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Insecurity Quotes

Insecurity Quotes by Douglas Dunn, Beth Moore, Buck Brannaman, Maggie O’Farrell, Tony Blair, Victor Manuel Rivera and many others.

The negative aspects of Scottish Nationalism are a kind of aggressive complacency, that sort of boasting; but that’s an expression of insecurity, I think, of a lack of confidence.
Douglas Dunn
Insecurity is miserable. That’s the bottom line. We don’t need it. We don’t want it. And we really can live without it. So what would happen if we quite being accomplices in our own misery?
Beth Moore
By the time you’ve had a relationship with a horse for a while, there are characteristics in the way the horse behaves with you and around you and responds to you that are directly (related) to some of your traits as a human being…whether it’s insecurity or aggression or fear or hate.
Buck Brannaman
I don’t believe in fate. I don’t believe in cushioning your insecurities with a system of belief that tells you ‘Don’t worry. This may be your life but you’re not in control. There is something or someone looking out for you — it’s already organised.’ It’s all chance and choice, which is far more frightening.
Maggie O’Farrell
My view is that we’re entering into a situation of enormous instability, insecurity, fragility.
Tony Blair
The more the level of insecurity is reduced, the more the level of faith will grow.
Victor Manuel Rivera
Maybe that’s why there’s an insecurity sometimes in acting, because it’s not like there’s a correlation between hard work and how people receive you.
Owen Wilson
I have self-doubt. I have insecurity. I have fear of failure. I have nights when I show up at the arena and I’m like, ‘My back hurts, my feet hurt, my knees hurt. I don’t have it. I just want to chill.’ We all have self-doubt. You don’t deny it, but you also don’t capitulate to it. You embrace it.
Kobe Bryant
I think one thing that’s important to maintain is a sense of fear, always doubting yourself… a good dose of insecurity helps your work in some ways.
Gary Larson
When I work on something I’m not excited about or not as proud of it as I’d like to be, then I try to work even harder to make the next one and address those insecurities, I tackle insecurities rather than run from them.
David Gordon Green
Fundamentally, the solution to economic insecurity is economic prosperity – an achievable goal. But for anyone who has grown up without financial security, there’s a shadow that lies over even those who move towards independence: lack of financial literacy.
Stacey Abrams
We secretly believe that if only we achieve some elusive goal – fitting into a pair of skinny jeans, or redoing our kitchen or getting that promotion – that it will make us happy. But the pain of our insecurity is hidden in all that racing around.
Dani Shapiro
I became disconnected from the childlike play that art could be. I spent so much time fearing I wasn’t good enough that I lost the sense that my artistic expression was worthy.
Elisabeth Shue
Western media only intensified the climate of fear and insecurity…
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Many times I’ve sat with a camera and another actor and seen all their fears and insecurities and struggles. You want to support them and help them as much as you can.
Christopher Eccleston
I don’t worry. I’m more stoical. Of course I have insecurities. I fear getting older. I fear death and illness. I’m not prone to depression, but I get depressed because everybody gets depressed. Suddenly I’m away from my family or doing a job I’m not enjoying.
David Thewlis
I think the elections have gone well, although there is so much insecurity in Iraq. So far during the counting of ballots, there has not been a significant complaint. We have to wait to see what the outcome of the counting is.
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
I still remember the way children used to tease me. Fat people are really lonely people. In school, girls would be my friends, but guys would generally keep away. A lot of insecurity stems from there. But if you have a strong base, nothing can shake you.
Raveena Tandon
I’m the most insecure guy in Hollywood. If you had it good all your life, you figure it can’t ever get bad, but when you had it bad, you wonder how long a thing like this will last
Alan Ladd
Secret courts making secret rulings on secret laws, and companies flagrantly lying to consumers about the insecurity of their products and services, undermine the very foundations of our society.
Bruce Schneier
Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue… and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness.
Naomi Campbell
These people are often authoritarian and rigid in their views, exerting power over others in an effort to keep others from having power over them. Persecutors may act grandiose and self-righteous to mask their own insecurity.
David Emerald Womeldorff
I believe that a lot of our striving after the symbols and levers of success is due to a basic insecurity, a need to prove ourselves. That done, grown up at last, we are free to stop pretending.
Charles Handy
I am so weak over love and heartbreak. My music is rhythm and blues and with that said, the blues element of it is a major portion. I feel like it has been lost in R&B and a lot of people are scared to talk about their vulnerabilities and insecurities. They want to keep it up and in the club.
Adrian Marcel
In other characters, it’s driven by insecurity, or it’s driven by fear, or – there’s always a driver. And all the physical manifestations, you need your way in.
Meryl Streep
Ours is a society of denial that conditions us to protect ourselves from any direct difficulty and discomfort. We expend enormous energy denying our insecurity, fighting pain, death and loss and hiding from the basic truths of the natural world and of our own nature.
Jack Kornfield
A kung fu man who was really good was not proud at all. Pride emphasizes the superiority of one’s status. There has to be fear and insecurity in pride, because when you aim at being highly esteemed and achieve such status, you automatically start to worry about losing status.
Bruce Lee
Lack of self-worth is the fundamental source of all emotional pain. A feeling of insecurity, unworthiness and lack of valueis the core experience of powerlessness.
Gary Zukav
The biggest insecurity I had was my singing. Even though I had sold 70 million records, there was this feeling like, I’m not good at this.
Jennifer Lopez
Artistic self-indulgence is the mark of an amateur. The temptation to make scenes, to appear late, to call in sick, not to meet deadlines, not to be organized, is at heart a sign of your own insecurity and at worst the sign of an amateur.
Harold Prince
We’re all going through our problems, but we all have the same insecurities and we all have the same abilities and we all need each other.
Beyonce Knowles
With girls, there’s an insecurity that starts early on. It hangs around them, like some annoying kid from down the block who won’t take the hint and go home when dinnertime comes. And moms are usually not great at giving their daughters confidence.
Steve Schirripa
We live in a culture where were bombarded with so much noise and so much insecurity.
Lisa Ling
When we love all parts of ourselves, when we bless all of ourselves, when we honor all of our history and all of our insecurities, doubts, worries, and fears, we become the women that we always wanted to be.
Debbie Ford
Setbacks, on the other hand, just make us feel weak and stupid: I should have conquered this by now. I happened on a question not long ago that oerfectly expresses this mentality: How many times must I prove myself an idiot?
Beth Moore
The more populous the world and the more intricate its structure, the greater must be its fundamental insecurity. A world-structure too elaborately scientific, if once disrupted by war, revolution, natural cataclysm or epidemic, might collapse into a chaos not easily rebuilt.
F. L. Lucas
Many new lovers and spouses struggle to reconcile themselves with their partners’ relationship history, but it’s an insecurity I left behind in my 20s.
Mariella Frostrup
There is no such thing as perfect security, only varying levels of insecurity.
Salman Rushdie
What do you think it is that drives people to want far more than they could ever use or need? I frankly think it’s insecurity. How do we let the world know that the trappings of this life are not the things that are ultimately important for being accepted?
Fred Rogers
I’m still learning and trying to become a better actor. I still feel insecurity.
Dave Bautista
I write with a sense of my future readers being ever on the verge of setting down the book and pronouncing it a bore. Fear and insecurity are great motivators.
Mary Roach
Some of the greatest actors on the planet are the most insecure people. Now I don’t know if that insecurity necessarily equates to a lack of confidence. Some people are just very shy individuals. You give them a character to play and a script, and you put them in front of a camera or on a stage, and they just go.
Eric Dane
Every writer, no matter published, unpublished, award-winning, or bestselling, faces insecurity. It crops up everywhere and, in my personal experience, nearly every day. It’s just a part of the process.
Rebecca Serle
The greatest antidote to insecurity & sense of fear is compassion. It brings one back to the basis of one’s inner strength.
Dalai Lama
Envy derives from insecurity.
Igor Babailov
She’s probably in denial that she’s a great big ball of insecurity and I’m quite well aware that I am one.
Boy George
The hydrogen bomb is not the answer to the Western peoples’ dream of full and final insurance of their security … While it has increased their striking power it has sharpened their anxiety and deepened their sense of insecurity.
B. H. Liddell Hart
I’m perfectly happy to admit that insecurity. It doesn’t bother me. It’s there, just the same as the color of my eyes is there. I’m never going to get rid of it. I’m not going to wake up one morning and really like the way I look, but as long as other people like the way I look, that’s fine.
George Michael
I’d read a lot about the psychology around rejection and insecurity, and I had noticed that when people feel insecure or rejected, they behave aggressively, erratically. Especially when you can hide behind a screen name or a profile picture.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
I’ve always been really, really aware of my insecurities – really, really aware. I never developed that thick skin that keeps you from letting things get to you.
Taylor Swift
Without a job all there is to life is boredom and insecurity.
John Lennon
The gods throw the dice and they don’t ask whether we want to be in the game or not.
Paulo Coelho
National politics and elections are dominated by emotions, by lack of self-confidence, by fear of the other, by insecurity, by infection of the body politic by the virus of victimhood.
Tariq Ramadan
For me, every day is a new thing. I approach each project with a new insecurity, almost like the first project I ever did. And I get the sweats. I go in and start working, I’m not sure where I’m going. If I knew where I was going I wouldn’t do it.
Frank Gehry
As long as art is the beauty parlor of civilization, neither art nor civilization is secure.
John Dewey
I used to have insecurity about my finances, then I announced that I had debt, and now I don’t have any insecurities.
Kanye West
There is such insecurity in loving that we see all the pros and cons and then decide how much we want to invest in relationships.
We [tend to] have more faith in what we imitate than in what we originate. We [often feel that we] cannot derive a sense of absolute certitude from anything which has its root in us. The most poignant sense of insecurity comes from standing alone; we are not alone when we imitate.
Bruce Lee
My parents, products of the Great Depression, were successful people, but lived in a state of constant fear that my sister and I, and they, would sink into the kind of economic insecurity that their generation knew so well.
Ben Stein
Your dynamic with everyone will change when you graduate high school. High school is a pit of despair. It’s a swirling tornado of insecurities and there’s really nothing good about it.
Kristen Bell
Bigotry and judgment are the height of insecurity.
Jasmine Guy
May and I are sisters. We’ll always fight, but we’ll always make up as well. That’s what sisters do: we argue, we point out each other’s frailties, mistakes, and bad judgment, we flash the insecurities we’ve had since childhood, and then we come back together. Until the next time.
Lisa See
Fear. People are afraid of talking about their fears and insecurities. They’re afraid of expressing emotion beyond anger, dominance, or power, and they’re afraid of getting in touch with their feminine side.
John Legend
When l write my own stuff, that’s my only alone time. From wake-up to going to bed, I’m with someone. I don’t like to do anything alone. I guess it’s insecurity. When I travel, I won’t go anywhere without people to go do something. I’m happier around people; the more people the better.
Tobias Jesso, Jr.
I grew up with a great sense of insecurity in figuring out what I was and where I belonged.
I don’t think of myself as a role model for others, but I like to live my life by my own integrity. So, in that sense, I might be a positive influence. I do believe you should get over your insecurities and just try to be the best you can.
Lily Cole
Wouldn’t this be a great world if insecurity and desperation made us more attractive?
Albert Brooks
I don’t even really know what it is I do for a living – the level of insecurity is very, very high. You’re making a lot of money, getting a lot of accolades and positive criticism for something where you don’t even know what you’re doing.
Shia LaBeouf
The quickest way to defuse fear or insecurity or anger is usually humor. I think comics figure that out quickly, and, once you figure it out, you think, ‘Hey, if I can do this and get paid, that would be kind of cool.’
Billy Gardell
Successive governments in the U.K. have worked to create a more flexible labour market, which also meant labour insecurity. They allowed wages to drop and non-wage benefits to shrivel, creating worse inequality than statistics reveal.
Guy Standing
Pushing yourself to extremes blows out the cobwebs of trusted habit. It shakes up what you know to be reliably safe and substitutes the miracle of insecurity.
Robert Genn
I just think that when my confidence meets other people’s insecurity, that equals Kanye’s arrogant.
Kanye West
Yes, there is a burden of financial insecurity. I don’t think you find it in mood. Income is correlated with life satisfaction, so maybe you do find it in life satisfaction. You don’t find it in mood, and I think it is very important.
Daniel Kahneman
Being good at fashion and beauty and girly stuff has been such a point of insecurity for me; I’m not good at coming up with jokes that make fun of other people for that, because I don’t feel like I have a mastery of it myself.
Rachel Bloom
I hear a lot from women in Africa. And not just from dark-skinned women but from all women struggling because of insecurity. They thank me and tell me that I inspire them. And that makes me feel really, really proud.
Khoudia Diop
How can a man learn navigation Where there’s no rudder?
Christopher Fry
Fearful people are more dependent, more easily manipulated and controlled, more susceptible to deceptively simple, strong, tough measures and hard-line postures. … They may accept and even welcome repression if it promises to relieve their insecurities.
George Gerbner
Karate is not about winning over others. It is about winning over one’s self. Ultimately, the most challenging opponents we face reside from within – our hang-ups, our insecurities, our prejudices. Overcome these and you will have truly won.
David Walker
The misfortunes which God is represented in the book of Job as allowing Satan to inflict on Job, merely to test his faith, are indications, if not of positive malevolence, at least of a suspicious and ruthless insecurity, which is characteristic more of a tyrant than of a wholly powerful and benevolent deity.
A.J. Ayer
I still think there is a huge emphasis on how women look, whether it’s fitting a certain mold to play a certain type of character, or the idea that we might have insecurities based on the standards we see in the media.
Lily Collins
When I began to choreograph and find my way pulling other artists’ dreams out and changing music in a visual way, there was still a part of me that had something more to say. There was still a desire to rock a stage and ultimately perform the eight count of my dream, but there was a lot of insecurity there.
Laurieann Gibson
I am no artist – please come and help me.
Insecurity is the worst sense that lovers feel; sometimes the most humdrum desireless marriage seems better. Insecurity twists meanings and poisons trust.
Graham Greene
I’m always described as ‘cocksure’ or ‘with a swagger’, and that bears no resemblance to who I feel like inside. I feel plagued by insecurity.
Ben Affleck
The beauty of enmity is insecurity; the beauty of friendship is in security.
Robert Frost
I approach each project with a new insecurity, almost like the first project I ever did, and I get the sweats, I go in and start working, I’m not sure where I’m going.
Frank Gehry
As a young girl, I was much more preoccupied by my flaws. Everyone teased me because of my long, skinny neck. To hide my so-called deformity, I was wearing a turtleneck when I was 3! Yet my neck is probably my best asset. At the end of the day, what counts is the entire package.
Iman Abdulmajid
Insecurity kills all that is beautiful.
Demi Lovato
The creditors are proving impossible to deal with and short of a sudden appearance on the scene of wealthy art patrons, we are going to be turned out of this dear little house where I led a simple life and was able to work so well. I do not know what will become of us.
Claude Monet
I think what ruins relationships and causes most fights is insecurity.
Olivia Wilde
As a country, we can do better. Our home should be a source of stability, not insecurity. This issue is personal for me… even with a steady paycheck, I couldn’t pay rent.
Kane Brown
I never tried to write for other people. I liked people who had problems I might have, because we all have insecurities, regrets. I like heroes who were not 100-percent perfect, who things to take care of.
Stan Lee
Don’t get offended, there’s no need for insecurity,
Age is but a number, it’s all about maturity.
The opposite of security is insecurity, and the only way to overcome insecurity is to take risks.
Theodore J. Forstmann
Most men are very attached to the idea of being male, and usually experience a lot of fear and insecurity around the idea of being a man. Most women are very identified with their gender, and also experience a tremendous amount of fear and insecurity.
Andrew Cohen
It’s an old adage that the way to be safe is never to be secure… Each one of us requires the spur of insecurity to force us to do our best.
Harold W. Dodds
No one is perfect. Even the most confident people have insecurities. At some point in of our lives, we may feel we lack something. That is reality. We must try to live as per our capability.
Anil Sinha
I feel I’m a strange mixture of insecurity and strength. Most of us, probably most people. I’m transferring that same concept to the people I photograph.
Sally Mann
He seemed to be talking about my fears, my insecurity, and my unwillingness to see what was wonderful because tomorrow it might disappear and I might suffer. The gods throw the dice, and they don’t ask whether we want to be in the game or not.
Paulo Coelho
Everything was going for me, I didn’t even know the meaning of the word insecurity and suddenly I am surrounded by words like operation, cancer, chemotherapy, radiation.
Delta Goodrem
I’m always described as ‘cocksure’ or ‘with a swagger,’ and that bears no resemblance to who I feel like inside. I feel plagued by insecurity.
Ben Affleck
Insecurity is an ugly thing. It makes you hate people you don’t even know.
Pictures all around, of how good a life should be, a model for the rest, that bred insecurity, I walked a jagged line and then came back for more, it’s always in my mind, an institution with no law.
Ian Curtis
I drank to be funny, or sexy. I drank because I was afraid or happy or sad, and I drank for anything that required emotional commitment. … I had chosen a profession that thrives on insecurity, and is never far from some source of social intercourse that involves alcohol or drugs.
Lynda Bellingham
Never let the limitations or insecurities of others limit what is possible for you.
Hal Elrod
It’s almost impossible to have security at the expense of insecurity of others. It’s almost impossible to have prosperity when there is a huge problem of poverty and backwardness all over the world.
Mohammad Javad Zarif
The insecurity that comes from being behind bars with, at best, imperfect oversight makes us all feel responsible only for ourselves. We end up either docile, apathetic, and unwilling to engage with each other, or hostile, angry, violent, and resentful.
Chelsea Manning
I have never liked the ‘Been there done that’ thing… You hear that all the time from people, and I think it’s just based on pure insecurity… Each person is going to have their own unique take on something.
Rachel Kushner
Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don’t like them.
Stacy London
Marriage brings up all the things I pushed to the back burner – the fears, the mistrust, the doubts, the insecurities. It’s like opening Pandora’s box.
Jennifer Aniston
My childhood was quite turbulent and there was sometimes great insecurity about money.
Carol Drinkwater
A lot of people think my sarcasm comes from insecurity and defensiveness, but I assure you I’m just being petty and cruel.
Dana Gould
A community which refuses to welcome – whether through fear, weariness, insecurity, a desire to cling to comfort, or just because it is fed up with visitors – is dying spiritually.
Jean Vanier
Education can really transform the insecurities in the world into a bigger vision of what we are as human beings.
Amartya Sen
Insecurity is just something that’s there all the time. I’ve never been crippled by it.
Catherine Keener
The level of jealousy and insecurity in this industry [restaurant] is far greater than ever before.
Gordon Ramsay
I’d never put much thought into writing an autobiography before, because while I have this public persona of being extremely confident, I also am extremely filled with self-doubt, worry and insecurity. This book came about because I was trying to sell another book, unsuccessfully, about health and wellness.
Perez Hilton
I surround myself with inspirational quotations.В  This easy-to-follow piece of advice has played a huge role in my being able to get past my own fears and insecurities throughout my entrepreneurial career.
Blake Mycoskie
Singaporeans generally feel more secure these days. One of our tasks is to remind them that this, a result of a continuing act of will and an appropriate sense of insecurity, is very helpful.
Lee Hsien Loong
I don’t even know where to start in terms of people having such an issue about color, especially being dark. I just think on different levels it’s ignorance; it’s no belief, no confidence, it’s insecurity, so you want to inflict it on somebody else.
Alek Wek
Uncertainty would be the only certainty there’s, and realizing how to stay with insecurity could be the only protection
John Allen Paulos
It’s really hard not to fall into that trap of insecurity when you’re a model. Beforehand, I never looked at myself in a huge monitor with 30 people around it every day.
Paloma Elsesser
It’s insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams.
Vin Diesel
I feel I’m such a big part of that insecurity that some girls might have because of my job, that girls think they have to be that picture. And even boys, they think that that picture exists, and it’s so frustrating because I don’t look like that picture – I wake up not looking like that picture.
Doutzen Kroes
Parents can be very influential in designing those little creepy-crawlers that jump around in your mind for the rest of your life. It’s the fear of not being good enough.
Kim Basinger
Insecurity, commonly regarded as a weakness in normal people, is the basic tool of the actor’s trade.
Miranda Richardson
People confuse ego, lust, insecurity with true love.
Simon Cowell
I had a great deal of arrogance and a great deal of bravado, but I think the bravado was brought on by a huge insecurity.
Brian Molko
When I was younger, I never laughed. I was always sour. If I look at pictures of me from the past, I never see a smile. I think it came out of my insecurity. I had a lot of complexes.
Giorgio Armani
Most men have an insecurity of some sort. But we’re brought up to believe that we can’t show them.
Luke Evans
The inescapable fact is that when we build a society based on greed, selfishness, and ruthless competition, the fruits we can expect to reap are economic insecurity at home and international discord abroad.
Tommy Douglas
I think pants have unique qualities, especially in a woman’s life. Whatever bodily insecurities we have, we seem to take out on our pants.
Ann Brashares
Here is what I know. When you’re running a successful company or an organization, you can take this human equation to the bank: underconfidence plus insecurity always equals paranoia and backstabbing.
Anthony Scaramucci
I’ve worked with a lot of people who are more famous than myself who are terribly insecure.
Barry Gibb
I always felt, and still feel, one of my best strengths as a director is having been an actor for a long time. Nobody knows actors and their insecurities and strengths and everything more than somebody who’s done it before.
Paul Feig
To a considerable degree, all minority groups suffer from the same state of marginality with its haunting consequences of insecurity, conflict, and irritation.
Gordon W. Allport
Acting has given me a way to channel my angst. I feel like an overweight, pimply faced kid a lot of the time – and finding a way to access that insecurity, and put it toward something creative is incredibly rewarding. I feel very lucky.
Ryan Reynolds
When I was young, I wasn’t a misfit or anything. I had friends in all the different social groups. But I had issues – just personal issues, insecurities and other things that had happened in my life.
Steve Vai
I think the best way to have confidence is not to allow everyone else’s insecurities to be your own.
Jessie J
What we can say with confidence is that the technological revolution is worsening inequality, due mostly to mechanisms that limit free markets. It is also bringing about disruptive change that is intensifying insecurity and may indeed lead to large-scale labor displacement.
Guy Standing
Few artists are able to accurately assess just how valuable and great their work is – or how much it will be appreciated by its audience. In other words, insecurity is the name of the game.
Suzanne Falter-Barns
Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.
Marianne Williamson
The twenty-first century is, and will remain, the Age of Insecurity.
Jonathan Sacks
I used to have this dream that somebody was knocking at my door. I’d say ‘Who is it?’ and they’d answer ‘Police.’ I’d open the door and they would say to me, ‘Pack your bags. We realized you have no talent.
Leslie Nielsen
I don’t see myself as beautiful, because I can see a lot of flaws.
Angelina Jolie
Life is a dangerous thing. Insecurity is the price of living.
Alija Izetbegovic
After I found that I had become an actor, slightly to my surprise, I did have some insecurity, and I did take some rather strange acting classes at a place called The Actor’s Studio in London. I don’t think they did me any good at all.
Hugh Grant
If you’re looking for love, focus on something you love to do and work hard. Love will find you. Basically, love yourself before you love anyone else. A lot of girls have such insecurities nowadays that you have to be comfortable with who you are before you can really have a good relationship with someone else.
Sasha Pieterse
As we build systems that are more and more complex, we make more and more subtle but very high-impact mistakes. As we use computers for more things and as we build more complex systems, this problem of unreliability and insecurity is actually getting worse, with no real sign of abating anytime soon.
Matt Blaze
I think that every individual is a microcosm of the culture that they’re born into. They reflect the anxieties, insecurities, and strengths of that culture. I’m also American and I reflect on what it’s like to be an American in the 21st century.
Haroon Moghul
You need some insecurity if you’re an actor. It keeps the pot boiling. I haven’t yet started to think about retiring. I was shocked when I heard about Paul Newman retiring at age 82. Most actors just fade away like old soldiers.
Al Pacino
I’ve had so many insecurities, and am still getting over a lot.
Melanie Martinez
The number-one reason women say they returned to their abuser is financial insecurity. Often they have kids with them. They say half of the 66 million women and kids living in poverty in the US wouldn’t be if women were just paid their full dollar. That’s an enormous impact we could make on child hunger.
Patricia Arquette
I love playing ego and insecurity combined.
Jim Carrey
The first thing I look for is the humor, because you can tell what the character’s fears and insecurities are through the humor.
Lusia Strus
All belief is a cover-up for insecurity
Deepak Chopra
Sometimes I’m on a TV set, and I can’t feel what I’m supposed to feel as that character because I’ve not worked my way up to that point. I think there’s a bit more insecurity on a set – you’ve got to blag it, or you’ve got to do what you’ve been paid a lot of money to do in a very short space of time.
Michael Socha
I’m not a good photographer, not a good writer. I’m a pretty regular person whose insecurity is so pervasive that it makes me always feel vulnerable.
Sally Mann
My confidence is easy to shake. I am very well aware of all of my flaws. I am aware of all the insecurities that I have.
Taylor Swift
I feel the same way I did when I was in school. I’m having the same insecurities.
Shirley Manson
I think thinking about becoming an adult, and having to face up to your problems and face up to your insecurities, is difficult for everybody.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Suffering for your art is most definitely overrated but I do get a certain, I don’t know, satisfaction from being able to deal with my paranoia and insecurity.
Beth Gibbons
Obsession with the market seem to prevent ministers looking at the huge problem and all its ramifications in health, education and employment that come from the housing insecurity that too many face.
Jeremy Corbyn
Vanity can apply to both insecurity and egotism.
Taylor Swift
Cherish believes that God made her with a special purpose. Like any teenage girl, she has her insecurities, but for the most part she has a real healthy self-esteem.
Charlene Tilton
The measure of self-assurance is how deeply and sincerely interested you are in others; the measure of insecurity is how much you try to impress them with you.
Mark Goulston
Housing insecurity isn’t just an abstract point of policy for me. I’ve lived it.
London Breed
I never let people see me without makeup. And it’s not an insecurity thing. The perk of being a girl is being able to wear makeup and dress up. It’s another artistic outlet. And the 45 minutes it takes me to get ready… is very therapeutic for me. It’s hard to start my day without that.
Kat Von D
Comparison is the thief of joy.
Theodore Roosevelt
Having a Hummer is stupid. It’s stupid to waste that much gas. It’s stupid to waste that much money on gas. It’s stupid to parade your insecurities on public roads. Hummers are stupid-looking.
Penn Jillette
Why do otherwise sane, competent, strong men, men who can wrestle bears or raid corporations, shrink away in horror at the thought of washing a dish or changing a diaper?
Frank Pittman
When you first are in front of the camera as a young person, you’d be surprised at all the insecurities you can get.
Kurt Russell
We need to make peace with who we are so insecurities don’t become a distraction to how we live. Just because I sometimes feel insecure doesn’t mean I have to be insecure.
Lysa TerKeurst
Insecurity is a toxin and confidence is a tonic, so make the choice not to dwell on the worst possible case.
Emily Yoffe
a society in which there is widespread economic insecurity can turn freedom into a barren and vapid right for millions of people.
Eleanor Roosevelt
I have the insecurities of any actress, I suppose of any woman. Even the most beautiful ones feel unhappy. Look at Bardot: she was suicidal. But I like to play with the camera. I like to ham it up.
Chloe Sevigny
Until now, I was insecure and I believed what the people around me said in regarding what I should sing.
Namie Amuro
You can tell your kids they are perfect and don’t need to change – which could cause insecurity when they recognize their own shortcomings – or tell them they are terrible, which would undermine their sense of self-worth and confidence. There’s a happy middle ground.
Daphne Oz
Never reveal your insecurities to a man, because nine times out of 10 they have no idea they even exist.
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Trump, in the crinkling of an eye, senses better than anyone the insecurity of people, that nobody knows whether anything is good or bad until they are told, and he is quite willing to tell them immediately.
Jimmy Breslin
Arrogance really comes from insecurity, and in the end our feeling that we are bigger than others is really the flip side of our feeling that we are smaller than others.
Desmond Tutu
A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.
Dalai Lama
We as human beings are slightly masochistic. Everybody is ridden with insecurities and they manifest themselves in different ways, whether you’re a pleaser, you’re mean, you’re super-duper sweet and get walked on, or you’re a gossip that talks about someone else.
Kristen Bell
It’s one thing when you are photographing others, but when you are exposing yourself and your insecurities, that’s the biggest risk. That’s always scary.
Petra Collins
I like living on that edge, musically. I like a bit of insecurity and that feeling of not really knowing what’s going to happen.
Kamasi Washington
I used to be very scared of silence because I felt it was my responsibility to keep people occupied. That definitely spawns from an insecurity in myself. When people aren’t enjoying themselves, when I’m involved, it somehow comes back to it being my fault. But I do want people to have a good time.
Dylan Sprouse
Yes, Louise Brooks was beautiful and intelligent, and she could be very funny, but obviously there was a deep insecurity there, a real destructive rage and immaturity.
Laura Moriarty
Despite my confidence and self-belief, I’ve always wrestled with feelings of insecurity. To be honest, I think most people in show business are insecure.
Bobby Davro
I think that might also be part of the life of a creative person – those sort of ups and downs and security and insecurity. It’s just part of the lot in life when you’re pushing yourself and hoping to always keep growing and expanding. It’s emotionally tricky.
Emma Stone
We all have insecurities but you have to know you’re beautiful.
Nicki Minaj
I haven’t met a woman without insecurities.
Lauren Conrad
Insecurity wants us to keep track of our failures;
grace doesn’t even write them down.
Bob Goff
Think of a public library, worth more for those who cannot afford numerous books. Think of a public waterway or fishing ground. All types of commons have imputed monetary value that together comprise a source of social income. As such, the commons reduces economic inequality and insecurity in society.
Guy Standing
Is the modern social pattern of unending change and movement the cause of two modern diseases, insecurity and dissatisfaction? How lucky Thomas Hood was to be able to write, ‘I remember, I remember the house where I was born.’ I don’t even know what mine looked like!
Spike Milligan
Like many people out there, I have my moments of severe doubt. Insecurity.
Valentin Chmerkovskiy
It would be so much better if we could share our insecurity, if we could all venture inside ourselves and realize that green beans and vitamin C, however much they nurture us, cannot save lives, or sustain our souls.
Muriel Barbery
Most people experience some insecurity regarding one or more of their physical traits.
Gad Saad
I think people in general think more about their insecurities.
Emily VanCamp
When Christ becomes our central focus, contentment replaces our anxiety as well as our fears and insecurities.
Charles R. Swindoll
Governments commit more crimes upon persons and property and contribute more to their insecurity than all [the] criminals put together.
Josiah Warren
They always use the word ‘insult’ with me, but I don’t hurt anybody. I wouldn’t be sitting here if I did. I make fun of everybody and exaggerate all our insecurities.
Don Rickles
Only the insecure strive for security.
Wayne Dyer
When you’re married to Miranda Lambert, you’ve gotta give her her room because she’s a powerful force. I think it’s more about just listening and understanding who she is and what her insecurities may be and how to approach our marriage as an open minded listener and a shoulder to lean on.
Blake Shelton
A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.
Robert A. Heinlein
Food insecurity is not remotely the same as hunger.
Bret Stephens
I had no idea that he was going to write that, but I’ve always believed that insecurity was what would keep you always in your innocence, no matter what the business did.
Sally Kirkland
Austerity and economic insecurity have collided with the scapegoating of migrants and refugees, at a time when global instability and warfare have driven millions to flee violence and persecution, a minority of whom have arrived on European shores to be met with hostility.
Owen Jones
I think we all have blocks between us and the best version of ourselves, whether it’s shyness, insecurity, anxiety, whether it’s a physical block, and the story of a person overcoming that block to their best self. It’s truly inspiring because I think all of us are engaged in that every day.
Tom Hooper
I am really driven, but my drive doesn’t effect the conversations I have in my head about life, and my worries and fears and insecurities.
Zach Braff
I think everybody, especially every woman that you speak to, has gone through periods of their life where they feel uncertain or insecure. But I’ve been fortunate in my own life never to have gone through extended periods of crippling insecurity.
Rachel Brosnahan
A fanboy’s heart is filled with love, enthusiasm, and insecurity.
Mary H.K. Choi
The Tories have built a system defined by insecurity – from wages to job contracts to housing to the welfare state. If they want to understand why socialism – long dead, never coming back, or so they thought – has undergone a revival, this is why.
Owen Jones
Insecurity isn’t an attractive quality in a man.
Ingrid Weir
There’s always that feeling of ‘Oh, God! One day they’ll find out that I really have no idea what I’m doing.
Samantha Mathis
I’m comfortably asocial – a hermit in the middle of a large city, a pessimist if I’m not careful, a feminist, a black, a former Baptist, an oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty and drive.
Octavia E. Butler
Jealousy takes root in the soil of insecurity.
Beth Moore
I have had the fortune of seeing very glamorous and beautiful woman close up and I have seen their fears and insecurity.
Vikram Bhatt
In Boston terms I was everyone and no one, with no social investment, no social insecurity, sort of Imitation of Christ in one hand and The Education of Henry Adams in the other, and because I was part of nothing I could observe everything without having anything personal invested in the findings.
William Monahan
I want my boys to have an understanding of people’s emotions, their insecurities, people’s distress, and their hopes and dreams.
Princess Diana
I’ve learned from personal experience that insecurity and doubting yourself can really hurt you.
Bridgit Mendler
We are so hard on ourselves, it is unbelievable sometimes. The things we say to ourselves or think about when we look in the mirror are so cruel. We have to look at the power we do have and use it to overcome that voice of insecurity.
Erin Willett
Creative people… are distinguished by the fact that they can live with anxiety, even though a high price may be paid in terms of insecurity, sensitivity, and defenselessness for the gift of ‘divine madness,’ to borrow the term used by the classical Greeks.
Rollo May
Self-preservation has a tendency to lead to poverty.
Jim Rohn
I think we are all insecure, and there is nothing wrong in accepting that. But the problem arises when we try to counter this insecurity by cultivating this illusion of control, and we start taking ourselves and everything we know too seriously.
Sushant Singh Rajput
You cannot have security at the expense of the insecurity of others.
Mohammad Javad Zarif
I have moles and freckles, and they irritate me. They are an insecurity of mine, and I wish I could have clear, beautiful skin.
Khloe Kardashian
I have insecurities about being a good mom, or balancing my career with motherhood. All of those are very strong, very real obstacles. My motto is just unconsciously, and maybe now consciously because I’m saying it, is sink or swim. I’m a fighter.
Charisma Carpenter
Probably the only place where a man can feel really secure is in a maximum security prison, except for the imminent threat of release.
Germaine Greer
Actors, by very definition, we want people to pay attention to us, and so usually, that comes in the package of insecurity. So if we’re not comfortable, we don’t really show you a lot.
Jason Bateman
You never know, when you’re going in to work with people if they’re gonna be friendly or judgmental, or what have you. There’s a ton of insecurities that go into my head, before I start working with someone.
Ashley Greene
I’m not that worried about war. Insecurity is the word I would use – insecurity and tension and conflict. I thought civilized people had abandoned wars. Sometimes people don’t make rational decisions.
Mohammad Javad Zarif
Horror of any kind is dependent on a certain amount of insecurity and paranoia from the audience. And it feeds on that and works on that.
James Purefoy
Prescriptive grammar has spread linguistic insecurity like a plague among English speakers for centuries, numbs us to the aesthetic richness of non-standard speech, and distracts us from attending to genuine issues of linguistic style in writing.
John H. McWhorter
Global food insecurity is increasing…the slim excess of growth in food production over population is narrowing.
Lester R. Brown
Just dash something down if you see a blank canvas staring at you with a certain imbecility. You do not know how paralyzing it is, that staring of a blank canvas which says to the painter: you don’t know anything.
Vincent Van Gogh
We live in a culture where we’re bombarded with so much noise and so much insecurity.
Lisa Ling
Aggressiveness is good in a combat leader. Combining that with ambition and insecurity becomes more problematic.
Richard North Patterson
If we can stay open and embrace our insecurities, our vulnerability, only then will we find the person with whom we are meant to travel through this life.
Joshua Radin
If you’re getting way too much than perhaps what you deserve, there’s no insecurity. It comes up when you feel ‘I expect and deserve much more but I’m not getting it.’
Diljit Dosanjh
Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security
John Allen Paulos
I’m here in this industry to work. I respect the work of others equally. There’s no sense of insecurity, but definitely, when you see others doing well, you also want to give your best in whatever opportunities you have.
Huma Qureshi
To put is still more plainly: the desire for security and the feeling of insecurity are the same thing. To hold your breath is to lose your breath. A society based on the quest for security is nothing but a breath-retention contest in which everyone is as taut as a drum and as purple as a beet.
Alan Watts
I didn’t have any problem bonding with Honey, but I was plagued with insecurities about my ability to bring up my baby.
Gail Porter
It is when we all play safe that we create a world of utmost insecurity.
Dag Hammarskjold
Vanity can apply to both insecurity and egotism. So I distance myself, because I feel everything.
Taylor Swift
Insecurity is such a waste of time.
Catherine O’Hara
Concern for ‘national security’ has introduced unprecedented insecurity to living in the United States as a legal permanent resident.
Rashida Tlaib
It’s often out of my own insecurity. If I’m picky, it’s for that reason. I want to be able to bring my best to the table. So if I’m not connecting to something, then I’m not gonna hold up my end of the bargain, and that’s really embarrassing.
Rachel McAdams
I always felt like my value was much more in my intellect than it was in my appearance, and so that’s what I spent time cultivating. And some of that I get from my mother, some of that comes from the schools that I went to, and some of that comes from probably insecurity.
Kerry Washington
Chronic insecurity will not be overcome by minimum wage laws, tax credits, means-tested benefits, or workfare.
Guy Standing
You can’t learn to act unless you’re criticized. If you tie that criticism to your childhood insecurities you’ll have a terrible time. Instead, you must take criticism objectively, pertaining it only to the work being done.
Sanford Meisner
I think there’s nothing about evolution in the Bible; I think this is a statement of religious insecurity. But people have their beliefs.
Peter Agre
I don’t let anyone’s insecurities, emotions, or opinions bother me. I know that if I am happy, that’s all that matters to me.
Demi Lovato
I have a strange combination of fearlessness and massive insecurity.
Penny Marshall
Many teenagers are tormented by terrors they deem private and personal. They do not know that their anxieties and doubts are universal.
Haim Ginott
Men are not our problem; it’s what we are trying to get from them that messes us up. We use guys like mirrors to see if we’re valuable.
Beth Moore
For my money, insecurity, depression, etc, can be healed by way of El Morocco, sad songs at 4am, and the pop of a champagne cork
Elaine Stritch
That distrust which intrudes so often on your mind is a mode of melancholy, which, if it be the business of a wise man to be happy, it is foolish to indulge; and if it be a duty to preserve our faculties entire for their proper use, it is criminal. Suspicion is very often an useless pain.
Samuel Johnson
People without fathers tend to have two predominant characteristics. They tend to believe anything is possible. At the same time there’s an anxiety and an unending insecurity. It’s a very American thing because back in the past, we lost our fathers or father. The king.
Bennett Miller
There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up.
Oscar Wilde
It’s either feast or famine, and that’s the way it’s been for as long as I can remember. I’ve spent my whole career thinking I’ll never work again. Every actor lives with that insecurity. You just have to negotiate the rapids as they come.
Amanda Donohoe
When everyone has high expectation for you, it can attack your insecurities.
Bryan Cranston
If men as individuals surrender to the call of their elementary instincts, avoiding pain and seeking satisfaction only for their own selves, the result for them all taken together must be a state of insecurity, of fear, and of promiscuous misery.
Albert Einstein
The time between Bachelor’s degree and a PhD, the median time is over 11 years. So then you’re still only on a tenure ladder, you’re not tenured. So it generally takes 6 to 8 years after that to get tenure. So that’s a very long period of what’s essentially apprenticeship, of insecurity.
Louis Menand
Justice Ginsburg is a very competent justice, and it is a joy to have her on the court, but particularly for me it is a pleasure to have a second woman on the court.
Sandra Day O’Connor
Insecurity is the result of trying to be secure.
Alan Watts
You’re always you, with your own insecurities.
Michelle Chamuel
During a coronavirus-induced downturn, families will be at greater risk for food insecurity, eviction, and job loss; kids will go hungry; food pantries and social-service organizations will come under more strain.
Annie Lowrey
Laugh at your worries and insecurities. View your anxieties with humor. It will be difficult at first, but you’ll gradually get used to it.
Paulo Coelho
In Hollywood there are a lot of very insecure men running the business.
Rosanna Arquette
Jealousy is the dragon in paradise; the hell of heaven; and the most bitter of the emotions because associated with the sweetest.
Alfred Richard Orage
To judge someone before understanding that person is a form of human rejection and feeds upon itself. It intensifies personal insecurities, necessitating more judgment (prejudice) and less understanding. The processes continue in this vicious cycle.
Stephen Covey
If you’re dealing with a character that actually exists, there’s an awful lot of information there. So, you can put together, from the information, motivations, insecurities, reactions. Where does that seed get born, if you like?… What I do is put that together.
Michael Fassbender
A leader who is confused or confusing causes too much anxiety, and a leader who is too controlling is revealing more insecurity and a lack of leadership.
Mark Goulston
Money lets you enjoy the finer things of life, but it doesn’t change who you are. It magnifies and brings into fruition the things that you want to hide most. It is a mask for insecurities as well.
Farrah Gray
We are in an era of chronic insecurity and growing inequalities. In that context, we need to have new mechanisms for income distribution which give people a sense of security.
Guy Standing
There’s a special place in hell for men who convince women their intuition is insecurity to protect their duplicity.
dream hampton
When I first started writing the album, “Cry Baby” was a song that I really wanted to write because it represented all of these personal insecurities that I had for a long time.
Melanie Martinez
Insecurity has been my lifelong thing.
Beth Moore
Insecurity and resignation mingle with the hope for a better order.
Gustav Heinemann
I had body insecurities when I was younger. I still do.
Ariel Winter
You can’t love someone unless you are in an equal position with them. A lot of women have to cling to men out of fear or insecurity, and that’s not love – basically that’s why women hate men.
Yoko Ono
Spiritual growth-looking inward-is replacing the pursuit of external power-reaching outward to manipulate and control-as the cure for the insecurity at the core of human experience.
Gary Zukav
I am not an insecure person. For me, insecurity comes when something I do does not come across the way I thought it would. It would come if I had nothing more to say as an actor. I have a long way to go!
Shahid Kapoor
There are so many people who have eating disorders or who body shame themselves every day or have some sort of insecurity, and I feel like I have a direct reach to some of those people.
Lauren Alaina
I was working three jobs and going to school full time. I was really unhappy and I told myself, You are not this girl. This sounds corny but I would tell myself, You are an Icy Girl. I’m a confident person, but that was the first time I experienced insecurity and low self-esteem.
Envy is a sign of insecurity, yes; but so is longing to be envied.
Criss Jami
In the business I meet some beautiful women, but to be honest, 80 per cent of them are raving lunatics and are to be avoided. It’s just insecurity; actors are generally quite insecure. I wouldn’t date, or I’ve never had a fling with an actress, and I’d quite like to keep it that way.
Rory McCann
I always have a curious sort of feeling about some of my things – I hate to show them – I am perfectly inconsistent about it – I am afraid people won’t understand – and I hope they won’t – and am afraid they will.
Georgia O’Keeffe
Most bad behavior comes from insecurity.
Debra Winger
Why is the feeling of insecurity so prevalent in this field? Because the actor is such a dependent person on other people. If I am a painter, poet, composer, I am not really dependent on others.
Akshaye Khanna
Your hatred is rooted in your fear, and your paranoia and insecurities, well they don’t belong here.
Amy Ray
All I hear is my own grating thoughts. Is there anything more horrid than being trapped inside yourself with nothing but your own insecurities.
Sarah Jio
I have made plenty of mistakes. The key to life is to learn from them. I have been a little too introspective, but I think that stemmed from insecurity or shyness. I took a long time to grow up.
Richard Gere
When I was younger, I think I intimidated people much more because I was far more insecure.
Claire Forlani
I’m walking insecurity. Without all this makeup, I look like a refugee when I get up in the morning…. I generally look like one major bowwow. I mean arf.
Connie Chung
The 1990s were also when a bunch of the soft-shoe language for race, gender, and class became paramount. Because before that I wasn’t thinking about systems or food insecurity or whatever. I was just thinking about not getting picked on for being black and not being hungry.
Adrian Matejka
Every member of the Congress has access to the top leadership. It is not a question of proximity but if somebody shares a personal equation with any of the leaders it is really no reason for concern or insecurity as long as it is not at the cost of merit and performance.
Amarinder Singh
I’m somebody who, as a child, had a lot of insecurity about stable housing, where I was going to be living, if I was going to have a roof over my head, all those types of things. And I know the impact it can have on you psychologically and emotionally.
I understand that feeling of insecurity, like you’re not good enough as you are, and you need to change.
Shannon Purser
In religion, there’s a certain type of fear that if somebody believes differently from me, that it’s a threat. Because I’m right, and there cannot be two ways that are right, so if I’m right, anything different than this must be wrong; and we attack those things and it’s really due to insecurity, ego and fear.
Radhanath Swami
You check to see the facts are correct where business is concerned but if I read everything that was written about me, I’d end up feeling totally insecure about myself.
Elle Macpherson
I’ve been married too many times. How terrible to change children’s affiliations, their affections – to give them the insecurity of placing their trust in someone when maybe that someone won’t be there next year.
Elizabeth Taylor
Romance is the combination of something that is strange with something that is secure.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Bullies often act out by marshaling aggression to cover up for insecurity.
Amy Dickinson
I love my snaggle fangs. They give me character and character is sexy. People comment, but the only person who ever told me to fix them was my mom … I just went my own way, like daughters do.
Kirsten Dunst
I was wracked with insecurity.
Ray Romano
The final test of religious faith… is whether it will enable men to endure insecurity without complacency or despair, whether it can so interpret the ancient verities that they will not become mere escape hatches from responsibilities but instruments of insights into what civilization means.
Reinhold Niebuhr
I used to say to myself, ‘Well, in the old days everybody danced because they loved to dance, and there was none of this professional garbage going on about how much can you get for this or that or the other, or any of the kinds of things that insecurity can sometimes promote. Sometimes it’s for the wrong reasons.’
Twyla Tharp
The creative people I admire seem to share many characteristics: A fierce restlessness. Healthy cynicism. A real world perspective. An ability to simplify. Restraint. Patience. A genuine balance of confidence and insecurity. And most importantly, humanity.
David Droga
The psychic task which a person can and must set for himself is not to feel secure, but to be able to tolerate insecurity.
Erich Fromm
Night will always be a time of fear and insecurity, and the heart will sink with the sun.
Isaac Asimov
Scepticism may be evidence of a healthy and independent mindset; but conspiracism is a virus that feeds off insecurity and bitterness.
Mehdi Hasan
What is a face, really? Its own photo? Its make-up? Or is it a face as painted by such or such painter? That which is in front? Inside? Behind? And the rest? Doesn’t everyone look at himself in his own particular way? Deformations simply do not exist.
Pablo Picasso
You have to trust the journey. That has become my motto for years: trust the journey. Because in the end, we’re all kind of fearful. We all have fears and insecurities and ups and downs.
Kim Basinger
I think models in general have a certain insecurity about themselves because they’re known for being beautiful, so they have to prove to everybody they have personality and they are intelligent.
Derek Hough
Insecurity must follow the transfer of responsibility from self to others, particularly when transferred to arbitrary and capricious government. Genuine security is a matter of self-responsibility, based on the right to the fruits of one’s own labor and freedom to trade.
Leonard Read
Insecurity is at the heart of every rivalry.
Beth Moore
We need to remember that the first disciples were ordinary men called to an extraordinary mission. Their devotion to Jesus outweighed- by hair- their fears and insecurities. As a result God change them and use them to accomplish some mind-boggling things. Why couldn’t God – why wouldn’t God do the same in your life?
Max Lucado
The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.
Steven Furtick
To jealousy, nothing is more frightful than laughter.
Francoise Sagan
Creative ideas come to the intuitive person who can face up to the insecurity of looking beyond the obvious.
Walter Lippmann
He prefers the security of known misery to the misery of unfamiliar insecurity.
Sheldon B. Kopp
In my latest ‘Mirzapur,’ I had no pressure actually to match up the level of other people in terms of performance because all of our characters were well-written. So there was no sense of insecurity.
Shriya Pilgaonkar
Poverty is not only about income levels, but for lack of freedom that comes from physical insecurity
Jacqueline Novogratz
That tide of insecurity would come in and out over the years, sometimes stranding me for a while but occasionally lifting me just beyond what I thought I could acomplish. Either way, it would wash over the same bedrock certainty: ultimately, I know myself.
Sonia Sotomayor
The innovative spirit was America’s strongest attribute, transforming everything into a brave new world, but there lingered an insecurity about the arts.
Arthur Erickson
Aleta St. James is an internationally renowned energy healer, life coach, best selling author, and more. Aleta does private sessions to release old resistance and shift out of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, addictions, infertility, and insecurity at a cellular level.
Jenna Morasca
Competitiveness only comes with insecurity.
Lara Pulver
Me not finishing school – in my head, I still have this insecurity when I’m talking to someone educated.
The Weeknd
Work is life, you know, and without it, there’s nothing but fear and insecurity.
John Lennon
Insecurity is like herpes. It’s not going anywhere. May as well learn to laugh at it.
Dov Davidoff
Only when self moves out of the way can His spectacular glory come cascading through your life. When Jesus is in His rightful place, all insecurity will fade away and His lasting loveliness will become the mark of your life.
Leslie Ludy
Not only was he not mad, but he was a musician, and my favorite men had always been musicians or writers or anything that involved the creative process and behaving like tortured artists. … I found financial insecurity a great aphrodisiac.
Marian Keyes
Insecurity twists meanings and poisons trust. In a closely beleaguered city every sentry is a potential traitor.
Graham Greene
If the constitutional treaty is rejected it will be back to square one, just at a time when we want Europe to be a more effective force for good in the world, when we need to buttress ourselves against the pressures and insecurities of globalization.
Peter Mandelson
Food insecurity and hunger are serious threats to children’s health, growth, and development. The idea of not being able to put plentiful, nutritious food on the table for my girls is a horrifying thought.
Samantha Harris
Donald Trump has got unlimited number of insecurities. But the No. 1 one thing, I would say, is his insecurity with his intellect. There’s a reason why he always refers to where he went to college and, you know, that, ‘I’m a smart person.’ You know, it may be narcissism. But I think it really reflects an insecurity.
Mark Cuban
Be patient with yourself and take heart. Your self-confidence will grow if you seek challenges and worry less about the initial insecurity.
Wendy Lustbader
I teach at Harvard, and focusing on understanding this problem on a national level is a big priority of mine right now – where evictions are going up and down, what cities are actually instituting policies that work, what housing insecurity is doing to our cities, neighbourhoods, our kids.
Matthew Desmond
Some men feel threatened by the idea of feminism. This comes, I think, from the insecurity triggered by how boys are brought up, how their sense of self-worth is diminished if they are not ‘naturally’ in charge as men.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
It’s my insecurity that makes me want to be a comic, that makes me need the audience.
Ray Romano
It’s a powerful thing to be able to write a song. Even the least powerful feeling – like insecurity – that makes you feel weak when you experience it, when you write about it, you are powerful.
There is a deep camaraderie of insecurity between us actors. You rehash choices you’ve made among those who are close to you and inevitably bang your head against the wall when you finally figure out the scene… a day after you shot it!
Lela Loren
I think insecurity does drive people. I know it’s what drove me to push for the work I’ve got.
Sarah Parish
I think that some people from other regions expect us to be like that so I think they overcompensate for that sometimes and they’re victims to their own insecurity.
Immortal Technique
My biggest insecurity is that my personality is too much, and as I get older, it’s just getting bigger.
Angie Harmon
I am a bit of a fundamentalist when it comes to black women’s hair. Hair is hair – yet also about larger questions: self-acceptance, insecurity and what the world tells you is beautiful. For many black women, the idea of wearing their hair naturally is unbearable.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
jealousy is conceived only in insecurity and must be nourished in fear.
Maya Angelou
I have fear, always, on the set. Insecurity to the point where the first week I always think I could be fired. I think that’s a fear most actors have.
Penelope Cruz
We hide in relationships. We hide in material possessions. We hide in ambitions, secret desires, hates, frustrations, jealousy, self-ptiy, in our insecurity – and more than anything our vanity and our egotism.
Frederick Lenz
Inherent in the impulse to be free, is insecurity. The impulse to be free comes from outside of the mind, and because of this, it makes the mind feel very insecure. Most spiritual seekers move away from this insecurity by seeking and striving for a distant spiritual goal. That’s how they avoid feeling insecure.
I feel like I’m the best actor on the planet and I also feel like I’m a fraud. I think hubris comes from insecurity. Confidence comes in a more rooted sense; part of being confident is being able to say, “I can be really shitty,” and to accept that. But also not to crumble under it.
Bill Skarsgard
My middle school experience was pretty hellish. There was a lot of negativity, a lot of bullying and a lot of insecurity. It was the reason I ended up going to my arts high school because I was pretty bullied.
Zoey Deutch
If you care anything about your personal security, you should first of all pray for order and tranquility throughout the four quarters of the land.
I have my moments of insecurity and figuring out what’s going on and what I’m supposed to do, but if you don’t push yourself, you’re not growing, so where do you go?
Selena Gomez
If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is, too.
Tim Ferriss
I painted with acrylic paint, and the reason why I went to oil was mainly because I didn’t control it. I was looking for the insecurity of it. I mean, I might have found another reason later, but at that moment, the reason was I was looking for the insecurity.
Albert Oehlen
My dad’s always been a famous actor, so I’ve grown up with that, and with the lifestyle. In a way, I think I thrive on the insecurity that comes with it. Not in my private life – I like to believe that my friendships and my relationships are strong.
Alice Eve
Being abandoned by my mother gives me a sense of insecurity that I will never recover from. I have to try and recreate that balance by trying to create a sense of self-worth. And yes, being on stage is a part of that.
Mick Hucknall
I think my securities far outweigh my insecurities. I am not nearly as afraid of myself and my imagination as I used to be.
Billy Connolly
Once I started to get some of the things I’d always craved, I still found myself incredibly unhappy. It was never enough. A lot of that stems from being real, real insecure, wanting more and hoping that will fix the insecurity.
Bill Ward
Shedding the carapace we have been building so assiduously on the surface, we must by definition give up exactly what we thought was necessary to protect us from further harm.
David Whyte
I’m not going on a diet, I’m not trying to lose weight, because your insecurities are what make you different and if everyone looked the same, it’d be boring.
Jesy Nelson
Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It helps remove whatever fears or insecurities we may have and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter.
Dalai Lama
Cling to your insecurity, in this world, it’s the only thing you can be sure of.
Ashleigh Brilliant
My only real insecurities in high school were having such long legs and thick hair — things I’m so very grateful for now.
Shailene Woodley
I purposefully did not want to watch anything I’ve done so far; I actually don’t like looking at my face, so I don’t like watching myself on the screen. It’s an insecurity thing I have.
Sam Claflin
Saroj Kumar is plagued with insecurity about how he can survive in the industry, what with new, better looking actors coming up, and experimental films taking over his once popular box-office success formulas.
That’s why you find a lot of entertainers are insecure, because it’s the perfect camouflage for insecurity.
Gloria Gaynor
There’s too much insecurity on studio sets, with all the people standing around, whispering.
Illeana Douglas
The reasons for food insecurity are many and varied. But part of the problem is the global farming systems.
Marcus Samuelsson
I was surprised how much Andy Cohen reveal about his insecurities and your personal life.
Anderson Cooper
Low-income people everywhere will be at risk of food insecurity due to loss of assets, absence of alternative livelihood options and lack of adequate insurance coverage from extreme weather events.
Jacques Diouf
I would tell kids that the person bullying you is the one with the issues and the insecurities and that they need to be strong and not let anyone tell you that you are not worth it.
Josh Flitter
It is equally demonstrable that so far as Texas is concerned, there have been equal confusion, insecurity and injustice in the administration of the State governments.
William H. Wharton
When I audition, I understand what it takes and the insecurities that come with it. If I do anything, I put actors at ease. I used to tell directors who weren’t actors, the best thing they could do was take an acting class for a couple of months. Just to understand.
Albert Brooks
I think people discredit teenagers and how wise they can be. Sometimes I meet teenagers who are much wiser than many adults I’ve met, because they haven’t let any insecurities or doubts about themselves get in the way of their thoughts.
Amandla Stenberg
Sometimes I wake up at night and go, ‘Oh, damn! Here we go again! What were they thinking? They gave me this role; don’t they know I’m faking it?
Renee Zellweger
Make it so people can actually find good housing, can find good quality jobs and can afford to live – then we can weaken the climate of insecurity and fear that allow people to be exploited to increase division.
Jagmeet Singh
It’s a withdrawal of love, coupled with rejection. That combination is hard to accept, and often triggers feelings of not good enough, failure at relationship, insecurity, lack of trust and other feelings.
John Robert Seeley
Playing acoustic and line drawings are the two things I’m most competent at.
Robyn Hitchcock
People who pay the price for security may never really feel secure rather the more their insecurity grows inside them because they are paying the price for action but not their internal reaction
Robert Kiyosaki
An exciting and inspiring future awaits you beyond the noise in your mind, beyond the guilt, doubt, fear, shame, insecurity and heaviness of the past you carry around.
Debbie Ford
The advantage of age is that you swap youth for wisdom. You’re so full of insecurities when you’re young. ‘Who am I? What do I have to do for people to like me?’ You get caught up in things. You get very emotional about things.
Cherie Lunghi
When a leader correctly identifies real hurt and insecurity in our country and instead of addressing it, goes looking for somebody to blame, there is perhaps nothing more devastating to a pluralistic society.
Jeff Flake
I just have this inner insecurity that I’m never good enough.
Diana Taurasi
What dragged me down was not being mayor – it was insecurity, the need to be accepted by everyone, the pleasure syndrome. That’s what brought me down.
Marion Barry
Many times, people who are self-involved or bullies, it stems from a place of hurt and insecurity within oneself.
Jessica Rothe
There are specific times where film noir is a natural concomitant of the mood. When there’s insecurity, collapse of financial systems – that’s where film noir always hits fertile ground.
Werner Herzog
We want to know. If we don’t know, we don’t feel safe, we don’t feel secure.
Miguel Angel Ruiz
You’re only as good as your last joke, your last show, your last whatever. The confidence is there, but underneath, there is always insecurity.
Ray Romano
I never went to acting school. I started in the circus, music hall, I was in a group, did kids’ bits. I’ve always had this kind of insecurity being uneducated.
Rupert Graves
Mental tensions, frustrations, insecurity, aimlessness are among the most damaging stressors, and psychosomatic studies have shown how often they cause migraine headache, peptic ulcers, heart attacks, hypertension, mental disease, suicide, or just hopeless unhappiness.
Hans Selye
I’m not insecure. I’ve been through way too much f**king sh*t to be insecure. I’ve got huge balls. But I’ve been humbled. That makes you grateful for every day you have.
Drew Barrymore
Any fool knows that bravado is always a cover-up for insecurity. That’s the truth. And on that note, I’ll say goodnight. God love you.
Bobby Darin
When I’m on my own, I can be negative. I need my friends and family around to help pick me up if I’ve had a bad qualifying session. I think insecurity plagues a lot of sportspeople.
Jenson Button
I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.
I think there are specific times where film noir is a natural concomitant of the mood. When there’s insecurity, collapse of financial systems – that’s where film noir always hits fertile ground.
Werner Herzog
With our sense of self out of the the way we are liberated from doubt and insecurity.
Steven Kotler
I think sometimes your worst enemy is inside your head. All your insecurities, your ego, your fears, your expectations.
Luis Gerardo Mendez
Bankruptcy exposes the economic vulnerability and insecurity of middle class women.
Elizabeth Warren
Some people welcome the flexibility of a zero-hours contract. But their growth is symptomatic of a wider issue – increasing job insecurity and falling living standards in David Cameron’s Britain.
Chuka Umunna
We all need to be a part of the fight against injustice, insecurity and irresponsibility towards children and the world.
Choi Si-won
Being fired is something… You have to really want to be an actor after you go through something like that. Because the level of self-doubt and insecurity that creeps into your psyche is monumental.
Billy Crudup
Thank you, but I’m afraid I can’t accept your compliment. You see, I’m an atheist, so if I’m also God, that would mean that I don’t believe in myself, and at this point in my life, I don’t need the added insecurity.
J. Michael Straczynski
Insecurity is a waste of time.
Diane von Furstenberg
Is not man himself the most unsettled of all the creatures of the earth? What is this trembling sensation that is intensified with each ascending step in the natural order?
Ugo Betti
We should have solved the current insecurity in the Northeast and South by now. Are the states able to shoulder the burden of the police? You cannot just give someone guns and ammunition, train him, and refuse to pay him.
Muhammadu Buhari
I have insecurity problems like every teenage girl, but you have to work through them.
Lauren Alaina
Christine and I haven’t raised our children. A whole community of selfless Christians has contributed to helping them become faithful, competent adults.
Clayton Christensen
I obviously bring all of my insecurities along with me to any role that I tackle.
Aubrey Plaza
He gives my hand a tight squeeze, but that desperation, that urgency between us is gone. No insecurities. Max and Fang. Fang and Max. No longer a question. We just are.
James Patterson
I think my father had a certain degree of insecurity and need to achieve.
Dan Hill
I think my greatest insecurity would just be standing in the middle of the room and having everyone watching me thinking that’s what I want. If I am interesting to you because of who I am, then that’s incredible. But if I’m interesting to you only because of what I am, then let’s not bother, you know?
Neve Campbell
Any competent actor could have done what I did.
Larry Hovis
I was always the guy – out of insecurities, I was always making fun, even as a kid.
Don Rickles
A lot of my career and my drive and my passion and my striving to be better and better was built on insecurity.
Wendy Whelan
When you are warm-hearted, there is no room for anger, jealousy or insecurity.
Dalai Lama
Imitation is the sincerest form of insecurity.
Polly Bergen
In his 4 years in the White House, President Carter worked to make the Federal Government more competent and compassionate and more responsive to the American people.
Nathan Deal
In my 15 minutes of fame around ‘Diamonds and Dirt,’ it was not a healthy time for me because of my insecurity.
Rodney Crowell
One of the gifts our planet gave us is to love completely. Without jealousy or insecurity or fear. Without pettiness. Without anger.
Pittacus Lore
The derision comes from snobbery, which I think is the worst thing for art and music. I don’t think there’s any place for it and it comes from insecurity.
Theo Hutchcraft
We are witnessing the beginning of one of the great tragedies of history. The United States, in a misguided effort to reduce its oil insecurity by converting grain into fuel for cars, is generating global food insecurity on a scale never seen before.
Lester R. Brown
We can appear to be tough as nails, but guys have a level of insecurity and vulnerability that’s exponentially bigger than you think. With the primal urge to be alpha comes extreme heartbreak. The harder we fight, the harder we fall.
John Krasinski
I did not write about that kind of insecurity and anxiety between myself and my brothers, because my father was the dominant male figure as I was growing up in that home.
Shirley Geok-lin Lim
Girls weekend with the ‘Vampire Diaries’ girls has become a big deal! It’s our quality time. It’s so much fun to unload and not feel guilty complaining or talking about your insecurities or bonding over things that you thought you were on your own about.
Nina Dobrev
At the core, I try to write characters who are real people with real insecurities, fears, hopes, and dreams, which is why hopefully readers can identify with them.
Ally Carter
It is playing safe that we create a world of utmost insecurity.
Dag Hammarskjold
Development is a fundamental part of our national security. It is extreme poverty – the realities of access to water and food – which creates the long-term drivers of our insecurity. Most wars are fought over scarce resources, and that is going to accelerate in the future.
Rajiv Shah
The men who use Bumble appreciate a confident woman, a woman who has a voice. A lot of men suffer from insecurity and fear rejection, too. Bumble removes that fear, as they don’t have to make the first move, so it benefits both men and women.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
I started out at Procter & Gamble marketing panty liners, so basically selling women insecurity. I thought there must be more to life than this. Then I was on set for a Dr. Scholl’s commercial, and I asked one of the execs, ‘How do you get a job behind the camera?’ and he said, ‘Film school.’ So I quit and applied to NYU.
Dee Rees
When things aren’t right, I can overreact because of the fear of losing everything. The insecurity drives me, and helps keep my feet on the ground.
Tony Pulis
I think it sits quite happily with me, the condition of being an actor. I see some people getting quite eaten up with it, with the insecurities. There are times when I long for continuity and stability, but I also love the idea of not knowing what I’ll be doing next – or even if I’m going to work.
Matthew Macfadyen
I have been feeling very much lately that cheerful insecurity is what our Lord asks of us.
C. S. Lewis
Insecurity, for me, feels like the sensation of suffocating.
Tyler Joseph
When you show yourself to the world and display your talents, you naturally stir all kinds of resentment, envy, and other manifestations of insecurity… you cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others
Robert Greene
We all have our insecurity and that’s normal. And you have to learn to accept that about being an artistic person or aspiring to be an artistic person is that fears and insecurity, they don’t go away.
Annette Bening
Unchecked pride evolves into swagger, a hypnotizing mask of insecurity that can and does compromise our ability to make progress and attain power. Pride stands in the way of forgiveness and a strategic approach to navigating a chessboard rigged to prevent pawns from becoming kings and queens.
Jason Whitlock
Bad directors will tell you they absolutely know how to do it, and how it has to happen; there’s this insecurity that leads them to feeling like they have to control everything.
Molly Parker
Neoliberalism has left Britain’s boss classes drunk on triumphalism, paying themselves record salaries and bonuses while their workers are imprisoned by poverty and insecurity. It was never going to last.
Owen Jones
There is no external solution to the problem of insecurity.
Stefan Molyneux
Of course, one of the main legitimate functions of thought has always been to help provide security, guaranteeing shelter and food for instance. However, this function went wrong when the principle source of insecurity came to be the operation of thought itself.
Each one of us requires the spur of insecurity to force us to do our best.
Harold W. Dodds
What was it about high school that made people think with their insecurities instead of their brains?
Lisi Harrison
Insecurity is love dressed in a child’s clothing.
Kofi Annan
Each project, I suffer like I’m starting over again in life. There’s a lot of healthy insecurity that fuels this stuff.
Frank Gehry
Craving security is the cause of insecurity. Freedom is knowing that the only point of arrival is now.
Deepak Chopra
I’m a pessimist if I’m not careful, a feminist, a Black,…an oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, and drive.
Octavia Butler
I think our insecurities are our biggest challenges, and we all have them. Trust me, I’ve got plenty of my own.
Abby Huntsman
Throughout my childhood, a heavy cloud of pain and disappointment and insecurity hovered over my home, my little street, my neighborhood, Jewish Jerusalem, Jewish Israel.
Amos Oz
I had my own insecurities, which a lot of my comedy would come from, about not being able to live up to their academic expectations. Acting out those insecurities was a way of confronting them, like, “Let me just lean into being a guy who can’t read or write.”
Charlie Day
The climate is not tomorrow. The climate is a year off or maybe 10 years off. So we have to be really clear that we’re solving the crisis of economic insecurity at the same time.
Jill Stein
All artists have insecurity.
Daryl Hall
Every once a week, I get up and feel that I cannot act any more. I just get very unsure of myself. But, once I give my first shot, I’m back on track. Insecurity isn’t bad, it makes me work harder.
Hrithik Roshan
When you are really in love, you become vulnerable, and insecurities come out of nowhere.
Laz Alonso
I was a misfit, but I think most teenagers feel that way. I don’t care if you were a popular jock or the kid who spent his lunch hours in a stairwell reading a book, we all seem to have dealt with insecurities of one kind or another throughout our high school years.
Charles de Lint
For good and evil, man is a free creative spirit. This produces the very queer world we live in, a world in continuous creation and therefore continuous change and insecurity.
Joyce Cary
Creative people are 50% ego and 50% insecurity.
Lee Clow
It is the fragrant lack of practicality that makes high-heeled shoes so fascinating: in terms of static mechanics they induce a sort of insecurity which some find titillating.
Stephen Bayley
I’m going to show you my faults, I’m going to show you my insecurities, I’m going to be real.
Kevin Durant
No selfishness or insecurity kept him from seeing the full extent of her goodness, as it so often does with the rest of us. That kind of love may only be possible in Abnegation. I do not know.
Veronica Roth
However beautiful a woman may be, she gets cold feet, she gets angry, she fears, she has insecurity – she is a human being.
Vikram Bhatt
I related to ‘Sierra’ in the fact that I tend to come off as pretty confident in who I am, but definitely in high school I had a lot of insecurity and was unsure if I should be changing myself to fit in more.
Shannon Purser
I see my role as a scholar announcing that women’s feelings of unworthiness and insecurity often may be traced to training in a male-oriented religion, and I’m trying to investigate a richer spiritual life for both sexes.
Barbara G. Walker
My parents were very volatile but very loving. My father would get jealous if my mother looked at somebody. I used to be insanely jealous. It comes out of insecurity. It can come and go, but you get to the point in life where you don’t have this raging jealousy and protectiveness about your world.
Felicity Kendal
You know, we have to take these characters – who, granted, have their separate personalities but, on a lot of levels, are pretty two-dimensional – and make them into people with flaws, with insecurities.
Rachael Leigh Cook
In their quest for power and self-importance, to compensate for whatever feelings of social inadequacy or sexual insecurity, they (Politicians)are prepared to perpetrate something which is hard to distinguish from mass murder if they think they can get away with it.
Auberon Waugh
When I had independence, it was a constant battle within me to figure out when am I on my own. And also the insecurity that my life engendered, especially as a freelance cartoonist, kept me in a constant state of anxiety as to whether I am going to be able to meet my financial obligations.
Al Jaffee
People presume my disability has to do with being an amputee, but that’s not the case; our insecurities are our disabilities, and I struggle with those as does everyone.
Aimee Mullins
We’re very open and outspoken about our faith and our beliefs. We also talk about our doubts, our moments of insecurities. We talk about it all day, how we’re inspired by God. We recognize little miracles every day, and that’s how we’re raising our daughter.
Boris Kodjoe
Insecurities are about as useful as trying to put the pin back in the grenade.
Brandon Boyd
I just don’t see this old idea of the Red peril, itching to take over the world. I think you can explain a lot of the Soviets’ moves as stemming from a basic sense of insecurity.
John Anderson
Cultural creation… begins where chaos and insecurity end.
Will Durant
I am, as I’ve said, merely competent. But in an age of incompetence, that makes me extraordinary.
Billy Joel
Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.
Tim Ferriss
I had to confront my fears and master my every demonic thought about inferiority, insecurity, or the fear of being black, young, and gifted in this Western culture.
Lauryn Hill
When the human condition is finally demystified, human insecurity and nervousness will be at a maximum…for this ultimate enlightenment to be allowed, society is going to have to adhere scrupulously to the democratic principle of freedom of expression.
Jeremy Griffith
I don’t think confidence has ever really been one of those things that came naturally for me. If people thought I was confident, it was really just the way I masked my insecurity, because I didn’t want people to really get to know the real me.
Joanna Gaines
I have always been a combination of both security and insecurity.
Mary Tyler Moore
I want to get comfortable with my insecurities until I am no longer insecure. I want to be comfortable in my skin so that I do not need to dump any of my discomfort onto someone else in the form of judgment.
Damien Rice
It’s always my biggest insecurity – disappointing myself or my partner.
Kaitlyn Bristowe
A doctor can be a doctor today and they will be a doctor tomorrow. But an actor, well you’re not working at anything right now, whereas the doctor is going to have their job tomorrow, for the most part. So there’s the insecurity of that, and you have to go where the work is.
Audra McDonald
I always wore a hat. They were gonna throw me out of high school because I wouldn’t take my hat off. But it was just a deep insecurity about my awful hair.
Jim Norton
Insecurity prevents young artists from ‘flying’ and older artists from being ‘down to earth.’ Young artists should work on their confidence and the older ones on their humility.
Igor Babailov
Most bad behaviour comes from insecurity.
Debra Winger
Insecurity, however, is a luxury on which I never economize.
Judith Thurman
I believe in the eternal security of the believer and in the insecurity of the make-believer.
J. Vernon McGee
We all have our fears, our insecurities. I’m not different from anyone else.
Five for Fighting
I never have been insecure, because I see what a waste it is. I know there is a solution to insecurity. I don’t tend to be thrown by problems that don’t have solutions. And insecurity has a wealth of alternatives.
Drew Barrymore
Often, what people don’t say tell you more about the nature of their insecurities than what they do say.
Wayne Gerard Trotman
The finest people, as people go, cannot help but betray a fair portion of fear and insecurity, even full-blown panic.
Thomas Ligotti
I haven’t had surgery. I’ve had my teeth done, which was a massive insecurity for me. But I’m one hundred percent happy. It’s difficult, not just for people in the media, but for everyone – young girls and boys – especially in high school.
Cher Lloyd
I myself have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations with insecurity and body dysmorphia, and stuff like that.
Eva Marie