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Illness Quotes

Illness Quotes by Vivek Murthy, Saul Bellow, D. H. Lawrence, Norman Mailer, Saint Ignatius, Elias Canetti and many others.

Emotional well-being is more than the absence of a mental illness. It’s that resource within each of us which allows us to reach ever closer to our full potential, and which also enables us to be resilient in the face of adversity.
Vivek Murthy
Is our species crazy? Plenty of evidence.
Saul Bellow
A young man is afraid of his demon and puts his hand over the demon’s mouth sometimes and speaks for him. And the things the young man says are very rarely poetry.
D. H. Lawrence
The war between being and nothingness is the underlying illness of the twentieth century. Boredom slays more of existence than war.
Norman Mailer
Realize that illness and other temporal setbacks often come to us from the hand of God our Lord, and are sent to help us know ourselves better, to free ourselves of the love of created things, and to reflect on the brevity of this life and, thus, to prepare ourselves for the life which is without end.
Saint Ignatius
The paranoiac is the exact image of the ruler. The only difference is their position in the world. One might even think the paranoiac the more impressive of the two because he is sufficient unto himself and cannot be shaken by failure.
Elias Canetti
Certain people are more likely to use drugs because of whatever it is: They’ve suffered some trauma in their life. They have risk factors like mental illness, people with learning disabilities, with attention problems.
David Sheff
Just like those who are incurably ill, the aged know everything about their dying except exactly when.
Philip Roth
Over recent years, urbanisation, globalisation and the destruction of local cultures has led to a rise in the prevalence of mental illness in the developing world.
Iain McGilchrist
The romantic treatment of death asserts that people were made singular, made more interesting, by their illnesses.
Susan Sontag
Well, I like to think that my illness has prevented me from rising to any number of dizzy heights.
Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley
I never laugh or smile when I am writing. When I come home for lunch after writing all morning, my wife says I look like I just came home from a funeral. This is not bragging. This is an illness.
Carl Hiaasen
In the wealthiest nation on Earth – no illness or accident should lead to any family’s financial ruin.
Barack Obama
Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.
Alejandro Jodorowsky
I think we need to update the existing laws to create uniformity across the states so that all people with mental illness who find themselves in the criminal justice system for committing horrific crimes will be treated exactly the same.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
We are becoming a nation of sissies and hypochondriacs, a self medicating society easily intimidated by pain and prone to panic. We understand almost nothing about the essential robustness of the human body or its ability to meet the challenge of illness.
Norman Cousins
Serious illness doesn’t bother me for long because I am too inhospitable a host.
Albert Schweitzer
When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer, you beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.
Stuart Scott
The strongest predictor of unhappiness is anyone who has had a mental illness in the last 10 years. It is an even stronger predictor of unhappiness than poverty – which also ranks highly.
Polly Toynbee
Look at that ugly dead mask here and do not forget it. It is a chalk mask with dead dry poison behind it, like the death angel. It is what I was this fall, and what I never want to be again. The pouting disconsolate mouth, the flat, bored, numb, expressionless eyes: symptoms of the foul decay within.
Sylvia Plath
As an entrepreneur, I knew that if my company failed, I could always try again. So I often felt that the only real risk of true financial ruin came from the possibility of a serious illness that either exceeded my insurance plans lifetime limits, or was not covered due to rescission.
Eric Ries
Victory is the thought transformation resulting from comprehending that physical immortality…perpetual longevity, sans illness and aging…eternal, healthy, youthful life in your living flesh… is not a fantasy, but a practical and attainable possibility.
Linda Goodman
It was a very hard decision to let people know about the multiple sclerosis because we’re in an industry where illness is not something that show business likes.
Jennifer Holliday
I suspect that here theists and atheists would agree: Human beings have within them the ability to choose evil or good. We wake up each day facing the age-old struggle of good and evil. In some situations, mental illness clouds our judgment.
Adam Hamilton
The more you know about something, the harder it becomes. You become more and more of a perfectionist. I think it’s a curse… It’s a form of illness!
Truman Capote
Many weight issues stem from illness, be it physical or, indeed, emotional. And a large portion of people who sometimes struggle to maintain a ‘healthy’ weight deal daily with their own self-esteem crises.
Jameela Jamil
Ageing is something to celebrate. If you can avoid long-term debilitating injury and illness, it’s something you have to embrace because the other choice is being dead. So embrace it, grow with it. And that’s what I try and do.
Mick Hucknall
Illness is the most heeded of doctors: to goodness and wisdom we only make promises; pain we obey.
Marcel Proust
I think Hell exists on Earth. It’s a psychological state, or it can be a physical state. People who have severe mental illness are in Hell. People who have lost a loved one are in Hell. I think there are all kinds of different hells. It’s not a place you go to after you die.
Al Franken
I began to think that melancholy was a dialect that only some people knew-or could even hear-and in my conversations, I sought these people out.
Virginia Heffernan
[It] is capable of driving people to such dangerous folly that faith seems to me to qualify as a kind of mental illness.
Richard Dawkins
When children are hungry, sleepy from a night spent fighting untreated asthma, or hobbled by symptoms of undiagnosed illnesses, they are less likely to do well in school.
Irwin Redlener
Being the father of girls is a kind of illness, in its own way – since any guy who has tried to live in a house with a wife and two daughters is, without any doubt, going to go certifiably nuts.
Steve Schirripa
If we are extremists, then we are not ashamed of it, for the conditions that our people suffer are extreme, and extreme illness can not be cured with moderate medicine
Malcolm X
I decided to shift my energy and concentration into changing my lifestyle and diet and taking charge of my own illness.
Michael Milken
The world is, for the most part, a collective madhouse, and practically everyone, however “normal” his facade, is faking sanity.
John Astin
It’s usually the stupid people that develop long illnesses. You need more than indolence and selfishness, you need endurance to make a good patient.
W. H. Auden
Neurotics complain of their illness, but they make the most of it, and when it comes to talking it away from them they will defend it like a lioness her young.
Sigmund Freud
I’ve thought about my relationship to my body, my body dysmorphia, and what that means as someone who’s like, ‘Oh, I’m going to be on camera.’ Sometimes it makes my body dysmorphia worse, but I’ve also tried to not let my mental illness rob the joy of getting to do something I’ve always wanted to do.
Patti Harrison
Illness or disease is only Nature’s warning that filth has accumulated in some portion or other of the body; and it would surely be the part of wisdom to allow Nature to remove the filth, instead of covering it up with the help of medicines.
Mahatma Gandhi
Thanks to evolution, our bodies have powerful ways to ward off illness and infection and enable us to live long and healthy lives. Why, then, do health costs continue to climb at unsustainable and frightening rates?
David Suzuki
I never imagined while going through this horrifying illness that I would write a book or that it could ever be a movie.
Susannah Cahalan
They have been deprived nutritionally, or some illness has not been picked up, or they have not been screened for vision or hearing defects, or they have not had some kind of a chronic illness or error of metabolism picked up.
C. Everett Koop
The relief of suffering is a great good. The curing of illness and disease – these are great human goods. This is the mission of medicine.
Michael Sandel
We’ve all got a terminal illness. It’s called life.
Benedict Groeschel
I love being from a screwed up family. We have everything in my family: prescription drug abuse, mental illness, one of my uncles is a Mormon.
Christopher Titus
I can’t remember missing a practice because of illness.
Don Shula
Mental illness can happen to anybody. You can be a dustman, a politician, a Tesco worker… anyone. It could be your dad, your brother or your aunt.
Frank Bruno
Love in an animal sense is an illness, but a necessity which one has to overcome.
Max Beckmann
Freud’s fanciful pseudo-explanations (precisely because they are brilliant) perform a disservice. Now any ass has these pictures available to use in “explaining” symptoms of an illness.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
I think that ageism is a cultural illness; it’s not a personal illness.
Frances McDormand
Psychoanalysis is the mental illness it purports to cure
Karl Kraus
In the case of my husband, we found that facing a life-threatening illness prodded us to make a dramatic change in our lives.
Gail Sheehy
You need community support. You’re pretty defeated when you’re laid low with a mental illness. It’s a frightening place to be, and to get up and be able to stand and to move forward and to start functioning again, you need so much support. You need to feel you’re not alone.
Margaret Trudeau
Really, becoming a writer sounds more like a mental illness than a professional choice.
Shannon Hale
Man’s destiny is to know, if only because societies with knowledge culturally dominate societies that lack it. Luddites and anti-intellectuals do not master the differential equations of thermodynamics or the biochemical cures of illness. They stay in thatched huts and die young.
E. O. Wilson
He that has his chains knocked off, and the prison doors set open to him, is perfectly at liberty, because he may either go or stay, as he best likes; though his preference be determined to stay, by the darkness of the night, or illness of the weather, or want of other lodging.
John Locke
The question is: what is a sane man to do in an insane society?
Joseph Heller
People usually survive their illnesses, but the paper work eventually does them in. Filing a claim for insurance is terminal.
Erma Bombeck
Have you ever thought about those last moments of your life? Nobody wants a long, lingering illness; nobody wants just that; but it would be nice if you could have a day or two where you know it’s coming.
Kidd Kraddick
The right to a good death is a basic human freedom. The [2006-JAN] Supreme Court’s decision to uphold aid in dying allows us to view and act on death as a dignified moral and godly choice for those suffering with terminal illnesses.
John Shelby Spong
People who have any kind of illness use humor as a type of coping.
Edward Zwick
Depression is a treatable medical illness like cancer and heart disease.
Judith Peacock
..Since depression is a genetic biological illness, like diabetes, or low thyroid, it wasn’t lack of character, laziness, or something I could “snap out of”-it would be like trying to snap out of a toothache.
Peter McWilliams
Pictures help you to form the mental mold.
Robert Collier
Mental illnesses are so frightening and there’s so much ignorance about them that I think it comforts people to think, ‘Oh, well, it happens to these people because they deserve it.’
Pete Earley
Look into the depths of your own soul and learn first to know yourself, then you will understand why this illness was bound to come upon you and perhaps you will thenceforth avoid falling ill.
Sigmund Freud
Illness cannot exist in a body that has harmonious thoughts.
Rhonda Byrne
If you look at the language of illness, you can use it to describe race – you could experience race as an illness. You can experience income level, at many different levels, as a form of illness. You can experience age as an illness. I mean, it’s all got an illness component.
Andrew Solomon
Without anxiety and illness I should have been like a ship without a rudder.
Edvard Munch
Friends and family were convinced I was functioning just fine because I was efficient, productive and successful – who wouldn’t be working twenty hour days? I had everybody fooled with my illness.
Andy Behrman
Once you realize that everything happens for a reason, attitudes towards matters such as illnesses, or lawsuits, for example, change.
Shari Arison
I have seen great beauty of spirit in some who were great sufferers. I have seen men, for the most part, grow better not worse with advancing years, and I have seen the last illness produce treasures of fortitude and meekness from most unpromising subjects.
C. S. Lewis
I was very weak in my childhood, and arthritis took a toll on me. But my parents did everything in their might to help me recover. Slowly, I started recovering from the illness, and I made a pact with myself that I would not let my past dwell on my future.
Sangram Singh
Millions of working, uninsured Americans go to bed every night worrying what will happen to them and their families if a major illness or injury strikes.
Tim Ryan
Most people have been touched by the battles of mental illness in some way or another. It’s either going on in their families or next door to them, or they know people who have experienced it.
Tom Kitt
A life like an intricately woven basket, frayed, worn, broken, unraveled, reworked, reknit from many of its original pieces… Life can survive in the constant shadow of illness, and even rise to moments of rampant joy, but the shadow remains, and one has to make space for it.
Diane Ackerman
I am bipolar, and I am proud. And that is why I wanted to write a book. To shine a light on mental illness, to be vulnerable about the days I let it take control and paid dearly for it, and to tell anyone fighting a similar battle: You are not alone. You are not broken.
AJ Lee
I’ve done a lot of death cartoons – tombstones, Grim Reaper, illness, obituaries… I’m not great at analyzing things, but my guess is that maybe the only relief from the terror of being alive is jokes.
Roz Chast
Because death and illness are the most horrible things in life, of course that’s where the most absurdly funny things are going to happen.
Julia Sweeney
My mom had the breakdown for the family, and I went into therapy for all of us.
Carrie Fisher
As well as being blind, Ma turned out to have the same mental illness that her mother had had. Between 1986 and 1990, she suffered six schizophrenic bouts, each requiring her to be institutionalised for up to three months.
Liz Murray
What is the natural reaction when told you have a hopeless mental illness? That diagnosis does you in; that, and the humiliation of being there. I mean, the indignity you’re subjected to. My God.
Kate Millett
The joy you bring us is so much greater than the sadness we feel about your illness.
John Green
Many doctors spend their time looking For the symptoms of illness, Rarely acknowledging that illness is itself a symptom.
Margo Adair
I am a sick man…I am a spiteful man. I am an unattractive man. I think my liver is diseased. Then again, I don’t know a thing about my illness; I’m not even sure what hurts.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
How much … did the volume of disease in a nation account for its spirit? If so, the eradication of sickness, as far as it was possible, was a responsibility a democracy must assume for its people.
Alice Tisdale Hobart
Wellness is cheaper than illness. It costs us time and money when children get sick.
Thomas Carper
It is as imperative to take care of our minds as is our bodies and hence seeking help for mental illness is of paramount importance.
Ananya Birla
As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists.
Joan Dye Gussow
We know how to treat depression, we know how to treat mental illness, and we have not had the political will in our country to make it happen.
Rosalynn Carter
Money is the most important thing in the world. It represents health, strength, honor, generosity, and beauty as conspicuously as the want of it represents illness, weakness, disgrace, meanness, and ugliness.
George Bernard Shaw
Placing too much emphasis on a yes/no diagnosis, meaning you either have a disease or you don’t, can lead even the most well-meaning physicians to miss underlying causes and early warning signs of illness.
Mark Hyman
Ron, you know full well Harry and I were brought up by Muggles!” said Hermione. “We didn’t hear stories like that when we were little, we heard ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and ‘Cinderella’ —” “What’s that, an illness?” asked Ron.
J. K. Rowling
Every day silence harvests its victims. Silence is a mortal illness.
Natalia Ginzburg
A naturopath once told me you should never take antibiotics except if you have pneumonia, a kidney infection or some other serious illness. That’s my philosophy, too.
Pamela Sue Martin
It is food – we now know that food is information, not just calories, and that it can upgrade your biologic software. The majority of chronic disease is primarily a food borne illness. We ate ourselves into this problem and we have to eat ourselves out of it.
Mark Hyman, M.D.
My whole family, all they talk about is food and disease. And they’re competitive with illness: I have a cold. I wish I had a cold! I don’t even have sinuses anymore.
Dom Irrera
physical disability looms pretty large in one’s life. But it doesn’t devour one wholly. I’m not, for instance, Ms. MS, a walking, talking embodiment of a chronic incurable degenerative disease.
Nancy Mairs
The nature of food processing had changed substantially in America. Much of it owed to corresponding changes in food packaging and the logistics for faster shipping. The scope of outbreak from foodborne illness no longer has a clear geographic boundary.
Scott Gottlieb
… now I was safe, now I was really crazy, and nobody could take me out of there.
Susanna Kaysen
Expanded credit access has helped households maintain living standards when suffering job loss, illness, or other unexpected contingencies.
Janet Yellen
Always receive with equal contentment from God’s hand either consolations or sufferings, peace or distress, health or illness. Ask nothing, refuse nothing, but always be ready to do and to suffer anything that comes from His Providence.
Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart
People who tend not to report illness are people who are highly competitive and do not want to admit they are not coping.
Cary Cooper
When a man mistakes his thoughts for persons and things, he is mad.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Depression as one example is an illness that has a chemical basis, but also is deeply embedded in cultural norms about gender, social class, race.
Jonathan Michel Metzl
They show that roughly two-thirds of a group of neurotic patients will recover or improve to a marked extent within about two years of the onset of their illness, whether they are treated by means of psychotherapy or not.
Hans Eysenck
Treating an identity as an illness invites real illness to make a braver stand.
Andrew Solomon
AIDS today is not a death sentence. It can be treated as a chronic illness, or a chronic disease.
Yusuf Hamied
My obsession with accumulation, which at times has taken on the whisper of a psychic illness – as anyone who has experienced the ode to the Collyer brothers that is my ‘Vogue’ office will concur – began in infancy.
Hamish Bowles
I knew for years I wanted to write a novel that addressed the personal trauma of my older sister, who suffered – and still suffers – from mental illness. For a long time I imagined – and I know it’s absurd – that she was an indirect casualty of the Vietnam War.
David Means
It is simply untrue that all our institutions are evil,… that all politicians are mere opportunists, that all aspects of university life are corrupt. Having discovered an illness, it’s not terribly useful to prescribe death as a cure.
George McGovern
I believe it should be possible for someone stricken with a serious and ultimately fatal illness to choose to die peacefully with medical help, rather than suffer.
Terry Pratchett
Woe to those who lead idle lives. Idleness is a dreadful illness and must be cured in childhood. If it is not cured then, it can never be cured.
Carlo Collodi
Mental illness is a myth, whose function is to disguise and thus render more palatable the bitter pill of moral conflicts in human relations.
Thomas Szasz
I will tell you something about stories . . . They aren’t just entertainment. Don’t be fooled. They are all we have, you see, all we have to fight off illness and death.
Leslie Marmon Silko
Any illness is a direct message to you that tells you how you have not been loving who you are, cherishing yourself in order to be who you are. This is the basis of all healing.
Barbara Brennan
I fight pain, anxiety, and fear every day, and the only method I have found that relieves my illness is to keep creating art. I followed the thread of art and somehow discovered a path that would allow me to live.
Yayoi Kusama
Illness and problems are the specialties of life. But the death of a child is a cause of mental agony which can be overcome if one concedes this world to be a stage or stadium wherein praiseworthy are those who are not proud of their achievement and those who do not cry at their defeat.
Munshi Premchand
Since my illness, I’ve felt the presence of my angels.
Fran Drescher
The worse illness of our time, is that so many people have to suffer from never being loved
Princess Diana
The most dangerous thing, when you have a serious mental illness, is convincing yourself that you don’t have it. And you see it all the time. People get on medication, and they feel better, and they stop taking it. And some flirt with unreality on some levels. But it feels so convincing to them that it feels real.
Noah Hawley
It is a technique ideally suited to prevent physical and mental illness and to protect the body generally, developing an inevitable sense of self-reliance and assurance.
Yehudi Menuhin
Any breakdown is a breakthrough.
Marshall McLuhan
Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, and yet so many Americans are left to fight this battle without the coverage, support, and resources they need.
Ted Deutch
Devout believers are safeguarded in a high degree against the risk of certain neurotic illnesses; their acceptance of the universal neurosis spares them the task of constructing a personal one.
Anatole France
Since the most ancient times, all men, and particularly those who endeavored in the practice of medicine, have brought closer together two natural phenomena of capital importance: illness or fever and fermentation.
Louis Pasteur
Lyme disease is the most commonly reported tick-borne illness in the United States, and the incidence is growing rapidly. In 2009, the C.D.C. reported thirty-eight thousand cases, three times more than in 1991. Most researchers agree that the true number of infections is five to ten times higher.
Michael Specter
Embodied courage chooses not to wait until illness or notice of death demands attention.
Jack Kornfield
In restaurants across America we see Latino workers in the kitchen who are being paid substandard wages. The saddest thing to me is that if we think about these workers, these are the people with the least access to good food. Yet they’re often suffering from the highest rates of obesity and diet-related illnesses.
Bryant Terry
Heart disease is a foodborne illness.
Caldwell Esselstyn
Though bitter, good medicine cures illness. Though it may hurt, loyal criticism will have beneficial effects.
Sima Qian
Paranoia is an illness I contracted in institutions. It is not the reason for my sentences to reform school and prison. It is the effect, not the cause.
Jack Abbott
We need to do more to raise awareness of perinatal mental health illness and address the stigma that still surrounds it in our society.
Luciana Berger
I wanna never have birth and fail as a father. I would never want the illness that killed in my Nana
Vinnie Paz
Illness isn’t the only thing that spoils the appetite.
Ivan Turgenev
If people can talk about having breast cancer, why can’t people who have mental illness talk about mental illness? Until we’re able to do that, we’re not going to be treated with the same kind of respect for our diseases as other people.
Kay Redfield Jamison
Portray [people with mental illness] sympathetically, and portray them in all the richness and depth of their experience as people, and not as diagnoses.
Elyn Saks
I want to live fully, very intensely. I would never want to live partially, suffering from illness or injury. If I ever happen to have an accident that eventually costs my life, I hope it happens in one instant.
Ayrton Senna
Nostalgia is an illness
for those who haven’t realized
that today
is tomorrow’s nostalgia.
Zeena Schreck
With terminal illness, your fate is sealed. Morally, we’re more comfortable with a situation where you don’t cause death, but you hasten it. We think that’s a bright line. Comparing the U.S. with Switzerland, where assisted suicide is legal for patients suffering ‘intolerable health problems.’
Arthur Caplan
When you have a life-threatening illness like cancer, and you’re faced with the alternative, it gives doing whatever it is you do a much sweeter taste.
Ronnie Montrose
Worrying about things beyond your control is a pretty good formula for illness.
Robin Sharma
People who are in a position of finding out that they’re at risk for some illness, whether it’s breast cancer, or heart disease, are afraid to get that information – even though it might be useful to them – because of fears that they’ll lose their health insurance or their job.
Francis Collins
If you have a chronic illness in America, there’s a good chance you also hold a degree in Health Insurance 101, whether you want to or not.
Suleika Jaouad
Illness is the proving ground of friendship.
Letty Cottin Pogrebin
What worse illness can there be than acute conventionality. You should pray every night that you don’t wake up with it.
George Weinberg
We are also very presumptuous to negate the possibility that an illness may be a gift. It’s a neutral experience is what I’m trying to say. It should be viewed in some regard as no different than any other experience.
Caroline Myss
When you read about it, you realize that mental illness is so prevalent. People didn’t always have the right terms for it, but most families have had a brush with it.
Ron Howard
Illness and accidents were mysterious manifestations of the war of the spirits, fought on the battleground of the body.
Jean M. Auel
My mind was bursting with depression and anguish. I muttered imprecations and murmuring as I passed along. I was full of loathing and abhorrence of life, and all that life carries in its train.
William Godwin
We live in a culture that is much happier talking about organic brain disease than about psychic illness because the former suggests that something that is physically wrong in a brain is wholly unrelated to that person’s upbringing or experiences in the world, but that is not necessarily true.
Siri Hustvedt
Some writers research in order to write. I write in order to research topics that interest me. Especially if I can meet with other people, in forums from illness support groups to phone-sex hotlines, and learn what other people know best.
Chuck Palahniuk
It’s enough just to speak when spoken to, to give some minimal reaction to a stimulus. But to actually be the stimulus doesn’t even occur to me.
Martha Manning
Illness is a clumsy attempt to arrive at health: we must come to nature’s aid with intellect.
Friedrich Nietzsche
You can have a disordered relationship with food, but to have an eating disorder is indicative of a mental illness, which I think needs treatment and recognition in a different way.
Troian Bellisario
I thought it must be desperate to be old. To wake up in the morning and remember that you were ancient – and so behave that way. I thought old people were full of aches and pains and horrible illnesses.
Maeve Binchy
My daughter, unfortunately, is ill, because drug addiction is an illness. She’s been fighting it for years.
Columba Bush
By pretending that convention is Nature, that disobeying a personal prohibition is a medical illness, they establish themselves as agents of social control and at the same time disguise their punitive interventions in the semantic and social trappings of medical practice.
Thomas Szasz
A delusion held by one person is a mental illness, held by a few is a cult, held by many is a religion.
Robert Todd Carroll
I think that that’s the wisest thing – to prevent illness before we try to cure something.
Maya Angelou
Intellectual curiosity about one’s own illness is certainly born of a desire for mastery. If I couldn’t cure myself, perhaps I could at least begin to understand myself.
Siri Hustvedt
If we fail to develop a national coordinated response, based in science, I fear the pandemic will get far worse and be prolonged, causing unprecedented illness and fatalities. Without better planning, 2020 could be the darkest winter in modern history.
Rick Bright
Stay focused on what is beautiful and abundant even as illness carves more and more of what you love away
Katrina Kenison
My health is so often impaired that I begin to be as weary of it as mending old lace; when it is patched in one place, it breaks out in another.
Mary Wortley Montagu
Our illness is often our healing.
Another person’s illness is often harder to bear than one’s own.
Iris Murdoch
Advances in technology and in our understanding of illness and disease together with an expanded workforce and greater resources will allow us to provide more services to a higher quality.
John Hutton
Fatal illness has always been viewed as a test of moral character, but in the nineteenth century there is a great reluctance to let anybody flunk the test.
Susan Sontag
Winter-related accidents and illnesses account for a large number of all senior health-related insurance claims during the winter months. But that doesn’t mean that seniors have to sit this season out. By taking a few precautions, seniors can enjoy winter safely and securely.
Scott Perry
Never confuse the person, formed in the image of God, with the evil that is in him: because evil is but a chance misfortune, an illness, a devilish reverie. But the very essence of the person is the image of God, and this remains in him despite every disfigurement.
John of Kronstadt
I’d like to be proven wrong on the difficulty of handling the medical side-effects of long term exposure to deep space (both microgravity induced illnesses and radiation damage).
Charles Stross
I think love lyrics have contributed to the general aura of bad mental health in America.
Frank Zappa
Many tribal peoples consider illness to be one of the most reliable sources of revelation. Many of the practices that traditional religions impose upon seekers-abstinence, isolation, stillness-are practices that illness imposes upon us, so it is in a sense a cocoon that allows revelation to unfold.
Kat Duff
A small amount of wine such as three or four glasses is of benefit for the preservation of the health of human beings and an excellent remedy for most illnesses.
Mother Earth is now stronger than She ever was before. It is almost like taking penicillin. You take it for a few days and then stop, and it makes the illness stronger. The Earth since nuclear experiments is very strong. Everything has been changing.
Drunvalo Melchizedek
Illness strikes men when they are exposed to change.
Romantic love is mental illness. But it’s a pleasurable one.
Fran Lebowitz
Larry Grobel has the illness of all writers, he can’t help himself. You’re talking to him and all of a sudden, you say, “He’s puttin’ that in his cash register!”
Al Pacino
The patient must combat the disease along with the physician.
Now our Earth is swarmed with issues such as life, death, illness, wars, economic crises and many others. It is time that we sing out loud the message, ‘Love forever.’
Yayoi Kusama
civilization is a transient sickness.
Robinson Jeffers
I get lots of awards for being mentally ill. Apparently, I am better at being mentally ill than almost anything else I’ve ever done. Seriously – I have a shelf of awards for being bipolar.
Carrie Fisher
A person loves to talk about his illnesses although that is the least interesting part of his life.
Anton Chekhov
Some of my earlier songs are kind of more about mental illness.
Andrew Bird
The problem with mental illness, as opposed to physical illness, is that it involves wrong thinking or impaired insight. You’re not thinking correctly.
Margaret Trudeau
A man’s illness is his private territory and, no matter how much he loves you and how close you are, you stay an outsider. You are healthy.
Lauren Bacall
For [D.H.] Lawrence, existence was one continuous convalescence; it was as though he were newly reborn from a mortal illness every day of his life. What these convalescent eyes saw, his most casual speech would reveal.
Aldous Huxley
You cannot drive a system that’s going to be aiming at preventing illness if everyone is not in it. The whole gaming of health insurance and health care in America is based on that fundamental principle: insure people who aren’t sick and you don’t have to pay more money on them.
Mehmet Oz
The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart.
Vladimir Lenin
People with mental health problems are almost never dangerous. In fact, they are more likely to be the victims than the perpetrators. At the same time, mental illness has been the common denominator in one act of mass violence after another.
Roy Blunt
Something small and quiet, like a match being struck, lights up the gloom inside of me.
Suzanne Collins
The essence of illness is the freezing of behavior into unalterable and insatiable patterns.
Lawrence S. Kubie
Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is poverty. Ignorance is devastation. Ignorance is tragedy. And ignorance is illness. It all stems from ignorance.
Jim Rohn
My father’s very public life as Famous Amos was the opposite of that of his ex-wife, my mother Shirley, who was fighting a very private, solitary battle with mental illness.
Shawn Amos
The fact is that ours is the only minority you can join involuntarily, without warning, at any time. And if you live long enough, as you’re increasingly likely to do, you may well join it.
Nancy Mairs
Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.
Norman Cousins
All signs of superhuman nature appear in man as illness or insanity.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Illness itself can make you angry, enraged, furious, and it made me angry, enraged, and furious. I don’t think it brought me to God at all. It depends how you deal with it. And I think that, at its best, three little words that always have to be applied to religion, religion can help you to deal with that.
Karen Armstrong
I take medication every day for mental illness and depression and don’t feel bad about it.
Lady Gaga
Lets try to come to a place of compassion about mental illness, in all its forms, and help each other find healing.
Mariel Hemingway
Convalescence is a sort of grown-up rebirth, enabling us to see life with a fresh eye.
Margaret Prescott Montague
I had known a couple of people in college who went off the rails, who had significant bouts with mental illness.
Edward Zwick
Sometimes, patients with serious mental illness, just as with other serious medical illnesses, require hospitalization. In the absence of available public or private hospital beds, there are few options.
Thomas R. Insel
It’s been an incredible odyssey to make the journey from a vibrantly healthy person to someone with a chronic illness.
Karen Duffy
My biggest excuse to others and myself was that I had writer’s block, as if it was some kind of illness.
Mary Garden
Tradition is a kind of mental illness with a clear symptom of repetitiveness.
Mehmet Murat Ildan
We need not become fixated upon our own suffering, whatever its origin. We offer it up, thus participating in the well-being of the universe. When we experience an illness or depression not as our own but as the universe’s, we are one with all beings who experience this kind of suffering.
Jean Leloup
How quickly a person in pain whom you can’t help becomes a reproach. And then, no doubt, a thorn.
Beth Richardson Gutcheon
I did as much research as I could and I took ownership of this illness, because if you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?
Karen Duffy
To those who fall and hurt themselves one runs with comfort; by those who lie dangerously stricken by a disease one sits and waits.
Rebecca West
It’s very important that we re-learn the art of resting and relaxing. Not only does it help prevent the onset of many illnesses that develop through chronic tension and worrying; it allows us to clear our minds, focus, and find creative solutions to problems.
Nhat Hanh
It can be difficult to present mental illness in film without resorting to devices that, if not handled well, can seem heavy-handed or clichГ©.
Brian Lindstrom
When you go through a long illness, certainly one of cancer, there’s a certain release from it and relief that it has come to an end, because the suffering can be unbearable, as opposed to an abrupt stop to life when they go out the door and there’s a loved one who never comes home because of some accident.
Pierce Brosnan
In a funny way, the illness spurred me on. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve got to get through this operation to make a blues album.’
Chris Rea
Depression is an illness that robs one of the meaning of life. Heal the illness. As the depression heals, enthusiasm, well-being, and a sense of life’s purpose will return.
Peter McWilliams
Our family suffers from a hereditary condition called, generally, mental illness. Specifically, multiple family members in successive generations have suffered from either bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.
Victor LaValle
Cancer is just a word that creates fear. Forget about that word, and let’s just focus on balancing your body. All illnesses are just symptoms of imbalance. No illness can remain when your entire system is in balance.
Anita Moorjani
Illness is the result of imbalance. Imbalance is a result of forgetting who you are. Forgetting who you are creates thoughts and actions that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and eventually to illness…. Illness can thus be understood as a lesson you have given yourself to help you remember who you are.
Barbara Brennan
Yet birth, and lust, and illness, and death are changeless things, and when one of these harsh facts springs out upon a man at some sudden turn of the path of life, it dashes off for the moment his mask of civilization and gives a glimpse of the stranger and stronger face below.
Arthur Conan Doyle
People don’t realize how many of the homeless are single moms, and a lot of veterans, and people with mental illness.
Joe Maddon
The Republicans have a new healthcare proposal: Just say NO to illness!
Mark Russell
Let us give publicity to H.I.V./AIDS and not hide it, because the only way to make it appear like a normal illness like TB, like cancer, is always to come out and say somebody has died because of H.I.V./AIDS, and people will stop regarding it as something extraordinary.
Nelson Mandela
And I have learned now to live with it, learned when to expect it, how to outwit it, even how to regard it, when it does come, as more friend than lodger. We have reached a certain understanding, my migraine and I.
Joan Didion
Every pore of you is crying and you don’t even understand why or what. I actually kind of died and got born again as a result of taking the meds and having a chance to, you know, build a life.
Sinead O’Connor
The phrase ‘fake news’ sounds too playful, too much like a schoolchild faking illness to get out of a test.
Daniel Levitin
Give up smoking. Don’t get so fat. So much illness is self-induced – which I can’t stand. And I’m not a good nursemaid. Don’t call me if you’re ill.
Anton du Beke
Sometimes it takes a brush with eternity – a crash, an illness, some shock to the system – to get you really thinking about what you want to do with your limited time here, and why you’re living on this wobbling dirt clod in the first place.
Hampton Sides
Nobody seemed to have any perspective any longer. Those were low points. But we got through it.
Uma Thurman
The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they’re okay, then it’s you.
Rita Mae Brown
We enjoy a growing awareness and literacy around the symptoms of and remedies for mental illness. Thanks to brave public figures and persistent campaigners, much of the ignorance and stigma has been reduced.
Luciana Berger
Concealing an illness is like keeping a beach ball under water.
Karen Duffy
There is a diabolical streak in me, a troublesome and inexplicable perversity.
Octave Mirbeau
I went through a significant illness in 1991 and had some major surgery, and I made up my mind that I have to get my life in order, and the first thing that I would try to accomplish was to get out of the sports business.
Norman Braman
Doctors are not fortune tellers, and neither am I. Having lived with disability since birth does not afford me immunity from illness.
Stella Young
If we ask God for a calm, thankful heart that sees all the blessings His grace imparts, He can teach us many lessons in illness that can never be learned in health.
David Jeremiah
I’d read things, like people criticizing me. But no one likes to read stuff about that, and probably the main thing that was getting to me was me mum’s illness.
Jack Osbourne
It’s wonderful to find cultures that are historically still intact, as opposed to a lot of Western cultures which seem to me to be slowly dying, stuck in celebrity illness or stupidity.
Jamie Hewlett
Her [Rosalind Franklin] devotion to research showed itself at its finest in the last months of her life. Although stricken with an illness which she knew would be fatal, she continued to work right up to the end.
John Desmond Bernal
Men make use of their illnesses at least as much as they are made use of by them.
Aldous Huxley
Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.
William J. Clinton
When there’s a terrible illness like AIDS sweeping through, you help people.
Bernadette Peters
I hope, by being honest about what happened to me, to help nourish a culture of honesty that might make something different – and better – possible. We really need to squarely face the issue of child abuse in America, and to look at our perversity, our illness.
Laura Mullen
My wife, like many women, actually LIKES wrapping things. If she gives you a gift that requires batteries, she wraps the batteries separately, which to me is very close to being a symptom of mental illness.
Dave Barry
Being a depressive should not imply danger any more than being a man or even a human should. Mental illness isn’t a them/us issue; we are all on the scale somewhere. So we must be very careful to resist ignorance and combat the stigma that leads to dangerous silence.
Matt Haig
With the truth, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible and pass it on to someone else. As with illness, this is the only way to be cured of it. The person who keeps truth in his hands has lost.
Jean Baudrillard
Live strong is exactly I guess what it says. It’s one thing to live, but it’s another thing to live strong, to attack the day and attack your life with a whole new attitude. This was a gift for me. I guess before the illness I just lived. Now, after the illness, I live strong.
Lance Armstrong
We were never supposed to live until 40. We were built to self-destruct at 30, whether from cancer or mental illness. We’re all going way beyond our expiration date.
Douglas Coupland
I am more more terrified of living a comfortable life in a self-serving society and failing to follow Jesus than I am of any illness or tragedy.
Katie Davis
Home is the best place to be sick in.
Margaret Deland
Writers can treat their mental illnesses every day.
Kurt Vonnegut
Physically, I’m healthy as a horse, always held up. But in the mental illness department, I got my share. It’s just what I got.
Shawn Colvin
If you want to know the value of vaccines, just spend some time in a clinic in Africa. The faces of the mothers and fathers say it all: vaccines prevent illness and save lives.
Seth Berkley
You are also the physician who must watch over yourself. But in the course of every illness there are many days in which the physician can do nothing but wait.
Rainer Maria Rilke
I feel very strongly about the subject matter in The Dallas Buyer’s Club – about AIDS and people fighting illnesses, and fighting for survival against bad conditions.
Bradford Cox
When my mum first told me she got sick, I didn’t cry. I probably cried over my mum’s illness twice.
Jack Osbourne
My family and friends were definitely the key to my recovery. One thing that I do suggest is that anyone dealing with a life-threatening illness like cancer choose a point person for people to call to find out how you are doing – a sister, brother, mother, father, daughter, son, or close friend.
Olivia Newton-John
The famous herbalist Samuel Thompson used two herbs mainly, cayenne & lobelia. And with those two herbs, it is estimated he helped 3.5 million people recover from their illnesses.
Richard M. Schulze
Thank Heaven! The crisis /The danger is past, and the lingering illness, is over at last /, and the fever called ”Living” is conquered at last.
Edgar Allan Poe
I do not find illness an eminence, and I do not understand how people can use it to draw attention to themselves since the attention they draw is nearly always reluctantly given and unpleasantly carried out.
John Steinbeck
There’s such a stigma around mental illness, and this idea that you’re going to come off as disturbed or weak somehow by being open about these things. I’ve never felt embarrassed or shy talking about it; it’s such an integral part of my life.
Shannon Purser
There is so much to be celebrated about mental illness. I do believe that there is something to be said about the truly artistic, the truly brilliant, those of us who have been ‘touched by fire’ that should be celebrated, not stigmatized.
Mauro Ranallo
If your stature were an illness, it seems that the Centipede dispenses medicine to make you well.
Cheshire Cat
I’m not a brain surgeon, I’m not saving anyone from any life-threatening illnesses. But I get to tell stories, and that’s a pretty important task.
Emma Stone
Perhaps all our troubles – all the violence, obesity, illness, depression, and greed we can’t overcome – began when we stopped living as Running People. Deny your nature, and it will erupt in some other, uglier way.
Christopher McDougall
Love is the kind of illness that does not spare the intelligent or the dull.
Albert Camus
Most people are sick. But only a few know that this is something they can be proud of. These are the psychoanalysts.
Karl Kraus
Your illness is not your identity. Your chemistry is not your character.
Rick Warren
Do they think I’m on drugs? That I have a life-threatening illness? That I’m anorexic? Emotionally, it doesn’t get easier to hear those criticisms – but it gets easier to be resolute about my reaction to it.
Fiona Apple
Mankind is a single body and each nation a part of that body. We must never say “What does it matter to me if some part of the world is ailing?” If there is such an illness, we must concern ourselves with it as though we were having that illness.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
I like Aimee Mann. Her album ‘Mental Illness’ is so good.
Trixie Mattel
I do a lot of book signings and conventions every year, and I meet a great many readers who are struggling… they’re working through illness, injury, addiction, depression, grief, or some other trauma. It seems to me that there’s a lot of heroism in fighting those things as well, as best you can.
Gail Simone
Crazy isn’t being broken, or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you or me, amplified.
Winona Ryder
A major final to a tennis player is sacred ground. Short of any type of serious injury – soft-tissue tears, serious orthopedic injuries or a major illness like throwing up, dehydration or cramping – you keep going, especially in the final of a Slam.
Pam Shriver
The refreshing pleasure from the first view of nature, after the pain of illness, and the confinement of a sick-chamber, is above the conceptions, as well as the descriptions, of those in health.
Ann Radcliffe
Madness is a kind of mental suicide.
Stephen King
I find it easy to spot a depressive. The illness is scrawled across them like graffiti.
Sally Brampton
The urge to make art or contemplate philosophy does not go away when you are sick. Those urges just become transfigured by illness.
John Green
Occupying my mind with complex problems has been my best and most powerful and most reliable defense against my mental illness.
Elyn Saks
A tax cut is really one of the anecdotes to coming out of an economic illness.
George W. Bush
Humility is a virtue; timidity is an illness.
Jim Rohn
I’m not really interested in promoting ‘Olive’ as a series about depression or mental illness.
Frances McDormand
I think one thing is that anybody who’s had to contend with mental illness – whether it’s depression, bipolar illness or severe anxiety, whatever – actually has a fair amount of resilience in the sense that they’ve had to deal with suffering already, personal suffering.
Kay Redfield Jamison
It was nice doing my own Joy Division book to be able to put forward the fact that Ian was actually quite a nice guy and very hardworking, ambitious and loyal. But the thing was, he was battling such a dreadful illness in an era when they really didn’t know how to treat it.
Peter Hook
To be too conscious is an illness. A real thorough going illness.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Depression is an illness and not a necessary part of healthy living.
David D. Burns
Psychoanalysis is that mental illness for which it regards itself as therapy.
Karl Kraus
I know what mental illness looks like, and I know that if a person is not ready to get help, they won’t.
Jenifer Lewis
Chronic disease is a foodborne illness. We ate our way into this mess, and we must eat our way out.
Mark Hyman, M.D.
I am not mad; I would to heaven I were! For then, ’tis like I should forget myself; O, if I could, what grief should I forget!
William Shakespeare
A life-threatening illness or two certainly gives you an awareness of your own mortality. It heightens your sense of gratitude for things that previously, if you’ve not taken them for granted, you perhaps never appreciated how precious they were. That’s almost a platitude, but one has to state the obvious.
Norman Foster
I grew up in a small town, and mental illness wasn’t something anyone talked about.
Rachel Hollis
The actual initiations open up any dense areas in the physical body. The Pleiadian start to break up where the individual is holding on to a physical illness or a particular emotional experience. They always address the human being.
Christine McCormick Day
Over the years, I have been a house painter, farm worker, paste-up artist, Easter Bunny, pizza delivery person, homeless shelter staff member, and counselor for adults and kids with mental illness – I quit my last real job in 2000 to work on writing full-time.
Jennifer McMahon
Mental illness, of course, is not literally a “thing” – or physical object – and hence it can “exist” only in the same sort of way in which other theoretical concepts exist.
Thomas Szasz
In about an 18-month period, my mother got sick and died, and then I had a freak illness less than a year later and almost died myself. And I found in both of those situations that there was this expectation to have a kind of transformative experience.
Meghan Daum
Writing about my illness put me into places. It was very triggering. I had to completely remove myself and practice self-care. I learned to be patient.
Jenny Lawson
Factions are a sign of illness in a party.
Ernest Mandel
If there are quarrels between the parents or if their marriage is unhappy, the ground will be prepared in their children for the severest predisposition to a disturbance of sexual development or to neurotic illness.
Sigmund Freud
It is human nature to look away from illness. We don’t enjoy a reminder of our own fragile mortality.
Roger Ebert
Maybe people are more like the earth than we know. Maybe they have fault lines that sooner or later are going to split open under pressure.
Rebecca Wells
It took a deadly illness to put me eye to eye with that truth, but it is a truth that the country, caught up in its ruthless ambitions and moral decay, can learn on my dime.
Lee Atwater
I have seen the cycle of a non-violent, mentally ill offender who is arrested repeatedly and put into the system repeatedly-never being treated for his illness and, as a result, becoming more and more ill.
Mike DeWine
Neurotics complain of their illness, but they make the most of it, and when it comes to taking it away from them they will defend it like a lioness her young.
Sigmund Freud
One of our priorities is to have an enabling environment for private investment, both domestic and foreign investment, and that means we are going to officially combat corruption because we believe that this scourge, this illness, hinders our efforts to attract private investors.
Joao Lourenco
I think that mental illness is something that is so real.
Wendy Williams
I was diagnosed with the illness right before the 1995 World Cup.
Jonah Lomu
I have had manic-depressive illness, also known as bipolar disorder, since I was 18 years old. It is an illness that ensures that those who have it will experience a frightening, chaotic and emotional ride. It is not a gentle or easy disease.
Kay Redfield Jamison
The ‘Hemingway curse’ was such a huge, awful thing for me to have to deal with. . . . The reality is, because there are genetic tendencies toward mental illness, you need to be aware of them.
Mariel Hemingway
Time is eating away my memory. Time, and this illness, this trespasser in my brain.
Tan Twan Eng
I enjoy the fact that, as a gay man, there’s relatively little pressure on me to act like a grown-up, but also I see the pitfalls that we’re susceptible to, addiction, isolation, loneliness, mental illness, not to mention the embarrassing fashion choices.
Vestal McIntyre
I was very much a mess, as a person. I’d come from a very turbulent teenage life, with parents who had broken up in a very bad way, and a lot of illness at school.
Marc Almond
There is a certain solipsism to serious illness which claims all of one’s attention as certainly as an astronomical black hole seizes anything unlucky enough to fall within its critical radius.
Dan Simmons
Neurosis has an absolute genius for malingering. There is no illness which it cannot counterfeit perfectly. If it is capable of deceiving the doctor, how should it fail to deceive the patient
Marcel Proust
My brother-in-law had to give up his last job because of illness. His boss became sick of him.
Henny Youngman
I’ve lost count of the interviews I’ve done about my illness and its relationship to my ideas and writing.
Tony Judt
By visiting patients in their home, by helping them come to terms with their illness, I could heal when I could not cure.
Abraham Verghese
I may be a lunatic, but then, wasn’t my lunacy caused by a monster that lurks at the bottom of every human mind? Those who call me a madman and spurn me may become lunatics tomorrow. They harbor the same monster.
RyЕ«nosuke Akutagawa
People accuse me of glamorizing mental illness. Looking back sometimes, that’s true. But I don’t feel guilty.
Andy Behrman
I think wanting to write is a fundamental sign of disease and discomfort. I don’t think people who are comfortable want to write.
Kay Redfield Jamison
The actor playing Lee got really irritated. He tried to escape by turning, running, or twisting and talking or yelling above the voice of the illness, but the illness didn’t sit quietly.
Pete Earley
The only way past the pain is through it. Pain, grief, anger, misery…they don’t go away-they just increase and compound and get worse. You have to live through them, acknowledge them. You have to give your pain its due.
Jasinda Wilder
The friend who cares makes it clear that whatever happens in the external world, being present to each other is what really matters. In fact, it matters more than pain, illness, or even death.
Henri Nouwen
Why haven’t we fixed sick yet? You scientists there– put down those starfish and HELP us. I hereby demand that all the people who are good at math make the world free of illness. The rest of us will write you epic poems and staple them together into a booklet.
Daniel Handler
People often write me and ask how I keep my wood floors so clean when I live with a child and a dog, and my answer is that I use a technique called Suffering From a Mental Illness.
Heather Armstrong
15 Step is about how if you have mental illness and try to dance you look very funny. Whenever you see me dancing on stage, I’m imitating the mentally ill.
Thom Yorke
It’s a different sort of love taht puts up with illness. Old love.
Alexander McCall Smith
When our bodies are sick and people extend their sympathy, bring us soup, offer up solutions. When our minds are sick, people tend to shy away from you, be afraid, or call you outright crazy. I’m fascinated by the way society and individuals view mental illness, and most of my shorts comment on that.
Anna Akana
There is another side to death. Whether death happens through an act of violence to a large number of people or to an individual, whether death comes prematurely through illness or accident, or whether death comes through old age, death is always an opening. So a great opportunity comes whenever we face death.
Eckhart Tolle
The doctor may also learn more about the illness from the way the patient tells the story than from the story itself.
James B. Herrick
Football is not, in my view, a sport: it is somewhere between a business racket and a mental illness. I associate it with all the worst aspects of our society – violence, drunkenness, drugs, racism, exploitation, greed and stupidity; and that’s just for starters.
Simon Heffer
I’ve struggled more with guys, depression drugs, family and career than I ever have with my illness. I’m not an innocent and I’m not a child.
Claire Wineland
I eat the way I do because I really enjoy it but also because it’s the only thing I’ve found that helps me manage the illness I had, and that plays a big part in it.
Ella Woodward
We know that mental illness is not something that happens to other people. It touches us all. Why then is mental illness met with so much misunderstanding and fear?
Tipper Gore
Not a few patients, however, suffering from certain forms of mental disorder, regain a high degree of insight into their mental condition in what might be termed a flash of divine enlightenment.
Clifford Whittingham Beers
My illness is one often characterized by dramatic overspending – in my case through frenzied shopping sprees, credit card abuse, excessive hoarding of unnecessary material goods and bizarre generosity with family, friends and even strangers.
Andy Behrman
There are people who are profoundly mentally ill. But we now have a very weird perspective on mental illness and what it means. I do think that people are overmedicated.
K. Flay
It’s really kind of overwhelming and staggering to me how many people I know that have mental illness and there’s not one thing that works. You just have to go on your search. It’s like a journey of, “How am I gonna get well?”
Maya Forbes
He hated it when adults told him he only felt the way he did because he was young. As if being young was like being insane or drunk, like the convictions he held were hallucinations caused by a mental illness that could only be cured by waiting five years.
Cory Doctorow
Anyone can have depression. The illness doesn’t care how much you do or don’t have.
Zoe Quinn
Many people with mental illness suffer in silence, afraid to seek help for fear of victimisation.
Luciana Berger
Health is just not valued until illness comes.
Thomas Fuller
Any other illness, any other disease that we’re faced with, there’s sympathy and understanding. We get help for those. With mental illness, our go-to is to categorize them as, ‘Oh, they’re crazy,’ to belittle the problem.
Chris Wood
Every time the DSM prepares for a new edition, there are countless groups lobbying to get their particular mental illness recognized by the diagnostic manual. Surely, this is a social and cultural phenomenon.
Siri Hustvedt
The people I know who suffer from mental illness, sometimes they do connect you to what it is to be really human. There’s a vulnerability there, there’s something very potent.
Maya Forbes
Long ago they lowered insane persons into snake pits; they thought that an experience that might drive a sane person out of his wits might send an insane person back to sanity.
Mary Jane Ward
The best way to reduce the cost of medical care is to reduce the illness.
Arlen Specter
My son, Sam, is 15 years old, and he’s been a diabetic since he was 2. When you’re a parent of a child with any kind of chronic illness, these things don’t go away. You have a lot of good days, but some days you feel like you’re losing bad.
Bart Millard
I’d had to cope with a lot of death and illness in my family from a young age, and that maybe gave me a bleak outlook on the world.
Bernard Sumner
Everything previously moving with the grain is now against – you are irritable, angry, frightened, uncontrollable, and enmeshed totally in the blackest caves of the mind. You never knew those caves were there. It will never end, for madness carves its own reality.
Kay Redfield Jamison
I think that cancer is a life form that exists out there, and it exists in us. I think even the concept of healing is a spiritual principle that we have to really look at. I think the word itself is something we ought to get rid of, because it implies that there is illness – that there is something wrong.
Wayne Dyer
My fear is dying badly, through illness or injury. But what a glorious demise it would be to burn up in space.
William Shatner
The sick man is taken away by the institution that takes charge not of the individual, but of his illness, an isolated object transformed or eliminated by technicians devoted to the defense of health the way others are attached to the defense of law and order or tidiness.
Michel de Certeau
Having a mother with an illness and being there for her, and being there for my children I just realize how precious life is.
Camille Grammer
We spend too much time hiding illness.
Roger Ebert
I was sent to boarding school at the age of ten. I think Mummy was trying to protect me in her own way, trying to spare me living through the day-to-day reality of her illness.
Lysette Anthony
Now, why is it that most of us can talk openly about the illnesses of our bodies, but when it comes to our brain and illnesses of the mind we clam up and because we clam up, people with emotional disorders feel ashamed, stigmatized, and don’t seek the help that can make the difference.
Kirk Douglas
It is dainty to be sick if you have leisure and convenience for it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
We are a conspiracy of hope and we are pressing back against the strong tide of oppression which for centuries has been the legacy of those of us who are labelled with mental illness. We are refusing to reduce human beings to illnesses.
Patricia Deegan
In terms of earthly life as you understand it, it is overly optimistic to imagine that eventually all illnesses will be conquered, all relationships be inevitably fulfilling, or to foresee a future in which all people on earth are treated with equality and respect.
Jane Roberts
Climate change has been immense difficulties of pains or illness or hard life on this planet. So through that way, you have sense of concern of the well being, not sky, not just the environment itself.
Dalai Lama
Even if you have a terminal disease, you don’t have to sit down and mope. Enjoy life and challenge the illness that you have.
Nelson Mandela
There is no human relationship more intimate than that of nurse and patient, one in which the essentials of character are more rawly revealed.
Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Whatever it is that’s bothering me – interacting with annoying guy at a restaurant, contemplating my age, or losing friends to illness – I’ll start to chip away at it. If you can poke holes in it, it’s not as formidable; it’s not as scary, and ultimately, it becomes another truth.
Billy Crystal
So many people for so many years have promoted technology as the answer to everything. The economy wasn’t growing: technology. Poor people: technology. Illness: technology. As if, somehow, technology in and of itself would be a solution. Yet machine values are not always human values.
Ellen Ullman
Mental illness was a family secret. This patient had four children grow up in foster homes, and they never knew her. It was heart-wrenching for her granddaughter to find this out.
Sean Moran
There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking help.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Besides, wouldn’t it be wonderful if no one ever had to worry about the random cruelty of fatal illness or the woes of old age attacking them or their loved ones?
Joan D. Vinge
Every crazy fad from the 1800s comes back or they never go away. It’s like fashion, like everything’s already been invented, and somebody stumbles onto it and people will always, always be looking for an answer for some vague illness they can’t get a diagnosis for.
Mary Roach
The American people are beginning to think in new ways about health and illness . . . Bernie Siegel is helping to define and open up these new frontiers. In this sense he is in the best medical tradition.
Norman Cousins
For me, ‘Angels in America’ is not really about AIDS. For me, it’s a metaphor for anybody who is struggling with serious illness or having to face their own demise. All of the characters face some form of destruction in themselves.
Marianne Elliott
A paranoiac, like a poet, is born, not made.
Luis Bunuel
As a child or young adult going through an illness, it can be stressful at times and boring and extremely alienating.
Vanessa Bayer
Integrity has a high psychological and philosophical value, for many people it is a highest value, it associate with health of soul. Dualism, contradiction, torments of hesitation – is something of illness, integrity is health, people strive for it instinctively.
Simon Soloveychik
Mental illness and gun violence are not directly correlated, but when the two go hand in hand, Americans – often children – lose their lives.
Emma Gonzalez
Women’s courage is rather different from men’s. The fact that women have to bring up children and look after husbands makes them braver at facing long-term issues, such as illness. Men are more immediately courageous. Lots of people are brave in battle.
Mary Wesley
My illness is due to my doctor’s insistence that I drink milk, a whitish fluid they force down helpless babies.
W. C. Fields
When you look directly at an insane man all you see is a reflection of your own knowledge that he’s insane, which is not to see him at all.
Robert M. Pirsig
I have built up so much stuff , I am afraid I would cry forever, or have to go to sleep for weeks, or I would want to make some changes, and it is all just so overwhelming that we just keep going and going and going. It’s a problem. It creates all kinds of illnesses of the physical and mental kind.
Elizabeth Lesser
Who, in the midst of passion, is vigilant against illness? Who listens to the reports of recently decimated populations in Spain, India, Bora Bora, when new lips, tongues and poems fill the world?
Lauren Groff
A very good drink they call Chaube that is almost as black as ink and very good in illness, especially of the stomach. This they drink in the morning early in the open places before everybody, without any fear or regard, out of clay or China cups, as hot as they can, sipping it a little at a time.
Leonhard Rauwolf
I wrote ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ when I began to read about the growing trend in teenage mental illness. I wanted to understand the psychology behind it because it was foreign to me.
Mark Foster
Sadness, disappointment, and severe challenge are events in life, not life itself.
Richard G. Scott
Nobody celebrates when they avoid an illness they never expected to get.
Michael Specter
The sick-room becomes the scene of intense convictions; and among these, none, it seems to me, is more distinct and powerful than that of the permanent nature of good, and the transient nature of evil.
Harriet Martineau
I believe that all the important people in my life prior to 1982 were victimized by my illness
Patty Duke
O, my Jesus, I understand well that, just as illness is measured with a thermometer and a high fever tells us of the seriousness of the illness; so also, in the spiritual life, suffering is the thermometer which measures the love of God in a soul.
Mary Faustina Kowalska
The concept of recovery is rooted in the simple yet profound realization that people who have been diagnosed with mental illness are human beings.
Patricia Deegan
Nothing can be accomplished just by reading words.
A sick man will never be cured of his illness through merely reading medical instructions!
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
There is the old catch-22 line that a mentally unstable person can’t know, as per their illness, that they are unstable. But that was wrong. You can and do have the insight to see your own crazy.
Harlan Coben
Disability has become a form of permanent welfare for a lot of folks. It’s not that hard to prove a mental illness or mental issues or pain issues.
Nina Easton
It would be absurd for me to diagnose Sarah Palin with a sprained ankle, let alone any sort of mental illness.
Nicolle Wallace
If many remedies are prescribed for an illness you can be sure it has no cure
Anton Chekhov
He was better than any drug, any remedy for her illness.
Maya Banks
One of the things psychologists used to say was that if you are depressed, anxious or angry, you couldn’t be happy. Those were at opposite ends of a continuum. I believe that you can be suffering or have a mental illness and be happy – just not in the same moment that you’re sad.
Martin Seligman
The illness, and the untimely death of my brothers, has made me conscious of the fact that – rather than just think about it – it’s crucial that you do today what you want to do.
Robin Gibb
The modern sympathy with invalids is morbid. Illness of any kind is hardly a thing to be encouraged in others.
Oscar Wilde
Here are the ingredients of a tragedy: untreated mental illness, a society where life is cheap and crime is glamorized, and a ready supply of firearms.
Blase J. Cupich
So we had life, death, illness, everything – every emotional involvement we had, we experienced. And I think that made what we had to do on stage, stronger. We got very much involved in what we were doing.
Tom Bosley
Instead of being a static one-time event, bonding is a process, a dynamic and continuous one. Thus, a reciprocal, loving attachment is still realizable even when early contact is delayed–as it is for many mothers and their prematurely born infants, or when illness of either the newborn or the mother intervenes.
Julius Segal
I wrote a ‘Lenny Letter’ on a whim, and it felt indulgent, but people came up to me with tears in their eyes saying, ‘Thank you.’ There’s so much shame about mental illness in our country and so many stereotypes about women being ‘crazy’ or ‘psycho.’
Whitney Cummings
Nothing is fair. The most one can hope is for things to be logical. Justice is a rare illness in a world that is otherwise a picture of health.
Carlos Ruiz Zafon
We deal with people that are going through divorces and that are facing life-threatening illnesses, and I’m giving them hope. And to me, I don’t think there’s anything “lite” about that.
Joel Osteen
Eating was my only way of controlling my life, or so I thought. When you are addicted or suffering from a mental illness, you think you’re in complete control. But the opposite is true. You are, in fact, completely out of control.
Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
diseases, as all experience shows, are adjectives, not noun substantives.
Florence Nightingale
Illness is regarded as a crime, and crime is regarded as illness.
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
The vast knowledge we have to prevent cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses is staggering.
Tom Rath
This is a word that is not a scientific term. This is a rhetorical tool of psychological manipulation… Because everyone knows if you dare to say homosexuality is wrong…you are a homophobe, which means you have a mental illness. That’s what’s built into this terminology.
Scott Lively
People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.
John Wanamaker
Rituals, even unhappy ones, provide a measure of comfort. Like a superstitious ballplayer who will only use certain bats, my depression rituals have become a fixed, normal part of my life. … I need rituals to prevent unnecessarily rocking my already shaky emotional boat.
David Karp
Hillary Clinton has an entire media empire that constantly demonizes Donald Trump, fails to point out several signs of illness by her.
Rudy Giuliani
You have this mounting aggressive ignorance with the rabbit’s foot of their particular religion. You don’t really have any kind of spiritual law, just a kind of a rabid mental illness. The songs are a little slice of life.
Joni Mitchell
Supposedly there’s an actual, researched link between extreme creativity and mental illness, and I believe it because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
Deb Caletti
Make sickness itself a prayer.
Saint Francis de Sales
Seeing movies about mental illness, a lot of falseness has leapt out at me over the years… So I just focused on what I remembered, the real experience of seeing somebody like that. And as an adult, I’ve had family members who are bipolar, so I’ve seen it again.
Maya Forbes
A fatal recovery from a promising illness
Thomas Boston
The Stonewall riots were a key moment for gay people. Throughout modern history, gays had thought of themselves as something like a mental illness or maybe a sin or a crime. Gay liberation allowed us to make the leap to being a ‘minority group,’ which made life much easier.
Edmund White
In the past, I often found that when I reached out for a fast cure it led me down a slippery slope of more medications, hopeful dependence on the next prescription and ultimately a much longer drawn-out illness.
Carre Otis
All suffering is caused by the illusion of separateness, which generates fear and self-hatred, which eventually causes illness. You are the master of your life. You can do much more than you thought you could, including cure yourself of a “terminal illness”.
Barbara Brennan
I know of people who don’t believe it, but depression is an illness, but unlike, say, a broken leg, you don’t know when it’ll get better.
Marian Keyes
I’m thinking only of my illness and my health, though both, the first as well as the second, are you.
Franz Kafka
I don’t want people to be afraid of health or illness or mortality, because it’s a natural part of life.
Suzy Nakamura
If there’s any illness for which people offer many remedies, you may be sure that particular illness is incurable, I think.
Anton Chekhov
I don’t believe watching dreams but like to stick to reality. Reality is all about flood, hunger, illness.
Jackie Shroff
Wanting to be on television is a mental illness. Wanting to be president of the United States, wanting to be an actor – these are degrees of the same mental illness. If you need to be approved of simultaneously by more people than are in this room now, there’s a problem.
Keith Olbermann
People who attend support groups who have been diagnosed with a life-challenging illness live on average twice as long after diagnosis as people who don’t.
Marianne Williamson
Once you’re labeled as mentally ill, and that’s in your medical notes, then anything you say can be discounted as an artefact of your mental illness.
Hilary Mantel
People, unprotected by their roles, become isolated in beauty and intellect and illness and confusion.
Richard Avedon
There are uses to adversity, and they don’t reveal themselves until tested. Whether it’s serious illness, financial hardship, or the simple constraint of parents who speak limited English, difficulty can tap unexpected strengths.
Sonia Sotomayor
And Tom brought him chicken soup until he wanted to kill him. The lore has not died out of the world, and you will still find people who believe that soup will cure any hurt or illness and is no bad thing to have for the funeral either.
John Steinbeck
I think that there’s a clinical mental illness called depression, but I believe that post-industrial America has been narcotized by progress. There’s a cultural malaise – mental illness or no – that everybody suffers from at some point in their life.
Frances McDormand
When illness enters a home, not only does it take hold of a body. It also weaves a dark web between hearts, a web where hope is trapped.
Muriel Barbery
We are far betting dealing with the big losses-death, divorce, debt, and debilitating illness-than with the daily onslaught of little losses.
Sarah Ban Breathnach
Any patient who has a serious illness requiring multiple doctors understands the frustration of lost medical charts, repeated procedures, or having to share the same information over and over with different doctors and nurses.
Sheldon Whitehouse
Those who try to “break on through to the other side” not only cannot predict what they may find there, but are themselves too often broken in the process.
Charles Shaar Murray
I remember being in middle and high school and hearing Demi Lovato speak up about her mental illness, and that was comforting.
Lili Reinhart
A very tiny percentage of people with mental illness are also violent. We know this. The constant linking of the two together in national media is so misleading.
Chirlane McCray
So, because I have a mental illness I should disappear and hide? Ever since I went into hospital, all I have heard and read about is people telling me what they think I should do.
Charlotte Dawson
One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.
Friedrich Nietzsche
God is always joking. Look at your own life – it is a joke! Look at other people’s lives, and you will find jokes and jokes and jokes. Seriousness is illness; seriousness has nothing spiritual about it. Spirituality is laughter, spirituality is joy, spirituality is fun.
If the national mental illness of the United States is megalomania, that of Canada is paranoid schizophrenia.
Margaret Atwood
There are scientists all around the world looking for the genes responsible for bipolar illness and major depression.
Kay Redfield Jamison
Depressions are very cyclical, they happen once every five years. When I was on TV, yes I was effervescent, you can’t fake it. It [depression] comes like the pox.
Ruby Wax
What we call “normal” is a product of repression, denial, splitting, projection, introjection, and other forms of destructive actions on experience…It is radically estranged from the structure of being.
R. D. Laing
Superstition is just another form of thought like any other, a form that accentuates and regulates the association of ideas, it’s an exacerbation, an illness, but, in fact, all thought is sickness, which is why no one ever thinks too much, at least most people do their best not to.
Javier MarГ­as
“…The large majority of those infectious microbes that cause us so much illness and pain are ANAEROBIC…a big word that means they live and proliferate best in environments where there is LITTLE OR NO OXYGEN.”
Ed McCabe
I want to work with faith-based leaders to address the negative attitudes that are still too often associated with mental illness, attitudes that hold people back from getting the help that they need.
Vivek Murthy
Saying that you spend Christmas alone is, to most middle-class Americans, akin to confessing a terminal illness.
Michelle Dean
In our well-policed society we recognize that an illness is serious from the fact that we don’t dare speak of it directly.
Albert Camus
I had a serious childhood illness – sort of like spinal meningitis – that led to a three-month hospitalization. Afterward, I couldn’t be insured because of a pre-existing condition.
Tammy Baldwin
Having a mental illness does not mean you’re weak or can’t handle life. You can have a mental illness and deal with it and still be a powerful, confident woman.
Torrey DeVitto
Nothing is more essential in the treatment of serious disease than the liberation of the patient from panic and foreboding.
Norman Cousins
Me, I’m complicated. But it’s a living, I tell myself. Also, every once in a long while this disease manages to produce a fine and beautiful truth–as (they say) some oyster illness makes the wondrously perfect pearl.
Frank Loesser
I wasn’t big in the party scene but I did have an excessive lifestyle. I had much more than I needed. I think that was a manifestation of a certain kind of mental illness.
Tom Shadyac
Illness is the night-side of life, a more onerous citizenship. Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship, in the kingdom of the well and in the kingdom of the sick.
Susan Sontag
Because there is no glory in illness. There is no meaning to it. There is no honor in dying of.
John Green
Sometimes I say the medication is even tougher than the illness.
Sanya Richards-Ross
I continued blogging, but between illness and deadlines, did not manage to blog nearly as much as last year. I’m hoping to do better in 2016.
Justine Larbalestier
So much illness is self-induced – which I can’t stand. And I’m not a good nursemaid. Don’t call me if you’re ill.
Anton du Beke
Mental illness and depression are the reason why I no longer have a father.
Caroline Calloway
I feel like having children – and the illness I had when I was pregnant – is probably more important than anything else to the person I am now. I’m massively aware of how we can take everything for granted – how fragile life is.
Emma Weymouth
I’m not suggesting that social scientists stop teaching and investigating classic topics like monopoly power, racial profiling and health inequality. But everyone knows that monopoly power is bad for markets, that people are racially biased and that illness is unequally distributed by social class.
Nicholas A. Christakis
I am part of what she thinks is her illness, a symptom of which she thinks she has been cured. She, on the other hand, is what I was looking for.
Louise Erdrich
At the time I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, my doctors told me that I had an incurable illness and they didn’t know much about it.
Mary Ann Mobley
One death is too many – and with careful management and a lot of luck, the coronavirus sweeping the globe will be curbed, in terms of illness and loss of life.
Sharyl Attkisson
. . . word-sniffing . . . is an addiction, like glue — or snow — sniffing in a somewhat less destructive way, physically if not economically. . . . As an addict, I am almost guiltily interested in converts to my own illness . . .
M. F. K. Fisher
I didn’t know a damned thing about mental illness and neither did anyone around me.
George McGovern
Perception plays a vital role in the diagnosis of bipolar illness. Symptoms are perceived through the categories of psychiatric medicine at a given moment in history, categories which are continually shifting and being named or renamed.
Siri Hustvedt
Having a go at kids with a terminal illness is really beyond the pale, absolutely beyond the pale.
Kevin Rudd
We know Roger Ebert loved the ‘Sun-Times’ and his career as a newspaper columnist. But ironically, it was his illness and losing his voice that caused him to explore another venue.
Bill Kurtis
It’s for personal reasons,” I say stiffly, which is what my mother had always told me to say about things that had to do with fighting with your brothers, getting any sort of illness that had intestinal ramifications, starting your period, and money.
Maggie Stiefvater
And people get so weird about mental illness, you follow the rules! You don’t up a heart patient on a roller coaster, you don’t put a mental patient on a hunting trip with you!
Christopher Titus
I don’t suffer from a mental illness, I live with it.
David Feherty
No man needs curing of his individual sickness; his universal malady is what he should look to.
Djuna Barnes
Maybe I’m needy, neurotic, paranoid. Under the circumstances, of course, if I weren’t needy, neurotic, and paranoid, I’d obviously be psychotic.
Dean Koontz
There is nothing worse that you can do to a human being in America today than give them a mental illness kind of label and tell them they need drugs and these children are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 years-old being treated in this manner.
Peter Breggin
We’re used to comeback stories in the world of sports, but the Gail Devers story is remarkable. This is a comeback from an illness which almost killed her.
Bob Costas
The fascinating thing about human beings is that they don’t last, and everything eventuates, and everything is very, very brief. And even if you do manage to look reasonably well as you age, unfortunately you are attacked at every level by illness and so forth. It’s a fact of life.
Steven Morrissey
Scar tissue has no character. It’s not like skin. It doesn’t show age or illness or pallor or tan. It has no pores, no hair, no wrinkles. It’s like a slip cover. It shields and disguises what’s beneath. That’s why we grow it; we have something to hide.
Susanna Kaysen
‘Take Me to the Alley’ is about trying to uplift the lives of people who have been afflicted, maybe the homeless or somebody with an illness, or maybe they’re refugees.
Gregory Porter
We share in the certainty that people labeled with mental illness are first and above all, human beings. Our lives are precious and are of infinite value.
Patricia Deegan
Even death after a long illness is without warning. The moment you had prepared for so carefully took you by storm. The troops broke through the window and snatched the body and the body is gone. … Death reduces us to the baffled logic of a small child. If yesterday why not today?
Jeanette Winterson
“Promise. Don’t misunderstand me-you are quite vexing.” He touches his tender jaw. “And you hit like a man. But you didn’t cause his illness. That is his doing.”
Libba Bray
I know that if I could really understand mental illness, then it would be appropriate to make a big career shift. I would become a therapist and a leader in terms of mental illness. But I’m not in the position.
John Forbes Nash
I had some experience in dealing with people who have mental illness and depression, but I didn’t see the signs in myself. I couldn’t ask for help because I didn’t know I needed help.
Clara Hughes
I will alway support anybody being vocal about their mental illness, how they’re dealing with it, and how it affects them. And I’ll always support people waking up and paying attention to that.
Joe Budden
If a person can turn from predicting illness to anticipating recovery, the foundation for cure is laid.
Bernie Siegel
I know a lot about systemic lupus erythematosus because I have it, too. I was diagnosed through the NHS when I first moved to England in 2008 following months of serious illness.
Katherine Ryan
I always feel bad laughing at people who act crazy. But sometimes the things they do are so damned funny. I wonder what I’d look like if I slipped a few notches on the mental-health index.
Martha Manning
I write about the things that happen to us all. The things that are tough, the things that matter, from a loved one fighting an illness, to losing a job, being betrayed by somebody you trust, all parts of the human condition. No one is exempt from those things.
Danielle Steel
While receiving radiation treatment for a thyroid illness, I had refused to take beta-blockers – a medication that would have eased its side effects – because they were deemed illegal by the sport’s governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federations.
Gail Devers
Money is a result, wealth is a result, health is a result, illness is a result, your weight is a result. We live in a world of cause and effect.
T. Harv Eker
The body’s weakness comes from illnesses, while the heart’s weakness comes from sins. And just as the body does not taste the delights of food when it is ill, the heart does not taste the delights of worship when it is sinful.
Dhul-Nun al-Misri
We saw in 2003 the beginnings of an outbreak of an illness called SARS. SARS ended up killing 800 people which is a significant number of deaths, but nowhere near as high as it could have been.
Michael C. Burgess
It is merely an accident of history that it is considered normal in our society to believe that the Creator of the universe can hear your thoughts while it is demonstrative of mental illness to believe that he is communicating with you by having the rain tap in Morse code on your bedroom window.
Sam Harris
The perpetration of a crime is accompanied by illness!
Fyodor Dostoevsky
A lot of people are living with mental illness around them. Either you love one or you are one.
Mark Ruffalo
My life has been a fortunate one; I was born under a lucky star. It seems as if both wind and tide had favoured me. I have suffered no great losses, or defeats, or illness, or accidents, and have undergone no great struggles or privations; I have had no grouch. I have not wanted the earth.
John Burroughs
Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear.
To leave behind what was in reality a hell, and immediately have this good green earth revealed in more glory than most men ever see it, was one of the compensating privileges which make me feel that my suffering was worthwhile.
Clifford Whittingham Beers
Living with mental illness is not a choice and can lead to debilitating circumstances.
Jessica Mulroney
This tendency to avoid problems and the emotional suffering inherent in them is the primary basis of all human mental illness
Charles R. Swindoll
You are someone who is different, but who wants to be the same as everyone else. And that in my view is a serious illness. God chose you to be different. Why are you disappointing God with this kind of attitude?
Paulo Coelho
But you learn to smother the living breathing soul, go deaf to it, and this violence to the self is what is commonly called sanity in the places where I have lived.
Philip O Ceallaigh
In this most powerful nation in the world, lack of access to health care should not force local and state governments, companies and workers into bankruptcy, while causing unnecessary illness and hospitalization.
John Conyers
Diabetes is a serious illness that touches the lives of so many of our family members, friends and communities and we must do all that we can to raise the awareness of this disease.
John Bel Edwards
….there are three prerequisites to going out into the world to walk for pleasure. One must have free time, a place to go, and a body unhindered by illness or social restraints.
Rebecca Solnit
There is no such thing as mental illness, hence also no such thing as psychotherapy.
Thomas Szasz
We can and should complain about certain horrors of the modern world, but when it comes to the treatment of mental illness, the advances made in the last hundred years have been far more significant than the space program, nuclear fission, or even The Wire, for so many fortunate people.
Rob Delaney
Both childbirth and abortion are medical procedures but neither is an illness, and sometimes they’re both treated as such.
Achy Obejas
Like, everyone knows that we all need health care, but not only is it insanely expensive for most people in America, there are so many self-employed people who really struggle when faced with injury and disability and illness.
Finn Wolfhard
Losing so many patients certainly was difficult, but it didn’t make me feel like a failure as a physician, because I had learned that there was so much more to being a physician than curing illness. That’s not the most important thing we do. The most important thing we do is enter into the suffering of others.
Kent Brantly
Materialism has cast man into such depths that a mighty concentration of forces is necessary to raise him again. He is subject to illnesses of the nervous system which are veritable epidemics of the life of the soul.
Rudolf Steiner
I want to destigmatize the words mental illness.
Linda Hamilton
Maybe I’m a bit of a psycho-but I’d rather be psycho than boring.
Julie Delpy
You know mental illness is one of the biggest problems in our world.
Ed Reed
we’ve got to find a better way to handle the expense of disease. Odd as it may seem, the more efficient we become in eliminating disease, the more our services are out of reach of the people.
Alice Tisdale Hobart
Mental illness leaves a huge legacy, not just for the person suffering it but for those around them.
Lysette Anthony
My twenties were a write-off. It’s a cruel illness, because you can’t see it and you can hide it so well.
Sarah Lancashire
Everyone has some sort of connection to mental illness.
Alice Ripley
This is a common misconception about antidepressants: many people believe they’re simply ‘happy pills’ that will wipe a person’s emotional slate clean. Used correctly, antidepressants can lift the fog of mental illness.
Andrew Shaffer
The good thing about having this illness is that it allows me to be a little bit crazy.
Neil Cavuto
When people hear that I have a chronic illness, they’ll say things like “Focus on you.” Well, my spiritual and emotional fulfillment is based not on who I am but on what I can give. Plus, many of my favorite philosophers suggested that self-fulfillment is found through service. Who am I to argue with them?
Karen Duffy
Most people die from the remedy rather than from the illness.
I’d had my share of rain. My mother’s illness … had weighed on me, but the years before had been heavy, too. I was only twenty eight.
Paula McLain
You may not become a celebrity. You may even experience lots of illness or divorce, or unhappiness. But I think there is still a thread of individual character that determines how you live through those things.
James Hillman
No one can control the aging process or the trajectory of illness.
Gail Sheehy
I think diseases have no eyes. They pick with a dizzy finger anyone, just anyone.
Sandra Cisneros
A diet rich in fruits and vegetables plays a role in reducing the risk of all the major causes of illness and death
Walter Willett
Many of us have experienced the pain that comes with watching a loved one suffer with a serious illness. We also know that we would do absolutely anything it takes to help them beat it.
Seth Moulton
Part of my approach to my illness has been to say I want to choose life, I want to keep going, I want to live fully until I die.
Thea Bowman
The inability to love and accept yourself and your humanity is at the heart of many illnesses. To be loved and accepted, you must start by loving yourself. If you have traits that you consider unlovable, you must love them anyway… it’s a paradox.
Christiane Northrup
When my father died, I was 21, and he’d been sick for a few years. He changed during his illness. He kind of softened during it.
Luanne Rice
The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.
Thomas A. Edison
I want the audience to think about how many people are hiding in the shadows with the condition. I want the film to take away the stigma of thinking of this as a disease and an illness to be crushed. I want those in the condition to shine and contribute to the human spirit.
Paul Dalio