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Blushing Quotes

Blushing Quotes by George Eliot, Elizabeth Bishop, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, John Updike, Alexander Pope, William Congreve and many others.

A blush is no language; only a dubious flag – signal which may mean either of two contradictories
George Eliot
I HATED the Salinger story. It took me days to go through it, gingerly, a page at a time, and blushing with embarrassment for him every ridiculous sentence of the way. How can they let him do it?
Elizabeth Bishop
Girls blush, sometimes, because they are alive, half wishing they were dead to save the shame. The sudden blush devours them, neck and brow; They have drawn too near the fire of life, like gnats, and flare up bodily, wings and all. What then? Who’s sorry for a gnat or girl?
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
It’s spring! Farewell To chills and colds! The blushing, girlish World unfolds Each flower, leaf And blade of sod— Small letters sent To her from God.
John Updike
Where’er you walk cool gales shall fan the glade, Trees where you sit shall crowd into a shade. Where’er you tread the blushing flowers shall rise, And all things flourish where you turn your eyes.
Alexander Pope
I always take blushing either for a sign of guilt, or of ill breeding.
William Congreve
I was very studious, too much. I would never go out at weekends. I was very serious. You should have seen me in class – I was blushing and sweating every time the teacher asked me something.
Eva Green
Self-sacrifice enables us to sacrifice other people without blushing.
George Bernard Shaw
Plainly, she is quite besotted by him,… a girl, a young girl, and she is falling in love for the first time in her life. …little Kitty Howard at a loss, stumbling in her speech, blushing like a rose, thinking of someone else and not herself is to see a girl become a woman.
Philippa Gregory
On the secretly blushing cheek is reflected the glow of the heart
Soren Kierkegaard
For repeating themselves from the first kiss to the last sigh, the average man’s love affairs have History blushing with envy.
Helen Rowland
Skip meeting him? The butterflies, the pounding heart, the blushing? The part where you enter each other’s magnetic fields for the first time, and it’s like invisble lines of energy are drawing you together-
Laini Taylor
Let the words of a virgin, though in a good cause, and to as good purpose, be neither violent, many, nor first, nor last; it is less shame for a virgin to be lost in a blushing silence than to be found in a bold eloquence.
Francis Quarles
Her smile steps offstage for a moment, then does an encore, all while I’m dealing with my blushing face.
Haruki Murakami
Religion blushing, veils her sacred fires, And unawares Morality expires.
Alexander Pope
Blushing, palpitations, a bad conscience–this is what you get if you haven’t sinned.
Karl Kraus
Courage, my boy! that is the complexion of virtue.
Diogenes Laertius
They swoon over Tom, who preens for them, bowing, which sets them to blushing and giggling. God help us all.
Libba Bray
Oh, quit that. Blushing is for virgins and Christians.
Catherynne M. Valente
Blushing is the most peculiar and the most human of all expressions. Monkeys redden from passion, but it would require an overwhelming amount of evidence to make us believe that any animal could blush.
Charles Darwin
Every good movie I watch, the hero becomes my favourite. I start blushing every time a hero romances a heroine.
Hansika Motwani
I will go wash; And when my face is fair, you shall perceive Whether I blush or no.
William Shakespeare
The Blushing Pansy,” his cousin read aloud, in a tone of abject horror. “Tea shop and confectionery.” Bram swore. This was going to be ugly.
Tessa Dare
If you’re in the mood for a blushing art house romance, you’ll fall for it, too.
Katrina Onstad
Le mot ‘psychologie’est un de ceux qu’aucun auteur d’aujourd’hui ne peut entendre prononcer a’В В  son sujet sans baisser les yeux et rougir. The word ‘psychology’ is one that no author today can hear said about her work without lowering her eyes and blushing.
Nathalie Sarraute
People are crying up the rich and variegated plumage of the peacock, and he is himself blushing at the sight of his ugly feet.
I’m blushing at my own stupid, nonsensical, meaningless thought process, which, by the way, nobody knows about except me.
Sophie Kinsella
Blushing is the color of virtue.
Yellow, mellow, ripened days, Sheltered in a golden coating; O’er the dreamy, listless haze, White and dainty cloudlets floating; Winking at the blushing trees, And the sombre, furrowed fallow; Smiling at the airy ease, Of the southward flying swallow Sweet and smiling are thy ways, Beauteous, golden Autumn days.
Will Carleton
So sweet the blush of bashfulness, E’en pity scarce can wish it less!
Lord Byron
So do you remember this place?” “Hard to forget.” he snorted. “This is where you tried to kill me. You were so nervous, you kept blushing. Never had someone try to stake me who blushed so much.
Jeaniene Frost
I hoped I wasn’t blushing. It was bad enough I had to depend on my mom to drive me to my battles.
Rick Riordan
Do you know what constitutes a great poet? He is a person without shame, incapable of blushing. Ordinary fools have moments when they go off by themselves and blush with shame; not so the great poet…. If you really have to quote someone, quote a geographer; that way you won’t give yourself away. (p 44)
Knut Hamsun
We can consciously end our life almost anytime we choose. This ability is an endowment, like laughing and blushing, given to no other animal… in any given moment, by not exercising the option of suicide, we are choosing to live
Peter McWilliams
Big bad merc, down with a basic hip toss. In your place I’d be blushing.
Ilona Andrews
I’m not a brazen extrovert, but I’m not as blushing or demure as people might think.
Susie Dent
Yawns are not the only infectious things out there besides germs. Giggles can spread from person to person. So can blushing. But maybe the most powerful infectious thing is the act of speaking the truth.
Vera Nazarian
Men blush less for their crimes than for their weaknesses and vanity.
Jean de la Bruyere
DIARY, n. A daily record of that part of one’s life, which he can relate to himself without blushing.
Ambrose Bierce
Conscience is a blushing, shamefaced spirit than mutinies in a man’s bosom; it fills one full of obstacles.
William Shakespeare
On my wedding day. I didn’t want a natural, blushing-bride look – I had a full-on hairdo and red lips. I thought it would be disingenuous to do the whole virginal look, so even though I had the white dress, I had pink net underneath.
Sophie Ellis Bextor
Ooh, you look much tastier than Crabbe and Goyle, Harry” said Hermione, before catching sight of Ron’s raised eyebrows, blushing slightly and saying “oh you know what I mean – Goyle’s Potion looked like bogies.
J. K. Rowling
When women stops blushing, she has lost the most powerful weapon of charm.
Elizabeth Taylor
There’s kind of this unequaled thrill of playing a half-finished song, it’s kind of sense of slight embarrassment; like you’re blushing. I like doing that. I did that with “Eyeoneye” and it was almost a curse on the song for a while; I debuted it when it was half-finished in a very public way
Andrew Bird
The third day comes a frost, a killing frost.
William Shakespeare