expected, but in the best possible way.
Zach Anner
The pursuit of material gain is ultimately empty when measured against eternity.
Christopher Moore
I’ve noticed over the past years of my writerly life that women writers in particular are discouraged in cleverly disguised forms from including the intellectual in their creative material way more than you would believe.
Lidia Yuknavitch
There is nothing more harmful to you than improving only your material, animal side of life. There is nothing more beneficial, both for you and for others, than activity directed to the improvement of your soul.
Leo Tolstoy
I love winter clothes. For me, it is all about choosing great materials and getting the right cut for your body – and then styling it right. For example, I love an oversized manly jacket, but I’ll team it with some girly heels.
Jeanne Damas
Every master knows that the material teaches the artist.
Ilya Ehrenburg
As much as you know it, and you know the method, you can pretty much do what you want. No idea is going to be shot down. You just put it in the garbage later. You have to say the lines in many different ways. So they have a lot of material to work.
Antonio Banderas
A laborer no longer makes whole articles. He receives raw materials, puts his touch on them, and passes them to another worker in the series. When the articles are quite finished they are carried out of sight by currents of commercial exchange. These currents are untraceable.
John Bates Clark
I’m fascinated with materials, with processes, with technologies.
Marc Newson
I mean, there are many other directors who are probably both more skilled and excited to adapt novels or work within certain genre conventions. I’d like to do that kind of work someday, but for better or worse I’m too drawn by my own material.
Todd Solondz
The idealism [in architecture] is in the formal arrangement, the relationship to the city, the use of materials that are available to me. That’s where I say our powers are limited.
Frank Gehry
We all drew on the comfort which is given out by the major works of Mozart, which is as real and material as the warmth given up by a glass of brandy.
Rebecca West
In the Pythagorean system, thinking about numbers, or doing mathematics, was an inherently masculine task. Mathematics was associated with the gods, and with transcendence from the material world; women, by their nature, were supposedly rooted in this latter, baser realm.
Margaret Wertheim
Material possessions, winning scores, and great reputations are meaningless in the eyes of the Lord, because He knows what we really are and that is all that matters.
John Wooden
I used to write bits and pieces of comedy material for various comics that were at the Windmill… as well as my film job, I was under contract, I was allowed to do that and everything.
Val Guest
Books of quotation are not only of importance to the reader for what they contain of matured thought, but also for what they suggest. Our brains receive the spark and become luminous, like inflammable material by the contact of flint and steel.
Maturin Murray Ballou
There’s a collective knowing that a dimension of reality exists beyond the material plane, and that sense of knowing is causing a mystical resurgence on the planet today. It’s not just children who are looking for a missing piece. It is a very mature outlook to question the nature of our reality.
Marianne Williamson
I could design an $800 shoe line it’s easy. You use the best materials and you can make beautiful shoes. It’s easier than making great shoes for $90.
Steve Madden
My background is in art. I was a painter and an occasional sculptor, and I really like materials – you know, stuff. Physical objects. The world and the trees and the sunshine and the flowers. And all of that doesn’t seem to really exist out in the ether of the Internet.
Caterina Fake
I want to point out to adults that there is a world of good material available to you now in comic form – in this medium – and learn to give it your support because the more you support it, the better the material will be as it comes out.
Will Eisner
I think ‘SNL’ was such a unique thing because it was material you created and you’re very comfortable with it, even though the setting was pressure-packed.
Will Ferrell
Not just as an actress, but on a human-being level, I’ve experienced frustration on many different levels. [With my] career, it would be more the frustration of not always finding challenging material or inspiring material … [Acting is] therapeutic for me. I’m pretty accommodating.
Vera Farmiga
I use all sorts of things to work with: old brooms, old sweaters, and all kinds of peculiar tools and materials… I paint to excite myself, and make something for myself.
Francis Bacon
This doctrine of the material efficacy of prayer reduces the Creator to a cosmic bellhop of a not very bright or reliable kind.
Herbert J. Muller
Language is material to shape and mold, not only a transparent or invisible medium for communication, business contracts, or telling stories.
Kenneth Goldsmith
The most fundamental liberal failure of the current era: the failure to embrace a moral vision of America based on the transcendent faith that human beings are more than the sum of their material appetites, our country is more than an economic machine, and freedom is not license but responsibility.
Bill Moyers
I have never done jewelry before so, of course, I had an idea in mind, but I needed it to be feasible and I don’t really know about the materials, like what’s possible, what’s not possible.
Julia Restoin Roitfeld
The equality among all members of the League, which is provided in the statutes giving each state only one vote, cannot of course abolish the actual material inequality of the powers concerned.
Hjalmar Branting
In relation to the political decontamination of our public life, the government will embark upon a systematic campaign to restore the nation’s moral and material health. The whole educational system, theater, film, literature, the press and broadcasting – all these will be used as a means to this end.
Adolf Hitler
To what faults do you feel most indulgent? To the ones that arise from urgent material needs.
Christopher Hitchens
You know, even when the material wasn’t so good, I’ve gotten to work with the greats, and I’ve always given it my best shot. I’m satisfied with my work. I could stop tomorrow, and if Bright Young Things was my last role, I could say I tidied it up with dignity.
Dan Aykroyd
Without question, the material world and your everyday needs distract you from living meaningfully.
Menachem Mendel Schneerson
We need a free economy not only for the renewed material prosperity it will bring, but because it is indispensable to individual freedom, human dignity and to a more just, more honest society.
Margaret Thatcher
I believe that the average person can help a lot, not by giving material goods but by participating, by being part of the discussion, by being truly concerned about what is going on in the world.
Sebastiao Salgado
Well, you know, the original banjos were all handmade instruments. Gourd – it would be made with gourds and whatever, you know, materials would have been around. And, you know, first hundred years of its existence, the banjo’s known as a plantation instrument, as a black instrument, you know?
Rhiannon Giddens
I wanted to make sure to always stay current, try to find new material and stay with the modern techniques.
Rick Baker
[My work] is using light as a material to influence or affect the medium of perception. I feel that I want to use light as this wonderful and magic elixir that we drink as Vitamin D through the skin – and I mean, we are literally light-eaters – to then affect the way that we see.
James Turrell
With the style of music that I do, I don’t think it’s at the top of their agenda to push me into doing any compromising material.
Jonny Lang
At long last he was unencumbered, emancipated from the stifling world of his parents and peers, a world of abstraction and security and material excess, a world in which he felt grievously cut off from the raw throb of existence.
Jon Krakauer
Time waste differs from material waste in that there can be no salvage.
Henry Ford
Rethinking the future: It is a profound challenge, at the end of an era of cheap oil and materials to rethink and redesign how we produce and consume; to reshape how we live and work, or even to imagine the jobs that will be needed for transition
Ellen MacArthur
The notion of a thing, materiality, was something that I think was something very in peoples’ minds when they were dealing with earth and metal and different kinds of metals and the interaction of different sorts of material.
Robert Barry
People who lack material wealth, who are poor, won’t be very happy. They will be obsessed with meeting their bills at pay day. And people who have an abundance of material goods are often not happy.
Philip Kotler
I don’t know the politics of Hollywood. Am I hungry for great material? Every actor is. How I can get to it, that’s another story.
Chris Noth
The business of both parent and teacher is to enable and to help the child to educate himself, to develop his own intellectual, moral, aesthetic and practical capacities and to grow freely as an organic being, not to be kneaded and pressured into form like an inert plastic material
Sri Aurobindo
No one understands and appreciates the American Dream of hard work leading to material rewards better than a non-American.
Anthony Bourdain
Swing a bigger brush – you don’t know what you’re missing.
Charles Webster Hawthorne
In books lies the soul of the whole Past Time; the articulate audible voice of the Past, when the body and material substance of it has altogether vanished like a dream.
Thomas Carlyle
The hardest thing in making a movie is to keep in the front of your consciousness your original response to the material. Because that’s going to be the thing that will make the movie. And the loss of that will break the movie.
Stanley Kubrick
People who will not turn a shovel full of dirt on the project (Muscle Shoals Dam) nor contribute a pound of material, will collect more money from the United States than will the People who supply all the material and do all the work. This is the terrible thing about interest.
Thomas A. Edison
When America stopped importing from China, China stopped importing from the rest of the world. This affects Asian countries as well as Australia, Brazil, and other suppliers of raw materials.
Robert Kiyosaki
The material world will always attract a lot of women. A lot of people would be down for that, whatever the cost.
William Moseley
The few men who possess the wealth of the material things of the earth at the present time are not truly happy.
Joseph Franklin Rutherford
I write a lot of material you’ve never heard that live inside my sadness. You’ll hear a song that lasts six to seven minutes of just beautiful sadness. But I can’t just go out on the stage to ask five thousand people to be sad with me for seven straight minutes.
Jason Mraz
Technology innovation is starting to explode and having open-source material out there really helps this explosion. You get students and researchers involved and you get people coming through and building start ups based on open source products.
Tim Berners-Lee
Twyla Tharp put it together from the material I wrote and recorded over my whole career. I thought it was pretty good, but how objective could I be?
Billy Joel
Depth on different levels is so important to me. You look at a band like The Beatles, all their material has so much depth to it. And I want people to be able to run away with my melodies and get lost in them and take the lyrics and be able to relate to them.
Haley Reinhart
If you think your demeanor is mellow or not particularly charismatic, the material can life you higher. So write everyday, and get onstage or in a coffee shop where they are doing open mice, anywhere you can perform even if that means starting your own open mic night – and be your own self.
Dane Cook
The true end of Art is not to imitate a fixed material condition, but to represent a living motion.
George Inness
Faith is the very heroism and enterprise of intellect. Faith is not a passivity, but a faculty. Faith is power, the material of effect. Faith is a kind of winged intellect. The great work men of history have been men who believed like giants.
Charles Henry Parkhurst
I had the training at drama school where I studied Shakespeare and Brecht and Chekov and all these period historical playwrights and I think that I responded to the material.
Orlando Bloom
I’m not looking for a series. I love TV. I love developing characters over a long amount of time. I think for an actor it gives you so much material and every season it gives more background and interest and richness. So I would definitely do another series. I’m just waiting for the right thing to come along.
Christina Hendricks
I find that biographical material holds me back, hampers my creative process, cramps my imagination.
Yuriy Tarnawsky
Carbon is the stuff of life, and it’s the stuff of everything used by human society. All of our materials are made of carbon or of substances, such as steel or glass, which are produced through the utilization of carbon.
Robert Zubrin
I’d been working on the [Bridget Jones’s Baby: The Diaries material] for years, first, in the Independent newspaper columns and then in the various versions of the movie scripts.
Helen Fielding
I’m not a massive fan of just playing myself on screen. If you can play lots of different characters, that’s fun. As long as the material is good, that’s what the attraction is for me.
Freddie Stroma
Inventing is a combination of brains and materials. The more brains you use, the less material you need.
Charles Kettering
Style in painting is the same as in writing,-a power over materials, whether words or colors.
James Ellis
What is at the heart of all national problems? It is that we have seen the hand of material interest sometimes about to close upon our dearest rights and possessions.
Woodrow Wilson
[Success] always starts with the material; it always starts with the truth and honesty of the characters that you read in the screenplay and that’s rarely something that can be remedied if it’s simply not there by the time you shoot the film. Thank God we had that.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Free educational materials will, at minimum, prepare more people for college and allow them to be more successful once they get there. Most students want credentials that employers respect, and free educational materials alone will not do this.
Sal Khan
I think if you had different artists approaching the material in different styles, that’s very different. I think it’s an interesting thing to discover, what’s present in the work even when you’re shifting the styles. I’ve just found it a much stronger way to work.
Daniel Clowes
The true poet has no choice of material. The material plainly chooses him, not he it.
J. D. Salinger
Private ownership of land is the nether mill-stone. Material progress is the upper mill-stone. Between them, with an increasing pressure, the working classes are being ground.
Henry George
I swear, you are the only person I know who makes decisions based on what will provide the best material for a diary.
Rob Thomas
Since I am a Japanese man who’s been building through the experience of Japanese architecture, my actual designs come from Japanese architectural concepts, although they’re based on Western methods and materials.
Tadao Ando
Twitter and Facebook are brilliant- tools, the journalistic uses of which are still being plumbed. They are great for disseminating interesting material. They are useful for gathering information, including from places that are inaccessible.
Bill Keller
I have a bad tendency to get rapidly bored with my own material, so rewriting is hard for me. I mean, I already know the story and would rather read something new.
Alan Dean Foster
When I say, ‘I can’t stay long, I’m in-between meals,’ that plays differently on the radio than it does in person. So I have to pick material that works because the words are funny, not just because of the images.
Louie Anderson
Yet even the rich have their own kind of suffering, anxiety, doubt, and fear. So in many cases, wealthy people aren’t happy! And once those with material wealth encounter small difficulties, their amount of mental suffering is sometimes bigger than it is for those who have faced such difficulties every day.
Dalai Lama
The historian ought to be the humblest of men; he is faced a dozen times a day with the evidence of his own ignorance; he is perpetually confronted with his own humiliating inability to interpret his material correctly; he is, in a sense that no other writer is, in bondage to that material.
C. V. Wedgwood