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Attributes Quotes

Attributes Quotes by Max Anders, Neil Cavuto, Yotam Ottolenghi, Marie Forleo, Ross Parmenter, Desmond Tutu and many others.

Believers are inclined to attribute their spiritual successes to their godliness when it would be more accurate to connect them with God’s faithfulness.
Max Anders
We’re teaching our kids that attributes as vague and relatively meaningless as a toothy smile or a fine head of hair make a fine statement about a person.
Neil Cavuto
Just-poached vegetables show off their natural attributes, and taste fresh and light in a way you never get with roasting or frying.
Yotam Ottolenghi
I want to change how women think of and feel about marketing. It not only helps women get the results they want, but marketing brings out our best human attributes: true listening, compassion, honesty, and a spirit of service.
Marie Forleo
In remaking the world in the likeness of a steam-heated, air-conditioned metropolis of apartment buildings we have violated one of our essential attributes-our kinship with nature.
Ross Parmenter
In the land of my birth I cannot vote, whereas a young person of eighteen can vote. And why? Because he or she possesses that wonderful biological attribute – a white skin.
Desmond Tutu
To be perfectly just is an attribute of the divine nature; to be so to the utmost of our abilities, is the glory of man.
Joseph Addison
I wasn’t ‘gifted’ in the way that Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns or somebody like that is gifted, in that they got the physical attributes and so forth.
Dean Ambrose
Omnipotence means power to do all that is intrinsically possible, not to do the intrinsically impossible. You may attribute miracles to Him, but not nonsense.
C. S. Lewis
As a filmmaker, deep blacks are essential, and in my experience, no technology captures those attributes as well as Plasma.
Ridley Scott
We have created not a Brave New World, but a vulgar marketplace, where human attributes come with a price tag.
Linda Chavez
It’s just easier to talk about product attributes that you can measure with a number. Focus on price, screen size, that’s easy. But there’s a more difficult path, and that’s to make better products, ones where maybe you can’t measure their value empirically.
Jonathan Ive
To be bitter is to attribute intent and personality to the formless, infinite, unchanging and unchangeable void. We drift on a chartless, resistless sea. Let us sing when we can, and forget the rest.
H. P. Lovecraft
God lives, feels and suffers in every one of us, and in course of time, His attributes, knowledge, beauty and love will be revealed in each of us.
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
The only universal attribute of scientific statements resides in their potential fallibility. If a claim cannot be disproven, it does not belong to the enterprise of science.
Stephen Jay Gould
I don’t think I was a naturally born talent, surely I had some natural attributes, which perhaps helped me in my sport, but generally speaking I wasn’t competitive in nature.
Abhinav Bindra
The jostling of young minds against each other has this wonderful attribute, that one can never foresee the spark, nor predict the flash. What will spring up in a moment? Nobody knows.
Victor Hugo
My motivation level here in NXT has always been high. I believe it’s one of my stronger attributes.
Shawn Spears
Often times I have been asked about the attributes for success, and I have said that you need two attributes for succeeding as an entrepreneur: one, courage, second, luck.
N. R. Narayana Murthy
I attribute the little I know to my not having been ashamed to ask for information, and to my rule of conversing with all descriptions of men on those topics that form their own peculiar professions and pursuits.
John Locke
Possessing an array of athletic gifts is something most tennis players can only dream about. Most players, if they’re lucky, have one attribute that stands out — either a monster serve, great footspeed, superb touch, superior timing or innate feel for the ball.
Dave McPherson
Each of us has our own crazy on the show. The show’s called ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,’ but we’re going to explore the craziness of everyone on the show… That’s one of the attributes of the show I love so much.
Vincent Rodriguez III
Two things hold promise of improving those lights. One is to apply science to land-use. The other is to cultivate a love of country a little less spangled with stars, and a little more imbued with that respect for mother-earth – the lack of which is, to me, the outstanding attribute of the machine-age.
Aldo Leopold
Novelty is an essential attribute of the beautiful.
Benjamin Disraeli
Yes, too much emphasis is put on outward physical attributes in every area of American life.
Gloria Gaynor
Living in a tower, however secure it may feel, is hardly a social attribute.
Dirk Bogarde
I argued that I didn’t have any of the attributes to pose for cheesecake. I said I would have to make good on my acting ability, which was the only attribute I could offer.
Teresa Wright
Before I was ten I became critical of the anthropomorphic God as interpreted in the churches. I did not warm to One thus revealed as the semblance of a bullying and mean old man who must have all his own way, be praised all the time and for attributes which were deplorable in us.
Miles Franklin
By all means let’s be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out. -this quote is actually found in Carl Sagan’s book The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, where he attributes it to engineer James Oberg, who says he stole it from someone else.
Richard Dawkins
When I was cast as Gendry, I didn’t have any of the physical attributes the part required. I was astounded that I got the role, to be honest.
Joe Dempsie
The attributes of liminality are necessarily ambiguous… Liminal entities are neither here nor there; they are betwixt and between the positions assigned and arrayed by law, custom, convention and ceremonial.
Victor Turner
No attribute of God is more dreadful to sinners than His holiness.
Matthew Henry
Interest in the lives of others, the high evaluation of these lives, what are they but the overflow of the interest a man finds in himself, the value he attributes to his own being?.
Sherwood Anderson
Why do you need to know that? Because until you know that Jesus was prosperous, you won’t be either. You may have His kindness, you may have His gentleness, you may have all His other attributes, but you’ll never have His prosperity.
John Avanzini
My Calvinism persuades me that we are open to God, in the sense that we are not delimited, not organisms with fixed attributes in the manner of the other creatures, but are instead participants in a reality that utterly exceeds our powers of description.
Marilynne Robinson
Al Gore has all of the positive attributes of Bill Clinton but is saddled with none of his negatives. He’s a great big teddy bear of a political figure – Teflon coated, road tested, and everyone’s nice guy.
Peter Navarro
There was the Missile Crisis, but one can’t attribute to the [J.F.] Kennedy years anything like the problems that [Franklin] Roosevelt stood over and surmounted.
John Kenneth Galbraith
But the mind is an attribute of the individual. There is no such thing as a collective brain. There is no such thing as a collective thought. An agreement reached by a group of men is only a compromise or an average drawn upon many individual thoughts.
Ayn Rand
We can’t attribute a long history of democratic traditions to Japan, either, but today Japan boasts a fully-fledged democracy in which governments change according to democratic procedures. It’s no coincidence that the Taiwanese, Japanese, and South Korean economies are among the most innovative in Asia.
Garry Kasparov
I think that’s one of my main attributes. My movement, my speed, my feet.
James DeGale
Confidence isn’t optimism or pessimism, and it’s not a character attribute. It’s the expectation of a positive outcome.
Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Even though I started out at right-back, I actually enjoy the contrast of playing both at full-back and in midfield. Both require physical attributes and a lot of energy.
Javier Zanetti
We try and play football in a positive way. Any team has to be defensively organised, but you have to look at the attributes of the players and play to their strengths.
Graham Potter
What to do? We yanked the dress up over her lovely attributes and with the addition of a scarf, the problem was solved. Sorry, guys, blame that stuffy censor. He hated surprises.
Audrey Meadows
I’ve been fortunate, I’ve been blessed, and I attribute my success to all my fans. People want to do things with you when you have a big fan base, and I have a great fan base.
Larry the Cable Guy
Beware of those who attribute petty instructions to God.
Abdul Sattar Edhi
The role seemed to demand that I keep myself worked up to fever pitch, so I took on the actual attributes of the horrible vampire, Dracula.
Bela Lugosi
I was never an ingГ©nue at any point in my career. I was hoping that whatever I was bringing to the table, it wasn’t some physical attribute that would change or fade over time.
Fred Savage
I am pleading for the future; I am pleading for a time when hatred and cruelty will not control the hearts of men. When we can learn by, reason and judgment and understanding and faith that all life is worth saving, and that mercy is the highest attribute of man.
Clarence Darrow
An entrepreneur… is a person of action, one who possesses an unnatural overload of two attributes: optimism and determination. Because entrepreneurs are optimistic, they don’t see barriers; because they’re determined, they never quit. Individuals who posses extreme amounts of optimism and determination get things done.
Jim Clifton
I’m not going to assume liberals are stupid, as they do with conservatives. No, I’ll attribute it instead to more fraud and deceit.
Rush Limbaugh
I really don’t worry too much about what I see through the viewfinder, at least not at that point, especially if I’m using a flash because I don’t know what it’s going to do. I just see vague potentiality. It’s really working with a set of attributes that will hopefully interact in an interesting way.
John Divola
There’s a tendency to attribute magical skills and knowledge to people who’ve been elevated in some way – appearing on TV, or having an impressive title, or coming from a wealthy family. There’s often an assumption that these people possess some rare, mysterious qualities mere mortals lack. What crap.
Arlene Dickinson
When it comes to the changing room, belief is a huge thing. It’s one of the strongest attributes I have ever had and it has stayed with me from the very beginning.
Eoin Morgan
Because I came to acting quite late, I kind of think one of the few attributes that I do have is that I try to be honest with the character, with the writing. I’m not a tricksy actor; I’m not exactly a scenery-chewing kind of actor.
Liam Cunningham
Diversity is not an abnormality but the very reality of our planet. The human world manifests the same reality and will not seek our permission to celebrate itself in the magnificence of its endless varieties. Civility is a sensible attribute in this kind of world we have; narrowness of heart and mind is not.
Chinua Achebe
Most importantly, nothing has happened to change my conviction that freedom and the love of liberty remain the essential defining attributes of our national character as a people.
Ibrahim Babangida
As someone pointed out, you could have an attribute that says ‘optimize the heck out of this routine’, and your definition of heck would be a parameter to the optimizer.
Larry Wall
Most often it happens that one attributes to others only the feelings of which one is capable oneself.
Andre Gide
Whatever else there may be in our nature, responsibility toward truth is one of its attributes.
Arthur Eddington
PERFECTION, n. An imaginary state of quality distinguished from the actual by an element known as excellence; an attribute of the critic.
Ambrose Bierce
One of the greatest attributes most Hindus have is acceptance.
Victor Banerjee
Classical philosophical theism maintained the ontological distinction between God and creative world that is necessary for any genuine theism by conceiving them to be of different substances, with particular attributes predicated of each.
Arthur Peacocke
But if nothing but soul, or in soul mind, is qualified to count, it is impossible for there to be time unless there is soul, but only that of which time is an attribute, i.e. if change can exist without soul.
For me, the one thing I’ve got going for me in terms of my attributes as a musician is vision.
Devin Townsend
Since music is the only language with the contradictory attributes of being intelligible and untranslatable, the musical creator is a being comparable to the gods, and music itself the supreme mystery of the science of man.
Claude Levi-Strauss
Love is qualified as an attribute of that force, power or influence known as God. Thus as man makes application of love in his daily experience, he finds God a personal God.
Edgar Cayce
The principle of love within us is an attribute of the Deity, and it is placed within us to be dispensed independently according to our own will.
Brigham Young
Here’s the truth: People, even regular people, are never just any one person with one set of attributes. It’s not that simple. We’re all at the mercy of the limbic system, clouds of electricity drifting through the brain.
Jonathan Nolan
Families tend to artificially divide the world, imbuing one member with all the attributes and another with all the faults. But it’s never that way.
Ethan Canin
If I have any attribute that serves me well, it’s I don’t have a long-range plan in life. I have no idea. I just don’t look ahead, I really don’t. You know when people get out of college and they’re talking about their five-year plan. Five-year plan? I got a plan to get to Friday.
Michael Wilbon
I think the benefits are tremendous, and the power of accessibility in art is one of it’s most explosive and insidious attributes.
Jeffrey Lewis
Focusing on a person’s positive attributes is an incredible way to give love.
Denise Coates
One’s life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion.
Simone de Beauvoir
God is so clear in spelling out His attributes in scripture in order that others would know what He is really like.
Francis Chan
Consciousness is an attribute while awareness is not; one can be aware of being conscious, but not conscious of awareness. God is the totality of consciousness, but awareness is beyond all–being as well as not-being.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
… we are there with our cameras to record reality. Once we start modifying that which exists, we are robbing photography of its most valuable attribute.
Philip Jones Griffiths
It is most true, that Truth is a Divine attribute and the foundation of every virtue. To be true, and to seek to find and learn the Truth, are the great objects of every good Mason.
Albert Pike
I think diamonds represent luxury, indulgence, and class. So any time you can incorporate a gift that is synonymous with all those attributes, you know the other person will love it. I would challenge someone to find something that better represents Valentine’s Day more than diamonds!
Chris Evans
We must be very careful not to assign this deliverance the attributes of a victory. Wars are not won by evacuations
Winston Churchill
The fame which bids fair to live the longest resembles that which Horace attributes to Marcellus, whose progress he compares to the silent, imperceptible growth of a tree.
William Benton Clulow
The athlete who is building muscles though weight training should be very sure to work adequately on speed and flexibility at the same time. In combat, without the prior attributes, a strong man will be like the bull with its colossal strength futilely pursuing the matador or like a low-geared truck chasing a rabbit.
Bruce Lee
Profundity and originality are attributes of single, if not singular, minds.
Edwin Land
You ever taunt me with Tasha again,” she said in a harsh whisper when they broke the kiss to gasp for air, “and I will geld you.” Raphael winced. “That would take at least a day to repair. Are you sure you want to lose my….attributes for that long?
Nalini Singh
Asking why rappers always talk about their stuff is like asking why Milton is forever listing the attributes of heavenly armies. Because boasting is a formal condition of the epic form. And those taught that they deserve nothing rightly enjoy it when they succeed in terms the culture understands.
Zadie Smith
There is no health in those who are displeased by an element in Your creation, just as there was none in me when I was displeased by many things You had made. Because my soul didn’t dare to say that my God displeased me, it refused to attribute to You whatever was displeasing.
Saint Augustine
If we have a heart to learn and a willingness to follow the example of children, their divine attributes can hold a key to unlocking our own spiritual growth.
Jean A. Stevens
God preordained, for his own glory and the display of His attributes of mercy and justice, a part of the human race, without any merit of their own, to eternal salvation, and another part, in just punishment of their sin, to eternal damnation.
John Calvin
Campaigns maybe encourage us to pay attention to attributes that maybe aren’t that important in the presidency.
John Dickerson
The stored-program digital computer has three major attributes: it is fast, it is accurate, and it is stupid. The first two attributes are often used to disguise the third.
P. J. Plauger
I would warn you that I do not attribute to nature either beauty or deformity, order or confusion. Only in relation to our imagination can things be called beautiful or ugly, well-ordered or confused.
Baruch Spinoza
Love is God’s essence; Power but his attribute: therefore is his love greater than his power.
Richard B. Garnett
The beauty of a finely worked object points to the beauty of the craftsmanship. The beauty of the craftsmanship points to the beauty of the name which was the source of the craftsmanship. The beauty of the name of the craftsman’s art points to the beauty of the craftsman’s attributes manifested in that art.
Said Nursi
I attribute much of my success in New York to my ability to understand and avoid unnecessary distractions.
Derek Jeter
When I meet successful people I ask 100 questions as to what they attribute their success to. It is usually the same: persistence, hard work and hiring good people.
Kiana Tom
As Ive progressed in my career, Ive come to appreciate — and really value — the other attributes that define a companys success beyond the P&L: great leadership, long-term financial strength, ethical business practices, evolving business strategies, sound governance, powerful brands, values-based decision-making.
Ursula Burns
I guess I try and learn all the time from every experience in life, so my thinking is a hybrid of everything. I’d have to attribute some of that to my work in the fashion industry – in some obscure way.
Lily Cole
Contrary to popular mythology, the best and most durable relationships are based not on vulnerability or passion but on a conjugation of positive attributes, a meeting of mind, body and soul that is all the more powerful as it is not weighed down with neediness and unreasonable expectation.
Mariella Frostrup
I am really surprised bitcoin isn’t more popular in India, given the strong gold culture here. I call it Gold 2.0. It has all the attributes other than the fact that it isn’t tangible, and tangibility is less important in the digital age.
Brock Pierce
The most important attribute for success in value investing is patience, patience, and more patience. The majority of investors do not possess this characteristic.
Peter Cundill
I have always thought that writers come with any variety of attributes. Some are capable and some aren’t.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
I believe that a smile is the attribute of a positive attitude, both for yourself and the perception of others.
Jeffrey Gitomer
While he bore no real resemblance to anyone in my family, his features were a collection of my mother’s and father’s best attributes, with a few of Gregory Peck’s thrown in.
Lisa Lutz
I attribute my success on the battlefield to always being on the spot to see and do everything for myself
Duke of Wellington
Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive.
William James
There’s a tendency in politics to attribute bad motivation much too quickly, and the sooner you attribute bad motivation to someone you disagree with, the harder it is to find some common ground to make some progress that would give people confidence that you got it more right than wrong.
Peter Welch
Life is ever giving of Itself. We must receive, utilize and extend the gift. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people.
Ernest Holmes
God doth not govern the world only by his will as an absolute monarch, but by his wisdom and goodness as a tender father. It is not his greatest pleasure to show his sovereign power, or his inconceivable wisdom, but his immense goodness, to which he makes the other attributes subservient.
Stephen Charnock
It is primarily through the growth of science and technology that man has acquired those attributes which distinguish him from the animals, which have indeed made it possible for him to become human.
Arthur Compton
Sexy is the attraction that is given as an encomium to women or men, or the capacity to attract the attention of the opposite sex because of their physical attributes.
Miriam Defensor-Santiago
A quality person is someone with integrity. To be worthy of the highest trust is a noble attribute and compliment. You will need to maintain confidences. Certainly it is greater to be trusted than loved. Truly happy persons will always be totally honest in their dealings with their fellowman.
Marvin J. Ashton
According to the Church, one of the key attributes of sainthood is death. You have to die first. So, I’ll agree already (that) I might not have all the attributes that usually that the Church looks for when canonizing somebody because I’m supposed to be dead already.
Lino Rulli
You don’t want to be rude but you have to be careful – there are a lot of strange people out there. (Goldman attributes this quote to Cliff Robertson.)
William Goldman
Why is it that we understand playing the cello will require work, but we attribute writing to the magic of inspiration?
Ann Patchett
There is something essentially sanguine about me, which I am inclined to attribute to the fact that I was born by caesarean section. It must affect you.
Simon Callow
There are physical characteristics which are inherited. These include things like good looks, high intelligence, physical coordination. These attributes contribute to success in life, and success in life is a determinant of optimism.
Martin Seligman
One of the foundational attributes of Americanism is our sense of brotherhood.
Madison Cawthorn
I think that my God-given physical attributes, big hands, and big feet, the way that I’m built, proportion-wise, just made basketball the most inviting sport for me to play.
Julius Erving
Our second phase was to develop a school curriculum that teaches tolerance, respect for differences, conflict resolution, anger management, and other attributes of peace.
Eddie Bernice Johnson
On the whole, my impression is that mercy bears richer fruits than any other attribute.
Abraham Lincoln
The unlucky hand dealt to clear and precise writers is that people assume they are superficial and so do not go to any trouble inreading them: and the lucky hand dealt to unclear ones is that the reader does go to some trouble and then attributes the pleasure he experiences in his own zeal to them.
Friedrich Nietzsche
At Microsoft, we’re aspiring to have a living, learning culture with a growth mindset that allows us to learn from ourselves and our customers. These are the key attributes of the new culture at Microsoft, and I feel great about how it seems to be resonating and how it’s seen as empowering.
Satya Nadella
Self efficacious children tend to attribute their successes to ability, but ability attributions affect performance indirectly through perceived self-efficacy
Albert Bandura
Every form is a base for color, every color is the attribute of a form.
Victor Vasarely
Those who confine God’s love exclusively to the elect appear to me to take a narrow and contracted view of God’s character and attributes….I have long come to the conclusion that men may be
more systematic in their statements than the Bible, and may be led into grave error by idolatrous veneration of a system
J. C. Ryle
The attributes of God, though intelligible to us on their surface yet, for the very reason that they are infinite, transcend our comprehension, when they are dwelt upon, when they are followed out, and can only be received by faith.
John Henry Newman
Beauty and truth may be attributes of good writing, but if the writer deliberately aims at truth, he is likely to find that what he has hit is the didactic.
Northrop Frye
The man who is unhappy will, as a rule, adopt an unhappy creed, while the man who is happy will adopt a happy creed; each may attribute his happiness or unhappiness to his beliefs, while the real causation is the other way round.
Bertrand Russell
When we go deep within, into the deepest recesses of our hearts, we commune with God through meditation. It is through meditation that we can know that God is both with form and without form, with attributes and without attributes.
Sri Chinmoy
Self-control, openness, the ability to engage with others, to plan and to persist – these are the attributes that get people in the door and on the job, and lead to productive lives.
James Heckman
You are truly endearing when you sleep. I attribute this to the exotic nature of seeing you in a state of silence. —Tybalt
Mira Grant
I had a pretty well-adjusted style of parenting. I think my parents were very young, very open. I think I learned many things from them: etiquette and grace, compassion and charity. And who I am today is due to a lot of attributes of my parents.
Jo Frost
I know of no single formula for success. But over the years I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together.
Queen Elizabeth II
I believe that a triangle, if it could speak, would say that God is eminently triangular, and a circle that the divine nature is eminently circular; and thus would every one ascribe his own attributes to God.
Baruch Spinoza
Experience and enthusiasm are two fine business attributes seldom found in one individual.
William Feather
Wherever I played, I had an opportunity to show my attributes.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
The mathematician is in much more direct contact with reality. … [Whereas] the physicist’s reality, whatever it may be, has few or none of the attributes which common sense ascribes instinctively to reality. A chair may be a collection of whirling electrons.
G. H. Hardy
I am selfish, but that’s an attribute that all artists possess.
Robert Mapplethorpe
Central to being a humanist, which I am, is the core understanding that doubt and criticism are essential attributes in the quest for knowledge.
Clive Lewis
When the sacredness of one’s word is matched in the attributes of his character throughout, all that constitutes a man, then we find that there is something in a man’s life greater than his occupation or his achievements; grander than acquisition or wealth; higher than genius; more enduring than fame.
Orison Swett Marden
There are three attributes for which I am grateful to Fortune: that I was born, first, human and not animal; second, man and not woman; and third, Greek and not barbarian.
The ‘law of wills and causes,’ formulated by Comte, . . . is that when men do not know the natural causes of things, they simply attribute them to wills like their own; thus they obtain a theory which provisionally takes the place of science, and this theory forms a basis for theology.
Andrew Dickson White
I hate to call it crossfire, what the rapid action battalion attributes for the custodial deaths, as there must be two parties in any such incident. But the reality is the just found body of the victim.
Irene Khan
Successful leadership is not about being tough or soft, sensitive or assertive, but about a set of attributes. First and foremost is character
Warren G. Bennis
Painting is concerned with all the 10 attributes of sight; which are: Darkness, Light, Solidity and Colour, Form and Position, Distance and Propinquity, Motion and Rest.
Leonardo da Vinci
I should like to enflame the whole world with my taste for gardening. There is no virtue that I would not attribute to the man who lives to project and execute gardens.
Michel, 14th Prince of Ligne
Vampires have always held a very seductive kind of lore and have always been some variety of attractive, whether it’s attractiveness that’s born of just the physical attributes that they have – this kind of ethereal beauty or translucent pallor – or whether it is more to do with the way they carry themselves.
Colin Farrell
In our steady insistence on proclaiming sex-distinction we have grown to consider most human attributes as masculine attributes, for the simple reason that they were allowed to men and forbidden to women.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Social media and the Internet haven’t changed our capacity for social interaction any more than the Internet has changed our ability to be in love or our basic propensity to violence, because those are such fundamental human attributes.
Nicholas A. Christakis
Man’s nature is made up of four elements, which produce in him four attributes, namely, the beastly, the brutal, the satanic, and the divine. In man there is something of the pig, the dog, the devil, and the saint.
Those who are in a state of salvation are to attribute it to sovereign grace alone, and to give all the praise to Him who maketh them to differ from others.
Jonathan Edwards
We must endure to the end; . . . We must so live as to acquire the attributes of godliness and become the kind of people who can enjoy the glory and wonders of the celestial kingdom.
Joseph Fielding Smith
It is a natural propensity to attribute misfortune to someone’s malignity.
Bertrand Russell
I’m not sure about English football to be honest with you. There’s a lot of politics down there and I’m not sure it’s just about your attributes on the park. If it was I’d still be down there.
Ross McCormack
We may imitate the Deity in all His attributes; but mercy is the only one in which we can pretend to equal Him. We cannot, indeed, give like God; but surely we may forgive like Him.
Laurence Sterne
Don’t attribute mishaps to a lapse in concentration – if you missed the note you don’t know it.
William Westney
May we attribute to the color of the herbage and plants, which no doubt clothe the plains of Mars, the characteristic hue of that planet, which is noticeable by the naked eye, and which led the ancients to personify it as a warrior?
Camille Flammarion
What we mean by Tao is the way or course of Nature. This way has nothing good or bad, it is a mere flowing of things following the development and decline attributes of the moment.
Jian Yang
The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.
John Adams
The greatest attribute of heaven is mercy; And ’tis the crown of justice, and the glory
John Fletcher
Names and attributes must be accommodated to the essence of things, and not the essence to the names, since things come first and names afterwards.
Galileo Galilei
My vision is my best attribute. I can see everything.
Marshall Faulk
Women attribute their success to working hard, luck, and help from other people. Men will attribute that – whatever success they have, that same success – to their own core skills.
Sheryl Sandberg
We’re going to see leadership emerge as the most important element of business – the attribute that is highest in demand and shortest in supply.
Tom Peters
You thank God [for your salvation] because “you do not attribute your repenting and believing to your own wisdom, or prudence, or sound judgment, or good sense.
J. I. Packer
Whatever is newly expensive has two attributes: wonderful past returns and, in most cases, lousy future returns.
Robert D. Arnott
Knowledge, information, wit, and the way you disseminate these attributes can often prove to be a more disarming weapon against an enemy or some with whom your ideology is in conflict, than violence or lethal weapons.
Daryl Davis
It’s all about dreams. If I had to attribute my success in life to any one thing it is this. I believed in my dreams, even when no one else did.
Oprah Winfrey
The attributes we’re focused on for Mickey are exactly the ones Walt had in mind in the first place. The original Mickey was impish and irreverent. Walt sanitized him because when Mickey got so popular, there was a fear that his behavior was influencing kids.
Bob Iger
Branding is not merely about differentiating products; it is about striking emotional chords with consumers. It is about cultivating identity, attachment, and trust to inspire customer loyalty. Chinese brands score low on attributes such as ‘sophisticated,’ ‘desirable,’ ‘innovative,’ ‘friendly,’ and ‘trustworthy.’
Nirmalya Kumar
In many instances, mate choice is a compensatory process. In other words, both men and women choose prospective mates by combining their scores on several key attributes.
Gad Saad
I look at what the polls say about attributes. I noticed in 2004 that George W. Bush led John Kerry by double digits for eight straight months on the question of who is more likely to take a position and stick with it.
Kellyanne Conway
Never attribute to malevolence what is merely due to incompetence
Arthur C. Clarke
There may be some changes in building codes, but I don’t see any stylistic departure that you’ll be able to attribute to Sept. 11.
Cesar Pelli
I wonder sometimes, though, if we intentionally or just unknowingly mask the beauty of God in the gospel by minimizing his various attributes.
David Platt
There is still a tendency to regard any existing government intervention as desirable, to attribute all evils to the market, and to evaluate new proposals for government control in their ideal form, as they might work if run by able, disinterested men free from the pressure of special interest groups.
Milton Friedman
There’s no reason in the world why black [people] should not be regarded as an attribute that is not degrading but is positive. There’s no reason in the world why any person should think that white is degrading.
John Hope Franklin
C. S. Lewis pointed out that some people are angry with God for His not existing, and others for His existing but for failing to do as mortals would have Him do. Instead of such childishness, we are urged to know God and to learn of His attributes.
Neal A. Maxwell
With a father who is a fabulous craftsman, I was raised with the fundamental belief that it is only when you personally work with a material with your hands, that you come to understand its true nature, its characteristics, its attributes, and I think – very importantly – its potential.
Jonathan Ive
There is no attribute of God more comforting to His children than the doctrine of Divine Sovereignty. Under the most adverse circumstances, in the most severe troubles, they believe that Sovereignty hath ordained their afflictions, that Sovereignty overrules them, and that Sovereignty will sanctify them all.
Charles Spurgeon
An interesting attribute of public banks is that they don’t only de-risk the downside, but also get a share of the upside.
Mariana Mazzucato
We cannot attribute to fortune or virtue that which is achieved without either.
Niccolo Machiavelli
Truthfulness is the foundation of all virtues of the world of humanity. Without truthfulness, progress and success in all the worlds of God are impossible for a soul. When this holy attribute is established in man, all the divine qualities will also become realized.
If Satan should ever replace God he would find it necessary to assume the attributes of Divinity.
Robert A. Heinlein
Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.
Peter Drucker
True and False are attributes of speech, not of things. And where speech is not, there is neither Truth nor Falsehood.
Thomas Hobbes
For what is modesty but hypocritical humility, by means of which, in a world swelling with vile envy, a man seeks to beg pardon for his excellences and merits from those who have none? For
whoever attributes no merit to himself because he really has none is not modest, but merely honest.
Arthur Schopenhauer
You have a conscience, and a conscience is a valuable attribute, but not if it begins to make you think you were to blame for what is far beyond the scope of your responsibility.
Philip Roth
The valuable attributes of research men are conscious ignorance and active curiosity.
Willis R. Whitney
The innovative spirit was America’s strongest attribute, transforming everything into a brave new world, but there lingered an insecurity about the arts.
Arthur Erickson
Release for constructive purposes the power you already have, and more will come. Move on your path with unflinching determination, using all the attributes of success. Tune yourself with the creative power of spirit.
Paramahansa Yogananda
Pick three key attributes or features, get those things very, very right, and then forget about everything else… By focusing on only a few core features in the first version, you are forced to find the true essence and value of the product.
Paul Buchheit
It does not seem proper to speak of one attribute of God as being more central and fundamental than another; but if this were permissible, the Scriptural emphasis on the holiness of God would seem to justify its selection.
Louis Berkhof
When a stranger comes into our presence, then, first appearances are likely to enable us to anticipate his category and attributes, his ‘social identity’ – to use a term that is better than ‘social status’ because personal attributes such as ‘honesty’ are involved, as well as structural ones, like ‘occupation.’
Erving Goffman
It’s one of the strangest attributes of this profession that when we writers get exhausted writing one thing, we relax by writing another.
Dan Simmons
If the ox could think, it would attribute oxality to God.
One way for attaining Bhakti is by repeating the name of God a number of times. Mantras have effect: the mere repetition of words…. To obtain Bhakti, seek the company of holy men who have Bhakti, and read books like the Gita and the Imitation of Christ; always think of the attributes of God.
Swami Vivekananda
We always take credit for the good and attribute the bad to fortune.
Charles Kuralt
If you’re trying to cast the widest possible net to attract the largest selection of men or women, the last thing you should do is to start listing your income, political views, and the like. Avoid mentioning specific comedians, shows, or movies unless those are top-tier attributes on your list.
Amy Webb
This book [ “Win”] is based on the interviews with three dozen Fortune 400 – or Forbes 400, the richest people, and a couple dozen of the top CEOs.I wanted to know what language they use to be successful, and I wanted to know the attributes that could then be applied to the average individual.
Frank Luntz
The collective love for music and poetry and just the brotherhood of sound. And it’s still kind of flowing through me and I attribute that to the team.
Anthony Kiedis
Peter Mayhew had unique physical attributes. I don’t have those. I mean, I’m just a regular guy who happens to be seven feet. Peter had huge hands, and his physical being created Chewbacca. I’m just trying to make sure Chewbacca stays on screen for more movies.
Joonas Suotamo
I think that Ingersoll had all the attributes of a perfect man, and, in my opinion, no finer personality ever existed. Judging from the past, I cannot help thinking that the intention of the Supreme Intelligence that rules the world is to ultimately make such a type of man universal.
Thomas A. Edison
But one of the attributes of love, like art, is to bring harmony and order out of chaos, to introduce meaning and affect where before there was none, to give rhythmic variations, highs and lows to a landscape that was previously flat.
Molly Haskell
Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
Robert A. Heinlein
Patience is one of the most valuable attributes in investing.
Martin Zweig
If women are differentiated only by superficial physical attributes, men appear more individual and irreplaceable than they really are.
Shulamith Firestone
Clutter is not an attribute of information, clutter is a failure of design…fix the design rather than stripping all the detail out of the map.
Edward Tufte
To the love of pleasure we may therefore ascribe most of the agreeable, to the love of action we may attribute most of the useful and respectable, qualifications. The character in which both the one and the other should be united and harmonised would seem to constitute the most perfect idea of human nature.
Edward Gibbon
A few little flowers will spring up briefly in the dry gulley through which torrents of water pass occasionally. But it is steady streams that bring thick and needed crops. In the agriculture of the soul that has to do with nurturing attributes, flash floods are no substitute for regular irrigation.
Neal A. Maxwell
Elijah looks angelic but his beauty of spirit is what makes his Frodo leap out of the screen. Unalloyed goodness is one of the most difficult attributes to act.
Ian Mckellen
A man has generally the good or ill qualities which he attributes to mankind.
William Shenstone
No matter what you do, do it to your utmost. I always attribute my success to always requiring myself to do my level best, if only in driving a tack in straight.
Russell Conwell
As a leader, these attributes – confidence, perseverance, work ethic and good sense – are all things I look for in people. I also try to lead by example and create an environment where good questions and good ideas can come from anyone.
Heather Bresch
I have a very healthy growth of both head and facial hair. People always want to attribute further superhuman powers to me. It’s funny the way the audience really seems to want me, Nick the actor, to exhibit the same machismo as Ron Swanson.
Nick Offerman
Ahimsa is an attribute of the brave. Cowardice and ahimsa don’t go together any more that water and fire.
Mahatma Gandhi
I hate everything approaching temperamental inspiration,’sacred fire’and all those attributes of genius which serve only as cloaks for untidy minds.
Piet Mondrian
The last time anybody made a list of the top hundred character attributes of New Yorkers, common sense snuck in at number 79.
Douglas Adams
I am perfectly satisfied that my Father and my god is a cheerful, pleasant, lively, and good-natured Being. Why? Because I am cheerful, pleasant, lively and good-natured when I have His Spirit…. That arises from the perfection of His attributes; He is a jovial, lively person, and a beautiful man.
Heber C. Kimball
Now I will avow, that I then believed and now believe that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God; and that those principles of liberty are as unalterable as human nature and our terrestrial, mundane system.
Thomas Jefferson
The combat of WAR and an economic WAR have a lot of similarities. You do have to be skilled, aggressive, know your enemy and your strong attributes and limitations. Both skills are needed although one may be more natural.
Richard Marcinko
When we have this description, of what a sketch is, itsattributes, we can then start inventing new things thatshare those attributes, and therefore improve our currenttechnics by inventing new and better tools that help ussketch.
Bill Buxton
God and all attributes of God are eternal.
Baruch Spinoza
When knowledge is missing all other attributes have no grooves in which to rest.
Nelly Mazloum
As the Only Begotten Son of the Father in the flesh, Jesus inherited divine attributes. He was the only person ever born into mortality who could perform this most significant and supernal act.
James E. Faust
On top of the highly variable necessary attributes to perform in each sport, human beings are like snowflakes; no two are alike.
Gabe Kapler
The Times has much less power than you think. I believe we attribute power to the media generally that it simply doesn’t have. It’s very convenient to blame the media, the same way we blame television for everything that’s going wrong in society.
Michael Pollan
In grade one and two, I was definitely into heavy metal and Satanic rock music, bands that had attributes that were quote-unquote ‘Satanic,’ even things like the Rolling Stones with ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’ and ‘Sympathy for the Devil,’ but also like Motley Crue and Kiss and Alice Cooper.
Tobias Forge
Marriage…is the union of two people of different sexes with a view to the mutual possession of each other’s sexual attributes for the duration of their lives.
Immanuel Kant
People sometimes attribute my success to my genius; all the genius I know anything about is hard work.
Alexander Hamilton
I have always attributed my abilities to play football and, really, all other skills and attributes, to God.
Taysom Hill
To be a good executive you have to be strong, and you have to have a simple attribute that people have forgotten about – courage.
John Milius
The thing women must do to rise to power is to redefine their femininity. Once, power was considered a masculine attribute. In fact power has no sex.
Katharine Graham
You have to be eligible for luck to strike, and I think that’s a matter of education and preparation, and character and all the other solid attributes that sometimes people laugh at.
James A. Michener
Strong families cultivate an attribute of effective communication. They talk out their problems, make plans together, and cooperate toward common objectives.
Ezra Taft Benson
I think there are definite parallels between sport and art. There’s a real sense of sacrifice. There’s a real sense of dedication that is needed in sport that I think you can attribute to art. I think so much of it is about bravery and courage, being an actor.
Matt Smith
I never met a person as determined as my mother. From working hard for six kids to just trying to keep the household down or maintain my father’s discipline, my dad, I’m so much like my father too. My father was so introverted, quiet, shy, nice. I got attributes from my father and mother.
Sugar Ray Leonard
The Tibetan Buddhist realization is that mind does not have any particular qualities or attributes of its own. It’s clear – clear light.
Frederick Lenz
Though, in debating with regard to theories, it be lawful to say whether this or that is consistent with the Divine attributes, yet, when we find that God has actually done any thing, all question about its justice, wisdom, and benevolence, is forever out of place.
Nehemiah Adams
The greatest attribute of Heaven is mercy.
Francis Beaumont
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. For the least sin, it wouldn’t take us longTo get so we had no one left to live with.For to be social is to be forgiving.
Mahatma Gandhi
If you’re going to stand up for Jesus, your life will be a battle between light and darkness. And for everything that God will bring into your life that represents the light, the devil-he’s such a sly fox-will come at you with two times more attributes of evil.
Billy Ray Cyrus
Though Gods attributes are equal, yet his mercy is more attractive and pleasing in our eyes than his justice.
Miguel de Cervantes
Boris Johnson is a man of great attributes and great qualities.
Michael Gove
Lord Shiva is seated deep in everyone’s heart. He is Nirguna (One who is without form or its attributes). He is Nirakaar (Has no shape or form), and He is the Para-Brahman (Supreme transcendental Consciousness) that is all pervading. Believe in this. This is Rudra Puja
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Beauty, then, is not mere decoration, but rather an essential element of the liturgical action, since it is an attribute of God himself and his revelation. These considerations should make us realize the care which is needed, if the liturgical action is to reflect its innate splendour.
Pope Benedict XVI
It is the divine attribute of the imagination, that it is irrepressible, unconfinable; that when the real world is shut out, it can create a world for itself, and with a necromantic power can conjure up glorious shapes and forms, and brilliant visions to make solitude populous, and irradiate the gloom of a dungeon.
Washington Irving
Somebody said to me this morning, ‘To what do you attribute your longevity?’ I don’t know. I mean, I couldn’t have planned my life out better. By all accounts I should be dead! The abuse I put my body through: the drugs, the alcohol, the lifestyle I’ve lived the last 30 years!
Ozzy Osbourne
I’ve got all the attributes. I’ve got the sharpness. I’ve got everything you need to be a top fighter.
Kell Brook
What is more absurd and more impious than to attribute the name of Lucifer to the devil, that is, to personified evil. The intellectual Lucifer is the spirit of intelligence and love; it is the paraclete, it is the Holy Spirit, while the physical Lucifer is the great agent of universal magnetism.
Eliphas Levi
The attributes of God tell us what He is and who He is.
William Ames
Courage is the most important attribute of a lawyer.
Robert Kennedy
Monaco’s neutrality is one of our main attributes – the role of small countries is to act as go-betweens between big nations.
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
In determing “the right people,” the good-to-great companies placed greater weight on character attributes than on specific educational background, practical skills, specialized knowledge, or work experience.
James C. Collins
Art is not the most precious manifestation of life. Art has not the celestial and universal value that people like to attribute to it. Life is far more interesting.
Tristan Tzara
Good character is the single most important attribute of a successful and worthy life.
Michael Josephson
One of the greatest attributes of jazz, I think, is that it is that open.
Herbie Hancock
Critics of American colleges typically attribute the failings of undergraduate education to a tendency on the part of professors to neglect their teaching to concentrate on research. In fact, the evidence does not support this thesis, except perhaps in major research universities.
Derek Bok
Satyagraha is an attribute of the spirit within.
Mahatma Gandhi
In a word, to perceive an object abstractly means not to perceive some aspects of it. It clearly implies selection of some attributes, rejection of other attributes, creation or distortion of still others. We make of it what we wish. We create it.
Abraham Maslow
The most important attribute a player must have is mental toughness.
Mia Hamm
[Nietzsche] attributes to himself an extremely vivid and sensitive instinct of cleanliness. At the first contact the filth lying at the base of another’s nature is revealed to him. The unclean are therefore ill at ease hi his presence
Georg Brandes
In 2007, Stanford Business School Advisory committee asserted that self awareness was the most important attribute a leader should develop. The challenge for the modern entrepreneur is to take that path.
Kevin Kelly
Probably the geekiest attribute that I have of them all is that I’ve always had a hard time meeting friends. Like no matter where I grew up and I moved around, I always had a hard time.
I believe there is room in the market for a daily driver that embodies all the attributes of the best track racing car and the comfort of a luxurious sports car.
Henrik Fisker
It’s easy to see and notice what we like in other people. Sometimes, it’s not as easy to see the attributes and beauty in ourselves. It’s good to see the beauty in others. But sometimes, take a moment and get excited when you notice what’s beautiful in yourself, too.
Melody Beattie
Being gay doesn’t take your brain away or exclude me from having the same attributes as anyone else.
Don Lemon
A good novel is an indivisible sum; every scene, sequence and passage of a good novel has to involve, contribute to and advance all three of its major attributes: theme, plot, characterization.
Ayn Rand
Humanity is something we’re lacking, and I will continue to do my job to bring back those attributes that we lack today in every community.
George Hill
To attribute rights to animals is to ignore the purpose and justification of rights – to protect the interests of man.
Alex Epstein
People are wiser than we are willing to attribute to them.
P. Chidambaram
Developing Christlike attributes in our lives is not an easy task, especially when we move away from generalities and abstractions and begin to deal with real life. The test comes in practicing what we proclaim.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
It is pathetic to observe how lowly the motives are that religion, even the highest, attributes to the deity… To be given the best morsel, to be remembered, to be praised, to be obeyed blindly and punctiliously – these have been thought points of honor with the gods.
George Santayana
When we teach our children to be good, to be gentle, to be forgiving (all these are attributes of God), to be generous, to love their follow men, to regard this present age as nothing, we instill virtue in their souls, and reveal the image of God within them.
Saint John Chrysostom
Poetry, like sanctity, is the orchestration of multiple attributes into vast, compelling wholes.
William Everson
I fully subscribe to the judgement of those writers who maintain that of all the differences between man and the lower animal, the moral sense of conscience is by far the most important….It is the most noble of all the attributes of man.
Charles Darwin
The cologne you pick should make you feel good when you go out with it. I think confidence comes across more than any other of our attributes.
Mark Ronson
Every player had a roommate for out-of-town games, so I had to slip into the bathroom early each morning and secretly take my insulin injection. I feared that if the Cubs found out and I slumped badly, they would attribute it to the diabetes and send me back to the minors – or worse, release me.
Ron Santo
I have read that during the process of canonization the Catholic Church demands proof of joy in the candidate, and although I have not been able to track down chapter and verse I like the suggestion that dourness is not a sacred attribute.
Phyllis McGinley
While we would not want to attribute every extreme weather event to climate change – the pattern is building and the costs are rising – the human costs and the financial costs
Edward Davey
Conceptual art’ is an oxymoron. Concepts are articulations of fact or supposition, not attributes of quality.
Walter Darby Bannard
One of the best attributes of human beings is that they’re adaptable; one of the worst attributes of human beings is they are adaptable. They adapt and start to tolerate abuses, they adapt to being involved themselves in abuses, they adapt to adversity and they continue on.
Julian Assange
Leadership is defined by results not attributes.
Peter Drucker
[Y]ou possess all the attributes of a demagogue; a screeching, horrible voice, a perverse, crossgrained nature and the language of the market-place. In you all is united which is needful for governing.
MERCY, n. An attribute beloved of detected offenders.
Ambrose Bierce
I attribute my whole success in life to a rigid observance of the fundamental rule – Never have yourself tattooed with any woman’s name, not even her initials.
P. G. Wodehouse
The most formidable attribute of temptation is its increasing power, its accelerating ratio of velocity. Every act of repetition increases power, diminishes resistance. It is like the letting out of waters-where a drop can go, a river can go. Whoever yields to temptation, subjects himself to the law of falling bodies.
Horace Mann
There is a particular set of values commonly associated with being professional. Experience, expertise, trustworthiness, wisdom, and good judgement are all attributes aspired to by senior professional people, be they doctors, engineers, lawyers, civil servants, or the clergy.
Mark Walport
What really matters is not how well a character fits a definition, but how strongly he or she resonates. Characters with strong, resonant ideas at their core will have more of an impact on the cultural consciousness than a character who’s just an empty collection of attributes.
Kurt Busiek
What is Truth? Truth is the attribute of when the human heart marries the love of God, and the result is passion for your spiritual path.
Lee Carroll
Our aim in studying the Godhead must be to know God himself better. Our concern must be to enlarge our acquaintance, not simply with the doctrine of God’s attributes, but with the living God whose attributes they are.
J. I. Packer
Perhaps that is the real surprise of love; it exists, but one may not attribute causes and effects to it. The existence may appear to be a mere fallacy to the minds of some, and by the time they realise what hit them, they would already be down and dead.
Faraaz Kazi
The fundamental claim of intelligent design is straightforward and easily intelligible: namely, there are natural systems that cannot be adequately explained in terms of undirected natural forces and that exhibit features which in any other circumstance we would attribute to intelligence.
William A. Dembski
Lights are to drama what music is to the lyrics of a song. The greatest part of my success in the theatre I attribute to my feeling for colors, translated into effects of light.
David Belasco
Your sexual attributes are simply chemistry and setups within your DNA. They are given by agreement as gifts for you to experience in this life.
Lee Carroll
I prefer to make up my own quotes and attribute them to very smart people, so that I can use them to win arguments
Albert Einstein
A pivotal spiritual attribute is that of self-mastery-th e strength to place reason over appetite. Self-mastery builds a strong conscience. And your conscience determines your moral responses in difficult, tempting, and trying situations.
Russell M. Nelson
Our vision is to look through the eyes of our kids. We are a lucky, peaceful nation. We are an unselfish people. That’s one of our proudest national attributes.
Peter Cosgrove
Nobody in this world possesses absolute truth. This is God’s attribute alone. Relative truth is all we know. Therefore, we can only follow the truth as we see it. Such pursuit of truth cannot lead anyone astray.
Mahatma Gandhi
Growing up I’ve watched Lewis and aspired to have some of his attributes, mainly his speed. His raw pace is probably the best of everyone on the whole grid, so there are bits you want from different drivers.
Lando Norris
Branding is not merely about differentiating products; it is about striking emotional chords with consumers. It is about cultivating identity, attachment, and trust to inspire customer loyalty. Chinese brands score low on attributes such as “sophisticated,” “desirable,” “innovative,” “friendly,” and “trustworthy.”
Nirmalya Kumar
Apart from an innate grasp of tactical concepts, a great coach must possess the essentials attributes of leadership which mold men into a cohesive, fighting team with an invincible will to victory.
Douglas MacArthur
God is identical with His attributes, so that it may be said that He is the knowledge, the knower, and the known.
The most important attribute of man as a moral being is the faculty of self-control.
Herbert Spencer
I attribute my talent and my success to God, but I believe that the only way you can manifest what He has ordained for you is by being close to Him and by making it happen. But we have to stay close to Him in order to be an image of Him.
Nia Long
If people ask, ‘Are you Sherlock Holmes?’, it’s horribly naff, but I say, ‘I’m not, I just look a bit like him’ – which is how I feel. There are bad attributes of his that I really don’t share!
Benedict Cumberbatch
If any performer has quality in his voice he can almost always be helped to develop all the other necessary attributes.
Lawrence Welk
Approved attributes and their relation to face make every man his own jailer; this is a fundamental social constraint even though each man may like his cell.
Erving Goffman
It is to the body alone that we should attribute everything that can be observed in us to oppose our reason.
Rene Descartes
Churchill says the Government had to choose between war and shame. They chose shame. They will get war, too.
Winston Churchill
At their best, at their most creative, science and engineering are attributes of liberty-noble expressions of man’s God-given right to investigate and explore the universe without fear of social or political or religious reprisals.
David Sarnoff
People despise the lust for power that originates from a craving for homage and for the attributes of power.
Konstantin Ushinsky
The best scientists and explorers have the attributes of kids! They ask question and have a sense of wonder. They have curiosity. ‘Who, what, where, why, when, and how!’ They never stop asking questions, and I never stop asking questions, just like a five year old.
Sylvia Earle
It is the nature of tyranny and rapacity never to learn moderation from the ill-success of first oppressions; on the contrary, all oppressors, all men thinking highly of the methods dictated by their nature, attribute the frustration of their desires to the want of sufficient rigor.
Edmund Burke
The resources of the scholar are proportioned to his confidence in the attributes of the intellect.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nature is the chart of God, mapping out all His attributes.
Martin Farquhar Tupper
Thing, body, matter, are nothing apart from the combinations of the elements, – the colours, sounds, and so forth – nothing apart from their so-called attributes.
Ernst Mach
I attribute the quarrelsome nature of the Middle Ages young men entirely to the want of the soothing weed.
Jerome K. Jerome
I have tried (I am not sure how successfully) to write plain tales. I dare not say they are simple; there is not a simple page, a simple word, on earth — for all pages, all words, predicate the universe, whose most notorious attribute is its complexity.
Jorge Luis Borges
Your brain has an in-built mechanism for finding patterns you’ve programmed because of where you’ve put your attention. Solutions, innovations, and success come not from greater intelligence or creativity but from what we notice because of where we point those attributes
David Allen
I propose that there is another kind of power based not on resources, things, or attributes, but rooted in the social and cooperative relations in which people are enmeshed by virtue of group life.
Frances Fox Piven
The mind is the attribute of man. When man is born, he comes into existence with only one weapon with him–The reasoning mind.
Ayn Rand
The precept to worship God ‘in spirit and in truth’ recommand to worship him as an inward and moral force, without physical attributes and with no relation to fears and egoist wishes.
African Spir
I don’t attribute an actor’s great success to their own individual performance when it’s something as collaborative as a movie.
Jesse Eisenberg
As gold purified in a furnace loses its impurities and achieves its own true nature, the mind gets rid of the impurities of the attributes of delusion, attachment and purity through meditation and attains Reality.
Adi Shankara
It’s the aspirations that capitalism is promoting as beautiful, positive attributes that are dangerous. All that is in the bedrooms of the poor and in the villages of the Third World, and it’s like a cruel carrot that’s being waved in front of people’s noses. It’s a seduction, an unattainable dream.
John Hillcoat
We are too much accustomed to attribute to a single cause that which is the product of several, and the majority of our controversies come from that.
Marcus Aurelius
What does it take to be a great social chronicler? Perhaps one of the key attributes is an understanding of what it feels like to fall from grace.
Tina Brown
Sense your presence, the naked, unveiled, unclothed beingness. It is untouched by young or old, rich or poor, good or bad, or any other attributes.
Eckhart Tolle
The highest praise we can attribute to any writer, painter, sculptor, builder, is, that he actually possessed the thought or feeling with which he has inspired us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
To get into the consumer’s mind, you have to sacrifice. You have to reduce the essence of your brand to a single thought or attribute. An attribute that nobody else already owns in your category.
Al Ries
I think it’s ill-advised to attribute pathologies to healthy people. It doesn’t help normal, healthy, thriving children to be viewed as pitiable and fragile.
Christina Hoff Sommers
I attribute my entire football career, as far as getting me started, getting me interested, keeping me that way was my father. He went to every game even though he was crippled and wasn’t real healthy.
Bob Lilly
A lot of companies have nice-sounding cultural values like integrity, respect, and excellence, but if those values don’t map to specific behaviors, then they quickly get lost. Instead, we see what’s called a ‘halo effect’ where leaders tend to overvalue certain attributes and undervalue others.
Peggy Johnson
I think every business, really, has a unique reason for being, unique assets, unique attributes, a unique history. And that can be turned into a very attractive design story, essentially, that consumers can relate to.
Yves Behar
It is best not to study too much on who gets what they deserve. It can lead to an overly complicated interpretation of God’s personal attributes.
Charles Frazier
If we take away any of the attributes of God, we do not weaken God but we weaken our concept of God.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
Genius is a starry word; but if there ever was a chess player to whom that attribute applied, it was Paul Morphy.
Andrew Soltis
If you can attribute your success entirely to your own mental effort, to your own attitude, to some spiritual essence that you have that is better than other peoples, then that must feel pretty good.
Barbara Ehrenreich
Power is not an institution, and not a structure; neither is it a certain strength we are endowed with; it is the name that one attributes to a complex strategical situation in a particular society.
Michel Foucault
Because I believe in my … proud citizen of this country should be doing. And that is to try and put in as much as he takes out. I guess it’s to the hard knocks of life that I attribute this conclusion.
Stompin’ Tom Connors
UBIQUITY, n. The gift or power of being in all places at one time, but not in all places at all times, which is omnipresence, an attribute of God and the luminiferous ether only.
Ambrose Bierce
I have also seen children successfully surmounting the effects of an evil inheritance. That is due to purity being an inherent attribute of the soul.
Mahatma Gandhi
As a young centre-forward, if I’m to look along the line of top centre-forwards, I would look at Robert Lewandowski and study his game and see what positions he gets in, because I feel he’s got similar attributes to what I have.
Dominic Calvert-Lewin
Since it is one of the great attributes of our species to be susceptible of improvement and capable of experiencing the most beneficial changes, for this reason what are vulgarly called ‘venerable establishments’ will often range themselves in opposition to the best interests of the community.
William Godwin
One of the attributes Glasgow is best known for all over the world is the friendliness of her people.
Nicola Sturgeon
God is a God of motion, of movement, and of mission… Mission is not an activity of the church but an attribute of God. God is a missionary God, Jesus is a missionary Messiah, and the Spirit is a missionary Spirit. Missions is the family business.
Leonard Sweet
I think the greatest imagination we can exercise is one that imagines how someone else feels. Because you know how you feel, but so often we attribute our own feelings on to someone else.
Larry Gelbart
One will seldom go wrong if one attributes extreme actions to vanity, average ones to habit, and pretty ones to fear.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Flexible in the face of change, resilient in the face of confusion. All of these attributes are choices, not talents, and all of them are available to you.
Seth Godin
Mission is not primarily an activity of the church, but an attribute of God.
David Bosch
The One, the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, these are what we call the transcendental attributes of Being, because they surpass all the limits of essences and are coextensive with Being.
Hans Urs von Balthasar
Direct thought is not an attribute of feminity. In this, women are now centuries behind man.
Thomas A. Edison
As long as we are lucky we attribute it to our smartness; our bad luck we give the gods credit for.
Josh Billings
My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.
George Washington
I’m lucky to attribute my success to the foundation my family gave me. I’ve always felt grounded in them.
Mandy Moore
God is the efficient cause not only of the existence of things, but also of their essence.
Corr. Individual things are nothing but modifications of the attributes of God, or modes by which the attributes of God are expressed in a fixed and definite manner.
Baruch Spinoza
What makes big boobs and perkiness so attractive to boys? I mean, really. Two round, mounds of fat and a fake smile. Yeah, winning attributes.
Gena Showalter
By forgiving, we are training ourselves to be strong, confident, joyful, peaceful, happy, and loving. These positive attributes end up affecting every part of our lives.
Paul J. Meyer
I can’t have composite characters. I can’t attribute dialogue to someone based simply on my memory and not based on notes taken at the time that the words were spoken.
Akhil Sharma
We learn that it is not the rays which bodies absorb, but those which they reject, that give them the colours they are known by; and in the same way people are specialized by their dislikes and antagonisms, whilst their goodwill is looked upon as no attribute at all.
Thomas Hardy
Crankiness is a human attribute that when people walk in the door of Xerox, they remain human. The best way to get the best out of people is to not force them to be something other than they naturally are. Now what do they have to be? They have to be respectful. You can’t be ridiculously disrespectful.
Ursula Burns
Far too many girls’ and women’s romantic relationships are formed around a negation of their own worth and attributes rather than a confirmation of them.
Mariella Frostrup
Lustful Desire (although ’twere rather fit To some brute creature to attribute it) Shall be presented in the second place, Because it shrouds a vile deformed face Beneath love’s vizard, and assumes that name, Hiding its own fault with the other’s blame.
George Wither
One of my biggest attributes, if you speak to my coaches from when I was a young lad, is that I’ve always believed in my own ability and been a confident young man.
James Maddison
There is too much tendency to attribute to God the evils that man does of his own free will. I must concede you the Devil. God doesn’t really need to punish us, Miss Barton. We’re so busy punishing ourselves.
Agatha Christie
When asked what attribute he most admired in human nature, Mahatma Gandhi replied, simply and immediately, ‘Courage’. ‘Nonviolence’, he said, ‘is not to be used ever as the shield of the coward. It is the weapon of the brave.
Richard Attenborough
As a social primate species, we modulate our morals with signals from family, friends and social groups with whom we identify because in our evolutionary past, those attributes helped individuals to survive and reproduce.
Michael Shermer
Unbelief is actually perverted faith, for it puts its trust, not in the living God but in dying men. The unbeliever denies the selfsufficiency of God and usurps attributes that are not his. This dual sin dishonors God and ultimately destroys the soul of man.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
There are many names to Allah plus one you don’t know. And each name is an attribute that flexes his characteristics: the Benevolent, the Merciful, the All-Knower… And to me, my names be flexin’ personalities of myself: Prince Rakeem, Bobby Digital, Bobby Steels, the RZA, the Rzarector… These are personalities of myself.
Kindness, tolerance, integrity, modesty, generosity – these are attributes that events permit us. They are our holiday moods, and we are as proud of them as of the fine clothes we have hung away to wear on occasions.
Ben Hecht
There’s too much tendency to attribute to God the evils that man does of his own free will.
Agatha Christie
True peace must be anchored in justice and an unwavering commitment to universal rights for all humans, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin or any other identity attribute.
Desmond Tutu
Courage… is not a selfish attribute: it is only possible if you are pursuing a wider and more worthy goal.
Ted Malloch
Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence. Think about it. People aren’t out to get you, they’re just stupid.
Jane Espenson
He has every attribute of a dog except loyalty.
Thomas Gore
The object of man’s worship, whatever it be, will naturally be his standard of perfection. He clothes it with every attribute, belonging, in his view, to a perfect character; and this character he himself endeavors to attain.
Simon Greenleaf
I always cringe when a male friend of mine, who’s very fixated on women, puts “compatibility” at the top of his list of attributes that he would be looking for in a woman. I would replace compatibility with dialectic.
James Ellroy
Pride only, the chief of all iniquities, can make us treat gifts as if they were rightful attributes of our nature, and, while receiving benefits, rob our Benefactor of His due glory.
Bernard of Clairvaux
It’s frustrating that people attribute something to certain songs and that’s not what they’re about at all.
Matt Tong
I feel quite unable to adopt the opinion that the moment goods pass into the possession of the consumer they cease altogether to have the attributes of capital.
William Stanley Jevons
That doesn’t mean you have to have the lowest costs in the industry to succeed. But you need to make sure the activities and product attributes that increase your costs above the other guy bring in at least that much more in revenue, and hopefully more.
Gerard Arpey
Perhaps it is not without reason that we attribute facility in belief and conviction to simplicity and ignorance; for it seems to me I once learned that belief was sort of an impression made on our mind, and that the softer it is the less resistant t.
Michel de Montaigne
We’re born with success. It is only others who point out our failures, and what they attribute to us as failure.
Whoopi Goldberg
Noble fatherhood gives us a glimpse of the divine attributes of our Father in Heaven.
James E. Faust
With our educated workforce, our language as the international language of commerce, we are ideally geographically located to prepare for success. Following Brexit, we will have the tools at our disposal to take advantage of these attributes, and to benefit from the new opportunities that are emerging around the world.
Priti Patel
OK, I’ve made a preposterous amount of money. But I was born with the attributes needed to do it.
John Caudwell
It seems as though mankind has forgotten the laws of its divine Saviour, Who preached love and forgiveness of injuries—and that men attribute the greatest merit to skill in killing one another.
Leo Tolstoy
Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art. They seem to be the purpose of God for his whole creation.
Richard Holloway
I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse.
Florence Nightingale
We have been training penalties and for me, I know my mindset is one of my strongest attributes of my game. I know those are the moments when I can really shine, and bring the attributes that I’m good at, and that is being calm and composed and trusting myself.
Stephanie Labbe
When God justifies a sinner, everything in God is on the sinner’s side. All the attributes of God are on the sinner’s side. It isn’t that mercy is pleading for the sinner and justice is trying to beat him to death. All of God does all that God does.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
An important attribute of success is to be yourself. Never hide what makes you, you.
Indra Nooyi
Mr Churchill, to what do you attribute your success in life? Conservation of energy. Never stand up when you can sit down. And never sit down when you can lie down.
Winston Churchill
If Christians will obey the instructions given to them by Christ and his inspired apostles, they will adorn the religion of the Bible, and save themselves much perplexity and severe trials, which they attribute to their afflictions in consequence of believing unpopular truth.
Ellen G. White
We often attribute ‘understanding’ and other cognitive predicates by metaphor and analogy to cars, adding machines, and other artifacts, but nothing is proved by such attributions.
John Searle
I’ve been accused of being old before my time more than once. It’s true that I’ve always felt an affinity for, and been comfortable around, older people. I attribute this to a childhood spent around my grandparents – and even a great-grandparent or two. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything.
Jon Meacham
A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other state, because of our location. I’m not one though who would attribute it to being man-made.
Sarah Palin
People who are in a fortunate position always attribute virtue to what makes them so happy.
John Kenneth Galbraith
The deserving are not always blest. That peculiar attribute known as personality is as potent a factor as genius.
Walter J. Phillips
But to be the Vicar of Christ, to claim to exercise his prerogatives on earth, does involve a claim to his attributes, and therefore our opposition to Popery is opposition to a man claiming to be God.
Charles Hodge
I attribute my success to my mental approach to the game. I have always been a serious student of umpiring. I enjoy studying rules, situations, and positioning.
Jim Evans
Physical attributes can make you appealing, but to keep the appeal going, one has to draw from within. You have to be a real person. Your fans and the people you associate with have to be able to see beyond your looks. You have to be a good friend, dutiful son and a good family man.
Arjun Rampal
I’ve said it before and can only repeat that I owe everything to Boudin and I attribute my success to him. I came to be fascinated by his studies, the products of what I call instantaneity.
Claude Monet
Thus the Old Testament prophets, Jesus himself, and his apostles all attribute the divine power in his (Jesus) ministry not to the uniqueness of his deity, but rather to the ministry of the Holy Spirit through him.
Jack Deere
When you do your best, you are expressing an attribute of God.
Harold Klemp
To these ideals which were instilled in me when I was a youth, I attribute in a large degree the success that was mine on the bicycle tracks of the world.
Major Taylor
As a woman and as a feminist, I am very well aware of how women have been oppressed and segregated for a thousand of years and I bristle at the fact in 21 century Australia women are still being kept out of public life and I’m sorry, when you wear a burqa you cannot attribute to society as much as you can without it.
Jacques Myard
Shall it any longer be said that a science [geology], which unfolds such abundant evidence of the Being and Attributes of God, can reasonably be viewed in any other light than as the efficient Auxiliary and Handmaid of Religion?
William Buckland
I definitely consider myself a songwriter first because that’s my best attribute.
Chad Kroeger
I think probably kindness is my number one attribute in a human being. I’ll put it before any of the things like courage or bravery or generosity or anything else.
Roald Dahl
Clutter and confusion are failures of design, not attributes of information.
Edward Tufte
I attribute being a good center fielder to many things, but being outside with friends as a kid, running around and racing, that was a big part of it.
Torii Hunter
Backboneless employees are too ready to attribute the success of others to luck. Luck is usually the fruit of intelligent application. The man who is intent on making the most of his opportunities is too busy to bother about luck.
B. C. Forbes
By what aberration has suicide, the only truly normal action, become the attribute of the flawed?
Emile M. Cioran
Here’s the general theory: To clarify, add detail. Imagine that. To clarify, add detail. And clutter and overload are not an attribute of information, they are failures of design. If the information is in chaos, don’t start throwing out information, instead fix the design.
Edward Tufte
We need to understand that Jesus is a thinker, that this is not a dirty word but an essential work, and that his other attributes do not preclude thought, but only ensure that he is certainly the greatest thinker of the human race: “the most intelligent person who ever lived on earth”
Dallas Willard
My greatest strength is my speed and power. This is what stands out more but I’ll get better, I have many attributes.
Adama Traore
Two attributes of a poet, avidity of the eye and the desire to describe that which he sees.
Czeslaw Milosz
Fear is not one of my attributes.
Bernie Mac
In truth, knowledge is a great and very useful quality; those who despise it give evidence enough of their stupidity. Yet I do not set its value at that extreme measure that some attribute to it.
Michel de Montaigne
But freedom, liberty, is an attribute of the soul and it may exist even when the body is in bondage.
Ralph Adams Cram
The machine technology takes no cognizance of conventionally established rules of precedence; it knows neither manners nor breeding and can make no use of any of the attributes of worth.
Thorstein Veblen
Therefore, the Negro nation are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because [Negroes] have little [that is essentially] human and have attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals, as we have stated.
Ibn Khaldun
From the smallest necessity to the highest religious abstraction, from the wheel to the skyscraper, everything we are and everything we have comes from one attribute of man – the function of his reasoning mind.
Ayn Rand
Athletics brings out a side of you that is wonderful. It brings out so many good attributes like competing, intensity and playing at the highest level.
Julie Foudy
Live up to other people’s best attributes, not down to their worst.
Jef Mallett
The odds are so stacked against you to have a music career in a place where there’s virtually no music industry. So I always attribute it to God.
Pharrell Williams
The right to agree with others is not a problem in any society; it is the right to disagree that is crucial. It is the institution of private property that protects and implements the right to disagree – and thus keeps the road open to man’s most valuable attribute: the creative mind.
Ayn Rand
In terms of column writing, with the exception of one or two others, I am probably paid as well as you can be as a journalist. I attribute some of this success to my ability to haggle. The main thing in this game is to ask for money and when they tell you the amount you say, “no, I want more”.
Giles Coren
Infinite Love is a weapon of matchless potency. It is the ‘summum bonum’ of life. It is an attribute of the brave, in fact it is their all. It does not come within the each of the coward. It is no wooden of lifeless dogma but a living and life-giving.
Mahatma Gandhi
It is very strange that men should deny a Creator and yet attribute to themselves the power of creating eels.
Baron d’Holbach
My job is the same if I’m making a new musical or making a play for sixty-five people or doing a live television broadcast. The job is to take care of the actor; the job is to create an environment where they can excel and try to access all their attributes.
Thomas Kail
The companies that look after their people are the companies that do really well. I’m sure we’d like a few other attributes, but that would be the most important one.
Richard Branson
Intelligent design is a modest position theologically and philosophically. It attributes the complexity and diversity of life to intelligence, but does not identify that intelligence with the God of any religious faith or philosophical system.
William A. Dembski
Games have been called the lab for the development of moral attributes, but they will not, of themselves, accomplish this purpose. They must be properly conducted by competent individuals.
James Naismith
Man is not man simply because of bodily attributes. The standard of divine measure and judgment is his intelligence and spirit
I think that my biggest attribute to any success that I have had is hard work. There really is no substitute for working hard.
Maria Bartiromo
While love is one of God’s attributes, it’s not his only attribute. God is also holy and just.
Robert Jeffress
To attribute to God, and not to self, whatever good one sees in oneself; but to recognize always that the evil is one’s own doing, and to impute it on one’s self.
Benedict of Nursia
Rationality is not one of this industry’s attributes.
Scott Hamilton
The “flow of information” through human communication channels is enormous. So far no theory exists, to our knowledge, which attributes any sort of unambiguous measure to this “flow”.
Anatol Rapoport
Tapping into the essence of originating Spirit, emulating the attributes of the creative force of intention, and manifesting into your life anything that you desire that’s consistent with the universal mind.
Wayne Dyer
The wholeness, coherence, identity, which we attribute to the depicted scene [in a photograph] is a projection, a refusal of an impoverished reality in favour of an imagined plenitude.
Victor Burgin
For something to be completely evil is to be nothing. Satan has good attributes – intelligence, for instance – but they are corrupted. I cannot reconcile myself emotionally to alternative understandings of evil.
Scott Derrickson
We conceive of immortality as having a beginning, but no end; but we conceive of eternity as having neither beginning nor end. Hence it is proper to speak of eternity as the attribute of God, but of immortality as the attribute of man.
Horace Mann
The artist’s quest is to succeed in combining and balancing all compositional attributes and physical elements into those that are purely spiritual. That is the secret of art.
Edward J. Fraughton
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
Mahatma Gandhi
When I started writing a business column 15 years ago, I knew I’d found the perfect job for myself. As a columnist I could pick my own topic, do my own analysis, say what I wanted to say and attribute it to myself. Best of all, I could write in my own voice.
Allan Sloan
Blogging is a great way to show your talents and interests to prospective employers, while adding an edge to your resume. If you blog consistently it shows your dedication, passions and creativity – all of which are key attributes employers look for in job candidates.
Lauren Conrad
If you feel comfortable, and you feel happy, and successful at your job, then that’s success. You define that as success, then that’s success. Success is not a general thing. It’s a personal thing. It’s a personal attribute.
Lupe Fiasco
You actually cannot sell the idea of freedom, democracy, diversity, as if it were a brand attribute and not reality — not at the same time as you’re bombing people, you can’t.
Naomi Klein
Never attribute to malice or other deliberate decision what can be explained by human frailty, imperfection, or ignorance.
Harold S. Kushner
I will fully engage myself to maintain CERN’s excellence in all its attributes, with the help of everybody, including CERN Council, staff and users from all over the world.
Fabiola Gianotti
Rap comes from the humble beginnings of rebelling against the status quo. Now, rappers have become the status quo themselves. You can’t rebel against the Queen and then become the Queen yourself. I attribute much of the blame to testosterone-male dominance and patriarchy.
Chuck D
Decades have a delusive edge to them. They are not, of course, really periods at all, except as any other ten years may be. But we, looking at them, are caught by the different name each bears, and give them different attributes, and tie labels on them, as if they were flowers in a border.
Rose Macaulay
God is compassionate and just, loving and holy, wrathful and forgiving. WE can’t sideline His more difficult attributes to make room for the palatable ones.
Francis Chan
I’m Irish and always will be, but America has taught me so much. Maybe it’s here in the U.S. that we find a healing, for in the broader melting pot we get to look at some of these self-destructive attributes that we bring to bear upon our own quarrels and begin to solve them in ways other than just splitting apart.
Fionnula Flanagan
God is absolutely holy and wise. His nature, attributes, and power are all holy. He is omnipresent, incorporeal, unborn, immense, omniscient, omnipotent, merciful and just. He is the maker, protector, and destroyer of worlds.
Dayananda Saraswati
There is much romanticism about Formula One of the past. Today it has to be more of a family sport, not less. It is a fixture in the Sunday afternoon TV programmes, and probably flamboyance – those white silk suits and devil-may-care attitudes – would be outworn attributes today.
Martin Sorrell
God’s purpose for man is to acquire a seeing eye and an understanding heart.” “God gave you life and bestowed upon you his attributes; eventually you will return to him.” “The rewards of life and devotion to God are love and inner rapture, and the capacity to receive the light of God.
Scholes is the best English player. Intelligence, technique, strength… all the attributes are there. At Manchester United I saw what he could do on the training field. Phew!
Laurent Blanc
It’s my view that human dignity – an attribute which for years has been taken by the Left in British politics – resides in fact in Tory values of independence, individuality and self determination.
Maurice Saatchi
Clearly, health and disease cannot be defined merely in terms of anatomical, physiological, or mental attributes. Their real measure is the ability of the individual to function in a manner acceptable to himself and to the group of which he is a part.
Rene Dubos
The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.
Charles Darwin
No doubt the testimony of natural reason, on whatever exercised, must, of necessity, stop short of those truths which it is the object of revelation to make known; still it places the existence and personal attributes of the Deity on such grounds as to render doubts absurd and atheism ridiculous.
John Herschel
True and false are attributes of speech not of things. And where speech is not, there is neither truth nor falsehood. Error theremay be, as when we expect that which shall not be; or suspect what has not been: but in neither case can a man be charged with untruth.
Thomas Hobbes
Amir Khan is Amir Khan. He’s a great fighter; he’s got great attributes. But Prince Naseem brought something completely different to any other fighter in the whole world.
Naseem Hamed
For a girl, appearance can be a powerful form of oppression. No matter how intelligent a girl may be, no matter her many talents, these attributes are not easily discerned. Brains and talent will never stand up against a girl who is clearly physically attractive.
Natsuo Kirino
His [Calvin’s] religion was demonism. If ever man worshiped a false God, he did. The being described in his five points is … a demon of malignant spirit. It would be more pardonable to believe in no God at all, than to blaspheme him by the atrocious attributes of Calvin
Thomas Jefferson
All this contains much that is obviously true, and much that is relevant; unfortunately, what is obviously true is not relevant, and what is relevant is not obviously true.
Winston Churchill
We are nearly all composed of such a complex mixture of human qualities that in each one of us reside both masculine and feminine principles: what man is without any female attribute and what woman never demonstrates any masculine characteristics?
Natalie Clifford Barney
Chess as a sport requires a lot of mental stamina, and this is what that makes it different from a physical sport. Chess players have a unique ability of taking in a lot of information and remembering relevant bits. So, memory and mental stamina are the key attributes.
Viswanathan Anand
Behind the concept of woman’s strangeness is the idea that a woman may do anything: she is below society, not bound by its law, unpredictable; an attribute given to every member of the league of the unfortunate.
Christina Stead
I no longer merely confess that I am the righteousness of Christ. I realize that with His DNA in me through His blood, I could be nothing else. I realize the attributes of His DNA reside in me – whether dormant or active.
Che Ahn
A certain group of adolescents evidence clear “druggie” behavior and attributes some time before they actually begin drug use.
Virgil Miller Newton
Beauty is Nature in perfection; circularity is its chief attribute. Behold the full moon, the enchanting golf ball, the domes of splendid temples, the huckleberry pie, the wedding ring, the circus ring, the ring for the waiter, and the “round” of drinks.
O. Henry
I have learned a lot over the years. I have learned how best to use my attributes. That comes with a bit of knowledge and a bit of wisdom.
Glenn Murray
Kindness is not something that we put on for certain occasions, like a piece of jewelry; rather, it is an attribute of God’s that He desires to reproduce in us.
Charles Stanley
Good Heaven, whose darling attribute we find is boundless grace, and mercy to mankind, abhors the cruel.
John Dryden
No man treats a motorcar as foolishly as he treats another human being. When the car will not go, he does not attribute its annoying behavior to sin; he does not say, ‘You are a wicked motorcar, and I shall not give you any more petrol until you go.’ He attempts to find out what is wrong and to set it right.
Bertrand Russell
God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent – it says so right here on the label. If you have a mind capable of believing all three of these attributes simultaneously, I have a wonderful bargain for you. No checks, please. Cash and in small bills.
Robert A. Heinlein
No real-world human being brings to the U.S. presidency the range of attributes necessary for full success in the job.
James Fallows
Ahimsa is the attribute of the soul, and therefore, to be practiced by everybody in all affairs of life. If it cannot be practiced in all departments, it has no practical value.
Mahatma Gandhi
Korell is that frequent phenomenon in history : the republic whose ruler has every attribute of the absolute monarch but the name. It therefore enjoyed the usual despotism unrestrained even by those two moderating influences in the legitimate monarchies: regal “honor” and court etiquette.
Isaac Asimov
My Father is a photographer, so it was always around. I was trained in painting, so I learnt a lot of skills about composition, light, colour, the formal attributes of images.
Patricia Piccinini
Generosity is a lovely attribute, and we only practice it when relationships are more important to us than our possessions.
Michael Wright
French culture is known for many great attributes, some of which probably have nothing to do with food, wine, and romance.
Leonard Mlodinow
Effective leaders share two intertwined attributes: an unbridled level of confidence about where their organizations are headed, and the ability to bring people along.
Howard Schultz
The true worth of a soul is revealed as much by the motive it attributes to the actions of others as by its own deeds.
Jean Antoine Petit-Senn
I have role models, but I take the attributes of the people that I admire, and I use them to create my best self.
Marley Dias
I rarely meddled in the cat’s personal affairs and she rarely meddled in mine. Neither of us was foolish enough to attribute human emotions to our pets.
Kinky Friedman
I want to do things that shock people. I think that persona attributes more to the roles that other people may consider me for, rather than the ones I consider for myself.
The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. Any time you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity. An important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people.
Colin Powell
As far as the sexy quotient goes, I think it’s not just the physical attributes or money, but talent, a great personality coupled with a good sense of humor that matters. The last quality is especially important to me.
Shibani Dandekar
Just-poached vegetables show off their natural attributes and taste fresh and light in a way you never get with roasting or frying.
Yotam Ottolenghi
There are certain things that have universal attributes, like music. Something of greater magnitude is conveyed by them. They connect us with the universal storehouse of life and knowledge.
Swami Paramananda
As I’ve progressed in my career, I’ve come to appreciate – and really value – the other attributes that define a company’s success beyond the P&L: great leadership, long-term financial strength, ethical business practices, evolving business strategies, sound governance, powerful brands, values-based decision-making.
Ursula Burns
Attribute to God every good that you have received. If you take credit for something that does not belong to you, you will be guilty of theft.
Anthony of Padua
I think sex is overrated. I don’t have sex appeal and I know it. As a matter of fact, I think I’m rather funny looking. My teeth are funny, for one thing, and I have none of the attributes usually required for a movie queen, including the shapeliness.
Audrey Hepburn
Again, the glory of one attribute is more seen in one work than in another: in some things there is more of His goodness, in other things more of His wisdom is seen, and in others more of His power. But in the work of redemption all His perfections and excellencies shine forth in their greatest glory.
Thomas Boston
I attribute my good fortune to the simple fact that I have always tried to write straight from my own heart to the hearts of others.
Marie Corelli
One thing for sure is that I am not going to attempt to knock Barrera out. My boxing ability and my speed are the attributes that will get me the win.
Amir Khan
The man who meets with a failure attributes this failure rather to the ill will of another than to fate.
Friedrich Nietzsche
An attribute of Rosa Hubermann, she was a good woman for a crisis.
Markus Zusak
A wise skepticism is the first attribute of a good critic.
James Russell Lowell
Stopped as attribute of a person, sex inequality takes the form of gender; moving as a relation between people, it takes the form of sexuality. Gender emerges as the congealed form of the sexualization of inequaltiy between men and women.
Catharine MacKinnon
Lutherans, whose arguments and mistakes will not be difficult to contest or discover, do not want to attribute any value to works, and they do not understand enough the scope of the justification.
Michael Servetus
I feel, other than physical attributes, which can be subjective, being good at your work makes anyone desirable. Being honest and kind with fellow beings is also appealing.
Aishwarya Lekshmi
Recite to yourself some of the traditional attributes of the word ‘spiritual’: mythic, magical, ethereal, incorporeal, intangible, nonmaterial, disembodied, ideal, platonic. Is that not a definition of the electronic-digital?
Timothy Leary
Courage is the most important attribute of a lawyer. It is more important than competence or vision. It can never be an elective in any law school. It can never be de-limited, dated or outworn, and it should pervade the heart, the halls of justice and the chambers of the mind.
Robert Kennedy
USA Today reports that the number of death row executions this year has hit a 35-year low. They attribute that to DNA evidence clearing more people and the fact that Rick Perry has been on the road campaigning.
Jay Leno
When we retire from the conventions of society and draw close to nature, we involuntarily become children: each attribute acquired by experience falls away from the soul, which becomes anew such as it was once and will surely be again.
Mikhail Lermontov
Unable to attribute misfortune to chance, unable to accept their ultimate insignificance within the greater scheme, the people looked for monsters in their midst.
Bernard Beckett
Qu’ils mangent de la brioche. Let them eat cake. On being told that her people had no bread. Attributed to Marie-Antoinette, but remark is much older. Rousseau refers in his Confessions, 1740, to a similar remark, as a well-known saying. Others attribute the remark to the wife of Louis XIV.
Marie Antoinette
It is indeed paradoxical that an industry which epitomizes all that is new and up-to-date at the same time harbours some of the oldest and least desirable attributes of work in manufacturing industry.
Peter Dicken
I think one of my biggest attributes as a person and a businessman in wrestling is I’m very self-aware. There’s a reason why I like all of the negative comments on social media. It’s because I’m not delusional about my skillset, about my consistency and what I have to offer.
Cody Rhodes
There are times when folks will point out certain characteristics I have, like me being an interruptor, and attribute them to my Jewish identity.
Jill Soloway
If the universe is so bad…how on earth did human beings ever come to attribute it to the activity of a wise and good Creator?
C. S. Lewis
To achieve success in this game you need specific talents and attributes. But we also have to adapt to the fact that we work in the public eye, with all its pros and cons.
Philipp Lahm
My best attribute is knowing when not to answer stupid questions
Gina Gershon
A man has generally the good or ill qualities, which he attributes to mankind.
William Shenstone
I would sooner look for figs on thistles than for the higher attributes of art from one whose ruling motive… is money.
Asher Brown Durand
The gnosis of God is intermediate between immoderation, which is ascribing human characteristics to God, and negligence, which is denying any attributes to God. . . The Truth lies in the balance between the two extremes.
Ibn Ata Allah
Nonviolence is an attribute of the Almighty whose ways of fulfilling Himself are inscrutable.
Mahatma Gandhi
Moping is an unattractive attribute in a man.
Graydon Carter
The capacity to blunder slightly is the real marvel of DNA. Without this special attribute, we would still be anaerobic bacteria and there would be no music.
Lewis Thomas
Love is the feeling we get when we recognize the positive attributes in another.
Michael Adam Hamilton
We falsely attribute to men a determined character – putting together all their yesterdays – and averaging them – we presume we know them. Pity the man who has character to support – it is worse than a large family – he is the silent poor indeed.
Henry David Thoreau
Modesty used to be considered a natural female attribute. No more.
Linda Chavez
Storytelling draws on the magic of language to created Elsewheres. Writers use a linguistic sleight-of-hand to take an attribute, attach them to new objects, and create enchantment.
Maria Tatar
Such is my veneration for every religion that reveals the attributes of the Deity, or a future state of rewards and punishments, that I had rather see the opinions of Confucius or Mahomed inculcated upon our youth than see them grow up wholly devoid of a system of religious principles.
Benjamin Rush
Ambition is a commendable attribute, without which no man succeeds. Only inconsiderate ambition imperils.
Warren G. Harding
When you’re in love you never really know whether your elation comes from the qualities of the one you love, or if it attributes them to her; whether the light which surrounds her like a halo comes from you, from her, or from the meeting of your sparks.
Natalie Clifford Barney