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Clarification Quotes

Clarification Quotes by Ann Beattie, Ayn Rand, Rudolf Virchow, Amitabh Bachchan, James Thurber, Harris Faulkner and many others.

I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I no longer think that anything that I do by way of clarification is ever going to eradicate the mistakes.
Ann Beattie
Since only an individual man can possess rights, the expression “individual rights”? is a redundancy (which one has to use for purposes of clarification in today’s intellectual chaos). But the expression “collective rights”? is a contradiction in terms.
Ayn Rand
Cellular pathology is not an end if one cannot see any alteration in the cell. Chemistry brings the clarification of living processes nearer than does anatomy. Each anatomical change must have been preceded by a chemical one.
Rudolf Virchow
Personally, when a controversy erupts, we decide first whether it requires clarification and, secondly, if it receives notice from authorities and the establishment, we submit responses to their queries.
Amitabh Bachchan
Sanity, soundness, and sincerity, of which gleams and strains can still be found in the human brain under powerful microscopes, flourish only in a culture of clarification, which is now becoming harder and harder to detect with the naked eye.
James Thurber
If there is something I don’t know and I suspect that I need clarification and so does the viewer, I just ask for it.
Harris Faulkner
Myths that need clarification: “Everyone in California lives on a white, sandy beach.” False. The only people who live on California beaches are vacationers from Arizona, Utah, and Nevada who own condos.
Erma Bombeck
You can’t define the ache that’s in George’s voice. It’s just something inherently him. It doesn’t need definition. It doesn’t need clarification. It doesn’t need a lot of things. You just sit back and appreciate it. It’s just greatness.
Vince Gill
People like to know you’re listening, and something as simple as a clarification question shows not only that you are listening but that you also care about what they’re saying. You’ll be surprised how much respect and appreciation you gain just by asking good questions.
Travis Bradberry
Choice of aim is clearly a matter of clarification of values, especially on the choice between possible options.
W. Edwards Deming
A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.
Robert Frost
BASICS OF DIET AND HEALTH The basic principles of good diets are so simple that I can summarize them in just ten words: eat less, move more, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. For additional clarification, a five-word modifier helps: go easy on junk foods.
Marion Nestle
Philosophy aims at the logical clarification of thoughts. Philosophy is not a body of doctrine but an activity. A philosophical work consists essentially of elucidations.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
No other question has ever moved so profoundly the spirit of man; no other idea has so fruitfully stimulated his intellect; yet no other concept stands in greater need of clarification than that of the infinite.
David Hilbert
Myths that need clarification: “No matter how many times you see the Grand canyon, you are still emotionally moved to tears.” False. It depends on how many children the out-of-towners brought with them who kicked the back of your seat from Phoenix to Flagstaff and got their gum caught in your hair.
Erma Bombeck
The object of philosophy is the logical clarification of thought.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Another piece of clarification around playing games at a friend’s house – should you choose to play your game at your friend’s house, there is no fee to play that game while you are signed in to your profile.
Larry Hryb
The infinite! No other question has ever moved so profoundly the spirit of man.
David Hilbert
Every clarification breeds new questions.
Arthur Bloch
Rationalism is an adventure in the clarification of thought.
Alfred North Whitehead
The clarification of visual forms and their organization in integrated patterns as well as the attribution of such forms to suitable objects is one of the most effective training grounds of the young mind.
Rudolf Arnheim
Poetry’s work is the clarification and magnification of being.
Jane Hirshfield
Above all else, philosophy ought to aim for clarification – of the self, one’s place in the world, and the ways we make meaning. Philosophy, when practiced well, can be useful. It can enable us to grapple in productive ways with questions about the meaning of life and who I am and how I want to be in the world.
Peg O’Connor
The clarification of our political ideas insensibly changes into and becomes indistinguishable from the history of political ideas.
Leo Strauss
One of the main tasks of adolescence is to achieve an identity–not necessarily a knowledge of who we are, but a clarification ofthe range of what we might become, a set of self-references by which we can make sense of our responses, and justify our decisions and goals.
Terri E Apter
We need clarification regarding the death penalty. It’s different in many states… It’s a bit different throughout the country, so I look forward to Judge Gorsuch being on the court, Justice Gorsuch being on the court, and bringing some clarification to those issues.
Pam Bondi
Since we want not emancipation from impulse but clarification of impulse, the duty of rhetoric is to bring together action and understanding into a whole that is greater than scientific perception.
Richard M. Weaver
When people say do you believe in God? what do they mean by it? Do I believe in some spiritual force in the world? In a way, yes. People have thoughts, emotions. If you want to call that a spiritual force, okay. But unless there’s some clarification of what we’re supposed to believe in or disbelieve in, I can’t answer.
Noam Chomsky
The clarification of equilibrium through plastic art is of great importance for humanity. It reveals that although human life in time is doomed to disequilibrium, notwithstanding this, it is based on equilibrium. It demonstrates that equilibrium can become more and more living in us.
Piet Mondrian
The figure a poem makes. It begins in delight and ends in wisdom… in a clarification of life – not necessarily a great clarification, such as sects and cults are founded on, but in a momentary stay against confusion.
Robert Frost