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Edge Quotes

Edge Quotes by Hilary Rosen, Joe Montana, Jo Nesbo, Lorne Greene, Natalya Neidhart, Jam Master Jay and many others.

Everything we are doing is on the cutting edge of so many different industries and so many different interests. We’re out there in the sunshine, and it feels fine.
Hilary Rosen
Yeah, I think it motivates you as people start to count you out. It doesn’t make you play any harder, because every time you go out on the field you give 110 percent, but it does give you more of an edge mentally, knowing that you were in the same situation, because in sports you always find yourself behind.
Joe Montana
Until the Eighties, Oslo was a rather boring town, but it’s changed a lot, and is now much more cosmopolitan. If I go downtown, I visit the harbour to see the tall ships and the ferries, and to admire the modern architecture such as the Opera House or the new Astrup Fearnley Museum on the water’s edge.
Jo Nesbo
I make the ‘New Wilderness’ for the drama. I want people to sit on the edge of their chairs. I want them to laugh, smile, cry.
Lorne Greene
Lita was the perfect blend of pretty and punk, Lucha with a gothic edge and a high-flyer who could take on anyone, anytime, anyplace. She truly was ahead of her time.
Natalya Neidhart
You really need to be on the edge and you have to keep your eyes open.
Jam Master Jay
When you’re working hard and doing all you can to achieve your goals, anything that can give you an edge is powerful and will streamline your path to success.
Travis Bradberry
Climbing is wildly diverse, ranging from the rock-climbing wall at the local health club to the cutting edge of major Himalayan Alpine ascents.
Jeff Lowe
I learned, for me to play at my best, I need to play with an edge.
Baker Mayfield
I don’t want to sit by the edge, like some other guys who have played their game. Earned money, have nice lifestyles, and don’t say anything.
Sol Campbell
We stand today on the edge of a new frontier – the frontier of the 1960’s – a frontier of unknown opportunities and perils – a frontier of unfulfilled hopes and threats.
John F. Kennedy
When I was on ‘One Life to Live,’ I always wanted to delve into my character, Layla, to find out why she was the black sheep of the family. I so wanted to have some edge. I have no idea why there was a reluctance to do that or why we so rarely see it.
Tika Sumpter
We love movies like ‘Edge of Tomorrow.’ It’s why we go to the movies, and it’s why we make movies.
Doug Liman
The hand is the cutting edge of the mind.
Jacob Bronowski
I was the kind of reader in smudged pink harlequin glasses sitting on the cool, dusty floor of the Arrandale public library, standing at the edge of the playground, having broken a tooth in dodge ball, and lying under my covers with a flashlight.
Amy Bloom
If my edge is dull, my sword is dull, and I don’t want to fight another guy whose sword is dull. If you’ve got two steel swords going back and forth hitting each other, what’s gonna happen? Both of them are going to get sharper. Everybody that’s in the industry has lost their edge.
Kendrick Lamar
You don’t need a specialty lame (French for ‘blade’) to make professional-level bread at home, but it certainly helps in creating those telltale slash marks. You need a truly razor-sharp edge to make a clean cut; even a sharp paring knife will drag as it moves through the wet dough.
Claire Saffitz
I like something with a really great storyline, characters, and concept. I like doing things that are new and cutting edge.
Ross Butler
I just wanted to be who I was, which was like so many other girls I knew. We grew up in the city, had a hard edge and obstacles to overcome, but we were still young and beautiful. I didn’t want to be all dressed up, all made up – I wanted to be myself, which hadn’t been done before.
Alicia Keys
Amobee has an enviable track record of success supporting the world’s leading brands with their cutting edge, end-to-end mobile advertising solution.
Naveen Tewari
People who label themselves as ‘realists’ are usually accurate – they see to the real edge of what they know, understand, or believe. At best, these folks tend to be caring worriers.
Brendon Burchard
Absolute 80’s is three hours of mainstream 80’s music. I also do New Wave Nation that is more cutting edge. It is more punk stuff from the 70’s to the 90’s.
Nina Blackwood
We grew up listening to so much hardcore: everything from the very early D.C. stuff – Teen Idols, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, SOA, Government Issue – to bands who weren’t straight edge, like Negative Approach. I really feel they were one of the greatest punk bands ever.
Davey Havok
I always say that I know I’ll be done playing basketball when I stop fighting on the floor. If you don’t play with that edge or that competitive spirit, you’re just another player out there. I can only speak for myself, but when I don’t play with that fight then I’m just ordinary.
Diana Taurasi
It’s fun to play a character who lives on the edge, who is an ethical and moral mess, and is paying the price for some of his actions.
Josh Charles
In exceptional boardrooms, the intellectual rigor generated by a challenging question is both an accepted norm and a precursor to reaching informed decisions. This is the crucial edge that sets apart boards that lead from boards that follow.
Punit Renjen
I was the family alien. Both my parents are quite creative, but I was… appalling… always putting on little shows. I was rather a shy child, not a natural performer, but there was a performative edge to everything I did.
Laura Wade
Often, in a tournament, the players that get injured or suffer a lack of form are the guys at the cutting edge, the guys who make the difference or score the goals.
Roy Hodgson
You need to have something to motivate you, something to give you an edge.
Tim Tebow
With the Neal Morse Band, we’re doing progressive music with a harder edge; it’s a little more in Dream Theater territory for me. Flying Colors is a little more poppy, it’s more Radiohead, Muse, and Coldplay territory, so I approach that drumming in a different way.
Mike Portnoy
We all have an edge. We all are floating our psyche on top with a great ocean underneath.
Brad Dourif
I’m glad I chose more vulnerable work about what is love and what is freedom and those kinds of things. But there’s something innate in me where I always come back to characters with an edge.
Emory Cohen
When people take risks and it’s not rewarded, in the case of ‘Mirror’s Edge,’ it’s makes it harder for others to be comfortable taking risks.
Randy Pitchford
I’ve always been interested in working with top athletes, athletes who are pushing the edge and are really progressive in the outdoor space and adventure world.
Jimmy Chin
When I did the video for ‘Holding Out For A Hero,’ we filmed that on top of the Grand Canyon, and that was quite frightening. I was close to the edge, and there was a helicopter hovering about, creating a lot of wind, and I was nervous I was going to fall off.
Bonnie Tyler
Though familiarity may not breed contempt, it takes off the edge of admiration.
William Hazlitt
Since Stonehenge, architects have always been at the cutting edge of technology. And you can’t separate technology from the humanistic and spiritual content of a building.
Norman Foster
Sometimes, you know how good certain people are and then you actually get to see them have the kind of matches you know they can have in front of an audience that isn’t used to seeing that. Then, in a few minutes the audience is on the edge of their seats, just through the sheer craftsmanship of their abilities.
William Regal
Only on the edge of the grave can man conclude anything.
Henry Adams
Each day, we’re sharpening Iowa’s competitive edge in education and expanding our workplace partnerships with job-ready, STEM savvy, lifelong learners.
Kim Reynolds
Finesse is catching the baseball on the edge of your glove when you’re turning two, making the one-handed grabs and shoestring tackles by running across the field in football. And finesse is what I bring to fighting.
Tony Ferguson
Simply as an exercise in efficient politics, Obama ’08 rewrote the textbook. His accomplishment was historic and one that transformed how race and politics intersect in our society. Obama is the leading edge of this change, but his success is merely the ripple in a pond that grows deeper every day.
Gwen Ifill
Every player has to figure out what works best for them. So yes, I like the way I work, and if that gives me a competitive edge, that’s great and if it doesn’t that’s okay too.
Patrick Reed
My style is simple, kinda girly, but with a bit of an edge.
Erin Heatherton
New Yorkers may think they’re on some cutting edge, but that’s not especially true. It is, however, the most exciting heterogeneous mess of a town I’ve ever seen.
Carter Burwell
Duane lived life right on the edge. If you ever read Goethe’s Faust, Duane Allman was very much that kind of figure. His deal with Mephistopheles was to experience everything life has to offer, good and bad.
Butch Trucks
I found peace through God but not until I had driven myself to the edge.
Nigel Benn
If you do anything for too long, it starts to lack edge, to become too easy. Easy is the kiss of death.
Julia Ormond
Gujarat, which Modi has made the laboratory of Hindutva, is the leading edge of the onslaught of communal fascism in this country.
Prashant Bhushan
I did grow up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, around a lot of my mom’s family. I had a lot of cousins and aunts and uncles around me, and my sisters and my brother. Probably the most formative part of it was that we grew up on the edge of a forest. It wasn’t a big forest, but it was enough. When you’re a kid, it feels gigantic.
Mark Ruffalo
The ’60s had edge; the ’70s had embroidery.
Gina Barreca
I think all of The Beatles were from an era when certainly playing was important to them, and they were cutting edge. But for all time, they’re master composers.
Paul Gilbert
I know most players do, but I always keep both eyes opened. I still do it. I see two shafts, the real one and the transparent one. I look for what’s on the inside edge of the transparent one.
Ben Crenshaw
I’m from a small town on the bottom edge of Mississippi, very near New Orleans and the Louisiana border. My family has lived there for generations.
Jesmyn Ward
Obamacare has got everyone on edge. I mean, small business – men and women or big business are sitting out there saying we have no idea what this is going to cost, but we know it’s going to cost us and cost us a lot.
Rick Perry
After Operation Protective Edge, I visited every one of the bereaved families. Religious and secular, rich and poor, Sephardi and Ashkenazi, Jews and non-Jews.
Benny Gantz
I wear a lot of hair extensions because I’m doing a lot of shoots and things like that. But for me, a good edge control is really important, and then a headscarf at night.
Ayesha Curry
The first rule is you have to create a reality that makes the reader want to come back and see what happens next. The way I tried to do it, I’d create characters that the reader could instantly recognize, and hopefully bond with, and put them through situations that keep the reader on the edge of their seat.
Chris Claremont
My view of the filibuster is either you’ve got to lower vote edge or make people really filibuster if they feel that seriously about a piece of legislation.
Angus King
I would have to have some tragedy and romance in my life, but I’ve actually had a very cushioned, caring upbringing. I’m desperately seeking some edge. Maybe I’ll find it one day.
Taron Egerton
I was a folk singer who became totally over the edge with country music. I found my voice and style working with Gram Parsons. I learned how to listen to George Jones records and the Louvin Brothers.
Emmylou Harris
On Mount Everest it feels as if you are in the womb, but on K2 you are always out on the edge.
Reinhold Messner
The funny thing is, the music that I’m writing now is probably some of the most cutting edge we’ve ever done. The music that I’m thinking about putting on our next album.
Charlie Daniels
My fans would love to see Brian Fellow come back. I love my fans. And they like my edge.
Tracy Morgan
We have to realize that science is a double-edged sword. One edge of the sword can cut against poverty, illness, disease and give us more democracies, and democracies never war with other democracies, but the other side of the sword could give us nuclear proliferation, biogerms and even forces of darkness.
Michio Kaku
My dad loved to ‘arrange things’ to take us kids to that scared the crap out of us on Halloween. He’d take us to the old ‘Hermit’s House’ at the edge of town. He’d park the car 100 yards down the street and say, ‘Go back there and get something off the front porch!’
Bill Moseley
Sometimes when you think you are done, it is just the edge of beginning. Probably that’s why we decide we’re done. It’s getting too scary. We are touching down onto something real. It is beyond the point when you think you are done that often something strong comes out.
Natalie Goldberg
It’s a matter of keeping people on a spontaneous edge.
John Zorn
I am living on the razor’s edge between success and failure, adulation and humiliation – between justifying my existence and revealing my unworthiness to be alive.
Scott Stossel
In a sport that’s as close as tennis, I feel like anything that you can do to give yourself an edge is definitely worth doing.
Kevin Anderson
When it passes towards the east, the sun begins to have less effect upon it, and a thin line on the edge of its bright side emits its splendour towards the earth.
People on the edge of love go with their heart and not their head.
Sienna Miller
What kept me out of trouble is going right to the edge and then… thinking that my mother would be embarrassed, and that I didn’t want to embarrass her, and that my father would be embarrassed, and I just didn’t want to do that to my family.
Bill Cosby
I had grown up with music influence of my grandad, uncle, dad. So, professionally I first assisted others to do something different, to get an edge.
Amaal Mallik
I love all of Albert Brooks’ work from ‘Defending Your Life’ back to his first film, ‘Real Life’, but am sorry that he seems to have lost his edge in his more recent work.
Douglas Wood
I won’t change the way I talk for anyone. I’ll do it for work but not because I think someone will like me more if I take the edge off.
Rachael Stirling
There is no prize in sales for second place. It’s win or nothing. The masters know this and strive for – they fight for – that winning edge.
Jeffrey Gitomer
Twenty years ago, I was living in a lovely cottage on the edge of Dartmoor but I couldn’t afford to run a car.
Mary Wesley
Everyone needs an escape, whether that is through music or humor. My personal escape is through both of those things so I thought why not combine them? But not in a cringe way, I don’t want to make parody songs. I just want my music to have a humorous edge to it.
In college, I was teetering on the edge: Do I want to be an actor? Do I not want to be an actor? And then I saw Michael Caine in ‘Alfie,’ and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s what I want to do with my life,’ even if I knew I’d never reach that level of proficiency.
Richard Jenkins
Most important to any fake story is a plausible, realistic edge with a satirical twist that is topical.
Joey Skaggs
It’s good to be slightly ambitious, but I believe one shouldn’t be too calculative. It’s good to be on the edge, but I have never followed my mind. I have always followed my heart. And it has yielded the right results.
Deepika Padukone
In any social situation I’d much rather be on the periphery of things than at the centre. When I’m standing at the edge I’m comfortable in my own skin. When I’m standing in the middle it’s all confusion.
Nicola Roberts
I’ve created a chaotic life, and then I get on edge because of it.
Katherine Heigl
I went very close to the edge, but it’s nice to have been strong enough to get through it. I’m lucky I had family, a good husband, and my mom. People like that help balance you. When you’re feeling down and bad, it’s the people that love you who kind of sort your head out for you.
Dolores O’Riordan
Happiness, for you we walk on a knife edge. To the eyes you are a flickering light, to the feet, thin ice that cracks; and so may no one touch you who loves you.
Eugenio Montale
When I was a child, I had posters of James Dean in my room. I was a big admirer of his work and was fascinated by him living on the edge. Looking back, my life was kind of the same.
Boris Becker
Neil’s effect on the band was immediate and very fulfilling. He adds a certain edge to the sound and, of course, he is an incredible musician. We became a better band because of the inclusion of Neil Young.
Graham Nash
I am honored to join the Under Armour Board, and look forward to seeing how a founder and CEO operates a dynamic and fast-growing company known for innovation and its competitive edge.
Karen Katz
The promos with all of the beautiful women probably attracted some men, but the mystery story line is pretty cool. It’s got that dark edge, and people will watch anything funny.
James Denton
What you end up doing is you try to match your guy’s strength against a place they can be successful. They’re doing the same thing against us. Sometimes they have the edge, sometimes you have the edge.
Tony La Russa
Movies, like old-school TV, are cheesy, corny. Movies are not exciting anymore. They’re not cutting edge.
John Leguizamo
A lot of bands have to change what they sound like, but we are exactly the band that we want to be: a pop band, definitely, but we’ve got a rock and punk edge.
Luke Hemmings
You have to just dive over the edge. You haven’t got time to mess about.
Ralph Fiennes
Costa is a passionate and aggressive player – that’s his edge.
Wayne Bridge
Our look and image never change dramatically from one season to the next, so we need an edge.
Tommy Hilfiger
Whoever is in the best shape, whoever has put in the most work in the offseason is going to have a little bit of an edge, especially the first few games.
Michael Carter-Williams
If you must speak ill of another, do not speak it, write it in the sand near the water’s edge.
Napoleon Hill
I like playing characters who are out there on the edge, where they can explode at any moment or fall off the precipice.
Jessica Lange
Obviously, it’s unheard of for anybody to come back from this type of injury that Edge had.
Christian Cage
Sometimes, I seem to be only able to actually move and get going with things on the razor edge of possibly still managing whatever it is I’m supposed to do. I think, secretly, I might even get a buzz out of it. Maybe I crave the adrenalin like some sort of crazy gambler high on risking everything on the turn of a card.
Steven Hall
Bill Murray is such a tremendous talent, but the world wasn’t ready for ‘Razor’s Edge,’ for something that thoughtful and with that much depth at that time in his career.
Keegan-Michael Key
As a result of the expectations created, every time a training fatality occurs, the public pressure on MINDEF and SAF commanders down the leadership chain takes on a very corrosive edge. This damages not just the SAF, but the institution of National Service too.
Pritam Singh
In my life, I was always floating around the edge of the dark side and saying what if take it a little bit too far, and who says you have to stop there, and what’s behind the next door. Maybe you gain a wisdom from examining those things. But after a while, you get too far down in the quicksand.
Trent Reznor
If research can help us discover cures for diseases, it surely can improve a football team. Whether it’s data analysis or biomechanics, it can give you an edge – and I’d be a fool if I didn’t want that edge.
Niko Kovac
A lot of what I’ve done has a rock edge, even going back to ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’
Alan Menken
Football is a violent, competitive game. That’s the way it was always meant to be played. You are supposed to play with an edge. You are actually supposed to impose your will on the other person to win.
Baker Mayfield
I want to be the guy out there on the edge.
Eric Church
I always dreamed of playing a show with Bono and Edge and the guys in Green Day.
Trombone Shorty
Authority without wisdom is like a heavy ax without an edge, fitter to bruise than polish.
Anne Bradstreet
‘The Wall’ is a reaction to ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ where I was like, ‘I don’t need time travel and aliens to take a hero and pin them down in an impossible situation. I can do it in a much simpler way.’ And that was ‘The Wall.’
Doug Liman
I like situations that push a character to the edge.
Claire Cameron
OM was really sort of at the cutting edge. They have the best quality, the highest performance, the longest list of technology measurements you can gather – so we felt like they were the right partner for us.
David Lauren
‘Close To The Edge,’ we actually had played it from beginning to end before we recorded it in the studio. So we knew how long it was, and we knew it would fit on the album fine, so we didn’t do any editing.
Chris Squire
I always love training at crazy times – it’s an edge I’m creating over everyone else.
Tim Tebow
Writers like John T. Edge, whose work is all about the cultural histories behind food, have done so much to show that these stories are a really vital part of our cultural heritage.
Michael Paterniti
For me, it’s more about keeping it simple with a rock and roll edge. It’s all about accessorising.
I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can’t see from the center.
Kurt Vonnegut
A well-designed 401(k) plan is an enormous competitive edge when recruiting and retaining employees.
Barry Ritholtz
There is a percentage of people who want to be a little bit outside their comfort zone and I am one of them, someone who lives on the edge.
Alain Robert
At the concert I’m going to crown the best looking man, Mr. Tampa. Bald men definitely have an edge.
Christine Lavin
I admire Hrithik Roshan for his work a lot. He has an edge over others because he is very hard on himself, he’s never complacent, and he’s still not happy with that. How much more perfect can you get than that?
Tiger Shroff
I’ve been really excited about some new cutting edge electronic music and technology.
Mike Shinoda
The taste of people with large bank accounts tends not to be on the cutting edge.
Paul Goldberger
I am still pushing the edge of what my body can do.
Twyla Tharp
I had no idea there was such a thin line between sanity and insanity. I got pushed right to the edge by tragedy in my life, and I couldn’t stand up; I couldn’t recover.
Margaret Trudeau
The enormous lake stretched flat and smooth and white all the way to the edge of the gray sky. Wagon tracks went away across it, so far that you could not see where they went; they ended in nothing at all.
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Regarding why I left Inter, it was because I wanted the extra edge to fulfil my ambitions as a professional coach, so I took the risk to find my own job at Academica.
Andre Villas-Boas
It’s so exciting to be doing radio on the cutting edge of technology. Being in on something new is the biggest thrill in the world.
Lynn Samuels
Edge goes out every night, and not just on pay per views; every night, Edge goes out there with the intention of stealing the show. I know that he felt like his title run had not been given the respect from the company that it deserved, and he was really hell-bent on proving that he belonged as a main event guy.
Mick Foley
I just describe music as my point of view with a little edge to it.
Da Brat
I love ‘Glee’ so much. It just works – it’s on the edge of ridiculous.
Adam Garcia
After you work out, you have your dog with you. There’s no better companion. You’ve got to have a friend. I didn’t like opponents who had dogs with them. Because you know they had a little edge. They have a friend.
George Foreman
Touring is really about being on edge the whole time – you’re like a racing horse: you’ve just got to be on. You’ve got to pull it together.
Lykke Li
The leading edge in evidence presentation is in science; the leading edge in beauty is in high art.
Edward Tufte
I always had a lot of fun in America, with much more freedom than if I had tried to cook in France. I wouldn’t have the same motivation or inspiration, and I wouldn’t have cooked for the same kind of people in France, so it wouldn’t have given me this edge I had in America.
Daniel Boulud
I do think that something of the effect I have on people is to put everything on an edge where they’re both infatuated with a kind of charmingness happening in the person or in the writing, and also flatly terrified by a revelation or acceptance of revelation that’s almost happening, never quite totally happening.
Anne Carson
Every movie has three things you have to do – you have to have a compelling story that keeps people on the edge of their seats; you have to populate that story with memorable and appealing characters; and you have to put that story and those characters in a believable world. Those three things are so vitally important.
John Lasseter
I love horror because you can never just sit back in your seat. You always have to be on the edge of it.
Mia Goth
Whether it’s a speeding ticket or whatever it might be, some of us are trying to get an edge some way or another in life.
Anthony Rendon
I’m a lock-up defender and I believe strongly in my defense, so I don’t need to take cheap shots at guys to get an edge.
Marcus Smart
The chance of winning a Super Bowl in a city like New York, there’s nothing like it. Once you win one, you get that bug to win another one, that edge.
Mark Sanchez
About the 50th hour, I was going to start thinking about the edge of the universe. Is there an edge? Is this an envelope we’re living inside of, or no, does it go onto infinity in both time and space? And there’s nothing like swimming for 50 hours in the ocean that gets you thinking about things like this.
Diana Nyad
Women have been taught that, for us, the earth is flat, and that if we venture out, we will fall off the edge. Some of us have ventured out nevertheless, and so far we have not fallen off. It is my faith, my feminist faith, that we will not.
Andrea Dworkin
I screw up on the delay settings, so pretty much everything is manually done by me – I don’t have those presets like the Edge has.
Joey Santiago
When I came to Congress in 1993, the traditional idea that all politics stopped at the water’s edge was alive and well. Americans had been unified for the previous four decades against the threat from the former Soviet Union and communism.
Pete Hoekstra
I like to be on the edge, on the cutting edge, or be into the unknown, into the territory where I have to depend on being in the moment and depending on my instincts.
Herbie Hancock
What’s on the edge? What’s next? That’s where I think I do my best work – if I push my whole team to the edge.
Scott Borchetta
I did not like ‘The Hurt Locker.’ It’s a lazy way to make a movie, frankly. I could put you on the edge of your seat quite easily, and have you feel the tension for 2 hours, if every other scene practically is, ‘Should we cut the red wire or the green wire?’
Michael Moore
Performing is just standing up there and doing something. Performance takes on an edge to it. It has a more dramatic context.
Alan King
It’s good to go out and entertain these people, and you’ve got them on the edge of their seat, they’re standing up. Then you know that you’ve done your job, you’ve entertained them. My way of entertaining them is going out and wrestling. Everyone’s got their different ways.
Owen Hart
If you run a business that isn’t cutting edge or doesn’t naturally stick out of the crowd, it’s your job to be different and get attention.
Ryan Holiday
I’m terrible at solving things. I’m really bad and haven’t got any sort of lateral thinking capacity. I am your perfect audience for a mystery. I love that kind of stuff. I’m always on the edge of my seat.
Julia Sawalha
Whenever there was a crisis, I found a man to help me take the edge off the feelings of helplessness and pain.
Susan Cheever
There’s so many things that people do on a daily basis that they do as a way of defining who they are. But really, what defines who you are is when circumstances push you to the edge.
Aisha Hinds
What we’re doing is special and unique in its own way but still keeping it heavy. For me as a listener, part of the journey I’m on with Metallica, there’s just a certain edge that needs to be there.
Robert Trujillo
I do think we’re on the edge of a terrifying world, and that many young people know that but don’t know how to talk about it.
Tony Judt
Scientific views end in awe and mystery, lost at the edge in uncertainty, but they appear to be so deep and so impressive that the theory that it is all arranged as a stage for God to watch man’s struggle for good and evil seems inadequate.
Richard P. Feynman
The edge of inappropriate is the spiritual home of the best stand-up comedy.
Frank Skinner
Intelligence services all over the world, in order to retain their competitive edge, have to adapt or they won’t survive.
Gina Haspel
I suppose I look for humor in most situations because it humanizes things; it makes a character much more three-dimensional if there’s some kind of humor. Not necessarily laugh-out-loud type of stuff, just a sense that there is a humorous edge to things. I do like that.
Colm Meaney
I am the last person on the dance floor at a wedding, I am the person that awkwardly hangs around the edge and says no unless they’ve had a few glasses of wine.
Tom Fletcher
Investing is about predicting the future, and the future is inherently unpredictable. Therefore, the only way you can do better is to assess all the facts and truly know what you know and know what you don’t know. That’s your probability edge.
Li Lu
That’s how I choose to approach my career. I’m constantly trying to find an edge and find the next way to improve myself.
Trevor Bauer
I learned from many people. I became a better wrestler thanks to my matches with Edge, with Christian, with Rey Mysterio, with John Cena – who, even though you, the fans, want to criticize him, John Cena is one of the best wrestlers of the universe.
Alberto Del Rio
Horror movies are all about getting your attention; you always have to be on guard. People love to be on the edge – there’s nothing like a surprise.
P. J. Soles
The team at VCU is renowned for being at the cutting edge of some of the world’s most important, lifesaving medical and pharmaceutical engineering research.
Abigail Spanberger
There’s not too much Edge in Adam Copeland, but there’s a little bit of my sarcasm and my sense of humor, I guess, but I’m not a sleazy, raving maniac like the character of Edge could be.
The financial world is at the cutting edge of high technology.
Robert Harris
The only time information is really an edge is if you either have more or you’re using it better.
Daryl Morey
All our words from loose using have lost their edge.
Ernest Hemingway
Living at that pitch, on that edge, is something which many poets engage in to some extent.
Paul Muldoon
Now there is so much expertise and brainpower it’s hard to be at the cutting edge of what’s cool and not do something that’s totally geeky.
Darren Aronofsky
You always want to give yourself an edge, want to help your team win. That’s pretty much going to preparation.
Terrell Suggs
Would I change anything? I don’t know, that’s a double edge sword for me.
Ricky Hatton
The first film I made was when I was 13 and it was called ‘The Dogs That Ate Detroit.’ It starred my Saint Bernard Barney, and it was a killer thriller with oodles of special effects that were cutting edge for the time.
Les Claypool
I want to explore my boundaries. I want to push myself and go right to the edge of what I am capable of. I don’t want to ever be comfortable.
I just like guys who have an edge to them. But it could go either way. Like, I have been into the surfer blond frat guys, and then there’s definitely a thing where I like the dark, mysterious bad boy.
Ashley Tisdale
Studs are the easiest way to add some edge to your outfit.
Brad Goreski
I’ve been on the edge of everything, like one of those characters at the side of a Brueghel painting with a warty nose. I’ve been very lucky – I lived through three of the most profoundly important musical revolutions of the 20th century: latterday rock and roll, punk and then the rave culture.
Keith Allen
I noticed that I got a better space in the line in Starbucks when I had my tattoo. People associate tattoos with a certain edge. Then I open my mouth, and something completely different comes out.
Wentworth Miller
I try to look at this music career thing as the means to an end. And really, at the end of it, I see myself on a sailboat, sailing off the edge of the world.
Michelle Shocked
I was what’s known as a floater. I could sit at the edge of most cafeteria tables, but was never a part of any one group. I was also a dork. And still am. And proud!
Alexandra Robbins
‘First Light’ is nonfiction, a true story about astronomers who are looking for light coming from the edge of the universe. It tells how science is really done – and science is a lot weirder and more human than most people realize.
Richard Preston
As time goes by the memories of sitting on the edge of a bed and reading aloud with your kid are going to be very meaningful in your own mental scrapbook.
Gary Ross
You know among people who kind of travel a lot and have exposure to the United States and some other countries, they do have accounts, but you know, Russia is not exactly the place with multiple language skills so local networks kind of have an edge.
Yuri Milner
I sit down in a chair, and I take off my two heavy little prosthetic legs and I crawl on my knees to the edge of the pool and I just jumped in, and I just instantly loved it.
Jessica Long
I always felt that a painted edge between two colors was a depiction somehow.
Ellsworth Kelly
Namor has shades of grey but always ends up doing the right thing. I’ve played characters with an edge – played villains if not super villains – and he’s an anti-hero.
Brian Tee
British independent television is exactly the same as independent cinema. Very low budget, interesting, cutting edge stuff.
Janet McTeer
I’ve always liked artists like Chris Burden, who would take performances, put them in galleries, and then do things that were on the edge.
David Blaine
My real name is Madeleine Wickham, under which I write dramas with an edge of humour. As Sophie Kinsella it’s fast, all-out comedies, such as the ‘Shopaholic’ series.
Sophie Kinsella
This was more of a cartoonish thing for me and it kind of took me back to SCTV, in a way, where the characters are just a little broader and you can have that kind of fun going a little over the edge.
Eugene Levy
Anyone who is friends with a fighter or lives with a fighter, you know that a fighter cutting weight is on edge.
Shayna Baszler
In Shakespeare’s world, characters cannot trust their senses. Is the ghost in Hamlet true and truthful, or is it a demon, tempting young Hamlet into murderous sin? Is Juliet dead or merely sleeping? Does Lear really stand at the edge of a great cliff? Or has the Fool deceived him to save his life?
Virginia Postrel
A sharp tongue is the only edge tool that grows keener with constant use.
Washington Irving
When I look at a football pitch, I suppose, yes, I see it as my canvas. I see solutions, possibilities, the space to express myself. I am always looking for ways to be creative, to gain an edge.
Robin Van Persie
In particular, I’m drawn to the stories that have big, high concepts and real characters at their heart. And I love where those two worlds meet, and ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is the perfect canvas to explore that.
Doug Liman
I always try to find companies I see eye to eye with. It was an easy collaboration with Hyland. They’re a well-rounded player and always try to find certain strategies to give their clients a competitive edge.
Xander Schauffele
The winner’s edge is not in a gifted birth, a high IQ, or in talent. The winner’s edge is all in the attitude, not aptitude. Attitude is the criterion for success.
Denis Waitley
I love Demi Lovato’s style. It’s really different, but it’s super chic and has a cool edge to it. I’m always trying to channel her style when going shopping for new clothes or getting dressed in the morning.
Kelli Berglund
When you’re in the military, you teeter on the edge of that line of life and death. The reason you feel so alive when you come through is because you know you’ve cheated death – and that and the adrenaline rush is addictive, no question.
Ant Middleton
I’m not good in all emergencies. The frustration of an unopenable jar of jam can tip me over the edge, but at least I could use it adequately to cave in the heads of the undead.
Sarah Millican
My first show at MoMA in New York was pictures of new developments along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. They were housing developments that were brutal in many ways, that cared almost not a thing for the human beings inside. They were just designed to make money.
Robert Adams
This is how I define grace: you’re on the main stage, and it looks like it has been rehearsed 100 times, everything goes so smoothly. That’s where I get my confidence and success, from knowing that I have an edge because I know I’m prepared.
Alex Rodriguez
I wasn’t always such a great fan of Shakespeare, mind you. I can guess we all at one time had it rammed down our necks at school, which tends to take the edge off it.
Christopher Eccleston
I like conventions. I like meeting and greeting. I’m perched on that edge where I’m getting more attention than I quite know what to do with, though.
Laurell K. Hamilton
Edge is such a great guy.
Jeff Hardy
I think fear is what keeps us from going over the edge. I mean, as a race car driver, I don’t think what makes a good race car driver is a fearless person. I think it’s somebody that is comfortable being behind the wheel of something that’s somewhat out of control.
Jeff Gordon
Blogging is a great way to show your talents and interests to prospective employers, while adding an edge to your resume. If you blog consistently it shows your dedication, passions and creativity – all of which are key attributes employers look for in job candidates.
Lauren Conrad
I guess you have to be on the edge of the normal human condition to be exceptional.
Edd China
‘You’re Ugly Too’ isn’t a comedy, but it has a lightness of touch with a hard edge. But it’s essentially a warm story tinged with a bit of melancholy in the great Irish tradition. I’m very proud of that film.
Aidan Gillen
Picatinny Arsenal is essential to the safety of our women and men in the field and to delivering a qualitative edge for our military.
Mikie Sherrill
Because of who I am and what I’ve accomplished, everything is pretty much given to me. People cater to me all the time. It’s almost like I’ve lost that edge – lost the ability to want something and then put in the work necessary to get it.
Ken Shamrock
The point is to balance on the edge between musicality and content.
Rick Moody
The white spruce forest along the banks is most inspiring, magnificent here. Down the terraced slopes and right to the water’s edge on the alluvial soil it stands in ranks.
Ernest Thompson Seton
A business of high principle attracts high-caliber people more easily, thereby gaining a basic competitive and profit edge.
Marvin Bower
I played in Velvet Revolver, which is a raw, bombastic blues band with a punk rock edge to it. It’s like everything is based around the blues, no matter what the groove is.
Scott Weiland
Just because you live longer doesn’t necessarily give you a greater edge in quality.
Reggie Watts
If people ask me to describe my look, I always say: ‘Quite classic with an edge.’
Carine Roitfeld
Thrillers are my favorite. I like stuff that keeps you on the edge of your seat or maybe makes you jump.
Corey Feldman
Chinese… companies do not have to think about whether they do something to enhance their competitive edge in international markets.
Li Shufu
If a university announced that henceforth, it would be offering a three-year bachelor’s degree, in one stroke it would cut the cost of a college education and provide a distinctive way of competing for students – as well as put the institution on the cutting edge of reform.
Charlie Sykes
‘The Voice’ has lots of singers who fit the ‘Idol’ mold of young, innocent ingenues with psycho stage moms. But it also has long-suffering adult pros, with a whiff of thirtysomething despair in their voices. That adds an edge of realness.
Rob Sheffield
You learn to laugh at yourself, and you also lean on comedy as a crutch to kind of take the edge off because comedians often are self-deprecating, and they cross lines that they shouldn’t. Stuff like that brings a smile to my face every once in a while when needed.
John Cena
I’ve climbed in a lot of places, but only once in the U.K., at Stanage Edge in the Peak District.
Tommy Caldwell
Everybody always laughs because I feel so much more comfortable with, like, a giant paper bag on my whole body and paint on my face. Sometimes I try really hard to take it all off. But inevitably what’s underneath is still not a straight edge. And I don’t think it ever will be.
Lady Gaga
I used to believe, like many people who come from poor backgrounds, that it gave me an edge, but I think that’s just something we have to tell ourselves to get by sometimes. I don’t believe that anymore. Children of privilege can be just as talented and clever as anybody else.
Craig Ferguson
I’m a great admirer of Primo Levi’s work. It’s always mind-boggling, the idea of how much pain people can endure and still come back from the edge with a sense of humor, with this tremendous animal desire we have to get on with life.
Allan Gurganus
We know there is gravity because apples fall from trees. We can observe gravity in daily life. If we could throw an apple to the edge of the universe, we would observe it accelerating.
Adam Riess
The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps.
Bob Black
We have an edge over the Asian countries because we are playing European and Indian style of hockey, but we need to perform consistently.
P. R. Sreejesh
Young people need their own private places which mothers don’t belong to, even if they want mother all around the edge of that.
Dawn French
Each step of the way I’m learning. When I leave an interview, I learn whether I feel, ‘Oh, that was nice,’ or that made me feel like a little piece of me was taken. It’s a line that is always on the edge of being crossed, and once you cross it, what’s next?
Brie Larson
I like to eat. I’m always on the edge of how much can I eat without looking too – you know. If I eat something salty, it makes me want something sweet. I eat something sweet, then I want salty. And exercise is not my thing, though I do it.
Salma Hayek
If I’m a genre writer, I’m at the edge. In the end, they do work like genre fiction. You have a hero, there’s a love interest, there’s always a chase, there’s fighting of some kind. You don’t have to do that in a novel. But you do in a genre novel.
Alan Furst
The world of campaign consulting is full of hype. It is designed to offer those desperate for an edge on their opponent the promise of a silver bullet and a consultancy willing to go to any lengths – including all those things you’d like to do but can’t – in order to win.
Ben Domenech
I think there’s a void for some authentic soul music with an edge. I think there’s some people who grew up with Motown and Stevie Wonder that still can appreciate Future, Drake, and all these different things, too, but there shouldn’t be a void for those people, as well.
Anderson Paak
If you want someone who is sort of still, has a bit of an edge, is older, you get Morgan Freeman. If you want someone who can carry a gun and still play a father, you get Danny Glover. My category is ‘that guy who happens to be black.’
Joe Morton
5G cell networks create a whole new wave of distributed and edge computing.
Michael Dell
We have come to the edge of the abyss and now it is time for a bold step forward. There is a political view that the tougher you are, the more credible you are.
Ed Balls
New York’s got a little rougher edge to it than Chicago.
Frank Vincent
When you’re the best, and you know you’re the best, and your contemporaries know you’re the best, that’s a terrific edge.
Raymond Floyd
As soon as I got hurt Kurt Angle reached out to me, Steve Austin reached out to me, and Edge, who I already had a pretty good relationship with.
Tyson Kidd
I was just on the edge of getting married, and I was frenzied at the prospect of this great step in my life after having been a bachelor for so long. And I really wanted to take my mind off of the agony, and so I decided to sit down and write a book.
Ian Fleming
There’s a different kind of attitude when you come from Western New York. You work for everything you get, and nothing’s really handed to you… You realize good work turns to good things, and that’s the edge I always came up with.
Luke Harper
Look at how a caretaker has worked for the England rugby team in the Six Nations – they’ve done fantastically. Everyone’s got an edge. No one’s sure of a place, and everyone has an incentive. So I’d back the FA if they decided not to go for a full-time manager yet.
Glenn Hoddle
Things can fall apart, or threaten to, for many reasons, and then there’s got to be a leap of faith. Ultimately, when you’re at the edge, you have to go forward or backward; if you go forward, you have to jump together.
Yo-Yo Ma
You have to try things! You have to jump off the edge and run through your fear.
Jasmine Cephas Jones
It’s like a novelist writing far out things. If it makes a point and makes sense, then people like to read that. But if it’s off in left field and goes over the edge, you lose it. The same with musical talent, I think.
Johnny Cash
I am not a player who stays on the edge of the box and waits for a chance.
Edin Dzeko
I don’t mind being the voice of the New Oakland to maintain the integrity and edge of it. Old Oakland and New Oakland is one and the same. It’s connected. I aspire to be the bridge between both.
Fantastic Negrito
There’s always a little bit of anticipation – some people call it nerves – the night before, and although I always slept pretty well before big matches, you want to be on edge a little bit to get the best out of yourself.
Glenn McGrath
Every place you can find an edge, you should – the free agent market, the undrafted market, the D-League, international players, Americans playing overseas, international players playing in America, the second round. You should be looking for all those opportunities, finding whatever edge you can.
Sam Hinkie
I love the fact that there is now a skate park in almost every city, but it will always have a rebellious/underground edge to it because it is based on individuality.
Tony Hawk
Philly gives me that raw edge. We just do us.
Tierra Whack
I think that most of the children’s writers live in the world that they’ve created, and their children are kind of phantoms that wander around the edge of it in the world, but actually the children’s writers are the children.
A. S. Byatt
I love ‘River’s Edge.’
Jon Watts
I want to express what’s meaningful. I’m not into gimmicks. I want to make truthful music that’s invigorating, maintains a cutting edge, takes on different shades.
Jason Moran
I have a little bit more of an edge to me.
Kenny Stills
Walking is my hobby, and I’m lucky that I live right on the edge of Hampstead Heath.
Gemma Jones
There’s still nothing I love more than being in the air. I’ve always liked speed and things on wheels, going out there and putting it all out there, being on the edge.
Rickie Fowler
As an owner, you have a choice. Do you want to adopt a vision that you think is real sharp and real cutting edge and could get you from good to great – has a chance – or do you want to just say the organization is not about that, and we’re not going to try to adopt a new coaching philosophy and vision.
Jeffrey Lurie
Gritty people train at the edge of their comfort zone. They zero in on one narrow aspect of their performance and set a stretch goal to improve it.
Angela Duckworth
Every field of astrophysics – whether it’s our local neighborhood of planets, nearby stars and their attendant planets, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, out to the edge of the universe – every field has questions that are awaiting the power of Hubble.
Heidi Hammel
A pool at the edge of the ocean is the simplest geometry, yet you feel connected to the sea. In a forest with the mountains in the background, you also feel the connection to nature, yet it’s a very complex geometry. I think architecture is about controlling these feelings.
Ma Yansong
Bitcoin offers one service: securely time-stamped, scripted transactions. Everything else is built on the edge-devices as an application. Bitcoin allows any application to be developed independently, without permission, on the edge of the network.
Andreas Antonopoulos
The Go-Go’s were a frothy pop band. I wanted to do music that had a harder edge.
Charlotte Caffey
Success in sport is based on you thinking you are doing something to gain that edge, but if I wanted that little bit extra, I would go and run up sand dunes at Merthyr Mawr.
Lynn Davies
Literature boils with the madcap careers of writers brought to the edge by the demands of living on their nerves, wringing out their memories and their nightmares to extract meaning, truth, beauty.
Herbert Gold
You think NASA is going to be cutting edge, but they’ve got so many buildings that are just left over from the ’60s. It’s old.
Allison Schroeder
There are some people who, when they fall in love or feel envious, may easily feel rejected. Any real or perceived rejection could bring them to the edge of absurdity. Sometimes they even become liars.
Ruben Diaz Sr.
These individuals on steroids, does it enhance their career, does it give them a little more strength, a little more stamina, a little more psychological edge? Absolutely. How do you determine what – what their stats would be without steroids? It’s impossible to tell.
Jose Canseco
Probably what pushed the Russians over the edge was SDI. They realized they couldn’t beat us.
Tom Clancy
I try to live intentionally, and the things that move me, I’m going to throw myself at them. I want to see what my potential is. I’m always curious to see what the edge is.
Jimmy Chin
Most of the books and films I love walk a knife edge between romance and cynicism, and I wanted ‘One Day’ to stay on that line. I wanted it to be moving, but without being manipulative.
David Nicholls
So long as the universe had a beginning, we could suppose it had a creator. But if the universe is really completely self-contained, having no boundary or edge, it would have neither beginning nor end: it would simply be. What place, then, for a creator?
Stephen Hawking
I’m regarded outside New York University as a looney tunes leftie, self-hating Jewish communist; inside the university, I’m regarded as a typical, old-fashioned, white male liberal elitist. I like that. I’m on the edge of both; it makes me feel comfortable.
Tony Judt
Seventeen consecutive years of irregular war, extended years of budget uncertainty, and an increasing complex security environment have eroded our competitive edge.
Mark Esper
Rachmaninov has some kind of weird dark edge to his music which I don’t think I’ve heard with any other kind of music before.
Matt Bellamy
I don’t have a mullet, but going into season one on ‘The Walking Dead,’ I asked to have a mullet, and everybody talked me out of it. Because I’d have to wear a mullet when we were not shooting every day. I have that motorcycle, wings on my vest, the crossbow… Maybe a mullet would’ve thrown me over the edge.
Norman Reedus
Even when I was in school, I was doing papers and writing poems; I always had an edge to my delivery. It was never conscious, but it was more so my organic way of thinking about things.
Amanda Seales
Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs.
Henry Ford
I feel I’m a player who entertains and gets people on the edge of their seats, as well as trying to be a game-changer who can win a game for the team.
Ross Barkley
Down the years, I have always enjoyed playing Raymond van Barneveld. There is always a frisson of excitement in the air, an edge to the contest that makes the sap rise, but it stops short of pure enmity.
Phil Taylor
We live at the edge of the world, so we live on the edge. Kiwis will always sacrifice money and security for adventure and challenge.
Lucy Lawless
All top players have an edge to them.
Graeme Souness
I’m just attracted to the action element of science fiction. It’s great to sit in the editing room with the director and sound engineers and to create the feeling where your heart is racing and you’re sitting at the edge of your seat and you find yourself holding your breath.
Gale Anne Hurd
Cultures have long heard wisdom in non-human voices: Apollo, god of music, medicine and knowledge, came to Delphi in the form of a dolphin. But dolphins, which fill the oceans with blipping and chirping, and whales, which mew and caw in ultramarine jazz – a true rhapsody in blue – are hunted to the edge of silence.
Jay Griffiths
Cutting edge technologies have allowed us to utilize coal’s diverse potentials. Not only are we using coal in cleaner and more environmentally sound methods, but importantly, we can turn coal into gasoline and diesel.
Peter Roskam
I like a guy with a little edge. I mean, I played with Warren Sapp.
Booger McFarland
It’s always the gay people, the outliers, who are the cutting edge, and god bless these people! And to everyone else, wake up. See what’s new!
Julie Newmar
First of all, I’m a Midwesterner, being from Kansas, and Chicago is basically a big Midwestern cow town. It was built from the stockyards, and everyone is very friendly, and it’s at the edge of the tallgrass prairie. There’s just a good feel to it.
Bill Kurtis
Only once in my life was I on the edge of incivility. I do not like to be unkind.
David Rockefeller
I agree with Kathi Zellweger that sanctions mostly punish the ordinary people who live at the edge of starvation.
Barbara Demick
The Black Mamba collection of watches is me: It is my alter ego, so to speak. As I mentioned before, it is sharp, cutting edge and sleek which are characteristics I try to apply when I’m out there on the basketball court.
Kobe Bryant
Newt Gingrich’s job to capture the Congress was to give Republican candidates an edge and a distinction from their Democratic opponent. That required a very high profile, some very strong language.
Pete du Pont
We simply believe that we should lean into the world with something other than the pointed edge of a sword.
Chris Murphy
I think my parents raised me well. And I’m pretty straight edge. All my friends make fun of me for being straight edge.
Ansel Elgort
That’s one of the ironies of our time: Right when we’re on the edge of serious improvements in health care, we’re also cooking the planet.
Kim Stanley Robinson
I think it’s extremely unlikely that the European Union will fracture with nations dropping off the edge.
John Major
They don’t have the edge that I need. I’m not interested in reliving 1988.
Sebastian Bach
People do not realise that many of my works are done in urban places. I was brought up on the edge of Leeds, five miles from the city centre-on one side were fields and on the other, the city.
Andy Goldsworthy
I have been driven to the edge by parental alienation for many years now. You have to go through this to understand.
Alec Baldwin
Sometimes I worry about things changing and people not liking me any more. As a comedian you do feel like you’re walking on a knife edge.
Michael McIntyre
Most of my life, I feel I have been Unicycling at the Edge of the Abyss! If fact, this will be the name of my book if I ever write one, or a one man stand up routine. I have used it as the name of a collection of my musical compositions written during the ’90s. It fits the scary journey I feel I’ve been on.
Jon Polito
Even a cup of coffee tastes so much sweeter because you’ve come once again out of the, literally, out of the edge of death, and that’s the condition I suppose that a lot of artists and writers would like to be in.
Christopher Koch
I’m certainly not a baby kissing, hand slapping, rah rah good guy. I definitely think there’s more of an edge to my character.
CM Punk
Honestly, you could go as far as to say I have a boring edge.
I’ve always had an interest in doing something that was outside my comfort zone; I had this thing about standing on the edge of the cliff and deciding to jump.
Larry Mullen, Jr.
There’s got to be a backbone, there’s got to be a skeleton to the whole way I perform, but you never want to hit the same note twice during a performance, I think. I think it’s always got to be fresh so it doesn’t bore me, and I always want to go out on edge.
Casey Abrams
If I could wrestle somebody at a WrestleMania, I would have really loved to wrestle with John Cena. It would have been nice to have a great WrestleMania match with The Rock and Edge, but my history would have lined up perfectly with John.
Bret Hart
The Enterprise In Space program is an exciting opportunity to simultaneously advance cutting edge technologies while getting students from around the world engaged in STEAM and space education.
Bruce Pittman
I am a variety machine; I look for variety in my characters, and an extra edge in the characterisation helps in bringing out a better performance.
Allu Arjun
I was well aware of my limitations as a football player and knew that I needed every edge I could possibly get in order to compete. A big part of that was to be as precise as I could and make as few mistakes as possible because I figured that was the only way I could survive.
Paul DePodesta
I like a shoot when I feel strong and sexy, a little hard, with a darker edge. That’s what I do best. I like giving a photographer what they want, working with the art director. And modeling is all I’ve ever known.
Isabeli Fontana
I’ve worked a lot with Noah Baumbach, and he doesn’t make it easy to like his characters, but the stories are funny and witty and there’s an edge to that kind of humanity.
Ciaran Hinds
My style is cinematic; it is a touch of French woman of the ’60s and American hippie with a Brooklyn edge. I love wearing wide-brim hats, newsboy caps, mini dresses and sheer blouses with details.
Wynter Gordon
I grew up on the edge of a national park in Canada – timberwolves, creeks, snow drifts. I really did have to walk home six miles through the snow, like your grandparents used to complain.
Dan Aykroyd
This is truly a blessing. Breyon Prescott, Peter Edge and Tom Corson believe in me and have introduced me to a home that also believes and knows exactly what to do with the type of music I’m doing.
Brandy Norwood
Creativity has got to have some edge to it, doesn’t it?
David Droga
With ‘Horror Story’, it really was, ‘You’re going to run; you’re going to jump off this cliff, and trust that that Ryan Murphy is going to catch you.’ So I just ran head-on into it and jumped off the edge of that cliff.
Cody Fern
I was writing waltzes at a time when the most popular thing was Shania Twain and the very pop edge of country. I didn’t really know how to do much of that.
Chris Stapleton
Times of my life, brief periods without music, have completely felt dangerously over the edge.
Tom Jenkinson
I’ve got good speed off the edge.
Malik Jackson
When you go into the theatre and the lights dim, you want to entertain people from beginning to end. You want them to be swept up in your story, on the edge of their seats, unable to wait to see what happens next, be blown away and afterwards just go, ‘Wow!’
John Lasseter
My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was four. And she was re-diagnosed when I was seven or eight, and again when I was 13, and my dad was very unhealthy, too. I was living on the edge of mortality my entire childhood.
Rachel Morrison
I’m one of those women who’s not to be messed with. I’m very opinionated and boisterous at times. I’m also kind and humble. I know when to fold and when to hold, and that’s important. If my edge scares you, then you have a choice to remove yourself.
LisaRaye McCoy-Misick
The case for sponsorships in commercial spaceflight is compelling and could dramatically impact the economics of space tourism. Global brands are looking for fresh, new ways to position themselves on the leading edge of their categories.
Dylan Taylor
Diversity gives our city a competitive edge.
Thomas Menino
Now, I am not saying that there is one single type of individual who is a better type of terrorist than another. What I am saying is that the circumstances that push certain individuals over the edge, to become terrorists, are generally very, very similar.
Loretta Napoleoni
To eat the boiled head of a pig sliced like salami is very strange. It may seem cutting edge, but it’s actually a lot older than any of the other traditional salami.
Mario Batali
I get my competitive edge from my mum. When we’re together, we’re competitive about little things – it’ll be, ‘I can bake cakes better than you can.’ But she’s never been a pushy parent; she’s always just supported me.
Jessica Ennis-Hill
‘Wanted’ is about a girl I was friends with, but at the time it was teetering on the edge of something more. I wanted to show her that I really cared about her. ‘Wanted’ was my way of saying, ‘we’re friends and have a great foundation, and this could be something really special.’
Hunter Hayes
I did not feel ‘evil’ when I wrote advertisements for Puerto Rico. They helped attract industry and tourists to a country which had been living on the edge of starvation for 400 years.
David Ogilvy
Any musical form that has been around long enough to have cultural resonance beyond just being a cutting edge kind of communication – but, especially, when it begins to reflect on a time and reflect on a culture – is effective in a musical.
Alan Menken
The boarding-school experience in Paris was very hard, I didn’t put up with it very well. I was sick all the time, or in any case frail, on the edge of a nervous breakdown.
Jacques Derrida
F1 teams need a driver who will consistently set lap times that are 100 percent on the edge.
Jean Alesi
We want to be on the edge of technology all of the time. We think long-term.
Hans Vestberg
We’re always thinking of different things to be on the cutting edge of what’s entertaining or what’s hot on Twitter or social media or even society in general. I’ve had little goals here and there. But that’s the main goal. Always changing, always be prepared to adapt.
Kofi Kingston
I didn’t know how to weigh ideas about poetry. Nothing in the life I lived as a student – and later as wife and mother at the suburban edge of Dublin – suggested I had the wherewithal to do so. But I did have a unit of measurement. It was the measure of my own life.
Eavan Boland
The coral that grows at the edge of the reef is always the strongest and most colourful because it faces the greatest battering. It’s the same if you’re called Honeysuckle. I’d have had a totally different life if I’d been called Mary.
Honeysuckle Weeks
I want to know why I read as a child with such a frantic appetite, why I sucked the words off the page with such an edge of desperation.
Francis Spufford
I like old Disney films that have an edge to them.
Walt Dohrn
The ‘Tough Man’ contests were for 21-year-olds, but I weighed 150 pounds at 13, so I got a fake ID card and entered. My dad and uncles had given me an edge, so having a boxing background made it easier because a lot of the older guys didn’t know how to fight.
Tommy Morrison
Vivien Leigh was a phenomenal actress, a very complicated woman, living on the edge of mental problems, haunted by demons and angels. And though I’ve never thought of myself like Marilyn Monroe, I was inspired by the tremendous risk she took – of being vulnerable.
Rebecca De Mornay
I’ve always wanted to be able to let myself go over the edge.
Robin Wright
Straight edge came out of the hardcore scene. I don’t necessarily believe, as some people believe, that you have to be a part of the hardcore scene to share that philosophy and stance against recreational drug use. But it is where it came from, and it is where it influenced me to be a part of it.
Davey Havok
No nation has embraced Total Quality Management, e-commerce and e-government with greater enthusiasm than Dubai. Such innovations have given Dubai a competitive edge and an accelerated growth rate that few could match.
Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair
I don’t like playing standards. I like to do my own cutting edge work.
Andy Summers
It’s what you don’t see that keeps you on the edge of your seat in any kind of film – leave it to the imagination of the viewer.
Christopher Lee
I was not a good teacher; I didn’t have the sort of edge one should have on the students, so I decided to do something else.
Terrence Malick
Andoya is in a different world, set at the northern edge of Europe in what seems to be a time and weather of its own.
John Burnside
I don’t know, people take chances on stage. It’s a big free speech zone, a comedy show. So sometimes things happen, you say things that are a little bit off the edge.
Drew Carey
I think you should ride the line between fatigue and chaos. The chaos keeps the energy level and spontaneity maximized, while fatigue is just over the edge, and you should try to avoid it.
Ted Nugent
Every film that comes out that incorporates CGI or performance capture is a little bit ahead of the last film that came out. You’re on the cutting edge for a certain amount of time, and then the new technology comes out.
Ben Schnetzer
From a good book, I want to be taken to the very edge. I want a glimpse into that outer darkness.
Mark Haddon
I do not believe ‘Newsweek’ is the only catcher in the rye between democracy and ignorance, but I think we’re one of them, and I don’t think there are that many on the edge of that cliff.
Jon Meacham
When someone’s kind of a braggart to the bully… it makes me on edge just because I live that, and I don’t think that’s a model we want for our kids in this country.
John Hickenlooper
You know, many people have said that I’m on the edge and I’m maverick for some of the big operations that I’ve done. I’m not at all. I pray; I ask God to give me wisdom, ‘Should I do it?’, guidance in terms of how to do it, who to consult with. All those kind of things are incredibly important.
Ben Carson
There is a different sort of edge when you come up against England. Even when it’s a friendly game you still get that fear in you that if you get beat it won’t be good but if you win it will be the best thing going.
Robert Snodgrass
Playing rugby has been my whole life and for me, keeping fit was part of my job. But when I gave up my career, I was determined to keep motivated, and that isn’t always easy when you have lost the competitive edge to it.
Gareth Thomas
Well, the stuff that has become more commercial doesn’t have any edge.
Iggy Pop
The smartest people I know have that extra edge. The risk is always there that you’ll look terribly undignified and slobbering, and inside I cringe about that, but I should be more aggressive.
Embeth Davidtz
As the middle begins to feel safe enough to accept some of the so-called radical thinking, ideas move to the middle and a new edge is created.
Jasmine Guy
I love pop, but with an edge so that’s what I’d say my music is. And quite controversial.
Sarah Harding
My style is understated because everything I wear, I want it to have an effortless feel to it. I always want to be comfortable in my clothes and feel like myself, but I like to usually throw in some edge in there somewhere, even just with a leather jacket. But overall, always gotta keep it classy!
Tori Kelly
I like living on that edge, musically. I like a bit of insecurity and that feeling of not really knowing what’s going to happen.
Kamasi Washington
You can become a winner only if you are willing to walk over the edge.
Damon Runyon
I think good art happens on that edge between comfortable and in a lot of pain, you know what I mean?
Liz Phair
I was presenting the Baftas live on BBC1, and as I skipped down the steps on to the stage at the start, I felt my heel clip the edge of the last step. Fortunately there was just a stumble, but one centimetre more and that could have been the most dramatic entrance of any awards host.
Angus Deayton
I’ve always played that edge of fact and fiction. I used to be a filmmaker, and certainly in film that’s a line that filmmakers cross more readily and more easily than novelists.
Ruth Ozeki
Revolutions and their aftermaths, of course, are always fluid and fickle times, and the outcome is often perched on a knife’s edge.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
The Earth isn’t an infinite sheet that carries on for ever, but it doesn’t have an edge, either. It’s compact and connected.
Janna Levin
I grew up in Solihull, on the edge of what was then the Birmingham conurbation. It was a good place to write comedy from. I didn’t feel allegiance to anything. I didn’t have working-class pride or upper-class superiority.
Stewart Lee
If there’s any profit to be had in Nashville-Underground, it’s very long term. We’re not about money, which gives us an edge over the labels.
Lari White
We don’t believe that winning elections and winning any amount of votes will win freedom in Ireland. At the end of the day, it will be the cutting edge of the IRA which will bring freedom.
Martin McGuinness
In our system, at about 11:30 on election night, they just push you off the edge of the cliff-and that’s it. You might scream on the way down, but you’re going to hit the bottom, and you’re not going to be in elective office.
Walter F. Mondale
There’s rock n’ roll in hip-hop, there’s rock n’ roll in pop music, there’s rock n’ roll in soul, there’s rock n’ roll in country. When you see people dress, and their style has an edge to it, that rebellious edge that bubbles up in every genre, that’s rock n’ roll. Everybody still wants to be a rock star, you know?
John Varvatos
People love a good thriller that makes them sit on their edge of their seats.
Amala Akkineni
To get to the top, you must have an edge to your game, like Ramos does.
Aymeric Laporte
I’ve always been more interested in organisms that can move on their own than in stationary plants. But when I canoe or hike along the edge of lakes or oceans and see trees that seem to be growing out of rock faces, I am blown away. How do they do it?
David Suzuki
You name it, we’re out there with the latest and the best cutting edge.
Helen Gurley Brown
San Franciscans know we live in the most beautiful city in the world, a jewel on the edge of the Golden Gate.
Gavin Newsom
I’ve always enjoyed shows like ‘The X-Files,’ where you’re on the edge of your seat and you’re so invested in these characters.
Jill Scott
I have real admiration for chefs who can maintain an edge and find new inspiration in their cooking after many years.
Daniel Boulud
Some people go to Berlin to get more cutting edge; I went and started wearing lederhosen and going to visit baroque palaces.
Rufus Wainwright
Brian Eno developed systems to keep himself on edge and to keep himself in a position where he’s generating ideas.
Jon Brion
You should not translate for more than two hours at a time. After that, you lose your edge, the language becomes clumsy, rigid.
Tom Stoppard
You’re not human if you don’t feel fear. But I’ve learnt to treat fear as an emotion that sharpens me. It’s there to give me that edge for what I have to do.
Bear Grylls
I always try to keep that feeling of being on the edge. I’m afraid of knowing too well and seeming mechanical.
Catherine Deneuve
I’ve never recorded anyone else’s songs. I’m not interested. If you gave me a song by Bono and Edge and promised me a number one hit with it I’d still say no. That, for me, is not the kind of success I want.
Gilbert O’Sullivan
‘Losing My Edge’ was an anthem for the aging music nerd, with lyrics detailing a comically epic list of historical dates, bands and attended gigs: the anti-hipster’s defence against ‘the art-school Brooklynites in little jackets and borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered Eighties.’
Katie Kitamura
I tend to just do whatever I want on an album and try to make it work. I’m just adventurous. It’s most exciting to be at the edge of your abilities. I want to see how far I can push things.
I had an edge in ‘Andhadhun’ because, being a musician, I knew how to play a guitar, so it was not difficult for me to learn a musical instrument.
Ayushmann Khurrana
You’ve got to try to find some type of mental edge on your opponent.
Derrick Lewis
Both the man of science and the man of action live always at the edge of mystery, surrounded by it.
J. Robert Oppenheimer
‘Outside’ came in ’60. ‘The Edge’ in ’61. All three made Gold, but the biggest seller was ‘Inside.’
Shelley Berman
I grew up on the edge of a national park in Canada – timberwolves, creeks, snow drifts.
Dan Aykroyd
A lot of coaches could ration out their time. They could delegate. They would make time for their family. But when I was coaching I would almost laugh at those guys. I knew we were working the extra hours to get an edge on them.
Jimmy Johnson
I once did an event with Ian Rankin where he said he didn’t really need to do much background research because his books are set in the present, and I just thought: ‘You lucky, lucky beast!’ because as a historical novelist, I live constantly on the edge of wondering whether tissues had been invented.
Sara Sheridan
Wrestling has always been on that edge of a cliff in many areas as far as what is politically correct and not.
Brandi Rhodes
I was a diver. Looking back, I realize that putting yourself out there, literally, on the edge of the platform is very similar to doing live TV. It’s taking the plunge and knowing, with lots of practice, it’ll work out fine.
Lara Spencer
With nearly all students leaving public high school having taken some vocational education, this bill continues to provide communities with the funding necessary to give students an edge on career training.
John M. McHugh
The technology at the leading edge changes so rapidly that you have to keep current after you get out of school. I think probably the most important thing is having good fundamentals.
Gordon Moore
What I always meant by that was that I do believe that a lot of directors, and writers, and sometimes producers just lose their edge because they haven’t seen anybody or talked to anybody or been with anybody who isn’t a kind of replica of themselves for a long period of time.
Buck Henry
I enjoy getting things done. My philosophy is the edge, the edge of something. There’s where we have to go in local government, in not only the philosophy but the creativity in people around you. They have to go to the edge.
Richard M. Daley
S Club 7, in some ways, was a continuation of some of the things I’d have liked to have done with the Spice Girls. It was also a shift in tone. S Club was this equality of boys and girls, very positive, very uplifting, didn’t have the edge of the Spice Girls. I didn’t want to repeat it.
Simon Fuller
What frustrates me more than anything is that I push on so far and people become complacent, lose that bit of edge, and it’s very difficult to keep driving people on. That’s probably the greatest fault of mine: I expect everybody to be like me.
Tony Pulis
One of the things that pushed me over the edge was that people on the Left were calling me names. How many kicks in the teeth do you have to endure.
Cindy Sheehan
One of the big takeaways from Iraq was that you have to not lose confidence in what you are doing. We were able to go to the edge of the abyss without losing hope.
Stanley A. McChrystal
I was world’s champion in every aspect of the life. Whether it was sitting in a steak house eating a steak or getting onto the edge of the ring with two or three people standing there, it was all the same to me. I was world’s champion, and for that reason, I was world’s champion.
Harley Race
You just hope to do music that people will embrace… music that will be cutting edge and will be recognized.
Philip Bailey
Sometimes if I’m in my head before a take, I’ll just like to reach out to the closest thing to me – the wall or a sharp edge – and just push into it. That way, my physical experience is totally contemporaneous and not in the clouds.
Timothee Chalamet
Administration policies seem to tacitly encourage those who live below sea level in New Orleans to relocate permanently, to leave the dangerous water’s edge for more prosperous inland cities such as Shreveport or Baton Rouge.
Douglas Brinkley
I thought I’d get over being insecure if I became famous, but it hasn’t happened. It just gets worse, really. You get more and more on edge, more nervous. These are all the things I’m dealing with. You think if you get famous, fear will go away and problems will go away. But they don’t.
Christian Slater
Ever crack an egg into simmering water only to watch the white spread out and form wispy tentacles? It happened to me until I came across this game-changing fix: Break the egg into a sieve set over a bowl. The watery outer edge of the white will drain through, leaving the thicker white and yolk intact.
Claire Saffitz
I believe that if you feel good and if you look good when you’re playing, it can give you the extra edge that you might need.
Grigor Dimitrov
If youre sure that everything youre going to do is going to be good, then whats the point? I used to think of it as just crippling self-doubt. Now I kind of see it as a sign that Im teetering on the edge of something new. Or troubling.
Grayson Perry
I have thought about the next steps, and you know, they still don’t know that I can dance. They don’t know it, and it’s frustrating me because I feel that it’s an edge that I have, and I’m not talking about I took this hip hop class, I’m talking about this is how people actually know me.
Naima Adedapo
‘Tis the sharpness of our mind that gives the edge to our pains and pleasures.
Michel de Montaigne
What is interesting to me is to find ways to work with early-stage innovators to build from the edge and work on tomorrow’s ideas.
Julius Genachowski
Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty.
Jacob Bronowski
I don’t regret the decision to retire. My body was losing its edge. I was taking longer to recover from injuries. You have to get out at some point.
David Beckham
I started doing sculpture in 1959. I had no commissions then. They were painted, similar in style to the paintings… At a certain point, I decided I didn’t want an edge between two colors, I wanted color differences in literal space.
Ellsworth Kelly
It’s incumbent on you to play games outside your region that will really test you. That’s important to keep your edge.
Jill Ellis
Mel Gibson was lovely. He was on the edge of both scenes that I had with Danny Glover.
Tom Atkins
I like living on the edge.
James Dyson
The biggest edge I live on is directing. That’s the most scary, dangerous thing you can do in your life.
Tony Scott
Putting women in military combat is the cutting edge of the feminist goal to force us into an androgynous society.
Phyllis Schlafly
I learned it was crucial to play right on the edge of the beat… It makes you drive the song more. You’re ahead of the beat, but you’re not.
Glen Campbell
Honestly, it’s such a personal issue, I really don’t think my feud with Edge will ever end. It’s almost comparable to the Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels thing. There is just such legit hatred between the two guys.
Matt Hardy
Trying to outplay my sister or come out from her shadow, I think that gave me an edge, or a chip on my shoulder. That’s where the flair and a little bit of the drama came from.
Reggie Miller
Anyway I feel myself a bit on the edge on the art world, but I don’t mind, I’m just pursuing my work in a very excited way. And there isn’t really a mainstream anymore, is there?
David Hockney
We played out on the street every single day as a family, with neighbours, at the community centres, and I developed the desire to win very early. That environment instilled a competitive edge in me, which has paid dividends in my life.
Nikita Parris
Everything that happened to me as a child was the perfect breeding ground for a rock n’ roll singer. It toughened me up. I was on edge; I was needy. I needed people to like me ’cause it made me feel safe… and that gave me confidence.
Jimmy Barnes
I always thought my big brother was the coolest. We were very close when I was young, and we still are in many ways! He was a very open-minded, urban guy with an outdoorsy edge. He is mostly responsible for exposing me to art and culture.
Rekha Sharma
Every day I think, ‘Gosh, I wish I could be like George Carlin, Bill Maher: I want that edge.’ But every time I start to get that edgy thing, I get kind of mean.
Tom Smothers
The research rat of the future allows experimentation without manipulation of the real world. This is the cutting edge of modeling technology.
John Spencer
A conventional truth can be important – it’s essential to learn elementary mathematics, for example – but it won’t give you an edge. It’s not a secret.
Peter Thiel
Players that tend to respond to adversity the right way and triumph in the end are players with strong character. If you have enough guys like that in the clubhouse, you have an edge on the other team.
Theo Epstein
There are loads of fan sites for the ‘Edge,’ including deviant art, song lyrics using ‘Edge’ language, multiple entries on Wikipedia, there are even some ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ games all about the ‘Edge.’
Chris Riddell
I see the people in the tabloids, the ones that get bad press, who have kind of gone off the edge, and I try to study them so that I don’t do that. It seems like they lost focus at some point – that’s the one thing they all have in common.
Cory Monteith
I like walking on the edge.
Levon Helm
The smell of fuel, driving on the limit on the edge of sliding, it just gives you a lot of adrenaline.
Max Verstappen
I fear nothing. I fly around and do things a guy 6-2 and 240 would not do. That gives me an edge.
Rohan Marley
Elections, in India, are ‘over to the people’ time. And it is probably the one time in their lives when politicians, and political parties, of all hues walk the razor edge of panic.
N. Bhaskara Rao
The existing principle of selfish interest and competition has been carried to its extreme point; and, in its progress, has isolated the heart of man, blunted the edge of his finest sensibilities, and annihilated all his most generous impulses and sympathies.
Frances Wright
I get magnetically pulled towards a project because there’s something in it that offers me the opportunity to explore the edge of my understanding about myself.
Maggie Gyllenhaal
You need to feel that the game is important to you. Lose that feeling and you lose your edge. There’s no faking that kind of emotion. You can’t invent the feeling. It’s got to be natural, real.
Dan Marino
I’m digging Batman. I’m digging that balance, that duality. He’s always on the edge and trying to balance himself within the rules of what’s lawful and justice, and being Bruce Wayne and being Batman.
Ziggy Marley
I was a bit disappointed to discover that the French Riviera seems to have a large motorway running along the edge of it.
Lucy Worsley
I’m right on the edge of getting another movie. It’s between me and a famous person. The studio said they’re thinking about going with somebody with a name. I said, ‘That’s great! Because I have one!’
Bonnie Hunt
Yes, I’ve heard of the ‘Mad Men’ comparisons, but I like to think ‘The Hour’ has its own distinctive voice. Although it is set in 1956, I have tried to give it a contemporary edge, and its themes of love, passion, romance, fury, professional jealousy, and personal failure are universal, I think.
Abi Morgan
It had to happen to me sometime: sooner or later, I would have to lose sight of the cutting edge. That moment every technical person fears – the fall into knowledge exhaustion, obsolescence, techno-fuddy-duddyism – there was no reason to think I could escape it forever.
Ellen Ullman
I’m not likely to be attracted to characters I’ve already done. I have to be almost frightened by the possibility of taking it on. Over the years, I realise I must enjoy walking that edge; I keep doing it.
Mark Harmon
‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’ came out of a huge body of work that had tons of very happy songs.
Bruce Springsteen
I thought this must be obvious to everyone else, as it seemed obvious to me; and that, if once it became apparent that we were on the edge, all the Great Powers would call a halt and recoil from the abyss.
Edward Grey
I am not sorry the CIA went to the edge of the law in the aftermath of 9/11 to prevent further mass-casualty attacks on the U.S.
Bret Stephens
We’re actually helping advance HTML5 in some very concrete ways, such as Edge, which is in beta.
Kevin Lynch
What’s so wonderful about being 6’3″. What is this mythical edge tall men have over average and short men?
Regis Philbin
The game of investing is a process of discovering who you are, what you’re interested in, what you’re good at, what you love to do, then magnifying that until you gain a sizable edge over all the other people.
Li Lu
You have competition throughout your whole life, and it only makes you better. That competitive edge gives you extra motivation.
Danny Welbeck
White women love me ’cause of my edge. And I love white women.
Tracy Morgan
There’s a part of me that’s always charging ahead. I’m the curious kid, always going to the edge.
Yo-Yo Ma
Athletes are used to battling. The public would never learn their names if professional athletes had not shown courage at an early age. They learn they can overcome, but sometimes this becomes a false sense of security that leads them to the edge.
George Vecsey
I’m well aware of the rules, and I don’t want to play to the edge of them.
Owen Farrell
We know that the nation that goes all-in on innovation today will own the global economy tomorrow. This is an edge America cannot surrender.
Barack Obama
I absolutely love to work and when they asked me to appear on ‘Edge of Night’ I thought it would be great fun.
Amanda Blake
The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation. The hand is the cutting edge of the mind.
Diane Arbus
In The States I would have no edge, no advantage at all.
Nigel Dennis
I had this extraordinary role-model of rags to riches success in my grandfather and yet I was a girl, and girls in a very military family were not meant to have professional careers. I think that created the spur and edge to drive me on.
Dido Harding
Our original name was Wild Country, but when we first went to The Bowery, they had the name of all 50 states around the edge of the club, so we went to the sign that said ‘Alabama’ and stuck our band name underneath it.
Randy Owen
This is the front edge of the spiritual, psychological movement and is where the tools of psychology have finally come together to create a mass healing. I think spiritual psychology is the next wave.
Kenny Loggins
I often hear actors say during their interviews: ‘I want to play a crazy person, a murderer, or someone who’s on edge.’ But that question scares me. I mean, of course there are characters I’d like to play, but I can’t really say specifically who they are. It’s much too hard to play a convincing normal person as it is.
Li Bingbing
Technology is an enabler; you have to be at the cutting edge of technology – there is no choice.
Uday Kotak
I loved ‘The Secret of NIMH.’ When that came out, it felt like, ‘Wow, this is something really, really new.’ It looked like a Disney film, but it felt very cutting edge to me. To a twelve-year-old kid, it seemed very inspiring.
Rich Moore
With giant sites like Facebook and MySpace becoming as generic as Yahoo and AOL of old, more and more sites will be looking for an edge by drilling down deeply to serve a highly targeted audience.
Kara Swisher
My favorite artists are able to take things to the edge or just over the edge. Miles Davis and Duane Allman, for example. It’s about not playing too many notes. Those guys had lots of phases to their careers, but they always played with economy and intelligence.
Derek Trucks
Moving to Trinidad was a great experiment. I never knew what it would do to my work or even if it would be accepted by people and not be seen as me just falling off the edge of the earth.
Chris Ofili
The Normans came over, lance in hand, burning and trampling down every thing before them, and cutting off the Saxon dynasty and the Saxon nobles at the edge of the sword; but the right of petition remained untouched.
Caleb Cushing
Of all celestial bodies within reach or view, as far as we can see, out to the edge, the most wonderful and marvellous and mysterious is turning out to be our own planet earth. There is nothing to match it anywhere, not yet anyway.
Lewis Thomas
You see a lot of us lingering around. We’ll just stand there on the edge of the pool and kinda psych ourselves up into getting in.
Natalie Coughlin
Human beings are remarkably resilient. When you think about it, our species has been teetering upon the edge of the existential cliff since Hiroshima. In short, we endure.
Rick Yancey
Music Box has proven itself in a few short years to be a cutting edge distributor with a sophisticated understanding of both the market and cinema.
Ira Sachs
The sparrow that is twittering on the edge of my balcony is calling up to me this moment a world of memories that reach over half my lifetime, and a world of hope that stretches farther than any flight of sparrows.
Donald G. Mitchell
I guess the characters I play may be at the more destructive edge of the spectrum, more damaged or whatever, but I find a lot of female roles uninteresting.
Lili Taylor
Students raised on Park Avenue are born into family situations in which overachieving merely maintains the status quo, and therefore the market is primed for anyone offering services that provide an edge on local peers.
Eliot Schrefer
I love The Edge’s guitar style; it is unique. There is an ancient world resonating in his guitar sound.
Ludovico Einaudi
Crucially, I’d like to thank Labour party members up and down the country for sticking with us. For their active citizenship, their willingness to engage in our democracy, and for being there at the cutting edge of making our democracy work.
David Blunkett
I don’t make political statements; let’s all have a laugh. Let’s all live and be free. I try and live to the letter of the law, but right on the edge of it.
Mark Roberts
I think that continuity is the most important way to create a city that functions properly and has a competitive edge in the international era.
Park Won-soon
I never want to be a spectacle, but I also feel like a look should always have a little bit of an edge.
Kat Graham
The low carbon economy is at the leading edge of a structural shift now taking place globally.
William Hague
Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look like a winner. Even if you are behind, a sustained look of control and confidence can give you a mental edge that results in victory.
Diane Arbus
The last thing I want is for people to say that the music is nice. It’s not nice. It sounds good, but it’s got grit, and it’s got edge. It never veers into sweet.
Lukas Forchhammer
I usually have three fried eggs every morning. It always has to be three: two is just not enough, and three won’t put me over edge.
Ali Krieger
For me, Edge was just a character.
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Richard J. Roberts
You think about all the years that a USA volleyball team has been in the Olympics and have tried and have fallen short. Then to feel like you’re pushing for something and you’re trying to find that edge and then you finally do it, it’s like, Whoa, it worked!’
Jordan Larson
You should never feel comfortable. There is something wrong if you are. You should always feel under threat, on the edge of your seat and pushing yourself. Win one and you want to win more. It’s never-ending.
Damon Hill
Baltimore breeds a really specific type of weirdo. Animal Collective is from Baltimore. Dan Deacon, John Waters. There’s a through line of weirdness and a hard edge that I see when I meet people from that area.
James Ransone
Both poker and investing are games of incomplete information. You have a certain set of facts and you are looking for situations where you have an edge, whether the edge is psychological or statistical.
David Einhorn
As a kid, I was always more interested in watching others than being the centre of attention. I’ve always felt that you can see a lot more and learn a lot more when you’re standing on the edge.
Shaun Evans
Gonpo Tso was born a princess. As a young woman, she dressed in fur-trimmed robes with fat ropes of coral beads strung around her neck. She lived in an adobe castle on the edge of the Tibetan plateau with a reception room large enough to accommodate the thousand Buddhist monks who once paid tribute to her father.
Barbara Demick
I have to tell you, virtually every country I’ve gone to, the Catholic church is on the cutting edge of social change. Really extraordinary.
Kerry Kennedy
‘Pied Piper’ came to me all at once; I wanted to do a fairy-tale movie with some edge, but not ‘dark,’ per se.
Max Landis
You lose attitude when you feel too comfortable, so I prefer to wear clothes that have a certain edge to them.
Carine Roitfeld
Cutting edge, breakthrough, television. That’s what we want to do.
Anthony Michael Hall
Truth is handsomer than the affectation of love. Your goodness must have some edge to it, else it is none.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I want my health to be perfect when I’m pushing the edge.
Dean Potter
A crunk attitude you’re just rowdy, rahhhhh! You’re just crunk. But you add the crunk rock to it, and it gives you some edge.
Lil Jon
Joan Rivers telling Lauren Bacall her dress is all wrong is like Carrot Top telling Lenny Bruce he needs to get an edge.
Dennis Miller
Growing up, my parents always played artists like Alanis Morissette, Aerosmith and Michael Jackson, so I just grew to love their music. And I just love so many diverse artists for different reasons; some for their instruments, some for their edge, some for their vocals.
Everyone has different things they like in terms of board setup. The grind of the board and how it’s waxed – you want to make sure that the speed of the board is right for the conditions of the halfpipe. And then there’s the edges and the bevel of the edge.
Gretchen Bleiler
I have a lot of Breton striped top and silk shirts that always feel good. I also like things with a masculine edge and dislike anything too girly.
Jessica Raine
For the kid in me that had a rockier edge and wanted to be Stevie Nicks, it’s been fulfilling that I’ve met Dave Navarro and Dave Grohl, these amazing artists that have given encouragement.
Tiffany Darwish
So no, I don’t think we’ve lost our edge at all.
Vince McMahon
Throughout the history of communications, we’ve seen that the country that sets the pace in rolling out each new generation of wireless technology gains an economic edge.
Ajit Pai
I got married at the lighthouse , the 16th-century Forte de Sao Miguel Arcanjo, on the edge of the promontory of Sitio.
Garrett McNamara
Every movie I make I find kind of excruciating. I get a lot back from it, but I feel like I’m kind of always working at the edge of my ability. I guess that’s what I’m looking for when I go to work. I am trying to become the edge.
Michelle Williams
It’s fun to be on the edge. I think you do your best work when you take chances, when you’re not safe, when you’re not in the middle of the road, at least for me, anyway.
Danny DeVito
People with Parkinson’s are not some weird people on the edge of human experience.
Helen Mirren
I think when you’re doing something cutting edge like ‘The Matrix,’ it might mean when everybody’s saying ‘no’ that you’re really on the right track.
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Prescott National Forest is right on the edge of my home in Arizona.
Maynard James Keenan
Edge was part of my fascination with KISS and Cheap Trick and Queen, mixed with wrestling.
I’m apparently attracted to things that are on the edge of what America really wants to watch: ‘Six Feet Under,’ ‘Sports Night,’ ‘Dirty Sexy Money,’ and ‘Parenthood’ were always struggling in the ratings. It was kind of heartbreaking not knowing if we get to come back every season.
Peter Krause
I want to work with guys like Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker, Edge and have good feuds and do entertaining stuff, and I know I’m capable of it.
Randy Orton
I’m a product of good nutrition, cutting edge supplementation and hard training, and I’m an old guy.
Warren Cuccurullo
If I am training on a holiday, most likely nobody else is – and that gives me the edge. If I’m supposed to run for 20 minutes and I get back and it’s only been 19:34, I’m going to jog in a circle for 26 more seconds. I’m never going to cut it short.
Carli Lloyd
There is no reason why, with the huge potential for market out there in the world for fuel-efficient vehicles, we can’t be the cutting edge for change.
Jennifer Granholm
I’m the youngest of three children. We lived beside a big beech wood, on the edge of the moors, in Northumberland, which was enormously good fun.
Alexander Armstrong
I’ve been in the shallow end of a pool, just kind of walking around, but this was my first time really swimming – and I was horrified! I actually lost it whenever I saw the edge of the pool. But I took baby steps and rewarded myself every step of the way.
Monique Coleman
When you know who your customers are, that can give you an edge on the competition.
Alain Bouchard
Apple took the edge off the word ‘computer.’
Steve Jobs
Growing up in a particular neighborhood, growing up in a working-class family, not having much money, all of those things fire you and can give you an edge, can give you an anger.
Gary Oldman
It’s not like Alaska isn’t wilderness – it mostly is. But most Alaskans don’t live in the wild. They live on the edge of the wild in towns with schools and cable TV and stores and dentists and roller rinks sometimes. It’s just like anyplace else, only with mountains and moose.
Tom Bodett
It’s often difficult to slough off all that we’ve acquired, all the comforts and safety nets modern life provides for us, and realize that in those days, people were living very much on the edge – life was incredibly hard!
Derek Jacobi
Scientific facts are often described in textbooks as if they just sort of exist, like nickels someone picked up on the street. But science at the cutting edge, conducted by sharp minds probing deep into nature, is not about self-evident facts. It is about mystery and not knowing. It is about taking huge risks.
Richard Preston
Charlie would be so proud of what these young people are accomplishing today and, in true Charlie fashion, would encourage them to walk to the very edge of their comfort zone and then take another step.
Lynn Schusterman
On the grounds of prestigious musical organizations that come and go, New York has the edge.
Jeffrey Tate
I always really enjoyed Edge’s entrance theme. Also Stone Cold. WWE once asked me in an interview, if I had to change my entrance music, whose would I choose, and I said Edge. So they created a video of me using that song, and I was like, ‘I’m in love.’
I spent my last year of high school in Latin America, and there’s a edge of salsa under all of my rhythms.
Stephen Stills
Once a week, someone tells me to toughen up, get a sharper edge. I don’t do that.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
When one jumps over the edge, one is bound to land somewhere.
D. H. Lawrence
WWE really likes to keep its fans on the edge of their seats and on their toes.
Jake Hager
For a writer, you definitely do not want to be in the mainstream. You want to be on the edge because that’s where the vantage point is. That’s where you can see.
Ruth Ozeki
From a backstage perspective, one of the things I always tried to do in wrestling was maintain that I was Adam. Edge was a character.
California serves as our nation’s cutting edge on many fronts.
Kevin de Leon
Central Philippines has the competitive edge in tourism in its natural wonders and the extraordinary hospitality of its people.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
The year the bus drivers went on strike in Pittsburgh, I was twenty-three and living on the edge of the city in a neighborhood that was on the verge of becoming a ghetto. I had just been fired from a good job as a cartographer in a design studio where I had worked for about four months.
Said Sayrafiezadeh
Finding original source material is not easy, but when something special like ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ comes along, everybody recognized it. I wasn’t swimming against the stream. Warner Brothers immediately supported it, Tom Cruise signed on instantly; Emily Blunt, who was our first choice, signed on immediately.
Doug Liman
I’ve experienced huge kindness here, a great welcome and some very generous reviews without the snide social edge I often suffer from at home. I’m not patronized here either, which I much appreciate!
Joanna Trollope
The sun was like a great visiting presence that stimulated and took its due from all animal energy. When it flung wide its cloak and stepped down over the edge of the fields at evening, it left behind it a spent and exhausted world.
Willa Cather
There’s nothing like living a little close to the edge that gets you motivated to ensure that you get the credentials you need to succeed.
Thomas Friedman
The media thinks that only the cutting edge of science, the very latest controversies, are worth reporting on. How often do you see headlines like ‘General Relativity still governing planetary orbits’ or ‘Phlogiston theory remains false’? By the time anything is solid science, it is no longer a breaking headline.
Eliezer Yudkowsky
When you’re trying to come up with a good approach to reporting on the bleeding edge of where the conversation’s moving, you’re just leaving a lot of people who aren’t on the bleeding edge of that conversation out.
Ezra Klein
My favorite film is Gene Tierney and Tyrone Power in The Razor’s Edge.
Terence Stamp
NAPP was created as a resource for people who are serious about Photoshop. NAPP is designed to keep our members on the cutting edge of the latest developments, tips, and tricks used by some of the most accomplished Photoshop professionals.
Scott Kelby
The usual practice just isn’t enough. I want more edge over my opponents. Cross-training is so important. I can improve myself and have a lower impact on my body.
Blake Griffin
In the South, dove hunts do not draw quietly to a close. Sometimes, at the simplest end, a grill and cooler are hauled to the edge of the field, and the doves’ breasts are grilled – usually swaddled in bacon, maybe with a jalapeno tucked inside – as the hunters tell and retell tales of the day’s shooting.
Jonathan Miles
Basketball Without Borders gave me an edge.
Pascal Siakam
I have always been terrified of the death of my parents. I never knew if I could count on myself. I never knew if that would send me over the edge.
Dan Pallotta
Basic research is to work at the very edge, the very border of, of knowledge, and move that border forward. You look and look for new secrets, and you don’t know where it’s going to lead you.
Fred Kavli
I’ve always liked New York, as I like towns with an edge and New York has a European feel, so when I came to play music here in the ’80s it was a surprise to me.
Billy Childish
Psychological edge is massive in sprinting.
Mark Cavendish
Most men have always wanted as much as they could get; and possession has always blunted the fine edge of their altruism.
Katharine Elizabeth Fullerton Gerould
Only a good actor has an edge over a weak actor. A hardworking actor has an edge over a lazy actor. Nationality has nothing to do with it.
Mahira Khan
I enjoy trying to inspire myself. I enjoy the artistic side of everything. Music, art, fashion, everything. I just like to be on the cutting edge of it. I’m into designing houses and interior design. I like change. I like creating things out of nothing.
Chris Kirkpatrick
You don’t have a Batman without Bruce Wayne. Batman is the edge or scary image for Bruce to use.
Paul Dini
Melo has a chance to be a better player than me, for sure. I feel at the same age, he’s better than me. In real time, I don’t think he’s better than me. But I’m the big brother so I’m always going to have that edge over him.
Lonzo Ball
This is an exciting time. I believe we stand at the edge of a new age – a Golden Age – of freedom that will rival any of the great eras of world history because it will be the entire world itself that is changing.
Joe Lieberman
Though it sold very well, I hated ‘The Edge.’
Shelley Berman
You know, being an ‘other’ in this world, you’re walking around in a horror movie at all times, you’re always on edge and wondering when the monster is going to jump out and get you. I feel like that’s the experience of African-Americans and queer people in America.
Misha Green
Whatever we do, whatever our backgrounds, we’ve all had some kind of advantage somewhere along the way. Some break that might have gone to someone else. Some edge or inside track we couldn’t have counted on.
Ivanka Trump
I don’t think that – you know, I’m sure that there’s guys that are doing it, because I’m sure in every sport there’s players who want to get the edge. But I think that it’s been blown overly – way more than guys are using it in our game.
Rafael Palmeiro
One of my earliest memories is of seeing my mother in her beach chair, reading a book under an umbrella by the water’s edge while my sisters and I played beside her. Of all the life lessons she taught me, that is one of my favorites: to take time at a place I love, restore my spirit with books and the beach.
Luanne Rice
We were looking almost one-tenth of the way to the edge of the universe. We’re planning to use the facilities we have to make improvements by another factor of 10… a strain sensitivity that is 10 times smaller. This means looking 10 times further out into the universe.
Rainer Weiss
There’s been a gap between perception and reality, the perception being that California is on the cutting edge of gun safety legislation when, in fact, there are a number of areas where we have fallen behind.
Gavin Newsom
Art fairs bring attention to up and coming artists and some amazing new works. They are a way to connect everyone with what’s happening at the cutting edge of art, both new and historic.
Paul Allen
I get up at six to work out. I’ve done it since school, it’s always been part of my life. It’s a good way to take the edge off. I like getting up early; I’ve got a daughter, I’m a single dad.
Ray Liotta
I’m straight edge. I’ve never touched a drug, and I want to show kids that you can accomplish big things the right way.
Tecia Torres
We’re always trying to stay on the cutting edge but also, at the same time, do something that’s real. We’re never going to do something that’s not us.
Howie Dorough
I have lots of records, quite a collection, actually, that I stole from my mom. I have the original ‘Thriller’ album and I have a really great ‘Elton John’s Greatest Hits,’ and I also have a N.E.R.D. album. Records sound more original. They have more edge.
Elisha Cuthbert
The most direct evidence of the wonderful plasticity and elasticity of red corpuscles is obtained when they are watched in a current, where they can be caught against a projecting edge and bent by the pressure of the current flowing past them.
August Krogh
‘Sweet Genius’ viewers will be on the edge of their seats as we continue to push the limits with inspirations and ingredients, while showcasing the talents of some of the best pastry chefs around. As a result, the desserts that the chefs create are truly outrageous.
Ron Ben-Israel
Those are the kinds of roles you can really sink your teeth into. Characters with an edge. When you’re playing someone who’s sort of seedy, there’s less limitation, there’s so much space you can travel. There’s room to move in.
Matt Dillon
Nobody wants to stay in Green Bay and run laps in the snow and go boxing in the gym. Everybody has what works for them, and I feel as though this works for me – it keeps me hungry, it keeps me with that edge. Other guys get a hard day’s work in, but they’re on the beach afterward.
Mike Daniels
I suppose I’m always a little bit on edge.
Michael McIntyre
If you stand over on the edge of the west coast of Ireland and look west, you are looking at something you can’t see, only imagine. You know America is there, and you can imagine it being there. But you’re also looking into infinity, because you can see nothing.
Sean Scully
I went to a party in Ibiza in 1984 in this house built into the side of a cliff with glass walls. It was the most dramatic thing I’d ever seen. There was a fountain that ran through the house and off the edge of the cliff. If you’ve ever seen the Peter Sellers film ‘The Party,’ it was the spitting image of that.
Martin Kemp
I definitely like a little bit of darkness, a little edge. I get a little bored when things are maybe too simple or too… expected.
Deborah Ann Woll
She liked to drink. Some in the family want to make more of it than that like maybe she needed drinking to take the edge off, but that was the way I always saw it: Mom liked to drink.
Jeff Bauman
When there’s a decision and it was a close fight, you build up the drama. I announce the first two scores, and then I have a count in my head, right up to the point where everyone is on the edge of their seats thinking ‘Come on!’ and then I hit them with it.
Bruce Buffer
Because there is no cosmic point to the life that each of us perceives on this distant bit of dust at the galaxy’s edge… there is all the more reason for us to maintain in proper balance what we have here. Because there is nothing else. No thing. This is it. And quite enough, all in all.
Gore Vidal
When you grow up in one town and your life revolves around it, you are very aware of any darkness on the edge of town. That’s because it’s scary and it’s inviting.
Melissa Etheridge
Charles Haley changed the way the Cowboys played football in the 90s. And the reason why I say that is because he was such a dominant force coming off the edge, where it took two and three to block him.
Emmitt Smith
Comedy has to be done en clair. You can’t blunt the edge of wit or the point of satire with obscurity. Try to imagine a famous witty saying that is not immediately clear.
James Thurber
When I came in, the city was on the edge of bankruptcy. I’m proud of what I did. I built the foundation that mayors after me built upon – particularly Bloomberg. But the foundation was essential because if it hadn’t occurred, we would have been another Detroit.
Ed Koch