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Efficacy Quotes

Efficacy Quotes by Marion G. Romney, Dallas Willard, James Madison, Albert Bandura, Cesar Aira, Brad Willis and many others.

The efficacy of our prayers depends on how much we care for one another.
Marion G. Romney
Kingdom praying and its efficacy is entirely a matter of the innermost heart’s being totally open and honest before God. It is a matter of what we are saying with our whole being, moving with resolute intent and clarity of mind into the flow of God’s action.
Dallas Willard
Experience assures us, that the efficacy of the provision has been greatly over-rated; and that some more adequate defense is indispensably necessary for the more feeble, against the more powerful members of the government.
James Madison
Self-belief does not necessarily ensure success, but self-disbelief assuredly spawns failure.
Albert Bandura
The greatness and efficacy of a magician is measured by his refusal to use magic. The true magician, the greatest, is the poorest and most unfortunate of all mortals. Because between his magic and his person forgetfulness takes shape, in the form of the world.
Cesar Aira
In the self-appraisal of efficacy, there are many sources of information that must be processed and weighed through self-referent thought
Albert Bandura
No man is allowed to be a judge in his own cause; because his interest would certainly bias his judgment, and, not improbably, corrupt his integrity. With equal, nay with greater reason, a body of men are unfit to be both judges and parties at the same time.
James Madison
After people become convinced they have what it takes to succeed, they persevere in the face of adversity and quickly rebound from setbacks. By sticking it out through tough times, they emerge stronger from adversity.
Albert Bandura
I had a direct experience of the efficacy of this form of mind-body medicine. This comes from somebody who had been sort of an alpha male, highly cynical war correspondent, who had basically seen it all and heard it all, was cynical and trusted nothing.
Brad Willis
Drugs, cataplasms, and whiskey are stupid substitutes for the dignity and potency of divine mind and its efficacy to heal.
Mary Baker Eddy
It should be pointed out for our own guidance in the West that the continual signing of manifestoes and protests is one of the surest ways of undermining the efficacy and dignity of the intellectual. There exists a permanent blackmail that we all know and that we must have the often solitary courage to resist.
Albert Camus
Never in history was there a method devised of such efficacy for setting each country’s advantage at variance with its neighbours’ as the international gold (or, formerly, silver) standard.
John Maynard Keynes
I’m passionate about restoring the efficacy of American democracy, making capitalism sustainable, prioritizing advances in technology, and seizing the opportunities to use that kind of innovation to help usher in a new economy that doesn’t rely on carbon-spewing fossil fuels.
Al Gore
The effects of outcome expectancies on performance motivation are partly governed by self-beliefs of efficacy
Albert Bandura
An enormous mass of experience, both of homeopathic doctors and their patients, is invoked in favor of the efficacy of these remedies and doses.
William James
The technical side of Ethereum’s efficacy is 100% an engineering exercise.
Vitalik Buterin
Surely our clergy need not be surprised at the daily increasing distrust in the public mind of the efficacy of prayer.
John Ruskin
RACK, n. An argumentative implement formerly much used in persuading devotees of a false faith to embrace the living truth. As a call to the unconverted the rack never had any particular efficacy, and is now held in light popular esteem.
Ambrose Bierce
We need to ‘go out,’ then, in order to experience our own anointing, its power and its redemptive efficacy: to the ‘outskirts’ where there is suffering, bloodshed, blindness that longs for sight, and prisoners in thrall to many evil masters.
Pope Francis
The spontaneous reproduction of superimposed needs by the individual does not establish autonomy; it only testifies to the efficacy of the control.
Herbert Marcuse
One can believe intellectually in the efficacy of prayer and never do any praying.
Catherine Marshall
When experience contradicts firmly held judgments of self-efficacy, people may not change their beliefs about themselves if the conditions of performance are such as to lead them to discount the import of the experience
Albert Bandura
We hear in these days of scientific enlightenment a great deal of discussion about the efficacy of Prayer. Many reasons are given why we should not pray. Others give reasons why we should pray. Very little is said of the reason we do pray. The reason is simple: We pray because we cannot help praying.
William James
He who attempts to make others believe in means which he himself despises is a puffer; he who makes use of more means than he knows to be necessary is a quack; and he who ascribes to those means a greater efficacy than his own experience warrants is an impostor.
Johann Kaspar Lavater
The Democrats appear to be the only people who still believe there is any efficacy to the UN.
Ann Coulter
Discrepancies between self-efficacy judgment and performance will arise when either the tasks or the circumstances under which they are performed are ambiguous
Albert Bandura
Self efficacious children tend to attribute their successes to ability, but ability attributions affect performance indirectly through perceived self-efficacy
Albert Bandura
Self-efficacy beliefs differ from outcome expectations, judgments of the likely consequence [that] behavior will produce.
Albert Bandura
…as I reject the old time beliefs, it is not a matter of countering belief with belief, rather I can challenge the efficacy of old beliefs with sound arguments. We believe in nature and that human progress depends on the domination of man over nature. There is no conscious power behind it. This is our philosophy.
Bhagat Singh
– Nothing else has any efficacy, I might as well be myself. – But your yourself sucks! – It is, lamentably, all I have.
Junot Diaz
For it is not true, as some treatise-mongers lay down in their systems, of the probity of the speaker, that it contributes nothing to persuasion; but moral character nearly, I may say, carries with it the most sovereign efficacy in making credible.
As regards the efficacy of the art and the theories of it, I promise and expect that in these volumes I shall undoubtedly show myself of very considerable importance not only to builders but also to all scholars.
Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
For whenever unbaptized persons die confessing Christ, this confession is of the same efficacy for the remission of sins as if they were washed in the sacred font of baptism.
Saint Augustine
We must always speak of the efficacy of the ministry in such a manner that the entire praise of the work may be reserved for God alone.
John Calvin
Fascism is fundamentally and at bottom an aesthetic conception, and . . . it is your function as creators of beautiful things to portray with the greatest efficacy the sublime beauty and inevitable reality of the Fascist ideal.
Louis de Bernieres
One thing, however, I must premise, that without the assistance of natural capacity, rules and precepts are of no efficacy.
These moments of inner quiet will burn out all obstacles without fail. Don’t doubt its efficacy. Try it.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
In images,… beauty was the agency that caused visual pleasure in the beholder; and any theory of images that was not grounded in the pleasure of the beholder begged the question of their efficacy and doomed itself to inconsequence.
Dave Hickey
I ask everyone in Russia to pray for me, beginning with the bishops, whose whole life is a single prayer. I ask prayers also of those who humbly do not believe in the efficacy of their prayers, as well as of those who do not believe in prayer at all and even consider it useless.
Nikolai Gogol
Given a sufficient level of perceived self-efficacy to take on threatening tasks, phobics perform them with varying amounts of fear arousal depending on the strength of their perceived self-efficacy
Albert Bandura
The metaphor is perhaps one of man’s most fruitful potentialities. Its efficacy verges on magic, and it seems a tool for creation which God forgot inside one of His creatures when He made him.
Jose Ortega y Gasset
In social cognitive theory, perceived self-efficacy results from diverse sources of information conveyed vicariously and through social evaluation, as well as through direct experience
Albert Bandura
I believe firmly in the efficacy of religion, in its powerful influence on a person’s whole life. It helps immeasurably to meet the storms and stress of life and keep you attuned to the Divine inspiration. Without inspiration, we would perish.
Walt Disney
There is curiously little art concerning the efficacy of reason – perhaps simply because reason is not noticeably efficacious.
Nicholas Mosley
Persons who have a strong sense of efficacy deploy their attention and effort to the demands of the situation and are spurred by obstacles to greater effort.
Albert Bandura
How children learn to use diverse sources of efficacy information in developing a stable and accurate sense of personal efficacy is a matter of considerable interest
Albert Bandura
Having gone through the civil rights struggle, having gone through the anti-Vietnam War struggle, by the time I was in my 20s, I had something that the current generation doesnt have. And that is a sense of efficacy.
Paul Solman
To the efficacy and permanency of your union a government for the whole is indispensable.
George Washington
People are concerned over safety and spillage, especially for the workers. Were all really hopeful even though we remain deeply concerned over the safety and the efficacy of an unproven technology.
Paul Walker
The great lawyer who employs his talent and his learning in the highly emunerative task of enabling a very wealthy client to override or circumvent the law is doing all that in him lies to encourage the growth in the country of a spirit of dumb anger against all laws and of disbelief in their efficacy.
Theodore Roosevelt
Even the self-assured will raise their perceived self-efficacy if models teach them better ways of doing things.
Albert Bandura
In any given instance, behavior can be predicted best by considering both self-efficacy and outcome beliefs . . . different patterns of self-efficacy and outcome beliefs are likely to produce different psychological effects
Albert Bandura
We will look at the entire immigration question from the protection of outer borders through the asylum procedures to integration, in particular its efficacy.
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
Incongruities between self-efficacy and action may stem from misperceptions of task demands, as well as from faulty self-knowledge
Albert Bandura
But the power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy, except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous.
Edward Gibbon
It is the persistence of dance in helping people to resist, reduce, and escape stress since early humanity that attests to its efficacy.
Judith Lynne Hanna
I’m drawn to the magical efficacies of language as a political act.
Anne Waldman
There is no influence so powerful as that of the mother, but next in rank in efficacy is that of the schoolmaster.
Sarah Josepha Hale
I believe in the efficacy of prayer and I have a deep and sorrowful sympathy for one who is without faith. I believe our Father answers every prayer-all prayers-with His matchless, inscrutable wisdom, with infinite compassion and with love.
Loretta Young
Regression analyses show that self-efficacy contributes to achievement behavior beyond the effects of cognitive skills
Albert Bandura
If the Democrats want to make an efficacy or merit-based argument with respect to the Electoral College, then by all means make it. It ought to be based in history and fact not fanciful revisionist history, and it should be made not just during an election year because of discontent with the electoral outcome.
Kayleigh McEnany
Our emphasis here is based not only on the growing seriousness of drug-related crimes, but also on the belief that relieving our police and our courts from having to fight losing battles against drug use will enable their energies and facilities to be devoted more fully to combating other forms of crime.
Milton Friedman
Every single instance of a friend’s insincerity increases our dependence on the efficacy of money.
William Shenstone
[Martin] Luther did not regard the water in baptism as common water, but as a water which had become, through the Word with its inherent divine power, a gracious water of life, a washing of regeneration. Through this divine efficacy of the Word the sacrament effects regeneration.
Louis Berkhof
Should the high court be able to roll back state health regulations whose efficacy was at least debatable? If your answer is yes, logical consistency should encourage you to apply this same logic to the court’s consideration of state-level gun control.
Kayleigh McEnany
The power of making war often prevents it, and in our case would give efficacy to our desire of peace.
Thomas Jefferson
Locke, whom there is no reason to suspect of being a favorer of idleness or libertinism, has advanced that whoever hopes to employ any part of his time with efficacy and vigor must allow some of it to pass with trifles.
Samuel Johnson
Comparative appraisals of efficacy require not only evaluation of one;s own performances but also knowledge of how others do, cognizance of nonability determinants of their performances, and some understanding that it is others, like oneself, who provide the most informative social criterion for comparison
Albert Bandura
In order for America to remain the leader in medical innovation, we must reduce costs, ease regulatory burdens, and increase the efficacy of producing new treatments and cures here in the U.S.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
We cannot decide on the efficacy of a medical treatment by counting the number of ‘Likes’ an intervention receives on Facebook; no matter what, professionals will still need to conduct continued clinical trials and evaluate their outcomes carefully.
Priyamvada Natarajan