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Home Base Quotes

Home Base Quotes by Lesslie Newbigin, Neneh Cherry, Lake Bell, Kian Lawley, Emeril Lagasse, Judah Friedlander and many others.

The Church, wherever it is, is not only Christ’s witness to its own people and nation, but also the home-base for a mission to the ends of the earth.
Lesslie Newbigin
I haven’t lived in Sweden since I was a teenager. We lived in southern Sweden, about two hours north of Copenhagen, where my family’s home base has been since 1970. Our parents bought a schoolhouse in preparation for self-sufficient living. They wanted to create a place to do all the things they believed in.
Neneh Cherry
I’m vegan on home base, but when I travel to other countries, I throw it all into the garbage.
Lake Bell
I want to stick with movies, but I also want to stick with YouTube. I’m never going to give up YouTube. I’m never going to stop making videos for the people who continue to watch them. That’s my home base. That’s what I love; that’s what I know.
Kian Lawley
Home base is the support system where we have a culinary team, my own writers because of the shows and the books and stuff, we have a culinary team of about six people. Marketing, public relations, accounting and all that sort of stuff.
Emeril Lagasse
I’ve been doing stand-up just about every night since I started in 1989. It’s my home base. But I’m into doing comedy in all mediums, platforms and situations.
Judah Friedlander
The invisible bond that gives the baby rein to discover his place in the world also brings the creeping baby back to home base….In this way he recharges himself. He refuels on the loving energies that flow to him from his mother. Then he’s off for another foray of adventure and exploration.
Louise J. Kaplan
There is a coming home. A home base. Psychedelics help you reconnect with home.
Ann Shulgin
My home base – pop music and the Catholic Church.
Madonna Ciccone
Keep a secure home base.
Morton Blackwell
Once Michigan stood proud. In addition to GM, Ford and Chrysler, it was home base for the United Auto Workers, a powerful escalator transporting hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers into America’s middle class.
Kevin O’Leary
[The loss-of-strength gradient is] the degree to which military and political power diminishes as we move a unit distance away from its home base.
Kenneth E. Boulding
I consider ‘White Collar’ my home base. I’m so lucky to get to play a character that’s very multifaceted and the writers take risks on and never get into a staid process with.
Matt Bomer
With all the movies and stuff that we do, it always does feel like this is our home base when Nat and I are playing music. Because we do acting, and that’s so fun, and we do it, and we’re really passionate for it, but when I’m playing music with Nat – I don’t know how to really explain it – it just feels right.
Alex Wolff
There’s nothing like doing a show at home. When you do a show in Chicago, there’s just a certain love that you don’t feel anywhere else; it’s like home base.
Chance The Rapper
My style advice to other girls is to be experimental but always have a ‘home base’ and stick with your comfort style.
Taylor Swift
The everybody-loves-Jeff Bridges home base is, of course, ‘The Big Lebowski.’
Stephen Rodrick
Life with a scientist who is often changing jobs and is frequently away at meetings and on lecture tours is not easy. Without a secure home base, I could not have made much progress.
John Pople
The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.
Vince Lombardi
L.A. is a really good home base. I’ve grown up here, and so sometimes I have wanderlust even though I tour. You think it would be cured by touring, but sometimes I feel like I want to be somewhere else.
I love Brooklyn so much. Everything I do I try to do in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is my home base.
Angela Yee
I respect the ones who make it and leave their home base, but I’m good in Colombia.
J Balvin
Having covered some half a hundred cities, towns, villages, and wide spots in the road during the last tow years, George and I fairly wallowed in the comfort of our own home base.
Martin Milner
I don’t like to see projects that are all black or all white. It’s how life is. I do like to make sure that I do a nice black family film; that’s like keeping my home base. I do other things, but I like to always come back to a positive family film, because of all the negative influences today.
Vivica Fox
All the rappers my age are getting Audemars and Rolexes. I want to find my own thing. That’s why I travel the world – for me, that’s my B-side, why we go places. I have a Hublot on from time to time but I want a home base watch – something that’s elegant but has got a little pizzazz to it.