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Foxes Quotes

Foxes Quotes by Andrea Leadsom, Shepard Smith, Paul Weyrich, Greg Wise, Lawrence O’Donnell, Francois Truff and many others.

I live in a constituency that is quite rural, there are some very successful hunts there that are abiding by the law as it stands now but who are very often pointing out to me the consequences of the need to exterminate vermin, which foxes are, and the consequences of trying to shoot them and winging them and so on.
Andrea Leadsom
There has to be news at a place called Fox News.
Shepard Smith
The Fox News cable channel is doing very well because there is a market for what Fox News has to offer.
Paul Weyrich
I’ve built a tree house; because of my architectural training, it’s heavily over-designed, with an oriel window sticking out of it and flying foxes coming off it.
Greg Wise
Donald Trump did his usual softball interview on “Fox News” where the interviewer agreed with Trump that using that Yiddish vulgarity is going to be OK for him.
Lawrence O’Donnell
An actor is never so great as when he reminds you of an animal – falling like a cat, lying like a dog, moving like a fox.
Francois Truff
Therefore, it is necessary to be a fox to discover the snares and a lion to terrify the wolves
Niccolo Machiavelli
I’d like to have a drink with Bill Maher and see how he feels. We were too conservative coming over to Fox from fX, and got ourselves off our best game
Tom Bergeron
Think of submitting our measure to the advice of politicians! I would as soon submit the subject of the equality of a goose to a fox.
Anna Howard Shaw
I’ve tried to move on with my life and my career for the last two years and do my own thing, and ‘American Idol’ and FOX, they’ve just been making it really tough for me to do that.
Corey Clark
A fox looked at his shadow at sunrise and said, “I will have a camel for lunch today.” And all morning he went about looking for camels. But at noon he saw his shadow again-and he said, “A mouse will do.
Khalil Gibran
I spent my childhood scrambling round badgers and foxes and playing fantastic country kid games like knocking on people’s doors and running away. God that was a good game.
Bill Bailey
Republican presidential hopeful Mike Hucka-BS is attacking actress Natalie Portman for getting pregnant without being married. It could get a little awkward if he runs into Sarah and Bristol Palin at Fox News.
Jay Leno
Fox News is nothing if not impressive. No matter how harsh the criticism it endures, the network somehow always manages to prove itself even worse than we had previously imagined.
Eric Alterman
Years ago I read an interview with Paula Fox in which she said that in writing, truth is just as important as story. Reading that interview was the first time I really understood that there’s no point in trying to impress people with my cleverness when I can just try to write honestly about what matters most to me.
Molly Antopol
Foxes was a movie that didn’t do a lot of business but it didn’t do too badly critically and eventually they offered me other things. The interesting thing was that next I tried a film called Star Man, which Michael Douglas was producing.
Adrian Lyne
Some good souls found The Candidate cynical. I wonder what they’ll think when they read this portrait of the real-life Jerry Brown… This is the book that could force the little fox into the open.
Jeremy Larner
A prince being thus obliged to know well how to act as a beast must imitate the fox and the lion, for the lion cannot protect himself from snares, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves.
Niccolo Machiavelli
I’m not anti-fox hunting because, to me, shooting foxes is even worse and the results are horrendous.
Roger Daltrey
With a sudden sharp hot stink of fox, It enters the dark hole of the head. The window is starless still; the clock ticks, The page is printed.
Ted Hughes
Here eglantine embalm’d the air, Hawthorne and hazel mingled there; The primrose pale, and violet flower, Found in each cliff a narrow bower; Fox-glove and nightshade, side by side, Emblems of punishment and pride, Group’d their dark hues with every stain The weather-beaten crags retain.
Walter Scott
I realized fear one morning, with the blare of the fox hunter’s sound. When they’re all chasin’ the poor bloody fox, ’tis safer to be dressed like the hound.
Jack Higgins
I saw Vicente Fox use the word that he used. I can only tell you, if I would have used even half of that word, it would have been national scandal. This guy used a filthy, disgusting word on television, and he should be ashamed of himself, and he should apologize, OK?
Donald Trump
MSNBC will never be as liberal as Fox is conservative.
David Shuster
They treat me like a fox, a cunning fellow (Schlaukopf) of the first rank. But the truth is that with a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and when I have to do with a pirate, I try to be a pirate and a half.
Otto von Bismarck
Before the castle gate all was as the fox had said: so the son went in and found the chamber where the golden bird hung in a wooden cage, and below
Jacob Grimm
And I love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a total fox. And such a good actress. It’s ridiculous.
Evan Peters
Dr. Thomas Fuller wrote: “With foxes, we must play the fox”.
Thomas Fuller
A clear cold morning with high wind: we caught in a trap a large gray wolf, and last night obtained in the same way a fox who had for some time infested the neighbourhood of the fort.
Meriwether Lewis
I can go into restaurants and a whole table will get up and clap if they recognize me, because they love Fox News. Other places – or even the same place – people will turn the other way.
Rupert Murdoch
Fall to your knees and thank God for Fox News. Pray for Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. Pray for them. Pray for strength and spine, and pray that everybody involved has chicken salad for lunch so it doesn’t clog anybody’s arteries. Keep them going.
Glenn Beck
If you’re looking for an author who can deliver high-octane thrills every time and a character who is NOT to be messed with, you’ve found them. ZoГ« Sharp and Charlie Fox both kick ass.
Mark Billingham
I feed foxes. I’m not supposed to, but I love it.
Harry Redknapp
If you deal with a fox, think of his tricks.
Jean de La Fontaine
The people who watch Fox are not going to watch CNN. You know, lets be honest.
Fareed Zakaria
I did not support Operation Desert Fox.
Janeane Garofalo
The furrier
gets the skins of more foxes than asses.
Ambrose Bierce
ROSENCRANTZ My lord, you must tell us where the body is, and go with us to the king. HAMLET The body is with the king, but the king is not with the body. The king is a thing – GUILDENSTERN A thing my lord? HAMLET Of nothing. Bring me to him. Hide fox, and all after!
William Shakespeare
It ar’n’t that I loves the fox less, but that I loves the ‘ound more.
Robert Smith Surtees
Even a liberal reporter is a patriot, wants the best for this country. And people, your fair and balanced friends at Fox, don’t fully understand that.
Mike Wallace
Would you like Fox’s right to free press put up to a vote and say well, if five states have approved it, let’s wait till the other 45 states do?
Ted Olson
At Length the Fox turnes Monk.
George Herbert
I joke that I reached the bimbo trifecta when I came to Fox News! In being a former Miss America, being blonde and then Fox.
Gretchen Carlson
Bosh. I find a rival – but no, I won’t flatter myself that Tecumseh Fox would consider himself a rival of Dol Bonner – I find an eminent detective in your apartment, and that alone is enough, without adding that he is concealed in your bedroom while I am discussing my business with you.
Rex Stout
[M*A*S*H] didn’t get released by FOX, it escaped.
Robert Altman
He who fox-like got his rank, Is wolf-like in his office.
Vasily Zhukovsky
I don’t like it when reviews aren’t about the movie. When they’re about how much money somebody made, or who they’re sleeping with, or if they got the job via some connection, or about how Fox is putting X amount of dollars into it.
Jodie Foster
When I left 20th Century-Fox to freelance, my agent believed that getting big money was the way to establish real importance in our industry.
Loretta Young
While it is not always profitable to analogize “fact” to “fiction,” La Fontaine’s fable of the crow, the cheese, and the fox demonstrates that there is a substantial difference between holding a piece of cheese in the beak and putting it in the stomach.
Felix Frankfurter
I loved being at the studio (20th Century-Fox). After all, I started at 15, and I grew up there. But there comes a time when an actress stays too long in the same place. People get used to having you around, and they can`t think of you in a different light.
Jeanne Crain
I remember back in the day when Chuck D called hip-hop the “black people’s CNN.” Well now, hip-hop is more like Fox News. It’s biased, and highly suspect.
Saul Williams
I did a show in this tiny town called Longyearbyen. We went snowmobiling around Svalbard and saw Arctic foxes, snow bunting, polar bear footprints and almost got lost in a blizzard.
Bill Bailey
But when the fox hath once got in his nose, He’ll soon find means to make the body follow.
William Shakespeare
The way we do it on the Fox News Channel is the straight news anchors like us give a hard time to both sides.
Megyn Kelly
He thought about how it might be to be, say, a fox confronted with an angry sheep. A sheep moreover, that could afford to employ wolves.
Terry Pratchett
Because I have an opinion, I have become public enemy number one to the Fox News Channel and the right wing.
Michael Moore
The White House has announced that they no longer recognize Fox as a news organization, which puts them about eight years behind the rest of us.
David Letterman
I’ve never seen American Idol but I am grateful to them. That show is one of Fox’s biggest moneymakers, and some of that money goes to pay for shows like Prison Break. Simon Cowell’s been signing my paychecks and for that I say thanks.
Wentworth Miller
The fox often offers the duck its pond.
Robert Jordan
I watch news from the minute I wake up till 11. Then I switch to Charlie Rose. Fox News all the way.
Brigid Berlin
We’re always on the side of the animal that’s being chased. We always seem to be on the side of the rabbit or the fox and not on the side of the hounds.
Norman Jewison
I don’t keer w’at you do wid me, Brer Fox,’ sezee, ‘so you don’t fling me in dat brier-patch. Roas’ me, Brer Fox’ sezee, ‘but don’t fling me in dat brier-patch,’ sezee.
Joel Chandler Harris
This country is a better place because Fox News has succeeded.
Bill O’Reilly
New Rule: There is no devil, so stop blaming your screw-ups on him. Last week, one of the biggest evangelical leaders in America, the Reverend Ted Haggard, was outed for drugs and extramarital gay sex with a male prostitute. Or as Fox News reported it, ‘John Kerry hates our troops’.
Bill Maher
The night swallowed him up like a thieving fox.
Cornelia Funke
Readers will stand up and cheer for Karen Fox’s Prince of Charming! Finally, a heroine who’s a real woman. Finally, a hero who knows what a rare find she is! Finally, a book for us all to adore! Thank you Karen Fox for creating the most lovable hero romance has seen in a long, long time!
Maggie Shayne
The world laughs at things it would really prefer to admire, and like Aesop’s fox it criticizes things it covets.
Giacomo Leopardi
Be like the fox
who makes more tracks than necessary,
some in the wrong direction.
Practice resurrection.
Wendell Berry
Calling Michelle ‘Obama Barack’s baby mama?’ Tell me, is that acceptable? But the Obamas aren’t the only targets. Fox’s pattern of race-baiting and fear-mongering regularly focuses on black leaders, black institutions and ordinary black people.
There are a lot of folks at Fox News who bring a certain level of sophistication to their understanding of politics.
David Shuster
I don’t think the Tea Party people are racist, except maybe a tiny portion of them. But there has been a deliberate effort – again, referring to Fox Broadcasting – to inject the race issue into it. They have actually called Obama a racist on television.
Jimmy Carter
Criticizing Fox News has nothing to do with criticizing the press. Fox News is not a news organization. It is the de facto leader of the GOP, and it is long past time that it is treated as such by the media, elected officials and the public.
David Brock
Asking Wall Street to provide financial education is the same as asking a fox to raise your chickens.
Robert Kiyosaki
He is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He’s moving all around and shaking and it’s purely an act. … This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn’t take his medication or he’s acting.
Rush Limbaugh
It’s so much more fun to watch FOX when it’s someone else being blitzed & sacked!
Hillary Clinton
I will wait and watch till the day of David at last shall be finished, and wisdom no more fox-faced, and the blood gets back its flame.
D. H. Lawrence
Old foxes want no tutors.
Thomas Fuller
Rick Grenell, who is an old U.N. hand, talk on Fox News about really pressing to see if the Iranians are violating any of the terms of the agreement, really press them on that, make sure there is full compliance.
George Stephanopoulos
Compared with the BBC’s studied neutrality, Fox comes across as a kind of Gong Show of propaganda.
Russ Baker
For years, right wing outlets like outlets like Fox News and talk radio have been telling their audience day after day that any information coming from outside of conservative media is not to be trusted.
Chris Hayes
I decline to go fox hunting.
Princess Diana
[L]ook at it from Vicente Fox’s point of view. I mean if – if you had a renegade, potential criminal element that was poor and unwilling to work, and you had a chance to get rid of 500,000 every year, would you do it?
Rush Limbaugh
I think I was afraid of being a mother for many reasons. I wanted to be a good mom and I was fearful at one point of even working at the national level because I was afraid that I would disappoint a child or I wouldn’t be as ready for a big position as maybe I should have been when I came to Fox.
Ainsley Earhardt
The mature, forty-five-year-old woman, quite experienced in matters of life and death, knows that it was ‘for the best,’ but Daddy’s girl, who hung onto his belt and danced fox trots on the tops of his shoes, cannot accept that Daddy is not here anymore.
Mary-Lou Weisman
You actually see liberals checking ‘Fox News,’ if only to know what the conservatives are thinking. And you’re seeing conservatives who venture into liberal sources, just to know what ‘The New York Times’ is thinking.
Evgeny Morozov
If the lion was advised by the fox, he would be cunning.
William Blake
If you’re an independent, you don’t get on TV. And in the rare instances that you do get on, you get a fraction of what that very same movie would get if it came in through Fox or Viacom.
Lloyd Kaufman
Prayer is not a stratagem for occasional use, a refuge to resort to now and then. It is rather like an established residence for the innermost self. All things have a home: the bird has a nest, the fox has a hole, the bee has a hive. A soul without prayer is a soul without a home.
Abraham Joshua Heschel
I had found The Runaways and I had seen Foxes, and I decided I was just gonna become a juvie, like Cherie Currie.
Courtney Love
American hunting is quite different from English hunting because we don’t hunt to kill. Even if I wanted to kill a fox, I couldn’t. They’re too smart and they have too many ways to escape me, whereas they don’t in England.
Rita Mae Brown
The Republicans here in Concord and down in Washington D.C. would have us believe that the War on Women is a phony war. Michele Bachmann and Fox News would have us believe that the whole thing is political fiction.
Ann McLane Kuster
You gotta get up early in the morning to catch a fox and stay up late at night to get a mink.
Mae West
A real fox calls sour not only those grapes that he cannot reach but also those that he has reached and taken away from others.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Being the executive producer of a film is not that difficult. It just means that you have some power. There’s not a huge amount of skill involved, I don’t know how much I’m giving away here. I feel like that guy on Fox, giving away the magicians’ tricks. It’s not rocket science, being an executive producer of a film.
Craig Ferguson
The first time, where Fox Mulder and Scully met, she stands up for herself. She stands right there and gives it to him and that was extremely attractive.
Gillian Anderson
The fox provides for himself, but God provides for the lion.
William Blake
All the intelligence and talent in the world can’t make a singer. The voice is a wild thing. It can’t be bred in captivity. It is a sport, like the silver fox. It happens.
Willa Cather
The fox when it sees a flock of herons or magpies or birds of that kind, suddenly flings himself on the ground with his mouth open to look as he were dead; and these birds want to peck at his tongue, and he bites off their heads.
Leonardo da Vinci
I was doing a Broadway play, and I was really new to this business. The Broadway play was my first job, literally. The play next door was a musical called Falsettos. The director got hired to direct this Michael J. Fox movie and was looking for a kid who could play brash and salty and mean [in Life With Mikey].
David Krumholtz
I’ve been able to stretch myself, covering policy, looking at tax reform, looking at the broader economy [being at Fox]. It’s no longer [just] about the stock market. I’m having a ball. And, the glamor of TV also makes it fun.
Maria Bartiromo
Rowdy Roddy cut his locks; but don’t worry woman, he’s still a fox.
Roddy Piper
He called her a melon, a pineapple, an olive tree, an emerald, and a fox in the snow all in the space of three seconds; he did not know whether he had heard her, tasted her, seen her, or all three together.
Virginia Woolf
I think people have an idea of what Fox News is. If people don’t watch Fox News, then it’s just a caricature, it’s not real, they have it in their heads that it’s something very different than what it actually is.
Megyn Kelly
The thing that sustains a strong Fox network is the thing that undermines a strong Republican party.
David Frum
People came up: ‘I thought you were 6 ft tall.’ I’m average height – 5 ft 8 ins, skinny blonde. One guy says to me ‘So, where’s the fox from Mystic Pizza?
Julia Roberts
I did a series called Ned and Stacey for two years for Fox back in the 90s. I was writer on it as well as a producer, and it was very important to me that there were no contemporary references.
Thomas Haden Church
Why was Donald Trump’s decision not to participate in the Fox debate such a big deal?
Michel Martin
The Fox knowes much, but more he that catcheth him.
George Herbert
When I went on Fox News people asked me why I was going on those shows. Are you kidding? You have to go, especially to people you don’t agree with.
Naomi Wolf
And thus flowed the current of life. The seeds of the silverbell were converted into squirrel; and squirrels were converted into foxes. Everything edible, from mice and chipmunks to roots and berries and apples was converted into bear. And bear and his tracks are converted into wonder and adventure for man.
Harvey Broome
It is not unprofessional to give free legal advice, but advertising that the first visit will be free is a bit like a fox telling chickens he will not bite them until they cross the threshold of the hen house.
Warren E. Burger
Fox News reported Thursday that Bill Clinton can’t get into any of New York’s better golf and country clubs. Not one member has been willing to sponsor him. So it’s official, he really is America’s first black president.
Argus Hamilton
People who watch a lot of Fox come away knowing a lot less about important world events.
David Frum
I am a fox”, the fox said.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Fox taught me how to sing and dance
Cory Monteith
The weather was fine and moderate. The hunters all returned, having killed during their absence three elk, four deer, two porcupines, a fox and a hare.
Meriwether Lewis
Do not despair of life. You have no doubt force enough to overcome your obstacles. Think of the fox prowling through wood and field in a winter night for something to satisfy his hunger. Notwithstanding cold and the hounds and traps, his race survives. I do not believe any of them ever committed suicide.
Henry David Thoreau
I have heard a good story of Charles Fox. When his house was on fire, he found all efforts to save it useless, and, being a good draughtsman, he went up to the next hill to make a drawing of the fire,–the best instance of philosophy I ever heard of.
Robert Southey
Advanced cultures are usually sophisticated enough, or have been sophisticated enough at some point in their pasts, to realize that foxes shouldn’t be relied on to guard henhouses.
Jane Jacobs
I challenge anybody to show me an example of bias in Fox News Channel.
Rupert Murdoch
Sarah Palin has been hired back by Fox News, and she only left five months ago. She has now effectively quit quitting. She can’t even commit to being uncommitted.
John Oliver
Diplomacy, of course, is a subtle and nuanced craft, so much so that it’s said that when the most wily diplomat of the nineteenth-century passed away, other diplomats asked, on reports of his death, “What do you suppose the old fox meant by that?
Ronald Reagan
Conservatives and companies condoned Rush Limbaugh’s 2006 attacks on Michael J. Fox for campaigning about stem cell research.
Christine Pelosi
Norm MacDonald is here – one of the funniest people ever. Norm’s got a giant gambling problem. He’s dropped more coin in a casino than Michael J. Fox at a parking meter.
Greg Giraldo
Nobody in the world knew about Megan Fox until I found her and put her in ‘Transformers.’ I like to think that I’ve had some luck in building actors’ careers with my films.
Michael Bay
I don’t think anyone at Fox believes they are producing even-handed, impartial coverage.
Bill Keller
We must, together as a nation, stop watching Fox.
Jon Stewart
Critics of Fox News have pointed out that Fox News does partisan propaganda, and there’s ample evidence on a daily basis.
David Shuster
I got good notice from that show, and on the last day of filming Townies, Twentieth Century Fox called wanting to meet with me about a development deal.
Jenna Elfman
Its interesting, the things you learn when youre 21. I learned never to get tattoos in the middle of shooting a movie. Because if youre not Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox, they will fire you.
Katee Sackhoff
I stole every nickel and blew it on fine threads, luxurious lodgings, fantastic foxes, and other sensual goodies. I partied in every capital in Europe and basked on all the world’s most famous beaches.
Frank Abagnale
The greatest and truest models for all oratorsis Demosthenes. One who has not studied deeply and constantly all the great speeches of the great Athenian, is not prepared to speak in public. Only as the constant companion of Demosthenes, Burke, Fox, Canning and Webster, can we hope to become orators.
Woodrow Wilson
The most exciting thing in England is a pigeon or foxes, which isn’t very interesting to watch because everyone knows what they do. But I’ve taken pictures of them. Just for practice.
Asa Butterfield
You see I’m against hunting, in fact I’m a hunt saboteur. I go out the night before and shoot the fox.
Tim Vine
I feel rather like a rabbit that has taken a fox for its pupil.
Seth Grahame-Smith
Why are we designed to see the world as supremely beautiful just as we’re about to be snuffed? Do rabbits feel the same as the fox teeth bite down on their necks? Is it mercy?
Margaret Atwood
The election is in full-swing. Republicans have taken out round-the-clock ads promoting George Bush. Don’t we already have that? It’s called Fox News.
Craig Kilborn
Let`s not hesitate. This is where the press corps, the media should all stand together. And I hope that you have the same response that you had when it came time to defend Fox.
Joe Madison
She devoured stories with rapacious greed, ranks of black marks on white, sorting themselves into mountains and trees, stars, moons and suns, dragons, dwarfs, and forests containing wolves, foxes and the dark.
A. S. Byatt
I have always longed to be part of the outward life, to be out there at the edge of things, to let the human taint wash away in emptiness and silence as the fox sloughs his smell into the cold unworldliness of water; to return to town a stranger. Wandering flushes a glory that fades with arrival.
J. A. Baker
I wrote a query letter to an editor – a friend of a friend. The editor called me an idiot, told me never to contact an editor directly, and then recommended three literary agents he had worked with before. Laurie Fox was one of them, and I’ve never looked back.
Daniel H. Wilson
It’s funny, because Arrested Development is tied to Andy Richter in a few different ways. For me personally, after I did Andy Richter, one of the next things I did was a show called Quintuplets for a season for Fox, and this was while Arrested Development was on. I used to go over and hang out on their set.
Andy Richter
My grandmother made her home at Fox How under the shelter of the fells, with her four daughters, the youngest of whom was only eight when their father died.
Mary Augusta Ward
It’s a great day for Sarah Palin. She was hired as a commentator for Fox News. She signed a multi-year contract, which means she’ll probably quit after a year.
Craig Ferguson
If something works for you, you continue to do it. I did a bunch of pictures for 20th Century Fox when Alan Ladd was over there, but I set the budgets so low that they’d approve and I’d deliver the film. They would have no say in it, which is the kind of arrangement I liked.
Robert Altman
For if the talent or individuality is there, it should be expressed. If it doesn’t find its way out into the air, it can be turned inward and gnaw like the fox at the Spartan boy’s belly.
Shirley MacLaine
An election is coming. Universal peace is declared and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry.
T. S. Eliot
Foxes are rats in expensive coats. What are foxes associated with? Evil, wily, conniving, duplicitous, Fox News – worst news service on the planet and the evilest.
Rich Hall
Don’t overstate Fox News. It’s still much smaller than the least of the network niches.
Tom Brokaw
The designs and my credit have been stolen from me, since I alone have designed the Alien. So why does Fox not give me the credit I rightfully earned? As for those responsible for this conspiracy: all I can wish them is an Alien breeding inside their chests, which might just remind them that the Alien father is HR Giger.
H. R. Giger
There is no den in the wide world to hide a rogue. Commit a crime, and the earth is made of glass. Commit a crime, and it seems as if a coat of snow fell on the ground, such as reveals in the woods the track of every partridge and fox and squirrel and mole.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I’ve learned that sometimes when people don’t like what you have to say, and don’t want to debate you on ideas, it’s just easier to call you a dumb blonde from Fox News.
Gretchen Carlson
Frankly, if you’re 26 years old and there’s a war on women or there’s not a war on women, you can get all wrapped up in it and get lots of traffic on your website and get into exchanges and scream and yell about it on MSNBC or Fox, and a week later no one can remember what that was about.
William Kristol
On Fantastic Mr. Fox, I got used to working with animated storyboards as a way of planning for the shoot. We did a lot of sequences that way with this movie. Partly as a result of that, I decided to build more sets in order to do certain shots.
Wes Anderson
I often have deer on my property and there’s a fox and owls. You’re not going to see that in the city.
Billy Corgan
I’m not always up to date on everything that’s going on, but I am somewhat informed. I listen to NPR. And I actually watch Fox News, because I believe, if you just listen to the things that agree with you, you’re not really seeing anything else.
Morena Baccarin
The Fox News anchors are lovely. They have an incredible combination of brains and beauty. And I think that’s one of the reasons people love watching them and listening to them.
Megyn Kelly
It’s so nice to be inspired by so many females – particularly the girls around me like Jess Glynne, Becky Hill, Sinead Harnett, Foxes – we all have similarities, but we’re all very different, and I think it’s nice that people are respecting that and noticing and enjoying us all equally.
Ella Eyre
The world may be divided into people that read, people that write, people that think, and fox-hunters.
William Shenstone
Fox gets two million viewers a night, and MSNBC gets one. It’s four million people, five million people, and 130 million people are going to vote. There are an awful lot of voters, and an awful lot of politically engaged, intelligent people who are not hanging on whatever happens on Bill O’Reilly or Rachel Maddow.
William Kristol
Everything is made out of Magic, leaves and trees, flowers and birds, badgers and foxes and squirrels and people. So it must be all around us. In this garden-in all the places.
Frances Hodgson Burnett
I cannot think of a worse way of destroying an animal. Only two other methods come to mind, and they are similar. One is to boil the fox alive, and the other is to burn it alive. Those are just about the only alternatives that are worse than hunting.
Bill Etherington
The hounding of a dog pursuing a fox or other animal in the horizon may have first suggested the notes of the hunting-horn to alternate with and relieve the lungs of the dog. This natural bugle long resounded in the woods of the ancient world before the horn was invented.
Henry David Thoreau
The people who whine about Fox News are hypocrites – they say they’re totally tolerant, but when they run into someone who doesn’t share their assumptions, they say, ‘Fox News is evil, and it must be stopped.
Greg Gutfeld
A Fox entered the house of an actor and, rummaging through all his properties, came upon a Mask, an admirable imitation of a human head. He placed his paws on it and said, “What a beautiful head! Yet it is of no value, as it entirely lacks brains.”
My council to Ted [Turner] is that he should watch Fox Business. He’ll be elated to find how much substance there is in our news.
Lou Dobbs
Hee that hath a Fox for his mate, hath neede of a net at his girdle.
George Herbert
“Men have forgotten this truth,” said the fox. “But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
We’re not the only mammals who are partial to blackberries, far from it. Foxes and badgers will also gobble them up, helping to distribute the seeds, which survive the transit through the gut.
Alice Roberts
Now people want Brian Williams to resign, but it could have a happy ending. Apparently what he said was such a blatant departure from the truth, today he got an offer from Fox News.
Bill Maher
With the exception of the New York Times, Fox news, and Lou Dobbs of CNN, and talk radio, the rest of the mainstream media has basically been silenced like a bunch of dumb monkeys.
Curt Weldon
I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and my parents are really right wingers. My dad watches, like, five or six hours of Fox News every day and stuff like that.
Jeffrey R. Immelt
New Rule: All Fox News employees must now refer to President Bush as “my liege”. If they are going to treat President Bush like he’s an infallible king, they need to start addressing him as if he was an infallible king. And they can do this by addressing him as “my liege”.
Bill Maher
This same economic system, based on short-term growth and endless profits is also the reason for pretty much everything else that is lousy in our society, from private prisons to Fox News. What I’m arguing is that, in fact, what we’ve been told is a lie.
Naomi Klein
The fox condemns the trap, not himself.
William Blake
After one of his [Hubert Humphrey] long-winded harangues I suggested he had probably been vaccinated with a phonograph needle. He responded by saying that I would have been a great success in the movies working for Eighteenth Century-Fox.
Barry Goldwater
Republicans now have their own network in Fox, so guys who don’t like to answer questions, like Trent Lott, have a place to go to hit softballs.
James Carville
I don’t think I’m an angry person. I think I’m a person who’s angry. I’m angry at the Bush administration; I’m angry at the right wing media. And by that I don’t mean the media is right wing. I mean, there is a part of the media that’s not the mainstream media. That’s Fox, that is ‘The Wall Street Journal’ editorial page.
Al Franken
I didn’t take a job on Fox News because I’m interested in progress. I’m interested in shouting and pointing and simplifying things!
Russell Brand
I’ve always been curious as to why one man jumps out of a fox-hole with a grenade and charges a machine gun nest and his buddy, who sits right there next to him, sits there cowering. My feeling is that the different is tiny between the two.
Stephen Lang
Amiens was taken by the Fox, and retaken by the Lion.
George Herbert
I cannot afford to watch Fox News.
Gil Scott-Heron
Though the Fox run, the chicken hath wings.
George Herbert
Where the lion’s skin will not reach, you must patch it out with the fox’s.
Chickens are brave till the foxes come at night; mortals are courageous till the death comes at twilight.
Mehmet Murat Ildan
The cuss am I? Are you cussing with me?
Roald Dahl
Abraham Lincoln did not shoot John Wilkes Booth. Titanic did not sink a North Atlantic iceberg. And Fox News is neither fair nor balanced. These are simple historical facts intelligible to all adults, most children, and some of your more discerning domesticated animals. But not… to Bill O
Keith Olbermann
When you’re not gaping at Megan Fox enough to listen to what the director’s saying, you can get some work done.
Peter Jacobson
For me, the key is I always have to be the same person.If someone was to hear me say something on Fox and hear me say something different on NPR, they would say, ‘The guy is a hypocrite.’
Juan Williams
My Fox guys, I love every single one of them.
Condoleezza Rice
Go to Fox News for conservative, maybe go to msnbc for liberal, and be right here on CNN for the God’s honest truth.
Anthony Weiner
Fleet Foxes are a really talented band. They make beautiful music.
Jim James
If we want foxes, to observe and delight in, we must have hunting.
Paul Johnson
A shoat squealing under a fence just attracts the fox, when it should be trying to run.
Robert Jordan
On August 28, 2010, Fox News messiah Glenn Beck hosted a ‘Restoring Honor’ revival meeting featuring sexy guest star Sarah Palin, much as Bob Hope would roll out Raquel Welch in white go-go boots on his U.S.O. tours to give our fighting men a morale lift in their khakis.
James Wolcott
When someone you love truly dies, you have to find them over and over again in the world, and I think you do that on a very psychic, unconscious level, and I think in some ways I was calling out to that spirit of my mother when I saw the fox. It doesn’t surprise me it’s in animals that I find my mother.
Cheryl Strayed
A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.
Ruth Brown
Isen wasn’t a two birds with one stone kind of guy. More like one stone, two birds, a rabbit, a fox, and maybe that deer will trip over the fox and we can get him, too.
Eileen Wilks
I think his [Donald’s Trump] objection would be to biased and unfair, which is not the way he characterize “Fox News” to me, anyway. But we’re all looking for objective coverage.
Kellyanne Conway
Watching Fox, that’s like watching the Cartoon Network. Fox is nuts.
Jon Stewart
You become a victim of your own success. It’s what happens in TV when Fox has a big hit with the X-Files. And they start chasing and the rest of their shows suffer. Because the experimentation that made the X-Files a show is all of the sudden lost.
Scott Aukerman
For a good life: Work like a dog. Eat like a horse. Think like a fox. And play like a rabbit.
George Allen
What I like about fairy tales is the language and the matter-of-fact way of introducing magic, where it’s accepted that a fox could talk or a gate could just appear in a wall. I think fairy tales are so psychological.
Alice Hoffman
Joe Schenck, a top 20th Century-Fox executive, once said to me that he really believed I had a future, and that was because I was the only girl who could survive so many bad pictures.
Gene Tierney
Many foxes grow gray but few grow good.
Benjamin Franklin
Man is too near all kinds of beasts,–a fawning dog, a roaring lion, a thieving fox, a robbing wolf, a dissembling crocodile, a treacherous decoy, and a rapacious vulture.
Abraham Cowley
There is no hunt in Thanet, nor is there a fox problem. There is no Tooting hunt, no Wandsworth hunt and no Clapham hunt, but we can see foxes on their streets at night. If we want to control vermin we should work out how to deal with that problem. The idea that foxhunting controls the fox population is arrant nonsense.
Roger Gale
Tucker Carlson has the new seven p.m. show on Fox and right now it may be the most interesting and engaging show.
Rush Limbaugh
I will not eat them in a house, i will not eat them with a mouse,i will not eat them in a box i will not eat them with a fox, i will not eat them here of there i will not eat them anywhere, I do not like green eggs and ham i do not like them sam i am
Dr. Seuss
Fox News is worse than al Qaeda. It’s as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan.
Keith Olbermann
Children picking up our bones Will never know that these were once As quick as foxes on the hill.
Wallace Stevens
A little acting debut in Spin City, with Michael J. Fox, which opened up a whole new door for me.
Heidi Klum
I’m pleased to offer analysis of public policy and politics to the millions of Americans who get their news from Fox.
Evan Bayh
Many years ago, I was in a Broadway show and I had to wear a fox fur around my shoulders. One day my hand touched one of the fox’s legs. It seemed to be in two pieces. Then it dawned on me…. her leg had probally been snapped in two by the steel trap that had caught it.
Bea Arthur
It is a blind goose that cometh to the fox’s sermon.
John Lyly
I was a millionaire twice over and half again before I was twenty-one. I stole every nickel of it and blew the bulk of the bundle on fine threads, gourmet foods, luxurious lodgings, fantastic foxes, fine wheels, and other sensual goodies.
Frank Abagnale
He is like the fox, who effaces his tracks in the sand with his tail.
Niels Henrik Abel
The first lady said about her husband, ‘I could take up a whole afternoon talking about his failures.’ And today she was offered her own show on Fox News.
Jay Leno
Hover boards, unfortunately, currently violate the laws of physics. Supermagnets exist, but they have to be cooled to near absolute zero, and they are extremely expensive. So Michael J. Fox’s hover boards are not possible until we invent room temperature super conductors.
Michio Kaku
I’m interested to see what happens with Fox News and phone hacking. I really can’t believe it just happens in Great Britain. Because really, who cares about just hacking phones over there?
Michael Moore
If Fox Mulder discovered that Larry Sanders was a clone? I think he would stab him . . . but it wouldn’t be with an ice pick.
David Duchovny
When you call us, ladies and gentlemen, just so you know, we do have your phone number. And if you say anything untoward, obscene or anything like that, FOX security then will contact your local authorities, and you will be held accountable.
Bill O’Reilly
She offered her mouth to him, as if enchanted. A Persian princess, a little Indian, a fox, a morning glory, a lovely wisteria–it always pleased them when you told them they looked like something, like something else.
Simone de Beauvoir
It’s kind of my intention to be myself on the show. My main priority on FOX is to do play-by-play. Nobody’s tuning in to listen to me. If I didn’t show up to do the games, people would watch, and the ratings probably wouldn’t be all that different. That’s not why people are watching.
Joe Buck
I have to say, early on, to be fair, in the [Barack] Obama administration, the Obama White House said that Fox News was not a true news organization.
Donald Trump
Bewildered is the fox who lives to find that grapes beyond reach can be really sour.
Dorothy Parker
The best days I have are usually days where I’m out in the woods and something happens, like I see an amazing animal like a fox, or I get a glimpse of a wild pig or something that I never see. Or crazy things happen.
Amy Ray
Shake paws, count your claws, You steal mine, I’ll borrow yours. Watch my whiskers, check both ears. Robber foxes have no fears.
Brian Jacques
Maybe I’m wrong,” Mom said. “Maybe the world really is coming to an end.” “Should I try Fox News?” I asked. Mom shuddered. “We’re not that desperate,” she said.
Susan Beth Pfeffer
I spoke to Sean Hannity, which everybody refuses to call Sean Hannity. I had numerous conversations with Sean Hannity at Fox. And Sean Hannity said – and he called me the other day – and I spoke to him about [war in Iraq] – he said you were totally against the war, because he was for the war.
Donald Trump
Last night, President Bush gave a prime-time press conference. It was such a big deal that Fox decided to preempt American Idol. Which made sense to me, you don’t want too many amateurs on in one night.
David Letterman
If everyone has to be a watchdog in order to make government work, then the foxes will also volunteer to serve.
William Greider
It wasn’t easy once I started running 20th Century Fox. There were a lot of eyebrows raised, and it wasn’t easy, that transition, because, you know, I had big shoes to fill and I was very young, 27.
Richard D. Zanuck
You guys at Fox can’t seem to get your facts straight.
Joe Biden
The more congenial page of some tenth-rate poeticule worn out with failure after failure and now squat in his hole like the tailless fox, he is curled up to snarl and whimper beneath the inaccessible vine of song.
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Emmet Fox was one of the world’s greatest metaphysical teachers. His works have contributed profoundly to the spiritual understanding of millions of people, including myself.
Marianne Williamson
I think when Fox News goes to the Megyn Kellys, the Bret Baiers, and people who don’t have much experience, who haven’t covered campaigns, the result is, sometimes you have these inane questions that come out and, frankly, waste everybody’s time.
David Shuster
Donald Trump said he didn’t think Megyn Kelly had been fair to him. But he also talked about Fox’s response to this.
Michel Martin
I don’t even watch Fox News usually in the prime time hours because I’m home with my kids and that’s more important to me.
Megyn Kelly
Arise, O Lord, and judge your own cause. Remember your reproaches to those who are filled with foolishness all through the day. Listen to our prayers, for foxes have arisen seeking to destroy the vineyard whose winepress you alone have trod.
Pope Leo X
I haven’t seen a bear in person. I’ve seen deer. I have lots of woodchucks on my property. And bluebirds. Foxes.
Parker Posey
As far as the future for the Showtime episodes that have already aired, we are sold into syndication so we’ll be appearing primarily on the Fox syndicated networks and then eventually the SCI FI Channel. So, we’ll be around for a while.
Richard Dean Anderson
Umm, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you suppose to be dead? Currently being chased by two Cabals? You’re waltzing around Vancouver, eating in restaurants?” (Ash)”Hell no,” Corey said. “I never waltz. I do the fox-trot sometimes though.
Kelley Armstrong
[ James Comey] was acting in concert and coordination with the House Republicans. End of story. He gave a letter to them. They gave it to FOX News. Also, we have this extraordinary case of the KGB being involved in this race and selectively leaking things from the [Hillary] Clinton campaign that they hacked.
James Carville
(on fox news)…. it’s like watching a Disney movie about the news.
Stephen Colbert
With foxes we must play the fox.
Thomas Fuller
‘Fox News’ will one day come to an end. Led Zeppelin will not. It’s as simple as that.
Henry Rollins
I’m an inveterate fox and not a hedgehog, so I always think you should try everything
Clifford Geertz
like the fox I run with the hunted and if I’m not the happiest man on earth I’m surely the luckiest man alive.
Charles Bukowski
I was raised in a super-sheltered atmosphere where we didn’t watch anything besides Trinity Broadcasting Network – which was called TBN – or the Fox News channel.
Katy Perry
I certainly don’t feel like I have a monopoly on [opinions] because I have the job at FOX – any one of a thousand people could have the job. There are people out there that have just as educated an opinion on what I’m calling or describing as I do.
Joe Buck
The English country-gentleman galloping after a fox — the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable.
Oscar Wilde
Perhaps the most important reason to be skeptical of government inflation numbers is that the government, like a fox campaigning to guard a hen house, has many reasons to be disingenuous. As the world’s largest debtor, the Federal Government is inflation’s primary beneficiary.
Peter Schiff
In looking around me seeking for miserable resources against the heaviness of time, I open a book and I say to myself, as the cat to the fox: I have only one good turn, but I need no other.
Suzanne Curchod
The skin of a python is no less precious to the snake than fur is to the fox.
Maneka Gandhi
On Fox News, Donald Trump said Obama’s birth certificate could indicate that he’s a Muslim. Trump said he doesn’t trust anyone with a foreign-sounding name, and neither does his daughter Ivanka.
Conan O’Brien
I really like the way Fox handles their shows.
D. B. Sweeney
The fox changes his skin but not his habits.
The lily in splendor, the vine in her grace,
The fox in the forest, all had their desire,
As then I had mine, in the place that was happy and poor.
Ruth Pitter
One of the most dangerous things about Fox News isn’t that it’s right wing but that it’s nihilistic. It takes away the capacity to believe in politics.
Zephyr Teachout
Let’s face it, Fox News, you’ll miss me when I’m gone. It’ll be harder to convince the public that Hillary Clinton was born in Kenya.
Barack Obama
I watch some CNN and a lot of Fox, because it helps me get irritated.
Lewis Black
I’ll take no charity! What I get I’ll earn by taking it. I would feel no pleasure it being given to me, any more than a huntsman would take pleasure being made a present of a dead fox, in place of getting a run across country after it.
Lady Gregory
I have a theory that the Internet makes people stupider. And Also FOX News makes people stupider.
Bill Maher
I was at CNBC for 20 years. I felt really great about covering the stock market, being on the floor, watching the daily knee-jerk reactions to the stock market..but the last three years, being at Fox, I’ve grown. I’ve learned more.
Maria Bartiromo
If you’re going to stand up for Jesus, your life will be a battle between light and darkness. And for everything that God will bring into your life that represents the light, the devil-he’s such a sly fox-will come at you with two times more attributes of evil.
Billy Ray Cyrus
I’m not allowed on FOX, and I’m not allowed on MSNBC.
Jesse Ventura
The Simpsons will end as soon as Fox is able to find an 8 p.m. comedy hit to replace it – so I give us another 50 years.
Harry Shearer
I finally found something that can stop the fox. The fox cannot summit Strawberry Hill.” – Takumi
John Green
Actually, 19 is in charge of our career at that point. FOX publicity is in charge of the publicity that we get. I’m fine with it, it is really organized.
LaToya London
The Chinese government launched China’s first 24-hour news channel. And since the channel will only report stories that are favorable to the ruling party, they’ve decided to call it Fox News.
Conan O’Brien
It’s only because you can now watch cheerfully biased Fox News that you begin to realize how cheerlessly biased CNN really is – and always was. Or CBS. Or ABC. Or the BBC.
Andrew Sullivan
The truth is I don’t watch a lot of news, except for when I’m here at the office watching Fox News. I get my news online primarily when I’m not watching the channel.
Megyn Kelly
Fox [News] is far and away the extreme example. They’ll have a known holocaust denier debating a holocaust survivor.
Craig Rosebraugh
I don’t think that Donald Trump is a conservative. In fact, you go on Fox News, and half the people say he is and half say he isn’t.
Erick Erickson
The fox is very cunning, but he is more cunning who catches the fox.
Pedro Calderon de la Barca
I’m one of the little foxes that spoil the grapes.
J. D. Salinger
Pat Fox out to the forty(yard line) and grabs the sliothar(ball), I bought a dog from his father last week. Fox turns and sprints for goal, the dog ran a great race last Tuesday in Limerick. Fox to the 21 fires a shot, it goes to the left and wide……and the dog lost as well.
Micheal O Muircheartaigh
Who owns the NY Post? 20th Century Fox. Talk about vertical integration.
Joe Pantoliano
To wear the arctic fox you have to kill it.
Marianne Moore
All that I did,” she said, “everything I tried to do. All for nothing.” Nothing is done entirely for nothing, said the fox of dreams. Nothing is wasted. You are older, and you have made decisions, and you are not the fox you were yesterday. Take what you have learned, and move on.
Neil Gaiman
Every liberal in the country must watch Fox News for one year, and every conservative in the country must watch MSNBC for one year. (Middle-of-the-roaders could stick with CSI)
Stephen King
The truth is that I used to read J.J. bedtime stories. He came up to me at the FOX commissary about four years ago and he said, “Do you remember what you gave me for my Barmitzvah?” I said no. He said, “You gave me the annotated Sherlock Holmes and my son is reading it now.” It was the gift that kept on giving.
Nicholas Meyer
New Jersey Mayor Corey Booker last night personally rescued a woman from a burning building. Or as Fox News reported it, ‘black man loots house, steals white woman.’
Bill Maher
I’m the girl that works at Paramount all day, and Fox all night.
Mae West
Women and foxes, being weak, are distinguished by superior tact.
Ambrose Bierce
When I am alone I can become invisible. I can sit on the top of a dune as motionless as an uprise of weeds, until the foxes run by unconcerned. I can hear the almost unhearable sound of the roses singing.
Mary Oliver
The Obama administration has revealed the size of America’s nuclear arsenal. We have 1,000 warheads aimed at China, 1,000 aimed at Russia, and the rest aimed at Fox News.
Jay Leno
So Fox News is the voice of America and Obama is Stalin? Oh my God! I guess that makes me Yakov Smirnoff.
Jon Stewart
After leaving ImageMovers, I sold two pitches to Fox Atomic, which I then wrote for them.
Lauren Miller
Fox came to us with the concept for ICE AGE and they came to us with the first draft of the script. They also gave us a mandate to make it into a comedy from what was previously a rather dramatic action concept.
Chris Wedge
The duck swallows the worm, the fox kills the duck, the men shoot the fox, and the devil hunts the men.
Ken Follett
I never ride just to ride. I ride to catch a fox. I play baseball to make the team.
Sargent Shriver
There were 84 original episodes. It was rated No. 1 and No. 2 on the Fox Children’s Network. We figured it was time to make it available to people who have never watched it.
Howie Mandel
Al Qaeda really hurt us, but not as much as Rupert Murdoch has hurt us, particularly in the case of Fox News. Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda – worse for our society. It’s as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan ever was.
Keith Olbermann
Created for MTV in 1990, the sharply observed, pop-conscious Ben Stiller Show – featuring its star’s lacerating impersonations of Bono, Tom Cruise, and Eddie Munster, among others – subsequently moved to Fox TV and copped an Emmy for writing.
Manohla Dargis
My life is very monotonous,” the fox said. “I hunt chickens; men hunt me. All the chickens are just alike, and all the men are just alike. And, in consequence, I am a little bored.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
You are as eloquent as ever, Mat,” Egwene said dryly. “Do you still have your pet fox?” “I do,” Mat said. “He’s snuggled up nice and warm.
Robert Jordan
We wanted to prove that I am not just a provocateur, as the television said [referring to a Fox news clip shown in the film]. It’s challenging, but it’s not just challenging.
Marina Abramovic
Correlations are not explanations and besides, they can be as spurious as the high correlation in Finland between foxes killed and divorces.
Gunnar Myrdal
God has been my number one inspiration. I also look up to Will Smith and Jamie Fox who are also personal friends of mine. They give me great career advice. I would also include Chris Stokes, as a filmmaker and music producer. I’ve been working with him since I was eight.
Marques Houston
Fox News is hated because they’re elitists, and the worst winners television’s ever seen.
Keith Olbermann
One was Donald Trump said he didn’t think Megyn Kelly had been fair to him. But he also talked about Fox’s response to this. And multiple sources have said that this was authored by Roger Ailes himself.
Ryan Grim
I doubt there’s ever been a true thing said on Fox. Maybe the weather report, maybe not.
Fran Lebowitz
Mom would say, ‘Get out of the house,’ and we would just go. We had all sorts of large swings and flying foxes and various death traps throughout the forest that we’d try and do our best to hurt ourselves on. It was a great childhood in terms of being creative, I think.
Luke Hemsworth
Salander’s fingers emerged like something dead from beneath the earth. Had there been any human watching, he would probably have reacted like the fox. He was gone like a shot.
Steig Larsson
There are some programs on FOX that are not only fair and balanced, they’re commentary shows. They don’t have to be. But they brag about how fair and balanced they are. They don’t cover rallies and tea parties. They cheer lead for rallies and tea parties. And as a journalist, I am totally against that.
Bernard Goldberg
I learned to build bookshelves and brought books to my room, gathering them around me thickly. I read by day and into the night. I thought about perfectibility, and deism, and adjectives, and clouds, and the foxes, I locked my door, from the inside, and leaped from the roof and went to the woods, by day or darkness.
Mary Oliver
An election is coming. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry.
George Eliot
Donald Trump announced he got his own segment every Monday morning on Fox News. Just what Fox News needs – another blonde airhead.
Bill Maher
When The Simpsons came around, there really was nothing else like it on TV. It’s hard to imagine, but when Fox first took the plunge with it, it was considered controversial to put animation on prime time.
Matt Groening
The human comedy is always tragic, but since its ingredients are always the same – dupe, fox, straight, like burlesque skits – the repetition through the ages is comedy.
Dawn Powell
I remembered the fox. One runs the risk of crying a bit if one allows oneself to be tamed.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Democrats lead in all the polls by at least ten points, except one.. Fox News. That is with a margin of error of plus or minus the facts.
Stephen Colbert
That was pretty cool [Life With Mikey]. Michael J. Fox at the time was huge. I was like, “Whoa, he’s a real bona fide movie star!” I was a kid. It was a huge deal. That’s kind of it. We shot it in Toronto, and a little bit in New York.
David Krumholtz
Here’s the latest from the Pentagon — the generals are worried that the White House is spreading itself thin by trying to fight a war on two fronts; Afghanistan and Fox News.
Jay Leno
Which to this day is a source of enormous guilt, because I left with three classes to go in the business school to sign a contract with 20th Century Fox.
Tom Selleck
I’m part of this show called “Shots Fired” that is premiering on FOX. It’s right after the Super Bowl. It’s a pretty incredible show. I’m pretty much the voice of the show, so the voice of the opening credit record and the songs in between is pretty much my voice.
B.J. The Chicago Kid
I don’t like the American media – particularly Fox.
Neil Young
There’s something about Michael J. Fox that I loved when he did all the ’80s stuff. His way of performing all the physicality, which is why it’s so tragic now, but the way he used his body so much as well, I loved.
James McAvoy
Even in the news division of Fox – which I want to make very clear and I have from the very beginning – I am not a journalist. In fact, I wear that as a badge of honor.
Glenn Beck
Fox News covers stories that some other news outlets won’t cover. We ask some questions that other news outlets wouldn’t ask. And sometimes that’s perceived as bias by people who’ve grown up in a world where there are only liberal outlets.
Megyn Kelly
To make women learned and foxes tame has the same effect – to make them more cunning.
King James I
No fox is foxier than man!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
I break all the rules and wear everything. Ruffles, ostrich feathers, fox coats. You look fat in fox anyway, so if you start fat, you only look a little fatter.
Totie Fields
‘The Simpsons’ obviously is a huge success, and Fox has nothing to do with its success, with its creative success, and as a result they don’t really like the show. They don’t like ‘The Simpsons’ at Fox.
Matt Groening
I was practically born and raised at 20th Century Fox studio, started to work there selling papers when I was around seven years old, and every summer vacation from school I would work in a various department at the studio. So I was an old-timer when I was 15.
Richard D. Zanuck
There is a kind of shrewdness many men have that enables them to get money. It is the shrewdness of the fox after the chicken. A low order of mentality often goes with it.
Sherwood Anderson
If you cross Fox News Channel, it’s not just me, it’s Roger Ailes who will go after youThe person gets what’s coming to them but never sees it coming. Look at Al Franken, one day he’s going to get a knock on his door and life as he’s known it will change forever. That day will happen, trust me.
Bill O’Reilly
Well, we were never coming back to Fox… that was clear.
Will Arnett
That applies, by the way, even to some of the folks who are now [Donald] Trump supporters. They’re responding to a fictional character named Barack Obama who they see on Fox News or who they hear about through Rush Limbaugh.
Barack Obama
A new study has found that watching Fox News can make you more conservative and watching MSNBC can make you more liberal. And watching CNN can make you think that no plane has ever safely reached its destination.
Conan O’Brien
Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have raised ignorance to ideology and stupefied an entire political party. No more roguish and rowdy band of predators ever did more to demean and despoil the democracy on whose carcass they feed.
Bill Moyers