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Extreme Sports Quotes

Extreme Sports Quotes by Jessica Alba, Dietrich Mateschitz, Frank Stella, Kellan Lutz, Isla Fisher, Joaquin Phoenix and many others.

Free driving is like an extreme sports version of snorkeling, … That’s about 50 feet deep. And basically what you do is you hold your breath and you wear a weight belt and go down as fast as possible and hold your breath for minutes at a time.
Jessica Alba
When launching a product called an Energy Drink and named Red Bull, a product that stimulates body and mind, it is a short step to the roots where Red Bull came from. We have been doing this for 20 years – now it’s called adventure sports, extreme sports, and outdoor sports.
Dietrich Mateschitz
What you see is what you see.
Frank Stella
I’m really into extreme sports and just having fun.
Kellan Lutz
You have to list all your special skills on a form when you get an agent. There’s fencing, stage combat, horse riding, motorbike riding, Spanish, French, German, whatever. I just ticked everything. I talk about 10 languages according to that form. I even ticked the extreme sports box.
Isla Fisher
There are kids who get on a BMX bike when they’re eight years old and they go, ‘Whoa, this is incredible,’ and grow up to do extreme sports. It’s the same for me with acting.
Joaquin Phoenix
They aren’t the brightest crayons in the box -Max(saving the world and other extreme sports)
James Patterson
You feel as if you’re not living a full life. Which, of course, is why – it’s my theory about why so many people who are heavily into computers are also into extreme sports and S&M. It’s because their bodies are crying out for some kind of action.
Brian Eno
I grew up doing a lot of extreme sports.
Daniella Monet
I am riveted by extreme sports like big-wave surfing, ‘megaramp’ skateboarding and half pipe snowboarding. I am fascinated partly because the sports are so exhilaratingly acrobatic. But I am also captivated by the fear that a terrible accident might happen at any moment. And accidents do happen.
Lucy Walker
You’re never a loser until you quit trying.
Mike Ditka
If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?
Joe Namath
there’s a lot of dangerous sports. You know, my opinion, football is the most dangerous sport there is. After that I’ll give it to probably boxing. Then there’s some other extreme sports out there, motocross where you’re really risking your neck every time you go out there and do it.
Jon Jones
I love extreme sports, I like snowboarding and motorcross and rollerblading and hockey.
Jeremy London
Eating wheat, like ice climbing, mountain boarding, and bungee jumping, is an extreme sport. It is the only common food that carries its own long-term mortality rate.
William Davis
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
Wayne Gretzky
I studied a lot of extreme sports videos, like where they put the cameras. With the light cameras now, with the Go-Pro versions of it, you can put them anywhere.
Kari Skogland
Hopefully, with some years of practice and just getting to that state, I’ll try extreme sports again.
Taraka Larson
I really wanted to be able to make the music that acknowledged the metaphysical aspect of extreme sports because when I started watching GoPro videos, the thing that struck me the most was that the sound seemed completely detached from the imagery.
Taraka Larson
I’m not into extreme sports or something. I just live a quiet life.
Charlie Kaufman
I didn’t play any extreme sports growing up. I never surfed, and I grew up in Santa Cruz. I was very good at doing what I was told, taking direction, and staying middle of the road. I mean, they called me ‘grandma’ in college.
Julia Hartz
I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.
Michael Jordan