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Esteem Quotes

Esteem Quotes by Norman Vincent Peale, Mother Angelica, Wayne Dyer, Ayn Rand, Edward Gibbon, Gustave Flaubert and many others.

Think positively about yourself…. ask God who made you to keep on remaking you.
Norman Vincent Peale
Jesus was happy when people acknowledged his dignity and saddened when they did not, but he never sought their esteem or regard.
Mother Angelica
You have a one of a kind gift to offer this world, and you are unique in the entire history of creation.
Wayne Dyer
If you want to save capitalism there is only one type of argument that you should adopt, the only one that has ever won in any moral issue: the argument from self-esteem. Check your premises, convince yourself of the rightness of your cause, then fight for capitalism with full, moral certainty.
Ayn Rand
A reformer should be exempt from the suspicion of interest, and he must possess the confidence and esteem of those whom he proposes to reclaim.
Edward Gibbon
Everyone, either from modesty or egotism, hides away the best and most delicate of his soul’s possessions; to gain the esteem of others, we must only ever show our ugliest sides; this is how we keep ourselves on the common level
Gustave Flaubert
Fake titties are inversely proportioned to their owners level of self esteem. This being said, part of me loves them.
Dov Davidoff
I suppose is very cathartic to do a show to the masses and you get to make magic in a manner that you can’t do in regular life, but I suppose that self esteem effect is one of the most powerful.
Sinead O’Connor
The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.
James M. Barrie
We can never do the right thing as long as we are out to please someone else.
Alice Miller
Each of us has great gifts, but many of us severely limit ourselves with negative attitudes about our potential.
Gene R. Cook
One reason why mathematics enjoys special esteem,above all other sciences,is
that its laws are absolutely certain and indisputable,while those of all
other sciences are to some extent debatable and in constant danger of being
overthrown by newly discovered facts.
Albert Einstein
For me, this was all or nothing. I left no room for anything else. That goal was just for my own push, my own self-esteem. The fear of not being a success in my life made me push even harder.
Martin Lawrence
If it weren’t for people that stand out, this whole world would be really, really boring.
Demi Lovato
Parents who engage in this kind of [conscious] parenting understand the power of being present being mindful to take the time to build connection understanding that this foundation is the bedrock of all later self-worth, self-esteem and self-actualization.
Shefali Tsabary
I esteem it the crowning mercy of my life that not only the chief ends I contemplated on becoming a missionary are attained, but I am allowed to see competent, faithful, and affectionate successors actively engaged in the work.
Adoniram Judson
This, perhaps, goes to show that conditional self-esteem, as I have said for many years, is an insidious, real sickness, so much so that even Buddhists carelessly sneak it in and sometimes encourage their clients to achieve it.
Albert Ellis
Only individuals with an aberrant temperament can in the long run retain their self-esteem in the face of the disesteem of their fellows.
Thorstein Veblen
We must learn to do economic work from all who know how, no matter who they are. We must esteem them as teachers, learning from them respectfully and conscientiously. We must not pretend to know when we do not know.
Mao Zedong
Prior to being bullied, I was a very footloose sixth-grader. You know, I was quirky, I was creative – I really felt good in my own body. And when I was bullied in seventh grade, my self-esteem tanked.
Carolyn Mackler
Self-esteem is like a difficult-to-cultivate flower. It requires frequent nurturing that occurs when you keep your word and follow through on your promises.
Derrick Bell
The highest point of humility consists in not merely acknowledging one’s abjection, but in taking pleasure therein, not from any want of breadth or courage, but to give the more glory to God’s Divine Majesty, and to esteem one’s neighbour more highly than one’s self.
Saint Francis de Sales
I think high self-esteem is overrated. A little low self-esteem is actually quite good. Maybe you’re not the best, so you should work a little harder.
Jay Leno
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
Albert Einstein
I think the biggest difference is that I’ve noticed Western parents seem much more concerned about their children’s psyches, their self-esteem, whereas tough immigrant parents assume strength rather than fragility in their children and therefore behave completely differently.
Amy Chua
Our esteem is apt to be given where we know the least.
Jules Michelet
By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.
Edwin Bailey Elliott
High birth is a gift of fortune which should never challenge esteem towards those who receive it, since it costs them neither study nor labor.
Jean de la Bruyere
I had enormous self-image, problems and very low self-esteem, which I hid behind obsessive writing and performing. It’s exactly what I do now except I enjoy it now. I’m not driven like I was in my twenties. I was driven to get through life very quickly.
David Bowie
Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue… and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness.
Naomi Campbell
Baby girl you need to stop it, all that pride and self esteem got you angry bout this girl I’m wit in all them magazines.
I emphasize self-esteem, self-confidence, and dignity, not as an ideal, but as a real test of community organization. Without leadership development, community organizations do not have staying power.
Paul Wellstone
I esteem it above all things necessary to distinguish exactly the business of civil government from that of religion and to settle the just bounds that lie between the one and the other.
John Locke
The wounded heart learns self-love by first overcoming low self-esteem.
Bell Hooks
I found the sections on aging, relationships, and procrastinating especially helpful. I really found the tips and suggestions very helpful, inspiring, positive, and motivating. Yes, I would definitely recommend it.
Karen Lewis
Accept everything about yourself – I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end – no apologies, no regrets.
Henry A. Kissinger
You do not need to be loved, not at the cost of yourself. Of all the people you will know in the lifetime, you are the only one you will never leave or lose.
Jo Coudert
You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.
Bindi Irwin
Nothing is better for self-esteem than survival.
Martha Gellhorn
Learn more about yourself! Make a self-esteem collage using pictures of other people you wish you were.
Amy Sedaris
It requires self-esteem to receive-not self-love but just a pleasant acquaintance and liking for oneself.
John Steinbeck
Self-esteem is the reputation you have with yourself.
Brian Tracy
Don’t ever, ever quit. Recognize that stopping now, regrouping to try a new approach isn’t quitting. If you quit you’ll regret it forever
Rudy Ruettiger
It isn’t hard to see how the lack of representation affects the self esteem of many women world wide.
Philomena Kwao
I have a lot of confidence, but little Self-Esteem. This has given me a tremendous creative spark because it forced me to keep proving myself.
Neil Diamond
… in no part of the world is genteel visiting founded on esteem, in the absence of suitable furniture and complete dinner-service.
George Eliot
Kids esteem themselves when they have accomplished something worth esteeming.
Fred Reed
As we open our hearts to others, we begin to discover the truth of our own inner beauty, inner strength and inner light.
Susan Jeffers
Never let the opinion of another affect your opinion of yourself.
Teresa Mummert
It shames the average man to be valued below his own estimate of his worth.
Mark Twain
Productive achievement is a consequence and an expression of health and self-esteem, not its cause.
Nathaniel Branden
People with high self esteem are risk takers, but more importantly, they are achievers.
Rick Pitino
If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.
Fred Rogers
I think imperfections are important, just as mistakes are important. You only get to be good by making mistakes, and you only get to be real by being imperfect.
Julianne Moore
The primary opportunity is to use a model or paradigm for describing ADD that’s not disease-based and doesn’t imply brain damage or what many children interpret as some type of retardation…a person must have hope; this model restores self-esteem, thus empowering individuals to change.
Thom Hartmann
There are few things in which we deceive ourselves more than in the esteem we profess to entertain for our firends. It is little better than a piece of quackery. The truth is, we think of them as we please, that is, as they please or displease us.
William Hazlitt
Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one’s self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily.
Thomas Szasz
My political ideal is democracy. Let every man be respected as an individual and no man idolized.
Albert Einstein
Only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Esteem incites friendship, but not love; the former is the twin brother of Reverence; the latter is the child of Equality.
Alphonse de Lamartine
Trust means “I know that you will not-deliberately or accidentally, consciously or unconsciously-take unfair advantage of me.” It means “I can put my situation at the moment, my status and self-esteem in the group, our relationship, my job, my career, even my life in your hands with complete confidence.”
Douglas McGregor
We are all starved for the glory of God, not self. No one goes to the Grand Canyon to increase self-esteem. Why do we go? Because there is greater healing for the soul in beholding splendor than there is in beholding self.
John Piper
As that gallant can best affect a pretended passion for one woman who has no true love for another, so he that has no real esteem for any of the virtues can best assume the appearance of them all.
Charles Caleb Colton
The only thing socialists produce is debt and self-esteem
Dennis Prager
Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.
Harvey Fierstein
People who are insecure about themselves will avoid social comparisons that are potentially threatening to their self-esteem
Albert Bandura
At the root of fear is low self-esteem. This explains why angry people have low self-esteem, are argumentative, stubborn, and quick to flare up yet slow to forgive. Those behaviors are defenses against the underlying fear.
David J. Lieberman
My goal was always to be part of pop culture and relevant to young people, to interact with the people they hold in high esteem.
Drew Pinsky
Where we see self esteem, we see self acceptance. High self esteem individual tend to avoid falling into an adversarial relationship with themselves.
Nathaniel Branden
It is common, to esteem most what is most unknown.
But me thought it lessened my esteem of a king, that he should not be able to command the rain.
Samuel Pepys
To be loved, we should merit but little esteem; all superiority attracts awe and aversion.
Claude Adrien Helvetius
You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.
Barbara Marciniak
Lack of Confidence, low Self-Esteem, and depleted Mojo are symptoms of inadequate Strength Training.
Steve Ilg
He’ll love and hate equally under cover, and esteem it a species of impertinence to loved or hated again.
Emily Bronte
There is no magic cure, no making it all go away forever. There are only small steps upward; an easier day, an unexpected laugh, a mirror that doesn’t matter anymore.
Laurie Halse Anderson
The individual who knows the score about life sees difficulties as opportunities
Norman Vincent Peale
I was just starting out, trying to become a screenwriter, and I became the Austin slam champion three times. For a nerdy, kind of a socially awkward guy, that did wonders for my self esteem.
Ernest Cline
Many of us harbor hidden low self-esteem. We deem everything and everyone more important that ourselves and think that meeting their needs is more important than meeting our own. But if you run out of gas, everyone riding with you will be left stranded.
T. D. Jakes
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
Dr. Seuss
We should seek the truth without hesitation; and, if we refuse it, we show that we value the esteem of men more than the search for truth.
Blaise Pascal
God sure esteems the growth and completing of one virtuous person, more that the restraint of ten vicious.
John Milton
Low self esteem involves imagining the worst that other people can think about you.
Roger Ebert
I had to grow to love my body. I did not have a good self-image at first. Finally it occurred to me, I’m either going to love me or hate me. And I chose to love myself. Then everything kind of sprung from there. Things that I thought weren’t attractive became sexy. Confidence makes you sexy.
Queen Latifah
Men more quickly and more gladly recall what they deride than what they approve and esteem.
My self-esteem had been crushed through years of childhood bullying and serious abuses, which would take me decades to overcome.
Bryant H. McGill
Sometimes we esteem others more important than ourselves. We always become the martyr. It is wonderful to be self-sacrificing, but watch out for self-disdain! If we don’t apply some of the
medicine that we use on others to strengthen ourselves, our patients will be healed and we will be dying.
T. D. Jakes
If you have a strong belief in yourself, in what you are doing and what you want to do, no adversity is too difficult to overcome.
Napoleon Hill
A lot of black women still carry a lot of pain when they see black men with women who aren’t black, and that’s really unfortunate that that could make us so upset. It has to do with self esteem.
Regina King
You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.
Brian Tracy
Remember: You’re not alone.
Judith Warner
He who is mistaken in an action which he sincerely believes to be right may be an enemy, but retains our esteem.
Jules Verne
Sin is believing the lie that you are self-created, self-dependent and self-sustained.
Saint Augustine
Let us not esteem worldly prosperity or adversity as things real or of any moment, but let us live elsewhere, and raise all our attention to Heaven; esteeming sin as the only true evil, and nothing truly good, but virtue which unites us to God.
Gregory of Nazianzus
We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.
Stevie Wonder
If I am not I, who will be?
Henry David Thoreau
Go where you are wanted and stray from where you aren’t. Surround yourself with positive people and environments.
Demi Lovato
I don’t have the best self esteem; mine wavers month to month, but I know how to pick myself up.
Tyra Banks
There is so much love in your heart that you could heal the planet.
Louise Hay
Parents and children seldom act in concert:
each child endeavors to appropriate
the esteem or fondness of the parents,
and the parents, with yet less temptation,
betray each other to their children.
Samuel Johnson
I’ve talked to so many people, men and women alike, that get overweight and their self-esteem just goes in the tank. They think they’re judged. They think they’re unattractive.
Phil McGraw
I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was. Don’t tell me I can’t do something. Don’t tell me it’s impossible. Don’t tell me I’m not the greatest. I’m the double greatest.
Muhammad Ali
I never stop to wonder why I’m not like other people. They mystery to me is why more people aren’t like me.
Florynce Kennedy
In reality, I’ve probably got the lowest self-esteem of anybody I know, which has really been rubbed in my face lately in personal situations.
Bradford Cox
You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.
Michael Jordan
Popcorn for breakfast! Why not? It’s a grain. It’s like grits, but with high self-esteem.
James Patterson
No psychological health is possible unless this essential care of the person is fundamentally accepted, loved and respected by others and by himself.
Abraham Maslow
I do esteem individual liberty above everything.
D. H. Lawrence
Whatever good things we build end up building us.
Jim Rohn
Low self esteem results when the inner critic prevails.
Catherine Cardinal
There is graciousness and a kind of urbanity in beginning with men by esteem and confidence. It proves, at least, that we have long lived in good company with others and with our selves.
Joseph Joubert
When you’re different, sometimes you don’t see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn’t.
Jodi Picoult
Who I am is what fulfills me and fulfills the vision I have of the world.
Audre Lorde
We should not so much esteem our poverty as a misfortune, were it not that the world treats it so much as a crime
Christian Nestell Bovee
People with high but unstable self-esteem exhibit the greatest hostility.
Roy Baumeister
When you strengthen your self-esteem, there is no room for jealousy.
Harold H. Bloomfield
I esteem death a trifle, if not caused by guilt.
The most important element of a free society, where individual rights are held in the highest esteem, is the rejection of the initiation of violence.
Ron Paul
Each of us is something of a schizophrenic personality, tragically divided against ourselves.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Like it or not, life is a series of competitions. You may be competing for a grade, a spot on a team, a job, or the largest account in town. The higher your self-esteem is, the better you get along with yourself, with others, and the more you’ll accomplish.
Harvey Mackay
Measure yourself by your best moments, not by your worst. We are too prone to judge ourselves by our moments of despondency and depression.
Robert A. Johnson
Cats invented self-esteem.
Erma Bombeck
If your desire is a 10 but your self-esteem is a 5, you’ll never perform at the level of a 10. You’ll perform as a 5 or lower. People are ever able to outperform their self-image.
John C. Maxwell
I note that some whom I greatly love and esteem, who are, in my judgment, among the very choicest of God’s people, nevertheless, travel most of the way to heaven by night.
Charles Spurgeon
She who only finds her self-esteem
In others’ admiration, begs an alms;
Depends on others for her daily food,
And is the very servant of her slaves;
Tho’ oftentimes, in a fantastic hour,
O’er men she may a childish pow’r exert,
Which not ennobles but degrades her state.
Joanna Baillie
Self-esteem is felt even though you may not have done anything yet, but just feel the capability for it.
Denis Waitley
Since, though I do not repent my amorous exploits, I am far from wanting my example to contribute to the corruption of the fair sex, which deserves our homage for so many reasons, I hope that my observations will foster prudence in fathers and mothers and thus at least deserve their esteem.
Giacomo Casanova
When you feel good about yourself, others will feel good about you, too.
Jake Steinfeld
The easiest and quickest path into the esteem of traditional military authorities is by the appeal to the eye, rather than to the mind. The `polish and pipeclay’ school is not yet extinct, and it is easier for the mediocre intelligence to become an authority on buttons, than on tactics.
B. H. Liddell Hart
Today you are you! That is truer than true!
Dr. Seuss
I’m not intimidated by other actors at all – or directors. I don’t care who they are. But I am intimidated by writers. I hold them in the highest esteem.
John Mahoney
Everything that you do or say that raises the self-esteem of another raises yours as well.
Brian Tracy
I’d lose weight if I was an actress and had to play a role where you’re supposed to be 40 lbs lighter, but weight has nothing to do with my career. Even when I was signing a contract, most of the industry knew if anyone ever dared say lose weight to me, they wouldn’t be working with me.
Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you not to be great?
Marianne Williamson
What is holiness? The end product of what holiness is it’s to love God in the same way He loves Himself; it’s to esteem God as much as He esteems Himself, and to separate yourself unto that love, and to keep yourself in that love.
Paul Washer
When you undervalue who you are, the world will undervalue what you do and vice versa.
Suze Orman
A husband should always try to treat his wife with the greatest courtesy and respect, holding her in the highest esteem. He should speak to her in a kind and a soft manner, showing his love by word and deed. As she feels this love and tenderness she will mirror it and return it tenfold.
James E. Faust
You never exist quite so much as when you are not thinking
Friedrich Nietzsche
Transgression of any kind is always accompanied by a loss of self-esteem.
Brian Tracy
I believe that the royal family are a focus of patriotism, of loyalty, of affection and of esteem. That is a rare combination, and we should value it highly.
Margaret Thatcher
I wasn’t supported, I wasn’t given any self-esteem.
Barbra Streisand
For any of you who don’t know, the Golden Globes are just like the Oscars, but without all that esteem. The Golden Globes are to the Oscars what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton. A bit louder, a bit trashier, a bit drunker, and more easily bought.
Ricky Gervais
If there be a faith that can move mountains, it is faith in one’s own power.
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
A good run adds a little bounce to my step. I get a certain amount of self-esteem from it.
George W. Bush
When I hit around 65, 66, I started to feel tremendous worth and incredible personal esteem. I was becoming very cognisant of my contribution to the American spirit of helping your fellow man and all of the good stuff.
Jerry Lewis
There are three things in the world that he held in the smallest esteem – slugs, poets and caddies with hiccups.
P. G. Wodehouse
Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.
Malcolm Forbes
When one is a stranger to oneself then one is estranged from others too. If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others. Only when one is connected to one’s own core is.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Many men and women enjoy popular esteem, not because they are known, but because they are not known.
Nicolas Chamfort
The promotion of “self-esteem” in our schools has been so successful that people feel free to spout off about all sorts of things – and see no reason why their opinions should not be taken as seriously as the views of people who actually know what they are talking about.
Thomas Sowell
If we experience any failures or setbacks, we do not forget them because they offend our self-esteem. Instead we reflect on them deeply, trying to figure out what went wrong and discern whether there are any patterns to our mistakes.
Robert Greene
The dignity of man requires obedience to a higher law, to the strength of the spirit.
Mahatma Gandhi
Every man should esteem his neighbor as himself.
Joseph Smith, Jr.
As a youth, I hated myself for not being good enough. All my inadequacies and failures, not being kind enough, generous or understanding enough, would assail me at night. It became a habit to be guilty and self castigating, not liking myself because I was unworthy… I really tortured myself.
Mira Sorvino
All that you need is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself. All you have to do is be still and take time to seek for what is within and you will surely find it.
Eileen Caddy
At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.
Doubt is a virus that attacks our self-esteem, productivity and confidence. Faith that you and your life are perfectly unfolding is the strongest vaccine.
Sean Stephenson
Self esteem is built from the inside out and that is my inspiring message to all people.
Gretchen Carlson
I grew up in the South, in New Orleans, where guys torture you all the time. So I didn’t really grow up on the self-esteem campaign. When you were lousy at something, they told you you were lousy, and they told you how to fix it.
Wynton Marsalis
Virtue is everywhere that which is thought praiseworthy; and nothing else but that which has the allowance of public esteem is called virtue.
John Locke
Dumbing down takes many forms: art that is good for you, museums that flatter you, universities that increase your self-esteem. Culture, after all, is really about you.
Denis Dutton
Without an ugly America to loathe, there is no automatic esteem to receive. Thus liberalism’s unrelenting current of anti-Americanism.
Shelby Steele
Self-esteem is made up primarily of two things: feeling lovable and feeling capable.
Jack Canfield
Of all the judgments you make in life, none is as important as the one you make about yourself. The difference between low self-esteem and high self-esteem is the difference between passivity and action, between failure and success.
Nathaniel Branden
He who has lost honor can lose nothing more.
Publilius Syrus
The person we believe ourselves to be will always act in a manner consistent with our self-image.
Brian Tracy
Being famous before you’ve formed your personality, before you have that self-esteem, is dangerous.
Chris Evert
It is not all books that are as dull as their readers.
Henry David Thoreau
If we esteem them too highly, good works can become the greatest idolatry.
Martin Luther
Groveling for connection from someone who compares you to Hitler is not good for a person’s self-esteem.
Amy Dickinson
It is typical for implicit status hierarchies of influence and esteem to emerge in interpersonal encounters, especially those that are goal oriented.
Susan Fiske
Don’t try to fix me, I’m not broken.
Ben Moody
Back to my childhood where those monsters reside. They snack on innocence and dine on self esteem.
Jimmy Buffett
Not every article in every magazine or newspaper is meant to be a valentine card addressed to every reader’s self-esteem.
Rex Murphy
You… and only you choose your thoughts.
Wayne Dyer
Aging in women is ‘unbeautiful’ since women grow more powerful with time, and since the links between generations of women must always be broken.
Naomi Wolf
Stop asking for directions so much. Assuming that you’re in a safe environment, pay attention and figure things out for yourself. Have the nerve to take a wrong turn now and then. You’ll develop better working instincts and have more self-esteem too.
Marilyn vos Savant
Competition can damage self-esteem, create anxiety, and lead to cheating and hurt feelings. But so can romantic love.
Mariah Nelson
Self-esteem comes from the self, not from acquisitions and
Wayne Dyer
Self-esteem does not come from surrounding yourself with people and things that seem to increase your value. Real self-esteem is an integration of an inner-value with things in the world around you.
Anna Deavere Smith
A better you means a better universe.
Jim Carrey
I think self-esteem is fluid. It’s not a fixed state, and so some days are better than others.
Jo Brand
The movies were so healing for me because I had such an isolated, lonely childhood. Going to the movies and having the lights go down, you disappear. If you have esteem issues, suddenly you’re in a void where nobody can see you. You are just by yourself in that darkness, and your loneliness is cured.
Michael De Luca
My love is founded on esteem, the only foundation that can make the passion last.
Horatio Nelson
You will be your best self when you take time to understand what you really need, feel and want.
Deborah Day
Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!
Dr. Seuss
I was fortunate to sell at a time of great sea change in the romance genre; suddenly heroines were allowed to be portrayed as having rich, fulfilling lives. They didn’t need a man for security or self-esteem, but having that one very special man in their lives proved the icing on the cake.
JoAnn Ross
You’ve got to maintain your level of self-esteem through everything. You are who you are, and nobody will ever be able to take that from you if you don’t let them
Donna Summer
Man is the only animal which esteems itself rich in proportion to the number and voracity of its parasites.
George Bernard Shaw
The recurring theme which predisposes people to depression is rejection and lack of self-esteem.
Richard Winters
If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.
T. Harv Eker
You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.
Eleanor Roosevelt
One can be deceived by three types of laziness: of indolence, which is the wish to procrastinate; the laziness of inferiority, which is doubting your capabilities; and the laziness that is attachment to negative actions, or putting great effort into non-virtue.
Dalai Lama
I was bullied in elementary to middle school. It messed with my self esteem.
Ashton Sanders
Prefer not the esteem of men to the approbation of God.
John Jortin
It is always so, I guess, validating when you meet somebody that you esteem — and then they turn out to be everything [you thought] and more.
Gloria Estefan
Ties of blood are not always ties of friendship; but friendship founded on merit, on esteem, and on mutual trust, becomes more vital and more tender when strengthened by the ties of blood.
Lord Chesterfield
The sculptor, the painter the musician the dancer, or any artist, if he can first obtain celebrate in Paris, acquires very easily the esteem and eulogy of other countries.
Swami Vivekananda
In God’s eyes, no one on this planet is any better than you.
Wayne Dyer
In every aspect of our lives, we are always asking ourselves, How am I of value? What is my worth? Yet I believe that worthiness is our birthright.
Oprah Winfrey
If we love God, do His will, and fear His judgment more than men’s, we will have self-esteem.
Ezra Taft Benson
I am convinced that what has the greatest meaning for us is what we uncover for ourselves.
Elizabeth O’Connor
You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.
Wayne Dyer
To have that sense of one’s intrinsic worth which constitutes self-respect is potentially to have everything.
Joan Didion
Puttering is really a time to be alone, to dream, to get in touch with yourself…To putter is to discover.
Alexandra Stoddard
Just trying to do something – just being there, showing up – is how we get braver. Self-esteem is about doing.
Joy Browne
Greater self-esteem produces greater success, and greater success produces more high self-esteem, so it keeps on spiraling up.
Jack Canfield
Maybe I just have high self-esteem, but I have a lot that I really enjoy.
John Mulaney
We’re always too skinny, or too fat. Too tall, or too short. We’re shaming each other, and we’re shaming ourselves, and it sucks.
Emma Stone
You know men. We have delicate egos.
Cassandra Clare
The honest work of yesterday has lost its social status, its social esteem.
Peter Drucker
The history of the world is full of men who rose to leadership, by sheer force of self-confidence, bravery and tenacity.
Mahatma Gandhi
In the eyes of the ego, self-esteem and humility are contradictory. In truth, they are one and the same.
Eckhart Tolle
When you’re a kid growing up, and you think you’re gay, you know that you’re different; you’re often teased and it can really destroy your self-esteem. But sports can be great for building self-esteem.
Greg Louganis
A quality such as self-esteem is a result of practicing good human relations.
Robert Ringer
The leaf was darkish, and had prickles on it, But in another country, as he said, Bore a bright golden flow’r, but not in this soil; Unknown, and like esteem’d, and the dull swain Treads on it daily with his clouted shoon.
John Milton
We are not what we are, nor do we treat or esteem each other for such, but for what we are capable of being.
Henry David Thoreau
Some guys like to undermine a girl’s self-esteem with little verbal jabs. Eventually it all adds up. One bee sting doesn’t hurt a horse, but enough bee stings can kill a horse.
Oliver Gaspirtz
Involvement in the arts engages kids in their community, improves self-esteem, reclaims at-risk youth, and builds the creative skills that are required of a 21st century workforce
Gavin Newsom
You are wonderful. Valuable. Worthwhile. Lovable. Not because others think so. Self worth comes from only one place: self.
Karen Salmansohn
You are younger today than you will ever be again. Make use of it for the sake of tomorrow.
Norman Cousins
By creating so many illusory images of physical perfection, whether on store aisles or storefronts ads, magazine covers or TV show, we speak more to the profit margins of companies than the self-esteem of today’s girls.
Adora Svitak
Superiority and success doesn’t favor good effort or self-esteem… The mentally precise and physically fit win, while the mediocre and obtuse take solace in hopeful cliches.
Bobby Knight
The habit of employing self-deception to maintain one’s self esteem has often become so ingrained that the first step to developing accurate self-awareness is honest acknowledgment of the existence of hidden emotions, motives and tendencies in the mind without immediately suppressing them.
Bhikkhu Analayo
You have to hide what you are and it’s really stressful and very bad for your self esteem. Because it’s not obvious to people that you are ill, they treat you as if you’re a pain in the ass, then you beat yourself up and you are already beating yourself up as a part of mental illness.
Sinead O’Connor
If you desire praise or esteem, endeavor to merit it.
Norm MacDonald
Forgetfulness is not to be purchased with a wish; and I cannot bestow my esteem on all who desire it, unless they deserve it too.
Anne Bronte
Friendship, compounded of esteem and love, derives from one its tenderness and its permanence from the other.
Samuel Johnson
Children build self-esteem by doing things that are hard and learning what works.
Clayton Christensen
Neither gender is routinely more jealous – although women are more willing to work to win back a lover, while men tend to flaunt their money and status and are more likely to walk out to protect their self-esteem or save face.
Helen Fisher
You would not exist if you did not have something to bring to the table of life.
Herbie Hancock
Let all Arminians know: we have as high an esteem for faith as any men in the world, but yet we will not rob Christ to clothe faith.
John Flavel
There may be community of material possessions, but there can never be community of love or esteem.
Samuel Johnson
I think India is very passionate about films. It’s almost a second religion back home. Due to that, I think film stars are – are really held in great esteem. Not that we’re complaining, but I think with that comes a lot of responsibility.
Abhishek Bachchan
Human potential is the same for all. Your feeling, ‘I am of no value’, is wrong. Absolutely wrong. You are deceiving yourself. We all have the power of thought — so what are you lacking? If you have will-power , then you can do anything. It is usually said that you are your own master.
Dalai Lama
Lend, by your imperfections, self-esteem to others, and you will be invited everywhere.
Robert Breault
Self-esteem can’t win you a race if you’re not in shape.
Louis Zamperini
Without virtue, and without integrity, the finest talents and the most brilliant accomplishments can never gain the respect, and conciliate the esteem, of the truly valuable part of mankind.
George Washington
Criticism is no threat to your self-esteem or identity, but rather informs you.
Bryant H. McGill
If I were an Englishman, I should esteem the man who advised a war with China to be the greatest living enemy of my country. You would be beaten in the end, and perhaps a revolution in India would follow.
Napoleon Bonaparte
The biggest secret of self-esteem is this: Begin to appreciate other people more; show respect for any human being merely because he is a child of God and therefore a thing of value.
Maxwell Maltz
How various his employments whom the world Calls idle; and who justly in return Esteems that busy world an idler too!
William Cowper
Exercise stimulates your circulation, massages your internal organs, stretches and strengthens your muscles, and energizes you. Exercise is also a great way to discharge tension, work through emotional blocks, release anger, and gain self-esteem.
Ellen Bass
If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything.
Katy Perry
He who knows himself best esteems himself least.
Henry George Bohn
I have always regarded myself as the pillar of my life.
Meryl Streep
Nobody holds a good opinion of a man who has a low opinion of himself.
Anthony Trollope
Love, Fear, and Esteem, – Write these on three stones.
Leonardo da Vinci
Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than the judgment we pass on ourselves.
Nathaniel Branden
He is the richest man in the esteem of the world who has gotten the most. He is the richest man in the esteem of Heaven who has given the most.
F.B. Meyer
Success plus Self-esteem equals Pretensions.
William James
When I was a teenager, my self esteem was really low. But when I stood next to Yunho and his crooked teeth, I felt better.
If you wish to be held in esteem, you must ssociate only with those who estimable.
Jean de la Bruyere
The sage wears clothes of coarse cloth but carries jewels in his bosom; He knows himself but does not display himself; He loves himself but does not hold himself in high esteem.
I think the beauty industry is a stepping stone in terms of pageants that will give you a launching pad to be seen. For people to understand who you are and what you stand for… I think it teaches self esteem and self worth. And it also encourages you to have a more philanthropic viewpoint of the world.
Kenya Moore
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
Marianne Williamson
Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
Helen Keller
The most stable, and therefore, the most healthy self-esteem is based on deserved respect from others rather than on external fame or celebrity and unwarranted adulation.
Abraham Maslow
Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.
Harvey Fierstein
Peace is handcrafted. It is made every day. Also friendship among people, mutual knowledge, esteem, is handcrafted. It’s made every day. Respect the other, say that which one thinks, but with respect, but walk together.
Pope Francis
I wish that I was where I am.
Gertrude Stein
It seems to be a common denominator with a lot of comics, this low self-esteem thing.
Ray Romano
If you want to be respected by others, the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
As long as the mind is enslaved, the body can never be free. Psychological freedom, a firm sense of self-esteem, is the most powerful weapon against the long night of physical slavery.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone to tell you who you are.
Beyonce Knowles
Some think the only way to get even, to get attention or advantage, or to win is to bash people. This kind of behavior is never appropriate. Oftentimes character and reputation and almost always self-esteem are destroyed under the hammer of this vicious practice.
Marvin J. Ashton
Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.
Golda Meir
But inwardly we are as corrupt as the person who sits in an office and plans war-because, we want to be somebody in the family, in a group, in society, in the nation.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
The older I grow the less I esteem mere ideas. In politics, particularly, they are transient and unimportant. . . . There are only men who have character and men who lack it.
H. L. Mencken
Your self-esteem has never been hurt before, right? Don’t be so full of yourself then.
Kim A-joong
Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition. Whether it be true or not, I can say, for one, that I have no other so great as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow-men, by rendering myself worthy of their esteem. How far I shall succeed in gratifying this ambition is yet to be developed.
Abraham Lincoln
A person’s self-esteem has nothing to do with how she looks.
Halle Berry
All men seek esteem; the best by lifting themselves, which is hard to do, the rest by shoving others down, which is much easier.
Mary Renault
Western parents worry a lot about their children’s self-esteem. But as a parent, one of the worst things you can do for your child’s self-esteem is to let them give up. On the flip side, there’s nothing better for building confidence than learning you can do something you thought you couldn’t.
Amy Chua
Who you are is of greater importance than what you do.
Ann M. Fudge
She that would raise a noble love must find Ways to beget a passion for her mind; She must be that which she to the world would seem, For all true love is grounded on esteem: Plainness and truth gain more a generous heart Than all the crooked subtleties of art.
Theresa Villiers
I have had the experience common to many women, of needing to define myself and to find my self-esteem as a person, not simply as somebody’s wife or mother.
Hazel Hawke
I really don’t know how to be anyone else, and whenever I try to be anyone else, I fail miserably. Or I disappoint myself. It doesn’t build my self-esteem, and it doesn’t help me grow me at all.
Queen Latifah
You realise fame is something that if you court it too much or if you indulge in it too much, it will have a negative effect ultimately on your mental health and self esteem, because fame is ultimately about achieving positive self esteem through external factors, and that’s a losing game, I would say.
Robert Sheehan
Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.
Thaddeus Golas
We are Christians because we find our identity, life, and purpose in Christ. We are evangelical because we believe the gospel and esteem it as the great central truth of God’s revelation to men.
Paul Washer
The lower your self-esteem, the more apt you are to believe that someone else holds the key to your happiness.
Helen Hemphill
Whenever you complete a task of any size or importance, you feel a surge of energy, enthusiasm, and self-esteem. The more important the completed task, the happier, more confident, and more powerful you feel about yourself and your world.
Brian Tracy
I cannot but bless the memory of Julius Caesar, for the great esteem he expressed for fat men and his aversion to lean ones.
David Hume
The desire for self-esteem without integrity is like the desire for wealth without effort-a longing for the unearned.
Nathaniel Branden
Your life is important. Fight for it. Honour your highest potentials.
Nathaniel Branden
The second of our Lord’s two great commandments carries a double charge: ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself’ (Matt. 22:39). Therefore, love of companion is governed, in part, by esteem of self.
Russell M. Nelson
Why building self esteem?. The benefits of having self esteem are numerous. Self esteem is strongly associated with happiness, psychological resilience, and a motivating to live a productive and healthy life.
Glenn R. Schiraldi
Honor is self-esteem made visible in action.
Ayn Rand
My parents, my teachers, my friends, my ex-wife-everybody held up a mirror and I accepted the image that came back. Well, it finally dawned on me that my reflection in others’ eyes was the truth once removed.
Richard Moran
I have a giant ego and terrible self-esteem, so I need to hit the re-set button fairly regularly – to get into presence, and humility, and being right-sized.
Anne Lamott
I still remember, when I got my fees for ‘Barsaat,’ I ran into a car showroom and purchased a Maruti Esteem. I treasure that car more than anything else in the world.
Twinkle Khanna
Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.
George Washington
When you’re connected to a source and to each other through conversation, through making love, through meditation, playing games with your kids, all that stuff, then your self-esteem’s going to go up.
Jack Canfield
Most of our stress and suffering come not from events, but from our thoughts. Reframe from negative thoughts, and stress subsides.
Martha Beck
What is greatness? I will answer: it is the capacity to live by the three fundamental values of John Galt: reason, purpose, self-esteem.
Ayn Rand
Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.
The King of Spain displayed his esteem for me in a manner that I confess flattered me pleasantly when, after the death of Don Luis de Haro, he stated publicly in front of all the foreign ambassadors that he wanted to follow my example in not having a prime minister any longer.
Louis XIV
Do not compare yourself to others. You have a unique destiny and mission that only you can accomplish.
Mariane Pearl
Your American admiral said that he held me in the highest esteem, and thought that I conducted my defense perfectly. He said through his chief of staff that my conduct was beyond reproach and he had the greatest admiration for me.
Karl Donitz
I was the worst, most sickly kid of all – 30 pounds underweight. The girls used to beat me up. Actually I was a mean kid, early on because I had no self-esteem.
Jack LaLanne
Common men should esteem learning as silver, noble men prize it as gold, and princes as jewels.
Pope Pius II
Spokespeople sell women the Iron Maiden and name her “Health”: if public discourse were really concerned with women’s health, it would turn angrily upon this aspect of the beauty myth.
Naomi Wolf
Riches I need not, nor man’s empty praise.
Alfred Korzybski
Our merit gains us the esteem of the virtuous-our star that of the public.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
The cause of all sins in every case lies in the person’s excessive love of self.
If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
Vincent Van Gogh
The heart is long, very long in receiving the convictions that is forced upon it by reason… affection still lingers in the Bosom, even after esteem has taken its flight.
Abigail Adams
Millions of men give all their energies, as well as their very souls, for the acquisition of gold. And this will continue as long as society is ignorant enough and hypocritical enough to hold in high esteem the man of wealth without the slightest regard to the character of the man.
Robert Green Ingersoll
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
Marianne Williamson
To be an actor, a lot of times it’s a strange combination of high confidence and low self-esteem. Which is a weird combination to have, but I think it’s sort of very common among actors.
Kurt Fuller
I would be very proud if, one day, I’m held in the same esteem as George Best or Beckham. It’s what I’m working hard towards.
Cristiano Ronaldo
You marry at the level of your self-esteem, make sure you have self worth.
Marie Osmond
Don’t belittle yourself. Be BIG yourself.
Corita Kent
No one can keep you down except yourself.
Andy Gilbert
Brands are selling our self-esteem back to us, through association. We need to own our brands.
Kanye West
Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.
Thomas Carlyle
Don’t regard what anyone says of you, for this, after all, is no concern of yours.
To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.
Nhat Hanh
Duty is for Kant the One and All. Out of the duty of gratitude, he claims, one has to defend and esteem the ancients; and only out of duty has he become a great man.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
Jesus calls us to his rest, and meekness is His method. The meek man cares not at all who is greater than he, for he has long ago decided that the esteem of the world is not worth the effort.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
I had very, very bad self-esteem – that I was a fake, everybody was going to find out, that I didn’t deserve to have success, just about my looks and really, really bad self-esteem.
Geena Davis
Intuition is natural by-product of flowering of a mature self-esteem and a sense of empowerment – not power over, but power to be
Caroline Myss
If thy friends be of better quality than thyself, thou mayest be sure of two things; first, they will be more careful to keep thy counsel, because they have more to lose than thou hast; the second, they will esteem thee for thyself, and not for that which thou dost possess.
Walter Raleigh
Take back the beauty and wit you bestow upon me; leave me my own mediocrity of agreeableness and genius, but leave me also my sincerity, my constancy, and my plain dealing; ‘Tis all I have to recommend me to the esteem either of others or myself.
Mary Wortley Montagu
Being a vegan just helps me build up my self-esteem. I feel good about it every time I eat a meal.
To love is to value. Only a rationally selfish man, a man of self esteem, is capable of love – because he is the only man capable of holding firm, consistent, uncompromising, unbetrayed value. The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone
Ayn Rand
Our connection with our intuitive self is ever present and always a part of ourselves.
James Van Praagh
Ability wins us the esteem of the true men; luck, that of the people.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Criticism is a destroyer of self-worth and esteem. It is heartbreaking how criticism can wound children and diminish their self-esteem.
H. Burke Peterson
God wants us to prosper. Our need, however, is to evaluate things as they should be evaluated – to esteem earthly things lightly – to put first things first.
Kenneth E. Hagin
When you trust and act on your intuition, you increase your self-esteem, build trust in yourself and experience a profound sense of security that no relationship or amount of money will ever give you.
Cheryl Richardson
When a person has adequate self-esteem little slights offer no threat at all – they are simply “passed over” and ignored. Even deeper emotional wounds are likely to heal faster and cleaner, with no festering sores to poison life and spoil happiness.
Maxwell Maltz
Seriously, I do not think I am fit for the Presidency.
Abraham Lincoln
Love is an expression and assertion of self-esteem, a response to one’s own values in the person of another. One gains a profoundly personal, selfish joy from the mere existence of the person one loves. It is one’s own personal, selfish happiness that one seeks, earns, and derives from love.
Ayn Rand
If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn. If he lives with hostility, he learn s to fight. If a child lives with shame, he learn to fell ashamed.
Dorothy Nolte
Good! Hang in there! It’s normal! [Low self-esteem] Often it’s a sign of intelligence (but don’t let that go to your head haha)
Patrick Stump
To having no self esteem to feeling wonderful about yourself doing what you love to do and making the money that you want to be making. That is my contribution to humanity.
John Assaraf
The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.
The picture you have of yourself, your self-esteem, will have a profound effect on the way you see the world and the way your world sees you.
Earl Nightingale
When you offer a vibration, the Universal forces are working in concert with each other in order to satisfy you. You really are the center of the Universe.
Esther Hicks
Self-esteem is not a luxury; it is a profound spiritual need.
Nathaniel Branden
Punishment damages goodwill and self-esteem, and shifts our attention from the intrinsic value of an action to external consequences.
Marshall Rose
Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.
It’s amazing to me that journalists are held in such low esteem.
Fiona Barton
I think if you exercise, your state of mind – my state of mind – is usually more at ease, ready for more mental challenges. Once I get the physical stuff out of the way it always seems like I have more calmness and better self-esteem.
Stone Gossard
The strength of the scientific establishment in any country is related to its general level of education, not only in supplying large numbers of eager minds for further training, but also in ensuring a public opinion that holds science in esteem and approves financial support.
Arthur Lewis
The stakes are so high because auditions are make or break. You get the job or you don’t. The stakes are about as high as they get, for yourself and your own self-esteem.
Madeline Zima
You’re not free, unless you come to the place where you have nothing to prove.
Joyce Meyer
Passionate love, I take it, rarely lasts long, and is very troublesome while it does last. Mutual esteem is very much more valuable.
Anthony Trollope
Friendship is made up of esteem and pleasure; pity is composed of sorrow and contempt: the mind may for some time fluctuate between them, but it can never entertain both at once.
Oliver Goldsmith
There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity.
Nathaniel Branden
I grew up in a home environment where I wasn’t getting esteem for anything I did.
Ben Affleck
Human dignity can be achieved only in the field of ethics, and ethical achievement is measured by the degree in which our actions are governed by compassion and love, not by greed and aggressiveness.
Arnold J. Toynbee
You may not have a physical impairment, but you have things, whether it’s finances, self-esteem, it doesn’t matter. It’s cut from the same cloth.
Zach Anner
Emma wasn’t bothered about the fact that I was a ‘celebrity’, held in high esteem by millions of cricket fans around the world. As far as she was concerned, I was just her dad, and she believed that role should take priority over anything else.
Geoffrey Boycott
I think fashion is repulsive. The whole idea that someone else can make clothing that is supposed to be in style and make other people look good is ridiculous. It sickens me to think that there is an industry that plays to the low self-esteem of the general public. I would like the fashion industry to collapse.
Steve Albini
The reputation you have with yourself – your self-esteem – is the single most important factor for a fulfilling life.
Nathaniel Branden
Be an artist at whatever you do. Even if you are a street sweeper, be the Michelangelo of street sweepers.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
In an active life is sown the seed of wisdom… And age, if it has not esteem, has nothing.
Edward Young
I was full of rage. My self-esteem was so low that I actually slept on the floor every night, because I didn’t believe I deserved a bed to sleep in.
Byron Katie
Very rarely will I say nice things about myself because that’ll only lead to self-esteem, but the podcast is something I’m really proud of and I think I’m putting out a great product.
Jimmy Pardo
Cats invented self-esteem; there is not an insecure bone in their body.
Erma Bombeck
We don’t realise that we are actually perfect just the way we are. We are born perfect, but spend a lifetime trying to be something we are not, and then feel inadequate for failing. Your only purpose is to BE YOURSELF, otherwise you will deprive the universe of who you came here to be.
Anita Moorjani
Greatness exists like an ocean within you. Why do you want to act like a fish out of water, wriggling on the sand under the scorching sun? Look! The water is just one millimeter away! Jump in!
Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
I think, internally, we Catholics have known this for a long time. I think we’re just thrilled and grateful that the rest of the world now is sharing in the esteem and gratitude that we’ve had for Pope John Paul II for 26 and a half years.
Chris Matthews
Don?t back down just to keep the peace. Standing up for your beliefs builds self-confidence and self-esteem.
Oprah Winfrey
Once the pathological low self-esteem goes, that’s when things go downhill.
With earnest prayers to all my friends to cherish mutual good will, to promote harmony and conciliation, and above all things to let the love of our country soar above all minor passions, I tender you the assurance of my affectionate esteem and respect.
Thomas Jefferson
A man known to us only as a celebrity in politics or in trade, gains largely in our esteem if we discover that he has some intellectual taste or skill.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I like storytelling. We all have an active thing that we do that gives us self-esteem, that makes us proud; it’s necessary. I have to tell stories because that’s the way the wiring went in.
Paul Zindel
Resentment is weak and lowers your self-esteem.
Barbara Sher
It is a mistake to look at someone who is self assertive and say, “It’s easy for her, she has good self-esteem.” One of the ways you build self-esteem is by being self-assertive when it is not easy to do so. There are always times when self-assertiven ess requires courage, no matter how high your self-esteem.
Nathaniel Branden
The esteem of wise and good men is the greatest of all temporal encouragements to virtue; and it is a mark of an abandoned spirit to have no regard to it.
Edmund Burke
That’s like the fourth time I’ve been called a women in this past hour. It’s really starting to boost my self-esteem.
Drew Chadwick
It’s flattering that people think I’m sexy, but it’s not the end-all, be-all. The minute I put my self-esteem on what they think I am, I’m screwed, because one day they’re not going to think I’m sexy.
Eva Mendes
Contrary to popular thinking, being worthy isn’t something you earn, it’s something you recognize.
Mike Dooley
Who are to be the objects of popular choice? Every citizen whose merit may recommend him to the esteem and confidence of his country.
James Madison
There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.
Fred Rogers
Our greatest enemies, the ones we must fight most often, are within.
Thomas Paine
Self esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves.
Nathaniel Branden
Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.
Maxwell Maltz
I like to work. The self-esteem and satisfaction that I get from working makes me a better person, which makes me a better mom.
Cindy Crawford
I used to be self conscious about my height, but then I thought, f*** that, I’m Harry Potter.
Daniel Radcliffe
Be faithful to that which exists within yourself.
Andre Gide
Brazilians need to work on their own national pride. I always think that they suffer from national low-self esteem. It’s a lesser-developed country, and they have struggled so much. Sometimes they have an attitude that, if it’s Brazilian, it can’t be good.
Amy Irving
I refuse to follow the rules where society tries to control people with low self esteem.
Kanye West
Esteem never makes ingrates.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Sometimes we praise the way things used to be in order to blame the present, and we esteem what is no longer in order to scorn what is.
Madeleine de Souvre, marquise de Sable
What good is any feeling we may have about ourselves, if it only lasts as long as others agree to it?
Guy Finley
It is easy to live for others, everybody does. I call on you to live for yourself.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
People used to say, “Ignorance is no excuse.” Today, ignorance is no problem. After all, you have “a right to your own opinion” – and self-esteem to boot.
Thomas Sowell
For all true love is grounded on esteem.
Theresa Villiers
Respect is a kind of magic too, you know.
Jefferson Smith
The Lord wants us to have a threefold confidence. First, we are to be confident that He loves us in our weakness. Second, we are to be confident that He esteems our weak love for Him as genuine.Third, we are to be confident that He still entrusts us with the calling that He originally gave us.
Mike Bickle
I was a kid who didn’t have a lot of self-esteem.
Melanie Lynskey
You were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself be.
Lou Holtz
Esteem must be founded on some sort of preference. Bestow it on everybody and it ceases to have any meaning at all.
A little bit of irreverence is necessary to have any self-esteem at all. Not irreverence for people, but rather, for what other people think.
Copyright В© by Sherry Argov
Sherry Argov
Is self-esteem a sickness? That’s according to the way you define it. In the usual way it is defined by people and by psychologists, I’d say that it is probably the greatest emotional disturbance known to man and woman.
Albert Ellis
Self-esteem comes from who you have in your life. How you were raised. What you struggled with as a child.
Halle Berry
To men of a certain type The suspicion that they are incapable of loving Is as disturbing to their self-esteem As, in cruder men, the fear of impotence.
T. S. Eliot
The idols of today are unmistakable –
self-esteem without achievement,
sex without consequences,
wealth without responsibility,
pleasure without struggle and
experience without commitment.
Jonathan Sacks
I think that the power is the principle. The principle of moving forward, as though you have the confidence to move forward, eventually gives you confidence when you look back and see what you’ve done.
Robert Downey, Jr.
Everything that man esteems Endures a moment or a day. Love’s pleasure drives his love away, The painter’s brush consumes his dreams.
William Butler Yeats
Persons of high self-esteem are not driven to make themselves superior to others; they do not seek to prove their value by measuring themselves against a comparative standard. Their joy is being who they are, not in being better than someone else.
Nathaniel Branden
As mankind becomes more enlightened to know their real interests, they will esteem the value of agriculture; they will find it in their natural–their destined occupation.
Edmund Burke
[W]ork at ridding yourself of the esteem you have had up to now for the glitter and sparkle of virtue and the vain applause of the world, which Our Lord so assiduously avoided and so often recommends us to shun, and that you labor in earnest to acquire true and solid virtues.
Vincent de Paul
What editors are obliged to appear to say that
Naomi Wolf
Whoever you are, there is some younger person who thinks you are perfect. There is some work that will never be done if you don’t do it. There is someone who would miss you if you were gone. There is a place that you alone can fill.
Jacob Braude
Esteem has more engaging charms than friendship, or even love. It captivates hearts better, and never makes ings.
StanisЕ‚aw I LeszczyЕ„ski
The highest in God’s esteem are the lowest in their own.
Thomas a Kempis
The only thing I pay attention to with free throws is what a guy does in the final four minutes of a game. If you can improve players’ self-esteem and confidence, get them to relax, teach visualization and routine, they will shoot as well, or better, with the pressure on.
John Calipari
Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I attribute my ability to maintain cool to God, self-esteem, and knowing my purpose in life. It can’t be based on anything material or external.
If men wish to be held in esteem, they must associate with those only who are estimable.
Jean de la Bruyere
Nothing is so soothing to our self-esteem as to find our bad traits in our forebears. It seems to absolve us.
Van Wyck Brooks
A human being’s first responsibility is to shake hands with himself.
Henry Winkler
Some of the Fathers went so far as to esteem the love of music a sign of predestination, as a thing divine, and reserved for the felicities of heaven itself.
William Temple
In the ancient world and, above all, among the Greeks, human nature was held in high esteem.
Elie Metchnikoff
Perhaps self-esteem is just the sum of self-love and self-confidence. People with high self-esteem know they deserve a good life and that they can get almost everything they focus on!
Self-esteem and self-love are the opposites of fear; the more you like yourself, the less you fear anything.
Brian Tracy
You are not your poetry. Your self-esteem shouldn’t depend on whether you publish, or whether some editor or writer you admire thinks you’re any good.
Dorianne Laux
Each person is a V.S.P. (a Very Special Person) because we are each created in the image of God.
Desmond Tutu
Needing to talk badly about others indicates low self esteem. That means, ‘I feel so low that instead of picking myself up, I have to cut others down.’ Letting go of negative things quickly is healthy.
Pope Francis
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.
Marianne Williamson
Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson
A low self-image is usually not based upon facts; it’s mismanaged memory.
Orrin Woodward
People are born with intrinsic motivation, self-esteem, dignity, curiosity to learn, joy in learning.
W. Edwards Deming
He who esteems trifles for themselves is a trifler; he who esteems them for the conclusions to be drawn from them, or the advantage to which they can be put, is a philosopher.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
The most unambiguous sign that a person holds men in low esteem is this, that he either acknowledges them merely as means to his ends or does not acknowledge them at all.
Friedrich Nietzsche
We must not regard what or how the world esteems us, so we have the Word pure, and are certain of our doctrine.
Martin Luther
Although my marriage left me with three beautiful children, it also left me with a healthy dose of self-doubt, low self-esteem, and an extreme desire to be loved again. I was operating on empty, expecting to be paid in full.
Niecy Nash
For our children, you want them to build their own self-esteem and their own self-confidence. For your own child. You don’t want it to come from somebody else because, if it does, that same person can take it away. You want them to learn the grind.
John Calipari
Many a painter has lived in affluence, in high esteem, who lacked the divine spark, and who is utterly forgotten to-day.
Walter J. Phillips
For a nation to be known as warrior is a shame! For a nation to be known as peaceful is an honour! Violence brings shame, killing brings disgrace; peacefulness brings honour, nonviolence brings esteem!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
It is inevitable when one has a great need of something one finds it. What you need you attract like a lover.
Gertrude Stein
I grew up with low self-esteem. I didn’t think I was very pretty. I had glasses, red hair and was generally quite a spod.
Mark Gatiss
Pride defeats its own end, by bringing the man who seeks esteem and reverence into contempt.
Henry IV of England
It was something she didn’t want me to do because she thought the rejection would ruin my self-esteem. My father was, like, ‘If she wants to try it, let her try it.’
Ellen Muth
Your self-esteem is a notch below Kafka.
Woody Allen
We should teach, particularly ourselves, that nobody is a nobody. We are someone, and with God’s help we can accomplish all things.
Marvin J. Ashton
I think that giving mindless praise is ridiculous. But I understand why parents do it. They want their kids to feel good about themselves. But parents are never going to teach their children true, positive self esteem by praising everything they do.
Rosalind Wiseman
What people really need and demand from life is not wealth, comfort, or esteem, but games worth playing
Thomas Szasz
Job 29 is about Job reflecting on his past before the calamity hit him to say this is the type of man I was. So, you want to know what God calls perfect and upright? Read Job 29, and you will understand what kind of man God esteems.
Eric Ludy
A Mother who radiates self-love and self-acceptance actually VACCINATES her daughter against low self-esteem.
Naomi Wolf
Identity is invariably false to facts.
Alfred Korzybski
After all, conflict arises, does it not, through the desire to be something, to be other than what is.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
We have to adjust ourselves, and every radical adjustment is a crisis in self-esteem: we undergo a test, we have to prove ourselves.
Eric Hoffer
The societal pursuit of high self-esteem for everyone may literally end up doing considerable harm.
Roy Baumeister
[There can be no] rational administration of government when good men are held in the same esteem as bad ones.
Self-esteem and identity are very fragile things. I think a lot of times, those are the motivations for why people do take their own lives – not being seen, not being recognized, not being loved, not feeling supported, not feeling understood.
Nate Parker
The ablest man I ever met is the man you think you are.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
The man that hails you Tom or Jack, and proves by thumps upon your back how he esteems your merit, is such a friend, that one had need be very much his friend indeed to pardon or to bear it.
William Cowper
Self esteem comes from achievements. Not from lax standards and false praise.
Condoleezza Rice
When you lose your hair, it has an impact on confidence and your overall self-esteem whether it affects your career or your love life.
Bill Rancic
There is one prevailing key to success. Do what you resolve to do. Then you’ll be a success. If you can discipline yourself to follow through on your promises to yourself, your self-esteem goes up. Persistence is self-discipline in action. Self-discipline is the foundation of self-confidence .
Brian Tracy
No matter what response you get from anyone you meet, You are a worthwhile person.
Susan Jeffers
… we know that productivity suffers when uncertainty is high. But we’ve failed to realize the equally destructive effects of too little anxiety. … By protecting people from risk, we destroy their self-esteem. We rob them of the opportunity to become strong, competent people.
Judith M Bardwick
When one is a stranger to oneself, then one is estranged from others, too.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
If I were to search for the central core of difficulty in people as I have come to know them, it is that in the great majority of cases they despise themselves, regarding themselves as worthless and unlovable.
Carl Rogers
So long as you are still worried about what others think of you, you are owned by them. Only when you require no approval from outside yourself can you own yourself.
Neale Donald Walsch
You don’t have to do anything especially worthy to create or deserve self-esteem; all you have to do is turn off that critical, haranguing, inner voice.
David D. Burns
Elizabeth scowled, feeling like a nobody, a nothing. She felt like her entire self had been made worthless. She could change her interests, but she couldn’t change her looks. She’d never be six feet tall. She’d never look like a supermodel.
Francine Pascal
The things we now esteem fixed shall, one by one, detach themselves, like ripe fruit, from our experience, and fall. The wind shall blow them none knows whither.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Feeling essentially superior to other people is as sure a sign of poor self-esteem as feeling essentially inferior.
Harriet Lerner
Fear of punishment diminishes self-esteem and goodwill.
Marshall B. Rosenberg
Motherfucker. She leaves me no choice. Now I have to break her self-esteem, sleep with her and steal the shirt.
Tucker Max
Hypocrisy itself does great honor, or rather justice, to religion, and tacitly acknowledges it to be an ornament to human nature. The hypocrite would not be at so much pains to put on the appearance of virtue, if he did not know it was the most proper and effectual means to gain the love and esteem of mankind.
Joseph Addison
Facts that challenge basic assumptions-and thereby threaten people’s livelihood and self-esteem-are simply not absorbed. The mind does not digest them.
Daniel Kahneman
Surely a good therapist should produce a Dorian Gray-style portrait from under the couch so the patient can see the person they really are.
Rosamund Lupton
Be thou what thou singly art and personate only thyself. Swim smoothly in the stream of thy nature and live but one man.
Thomas Browne
Cockneys make good beggars. They are held in high esteem by the fraternity in America. Their resource, originality and invention, and a never-faltering tongue enable them to often attain their ends where others fail, and they succeed where the natives starve.
W. H. Davies
So I went to a club the other day, which is timely because my self esteem had been hovering right around ‘normal’ and I had been meaning to knock it down to negative 1000.
Mike Birbiglia
I know of no case where a man added to his dignity by standing on it.
Winston Churchill
We are unhappy because we no longer have our self esteem. We are unhappy, because we no longer believe we are a special miracle, a special creation of God. We have lost faith in ourselves.
Og Mandino
Self is the only prison that can ever bind the soul.
Henry Van Dyke
The most difficult We do not deal in facts when we are contemplating ourselves.
Mark Twain
Education does loads of things for girls that wont surprise you at all – it provides self-esteem, teaches important life skills, and offers the kinds of choices a good education can give anyone.
Richard E. Robbins
Take off your armor; dare to be vulnerable, dare to unwrap yourself, and dare yourself to be yourself.
Maria Shriver
Self-esteem is the basis of any democracy.
Gloria Steinem
You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing.
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Ram Dass
It’s probably unfair to expect the world at large, or even most people, to see us for all we are. It is essential, however, that we see ourselves for all we are.
Victoria Moran
Respect starts with ourselves.
Nathaniel Branden
The Black family of the future will foster our liberation, enhance our self-esteem, and shape our ideas and goals.
Dorothy Height
No one can give you anything-love, shame, self-esteem- until you give it to yourself. Today, give yourself good things.
Martha Beck
Labels such as, ‘evangelical’, ‘fundamental’, ‘charismatic’, ‘liberal’ contribute to polarization and produce a climate of implied or outspoken distrust. Respectful dialogue becomes virtually impossible. What we desperately need to offset this disunity and distrust is a new and cleansing theology of communication.
Robert H. Schuller
The most basic activism we can have in our lives is to live consciously in a nation living in fantasies. Living consciously is living with a core of healthy self-esteem. You will face reality, you will not delude yourself.
Bell Hooks
The goal is to learn to be nurturing with yourself so you can feel free.
Deborah Day
There are studies that tell us that stress and lack of self-image, lack of self-esteem, severe dieting, binge dieting and binge eating can also be very damaging to a body and bring on various kinds of abnormalities.
Leonard Nimoy
For my part, I sincerely esteem the Constitution, a system which without the finger of God, never could have been suggested and agreed upon by such a diversity of interests.
Alexander Hamilton
It’s all about self-esteem now. Build the kids’ self-esteem, make them feel good about themselves. If everybody grows up with high self-esteem, who’s gonna dance in our strip-clubs?
Greg Giraldo
The only equitable manner in my opinion, of judging the character of a man is to examine if there are personal calculations in his conduct; if there are not, we may blame his manner of judging, but we are not the less bound to esteem him.
Madame de Stael
Dr. Bonar once said that he could tell when a Christian was growing. In proportion to his growth in grace he would elevate his Master, talk less of what he himself was doing, and become smaller and smaller in his own esteem, until, like the morning star, he faded away before the rising sun.
Dwight L. Moody
Find your self-esteem and be forever free to dream.
Shania Twain
The number one goal in resolving a conflict is to make sure both sides maintain their self-esteem. Resolving conflict is rarely about who is right. It is about acknowledgment and appreciation of differences.
Thomas Crum
Heaven has no place for the erroneous belief that Christ died because we are worth it. Christ’s death in our place had nothing to do with our worth but with the depths of our sin, the demands made by God’s justice, and His eternal glory.
Dave Hunt
I did some pretty embarrassing modeling, like catalogs and QVC. I know there’s probably a stereotype where all pretty girls think they’re unattractive, but modeling is the worst thing for your self-esteem, because you’re never pretty enough, you’re never thin enough.
Whitney Cummings
Self-esteem makes me super, superb and supreme
Art thou afeard To be the same in thine own act and valour As thou art in desire? Wouldst thou have that Which thou esteem’st the ornament of life, And live a coward in thine own esteem, Letting ‘I dare not’ wait upon ‘I would,’ Like the poor cat i’ the adage?
William Shakespeare
Yours is the energy that makes your world. There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.
Jane Roberts
Everybody is unique. Compare not yourself with anybody else lest you spoil God’s curriculum.
Baal Shem Tov
Generally speaking, men are held in great esteem in all parts of the world, so why shouldn’t women have their share? Soldiers and war heroes are honored and commemorated, explorers are granted immortal fame, martyrs are revered, but how many people look upon women too as soldiers?
Anne Frank
I care how I feel and it is my desire to feel good.
Esther Hicks
I own my life. And only mine. And so I shall appreciate my person. And so I shall make proper use of myself.
Ruth Beebe Hill
Who would not want an illness that has among its symptoms elevated and expansive mood, inflated self-esteem, abundance of energy, less need for sleep, intensified sexuality, and- most germane to our argument here-“sharpened and unusually creative thinking” and “increased productivity”?
Kay Redfield Jamison
False glory is the rock of vanity; it seduces men to affect esteem by things which they indeed possess, but which are frivolous, and which for a man to value himself on would be a scandalous error.
Jean de la Bruyere
A positive self image and healthy self esteem is based on approval, acceptance and recognition from others; but also upon actual accomplishments, achievements and success upon the realistic self confidence which ensues.
Abraham Maslow
You know, life is not one in which you just get to choose the things every day that come easily to you. And it’s also true – and this is the self-esteem problem – you learn that there are people who are better at things than you are.
Condoleezza Rice
Before a cat will condescend to treat you as a trusted friend, some little token of esteem is needed, like a dish of cream.
T. S. Eliot
The reward for doing right is mostly an internal phenomenon: self-respect, dignity, integrity, and self-esteem.
Laura Schlessinger
Perfection does not consist in macerating or killing the body, but in killing our perverse self-will.
St. Catherine of Siena
Very early on, you figure out that you put your self esteem in the hands of strangers. There’s a different commodity. There’s the Helena Bonham Carter that everyone thinks they know, who really has nothing to do with me. But you just have to let that go.
Helena Bonham Carter
Most people don’t know there are angels whose only job is to make sure you don’t get too comfortable & fall asleep & miss your life.
Brian Andreas
People never realize how much work impacts there self esteem and sense of purpose until they leave a job.
Rob Payne
Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.
Helen Keller
Having an identity at work separate from an identity at home means that the work role can help absorb some of the emotional shock of domestic distress. Even a mediocre performance at the office can help a person repair self-esteem damaged in domestic battles.
Faye J Crosby
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
Nelson Mandela
Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be.
Fanny Brice
Whenever you get one inch above the ground in your own esteem, you are that inch too high!
Charles Spurgeon
Self-esteem is that deep-down inside the skin feeling you have of your own self-worth.
Denis Waitley
Our esteem for facts has not neutralized in us all religiousness. It is itself almost religious. Our scientific temper is devout.
William James
The intuitive, the expressive, the un-measurable, the intensely personal have never found a satisfactory place in the curriculum, in assessment, in the publics esteem.
Hedley Beare
Difficulties are God’s errands; and when we are sent upon them, we should esteem it a proof of God’s confidence.
Henry Ward Beecher
We are born to soar. We are children of God. … The Fatherhood of God offers a deep spiritual cure for the inferiority complex and lays the firm foundation for a solid spiritual self-esteem.
Robert H. Schuller
I was doing a children’s book on self-esteem, and I really felt like I wanted to shed the shame I’d been feeling – and maybe make it easier for women my age who had probably felt bad about themselves.
Jamie Lee Curtis
I live near a remedial school. There is a sign that says, slow… children. That can’t be good for their self esteem. But look of course on the positive side, they can’t read it.
Jimmy Carr
We have so exalted a notion of the human soul that we cannot bear to be despised, or even not to be esteemed by it. Man, in fact, places all his happiness in this esteem.
Blaise Pascal
I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem, Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams. I use it as my gas, so they say that I’m gassed, But without it I’d be last, so I ought to laugh.
Kanye West
When we feel that we lack whatever is needed to secure someone else’s esteem, we are very close to hating him
Luc de Clapiers
Self-esteem must be earned! When you dare to dream, dare to follow that dream, dare to suffer through the pain, sacrifice, self-doubts, and friction from the world, you will genuinely impress yourself.
Laura Schlessinger
Because when the Creator of matter, tell you you matter, then you have a purpose and then you have self-esteem.
Brad Stine
There is no greater satisfaction for a just and well-meaning person than the knowledge that he has devoted his best energies to the service of the good cause.
Albert Einstein
If I knew a miser, who gave up every kind of comfortable living, all the pleasure of doing good to others, all the esteem of his fellow-citizens, and the joys of benevolent friendship, for the sake of accumulating wealth. Poor man, said I, you pay too much for your whistle.
Benjamin Franklin
Conscience: self-esteem with a halo.
Irving Layton
As costly as it was in the lives of our men and women in uniform, in military assets, and in esteem and pride, Pearl Harbor was a watershed moment for America.
Joe Baca
I do esteem individual liberty above everything. What is a nation for, but to secure the maximum liberty to every individual?
D. H. Lawrence
Getting started, keeping going, getting started again – in art and in life, it seems to me this is the essential rhythm not only of achievement but of survival, the ground of convinced
action, the basis of self-esteem and the guarantee of credibility in your lives, credibility to yourselves as well as to others.
Seamus Heaney
To know, to esteem, to love,-and then to part,
Makes up life’s tale to many a feeling heart.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The false pride of perennial celebration, of wearing flag lapel pins while betraying the values that the flag stands for, is like the self-esteem curriculum for toddlers, where everything is praised and no achievement ultimately has meaning.
Anne-Marie Slaughter
Into the nothingness of scorn and noise, Into the living sea of waking dreams, Where there is neither sense of life or joys, But the vast shipwreck of my life’s esteems; And e’en the dearest–that I love the best– Are strange–nay, rather stranger than the rest.
John Clare
The lower our self-esteem, the more we’re attracted to our opposite, and the higher our self-esteem, the more we are attracted to another like ourselves.
Marilyn vos Savant
Teach your children not to strive for high self-esteem. This is nothing less than teaching them arrogance, conceit and superiority feelings.
Paul Hauck
Healthy parenting is nothing if not a process of empowerment. As we help to raise our children’s self-esteem, we also increase their personal power. When we encourage them to be confident, self-reliant, self-directed, and responsible individuals, we are giving them power.
Louise Hart
There is no rapture in the love which is prompted by esteem; such affection is lasting, not passionate.
Victor Hugo
It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.
Oprah Winfrey
The energetic action of the times develops individualism, and the religious appear isolated. I esteem this a step in the right direction. Heaven deals with us on no representative system. Souls are not saved in bundles.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Self-control is the chief element in self-respect, and respect of self, in turn, is the chief element in courage.
It gives me real concern to observe … that you should think it necessary to distinguish between my personal and public character, and confine your esteem to the former.
George Washington
I hold my parents in such high esteem for what they do, so that, in and of itself, is a very lucky position to be in.
Zoe Perry
The Lord’s way builds individual self esteem and develops and heals the dignity of the individual, whereas the world’s way depresses the individual’s view of himself and causes deep resentment
Spencer W. Kimball
It would have been a joy to me to be smiled upon, loved, encouraged, welcomed, and to obtain what I was so ready to give, kindness and goodwill. But to hunt down consideration and reputation – to force the esteem of others – seemed to me an effort unworthy of myself, almost a degradation.
Henri Frederic Amiel
I think I always had joie de vivre. But I had pretty bad self-esteem growing up and much of my adult life.
Geena Davis
The most difficult secret for a man to keep is the opinion he has of himself.
Marcel Pagnol
We shall never see much change for the better in our churches in general till the prayer meeting occupies a higher place in the esteem of Christians.
Charles Spurgeon
Self-respect is to the soul as oxygen is to the body. Deprive a person of oxygen, and you kill his body; deprive him of self-respect and you kill his spirit.
Thomas Szasz
Persecutors fear loss of control. Rescuers fear loss of purpose. Rescuers need Victims-someone to protect or fix-to bolster their self-esteem.
David Emerald Womeldorff
Low self esteem is rooted in many things. One of them is not spending time to appreciate the gifts we’ve been given.
Nouman Ali Khan
The abused children are alone with their suffering, not only within the family, but also within themselves. They cannot crate a place in their own soul where they could cry their beart out.
Alice Miller
Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.
Lucille Ball
When I was 19 years old, I came down with anorexia. I had it for about a year before it became public. And it had a lot to do with my self-esteem.
Tracey Gold
It is not expedient or wise to examine our friends too closely; few persons are raised in our esteem by a close examination.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
We sometimes condemn the present, by praising the past; and show our contempt of what is now, by our esteem for what is no more.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Tremendous human energy is needed to walk God’s walk, work God’s work, fulfill God’s will, and complete his dream for our self-esteem.
Robert H. Schuller
We love much better those who endeavor to imitate us, than those who strive to equal us. For imitation is a sign of esteem, but competition of envy.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Nowadays, with history not being taught anymore in American public schools, self-esteem is taking its place.
Dennis Miller
What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.
Thomas Paine
If only corporal punishment cured low self-esteem.
Jeph Jacques
I think that when you do an adaptation for theater, it’s either a marriage or a love affair..and so tremendous is my esteem and affection of many years for Ernest Gaines, there was no question but that I would be a very faithful adapter..which I did do.
Romulus Linney
I think a lot of young teenagers try to get esteem from accolades from other people, or boys, and what you learn as you get older is that you have to create that within yourself.
If we focus on our health, including our inner health, our self-esteem, and how we look at ourselves and our confidence level, we’ll tend to be healthier people anyway, we’ll tend to make better choices for our lives, for our bodies, we’ll always be trying to learn more, and get better as time goes on.
Queen Latifah
Self-destruction is the effect of cowardice in the highest extreme.
Daniel Defoe
People always want to ask me about my drug problem – I never had a drug problem; I had a self-esteem problem!
Gloria Gaynor
No matter what one says, you can recognize only those matters that are equal to you. Only rulers who possess extraordinary abilities will recognize and esteem properly extraordinary abilities in their subjects and servants.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
There are men whom a happy disposition, a strong desire of glory and esteem, inspire with the same love for justice and virtue which men in general have for riches and honors. But the number of these men is so small that I only mention them in honor of humanity.
Claude Adrien Helvetius
It is difficult to esteem a man as highly as he would wish.
Luc de Clapiers
Beauty when unadorned is adorned the most.
St. Jerome
A feeling of continuous growth is a wonderful source of motivation and self confidence.
Brian Tracy
Hypocrisy can plunge the mind of a man into a dark abyss, when he believes his own self-flattery instead of God’s verdict.
John Calvin
Hang on the walls of your mind the memory of your successes. Take counsel of your strength, not your weakness. Think of the good jobs you have done. For whenever excellence is recounted, it is increased.
Sterling W Sill
When you’re truly happy, you are being yourself.
Robert Holden
I’m Jerry Lawler, I make fun of women because I have no self-esteem.
Santino Marella
I took notes on the people around me, in my town, in my family, in my memory. I took notes on my own state of mind, my grandiosity, the low self-esteem. I wrote down the funny stuff I overheard. I learned to be like a ship’s rat, veined ears trembling, and I learned to scribble it all down.
Anne Lamott
The chief ingredients in the composition of those qualities that gain esteem and praise, are good nature, truth, good sense, and good breeding.
Joseph Addison
Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Gluttony, or, as we call them these days, “getting in touch with your sexuality,” “raising your self-esteem,” “relaxation therapy,” and “being a recovered bulimic.”
P. J. O’Rourke
Slobodan Milosevic was just as smart as a five-year-old. Five-year-olds have an uncanny way of getting into your psyche, your self-esteem.
Wesley Clark
If you want to be an actor, you should keep confident. Don’t get too much of an ego and become not humble. But you should have esteem and not feel bad when you don’t book something. So I think you should just stay humble, but you also need to have some esteem to make yourself keep going.
Nolan Gould
At this very moment, you may be saying to yourself that you have any number of admirable qualities. You are a loyal friend, a caring person, someone who is smart, dependable, fun to be around. That’s wonderful, and I’m happy for you, but let me ask you this: are you being any of those things to yourself?
Phil McGraw
The power of self goes beyond words. Self confidence, self improvement, self esteem, self enhancement, self love … Get yourself right first!
Behdad Sami
A man of independent judgment is a man of profound self-esteem.
Ayn Rand
Kids, everybody can get behind. It’s a bipartisan thing. We care about our kids’ health. But the truth is, it’s very important for us to talk to parents, in particular mothers, because it’s really our self-esteem, it’s our initiative.
Michelle Obama
Basically, it is your self-esteem that shapes the choice of your job, female, friends, and how you take care of yourself (health/hygiene/hobby’s)!
We are so presumptuous that we wish to be known to all the world, even to those who come after us; and we are so vain that the esteem of five or six persons immediately around us is enough to amuse and satisfy us.
Blaise Pascal
Looking for honest ways to lift one another would . . . be more beneficial to our own self-esteem, for we would see more good in ourselves. We would cease to be so critical of our weaknesses and would find ways to allow our weaknesses to become strengths with God’s help.
Neal A. Maxwell
We have chosen Mahomet not as the most eminent Prophet; but as the one we are freest to speak of. He is by no means the truest of Prophets; but I do esteem him a true one.
Thomas Carlyle
Self-esteem is a powerful force within each of us… Self-esteem is the experience that we are appropriate to life and to the requirements of life.
Nathaniel Branden
Always remember, actions speak louder than words. No one’s perfect, but we can all strive to be better people.
Demi Lovato
There are far too many self esteem problems in the world as it is. No sense taking on plant guilt, too.
Janet Macunovich
To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives.
Denis Waitley
Whatever the practical origins of aesthetic discernment may have been, it has been used to create great works of art. When the very loftiest human creations are seen to derive from humble origins and functions, what needs revision is not our esteem for these creations but our notion of nobility.
Robert Nozick
Dare to love yourself
Criticism is a destroyer of self-worth and esteem.
H. Burke Peterson
Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition. Whether it be true or not, I can say for one that I have no other so great as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow men, by rendering myself worthy of their esteem.
Abraham Lincoln
Why should we worry about what others think of us, do we have more confidence in their opinions than we do our own?
Brigham Young
The painting is always done very much with [the model’s] co-operation. The problem with painting a nude, of course, is that it deepens the transaction. You can scrap a painting of someone’s face and it imperils the sitter’s self-esteem less than scrapping a painting of the whole naked body.
Lucian Freud
Everyone is walking around with these self doubts, so there’s something reassuring about that. And self-doubt in one or a few areas doesn’t mean that you have generally low self-esteem. And you have the power to get yourself out of feeling that way.
Amy Cuddy
One does not hate so long as one continues to rate low, but only when one has come to rate equal or higher.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Grosvenor and Burke suggest that continually, though silently, a school building tells students who they are and how they should think about the world. It can help to manufacture rote obedience or independent activity; it can create high self-confidence or low self-esteem.
Alison Lurie
We simply must get it through our heads that holding a low opinion of ourselves is not a virtue, but a vice.
Maxwell Maltz
Greatness, with private men Esteem’d a blessing, is to me a curse; And we, whom, for our high births, they conclude The happy freemen, are the only slaves. Happy the golden mean!
Philip Massinger
Perhaps one of the main antidotes to depression, lack of self-esteem, loneliness and so forth is the recognition that we really do have Buddha nature. All the other problems like anger, jealousy, ambitions, are merely habitual patterns that we’ve learned, but aren’t inherent to who we are.
Tenzin Palmo
Learning to deal with setbacks, and maintaining the persistence and optimism necessary for childhood’s long road to mastery are the real foundations of lasting self-esteem.
Lilian Katz
I wish I could show you…the astonishing light of your own being.
My dream is to make families a place where adults with high self esteem can develop. I think we have reached a point where if we don’t get busy on dreams of this sort, our end is in sight. We need a world that is as good for human beings as it is for technology.
Virginia Satir
India.. a perfectly wonderful country, may have been motivated by a lack of self-esteem.
William J. Clinton
I lost a world the other day. Has anybody found? You’ll know it by the rows of stars around it’s forehead bound. A rich man might not notice it; yet to my frugal eye of more esteem than ducats. Oh! Find it, sir, for me!
Emily Dickinson
It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.
W. C. Fields
I’ve never disliked myself, and my weight has had nothing to do with my self-esteem.
Dawn French
What kind of people are these with such low self-esteem that they need a war to feel better about themselves?
Bill Hicks
It is difficult to like those whom we do not esteem; but it is no less so to like those whom we esteem more than ourselves.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
To preserve an unclouded capacity for the enjoyment of life is an unusual moral and psychological achievement. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the prerogative of mindlessness, but the exact opposite: It is the reward of self-esteem.
Nathaniel Branden
The best things in life are yours, if you can appreciate yourself.
Dale Carnegie
I would rather be the author of one original thought than conqueror of a hundred battles. Yet moral excellence is so much superior to intellectual, that I ought to esteem one virtue more valuable than a hundred original thoughts.
William Benton Clulow
Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.
M. Scott Peck
Love without esteem cannot go far or reach high. It is an angel with only one wing.
Alexandre Dumas-fils
What becomes of a man who acquires a beautiful woman, with her ‘beauty’ his sole target? He sabotages himself. He has gained no friend, no ally, no mutual trust: She knows quite well why she has been chosen. He has succeeded in buying something: the esteem of other men who find such an acquisition impressive.
Naomi Wolf
All the wonders you seek are within yourself.
Thomas Browne
To listen to critics, pro or con, and take their words to heart is to subcontract your self-esteem to strangers. (from Workbook)
Steven Heighton
The self of which you speak, whether it is the great self or the small self, is only a concept that does not correspond to any reality.
Gautama Buddha
I work out all the time. Cardio, resistance and a lot of jogging. I love to go hiking. I’m going to invest this in myself, into my self-worth, into my self-esteem.
But what many psychologists have done, probably because they did well on a test themselves and everyone wants high self esteem, is to create this little box and then do their research inside it.
Robert Sternberg
Great wits, like great beauties, look upon mere esteem as a flat insipid thing; nothing less than admiration will content them.
Jeremiah Seed
Both of my girls have very high self-esteem because they were both able to master certain things; I should think that’s good for their confidence.
Amy Chua
Working out is really the top thing in my life that I do for my own self-esteem and self-worth.
Sticking to a diet required me to have a permanently low self-esteem. But happily, I developed other skills beyond a fluctuating weight, eventually building up a different source of self-worth.
Arabella Weir
I wish I had more confidence.
Sean William Scott
I think the greatest thing in the world is to believe in people.
John Galsworthy
It’s hard to give up the self-esteem connected to being codependent and appearing ‘right,’ which is probably a survival behavior learned from growing up in a crazy family. It feels like you will actually disappear.
Melody Beattie
There’s a lot of talk these days about giving children self-esteem. It’s not something you can give; it’s something they have to build.
Randy Pausch
A woman . . . always feels herself complimented by love, though it may be from a man incapable of winning her heart, or perhaps even her esteem.
Abel Stevens
There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by myself.
Brian Andreas
People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.
Copyright: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family Limited Partnership.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Demands for equality for women are threats to men’s self-esteem and sense of sexual turf.
Alice S Rossi
People say to me, Hey, Bill, the war made us feel better about ourselves. Really? What kind of people are these with such low self-esteem that they need a war to feel better about themselves? May I suggest, instead of a war to feel better about yourself, perhaps… sit-ups? Maybe a fruit cup? Eight glasses of water a day?
Bill Hicks
If rejection destroys your self-esteem, you’re letting others hold you as an emotional hostage.
Brian Tracy
We prefer people who are trying to imitate us more than those who are trying to equal us. This is because imitation is a sign of esteem, but the desire to equal others is a sign of envy.
Madeleine de Souvre, marquise de Sable
Self-esteem starts out as a personal blessing, but it becomes nothing less than an evolutionary force.
Gloria Steinem
The best way to achieve self-esteem is to do something worthy of esteem.
Todd G. Buchholz
Don’t be afraid of your own strength.
Diane von Furstenberg
Most fears of rejection rest on the desire for approval from other people. Don’t base your self-esteem on their opinions.
Harvey Mackay
I would give more for the private esteem and love of one than for the public praise of ten thousand.
William Rounseville Alger
In your personal morality code, make it the most serious kind of sin to tell a lie to yourself. Allow nothing to be as sacred as your own word. Make this one change in your life, and your whole life will change.
Mike Hernacki
Self-esteem is a huge piece of my work. You have to believe it’s possible and believe in yourself. Because after you’ve decided what you want, you have to believe it’s possible, and possible for you, not just for other people. Then you need to seek out models, mentors, and coaches.
Jack Canfield
All violence is an attempt to replace shame with self-esteem.
James Gilligan
I am larger, better than I thought; I did not know I held so much goodness.
Walt Whitman
We’re here to make people feel like a million dollars, not two cents.
Marion D. Hanks
Limitless like the ocean are your excellent qualities.
Dalai Lama
Isn’t it possible that self-esteem isn’t causal at all, but simply the happy side effect of a sturdy character, itself the product of unambiguous moral education?
Garry Trudeau
There are many reasons for the decline in royal esteem. One is that so many of the royals are thick.
Alastair Campbell
Self-esteem is not based on itself.
Mason Cooley
The gears of poverty, ignorance, hopelessness and low self-esteem interact to create a kind of perpetual failure machine that grinds down dreams from generation to generation. We all bear the cost of keeping it running. Illiteracy is its linchpin.
Carl Sagan
Most people with low self-esteem have earned it.
George Carlin
Writers want recognition, audience, some corroboration that all those hours at the desk and in daydreams add up to something in the esteem of others.
Alison Hawthorne Deming
Local esteem is far more conducive to happiness than general reputation. The latter may be compared to the fixed stars which glimmer so remotely as to afford little light and no warmth. The former is like the sun, each day shedding his prolific and cheering beams.
William Benton Clulow
Juno: “The heroes of olympus must unite! After your victory over kronos in manhattan…well I fear that wounded jupiter’s self-esteem.” Percy: Cause I was right and he was wrong” Juno: “He should be used to that after being married to me so long, but alas.
Rick Riordan
Flattery is the worst and falsest way of showing our esteem.
Jonathan Swift
In the period before the arrival of Mrs. Thatcher, politics had been in such low esteem. Everything was so hedged, so mealy-mouthed. Then along came this woman who seemed to have no manners at all and said exactly what she thought. Everyone’s eyes were popping and their jaws were dropping, and I really enjoyed that.
Tom Stoppard
The respect you give others is a dramatic reflection of the respect you give yourself.
Robin Sharma
Nobody these days holds the written word in such high esteem as police states do.
Italo Calvino
To possess dignity is to be worthy of respect. Worthy of high esteem. Absorb this: you are worthy of respect.
Beth Moore
Our self image and our habits tend to go together. Change one and you will automatically change the other.
Maxwell Maltz
I am my own heaven and hell!
Friedrich Schiller
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
How few young men realize that their success in life depends more upon what they are than upon what they know. It is self-esteem that has brought the race this far.
Charles Wesley
LET us honour the King by cherishing respectful Sentiments concerning him; speaking of him with Affection, with Esteem and Reverence; and by promoting a like Spirit and Conduct in others.
Charles Inglis
Love and esteem are the first principles of friendship; it is always imperfect if either of these two are wanting.
Eustace Budgell
For some reason, all artists have self-esteem issues.
Whoopi Goldberg
none but the estimable shall hear from me that I esteem them. The whole world is entitled to my courtesy, but greater tribute than that must be earned through virtuous acts.
Sophie von La Roche
What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.
Thomas Paine
Build your self-esteem by recalling all the ways you have succeeded and your brain will be filled with images of you making your achievements happen again and again. Give yourself permission to toot your own horn and don’t wait for anyone to praise you.
Jack Canfield
People from both political parties have long recognized that welfare without work creates negative incentives that lead to permanent poverty. It robs people of self-esteem.
Mitt Romney
The vulgar and common esteem is seldom happy in hitting right; and I am much mistaken if, amongst the writings of my time, the worst are not those which have most gained the popular applause.
Michel de Montaigne
With fear come the lies and the justifications that, no matter how convincing, lower our self-esteem.
Azar Nafisi
Self-esteem is reliance on one’s power to think… The man of authentic self-confidence is the man who relies on the judgment of his own mind.
Ayn Rand
I do still see that my nature is not to be quite conquered, but will esteem pleasure above all things, though yet in the middle of it, it has reluctances after my business, which is neglected by my following my pleasure. However musique and women I cannot but give way to, whatever my business is.
Samuel Pepys
Healthy self esteem is paying attention to how others make us feel, and then choosing those with whom we spend time.
Catherine Cardinal