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Conviction Quotes

Conviction Quotes by Norman Podhoretz, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Milan Kundera, Bill Maher, Baltasar Gracian and many others.

[T]he isolationism of the Left stems from the conviction that America is bad for the rest of the world, whereas the isolationism of the Right is based on the belief that the rest of the world is bad for America.
Norman Podhoretz
Man’s will, sustained by an indominable conviction, is much more powerful than material forces that seem insurmountable.
Albert Einstein
My work will be finished if I succeed in carrying conviction to the human family that every man or woman, however weak in body, is the guardian of his or her self-respect and liberty.
Mahatma Gandhi
Unlike the puerile loyalty to a conviction, loyalty to a friend is a virtue – perhaps the only virtue, the last remaining one.
Milan Kundera
40% of homicides go unsolved. You know, it’s not a very good record. And, also, 95% of convictions in America come from plea bargaining, which is often coerced. It’s like we have the worst of both worlds. We don’t convict the guilty enough, and we coerce the innocent too much.
Bill Maher
Every fool stands convinced; and everyone convinced is a fool. The faultier a person’s judgement the firmer their convictions.
Baltasar Gracian
I never overcame my conviction that writing for commercial television was a kind of prostitution.
Helene Hanff
The ruling classes today nourish the conviction that national hatreds and rivalries are inevitable.
Charles Trevelyan
When you appoint someone, you appoint somebody because of their character, their convictions, their abilities. And not because you have a belief, a confidence, in a foreordained outcome in any given decision.
Karl Rove
To make sure our convictions, views, and assumptions about our Creator stay based on biblical truth and not on popular consensus, we must continually check what we believe against the Scriptures.
Erwin W. Lutzer
Convictions can best be supported with experience and clear thinking.
Albert Einstein
However unapproachable these problems may seem to us and however helpless we stand before them, we have, nevertheless, the firm conviction that their solution must follow by a finite number of purely logical processes.
David Hilbert
The trouble with this country is that there are too many politicians who believe, with a conviction based on experience, that you can fool all of the people all of the time.
Franklin P. Adams
It is a fundamental human right, a privilege of nature, that every man should worship according to his own convictions.
I am a man who, from his youth upwards, has been filled with a profound conviction that the easiest way of life is the best.
Herman Melville
Constant repetition carries conviction.
Robert Collier
the convictions of Hollywood and television are made of boiled money.
Lillian Hellman
I am not asking for a pardon of my conviction. I understand that the various collateral consequences of the court-martial conviction will stay on my record forever. I am merely asking for a first chance to live my life outside the U.S.D.B. as the person I was born to be.
Chelsea Manning
As an actress, I should be playing my parts with conviction; otherwise, the audience won’t be convinced.
Shruti Haasan
There are real solutions right now for us if we stand up with the courage of our convictions.
Jill Stein
Leadership implies movement toward something and convictions provide that direction.
Don Shula
I have led an unusual life. I have buried a father killed at age 50 and two brothers killed in the prime of their lives. I raised my children as a single mother when my husband was arrested and held for eight years without a conviction – a hostage to my political career.
Benazir Bhutto
Whether we live together in confidence and cohesion; with more faith and pride in ourselves and less self-doubt and hesitation; strong in the conviction that the destiny of Canada is to unite, not divide; sharing in cooperation, not in separation or in conflict; respecting our past and welcoming our future.
Lester B. Pearson
I believe, with abiding conviction, that this people-nurtured by their deep faith, tutored by their hard lessons, moved by their high aspirations-have the will to meet the trials that these times impose.
Lyndon B. Johnson
I don’t think that the Soviet Union and China are accidents, aberrations; I think they follow from Marxism-Leninism. I think that Leninism comes out of Marx’s basic convictions.
Murray Bookchin
I do have strong convictions and political opinions, but I don’t think it’s necessary to imbue my photographic work with them. I use photography as a vessel for visual material to flow through, to encourage conversation with the viewer. I try to present a catalyst and invite viewers to tell their own stories.
Michael Kenna
Political extremism involves two prime ingredients: an excessively simple diagnosis of the world’s ills, and a conviction that there are identifiable villains back of it all.
John W. Gardner
The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to evil. The Tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty are full of passionate conviction.
Fulton J. Sheen
The religion then of every man must be left to the conviction and conscience of every man; and it is the right of every man to exercise it as these may dictate.
James Madison
The sick-room becomes the scene of intense convictions; and among these, none, it seems to me, is more distinct and powerful than that of the permanent nature of good, and the transient nature of evil.
Harriet Martineau
I do not despair in the least of ultimate triumph. I repeat it with intense conviction.
Emile Zola
There’s nothing I hate more than someone who speaks in the draft room with absolute conviction, but they have nothing to back it up.
Theo Epstein
The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.
Victor Hugo
The conviction that all men are equal by reason of their natural dignity has been generally accepted. Hence racial discrimination can no longer be justified.
Pope John XXIII
Every man of humane convictions must decide on the protest that best suits his convictions, but we must all protest.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
What other people may think of the rightness or wrongness is nothing in comparison to my own deep knowledge, my innate conviction that it was wrong.
Elizabeth Gaskell
Gradually the conviction gained recognition that all knowledge about things is exclusively a working-over of the raw material furnished by the senses. … Galileo and Hume first upheld this principle with full clarity and decisiveness.
Albert Einstein
Boredom is the conviction that you can’t change … the shriek of unused capacities.
Saul Bellow
You can have such an open mind that it is too porous to hold a conviction.
George W. Crane
Just as long as newspapers and magazines are controlled by men, every woman upon them must write articles which are reflections of men’s ideas. As long as that continues, women’s ideas and deepest convictions will never get before the public.
Susan B. Anthony
What hinders me from hearing is that I am taken up with other things. It is not that I will not hear God, but I am not devoted in the right place. I am devoted to things, to service, to convictions, and God may say what He likes but I do not hear Him.
Oswald Chambers
Brothers in suffering, brothers in resistance, brothers in ideals and conviction. It is now our duty to further strengthen this bond in order to secure this hard-won freedom for future generations.
Guy Verhofstadt
What happens once you get a felony conviction? Now you are entering this American caste system where you can’t get a job, you can’t get a loan, you can’t get a Pell grant, you can’t get public housing.
Cory Booker
Fortunately, I read (the books) without knowing what I was in for, and the best thing that can ever happen to a reader happened to me: I loved something that, by conviction (or by my nature) I should not have loved
Milan Kundera
And that’s the mission of The Innocence Project in New York, is to exonerate people who have been wrongfully convicted, and also work from a policy angle with Congress and state legislatures to prevent future wrongful convictions.
John Grisham
It is always easiest to run with the herd; at times, it can take a deep reservoir of courage and conviction to stand apart from it. Yet distancing yourself from the crowd is an essential component of long-term investment success.
Seth Klarman
Then it would not be so strong a sense. If it failed to produce equal exertion, it could not be an equal conviction.
Jane Austen
For a successful revolution it is not enough that there is discontent. What is required is a profound and thorough conviction of the justice, necessity and importance of political and social rights.
B. R. Ambedkar
In America, now, let us – Christian, Jew, Muslim, agnostic, atheist, wiccan, whatever – fight nativism with the same strength and conviction that we fight terrorism. My faith calls on its followers to love one’s enemies. A tall order, that – perhaps the tallest of all.
Jon Meacham
There needs to be conviction and action behind rules.
Clayton Christensen
PESSIMISM- philosophy forced upon the convictions of the observer by the disheartening prevalence of the optimist with his scarecrow hope and his unsightly smile.
Ambrose Bierce
This book is dedicated to the people of America–strong, outspoken, intense in their convictions, sometimes wrong-headed but always generous and brave, with a passion for justice no nation has ever matched.
Paul Johnson
When I went to the starting line of the 1976 Olympic marathon in Montreal, it was with the unsettling conviction that some of my competitors were cheaters.
Don Kardong
The central function of imaginative literature is to make you realize that other people act on moral convictions different from your own.
William Empson
People who prepare false or fraudulent tax returns risk criminal prosecution and, upon conviction, substantial time in jail.
Dana Boente
Follow your honest convictions and be strong.
William Makepeace Thackeray
The blind conviction that we have to do something about other people’s reproductive behavior, and that we may have to do it whether they like it or not, derives from the assumption that the world belongs to us, who have so expertly depleted its resources, rather than to them, who have not.
Germaine Greer
Despite my firm convictions, I have always been a man who tries to face facts, and to accept the reality of life as new experience and new knowledge unfolds. I have always kept an open mind, a flexibility that must go hand in hand with every form of the intelligent search for truth.
Malcolm X
People always underestimate me. But if you stick around long enough, act out of conviction, and try to be honorable in everything you do, good things will come to you.
Salma Hayek
It is my conviction that the root of evil is the want of a living God.
Mahatma Gandhi
It’s interesting to talk to my mom about her character in Wild at heart, because she sees her as a mother who’s just trying to protect her baby from a bad boy. I think that’s why it works so beautifully – she has conviction about what she’s doing.
Laura Dern
It was the full conviction of this, and of what could be done, if every man were placed in the office for which he was fitted by nature and a proper education, which first suggested to me the plan of Illumination.
Adam Weishaupt
Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith, and intuition are like highly explosive vibration bombs, which, when set off, shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired.
Paramahansa Yogananda
I am a fairly go-with-the-flow guy. Don’t get me wrong, I have convictions.
Brad Katsuyama
It’s my firm conviction that when Uncle Sam calls, by God we go, and we do the best that we can.
R. Lee Ermey
What is a novel if not a conviction of our fellow men’s existence strong enough to take upon itself a form of imagined life clearer than reality and whose accumulated verisimilitude of selected episodes puts to shame the pride of documentary history.
Joseph Conrad
It will be! the mass is working clearer!
Conviction gathers, truer, nearer!
The mystery which for Man in Nature lies
We dare to test, by knowledge led;
And that which she was wont to organize
We crystallize, instead.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
There is really no practical help that one can offer: it is a matter of self-discovery, of one’s own conviction, or working with one’s own work; your style is what seems natural to you. It is a long process of discovery, one that never ends. I am working at it, and will be as long as I live.
Truman Capote
The trouble with this country is that there are too many politicians who believe, with a conviction based on experience, that you can fool all of the people all of the time.
Franklin Pierce Adams
Belief, in one of its accepted senses, may consist in a merely intellectual assent, while faith implies such confidence and conviction as will impel to action.
James E. Talmage
The core conviction of our [Trump] movement is that we are a nation that put and will put its own citizens first. For too long we’ve traded away our jobs to other countries – so terrible. We’ve defended other nations’ borders while leaving ours wide open; anybody can come in.
Donald Trump
People who carry in their hearts a strong conviction concerning the living reality of the Almighty and their accountability to Him for what they do with their lives are far less likely to become enmeshed in problems that inevitably weaken society.
Gordon B. Hinckley
Every director has a sensibility and style, and what works is his originality and conviction.
Farhan Akhtar
I do not know myself how I paint it. I sit down with a white board before the spot that strikes me. I look at what is before my eyes, and say to myself, that white board must become something.
Vincent Van Gogh
I have no faith at all. I only hold convictions.
Ayn Rand
Che Guevara taught us we could dare to have confidence in ourselves, confidence in our abilities. He instilled in us the conviction that struggle is our only recourse. He, was a citizen of the free world that together we are in the process of building. That is why we say that Che Guevara is also African and BurkinabГЁ.
Thomas Sankara
Pastors are sent to utter the deep things of God for the conviction of sin, and for edification and comfort.
T. B. Joshua
Whatever I am today is a product of that conviction that victory through Christ is victory indeed. The rest is history.
T. B. Joshua
If this work seems so threatening, this is because it isn’t simply eccentric or strange, but competent, rigorously argued, and carrying conviction.
Jacques Derrida
The best thing about Eisenhower’s Presidency was his Jeffersonian conviction that there should be as little government and as much golf as possible.
Alistair Cooke
A religion which has lost its basic conviction about the interconnection of men with men in their common struggles for the human, will never command belief in the realm of the superhuman.
Max Lerner
Looking back as an historian, I find myself having great respect for Ronald Reagan’s consistency: his absolute conviction that the Soviet Union – the only competing world empire at the time – was bound to collapse!
Nigel Hamilton
Experiencing criticism definitely makes you a little weaker at times, but in the end, it’s made me a lot stronger. It’s made me have conviction about something that I can stand for. It’s made me want to fight for something.
Andi Dorfman
The people who are opposing the policy of apartheid have not the courage of their convictions. They do not marry non-Europeans.
P. W. Botha
I am coming more and more to the conviction that the necessity of our geometry cannot be demonstrated, at least neither by, nor for, the human intellect. . . Geometry should be ranked, not with arithmetic, which is purely aprioristic, but with mechanics.
Carl Friedrich Gauss
Home is the bottom line of life, the anvil upon which attitudes and convictions are hammered out the single most influential force in our earthly existence. No price tag can adequately reflect its value.
Charles R. Swindoll
I approach this with – with an open mind and I’ll do it on the basis of a deep conviction with President-elect Donald Trump.
Angela Merkel
Everybody has their own path. I just believe that with conviction and discipline you can make anything happen.
Sonya Tayeh
Conviction is the conscience of the mind.
Nicolas Chamfort
Religion, in its most general view, is such a Sense of God in the soul, and such a conviction of our obligations to him, and of our dependence upon him, as shall engage us to make it our great care to conduct ourselves in a manner which we have reason to believe will be pleasing to him.
Philip Doddridge
A conviction akin to religious feeling of the rationality or intelligibility of the world lies behind all scientific work of a high order.
Albert Einstein
She had all her life long been accustomed to harbor thoughts and emotions which never voiced themselves… They belonged to her her and were her own, and she entertained the conviction that she had a right to them and they they concerned no one but herself.
Kate Chopin
One difference between a conviction and a prejudice is that a conviction can be explained without getting angry.
Dorothy Sarnoff
I told graduates to not be afraid to fail, and I still believe that. But today I tell you that whether you fear it or not, disappointment will come. The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality.
Conan O’Brien
The peace of mind, is very essential for our health. So in that level, I think scientific finding, immense benefit to get our wellness and eventually conviction, peace of mind is not just a luxurious item, but peace of mind is actually very important for our survival, for our healthy survival.
Dalai Lama
The miracles of genius always rest on profound convictions which refuse to be analyzed.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Without religion, also there is a way, it could be this way, through education, through scientific findings, then you get conviction. Not necessarily really love other, but for their own interest they are showing love, compassion to other like that.
Dalai Lama
Without core convictions to help us navigate, we stand uneasily on shifting sand, and we lack the solid footing with which to stage a life of principle and character. Today is a call to biblical conviction… What is needed today is a battalion of believers who follow Christ and stand for Him and His truth.
Dennis Rainey
He that is warm for truth, and fearless in its defense, performs one of the duties of a good man; he strenghtens his own conviction, and guards others from delusion; but steadiness of belief, and boldness of profession, are yet only part of the form of godliness.
Samuel Johnson
That familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Only that type of story deserves to be called moral that shows us that one has the power within oneself to act, out of the conviction that there is something better, even against one’s own inclination.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Weakness is what keeps driving us to God, by the overwhelming conviction that there just isn’t anywhere else to go.
Abraham Lincoln
I understand you, and I shall not attempt to make you change your mind. I am too old to want to improve the world. I have told you what I think, and that is all. I shall remain your friend even if you act contrary to my convictions, and I shall help you even if I disagree with you.
Milan Kundera
It is my conviction that it is the intuitive, spiritual aspects of us humans-the inner voice-that gives us the ‘knowing,’ the peace, and the direction to go through the windstorms of life, not shattered but whole, joining in love and understanding.
Copyright: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family Limited Partnership.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Aphorisms are essentially an aristocratic genre of writing. The aphorist does not argue or explain, he asserts; and implicit in his assertion is a conviction that he is wiser and more intelligent than his readers.
W. H. Auden
I believed in the Catholic position, the Catholic view of ethics and aesthetics, for a long time. But I wanted something not intellectual, some conviction not mental – in fact I wanted faith.
Joyce Kilmer
Art is the expression of the conviction that we can have a rational relationship with the world and each other. It isn’t the faith or hope that we can, it is the demonstration that we can.
Edward Bond
Customs and convictions change; respectable people are the last to know, or to admit, the change, and the ones most offended by fresh reflections of the facts in the mirror of art.
John Updike
Doctinaires are the vultures of principle. They feed upon principle after it is dead.
David Lloyd George
‘Villain’ succeeded because we were genuinely working towards a good film. We worked hard and with a lot of conviction.
Ajith Kumar
Justifying faith implies, not only a divine evidence or conviction that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, but a sure trust and confidence that Christ died for my sins, that He loved me and gave Himself for me.
John Wesley
We live in an age of prejudice, dissimulation and paradox, wherein, like dry leaves caught in a whirlpool, some of us are tossed helpless . . . ever struggling between our honest convictions and fear of that cruelest of tyrants — PUBLIC OPINION.
H. P. Blavatsky
Who has no own conviction dissipates himself in the imitation of others.
Ernst Moritz Arndt
In examining the evidence of the Christian religion, it is essential to the discovery of truth that we bring to the investigation a mind freed, as far as possible, from existing prejudice, and open to conviction.
Simon Greenleaf
Nor would anybody suspect. If was one thing all people took for granted, was conviction that if you feed honest figures into a computer, honest figures come out. Never doubted it myself till I met a computer with a sense of humor.
Robert A. Heinlein
Paternity is based anyhow only upon conviction: I am convinced, therefore, I am the father.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Being an entrepreneur can be learned, and that is exactly what I have done. You don’t have to be born with it or have had the ‘lemonade stand.’ But, you do need to have the passion, devotion, conviction, and sheer will and drive to make it happen.
Julia Hartz
Along with a sense of humor, my songs have to be sincere, and they have to be sung from a position of inner conviction.
Arlo Guthrie
One’s belief that one is sincere is not so dangerous as one’s conviction that one is right. We all feel we are right; but we felt the same way twenty years ago and today we know we weren’t always right.
Igor Stravinsky
The one thing you can do forп»ї others is the manage your own life. And do it with conviction.
Tony Robbins
I am Bourbon as a matter of honour, royalist according to reason and conviction, and republican by taste and character.
François-René de Chateaubriand
Obviously, following my convictions has come at a personal price, but they are important enough that I have been willing to endure the abuse.
Frederick Lenz
My intention was to write a chapter of the moral history of my country and I chose Dublin for the scene because that city seemed to me the centre of paralysis.
James Joyce
In the case of a Black woman like myself, the most classic trope of all is that we are angry or we are aggressive. It’s very difficult to navigate that because in order to be a leader, and particularly a senior leader, you need to be able to speak with conviction to direct people.
Annamie Paul
I have the conviction that excessive literary production is a social offence.
George Eliot
Some people just come to a rally to see the stars. But some do take us seriously. They have been watching us on the screen and they know the conviction that goes into our acting.
Eighteen is a terrible age, and while I walked around with the conviction that I was somehow more grown-up than my classmates, the truth was that I had merely found a different way of being young.
Paul Auster
Listen to the advice of others, but follow only what you understand and can unite in your own feeling. Be firm, be meek, but follow your own convictions. It is better to be nothing than an echo of other painters.
Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
To accuse me of being too inflexible is poppycock.
Margaret Thatcher
Indigestion: A disease which the patient and his friends frequently mistake for deep religious conviction and concern for the salvation of mankind. As the simple Red Man of the Western Wild put it, with, it must be confessed, a certain force: ‘Plenty well, no pray; big belly ache, heap God.’
Ambrose Bierce
The chief effect of talk on any subject is to strengthen one’s own opinions, and, in fact, one never knows exactly what he does believe until he is warmed into conviction by the heat of attack and defence.
Charles Dudley Warner
(They) were found guilty of continuing to promote the merits of Laetrile in cancer therapy in violation of terms of probation they had originally secured following their 1973 conviction.
Ernst T. Krebs
I believe I and all the Chinese people have such a conviction that China will make continuous progress and the people’s wishes for and needs for democracy and freedom are irresistible.
Wen Jiabao
Now a lot of us are preachers, and all of us have our moral convictions and concerns, and so often have problems with power. There is nothing wrong with power if power is used correctly.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
It is not enough to have the courage of your convictions, you must also have the courage to have your convictions challenged.
Christopher Phillips
Don’t sacrifice your political convictions for the convenience of the hour.
Edward Kennedy
Don’t let anyone tell you no. Do it with conviction, do it with passion, and you’ll find a way
Amanda Tapping
Lust was a positive high-tension cable, plugged into my core, activating a near-epileptic seizure of conviction that this was the one thing I had to do in life.
Will Self
Man has his being in truth–if he sacrifices truth he sacrifices himself. Whoever betrays truth betrays himself. It is not a question of lying–but of acting against one’s conviction.
Someone once described me as a maverick and that’s what I would say. I’m a maverick not by choice but by conviction.
Van Morrison
The members of my people who took part in the pogrom in Kielce after the end of World War II expelled themselves from the Polish people. That is my deep personal conviction.
Andrzej Duda
If trustees feel it is in their charity’s interest to pay high salaries to attract talented people, then they should have the courage of their conviction and explain their decisions publicly.
William Shawcross
Kiefer Sutherland has agreed to serve 48 days in jail for his DUI convictions. That’s 245 months in Jack Bauer years.
Chelsea Handler
Global commerce is driven by a single conviction: the inalienable right to earn profit, regardless of any human cost.
Barbara Kingsolver
You have to have conviction and completely question everything and anything you do. No matter how much you study, no matter how much you know, the side of your brain that has the smarts won’t necessarily help you in making art.
Maya Lin
Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.
Blaise Pascal
When an individual is motivated by great and powerful convictions of truth, then he disciplines himself, not because of the demands of the church, but because of the knowledge within his heart
Gordon B. Hinckley
Youth can only assert itself through the conviction that its ventures surpass all others and resemble nothing.
Jean Cocteau
There is a fundamental conviction which some people never acquire, some hold only in their youth, and a few hold to the end of their days-the conviction that ideas matter . . . . That ideas matter means that knowledge matters, that truth matters, that one’s mind matters . . .
Ayn Rand
The conviction that the world and man is something that had better not have been, is of a kind to fill us with indulgence towards one another.
Arthur Schopenhauer
and he would probably not agree with my conviction that a sense of humor is the main measure of sanity. But who can say for sure? Humor is a very private thing.
Hunter S. Thompson
I know many men at Fox, and most are good, decent people. Many are also good family men who have wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. Many are men of faith and moral conviction. These men have huge platforms.
S.E. Cupp
The word of knowledge, strictly employed, implies three things: truth, proof, and conviction.
Richard Whately
If you pivot, do it fully and with conviction. The worst thing is to try to do a bit of the old and the new-it’s hard to kill your babies.
Sam Altman
What has the church gained if it is popular but there is no conviction, no repentance, no power?
Aiden Wilson Tozer
Futurism is another American myth: whether Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan or Obama, American presidents all come into office with a new program, and the conviction that the country is going to be better than ever.
James Hillman
It has always been my private conviction that any man who puts his intelligence up against a fish and loses had it coming.
John Steinbeck
Conviction never so excellent, is worthless until it coverts itself into conduct.
Thomas Carlyle
Wanted, a man who will not lose his individuality in a crowd, a man who has the courage of his convictions, who is not afraid to say “No,” though all the world say “Yes.
Orison Swett Marden
Doubt is to certainty as neurosis is to psychosis. The neurotic is in doubt and has fears about persons and things; the psychotic has convictions and makes claims about them. In short, the neurotic has problems, the psychotic has solutions.
Thomas Szasz
A mistake made by many people with great convictions is that they will let nothing stand in the way of their views, not even kindness.
Bryant H. McGill
The First Amendment isn’t about free thought and free opinion and free belief. The First Amendment is about free exercise: the carrying into practice of religious principles and beliefs and convictions.
Alan Keyes
The Petersons have not come forward in the press. Apparently they feel the media bears a large responsibility for Scott’s conviction. It may be a while before we hear anything from them.
Catherine Crier
Whatever you believe with emotion becomes reality. You always act in a manner consistent with your innermost beliefs and convictions.
Brian Tracy
Globalization – and I think we share this conviction – is that globalization needs to be shaped politically, it needs to be given a human face, but we cannot allow to fall back into plagued globalization times.
Angela Merkel
If you deliver an opinion at all, it is mere stupidity not to do it with an air of conviction and well-founded knowledge. You make it your own in uttering it, and naturally get fond of it.
George Eliot
I am very proud of the role I played in getting legal equality for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, and in helping get rid of the prejudice by being visible about it, helping to block the conviction of Bill Clinton of impeachment.
Barney Frank
People with felony convictions – pending felony convictions should not be able to buy gun, but they should be able to stay in sanctuary cities, if they’re illegal, if they cross the border.
Eric Bolling
Our inheritance of well-founded, slowly conceived codes of honor, morals and manners, the passionate convictions which so many hundreds of millions share together of the principles of freedom and justice, are far more precious to us than anything which scientific discoveries could bestow.
Winston Churchill
What provides me with the strength and conviction to walk proudly among protesters so angry about the policies I endorse is the support I absorb when I am in my own constituency. Whenever I am at home, I am met with smiling faces, and words of thanks, even hugs.
Layla Moran
Personal convictions are not politics. Personal convictions, if they become the subject of a group conviction, they become a cult.
Norman Finkelstein
An opinion can be argued with; a conviction is best shot. The logical end of a war of creeds is the final destruction of one, and Salammbo is the classical text-book instance.
T. E. Lawrence
Conviction is possible only in a world more primitive than ours can be perceived to be. A man can achieve a simply gnomic conviction only by ignoring the radical describers of his environment, or by hating them, as convinced men have hated, say, Darwin and Freud, as agents of some devil.
John Ciardi
We need men with moral courage to speak and write their real thoughts, and to stand by their convictions, even to the very death.
Robert Green Ingersoll
Every strong conviction ends by taking possession of us; it overcomes and absorbs us, and tears us ruthlessly from everything else. Has the Cross so seized upon your life?
L. E. Maxwell
Integrating the mind is the essence of life. Decide you will always say and do only what you feel is right. Then, you will come to tremendous clarity and conviction in the inner and outer worlds.
Swami Nithyananda
When you flip anything, you really you just have to have the courage of your convictions.
Julia Child
Obeying instructions I should never dare to disregard, expressing, also, my own firm conviction, I rise in behalf of the State of New York to propose a nomination with which the country and the Republican party can grandly win.
Roscoe Conkling
It is my conviction that in general women are more snobbish and class conscious than men and that these ignoble traits are a product of men’s attitude toward women and women’s passive acceptance of this attitude.
Mary Barnett Gilson
The ethic of conviction and the ethic of responsibility are not opposites. They are complementary to one another.
Max Weber
Man positively needs general ideas and convictions that will give a meaning to his life and enable him to find a place for himself in the universe.
Carl Jung
Passion is a product of the heart. Passion is what helps you when you have a great dream. Passion breeds conviction and turns mediocrity into excellence! Your passion will motivate others to join you in pursuit of your dream. With passion, you will overcome insurmountable obstacles. You will become unstoppable!
Andy Andrews
Convictions are not merely beliefs we hold; they are those beliefs that hold us in their grip.
Albert Mohler
If you would convince others, seem open to conviction yourself.
Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield
What convinces is conviction. Believe in the argument you’re advancing. If you don’t you’re as good as dead. The other person will sense that something isn’t there, and no chain of reasoning, no matter how logical or elegant or brilliant, will win your case for you.
Lyndon B. Johnson
I try to help people see they’re going to have these times in which they turn away, in which they deny Christ and their faith grows cold, their convictions weakened; but Jesus is waiting.
Max Lucado
Begin and proceed on a settled conviction that but little is permitted to any man to do or to know, and if he complies with the first grand laws, he shall do well.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Come home to the affirmation that we have a dream. Come home to the conviction that we can move our country forward. Come home to the belief that we can seek a newer world. And let us be joyful in the homecoming.
George McGovern
Most people feel like they’re out of step, so just have the conviction to go your own way.
Nicola Walker
Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.
Winston Churchill
I do my best work when I feel conviction to say something through the character I play. Always I want to have integrity and not compromise that.
Lupita Nyong’o
I am not a politician, and I will never be, and I say that with absolute conviction.
David Petraeus
I wish there could be an international peace conference of booksellers, for (you will smile at this) my own conviction is that the future happiness of the world depends in no small measure on them and on the librarians.
Christopher Morley
If I practised sex, out of moral conviction, that was one thing; but to enjoy it… seemed a defeat.
Martha Gellhorn
It is my conviction that in time of war, when the cannon speaks with its powerful voice, the less we speak the better.
Benito Mussolini
I felt strong around and always been around people who have very strong environmental convictions.
Daryl Hannah
When a denomination begins to consider doctrine divisive, theology troublesome, and convictions inconvenient, consider that denomination on its way to a well-deserved death.
Albert Mohler
Live up to your convictions. You walk in grace or you walk in fear. You can’t have it both ways.
Carlos Santana
Conviction without experience makes for harshness.
Flannery O’Connor
You cannot open the pages of the New Testament without realizing that one of the things that makes it so ‘new,’ in every way, is that here men and women call God ‘Father.’ This conviction, that we can speak of the Master of the universe in such intimate terms, lies at the heart of the Christian faith.
Sinclair B. Ferguson
George W. Bush is not preoccupied with his legacy – nor with his popularity. He never has been. He has always led based on core conviction and strong principles and has believed that time and distance would allow for context.
Mark McKinnon
Mainstream Jewish intellectuals became ‘pro’-Israel after the June 1967 war when Israel became the U.S.A.’ s strategic asset in the Middle East, i.e., when it was safe and reaped benefits. To credit them with ideological conviction is, in my opinion, very naive.
Norman Finkelstein
The conviction that Christian doctrine matters for Christian living is one of the most important growth points of the Christian life.
Sinclair B. Ferguson
We don’t want to tell young girls and boys that the odds are stacked against them from the start. Instead, we could tell them that with passion, conviction, and determination we can build a better future. This future is possible by redesigning our economy to truly reward hard work rather than wealth.
Winnie Byanyima
I arrived at the conviction that we should, more easily and more thoroughly than we now do or ever have done, understand the nature and the laws of the Cosmos if we would from the beginning recognize its originator and upholder as being of the female sex.
Isak Dinesen
Belief is knowing what you believe. Conviction is knowing why you believe it.
Josh McDowell
It is my conviction that pure mathematical construction enables us to discover the concepts and the laws connecting them, which gives us the key to the understanding of nature … In a certain sense, therefore, I hold it true that pure thought can grasp reality, as the ancients dreamed.
Albert Einstein
The Golden Rule reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development. This conviction has led me, from the beginning of my ministry, to advocate at different levels for the global abolition of the death penalty.
Pope Francis
If you’re too close to events, you lose perspective. It is not easy to be fair with the facts and keep your own convictions out of the picture. It is almost impossible to be both a participant in the events and their observer, witness, interpreter.
Micha Bar-Am
Atheists have as much conscience, possibly more, than people with deep religious conviction, and they still have the same problem of how they reconcile themselves to a bad deed in the past. It’s a little easier if you’ve got a god to forgive you.
Ian Mcewan
Blacks were more likely to be sentenced to prison following a conviction, but that result reflected their past crimes and the gravity of their current offense.
Heather Mac Donald
Emancipation, to be of any value to the slave, must be the free, voluntary act of the master, performed from a conviction of its propriety.
Elijah Parish Lovejoy
Faith is the ‘yes’ of the heart, a conviction on which one stakes one’s life.
Martin Luther
I have always held the conviction that American citizens should keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible.
Tim Walberg
Those of us who decided to work for democracy in Burma made our choice in the conviction that the danger of standing up for basic human rights in a repressive society was preferable to the safety of a quiescent life in servitude
Aung San
While it’s great that some actors can do any character with conviction, I’d probably look odd doing anything unreal.
Waheeda Rehman
A philosophy of the history of the human race, worthy of its name, must begin with the heavens and descend to the earth, must be charged with the conviction that all existence is one-a single conception sustained from beginning to end upon one identical law.
Friedrich Ratzel
To discover depravity in those whom we have loved, is one of the most exquisite tortures to a virtuous mind, and the conviction is often rejected before it is finally admitted.
Ann Radcliffe
The thought of death leaves me in perfect peace, for I have a firm conviction that our spirit is a being of indestructible nature; it works on from eternity to eternity, it is like the sun, which though it seems to set to our mortal eyes, does not really set, but shines on perpetually.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
All the strength and force of man comes from his faith in things unseen. He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions. The man strongly possessed of an idea is the master of all who are uncertain or wavering. Clear, deep, living convictions rule the world.
James Freeman Clarke
To realize the relative validity of one’s convictions and yet stand for them unflinchingly is what distinguishes a civilized man from a barbarian.
Joseph A. Schumpeter
I just assume I’m right. Partially out of conviction and partially as a pose.
Roger Ebert
One of the things that made me suffer no regret when I was called away from the cramped intellectual jail of atheism into a wider and more wonderful world, was my growing conviction that my fellow atheists were shallow, men without insight into real human nature.
John C. Wright
I don’t personally believe that villains exist. Villains are just a way of saying that somebody has an opposing conviction.
Ryan Reynolds
I loved the illusion, the conviction, the desire – whatever you want to call it – that the words were agents rather than extensions of reality. That they made my life happen, rather than just recorded it happening.
Eavan Boland
We can walk through the darkest night with the radiant conviction that all things work together for the good.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
A belief is something you will argue about. A conviction is something you will die for.
Howard G. Hendricks
Any preacher who preaches beyond that which he has experienced is incapable of preaching with conviction.
Billy Graham
We are not abandoning our convictions, our philosophy or traditions, nor do we urge anyone to abandon theirs.
Mikhail Gorbachev
The decision as to when to photograph, the actual click of the shutter, is partly controlled from the outside, by the flow of life, but it also comes from the mind and the heart of the artist. The photograph is his vision of the world and expresses, however subtly, his values and convictions.
Paul Strand
That deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.
Albert Einstein
Convictions do not imply reasons.
Margaret Deland
[He] fell right into the oldest conviction in the world– that the girl you are in love with can’t possibly be anything but true and honest.
John Steinbeck
When it comes to business, I am a woman, and when it comes to relationships, I am a child. I just haven’t figured out how to bring the same confidence and conviction I have in the boardroom to my romantic relationships.
Drew Barrymore
Cezanne is one of the most liberal artists I have ever seen… he grants that everyone may be as honest and as true to nature from their convictions; he doesn’t believe that everyone should see alike.
Mary Cassatt
A man with convictions finds an answer for everything. Convictions are the best form of protection against the living truth.
Max Frisch
It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.
Albert Einstein
To seek truth and to utter what one believes to be true can never be a crime. No one must be forced to accept a conviction. Conviction is free.
Michael Servetus
When you receive criticism from well-meaning people, it pays to ask, ‘Are they right?’ And if they are, you need to adapt what they’re doing. If they’re not right, if you really have conviction that they’re not right, you need to have that long-term willingness to be misunderstood. It’s a key part of invention.
Jeff Bezos
Choose your words meticulously and then let them rumble up from some deep furnace of conviction.
Ron Suskind
I think that I have less conviction than ever that poetry matters – that poetry changes or saves anything or anyone. But, in fact, that’s tremendously freeing. If it doesn’t matter much, the stakes are lower and you can’t really fail. It’s insurrection. It’s a tiny alphabet revolution. A secret. A psalm.
Daphne Gottlieb
Our deepest mature conviction is that finite and infinite interpenetrate, as time and eternity interpenetrate, and our problems must be solved in the light of that conviction.
Lily Dougall
I wrote the Dickens book because I loved Dickens, not because I felt a kinship with him, but after writing the book it seemed to me that there was at least one similarity between us and that was that Dickens loved to write and wrote with the ease and conviction of breathing. Me, too.
Jane Smiley
Given the irreversibility of the death penalty, the possibility of a wrongful conviction can never be overstated.
George Gascon
I had the erroneous conviction that all of history tended toward my birth and would diminish into chaos or inconsequence after I was gone. When you realize that’s not so, the proper humility is to defer.
David Milch
The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.
Victor Hugo
Misanthropy is born, I think, out of an almost oppressive sense of loneliness, a conviction that there’s no one on earth who understands you. I don’t think misanthropes hate people: They hate that people hate them.
Hanya Yanagihara
If an individual agrees with everybody, he lacks conviction; if he likes everybody and is everybody’s friend, he is indifferent to one and all.
Nikolay Dobrolyubov
I’ve always had this deep-down conviction that I’m not like everybody else, and there’s an amazingly exciting new life waiting for me just around the corner.
Sophie Kinsella
Your weakness is due to your conviction that you were born into the world. In reality the world is ever recreated in you and by you. See everything as emanating from the light which is the source of your own being.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Conviction of sin draws me away from myself and toward GodSelf-condemnation, on the other hand, draws me down into myself and away from God.
Elyse Fitzpatrick
I’m a firm believer that when children have a strong conviction about something, it’s often because there’s some powerful experience from a past life. Something that they didn’t get to fulfill.
When you have a strong conviction, you have a duty not to tell people what they want. At least represent yourself and say: ‘Yo, this is what I’m into, and this is what I’m seeing in the world. Let me take your hand and guide you through it, so you can see through my eyes
Eddie Huang
Funny to watch these Senators switching back and forth on Prohibition. Politics is a great character builder. You have to take a referendum to see what your convictions are for that day.
Will Rogers
Faith is holding onto uncertainties with passionate conviction.
Soren Kierkegaard
If condoms and potentially microbicides can prevent millions of deaths [from AIDS], they should be made more widely available. I know that there are those who, out of sincere religious conviction, oppose such measures. And with these folks, I must respectfully but unequivocally disagree.
Barack Obama
The artist must possess at least as much conviction as does his enemy, the dogmatic, mealy-mouthed, anti-art bigot.
Eric Maisel
My father taught us to serve with strength and clear-minded conviction, but to do so with humility, to work in the Oval Office on behalf of the American people with a servant’s heart.
Neil Bush
The simple faith in progress is not a conviction belonging to strength, but one belonging to acquiescence and hence to weakness.
Norbert Wiener
Hope that justice will be done to those brave men who stood up for their convictions.
Albert Einstein
The conviction of tragedy that rises out of his [John Dos Passos’s] work is the steady protest of a sensitive democratic conscience against the tyranny and the ugliness of society, against the failure of a complete human development under industrial capitalism.
Alfred Kazin
There’s Eddie’s conviction and his lyrics and his ideals, and he can just rock straight out. His vocals are incredible. And we all are really competent musicians.
Mike McCready
Assertion of truths known and felt, promulgation of truth from the high platform of truth itself, declaration of faith by the mouth of moral conviction–this is the New Testament method, and the true one.
J. G. Holland
Having convictions can be defined as being so thoroughly convinced that Christ and His Word are both objectively true and relationally meaningful that you act on your beliefs regardless of the consequences.
Josh McDowell
There is not anything that can so suddenly flood the mind with shame as the conviction of ignorance, yet we are all ignorant of nearly everything there is to be known.
Hilaire Belloc
It is your own convictions which compels you; that is, choice compels choice.
People who want to improve should take their defeats as lessons, and endeavor to learn what to avoid in the future. You must also have the courage of your convictions. If you think your move is good, make it.
Jose Raul Capablanca
If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.
Mahatma Gandhi
To declare that in the administration of criminal law the end justifies the means to declare that the Government may commit crimes in order to secure conviction of a private criminal would bring terrible retribution.
Louis D. Brandeis
After my conviction, I was devastated. I had never believed that I would be convicted.
Amanda Knox
Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.
George Bernard Shaw
In everybody’s career there comes a moment when there is slowdown but one has to have that conviction and belief in themselves.
Satish Kaushik
What impressed me about Plato and Sartre was their conviction that we should live our lives in the light of big truths about reality and human existence.
David E. Cooper
Marinate in your own being, grow in your wisdom, mature in understanding, be firm in your conviction, be strong in your Self.
Truth is not a matter of argumentation and conviction; it is not the outcome of opinion.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Quotations in my work are like wayside robbers who leap out armed and relieve the stroller of his conviction.
Walter Benjamin
If you would convince others, seem open to conviction yourself.
Lord Chesterfield
Certainly within any decadent period, you would probably find the purest expressions of conviction, and I do not see that in many of the people I know.
Leonard Cohen
Sometimes we make our alliances not by the shape and color of our flesh but by the convictions of our heart.
Neal Shusterman
Anybody can make jokes. But unless they come from conviction, and there’s truth in them, you haven’t nailed it. They aren’t as funny as they could be, and they don’t make a point.
Dan Jenkins
Don’t give up, courage is my conviction.
Dhirubhai Ambani
The habit of arguing in support of atheism, whether it be done from conviction or in pretense, is a wicked and impious practice.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
I am a Muslim Arab, in my actions oriented very to the left, in my convictions.
Ahmed Ben Bella
Never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
Winston Churchill
You looked at them and wondered why they were so ugly; you looked closely and could not find the source. Then you realized that it came from conviction, their conviction. It was as though some mysterious all-knowing master had given each one a cloak of ugliness to wear, and they had each accepted it without question.
Toni Morrison
When the mind has once begun to yield to the weakness of superstition, trifles impress it with the force of conviction.
Ann Radcliffe
Strong convictions are the secret of surviving deprivation; your spirit can be full even when your stomach is empty.
Nelson Mandela
The ideals of the party were close to me, and I have tried to adhere to those principles all my life. In essence, they are the same as in the Ten Commandments in the Bible. I will never change my convictions
Valentina Tereshkova
Ekta was an average student, and it’s wonderful to see her success. She has tremendous conviction.
I think that in great crises you need to have deep rooted convictions and I have a feeling from the kind of campaigns that I have watched Mr. Nixon in in the past that his convictions are not very strong.
Eleanor Roosevelt
I had a friend who had done the cinematics for ‘Splinter Cell: Conviction,’ so he kind of indoctrinated me into the series. I did a bunch of temp stuff for him – I roughed stuff in the game for him, playing about nine characters – just so he had some character templates to work from.
Eric Johnson
Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.
Owen Arthur
This conviction brought me, in the summer of 1978, to the Free Trade Unions – formed by a group of courageous and dedicated people who came out in the defense of the workers’ rights and dignity.
Lech Walesa
I have a conviction that it’s only when you are put at full stretch that you can realise your full potential.
Edward Dunlop
Be true to your own highest convictions.
William Ellery Channing
[Pope Francis] comes to that conviction [of family crisis] as a pastor, not as Brad Wilcox or Charles Murray. So he wants to challenge the Church to find pastoral responses to that crisis that meet real human needs.
George Weigel
For the liberal state to accommodate a diversity of beliefs while having few positive convictions is one of the more admirable achievements of civilization.
Terry Eagleton
If an uncompromising stand is to be smeared as ‘extremism,’ then that smear is directed at any devotion to values, any loyaltyВ  to principles, any profound conviction, any consistency, any steadfastness, any passion, any dedication to an unbreached, inviolate truth –В any man of integrity.
Ayn Rand
A great designer does not seek acceptance. He challenges popularity, and by the force of his convictions renders popular in the end what the public hates at first sight.
Charles James
Students want to know, “Are you painting by the numbers, or are you really present as a human being to what you are doing; and is it coming from inside of you?” So I would ask teachers this question: “Do you have a wellgrounded personal experience and conviction concerning whatever it is you are trying to teach?”
Parker J. Palmer
Learning gives us a fuller conviction of the imperfections of our nature; which one would think, might dispose us to modesty.
Jeremy Collier
His suspicion that he was not going in the right direction tortmented him more and more. At last he had the conviction that he would never go anywhere but in the wrong direction, to the very end of the handful of days that was left to him, unhappy moonstruck pilgrim, whose April was to be cut off short.
Ismail KadarГ©
Both President Obama and I shared the conviction that territorial and maritime disputes in the Asia Pacific region should be settled peacefully based on international law. We affirm that arbitration is an open, friendly and peaceful approach to seeking a just and durable solution.
Benigno Aquino III
Indeed in the full flush of journalistic passion and conviction I once told an interviewer that of course I would never get married. And I most definitely would never have children.
Christiane Amanpour
The greatest source of discouragement is the conviction that one is unable to do something
Maria Montessori
And everyone who wills can hear the Voice. It is within every one. But like everything else it requires previous and definite preparation.
Mahatma Gandhi
Now that I’ve got some films under my belt, I have the courage of my convictions regarding acting. It gives me a leg to stand on.
Mira Sorvino
Knowing exactly what you want to do, with unwavering conviction, is the spark that generates everything.
Deepak Chopra
Here at work we’re all just trying to get a job done. My people have the confidence of their convictions and they know their skills. And that occupies most of my time.
Bill Gates
The prosecution has an ethical duty to ensure not just that they get a conviction when the defendant is guilty, but also to ensure that they get it by means of fair trial, and that means a fair trial for the defense as well as the prosecution.
Marcia Clark
I have the courage of my convictions.
Brigitte Bardot
One of the dreariest spots on life’s road is the point of conviction that nothing will ever again happen to you.
Faith Baldwin
Absolute certainty is not something I strive for anymore. I’ve learned the hard way that destiny usually looks upon our most strident convictions with amusement, or perhaps even pity.
Elizabeth Gilbert
Afraid lest he be caught up in a net of words, tripped up, bewildered and so defeated-thrown aside-a man hesitates to write down his innermost convictions.
William Carlos Williams
What children need is the conviction that satisfaction can and must be earned. … Spoiled children do not learn the must.
Isabel Briggs Myers
CONVICTIONS are lessons learned from experiences we’d never want to go through again, but wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.
Mark Batterson
The habit of an opinion often leads to the complete conviction of its truth, it hides the weaker parts of it, and makes us incapable of accepting the proofs against it.
Jons Jacob Berzelius
The majority of mankind think that they think; they acquiesce, and suppose that they argue; they flatter themselves that they are holding their own, when they have actually grown up to manhood, with scarcely a conviction that they can call their own. So it was, and so it ever shall be.
E. W. Bullinger
But then with me the horrid doubt always arises whether the convictions of man’s mind, which has been developed from the mind of the lower animals, are of any value or at all trustworthy. Would any one trust in the convictions of a monkey’s mind, if there are any convictions in such a mind?
Charles Darwin
I love anybody who has convictions enough to make mistakes because only people who make mistakes get into enough trouble to be called drama, I think.
James Marsters
But it is my total conviction that all the trappings of good leadership are generic and widely applicable whether you are standing in a khaki queue with your mess tins or on an automobile production line.
Peter Cosgrove
Public opinion, – a tyrant, sitting in the dark, wrapt up in mystification and vague terrors of obscurity; deriving power no one knows from whom … – but irresistible in its power to quell thought, to repress action, to silence conviction.
Harriet Martineau
I am certain about what I will never do – but not about what my art will render.
Odilon Redon
As a politician who cherishes religious conviction in his personal sphere, but regards politics as a domain belonging outside religion, I believe that this view is seriously flawed.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
The motion pictures I have made and the plays I have chosen to direct represent my convictions.
Elia Kazan
Not one of them who took up in his youth with this opinion that there are no gods ever continued until old age faithful to his conviction.
We came together [with King Hussein of Jordan] because of a shared sense of idealism, of the value of service to a community far greater than ourselves, and the conviction that each and everyone of us can meaningfully contribute to solving even the most seemingly intractable problems.
Queen Noor of Jordan
My own conviction is, confirmed by a very close study of parochial registers, that some of the very best blood in England is to be found among the tradesmen of our county towns.
Sabine Baring-Gould
If you want to be a leader whom people follow with absolute conviction, you have to be a likable leader. Tyrants and curmudgeons with brilliant vision can command a reluctant following for a time, but it never lasts. They burn people out before they ever get to see what anyone is truly capable of.
Travis Bradberry
Utterance does not in principle mean a weakening of conviction–that would not be anything to be deplored–but a weakness of conviction.
Franz Kafka
Parents must not only have certain ways of guiding by prohibition and permission, they must also be able to represent to the child a deep, almost somatic conviction that there is meaning in what they are doing.
Erik Erikson
I believe Barack Obama has shown a deep conviction to help those most in need, even if their voices are not always the ones heard the loudest in Washington.
Ricky Martin
There is, therefore, about all complete conviction a kind of huge helplessness.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
It is my conviction that physical courage at crucial moments comes from the sum of intellectual courage and integrity that you muster at that moment.
Michael Weisskopf
I would rather be a man of conviction than a man of conformity
Martin Luther King, Jr.
It is my conviction that movie stars are not entitled to any rights of privacy.
Dorothy Kilgallen
I don’t think my religious convictions should be held against me.
Tony Abbott
I think, like Ronald Reagan, in another way, in a secular way, John Paul II was a great communicator, but he was also a man of deep conviction.
Chris Matthews
Irrespective of doubts and convictions, and for the Infinite Love I bear for one and all, I continue to come as the Avatar, to be judged time and again by humanity in its ignorance, in order to help man distinguish the Real from the false.
Meher Baba
There’s nothing so passionate as a vested interest disguised as an intellectual conviction.
Sean O’Casey
The citizens of America have too much discernment to be argued into anarchy. And I am much mistaken, if experience has not wrought a deep and solemn conviction in the public mind, that greater energy of government is essential to the welfare and prosperity of the community
Alexander Hamilton
Out of fear, out of the desire for approval, out of the misguided notions of duty, people surrender themselves-their convictions and their aspirations-every day. There is nothing noble about it. It takes far more courage to fight for your values than to relinquish them.
Nathaniel Branden
Healing and positive life change comes from having the courage and spiritual conviction to look squarely at life’s impermanence.
Meredith L. Young-Sowers
She must find a boat and sail in it. No guarantee of shore. Only a conviction that what she wanted could exist, if she dared to find it.
Jeanette Winterson
When we approach love and creativity with the level of conviction that the powers-that-be in the world today are approaching hatred and destruction, then and only then will we have a chance.
Marianne Williamson
He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.
Louisa May Alcott
Growth of consciousness does not depend on the might of the intellect but on the conviction of the heart.
Wayne Gerard Trotman
He who thinks with difficulty believes with alacrity. A fool is a natural proselyte, but he must be caught young, for his convictions, unlike those of the wise, harden with age.
Ambrose Bierce
Philosophers there are who try to make themselves believe that this life is happy; but they believe it only while they are saying it, and never yet produced conviction in a single mind.
Samuel Johnson
Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.
Rick Warren
Miracles arise from conviction. Be convicted about these things: Miracles can happen. Miracles do happen. Love makes them happen.
Marianne Williamson
This country was founded by men and women who were dedicated or came to be dedicated to two propositions; first, a strong religious conviction, and secondly a recognition that this conviction could flourish only under a system of freedom.
John F. Kennedy
So strong is the power of superstition that even though we know that we have been reverencing a sham, yet still we hesitate to admit the validity of our new-found convictions.
Edgar Rice Burroughs
I’ve always had a profound conviction that great music is about joy, even in the face of tragedy.
Simon Rattle
I entered the classroom with the conviction that it was crucial for me and every other student to be an active participant, not a passive consumer…education as the practice of freedom…. education that connects the will to know with the will to become. Learning is a place where paradise can be created.
Bell Hooks
People are drawn to preaching that is passionate and offered with conviction. Passion comes when the preacher has spent significant time with the text, and when God has spoken through the text in a way that addresses the preacher’s life first.
Adam Hamilton
My mother was a huge influence on me. She was a living example of what a Christian should be. Her conviction, her discipline. She would rather see other people happy than herself.
Barry Sanders
Three characteristics a work of fiction must possess in order to be successful:
1. It must have a precise and suspenseful plot.
2. The author must feel a passionate urge to write it.
3. He must have the conviction, or at least the illusion, that he is the only one who can handle this particular theme.
Isaac Bashevis Singer
When you take a stand out of deep conviction, people know. They may not even agree, but they ask, ‘Do I want someone who is willing to take a hard stand and someone I can trust to do that when the chips are down?’ They want that.
Barbara Boxer
Have the courage of your own convictions and don’t be swayed by friends who boast about their financial home runs. Last year’s winners are often this year’s losers.
Nancy Dunnan
It is absolutely my conviction, that Walter Salles will figure among the great directors of our time.
Arthur Cohn
Active waiting means present fully to the moment, in the conviction that something is happening where you are and that you want to be present to it.
Henri Nouwen
I had pictured journalism as I’d seen it in the most ennobling films, where the reporter battles for the truth, propelled by conviction, and is triumphant. There are journalists who fit that ideal.
Tom Rachman
A candidate who tries to steer a path down the middle in an effort to ‘win independents’ runs the risk of convincing everyone that they have no core values. As much as – or more than – any other voters, independents want to see conviction and authenticity.
John Sununu
The convictions that leaders have formed before reaching high office are the intellectual capital they will consume as long as they continue in office.
Henry A. Kissinger
Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to belief, and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.
Claude M. Bristol
Is it not better to remain in suspense than to entangle yourself in the many errors that the human fancy has produced? Is it not better to suspend your convictions than to get mixed up in these seditious and quarrelsome divisions?
Michel de Montaigne
Each believer comes to understand his or her significance in relationship to the whole Body, and the conviction begins to take hold: “I carry something that no one else carries. I must develop and release my gifts into the Church and the world and do my part in bringing Heaven to earth.” Honor empowers people.
Danny Silk
The truth is hidden from us. Even if a mere piece of luck brings us straight to it, we shall have no grounded conviction of our success; there are so many similar objects, all claiming to be the real thing.
I have reached the conviction that the abolition of the death penalty is desirable. Reasons: 1) Irreparability in the event of an error of justice, 2) Detrimental moral influence of the execution procedure on those who, whether directly or indirectly, have to do with the procedure.
Albert Einstein
Only in the steady and constant application of force lies the very first prerequisite for success. This persistence, however, can always and only arise from a definite spiritual conviction. Any violence which does not spring from a firm, spiritual base, will be wavering and uncertain.
Adolf Hitler
With the power of conviction, there is no sacrifice.
Pat Benatar
Education ought to foster the wish for truth, not the conviction that some particular creed is the truth.
Bertrand Russell
On most lines, making a sale without making a convert does not count for much. Sales made by conviction – by advertising – are likely to bring permanent customers. People who buy through casual recommendations often do not stick
Claude C. Hopkins
Our political differences, now matter how sharply they are debated, are really quite narrow in comparison to the remarkably durable national consensus on our founding convictions.
John McCain
Mix a conviction with a man and something happens.
Powell Clayton
Nothing can hide from me the conviction that an immortal soul needs for its sustenance something more than visiting, and gardening, and novel-reading, and crochet-needle, and the occasional manufacture of sponge cake.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson
I think the best writing is full of honesty and conviction. A lot of people are afraid to reveal much of themselves.
Sam Fender
Does not a misplaced optimism exist, common to all mankind, leading on to false conviction that social engagements, if dated sufficiently far ahead, will never really materialize?
E. M. Delafield
Men are never duly touched and impressed with a conviction of their insignificance, until they have contrasted themselves with the majesty of God
R. C. Sproul
Because with courage and conviction I believe we can deliver a more flexible, adaptable and open European Union in which the interests and ambitions of all its members can be met.
David Cameron
Let our voices be heard. I hope they will not be shrill voices, but, I hope we shall speak with such conviction that those to whom we speak shall know of the strength of our feeling and the sincerity of our efforts.
Gordon B. Hinckley
It is a high Christian privilege to pray for one another within each local church body and then for other believers throughout the world. As a Christian minister, I have no right to preach to people I have not prayed for. That is my strong conviction.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
If you are going to flip something, you must have the courage of your convictions.
Julia Child
I have long gone about with a conviction on my mind that I had a work to do-a Work, if you like, with a great W; a Purpose to fulfil; … a Great Social Evil to Discover and to Remedy.
William Makepeace Thackeray
What convinces is conviction.
Lyndon B. Johnson
The determination and conviction to succeed can only come from within.
Anthony D. Williams
Real revival does not begin with joyous singing. It begins with conviction and repentance on the part of Christians.
Vance Havner
When God brings deep conviction and I agree with Him about my condition, God restores my confidence in Him.
Johnny Hunt
It is my fixed conviction that if a parent can give his children a passionate and wholesome devotion to the outdoors, the fact that he cannot leave each of them a fortune does not really matter so much.
Archibald Rutledge
Conviction is a good motive, but a bad judge.
Albert Einstein
The patient typically finds himself impelled by some deep, inner conviction that something is true, or right, or virtuous: a conviction that doesn’t seem to owe anything to evidence or reason, but which, nevertheless, he feels as totally compelling and convincing. We doctors refer to such a belief as ‘faith’.
Richard Dawkins
The former conviction that these two kingdoms were wholly different in structure, in function, and in kind of life, was not seriously disturbed by the difficulties which the naturalist encountered when he undertook to define them.
Asa Gray
A good deal of editing a manuscript looks like mechanical work, as if anyone with time on their hands and a magnifying glass could do it. But at a certain point, you need a strong interpretive conviction and, as you say, an “intangible” relationship to what you are doing.
Oliver Harris
Belief is not a matter of choice, but of conviction.
Robert Green Ingersoll
A man must be prepared not only to be a martyr, but to be a fool. It is absurd to say that a man is ready to toil and die for his convictions if he is not even ready to wear a wreathe around his head for them.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
My only fixed truth is a belief in people: a conviction that if people have the opportunity to act freely and the power to control their own destinies, they’ll generally reach the right decisions.
Saul Alinsky
We need people who influence their peers and who cannot be detoured from their convictions by peers who do not have the courage to have any convictions.
Joe Paterno
The soundest argument will produce no more conviction in an empty head than the most superficial declamation; as a feather and a guinea fall with equal velocity in a vacuum.
Charles Caleb Colton
In this nation, the greatest of all nations, there are no second-class families. That is our great American conviction.
Benjamin Todd Jealous
My political views have definitely changed over the years. Maybe a better way of saying it is that I have grown into my convictions; the values and ideas of radical feminism that I started to articulate in my late teens feel more internalized or “second nature.”
Kathleen Hanna
The First Aphorism of Religion Cases: Only the religious convictions of other people are weird. Yours are perfectly rational.
Dahlia Lithwick
The law of England has established trial by judge and jury in the conviction that it is the mode best calculated to ascertain the truth.
Jeremy Bentham
One man with conviction will overwhelm a hundred who have only opinions.
Winston Churchill
Moke Kupihea has the strength of conviction necessary to impart to the world a more sensitive account of Hawaiian kahuna heritage, which comes down to him from the priesthood line from which he descends.
Rubellite Kawena Johnson
History is driven, over the long haul, by culture – by what men and women honor, cherish, and worship; by what societies deem to be true and good, and by the expressions they give to those convictions in language, literature, and the arts; by what individuals and societies are willing to stake their lives on.
George Weigel
Convictions are prisons.
Friedrich Nietzsche
The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and the will to carry on.
Walter Lippmann
The belief may be too often mistaken, but the illusion of coming into direct contact with the past is intoxicating and persuasive, and can result in an interpretation that carries conviction. Sometimes confidence is all that’s needed.
Charles Rosen
If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion.
Mia Hamm
It would have been impossible for me to have told anyone what I derived from these novels, for it was nothing less than a sense of life itself.
Richard Wright
You should know that what wakes me up at night, what gets me running fast in the morning, and, frankly, what prompts me to lose any semblance of my habitual reserve is the conviction that work doesn’t have to be this grim. We can do better.
Marcus Buckingham
When you couple this militarization of law enforcement with an erosion of civil liberties and due process that allows the police to become judge and jury – national security letters, no-knock searches, broad general warrants, pre-conviction forfeiture – we begin to have a very serious problem on our hands.
Rand Paul
What is important is that one utilizes one’s intellect and not to be 100 percent sure about one’s convictions. One should always leave room for doubt.
Shirin Ebadi
Have the conviction that God is your only real relative and friend.
Mata Amritanandamayi
The highest court is in the end one’s own conscience and conviction-that goes for you and for Einstein and every other physicist-and before any science there is first of all belief. For me, it is belief in a complete lawfulness in everything that happens.
Max Planck
Citizenship is an attitude, a state of mind, an emotional conviction that the whole is greater than the part…and that the part should be humbly proud to sacrifice itself that the whole may live.
Robert A. Heinlein
For if enough people were really convinced that growth should be halted, and if they acted on that conviction, then billions of others might be deprived of any realistic hope of gaining the opportunities now enjoyed by the more fortunate.
Herman Kahn
I believe there should be a witness to every act in this world. So when I write about a film, when I speak volumes about it, I felt there should also be a witness to attest to its credentials, and this is especially for the conviction of future generations.
Balachandra Menon
The secret of success is conviction and persistence.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
How it infuriates a bigot, when he is forced to drag out his dark convictions!
Logan Pearsall Smith
Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.
Winston Churchill
I write these words to bear witness to the primacy of resistance struggle in any situation of domination (even within family life); to the strength and power that emerges from sustained resistance and the profound conviction that these forces can be healing, can protect us from dehumanization and despair.
Bell Hooks
Thus you can throw yourself flat on the ground, stretched out upon Mother Earth, with certain conviction that you are one with her and she with you…
Erwin Schrodinger
Survival is not possible if the best of us lack all conviction, while the worst of us are full of passionate intensity.
John Silber
Perhaps [the critics are right and] the drama is played out now and Jesus is safely dead and buried. Perhaps. It is ironical and entertaining to consider that at least once in the world’s history those words might have been said with complete conviction, and that was on the eve of the Resurrection.
Dorothy L. Sayers
I am influenced more than ever before by the conviction that social equality is the only basis of human happiness.
Nelson Mandela
When we are convinced of some great truths, and feel our convictions keenly, we must not fear to express it, although others have said it before us. Every thought is new when an author expresses it in a manner peculiar to himself.
Luc de Clapiers
I can prophecy that your grandchildren in America will live under socialism — Our firm conviction is that sooner or later Capitalism will give way to Socialism. Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you.
Nikita Khrushchev
…I wish that I may never think the smiles of the great and powerful a sufficient inducement to turn aside from the straight path of honesty and the convictions of my own mind.
David Ricardo
I still believe that if we stand together with courage in our convictions and love for America, our best days are ahead of us.
Hillary Clinton
My father took one of the toughest jobs in the government because he cared about his nation more than himself. His courage and conviction have always driven me to want to make a difference.
Pardis Sabeti
Convictions, in the end, they can be dangerous, but a world without them is just kind of an awful kind of gray, amorphous mass.
We live our thoughts and manifest them in our attitudes toward ourselves and others. We cannot live beyond our thoughts and convictions.
Myles Munroe
The war on drugs has been the engine of mass incarceration. Drug convictions alone constituted about two-thirds of the increase in the federal prison population and more than half of the increase in the state prison population between 1985 and 2000, the period of our prison system’s most dramatic expansion.
Michelle Alexander
I don’t believe you outsource your convictions and principles to people.
Jeb Bush
Requiring military hospitals to perform elective abortions exposes the physicians, the nurses, the military personnel to move against their own personal convictions of life in many cases.
Rick Renzi
One should not be deceived: great spirits are skeptics … Strength, FREEDOM which is born of the strength and overstrength of the spirit, proves itself by skepticism. Men of conviction are not worthy of the least consideration in fundamental questions of value and disvalue. Convictions are prisons.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Your fixed convictions concerning the things that really matter mold your destiny.
Emmet Fox
Every man, wherever he goes, is encompassed by a cloud of comforting convictions, which move with him like flies on a summer day.
Bertrand Russell
It is hard to describe the thrill of creative joy which the artist feels when the conviction seizes her that at last she has caught the very soul of the character she wishes to portray, in the music and action which reveal it.
Maria Jeritza
Nations around the world look to us for the leadership not merely by strength of arms but by strength of our convictions.
Robert Kennedy
Obviously a primary liberal conviction is that we should be tolerant of other peoples’ convictions. But if we believe in something, we had better find ways to say so convincingly.
Tony Judt
I write from a thorough conviction that it is the duty of me, and with the belief that, after every drawback and shortcoming, I do my best, all things considered–that is for me, and, so being, the not being listened to by one human creature would, I hope, in nowise affect me.
Robert Browning
If it is true that the great missionaries of the 16th century were convinced that one who was not baptized was lost – and that explains their missionary commitment – in the Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council, that conviction was definitely abandoned.
Pope Benedict XVI
Confidentially, the type of male I find most enjoyable for a friend is one who has enough fire and assurance to speak up for his convictions.
Marilyn Monroe
Only her tight, tight eyes were left. They were always left…They were everything. Everything was there, in them…Thrown, in this way, into the binding conviction that only a miracle could relieve her, she would never know her beauty. She would see only what there was to see: the eyes of other people.
Toni Morrison
Politically, I thought [Margaret Thatcher] stank. I think she had a real fight on her hands to get where she got, but I don’t believe that her conviction was for the greater good.
Andrea Riseborough
I believe that it’s better to have a conviction, believe strongly in something, and then the convictions create a style that reflects your mentality.
Fernando Botero
Courage is not the absence of fear — it s inspiring others to move beyond it.
Nelson Mandela
We are being challenged by Islam these years. There are some things for which one should display no tolerance. And when we are tolerant, we must know whether it is because of convenience or conviction.
Margrethe II of Denmark
Is it faith to understand nothing, and merely submit your convictions implicitly to the Church?
John Calvin
Submit your sentiments with diffidence. A dictatorial style, though it may carry conviction, is always accompanied with disgust.
George Washington
Insurance – an ingenious modern game of chance in which the player is permitted to enjoy the comfortable conviction that he is beating the man who keeps the table.
Ambrose Bierce
Without wishing in the slightest degree to disparage the skill and labour of breadmakers by trade, truth compels us to assert our conviction of the superior wholesomeness of bread made in our own homes.
Eliza Acton
Besides what has been said, people are fickle by nature; and it is a simple to convince them of something but difficult to hold them in that conviction; and, therefore, affairs should be managed in such a way that when they no longer believe, they can be made to believe by force.
Niccolo Machiavelli
They [Federalist European Politicians] divide their time between court room, prison and debating chamber – giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘conviction politician’.
Margaret Thatcher
It is my conviction that there is no way to peace – peace is the way.
Nhat Hanh
I’ve had a growing conviction that Congress is not operating as it should. There is much too much partisanship and not enough progress.
Evan Bayh
No important change in ethics was ever accomplished without an internal chage in our intellectual emphasis, loyalties, affections, and convictions.
Aldo Leopold
We Masons are among the fortunate ones who are taught to meet together with others opposing convictions or competitive ideas and yet respect each other as Brothers.
Albert Pike
To rely upon conviction, devotion, and other excellent spiritual qualities; that is not to be taken seriously in politics.
Vladimir Lenin
Our firm conviction that ours is a just cause and that we must find a peaceful way to attain our goals gave us the strength and the awareness of the limits beyond which we must not go.
Lech Walesa
There should be just no end to what we can do when we operate with the courage of our convictions and we get out there in the street, in the voting booth, we assert our power and we take our democracy back.
Jill Stein
Most importantly, nothing has happened to change my conviction that freedom and the love of liberty remain the essential defining attributes of our national character as a people.
Ibrahim Babangida
It is my conviction that the fundamental trouble with the people of the United States is that they have gotten too far away from Almighty God.
Warren G. Harding
It is my conviction that those who disregard the reality of Heaven will ultimately find themselves on the wrong side of history.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
I will yield to popular demands only insofar as they do not betray my own convictions.
Clara Schumann
Rich people believe “You can have your cake and eat it too.” Middle-class people believe “Cake is too rich, so I’ll only have a little piece.” Poor people don’t believe they deserve cake, so they order a doughnut, focus on the hole, and wonder why they have “nothing.”
T. Harv Eker
Our individualism is rooted in our very nature. It is based on conviction born of experience. Equal opportunity, the demand for a fair chance, became the formula of American Individualism because it is the method of American achievement.
Herbert Hoover
Some of the corporate houses are using films as a means to market their brands. They are not concerned with the storyline. When it comes to big-budget films, simple storylines told with conviction are still the safest best.
Satish Kaushik
We do not want an official state church. If ninety-nine percent of the population were Catholics, I would still be opposed to it. I do not want civil power combined with religious power. I want to make it clear that I am committed as a matter of deep personal conviction to separation.
John F. Kennedy
And their conviction is that if it is done with that kind of purity it will go somewhere. I believe that with all my heart, but I’m not responsible for its going somewhere.
Daniel Berrigan
I still remember the five points of salesmanship: attention, interest, conviction, desire and close.
Annette Bening
At the end of the day, New Yorkers need a mayor who understands the problems they face, brings a smart plan and good people to the table, and, more than anything, has the independence, courage and conviction to do the right thing.
Sal Albanese
In a sense, the god we trust politically is a slightly different god than the one we bring into the fray when we enter a rock concert. One of the things I can say with absolute conviction is that I worship that god.
Pete Townshend
I don’t want to limit myself. I want to keep doing all sorts of roles. I guess what lies behind this urge is the conviction that movies have changed my life. And certain performances have inspired me to try to be someone different.
Rinko Kikuchi
The sequester has forced liberals to clarify their conviction that whatever the government’s size is at any moment, is the bare minimum neccessary to forestall intolerable suffering.
George Will
There is not so agonizing a feeling in the whole catalogue of human suffering as the first conviction that the heart of the being whom we most tenderly love is estranged from us.
Henry Bulwer, 1st Baron Dalling and Bulwer
And when we are tolerant, we must know whether it is because of convenience or conviction.
Margrethe II of Denmark
If everyone fought for their own convictions there would be no war.
Leo Tolstoy
Writing is a conviction before it is a craft.
Joshua Cohen
We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
I’d say that individuals are respected who stick to their convictions instead of doing whatever happens to be in fashion.
Jupp Heynckes
The heart is long, very long in receiving the convictions that is forced upon it by reason… affection still lingers in the Bosom, even after esteem has taken its flight.
Abigail Adams
The deeper men go into life, the deeper is their conviction that this life is not all. It is an unfinished symphony. A day may round out an insect’s life, and a bird or a beast needs no tomorrow. Not so with him who knows that he is related to God and has felt the power of an endless life.
Henry Ward Beecher
There’s no basis or anything. I just have this conviction that appeared inside of me which I have to follow.
Jun Mochizuki
There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is generally adopted.
Arthur Schopenhauer
When the intensity of emotional conviction subsides, a man who is in the habit of reasoning will search for logical grounds in favour of the belief which he finds in himself.
Bertrand Russell
No democracy has ever long survived the failure of its adherents to be ready to die for it. My own conviction is this, the people must either go on or go under.
David Lloyd George
Conviction is a force multiplier. If you want something, claim it in your gut. The universe itself responds to your inner certainty.
Marianne Williamson
A profound conviction raises a man above the feeling of ridicule.
John Stuart Mill
Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression. The chasm is never completely bridged. We all have the conviction, perhaps illusory, that we have much more to say than appears on the paper.
Isaac Bashevis Singer
The anger. The terror. The feeling of entrapment. the profound distrust of people.The wistful, plaintive conviction that a window, a thing, was more important than she. These feelings and attitudes, expressed in the course of this hour, were symptoms of some profound disturbance.
Flora Rheta Schreiber
Venezuelans have a deep democratic conviction. If the government hotheads ventured out to stir violence they would encounter the armed forces. I don’t believe the armed forces respond to a political party.
Henrique Capriles Radonski
Without conviction that you can make change happen, you will not act, even if you see the vision. Your feelings will hold you back.
John P. Kotter
The depth of your belief and the strength of your conviction determines the power of your personality.
Brian Tracy
The just man having a firm grasp of his intentions, neither the heated passions of his fellow men ordaining something awful, nor a tyrant staring him in the face, will shake in his convictions.
It takes but one person, one moment, one conviction, to start a ripple of change.
Donna Brazile
It doesn’t matter whether the challenge we face is large or small, whether it’s a statewide disaster or a crisis just on our own block – Nebraskans face it with courage, goodwill, and the unwavering conviction that we are part of one community of neighbors and friends.
Ben Sasse
Nothing can be more consoling to the man of God, than the conviction that the Lord who made the world governs the world; and that every event, great and small, prosperous and adverse, is under the absolute disposal of Him who doth all things well, and who regulates all things for the good of his people.
Jerry Bridges
It was very important that it be done in such a way that it be executed with complete conviction. If I had done it both ways, if I was trying to cover myself in case it didn’t work, then it would have been to no purpose.
Atom Egoyan
Democracy rests upon two pillars: one, the principle that all men are equally entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and the other, the conviction that such equal opportunity will most advance civilization.
Louis D. Brandeis
People will judge you according to your own convictions.
Dexter Scott King
As always occurred when he quarreled over principles in which he believed passionately, he would end up gasping furiously for air and blinking back bitter tears of conviction. There were many principles in which Clevinger believed passionately. He was crazy.
Joseph Heller
It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view.
Jeff Cooper
Faith is conviction without evidence, and sometimes even in the face of contrary evidence. In some quarters, this quality is perceived as a virtue.
Jack McDevitt
It belongs among the refinements of totalitarian government in our century that they don’t permit their opponents to die a great, dramatic martyr’s death for their convictions.
Hannah Arendt
The only faith that wears well and holds its color in all weathers is that which is woven of conviction and set with the sharp mordant of experience.
James Russell Lowell
In other days people chose a church on the basis of their doctrinal convictions. Now, lacking doctrinal convictions, they choose for social reasons.
Vance Havner
I would rather have strong enemies than a world of passive individualists. In a world of passive individualists nothing seems worth anything simply because nobody stands for anything. That world has no convictions, no victories, no unions, no heroism, no absolutes, no heartbeat. That world has rigor mortis.
Criss Jami
The fruit we wish to pick tomorrow lies hidden in the seed of today. The goals we are to read and the problems we are to solve tomorrow depend upon today’s diligence, hope and faith, today’s conviction of the almightiness of good.
Ralph Johnson
I have considered the subject of missions nearly a year and have found my mind gradually tending to a deep conviction that it is my duty personally to engage in this service.
Adoniram Judson
I don’t consider myself a Hollywood liberal, but I have my convictions and my beliefs.
Matt Dillon
I invite you, from my sentiments, my convictions and my responsibilities, to work together in the construction of a Uruguay where being young is not suspicious, where aging is not a problem.
Tabare Vazquez
We do want our fellow citizens to respect our deeply held conviction that the absence of an afterlife lends a greater, not a lesser, moral importance to our actions on earth.
Susan Jacoby
It is my strong conviction that a realist conception of human nature should be made a servant of an ethic of progressive justice and should not be made into a bastion of conservatism, particularly a conservatism which defends unjust privileges.
Reinhold Niebuhr
Hence that dread and amazement with which as Scripture uniformly relates holy men were struck and overwhelmed whenever they beheld the presence of God. Men are never duly touched and impressed with a conviction of their insignificance until they have.
John Calvin
All discussion, all debate, all dissidence tends to question and in consequence, to upset existing convictions; that is precisely its purpose and its justification.
Learned Hand
Perhaps the most significant event in the evolution of the liberated mind arrives with the realization that most people, even in their deepest convictions, are blind to most truths.
Nathaniel Dean
Our political class no longer has any convictions. You can only pass along the beliefs that you hold. They no longer believe in France – they have a post-national worldview. I call them France-skeptics. That’s why democracy is collapsing here in France.
Marine Le Pen
What will become compellingly important is absolute clarity of shared purpose and set of principles of conduct sort of institutional genetic code that every member of the organization understands in a common way, and with deep conviction.
Dee Hock
Democracy is based on the conviction that man has the moral and intellectual capacity, as well as the inalienable right, to govern himself with reason and justice.
Harry S. Truman
The public only knows one side of [Mark Mark Twain] – the amusing part. Little does it suspect that he was a man of strong convictions upon political and social questions and a moralist of no mean order.
Andrew Carnegie
I am not so weak as to submit to the demands of the age when they go against my convictions. I spin a cocoon around myself; let others do the same. I shall leave it to time to show what will come of it: a brilliant butterfly or maggot.
Caspar David Friedrich
My politics were pretty anarchistic until 1969 when the Montreal police went on strike. Within hours, mayhem and rioting broke out and the Mounties had to be called in to restore order. It instilled in me that one’s convictions can be subjected to empirical test.
Steven Pinker
Don’t follow the path. Go where there is no path and begin the trail. When you start a new trail equipped with courage, strength and conviction, the only thing that can stop you is you!
Ruby Bridges
My conviction is that a full professional also wants to live professionally.
Louis van Gaal
A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.
Mahatma Gandhi
Christianity doesn’t deny the reality of suffering and evil… Our hope… is not based on the idea that we are going to be free of pain and suffering. Rather, it is based on the conviction that we will triumph over suffering.
Brennan Manning
There’s not point in doing anything without conviction.
Jade Bird
Don’t take what someone else has made sure of and pretend it’s you yourself that have made sure of it till it’s yours absolutely by conviction. It’s stealing to take it and hypocrisy and you’ll fall into a hole.
Emily Carr
A habit of basing convictions upon evidence, and of giving to them only that degree or certainty which the evidence warrants, would, if it became general, cure most of the ills from which the world suffers.
Bertrand Russell
I’m convinced that the most important division in human affairs is probably not the one between left and right, liberal and conservative. It’s the one between zealotry and understanding, between absolute conviction and compromise, between preachers and politicians.
Bill Keller
Hope is definitely not the same thing as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.
Vaclav Havel
I found by deeper breathing, going into the cold, thinking about it, dealing with it; getting the conviction that my ability to breathe deeper is making connections with my body.
Wim Hof
Often we comfort ourselves only with words, but if we pray enough, the conviction will come too that Christ is our King, not Stalin, Bevins, or Truman. That He has all things in His hands, that ‘all things work together for good for those that love Him.
Dorothy Day
When the pressure comes, preferences give way while convictions hold firm.
Edwin Louis Cole
It is astonishing that so simple a truth should ever have had an adversary; and it is one among a multitude of proofs, how apt a spirit of ill-informed jealousy, or of too great abstraction and refinement is to lead men astray from the plainest paths of reason and conviction.
Alexander Hamilton
There is not one state truly alive if it is not as if a cauldron burns and boils in its representative body, and if there is no clash of convictions in it.
Good investing is a peculiar balance between the conviction to follow your ideas and the flexibility to recognize when you have made a mistake.
Michael Steinhardt
Soros has taught me that when you have tremendous conviction on a trade, you have to go for the jugular. It takes courage to be a pig. It takes courage to ride a profit with huge leverage.
Stanley Druckenmiller
Even if they try to kill you, you develop the inner conviction that there are some things so precious, some things so eternally true that they are worth dying for. And if a person has not found something to die for, that person isn’t fit to live!
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Artists are people who are subject to irrational convictions of the sacred. Baudelaire said that an artist is a child who has acquired adult capacities and discipline. Art education should help build those capacities and that discipline without messing over the child.
Peter Schjeldahl
convictions … are always getting in the way of opportunities.
Ellen Glasgow
I have always tried to be obedient regarding important matters like not being scalded to death by burning oil, but when public opinion takes a route far from one’s inner conviction, one cannot value disobedience too highly.
Barbara Dana
I should have the courage of my lack of convictions.
Tom Stoppard
I have come to the conviction that once one embarks on a concept for a building, this concept has to be exaggerated and overstated and repeated in every part of its interior so that wherever you are, inside or outside, the building sings with the same message.
Eero Saarinen
I think most of my career has been built on conviction and the personality to carry that image or stride confidently on the catwalk. That was my beginning and, hopefully, my legacy.
Erin O’Connor
I would replace the quality of sincerity with honesty, since one can hold a conviction sincerely without examining it, while honesty would require that one subject one’s convictions to frequent scrutiny.
Christopher Phillips
People want to know that I’m a person of conviction.
Karen Handel
The reason we have this inner conviction that death is not the end – and that Heaven exists – is because we were created in the image of God.
Billy Graham
There can be no compromise on basic principles. There can be no compromise on moral issues. There can be no compromise on matters of knowledge, of truth, of rational conviction.
Ayn Rand
The feeling must come first. If you actually feel rich, if you have a deep inner conviction that you will always have all that you need, it will be so.
Donald Curtis
Personalism’s insistence that only personality-finite and infinite-is ultimately real strengthened me in two convictions: it gave me metaphysical and philosophical grounding for the idea of a personal God, and it gave me a metaphysical basis for the dignity and worth of all human personality.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
As a state, as a government, in 2001 we proposed to the United Nations to empty or to get rid of every WMD in the Middle East, and the United States stood against that proposal. This is our conviction and policy.
Bashar al-Assad
Critics should stick to their convictions.
Chuck Eddy
No more duty can be urged upon those who are entering the great theater of life than simple loyalty to their best convictions.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Let us … quietly accept our times, with the firm conviction that just as much good can be done today as at any time in the past, provided only that we have the will and the way to do it.
Etienne Gilson
One needs to be slow to form convictions, but once formed they must be defended against the heaviest odds.
Mahatma Gandhi
I share Alfred Nobel’s conviction that war is the greatest of all human disasters. Infectious disease runs a good second.
Peter C. Doherty
To succeed as a contrarian you must recognize what the crowd believes, have concrete justification for why the majority is wrong, and have the patience and conviction to stick with what is, by definition, an unpopular bet.
Whitney Tilson
It is not conflict of opinions that has made history so violent but conflict of belief in opinions, that is to say conflict of convictions.
Friedrich Nietzsche
By what sort of experience are we led to the conviction that spirit exists? On the whole, by searching, painful experience. The rose Religion grows on a thorn-bush, and we must not be afraid to have our fingers lacerated by the thorns if we would pluck the rose.
Felix Adler
When Holy God draws near in true revival, people come under terrible conviction of sin. The outstanding feature of spiritual awakening has been the profound consciousness of the Presence and holiness of God.
Henry Blackaby
Solitude is one of our great superpowers… Solitude is the key to being able to make effective decisions and then having the courage of convictions to stand behind those decisions.
Susan Cain
Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished
Nelson Mandela
It is not faith per se that creates the problem; it is conviction, the notion that one cannot be wrong, that opposing views are necessarily invalid and may even be intolerable.
Jack McDevitt
At the heart of the Protestant faith is the conviction that there is nothing we contribute to our salvation but our sin, no merit we bring but Christ’s, and nothing necessary for justification except faith alone.
Kevin DeYoung
There can be no proof that Blake’s lyric is composed of the best words in the best order; only a conviction, accepted by our knowledge and judgment, that it is so.
John Drinkwater
The gospel of Jesus Christ must be the bad news of the conviction of sin before it can be the Good News of redemption. The truth is revealed in God’s Holy Word; life can be lived only in absolute and disciplined submission to its authority.
Charles Colson
I hate what you represent.” … “Power without conviction.” Isana replied, her tone lifeless, matter of fact. “Ambition without conscience. Decent folk suffer at the hands of those like you.
Jim Butcher
It is a strange irony that the principles of science should seem to deny the necessary conviction of common sense.
Lawrence Joseph Henderson
We’ve got to go to the people with bold ideas and candidates of conviction – we’ve got to be hotter than high school love.
Jim Hightower
My own personal conviction is that if I were writing without thinking about how images or how journalism is creating a world for us, I would not be happy about it.
Amitava Kumar
Broad paths are open to every endeavour, and a sympathetic recognition is assured to every one who consecrates his art to the divine services of a conviction of a consciousness.
Franz Liszt
The hallmark of courage in our age of conformity is the capacity to stand on one’s own convictions – not obstinately or defiantly
Rollo May
So she listened hard. And she began to evolve, because stories work their magic that way. They build conviction and erode conviction in equal measure.
Gregory Maguire
When your only regret is if anyone thinks you regret anything – that is the definition of conviction.
Criss Jami
The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather in spite of ourselves.
Victor Hugo
The God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?
Thomas Jefferson
The ‘Rule of Three’ is simply getting the other guy to agree to the same thing three times in the same conversation, it’s really hard to repeatedly lie or fake conviction.
Christopher Voss
The greatest art comes out of warmth and conviction and deep feeling, but then, very few people, even geniuses, have all that.
Katherine Anne Porter
You must be made miserable before you can know true Christian joy. Indeed the real trouble with the miserable Christian is that he has never been truly made miserable because of conviction of sin. He has by-passed the essential preliminary to joy, he has been assuming something that he has no right to assume.
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
What are the moral convictions most fondly held by barbarous and semi-barbarous people? They are the convictions that authority is the soundest basis of belief; that merit attaches to readiness to believe; that the doubting disposition is a bad one, and skepticism is a sin.
Thomas Huxley
A person is strong only when he stands upon his own truth, when he speaks and acts from his deepest convictions.
Mikhail Bakunin
We forget that the accumulation of knowledge and the holding of convictions must finally result in the application of that knowledge and those convictions to life itself.
Jane Addams
And indeed this theme has been at the centre of all my research since 1943, both because of its intrinsic fascination and my conviction that a knowledge of sequences could contribute much to our understanding of living matter.
Frederick Sanger
My conviction is that those fights need to be fought right now and can be won. And if in fact we have finite political capital, energy, resources, we need to win those fights.
Barack Obama
What lead me more or less directly to the special theory of relativity was the conviction that the electromotive force acting on a body in motion in a magnetic field was nothing else but an electric field.
Albert Einstein
“Simply look with perceptive eyes at the world about you, and trust to your own reactions and convictions. Ask yourself: “Does this subject move me to feel, think and dream? Can I visualize a print – my own personal statement of what I feel and want to convey – from the subject before me?””
Ansel Adams
Everywhere I go, I see very much the same thing. I see the same compassion for people who live half a world away. I see the same concern about events beyond these borders. And, increasingly, I see the same conviction that we can and we must join together to stop the scourge of AIDS and poverty.
Edward de Bono
I quitted my Seat in the House of Delegates, from a Conviction that I was no longer able to do any essential Service.
George Mason
By the mind one is bound; by the mind one is freed. … He who asserts with strong conviction: “I am not bound, I am free,” becomes free.
No man knows the genuineness of his convictions until he has sacrificed something for them.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
It is my conviction that your generation is better and stronger than was ours… better in many ways! I have the faith that you young men and young women can meet the world on its own terms and conquer it.
Boyd K. Packer
It is my growing conviction that the Baptist churches in America are behind the age in missionary spirit. They now and then make a spasmodic effort to throw off a nightmare debt of some years’ accumulation, and then sink back into unconscious repose.
Adoniram Judson
At eighteen our convictions are hills from which we look; at forty-five they are caves in which we hide.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Repentance, however difficult to be practiced, is, if it be explained without superstition, easily understood. Repentance is the relinquishment of any practice from the conviction that it has offended God.
Samuel Johnson
Stands must be taken. If I am to respect myself I have to search myself for what I believe is right and take a stand on what I find. Otherwise, I have not gathered together what I have been given; I have not embraced what I have learned; I lack my own conviction.
Hugh Prather
Rich men without convictions are more dangerous in modern society than poor women without chastity.
George Bernard Shaw
Like all born politicians, their eye was for the main chance rather than for the argument, and they found it easier to forswear a conviction than to forego a comfort.
Ellen Glasgow
Many hard comments have been made on my efforts in India from the side of the Congress party, yet I feel content in the deep conviction that the offer I traveled 22,000 miles to discuss with Indian leaders was a real contribution to a solution of our differences.
Stafford Cripps
I’ve seen ‘Legend’. I like a different kind of cinema, but when done with conviction, anything looks good.
Rakul Preet Singh
‘The Atlantic’ really gave me my writing career – even just the conviction to be a writer.
Nic Pizzolatto
Throughout the 2016 presidential election, I listened. At debates and rallies, I heard their voices clearly and felt compelled to do something more. Thousands and thousands of women spoke with confidence and conviction.
Brooke Baldwin
I have a conviction that a few weeks spent in a well organized summer camp may be of more value educationally than a whole year of formal school work.
Charles William Eliot
it is my conviction that the personality of the writer has nothing to do with the literate product of his mind. And publicity in this case embarrasses me because I am acutely conscious of how far short the book falls of the artistry I am struggling to achieve. It’s like being caught half-dressed.
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Courage and conviction are powerful weapons against an enemy who depends only on fists or guns. Animals know when you are afraid; a coward knows when you are not.
David Seabury
The classic statement on polarization comes from Christ: ‘He that is not with me is against me.’ (Luke 11:23) He allowed no middle ground to the moneychangers in the Temple. One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other.
Saul Alinsky
The public conviction that a railroad linking the West and the East was an absolute necessity became so pronounced after the gold discoveries of ’49 that Congress passed an act in 1853 providing for a survey of several lines from the Mississippi to the Pacific.
John Moody
In the matter of faith, we have the added weight of hope to that of reason in the convictions which we sustain relating to a future state.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
The perennial conviction that those who work hard and play by the rules will be rewarded with a more comfortable present and a stronger future for their children faces assault from just about every direction. That great enemy of democratic capitalism, economic inequality, is real and growing.
Jon Meacham
Faith is the great motive power, and no man realizes his full possibilities unless he has the deep conviction that life is eternally important and that his work well done is a part of an unending plan.
Calvin Coolidge
Each life is unique. But for all, repentance will surely include passing through the portal of humble prayer. Our Father in Heaven can allow us to feel fully the conviction of our sins. He knows the depths of our remorse. He can then direct what we must do to qualify for forgiveness.
Henry B. Eyring
It is my firm conviction that man has nothing to gain, emotionally or otherwise, by adhering to a falsehood, regardless of how comfortable or sacred that falsehood may appear.
George H. Smith
The more you look back into English history, the more you are forced to the conclusion that alongside civility and the deeply held convictions about individual rights, the English have a natural taste for disorder.
Anna Pavlova
We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals; we know now that it is bad economics. Out of the collapse of a prosperity whose builders boasted their practicality has come the conviction that in the long run economic morality pays.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Coaching is salesmanship. Coaching is winning players over and convincing them they have to play together. It takes a team conviction to play together to make things work.
Phil Jackson
People who are going to get along really well know it almost as soon as they meet. You spend a little while talking and everyone starts to feel this conviction, you’re all equally sure that you’re at the beginning of something good. That’s how it is when you meet people you’re going to be with for a long time.
Banana Yoshimoto
What a solace Christianity must be to one who has an undoubted conviction of its truth!
Napoleon Bonaparte
But as a heathen tells us, there is no nation so barbarous, no race so brutish as not to be imbued with the conviction that there is a God.
John Calvin
Perhaps it is not without reason that we attribute facility in belief and conviction to simplicity and ignorance; for it seems to me I once learned that belief was sort of an impression made on our mind, and that the softer it is the less resistant t.
Michel de Montaigne
This idea, as you know, that I have firm convictions that the idea of issues being a big deal where our mutual friend went back and he felt so strongly that the determining factor in electoral success should be a proven character.
James Stockdale
I’ll never understand how a man can live his life With his finger on the self-destruct button, Holding it there day after day, Blinded by an obsession to press it But lacking the conviction to do even that.
Neal Shusterman
You can often tell the difference between a singer that grows up in the church and one that just can sing. There’s a connection to love and support and care. You feel good when you hear it. You feel the people have so much conviction in what they’re singing. They believe it, so you believe it.
Keke Palmer
How far does a pretence of feeling, maintained with absolute conviction, become authentic?
Angela Carter
One common denominator of super-affluent alpha men is the conviction, unchallenged every day, that the world revolves around them.
Tina Brown
With each investment you make, you should have the courage and the conviction to place at least ten per cent of your net worth in that stock
Warren Buffett
Impressed with a conviction that the due administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good Government, I have considered the first arrangement of the Judicial department as essential to the happiness of our Country, and to the stability of its political system.
George Washington
A robber who justified his theft by saying that he really helped his victims, by his spending giving a boost to retail trade, would find few converts; but when this theory is clothed in Keynesian equations and impressive references to the ‘multiplier effect,’ it unfortunately carries more conviction.
Murray Rothbard
It takes real courage and conviction to attack the establishment from within and makes waves as big as a tsunami. Ted Cruz has done that – consistently and successfully – on immigration and other issues like Obamacare, voting rights, and the 2nd Amendment.
Tom Tancredo
I am not a consensus politician. Im a conviction politician.
Margaret Thatcher
What is courage? It is the ability to be strong in trust, in conviction, in obedience. To be courageous is to step out in faith – to trust and obey, no matter what.
Kay Arthur
My dad always, he helped me by not helping me. He always said, being a producer, it was all about conviction.
Thomas Langmann
Fighting for your convictions is important. But finding peace is paramount.
Wes Moore
Ronald Reagan’s well documented final battles with Alzheimer’s disease were fought with the same conviction and courage that his many public battles were fought.
Bill Jenkins
Hope is not optimism, which expects things to turn out well, but something rooted in the conviction that there is good worth working for.
Seamus Heaney
Thanks to his complex convictions, made strong with the forces of animus and anima, the alchemist believes he is seizing the soul of the world, participating in the soul of the world. Thus, from the world to the man, alchemy is a problem of souls.
Gaston Bachelard
Logic is the technique by which we add conviction to truth.
Jean de la Bruyere
There is nothing in all the world greater than freedom. It is worth paying for; it is worth going to jail for. I would rather be a free pauper than a rich slave. I would rather die in abject poverty with my convictions than live in inordinate riches with the lack of self respect.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Campaigning for Congress is an issue of conviction, and there is no element of any personal gain in it.
Mahesh Bhatt
We have convictions only if we have studied nothing thoroughly.
Emile M. Cioran
I maintain my conviction that there are NO pyramids at Visoko, Bosnia.
Rather, all the so-called pyramids are the result of natural geological processes
and phenomena that are currently being ‘excavated’ (i.e., modified) to look
like pyramids.
Robert M. Schoch
I was suffering from a peculiar and persistent sense that I was being pursued, and also the conviction that under the political order of the times, our lives had no meaning.
Naguib Mahfouz
I tried to instill a different motivation, to give them the security and the conviction that they were doing something good, something necessary, something useful – if you want to use a grandiose expression, that they were doing something for peace.
Markus Wolf
Ninety percent of selling is conviction and 10 percent is persuasion.
Shiv Khera
We don’t do ambivalence well in America. We do courage of our convictions. We do might makes right. Ambivalence is French. Certainty is American.
Anna Quindlen
A conviction that you are a daughter of God gives you a feeling of comfort in your self-worth. It means that you can find strength in the balm of Christ. It will help you meet the heartaches and challenges with faith and serenity.
James E. Faust
Religion is not theory – it is life. It is not intellectual conviction – it is divine humanity, and nothing else.
Robert Green Ingersoll
While leadership depends on depth of conviction and the power coming therefrom, there must also be the ability to share that conviction with others.
Mary Parker Follett
Only a person with convictions has a genuine possibility to be tolerant. He who accepts no absolute values but clings to polite doubt cannot be tolerant but merely indifferent. He is morally defenseless in the face of evil.
Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
There is no one more courageous than the person who speaks with the courage of his convictions.
Susan Cain
If you are going to make a change, don’t go halfway. Make it with conviction and stick with your new idea. Ignore the scoffers. Remember, it is a law of nature that if something is different you’re going to be taunted, jeered, and told the world is flat. Let the doubters fall off the edge.
Gary McCord
A correction is a great time to determine what are our high conviction names.
Cathie Wood
It is my conviction that marriage is such a good idea, only God could have thought of it.
Myles Munroe
Ronald Reagan’s well documented final battles with Alzheimer’s disease were fought with the same conviction and courage that his many public battles were fought.
William L. Jenkins
The greatest challenge of Leadership maintaining personal conviction in a globalized world.
Myles Munroe
As minister of finance, Mr. Flaherty served his country with dedication and conviction, even as he faced mounting health challenges. As both a man and a politician, I will remember him for his pleasant demeanour and strength of character.
Thomas Mulcair
… what is really inspiriting and ennobling in the doctrine of freewill, is the conviction that we have real power over the formation of our own character; that our will, by influencing some of our circumstances, can modify our future habits or capabilities of willing.
John Stuart Mill
For me, no ideological or political conviction would justify the sacrifice of a human life. For me, the value of life is absolute, with no concessions. It’s not negotiable.
Edgar Ramirez
A lot of people forget how important it is to be creative. We get caught up in getting ahead and in day-to-day minutiae. But creativity is a fundamental mode of expression, as is being tenacious and standing by your own convictions and passions, even if it’s not the “popular” choice.
Tabatha Coffey
What to an outsider will be no more than the vigorous presentation of a conviction, to an employee may be the manifestation of a determination which it is not safe to thwart.
Learned Hand
When the principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then the battle is your calling, and peace has become sin. You must at the price of dearest peace lay your convictions bare before friend and enemy with all the fire of your faith.
Abraham Kuyper
I have always defended my convictions and what I believed to be the truth.
Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Provincial governments in Canada have terminated the positions of marriage commissioners who have, for personal religious convictions, not performed same sex marriages. It has happened in Saskatchewan.
Stockwell Day
The American’s conviction that he must be able to look any man in the eye and tell him to go to hell is the very essence of the free man’s way of life.
Walter Lippmann
Does not the discipline of the scientific spirit just commence when one no longer harbours any conviction?
Friedrich Nietzsche
It is my personal conviction that almost any one of the newborn states of the world would far rather embrace Communism or any other form of dictatorship than acknowledge the political domination of another government, even though that brought to each citizen a far higher standard of living.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Free trade was once a Republican conviction.
Bret Stephens
Even in merely reading a fairytale, we must let go our daylight convictions and trust ourselves to be guided by dark figures, in silence; and when we come back, it may be very hard to describe where we have been.
Ursula K. Le Guin
The advent of DNA testing, and the number of convictions thrown out, has confirmed that we’ve put LOTS of innocent people to death. There need not be any other argument against death penalty.
Gene Weingarten
It is only about things which concern us most profoundly that we lie clearly and with profound conviction.
Michael Moorcock
Self-confidence carries conviction; it makes other people believe in us.
Orison Swett Marden
A conviction is in the nature of a verdict and judgment, and therefore it must be precise and certain.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Just speak very loudly and quickly, and state your position with utter conviction, as the French do, and you’ll have a marvelous time!
Julia Child
The aim of totalitarian education has never been to instill convictions but to destroy the capacity to form any.
Hannah Arendt
Once a person is determined to help themselves, there is nothing that can stop them.
Nelson Mandela
I just sing the song and I sing it with conviction, meaning and I get into the mood of every song I do no matter how much time I have in between.
B.J. The Chicago Kid
The most noticeable weakness of Congressmen is their timidity. They fear the use to be made of their “record.” They are afraid ofmaking enemies. They do not vote according to their convictions from fear of consequences.
Rutherford B. Hayes
Philippine President Joseph Estrada said he was saddened by the conviction. It’s very unfortunate and what happened is saddening, … If he really is innocent, then the day will come that his name will be cleared.
Joseph Estrada
I must honestly declare my conviction that, since the days of the Reformation, there never has been so much profession of religion without practice, so much talking about God without walking with Him, so much hearing God’s words without doing them.
J. C. Ryle
It is a conviction that war is not an answer to human conflict any more than cannibalism is an answer to human hunger.
Bruce Kent
In the spaniards heart is a great yearning for freedom, but only his own. A great love for truth and honor in all its forms, but not in its substance. And a deep conviction that nothing can be proven except that it be made to bleed. Virgins, bulls, men. Ultimately God himself.
Cormac McCarthy
My personal conviction is that science is concerned wholly with truth, not with ethics.
Arthur Keith
The Christian must be consumed by the conviction of the infinite beauty of holiness and the infinite damnability of sin.
Thomas Carlyle
A king is a man strong of character and conviction who leads by example and truly cares for the suffering of his people,not a brute who rules simply because he is the strongest.
R. A. Salvatore
Life has taught me one supreme lesson. This is that we must—if we are really to live at all, if we are to enjoy the life more abundant promised by the Sages of Wisdom—we must put our convictions into action. My remuneration has been that I have been privileged to act out my faith.
Margaret Sanger
Facts might be false if they challenge the conviction of a mind already made up.
Sarah Churchwell
We cannot resist the conviction that this world is for us only the porch of another and more magnificent temple of the Creator’s majesty.
Frederick William Faber
Too few have the courage of my convictions.
Robert M. Hutchins
A revival does two things. First, it returns the Church from her backsliding and second, it causes the conversion of men and women; and it always includes the conviction of sin on the part of the Church. What a spell the devil seems to cast over the Church today!
Billy Sunday
Words should be employed as the means, not the end; language is the instrument, conviction is the work.
Joshua Reynolds
When it comes to individual destiny, there is no power greater in the universe then the conviction of the human soul to make a choice.
James Dashner
A good woman is one who loves passionately, has guts, seriousness and passionate convictions, takes responsibility, and shapes society.
Betty Friedan
Enthusiasm begets enthusiasm, eloquence produces conviction for the moment; but it is only by truth to Nature and the everlasting institutions of mankind that those abiding influences are won that enlarge from generation to generation.
James Russell Lowell
So much of what passes for public life consists of little more than candidates without ideas, hiring consultants without conviction, to stage campaigns without content. The result, increasingly, is elections without voters.
Gerald R. Ford
you cannot make a person believe anything unless that person has already had a conscious or unconscious vision of the same thing; you have no conviction of truth unless you have already apprehended it intuitively.
Gwethalyn Graham
I don’t think that my particular religious convictions should be held against me in this campaign any more than the Prime Minister’s lack of convictions should be held against her.
Tony Abbott
The trite saying that ‘honesty is the best policy’ has met with the just criticism that honesty is not policy. The seems to be true. The real honest man is honest from conviction of what is right, not from policy.
Robert E. Lee
The spirit and tone of your home will have great influence on your children. If it is what it ought to be, it will fasten conviction on their minds, however wicked they may become.
Richard Cecil
My conviction of the necessity of further legislative provisions for the safe-keeping and disbursement of the public moneys and my opinion in regard to the measures best adapted to the accomplishment of those objects have been already submitted to you.
Martin Van Buren
If an artiste has the conviction to carry something off, he or she can do anything.
Urmila Matondkar
When we lock things away,” he said with conviction, “we’re really imprisoning ourselves.
Gordon Korman
So long as I am acting from duty and conviction, I am indifferent to taunts and jeers. I think they will probably do me more good than harm.
Winston Churchill
It is my conviction that basic Reality is not all that perplexing. What seems difficult to assimilate are the manifold details of Reality, not its fundamental elements.
Richard Matheson
The only way people can really be excellent is with truth, so you have to have a CFO who will have the intellectual capacity and conviction to tell you you’re wrong and try to support that with data.
Anthony Noto
I have brought myself, by long meditation, to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its fulfillment.
Benjamin Disraeli
Let our lives be in accordiance with our convictions of right, each striving to carry out our principles
Lucretia Mott
Faith is not knowledge of what the mystery of the universe is, but the conviction that there is a mystery, and that it is greater than us.
David Wolpe
And this President wakes up every morning, looks out across America and is proud to announce, ‘It could be worse.’ It could be worse? Is that what it means to be an American? It could be worse? Of course not. What defines us as Americans is our unwavering conviction that we know it must be better.
Mitt Romney
Shortly after the end of last season, I felt that I probably would not return for the 1999-2000 season. I also felt that I should take as much time as possible to sort through my feelings and make sure that my feelings were backed with conviction.
Barry Sanders
Geology has shared the fate of other infant sciences, in being for a while considered hostile to revealed religion; so like them, when fully understood, it will be found a potent and consistent auxiliary to it, exalting our conviction of the Power, and Wisdom, and Goodness of the Creator.
William Buckland
It is one thing to have sin alarmed only by convictions, and another to have it crucified by converting grace. Many, because they have been troubled in conscience for their sins, think well of their case, miserably mistaking conviction for conversion.
Joseph Alleine
Her mind traveled crooked streets and aimless goat paths, arriving sometimes at profundity, other times at the revelations of a three-year-old. Throughout this fresh, if common, pursuit of knowledge, one conviction crowned her efforts: …she knew there was nothing to fear.
Toni Morrison
There is the illusion of time, which is very deep; who has disposed of it? Mor come to the conviction that what seems the succession of thought is only the distribution of wholes into causal series.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Anurag Sir is someone I have always looked up to and hoped to work with, like many other actors. It’s a tremendous opportunity to be collaborating with him on my first film; I really feel fortunate. His conviction in me is very valuable.
Sobhita Dhulipala
The modern world detests authority but worships relevance. Our Christian conviction is that the Bible has both authority and relevance, and that the secret of both is Jesus Christ
John Stott
The fanatic has the courage of his conviction and the intolerance of his courage. He is opposed to the death penalty for murder, but he would willingly have anyone electrocuted who disagreed with him on the subject.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
These revelations expressed through Art work upon the soul with a force carrying its own conviction and permeate our sentient life with a sense of truth which logic and mere reason are powerless to combat.
Richard Wagner
My parents were always clear with my brothers and I when we were growing up that you have to have the courage of your convictions and that when you commit to something you must fully commit.
David Pocock
The absolute negative, the ultimate saying of no to the world, when it is just too late. And always the subtle conviction that if you had said No a moment earlier, it would none of it have happened. But the saying of no comes too late by a little. You are always a little too late in saying it.
Don Berry
Challenge negative forces with hope, self-confidence and conviction. I believe that ambition and initiative will ultimately triumph.
Dhirubhai Ambani
Doubt begets understanding, and understanding begets compassion. Verily, it is conviction that kills.
R. Scott Bakker
There can be no great courage where there is no confidence or assurance, and half the battle is in the conviction that we can do what we undertake.
Orison Swett Marden
It was not the violence of our enemies [in World War I] that would undo us, I thought, but our own spiritual weakness, the shallowness of our convictions.
Learned Hand
A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.
Ralph Nader
No place affords a more striking conviction of the vanity of human hopes than a public library; for who can see the wall crowded on every side by mighty volumes, the works of laborious meditations and accurate inquiry, now scarcely known but by the catalogue.
Samuel Johnson
I do not choose characters because I think, ‘Wow, that woman is so strong.’ I chose these characters with utmost conviction because I think they were realistic enough to exist, and I really liked the scripts.
Anushka Sharma
The only times during my religious instruction I remember hearing God’s name invoked with any sincere conviction at all was in the oft-repeated and breathtakingly chauvinistic claim that Israel’s ‘miraculous’ military victories over much-stronger enemies proved that He was ever on Zion’s side.
Rick Perlstein
I’ve been using Vista on my home laptop since it shipped, and can say with some conviction that nobody should be using it as their primary operating system – it simply has no redeeming merits to overcome the compatibility headaches it causes.
Joel Spolsky
If you were making poetry out of convictions – trying to convince other people – you were in the territory of rhetoric, and that wasn’t the territory of poetry. I think that’s pretty smart. I think that it doesn’t need to be altogether true, but that was my starting place.
Robert Hass
The ultimate goal of the educational system is to shift to the individual the burden of pursing his own education. This will not be a widely shared pursuit until we get over our odd conviction that education is what goes on in school buildings and nowhere else.
John W. Gardner
Clearly, a civilization that feels guilty for everything it is and does will lack the energy and conviction to defend itself.
Jean Francois Revel
Self-satisfaction is the state of mind of those who have the happy conviction that they are not as other men.
Margery Allingham
Leaps over walls – especially when taken late in life – can be extremely perilous. To leap successfully, you need a sense of humor, the spirit of adventure and an unshakable conviction that what you are leaping over is an obstacle upon which you would otherwise fall down.
Monica Baldwin
The most important scientific revolutions all include, as their only common feature, the dethronement of human arrogance from one pedestal after another of previous convictions about our centrality in the cosmos.
Stephen Jay Gould
Beneath everything else, North and West, there ran a profound, unvoiced, almost subconscious conviction that the [American] nation was going to go on growing-in size, in power, in everything a man could think of-and in that belief there was a might and a fury that would take form instantly at the moment of shock.
Bruce Catton
The Old Testament is the record of men’s conviction that God speaks directly to men.
Edith Hamilton
Neither the intensity of your feelings nor the certainty of your convictions is any assurance that you are right.
Michael Josephson
In religion and politics, people’s belief’s and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand, and without examination
Mark Twain
The Atlantic really gave me my writing career – even just the conviction to be a writer.
Nic Pizzolatto
A good song gathers the years in. It’s why you can sing it with such conviction 40 years after it’s been written.
Bruce Springsteen
One can’t be a successful investor without a healthy dose of confidence. To commit your own and others’ hard-earned capital requires conviction, and conviction requires confidence. But as with fine brandy or coffee ice cream, too much of a good thing can be problematic.
Whitney Tilson
Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.
Vaclav Havel
There is a certain strong sense of inner conviction that strikes, with a pang as that of birth, through the very soul, and which is experienced but once or twice in a lifetime.
E. M. Delafield
And I like the way Cain writes his women. Very strong. They’re kind of lusty, they know what they want, they’re full of conviction. Cain’s women are sexual.
Pia Zadora
Conservatives don’t need to change core convictions to embrace the growing support for equal rights for gay Americans.
Ken Mehlman
‘Peace on earth, good will toward men’ – democracy must cling to that message. For it is my deep conviction that democracy cannot live without that true religion which gives a nation a sense of justice and moral purpose.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
The key to success is not purely who’s the smartest, who’s the best, but also who can say with conviction, “I deserve it.” The entire concept is wrapped up in one phrase: “Why not me?
Donny Deutsch
The sure conviction that we could if we wanted to is the reason so many good minds are idle.
Georg C. Lichtenberg
Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.
Mahatma Gandhi
I have a deep conviction that our lives are eternal, that it is waking and sleeping, that we are born together with the people we love lifetime after lifetime.
Marcia Wallace
Millions of people are unable to vote due to felony convictions with the highest rates among black men. People in prison are denied the right to vote in 48 states, and while we accept that as normal in the United States, in other western democracies people in prison do have the right to vote.
Michelle Alexander
PRESBYTERIAN, n. One who holds the conviction that the government authorities of the Church should be called presbyters.
Ambrose Bierce
I will listen to anyone’s convictions, but pray keep your doubts to yourself.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
To bathe a cat takes brute force, perseverance, courage of conviction – and a cat. The last ingredient is usually hardest to come by.
Stephen Baker
If they lost the incredible conviction that they can change their wives or husbands, marriage would collapse at once.
Logan Pearsall Smith
It simply feels right to me to blend the glittery delights of New York City with a largely raw vegan diet – with the soul-deep conviction that animals are not ours to eat, wear, exploit or experiment on.
Victoria Moran
I’ve been told by readers that they love how my heroes fall in love fast, first, and with conviction.
Sylvia Day
The German mind, may it live! Almost invisible as a mind, it finally manifests itself assertively as a conviction.
Franz Grillparzer
I think I’m the best candidate not just to beat President Obama, but to do what is necessary to get this country going, a conviction conservative who can rally the American public around a common set of values.
Rick Santorum
[We are] no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.
Woodrow Wilson
Nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it.
Mahatma Gandhi
Compared with more emotional types, Vermonters seem to have few passions. But those they have are great and burning. The greatest is their conviction that without freedom human life is not worth living.
Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Memories assailed him of how gently she had spoken, touched, and moved; of how she’d loved him fiercely despite his mistakes and obsessions and weaknesses. And the conviction descended on him that love like theirs couldn’t possibly suffer any change.
Denis Johnson
Where do you find the strength to brave a barrage of enemy fire and to bring your wounded friends to safety at great risk to your own life? Conviction.
Guy Verhofstadt
Nature protects us in our uttermost losses by a density through which conviction is slow to penetrate.
Mary Catherwood
It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs.
Albert Einstein
The important word there isВ inspire. The key difference between managers and leaders is that managers tell people what to do, while leaders inspire them to do it. Inspiration comes from three things: clarity of one’s vision, courage of their conviction and the ability to effectively communicate both of those things.
Jeff Weiner
I think it’s the person’s conviction that really carries a person.
Shiv Khera
Give us that calm certainty of truth, that nearness to Thee, that conviction of the reality of the life to come, which we shall need to bear us through the troubles of this.
Henry Ward Beecher
The dangers which threaten us are twofold: First, from the Confederate forces, composed of men whose earnest convictions and reckless bravery it is idle to deny.
Robert Dale Owen
His universal compassion was due less to natural instinct, than to a profound conviction, a sum of thoughts that in the course of living had filtered through to his heart: for in the nature of man, as in rock, there may be channels hollowed by the dropping of water, and these can never be destroyed.
Victor Hugo
By the time I was 9, I had the conviction that everybody in the world was an artist except plumbers or people who delivered groceries.
Jacques Barzun
But I think it is also important that we pay tribute and acknowledge another great principle, and that is the principle of religious conviction. Religious freedom has no significance unless it is accompanied by conviction.
John F. Kennedy
The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within.
Mahatma Gandhi
Hits and flops happen in everyone’s careers. Be it an actor or a filmmaker, you can’t let that affect your conviction.
Sajid Nadiadwala
The records are black boxes for me. Like, if you want to know who I am, my views, my perspective, things I love, things I hate, my convictions, my anthems. I’ve never let people’s opinions affect the way I write.
Katy Perry
[T]he one indispensable ingredient of science fiction [is] a belief in a world being changed by man’s intellect, a conviction that what was being written could really happen.
James Gunn