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Destroy Quotes

Destroy Quotes by Gertrude Stein, Aesop, David Wilkerson, Russ Feingold, Max Beerbohm, Mohammed Omar and many others.

Every adolescent has that dream every century has that dream every revolutionary has that dream, to destroy the family.
Gertrude Stein
Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin.
Christ died to save this lost world; he did not come to destroy, maim or pour out wrath.
David Wilkerson
It is not patriotic to decide to destroy a new president who was duly elected by an overwhelming margin. It is un-patriotic to resolve to destroy that presidency.
Russ Feingold
To destroy is still the strongest instinct in nature.
Max Beerbohm
We have destroyed 80 percent of the statues. There is only small amount left and we will destroy that soon.
Mohammed Omar
I am so picky about what films I get myself into because it’s such an explosion of energy and commitment once you get in there, you destroy your life until you deliver these films. I never want to be in the position of making films that won’t be a great use of 90 minutes of someone’s life.
Lucy Walker
All the lessons of history in four sentences: Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad with power. The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small. The bee fertilizes the flower it robs. When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.
Charles A. Beard
America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy.
John Quincy Adams
Culture’s essential service to a religion is to destroy intellectual idolatry, the recurrent tendency in religion to replace the object of its worship with its present understanding and forms of approach to that object.
Northrop Frye
He most honors my style who learns under it to destroy the teacher.
Walt Whitman
I didn’t realize that pretending to be this ‘Hills Heidi,’ this spoiled rich girl who I wasn’t, would almost destroy me.
Heidi Montag
Being falsely accused of racism is, at best, unpleasant and at worst, can destroy a career.
Munira Mirza
And I don’t think that success is going to destroy me at this point in my life, like I used to think.
Rosanne Cash
I am not opposed to scientists looking at all ways to combat and destroy the Zika virus.
Carlos Lopez-Cantera
I grew up loving Brazilian soccer. What made me think soccer was cool was these guys making soccer look like fun and easy, and they would just destroy people. It was an art. I loved that. And that’s the way I learned the game and mimicked a style. It’s just so beautiful.
Tobin Heath
Sooner or later, we will face a catastrophic threat from space. Of all the possible threats, only a gigantic asteroid hit can destroy the entire planet. If we prepare now, we better our odds of survival. The dinosaurs never knew what hit them.
Michio Kaku
Until we actually get legislation that protects our rights online, we will continue to fight against stupid, lobbyist-bought legislation. We want bills that protect us, not ones that destroy us.
Alexis Ohanian
God will lead you into a deliverance where the means that delivers you will be those who would destroy you.
Edwin Louis Cole
There’s a lot of journalism about poverty, but sometimes it just helps to see that there’s a real person who becomes a real mom, who is working with unsustainable wages that could eventually destroy her.
Debra Granik
I think I would destroy CM Punk if I’m being honest. I don’t know if anyone would disagree with that.
Logan Paul
Anything written or printed under a print or picture takes the attention from it and, if it is very black or white in any marked degree, will utterly destroy its beauty.
Winslow Homer
I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to study the ocean before we destroy it.
James Cameron
Marriage is a custom brought about by women who then proceed to live off men and destroy them, completely enveloping the man in a destructive cocoon or eating him away like a poisonous fungus on a tree.
Richard Harris
The biggest guru-mantra is: never share your secrets with anybody. It will destroy you.
No government fights fascism to destroy it. When the bourgeoisie sees that power is slipping out of its hands, it brings up fascism to hold onto their privileges.
Buenaventura Durruti
My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that.
Abraham Lincoln
As long as enough people can be frightened, then all people can be ruled. That is how it works in a democratic system and mass fear becomes the ticket to destroy rights across the board.
James Bovard
People can live in nature, and they won’t necessarily destroy it.
Ma Yansong
Aggression is inherently destructive of relationships. People and ideologies are pitted against each other, believing that in order to survive, they must destroy the opposition.
Margaret J. Wheatley
I can understand the individual who is driven by biases. I can sit with him across the table and can talk to him, deal with him. But bias in the man whom we put in the seat of power and who decides to play on it… That man will destroy the very fabric of the nation.
Mahesh Bhatt
The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect.
Peter A. Levine
All those who seek to destroy the liberties of a democratic nation ought to know that war is the surest and shortest means to accomplish it.
Alexis de Tocqueville
Well, I don’t think a specific role can destroy your voice. What can destroy your voice is when you… make an error. Everybody can make an error. But then you need to realize what is your way.
Cecilia Bartoli
I don’t campaign for the end of the aristocracy or the upper classes; I don’t really want to destroy anything at all. I just want more plurality.
Caitlin Moran
Wars based on principle are far more destructive… the attacker will not destroy that which he is after.
Alan Watts
When you as a designer design something that burdens a community with maintenance and old world technology, basically failed developed world technology, then you will crush that community way beyond bad design; you’ll destroy the economics of that community, and often the community socially is broken.
Cameron Sinclair
Serbia did not want to recognize our country in a peaceful way, so that is why they wanted to destroy us. All our efforts to find a peaceful solution were impossible. In order to save the people, NATO had to intervene.
Ibrahim Rugova
It doesn’t suffice to knock the state, to destroy the ideals. Something has to replace those ideals if they’re taken away.
Murray Head
As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy.
Christopher Dawson
There the union of Church and State tends strongly to paralyze some of the members of the body of Christ. Here there is no such influence to destroy spiritual life and power.
Josiah Strong
Bad habits are easy to slip into and good habits are very easy to build. Don’t allow yourself to do something that can destroy you.
Milind Soman
I find it strange the way human nature wants heroes and yet wants to destroy their heroes. It’s a kind of mass insecurity people want something to look up to and get a buzz off but, at the same time, want to destroy it because it makes them feel insecure.
Danielle Dax
I used to swim with these beavers in a beaver pond when I was 10. I went back when I was 11 and found there were no more beavers. I found that trappers had taken them all, so I became quite angry, and that winter I began to walk the trap lines and free animals from the traps and destroy the traps.
Paul Watson
The goals of Russia since 1917 have been to destroy capitalism, discredit democracy, and show that Communist collectivism was the greatest social and political system in the world.
Malcolm Nance
A terrorist nuclear detonation in a western city would destroy all economic confidence.
John Bruton
I don’t even want my music on mainstream radio. They don’t deserve it. They destroy careers.
Your whole life is changed with that first child. Your social behaviors are all turned upside down, you’re sleep deprived, but eight months in, my son had this seizure, and it just woke me up to the idea that, oh, no, this can end. And it can end in a way that will destroy you forever.
Jeff Nichols
I watch actors destroy themselves by trying to get it right.
Frank Langella
When you’re in a band, it’s like everyone’s the CEO, and anyone could destroy it at any moment.
Jack Antonoff
Republicans are consistently right-to-work and they want to eliminate unions or destroy the union way of life.
John Fetterman
Our present time is indeed a criticizing and critical time, hovering between the wish, and the inability to believe. Our complaints are like arrows shot up into the air at no target: and with no purpose they only fall back upon our own heads and destroy ourselves.
William Temple
I love making savory stratas for Christmas morning. I get excited about it. It’s a polenta strata with homemade bread, with a billion eggs and Parmesan cheese. I’ll drizzle truffle oil over the whole thing, which will just destroy people. It’s amazing.
Grace Potter
Radical Islamist extremists surely hope that an attack on Iraq will kill many people and destroy much of the country, providing recruits for terrorist actions.
Noam Chomsky
Twitter is the most impulsive form of social media, but it’s still the most celebrated among politicians and pundits within the Beltway, which is curious, since it can destroy any sense of privacy.
Meghan McCain
Corruption is Ukraine’s main enemy; we must destroy it. It’s really painful to hear that Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe.
Vitali Klitschko
In Serie A if you have an exceptional physique and you train very well you can destroy any opposing defense.
Christian Vieri
It’s not diversity that is going to destroy us, but fear of diversity.
Federica Mogherini
Nobody destroys people – people destroy themselves, and it’s very, very sad.
John Catsimatidis
Our fates are in the hands of An Almighty God, to whom I can with pleasure confide my own; he can save us, or destroy us; his Councils are fixed and cannot be disappointed, and all his designs will be Accomplished.
Abraham Clark
You destroy the initiative of the working people if they don’t feel they have a fighting chance to be a part of the American Dream.
James Sinegal
Being in the public eye, going through so much in life personal and my work, all of that put together it’s either it will destroy you or make you a better person.
Heart Evangelista
The immoral veto of the United States allowed the Israelis, with impunity, to destroy Lebanon. Right in front of all of us as we stood there watching, a resolution in the council was prevented.
Hugo Chavez
Those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.
Richard M. Nixon
Pablo wanted to be loved and accepted. He wanted to destroy the elite he despised so much, but he also wanted to be the president of Colombia.
Wagner Moura
These things will destroy the human race: politics without principle, progress without compassion, wealth without work, learning without silence, religion without fearlessness and worship without awareness.
Anthony de Mello
Cities are made for enemies to destroy.
Will Oldham
Nobody could understand why a guy would love his guitar, then all of a sudden turn around and try to destroy it. Jimi was just different.
Bobby Womack
When God desires to destroy a thing, he entrusts its destruction to the thing itself. Every bad institution of this world ends by suicide.
Victor Hugo
Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?
Abraham Lincoln
We have to be as militant defending America as the enemies of America are in trying to destroy America.
Newt Gingrich
We need to send Barack Obama back to Chicago. I’d like to send him back to Kenya, back to Indonesia. We have to unmask this man. This is a man that seeks to destroy all concept of God. And I will tell you what, this is classical Marxist philosophy.
Rafael Cruz
It was a place that is trying to destroy the individual by every means possible; trying to break his spirit, so that he accepts that he is No. 6 and will live there happily as No. 6 for ever after. And this is the one rebel that they can’t break.
Patrick McGoohan
No matter what vision one has of South Africa, the first thing that must be done is to destroy racism.
Joe Slovo
Help me build the nation, not destroy it from within.
Smriti Irani
I would have the Constitution torn in shreds and scattered to the four winds of heaven. Let us destroy the Constitution and build on its ruins the temple of liberty. I have brothers in slavery. I have seen chains placed on their limbs and beheld them captive.
William Wells Brown
Donald Trump is out to destroy people’s lives, and he’s trying to take our democracy down. That is something we can fight with everything we’ve got, but having compassion for one another while we do it is going to get us a lot further.
Betsy Hodges
To me it seems as plain as can be that the Bible declares that all the wicked will God destroy; again, that those who, during the Millennial age when brought to a knowledge of the truth, shall prove willful sinners will be punished with everlasting destruction.
Charles Taze Russell
Regulation often helps Big Industry remain entrenched in power. The burdensome costs of complying with any new regulation would be a rounding error for the likes of Facebook and Google, but it might completely destroy a promising start-up poised to challenge their dominance.
Charlie Kirk
Indifference may not wreck a man’s life at any one turn, but it will destroy him with a kind of dry-rot in the long run.
Bliss Carman
To destroy the Islamic State, you have to fix Syria. You have to look at the reasons that created the Islamic State. This is a huge task.
Jamal Khashoggi
There will always be those little minds who, out of vanity or intellectual display, will attempt to destroy faith in the very foundations of life.
Ezra Taft Benson
I have a complex feeling about genre. I love it, but I hate it at the same time. I have the urge to make audiences thrill with the excitement of a genre, but I also try to betray and destroy the expectations placed on that genre.
Bong Joon-ho
An asteroid or a supervolcano could certainly destroy us, but we also face risks the dinosaurs never saw: An engineered virus, nuclear war, inadvertent creation of a micro black hole, or some as-yet-unknown technology could spell the end of us.
Elon Musk
I did not destroy the 43 volumes of my diary, which report on all these events and the share I had in them; but of my own accord I handed them voluntarily to the officers of the American Army who arrested me.
Hans Frank
By alienating Muslim communities and our closest allies, Mr. Trump would destroy the partnerships we need to effectively fight terror.
Antony Blinken
I think zombies have always been an easy metaphor for hard times. Because they’re this big, faceless, brainless group of evil things that will work tirelessly to destroy you and think of nothing else.
Seth Grahame-Smith
You know, every time it comes, every time that light comes on or every time that camera comes on, every time that microphone comes on, the Mac Man seek and destroy.
Bernie Mac
Joe Biden’s nomination of gun-grabber David Chipman, who wants to ban, confiscate, and destroy the most popular self-defense and hunting rifle in America owned by millions of American patriots, is a clear indication that the ATF’s war on gun owners is just beginning and is about to crank up.
Marjorie Taylor Greene
I consistently go to therapy and work on this one issue. I’ve devoted an hour every two weeks to ask, ‘How do I be a workaholic, do what we love to do, and not die of a heart attack, destroy myself and my family, and keep my friends?’
Mark Duplass
If you focus on the things you can’t do, you’ll destroy yourself. Just remember everything you can do.
Giles Duley
I was swept by the narrative structure of film… you can create a world, you can destroy it, you can do what you want with it and serve it to people just the way you like.
Karan Johar
Trust takes a lifetime to build, but only a moment to destroy. When looking to build a genuine connection with a mentor, you can simply partake in shared hobbies or activities the mentee or mentor is into, exchange stories, or partake in trust-building workshops together.
Tobias Harris
He who binds to himself a joy Does the winged life destroy; But he who kisses the joy as it flies Lives in eternity’s sun rise.
William Blake
I am deeply concerned about the impact of poverty on children because poverty can destroy their future and bind them to a life of misery.
Grace Poe
I saw Kuwait many times before the war. I remember it as a beautiful place, full of very nice people, and it’s a tragedy to see that somebody could set out to deliberately destroy a country the way the Iraqis have.
Norman Schwarzkopf
People destroy relationships because they force unnecessary issues instead of letting it grow naturally and organically. Once somebody feels trapped or forced into something it’s only a matter of time before they run.
Chris Harrison
The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Whoever will be born must destroy a world.
Hermann Hesse
Criticism and pessimism destroy families, undermine institutions of all kinds, defeat nearly everyone, and spread a shroud of gloom over entire nations.
Gordon B. Hinckley
The learning from my entire career is: never compare yourself to anyone because it’ll destroy you.
Neha Dhupia
I was not chosen to be president to restore capitalism to Cuba. I was elected to defend, maintain and continue to perfect socialism, not destroy it.
Raul Castro
And I believe only with a strong America will we defeat this radical group, this apocalyptic group called ISIS. That’s why when I’m president we are going to rebuild our intelligence capabilities. And they’re going to tell us where the terrorists are. And a rebuilt U.S. military is going to destroy these terrorists.
Marco Rubio
Plagiarism is one of the great academic sins. It has the power to destroy a scholar or writer and turn a lifetime’s work to dust.
Miranda Devine
I remember Iggy and the Stooges’ song ‘Search and Destroy’ reaching out from my speakers to me like my own personal anthem.
Nikki Sixx
We should use every pillar of American power to destroy ISIS.
Todd Wilcox
When anyone has the power to destroy the whole human race in a matter of hours, it becomes a moral issue. The church must speak out.
Billy Graham
Nobody has a problem if you promote your child, even they are incompetent or have no merit. It’s fine, it’s your child, your money. But the problem comes when you destroy my career to protect your child’s or your friend’s career.
Vivek Agnihotri
In every truth, the beneficiaries of a system cannot be expected to destroy it.
A. Philip Randolph
I understand lost love, and I think that can destroy a man more than anything if it was a deep love that is lost somehow.
Sam Elliott
A book is worth a few francs; we Germans can afford to destroy those. We all may not appreciate artistic merit, but cash value is another matter.
Paul Scofield
There are people who wish to do us harm in the most heinous way. They want to kill Americans simply because they are Americans. They wish to destroy our culture and Nation because they don’t like our freedoms, they don’t like the fact that we are prosperous.
Judd Gregg
To destroy images is something every revolution has been able to do.
Alfred Rosenberg
I strive to destroy fear and judgment that once stifled me.
Dan Amboyer
Very conscious of the fact that an effort was being made to destroy my mind, because I was deprived of books, deprived of any means of writing, deprived of human companionship. You never know how much you need it until you’re deprived of it.
Wole Soyinka
Hope lies in having more faith in the power of God to heal us than in the power of anything to hurt or destroy us. In realizing that as children of God we are bigger than our problems, we have the power at last to confront them.
Marianne Williamson
Central to everything I am and believe and have written is my astonishment, naive as it seems to people, that you can use human speech both to bless, to love, to build, to forgive and also to torture, to hate, to destroy and to annihilate.
George Steiner
I figured, if I failed, I’d tried something that I hadn’t tried before and if one movie was going to destroy my career than I didn’t have much of a career to start with. I just went for it. God willing I wasn’t over the top and didn’t embarrass myself.
Elizabeth Pena
Of course there are many factors that led to the Iranian revolution, but back in 1951, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company – which would later become BP – and its principal owner, the British government, conspired to destroy democracy and install a western-controlled regime in Iran.
Adam Curtis
If I have the option, I always read the paper or a book or something I can touch and destroy in my own hands.
Aubrey Plaza
It is statistically proven that the strongest institution that guarantees procreation and continuity of the generations is marriage between one man and one woman. We don’t want genocide. We don’t want to destroy the sacred institution of marriage.
Alveda King
To me it’s incontrovertible that investment in people, investment in business, creates jobs; they don’t destroy jobs.
Stephen Pagliuca
I would be happy to do ‘Sarfarosh 2’. The script should be as good as the first one. I don’t want to destroy the goodwill of the first one.
Sonali Bendre
Obamacare is going to destroy the elderly by denying care, by even perhaps denying treatment to people who are in catastrophic circumstances.
Rafael Cruz
Part of the Khmer Rouge project was not only to destroy individual people, but to destroy the very notion of the individual. I want to simply rebuild the stories of people – it’s part of my fight against the Khmer Rouge agenda.
Rithy Panh
Thatcher was prepared to destroy the world rather than give in on something she believed in.
Ken Livingstone
In a democracy, the one thing that cannot be done is to destroy its trust, its hope, its idealism.
Teresa Heinz
I spent 17 years inside an institution trying to effectively destroy it; can you imagine how popular I am in Brussels? I am the most hated figure that’s ever been in that place. Every time I get up to speak, hundreds of people boo and jeer.
Nigel Farage
An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, the power to destroy.
Daniel Webster
As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it.
It is terrible to destroy a person’s picture of himself in the interests of truth or some other abstraction.
Doris Lessing
I went to church every Sunday and sang in the choir. But for all that the church gave me – for all that it represented belonging, love and community – it also shut its doors to me as a gay person. That experience left me with the lifelong desire to explore the power of religion to transform lives or destroy them.
Roger Ross Williams
When you destroy a population, once femicide happens, we’re going to see the end of humanity, because I don’t know how you sustain a future without vitalised women.
Eve Ensler
Speaking my truth. I think that’s the number one thing, man. That’s my 2018 mantra. Speak your truth, because you hold all that in, it’s going to destroy you.
Jasmine Cephas Jones
Scientific discovery requires sustained funding for decades, and politicians can destroy it in a single budget cycle.
Bill Foster
I drive a Nissan Versa and would never spend real money on a car because I destroy things.
Emily Ratajkowski
If men do not return to God, evil will destroy us.
Jesse Lee Peterson
I don’t know if you realize this, but anger is anger. It has no mind. It has no rationality. It’s mad, and it just wants to destroy.
Bernice King
Vaca Diez, do not destroy our country!
Evo Morales
The French Revolution is the ultimate modernist statement. Destroy everything. Don’t build on the past. There is no past.
John Corigliano
We face paired dangers. The first is that our networks are successfully attacked. The second is that our fear of attack will cause us to destroy what makes the Internet special.
Jonathan Zittrain
I wish I was less good-looking and more unpopular. Then I could get into politics and use my pent-up resentment about being ugly and unpopular to systematically destroy the country.
Taika Waititi
Texas Democrats should be more concerned about what President Obama is doing to destroy the party, and the nation, than about what I am doing in going after him for that.
Kesha Rogers
As Russia, China, and Iran work overtime to destroy us, we cannot afford to have our military’s best and brightest on the sidelines because their own Commander-in-Chief has waged war on their rights.
Ronny Jackson
You cannot be in a position of power and destroy the life of another person.
Pope Francis
I wasn’t with Joseph, but I believe him. My faith did not come to me through science, and I will not permit so-called science to destroy it.
Thomas S. Monson
The enemies cannot destroy the king who has at his service the respect and friendship of the wise men who can find fault, disagree, and correct him.
Let’s not go through that again. Redirect it, reduce the amount of money spent, but let’s not destroy it. Because you don’t know 10 years out what you’re going to face.
William Colby
For the first time in the history of mankind, one generation literally has the power to destroy the past, the present and the future, the power to bring time to an end.
Hubert H. Humphrey
Go on, prove me wrong. Destroy the fabric of the universe. See if I care.
Terry Pratchett
Torture can destroy the social fabric of communities, degrade a society’s institutions, and undermine the integrity of its political systems.
Peter Maurer
We will ensure Arizona continues to grow jobs, not destroy them.
Doug Ducey
When spirituality is the basis of your life, it gives you the strength, wisdom and courage to surmount the many storms of life that could destroy a weaker person who doesn’t have this foundation.
Radhanath Swami
No one has the right to destroy another person’s belief by demanding empirical evidence.
Ann Landers
When I became successful, I put up a caution. I didn’t think it was fair to have the shadow of that kind of success thrown on my family. And I was cautious about being taken by things that could destroy you.
Robert Redford
The question of energy is an important one. The big issue is how to get it, how not to destroy the environment, and how to survive as a species. It’s a big deal.
Sheldon Lee Glashow
Because there is very little honor left in American life, there is a certain built-in tendency to destroy masculinity in American men.
Norman Mailer
We are one people, and we cannot let the power of darkness or Power, Priviledge, and Control – destroy the Light.
Shiva Ayyadurai
We do not know which irresponsible Israeli prime minister will take office and decide to use nuclear weapons in the struggle against neighboring Arab countries. What has already been exposed about the weapons Israel is holding can destroy the region and kill millions.
Mordechai Vanunu
Short fiction and the novel, nonfiction and fiction, electronic texts and books – these are not opposites. One need not destroy the other to survive.
Celeste Ng
I want you to know there is a God. He sits high, but he looks low. He will destroy, but yet he will defend – and he defended me.
Anthony Ray Hinton
I do not mean to say that we should, or could, return to traditional nomadic economies. I do mean to say that there are systems of knowledge and grand poetical schemata derived from the mobile life that it would be foolish to disregard or underrate. And mad to destroy.
Robyn Davidson
We’ve noted that the Clinton camp was the first to get it out there, trying to say there was something untoward about the speech Melania Trump gave. It’s just another example, as far as we’re concerned, that when Hillary Clinton is threatened by a female, the first thing she does is try to destroy the person.
Paul Manafort
Some artists shrink from self-awareness, fearing that it will destroy their unique gifts and even their desire to create. The truth of the matter is quite opposite.
James Broughton
There’s been resistance to every new technology that’s ever been introduced. When books came out hundreds of years ago, there were complaints that it would destroy the oral tradition. Some of those fears were justified, but it didn’t stop the rise of the written word. And books have proven to be incredibly useful.
Jeremy Stoppelman
The quality that defines us as Americans is the courage to respond to being hit. The courage to root out and destroy the killers. And, most importantly, the courage to hold on to our values and protect our hard-won freedoms while doing it.
Nick Clooney
Unesco can rightly be claimed as one of Britain’s greatest contributions to that global architecture of peace, and for Penny Mordaunt to be willing to destroy that legacy by withdrawing Britain’s membership is nothing but historical and cultural vandalism.
Emily Thornberry
Voltaire made up his mind to destroy the superstition of his time. He fought with every weapon that genius could devise or use. He was the greatest of all caricaturists, and he used this wonderful gift without mercy.
Robert Green Ingersoll
When you start over and jump into new tech, you don’t know what the negatives are going to be until you go through a few cycles. We’re always changing our tech, but we don’t wholly destroy it with each game. We’re taking parts out.
Todd Howard
There is a massive apparatus within the United States government that with complete secrecy has been building this enormous structure that has only one goal, and that is to destroy privacy and anonymity, not just in the United States, but around the world.
Glenn Greenwald
Money can destroy people. It really can.
Goldie Hawn
The Internet has given atheists, agnostics, skeptics, the people who like to destroy everything that you and I believe, the almost equal access to your kids as your youth pastor and you have… whether you like it or not.
Josh McDowell
If you let a man that you love or anybody – man, woman or child that you love – sit there and destroy themselves in front of you, you’re neglecting them.
When an animal is infected, either naturally or by experimental injection, with a bacterium, virus, or other foreign body, the animal recognises this as an invader and acts in such a way as to remove or destroy it.
Cesar Milstein
Americans oppose Obamacare because they understand that it is inconsistent with our liberties and our idea of limited government and that it will destroy the best health care system in the world.
David Limbaugh
Purity is not imposed upon us as though it were a kind of punishment, it is one of those mysterious but obvious conditions of that supernatural knowledge of ourselves in the Divine, which we speak of as faith. Impurity does not destroy this knowledge, it slays our need for it.
Georges Bernanos
My three years in politics was very instructive about the way in which the appetite for political power can destroy a human mind, destroy principles and values, and transform people into little monsters.
Mario Vargas Llosa
The planet will get better; it’s us that won’t be here because we’ll destroy the environment.
Scott Kelly
Terrorism takes us back to ages we thought were long gone if we allow it a free hand to corrupt democratic societies and destroy the basic rules of international life.
Jacques Chirac
Feast of the Holy Cross Does not every man feel, that there is corruption enough within him to drive him to the commission of the greatest enormities, and eternally to destroy his soul?
Charles Simeon
I wouldn’t want anyone to destroy the earth.
Sanaa Lathan
For me, running for office is never about trying to destroy an opponent, be it Democratic or Republican. It really ought to be about how can we solve some problems that we’re facing.
Mike Huckabee
Stand not too near the rich man lest he destroy thee – and not too far away lest he forget thee.
Aneurin Bevan
Anyone who seeks to destroy the passions instead of controlling them is trying to play the angel.
People say I am ruthless. I am not ruthless. And if I find the man who is calling me ruthless, I shall destroy him.
Robert Kennedy
We need to focus our energies there, not these broad, blanket, kind of statements that will make it harder for us to deal with ISIS. We need to deal with ISIS in the caliphate. We need a strategy to destroy ISIS there. You can’t do that without the cooperation of the Muslim world because they’re as threatened as we are.
Jeb Bush
I’ve seen makeup destroy people and make them look bad if it’s badly done.
Francois Nars
If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.
One bad review can destroy me. It hurts so bad.
Nell Carter
Meetings should be like salt – a spice sprinkled carefully to enhance a dish, not poured recklessly over every forkful. Too much salt destroys a dish. Too many meetings destroy morale and motivation.
Jason Fried
We really do prefer to build things rather than destroy things, believe it or not.
Jamie Hyneman
You don’t have to destroy an entire industry to rid it of corruption.
Dan Donovan
I think, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been able to be more reckless with my choices, because practically speaking, you get less careful. Your choices become more instinctive, and you feel like if you make a mistake, it won’t destroy you.
Willem Dafoe
Our engineering departments build freeways which destroy a city or a landscape, in the process.
Arthur Erickson
‘National Review’ and ‘The Weekly Standard’ are both left-wing magazines, and I want to destroy them also.
Steve Bannon
When I was in the White House, I was confronted with the challenge of the Cold War. Both the Soviet Union and I had 30,000 nuclear weapons that could destroy the entire earth and I had to maintain the peace.
Jimmy Carter
There is an urgent need for regeneration of fisheries and fostering a sustainable fisheries programme. What I mean is, designing new fishing vessels and nets so that they do not disrupt the fish lifecycle by catching young ones and also do not destroy sea grass beds, which serve as habitats for dugongs.
M. S. Swaminathan
Well the themes for me were and remain sex and love and grief and death – the things that make us and undo us, create and destroy, how we breed and disappear and the emotional context that surrounds these events.
Thomas Lynch
Destroy or take away the employment and wages of those artisans – which the corn laws in a great measure do – and you will, ere long, render the land in Great Britain of as little value as it is in other countries.
Joseph Hume
Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.
George Washington Carver
You can definitely become a victim and let people completely destroy your life.
Tina Yothers
You can see that just with the passing, you can destroy the defense.
Nikola Jokic
We will talk about cooperation to destroy the disease as soon as we can.
Thaksin Shinawatra
Let us reject violence and selfishness which could destroy our country’s unity.
Mwai Kibaki
I relate to the feeling that Da Vinci was often plagued by the idea that what he did wasn’t good enough, that he was his harshest critic. He’d sometimes destroy what he was working on.
David S. Goyer
Of course the Republicans have long wanted to privatize Social Security and destroy it. But Social Security has been the most important and valuable social program in the history of the United States.
Bernie Sanders
Hatred, which could destroy so much, never failed to destroy the man who hated, and this was an immutable law.
James Baldwin
I do not believe that we have to destroy our economy in order to protect our environment. And especially what these programs are asking us to pass that will do nothing to help the environment, but will be devastating for our economy.
Marco Rubio
Government is a true religion: it has its dogmas, its mysteries, its priests. To submit it to the individual discussion is to destroy it; it is given life only through the national mind, that is to say, by political faith, which is a creed.
Joseph de Maistre
We have a lot to gain through furthering stem cell research, but medical breakthroughs should be fundamentally about saving, not destroying, human life. Therefore, I support stem cell research that does not destroy the embryo.
Michael Steele
The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.
Sun Tzu
Don’t buy furs: that’s No. 1. You can start with that. Then spay and neuter your pets. We destroy millions of them a year. Go to an animal shelter for a cat or dog. And read a book about how to care properly for your particular pet.
Loretta Swit
I’m sorry, man, but I’ve got magic. I’ve got poetry in my fingertips. Most of the time – and this includes naps – I’m an F-18, bro. And I will destroy you in the air. I will deploy my ordinance to the ground.
Charlie Sheen
We are all sensible that the king and Tisaphernes have caused as many of us as they could to be apprehended, and it is plain they design, by the same treacherous means, if they can, to destroy the rest.
I don’t know how you completely destroy your dark side.
Sergei Polunin
A union of government and religion tends to destroy government and degrade religion.
Hugo Black
Self-improvement is the name of the game, and your primary objective is to strengthen yourself, not to destroy an opponent.
Maxwell Maltz
I’m 36 and if I met a woman of my own age and married her, I’d also be marrying her former life, her past. It might be OK for some people – I don’t want to judge it or anything – but it’s not for me. It would destroy my creativity.
Henry Rollins
Negative emotions like hatred destroy our peace of mind.
Matthieu Ricard
Death is a word in the dictionary. I don’t believe in that word. I think the most appropriate word is ‘departure’ because we are energy and you can’t create or destroy energy, you can only change its form.
Noel Edmonds
No one consciously wants to destroy themselves. It always comes in a disguise. But then you have to deal with it some way.
Nick Nolte
But you know, the system almost destroyed itself while it was goin’ on trying to destroy us.
Waylon Jennings
We people, maybe because we have the greatest wisdom, we are also mad. We destroy the harmony of the world.
Mikis Theodorakis
I don’t think public life in and of itself can destroy you. I think it’s the way people react to it, and some people are more sturdy than others… I don’t think any one faction can be blamed for a person’s self destruction – a certain amount of that has to be innate.
Patti Smith
I destroy things every day in the act of working and often recall a picture I had considered finished in order to rework it.
Frank Auerbach
The first people totalitarians destroy or silence are men of ideas and free minds.
Isaiah Berlin
Certainly, my father would not want to see me destroy myself in this business, as so many people in our family have been destroyed. I try to take good care of myself, but we are fighting the good fight, and the truth is powerful.
Sam Sheppard
My hands look like my dad’s and my mom’s put together. She’s a piano player, he was an artist, and I use the creative qualities I got from them in my fighting. But I don’t just destroy with my hands; I also create: I cook and make art and garden.
Rose Namajunas
It is a relatively small number of people who want to impose their will by the use of terror on the rest of civilization, who have got a program. It’s not blind violence. It’s with a purpose. They want to destroy the state of Israel. They want every westerner out of the Arab countries, Middle East and elsewhere.
John Reid
It is said that those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. It may well be that a war neurosis stirred up by propaganda of fear and hatred is the prelude to destruction.
John Boyd Orr
Things are gonna happen in life. Either you are gonna help do something about it or you just gonna let it happen and destroy you.
LaVar Ball
It would be a bitter cosmic joke if we destroy ourselves due to atrophy of the imagination.
Martha Gellhorn
Joe Biden would destroy jobs, raise our taxes, and throw away the lives of countless unborn children.
Daniel Cameron
A revolution is not a painless march to the gates of freedom and justice. It is a struggle between rage and hope, between the temptation to destroy and the desire to build.
Hisham Matar
We have two evils to fight, capitalism and racism. We must destroy both racism and capitalism.
Huey Newton
Every new medium has, within a short time of its introduction, been condemned as a threat to young people. Pulp novels would destroy their morals, TV would wreck their eyesight, video games would make them violent.
Hanna Rosin
As bad as it might be to destroy a creature made in God’s image, it might be very much worse to be creating them after images of one’s own.
Leon Kass
My first book was a car crash. I tried to find all the copies and destroy them.
John Burnside
This contradiction lies here: they wish God, and they wish humanity. They persist in connecting two terms which, once separated, can come together again only to destroy each other.
Mikhail Bakunin
If Britain is going to investigate journalists as terrorists – take and destroy our documents, force us to give up passwords and answer questions – how can we be sure we can protect our sources?
Sarah Harrison
I do destroy men on a weekly basis. It’s like a hobby. I’m like a praying mantis.
Before statehood was achieved, Syria and Egypt had their tanks and military equipment lined up to invade Tel Aviv and destroy it; but the Israelis scrambled together an air force, some of it from old Second World War Messerschmidts, and the invasion was halted.
Steven Spielberg
Certainly it may, under present imperfect conditions, often be a duty not to destroy the outward form of marriage for the sake of the children. But by no means can this duty be preached as universally binding.
Ellen Key
Three times before, in the 1850s, the 1890s, and the 1920s, oligarchs took over the American government and threatened to destroy democracy. In each case, they overreached, and regular folks took back their government.
Heather Cox Richardson
Because Donald Trump has to destroy everything in his path, why not the true history of 9/11?
Rick Wilson
Through consciousness, our minds have the power to change our planet and ourselves. It is time we heed the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people and channel our consciousness and spirit to tend the garden and not destroy it.
Bruce Lipton
Liberal idiocy surrounds us all. It threatens to destroy the values and lifestyles that millions of us cherish.
Mike Gallagher
We all see that, today, man can destroy the foundation of his existence: his Earth.
Pope Benedict XVI
I think all foreigners should stop interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq. Those who want to come and help are welcome. Those who come to interfere and destroy are not.
Paul Wolfowitz
It is the Democratic Congress, the liberal-biased media and the homosexuals who want to destroy all Christians.
Pat Robertson
In the end, there is no absence of irony: the integrity of what is sacred to Native Americans will be determined by the government that has been responsible for doing everything in its power to destroy Native American cultures.
Winona LaDuke
Cooking allows you to have travels, adventures and journeys without going anywhere. The running joke between my partner and me is that I’m not really concerned about how long it takes, or how much I destroy the kitchen, because I just have such a good time doing it.
Ted Allen
What I did at Ole Miss had nothing to do with going to classes. My objective was to destroy the system of white supremacy.
James Meredith
For years, I have been writing that ultimately, if nothing else stops the Iranian nuclear project, such as the sanctions or a change in the regime in Tehran, then Israel itself will take action to destroy it from the air.
Ronen Bergman
Your purpose, then, plainly stated, is, that you will destroy the Government, unless you be allowed to construe and enforce the Constitution as you please, on all points in dispute between you and us.
George Haven Putnam
People say ‘what do you mean’ when you talk about ‘bringing down civilization.’ What I really mean is depriving the rich of the ability to steal from the poor and depriving the powerful of the ability to destroy the planet. That’s what I really mean.
Derrick Jensen
When everything goes wrong, what a joy to test your soul and see if it has endurance and courage. An invisible and all-powerful enemy – some call him God, others the Devil, seem to rush upon us to destroy us; but we are not destroyed.
Nikos Kazantzakis
If you can keep something very personal, like a song, like a color, like a story, deep in your heart, then nobody can destroy that. Nobody can destroy your imagination; nobody can destroy your love.
Rithy Panh
Our nation needs to say clearly once again that using drugs will destroy your life.
Jeff Sessions
Every good government is made up of good families. The unit of good government is the family, and anything that tends to destroy the family is perfectly devilish and infamous.
Robert Green Ingersoll
The Iranians have shot down drones. They tried to destroy the Saudi oil fields. They tried to storm our embassy. So, when my Democratic friends say we need appeasement, well appeasement hasn’t worked. And I think that we’ve learned, with respect to Iran, that weakness invites the wolves.
John Kennedy
Why do all our friends and relatives destroy the summer for us? Why can’t they get married in February?
Jerry Della Femina
Donald, following the lead of my grandfather and with the complicity, silence and inaction of his siblings, destroyed my father. I can’t let him destroy my country.
Mary L. Trump
If God doesn’t destroy Hollywood Boulevard, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.
Jay Leno
If you sign nine new players at one time that could destroy the whole chemistry of the team.
Steve Nicol
Every generation feels it has the problems that will destroy it. That’s because we can perceive them a long time before we have the ability to fix them.
Peter Diamandis
Remember, always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.
Richard M. Nixon
The free nations of the world will not be pushed around by terrorist cowards whose goal is to spread fear and destruction and destroy our liberty and way of life.
Eliot Engel
I still believe that a fight between two brothers should not destroy peace and harmony and bring trouble to the common man.
Sharad Pawar
If you destroy the credibility of those people or institutions that could undermine your own, you create an opportunity for your voice, however irresponsible or misleading it may be, to gain traction.
John Yarmuth
Poverty is a solved problem – all they have to do is abolish taxes and regulations which cripple those intelligent, capable, and responsible men and women and destroy their productive capacity, then stand back and watch the economy boom.
L. Neil Smith
We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.
Robin Morgan
There are very few men of genius in advertising agencies. But we need all we can find. Almost without exception they are disagreeable. Don’t destroy them. They lay golden eggs.
David Ogilvy
Using social media to hurt and destroy is callous, acted out by cowards hiding behind computers. My advice is to ignore negativity. Focus on the love around.
Martin Garrix
The moment you start to talk about playing music, you destroy music. It cannot be talked about. It can only be played, enjoyed and listened to.
John McLaughlin
One to destroy, is murder by the law; and gibbets keep the lifted hand in awe; to murder thousands, takes a specious name, ‘War’s glorious art’, and gives immortal fame.
Edward Young
The most important thing is to preserve the world we live in. Unless people understand and learn about our world, habitats, and animals, they won’t understand that if we don’t protect those habitats, we’ll eventually destroy ourselves.
Jack Hanna
I considered obesity a disease. It can destroy you from within. It almost destroyed me, and I do not want that to happen to anybody.
Arjun Kapoor
My premise is not to tax to destroy the wealth of the wealthy; it’s to increase the wealth of the bottom and the middle class.
Thomas Piketty
As I have said for many years throughout this land, we’re borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the future of human civilization. Every bit of that has to change.
Al Gore
You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.
Ray Bradbury
Theater, for me, is no longer a conversation about how we destroy each other; it’s much more about how we may be destroying everyone else.
Anna D. Shapiro
If the U.S. wants to destroy ISIS, it can destroy ISIS. We won’t end terrorism around the world. But we can destroy ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Prominent generals are telling us that. Prominent national-security strategists are telling us that. So let’s do it.
Lawrence Kudlow
I feel like the Left wants to destroy Fox News.
Ainsley Earhardt
When kids are really little, they destroy everything.
Drew Scott
Grief seems at first to destroy not just all patterns, but also to destroy a belief that a pattern exists.
Julian Barnes
Nothing has been left undone by the enemies of freedom. Every art and artifice, every cruelty and outrage has been practiced and perpetrated to destroy the rights of man. In this great struggle, every crime has been rewarded and every virtue has been punished.
Robert Green Ingersoll
In America, it is traditional to destroy the black body – it is heritage.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
You don’t want to inhibit cell division. You want to inhibit cell division in the cancer cells, and even that is not really where you want to do it. You actually want to destroy the cancer cells, which is a different matter altogether. Just stopping them isn’t enough – you really want to kill them.
Tim Hunt
Cannes is a fun festival, but some people use it as a place to smash a movie, or to destroy it.
Karl Glusman
I’ve always believed that you have to have the skills before you destroy the skills. If you want to be crude, be crude, but don’t be crude because you don’t know how to do it, because you’re not perfect at drawing and pattern-cutting.
Louise Wilson
We should be fingerprinting environmentalists… They are out to destroy the country.
Ann Coulter
BDS is not a typical act of political correctness, undertaken by radical academics whose usual prey is the youth of America. This is a worldwide movement designed to destroy the one democracy in the Middle East and the hopes of people who have occupied that land for over three thousand years.
Thom Tillis
Any fool can destroy trees. They cannot run away; and if they could, they would still be destroyed – chased and hunted down as long as fun or a dollar could be got out of their bark hides, branching horns, or magnificent bole backbones.
John Muir
Today, we realize there are those actively seeking to harm us, to destroy our infrastructure and take lives.
Dave Reichert
If people destroy something replaceable made by mankind, they are called vandals; if they destroy something irreplaceable made by God, they are called developers.
Joseph Wood Krutch
Reality can destroy the dream; why shouldn’t the dream destroy reality?
George A. Moore
Quite honestly, if we do manage to destroy the planet with our devil-may-care attitude to natural resources, I’d suggest we leave, as a dossier in our defence, the collected letters to agony aunts and uncles down the generations. It would certainly prove that we weren’t all bad!
Mariella Frostrup
May the Lord destroy all the tyrants of the church. Amen.
Michael Servetus
If you’re mentally weak, it can destroy you. Some guys who look talented lose and never come back.
Dillian Whyte
A grenade launcher will easily take out a tank; a Molotov cocktail placed in its air intake will destroy one as well.
Sebastian Junger
I was, like, a total cliched ’80s child. I had Barbies, obviously, as well as My Little Ponies and Cabbage Patch Kids, but I used to destroy them. I used to draw all over their faces and cut off their hair.
Natalie Portman
The filth and noise of the crowded streets soon destroy the elasticity of health which belongs to the country boy.
Rutherford B. Hayes
To Africanize colonial and capitalist power would destroy the meaning of our struggle.
Samora Machel
Trudeau’s contribution was not to build Canada but to destroy it, and I had to come in and save it.
Brian Mulroney
I realized I had it made because you don’t have to destroy anything to get honey. You can just use the same things over and over again, put it in a quart canning jar, and you’ve got $12.
Burt Shavitz
The Greens will threaten the future of our strong economy. They will destroy jobs and put Victorian families at risk.
Denis Napthine
We need a president that values the role of the states, will destroy ISIS and jumpstart the economy.
Asa Hutchinson
I can see how paperwork and foolishness can destroy something.
Mannie Fresh
If you give me the chance, I’ll destroy America for you.
John Lydon
Unlike productions in the other arts, all television shows are born to destroy two other shows.
Les Brown
Let me give you a definition of ethics: It is good to maintain and further life it is bad to damage and destroy life.
Albert Schweitzer
The Anthropocentic Age – the first age in which humankind is the dominant species on the planet – cuts both ways: it is up to us to destroy or save the planet. We certainly have the ability.
Craig Venter
Destruction is always an attractive idea. My brother and I used to spend weeks making models of cities so that we could destroy them in 15 minutes. There’s a fantastic joy in destroying something that you’ve meticulously built. Then you’re free to build a new thing. Destruction and creation… they’re inseparable.
Chuck Palahniuk
You may keep your beauty and your health, unless you destroy them yourself, or discourage them to stay with you, by using them ill.
William Temple
Exposure is about, among other things, the ferocity of the press and the way – in an echo of some of Shakespeare’s plays – the modern media creates heroes to destroy them.
Mal Peet
Let me be clear: Those who seek to undermine our democratic institutions, indiscriminately destroy our businesses and attack our law enforcement officers and fellow citizens are a threat to the homeland.
Chad Wolf
Without sharks, you take away the apex predator of the ocean, and you destroy the entire food chain.
Peter Benchley
Between Twitter and Facebook, early word of mouth for a film can destroy it immediately or take something you’ve never heard of and make it a huge hit.
Dana Brunetti
The pretentiousness of literature really annoys me; the way a writer is held as this sort of magical person to be revered on the stage. Everything I do on tour is to try and destroy that pretense.
Chuck Palahniuk
To be a nemesis, you have to actively try to destroy something, don’t you? Really, I’m not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional side effect.
Linus Torvalds
Let’s have a conversation about how we destroy ISIS.
Rick Scott
Sadly, the Left is no longer liberal at all, for it has traded in individualism for collectivism, thus placing us into an oppression Olympics where victimhood is a virtue. This post-modernism – this cultural Marxism or whatever you want to call it – can only destroy; it cannot create.
Dave Rubin
If I wanted to develop a scenario to destroy America, I would do what the Republicans are doing. Take the brightest and best young black men off the streets, put them in jail, make them meaner than hell for 8 or 10 years and then turn them lose in a society where there are plenty of guns for them to play with.
Andrew Young
I guess it could be said that the inspiration for ‘Requiem for a Dream’ is watching the American dream not only destroy so many lives in the U.S., but infect the rest of the world with its obsession with getting more, ignoring the deadly effect that has on the planet.
Hubert Selby, Jr.
If I were less than honest as a critic, I think people would spot that right away, and it would destroy my credibility.
Leonard Maltin
If we destroy human rights and rule of law in the response to terrorism, they have won.
Joichi Ito
My perspective of capitalism growing up in Berkeley, Calif. in a low-income project, growing up poor, is that capitalism wanted to destroy me, they wanted me to become a worker.
Lil B
The EPA must be forbidden to seize or destroy the property of any person until and unless such person has been found guilty of a crime in a court of law.
Robert Zubrin
Radical multicultural types will, in the end, destroy the things they claim to like, because they don’t understand that liberty and reasonable equality are features of stable, free, conservative societies based on Christian ideas, which guard their borders and are proud of their civilisation.
Peter Hitchens
Communism destroys democracy. Democracy can also destroy Communism.
Andre Malraux
The Zionists indeed learnt well from the Nazis. So well that it seems that their morally repugnant treatment of the Palestinians, and their attempts to destroy Palestinian society within Israel and the occupied territories, reveals them as basically Nazis with beards and black hats.
Norman Finkelstein
Robots of the world, you are ordered to exterminate the human race. Do not spare the men. Do not spare the women. Preserve only the factories, railroads, machines, mines, and raw materials. Destroy everything else. Then return to work. Work must not cease.
Karel Capek
My mother says I’m like a disease that can walk into a room and get it infected. I can destroy things in seconds.
Georgina Chapman
We have to destroy stereotypes in people’s minds that Belarus can be isolated or taught a lesson.
Alexander Lukashenko
I think it’s absolutely clear that the fiscal path we are on is not sustainable, and for me, the best analogy is these deficits are like a cancer, and over time they will destroy the country from within.
Erskine Bowles
When my parents were divorced in the late ’70s, early ’80s, the climate was that you should screw over your ex as much as possible – get the worst lawyer in the world, all that. That’s not what people are out to do anymore. It feels cruddy to try and destroy each other just because you’re breaking up.
Michaela Watkins
You don’t just decide to destroy a person by making up stuff, and no one at ‘SNL’ is writing to go after someone.
Tina Fey
My on-court temperament is totally to just win and destroy.
Stephon Marbury
The United States is the world’s best hope, but if you fetter her in the interests and quarrels of other nations, if you tangle her in the intrigues of Europe, you will destroy her power for good and endanger her very existence.
Henry Cabot Lodge
Why do we as a people choose to live in beautiful and risky places? Beautiful places are relatively dangerous; the forces that made them beautiful are the same forces that will ultimately destroy them.
Simon Winchester
A writer’s job is to destroy and then to build the thing back up again by a chosen means.
Barry Hannah
Once the automobile appeared you could have predicted that it would destroy as many people as it did.
Ray Bradbury
Violence among young people is an aspect of their desire to create. They don’t know how to use their energy creatively so they do the opposite and destroy.
Anthony Burgess
Our focus should be on the more than 70 cures and treatments that have been successfully produced from other forms of stem cell research that do not destroy a human life.
Trent Franks
If we do not elect a national legislature that will hold Obama accountable, he and his radical cohorts will destroy the tree of liberty. Just mark my words.
Wayne LaPierre
I support Donald Trump because I believe he’s a businessperson that’s going to get the economy going, but also he’s going to focus on how we destroy ISIS.
Rick Scott
I want to destroy ownership in order that possession and enjoyment may be raised to the highest point in every section of the community.
George Bernard Shaw
All the idols made by man, however terrifying they may be, are in point of fact subordinate to him, and that is why he will always have it in his power to destroy them.
Simone de Beauvoir
The earth will end only when God declares it’s time to be over. Man will not destroy this earth. This earth will not be destroyed by a flood.
John Shimkus
A journalist can make or break a case, in a way, because they can figure out things the police can’t, or they can destroy people’s lives.
Vicky McClure
Lonely women destroy themselves; lonely men threaten the world.
Victor LaValle
To be honest, I’ve made a game out of trying to live through my James Dean, Janis Joplin, Freddie Prinze, Jim Morrison period, those demons that we all have that we’re either successful or not at making work for us rather than destroy us.
Patrick Swayze
There is, in our nature, a disposition to indulgence, a secret desire to escape from labor, which, unless hourly combated, will overcome and destroy the best faculties of our minds and paralyze our most useful powers.
Dorothea Dix
I train every day to destroy whoever they put in front of me.
Jose Aldo
The diseases which destroy a man are no less natural than the instincts which preserve him.
George Santayana
Places that have experienced great defeat experience a kind of rebirth, which I think America has to do – unless we want to get more decrepit. I don’t think we have to destroy the place totally.
Rufus Wainwright
The eggers destroy all the eggs that are sat upon, to force the birds to lay fresh eggs, and by robbing them regularly compel them to lay until nature is exhausted, and so but few young ones are raised.
John James Audubon
Part of my reason for ‘Session 9’ was to break out, to destroy the illusion of me as ‘Mr. Romantic Comedy Guy.’
Brad Anderson
We are given to the cult of personality; when things go badly we look to some messiah to save us. If by chance we think we have found one, it will not be long before we destroy him.
Konstantinos Karamanlis
The Democrats want to destroy the country immediately.
Dan Bongino
The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.
Theodore Roosevelt
Human beings have a need, generally, to destroy things. The Freudian principle of civilisation is correct. There’s always, always a difference between the family image and the reality.
Rachel Cusk
I don’t think the world will destroy itself in a nuclear cataclysm. On the contrary, we have the capacity to save ourselves and save the planet, and we will use it.
Isabel Allende
The government can’t create jobs; they’ll destroy jobs trying to do it. The government doesn’t have any money; all they have is a printing press. We need to free markets to create jobs; if the government wants to help, they should reduce their burden on the economy.
Peter Schiff
When I’m in the studio, I’m very cautious about it because if there’s one thing that can destroy music being made, it’s any sort of agenda, expectation and/or schedule, or any of that.
Walker Hayes
Patrick Cote, that would be one way traffic. I’d destroy the guy.
Michael Bisping
I think initially, the record industry struggled a lot with digital media because there are a lot of aspects to it that can potentially destroy our industry.
Paloma Faith
Professional wrestling was almost like a secret society when I started, like a Mafia, and it would destroy the Sheik to see how much that has changed.
Rob Van Dam
The biggest challenge is always the governments – they try to stop all good things. I try to stay away from them as much as I can, as I know if someone can destroy something good, it’s the government.
Manoj Bhargava
The Knesset has balances that will not allow it to pass legislation that would destroy democracy from within.
Ayelet Shaked
Hollywood, the business, would be just fine if someone were to destroy the Hollywood sign. The city’s there is the airport – its point of entry and exit, and in some ways its identity.
Dana Goodyear
To fulfil a fantasy is the quickest way to destroy it.
Duane Michals
You have to have tunnel vision as a dancer to get to where you’re going. But once you get there, you have to save yourself by spreading your horizons. It’s the paradox of this profession. The very thing that makes you very good will destroy you.
Ann Reinking
Evil is an attack against human spiritual development and enlightenment. All evil, badness, neurosis – it has one motive and one motive only, which is to destroy – to destroy your chance of arising above yourself.
Vernon Howard
It was obvious after the ’97 election that as long as there were two small-c conservative parties trying to destroy each other, the Liberals would win every election.
Andrew Scheer
You just have to get rid of fear and confront the world. Look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, ‘I love you and nothing will destroy you and you’re not going to fall.’
Ricky Martin
I like happiness, and when people try to destroy that, it winds me up.
Dani Alves
Nothing and no one can destroy the Chinese people. They are relentless survivors.
Pearl S. Buck
It will be said, however, that protection tends to destroy commerce, the civilizer of mankind. Directly the reverse, however, is the fact.
Henry Charles Carey
Iran continues to explicitly threaten to destroy the state of Israel, America’s most important ally in the region. Its leaders continue to shout, ‘Death to America.’ If Iran wants to be a part of the world community, it should renounce such statements.
Bill Flores
What happens in the context of war is that, in order for you to make a child into a killer, you destroy everything that they know, which is what happened to me and my town. My family was killed, all of my family, so I had nothing.
Ishmael Beah
You don’t want to destroy the energy that comes out of a campaign.
Donna Shalala
If you cannot commit several hours per week to maintain the liberty that others afforded you, then you, by your inaction and silent voice, abet those who seek to destroy it.
Dana Loesch
We want to destroy everything, not rebuild on the same rubble. We have different ideas. It is like any work. You have to have a clean slate. Then, you have a programme, a new way of thinking. It is a way of thinking. Not a restoration. Parties out. Citizens instead of parties.
Beppe Grillo
I have fights where I thought I’m going to destroy the guy and then I had a very tough fight, I had fights where the guy’s a big name and I win in the first minute.
Gegard Mousasi
If solar and wind farms are needed to protect the natural environment, why do they so often destroy it?
Michael Shellenberger
I have at last admitted that not only was I angry with my mother, but, in fact, I wanted to destroy her as a child. And I was so concerned to be a woman who was different from my mother that I had this vast architecture of rules.
Kathryn Harrison
Those who insist on having hostilities with us, kill and destroy the option of friendship with us in the future, which is unfortunate because it is clear the future belongs to Iran and that enmities will be fruitless.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
People who care about records are always giving me a hard time. I mean, I would destroy records in performances, and break them, and whatever I could do to them to create a sound that was something else than just the sound that was in the groove.
Christian Marclay
To pump up consumer or government demand would force interest rates up and asset prices down, possibly by enough to destroy more jobs than are created.
Edmund Phelps
Our moneyed men have ruled us for the past thirty years. Under the flag of the slaveholder they hoped to destroy our liberty.
Denis Kearney
Sometimes the very best way to deal with unpleasant things is to depict them in ways that allow people to laugh at them and destroy the power of unsayable things, rather than refusing to acknowledge them.
Chuck Palahniuk
A war in the Taiwan Strait would destroy China’s international relations overnight. It would destroy Chinese – Japanese relations, not to mention Chinese – American relations.
William C. Kirby
Intelligence must follow faith, never precede it, and never destroy it.
Thomas a Kempis
The success of those doctrines would also subvert the Federal Constitution, change the character of the Federal Government, and destroy our rights in respect to slavery.
John H. Reagan
Put a bridle on thy tongue; set a guard before thy lips, lest the words of thine own mouth destroy thy peace… on much speaking cometh repentance, but in silence is safety.
William Drummond
It is time for President Obama to admit that – in this new age of peer-to-peer terror – we need a real strategy to combat radicalization at home and destroy extremist safe havens abroad.
Michael McCaul
We can destroy ourselves by cynicism and disillusion, just as effectively as by bombs.
Kenneth Clark
Yesterday, we fought wars which destroyed cities. Today, we are concerned with avoiding a war which will destroy the earth. We can adapt atomic energy to produce electricity and move ships, but can we control its use in anger?
Robert Kennedy
I’ve talked to ghosts once. For me, it makes sense for them to be real because of physics. In physics, you can’t destroy energy; it can only be conserved.
Milly Shapiro
If popular culture has taught us anything, it is that someday mankind must face and destroy the growing robot menace.
Daniel H. Wilson
I refuse to stand by and watch as Sen. Tester tries to implement his radical environmental agenda here and kill our coal industry and destroy thousands of Montana jobs.
Matt Rosendale
I am not about to be a party to anything having to do with the law that is going to destroy individual freedom and liberty in this country.
George Wallace
Do not suppose, dearest Sir, that I am so short-sighted as to destroy my life by English preaching, or any other preaching. St. Paul did much good by his preaching, but how much more by his writings.
Henry Martyn
The man of the house can destroy the pleasure of the household, but he cannot make it. That rests with the woman, and it is her greatest privilege.
Arthur Helps
The media tried to destroy my parents and has taken things completely out of context, but there’s not a whole lot you can do in terms of fighting back. You have to hope that it passes, which it always does. But they have to be careful. They didn’t necessarily sign up for this.
Katy Perry
If the word has the potency to revive and make us free, it has also the power to blind, imprison, and destroy.
Ralph Ellison
Despite fearful rhetoric to the contrary, terrorism is not a transcendent threat. A terrorist attack cannot possibly destroy our country’s way of life; it’s only our reaction to that attack that can do that kind of damage.
Bruce Schneier
People with targets and jobs dependent upon meeting them will probably meet the targets – even if they have to destroy the enterprise to do it.
W. Edwards Deming
The tragedy is that there is so much more incentive – money – to destroy the ecology than there is to preserve it.
Paul Watson
It’s hard to see a certain type of press try to destroy your life.
Princess Stephanie of Monaco
Once something becomes discernible, or understandable, we no longer need to repeat it. We can destroy it.
Robert Anton Wilson
To destroy is always the first step in any creation.
e. e. cummings
In England, when an athlete gets to the top, we do our best to destroy him.
George Best
Iraq now says that it will, after all, destroy its missiles. President Bush said, ‘Please, I used to pull the same trick. There’d be an intervention, I’d make a big show of pouring out the liquor and then there was a case under the floorboards.’
Bill Maher
I came to the destruction of volume by the use of the plane. This I accomplished by means of lines cutting the planes. But still, the plane remained too intact. So I came to making only lines and brought the colour within the lines. Now the only problem was to destroy these lines also through mutual oppositions.
Piet Mondrian
I think good private equity investors create a lot more economic value than they destroy.
Bill Ackman
I think there are people with the genes for being natural performers. Sometimes they go haywire and destroy themselves because of it and because they have no order in their lives.
Agnes Moorehead
Freedom without virtue isn’t freedom – it will eventually destroy a society.
Rush Limbaugh
Do not flinch from experiences that might destroy your beliefs. The thought you cannot think controls you more than thoughts you speak aloud. Submit yourself to ordeals and test yourself in fire. Relinquish the emotion which rests upon a mistaken belief, and seek to feel fully that emotion which fits the facts.
Eliezer Yudkowsky
Using cheap and efficient energy makes every other American industry more productive, and thus makes American employers far more competitive in global markets. Productivity creates higher paying jobs in America; it doesn’t destroy them.
Stephen Moore
I am opposed to Obama’s efforts to destroy the American economy. I’m opposed to Obama’s efforts to so-called fix the health care system. I’m opposed to the way Obama wants to go about fixing unemployment.
Rush Limbaugh
Typhoon damage happens when they hit land, and as humans, we’ve decided to destroy mangroves and hurt coral reefs. If we don’t have barriers, the devastation is worse, and that is scary.
Ashlan Gorse Cousteau
I’ve seen material competitiveness destroy relationships in dressing rooms. People end up worrying about what someone else is earning and whether they’re missing out.
Andrew Flintoff
What drives that desire to destroy Paris Hilton? What drives that desire to venerate Angelina Jolie? I do understand it, but it still baffles me. It baffles me when people treat me specially and differently, because I just want to look at them and go, ‘What are you talking about? I’m just a person.’
Zach Galligan
I know I can fight. I know I have kicks that can destroy people. Just because I haven’t gotten in the ring in my career, that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of crushing people.
If you want to destroy the planet, you can kiss social justice goodbye. The earth comes first.
Douglas Tompkins
Strong managers who make tough decisions to cut jobs provide the only true job security in today’s world. Weak managers are the problem. Weak managers destroy jobs.
Jack Welch
The Wahhabists are the boogeymen, the guys who will chop the head off any American they catch. And they will destroy Iraq without a second thought if they believe that the instability will benefit them.
Alex Berenson
The happiest moments of my childhood were when my toys broke, because then I could destroy them with impunity.
Andrew Stanton
India belongs to Indians of all kinds. Efforts to undermine this fact will only take our country backwards and destroy our hard-fought freedom. We must not let that happen.
Pinarayi Vijayan
Self-consciousness can destroy a performance. Getting rid of that is always good.
Joe Dempsie
Mitt – what I speak to Mitt Romney about is jobs. What I speak to Mitt Romney about is China, because he’s got a great view on China and how they’re trying to destroy our country by taking our jobs and making our product and manipulating their currency, so that it makes it almost impossible for our companies to compete.
Donald Trump
Many find ourselves in this strange consumerist entertainment bubble where celebrities have become the golden cows of our time that we love to worship and destroy.
In the ’60s when I was a student, there was this campaign to destroy 75 percent of the old buildings in Paris, replacing them with modern architecture. I realized this as a dangerous utopia. This modern vision did not understand the richness of the city. Thankfully, such destruction did not happen.
Christian de Portzamparc
A hacker doesn’t deliberately destroy data or profit from his activities.
Kevin Mitnick
Excuses destroy success every time.
Jon Taffer
The Jew is upset because the nations of the world – the United Nations – lash him, brand him as racist and evil, hate him and openly demonstrate their desire to destroy him.
Meir Kahane
Overwinding happens when hedge funds destroy companies by attempting to leverage derivatives against otherwise productive long-term assets.
Douglas Rushkoff
Music’s the one thing I try not to analyze. I don’t want to destroy the magic that has always been there for me.
Dwight Yoakam
Beeswax is always preferable to chemical polishes because it does not destroy the natural surface of wood.
David Linley
Social justice is a cancer. Social justice means you are ruled by whatever the mob does. What social justice does is destroy individual responsibility.
Rafael Cruz
I do what I can to make young people understand that drugs can destroy their lives. I’m the perfect example of what people can accomplish when they have regained a sane body and spirit.
Don Johnson
When I wrote my eighth thriller, ‘Inside Out,’ in 2009, the villains were a group of CIA and other government officials who colluded to destroy a series of tapes depicting Americans torturing war-on-terror prisoners.
Barry Eisler
It was, however, in the interest of Osama bin Laden for us to destroy a secular Arab leader; it was very much in the interest of the Iranians because they wanted revenge against Saddam Hussein for Iraq’s invasion in 1980.
William Odom
I don’t want to just meet LeBron. I want to destroy him on the court one day.
Austin Rivers
The Khmer Rouge can’t destroy me. I still have my imagination and am capable of making films. I am not locked up.
Rithy Panh
The truth is our country, our people, our liberties, and our way of life are under attack by radical Islamic terrorists who kill and destroy in the name of religion.
Saxby Chambliss
Either we learn to live together and embrace the complexity of life, or we will end up with fascism again and destroy ourselves.
Sebastian Lelio
The only threat is a growing pushback from militant liberals who seek to destroy free expression as they look to limit the speech of anyone who has feelings they find objectionable. It makes comics tentative to push boundaries and freely talk about the thoughts in their heads. That part is terrible for development.
Ari Shaffir
We cannot be complacent about the determination of radical Islamic extremists to destroy our freedoms.
Matt Bevin
Reason would lead us to the conclusion that Jehovah would not create a wonderful earth like this, permit man to bring it to a high state of cultivation in many places, and then completely destroy it.
Joseph Franklin Rutherford
It is hard because I love Cornettos, so that will always be a weakness, and I’ve realised that bread is my nemesis. I believe bread has been sent to destroy me to the core.
James Corden
We need to become good citizens in the global village, instead of competing. What are we competing for – to drive more cars, eat more steaks? That will destroy the world.
Yuan T. Lee
Rules and models destroy genius and art.
William Hazlitt
In order to conquer the world of economics with his new theory, it was critical for Keynes to destroy his rivals within Cambridge itself. In his mind, he who controlled Cambridge controlled the world.
Murray Rothbard
Being in the public eye, there will always be negatives. Those dark aspects will always be there and, so too, those things that will try and tear you down, but I have made the choice not to engage with them. I’m not going to let them affect me or destroy me.
Rain Phoenix
I’ve developed a lot of reform proposals myself and been accused of trying to destroy Social Security, when the whole point was to try to save it. I think most people know that Social Security is bankrupt.
Jim DeMint
If Germany, thanks to Hitler and his successors, were to enslave the European nations and destroy most of the treasures of their past, future historians would certainly pronounce that she had civilized Europe.
Simone Weil
After a few months in my parents’ basement, I took an apartment near the state university, where I discovered both crystal methamphetamine and conceptual art. Either one of these things are dangerous, but in combination they have the potential to destroy entire civilizations.
David Sedaris
I don’t mind being criticised, because I am not that easy to knock down, and no-one can destroy me. But I am bothered by the stupid people who call me dirty, brainless, and an idiot. You don’t say words like these to someone who you know nothing about.
Granit Xhaka
Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.
Richard M. Nixon
Andy was not a hippie or rebel but more like a mischievous child. He was never out to destroy everything. He became a New Yorker, and New Yorkers know, like the media, what’s going on around them is a fashion thing that will change to something else.
Paul Morrissey
Small things have a way of overmastering the great. This small press can destroy a kingdom.
Sonya Levien
The mountains, the forest, and the sea, render men savage; they develop the fierce, but yet do not destroy the human.
Victor Hugo
There is a systematic effort to destroy every black male entertainer’s image. They want us all to have an asterisk by our name.
Eddie Griffin
Only god can defeat or destroy.
Bappi Lahiri
This policy of containment is not a winning strategy. We need a policy to defeat and destroy ISIS once and for all.
Michael McCaul
People say I’m destroying hip-hop, and I’m like, there’s so much hip-hop, and it’s so popular, so I don’t know why I have the power to destroy it.
Lil Yachty
There is not enough religion in the world even to destroy religion.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Eric Bischoff wanted to destroy Vince in the ratings, but we wanted them to stay in the game. We wanted it to be neck-and-neck. We didn’t want to skunk the other team and spike the football every single time.
Sean Waltman
We’re not planning for the future. If we continue to spend ourselves into oblivion, we are going to destroy this nation.
Ben Carson
The Tea Partiers don’t want all regulations eliminated. They just want laws that can be understood and regulations that aren’t going to destroy businesses, or leave deserving veterans without a source for a mortgage loan.
Neal Boortz
I’ve got a vendetta to destroy the Net, to make everyone go to the library. I love the organic thing of pen and paper, ink on canvas. I love going down to the library, the feel and smell of books.
Joseph Fiennes
So that would be a classic mixed message to young women: you should look a certain way that’s going to destroy your reproductive system and your sexual appetite, but at the same time, you should be interested in sex!
Susie Bright
The fan is the one who suffers. He cheers a guy to a .350 season then watches that player sign with another team. When you destroy fan loyalties, you destroy everything.
Frank Robinson
Good will is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.
Marshall Field
I have no enthusiasm for nature which the slightest chill will not instantly destroy.
George Sand
What one writer can make in the solitude of one room is something no power can easily destroy.
Salman Rushdie
I plead for conservation of human culture, which is much more fragile than nature herself. We needn’t destroy other cultures with the force of our own.
Arthur Erickson
You can have a revolution wherever you like, except in a government office; even were the world to come to an end, you’d have to destroy the universe first and then government offices.
Karel Capek
It is rare for a joke to emerge fully formed and it is worth grafting away until it is absolutely right. Though perversely too much work, too much thought, can destroy a gag completely.
Richard Herring
When you seek to destroy somebody, all you do is empower them, because they feel like, ‘you see? They don’t want us to have our rights to feel the way we want to feel.’ And they get more and more emboldened and more and more empowered.
Daryl Davis
When someone mistreats you, the correct reaction is not to go out and do something to destroy somebody else’s property.
Benjamin Watson
There is a one-in-300 chance that Earth will be struck on March 16, 2880, by an asteroid large enough to destroy civilization and possibly cause the extinction of the human race. But, on the bright side, Prince could re-release his hit song with the new refrain ‘We’re gonna party like its twenty-eight seventy-nine.’
Nathan Myhrvold
Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with with your self-esteem. They’re no good at all.
Kurt Cobain
He who is ashamed would like to force the world not to look at him, not to notice his exposure. He would like to destroy the eyes of the world.
Erik Erikson
If Satan can weaken or destroy the loving relationships among members of families, he can cause more misery and more unhappiness for more people than he could in any other way.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
You never know when people with sick minds can destroy your life. It doesn’t matter how well life is going on for you that moment. If that can’t happen in the middle of New York City, it can happen anywhere else. If the terrorists can hit the Pentagon or the White House I don’t see where it’s safe.
Toni Kukoc
Gawker was a site built to destroy lives. Its mission was to discover the worst moment in a person’s life – and then publicize it for profit.
Ben Domenech
Pride and vanity, the opposites of humility, can destroy our spiritual health as surely as a debilitating disease can destroy our physical health.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.
Jim Morrison
It puts limits on criminals’ rights to destroy unborn children without the permission of the woman.
Lindsey Graham
The ultimate acting is to destroy yourself.
Klaus Kinski
The stock market crash in October 1929 didn’t destroy a particularly large amount of wealth or make people highly pessimistic. Rather, it made companies and consumers very unsure about future income, and so led them to stop spending as they waited for more information.
Christina Romer
If we can come up with innovations and train young people to take on new jobs, and if we can switch to clean energy, I think we have the capacity to build this world not dependent on fossil-fuel. I think it will happen, and it won’t destroy economy.
Kofi Annan
The psychology of the Klitschkos is to be nice to you before the fight and then destroy you in the ring. With them it’s just business.
Dereck Chisora
We obsess about celebrities. We create them, build myths around them, and then hunt them and destroy them. I don’t know where it’s taking us or what it means, but I know we do it. I have seen a lot of it myself.
Casey Affleck
Anything I can do to help destroy ISIS, I will support that.
Michael McCaul
I’ve only written one science-fiction book: ‘Fahrenheit 451.’ That book is a book based on real facts and my hatred of people who destroy books.
Ray Bradbury
If you are not 100 per cent, Virender Sehwag or Chris Cairns will destroy you.
Nasser Hussain
Men are destroyed for being rebellious, and women destroy themselves by failing to be rebellious. Unless you can make that next jump to either getting along with people or resisting people, you are ultimately destroying yourself.
Chuck Palahniuk
The real sin against life is to abuse and destroy beauty, even one’s own even more, one’s own, for that has been put in our care and we are responsible for its well-being.
Katherine Anne Porter
Unfortunately, some parents simply don’t love their children. Probably they don’t even love themselves. That may be the heart of their problem. Having parents like this is a terrible burden for any child and can shadow him all through life. It can even destroy him.
David Viscott
Political art – not always a contradiction in terms – can destroy institutions, or eat away at them.
Joe Haldeman
I’m so fascinated by how people destroy each other and love each other.
Khaled Hosseini
What the Founding Fathers created in the Constitution is the most magnificent government on the face of the Earth, and the reason is this: because it was intended to preserve the American society and the American spirit, not to transform it or destroy it.
Mark Levin
Goodwill is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.
Marshall Field
One leak will sink a ship: and one sin will destroy a sinner.
John Bunyan
Gamergate is ostensibly about journalistic ethics. Supporters say they want to address conflicts of interest between the people that make games and the people that support them. In reality, Gamergate is a group of gamers that are willing to destroy the women who have invaded their clubhouse.
Brianna Wu