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Manila Quotes

Manila Quotes by Gilbert Arenas, Andrew Tan, Henry Sy, Sukarno, Arnel Pineda, John Gokongwei and many others.

If you’re having a bad day, or you’re having a bad career, go to Manila. They’ll bring your spirits up.
Gilbert Arenas
I hope we business people can invest more aggressively outside Metro Manila, whether in real estate, factories, or other enterprises, in order to give equal opportunities to all other regions.
Andrew Tan
Regional developers have a clear head start in their home communities. They have been there longer and understand their market. As a result, these markets are, in fact, more competitive than those in Manila.
Henry Sy
I am very unhappy about reports that I was seeking asylum in Manila.
I may have done an every-night gig in Hong Kong because I was there for almost 16 years, and in Manila, Philippines, I did gigs there.
Arnel Pineda
I’m from Cebu. I was one year old when I came here to Cebu from Fujian, south China. I’m Cebuano. I left for Manila when I was 22.
John Gokongwei
Next to my family in Manila, Journey is my family.
Arnel Pineda
After living a decade in Jakarta, I chose. I chose Manila, the Philippines, for better or worse.
Maria Ressa
I have been on dialysis in Istanbul, Milan, Indonesia, Manila, London. It’s – it’s amazing.
Natalie Cole
The people want government that works for them at every level. They want good government that begins at their doorstep in the barangay, and does not end before the closed door of a bureaucrat in Metro Manila.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Manila is a city of extremes. The poor are very poor and the rich very rich. A constant reminder to the rich that there is another side to life.
Arlene J. Chai
And don’t worry, if I get thrown in jail in Manila, Beyonce will just bail me out. Sold out night 2 in the Philippines. I love it here!
Lady Gaga
It will be a killer, and a chiller, and a thriller, when I get the gorilla in Manila.
Muhammad Ali
The Marcos era was the golden time for the Philippines. We had the lowest crime rate in the world in Manila and real development then. At last, people are starting to understand this.
Imelda Marcos
You can’t bring an unwritten place to life without losing something substantial. Manila is the cradle, the graveyard, the memory. The Mecca, the Cathedral, the bordello. The shopping mall, the urinal, the discotheque. I’m hardly speaking in metaphor. It’s the most impermeable of cities. How does one convey all that?
Miguel Syjuco
I work a lot in the slums of Tondo, Manila, and the life there is poor and very sad. And I’ve always taught to myself to look for the beauty of it and look in the beauty of the faces of the children and to be grateful.
Catriona Gray
I came from the Philippines and Filipinos are incredibly musical. I mean the best cover bands in the world come from Manila!
June Millington
Before the ‘Fast & Furious’ promo in Manila, I went on a vacation in the Philippines 10 years earlier. I loved it. My ‘Miss Saigon’ friends showed me around.
Luke Evans
Customer service, they say, is dead. Actually, it isn’t. It’s just hiding behind a call center in Manila.
Timothy Noah
Drag Race’ was, like, my outlet and finally being able to see myself in television and that was through Manila Luzon, who was a ‘Drag Race’ contestant. Manila was the first Asian queer person that I ever saw on mainstream media and ‘Drag Race’ really did that for me.
Bretman Rock
I’m part Spanish. My paternal grandfather came from Spain via Singapore to Manila. On my mother’s side it’s more mixture, with a Filipino mother and a father who was Scotch Irish-French; you know, white American hybrid. And I also have on my father’s side a great-great-grandmother who was Chinese. So, I’m a hybrid.
Jessica Hagedorn
As past presidents of the Liberal Party, we deeply regret and are greatly saddened by the precipitate action by some party officers and members at the Manila Hotel.
Florencio Abad
All the fabulous and fearless writers gathered here, whether they are living in Manila, the US, or elsewhere in the ever-growing Philippine diaspora, have a deep connection and abiding love for this crazy-making, intoxicating city. There’s nothing like it in the world, and they know it.
Jessica Hagedorn
I’ve started a line of Manila dolls and they’re all going to be wearing my favourite outfits – the spaghetti and meatballs one is the first one, I’m really excited.
Manila Luzon
Not in this specific form. But all great cities are inhabited by ghosts. A book of this kind could probably be written about Jakarta, Manila, or London by anyone who had a feeling for the invisible truths of those places.
Teju Cole
I used to roller skate a lot in my youth on Taft Avenue, Manila. That is the reason there is always a skating area in all my SM malls. I want more people to share my love for skating.
Henry Sy
For most men, life is a search for the proper Manila envelope in which to get themselves filed.
Clifton Fadiman
Tender and sweet, Manila clams partner well with a wide variety of foods – white wine, sake, beer, butter, leeks, fresh herbs, roasted peppers, olives, and wild mushrooms, to name a few.
Tom Douglas
Robert Kennedy identified with people, not data, or institutions, or theories. Poverty was a specific black face for him, not a manila folder full of statistics.
Jack Newfield
The poverty one still sees in America today is more shocking to me than anything I have seen in Ethiopia or Calcutta or Manila, and has made me, as someone living in a society of great wealth and someone who’s never had to worry about the next meal, think seriously about what universal responsibility really means.
Pico Iyer