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Excited Quotes

Excited Quotes by Colin Hanks, Francis X. Suarez, Barry Silbert, J. K. Rowling, Gary Hoey, Frederick Lenz and many others.

I’m always constantly trying to find stuff that’s different. It’s a way to keep me on my toes and keep me interested and keep me excited about work.
Colin Hanks
I’m excited about the fact that our city has differentiated itself as a crypto capital and as a bitcoin capital.
Francis X. Suarez
We are very excited about the use of blockchain, whether it’s Bitcoin or not, but we are as enthusiastic as ever about Bitcoin as a global currency and, really more importantly, Bitcoin as a global financial rail.
Barry Silbert
Whoops – My wand is a little over excited!
J. K. Rowling
I’m still constantly learning and that’s what keeps me excited about the guitar.
Gary Hoey
People are unhappy because they don’t understand life; by happy, I mean complete, aware, conscious, poignant, caring, loving, unaffected, cosmic, simplistic, humble, excited, passive – everything. You are everything.
Frederick Lenz
I was very excited about the idea that I could be an idealist, that I could be my age, the eager beaver who had hope in the justice system and the one who gets disappointed just like the audience.
Elisabeth Rohm
What really excited me at the end was the challenge of being the best I can be and prolonging my best level and playing against the best players in the world. But now that I don’t have the opportunity to play against the best players in the world when it counts, in front of fans, it doesn’t excite me as much.
Steve Nash
I think I always knew aesthetically what excited me the most, and I think I was always looking for that aesthetic in other people and it didn’t really happen. I decided to take it upon myself to be the change I wanted to see in nightlife.
Violet Chachki
Personally, I’ve always known that I wanted to go back to work because I’m confident, and I’m certain that my daughter will have a better mother in me if I’m doing the things that I’m excited about and that I’m passionate about.
Lisa Ling
If you’re worried about life-work balance, something is probably wrong with your life or your work. Instead of agonizing over balance, get excited and create change.
Chris Guillebeau
When you make a mistake, be excited! Analyze what happened, and learn from it.
Zig Ziglar
The best part of making music, for me, is collaborating and working with new people and fresh sounds and all those things that gets people excited to continue in this business that we all love so much.
Mariah Carey
The biggest challenge [making Pineapple Express] was that we had a comedy budget. We really got excited the more we got into the development of it about blowing stuff up and having shoot outs. That stuff costs money.
Seth Rogen
You can get excited and feel unstoppable, but every week presents a new challenge. Each week, you have to work and get better.
Antonio Brown
When I got recognized as a writer, when I got the Emmy, I was more excited than the Emmys I had gotten as an actor.
Alan Alda
Men, in fact, are excited and looking forward to settling down and having families and being true partners with women in relationships that are full of excitement, unpredictability, adventure, and loyalty.
Ian K. Smith
I felt myself getting teary eyed. And I was like, ‘Wait a second. You can’t do that. You’re the WWE Champion.’ Then I went out of the ring, Alex Riley was there and we both celebrated together. Feeling his excitement made me feel even more excited.
The Miz
I just enjoy collaborating. I think there is always something to be learned, and I think that one could never collaborate enough – that would be impossible. So I am always excited and honored when someone wants to work with me.
Jim James
It’s uncomfortable, definitely, but it’s also really, really great to talk drums with kids and hear them get excited about music and talk about listening to the drums.
Patty Schemel
I like the responsive, quick feeling I get out of the Proton, and I am excited to have this board as my model.
Dane Reynolds
With the first record (2008’s Ladyhawke) I was quite naive, but very excited and happy.
QUESTION: Do you know what the greatest test is? ANSWER:Do you still get excited about what you do when you get up in the morning?
David Halberstam
Are you excited about the recall election? Arnold’s campaign has a new slogan: ‘Win one for the groper.’
David Letterman
I’m really excited about the places I’ve gone and the places I’m going, internally and externally speaking, and working to bring different spectrums of curiosity to life.
Victoria Mahoney
Even though there’s stuff that I really like that is just a retro sort of style or whatever, I feel like what I’m most excited by is new mixes of things.
Panda Bear
Entrepreneurs say in an economic boom it’s actually hard to build a company because everybody’s too excited and there is too much money funding too many marginal companies.
Marc Andreessen
No animal is so inexhaustible as an excited infant.
Amy Leslie
There are so many businesses that are succeeding on Yelp that don’t pay us a dollar, and we’re really excited about that.
Jeremy Stoppelman
This is the burgeoning days of feminism. This is when the militant feminists are the feminism hormones are raging. They are excited. They are happy. This is a new day! They are through being plugged into these formulas where men run everything and you’re in servitude to them.
Rush Limbaugh
Skydiving is something I’ve never done! And I am very excited to take the leap with a community of like-minded courageous women.
Anne Bancroft
I really couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity that we have with this new president [Donald Trump] to really turn this country around and get the economy moving again and have America standing tall again, home and abroad, to make America great again.
Mike Pence
I never thought about what people would say about me. I was just a young guy who was excited to become a comedian and an actor, and I just wanted to get to do what I got to do.
Adam Sandler
I’m not going to spend two years of my life on something that I’m not excited about.
Steven Soderbergh
Heaven is something that we can easily get excited and thrilled about and look forward to. It will be like Christmas is for children, only it will be the greatest Christmas we’ve ever had!
David Berg
I think television is a big commitment, so it has to be something that you’re really excited about and something that you want to potentially commit a lot of time to.
Danielle Panabaker
We have a plan to top it. And I do think our plan is devastating. We’ve practically reduced our cast to tears telling them the plan … we’re probably more excited that we’ve ever been about Sherlock.
Steven Moffat
It truly feels like all my blood, sweat, and tears have paid off, and you’re just excited to be a woman because you’re getting just as much time as the men, and you’re getting the recognition.
Nikki Bella
There was nothing in all Douglas’s powerful effort that appealed to the higher instincts of human nature, while Lincoln always touched sympathetic cords. Lincoln’s speech excited and sustained the enthusiasm of his audience to the end.
Henry Villard
Schedules are impossible to me. I am excited to be on tour, but there are instances when I wish that I wasn’t managed. The shows are fun, but six hour drives burn me out.
Jack Johnson
I had a great drama teacher, and he sort of made out drama school as this incredibly difficult thing to get into: 6,000 people apply every year, and some of the schools only have 12 places. It’s a phenomenally difficult thing to get into. And that excited me – I wanted that challenge.
Jeremy Irvine
I’d be doing Oscar predictions months ahead of time, and not only for the Oscars, for the Grammys. This is just what excited me as a kid.
Billy Eichner
I always just get excited about the character. When something rings true for me, then I’m ready to do it.
Bridget Regan
I’m excited to be a part of the new direction the Barbie brand is headed, specifically how they are celebrating diversity in the line and encouraging kids to raise their voices.
I get really excited about collaborating because by the end of the day you have something that you never thought you’d have. I was really happy about writing “Bad News” and a bunch of other stuff on the record that came out so well.
Somehow, I landed The Walking Dead and it’s great because it stretches and works different muscles for me, and it really lets me stretch myself as a performer. Now, I’m really excited to flex my comedy muscle. Hopefully, I’ll get some opportunities to do that.
Steven Yeun
Chef and Ubuntu are often inseparable in serious server deployments, making mutual integration a must for our users. We’re excited to offer Chef as part of the Ubuntu distribution and to deliver easy bare metal provisioning with MAAS and Chef.
Mark Shuttleworth
Study the unusually successful people you know, and you will find them imbued with enthusiasm for their work which is contagious. Not only are they themselves excited about what they are doing, but they also get you excited
Sam Altman
I’m so excited that my stomach is in a jiggle-jaggle of nerves. There they go again. Jiggle. Jaggle. I’m a mess.
Susane Colasanti
I was invited back to the White House. I’m excited about that visit as well.
MC Lyte
There’s a commercial break coming and I’m very excited about it and you know why? Because that’s what keeps daddy in suits.
Craig Ferguson
I started writing movie scripts. They excited me a lot, but I didn’t like them when they were finished because they were simple copies of the films I saw in childhood.
Manuel Puig
I feel absolutely sorry for the person who can’t genuinely get excited about his or her work.
Eric Thomas
I’m kind of getting more excited about developing my own stuff, or getting involved early in projects and doing my best to make things that I care about happen.
Ellen Page
I never take anything for granted. I think it’s very cool to still get excited about things. I get as excited now as I ever did when I get a chauffeur driven car pick me up and I stay in a fantastic hotel or get to fly in a private plane. I never want to get blasГ©.
Victoria Beckham
To be a part of a show that makes that not feel demanding and makes it feel natural and makes you want to go to work, every day, and be excited about it, from what I hear, that’s pretty rare.
Shelley Hennig
You know when I played, you had me and Kevin (McHale) and some others throughout the league. I think it’s good for a fan base because as we all know the majority of the fans are white America. And if you just had a couple of white guys in there, you might get them a little excited.
Larry Bird
When you say “Holy Man”, I immediately think of Eddie Murphy’s finest hour. If it’s anything comparable, I’m excited.
David Gordon Green
We’ve got the best kind of parents for us, in this situation. My parents are super supportive of me and really into our band. They get just as excited as we do, about stuff that we do. So, it’s pretty cool.
Mattew Nicholls
I want to congratulate Senator [Bernie] Sanders for the extraordinary campaign…. He has spent his long career in public service, fighting for progressive causes and principles, and he has excited millions of voters, especially young people.
Hillary Clinton
Every time I go to work, I feel like it’s the first time; I feel terrified and excited and exhilarated and like a deer in the headlights. I think: how do I do this? And then it just happens. Like riding a bike, you know?
Liv Tyler
I’ve licked stamps who were more excited than you by that kiss.
Julie James
What a grassroots party is about is people getting excited, getting involved in the local political process, saying, we want our candidate to run for office, we want him to run for office, and we’re going to get involved and make sure that he or she wins.
Bernie Sanders
It’s an incredible feeling, 110,000 people energy at that level. What I realized from watching the first day of competition was that athletes that got excited and happy and got the fans into it and clapping, they did better. The athletes that took it too seriously, they didn’t do as well as they’d hoped.
Gabe Jennings
I think I just get excited by music, and, like, singing is a very physical thing. It releases endorphins in your body. You’re using almost muscle in there, and I think that adrenaline really helps to kind of make the songs fresh every time.
Florence Welch
I worked for Sam Peckinpah on quite a bit of action in his films, and he got excited once in a while.
Richard Farnsworth
I identify myself with the male gaze, I grew up with the male gaze, I’ve been excited by the male gaze. I’m a product of that culture.
Celine Sciamma
I’m quite excited to think that I will run the Olympic race here next year.
Hermann Maier
Everyone in show business has had the experience of the fan who is so excited at recognizing their favorite star, they say, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re my biggest fan!
Audrey Meadows
I’m probably the most excited about ‘Turtleneck & Chain.’
Jorma Taccone
I don’t like to think that maybe I’m just getting old. I’m not too excited about watching a huge explosion. I’m more interested in people and characters.
Norman Jewison
I think all of us, at some point early on in our lives, knew that we wanted to create music. We are still really young and sometimes we do feel like we have to prove were as great as all the rest of the bands -old and young. But we just do what we love and people seem to be really excited about it.
Hayley Williams
We could have done a better job explaining what was in the Affordable Care Act, but when you talk to people and you don’t label it, people get really excited about what’s in it. It is going to make a big difference for people.
Terri Sewell
Season number seven! It’s been so exciting for us. When we first began, we were like the little train that could… and we did! We’re terribly excited! It will be an interesting season for us, I think.
Roma Downey
I was so pleased and excited by your letter that I trotted about all day like a puppy with a bone.
Virginia Woolf
I am excited to share my archive pictures and footage. I’ll also share announcements about current events and success stories from the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation to help fight diabetes and child obesity.
Sugar Ray Leonard
I would watch the Oscars and every award show with my parents. I would make lists of who was going to win. I’d be doing Oscar predictions months ahead of time, and not only for the Oscars, for the Grammys. This is just what excited me as a kid.
Billy Eichner
We encourage women to become mentors within their communities in order to teach young girls how to thrive in this society. It’s a good thing, so, I’m excited about having the platform and this opportunity on My Black Is Beautiful show, because I love my folk.
Tasha Smith
If you cut taxes on the rich, they’ll get so excited and go into so much busy economic activity, that the economy will grow and your tax revenues will actually rise. So cut taxes, collect more taxes. It is a miracle.
Greg Palast
There’s good reason to be excited. You have the first woman running who is qualified, and a very attractive African-American who has demonstrated crossover appeal. I got involved in politics 40 years ago during the civil rights movement, so yes, it’s an exciting thing.
Joe Biden
I guess because I’m so young, I m not sure of what lies ahead for me. I’m more into going the route of producing and directing. I just made a little short film. I’m more excited about going the route of doing a Drew Barrymore or… what’s the one from ‘Star Wars?
Heather Morris
I love Switzerland. It’s so clean and cool. We don’t get much snow where I live so I get real excited in Lausanne and Geneva. I’d like to buy a house there when I’m older and settle down. It’s all so cute that it looks like a movie set.
Michael Jackson
I’m excited for my little girls. When they left the nest, I was excited because they were winging their way into life.
George W. Bush
One Tree Hill was a great learning opportunity for me, and Im excited to go and apply that elsewhere and see where I end up.
Hilarie Burton
I like movies a lot, and I feel really excited when I see a movie that moves me the right way.
Paul Dano
The more I learn, the more excited I get.
Johnny Cash
I know that the work is good and they’re excited over at ABC and Disney and it’s getting some really good feedback. It’s not just a little, insignificant kind of role. It’s meaty, which is good.
Josh Holloway
Action scenes get me so excited, and my adrenaline starts pumping.
Jodi Lyn O’Keefe
I have never been more excited than I am today about making pictures.
Ed Kashi
I think I succeeded in getting the Egyptian people excited about the importance of science, and this is the only way Egypt can get out of this dark ages.
Ahmed Zewail
I feel excited about getting older as an actress, too. I think there are some amazing opportunities around the corner and I don’t need to hold on to myself or who I was when I was 25.
Sutton Foster
For me, like, the more interesting a letter is I just get more excited and I know that this going to be great for my friends who are looking forward to reading that in my comic.
Adrian Tomine
You have to do anything you can think of that gets you excited.
Downtown Julie Brown
I have so many ideas; there are so many things that need to be done, so many possibilities, you know; one is terribly excited, but at the same time, you’re almost confused, because you don’t know where to begin.
Chinua Achebe
I’m excited about there being more of a sisterhood these days. Back in the ’90s there was a lot of hate – the women I looked up to as artists were dissing me! It’s not so patriarchal these days – there’s more love and a lot less hate!
Alanis Morissette
Filmmaking is a great adventure. I’m as excited as a kid to be given tickets to fly suddenly to England, South Africa, America, everywhere. I’m still a 13-year-old kid, flying.
Shekhar Kapur
Forget sushi, yakitori and tempura, ramen is what really gets the Japanese excited.
Rachel Khoo
I chased my dreams. In the end, find what gets you excited and chase it.
Guion Bluford
I’d be a lot more excited about eliminating earmarks if we reduced all of the spending by whatever the earmarks used to be, but nobody’s, apparently, going to talk about doing that.
Roy Blunt
I was really excited to try 3D and play with it really, again, experiment formally with that extra dimension.
Joe Wright
Sometimes I have taken photographs and just felt so excited that I could barely hold the camera steady, and the photo was boring.
Robert Rauschenberg
It’s a scary thing; moving on. Part of me wishes life were more predictable and part of me is excited that it’s not. I think it’s impossible to tell the good things from the bad things while they’re happening.
Chris Crutcher
That’s when I feel really excited about a painting. When it starts to feel real, when it feels like it has a personality.
Dana Schutz
I think what Obama does more than his amazing speaking ability is he’s able to connect with voters. And it’s that hope that he brings out in American citizens that we are all hungry for, that people get excited about Sen. Obama.
John H. McWhorter
I was recently appointed by President Obama to the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities. I am so excited that the President trusts me to advise him on things that are important to people with disabilities!
Lauren Potter
Football’s the biggest game in the world. America’s the greatest sporting nation there is. To play some part in putting those two things together: why wouldn’t I be excited about that?
David Beckham
I’ve always really been interested in getting to work with QVC because I love teaching people about fashion and I love seeing people get excited by what they’re wearing.
Brad Goreski
I don’t mind getting punched in the face. It kind of wakes me up and gets me excited.
CM Punk
Is it a stale remark to say that I have constantly found the interest excited at a playhouse to bear an exact inverse proportion to the price paid for admission?
Charles Lamb
In Soviet times the border was closed so we couldn’t get out of the country, and I had been reading Robinson Crusoe. I wanted to see the ocean, I wanted to see boats, I wanted to see black people, because we didn’t have that in the Soviet Union. I was all excited by that stuff.
Wladimir Klitschko
If I walk out onstage and I get a warm, excited response, it makes me feel so confident and happy, and then it’s so easy for me up there.
Martina McBride
I am proud, and more than a little excited, to be asked to work with Faber in an editorial capacity. It is my dearest hope that we will produce some fantastic books together.
Jarvis Cocker
I think there will be an increasing convergence between content and commerce, that it will be about following consumers instead of making consumers come to you, and I am especially excited about the various platforms that will allow more and more access to customers.
Natalie Massenet
What you’re getting excited about is not A face, but a feminine face.
Andrew Cohen
It’s going to be good to be on his side for a change. I’ll save a lot of energy since I don’t have to concentrate on whacking him. I’m pretty excited about that.
Doug Gilmour
Use people whom you’re excited by and who share your excitement… The ideal collaboration is one in which the actor and director are saying to each other, ‘I can’t believe how lucky we are to be making a movie together.’
James Toback
Character driven stories engage me and when an audience gets to know a character in an unforced way and finds themselves rooting for him or her, those are the kind of movies that get me excited.
Matthew Bonifacio
I didn’t know that I’d like it this much, coaching both boys and coming out all the time and seeing how excited they are to play hockey. It reminds you of when you were that age and you wanted to be out on the ice.
Joe Sakic
One of yoga’s great gifts to making is the discovery of the link that exists between energy, breath, and mind. As you change one, you also change the other two. If you excite one, the other two become excited and, conversely, if you calm one, the other two respond by becoming calm also.
John Novak
Whether it’s a 16-year old girl, or a mom, or a guy, or anybody, as long as they come up and they’re excited to meet me ’cause they’ve had some sort of relationship with something I’ve created, it’s the coolest thing ever. It never gets old. It’s awesome.
Andy Grammer
Science is my JAM. I am very excited to see where science and technological advancements will take us in the next few decades.
Benjamin Stone
Endings are always tough, but I believe when something ends, there are new beginnings, new opportunities and new things to be excited for, too.
Mike Fisher
I’m very happy and excited to be re-joining the Sixers family as a part of their broadcast team. I spent my best and most enthusiastic years of my NBA career with this organization and its fans and I truly feel honored and blessed to have been given this opportunity to return.
Eric Snow
When I first started campaigning, I was really excited. Two-thirds of the way through, I thought, ‘Why am I doing this?’ Then I got really excited when I realized I was going to win.
Kyrsten Sinema
The thing that cracks me up is how these reality characters start out thrilled and excited just to be on television, and how they move to thinking they are as big as the Friends.
Kathy Griffin
Christianity isn’t moving people’s lives today. What’s moving people’s lives is the stock market and the baseball scores. What are people excited about? It’s a totally materialistic level that has taken over the world. There isn’t even an ideal that anybody’s fighting for.
Joseph Campbell
It would be easy for someone to think growing up in a small town would be like ‘Footloose’ or something, that it would be, ‘No dancing allowed!’ all the time, but it was quite the opposite. People always got excited for me and my successes and supported me even though I was a little weirdo goofball.
Paul Rust
I don’t deny that I get excited, but that’s what happens when you’re passionate about what you do.
Zak Bagans
I’m so excited for my son. On Christmas morning I want to see his face, to be there when he opens the gifts. I want the see what my assistants got him for Christmas.
David Letterman
I’ve never been able to develop a movie over several years, and keep coming back to it and adding to it. I get excited by the spark of an idea, and if I can’t go make that, there’s another idea that comes along that I get excited about. It has to happen quickly, in order for it to happen, at all.
Joe Swanberg
I still get really excited looking at stuff that I’ve seen every day for 20 years.
John Darnielle
When problems confront successful leaders, they get excited about the opportunity.
John C. Maxwell
I went to school at Juilliard, and most of our training there is the classics, and as much as I thrive in contemporary, weird, experimental work, I really am excited about finding a pioneer woman or something from a different era that I could really sink my teeth into.
Gayle Rankin
He [directo Park] gave me a sculpture, a jaguar. It is the animal, obviously, and it is in my bedroom at my parents’ place at the moment. But I am just about to move into my own place and I shall put it somewhere there. I shall make sure it has good lighting. This will be my first place of my own and I am so excited.
Mia Wasikowska
I was trained as a dramatic actor. I’m really excited to do some more dramatic stuff.
Spencer Boldman
I’m very excited about having the Internet in my den.
Steve Jobs
I had this totally impossible dream of being an actress. Trust me, just because I’m lucky enough to be doing this doesn’t make any of this less of a pipe dream. And nothing gets my juices flowing like a really great performance. To see someone on stage, I get really excited.
Olivia Thirlby
When I was younger, my view of New York was really wide-eyed and excited. I’ve lived here all my life.
Frankie Cosmos
Super blessed & excited to be part of the Nickelodeon family! It’s amazing to be on a network I grew up watching!
Megan Lee
It’s her first grandchild, so she’s really, really, really excited. I guess my mom is a little more stressed out than me.
Brandy Norwood
If you don’t get excited about the gospel, you’ve never really grasped what it’s telling you.
Derek Prince
I feel really proud of my work on ‘Sullivan & Son.’ It’s a really different character for me. I was excited to play this really tough, sweet smart, quirky girl because that’s who I am at my core, but that’s never who I was playing. The show is like my pride and joy.
Valerie Azlynn
You know how in high school you do these plays and people come up after the show and they’re really excited for you? Well, that’s what’s happening to me right now.
Mira Sorvino
He was so excited by this little bit of intelligence that he might have gone off, perplexed, pondering for a long time. It was like reading a wonderful sentence in a book, and not being able to continue because so many possibilities were crowding his mind.
Anne Rice
We are really pleased with our revenues but our goal isn’t to make money. It sounds a little flippant, but it’s the truth. Our goal and what makes us excited is to make great products. If we are successful people will like them and if we are operationally competent, we will make money.
Jonathan Ive
Attitude and enthusiasm play a big part in my life. I get excited about the things that inspire me. I also believe in laughing and having a good time.
Dwayne Johnson
The goal isn’t to make something everyone will love; the goal is to get excited, and make a thing where something wasn’t before.
Wil Wheaton
I’m such a fan of Shailene Woodley, so I’m super excited to see all her stuff. She’s an awesome actress.
Zoey Deutch
Performing of any kind: singing, acting, dancing. I also get really excited during interviews.
Coco Jones
For wellbeing to take hold, it’s got to be something that individual team members are getting excited about in their own lives. It can’t be something that a company is forcing top-down through hierarchical structures.
Tom Rath
When you’re young, you’re not afraid of what comes next. You’re excited by it.
Dave Grohl
Anyway I feel myself a bit on the edge on the art world, but I don’t mind, I’m just pursuing my work in a very excited way. And there isn’t really a mainstream anymore, is there?
David Hockney
I’m actually excited about being in my 40s. I mean, that’s ironic considering the show I’m on, but I have never felt like I need to feel or look the same as when I was 20.
Sutton Foster
I always have loved music, ever since I was really little. I just loved to sing. I can’t really explain it, except maybe – and this is going to sound really stupid – when I would listen to a song it would make me more excited than anything else could.
Zooey Deschanel
Don’t be gloomy. Even if you are not happy, put a smile on your face. [Life is about] joy,… something to be happy and excited about.
Gordon B. Hinckley
I’m really excited to educate the world about what deaf people can do.
Nyle DiMarco
I am so excited. I love IIFA. I think it’s great to meet all the people from your fraternity in one place, that too out of the country.
Hrithik Roshan
I’m excited about seeing a bipartisan plan to reform education in the United States. The only other option is to protect the status quo and I really don’t think anybody wants to do that.
John Rowland
If I knew what it was going to look like, I wouldnt be so excited to be a part of it. Jazz is a music of surprise; its a music of spontaneity. I think jazz musicians live–I know I do–for being surprised and not knowing whats going to come next.
Joshua Redman
It’s always been my dream to just continually do really cool indie movies, character-driven stuff. I would love to do more theater on a larger scale. I’m just excited for the next thing that comes along that I’m salivating over. I think a little more guerrilla would be really exciting to me.
Tatiana Maslany
Having reached a high level of realization (or having accomplished anything in life), don’t get excited or puffed up with pride but remain calm, humble, and in “perfect equanimity” if you want to continue in this deep state of consciousness.
I was a little excited but mostly blorft. “Blorft” is an adjective I just made up that means ‘Completely overwhelmed but proceeding as if everything is fine and reacting to the stress with the torpor of a possum.’ I have been blorft every day for the past seven years.
Tina Fey
Whenever I audition for something, if I get excited about the project I’m totally committed to it from that point on. But it can also be a long process, so when I eventually get given the part it’s then that I realise that I’ve actually got to do it and here comes the work!
Matthew Kane
Angelina came up, and as soon as we said hello, I thought, This is going to be great. I’m really going to love doing this with her. And I did. And then I was very excited to do the movie after that.
Gerard Butler
I got my first lifetime achievement award years ago, and I was very excited, but then I got a sense of: Well, can one get a second lifetime award?
Michael Palin
I may sound a bit crazy, but I get really excited with all the enormous hard work that I put myself through every day.
Oleksandr Usyk
Your life should be a story you are excited to tell.
Adam Braun
Get excited and enthusiastic about you own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire – you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away.
Denis Waitley
I can`t get excited about politics, but I love it as a game. Because what I love in politics – this is very selfish of me, but who cares – what I do love in politics is this ability it has to make you think in new ways.
Norman Mailer
I’m excited to be seen as sexy. But not slutty.
Jennifer Lawrence
I was excited at something new, always liked something new, but give credit to everybody who helped. I didn’t do anything alone but try to go to the root of the question and succeeded there.
Katherine Johnson
You never get another first time. I just remember being excited and that feeling of “Wow my dream is really coming true”.
Brooke Valentine
I’m super excited about gaming always. That’s the thing that I geek out over; those are the vlogs that I’m surfing if I’m not already playing a game at night.
Felicia Day
When I was young, I wanted to be a movie star. But I realized that you have no control being an actor. So I went to architecture school in NYC, because I was crazy about buildings. Then I began to realize that I got more excited about Vogue coming out each month than I was about my projects.
Tom Ford
KGBeast starts chasing our heroes in a big way, and you get the return of an old character from the mythology that I think people will be really excited to see.
Scott Snyder
But my mom was a pianist, and she taught piano out of her house. I was just so excited, being a little kid and having all these other kids come to my house twice a week. I thought it was a big party.
Vanessa Carlton
Jean Prouvaire was timid only in repose. Once excited, he burst forth, a sort of mirth accentuated his enthusiasm, and he was at once both laughing and lyric.
Victor Hugo
I’m doing a film called ‘Black Mass’ where I play James Bulger. The reason to play him is obvious to me. He’s a fascinating character. It’s not like anything I’ve done before on that level. I’m very excited to slide into that skin for a little bit.
Johnny Depp
I love the mouse, I love designing games for a mouse-based system. I think it’s still a way of playing games which, you know, everyone’s really excited about the Wii and all that, but for me, the mouse is for the PC an awful lot what that pointing device did for the Wii.
Peter Molyneux
I’m in the studio for hours in that tiny little box, and really, the performing part is what I’m most excited about.
Bella Thorne
I’m excited to bring a dose of moderate, rational conservatism to ‘The Cycle.’
Abby Huntsman
I bought a blimp just so I could get a bunch of wankers excited over nothing, what did you do with your weekend?
Thom Yorke
I’m so excited to begin working again with Henry Cavill in the world we created, and I can’t wait to expand the DC Universe in this next chapter. Let’s face it, it’s beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest Super Heroes in the world.
Zack Snyder
Imagining in excited reverie That the future years had come, Dancing to a frenzied drum, Out of the murderous innocence of the sea.
William Butler Yeats
I could see her get all nervous but she was also excited. Nightmares have that quality, don’t they?
Mark Z. Danielewski
Getting to meet other artists that I admire is one of the best parts of my job. I don’t know if I’d say “star struck” as much as excited to hear other peoples’ ideas.
Mark Hoppus
I’m so excited about school. I’m such a shameless student. I laid my clothes out last night, just like I did before my first day of first grade, with my patent leather shoes and my new lunch box. I hope the teacher will like me 🙂
Elizabeth Gilbert
The investor with a portfolio of sound stocks should expect their prices to fluctuate and should neither be concerned by sizable declines nor become excited by sizable advances. He should always remember that market quotations are there for his convenience, either to be taken advantage of or to be ignored.
Benjamin Graham
It’s a Fox thing, the bad-boy image. They’re trying to type me out. There are worse things in life, you know. I’m just really excited about the opportunity.
Ben McKenzie
I really feel lucky that I still feel excited about the actual work that I get to do. I just happen to love it, and I could easily see, for somebody else, that not being the case.
Alden Ehrenreich
It’s great to be excited by your profession, whether you are a doctor or a writer. I started writing books when I was in medical school and, by the time I graduated, I realized that writing was more exciting to me than being a doctor. And if I tried to be a doctor and a writer, then both would suffer.
Sergei Lukyanenko
It just didn’t seem to fit the story and lineage, I guess. So I just sort of surrounded ‘Blood Bank’ with three other songs that were very different from one other, and they all kind of came together as a palette cleanser for the last record. And I’m really excited about it.
Justin Vernon
You’re getting like an attitude. What you get put through for just wanting something more out of life. Makes you vulnerable. Inside, that tug of desperation, trying not to be excited, maybe this is it, and it’s usually freaks and you want to shout I’m not like you.
Sandra Newman
I’m so excited to act; that has been a huge passion for me.
Avril Lavigne
Most people tell you there are certain moments you should celebrate in life: for example, the weekend coming, so you should party on a Friday. Or your birthday or New Year’s Eve. But what if you’re excited about being alive every day? Can’t you be in that celebratory state every moment you’re not dead?
Andrew W.K.
I’ve seen where the NFL guys get all over the ‘Madden’ creators for their ratings and how they don’t look good. One of my buddies plays in the NFL and he was so excited to be in ‘Madden,’ but then we got the game, and he was a 58.
Brendan Schaub
I cook, I create, I’m incredibly excited by what I do, I’ve still got a lot to achieve.
Gordon Ramsay
But even writing the column for the ‘Telegraph,’ that idea of working to deadlines, which as an actor that’s not something you have to do in the same way. It’s excited me into wanting to do a bit more.
Dan Stevens
You can have the best technology in the world, but if you don’t have a community who wants to use it and who are excited about it, then it has no purpose.
Chris Hughes
It’s just really, really beautiful. Each scene is one long 15 minute take without cutting. My scene is with Robin Wright-Penn so I’m pretty excited about that.
Jason Isaacs
It’s head and heart. I like to feed both. I always wanted to be an actor. But the cultural-intellectual side of things has always excited me. I wouldn’t want to let it go.
Dan Stevens
What’s got me excited about the education space is the growth of the Internet over the next 10, 20, 30 years.
Reed Hastings
My dad was in the Navy, so we moved around a lot. That led to me seeing myriad cultures and cuisines. I have been excited about eating and cooking for as long as I can remember.
Graham Elliot
We really care about our brand. We really want it to stand for high quality. We want people to be excited about it, for it to be fun.
Larry Page
It was amazing to watch him in the darkroom at an advanced age, still get excited when the results were pleasing. He still struggled like we all do in the darkroom and he struggled behind the camera, and when he had a success he was beaming.
John Sexton
What we love is that Glenn Geller admits to being a superfan of Big Brother and obviously he seems to be a big fan of reality TV, which is fabulous. He’s been really, really excited and has just been smiling through all of our meetings so it’s always a lot of fun.
Allison Grodner
I think people like to be thrilled and excited. And a scary movie is a safe way to do that because you’re not actually doing it. It’s entertainment. You know that you’re in the confines of this two-hour space of safety in the movie house.
Keri Russell
I’m excited to see where the Illuminati and whatever else might happen, how that works, and where it ends up.
Benedict Cumberbatch
If you’re scared to lose rather than excited to win, then that’s the wrong way to approach a race.
Cate Campbell
Boxing is my real passion. I can go to ballet, theatre, movies, or other sporting events… and nothing is like the fights to me. I’m excited by the visual beauty of it. A boxer can look so spectacular by doing a good job.
LeRoy Neiman
What we want… is for students to get more interested in things, more involved in them, more engaged in wanting to know; to have projects that they can get excited about and work on over long periods of time, to be stimulated to find things out on their own.
Howard Gardner
I couldn’t be happier teaming up to make the feature with a company as innovative as VICE. There is so much the world doesn’t know about piracy in Somalia and the people involved, and I’m excited to be telling a story of piracy in Somalia from a different perspective.
Cutter Hodierne
I’m excited and encouraged to see people getting involved with their public lands and forests. We really need the public’s help to repair these heavily used recreation sites.
Robert Towne
Show me a church or a Christian organization that emphasizes prayer, and I’ll show you a ministry where people are excited about Jesus Christ and are witnessing for Him.
Bill Bright
… many a heart is caught in the rebound … Pride may be soothed by the ready devotion of another; vanity may be excited the more keenly by recent mortification.
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Without a doubt, absolutely, a woman will be a president, and probably sooner rather than later. I am excited about that, and if what I did serves as a steppingstone for another woman down the course, I am very grateful to have had that chance.
Michele Bachmann
A parade looks like a bunch of people are excited about being in traffic.
Demetri Martin
I’m excited to win a pole at Atlanta, one of the tracks you look forward to qualifying at every single year, and really happy to beat Ryan Newman, who is hard to beat here.
Kasey Kahne
I wrote a screenplay for a ‘Sweet Valley High’ adaptation, and it’s really amazing to me how many women who are my age have responded to the idea and are excited about the movie.
Diablo Cody
I think that we, as writers, get excited by risk. When we are feeling comfortable and familiar, I wouldn’t say that we get bored, but the energy in the room gets flat. When we’re most excited and when the show is the most fun, it’s when we’re duking things out.
Damon Lindelof
I’m really into quantum physics. Some of my friends are into it, some of them aren’t, so I’m trying to get them excited about discovering all these interesting things about thoughts and the power of thoughts. It gives me chills thinking about it. It’s fun.
Carmen Electra
Practice excited thinking until you become excited and exciting.
Norman Vincent Peale
We were excited when we sold our first 10 records. I always felt that if we could get the music out there, and if people became accustomed to it, then a substantial number of them would enjoy it.
Greg Ginn
Nobody gets excited about the future at all, ever. The future is something we find depressing and worrisome.
Bill Bryson
I am very honored and excited to be part of UFC 100; it’s going to be the hardest challenge of my career so far and it’s going to be pretty tough – I can’t wait.
Georges St-Pierre
I’m going to call WWE like I call everything. Yes, I’m going to be passionate. Yes, I’m going to be excited, but at the same time, I’m hoping to get better as a storyteller, and I’m hoping to complement the people I work with who have been doing this a lot longer than I have.
Mauro Ranallo
I’m so excited-I think today I’m going to brush all my teeth.
Woody Allen
I’ve been in television for a little bit, and when people are attracted to what you’ve created, you get very excited because of the numbers. The business side is very exciting.
Lisa Ann Walter
I’m excited to be home, not wear makeup, and wear onesies.
Camila Cabello
Look, don’t get me wrong. I worship the ground this guy walks on. I’m excited to meet him tonight. I’m dying to meet him tonight. If he wanted to carry me off and make me his love slave, I’d do it, so long as I got advance copies of his books.
Richelle Mead
I remember the first time I saw a Broadway show and how excited I was. That really fuels me and for some, it’s the first time they have seen Aladdin.
Adam Jacobs
I’m really excited for people to be able to see what else I can do, besides high heels and magic powers.
Serinda Swan
I’m very excited about this wonderful opportunity to take part in the evolution of a company that is integral to the Hispanic community and a powerful force in all areas of the media.
Gloria Estefan
I’m excited about what the future holds. I’m not a fortune-teller; I have no idea how it will play out. People say, “What are you going to do?” I don’t know. I kind of love that not knowing.
Jennifer Aniston
Don’t get too excited when I am winning, and don’t get too depressed when I am losing. Just keep it cool.
Marat Safin
The key that unlocks energy is desire. It’s also the key to a long and interesting life. If we expect to create any drive, any real force within ourselves, we have to get excited.
Earl Nightingale
I’m very excited about all the offers and interest and support pouring in through crowd-funding, and about having a lovely gap coming up when I’ll finally be able to sit down with books and scripts and talk to my partners about how we take the company forward.
Benedict Cumberbatch
You can tell a lot about a person by how excited they are to do the Macarena.
Janeane Garofalo
I want people to be excited about cooling towers and megasheds; they’re as much part of our history as the rural barn.
Antony Gormley
Now you look here. All your father ever dreamed of for you was to do something you loved in life. He didn’t care about fancy qualifications or fancy clothes or cars, just that you were both happy and fulfilled. He was so excited about your dreams for a career.
Hazel Gaynor
I was really excited because I had never ever in my life done anything like this [Romeo + Juliette], and at such a young age it was like, “Wow, my dreams are coming true, I’m already in a movie at the age of 12.”
Quindon Tarver
One of the things I’ve been most excited by is U.S. television drama. For my money, it’s some of the greatest narrative art of our time. Each series is like a 19th-century Russian novel: you need to do a lot of work in the first few episodes, just as you do in the first 50-60 pages of those books.
Kevin Barry
Affectors Harmagedon is a solid blast of PROG metal complete with burning solos, odd time signatures, orchestral highlights, and Rock riffs that will tear your head off! Excited that I could be a part of this album!
Jordan Rudess
You get all excited to give her the ring, and it’s real emotional, and you give it to her, and she cries. And a second later, you’re like, ‘Damn, I could have had a car.’
Marc Maron
To me, art and music inform each other continually, and when I was making more music there was an overall aesthetic that was shared by both mediums. Now I always listen to music when I work, so when I am working a lot, that is when I start searching out new music and finding new things to get excited about.
Neil Farber
It’s – as opposed to tape where you have a magnetic tape that’s excited by frequencies that you hit, digital was a process where musical sounds are transferred to numbers and stored as numbers.
Herb Alpert
I can’t wait for everyone to read ‘Don’t Look Back.’ It’s something very different for me, my first romantic suspense novel, so I’m very excited to be sharing the book, finally.
J. Lynn
Dean and I both swayed to the rhythm and the IT of our final excited joy in talking and living to the blank traced end of all innumerable riotous angelic particulars that had been lurking in our souls all our lives.
Jack Kerouac
It’s rare in Hollywood to get the chance to work on something that you actually care about. The tragedy of the place is all these talented people trying to get excited about stuff they themselves would only view at gunpoint.
Stephen Gaghan
I’m working on a movie called ‘Labor Day’ with Kate Winslet while still balancing kite boarding. Being an actress and an athlete is a challenge, but I’m excited to see what happens.
Maika Monroe
I used to hate planks, because I could only hold them for about 20 seconds. I’ll never be like, ‘Yeah, I’m so excited to do planks!’ but I find that I don’t hate them as much anymore.
Misty May-Treanor
Sometimes Sarah [Chalke] starts to talk about Iraq or whatever and she gets all excited, like I actually give a crap what she’s saying. Come on, she’s a woman. But still, it’s very cute.
Zach Braff
I’m excited for everybody to see the books. In Justice League #15, there’s a lot of other stuff too that’s setup in this storyline that’s going to explore Superman and Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Cyborg has a huge role in this story, actually, that sends him on a new path as well.
Geoff Johns
Acting is always at the core of my life, but I’m also excited about producing. I’m excited about directing, and I have a life in the filmmaking world, and so I want to explore all aspects of it, not just the acting, but acting is the root.
Nicolas Cage
In the late ’60s, I was seven, eight, nine years old, and what was going on in the news at that time that really excited a seven, eight, nine year old boy was the Space Race.
Chris Hadfield
While I was doing shitty little bar shows in the Central Valley in 2004, I was being out and helping people realize that gay people aren’t monsters, that they are just people. So I look at this world with a great deal of pride, and I’m excited for it.
Guy Branum
What happened with ‘Mad Men’ was I had just had my child, I was in a very literally and creatively fertile time in my life, and I wasn’t leaving the house much. So when ‘Mad Men’ came along, I was so excited to leave the house. Like, I get to go do this beautiful thing.
Abigail Spencer
I share my life experiences as a poet with my students. My poetic difficulties, joys, struggles and discoveries. If I read a new poem or essay or book I’m excited about, I bring it in.
Dorianne Laux
When I first walked in to London, I was so overwhelmed by the village, the sheer volume of people. I was just so excited. You don’t know what to expect. So the level of excitement was almost draining, just taking everything in. I was so exhausted after I swam because of all the excitement in the build-up.
Aimee Willmott
When meeting royalty, it is very important, no matter how excited you are, not to vomit on them. Instead, vomit on the nearest commoner.
Stephen Colbert
I’m always excited by the unlikely, never by ordinary things.
David Hockney
I’ve never seen anyone get so excited over books before. You’d think they were diamonds.
Cassandra Clare
I’m so pleased that I’m coming back to Armageddon, just to meet everyone. I’m very excited about doing it, I’ve heard great things about Armageddon and I’m just really excited to get there.
Billy Boyd
Coming to Crystal Palace, I’m really excited to be playing. There’s still massive competition here.
Ruben Loftus-Cheek
I was a gymnast my whole life. I mean, I’d go to Starbucks and people would be like, ‘Are you going to the next Olympics?’ And when I’d say no, they’d literally look sad. So it was very hard for me to get excited about anything else. I thought that I had to do gymnastics forever.
McKayla Maroney
I was kind of excited about going to jail the first time and I learnt some great dialogue.
Quentin Tarantino
One of the characteristics I cherish in my friends is their childlike gullibility, and several excited minutes were spent trying to actually find this book.
Phil Foglio
I wish I knew what was next. I got this movie without planning to. I’m really excited to be continuing in film because it’s a great job but I have my portfolio and resume for any other opportunity.
Colleen Haskell
I briefly flirted with the idea of more stable career choices but they never excited me. I know it’s a bit of a cliche but I remember doing school plays in primary school and feeling at home on the stage.
Karla Crome
I’m excited about the opportunity to get out there and show not only what I can do but, more importantly, what this team can do with me in there.
Philip Rivers
We’re extremely excited to see more than 500,000 friends around the globe be added within the first 12 hours of launching Friends on Poptropica. The reaction has been extremely positive from fans, and we’re proud to bring a completely safe friends offering to kids on our virtual world.
Jeff Kinney
I’m always excited to see the reaction of the crowd when I’m playing a new song.
Martin Garrix
I’ve been working in television for so long, since 2004, and I just worked nonstop throughout that time and I’ve learned so much. I’ve definitely done that 10,000 hours. I know the format really well and I feel comfortable in it. I’m excited about going into something I’m not so comfortable in, which is film.
Mindy Kaling
It’s part of my nature. I get excited when trying out new stuff, whether it be an idea or equipment. It stimulates my juices.
Herbie Hancock
I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a part of an organization that’s committed to winning.
R.A. Dickey
I’m excited about turning 40. I’ve been an adult for a long time, but there is a difference between being an adult and being a grown-up. I’m someone’s mummy now and I’m enjoying that. I feel as if I’m about to hit my peak.
Jill Scott
I have lived and slept in the same bed with English countesses and Prussian farm women… no woman has excited passions among women more than I have.
Florence Nightingale
In many ways I think the company’s doing quite a good job. If you look at the transition to Office 365 we started when I was there, I’m excited about that and I think the company’s doing a great job on that.
Steve Ballmer
If I don’t believe in Jesus, maybe I don’t believe in Hell. Did you ever think of that? You’re so excited about it, why don’t you go to Hell? It’s your concept; you invented it.
Andy Kindler
I’m just excited to be a part of the movie [Star Wars]. It’s always the particulars that are the most exciting.
Alden Ehrenreich
Now, my tree-climbing days long behind me, I often think about the lasting value of those early, deliciously idle days. I have come to appreciate the long view afforded by those treetops. The woods were my Ritalin. Nature calmed me, focused me, and yet excited my senses.
Richard Louv
I am excited about it. No-one really knows him [Kumar Sangakkara] as a person and everyone is looking forward to that. Getting to know players like Amla, Ponting and Smith has been special and this is great, because he [Sangakkara] is here for two years, it’s no flash in the pan.
Jason Roy
President Obama has appointed a new head of the Secret Service. The new Secret Service director was so excited that he jumped over the White House fence for joy.
Conan O’Brien
Everybody’s excited about the new service economy, even though there is no actual service as near as I can tell.
Ian Shoales
My friends seem much more excited about my doing Anastasia than Brainstorm… and to tell you the truth, I feel the same way.
Natalie Wood
While the World Cup is great every four years, I think people struggle to get themselves excited about qualifiers against the smaller nations. It will take some good performances from the national team to get the feel-good factor back, as far as the England team goes at least.
Michael Owen
When I decided to go to L.A. I said I was going to quit modelling and just go and see how I do. In the first two weeks I got three movies. I was so excited I had all my furniture shipped out from New York.
Estella Warren
I’m really excited to share the movie [Swiss Army Man] with people, so I’m glad that people are seeing it. And I want them to, because I think it’s a really fun movie to experience sitting next to people. It makes it funnier. It makes it more comfortable. It makes it sweeter.
Paul Dano
The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business.
Zig Ziglar
All industry must be excited by hope.
Samuel Johnson
Never stop being a kid, Richard. Never stop feeling and seeing and being excited with great things like air and engines and sounds of sunlight within you. Wear your little mask if you must to protect you from the world but if you let that kid disappear you are grown up and you are dead.
Richard Bach
My inner world seems largely to consist of three rotating emotions: embarrassment, rage, and tension. Sometimes I feel excited, but I think that’s just positive tension.
Carrie Fisher
Teachers teach and students educate. Students are the only true educators. Historically, every other method of education has failed. Education occurs when students get excited about learning and apply themselves; students do this when they experience great teachers.
Oliver DeMille
Half of me is very excited and the other half is ‘Haven’t we seen this stuff before?’ But I’m very impressed. I almost couldn’t picture it when it was being put together. I couldn’t picture it being in my hand, what it would look like.
Jaime Hernandez
We’re going to Puerto Rico, where we’re gonna close. And we’re so excited, we can’t see straight.
Chita Rivera
I took a private lesson, but it didn’t really work out, so I went back to playing along with records. That’s really the thing that got me into playing a lot – getting excited about playing along with my favorite bands like Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.
Chad Smith
Life is not a dress rehearsal – wake up every day excited to live out your purpose.
Andrew Wommack
I am fully committed to Hannah Montana. It’s what gave me this amazing opportunity to reach out to so many people. I’m really excited about our new season. We are making great new episodes that I can’t wait for our fans to see and I’m looking forward to the ‘Hannah Montana’ movie that will be out in the spring.
Miley Cyrus
I was a very undisciplined person but acting was something that actually motivated me to get up in the morning. I hadn’t experienced that before, but it was something that really excited me. I think I could be quite self-conscious and it gave me a release.
Rufus Sewell
We have built a genuine level of enthusiasm and goodwill with people throughout this district. People are really excited about the possibilities this election holds, not just for this district, but because of the message Alabama sent to the rest of the country.
Artur Davis
The vast majority, who believe in astrology and think that the planets have nothing better to do than form a code that will tell them whether tomorrow is a good day to close a business deal or not, become all the more excited and enthusiastic.
Isaac Asimov
I think when smallpox was eliminated, the whole world got pretty excited about that because it’s just such a dramatic success.
Bill Gates
Any time a new horror film comes out that looks appealing, I’m always excited to go see it.
Alex Breckenridge
A few minutes ago every tree was excited, bowing to the roaring storm, waving, swirling, tossing their branches in glorious enthusiasm like worship. But though to the outer ear these trees are now silent, their songs never cease.
John Muir
The Internet really does create this dimension around the music that’s always in relation to what else is happening at the moment. But all you can do is ignore the annoying hum of the machine and focus on making art that makes you excited to be alive.
Alan Palomo
Due to the NFL lockout, I’m excited to be able to follow my childhood dream of playing for a Major League Soccer team.
Chad Ochocinco
I was quite excited, but I was sure I wouldn’t win the race. I am a realist.
Jean Alesi
They say I have no emotions, but I’m excited even if you can’t see it.
Tim Duncan
I’m very excited about some of the novels that I have adapted. I think they’re equally as powerful, if not more. Going After Cacciato (by Tim O’Brien) is something I’m very passionate about.
Gabe Polsky
Do something that you love. Whatever you’re going to do is going to be tough enough. Find something that gets you so excited that the sun can’t come up early enough in the morning because you want to go do your thing.
Chris Gardner
You’re writing for some version of yourself. You’re writing the kinds of things that you like to read or wanted to read at a certain point. So, primarily for most of my career, I’ve written the kind of criticism that fascinates me. The things I discovered the things that get me going, that I’m excited about.
Gary Giddins
I think [Donald Trump] does understand that. We talked a great deal about the separation on power and the constitution. And we`re very excited about what he`s doing because what he`s doing is pulling back what we see as unconstitutional executive actions from the past presidents.
Paul Ryan
Being authentic can be a good thing in that often people who are fixated on that are also fixated on having very high standards, so they may maintain something they think has tremendous value. On the other hand, most of the kinds of music that I’ve been excited about are hybrid in their origins.
Edgar Meyer
I have to be excited, I have to have an adrenaline rush about doing something, or it bores me, I feel trapped.
Ricky Gervais
I’ve been taking pictures since I was probably 16. I’m 54, and I can’t believe how excited I am.
Zoe Leonard
You have to be really vigilant and appreciative of what you have and not get too excited about anything. But it’s important to celebrate what you have and feel proud for a minute.
Sophia Amoruso
I saw Tina Turner do ‘Proud Mary’ on TV, and it was so electrifying and such a unique experience. I remember crying out of excitement, and I knew that I wanted to be a performer and make people feel excited and moved, and that’s why I gravitated towards it.
Bonnie McKee
Andrea stared at me. “You’re not taking me seriously!” “That’s probably because you’re not excited enough,” Derek said. “You should clench your fists like they do in the movies, shake them, and yell, ‘This is bigger than any of us! It goes all the way to the top!
Ilona Andrews
If you’re not excited by it, why do you do it?
Amy Adams
The good life for me always meant connecting with those big, important issues that grown-ups get so excited about.
Frances Moore LappГ©
In excited conversation we have glimpses of the universe, hints of power native to the soul, far-darting lights and shadows of an Andes landscape, such as we can hardly attain in lone meditation. Here are oracles sometimes profusely given, to which the memory goes back in barren hours.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Certainly as a kid, I grew up with Batman, Superman, whoever – they didn’t need to be black for me to relate to them. But when a character like Cyborg came along, I got excited, because he looked a little bit more like me; his experiences were a little bit more like mine.
John Ridley
I think we were promoting New Moon just as I was finishing The Runaways, and I remember going to Comic-Con with a Minor Threat T-shirt on. I was really happy and excited to be there, but I was so defensive and crazy.
Kristen Stewart
For me, playing a chubby or fat superhero was so special because I would go and watch these movies with my friends and would never see anyone like me. I am excited to be that for other kids who look like me.
Julian Dennison
Meeting Oprah Winfrey, I cried like a baby. Meeting Steven Spielberg, I cried like a baby. Meeting Denzel Washington, I gushed like a crazy woman. If I don’t get excited or star struck by someone I’ve been dying to meet, it’s time to retire.
Octavia Spencer
And out of all the movies, I don’t know what it is, I’ll always sit down and watch our ‘Footloose’. I cry, I get excited, I cheer, my heart pounds. I really enjoy it.
Craig Brewer
I’ve always loved performing. It was always very exciting for me. I don’t get too nervous when I’m playing, but on every stage, it’s a little different. I’m always excited, but sometimes, the level of anxiety to perform is greater.
George Li
The gravitation constant is the same always. But the economic constants-these elasticities of demand and supply-depending, as they do, upon human consciousness, are liable to vary. The constitution of the atom, as it were, and not merely its position, changes under the influence of environment.
Arthur Cecil Pigou
People will come and give you sandwiches every six hours but you’re really of no use. A lot of people get excited about guys like that but I can’t get too excited about it because I think he’s sorta useless. He’s just sitting there in India under a blanket looking beautiful, so what.
Brad Warner
I get excited when the people I work with scare me. I get excited when I’m surrounded by people who make me better and make me stay on my game and challenge me.
Jim Carrey
I know like the Wiz Khalifah one, got me excited because I like his music, and its almost like you know I can relate to his music, so I feel like dang if he listens to my stuff and thought it was good then maybe I’m as good as him, you know what I mean?
Jhene Aiko
Raymond Floyd. The man knows how to control situations. He was experienced. He didn’t let me get overly excited; he kept me in check. It allowed me to free myself up, and I played really well with him.
Payne Stewart
I have a lot of new music that I’m very excited about.
Kate Brown
I’ve decided to become a member of the Houston Rockets. I feel it’s the best place for me and I am excited about joining the Rockets and I’m looking forward to a great season. I want to thank the fans in Los Angeles and wish them the best.
Dwight Howard
I was around when my father finished the last payment of his house. I remember like it was yesterday. He had worked all those years to own that house and he cried. He was so excited and so happy and I want to see other people get that feeling, too.
Magic Johnson
I’m not looking forward to a specific person per se; I’m just excited to meet everyone. I respect greatness and I’m just going to soak in anyone I meet.
Arian Foster
It’s easy to see and notice what we like in other people. Sometimes, it’s not as easy to see the attributes and beauty in ourselves. It’s good to see the beauty in others. But sometimes, take a moment and get excited when you notice what’s beautiful in yourself, too.
Melody Beattie
I crave for adventure. It makes me feel alive and excited. It’s a constant tussle between what you want to do and other parameters that aren’t in your hands.
Sushant Singh Rajput
It’ll be dangerous,” Nyssa warned him. “Hardship, monsters, terrible suffering. Possibly none of you will come back alive.” “Oh.” Suddenly Leo didn’t look so excited. Then he remembered everyone was watching. “I mean… Oh, cool! Suffering? I love suffering! Let’s do this.
Rick Riordan
This idea of, there’s a locked door; how do you open it? You don’t necessarily care what’s behind it; you’re just more excited about opening the lock… It’s not about finding the treasure; it’s more about defeating the puzzle.
Harper Reed
Others are Ahead of me. I am continually Challenged. My focus is Forward. The atmosphere is Affirming. I am often out of my Comfort Zone. I wake up Excited. Failure is not my Enemy. Others are Growing. People desire Change. Growth is Modeled and Expected.
John C. Maxwell
Doing what we were meant to do creates fun, excitement and contentment in our lives, and invariably, in the lives of the people around us. When you’re excited about something it’s contagious.
Mark Victor Hansen
The flight I’m most excited about is the one that takes me back to Northern Ireland to visit family and friends.
Rory McIlroy
I can see that, without being excited, mathematics can look pointless and cold.
Maryam Mirzakhani
I`ve not really been angling to be a comedian. I knew comics and I loved them and I loved being funny, but I didn’t understand the whole concept of becoming one. My first couple of times on stage, I was like, “This is what I’m doing for sure.” I was so excited.
Mitch Hedberg
You just want to make something that’s awesome and that people dig, and I’m excited about it.
Zachary Levi
My ancient history teacher, Millie Lloyd, should have worn a medal for her performance at the battle of Thermopylae. She was excited and we were excited.
Kurt Vonnegut
I like people who are enthused about things they do, like travel, sports, work. I like being with people who have things they’re excited about.
Parker Stevenson
I’m just more excited about helping new entrepreneurs create the next Facebook or Google.
Paul Buchheit
I’ve been excited since I received a phone call from Paul Holmgren inviting me to represent the Flyers and Flyer fans at the alumni game of the Winter Classic weekend.
Eric Lindros
I’m excited about being able to write and produce songs from an executive standpoint as well as the business side of it and the political side of it. I’m working on angles when it comes to the music business because I feel like that’s the only way you can become a mogul.
Rico Love
I have met a couple of six-year-olds who were apparently quite excited to meet me – before they actually met me. And when they actually met me they ran behind their parents’ legs and cowered for shelter.
Tom Felton
I’ve just been very excited that over the years I’ve constantly had those types of different experiences. I like staying a little bit like acting school, not experimental, necessarily, but just fun. I have the best job in the world: I pretend for a living. You can’t get too precious about that.
Rosario Dawson
I am never excited to play through a song all the way, because it can reveal more flaws that mean more work. For some reason, I always have an irrational fear that the song will never be finished.
Robert Lopez
She turned her face seaward to gather in an impression of space and solitude, which the vast expanse of water, meeting and melting with the moonlit sky, conveyed to her excited fancy. As she swam she seemed to be reaching out for the unlimited in which to lose herself.
Kate Chopin
I was just so excited to have a child! I held him up like he was Simba in ‘The Lion King.’ I wanted to sing ‘The Circle of Life.’
Aaron Lazar
Just me onstage with a mike having an intimate relationship with the audience. I don’t get nervous for that. I just get excited.
Kevin James
Marlene Dumas is one of the two or three most successful female artists alive, if you judge by prices. I’ve never reviewed her work, because I find nothing in it to get excited about no matter how hard I look.
Jerry Saltz
My teaching was animated by what I was reading and being excited by as a poet.
Seamus Heaney
When I read ‘Absalom, Absalom!,’ I remember being really excited about it and telling all my friends they had to read it, especially my writer friends.
Jesmyn Ward
You know how sports teach kids teamwork and how to be strong and brave and confident? Improv was my sport. I learned how to not waffle and how to hold a conversation, how to take risks and actually be excited to fail.
Emma Stone
I made a dollar a day sweeping a laundry out. Then we made a record that was number two in Los Angeles. We got so excited hearing it on the radio that Carl threw up.
Dennis Wilson
I want you to get excited about who you are, what you are, what you have, and what can still be for you. I want to inspire you to see that you can go far beyond where you are right now.
Virginia Satir
I was excited to get the opportunity to sing something in a movie ’cause I love musicals and I would love to be able to do more movie musicals, in the future.
Kate Mara
I get excited after I dunk. I yell and scream, but it’s not yelling and screaming at other players to show them up. It’s the way I play. What I do is have fun on the court.
Shawn Kemp
What I’m really excited about is that continued challenge to create things that gamers of all experiences can play.
Shigeru Miyamoto
Any time a new horror film comes out that looks appealing, I’m always excited to go see it.
Alexandra Breckenridge
People really love ‘Madea’ movies and get a kick out of them. They’re phenomenally successful. People get excited when a new one’s coming out.
Isaiah Mustafa
When I’m passionate about something, I just get excited.
Natalie Imbruglia
I’m definitely excited to be a part of the UFC spreading out globally around the world.
B. J. Penn
The company has been clear from the start that we try to serve customers long-term, and long-term investors are going to be more excited about Amazon than short-term investors.
Andy Jassy
I am emoji-heavy as hell. I’d use the same emoji 140 times just to communicate how excited I am.
Frankie Grande
Even when the east excited me most, even when I was keenly aware of its superiority to the broad, sprawling, swollen towns beyond the Ohio, with their interminable inquisitions which only spared children and the very old-even then it had always for me a quality of distortion.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
I feel like you only have so much time to make stuff. I’m definitely aware of that. I’m also excited about it.
Spike Jonze
I have no preferred team, but everyone wants to go No. 1 in the draft. Even the guy who gets picked last in the draft wants to go No. 1. But I just know that whoever picks me, I’m going to be excited to play for that team, and I can’t wait to see myself in ‘Madden’ on that team.
Robert Griffin III
What really put me over the top was receiving a packet of hundreds of hand-written thank you notes, telling me how the kids were inspired and excited about the [Cube] project.
Scott Cohen
‘Boardwalk’ has kind of exposed me to a different demographic. And it upped my skills in terms of the speed with which I can prep a scene, and I’m excited to apply that.
Michael Pitt
I’m so excited to be a Coppertone brand ambassador because as an athlete, taking care of my body is a huge part of my job, and sunscreen is a vital part of that.
Christen Press
My aim is to understand love. I know how alive I felt when I was in love, and I know that everything I have now, however interesting it might seem, doesn’t really excited me.
Paulo Coelho
First, this is a great job, and i’m excited about it.” “Second, i’m ambitious, but i can succeed almost everywhere.” “What I can’t do anywhere is be with you.” “Choosing to be with you isn’t a difficult decision, Jacqueline. It’s easy. Incredibly easy.
Tammara Webber
We have things to say about Congress and all of that. I think we may have our magnum opus coming yet. It’s a piece called “Leonard” that I’m very excited about, and I think we’re going to see a side of Chris Pine that people haven’t really seen yet. That’s all I’m going to say, but I’m proud of it.
Joss Whedon
Early in my life I had made a pact with myself. I would never eat anything that moved when I cooked it, excited the dog, or inflated upon impact with my teeth.
Erma Bombeck
I am very happy and excited to re-sign with the Yankees.
Hiroki Kuroda
I’m always excited to try something I haven’t done.
Demetri Martin
The day Caleb touched my hand and I saw all those things, I was excited. Yes, a little freaked but excited more. I felt like…everything I ever needed was right there. I still feel like that. It’s not something you can just turn off and I wouldn’t want to. I want him more than I need him.
Shelly Crane
I’m excited about the ageing process. I’m more interested in women who aren’t perfect. They’re more compelling.
Emma Watson
I’m very happy and very excited when my adrenalin is going.
Angelina Jolie
A good-looking piece of scenery anywhere delights the eye and elevates the spirits. Some of us, crude creatures that we are, are merely excited; finer souls draw ethical and spiritual nutrients from the sight.
Barbara Holland
Once I got the open tunings for some reason, I began to get the harmonic sophistication that I heard that my musical fountain inside was excited by. Once I got some interesting chords to play with, my writing began to come.
Joni Mitchell
I’m playing in the Masters. It’s obviously very important to me, and I want to be there. I’ve worked a lot on my game and I’m looking forward to competing. I’m excited to get to Augusta and I appreciate everyone’s support.
Tiger Woods
I am a former engineer and I was really excited about the possibility of building better technology to serve humanity. A lot of us as engineers have this belief that if you build a tool you somehow can empower humans economically or socially. The idea of building a better technology often means more efficiency.
Ramesh Srinivasan
I don’t know, being able to work with Meth was pretty damn cool, but even that day, John, the director, gave me one of the best notes I’ve ever had. I walked into the scene just completely excited. I just couldn’t believe I was going to work with Meth.
Josh Peck
I feel more voluntary about my pleasures and pains than the average American who has his needs dictated by Madison Avenue (my projections, of course). I feel sustained, excited, and constantly growing in my spiritual and intellectual pursuits.
Duane Elgin
I think everyone is pretty excited about me. I have a style that any fight fan would love. I am a real value-for-money fighter. People want to see me against the elite.
Ricky Hatton
Allow me now to return to the cottagers, whose story excited in me such various feelings of indignation, delight, and wonder, but which all terminated in additional love and reverence for my protectors (for so I loved, in an innocent, half painful self-deceit, to call them).
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
I’m excited to work on something where I have a bit more time with it, to explore one personality. That’s definitely exciting to me.
Tatiana Maslany
I look up to Jimmy Fallon. He hosts talk shows as a fan himself, and that’s how I do it. When the celebrities come in, I’m excited that they’re there. It’s not just like a formal, ‘Hey, how are ya?’ It’s like, ‘Dude, what the hell! So happy to see you!’ That’s what Jimmy Fallon does every time.
Vinny Guadagnino
I’m always looking for vacation. I’m always trying to step away from it to watch movies. I’m always trying to carve out free time for myself. But, I love it. I don’t think I’ve ever not wanted to run a show. When I have a show, I’m always really excited. I always enjoy the process.
Ronald D. Moore
I think, to its credit, this is one of the last forms of popular entertainment that I don’t sense to be discriminatory in any way. I think there’s this general hunger for greater diversity, where publishers are really excited about finding different voices than what has been done.
Adrian Tomine
This is a great opportunity for Don, and I wish him success. I am incredibly proud of the work and vision culminating in Xbox One. I’m particularly excited about how Xbox pushes forward our devices and services transformation by bringing together the best of Microsoft.
Steve Ballmer
I’m not the most sophisticated person. I’m not the smartest person in the world. But, I know what makes me excited about life, from Spielberg movies to Michael Jackson music videos to cartoons on Saturday mornings, which made my childhood.
Jon M. Chu
Every time I go to Comic-Con, I’m jacked. I want to dress up and walk the floor and answer questions, because I’m excited about it. It’s like making new friends.
Mae Whitman
I learned from a very young age that if I pursued the things that truly excited me, that they would reward in more important ways, like happiness.
Brandon Boyd
I’m always a little starstruck anyway. So to work with a movie star, which is Brad, I was excited about that; to work with a movie legend, which is Tony, I wouldn’t have passed that up. Just to get to watch him and watch how he works.
Marcia Gay Harden
I’m a very positive person. I get excited easily, and I like to jump around.
Zooey Deschanel
I’ve grown so much since 1996. I think that was the turning point of when I started to go to church every Sunday and not just because you’re supposed to. But because you enjoy going and listening to the Word and being excited about it
Lisa Leslie
It’s hard to really get that excited about movies. Think about it like this: how many good comedy movies come out a year? Maybe one or two? And then, in those movies, what are the chances that there’s a character that I’m the best fit to play? It’s really small!
Aziz Ansari
Basically, you make another movie, and another, and hopefully you feel good about every picture you make. And you say, ‘My name is on that. I did that. It’s OK.’ But don’t get me wrong, I still get excited by it all. That, I hope, will never disappear.
Martin Scorsese
There are only three reasons to do a movie: the cast, the director, the role. Like I say, you live in a minute of screen time, but to prepare for the minute takes much more than a day. You’d better be excited about what those moments are, even if they’re the hardest moments. Or the smallest.
Val Kilmer
And all of this, all these physical aspects of painting at that time excited me very much. You could do a picture in just black and white. I mean all the things, whether you’re soliciting permission or not, do give you permission
Robert Rauschenberg
I am soooo excited, I am over-excited. I’m hysterical, I may have to slap my own face in a minute at this rate.
Louise Rennison
Find something that you love. Something that gets you so excited you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning. Forget about money. Be happy.
Chris Gardner
Our people are excited about building solutions, and it’s rewarding to see how much fun Netscape employees have doing something they think is relevant and important.
Jim Barksdale
I’m really excited about what the future holds and to grow as an individual and as an artist.
The podcast was kind of an afterthought, because I was just excited about being on the radio. Then I found that the podcast listenership is some 20 times what people are listening to on the radio.
Scott Aukerman
I would say that Roger Federer is pretty amazing. And Manny Pacquiao – he’s such a tiny, little lightweight guy, but the way he fights makes people so excited.
Wladimir Klitschko
If anything, if you can get somebody interested in something and get them excited, that’s great. You should be praised for having opened the debate and having asked the right questions.
Oliver Stone
I’m really excited that I’m able to work again.
David Gest
My friends and I have always loved the Neutrogena brand and their ability to help inspire confidence. So when I found out I was actually going to be part of the Neutrogena family, I was really excited.
Miranda Cosgrove
Tim Story is a fantastic director, and I’m so excited to get to work with him.
Maria Menounos
I don’t go there thinking I’m going to lose. I never go into a tournament thinking that. I’ll do the best that I can. I need to be at my peak and my best is holding up the trophy. Anything less I wouldn’t be really excited about. So that’s all I can focus on.
Serena Williams
There was much of the beautiful, much of the wanton, much of the bizarre, something of the terrible, and not a little of that which might have excited disgust.
Edgar Allan Poe
I had these little babies [my twins] and it gave me something so spectacular, such a feeling – I was so turned on and so excited by them that I wrote a poem. I had it on scraps of paper and the maid threw it out.
Al Pacino
He knew that Hop-Frog was not fond of wine; for it excited the poor cripple almost to madness; and madness is no comfortable feeling.
Edgar Allan Poe
I have a feeling that when you’re on the cover, they supe up all your abilities in the game to a pretty high level. I’m excited to see what that equates to, like if I can throw the ball 100 yards in the air or something.
Drew Brees
There are things that have excited me to no end, and it’s the sharing of knowledge that has come about on the network, and I see at an increasing pace this ability to share what we know.
Vinton Cerf
Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want.
Alan Cohen
I’m generally pretty excited about new gadgets, new tech, A.I., stuff like that.
Jimmy O. Yang
We have no idea what lies ahead or how God will open doors of potentiality when we consciously choose to get out of the ruts we’re in and start moving down new paths about which we can be excited–even passionate.
Luci Swindoll
I don’t really think about film or television or going directly to the internet. I just think about doing something that people are going to get excited about.
Joseph McGinty Nichol
I loved auditioning because it was just an opportunity to act. Whether or not I got the job was the next hurdle, but the idea that I would get to act that day was the thing that excited me the most about it.
Zachary Quinto
When you talk about *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys – we were like the New Kids, and New Kids were like the Bee Gees. But Girl Radical will be the first ones, and that’s a crazy idea. That’s what got us so excited.
JC Chasez
I am so excited to announce that I have written a book. I have actually written it myself with no ghost writer, just me! I never thought it would be possible but I have done it.
Rob Beckett
When I worked as an editor, I read new novels being published in India every few days. They excited me tremendously for the first fifty pages or so, and boasted some true linguistic genius at times, but none of those writers could occupy more than one mind at once.
Karan Mahajan
The only time I had what you would call life-threatening fear was when I was on the Moon. Towards the end of our stay, we got excited and we were going to do the high jump, and I jumped and fell over backwards. That was a scary time, because if the backpack got broken, I would have had it. But everything held together.
Charles Duke
That was awesome. I wasn’t expecting it and when I got the call I got nervous for a second. But I was just really excited.
Charline Labonte
As you get older, you’re doing different parts, but the young people, like yourself, they keep you excited, because they’ll see Waterfront, and they’ll want to talk about it.
Eva Marie Saint
I’m one of those crazy people, if I’m watching the trailer for a movie and I’m really excited by it, I’ll turn it off because I don’t want to know anything. I want to be surprised because I love that more than knowing anything.
Adam Driver
I’m so excited to appear in ‘Wild Dog.’ I believe it will be one of the most memorable movies in my life.
Seo In-guk
There’s never been completion in my football career because I’ve always been striving for that next thing. You listen to people who have finished and nothing replaces playing, but I’m still excited about not having to put my body through what I’ve put it through. And not feeling the disappointment that I feel.
Ryan Giggs
I think when smallpox was eliminated, the whole world got pretty excited about that because it’s just such a dramatic success.
Bill Gates
I remember when I first came to Los Angeles being staggered by the range of roles open to me. These were leading parts in shiny new projects, and what always excited me was knowing there was a possibility that I could actually get these parts. I always had the impression that I had a chance.
David Harewood
I didn’t audition for the part! The role was offered to me, and I was so excited to be a part of ‘The Haunting Hour.’ It is such a cool show and it was so much fun shooting the ‘Intruders.’
Willow Shields
I’m excited to be part of a movement that’s progressing country music. There’s always gonna be people saying, ‘It ain’t country anymore,’ but I don’t get into that whole deal.
Luke Bryan
I think we’ve been through a lot this season and it will be nice to move on. It’s one step at a time though. The focus of our hockey club was great. We really stuck to our game plan and didn’t get too high or too low and we definitely didn’t get over excited.
Martin Brodeur
Reality television was in some ways being unimaginative at that time. We were excited about the possibilities of the form, to use real people as your stars, to not be about winning, to be about going on complicated, challenging, funny, dramatic journeys.
John Landgraf
I am excited to be doing ‘SVU’ – I think there’s a lot of inherent drama and a lot of inherent conflict in procedural shows. I have a lot of respect for police officers and the work that they do. There’s a lot of nobility to depicting what these officers do on a day to day basis.
Danny Pino
The Daytona 500 is a big race, and Darlington is just as big of an event, and a lot of people get excited for it.
Kurt Busch
Los Angeles has been my home since the days even before Motley Crue, so I am beyond excited that ‘The Side Show’ has found a home on 98.7 FM. This is the station I listen to – my friends listen to it, my family listens to it. It’s the station I wanted to be on, and I’m psyched to get started.
Nikki Sixx
I don’t feel too excited about fashion today People just want cheap fast clothes and are happy to look like everyone else
Rei Kawakubo
I’m a professional, and I know in football that everything can change in one day, so I am excited to show everyone my football.
Mohamed Salah
The one thing that I would say that defines me is I love to learn. I get excited about new things. I buy more books than I read or finish.
Satya Nadella
You have to do anything you can think of that gets you excited.
Julie Brown
You’ve done it in the simulator so many times, you don’t have a real sense of being excited when the flight is going on. You’re excited before, but as soon as the liftoff occurs, you are busy doing what you have to do.
Alan Shepard
Character is half the reason we read. We’re excited because of the plot, but we care because of the characters.
Patrick Rothfuss
I wanted to work in a restaurant. Le Cirque was looking for a chef and they approached me. I was excited to be able to be part of this restaurant with an amazing reputation, but not a good one for food at the time. I made it clear that if I was coming to Le Cirque it was going to change.
Daniel Boulud
The first stage of this tranquility consists in silencing the lips when the heart is excited. The second, in silencing the mind when the soul is still excited. The goal is a perfect peacefulness even in the middle of the raging storm.
John Climacus
It’s so much in me to want to keep experimenting all the time. It’s just inherent. Therefore I keep reaching for instruments I don’t particularly know how to play, and then I become excited.
P. J. Harvey
I am always excited when the script or the character has something different to offer.
Riya Sen
I’m excited, happy, nervous, anxious, all those feelings about playing for the Jets again. If I didn’t have high expectations, I wouldn’t come back here.
Vinny Testaverde
There is no sense in getting excited by market cap because it is a tool.
Dilip Shanghvi
I did this class when I first moved to California. It was a ‘Kids on Camera’ class up in the Bay Area. That was good for just getting me excited in acting and everything. Then once I started working down L.A., I just stuck to my acting coach, and she helps me prepare with auditions and that sort of thing.
Bridgit Mendler
It’s good to feel excited by the environment you’re in.
PJ Harvey
Getting to meet other artists that I admire is one of the best parts of my job. I don’t know if I’d say ‘star struck’ as much as excited to hear other peoples’ ideas.
Mark Hoppus
I always thought money was something just to make me happy. But I’ve learned that I feel better being able to help my folks, ’cause we never had nothing. So just to see them excited about my career is more of a blessing than me actually having it for myself.
Kendrick Lamar
Did you really think I would be this excited about college if I thought I’d be leaving my girl behind?
Abbi Glines
Honestly, I spend very little time thinking about past events, and I certainly don’t have them ranked in any way. I look back and think that I have done a lot of good work over the years, but I am much more excited about what the future holds.
John Carmack
I will always think of myself as that girl that is 22 starting and really excited about everything and wanting to be amazing at everything. I always wanted to be the best stylist. That was it.
Rachel Zoe
I loved planning ‘The Tyra Show’ more than actually having to do it. I loved coming up with show ideas, honing each program and crafting it. I’m more excited being in a meeting than being on TV.
Tyra Banks
I’ve just tried to keep my eyes open, tried to read everything you can, and tried to see whether I see myself within it. If I do, then I can get excited about it.
Chiwetel Ejiofor
I get excited about room-service menus! I really do.
Colin Farrell
I always get so excited cooking chicken wings.
Jourdan Dunn
We are meant to discover our authentic nature-the state of being in which we are inspired by ourselves, turned on, lit up, and excited about who we are.
Debbie Ford
I still get excited about meeting celebrities, because I don’t think I’m a celebrity myself.
Allen Carr
I don’t believe other people are ever as foolishly excited as I am while I’m working. How could they be? Writers would have to live in trees.
Katherine Mansfield
I never trust anyone who’s more excited about success than about doing the thing they want to be successful at.
Randall Munroe
I’m always excited to carry more and more weight and responsibility within a story. It’s all about putting my time in and showing people that I’m good and responsible and, hopefully, kicking ass in every frame.
Kevin Durand
I’m so excited [to be Miss USA]. It’s a dream come true.
Nia Sanchez
I’m playing a powerhouse singer who is big competition, but she’s also really down to earth and sweet. But the whole sweet thing goes away when she’s in competition mode. I love the show, so I’m very excited to be a part of it. I’m going to kill it on ‘Glee!’
Jessica Sanchez
I am really excited and thankful for opportunity to work with Cotto Promotions, Tidal and Roc Nation.
I get excited about what the Holy Spirit is doing now through all the people he is refining and raising up all over this planet. I love connections and relationship and networking but it must be led by the Spirit.
Daniel Smith
I had just arrived in New York from California. I was nineteen years old and excited beyond belief. I was an art student and an acting student and behaved as most young actors did – meaning that there was no such thing as a good actor, ’cause you yourself hadn’t shown up yet.
Robert Redford
If you were to show me your current financial plan, would I get so excited by it that I would go across the country and lecture on it? If the answer is no, then here’s my question: ‘Why not?’ Why wouldn’t you have a superior financial plan that is taking you to the places you want to go?
Jim Rohn
I’m too excited to sleep!
Mindy Kaling
Every job in the world has some built-in boredom. No man can stay excited about something every minute he is doing it. Routine is as necessary to life as water is to beer; it is the base that holds the flavors and spices together.
E. L. Konigsburg
I am very excited to be here in Wales and look forward to putting on the Cardiff Blues shirt.
Jonah Lomu
I’m learning so much, I’m surprising myself everyday with the things that are happening, the rhythms. I’m very happy and very excited.
Kate del Castillo
Some men got excited by white lace and a translucent negligee. My love muffin got excited by a woman dressed to murder. There was probably something deeply twisted about that. Lucky for me, negligees were never my thing.
Ilona Andrews
Ive just tried to keep my eyes open, tried to read everything you can, and tried to see whether I see myself within it. If I do, then I can get excited about it.
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Plenty of people get excited about the universe.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I have no experience performing that music live in front of an audience. So that remains to be seen. I’m very excited to see what that’s going to be like.
Tom Wopat
I really love `Serenity.’ I’m really proud of it and excited to see it my guys on the big screen, bringing something new to it. But `Firefly’ was a different animal, something I will regret losing until the day they put me in a box, because I did have a lot of good stories I wanted to tell.
Joss Whedon
Even if I weren’t learning new roles and getting the opportunity to be coached by incredible people, I still think I would be so excited to have an opportunity to continue to push myself and grow, as an artist.
Misty Copeland
I have never been to Celtic Park. That’s what I’m really excited to do. I have heard the fans are amazing so I’m dying to see that.
Oliver Burke
I usually dive head first and am really excited about that changes.
Glen Mazzara
Ultimately, it has been a struggle- but I was in Minneapolis and Austin a couple of weeks ago, sitting in theaters with complete strangers watching this weird movie that Kirk and I thought up and I was excited to be making film.
Donal Logue
What I get really excited about are movies that I connect with emotionally. ‘Deliverance’ was on TV, and they don’t really make movies like that anymore, just simple and scary. The truly scary thing is, ‘I’m going to threaten your life, I’m going to threaten the people you love. What are you going to do about it?’
Katie Aselton
Besides Gucci, and Juiceman, I’m not really excited about anybody in the game. I just love Gucci and Juice because they just have too much swag that they don’t know what to do with themselves.
Spencer Pratt
I was a pop-music junkie. My parents were into Frank Sinatra and Doris Day. They weren’t too excited when I had Aretha or the Stones pumping.
Kara DioGuardi
I’m quite excited to not play a Xena type character – it’s probably closer to me than any character I’ve ever played.
Nick Offerman
I’m very bubbly, so when people meet me, they sometimes think I’m fake. I’m excited to meet new people, but I guess I sound I’m being sarcastic.
Lyndsy Fonseca
I immediately went out and bought a book on anger management. And now I have that book, and I don’t know if I’ll get to the book. But I’m certainly excited about the day where I can’t find the book, and I get to say, ‘Where the hell is my anger management book?!’
Marc Maron
I definitely think that with music my favorite thing about Nashville is that it’s a music hub that accepts and allows all genres to be present, and I think there’s been a kind of fusing of genres lately that for me makes me really happy and excited.
Taylor Swift
I applied to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and didn’t get in the first year, so I worked at Costa and the Dean Gallery Cafe then applied again and got in the next year when I was 18. I was so excited.
Chloe Pirrie
Now, even when I see the trailers, I get so excited because it’s like I’m seeing a movie that I haven’t seen at all before, whatsoever. And then I just happen to be in it.
Dane DeHaan
The stories that have had the deepest impact on me and one of the reasons I was excited to finally get to write my story, it’s when I can read the story of others who are following Christ, who are committed, but just are still on the journey. They haven’t arrived, and can be honest about that process.
Steven Curtis Chapman
In a live environment, the more bodies you put in a room, the more energy there will be. That’s a real big payoff. That’s really important, the live show, it’s a big cycle of energy. If the audience is boring, it’s tough to get excited about it.
Jay Reatard
I am equally excited about the possibilities that music making holds for all people and it’s ability to heal what seems to me a chronic imbalance in modern life.
Paul Winter
It was about three o’clock at night when the final result of the calculation [which gave birth to quantum mechanics] lay before me … At first I was deeply shaken … I was so excited that I could not think of sleep. So I left the house … and awaited the sunrise on top of a rock.
Werner Heisenberg
I’ve noticed that once you leave London you do kind of become a bit more famous. People in London are a bit too cool for school. It’s not so unusual to see someone from London in the street. But outside of London people are a bit more excited to see you and come out and support you.
David Walliams
Every time I come to Europe, I’m just as excited as I was my very first time, which was many, many years ago. I love that part of the world, and I especially love the fans.
Dolly Parton
The same parts of my brain get as excited as when I study bio or read a novel and write a paper on it.
Utada Hikaru
I remember – when I was little, I remember playing ‘Tecmo Bowl,’ and I would be so excited to be Bo Jackson in the game that I wanted to watch him play in real life.
Landon Donovan
I never liked the idea of bags. I would say, “Why do so many of my friends spend so much money on these bloody bags?” But once I started designing them, I was completely hooked. There are all of these blogs about bags. It’s a whole other industry, and I’m really excited to be a part of it.
Nicola Formichetti
I really didn’t feel challenged anymore. I wanted to learn something and be excited again… While it can be a family – that environment is actually a family – in the sense that also you sometimes hate each other, you can’t stand being around each other and grudges are held… I was getting cranky on ‘Criminal Minds.’
Paget Brewster
I talked to Larry the Cable Guy the other day. Larry’s made more money than 10 people should ever make in a lifetime. He was excited because he’d gone over to the livestock auction and bought 20 new feeder pigs.
Jeff Foxworthy
Remember how excited you were when you turned five years old. Today, you should be 10 times that excited. Happy 50th birthday!
Franklin P. Adams
The first time I walked into a library, I got so excited I almost wet my pants.
Roy Blount, Jr.
A friend of mine told a story about a date with a guy she was really excited about: He stood her up. He then called her, begging her forgiveness and giving some excuse. She told him to get lost, telling him that he only gets one shot with her, and he blew it.
Greg Behrendt
I would be sad if it ended now. It’s been the best job I’ve had by a long shot, especially creatively because the writing is so good. Every week I get the script and I laugh out loud and get excited for the different stuff we get to do.
Sarah Chalke
I have kind of an existential crisis. I’m in my late 20s, I get excited by contemporary young culture, but at the same time, I don’t want to be the 40-year-old DJ in the club.
Jacques Greene
One of the hallmarks of the team is this sense of looking to be wrong. It’s the inquisitiveness, and sense of exploration. It’s about being excited to be wrong, because then you’ve discovered something new.
Jonathan Ive
You can get excited about the future. The past won’t mind.
Hillary DePiano
It’s very easy to get excited about a job, but it’s a big commitment because you do it and then you have to live with it when it’s finished. It’s forever in your section in the video store. It’s you. It’s almost like deciding who you have a child with.
Bridget Fonda
The woods were my Ritalin. Nature calmed me, focused me, and yet excited my senses.
Richard Louv
I’m really excited, because the character, Jules, is a really awesome character. I’m really excited to be playing her, and overall, I’m really excited to be getting back to my acting roots.
Maria Menounos
I still get excited just attending a final four, because the process is so long, so arduous, so challenging, that when it finally arrives, the adrenaline can’t help but take over. I love the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that the indoor game can engender.
Karch Kiraly
What I think is, you’re supposed to leave somebody alone if he’s at least being interesting and he’s getting all excited about something. I like it when somebody gets excited about something. It’s nice.
J. D. Salinger
It’s hard not to be excited when you’re going to find a way to land on the moon.
Alan Bean
Leaders are visionaries. They see the outcome. Leaders are communicators. They tell us what they’re seeing. They hold the dream, letting us feel that it’s possible. Our minds open up to what they show us could be. We dream with them. We get excited with them, drawing on all our abilities to create the future.
Susan Collins
That’s one of the things we’re most excited about, really, is just allowing this great, Oscar-nominated actor, giving him material to play in one of his signature roles.
David Kirschner
I’m just excited to see myself on billboards. I’m getting ready to be a star.
I’m definitely a Polaroid camera girl. For me, what I’m really excited about is bringing back the artistry and the nature of Polaroid.
Lady Gaga
Its an honor to be a part of such a legendary group of stars representing Max Factor, such as Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, … Im so excited to start working on the campaign.
Carmen Electra
I’m excited about Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. It’s the feast of a thousand senses, so just eat, eat, eat, eat.
Hannah Hart
She should have remembered her past experiences in the relationship wars and not let herself get so excited. Evidently her hormones had overruled her common sense and she had become drunk on ovarian wine, the most potent, sanity- destroying substance in the universe.
Linda Howard
Hair excited me. As the old ways – backcombing, rollers and rigidity – went out of the window, I started to feel the possibilities in front of my eyes.
Vidal Sassoon
I’m reteaming with the producers of ‘Twilight’ on an awesome script. It’s very serious, dramatic and different for me. I’m excited to see what’s next. I love all aspects of film and all genres.
Taylor Lautner
I was excited by what my painter friends were doing, and they seemed to be interested in our poetry too, and that was a wonderful little, fizzy sort of world.
Kenneth Koch
My problem is that my imagination won’t turn off. I wake up so excited I can’t eat breakfast. I’ve never run out of energy. It’s not like OPEC oil; I don’t worry about a premium going on my energy. It’s just always been there. I got it from my mom.
Steven Spielberg
It’s just a great brand with great clothes. I’m just excited they asked me to be part of Penshoppe.
Nina Dobrev
I feel excited in that I think boys born to feminists have a leg up. At least, the ones I’ve met seem like they do. There’s something really vital about that exchange. I think I’d only imagined, beforehand, handing down a feminism to a young girl. But I’m newly excited by the challenge of raising a boy.
Maggie Nelson
When I auditioned for my high school band the band director was excited because my father was known to be a great musician. When he heard me, he said ‘Are you sure you’re Ellis’s son?’
Wynton Marsalis
If I know the outcome is not going to devastate my life, it makes me so much more excited for everything that’s to come.
Sara McMann
I didn’t know that I’d like it this much, coaching both boys and… seeing how excited they are to play hockey. It reminds you of when you were that age and you wanted to be out on the ice.
Joe Sakic
I just get excited… like a painter with a blank canvas.
Kenny Florian
Use your head, Sep. Loads of wolverines. Hanging around waiting for super. Gtting excited. eating mint blasts. so what do you think they do?’ it must be here. they can’t have eaten that… i dunno, Nik, what do they do?’ POO.
Angie Sage
If it’s coming near the end of a chapter and I’m really getting into it, I tend to get up earlier and earlier, just because I’m excited to get to work.
Robert Caro
I’m glad that people have responded well to it, so far. I’m thankful for that. But, I’m also excited now that I have a better grasp of this character than I did before. I want to take it even further and really explore who Glenn is.
Steven Yeun
I am extremely excited to develop and design a brand representative of my life, experiences and style. Working closely with Cherokee will help establish a worldwide presence with best-in-class retailers and category leaders.
Alessandra Ambrosio
I love Amy Adams. She is wonderful. Evan Rachel Wood is a blast. I am also really excited about Ari Graynor from ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ (2008) and ‘An American Crime’ (2007). I think it is an exciting time for young women in this industry. I am excited to make my own path.
Candice Accola
I have the greatest husband. The baby is my main focus right now. We’re both so excited. I mean, this is definitely the happiest moment in my life.
Ashlee Simpson
I stopped playing football because I’d done as much as I could. I needed something which was going to excite me as much as football had excited me.
Eric Cantona
Well, I didn’t really grow up playing or listening to metal, like many of the kids I went to school with. I only got into it in my late teens, so when Marilyn Manson formed, it was at a time when I was still excited about approaching music from that angle.
Scott Putesky
Folk music is very honest, it’s very humble, it’s very organic, and the voice is exactly that. And so I’m very excited to put the two together.
Avi Kaplan
When you’re excited about what you do, and nobody gotta give you a dime, that’s next level.
Eric Thomas
It was tough when people would say, “Aren’t you so excited?” about the new show and I couldn’t really say, “Yes, well, I’m going through a divorce right now, too.”
Larry Wilmore
It was important to me to go back to the grungy, because all of a sudden you get excited again, ’cause there’s another whole dimension of ‘Clef that you wasn’t expecting to hear.
Wyclef Jean
I am excited to be able to do something at this stage in my life that I feel is going to have some meaning. More helping people from a financial perspective understand their own strengths and lend a voice to things that I think are socially important.
Arlene Dickinson
Written communication is a tremendous help for me, and so when electronic mail was invented in ’71, I got very excited about it, thinking well, gee, the deaf community could really use this, or the hard-of-hearing community as well.
Vint Cerf
If you’re not sure about whether to support Mitt Romney, whether you’re liberal, or whether you’re very conservative, you ought to be excited, because he’s been on your side at one time or another. So I’m not completely misunderstood. I’m not as excited as I am desperate.
Louie Gohmert
What is common in all these dreams is obvious. They completely satisfy wishes excited during the day which remain unrealized. They are simply and undisguisedly realizations of wishes.
Sigmund Freud
In fact, that’s where my vision of the coming digital opportunity is somewhat different from other people’s. I divide it into three parts. One is the office. That’s the one I’m most excited about and is the most concrete.
Bill Gates
I think sometimes I get overly excited about adding things and having new ideas. You forget that more isn’t always better.
Ed Droste
President Bush says he is looking forward to the testimony of Condoleezza Rice. Yes, he is very excited about Condoleezza Rice’s testimony before Congress. Well, it makes perfect sense – he wants to know what was going on, too.
David Letterman
I’m just excited to be in the fashion business. With my son, we did Trukfit, and I think that’s been super innovative for the people that bought it and his lifestyle and how he comes across with the skater look. We just excited.
A lot of people, myself included, are excited about blogging and stuff like that, citizen journalism, but I do remind people that no matter how excited we are, there’s no substitute for professional writing, no substitute for professional editing, and no substitute for professional fact-checking.
Craig Newmark
I guess what I get excited about when I’m thinking about projects is that toothy, complex area of goodness and badness and the gray areas of human behavior and existence.
Liz Garbus
I think one big thing about the United States is that the American population, they may be excited about Iraq or one thing or another, but basically has had a great deal of interest in humanitarian causes both within the country and abroad. Even when they criticize the mechanism to which it flows.
Amartya Sen
Actually, I never liked the idea of bags. I would say, ‘Why do so many of my friends spend so much money on these bloody bags?’ But once I started designing them, I was completely hooked. There are all of these blogs about bags. It’s a whole other industry, and I’m really excited to be a part of it.
Nicola Formichetti
I’m always excited when I make it on anyone’s list – even if it’s for affirmative action. My attitude is, ‘Am I the token woman on this list? Because I’ll take it.’
Julie Klausner
Write what you want to read. The person you know best in this world is you. Listen to yourself. If you are excited by what you are writing, you have a much better chance of putting that excitement over to a reader.
Robin McKinley
I’m excited for people to realize that I’m 25 years old and not a teenager anymore… even though I still look 18 and can’t get into a bar to save my life!
Brittany Snow
I’m most excited to see how I’ve grown as a performer. After Dancing With the Stars I really was able to evolve in a lot of ways and I’m excited to put that to use on stage.
Nick Carter
When I go into rehearsal rooms and meet with bands, they’re genuinely excited to be with me because of what I’ve done as an artist, not because of anything else. There’s that whole celebrity rock star thing, and artists are into artists who have been able to achieve success their way.
Nikki Sixx
I get really excited every time there’s a female character who is really strong because a lot of females in film are really soft.
Anna Kendrick
As I write in the book, I do not regret either of my votes for President [Barack] Obama, nor my support of him when he ran for the Senate before that. I get excited as I ever did when I see that black man on Air Force One. But I won’t settle for symbolism, and our President’s record should be open for analysis.
Julianne Malveaux
I was just a young guy who was excited to become a comedian and an actor and I just wanted to get to do what I got to do.
Adam Sandler
I found a wonderful woman, a great girl and I am excited to have her as a part of my life.
Tito Ortiz
When I go on vacation, I take very few clothes and a whole lot of books. It’s the most soothing thing in the world. Reading ‘Moby-Dick’ is like being in a time machine. I almost feel as excited as the first time I read it and I always find something new.
Nile Rodgers
I turned up for my first day training with England Under-19s super excited, and I just happened to bang my knee on the floor, and it just blew up. It turned out that I’d completely snapped it in half.
Lucy Bronze
I think when you watch the dailies, the film that you shoot every day, you’re very excited by it and very optimistic about how it’s going to work.
Joel Coen
The incredible processing power of Tegra X1 enables us to bring Doom 3: BFG to Android and we’re excited by the possibilities that GRID is bringing to gaming.
Tim Willits
I’m really excited about my TV show. I wrote it with my best friend.
Pell James
I remember placing the New Era cap on my head at the 2017 NBA draft – that moment changed my life. I’m excited to be a part of a brand that has a strong sport heritage and look forward to being a part of their history.
Jayson Tatum
I was excited about working with Richard Gere. Oh, and Joan Allen! Oh, my God, she is such a force of nature, it’s mind boggling.
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
We get one of these little pings on our smartphones, and we get a little hit of dopamine as well. We get excited. We feel anticipation. As we feel this, we want it more and more. So we spend more and more time looking at our phones.
Kim Stolz
Aside from ROH, just getting a taste of Wrestle Kingdom at the Tokyo Dome with NJPW has me really excited at the prospect of furthering and developing my career in Japan.
Adam Cole
People – me included – want to get excited about books. Good books are a good thing.
Lev Grossman
I got really excited about finding new ways of using video, and the immediacy is different, in a way, than painting and photography. The creativity comes with the editing. You can layer and cut and paste. I really love that it’s like another form of making my smaller collages but in video form.
Mickalene Thomas
My favorite part of a roller-coaster ride is when you’re going up and you’re slightly scared and really excited. You don’t know what’s coming next but you know it’s going to be good. You can’t handle it, go on the carousel.
Gina Gershon
I had been a ballet dancer and never could make a living, and just being so excited that I got to, all of a sudden, live as an actor.
Lea Thompson
Even though there’s no forum for me on the radio for the kind of music I sing anymore, I am still excited about having a career where I can sing the best music in the world, and people will come and hear me because of the hit records I’ve had in the past.
Johnny Mathis
A little retrospection shows that although many fine, useful software systems have been designed by committees and built as part of multipart projects, those software systems that have excited passionate fans are those that are the products of one or a few designing minds, great designers.
Fred Brooks
The people excited by ambitious demagogues, sooner or later return into the hands of the Aristocracy.
Napoleon Bonaparte
The journey has been long, fleeing a war, living in a refugee camp, coming to Canada is what we were dreaming as a family to get here. Now that we’re here I’m excited that I’m a Canadian citizen.
Alphonso Davies
Many people think excitement is happiness…. But when you are excited you are not peaceful. True happiness is based on peace.
Nhat Hanh
I’ve always been excited by the strangeness of ballet, but I can’t bear it when people just come forward and do a turn in the air for no reason.
Matthew Bourne
Sorry to take your award, Faith … Everybody knows that it’s really not about the numbers and the chart positions and the sales and all that stuff, it’s about relationships and my two best friends are at home … I know you’re as excited as I am.
Martie Maguire
Good journalism is crucial. Good journalism isn’t easy so I think it’s less about what story and more about the layers and context that need to be explored in the story. That’s one of the reasons why I’m excited to be a part of CNN. This is the kind of place that you can do that.
George Stroumboulopoulos
When we find that we are not liked, we assert that we are not understood; when probably the dislike we have excited proceeds from our being too fully comprehended.
Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
Wherever desirable superfluities are imported, industry is excited, and thereby plenty is produced. Were only necessaries permitted to be purchased, men would work no more than was necessary for that purpose.
Benjamin Franklin
When I first started really playing, in ’98, I was super excited to see all the people I grew up watching. … I loved Monica Seles, Steffi Graf, and Pete Sampras.
Serena Williams
Technological things, that Germans and Japanese would get real excited about.
John Badham
Before I became a writer, I was running a jazz bar in the center of Tokyo, which means that I worked in filthy air all the time late into the night. I was very excited when I started making a living out of my writing, and I decided, ‘I will live in nothing but an absolutely healthy way.’
Haruki Murakami
I’m not sure that I have a favorite either on-screen or in the books! Whenever I’m writing, I’m always really excited to dive back into each character.
Sara Shepard
I got married, other people went off. We had sort of another public-we were our entire readership for many years, and we were very excited by each other.
Kenneth Koch
Mia Farrow was the person I was really excited about getting to know because Woody Allen is one of my heroes and, just by proxy, I was a huge fan of hers.
Justin Bartha
Does our Gospel presentation make men excited about what God can do for them on this earth, or about whom God is?
Paul Washer
It’s best not to get too excited or too depressed by the ups and downs of life.
Dalai Lama
When women are excited about a date, they go immediately on a diet, because all women know they are hideously obese.
Cynthia Heimel
A lot of the things I was doing on YouTube nobody was doing at the time, and now everybody is doing them, and I think making movies – I know a few Youtubers have done it, and hopefully this movie does well and more YouTubers want to take a risk and make movies, and I’m excited about it.
Shane Dawson
Learn to get excited like a child. There is nothing that has more magic than childish excitement.
Jim Rohn
I got the first thing I auditioned for – a guest role on two episodes on ‘All Saints,’ and I don’t think I had ever been that excited.
Mia Wasikowska
I watch way too much television and like a lot of shows, so I’m always excited to meet those people and hope they’re not douchey.
Kevin Rahm
I think it is more a cautiousness that protects me from enthusiasm about things. I tend not to get excited. People perceive it as a scowl, which is fair enough.
Jack Dee
I still think that if you’re excited about something, you have to work at it.
Ezra Koenig
Being excited about stuff on a daily basis, I’m so excited by it.
Taylor Swift
Girls will go see anything. They’re open and excited to go to the movies and laugh.
Lauren Miller
When you know clearly what you want, you’ll wake up every morning excited about life.
Mark Victor Hansen
The good thing about a film, or at least the films I’ve been a part of, is, no matter what happens in the end, you do the premiere and everyone’s excited. You don’t remember the rough times.
Nate Parker
When I go to bed, I ask God to give me one more day tomorrow. When I get it, I’m excited and grateful.
Richard Simmons
Some people are happy when they are at the sea; I’m happy when I’m standing in front of a shelf of books. It feels like the known place and also the beginning of a new adventure. It has that simultaneous paradoxical effect of making me feel absolutely calm and very excited.
Jeanette Winterson
I’m really inspired by the interplay of visual art and music, a total artistic environment where there’s sound and visuals. When I think about that I get stimulated and excited. It’s a feeling that you can’t label with words.
Black Francis
When I wrote a song, it would have to be from something I was really excited about, or a melody that’s been haunting me for weeks, or a message I wanted to convey lyrically. So it would have to start from something I felt very strongly about.
Brendon Urie
You should never meet your heroes. Paul Newman… I was so excited about meeting him, but he turned up in shell suit bottoms, slippers, and a jumper. He was just so worn out and old, he wanted to go home.
Allen Carr
I was listening to all those lyrics and trying to take in everything that was happening. I was completely excited. It was one of the greatest times that I had listening to music.
Jay McShann
I feel quite excited about the possibility of working on multiple albums. There’s something really iconic about having a catalog featuring a lot of albums, and I’d love to have that legacy.
Paloma Faith
And, of course, they’ve always condemned dancing. You know, you might touch a member of the opposite sex. And you might get excited and you might do something natural.
Frank McCourt
Traveling, I’ve met Ghanaian people who have seen me in minor stuff, but they see the name Ato Essandoh, and they recognize it as a Ghanaian name. They come up to me and are always so excited. You don’t think about it, but they really absorb American culture.
Ato Essandoh
I think that breaking into the mainstream – it was just the right cycle of music for us in Blink-182. People were kind of over the boy-band, pop-princess, manufactured sensibility, and were excited for guitars and angst and energy and enthusiasm, which is our thing.
Mark Hoppus
Vaughn is talking about the heat, and his voice is so excited that it breaks into whispers at times. He loves his madness the way a bird loves the sky.
Lauren DeStefano
I promised myself I wouldn’t work again until I found something that excited me.
Emily VanCamp
I’m kind of balanced between excited about the potential of the project, and the knowledge that I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I like to be practical, and the truth is, these deals fall apart all the time.
Patrick Rothfuss
I’m so excited to be joining Arsenal. It’s a fantastic club, and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity of playing football at the highest level.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
This kid’s excited because he’s with Bad Company and I’m excited because I’m with Chuck Berrys’ son.
Mick Ralphs
I’ve been over to Japan a handful of times, and the fans there are some of the best. So supportive, so appreciative, genuinely excited to meet the wrestlers they watch.
Adam Cole
I jog in the morning and then write for about two hours. There are times when I’m really excited and can’t wait to get back to it. But there are days when I don’t know what’s coming next, and I really have to force it.
Louis Sachar
You know what I should do?” Hoshino asked excited. “Of course,” the cat said. “What’d I tell you? Cats know everything. Not like dogs.
Haruki Murakami
You don’t know for sure why things happen, but you know, it did! It was my time to go on the show and I’m excited to see what my future holds.
Pia Toscano
The best tattooists are in San Francisco, and they’re kind of like my family now. I’m always excited to come back to San Francisco.
Margaret Cho
Every young person gets so excited about new software packages and new technology.
John Lasseter
You know how a woman gets a man excited? She shows up.
Harrison Ford
Rover did not know in the least where the moon’s path led to, and at present he was much too frightened and excited to ask, and anyway he was beginning to get used to extraordinary things happening to him.
J. R. R. Tolkien
I was originally going to join ‘Mike & Mike’ in New York City, but then that move fell through, and there was a vacancy on ‘First Take,’ so now I am excited to be able to do both.
Molly Qerim
I’m really excited for people to be able to see what else I can do besides high heels and magic powers.
Serinda Swan
I’m really excited about breaking new acts. While I’m trying to preserve the culture and make sure I fight for the acts that the major labels have thrown away, you can’t throw away Musiq Soulchild, Kelly Price and Jon B.
Warryn Campbell
I feel like when I go on stage I feel so excited at the prospect that there will be a true connection.
Jenny Slate
Three causes especially have excited the discontent of mankind; and, by impelling us to seek remedies for the irremediable, have bewildered us in a maze of madness and error. These are death, toil, and the ignorance of the future.
Charles Mackay
People are bound to get excited when they see a ten-million-ton starship trying to fly down the street.
Terry Pratchett
If the spirit has passed through a great many sensations, possibly it can no longer be sated with them, but grows more excited, and demands more sensations, and stronger and stronger ones, until at length it falls exhausted.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
I mean, like the rest of America, I wasn’t really into politics until Obama went into office, so it’s all kind of new to me, but I’m excited about it. I’ve been watching a lot of campaign ads, doing a lot of research for it. It’s so different, it’ll be interesting.
Jamie Chung
I don’t really get excited about good things happening to me.
Joe Bradley
The existence of good bad literature—the fact that one can be amused or excited or even moved by a book that one’s intellect simply refuses to take seriously—is a reminder that art is not the same thing as cerebration.
George Orwell
If the attitude of the teacher toward the material is positive, enthusiastic, committed and excited, the students get that. If the teacher is bored, students get that and they get bored, quickly, instinctively.
David McCullough
I’m still fighting to get the things I want and to do the projects I want to do. I think it will always be a fight or a challenge, but not being in my comfort zone keeps me very excited and happy.
Kate del Castillo
I am very excited to be supporting one of the world’s most visionary efforts to seek basic answers to some of the fundamental question about our universe and what other civilisations may exist elsewhere.
Paul Allen
[My] Books are like puppies and children: you love each one for different reasons. I don’t actually have a favorite because, if I were honest, I’m always more excited about what is coming.
Nikki Giovanni
I think I’m going to give my baby her first food on Thanksgiving, make her some organic sweet potato. I’m very excited! It’s going to be a big day and my husband is in charge of the turkey – he’s the chef of the family!
Lily Aldridge
We’ve got to get our fans back. We’ve got to start winning and get our fans excited about the 76ers again… We’re selling hope. This is about hope. We have hope that we have a chance to be good.
Doug Collins
I think I’m a big kid at heart, so I get very excited around the holidays.
Bobby Moynihan
I play David Hasselhoff’s secretary and she gets around a bit – it’s quite a role. I end up in bed with Adam Sandler, It’s so surreal it’s hysterical . . I’m so excited. This is the biggest thing I have ever done, there’s no comparison.
Sophie Monk
I came back late last night at the Athlete’s Village so I’m a little bit surprised about my time this morning. It’s really good and I’m going to race tonight and tomorrow night so I’m excited to see what I can do.
Katerine Savard
When I got traded to the California Angels, I really wasn’t that excited about going to the Angels because it meant changing leagues and also a whole new set of teammates. But shortly after I got there I realized that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
Nolan Ryan
Existence of an excited state is not a prerequisite for the production of inhibition; inhibition can exist apart from excitation no less than, when called forth against an excitation already in progress, it can suppress or moderate it.
Charles Scott
It’s very fun to be the hunter of the sounds. The hunter of the right energy. And it’s not really about if every sound is correct; it’s more the energy – if it hits you in some way, it doesn’t really matter to me if it’s not perfect. I’m still very excited while hunting for songs.
I am always going to be a theater actor at heart. One of my career goals is to do “Shakespeare in the Park” someday but for now I am really excited to get working on another movie.
Michael Stahl-David
My family and I took visits to each and every school and listened to each coaching staff. I felt the most comfortable with and really excited about playing at SC. Being close to home in one of the best offensive systems is paying off now as I’m making the jump to the pros.
Mark Sanchez
How important is excitement to happiness? The key is to get excited about the mundane– not just extraordinary things
Dennis Prager
I’m very thrilled and excited to have been given the opportunity to captain England.
Kevin Pietersen
I remember all the stages in my career where I almost didn’t have enough confidence to try for something, almost didn’t have the guts to follow something I was excited about doing, because I didn’t know anyone else who’d done it, or other people made me question it.
Amal Clooney
I’m excited that more people, especially men, are understanding that equality is good for them. I don’t want men to want equality for women because they’re being nice to their colleagues and daughters. I want men to want it because it’s better for their companies and their lives.
Sheryl Sandberg
He’s my favorite! He wrote and produced, and starred in and cast all of his movies! Can you imagine? I get really excited when I talk about Charlie Chaplin.
Emma Stone
We are going to do ‘Hot Tub’ until we die. Every Monday. Then we’ll come back and do it as zombies. ‘Hot Tub’ is very important. What we do is based on our live skills. It’s stand-up and sketch and improv; everything we do in ‘Hot Tub’ is important to our jobs. And every Monday I’m excited to do it.
Kurt Braunohler
I don’t like kids that are pushed into things by stage mums, but when I can see they are having a good time, they’re excited and enjoying the process, then I think it’s wrong to discriminate.
Simon Cowell
You will respect my authori-tah!’ Oberon said, in a passable imitation of Eric Cartman. I reminded him that I needed to concentrate. Sometimes dogs forget; they just get too excited.
Kevin Hearne
I’m a huge South Park fan, loved Avenue Q and can not wait to work with Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Bobby Lopez and Casey Nicholaw. Elder Price is an amazing role and I am so excited to take The Book of Mormon across the country.
Gavin Creel
Some tips for life: 1.Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, unless your dreams are stupid. 2.Be kind to people. 3.Don’t get too excited when you read the Fountainhead 4.In times of recession, it is time for invention. 5.Things can kill you, so keep that in mind, you fearless know it alls.
Eugene Mirman
I just love life. I’m excited about things in life. I think that if you’re excited about life, you are excited about waking up and doing things with your life every day.
Salma Hayek
To be honest with you, when I got into this I never thought about reviews. I never thought about what people would say about me. I was just a young guy who was excited to become a comedian and an actor and I just wanted to get to do what I got to do.
Adam Sandler
I’m a songwriter, principally, and I was real excited that people liked my songs, but you get a bit of an ego about it.
Rick Springfield
Creating a city for successful aging involves incorporating age friendly values into everything we do – every plan, every project, every design. I’m excited to be leading Honolulu in this effort, and I believe that it will be one of the most rewarding things I do as Mayor.
Kirk Caldwell
When I first went to Kmart, I was so excited that I could bring my kind of taste to the masses. They didn’t have 100 percent cotton sheets at mass market in 1987. We made those in yellow and pink and pale blue.
Martha Stewart
If you can clean up the cesspool of the tax code and give us a pro-growth tax code, that is how you grow the economy. That`s how you take power and money out of Washington and give it back to the people and we are so excited. We have a president [Donald Trump] that is here to work with us in doing that.
Paul Ryan
Don’t be afraid to show emotion. Get excited, get angry, get motivated, laugh, cry, yell, and vent. You will feel so much better after a great release.
Robert Cheeke
I’m always excited to make the next album because I definitely get sick of my work the second it gets out there.
Chelsea Wolfe
When there is hope in the future, there is power in the present, and since hope is the foundational quality of all change, there is considerable reason to be excited.
Zig Ziglar
I’m excited about becoming a transmedia storyteller. The idea that we can tell the ‘Agent Mom’ story online with MTV Comics and build a fan base that we can take over to Paramount to discuss turning that story it into a movie is just awesome.
Alaina Huffman
There’s obviously something that feels very good about being with a new filmmaker who’s very excited, but I also think there’s something very comforting in a director who’s been around a few times. Both have their pros and cons.
Brie Larson
I know Roomba is a vacuum… But, whenever it’s mentioned, my instinct is to be excited about a new fun party game involving rhythm and friends!
Shannon Woodward
But I get a thrill out of bringing a group together and helping them reach a place they didn’t know they could go. I see myself as a mentor now and I’m excited to lead some of these talented young guys.
LeBron James
[Doctor Strange] is a really rich character. It’s an easy thing to have a good old meal every day. It’s great. Yeah, I’m excited.
Benedict Cumberbatch
I don’t imagine my parents are too excited about my kind of life. The surrounding weirdness bothers them. Still, I think they’re pretty good. Their lives are based on what their friends think, just like ours are.
Grace Slick
In my view, product/market fit is the most important thing to get right as a startup entrepreneur. There’s a variety of ways to do it, but without solving some pain point that the customer gets so excited about they tell their friends, it’s really hard in the modern age to get any liftoff.
Scott Cook
Those people have no real interest in a science who only begin to get excited about it when they themselves have made discoveries in it.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I am excited to join the Workday Board at an exciting time in the company’s growth and look forward to leveraging my past experience as a technologist and entrepreneur to provide advice as they continue to look at new areas of growth.
Jerry Yang
When a movie is being made out of a book, there is a mixed reaction on the part of fans because they are both extremely excited and they are also terrified. ‘They are going to take my story, and they are going to mess it up; they are going to ruin it; they’re going to do this; they’re going to do that.’
Cassandra Clare
But then one is always excited by descriptions of money changing hands. It’s much more fundamental than sex.
Nigel Dennis
I think the only time I doubted myself was my senior year in high school. I was not offered a Division I scholarship. I remember a scout from Ohio State coming in and looking at my film. He was all excited to meet me. Then he met me and I was 5’10” and he said that I was not a Division I quarterback.
Doug Flutie
America has an economy reversing relative to other nations in the world. And I want to turn that around. And one way I know to turn it around is to get everyone excited about what it is to innovate again.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
If people are really excited about their music, and that’s their primary motivation, then that comes through in demo tapes. That’s the most important ingredient.
Greg Ginn
It’s hard to bury your head in Los Angeles. People come up to you and say, ‘Hey, I saw your picture on a bus.’ It’s tricky: You’re excited by the possibilities, but you don’t want to get too crazy.
Chelsea Peretti
He was so excited. He cut out pictures of these landscapes and neighborhoods and kind of really tried to give you a feel of the movie. It was kind of cute but at the same time it really showed his enthusiasm for it.
Macaulay Culkin
Singing background has always been such a precious thing. I’m always going to be excited to sing behind an artist and learn from them.
Judith Hill
Women get a little more excited about New Year’s Eve than men do. It’s like an excuse: you drink too much, you make a lot of promises you’re not going to keep; the next morning as soon as you wake up you start breaking them. For men, we just call that a date.
Jay Leno
Sensation is not the conduction of a quality or state of external bodies to consciousness, but the conduction of a quality or state of our nerves to consciousness, excited by an external cause.
Johannes P. Muller
If you want to stand out, find a way to be either high fidelity or high convenience in whatever you do. If you’re halfway in between on both measures, you’re not going to make people feel very excited about you.
Kevin Maney
I get quite excited about things other people have worn. I went through a phase as a student when I wore a lot of 1940s tea dresses.
Ashley Jensen
It’s like going into the Senate. You know, the first time you get there, you’re all excited, ‘My God, how did I ever get here?’ Then, about six months later, you say, ‘How the hell did the rest of them get here?’
Mike Gravel
I am tremendously excited to introduce a unique ‘Metal Gear Solid’ experience to a new audience of gamers as well as collaborate with my mentor in game design, Mr. Miyamoto, on ‘Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes’ for Nintendo GameCube.
Hideo Kojima
What excited me when I first came into it was the performing aspect and doing blues-oriented material, rock/blues oriented stuff, basic stuff, basic what they call rock ‘n’ roll.
Van Morrison
I’m blessed with good health for which I’m deeply grateful, so for that reason, I feel so good. Everybody else is far more excited about the 90 than I am.
Betty White
It’s important to know all those things, but part of our jobs is to move people along and to make people excited to buy music or buy clothes, and give them enjoyment, I think, too.
Paul Weller
I would like the ambition to go directly into songwriting; individual songs. I want to see what I can do to push myself sonically with songwriting. I’m excited to have no parameters. When the idea shows up and I execute it to the best of my abilities and then I’m done.
Radical Face
My best teachers were not the ones who knew all the answers, but those who were deeply excited by questions they couldn’t answer.
Brian Greene
Don’t do something you don’t like. Look for a job that makes you excited to get up and go to work everyday.
David Bonderman
Don’t ever let the other stuff get in the way of your inherent skills as a kick-butt storyteller. Move the reader, make them happy and sad and excited and scared. Make them stare into space after they’ve put the book down, thinking about the tale that’s become a part of them.
James Dashner
Los Angles to me seems to be a little bit more forgiving. They’re just as rowdy and they’re just as excited but they understand a [botch] happens sometimes, and they’re excited to see the show and they just want to have some fun.
Adam Cole
I guess because I’m so young, I m not sure of what lies ahead for me. I’m more into going the route of producing and directing. I just made a little short film. I’m more excited about going the route of doing a Drew Barrymore or… what’s the one from ‘Star Wars?’
Heather Morris
I’m excited that I get to do what I love, and I’m benefiting through projects that speak to me.
Octavia Spencer
I don’t know French at all. I took some lessons when I was younger but all I know are the numbers. I’ve been told basically everyone in Monaco speaks English because of it being a huge vacation spot so I’m excited about that. I might not need to learn French after all.
Freddy Adu
There is no vice of which a man can be guilty, no meanness, no shabbiness, no unkindness, which excites so much indignation among his contemporaries, friends and neighbours, as his success. This is the one unpardonable crime, which reason cannot defend, nor humility mitigate.
Arthur Schopenhauer
I think it’s every girl’s dream, a little bit, to be a model because it seems from the outside to be a glamorous industry and I was really into fashion, and I remember just being excited and wanting to be part of that.
Alexa Chung
People come to the theatre to be excited and uplifted – I want to inspire my audience.
Edward Hall
For my parents to let me turn down the money that I have been offered to go pro, it’s unbelievable. They want me to enjoy my senior year in high school. I am so excited to be a senior, finally. It doesn’t get more fun than that.
Missy Franklin
I sat down and tried to rest. I could not; though I had been on foot all day, I could not now repose an instant; I was too much excited. A phase of my life was closing tonight, a new one opening tomorrow: impossible to slumber in the interval; I must watch feverishly while the change was being accomplished.
Charlotte Bronte
Seize the moment of excited curiosity on any subject to solve your doubts; for if you let it pass, the desire may never return, and you may remain in ignorance.
William Wirt
I am humbled and excited by new opportunities for me to support and share the amazing work NASA is doing to help us travel farther into the solar system and work with the next generation of science and technology leaders.
Scott Kelly
Being in America isn’t old-hat – it’s where we’re from – but I get excited to be in other parts of the world like Athens and Croatia, which were quite cool. I’m a sightseer. I go see the sights and museums. I’m into that kind of thing.
Richie Sambora
It’s always good to be recognized, you know, for sport. I think being up there with Venus and Serena, I think, that’s awesome. I’m excited. I’m happy that I am improving and getting better, and that I can be here.
Sloane Stephens
Actions speak louder than words. There is a big difference between what people say and what they do. People might tell you they are excited about your new product, but when they are in a buying situation their behaviour might be totally different.
Alexander Osterwalder
I’ve been so lucky with the people I’ve worked with, but I’m such a fan girl. When I moved to London at 16, I saw a man from a Dulux advert on the bus, and I asked for his autograph. I was so excited; you can imagine what I’m like now – I really need to control myself.
Sheridan Smith
Mike had called me and said he could offer me less, and I said, “You’re on!” Because I was really excited with what Mike Kelly was doing, and now what Cullen Murphy is doing with Atlantic. It’s a really cool magazine.
P. J. O’Rourke
That’s why I get excited over new things, because I didn’t have much when I was smaller and my parents could only do so much.
Jc Caylen
I’ve been on Prozac for 12 years and I’m off it now. I know what it feels like to be excited and sad again. I haven’t felt like this in 12 years; I’m like a giddy little kid.
Jonathan Davis
Each time I spend with Stella McCartney, I like her better. So I was excited to be asked by her.
Nan Goldin
There’s a lot of guy comics who I think are funny, but I generally am more excited about a special or a show where there are females.
Margaret Cho
So we can be filled with holes and loss and wide expanses of unhealed geography – and we can also be excited by life and in love and content at the exact same moment.
Augusten Burroughs
I am very excited about the future.
Thia Megia
I have a very good impression of the United States, and I am very excited to fight here.
Oleksandr Usyk
I think the most wonderful thing in the world is another chef. I’m always excited about learning new things about food.
Paul Prudhomme
I’m excited about Augmented Reality because unlike Virtual Reality, which closes the world out, AR allows individuals to be present in the world but hopefully allows an improvement on what’s happening presently.
Tim Cook
When surprised and excited and innocent Gus emerged from Grand Gesture Metaphorically Inclined Augustus, I literally could not resist.
John Green
I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead one of the true e-commerce innovators.
Frank N. Newman
I went from being a player who had received just a few yellow cards in his career to a red card in a World Cup. It was a devastating moment for me. It was my first game in the World Cup, so I was excited and thankful for the opportunity. Being sent off was a big blow.
Gianfranco Zola
There is a difference between executive producing and producing. Producing, you have no life for two years. You take everything personally, you want to kill everyone, you’re depressed and angry, and then in the end you feel excited when it actually works. But executive producing, you can go home at the end of the day.
Sandra Bullock
It makes you also realize, ‘OK, I’m excited to play tennis, and I work really hard to be the best tennis player I think I can be,’ but I don’t waste my time on stupid stuff, you know what I mean.
Kim Clijsters
I’m just trying different styles and switching it up, but getting back to rap and the essence and the swag that I brought to the game from records like “Rack City” and “Faded,” records like that. I got some good collaborations that people are gonna be excited about.
It has been remarked that almost every character which has excited either attention or pity has owed part of its success to merit, and part to a happy concurrence of circumstances in its favor. Had Caesar or Cromwell exchanged countries, the one might have been a sergeant and the other an exciseman.
Oliver Goldsmith
Fashion goes beyond fabric; it is the attempt to manifest art on a breathing canvas. I am very excited to collaborate with the artistic community as we celebrate this diversity of creative vision.
David Dixon
A lot has changed since I first arrived at CIA, but our mission remains as relevant and important as ever. And this is what makes our officers excited to come to work each morning, including me.
Gina Haspel
As a network, they’re not the network that usually picks things up after the first episode airs. They definitely have a methodology that they follow. But they’re very happy with the show [Into the Badlands]and they’re very excited with how it’s performed.
Alfred Gough
When we were doing the cheerleading for this, I was excited about doing it because I always wanted to be a cheerleader. I always wanted to but I didn’t get to because I was working.
Christina Milian
I still get excited performing live. When you see the immediate reaction from a crowd, its like being a theater performer, its something you can’t get from being a writer or being an ad man … its almost ritualistic.
Marilyn Manson
Being excited about what we do every day and sharing our gifts with the world is how we cultivate joy and energy.
Deepak Chopra