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Loneliness Quotes

Loneliness Quotes by Romain Rolland, Stacy Brown-Philpot, J. D. Salinger, Louise Bourgeois, James Anthony Froude, N. Scott Momaday and many others.

Any man who is really a man must learn to be alone in the midst of others, to think alone for others, and, if necessary, against others.
Romain Rolland
When you walk into a room, and you’re the only one of something – the only woman or the only African American – that immediate feeling of loneliness happens.
Stacy Brown-Philpot
I prayed for the city to be cleared of people, for the gift of being alone—a-l-o-n-e: which is the one New York prayer that rarely gets lost or delayed in channels, and in no time at all everything I touched turned to solid loneliness.
J. D. Salinger
The twentieth-century artist who uses symbols is alienated because the system of symbols is a private one. After you have dealt with the symbols you are still private, you are still lonely, because you are not sure anyone will understand it except yourself. The ransom of privacy is that you are alone.
Louise Bourgeois
We enter the world alone, we leave it alone.
James Anthony Froude
Loneliness is an aspect of the land.
N. Scott Momaday
Oh, I am a lonely painter / I live in a box of paints.
Joni Mitchell
In his lonely solitude, the solitary man feeds upon himself; in the thronging multitude, the many feed upon him. Now choose.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Solitude is part of my life, and I don’t mind that. I like it. I love it. I don’t allow loneliness to be part of my life, let’s put it that way. I really won’t allow it. If I feel lonely, I phone somebody or I go for a walk or a swim, get the endorphins going, because I hate feeling lonely.
Sheila Hancock
I won’t waste your time with the injuries of my childhood, with my loneliness, or the fear and sadness of the years I spent inside my parents’ marriage, under the reign of my father’s rage, afer all, who isn’t a survivor from the wreck of childhood?
Nicole Krauss
Peter Pan is kind of this metaphor for someone or something that makes you feel at home, that brings you out of loneliness, that makes you free. And that’s exactly what music does for me.
Ruth B
Loneliness is and always has been the central and inevitable experience of every man.
Thomas Wolfe
Ursula craved solitude but she hated loneliness, a conundrum that she couldn’t even begin to solve.
Kate Atkinson
Loneliness is not cured by human company. Loneliness is cured by contact with reality.
Anthony de Mello
I was living alone, so I’d get quite lonely and running became a way to combat my loneliness and de-stress.
Katie Piper
Only children are weird. The only children I know, including myself, are either superweird or very talented and special or a mix of the two. I think there was always a certain independence and loneliness – I had a lot of imaginary friends as a kid.
Rachel Bloom
I know of nobody that is coming, I am sure, unless Charlotte Lucas should happen to call in- and I am sure my dinners are good enough for her, since she is an unmarried woman of seven-and-twenty, and as such should expect little more than a crust of bread washed down with a cup of loneliness.
Seth Grahame-Smith
You can use your time to build bridges or walls.The latter is not only unChristlike, it limits impact & creates loneliness.
Rick Warren
‎Niko and his women will be the death of all the Stepsons yet.
Janet Morris
Easter tells us of something children can’t understand, because it addresses things they don’t yet have to know: the weariness of life, the pain, the profound loneliness and hovering fear of meaninglessness.
Frederica Mathewes-Green
I think it must be lonely to be God.
Nobody loves a master. No.
Gwendolyn Brooks
Loneliness is a terrible blindness.
Christina Stead
We need to build our friendships on truth and wholeness. We need friends who can be with us in our loneliness, not people who will cheer us up so that we don’t feel it. We need friends who get furious with us when we are not being real or true to ourselves, not when we don’t do what they want us to do.
Geneen Roth
It would do the world good if every man would compel himself occasionally to be absolutely alone. Most of the world s progress has come out of such loneliness.
Bruce Barton
The larger loneliness of our lives evolves from our unwillingness to spend ourselves, stir ourselves. We are always damping down our inner weather, permitting ourselves the comforts of postponement, of rehearsals
Carol Shields
Sometimes I feel… that my cross is heavy beyond endurance… My heart seems worn out and bruised beyond repair, and in my deep loneliness I often wish to be gone, but God knows best, and I want to do every ounce of work He wants me to do.
Charles Studd
We live in a society bloated with data yet starved for wisdom. We’re connected 24/7, yet anxiety, fear, depression and loneliness is at an all-time high. We must course-correct.
Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey
Hollywood is loneliness beside the swimming pool.
Liv Ullmann
My plea…is a plea to save the children. Too many of them walk with pain and fear, in loneliness and despair. Children need sunlight…They need kindness and refreshment and affection. Every home, regardless of the cost of the house, can provide an environment of love which will be an environment of salvation.
Gordon B. Hinckley
loneliness is not a longing for company, it is a longing for kind. And kind means people who can see you who you are, and that means they have enough intelligence and sensitivity and patience to do that.
Marilyn French
What defines loneliness is our internal comfort level.
Vivek Murthy
Like silence after noise, or cool, clear water on a hot, stuffy day, Emptiness cleans out the messy mind and charges up the batteries of spiritual energy. Many people are afraid of Emptiness, however, because it reminds them of Loneliness.
Benjamin Hoff
It takes loneliness in oneself to recognize it in another.
Aimee Carter
I’m interested in telling a story about a gay man and what he’s going through as an artist and as a lonely, single gay man. I want to reveal what I know about loneliness.
Jordan Gavaris
Don’t you understand? Listen carefully to what I’m saying. If you do, you’ll get it. you can grasp this easily. In short…in short, I shut myself in because I’m lonely. Because I don’t want to face any more loneliness, I shut myself away.
Tatsuhiko Takimoto
And not out of fear or loneliness, but only to find myself again… for we have come too far my Life, to turn back now.
John J. Geddes
Green makes me think of silence, or maybe it’s loneliness. I get the feeling of a terribly distant star.
Kobo Abe
Solitude is the human condition in which I keep myself company. Loneliness comes about when I am alone without being able to split up into the two-in-one, without being able to keep myself company.
Hannah Arendt
A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.
Charlie Chaplin
Creativity is essentially a lonely art. An even lonelier struggle. To some a blessing. To others a curse. It is in reality the ability to reach inside yourself and drag forth from your very soul an idea.
Lou Dorfsman
Combat stress isn’t the only problem for soldiers isolated in Iraq – there are family issues, re-integration issues when soldiers go home on leave, loneliness.
John Sandford
A writer soon discovers he has no single identity but lives the lives of all the people he creates and his weathers are independent of the actual day around him. I live with the people I create and it has always made my essential loneliness less keen.
Carson McCullers
Any business or enterprise that shaves away loneliness is going to last forever. And like it or not but we’ve got a lonely society.
Anita Roddick
What loneliness is more lonely than distrust?
George Eliot
Sometimes the lies you tell are less frightening than the loneliness you might feel if you stopped telling them.
Brock Clarke
I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone.
Rainer Maria Rilke
While loneliness has the potential to kill, connection has even more potential to heal.
Vivek Murthy
God made everything out of nothing. But the nothingness shows through.
Paul Valery
Most of the writers I know are weird hybrids. There’s a strong streak of egomania coupled with extreme shyness. Writing’s kind of like exhibitionism in private. And there’s also a strange loneliness, and a desire to have some kind of conversation with people, but not a real great ability to do it in person.
David Foster Wallace
“I fly from pleasure,” said the prince, “because pleasure has ceased to please; I am lonely because I am miserable, and am unwilling to cloud with my presence the happiness of others.”
Samuel Johnson
It is a very lonely life that a man leads, who becomes aware of truths before their times.
Thomas Reed
The poverty in the West is a different kind of poverty—it is not only a poverty of loneliness but also of spirituality. There’s a hunger for love, as there is a hunger for God.
Mother Teresa
But at least this got Mouth thinking about how his loneliness wasn’t unique. We all suffered. And I guess we all had good times too. Man – if every person who ever felt lonely killed himself, the world would be littered with corpses. And far lonelier.
David Lubar
These are frightening times…when she feels herself annointed by loneliness.
Carol Shields
Loneliness is black coffee and late-night television;
solitude is herb tea and soft music.
Pearl Cleage
There have been times in my life when I have felt I was lonely, but I don’t think you want to live your life in order to mitigate against loneliness.
Harrison Ford
And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.
Khalil Gibran
Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.
Martin Luther
I diagnosed my loneliness as premature empty nest syndrome.
Kristen Schaal
In human relations one should penetrate to the core of loneliness in each person and speak to that.
Bertrand Russell
Don’t let loneliness
drive you back into
the arms of someone
who doesn’t give a
damn about you.
Megan Fox
Because of my childhood where I was constantly by myself, I always feel lonely. I have a lot of people that I absolutely love and I know love me but I can’t get rid of that feeling of loneliness no matter who I’m with – even with my children.
Natalia Vodianova
I think we often write because we feel a loneliness, and people read for the same reason, and then they come away feeling a little less lonely.
Amy Tan
Now I know what loneliness is, I think. Momentary loneliness, anyway. It comes from a vague core of the self – – like a disease of the blood, dispersed throughout the body so that one cannot locate the matrix, the spot of contagion.
Sylvia Plath
I need someone. I need to hold somebody close. And I need more than this holding. I need someone to understand how I feel at a time like now. And the understanding must be part of the holding.
Betty Smith
In short, [photography] is a matter of turning loneliness into thoughts.
Shomei Tomatsu
We can choose to gather to our hearts the thorns of disappointment, failure, loneliness, and dismay in our present situation. Or we can gather the flowers of God’s grace, boundless love, abiding presence, and unmatched joy. I choose to gather the flowers.
Barbara Johnson
Loneliness is, like, when you wish someone else was there, and solitude is when you enjoy being alone. I don’t always wanna be alone, but I definitely like pockets of solitude to recharge and come back to myself. I think that’s so important for everyone.
Jonathan Van Ness
While you are alone you are entirely your own master and if you have one companion you are but half your own, and the less so in proportion to the indiscretion of his behavior.
Leonardo da Vinci
If your beliefs are stressful and you question them, you come to see that they aren’t true – whereas prior to questioning, you absolutely believe them. How can you live in joy when you’re believing thoughts that bring on sadness, frustration, anger, alienation, and loneliness?
Byron Katie
The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.
Lois Lowry
Those reflective moments for me usually come from loneliness and separation from people.
Soccer Mommy
Anfering sex for money is not a profession that glorifies women; it is a profession born of desperation, poverty, alieatioin, and loneliness.
Ann Rule
I realize that I live on the bubble of insanity. I feel the weight of human suffering, loneliness and despair on me all the time. It’s not getting easier; if anything, it’s always right on the edge of my skin.
Erwin McManus
I think ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ was one of the most influential films on me. Looking back now, I can see how influential it was on my screenwriting because here you have what looks to be a crime procedural, and it’s actually a study in race and loneliness, and a perception of an era.
Taylor Sheridan
I am an expert in loneliness and have wandered around a great deal.
Sterling Hayden
Some nights in the midst of this loneliness I swung among the scattered stars at the end of the thin thread of faith alone.
Wendell Berry
I have known no experience more distressing than the discovery that Negroes didn’t love me. Unutterable loneliness claimed me. I felt without roots, like a man without a country.
Sarah-Patton Boyle
Acting is the greatest answer to my loneliness that I have found.
Claire Danes
Working alone on stories, I began to feel the anonymity of motels on interstate highways reached by jet planes and rental cars. It was hard to have a good time, and the only way I could make the loneliness excusable was by taking pictures I thought were very good, even valuable.
John Loengard
Instead of hiding your loneliness, bring it into the light. Honor it. Treat it. Heal it. You’ll find that it returns the favor.
Martha Beck
I (God) will leave man to make the fateful guess, Will leave him torn between the no and yes, Leave him unresting till he rests in me, Drawn upward by the choice that makes him free, Leave him in tragic loneliness to choose, With all in life to win or all to lose.
Edwin Markham
We often refer to loneliness as something negative. And we look at it as a weakness.
Jay Shetty
But never again use another person’s body or emotions as a scratching post for your own unfulfilling yearnings.
Elizabeth Gilbert
Often have I sighed to measure By myself a lonely pleasure,- Sighed to think I read a book, Only read, perhaps, by me.
William Wordsworth
I dont fear death so much as I fear its prologues: loneliness, decrepitude, pain, debilitation, depression, senility. After a few years of those, I imagine death presents like a holiday at the beach.
Mary Roach
Sometimes you weren’t supposed to share pain. Sometimes it was best just to deal with it alone.
Sarah Addison Allen
I knew this feeling, the 2 a.m. loneliness that I’d practically invented.
Sarah Dessen
There’s a pervading sense of loneliness I’ve had since the day I was born. Maybe a lot of other people feel the same way, but I’m not about to run up and down the street asking everybody if they’re as lonely as I am. I’d probably get locked up.
Thom Yorke
Solitude without togetherness deteriorates into loneliness. One needs strong roots in togetherness to be solitary rather than lonely when one is alone.
David Steindl-Rast
One of the most painful aspects of suffering is the loneliness of it. Others may offer support or empathy, but no one can walk the road to Moriah in our place.
John Ortberg
And I am not one of those women who trips twice over the same stone.
Isabel Allende
A writer out of loneliness is trying to communicate like a distant star sending signals. He isn’t telling or teaching or ordering. Rather he seeks to establish a relationship of meaning, of feeling, of observing. We are lonesome animals. We spend all life trying to be less lonesome.
John Steinbeck
There is none more lonely than the man who loves only himself.
Abraham ibn Ezra
When I’m writing, I like to travel alone. If you really want to find out about a place, you need to be as free as possible to be spontaneous. You also need to be lonely, because loneliness is a great teacher, too.
Paul Theroux
The sinner who suddenly realizes God’s love for him and then looks at his rejection of that love feels a loss similar to the death of a loved one. A deep void is created in the soul and a loneliness akin to the agony of death.
Mother Angelica
Any decent society must generate a feeling of community. Community offsets
loneliness. It gives people a vitally necessary sense of belonging. Yet today
the institutions on which community depends are crumbling in all the
techno-societies. The result is a spreading plague of loneliness.
Alvin Toffler
Jamie enjoyed solitude, but loneliness was a constant ache.
Sidney Sheldon
There’s definitely a loneliness and, like, an internal element to being a performer.
Anna Faris
Readers and writers are united in their need for solitude, in their pursuit of substance in a time of ever-increasing evanescence: in their reach inward, via print, for a way out of loneliness.
Jonathan Franzen
If there is a look of human eyes that tells of perpetual loneliness, so there is also the familiar look that is the sign of perpetual crowds.
Alice Meynell
But the more people we love and the more deeply we love them, the more vulnerable we are to loss and grief and loneliness.
Dean Koontz
The eagle has no liberty; he only has loneliness.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
No shame in saying that I felt a loneliness drifting through me. Funny how it was, everyone perched in their own little world with the deep need to talk, each person with their own tale, beginning in some strange middle point, then trying so hard to tell it all, to have it all make sense, logical and final.
Colum McCann
Language… has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.
Paul Tillich
Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.
Chief Seattle
The loneliness you get by the sea is personal and alive. It doesn’t subdue you and make you feel abject. It’s stimulating loneliness.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
The gift of loneliness is sometimes a radical vision of society or one’s people that has not previously been taken into account.
Alice Walker
The writer has a grudge against society, which he documents with accounts of unsatisfying sex, unrealized ambition, unmitigated loneliness, and a sense of local and global distress.
Renata Adler
I think there is a weird loneliness that comes with being a comedian. There is something definitely inside the personality of a person who wants to be a comedian, and (he or she) is looking to connect (to the audience) at all times.
Chris Gethard
So often loneliness comes from being out of touch with parts of oneself. We go searching for those parts in other people, but there’s a difference between feeling separate from others and separate from oneself.
Diane Ackerman
We’re alone, but we are capable of communicating to one another both our loneliness and our desire to break through it. You say, ‘I’m alone.’ Someone answers, ‘I’m alone too.’ There’s a shift in the scale of power. A bridge is thrown between the two abysses.
Elie Wiesel
There never was a woman so ill-suited to public life as I am. I have had to whip myself, as it were, into society, and the loneliness of it all has been terrific.
Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie
Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies.
Elizabeth Bowen
The more you stay in this kind of job, the more you realize that a public figure, a major public figure, is a lonely man.
Richard M. Nixon
married was the loneliest I got – being without the one you’re with.
Jennifer Stone
No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche
One should have the courage of one’s loneliness.
Ngaio Marsh
Like all strong people, she suffered always a measure of loneliness; she was a marginal outsider, a secret infidel of a certain sort.
Anne Rice
Real travel is not about the highlights with which you dazzle your friends once you’re home. It’s about the loneliness, the solitude, the evenings spent by yourself, pining to be somewhere else. Those are the moments of true value. You feel half proud of them and half ashamed and you hold them to your heart.
Tahir Shah
To the resentment that hides inside love, to the loneliness that hides among companions.
Jonathan Lethem
It’s so effortless to let my loneliness defeat me, make me mold myself to whatever would (in some way – but not wholly) relieve it. I must never forget it… I want sensuality and sensitivity, both… Let me never deny that… I want to err on the side of violence and excess, rather than to underfill my moments.
Susan Sontag
When you jump onto the emptiness of the loneliness, the best parachute to land you safely will be the books!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
When we cannot bear to be alone, it means we do not properly value the only companion we will have from birth to death-ourselves.
Eda LeShan
What a person is for himself, what abides with him in his loneliness and isolation, and what no one can give or take away from him, this is obviously more essential for him than everything that he possesses or what he may be in the eyes of others.
Arthur Schopenhauer
My heart is a lonely hunter that hunts on a lonely hill.
William Sharp
We don’t have a word for the opposite of loneliness, but if we did, I could say that’s what I want in life.
Marina Keegan
Though many schizophrenics become curiously attached to their delusions, the fading of the nondelusional world puts them in loneliness beyond all reckoning, a fixed residence on a noxious private planet they can never leave, and where they can receive no visitors.
Andrew Solomon
As much as we complain about it, though, there’s part of us that is drawn to a hurried life. It makes us feel important. It keeps the adrenaline pumping. It means I don’t have to look too closely at my heart or life. It keeps us from feeling our loneliness.
John Ortberg
Solitude was my only consolation – deep, dark, deathlike solitude.
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
To fall in love is easy, even to remain in it is not difficult; our human loneliness is cause enough. But it is a hard quest worth making to find a comrade through whose steady presence one becomes steadily the person one desires to be.
Anna Louise Strong
There’s a sorrow and pain in everyone’s life, but every now and then there’s a ray of light that melts the loneliness in your heart and brings comfort like hot soup and a soft bed.
Hubert Selby, Jr.
For a second, two seconds, they had exchanged an equivocal glance, and that was the end of the story. But even that was a memorable event, in the locked loneliness in which one had to live.
George Orwell
Linda seemed to recognize loneliness. Possibly she could see it sitting opposite her, sipping lager and trying not to lose its temper. It was an illness, loneliness-it made you weak, gullible, feebleminded.
Nick Hornby
your soul needs to be lonely so that its strangest elements can moil about, curl and growl and jump, fail and get triumphant, all inside you. Sociable people have the most trouble hearing their unconscious. They have trouble getting rid of clichГ©s because clichГ©s are sociable.
Carol Bly
One of the oldest aches in the bones of humanity is loneliness. I mean it’s one of the things that goes way back; loneliness is not good for the world. And so, whoever you are, gay or straight, it is totally normal, natural, and healthy to want somebody to go through life with. It’s central to our humanity.
Rob Bell
We long to connect, all of us. We long to be noticed, to be cared for, to matter. Generosity is the invisible salve on our wound of loneliness, one that benefits both sides, over and over again.
Seth Godin
Loneliness is just a thing that I’m not personally interested in. So far, it hasn’t been on my docket of things to write about.
Dave Eggers
I am interested in the loneliness and isolation that we can feel when we hide feelings we are ashamed of, especially if they concern people that we love.
Torill Kove
The General Public is a statistical fiction created by a few exceptional men to make the loneliness of being exceptional a little easier to bear.
Samuel R. Delany
Isolation and loneliness are central causes of depression and despair.
Bell Hooks
In utter loneliness a writer tries to explain the inexplicable.
John Steinbeck
Loneliness is something we [all people] go through. We go through mourning and longing. We make some bad choices sometimes because we’re desperate for something, and that’s okay. That’s part of life.
Jennifer Lee
Just before a fight, as the ring empties, you can feel it. There is danger and loneliness all around you. Soon it’s just the three of you in there: the referee, your opponent, and you. You’re in a very lonely moment then. But, strangely, that’s when I feel most comfortable. The ring becomes my office, and I go to work.
David Haye
There was nothing lonelier than a man with a million friends.
William Shatner
A man is never completely alone in this world. At the worst, he has the company of a boy, a youth, and by and by a grown man – the one he used to be.
Cesare Pavese
When the sparrow sings its final refrain, the hush is felt nowhere more deeply than in the heart of man.
Don Williams
Unlike the millions who casually masturbate in solitude while looking at girlie pictures in Playboy and similar magazines, the massage man preferred an accomplice, an attendant lady of respectable appearance who would help him reduce the guilt and loneliness of this most lonely act of love.
Gay Talese
People who have at least three or four very close friendships are healthier, have higher wellbeing, and are more engaged in their jobs. But the absence of any close friendships can lead to boredom, loneliness, and depression.
Tom Rath
I wait.В  Now the night flows back, the mighty stillness embraces and includes me; I can see the stars again and the world of starlight.В  I am twenty miles or more from the nearest fellow human, but instead of loneliness I feel loveliness.В  Loveliness and a quiet exultation.
Edward Abbey
I shall lead you through the loneliness, the solitude you will not understand; but it is my shortcut to your soul.
Thomas Merton
Thirty–the promise of a decade of loneliness, a thinning list of single men to know, a thinning brief-case of enthusiasm, thinning hair.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
And so he did his endless work,’ I continued quietly, ‘without feeling, without pity, without rest, for to open his heart to these would be to open his heart to his loneliness and longing and that was beyond bearing.
Martine Leavitt
We’re afraid that this anger or sorrow or loneliness is going to last forever… Instead, acting it out is what makes it last.
Pema Chodron
Loneliness is a drug, a narcotic; it grows through veins, through nerves and muscles; it assumes some right of possession over your body and mind; it feeds itself, and creates its own requirement. Loneliness and solitude are walls.
R.J. Ellory
A lot of women are afraid of loneliness, so when they see a woman who can live alone, then they think, ‘Hmm, I can do that.’ But you need an example, and that is why I am proud to say I have divorced three husbands.
Nawal El Saadawi
The most important thing a writer can have [is] the ability to live with the constant loneliness and a strong sense of revulsion for the banalities of everyday socializing.
Hunter S. Thompson
There are no words to express the abyss between isolation and having one ally.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
When thinking about companions gone, we feel ourselves doubly alone.
Walter Scott
We have all known the long loneliness, and we have found that the answer is community.
Dorothy Day
We the living, should not think of the dead as lonely because if they could speak to us, they would say: “Do not weep for me, earth was not my true country, I was an alien there: I am at Home where everyone comes.”
Helen Keller
There are those who worship loneliness, I’m not one of them In this age of fiberglass I’m searching for a gem The crystal ball up on the wall hasn’t shown me nothing yet I’ve paid the price of solitude, but at last I’m out of debt
Bob Dylan
Well, I know about loneliness. I won’t talk about it, but I was very lonely after the war. I know what it feels like to spend a whole weekend all by yourself and no one wants you at all.
Charles M. Schulz
When you’re not feeling holy, your loneliness says that you’ve sinned.
Leonard Cohen
The end comes when we no longer talk with ourselves. It is the end of genuine thinking and the beginning of the final loneliness.
Edward Gibbon
The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration.
Pearl S. Buck
I seem forsaken and alone, / I hear the lion roar; / And every door is shut but one, / And that is Mercy’s door.
William Cowper
There’s nothing wrong with being fired.
Ted Turner
I could tell you it’s the heart, but what is really killing him is loneliness. Memories are worse than bullets.
Carlos Ruiz Zafon
They are sharing a drink called loneliness.
Billy Joel
‘The Babadook,’ written and directed by a woman, is a gorgeously told female-focused story of grief, longing, loneliness, and what mourning can become.
Emily V. Gordon
The dominant feeling of the battlefield is loneliness.
William Slim
Nothing remained but loneliness and grief.
Louisa May Alcott
It’s paradoxical that where people are the most closely crowded, in the big coastal cities in the East and West, the loneliness is the greatest… The explanation, I suppose, is that the physical distance between people has nothing to do with loneliness. It’s psychic distance…
Robert M. Pirsig
You think that I am impoverishing myself withdrawing from men, but in my solitude I have woven for myself a silken web or chrysalis, and, nymph-like, shall ere long burst forth a more perfect creature, fitted for a higher society.
Henry David Thoreau
Cinema is a wonderful art form for talking about loneliness. We can experience films together with other people. It can be a collective experience of loneliness. We’re alone in the dark of the theater, but with other people.
Joachim Trier
Loneliness is something you can’t walk away from.
William Feather
None of the prophets old,
So lofty or so bold!
No form of danger shakes his dauntless breast;
In loneliness sublime
He dares confront the time,
And speak the truth, and give the world no rest
No kingly threat can cowardize his breath,
He with majestic step goes forth to meet his death.
Abraham Coles
Loneliness… has very little to do with location. It’s a state of mind. In the centre of every city are some of the loneliest people in the world… because our whole planet was just outside the window, I felt even more… connected to the seven billion other people.
Chris Hadfield
…the pain of the constant, bone-chilling loneliness she’d accustomed herself to. And learned to live with it.
Christina Dodd
I remember learning as a kid that love meant loneliness and confusion.
Calum Scott
People claim that love is the deepest feeling, but don’t you believe it. Loneliness is the most affecting of human emotions. Nothing makes life more vivid. If you wish to live in the moment, I recommend intense loneliness.
The essence of Richard Nixon is loneliness.
Henry Kissinger
At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one’s lost self.
Brendan Behan
I think she ate a salad and some soup. And loneliness. She ate that, too.
Markus Zusak
To have passed through life and never experienced solitude is to have never known oneself. To have never known oneself is to have never known anyone.
Joseph Wood Krutch
Moon! Moon! I am prone before you. Pity me,and drench me in loneliness.
Amy Lowell
Novelty is a new kind of loneliness.
Wendell Berry
When the pace of our feet matched perfectly, I felt a deep inner pang of satisfaction. I could have gone on walking like that forever, side by side with him. There had been few times in my life I had ever inhabited a moment so fully, with no loneliness lurking at the edges.
Lisa Kleypas
A writer is essentially a man who does not resign himself to loneliness.
Francois Mauriac
I HIDE myself within my flower That wearing on your breast, You, unsuspecting, wear me too – And angels know the rest. I hide myself within my flower, That, fading from your vase, You, unsuspecting, feel for me Almost a loneliness.
Emily Dickinson
Who knows what true loneliness is – not the conventional word but the naked terror? To the lonely themselves it wears a mask. The most miserable outcast hugs some memory or some illusion.
Joseph Conrad
Loneliness, insomnia, and change: the fear of these is even worse than the reality.
Mignon McLaughlin
When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.
Tennessee Williams
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Max Ehrmann
The one thing I’d learned was that having someone with you all the time did not take away the loneliness. You could be surrounded by people and be lonely. Something was missing. I could almost pinpoint it, but right when it was within my grasp I forgot; it just slipped away.
Abbi Glines
Loneliness is the first thing which God’s eye named not good.
John Milton
It was as if for the remainder of his life he was condemned to carry with him the egos of certain people, early met and early loved, and to be only as complete as they were complete themselves. There was some element of loneliness involved–so easy to be loved–so hard to love.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Fortunately for women, most men mistake loneliness for love before marriage, and habit for happiness afterward.
Helen Rowland
I have served many long and lonely years aboard ship in war zones, and the only thing that kept me sane during all that enforced loneliness was my access to a good library in which I read, literally, every book on the shelves, even textbooks, and which gave me access to other worlds no way open to me.
Don Pendleton
I’ve been so lonely for long periods of my life that if a rat walked in I would have welcomed it.
Louise Berliawsky Nevelson
To live a spiritual life we must first find the courage to enter into the desert of loneliness and to change it by gentle and persistent efforts into a garden of solitude.
Henri Nouwen
In past wars only homes burnt, but this time
Don’t be surprised if even loneliness ignites.
In past wars only bodys burnt, but this time
Don’t be surprised if even shadows ignite.
Sahir Ludhianvi
What did falling in love do for you? Can you ever really explain it? It filled empty spaces I never knew were empty. It cured a loneliness I never knew I had. It gave me joy. And freedom. I think that was the most amazing part. I suddenly felt both embraced and freed at the same time.
Louise Penny
It is necessary to like loneliness to be photographer
Raymond Depardon
A lonely man is a lonesome thing, a stone, a bone, a stick, a receptacle for Gilbey’s gin, a stooped figure sitting at the edge of a hotel bed, heaving copious sighs like the autumn wind.
John Cheever
The reason that extended solitude seemed so hard to endure was not that we missed others but that we began to wonder if we ourselves were present, because for so long our existence depended upon assurances from them.
Doris Grumbach
My own study of the networked life has left me thinking about intimacy – about being with people in person, hearing their voices and seeing their faces, trying to know their hearts. And it has left me thinking about solitude – the kind that refreshes and restores. Loneliness is failed solitude.
Sherry Turkle
A blank wall of social and professional antagonism faces the woman physician that forms a situation of singular and painful loneliness, leaving her without support, respect or professional counsel.
Elizabeth Blackwell
Loneliness is more painful than being hurt
Eiichiro Oda
Gatherings and, simultaneously, loneliness are the conditions of a writer’s life.
Jerzy Kosinski
My books are always about somebody who is taken from aloneness and isolation – often elevated loneliness – to community. It may be a denigrated community that is filthy and poor, but they are not alone; they are with people.
Chuck Palahniuk
Every time I stepped into madness of the crowds, I longed for the wisdom of the loneliness.
Mehmet Murat Ildan
We form friendships so that we can feel certain emotions, like love, want, magic – of missing people, avoid others – like loneliness.
Koena Mitra
Through prayer we can carry in our heart all human pain and sorrow, all conflicts and agonies, all torture and war, all hunger, loneliness and misery, not because of some great psychological or emotional capacity, but because God’s heart has become one with ours.
Henri Nouwen
People who lead a lonely existence always have something on their minds that they are eager to talk about.
Anton Chekhov
I inhale loneliness like it is the sweet smell of virgin earth conquered by fiery rain drops. Within me, I’m a thousand others.
Faraaz Kazi
The principal contributor to loneliness in this country is television. What happens is that the family ‘gets together’ alone.
Ashley Montagu
It is not good that man should be alone. … Hitherto all things that have been named, were approved of God to be very good: loneliness is the first thing which God’s eye named not good: whether it be a thing, or the want of something, I labour not.
John Milton
If you go deeper and deeper into your own heart, you’ll be living in a world with less fear, isolation and loneliness.
Sharon Salzberg
Rituals are comforting; rituals combat loneliness.
John Irving
I keep making the music I do because I feel very purposeful about making things that would be helpful or quell some loneliness in people. I really needed that when I listened to music growing up and even now, so I don’t mind that sense of duty.
Perfume Genius
Loneliness is the ultimate poverty.
Pauline Phillips
The laughter of the world is merely loneliness pathetically trying to reassure itself.
Neal A. Maxwell
Loneliness Got a mind of its own The more people around The more you feel alone
Bob Dylan
Loneliness is devastating our mental and physical health and, at its worst, is killing us. Yet thankfully, unlike some conditions, we can easily cure it. We just need the will.
Owen Jones
Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible. He is a kind of confidence man, preying on people’s vanity, ignorance or loneliness, gaining their trust and betraying them without remorse.
Janet Malcolm
There is a terrible hunger for love. We all experience that in our lives – the pain, the loneliness. We must have the courage to recognize it. The poor you may have right in your own family. Find them. Love them.
Mother Teresa
Loneliness sometimes gives me a quantity of creativeness – you’re drinking another glass of wine and you’re feeling even worse. Art doesn’t work without pain; art also exists for compensating pain.
Till Lindemann
Being alone was easier. No risk, just loneliness. No one ever died from that.
Marjorie M. Liu
There’s an incredible amount of loneliness that comes with child stardom because you’re isolated from your society.
Cole Sprouse
The secret to overcoming a feeling of loneliness is not going outside
to meet people. That will only keep you from being alone. The secret
is going inside yourself, to realize your true kinship with God and
with all the human beings that he created.
Amy Grant
Girls are worried about the same things: loneliness, falling out with friends, the pain of being excluded, another girl trying to poach their best friend, and worrying about how to make friends or keep friends.
Carrie Hope Fletcher
Loneliness is everything it’s cracked up to be.
Alan Alda
The directing of a picture involves coming out of your individual loneliness and taking a controlling part in putting together a small world. A picture is made. You put a frame around it and move on. And one day you die. That is all there is to it.
John Huston
Vanity, revenge, loneliness, boredom, all apply: lust is one of the least of the reasons for promiscuity.
Mignon McLaughlin
Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone.
Maya Angelou
And yet, these insights of connectedness and oneness, which make us feel so at home in the world, are so difficult to hold onto. And so, inevitably, we wind up living lives of isolation and loneliness.
Irwin Kula
I am learning to see loneliness as a seed that, when planted deep enough, can grow into writing that goes back out into the world.
Kathleen Norris
Your incredible brain can take you from rags to riches, from loneliness to popularity, and from depression to happiness and joy – if you use it properly.
Brian Tracy
I get an audience personally involved in a song – because I’m involved myself. It’s not something I do deliberately: I can’t help myself. If the song is a lament at the loss of love, I get an ache in my gut. I feel the loss myself and I cry out the loneliness, the hurt and the pain that I feel.
Frank Sinatra
My sense of loneliness was not particularly great until I reached sixty. From that time on, I would have given an ex-king’s ransom if I had been able, in my youth to seduce a lady into thinking of me as a handyman and provider around the house.
Frank Crowninshield
I did not love you out or boredom or loneliness or caprice. I loved you because the desire for you was stronger than any happiness.
Alessandro Baricco
Loneliness is random; solitude is ritual.
Pearl Cleage
I believe a lot of disease comes from anxiety, loneliness.
Tom Cochrane
So therefore I dedicate myself, to my art, my sleep, my dreams, my labors, my suffrances, my loneliness, my unique madness, my endless absorption and hunger because I cannot dedicate myself to any fellow being.
Jack Kerouac
She did not know the nature of her loneliness. The only words that named it were: This is not the world I expected.
Ayn Rand
She didnʹt know if she could carry on by herself, but then, she realized that if this wasnʹt a dream—and dear God, did it feel real—there was no magic ʺstopʺ in real life. If she couldnʹt deal with loneliness in a dream, she never would be able to while waking.
Richelle Mead
I’ve also seen that great men are often lonely. This is understandable, because they have built such high standards for themselves that they often feel alone. But that same loneliness is part of their ability to create.
Yousuf Karsh
The most evident quality of human life is its loneliness.
Austin O’Malley
I can give you my loneliness, my darkness, the hunger of my heart, I am trying to bribe you with uncertainty, with danger, with defeat.
Jorge Luis Borges
Works of art are of an infinite loneliness and with nothing so little to be reached as with criticism.
Rainer Maria Rilke
Gail Godwin has written a book about the heaviest matters of loss, grief, and loneliness with a touch so light that I was as often deeply amused by it as I was deeply moved.
Frederick Buechner
Loneliness is the price we have to pay for being born in this modern age, so full of freedom, independence, and our own egotistical selves.
Soseki Natsume
Those whom the gods chose as their property must not consort with mortals.
Franz Grillparzer
Real loneliness consists not in being alone, but in being with the wrong person, in the suffocating darkness of a room in which no deep communication is possible.
Sydney J. Harris
I’m not sure whether I’ve been happy. After my last book tour, I sat on my balcony with a cup of tea. I thought: ‘You can’t rewind the movie. I’ve spent more than half my life in the Middle East. There have been great moments of horror and depression and loneliness.’
Robert Fisk
All great and precious things are lonely.
John Steinbeck
The best talk is artless, the talk of people trying to reassure or comfort themselves, women in the sun, grouped around baby carriages, talking about their weeks in the hospital or the way meat has gone up, or men in saloons, talking to combat the loneliness everyone feels.
Joseph Mitchell
The lonely one offers his hand too quickly to whomever he encounters.
Friedrich Nietzsche
That desert of loneliness and recrimination that men call love.
Samuel Beckett
If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth.
Chief Seattle
In the past I have never thought about loneliness when working, and I don’t think about it now. Yet there must be a reason for the fact that so many people talk about it.
Alberto Giacometti
Basal GangliaВ casts an unsettling spell, but one that in its aphoristic intensity and lightning-flash insights into human loneliness and connection, achieves a genuine empathic wisdom.
Sergio De La Pava
I took the test for AIDS. I began to hate people who were not sick. Those people are monsters, I would think, believing that they are well because of moral superiority, because they are good. I identified with the loneliness of the sick. I felt that there was something pure about them.
Isabelle Adjani
What is the emotion of an empty inbox? An unliked Post? An ignored dating app message? I think there’s a great loneliness that much of our society is running from, and we search for relief in our phones and computers, our online communities, our social networks of friends.
Alexander Weinstein
There is no greater sorrow than to recall happiness in times of misery.
Dante Alighieri
Happy children should not try to be artists. You have to be born with a broken heart and a sense of loneliness inside. I never had a happy moment as a child myself.
Stella Adler
I am lonely, yet not everybody will do. I don’t know why, some people fill the gaps and others emphasize my loneliness. In reality those who satisfy me are those who simply allow me to live with my ”idea of them.
Anais Nin
When I was Surgeon General, I spent a lot of time talking to people in living rooms and town halls all across the country, and one of the things I started to notice was that behind many of the stories of addiction, violence, depression and anxiety were threads of loneliness.
Vivek Murthy
Some nights are made for torture, or reflection, or the savoring of loneliness.
Poppy Z. Brite
Always in the short story there is this sense of outlawed figures wandering about the fringes of society…. As a result there is in the short story at its most characteristic something we do not often find in the novel–an intense awareness of human loneliness.
Frank O’Connor
If we don’t have each other, we go crazy with loneliness. When we do, we go crazy with togetherness.
Stephen King
Who can really distinguish between the sea and what’s reflected in it? Or tell the difference between the falling rain and loneliness?
Haruki Murakami
Nothing is quite as bad as being without privacy and lonely at the same time.
Alexander Theroux
I believe that you control your destiny, that you can be what you want to be. You can also stop and say, ‘No, I won’t do it, I won’t behave his way anymore. I’m lonely and I need people around me, maybe I have to change my methods of behaving,’ and then you do it.
Leo Buscaglia
for many people, loneliness was an experience of time. ‘Not knowing what to do with yourself’ was the way it was usually put.
Louise Bernikow
The cliche of call-centre work is that it’s mainly older people who will stay on the line to talk to you. Whether through loneliness or good manners, they tend to allow you to finish your sentences, hear you out.
Sara Pascoe
A person’s heart withers if it does not answer another heart.
Pearl S. Buck
The real loneliness is living among all these kind people who only ask one to pretend!
Edith Wharton
See, the thing is, as a writer you are free. You are about the freest person that ever was. Your freedom is what you have bought with your solitude, your loneliness.
Ursula K. Le Guin
Real loneliness is not necessarily limited to when you are alone.
Charles Bukowski
Shouldering your loneliness like a gun that you will not learn to aim, you stumble into this movie house then you climb, you climb into the frame.
Leonard Cohen
The vast loneliness is awe-inspiring and it makes you realize just what you have back there on Earth.
Jim Lovell
Oh, this absolute loneliness and the game – loving to play the game, loving to go and tell stories to men that certainly weren’t true, just for the sport of it, just to see how they would react.
Jennifer Beals
When it comes to pain, love, joy, loneliness, and fear, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.
Ingrid Newkirk
Memories begin to creep forward from hidden corners of your mind. Passing disappointments. Lost chances and lost causes. Heartbreaks and pain and desolate, horrible loneliness. Sorrows you thought long forgotten mingle with still-fresh wounds.
Erin Morgenstern
I will never say the things that I want to say to you. I know the damage it would do. I love you more than I hate my loneliness and pain.
Henry Rollins
The song is languid and speaks of love and loneliness and loss. Why does love seem to go with the sad things?
Lisa Ann Sandell
There’s nothing terribly wrong with feeling lost, so long as that feeling precedes some plan on your part to actually do something about it. Too often a person grows complacent with their disillusionment, perpetually wearing their “discomfort” like a favorite shirt.
Jhonen Vasquez
All we ask is to be let alone.
Jefferson Davis
As prevalent as loneliness is, many people don’t recognize that people that they know may very well be suffering from loneliness. It’s important for many reasons, one of which is that it has a profound impact on health.
Vivek Murthy
Man finds nothing so intolerable as to be in a state of complete rest, without passions, without occupation, without diversion, without effort. Then he feels his nullity, loneliness, inadequacy, dependence, helplessness, emptiness.
Blaise Pascal
Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.
May Sarton
A world without pain, loss, betrayal, hate, death, loneliness? Impossible!
Darren Shan
I get inspired by so many things every single day. Things I see every day, conversations, arguments, day to day occurrences, good days, bad days, loneliness, happiness, anger, anxiety, pressure, relationships……EVERYTHING.
Ricki-Lee Coulter
And there are a lot of people like that, who feel loneliness and despair but cover it up.
Christina Pickles
I’m supposed to be, I am an artist. Yes, I’m lonely. But I’m married to my loneliness.
Lady Gaga
Most of my life I have needed more time to be on my own.
P. D. James
People may see me as a luxurious star, but I am always thinking I can be represented by my psychological world that is fraught with vanity, loneliness, and always feels inadequate.
Loneliness and rootlessness are just symptoms of an insecurity that assails us all when hitting this midlife moment. The world appears intent on blanking you out.
Mariella Frostrup
What makes loneliness an anguish
Is not that I have no one to share my burden,
But this:
I have only my own burden to bear.
Dag Hammarskjold
Of all the diseases I have known, loneliness is the worst.
Mother Teresa
Twilight whippoorwill… Whistle on, sweet deepener Of dark loneliness
Matsuo Basho
I do remember when I was starting acting, going from one set to the next, with not much else going on in my life. And at the end of the day, you get back to your hotel room and just feel this awful loneliness, because the cameras have stopped rolling.
Julianne Moore
Many Christians suffer from loneliness because they are sitting instead of serving.
Croft M. Pentz
The very fine line between loneliness and solitude, reflection; being alone, always appealed to me when I was a kid.
Brad Mehldau
Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change.
Gretchen Rubin
Physical distance between people has nothing to do with loneliness. It’s psychic distance.
Robert M. Pirsig
Yoga is a way to freedom. By its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness.
Indra Devi
The sound of loneliness makes me happier.
Conor Oberst
He came amongst his own and his own received him not, and it hurt him then and it has kept on hurting him. The same hunger, the same loneliness, the same having no one to be accepted by and to be loved and wanted by.
Mother Teresa
At some point just about all of us experience loneliness. In a sense, it is what it means to be a sentient animal, to have an experience of separation from others.
Thomas L. Dumm
It was as if the power and loneliness of the vampires’ world had combined with the group oriented puppy-pile world of the shapeshifters and made something new.
Laurell K. Hamilton
The worst thing about loneliness is that it brings one face to face with oneself.
Mary Balogh
When does the loneliness of old age begin?
Janusz Korczak
We can all fight against loneliness by engaging in random acts of kindness.
Gail Honeyman
I was doing this really wacky sketch comedy but at the same time writing these dark, cerebral plays about characters coming to grips with their loneliness and heartbreak. My dream job has always been a way to combine the two. I would say ‘BoJack Horseman’ is the culmination of all of that.
Raphael Bob-Waksberg
You ache with loneliness one night so much you weep and I say ‘here is a rope tie it around me Hafiz will be your companion for life’.
There is no loneliness like that of a failed marriage.
Alexander Theroux
Travel, in the superficial sense at least, is a good cure for loneliness. When you travel, especially in the third world, you quickly find that you get more friends than you know what to do with.
Pico Iyer
If you are lonely when you’re alone, you are in bad company.
Jean-Paul Sartre
There is a loneliness more precious than life. There is a freedom more precious than the world. Infinitely more precious than life and the world is that moment when one is alone with God.
There is a crisis that is not political – an epidemic of loneliness, of sadness – and we’re completely unequal to dealing with it.
Richard Flanagan
For loneliness, worries, difficulties, the unsatisfied need for kindness and sympathy – that is what is hard to bear.
Vincent Van Gogh
Perhaps a great love is never returned. Had it been given warmth and shelter by its counterpart in the Other, perhaps it would have been hindered from ever growing to maturity. It “gives” us nothing. But in its world of loneliness it leads us up to the summits with wide vistas – of great insights.
Dag Hammarskjold
These are some of the characteristics of the state of mind which the creation and appreciation of haiku demand: Selflessness, Loneliness, Grateful Acceptance, Wordlessness, Non-intellectuality, Contradictoriness, Humor, Freedom, Non-morality, Simplicity, Materiality, Love, and Courage.
Reginald Horace Blyth
I write because I want to end my loneliness. Books make people less alone. That, before and after everything else, is what books do. They show us that conversations are possible across distances.
Jonathan Safran Foer
…she had come long ago to understand that loneliness was the curse of those who were free, even of all those who rose a little above the level of ordinary humanity.
Louis Bromfield
Someone once wrote that musicians are touched on the shoulder by God, and I think it’s true. You can make other people happy with music, but you can make yourself happy too. Because of my music, I have never known loneliness and never been depressed.
John Berendt
There is a strain of loneliness infecting many Christians, which only the presence of God can cure.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.
Blaise Pascal
I hold my face in my two hands. No, I am not crying. I hold my face in my two hands to keep the loneliness warm – two hands protecting, two hands nourishing, two hands preventing my soul from leaving me in anger.
Nhat Hanh
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Max Ehrmann
I had to learn compassion. Had to learn what it felt like to hate, and to forgive and to love and be loved. And to lose people close to me. Had to feel deep loneliness and sorrow. And then I could write.
Louise Penny
If I’m such a legend, then why am I so lonely? Let me tell you, legends are all very well if you’ve got somebody around who loves you.
Judy Garland
Isolation is the sum total of wretchedness to a man.
Thomas Carlyle
Smell remembers and tells the future. … Smell is home or loneliness. Confidence or betrayal. Smell remembers.
Cherrie Moraga
The true light never hides the darkness but is born out of the very center of it, transforming and redeeming. So to the darkness we must return, each of us individually accepting his ignorance and loneliness, his sin and weakness, and, most difficult of all, consenting to wait in the dark and even to love the waiting
Helen M. Luke
Letting go, it’s so hard The way it’s hurting now To get this love untied So tough to stay with this thing ‘cos if I follow through I face what I denied I’ll get those hooks out of me And I’ll take out the hooks that I sunk deep in your side Kill that fear of emptiness, that loneliness I hide.
Peter Gabriel
To be loved to madness–such was her great desire. Love was to her the one cordial which could drive away the eating loneliness of her days. And she seemed to long for the abstraction called passionate love more than for any particular lover.
Thomas Hardy
I gave up on new poetry myself 30 years ago when most of it began to read like coded messages passing between lonely aliens in a hostile world.
Russell Baker
Maybe a first love exists to reaffirm the best parts of yourself, the choices you made when you didn’t worry about the consequences. Maybe a first love exists to remind you to be brave in the moment, to stand up for your feelings, instead of shrinking back in the face of potential loneliness.
Adriana Trigiani
I live with the people I create and it has always made my essential loneliness less keen.
Carson McCullers
Here in a little lonely room I am master of earth and sea, And the planets come to me.
Arthur Symons
The definition of the word nerd has changed. It’s now any attractive person with a hobby. The loneliness component is no longer included.
Gary Gulman
That many-faceted thing called love succeeds in building bridges from the loneliness on this shore to the loneliness on the other one. These bridges can be of great beauty, but they are rarely built for eternity, and frequently they cannot tolerate too heavy a burden without collapsing.
Karen Horney
Only in a house where one has learnt to be lonely does one have this solicitude for things. One’s relation to them, the daily seeing or touching, begins to become love, and to lay one open to pain.
Elizabeth Bowen
Plato calls complacency the companion of loneliness.
Franz Grillparzer
… we are all terribly alone no matter what people say.
Bernard Malamud
I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.
Henry David Thoreau
I remember my grandfather telling me how each of us must live with a
full measure of loneliness that is inescapable, and we must not destroy
ourselves with our passion to escape the aloneness.
Jim Harrison
And God stands winding His lonely horn, And time and the world are ever in flight.
William Butler Yeats
Maybe the biggest problem with loneliness is that we walk around thinking we’re the only ones suffering from it.
Jeanne Marie Laskas
To a heart formed for friendship and affection the charms of solitude are very short-lived.
Fanny Burney
Well, Frank, my thoughts are very similar. The vast loneliness up here at the moon is awe-inspiring, and it makes you realize what you have back there on earth. The earth from here is a grand oasis in the big vastness of space.
Jim Lovell
There are some of us who in after years say to Fate, ‘Now deal us your hardest blow, give us what you will; but let us never again suffer as we suffered when we were children.’ The barb in the arrow of childhood’s suffering is this: its intense loneliness, its intense ignorance.
Olive Schreiner
I understood that in this small space of time we had mutually surrendered our loneliness and replaced it with trust.
Patti Smith
It is wrong to bear children out of need, wrong to use a child to alleviate loneliness, wrong to provide purpose in life by reproducing another copy of oneself. It is wrong also to seek immortality by spewing one’s germ into the future as though sperm contains your consciousness!
Irvin D. Yalom
If you fear loneliness, then don’t get married.
Anton Chekhov
Modern loneliness is an extraverted loneliness, in which the person is surrounded by many people and partakes of much communication but feels unrecognized and more alone and, although connected technically, isolated and even estranged emotionally.
Edward Hallowell
Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine.
Charlotte Bronte
Though we are all human beings, we have built walls between ourselves and our neighbors through nationalism, through race, caste, and class – which again breeds isolation, loneliness.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
I have a feeling of complete balance. The sea, the house, the loneliness, the light. Everything is clearer. Much more precise. I have the feeling that I am living on a limit, and I’m crossing that limit sometimes.
Ingmar Bergman
Loneliness is not lack of company, loneliness is lack of purpose.
Guillermo Maldonado
So it is that Lonely Places attract as many lonely people as they produce, and the loneliness we see in them is partly in ourselves.
Pico Iyer
I think I’m Swedish because I like to live here on this island. You can’t imagine the loneliness and isolation in this country. In that way, I’m very Swedish – I don’t dislike to be alone.
Ingmar Bergman
I’m very lonely now, Mary, For the poor make no new friends; But oh they love the better still The few our Father sends!
Hariot Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava
The pains that you suffer, the loneliness that you encounter, the experiences that are disappointing or distressing, the addictions and seeming pitfalls of your life are each doorways to awareness. Each offers you an opportunity to see beyond the illusion that serves as the balancing and growth of your soul.
Gary Zukav
Poverty is clearly one source of emotional suffering, but there are others, like loneliness. A policy to reduce the loneliness of the elderly would certainly reduce suffering.
Daniel Kahneman
Actually loneliness has a kind of fascination; it’s a state of egotistical, inner grace that you can achieve only by standing guard on old, forgotten roads that no one travels anymore.
Arturo PГ©rez-Reverte
So even if the hot loneliness is there, and for 1.6 seconds we sit with that restlessness when yesterday we couldn’t sit for even one, that’s the journey of the warrior. (68)
Pema Chodron
I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me.
T. S. Eliot
There is a very holy and a very terrible isolation for the conscience of every man who seeks to read the destiny in affairs for others as well as for himself, for a nation as well as for individuals. That privacy no man can intrude upon. That lonely search of the spirit for the right perhaps no man can assist.
Woodrow Wilson
Writing is a solitary occupation, and one of its hazards is loneliness. But an advantage of loneliness is privacy, autonomy and freedom.
Joyce Carol Oates
Service is a powerful pathway of getting out of loneliness. It takes the focus off of you and puts it onto someone else.
Vivek Murthy
Privacy and loneliness were the traditional luxuries accorded to a skipper.
Tom Clancy
If we don’t accept loneliness, then capitalism wins hands down. Because capitalism is all about trying to convince people that you can distract yourself, that you can make it better. And it ain’t true.
Tilda Swinton
I’m one of the millions of immigrant children, children of loneliness, wandering between worlds that are at once too old and too new to live in.
Anzia Yezierska
Every time I look at you I get a fierce desire to be lonesome.
Oscar Levant
Lonely people tend, rather, to be lonely because they decline to bear the psychic costs of being around other humans. They are allergic to people. People affect them too strongly.
David Foster Wallace
From the boardroom to the bedroom, we’re connected 24/7, yet loneliness is at an all-time high. More people are reaching for mobile devices than for the hand of someone in need. Where did our humanity go?
Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey
I believe that dialogue is the key to breaking through our tendency to separate and isolate. Dialogue changes isolation and loneliness into connection and interdependence. This, I believe, is the essence of Buddhism.
Vinessa Shaw
Loneliness is the most compelling force in the universe.
Cass McCombs
A book, a book full of human touches, of shirts, a book without loneliness, with men and tools, a book is victory.
Pablo Neruda
The best antidote for loneliness, hopelessness, and fear is vulnerability: sharing your secrets and talking about what shames you, what you fear.
The directing of a picture involves coming out of your individual loneliness and taking a controlling part in putting together a small world.
John Huston
Since God intends to make you like Jesus, he will take you through the same experiences Jesus went through. That includes loneliness, temptation, stress, criticism, rejection, and many other problems.
Rick Warren
Real love is not an escape from loneliness, real love is an overflowing aloneness. One is so happy in being alone that one wud like to share.
But the West of the old times, with its strong characters, its stern battles and its tremendous stretches of loneliness, can never be blotted from my mind.
Buffalo Bill
Tranquility, allied to loneliness, possessed no charms.
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Sometimes, when we’re on tour, I’ll find an empty room or a corner and I’ll just sing. It heals something in me, be it some kind of isolation or loneliness. It’s really quite beautiful that singing can do that.
Freya Ridings
In loneliness, the lonely one eats himself; in a crowd, the many eat him. Now choose.
Friedrich Nietzsche
It was a time of great loneliness. He had a group of friends, and suddenly I had no one and did not understand why. I felt excluded. Some days, the majority was in high school and did not know who to talk to. And that is something really terrible when you’re twelve years old.
Taylor Swift
I preach that odd defiant melancholy that sees the dreadful loneliness of the human soul and the pitiful disaster of human life as ever redeemable and redeemed by compassion, friendship and love.
John Derbyshire
The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness.
Norman Cousins
Was the earth put here just to nourish human loneliness?
Haruki Murakami
Abode where lost bodies roam each searching for its lost one.
Samuel Beckett
The essence of Richard Nixon is loneliness.
Henry A. Kissinger
Loneliness is not a fault but a condition of existence.
Ivan Albright
Nothing impresses the mind with a deeper feeling of loneliness than to tread the silent and deserted scene of former throng and pageant.
Washington Irving
that pathetic short-cut suggested by Nature the supreme joker as a remedy for our loneliness, that ephemeral communion which we persuade ourselves to be of the spirit when it is in fact only of the body – durable not even in memory!
Vita Sackville-West
It made her think of Laika, the dog. The man-made satellite streaking soundlessly across the blackness of outer space. The dark, lustrous eyes of the dog gazing out the tiny window. In the infinite loneliness of space, what could the dog possibly be looking at?
Haruki Murakami
We wander, question. But the answer waits in each separate heart – the answer of our own identity and the way by which we can master loneliness and feel that at last we belong.
Carson McCullers
Beauty is ever to the lonely mind a shadow fleeting; she is never plain. She is a visitor who leaves behind the gift of grief, the souvenir of pain.
Christopher Morley
There is no loneliness greater than the loneliness of a failure. The failure is a stranger in his own house.
Eric Hoffer
The illusion of companionship sits waiting in the television set. We keep our televisions on more than we watch them – an average of more than seven hours a day. For background. For company.
Louise Bernikow
Loneliness is equal to the radius of one’s awareness.
Yoko Ono
Loneliness is an integral part of travelling. I used to think it was the downside to travelling, but now I realise it is a necessary educative part of it to be embraced.
David Mitchell
Sorrow has a name, and its name is loneliness. Sorrow has a shape, and its shape is absence. Sorrow is a sickness like any other.
Gregory Maguire
The dread of loneliness is greater than the fear of bondage, so we get married.
Cyril Connolly
One form of loneliness is to have a memory and no one to share it with.
Phyllis Rose
Forget sex or politics or religion, loneliness is the subject that clears out a room.
Douglas Coupland
We can never leave loneliness behind completely – it is part of what forms us.
Thomas L. Dumm
Rage keeps the person who feels it company. It moves into the hollows left by grief and loss, and turns inside you like a dark furred animal that grows and fills you; it kills off loneliness and takes its place.
Paula Sharp
Loneliness is the ultimate poverty.
Abigail Van Buren
How many human beings anywhere, hold on to a relationship merely because it exists? This fear of loneliness, abandonment, or failure can, if we let it, hold any of us back from doing exactly what each of us needs to do to feel fulfilled.
Walter Inglis Anderson
One of the illusions that we live by is that we can really know anybody else, and we’re often surprised by traits in people that we thought we knew very well. The struggle to overcome loneliness, which is sort of our universal burden, leads us to leap to conclusions about who other people are.
Thomas McGuane
Where a people prays, there is the church; and where the church is; there is never loneliness.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
When Christ said: “I was hungry and you fed me,” he didn’t mean only the hunger for bread and for food; he also meant the hunger to be loved. Jesus himself experienced this loneliness.
Mother Teresa
I felt an intense loneliness after my sister died. I was seven at the time, she was eight, and I realised after her death that she accepted me for who I was.
June Brown
Loneliness, tenderness, high society, notoriety, you fight for the throne and you travel alone.
Bob Dylan
I embraced loneliness as a kid. I know what loneliness is. When you’re at the end of your rope. I never forget those feelings.
John Prine
Usually there’s no specific reason for loneliness – it’s a broad feeling.
Cass McCombs
It’s (the lack of communication between the people in his paintings, ed.) probably a reflection of my own, if I may say, loneliness. I don’t know. It could be the whole human condition.
Edward Hopper
It’s a lonely ol’ night. Can I put my arms around you?
John Mellencamp
It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.
Leo Buscaglia
Art and literature have given so many people the relief of feeling connected – pulled us out of isolation. It has let us know that somebody else breathed and dreamed and had sex and loved and raged and knew loneliness the way we do.
Adrienne Rich
Poverty is clearly one source of emotional suffering, but there are others, like loneliness.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.
Kurt Vonnegut
Loneliness had taught Harriet that there was always someone who understood – it was just so often that they were dead, and in a book.
Eva Ibbotson
There in the center of that silence was not eternity but the death of time and a loneliness so profound the word itself had no meaning.
Toni Morrison
A man in a bookstore buys a book on loneliness and every woman in the store hits on him. A woman buys a book on loneliness and the store clears out.
Douglas Coupland
I have friends who I get along with who I know get very uncomfortable being alone, unless they’re with people, talking all the time. Whether it’s on the phone, or in person, they’re never by themselves. Whereas I could be alone for months.
Viggo Mortensen
Maybe true love isn’t out there for me, but I can sublimate my loneliness with the notion that true love is out there for someone.
Roxane Gay
There was no time for kissing but she wanted him to know that in the future there would be. A kiss in so much loneliness was like a hand pulling you up out of the water, scooping you up from a place of drowning and into the reckless abundance of air. A kiss, another kiss.
Ann Patchett
It’s getting to the point where I am no fun anymore, I am sorry. / Sometimes it hurts so badly I must cry out loud, ‘ I am lonely.’ / I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are, you make it hard.
Stephen Stills
People drain me, even the closest of friends, and I find loneliness to be the best state in the union to live in.
Margaret Cho
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the rest of you lonely.
Charles M. Schulz
Remember we’re all in this alone.
Lily Tomlin
One can be instructed in society, one is inspired only in solitude.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Part of the reason people don’t talk about their loneliness is that they feel they will be judged for it.
Vivek Murthy
The price for living the life I have — for any serious, devoted person, is that at times one must live alone, or feel alone. I think loneliness is associated in many people’s minds when they think about success.
Helen Frankenthaler
I felt more than ever the necessity of my mission. But I went home out of spirits, I hardly know why. I must work by myself all life long.
Elizabeth Blackwell
In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage- to know who we are and where we have come from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning. No matter what our attainments in life, there is still a vacuum, an emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness.
Alex Haley
If Christians cannot communicate as thinking beings, they are reduced to encountering one another only at the shallow level of gossip and small talk. Hence the perhaps peculiarly modern problem – the loneliness of the thinking Christian.
Harry Blamires
Sittin’ here resting my bones, this loneliness won’t leave me alone. Two thousand miles I roam, just to make this dock my home. I’m just gon’ sit at the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away. Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, wastin’ time.
Otis Redding
I had to fight hard against loneliness, abuse, and the knowledge that any mistakes I made would be magnified because I was the only black man out there… I never cared about acceptance as much as I cared about respect.
Jackie Robinson
Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
There’s a difference between solitude and loneliness. I can understand the concept of being a monk for a while.
Tom Hanks
My mind was so geared towards being a performing artist, singing all these classical pieces, but the sense of loneliness I got when I moved from New York to El Paso meant that writing turned into singing. I’d sing all these songs, and they’d make me feel better. Songs that crafted the way my life was going to go.
Alone is a fact, a condition where no one else is around. Lonely is how you feel about that.
Twyla Tharp
The cinema has the power to make you not feel lonely, even when you are.
Tom Hanks
You can do beautiful things with your friends; you can do beautiful things when you are all alone! In togetherness, listen to the music of the crowds; in solitude, listen to the music of the silence! Be neither afraid of the crowds, nor of the loneliness, because both are blessings!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness.
Pedro Almodovar
I have found both freedom and safety in my madness; the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us.
Khalil Gibran
The loneliness of writing is that you baffle your friends and change the lives of strangers.
Richard Powers
Fear is the process of the mind in the struggle of becoming. In becoming good there is the fear of evil; in becoming complete, there is the fear of loneliness.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
They flank me – depression on my left, loneliness on my right. They don’t need to show their badges. I know these guys very well. … Then they frisk me. They empty my pockets of any joy I had been carrying there. Depression even confiscates my identity; but he always does that.
Elizabeth Gilbert
Life is a journey one that much better traveled with a companion by our side. Sometimes, we lose our companions along the way and then the journey becomes unbearable. You see, human beings are designed for many things, but loneliness isn’t one of them.
Mary Alice
Even in the presence of others he was completely alone.
Robert M. Pirsig
Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.
Henry Rollins
The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I’m lonely. What kind of loneliness? Every kind. I feel disconnected. Abandoned. As always. Repetition. So what, my love? So what? At first, I just wanted to run away. Now I have no where else to run to, nothing to run from. I don’t belong anywhere, I don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to be happy.
Daul Kim
Loneliness itself is material for sacrifice. The very longings themselves can be offered to Him who understands perfectly. The transformation into something He can use for the good of others takes place only when the offering is put into his hands.
Elisabeth Elliot
I felt the kind of loneliness that can happen in a roomful of people when everyone but you seems to be in on the good time.
Lisa Kleypas
i suppose doing things you hate is the price you pay to avoid loneliness.
Mark Corrigan
We are born helpless. As soon as we are fully conscious we discover loneliness. We need others physically, emotionally, and intellectually. We need them if we are to know anything, even ourselves.
C. S. Lewis
Loneliness is a hell of a drug.
Jeremy Robert Johnson
Total intimacy is a myth; that said, a particular kind of loneliness can be both beautiful and fruitful.
Lauren Groff
The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself.
Mark Twain
And the danger is that in this move toward new horizons and far directions, that I may lose what I have now, and not find anything except loneliness
Sylvia Plath
One can endure sorrow alone, but it takes two to be glad.
Elbert Hubbard
I want to be left alone.
Greta Garbo
I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone.
Audrey Hepburn
For the way loneliness is worse when you return to it after a reprieve—like the soul’s version of putting on a wet bathing suit, clammy and miserable.
Laini Taylor
My first novel, ‘The Tiger’s Daughter,’ embodies the loneliness I felt but could not acknowledge, even to myself, as I negotiated the no man’s land between the country of my past and the continent of my present.
Bharati Mukherjee
Loneliness comes suddenly like waves and recedes just as fast. That continues on forever. It’s the same for you. It’s the same for everyone.
Chica Umino
And if I’m alone in bed, I will go to the window, look up at the sky, and feel certain that loneliness is a lie, because the Universe is there to keep me company.
Paulo Coelho
I’ve never thought about songwriting as a weapon. I’ve only thought about it as a way to help me get through love and loss and sadness and loneliness and growing up.
Taylor Swift
Since every mortal power of Coleridge Was frozen at its marvellous source, The rapt one, of the godlike forehead, The heaven-eyed creature sleeps in earth: And Lamb, the frolic and the gentle, Has vanished from his lonely hearth.
William Wordsworth
The body is a house of many windows: there we all sit, showing ourselves and crying on the passers-by to come and love us.
Robert Louis Stevenson
What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you.
Richard Wilbur
loneliness has its roots in words,in internal conversation that nodbody answers,solitude has it’s roots in the great silence of eternity.
Miley Cyrus
Not only is there no question of solitude, but in the long run we may not choose our company.
Elizabeth Bowen
She felt as if she bled her regret and loneliness from her very pores, and yet she could not shape those feelings into any sentiment she could imagine her parents could bear reading.
Cassandra Clare
Perhaps loneliness had nothing to do with place or circumstance; perhaps it was in you; yourself. Perhaps, wherever you were, you took your little circle of loneliness with you.
Mary Stewart
The capacity for not feeling lonely can carry a very real price, that of feeling nothing at all.
Douglas Coupland
I kind of crave loneliness.
Sam Heughan
The devil-ache of loneliness seldom deserts the bones of the angry.
Lucy Freeman
Loneliness is a huge issue for both individuals and for society. It’s taken a long time for the issue to be treated seriously and for us to begin to understand the impact it can have.
Gail Honeyman
And for this you must have quiet and solitude. But society does not allow you to have them. You must be with people, outwardly active at all costs. If you are alone you are considered antisocial or peculiar, or you are afraid of your own loneliness.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
We are born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Everything in-between is a gift.
Yul Brynner
Remember that although the distinction can be difficult to draw, loneliness and solitude are different.
Gretchen Rubin
Loneliness is the human condition. Cultivate it. The way it tunnels into you allows your soul room to grow.
Janet Fitch
Man has no choice but to love. For when he does not, he finds his alternatives lie in loneliness, destruction and despair.
Leo Buscaglia
Loneliness remembers what happiness forgets
Hal David
Lonely? Give it to Jesus. The loneliness itself is material for sacrifice.
Elisabeth Elliot
On the outside one is a star. But in reality, one is completely alone, doubting everything. To experience this loneliness of soul is the hardest thing in the world.
Brigitte Bardot
When traveling is made too easy and comfortable, its spiritual meaning is lost. This may be called sentimentalism, but a certain sense of loneliness engendered by traveling leads one to reflect upon the meaning of life, for life is after all a travelling from one unknown to another unknown.
D.T. Suzuki
I almost never get lonely. I love being alone. I’m glad I’m married, and I love my wife. But there’s never been a situation in my life where my unhappiness was based on loneliness.
Chuck Klosterman
Well, being the youngest child and frail, I was left alone a great deal of the time.
Andrew Wyeth
You may not enjoy loneliness, because loneliness is sad. But solitude is something else; solitude is what you look forward to when you want to be alone, when you want to be with yourself. So, solitude is something we all need from time to time.
Ruskin Bond
What is it that we call loneliness. It can’t simply be the absence of others, you can be alone and not lonely, and you can be among people and yet be lonely. So what is it?
Pascal Mercier
I’ve never minded solitude. For a writer, it’s a natural condition. But caring for a dementia sufferer leads to a peculiar kind of loneliness.
Laurie Graham
There’s a difference between loneliness and solitude. You pursue solitude, I think. But loneliness is a completely different isolating thing.
Dervla Kirwan
People living alone get used to loneliness.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Loneliness isn’t about being by yourself. That’s fine, right and good, desirable in many ways. Loneliness is about finding a landing-place, or not, and knowing that, whatever you do, you can go back there. The opposite of loneliness isn’t company, it’s return. A place to return.
Jeanette Winterson
But I know too that if we ever make a world without shadow, if the chemists and scientists and psychologists succeed in abolishing fear, pain, loneliness, death, some of us will find life so intolerable we will probably blow out our brains out of sheer boredom.
MacDonald Harris
If one’s object is ascetic, it is far better to stay in London or Paris or New York; there is practically no extreme of heat or cold, physical risk, loneliness, hunger or thirst that cannot, with a little ingenuity, be conveniently achieved in the centres of civilization.
Evelyn Waugh
To be a lighthouse, you must be strong enough to resist every kind of storm, to every kind of loneliness and you must have a powerful light inside you!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
The purpose of fiction is to combat loneliness.
Josh Radnor
The loneliest ebb of my life came on that Christmas eve, only one day after my arrival in New York. The abyss of loneliness. I ate a solitary dinner in a small cafe, and the very food tasted bitter with my unshed tears. One doesn’t dare cry in America. It is unmanly here.
Rudolph Valentino
It always strikes me, and it is very peculiar, that, whenever we see the image of indescribable and unutterable desolation—of loneliness, poverty, and misery, the end and extreme of things—the thought of God comes into one’s mind.
Vincent Van Gogh
When we take the one seat on our meditation cushion we become our own monastery. We create the compassionate space that allows for the arising of all things: sorrows, loneliness, shame, desire, regret, frustration, happiness.
Jack Kornfield
I trained in internal medicine, and I expected most of my time would be spent on diabetes or heart disease or cancer. What I didn’t expect was that so many people I saw would be struggling with loneliness.
Vivek Murthy
Even though loneliness affects so many of us, it has gotten scant research attention compared to related conditions like depression or anxiety.
Robin Marantz Henig
Tore up my heart and shut it down. Nothing to do, nowhere to be. A simple little kind of free. Nothing to do, no one but me, and that’s all I need. I’m perfectly lonely.
John Mayer
I feel the same way about solitude as some people feel about the blessing of the church. It’s the light of grace for me. I never close my door behind me without the awareness that I am carrying out an act of mercy toward myself.
Peter HГёeg
… the whole world of loneliness, poverty, and pain make a mockery of what human life should be.
Bertrand Russell
I had traded the fight against love for the fight against loneliness, the fight against life for the fight against death.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Loneliness is the universal problem of rich people.
Joan Collins
To dare to live alone is the rarest courage; since there are many who had rather meet their bitterest enemy in the field, than their own hearts in their closet.
Charles Caleb Colton
But the battles against loneliness that I fought when I was 16 are very different from those I fought when I was 27, and those are very different from the ones I fight at 44.
Tom Hanks
I have been trying, for some time now, to find dignity in my loneliness. I have been finding this hard to do. It is easier, of course, to find dignity in one’s solitude. Loneliness is solitude with a problem.
Maggie Nelson
Good manners – the longer I live the more convinced I am of it – are a priceless insurance against failure and loneliness. And anyone can have them.
Elsa Maxwell
Loneliness is more likely to lead to fussy housekeeping than to grand views of the Universe.
Mason Cooley
What wants to live in you may be waiting…at the end of a long loneliness.
Elizabeth Lesser
Loneliness, dejection, the contempt or pity of people around you–these are unpleasant feelings. But they are precisely the things that produce genuine Dark Ones.
Sergei Lukyanenko
I’ve definitely had my hard partying moments. I’ve definitely had the long stretches of time in my personal life where I’ve felt an intense loneliness and a desperation to feel something real and to have something that truly meant something in my life.
Brett Gelman
Whether it’s music, loss of something, loneliness or friendship – if that emotion is heightened in some way and painted to fit in between the covers of 32 pages, that can become a picture book.
Chris Raschka
Every wise workman takes his tools away from the work from time to time that they may be ground and sharpened; so does the only-wise Jehovah take his ministers oftentimes away into darkness and loneliness and trouble, that he may sharpen and prepare them for harder work in his service.
Robert Murray M’Cheyne
Loneliness, she thought, was craving for other people’s company. But she did not know that loneliness can be an unnoticed cramping of the spirit for lack of companionship.
Doris Lessing
An artist is always alone – if he is an artist. No, what the artist needs is loneliness.
Henry Miller
Look for yourself, and you will find in the long run only hatred, loneliness, despair, rage, ruin, and decay. But look for Christ and you will find Him, and with Him everything else thrown in.
C. S. Lewis
Love plans for tomorrow and loneliness thinks of yesterday.
Hunter S. Thompson
When people are lonely they stoop to any companionship.
Lew Wallace
There’s a romance to danger. There’s a romance to drinking, to drugs, to petty crime and to heartbreak and loneliness. All of those things can be used to make the story of our lives better.
Joey Comeau
Yes, you who must leave everything that you cannot control, It begins with your family, and soon it comes round to your soul. Well I’ve been where you’re hanging, I think I can see how you’re pinned: When you’re not feeling holy your loneliness says that you’ve sinned.
Leonard Cohen
The disturbing truth we have to recognize is that Bourdain is not alone in his loneliness and depression.
Ben Domenech
Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work.
Mother Teresa
If loneliness is part of our essence, that is, our essential nature, that is only because of the way, in practical terms, we actually exist; that is, the way we move and work and live in the world.
Brendan Myers
Something is always born of excess: great art was born of great terror, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them.
Anais Nin
I hid in bars, because I didn’t want to hide in factories.
Charles Bukowski
It’s not a terrible thing that we feel fear when faced with the unknown. It is a part of being alive, something we all share. We react against the possibility of loneliness, of death, of not having anything to hold on to. Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.
Pema Chodron
No matter how lonely it makes me, and no matter how wide and horrific the loneliness, at least I remember who I am.
Lauren DeStefano
How we need another soul to cling to.
Sylvia Plath
There is no God, no universe, no human race, no earthly life, no heaven, no hell. It is all a dream, a grotesque and foolish dream. Nothing exists but you. And you are but a thought -a vagrant thought, a useless thought, a homeless thought, wandering forlorn among the empty eternities!
Mark Twain
Confronted by too much emptiness … the brain invents. Loneliness creates company as thirst creates water. How many sailors have been wrecked in pursuit of islands that were merely a shimmering?
Margaret Atwood
Even the finest actors will have great difficulty showing somebody’s loneliness. To put an actor on a chair and ask him to do nothing and yet tell the viewer everything about the character, it’s a difficult task.
Manoj Bajpayee
Isolation and loneliness create the conditions for rapid aging. The key is to stay connected and open to new relationships throughout your life.
Deepak Chopra
loneliness has its own needs!
Eric Jerome Dickey
I realized that I might be a lonely Indian boy, but I was not alone in the loneliness. There were millions of other Americans who had left their birthplaces in search of a dream. (217)
Sherman Alexie
A disquieting loneliness came into my life, but it induced no hunger for friends of longer acquaintance: they seemed now like a salt-free, sugarless diet.
Truman Capote
But I also think all of the great stories in literature deal with loneliness. Sometimes it’s by way of heartbreak, sometimes it’s by way of injustice, sometimes it’s by way of fate. There’s an infinite number of ways to examine it.
Tom Hanks
As an artist, the most important feeling is loneliness. So when I say artists need to isolate themselves from society this is what I mean: You have to look for that feeling of loneliness again. Only this way can you have something that is purely your own.
Zhang Xiaogang
Solitude well practiced will break the power of busyness, haste, isolation, & loneliness.
Dallas Willard
I relieved my loneliness with movies and books, and I had a strong desire to express what I felt through acting.
HoYeon Jung
I like being alone and I think this movie, as much as it is an investigation of connection and people bonding, I also think it’s just as much about loneliness.
Jason Schwartzman
We’re all torn between the desire for privacy and the fear of loneliness.
Andy Rooney
Greedп‚јhas no satiation point, since its consummation does not fill the inner emptiness, boredom, loneliness, and depression it is meant to overcome.
Erich Fromm
I celebrate myself, and sing myself.
Walt Whitman
I am alone, I thought, and they are everybody.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Loneliness is the prison of the human spirit. When we are lonely, we pace back and forth in small, shut-in worlds.
John Powell
in darkness and in hedges
I sang my sour tone
and all my love was howling
conspicuously alone.
W. D. Snodgrass
Solitude is different from loneliness, and it doesn’t have to be a lonely kind of thing.
Fred Rogers
Misanthropy is born, I think, out of an almost oppressive sense of loneliness, a conviction that there’s no one on earth who understands you. I don’t think misanthropes hate people: They hate that people hate them.
Hanya Yanagihara
If you are alone you belong entirely to yourself. If you are accompanied by even one companion you belong only half to yourself or even less in proportion to the thoughtlessness of his conduct and if you have more than one companion you will fall more deeply into the same plight.
Leonardo da Vinci
It is loneliness that makes the loudest noise. This is true of men as of dogs.
Eric Hoffer
Loneliness cannot be alleviated just by the coming together of two bodies, unless there is also good communication, understanding, and loving kindness.
Nhat Hanh
Reading – the best state yet to keep absolute loneliness at bay.
William Styron
Loneliness is holding the one you love When you know you might never hold him again. Even lost in the darkness My heart will find you The soul die at the hand of the one who carries it. If I could find a place to run away Hidden safely, I would be there today. The darkest daylight finds me.
Kami Garcia
I noticed that when I was on Prozac my relationship with the landscape improved. I actually stopped thinking about myself for a minute or two, because most of the thoughts one has about oneself are involved with desire or loneliness or isolation or strategies to overcome them.
Leonard Cohen
Accept your loneliness. It is one stage, and only one stage, on a journey that brings you to God. It will not always last. Offer up your loneliness to God, as the little boy offered to Jesus his five loaves and two fishes. God can transform it for the good of others. Above all, do something for somebody else!
Elisabeth Elliot
There is nothing more lonely than eternity. And nothing is more cozy for us than to be a human being. This indeed is another contradiction-how can we keep the bonds of our humanness and still venture gladly and purposefully into the absolute loneliness of eternity?
Carlos Castaneda
We’re all lonely for something we don’t know we’re lonely for. How else to explain the curious feeling that goes around feeling like missing somebody we’ve never even met?
David Foster Wallace
One cat in a house is a sign of loneliness.
Edward Dahlberg
The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
There comes a real loneliness in celebrity where you’re constantly told you’re part of an out group in your own society.
Cole Sprouse
Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life’s cruelest irony.
Douglas Coupland
Directing is all tied up with childhood loneliness. It’s such an odd thing to end up doing.
Paul Greengrass
In cities no one is quiet but many are lonely; in the country, people are quiet but few are lonely.
Geoffrey Fisher
The concept of loneliness and exile and self-sufficiency continually bucks me up.
Christopher Hitchens
Oh! death will find me, long before I tire
Of watching for you; and swing me suddenly
Into the shade and loneliness and mire
Of the last land!
Rupert Brooke
There were times when I had great times with my brothers, pillow fights and things, but I used to always cry from loneliness.
Michael Jackson
Good-byes breed a sort of distaste for whomever you say good-bye to; this hurts, you feel, this must not happen again.
Elizabeth Bowen
Too much self-centered attitude, you see, brings, you see, isolation. Result: loneliness, fear, anger. The extreme self-centered attitude is the source of suffering.
Dalai Lama
I never really understood the word ‘loneliness’. As far as I was concerned, I was in an orgy with the sky and the ocean, and with nature.
No matter how lonely you get or how many birth announcements you receive, the trick is not to get frightened. There’s nothing wrong with being alone.
Wendy Wasserstein
We can also allow our Soulmate to pass us by,without accepting him or her,or even noticing. Then we will need another incarnation in order to find that Soulmate. And because of our selfishness, we will be condemned to the worst torture humankind ever invented for itself: loneliness.
Paulo Coelho
Ideas aren’t real estate, they grow collectively and that knocks out the egotistical loneliness that generally infects art.
Robert Redford
Once he entered my life, I promptly forgot all my years of putting on a brave face while browsing at bookstores until closing time, and of having one, two, three beers while watching crime shows and CNN. I completely forgot the hateful sensation of loneliness, like thirst and hunger together pressing on my stomach.
Douglas Coupland
For the first time in four billion years a living creature had contemplated himself and heard with a sudden, unaccountable loneliness, the whisper of the wind in the night reeds.
Loren Eiseley
The most general deficiency in our sort of culture and education is gradually dawning on me: no one learns, no one strives towards, no one teaches–enduring loneliness.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I’ve noticed that loneliness gets stronger when we try to face it down, but gets weaker when we simply ignore it.
Paulo Coelho
Be mobile at all times, even if it causes you suffering or feelings of loneliness. Unless you’re willing to do that, you’re never going to get the bigger rewards.
Oleg Cassini
Sorrow is not in death but in loneliness, and conflict comes when you seek consolation, forgetfullness, explanations, and illusions.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
I understand everything,” he said. “You understand nothing, but it really doesn’t matter, since what you mean is, you’re glad to see me, just as I’m glad to see you because no more loneliness.” “That’s what I mean,” said Fezzik.
William Goldman
We are called to love even in the loneliness, worship even in the tears and follow even in the darkness.
Pete Wilson
I think loneliness comes with being creative, because you are obsessed with creation. And it is so satisfying that sometimes, I have noticed, I completely neglect my friends and my family, and they fall away.
Tom Ford
Loneliness is caused by an alienation from life. It is a loneliness from your real self.
Maxwell Maltz
And when at last you find someone to whom you feel you can pour out your soul, you stop in shock at the words you utter— they are so rusty, so ugly, so meaningless and feeble from being kept in the small cramped dark inside you so long.
Sylvia Plath
Loneliness is the teacher of giving.
Hyemeyohsts Storm
I think we tend to write more uplifting and vibrant music when we’re in bleak and lonely surroundings. I think it’s because you’re channeling your loneliness in a way that you’re trying to escape to your situation.
Ed MacFarlane
The loneliness is the mother of wisdom.
Laurence Sterne
Everything we do is for the purpose of altering consciousness. We form friendships so that we can feel certain emotions, like love, and avoid others, like loneliness. We eat specific foods to enjoy their fleeting presence on our tongues. We read for the pleasure of thinking another person’s thoughts.
Sam Harris
It’s an odd feeling-farewell-there is some envy in it. Men go off to be tested for courage and if we’re tested at all, it’s for patience, for doing without, for how well we can endure loneliness.
Isak Dinesen
People talk about games and loneliness – it’s a lonely activity. I didn’t understand that. ‘Gears of War’ was the first multiplayer game for me that I enjoyed. But I wasn’t sad. I liked being alone. I liked playing games by myself. I had lots of companionship at the house.
Tim Schafer
On stage I make love to twenty five thousand people; and then I go home alone.
Janis Joplin
Stripped of all their masquerades, the fears of men are quite identical: the fear of loneliness, rejection, inferiority, unmanageable anger, illness and death.
Joshua L. Liebman
In a world without future, each parting of friends is a death. In a world without future, each loneliness is final. In a world without future, each laugh is the last laugh. In a world without future, beyond the present lies nothingness, and people cling to the present as if hanging from a cliff.
Alan Lightman
I am no good without you, Ginesse,” he said. “I spent a lifetime alone, but I never understood loneliness until I was away from you. I never understood happiness until I saw you again.
Connie Brockway
Of those that are drawn away, each is drawn elsewhere toward another: once more a man and a woman, in a loneliness they are not liable at that time to notice, are tightened together upon a bed: and another family has begun.
James Agee
Loneliness, when accepted, becomes a gift that will lead us to find a purpose in life.
Paulo Coelho
the sentiment of immediate loss in some sort decayed, while that of utter, irremediable loneliness grew on me with time.
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Any human face is a claim on you, because you can’t help but understand the singularity of it, the courage and loneliness of it. But this is truest of the face of an infant. I consider that to be one kind of vision, as mystical as any.
Marilynne Robinson
Theres a difference between solitude and loneliness
Maggie Smith
Leaders who insulate themselves from others and choose to bear their burdens single-handedly are destined for loneliness and burnout. Leaders, like everyone else, need friends and perhaps in light of the load they carry, even more so.
Richard Blackaby
Wouldn’t it be nice if all the people who are lonesome could live in one big dormitory, sleep in beds next to each other, talk, laugh, and keep the lights on as long as they want to?
Lenny Bruce
People don’t acknowledge loneliness in themselves, and don’t appreciate its benefits, the reflection and attentiveness that come with it, the deepened acquaintance with oneself.
Marilynne Robinson
The fact that Saigyo composed a poem that begins, “I shall be unhappy without loneliness,” shows that he made loneliness his master.
Matsuo Basho
Until the day when, your endurance gone, in this world for you without arms, you catch up in yours the first mangy cur you meet, carry it for the time needed for it to love it and you it, then throw it away.
Samuel Beckett
We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.
Orson Welles
If there is one person on the planet who still is suffering from loneliness and from pain or despair, and we don’t know about it, or we don’t want to know about it, then something is wrong with the world.
Elie Wiesel
The sadness, the silence, the darkness, the loneliness… all of it held in a simple little moment. It was just so… I don’t know. Just so much.
Kevin Brooks
Man is like an island set in isolation in a fathomless sea enveloped by darkness, saying that the loneliness his self knows is so utterly absolute because even he knows not his self completely.
Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas
Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.
Jodi Picoult
Feelings such as loneliness, longing or love are sometimes hard to put into words; maybe that’s why we all love music, because it resonates with something we can’t share.
Agnes Obel
The point of books is to combat loneliness.
David Foster Wallace
Loneliness is the way by which destiny endeavors to lead man to himself.
Hermann Hesse
We all fear loneliness, madness, dying. Shakespeare and Walt Whitman, Leopardi and Hart Crane will not cure those fears. And yet these poets bring us fire and light.
Harold Bloom
…and my loneliness, always my loneliness – that airless bubble of despair that is slowing stifling me.
Tabitha Suzuma
I am not without an object in life, but I feel lonely and deserted.
Johanna van Gogh-Bonger
of all the deprivations which afflict humankind, none is more dreadful than loneliness. A corrosive, it eats the heart out. People were meant to live by twos, with someone close with whom to share good and bad, to hear breathing in the dark room at night. Being alone is the one unnatural act.
Zelda Popkin
The trouble is not that I am single and likely to stay single, but that I am lonely and likely to stay lonely.
Charlotte Bronte
I hate loneliness, but it loves me.
Tite Kubo
Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character.
James Russell Lowell
Please, God. Help me. Take this pain away. Please fill this loneliness with your love. Help me, God, please, help me.
The only answer in this life, to the loneliness we are all bound to feel, is community.
Dorothy Day
Tragedy is always a mistake; and the loneliness of the deepest thinker, the widest lover, ceases to be pathetic to us so soon as the sun is high enough above the mountains.
Margaret Fuller
People who can’t be alone have a problem. Loneliness is a luxury for people like me.
Karl Lagerfeld
in love, gallantry is necessary. Even when the first wild desire is gone, especially then, there is an inherent need for good manners and consideration, for the putting forth of effort. Two courteous and civilized human beings out of the loneliness of their souls owe that to each other.
Ilka Chase
But when I thought I hit bottom, it started hitting back. There is no bruise like the bruise loneliness kicks into your spine.
Andrea Gibson
I was never less alone than when by myself.
Edward Gibbon
I must confess that I am usually drawn to sadness, and loneliness has never been a stranger to me. But love tried to welcome me, but my soul drew back, guilty of lust and sin.
Madonna Ciccone
I had known loneliness before, and emptiness upon the moor, but I had never been a NOTHING, a nothing floating on a nothing, known by nothing, lonelier and colder than the space between the stars. It was more frightening than being dead.
Peter Carey
I have always been very interested in the idea of loneliness and the presumption that romantic relationships are supposed to rid you of that.
Ayobami Adebayo
The loneliness of the man is slowly being borne in upon me. There is not a man aboard but hates or fears him, nor is there a man whom he does not despise.
Jack London
Let those who would affect singularity with success first determine to be very virtuous, and they will be sure to be very singular.
Charles Caleb Colton
At any moment solitude may put on the face of loneliness.
May Sarton
You’re only lonely if you don’t like the person you are alone with.
Wayne Dyer
Once in a while, people enter our lives and lessen the loneliness of being away from Home.
Yasmin Mogahed
Scary is time passing and sickness and dying and regret and isolation and loneliness and relationship problems – as opposed to a guy in a hockey mask, which didn’t seem that scary.
Charlie Kaufman
The Seasons Difference is a suave and urbane comedy about several immense abstractions – faith, innocence, loneliness, and love.
Orville Prescott
It’s often just enough to be with someone. I don’t need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both. You’re not alone.
Marilyn Monroe
Loneliness is a barrier that prevents one from uniting with the inner self.
Carl Rogers
Don’t think you can frighten me by telling me that I am alone. France is alone. God is alone. And the loneliness of God is His strength.
George Bernard Shaw
I was in L.A. in ’08. It was a cold Saturday night. I had spread my phone number out to a score of women and was just indulging this sweet, sad, elegiac, bale loneliness – don’t tell me you haven’t been there.
James Ellroy
I’ve decided that the worst part of loneliness isn’t being alone. It’s being forgotten.
Tawni O’Dell
Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.
Bell Hooks
Turn, gentle Hermit of the Dale, And guide my lonely way To where yon taper cheers the vale With hospitable ray.
Oliver Goldsmith
He would say her name over and over until it devolved into meaningless sounds – mah REI kuh, mah REI kuh – it became an entry in a dictionary of loneliness.
Audrey Niffenegger
Online communities are an expression of loneliness.
Joanne Harris
My greatest affliction… is perhaps the major theme of my writings, the affliction of loneliness that follows me like a shadow, a very ponderous shadow too heavy to drag after me all of my days and nights.
Tennessee Williams
I have a lot of friends, but my biggest fear is loneliness. I miss my family in Mumbai, and my biggest nightmare every day is to go back home alone.
Deepika Padukone
I had created a happy world of make-believe around me during the long years of loneliness, a world of beauty and love. It had helped me to survive, this lovely world that was to be mine when the war was over.
Gerda Weissmann Klein
Each way means loneliness — and communion.
T. S. Eliot
The arctic loneliness of age.
Silas Weir Mitchell
It might be better – more comfortable – to have a dog and two cats. All the love is focused on the cats and the dog. Am I right or wrong here? Have you seen it? At the end of this marriage, comes old age and loneliness.
Pope Francis
When we look within ourselves with psilocybin, we discover that we do not have to look outward toward the futile promise of life that circles distant stars in order to still our cosmic loneliness. We should look within; the paths of the heart lead to nearby universes full of life and affection for humanity.
Terence McKenna
Is there anything in the world better than words on the page? Magic signs, the voices of the dead, building blocks to make wonderful worlds better than this one, comforters, companions in loneliness. Keepers of secrets, speakers of the truth…all those glorious words.
Cornelia Funke
Fly-fishing is a magic way to recapture the rapture of solitude without the pangs of loneliness.
John D. Voelker
I am never lonely when I am reading the Bible. Nothing dissolves loneliness like a session with God’s Word.
Billy Graham
Man’s loneliness is but his fear of life.
Eugene O’Neill
The older generation had greater respect for land than science. But we live in an age when science, more than soil, has become the provider of growth and abundance. Living just on the land creates loneliness in an age of globality.
Shimon Peres
Loneliness can be conquered only by those who can bear solitude.
Paul Tillich
We give it up and just look directly with compassion and humor at who we are. Then loneliness is no threat and heartache, no punishment.
Pema Chodron
We all know how important love is, yet how often is it really emoted or exhibited? What so many sick people in this world suffer from-loneliness, boredom and fear-can’t be cured with a pill.
Albert Schweitzer
Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for.
Dag Hammarskjold
Often, feelings of sadness, uneasiness, and loneliness are vague and unattached to specific events. This makes it more challenging to find ways to turn you mood around. When you find yourself in a funk, focus on what you’re feeling.
G. Alan Marlatt
A lot of my songs are about loneliness and losing relationships. Even the ones that are happy, there’s a lonely undertone to them.
Why were we so far apart, even when we were together? It was a nice loneliness, like the sensation of washing your face in cold water.
Banana Yoshimoto
I never really had any close friends in India, and I felt a terrible loneliness and isolation for many years. Westernized Indians don’t like my books and I tend not to like westernized Indians – so we’re quits.
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
I think everyone is lonely whether you are in a good marriage or a bad marriage somewhere down the line you become lonely, and to get rid of that loneliness you have to try really hard.
Neena Gupta
I had become, with the approach of night, once more aware of loneliness and time – those two companions without whom no journey can yield us anything.
Lawrence Durrell
I started keeping a diary in third grade and, in solidarity with Anne Frank, gave it a name and made it my confidante. To this day, I feel comforted and relieved of loneliness, no matter how foreign my surroundings, if I have a pad and a pen with which to record my experiences.
Ariel Levy
You come into the world alone and you go out of the world alone yet it seems to me you are more alone while living than even going and coming.
Emily Carr
We are awakening from the dream of isolation, from the dream of loneliness, and it’s a terrible shock.
Leonard Cohen
Dim loneliness came imperceivably into the fields and he turned back. The birds piped oddly; some wind was caressing the higher foliage, turning it all one way, the way home. Telegraph poles ahead looked like half-used pencils; the small cross on the steeple glittered with a sharp and shapely permanence.
A. E. Coppard
Great eagles fly alone; great lions hunt alone; great souls walk alone-alone with God. Such loneliness is hard to endure, and impossible to enjoy unless God accompanied. Prophets are lone men; they walk alone, pray alone and God makes them alone.
Leonard Ravenhill
When friendship disappears then there is a space left open to that awful loneliness of the outside world which is like the cold space between the planets. It is an air in which men perish utterly.
Hilaire Belloc
It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
if you are afraid of loneliness, don’t get married
August Strindberg
Human beings can withstand a week without water, two weeks without food, many years of homelessness, but not loneliness. It is the worst of all tortures, the worst of all sufferings.
Paulo Coelho
The sky is one whole, the water another; and between those two infinities the soul of man is in loneliness.
Henryk Sienkiewicz
It was very relaxing to be away from civilization, and this bothered me. I should not have found the loneliness so welcoming.
Stephenie Meyer
For in the end, freedom is a personal and lonely battle; and one faces down fears of today so that those of tomorrow might be engaged.
Alice Walker
Music has always carried me through times of loneliness. So when I make music, I like it to make people who listen to it feel like they have a friend who reveals something personal to them, rather than trying to be like a god up on a pedestal
John Frusciante
Loneliness is a very special place, Silently silently you touch my face
Dennis Wilson
Lack of money means discomfort, means squalid worries, means shortage of tobacco, means ever-present consciousness of failure-above all, it means loneliness.
George Orwell
Our present stress on growth and productivity is, I believe, intimately related to the decline in rootedness. Faced with loneliness and vulnerability that come with deprivation of a securely encompassing community, we have sought to quell the vulnerability through our possessions.
Paul L Wachtel
Loneliness is a strange gift.
E. B. White
Don’t be afraid of loneliness, because everything is a door; even loneliness is a door, it opens to somewhere!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
How sweet, how passing sweet, is solitude! But grant me still a friend in my retreat, whom I may whisper, solitude is sweet.
William Cowper
What makes loneliness an anguish is not that I have no one to share my burden, but this: I have only my own burden to bear.
Dag Hammarskjold
Aside from doing everything possible to provide programs for people who are seriously ill, I want to do everything humanly possible to help create a more caring society so that we can begin to counter the painful loneliness and sense of helplessness which has engulfed too many of our people.
Rosalynn Carter
One ought to love society, if he wishes to enjoy solitude. It is a social nature that solitude works upon with the most various power. If one is misanthropic, and betakes himself to loneliness that he may get away from hateful things, solitude is a silent emptiness to him.
Johann Georg Ritter von Zimmermann
Solitude is one thing and loneliness is another.
May Sarton
She was overstrained with grief and loneliness: almost any shoulder would have done as well.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone.
Octavio Paz
I make a genuine distinction between loneliness and aloneness. I know what each is like. There are times I’m lonely. But there are also many times when I need to be alone, when I don’t want the feeling of someone else in the house other than the cats.
Edward Bryant
Only in solitude do we find ourselves; and in finding ourselves, we find in ourselves all our brothers in solitude.
Miguel de Unamuno
You left , and my heart is a ceaseless sermon of loneliness.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Loneliness will sit over our roofs with brooding wings.
Bram Stoker
The great omission in American life is solitude; not loneliness, for this is an alienation that thrives most in the midst of crowds, but that zone of time and space, free from the outside pressures, which is the incubator of the spirit.
Marya Mannes
My inspiration are the woman, friendship, and loneliness.
Enrique Iglesias
Many times I wondered whether my achievement was worth the loneliness I experienced, but now I realize the price was small.
Gordon Parks
It would be impossible to estimate how much time and energy we invest in trying to fix, change and deny our emotions – especially the ones that shake us at our very core, like hurt, jealousy, loneliness, shame, rage and grief.
Debbie Ford
When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.
George R. R. Martin
When I look at my own work, I see love, loss, and loneliness. Part of it might be that I was an army brat. I moved around all the time. There was a sense of nothing being permanent.
Elizabeth Berg
It’s the hardest thing to be alone in being satisfied with what one’s done.
Claude Monet
Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.
Arthur C. Clarke
People are longing to rediscover true community. We have had enough of loneliness, independence and competition.
Jean Vanier
Loneliness is definitely a theme running through the show, but I think there’s hope in it also. Loki and Sylvie find each other, and there’s hope in that for them.
Kate Herron
When you’re creating you have to descend to depths. You’ve just got to go there – to the boredom, the banality, the loneliness and all that. Those moments of really feeling in the flow are fleeting.
Errollyn Wallen
Loneliness comes with life.
Whitney Houston
Join with those who sing, tell stories, talk pleasure in life, and have joy in their eyes, because joy is contagious, and can prevent others from becoming paralysed by depression, loneliness and difficulties.
Paulo Coelho
Self-hatred is worse than loneliness.
John Irving
I have always photographed loneliness because that is my life.
Bob Richardson
When we finished the kiss she said laughing, I can taste your loneliness – it tastes like vinegar. That annoyed me. Everyone knows loneliness tastes like cold potato soup.
Steve Toltz
With Charlie Brown, it was about loneliness and isolation. I always thought that the thing about Charlie Brown and those characters was the absence of the parents. Half the strip was about who wasn’t there. The parents were never in the picture.
Matt Groening
Stretch a hand to one unfriended And thy loneliness is ended.
William Arthur Dunkerley
I also have the impression that many women have been able, instinctively, to sniff out this loneliness of mine, which I confided to no one, and this in later years was to become one of the causes of my being taken advantage of.
Osamu Dazai
I owe everything that I have done to the fact that I am very much at ease being alone.
Marilynne Robinson
We poets would die of loneliness but for women, and we choose our men friends that we may have somebody to talk about women with. Letter to Olivia Shakespeare, 1936
William Butler Yeats
Year after year, politicians have drafted huge piles of legislation on the assumption that most people are not good. And we know the consequences of that policy: inequality, loneliness and mistrust.
Rutger Bregman
We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.
Mother Teresa
If loneliness was a choice, what was the other option? To settle for second-best and try to be happy with that? And was that fair to the person you settled for?
Lisa Kleypas
I love to write when I feel like everybody else is asleep and when I feel like the world is kind of empty in some ways. I find, oddly enough, that I write about loneliness and isolation a lot.
Dan Chaon
A lot of people have said that the main thread in my work is loneliness or just wanting to create a world with someone who doesn’t really have much in their life, so maybe I’m looking for someone who’s lonely and wants to try to create something with me as a subject for my videos.
Laurel Nakadate
A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life.
R.K. Narayan
When it comes to our relationship with loneliness, specifically, it’s important to understand how our relative introversion or extroversion informs our preference for social interaction.
Vivek Murthy
Better to join in with humanity than to set ourselves apart.
Pema Chodron
If youve ever had that feeling of loneliness, of being an outsider, it never quite leaves you. You can be happy or successful or whatever, but that thing still stays within you.
Tim Burton
If you want to find the trail, if you want to find yourself, you must explore your dreams alone. You must grow at a slow pace in a dark cocoon of loneliness so you can fly like wind, like wings, when you awaken.
Francesca Lia Block
Let us remember with humility the loneliness of being man in a universe we do not understand and the vulnerability of the human condition. The animals could do very well without us, but we cannot do without them.
Gerald Carson
Fame doesn’t end loneliness.
Claire Danes
We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers.
Henry David Thoreau
I wish other people would write about loneliness more. It’s hard to remember that it’s not personal. We live in a world that is built to make people lonely… It’s difficult to remember that your loneliness is not really about you and everyone has it.
Jessa Crispin
She stays in the same spot, anchored by the profound, desperate loneliness of a bad relationship.
David Levithan
Where the despair of loneliness and poverty haunts every hour, the optimism to embark on new projects cannot find a place to alight on the brains cortex. Poverty itself is an enormous obstacle to an enlightened and enlightening – not to say healthy – old age.
Sherwin B. Nuland
There is a huge sense of loneliness as people leave villages and move to cities. It’s hard to find that human connection as you move away from where you started.
Mohsin Hamid
I was feeling lonely without her, but the fact that I could feel lonely at all was consolation. Loneliness wasn’t such a bad feeling. It was like the stillness of the pin oak after the little birds had flown off.
Haruki Murakami
It’s a terrible thing to be alone – yes it is – it is – but don’t lower your mask until you have another mask prepared beneath – as terrible as you like – but a mask.
Katherine Mansfield
Loneliness is never more cruel than when it is felt in close propinquity with someone who has ceased to communicate.
Germaine Greer
We are living in dystopia, in a world that is dominated by technology and disconnect, alienation, loneliness, and dysfunction.
Steven Wilson
Why do we even bother? Why do we make ourselves so open to such easy damage? Is it all loneliness? Is it all fear? Or is it just to experience those narcotic moments of belonging with someone else?
David Levithan
Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience.
Elizabeth Gilbert
When even the most strictly logical mind looks round and investigates the phenomena attending its own existence, perhaps the first fact to attract attention by its strongly marked prominence is the remarkable loneliness of man. He stands alone.
Richard Jefferies
Leadership is the other side of the coin of loneliness, and he who is a leader must always act alone. And acting alone, accept everything alone.
Ferdinand Marcos
When the chips are down, you are alone, and loneliness can be terrifying. Fortunately, I’ve always had a chum I could call. And I love to be alone. It doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m my own company.
Audrey Hepburn
My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.
Warsan Shire
Do not steal something that already belongs to you or pine for people who are sitting right next to you.
Rob Brezsny
A cat and a Bible, and nobody needs to be lonely.
Mary Roberts Rinehart
In their heyday, the Pet Shop Boys were the Interpol of the Eighties, dressing up to sing really weird pop songs about lust and loneliness in the big city. They’re low-pro now, not retro-worshipped in the manner of Depeche Mode, New Order, or The Cure, but you can hear the reason why – these guys are too sad.
Rob Sheffield
Everyone desires relationships and community. Most people want to belong to a cohesive, like-minded group. It staves off loneliness. It promotes identity. These are natural and very human instincts.
Joshua Ferris
But there are other words for privacy and independence. They are isolation and loneliness.
Megan Whalen Turner
Loneliness is a feeling that is created by our ego. The ego feels separate from the rest of creation. The answer to overcoming those feelings is ecstasy.
Frederick Lenz
I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.
Robin Williams
Loneliness expresses the pain of being alone and solitude expresses the glory of being alone.
Paul Tillich
Perhaps one of the main antidotes to depression, lack of self-esteem, loneliness and so forth is the recognition that we really do have Buddha nature. All the other problems like anger, jealousy, ambitions, are merely habitual patterns that we’ve learned, but aren’t inherent to who we are.
Tenzin Palmo
Desire, loneliness, wind in the flowering almond— surely these are the great, the inexhaustible subjects to which my predecessors apprenticed themselves. I hear them echo in my own heart, disguised as convention.
Louise GluМ€ck
You write a story about loneliness, and you grab them all because everybody’s an expert on that one.
Theodore Sturgeon
maybe the lonely places are the only things that make human beings of us all.
Babs Deal
I had dropped one form and not taken on the other, and was become like Mohammed’s coffin in our legend, with a resultant feeling of intense loneliness in life, and a contempt, not for other men, but for all they do.
T. E. Lawrence
It seems to be that loneliness is a small price to pay for peace and quiet.
Bart Yates
Leave my loneliness unbroken
Edgar Allan Poe
The deepest need of the human being is to overcome our
separateness, to leave the prison of our loneliness.
Erich Fromm
We are most of us very lonely in this world; you who have any who love you, cling to them and thank God.
William Makepeace Thackeray
I know the night is not the same as the day: that all things are different, that the things of the night cannot be explained in the day, because they do not then exist, and the night can be a dreadful time for lonely people once their loneliness has started.
Ernest Hemingway
Fame always brings loneliness. Success is as ice cold and lonely as the North Pole.
Vicki Baum
Lost in loneliness and pain. Black and unendurable, Thinking of you with every Corpuscle of my flesh, in Every instant of night And day.
Kenneth Rexroth
Loneliness is black coffee and late-night television; solitude is herb tea and soft music. Solitude, quality solitude, is an assertion of self-worth, because only in the stillness can we hear the truth of our own unique voices.
Pearl Cleage
Believe to the end, even if all men went astray and you were left the only one faithful; bring your offering even then and praise God in your loneliness.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Solitude is fine, but you need someone to tell you that solitude is fine.
Honore de Balzac
Photography is a very lonely medium. There’s a kind of beautiful loneliness in voyeurism. And that’s why I’m a photographer.
Alec Soth
We need new words for what this is, this hunger entering our loneliness like birds, stunning our eyes into rays of hope. we need the flutter that can save us, something that will swirl across the face of what we have become and bring us grace.
Lucille Clifton
All that he had of her was his memory, where he held every moment, every single moment that she had been his. That was all he had, to keep out the loneliness.
Juliet Marillier
Why do I write? It’s not that I want people to think I am smart, or even that I am a good writer. I write because I want to end my loneliness.
Jonathan Safran Foer
Sometimes you can be lucky enough to establish a working relationship with another artist who takes away the loneliness, particularly in travel and outdoor work.
Robert Genn
No person loving or admiring himself is alone.
Theodor Reik
The confusing lesson whipped Frankie’s anger into something she had never felt before. It was like an emotional meringue – the airy feeling of loneliness topped with the hard crisp of injustice. Yet its taste was far from sweet.
Lisi Harrison
The more specific you are about a very general feeling of loneliness is actually how you connect with people.
Phoebe Bridgers
I think I’d like to be able to heal people’s pain, whether it is hunger, loneliness or whatever.
Brandi Chastain
All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
Paul McCartney
Loneliness is only an opportunity to cut adrift and find yourself. In solitude you are least alone.
Bruce Lee
Being stigmatied by sex is being marked by its meaning in a human life of loneliness and imperfection, where some pain is indelible.
Andrea Dworkin
No specter assails us in more varied disguises than loneliness, and one of its most impenetrable masks is called love.
Arthur Schnitzler
I would have to say loneliness is next to uncleanliness.
Janeane Garofalo
Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue… and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness.
Naomi Campbell
In 2016, I left Korea to further my modelling career overseas, and I spent a lot of time alone. At the time, the emotion that I felt the most was loneliness.
HoYeon Jung
Modern man’s difficulties, dangerous beliefs and feelings of loneliness, spiritual emptiness,and personal weakness are caused by his illusions about, and separation from, the natural world.
Benjamin Hoff
I’m not someone who will make a decision in haste and let loneliness decide the wrong partner for me.
Shamita Shetty
Aloneness can lead to loneliness. God’s preventative for loneliness is intimacy – meaningful, open, sharing relationships with one another. In Christ we have the capacity for the fulfiling sense of belonging which comes from intimate fellowship with God and with other believers.
Neil T Anderson
I think the most common cause of insomnia is simple; its loneliness.
Heath Ledger
…loneliness is not a function of solitude.
David Foster Wallace
You’re neither unnatural, nor abominable, nor mad; you’re as much a part of what people call nature as anyone else; only you’re unexplained as yet — you’ve not got your niche in creation. ~ The Well of Loneliness, 1928
Radclyffe Hall
Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering – and it’s all over much too soon.
Woody Allen
SO the richest are often the poorest as this saying goes, “Loneliness is the ultimate poverty”
Abigail Van Buren
The desolation and terror of, for the first time, realizing that the mother can lose you, or you her, and your own abysmal loneliness and helplessness without her.
Francis Thompson
I think he is condemned by himself to loneliness. God is One: he was, he is, he will be always One. One is so lonely. Maybe that is why he created human beings–to feel less lonely. But as human beings betray his creation, he may become even lonelier.
Elie Wiesel
The worst thing baldness causes is loneliness.
Gail Porter
Social acceptance, ‘being liked,’ has so much power because it holds the feelings of loneliness at bay.
Rollo May
You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.
Wayne Dyer
My loneliness ain’t killing me no more.
Britney Spears
The opposite of Loneliness is not Togetherness , It’s Intimacy.
Richard Bach
She had always maintained a cynical facade, using it as a defence against embarrassment, fear, loneliness… but at the moment she felt unusually vulnerable.
Lisa Kleypas
God created man and, finding him not sufficiently alone, gave him a companion to make him feel his solitude more keenly.
Paul Valery
Since I love you, my loneliness begins to throw you.
Jean Giraudoux
We are so lonely in life that we must ask ourselves if the loneliness of dying is not a symbol of our human existence.
Emile M. Cioran
Given the proper suggestion, the Subconscious Mind will manifest success from failure, health from disease, prosperity from poverty, friendship and love from loneliness and isolation. For nothing is impossible to the Subconscious Mind and it operates entirely by suggestion.
Uell Stanley Andersen
It’s when you have friends that you can afford to be lonely. When you know a lot of people, loneliness becomes a luxury. It’s only when you’re forced to be lonely that it’s bad.
Vera Caspary
Yes, I want money more than anything else in the world.” “Then you’ve made the only choice. But there’s a penalty attached, as there is to most things you want. It’s loneliness.
Margaret Mitchell
I felt his hot tears and the loneliness of man and the sweetness of all men and the aching haunting beauty of the living
John Fante
The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be.
Anne Frank
Loneliness is a darkness of the soul
N.K. Jemisin
The only place I’ve felt was really my home is my cabin up north. There’s something in the water there that connects me to that place. There’s also this sense of isolation and loneliness about it that I’ve never been able to shake.
Jessica Lange
In every seed to breathe a flower, In every drop of dew To reverence a cloister star Within the distant blue; To wait the promise of the how, Despite the cloud between, Is Faith-the fervid evidence Of loneliness unseen.
John B. Tabb
Closer of lovely eyes to lovely dreams, Lover of loneliness, and wandering, Of upcast eye, and tender pondering! Thee must I praise above all other glories That smile us on to tell delightful stories.
John Keats
To diminish the suffering of pain, we need to make a crucial distinction between the pain of pain, and the pain we create by our thoughts about the pain. Fear, anger, guilt, loneliness and helplessness are all mental and emotional responses that can intensify pain.
Howard Cutler
My first two novels featured narrators who were aggressively unattached: They couldn’t form any sort of genuine relationship. So I had thoroughly explored the geography of loneliness and isolation.
Gillian Flynn
Separate we come, and separate we go, And this be it known, is all that we know.
Conrad Aiken
Almost without exception alcoholics are tortured by loneliness.
Bill W.
We have forgotten love, and Sat lonely beside each other. We have eaten together, Lonely behind our plates, we Have hidden behind children, We have slept together in A lonely bed. Now my heart Turns toward you, awake at last, Penitent, lost in the last Loneliness. Speak to me. Talk To me. Break the black silence.
Kenneth Rexroth
When asked “What do we need to learn this for?” any high-school teacher can confidently answer that, regardless of the subject, the knowledge will come in handy once the student hits middle age and starts working crossword puzzles in order to stave off the terrible loneliness.
David Sedaris
Loneliness is the penalty of leadership, but the man who has to make the decisions is assisted greatly if he feels that there is no uncertainty in the minds of those who follow him, and that his orders will be carried out confidently and in the expectation of success.
Ernest Shackleton
All right, that was my moment with loneliness. I’m not afraid of feeling lonely, but now I’m going to put that loneliness aside and know that there are other emotions in the world, and I’m going to experience them as well.
Morrie Schwartz
The words ‘alone,’ ‘lonely,’ and ‘loneliness’ are three of the most powerful words in the English language. Those words say that we are human; they are like the words hunger and thirst. But they are not words about the body, they are words about the soul.
Donald Miller
There is no loneliness when you meditate, you feel eternity. How could you ever be lonely? You just feel God’s love for you and that sustains you. It’s totally clear; it’s part of every aspect of your being.
Frederick Lenz
Loneliness is the theme, and I play it like a symphony, in endless variations.
Jonathan Tropper
One aged man – one man – can’t fill a house.
Robert Frost
I said it’s a cold universe and I don’t mean that metaphorically. If you go out into space, it’s cold. It’s really cold and we don’t know what’s up there. We happen to be in this little pocket where there’s a sun. What have we got except love and each other to guard against all that isolation and loneliness?
David Chase
As with many people, Charles, who could not talk, wrote with fullness. He set down his loneliness and his perplexities, and he put on paper many things he did not know about himself.
John Steinbeck
When we are most alone is when we embrace another’s loneliness.
Mitch Albom
I don’t believe in cutting out people from the past. It doesn’t give strength; it just gives loneliness.
Carla Bruni
Usually, we think that “good” loneliness is what we call “solitude,” the choice of some alone-time. But I want to press on with the negative dimension, to look at ways in which a fundamental sense of being separated from others shapes who we are and why.
Thomas L. Dumm
We are lonesome animals. We spend all our life trying to be less lonesome. One of our ancient methods is to tell a story begging the listener to say — and to feel — “Yes, that’s the way it is, or at least that’s the way I feel it. You’re not as alone as you thought.”
John Steinbeck
Sometimes you never feel lonelier than when you are always doing tons of things and traveling all over the place. There is a real feeling of loneliness sometimes.
Nicolas Ghesquiere
What do you care? You always liked loneliness better than you liked people. No offence liking yourself’s the beginning of all love.
Fritz Leiber
Loneliness does not worry me; life is difficult enough, putting up with yourself and with your own habits.
Jorge Luis Borges
Where the despair of loneliness and poverty haunts every hour, the optimism to embark on new projects cannot find a place to alight on the brain’s cortex. Poverty itself is an enormous obstacle to an enlightened and enlightening – not to say healthy – old age.
Sherwin B. Nuland
Every one of Joel’s important songs–including the happy ones–are ultimately about loneliness. And it’s not ‘clever lonely’ (like Morrissey) or ‘interesting lonely’ (like Radiohead); it’s ‘lonely lonely,’ like the way it feels when you’re being hugged by someone and it somehow makes you sadder.
Chuck Klosterman
Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
Helen Keller
Yet it is in this loneliness that the deepest activities begin. It is here that you discover act without motion, labor that is profound repose, vision in obscurity, and, beyond all desire, a fulfillment whose limits extend to infinity.
Thomas Merton
I rail against writers who talk about the loneliness of it all — what do they want, a crowd looking over their typewriters? Or those who talk about having to stare at a blank page — do they want someone to write on it?
Wilfrid Sheed
Loneliness in travel directs you and tells you about yourself. You don’t become lonely unless you’re alone.
Paul Theroux
If you are destined to become a writer, you can’t help it. If you can help it, you aren’t destined to become a writer. The frustrations and disappointments, not even to mention the unspeakable loneliness, are too unbearable for anyone who doesn’t have a deep sense of being unable to avoid writing.
Donald Harington
there is a loneliness in this world so great that you can see it in the slow movement of the hands of a clock
Charles Bukowski
The surest cure for vanity is loneliness.
Tom Wolfe
It would be really wonderful if people connected to the loneliness of what it means to be a human being in the world today.
Elisabeth Shue
Love is something far more than desire for sexual intercourse; it is the principal means of escape from the loneliness which afflicts most men and women throughout the greater part of their lives.
Bertrand Russell
One of the things that people complain about is loneliness, disconnectedness. If you live in a society where your life is rarely threatened and most of your relationships are more on an economic exchange basis, then this could leave people feeling less connected.
Steven Pinker
Friends, companions, lovers, are those who treat us in terms of our unlimited worth to ourselves. They are closest to us who best understand what life means to us, who feel for us as we feel for ourselves, who are bound to us in triumph and disaster, who break the spell of our loneliness.
Henry Alonso Myers
Even in the depths of sleep, in which he had to satisfy his need for protection and love by curling himself up into a trembling ball, he could not rid himself of the feeling of loneliness and homelessness.
Bruno Schulz
It’s clear to me that anyone, anywhere, can experience loneliness, isolation, solitude, and estrangement; and most people probably do encounter these things at some point in their lives.
Brendan Myers
There’s a lot of loneliness in a book tour. A lot of grilled cheese sandwiches alone in your hotel at night.
Margaret Stohl
I’ve been in that angst of loneliness, where you’re really alone in the universe, except for the dog.
William Shatner
Youth gives a sense of new days dawning bright, going on for ever, and a kind of tamped-down excitement which keeps breaking through even the worst days of poverty, depression and loneliness. But then youth is something which only exists in retrospect; you are barely conscious of it while you have it.
Fay Weldon
I better be honest about my feelings, even those involving loneliness, jealousy, and fear.
Andy Cohen
Love is an actual need, an urgent requirement of the heart, he read aloud from an old essay on marriage that he found in his files.Every properly constituted human being who entertains an appreciation of loneliness…and looks forward to happiness and content feels the necessity of loving. Without it, life is unfinished.
Jan Karon
Fatigue dulls the pain, but awakes enticing thoughts of death. So! that is the way in which you are tempted to overcome your loneliness — by making the ultimate escape from life. — No! It may be that death is to be your ultimate gift to life: it must not be an act of treachery against it.
Dag Hammarskjold
I, however, cannot force myself to use “meat drugs” to cheat on my loneliness.
Franz Kafka
There might be some hours of loneliness. But there was something wonderful even in loneliness. At least you belonged to yourself when you were lonely.
Lucy Maud Montgomery
The pain of loneliness seems to be part of the mortal experience. But the Lord in His mercy has made it so that we need never deal with the challenges of mortality alone.
Sheri L. Dew
You are the architect of your own loneliness.
Adam Shankman
The life of an athlete does have to be lonely and you have to be focused on your craft and what you do. Loneliness is just a sacrifice you make as an Olympic-level athlete.
Johnny Weir
We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.
C. S. Lewis
I was sad to leave Europe in 1890, after my student days in Germany… But then, once back in New York, I experienced an intense longing for Europe, for its vital tradition of music, theatre, art, craftsmanship… I felt bewildered and lonely. How was I to use myself?
Alfred Stieglitz
I have learned to be steady in my course of love, or fear, or loneliness, rather than impulsive in its wasting, either lyrically or emotionally.
Rosanne Cash
The poem is lonely. It is lonely and en route. Its author stays with it. Does this very fact not place the poem already here, at its inception, in the encounter, in the mystery of encounter?
Paul Celan
The loneliness of a visionary is that you might be the only one in the universe at that time who recognizes magic. I’m a magical person, and so I recognize other magical people. It takes ones to know one.
Kim Fowley
Loneliness is like starvation: you don’t realize how hungry you are until you begin to eat.
Joyce Carol Oates
What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit
Chief Seattle
Poverty only tries men’s souls. It is loneliness that breaks the heart.
Sam Rayburn
Some nights, one wants to tell beloveds everything that’s been waiting to be said. Some nights, a man needs flesh and blood and warm breath and a loving heart.
Janet Morris
The truly solitary being is not the man who is abandoned by men, but the man who suffers in their midst, who drags his desert through the marketplace and deploys his talents as a smiling leper, a mountebank of the irreparable.
Emile M. Cioran
When I get lonely these days, I think: So BE lonely, Liz. Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience. But never again use another person’s body or emotions as a scratching post for your own unfulfilled yearnings.
Elizabeth Gilbert
Become aware of your aloneness – which is a reality. And it is so beautiful to experience it, to feel it, because it is your freedom from the crowd, from the other. It is your freedom from the fear of being lonely.
Loneliness is bred of a mind that has grown earth-bound.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
The loneliness you feel with another person, the wrong person, is the loneliest of all.
Deb Caletti
You can never underestimate that moment of somebody explaining your life to you, something you thought was inexplicable, through music. That was the way out of loneliness.
Carrie Brownstein
You see, to me, the art of music is listening to it, not playing it. The real art of it is hearing it.
Keith Richards
We are never the same with others as when we are alone. We are different, even when we are in the dark with them.
Maurice Maeterlinck
Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change.
Gretchen Rubin
Single people slip out of the dating market for many social, economic, psychological, and ideological reasons including marriage, illness, bankruptcy, job promotion, exhaustion, and common sense. Inevitably, however, they return because of divorce, boredom, loneliness, and memory loss.
Linda Sunshine
It’s so kind of you to want to visit me in my loneliness. – The Wicked Witch of the West. Now I know I have a heart, because it’s breaking. – The Tin Woodsman Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.
L. Frank Baum
People should be conscious of the large contribution made by anything that gets people together easily in the reduction of loneliness and emotional well-being.
Daniel Kahneman
How tired God must be of guilt and loneliness, for that is all we ever bring to Him.
Mignon McLaughlin
Loneliness is proof that your innate search for connection is intact.
Martha Beck
You don’t have to think very hard to realize that our dread of both relationships and loneliness … has to do with angst about death, the recognition that I’m going to die, and die very much alone, and the rest of the world is going to go merrily on without me.
David Foster Wallace
Some degree of withdrawal serves to nurture man’s creative powers. The artist and the scientist bring out of the dark void, like the mysterious universe itself, the unique, the strange, the unexpected. Numerous observers have testified upon the loneliness of the process.
Loren Eiseley
Loneliness comes in two basic varieties. When it results from a desire for solitude, loneliness is a door we close against the world. When the world instead rejects us, loneliness is an open door, unused.
Dean Koontz
love all the people you can. The sufferings from love are not to be compared to the sorrows of loneliness.
Susan Hale
If I hazard a guess as to the most endemic, prevalent anxiety among human beings-including fear of death, abandonment, loneliness-nothing is more prevalent than the fear of one another.
R. D. Laing
..he understood far more deeply than anyone else the loneliness that lurked beneath his jaunty mask.
RyЕ«nosuke Akutagawa
Every loneliness is a pinnacle
Ayn Rand
Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, only a signal shown, and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.
Maya Angelou
Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius.
Edward Gibbon
We want to know that we’re not alone with our loneliness or loss.
Michael Helm
If you love, you will suffer. The only way to protect yourself against suffering is to protect yourself against love – and that is the greatest suffering of all, loneliness.
Peter Kreeft
I sit between my brother the mountain and my sister the sea. We three are one in loneliness, and the love that binds us together is deep and strong and strange.
Khalil Gibran
Poverty and loneliness could be seen as a liberation from strivings to become rich and popular.
Donald Richie
I’ve never been lonely. I like myself. I’m the best form of entertainment I have. Let’s drink more wine!
Charles Bukowski
Valek’s thoughts returned to Yelena. An icy finger of loneliness touched the emptiness inside him. She was in Sitia, where she needed to be to learn about her magical powers, but she had taken his heart with her.
Maria V. Snyder
Respect for sovereignity, for privacy, for total independence. Gentle alliances against loneliness, they were, cool rational love-affairs without the love.
Richard Bach
Being human is the most terrible loneliness in the universe.
A.A. Attanasio
The surest sign of age is loneliness.
Annie Dillard
Saturday night is the loneliest night in the week.
Sammy Cahn
This world that I live in is empty and cold/the loneliness cuts me and tortures my soul.
Waylon Jennings
If love is universal, no one can be left out.
Deepak Chopra
I really love baseball. The guys and the game, and I love the challenge of describing things. The only thing I hate – and I know you have to be realistic and pay the bills in this life – is the loneliness on the road.
Vin Scully
Loneliness becomes an acid that eats away at you.
Haruki Murakami
He liked the loneliness of inner space, the sense of being forgotten by the world.
Richard Preston
you’ll never be lonely if you learn to be friend your self
David Archuleta
Nonetheless, Scranton had travelled in space. He had known the loneliness of separation from all other human beings, he had gazed at the empty perspectives that I myself had seen.
J. G. Ballard
We are not alone in our loneliness, others have been here and known griefs we thought our special own.
Patrick Kavanagh
There are some solitary wretches who seem to have left the rest of mankind, only, as Eve left Adam, to meet the devil in private.
Alexander Pope
My characters are quite as real to me as so-called real people; which is one reason why I’m not subject to what is known as loneliness. I have plenty of company.
William S. Burroughs
The strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone.
Henrik Ibsen
We, unaccustomed to courage
exiles from delight
live coiled in shells of loneliness
until love leaves its high holy temple
and comes into our sight
to liberate us into life.
Maya Angelou
Without great solitude no serious work is possible.
Pablo Picasso
The pain of being alone is completely out of this world, isn’t it? I don’t know why, but I understand your feelings so much, it actually hurts.
Masashi Kishimoto
Marriage. Don’t be pressured into it. Is the fear of loneliness really greater than the fear of bondage?
Sumiko Tan
Here had lived someone else who knew that the only thing waiting at home was a sense of loneliness. Sometimes it is comforting. Most often, it isn’t.
Jim Butcher
We know that chronic loneliness has consequences. It certainly depresses our mood. And in terms of our health, people who struggle with loneliness also have an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, dementia, depression, and anxiety. Loneliness is also associated with a shorter lifespan.
Vivek Murthy
I drink out of desperation. Life is too dreary to endure. The misery, loneliness, crampedness – they’re heartbreaking.[…] What feelings do you suppose a man has when he realizes that he will never know happiness or glory as long as he lives? Hard work. All that amounts to is food for the wild beasts of hunger.
Osamu Dazai
Miss Abigail, I want to be an author because writers know when a person is lonely. I mean, when Molly read me some books, those writers reached out and said, Look Gideon, we know about your loneliness and we know you’re feeling downtrodden. And they said…I’ll stand up for you. You’re not lone anymore.
Leon Uris
When I think about popular culture, I can’t help but think that we’re living in the age of loneliness. There’s this illusion that we all have instant access to each other, but we actually have no real connection.
Madonna Ciccone
the way i need you is a loneliness i cannot bear.
Carson McCullers
She cried for the life she could not control. She cried for the mentor who had died before her eyes. She cried for the profound loneliness that filled her heart. But, above all, she cried for the future … which suddenly felt so uncertain.
Dan Brown
After all who doesn’t wish to make a spectacle of their loneliness
Nicole Krauss
When I went through my confirmation hearing to serve as surgeon general they asked me what my priorities would be and I didn’t list loneliness in that priority list because it was not one at the time.
Vivek Murthy
My loneliness tasted like pennies.
Janet Fitch
In a world characterized by loneliness and despair, we can reach out in love to those around us. Or, as St. Francis once said, we can “preach the gospel all the time; if necessary, use words.”
Phil Callaway
Love was the result of having caught a glimpse of another’s loneliness.
Nadeem Aslam
I must conquer my loneliness alone. I must be happy with myself or I have nothing to offer you. Two halves have little choice but to join; and yes, they do make a whole. But two wholes when they coincide… that is beauty. That is love.
Peter McWilliams
Writing can be a lonely business. But gradually your characters, or the scenes and peopl from your past, begin to rise up around you, and you find yourself writing your way out of loneliness, writing into your own company.
Barbara Abercrombie
Loneliness doesn’t have much to do with where you are.
Hugh Hefner
I also wanted to express the strength of cinema to hide reality, while being entertaining. Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness.
Pedro Almodovar
Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln never saw a movie, heard a radio or looked at television. They had ‘Loneliness’ and knew what to do with it. They were not afraid of being lonely because they knew that was when the creative mood in them would work.
Carl Sandburg
I have a very childlike rage, and a very childlike loneliness.
Richey Edwards
…to speak of them out loud, to speak of their hunger and pain and loneliness and humour, to make them visible so that can not be ravaged in the dark without great consequence.
Eve Ensler
Loneliness is lessened when you’re lonely by choice.
George Jones
Lonely people, in talking to each other can make each other lonelier.
Lillian Hellman
Being a good host offsets the deprivation and loneliness of my youth
Alan Ladd
The loneliness of the expatriate is of an odd and complicated kind, for it is inseparable from the feeling of being free, of having escaped.
Adam Gopnik
Myself, I suffer from loneliness. And I think we all feel alone. I’m looking for stories that help people deal with loneliness and help them if they are monsters: they don’t have to undertake monstrous actions. And maybe they’re not monsters.
David Harbour
Loneliness is different than isolation and solitude. Loneliness is a subjective feeling where the connections we need are greater than the connections we have. In the gap, we experience loneliness. It’s distinct from the objective state of isolation, which is determined by the number of people around you.
Vivek Murthy
We’re always alone. You can be in a crowded room and still feel the bite of loneliness. Personally, I find that it bites deepest whenever others are around.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
The liar leads an existence of unutterable loneliness.
Adrienne Rich
My music is very personal. I’ve created it in solitude. I face a white wall and beller. I like that sound – the expression of loneliness. That’s what it’s all about.
Dwight Yoakam
loneliness can fly a helicopter through a cut-out shape of a helicopter the same size as the helicopter and that’s it’s only skill and it isn’t good enough but it’s still amazing.
Tao Lin
Feelings of loss and loneliness are inevitable when much of what makes life worth living is taken away.
Wes Streeting
The movies were so healing for me because I had such an isolated, lonely childhood. Going to the movies and having the lights go down, you disappear. If you have esteem issues, suddenly you’re in a void where nobody can see you. You are just by yourself in that darkness, and your loneliness is cured.
Michael De Luca